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August 2010



Volunteers welcome you New World Grid welcomes more and more people every day.

Thanks to the following for their generosity and for the time spent on the welcome region.

If you wish to participate helping new registred to feel at home quickly, you can at any time join the volunteer program. To do this, simply fill out the form at the following address:

Thanks to : Soggy Bang, Eden Cat, Kire Laasonen, Marline Laasonen, Maria Mcconaught, LeoMaxx Sautereau, Claudius Utopy. Accompaniment will be provided so that you’re comfortable in your new role.


New World Radio on Radionomy New World Grid gets its own participative radio !

Why Radionomy ? As a non for profit organization, it was impossible for us to broadcast any web radio because we would have to pay an important fee to right management companies, even if we broadcasted any web radio already paying to these comanies. We discovered Radionomy recently, which is a free service allowing to broadcast as much music as desired. The principle is simple : Radionomy adds advertisements hourly in the radio planning, which directly remunerates artists. This gives us the opportunity to propose a totally free and legal web radio on all spaces of New World. Visit the New World Radio home page :

Choose what music is played ! New World Radio is participative. A playlist is currently played, but you are invited to choose the artists that will be played on New World Radio. Votes will be organized to create a new playlist each month.


New features New backup system The management of an IT infrastructure like the New World Grid’s evolves according to its growth and the available resources for the association Virtus, which wholeheartedly thanks the women and men giving time and money to support New World. This is why we are preparing a migration of our central services to a more powerful server. A new automated backup system which will perform two database backups a day without service interruption. This migration will take place in two steps. The first step will happen the saturday 21th and sunday 22th of august, with the installation of the new server and migration of principal services. The second step will happen the next weekend, the saturday 28th and sunday 29th of august, with the installation of a global automated file system backup management. Automating many tasks that were manually performed until now will allow us to free more time for New World Grid development and to support projects. Thanks again to everyone !

The reservation map is back online Since the last month, the reservation map is working at : Thanks to Sbach Xue for his contribution.

Make a donation to support New World Grid the association Virtus


New World Grid is driven by the residents contributions, donations and rentals. If you wish to help maintain New World Grid online and support New World Studio regions, it is possible to make a donation at this address : donate or rent a parcel or region on our servers. This gives right to the Contributor title on your in-world profile. Thank you by advance for your donations.

Improvements to the site ÂŤ The Lab Âť has been updated. This website, listing Open Source OpenSim-related projects we develop, and which exists since 2008 has been pending until now. It is now comaintained by Sbach Xue and some Open Source projects have been released. Many other projects that have not been published since long because of time missing will be online soon.


The residents’ corner The residents’ corner is a category of the newsletter presenting residents’ initiatives and projects. This month, Dordy’s present his library project where anyone can put his writings available to the public.

7 A public library has been started at Dragon Castle, NWG Naturia, I would like to invite the New World Grid residents to share their literary creations with us all, exhibiting the creations at the library, they will be placed in books for people to receive the creations in either, notecards, or for longer peices perhaps an URL taking them to the correct page in a website to be read. There is at this moment one book to be read in the library, that I wrote myself. So I would very much like to receive your poetry, stories, memoirs, etc... There are various sectors including history, and science, anything that you have written that you think of interest for the public, the library will welcome. Dordy Gail, resident.

Nos Partenaires

Dreamstreams, Canada Le Parc des Arts, France

Crédit Agricole - Parlons Innovation, France, Great Britain

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New World Newsletter - August 2010 - EN  

August 2010 New World Grid welcomes more and more people every day. Accompaniment will be provided so that you’re comfortable in your new ro...

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