September Catalog - The Journey Forward

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The Journey Forward

FALL 2021

Footwear for the Island Lifestyle

The Journey Forward At OluKai, we make premium footwear for the road ahead. With the familiar motions of everyday life returning, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the unfamiliar. To thrive on an island in the middle of the Pacific, Native Hawaiians had to be expert innovators. From wayfinding methods to building regenerative agricultural systems, constraints proved time and again to breed momentum. For this issue, we gathered a handful of modern creators in Hawai‘i for whom the uncertainties of the current moment spurred unprecedented leaps of inspiration and resourcefulness. Their stories inspire us to continue forging new paths. As summer fades into fall, our focus remains true— to bring you comfort and quality throughout every step of your journey. Together. We Go.

on the cover: Men’s Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili Fox (page 2)

this page: Women’s Pehuea Black (page 17)


Jacquard-woven camo print inspired by wild Hawai‘i

Premium suede upper accented with leather details

Our Lae‘ahi collection is designed to go everywhere with you. From the breathability of mesh to the soft feel of premium leather, each style blends craft and comfort to deliver the most wearable sneakers out there. – top to bottom: Lae‘ahi Pa‘i Husk $100 Lae‘ahi Lī Kala Fog $120 Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili White $130 Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili Charcoal $130 – opposite page on Nick: Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili Fox $130


Everyday Leather Sneakers at

Supple full-grain leather with a soft, microfiber lining

Well Made. Better Worn. There’s something timeless about leather. The way it looks. The way it ages. The way it custom forms to you. We took that and used it to craft a perfectly evergreen leather sneaker. Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili will fit comfortably from the first wear to the very last, molding to your foot with every step.

Nick Kuchar ‘Ewa Beach, O‘ahu

Best known for his vintage-inspired travel prints featuring local landmarks, artist Nick Kuchar has made a career of celebrating Hawai‘i’s unique charm and local culture. Since launching his art and design business in 2010, Nick has steadily amassed a fanbase around the world as well as a growing list of local and national clients eager to commission designs rendered in his signature style. When lockdown measures shuttered retail stores across the islands, Nick doubled down on his online business and seized the opportunity to pursue new ventures, including opening his first brick-and-mortar retail shop and embarking on a year-long stint as artist in residence at Four Seasons Resort O‘ahu at Ko Olina. Fortunately for Nick, he’s found no shortage of inspiration to bring back to his studio in ‘Ewa Beach.

If you’re on O‘ahu, head over to Nick’s gallery and retail store in Kailua featuring original artwork, nostalgic travel prints, and merch. – Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co. @nickkuchar

Nanea Lī Banyan $120

“In Hawai‘i, if you’re always curious and open to learning new things, that goes a long way. There’s so much to learn from people who have been here for generations.” NICK KUCHAR


Shop Sneakers at

Anything But Basic

Nanea Lī Well-crafted style that’s well-suited for town cruising

Wherever your path leads, we have the perfect sneaker. These lightweight yet durable styles are crafted to deliver the very best experience when it comes to design and performance. Go ahead, put them to work.

Premium upper accented with leather details

Mio Lī Lightweight and durable enough for low-key exploration

top to bottom: NEW STYLE Nanea Lī Pale Grey $120; Mio Lī Hunter $130; Mio Lī Pavement $130

Find Out-of-the-Box Comfort at


Comfort is Our Craft Comfort is our passion, our reason for being, the one quality we refuse to settle on. Because we believe that when you feel comfortable, you can focus on your passions— whatever they may be.

top to bottom: ‘Ohana Dark Java $70 Ulele Clay $75 Mekila Natural $140 Tuahine Toffee $90 Mea Ola Dark Java $120


Find Your Favorite Sandals at

Matt Dekneef Honolulu, O‘ahu

Writer and editor Matthew Dekneef is a fierce champion of authentic storytelling. As a longtime contributor to the local arts and culture publications Flux Hawai‘i and Lei, Matt is devoted to challenging stereotypes about Hawai‘i. Driven to share diverse mo‘olelo (stories) about his home and community, Matt recently pivoted to serving that calling in a new medium as a recipient of the inaugural Susan M. Haas Fellowship. The program was founded by Emmy Award-winning writer Cord Jefferson and helps journalists develop a portfolio of original TV pilots. On writing days, Matt heads to Kaimukī, a cozy neighborhood near Diamond Head, where inspiration abounds in cafés, mom-and-pop shops, eclectic retailers, and hole-in-the-wall eateries.

right on Matt and below: Mea Ola Dark Java $120

“I hope to see a Hawai‘i defined and complicated by local storytellers.” MATT DEKNEEF

Footwear for the Island Lifestyle


Outside. The Comfort Zone. Fall is just around the corner, but those chillier days and longer nights won’t stop us from getting out there. Our slippers are made with premium materials that will keep you nice and warm no matter where you roam.

If you’re looking for a surf check slipper, look no further than Mahana. Made with soft terrycloth, heathered jersey, and a durable outsole—it’s a sweatshirt for your feet. – on Nick: Mahana Vapor $120


#AnywhereAloha to Show Us Your OluKai

Heathered jersey upper with ultra-soft terrycloth lining provides unparalleled step-in comfort

Durable outsole for enhanced comfort and traction outdoors

Genuine shearling lining

left to right: Mahana Trench Blue $120; Moloā Slipper Dark Wood $130; Mahana Vapor $120; Kipuka Hulu Natural $130

We pride ourselves on having a deep familiarity with the ocean lifestyle. Like the care put into pounding kalo, our synthetic sandals are meticulously crafted to deliver the very best experience in and around the water. – top to bottom: Malanai Banyan $80 Malanai Ombre Blue $80 Hālō Charcoal $75 Hālō ‘Olu Trench Blue $80

with Nick: Mahana Vapor $120

Shop The Best Slippers at


Elastic lacing system for easy on/off wear

Soft quilted lining for extra comfort around the ankle

The Extra Mile Hard work can’t happen without the right equipment. In Hawai‘i, where the day is just as unpredictable as the weather, that’s especially true. We design all of our boots with that spontaneity in mind. Rugged, warm, and handsome—each style in this collection is ready to work for you. shown at right: Nānā Hele Natural $150

Pebbled waterproof leather upper

Lined with twin-faced shearling in the forefoot for added warmth

Non-marking 'Wet Grip Rubber' outsole for added traction on wet surfaces

Our rugged Nalukai Kapa Boot pairs water-resistant waxed canvas with a moisture-wicking microfiber lining to help you crush any island adventure.

Nalukai Kapa Boot Mustang $130


Visit the Boot Shop at

top to bottom: Nalukai Kapa Boot Black, Dusty Olive $130

Nānā Hele (nah-nah heh-leh) – When hot summer nights give way to chilly fall mornings, slide into Nānā Hele. This cozy yet durable boot combines shearling lining in the forefoot, waterproof leather, and our ‘Wet Grip Rubber’ outsole to help you take on the elements. – on Matt: Natural $150

One of Matt’s favorite specialty coffee shops, Bean About Town offers European-style fare and roasts its signature single-origin South American beans on site. – Bean About Town @beanabouttown

Get Ready for Fall at



It’s Always Sandal Season To us, sandal season is year-round. After all, you never know when an impromptu trip to the Islands will happen. Summer is a state of mind, and we're soaking up every last bit of it.


Olu = Comfort, Kai = Ocean

Ho‘ōpio (hoh-oh-pee-oh) Built for ocean environments, our water-friendly Ho‘ōpio sandal is a lesson in carefree comfort. Throw them on and chase the tides. above: Onyx $65

Complete Your Summer at


“We all have these huge ideas we want to accomplish, but even just taking care of the littlest one, like a fun idea, can spiral into something.” REANNA CHAMBERS


Extend Your Summer at

Reanna Chambers Honolulu, O‘ahu

Creative chameleon Reanna Chambers is on a never-ending hunt for her next passion project. When she isn’t learning the niche art of wet-plate photography from artist Kenyatta Kelechi, she’s behind a film camera capturing quiet moments and abstract snapshots of her travels, creative circle, and interactions with the natural world and urban landscapes around her. Her latest project was fueled by creative impulse rather than expectations for an end product. Gutted over the loss of her lucky Buck knife, Reanna is on a mission to make a collection of knives and stickers inspired by the one she lost under the brand name Goodluckbuck (@goodluckbuck_). Encouraged by an onslaught of community support for the brand, Reanna has since teamed up with collaborators to offer a selection of handmade goods, always with the goal of working alongside others to make things from the heart.

Photo by artist and mentor, Kenyatta Kelechi

Paniolo Natural $85

on Reanna and above: ‘Aukai Tan $80

You can often find Reanna collaborating with fellow creatives at Lana Lane Studios, a community workspace and artist collective in Honolulu’s former industrial district. – Lana Lane Studios @lanalanestudios

Share Your Adventures, #AnywhereAloha on Instagram


Fit for You There’s no lack of passion in Hawai‘i. You can find it in the waves of the Pacific, deep in the rainforest, or within the walls of a local recording studio. Wherever your passions lie, we’ll make sure you have shoes that know how to play along. on Reanna: Pehuea Lī ‘Ili Tan $110


Shop Leather Sneakers at

Made with lightweight and breezy mesh for non-stop wear

Camo design inspired by the wild beauty of Hawai‘i

Premium full-grain leather with soft lining

We pride ourselves on having a deep familiarity with the ocean lifestyle. Like the care put into pounding kalo, our synthetic sandals are meticulously crafted to deliver the very best experience in and around the water. – top to bottom: Malanai Banyan $80 Malanai Ombre Blue $80 Hālō Charcoal $75 Hālō ‘Olu Trench Blue $80

Shearling lining delivers slipper-level warmth with slip-on style

clockwise from top: Pehuea Black $85; Pehuea Lī ‘Ili White $110 Pehuea Heu Lava Rock $130; Pehuea Pa‘i Soft Pink $90

Shop Pehuea at


Waterpoof leather with wool lining for those cool, rainy days

Full shearling lining designed to keep you cozy

This thick, durable outsole is made to go outside

Breathable canvas with soft microfiber lining

top to bottom: Hawai‘iloa Manu Hope Fox $150; Mālua Hulu Dusty Olive $160; Pīlahi Black $110


Find Our Boot Shop at

Plush shearling wraps your foot in softness

This super durable outsole can go outside

top to bottom: NEW STYLE Ku‘i Canoe, Tan, Black $130 left on Marika: Ku‘i Black $130

Go in Comfort Built with your comfort in mind, our new Ku‘i slipper is made to go from couch to coffee run without missing a step. The soft, plush shearling will keep you nice and warm while the sturdy sole delivers enough support for those daily excursions.

Ku‘i Canoe $130

Shop Slippers at


The Soft Side Relaxation is as essential to island life as exploration. We channeled that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from cozying up on the couch and put it into our premium shearling slippers. Find your moment of calm with these comfy companions. on Marika: NEW STYLE Nohea Heu Slipper Black $100

on Marika: Nohea Heu Black $100


Find the Perfect Slipper for You at

Marika Emi Honolulu, O‘ahu

A pillar in the Honolulu arts community, Marika Emi found innovative ways to foster connection and collaboration during the lockdown. The printmaker and arts organizer never wavered in her commitment to sparking critical dialogues on contemporary issues affecting Hawai‘i and the tropics worldwide, hosting workshops, fundraisers, and digital activations as founder of the nonprofit publishing imprint Tropic Editions and editor of its namesake arts publication, Tropic Zine. In tandem with her work building community and rallying contributors for the third issue of Tropic Zine, Marika has continued to provide a safe space for creatives and community members as co-director of Aupuni Space, an artist-run gallery, studio, and events space in Kaka‘ako. Over the past year, she has also spent time closer to home, venturing from her apartment in Nu‘uanu to nearby Chinatown to muse over future projects in the historic district’s new and reopened gathering places.

Marika Emi is an arts organizer and designer based in Honolulu. She works as co-director of Aupuni Space, an artist-run gallery and venue in Kaka‘ako. – Aupuni Space @aupunispace

NEW STYLE Kīpe‘a Heu (kee-peh-ah heh-oo) – Our shearling-wrapped Kīpe‘a Heu is so ridiculously soft that you won’t want to take it off. Good thing we gave it a durable rubber outsole. – top to bottom: Tapa, Tan, Black $100

Get Them Before They’re Gone at



Mainland Office: 10 Faraday, Irvine, CA 92618

Visit Us At: OluKai Hilton Hawaiian Village: Ali‘i Tower, 2005 Kālia Road, #241 Honolulu, O‘ahu, HI 96815 OluKai Whalers Village: 2435 Kā‘anapali Pkwy. #H-5, Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761

Free Ground Shipping on orders over $125 at

Quality footwear for a quality life.

Women’s Pehuea Lī ‘Ili Tan $110 (page 17)

Every pair gives back to Hawai‘i through our Ama OluKai Foundation

(866) 467-9694 Printed in the USA Find a Store Near You, Go To

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