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Relive the Most Glamorous Night of 2010 issue#1 2011

Life is full of celebrations Weddings, Receptions, Fundraisers, Bachelorettes, Birthdays, Graduations, Brand Launches, Corporate Parties, Themed Events, Reunions ... when your big event happens, you want it to be a wonderful experience - a unique day that captures the heart and soul of your objectives. One venue in Omaha is starting to gather significant attention for the events it hosts. Nomad Lounge was created to bring a creative and upscale twist to event production. In its four years, it has now catered to hundreds of clients’ own unique occasions. Whether you are hosting a party for two or 450, Nomad is the place.

on the inside 2 THE ARTISTRY OF HAIR & MAKE-UP hair styles and make-up artistry from the OFW 2010 runway 5 PUBLISHER’S LETTER 6

FRESH FACES: ONES TO WATCH meet four local designers you need to know now

2 THE WEEK IN REVIEW 1 not your average “work week” – photos from Monday thru Friday 7 1

BUYERS’ MARKET fashion fans and designers come together in marketplace

8 INSPIRATIONS 1 the beautiful and unusual things that inspired OFW designers

Photography by AJ Brown

dress Daniel Muñoz

model Michelle O.

4 OMAHA FASHION WEEK FINALE 2 relive the most glamorous night of 2010




Nick Hudson


Amy Gibbs


Kate Richling Ian Wilson Rachel Richards Caroline Moore


Model Kylea C. from Merge Model Management wears gown from “I Design With Love” by Amanda Clark, earrings & ring courtesy Francesca’s Collection, Village Pointe Photography

AJ Brown

Photographed at




Bauno’s Hair Studio


Hair Attitude and Ambition

ICON Studio




Iasan and Sebastian Studio Salon

Photography by (first row, left to right) Alan Holtmeier, christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth, Justin limoges, Justin limoges, Justin limoges; (second row, left to right) Justin limoges, Justin limoges, Justin limoges, allure photographic studio, Alan Holtmeier, Justin limoges, christine elizabeth; (third row, left to right) christine elizabeth, Justin limoges, Justin limoges, blinq, Justin Limoges; (third row, left to right) Justin limoges, allure photographic studio, lucas marshall, scott forman, Justin limoges, scott forman

In The Master’s Hands

Sirens at the Loft

Salon V


Seven Salon

Shannon Zeitner

Tru Salon

Urbane Salon

Photography by DALE HEISE



irst, and most importantly: thank you very much for your support of Omaha Fashion Week! We are grateful to everyone who attended, contributed or volunteered their time; we know we could not produce such a large-scale, high-class event without you. In 2010, our event continued to prove its popularity with both the creative community and general public—wherein our 700 participants delighted the 5,820 attendees (despite the rather cold weather on the Saturday Finale)! However, our mission — developing and growing local creative designers and fashion industry talent—is much more than simply producing a fashion show. Activities go on throughout the year to nurture that talent, and with that in mind we are proud to launch an educational scholarship program for designers. Participating Omaha Fashion Week designers will have the opportunity to enhance their business skills, marketing prowess and preparation for fashion retail. This issue features tons of amazing, interesting and glamorous snapshots of Omaha Fashion Week 2010 events, including the Runway Finale. Preparations are well underway with nearly 50 designers for Omaha Fashion Week’s 2011 Fall Runway Shows, taking place August 22-29! We continue to hope to provide the community with the Midwest’s largest fashion show, a fun, glamorous night out.

Photography by lucas mashall

Nick Hudson Producer, co-founder of Omaha Fashion Week Publisher of Omaha Fashion Magazine




I Design With Love


Hair/makeup by T’eez, a Thomas Sena Salon Photography BY AJ Brown


by Amanda Clark ModelS from Merge Model Management (M3)

Accessories courtesy Francesca’s Collections, Village Pointe

model kylea C.

DESIGNER model quinlan G.

Jane Round




by Michaela Cawley model tori t.


DESIGNER model nicole k.

Eliana Smith


Amanda Clark

THE FIRST TIME I FELL IN LOVE WITH FASHION WAS when I would play with Barbies as a little girl. I would dress and accessorize them and then move on. Sewing with my grandmother when I was younger also impacted me. She is a big inspiration for what I do. I grew up in the rock and roll scene, putting on concerts and managing bands in high school which also had a huge influence on my personal style, as well as being involved in theater and costumes. Fashion for me has always been wearing what you feel, no matter how strange! In high school I would go to school sometimes in 80s track suits because I thought they were funny. AFTER I COMPLETED MY VERY FIRST PIECE I FELT at first a mixture of stress and

lack of sleep, but then when it was finished a sense that I had managed to create something beautiful and a bit odd: wearable art out of discarded velvet scraps and a pink silk curtain.


many different things, and usually pick a main inspiration for each line. I approach fashion design as any other art form or sculpture. My last few collections were inspired by items in nature, and my winter collection, by a song. OMAHA FASHION WEEK IS a fun time that I wish more people knew about! Where else do you get to see that many creations for that little of a price? I was thankful for the opportunity! MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE CREATIVE IS the extra room in my apartment - my studio space - I do most of my work there.However I like to pull inspiration from life and sketch out ideas no matter where I am. For fashion since I am a sustainable designer (I only use ecofriendly or recycled fabrics) I get the most inspiration at thrift stores where I find most of my fabric. THE BEST THING I EVER ATE WAS a pear and chocolate pastry from a bakery in Prague, Czech Republic around the corner from where I worked. It was always made fresh and served warm. Amazing. Or hazelnut ice cream from a place called Tichy in Vienna. They had a line no matter what time of day. CLOTHES ARE an expression of who we are and what we are feeling at that moment. I see them as opportunities for wearable art in my fashion shows.

IF I COULD WEAR ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING FOREVER IT WOULD BE a necklace made from an old skeleton key I found on the

street of Prague around the corner from where I lived. It reminds me of my life there and is a constant inspiration of opened doors in life. MY FAMILY IS my support system for all of my creative efforts. They never pushed me to be anything but myself, for which I am very appreciative. They are always supportive and go to my events or exhibits. MY ADVICE TO A NEW DESIGNER WOULD BE to only go into something like designing if you are passionate about it and love what you are doing. Live intentionally and do what you love.


Jane Round

THE FIRST TIME I FELL IN LOVE WITH FASHION WAS when I started studying the Victorian era in school.



week of the entire year!

MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE CREATIVE IS in my sewing room with a movie and a cup of tea.


CLOTHES ARE works of art. IF I COULD WEAR ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING FOREVER IT WOULD BE my vintage embroidered jacket from the 1920s. MY FAMILY IS always super supportive. MY ADVICE TO A NEW DESIGNER WOULD BE teach yourself to make really good patterns; fewer alterations will make you much happier!



Michaela Cawley

THE FIRST TIME I FELL IN LOVE WITH FASHION WAS watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I was 13 years old and loving the iconic Audrey Hepburn in her black dress with Hollywood glam necklace. AFTER I COMPLETED MY VERY FIRST PIECE I FELT proud, and then inspired to make an even better piece. THE MOST UNUSUAL THING I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY WAS a seashell. OMAHA FASHION WEEK IS chicest event in Omaha that gave me

invaluable experience my first year in the business. I am forever grateful to have been included. MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE CREATIVE IS Cape Town, South Africa is my spot that takes me away from the rush of life and into my creative zone. THE BEST THING I EVER ATE WAS between steak frites at restaurant called Balthazar in NYC and a strawberry, banana, Snickers Blizzard from Dairy Queen; the worst thing was rattle snake in Arizona. CLOTHES ARE an extension of someone’s personality.


MY FAMILY IS a constant reminder of how

lucky I am to be loved unconditionally.

MY ADVICE TO A NEW DESIGNER WOULD BE keep trying new and innovative ideas to create a masterpiece, that’s what it’s all about.


Eliana Smith


a child, fashion was all around me because of my awesome mom. She had worked at a couture house in Argentina and knew how to beautifully construct anything. Sewing was my mom’s creative outlet, sometimes she would stay up late creating the most beautiful dresses for my sister and I after thinking up a design she just couldn’t forget. She always taught us the value of a beautifully constructed design, made with quality materials and how it can make you feel like a million bucks.

AFTER I COMPLETED MY VERY FIRST PIECE I FELT amazing. I designed a gown for

my graduating vocal recital, bought the fabric and made it five days before the big performance. Not many people knew how serious I was with designing, including my mom and so when I walked out on stage with that gown they couldn’t believe it and that made me proud.

THE MOST UNUSUAL THING I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY WAS a tray of vintage glass perfume bottles.

OMAHA FASHION WEEK IS an amazing resource for designers! A

place to show what you can really do when given the opportunity... it’s an AWESOME program! MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE CREATIVE IS in my studio with some great music playing in the background. THE BEST THING I EVER ATE WAS my mom’s Argentine cooking and a Sweet’n Salty Jones Bro’s Cupcake... that place is GOOD! CLOTHES ARE a form of personal expression and mood! They can make us feel sexy, confident and happy. It’s worth investing in one good piece if it brings out any of those emotions!

IF I COULD WEAR ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING FOREVER IT WOULD BE a dark wash, denim jean! MY FAMILY IS (ARE) my number one fans, they mean the world to me

and ARE my number one priority. They inspire me every day by allowing me to be myself completely and supporting me in my goals. MY ADVICE TO A NEW DESIGNER WOULD BE follow your heart when designing. You’ll get frustrated and reach a wall if you are working on pieces that don’t really define you as a designer. Also, think the process of construction through on any piece before you begin or even before you buy materials. This will save you a lot of time and protect you from making a lot of mistakes during the actual construction.

Photography by (top left to clockwise) scott forman, christine elizabeth, Allure photographic studio


Omaha Fashion Week




Photography by (top left to clockwise) lucas marshall, scott forman, lucas marshall, scott forman, lucas marshall, scott forman


Photography by (top left to clockwise) justin limoges, lucas marshall, justin limoges, scott forman, mark karasek, palmerton photography

Omaha Fashion Week





Photography by (top left to clockwise) CHRISTINe elizabeth, CHRISTINe elizabeth, CHRISTINe elizabeth, justin limoges, CHRISTINe elizabeth

Omaha Fashion Week

Photography by (top left to clockwise) allure photographic studio, alan holtmeier, lucas marshall, christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth, allure photographic studio

Omaha Fashion Week





Photography by (top left to clockwise) CHRISTINe elizabeth, allure photographic studio, CHRISTINe elizabeth, allure photographic studio, allure photographic studio, allure photographic studio

Omaha Fashion Week

Buyer’s Market Creating the garments is not the only part of being a designer; in addition to the other talents needed to succeed in the fashion world, designers must learn to market themselves effectively. That’s why, every year following Omaha Fashion Week, the Buyer’s Market event encourages designers to think about marketing and branding their collections to the Omaha and Midwest market.

The goal of the Buyer’s Market is to connect designers with potential clients and get their clothes into the hands—and onto the bodies—of local fashion savvy individuals. This year, more than a dozen designers who participated in Omaha Fashion Week took part. Some, like William Torres, had done events like the Buyer’s Market before. “Doing events like [the Buyer’s Market] is one of the most important things for a designer,” he said. “It’s always important to get your clothes out there.” Some designers, however, ventured into the world of direct client selling for the first time this year. “I’ve done commission before,” said designer Chessna Fernald, “but this is great. I love giving people the chance to see my work up close.” In addition to having the chance to speak to designers directly, potential buyers had the opportunity to browse the collections of the various designers, which were set up in Nomad Lounge cabanas like boutiques. The private atmosphere allowed for clients to peruse the clothing in detail, since before the Buyer’s Market, the pieces could only be viewed on a runway. The chance to interact personally with runway designs is a privilege few people have outside of this one event, which begs the question—what does a designer charge for a one-of-a-kind piece? According to the creator of the visually striking line Fallopian Society, Audi Kuiken, there are a few variables. “It depends on the price of the fabric, time it takes to make and the kind of people wearing it,” she said. “I like to set pieces so people can wear [my clothes].”

photography by lucas marshall

Kuiken, like every designer who participated, says she would love to see her work around Omaha— which, even for nationally recognized participants, can be a challenge. Megan Hunt, founder of Princess Lasertron, sees the Buyer’s Market as a chance to connect not only with new clients, but local ones as well. “Anyone can invest money on a web site, that’s easy. What’s difficult is getting recognition locally.” According to Hunt, her Princess Lasertron brand services 250 brides a year, “but,” she said, “I’ve done only one local bride in five years.”


Audi Kuiken


Emma Erickson

Omaha Fashion Week is not just about showcasing the area’s best designers on a light-soaked runway with cameras flashing—it’s also about giving fashionistas, buyers and stylish Omahans a chance to take home a unique and fantastic look, and help further a designer’s career. by Ian Wilson




Daniel Muñoz

Inspirations From dinosaurs to dancers, designers showcased collections in Omaha Fashion Week 2010 that drew from many different inspirations. Read on to check out four designers’ creative insights!


Dan Richters



I often get inspiration from mythology, ideas that sprout from pure imagination. As I wander through creek beds, forests, as far into those dark green hidden places as I can go, these ideas come to me (naiads being creatures that inhabit creek beds, ponds, etc). Combined with listening to music and seeing other designers’ creations and artist’s visual work-- it pushes me to make wearable sculpture. Sometimes I know who will be wearing the design and that person will also inspire the final result. And the experimental nature of my materials also makes me want to see what will happen--how can I make the colors more vibrant? The textures more varied? The shapes more interesting?

Photography by AJ Brown

The inspiration for this collection was naiads.


Jennie Mason

Photography by AJ Brown

I love finding inspiration in unexpected places.

I like to take inspiration from things others might find disgusting or disturbing, like rib cages, blood vessels, and corroded metals. I also love all things sci-fi. I’ve done collections based on zombies, dinosaurs, robots and monsters. I think its fun to base my clothing on the unexpected and find beauty in life’s imperfections.



Emma Erickson

enjoy looking through antique encyclopedias such as a two volume edition describing the typography, antiquities and natural history of Egypt, compiled when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded the country in 1798. He brought with him a team of 140 scientists, archeologists and historians. I am inspired by the shapes and textures of these drawings. The detailed organic forms guide me when draping on the dress form and when creating fabric trim and embellishment for my clothing. Visit my blog to learn more


Photography by AJ Brown

I’m inspired by natural history drawings such as the work of biologist Ernst Haeckel. I also


Jenny Pool

Photography by AJ Brown

I love history and color. I have always been drawn to

the lines of the 1930’s, with their drape and ease. I knew I wanted the collection to have elements of that time period. I grabbed all the fabric I was considering and threw it on a spare bed. It wasn’t until then that the collection came together for me, I found a color palette I loved and that did exactly what I needed it to do, show the vintage references I was going for without looking drab or overdone.


Omaha Fashion Week Finale “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.� - Coco Chanel



Photography by alan holtmeier

Fashion is in Omaha.

Photography by (TOP & Bottom) blinq


Photography by (Top, bottom) F&K hope, daniel muller

@OmahaOldMarket: HOT! SEXY! WOW! This is THE MUST SEE EVENT in our Omaha Old Market! - Omaha Fashion Week Finale is tonight!... Sep 18, 2010 4:23:07 AM

@metroMAGAZINE: Who is going to the Omaha Fashion Week Finale tonight? Sep 18, 2010 8:34:00 AM

Photography by (top, left & right) lucas marshall

@amylynnphotos: Chilling at the end of the runway waiting for #omahafashionweek to start Sep 18, 2010 7:44:30 PM


Photography by (left, right) lucas marshall, justin limoges

Photography by (left to counterclockwise) justin limoges, lucas marshall, lucas marshall, f&k pope, f&k pope

Photography by (top to bottom) justin limoges, lucas marshall, justin limoges

Photography by (left, right) lucas marshall, daniel muller

Photography by (left to clockwise) christine elizabeth, justin limoges, justin limoges, lucas marshall

Model food consisted of apples, bananas, granola bars and graciously donated Chipotle burritos.

Anagram of ‘Omaha Fashion Week’: ‘Awake Fashion Home’

@mynerva08: tonight will b wonderful its the finale for Omaha Fashion Week im ready to style it up again :) cant wait to see my fellow stylists see u at ofw Sep 18, 2010 1:11:07 AM



Photography by (left, right) alan holtmeier, Christine elizabeth

Photography by (top, left, right) Christine elizabeth, justin limoges, Christine elizabeth

Photography by (left top to right) christine elizabeth, blinq, blinq, christine elizabeth

Photography by (left, right) blinq, justin limoges

Photography by (left to clockwise) christine elizabeth, justin limoges, blinq, christine elizabeth

Overheard in the crowd: “It’s like they made Omaha into Milan or Paris.”

The Finale event could seat the entire population of Vermont’s capitol, Montpelier.

The first fashion week was held in New York in 1943, the first Omaha Fashion Week was in 2008, exactly 65 years later.

@LeviFrerichs: EXCITED FOR OMAHA FASHION WEEK! Last night tonight and were all going to be fabulous and fine. Sep 18, 2010 6:36:56 PM

Photography by (left to right) blinq, Christine elizabeth, Christine elizabeth

@OmahaWomensFund can’t wait to see all the great looks tonight at Omaha Fashion Week’s Grand Finale show! Sep 18, 2010 12:27:22 PM


Photography by (left to right) christine elizabeth Photography by (top left to clockwise) christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth, lucas marshall, lucas marshall Photography by (top to clockwise) christine elizabeth

Designer Dan Richters utilized foam sealant, silicone, acrylic paint, elastic thread, LEDs and electric wire to create his runway naiads.


@OmahaToday: Karaoke night at Omaha Fashion Week? Now playing: Bad Romance. ... (via @dannyaway) Sep 18, 2010 10:24:25 PM

Overheard in the crowd: “Those are probably the cutest hats I have ever seen!”

Megan Hunt (Princess Lasertron): I’m so excited for Saturday night! I hope I don’t get the vapors and fall off the runway! If I do, lets say it was crowdsurfing. [via Facebook]

Photography by (top to clockwise) christine elizabeth, blinq, christine elizabeth

Photography by (left to counterclockwise) christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth, justin limoges, christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth, lucas marshall

Photography by (left & right) christine elizabeth

Michaela Cawley began her career in fashion after her South African education acting as Daphne Guinness’s right hand woman.



Photography by (top, bottom) lucas marshall, metro photography

Photography by (top to clockwise) lucas marshall, lucas marshall, christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth Photography by (left & right) christine elizabeth

From 12 designers in 2008 to 37 in 2010, what does 2011 have in store? Two runway shows (March & September) and the best in local talent!

@Bufreynolds: Here we go! My models are lined up! #OFW2010! Sep 18, 2010 8:33:57 PM

Photography by (left & right) christine elizabeth

The Grand Finale runway was 100 yards long. The current 100 yard world record sprint time is 9.07 seconds, held by Asafa Powell. But could he do it in heels?

Photography by (top to clockwise) christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth, lucas marshall

Photography by (top to clockwise) lucas marshall, christine elizabeth, scott forman

Photography by (top to clockwise) lucas marshall, scott forman, blinq, justin limoges, christine elizabeth, christine elizabeth, alan holtmeier

@ohmysillylife: Omaha fashion week was off the chain. I walked my booty off Sep 18, 2010 9:36:31 PM

@LozaFina: I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I can’t sleep anymore knowing my big day is finally here. Happy @ OmahaFashionWk Day!



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V I P S p r in g R u nwa y S how Before Intermission:

After Intermission:

Yolanda Diaz

Sabrina Jones

Email Yolanda at Yolanda graduated in fashion design at Juarez University School of Art in Durango, Mexico as well as Industrial Patterns at CECATI in Monterrey, Mexico. She has been designing children’s clothing for over 20 years. This is her third year of participation in Omaha Fashion Week with her children’s collection.

Jane Round Jane Round began designing and creating clothing, inspired by the 1920s and 50s, in 2009. She has participated in many local fashion shows around Omaha, including Omaha Fashion Week and Fashion in Salvation. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing for beautiful, confident women. Her creative team includes hair stylists and makeup artists from Sirens.

Threaded, Inc. by Kevin Steward

Kevin does costuming, fashion construction and also works as a costume supervisor. During the day, Kevin plies his trade at Ralston Costume Shop as one of the designers for stage shows, mainly dealing with high schools and theater companies. To purchase a garment or one-of-a-kind creation, please contact him on Facebook.

d0ll clothes by Chessna Fernald Chessna attended Metropolitan Community College from 2008-2010 and has been sewing since 2006. Her brand, d0ll clothes, features custom designs influenced by Japanese street fashions, lolita, as well as Rococo, Victorian, Edwardian, and other styles.

Zara Gonzalez @zmgonline Zara Gonzalez was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied fashion design at the Accademia Italiana at Florence, Italy. Her designs are created to meet the needs of modern women. Every garment is a combination of elegance, femininity, and sensuality. Her inspiration has come from well-known European haute couture designers. Her creative team includes hair stylists and make-up artists from BUNGALOW/eight.

Jessica Seeley University of Nebraska alum, Jessica graduated with high honors earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. Her work has been in many fashion shows including F.G.I. in Dallas, Texas. As a senior she directed the UNL fashion show, UNveiled. An Elkhorn, NE native, she took leap of faith this year in leaving her full-time job to create her own clothing line and pursue a career in fashion. Her creative team includes hair stylists and make-up artists from Awe Salon. Sabrina received her BS and MA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she studied Textile and Clothing Design with a minor in costume design. Sabrina works independently as a designer and has received local and national recognition for her work. In 2011 expect to see her line of swimwear at Omaha Fashion Week. Her creative team includes hairstylists and make-up artists from Seven Salon.

Tiffany Headley Tiffany studied Fashion Design and Fine Art at the University of NE in Lincoln and now manages a boutique in Omaha where she helped design the crowning gown worn by Miss America 2011. Tiffany can be reached on Facebook. Her creative team includes Michele Strom, Shauna Paczkowski, Shine Day Spa and BUNGALOW/eight.

Audi Kuiken Audi Kuiken studied Textile and Apparel Design at the University of Nebraska--Lincoln. After spending time costuming for theater, Audi is now creating a new genre of clothing by blending casual wear with theatrical inspirations. Her creative team includes hairstylists and make-up artists from Sirens.

Spano Lang by Shannon Hopp From the simple art of thrifting and collecting, came Spano Lang. The company is entirely based around salvaged fabrics. With renewed resources, Shannon creates within her Spano Lang line what can’t be recreated through original pattern making and simple sleek designs. Her creative team includes hairstylists and make-up artists from T’eez.

Just Because by Kate Walz Just Because by Kate Walz is a fun, flirty clothing line of tulle and fun fabrics designed by 13 year old Kate Walz. She has been featured on the local Fox news station for her designs, as well as by 5 local magazines. Her creative team includes hairstylists and make-up artists from T’eez.

Emma Erickson Designer Emma Erickson is an Omaha native who recently graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Fashion Design and completed an internship with Herve Leger by Max Azria (BCBG) in Los Angeles. A textile collaboration collection she worked on her senior semester showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 in New York City at the Lincoln Center. Her creative team includes stylists from Hair Market Salon and music mixed by DJ Seth Warrick. Fabric and vintage button flower bouquets were a collaboration with Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron.

sav e t h e da t e Au gu st 2 2 - 2 7 , 2 0 1 1 l @omahafashionwk l

Omaha FASHION Magazine  

2nd Edition Omaha FASHION Magazine Spring/Summer 2011.

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