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“Covers the campus like the magnolias”

Award won for cleaning standards By Caitlin Brooks | Production manager

The university was recently recognized for success in their new custodial management program, Operating System I (OS1) at the national OS1 user symposium in Portland, OR. An award for Best New Cleaning Program and Green Certification for the rookie program at Calloway as well as eight Outstanding Cleaning Worker medals for university custodians crowned the first successful year of the university’s involvement with the program. OS1 is a comprehensive, the high-performance cleaning system that focuses on retraining of employees from custodial workers to managers to empower team members and promote a safe working environment. Frank Thomas, director of custodial services, has led the program since his arrival at the university last August, though plans to switch over to a new, cohesive system were in the works even before his appointment. “I think it’s fairly well known that we’ve had some issues with cleaning,” he said. “OS1 is a better way of doing business. “As I tell my staff, ‘The train has left the station and is not coming back.’” Under the new program, custodial duties are now performed at night in academic buildings and during the day in residential buildings. Uneasiness about the continuing rash of thefts from locked offices increased as faculty and staff became Thomas aware of the nightly duties, but Thomas assures community members that their possessions are actually at less risk with the new program. Custodial workers now operate in teams led by outstanding employees. These highly trained teams specialize in one of four key areas: light-duty specialists (trash collection and dusting), vacuum specialists (floors), utility specialists (hallways and recycling) and restroom specialists. The entire system is color coded for simplicity with the added bonus that customers


By Renee Slawsky | News editor

Here is a list of things that are absolutely disgusting: rotten food, human waste, Joan Rivers, body odor and mold. Most of these things are rather abundant and can be found pretty much anywhere you go in some form or another (minus Joan Rivers). While the university does an exceptional job of keeping students away from rotten food and human waste and the students themselves do a good job of keeping their body odor under control, why is mold the only outlier here? Apparently, mold is something that is extremely hard to keep entirely under control. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that over 85 percent of American households are host to at least one type of mold in an amount that borders on dangerous to the residents’ health. The residence halls at the university are no different. While the statistics of mold at the university are neither cutand-dry nor are they necessarily readily available for public knowledge, there is reason to believe that the majority of campus is suffering from mold infestations along with the

rest of America. In a survey of 50 current university students, 44 out of 50 interviewees claimed they either have mold currently or have lived with it in past years. And the residences of the interviewees did not alter the number of occurrences. Residents from Davis, Johnson, North Campus Apartments, Kitchin, Luter, Poteat, Palmer and Collins alike all said that they encountered varying amounts of mold in either their rooms or bathrooms. When asked if they thought that this school was victim to more mold than the homes that they came from, 38 said yes, nine said they couldn’t tell and three said no. The subsequent question of why would they think there is more mold here than at home was answered by the majority with general confusion. Many interesting explanations were tossed out such as “people don’t shower themselves as much in college as they did in high school,” “the damp weather patterns of this area,” “magic” and “it is just gross here.” On the whole, no one could give a reason as to why the university’s residence halls seem to be considerably

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Graphic By Ken Meyer/Old Gold & Black

University launches new and improved website University website revamped in efforts to increase accessability By Ken Meyer | Asst. news editor

Ken Meyer/Old Gold & Black

The Office of Communications and External Relations has given the home page of the university website a new face. news organizations to a list of faculty members who can speak to university specific issues from academics to race. A new page entitled Inside WFU has been created to allow members of the campus community to have their own stories posted. Open to all visitors, this page caters to faculty and staff. Associate Vice President for CER Pamela Dumas Serfes cited the potential of this page to become a new

community newspaper but warned, however, that “this site can only be as good as those post to it.” The Provost’s site has been given a new face; the page for the Office of the President office has been improved; the Career Services site sits entirely new. Dumas Serfes describes these sites as “Phase One” of an initiative to redesign the entirety community of university websites. When Dumas Serfes joined CER a little over a year ago, the website

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House set to pass bill aimed at Chinese Yen The House of Representatives began debate on legislation to put pressure on China to let its currency rise faster, fanning the flames of a long-running dispute over trade and jobs. The bill, expected to be passed on Sept. 30 with heavy support from Democrats but a mixed reaction from Republicans, treats China’s exchange rate as a subsidy. That would open the door to extra duties on Chinese goods entering the United States, some of which are already subject to special levies.

Indonesia lifts tsunami warning after 7.2 quake A local tsunami alert was issued and later lifted after a magnitude 7.2 quake struck off Papua, eastern Indonesia early on Sept. 23. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported a strong 6.6 tremor followed by the stronger second quake, which hit at 2:11 a.m. on Sept. 23. An official at the Indonesian meteorological agency said there were no reports of damage or of a tsunami.

U.S. judge grants bond to man in Afghan murder case A U.S. judge agreed on Sept. 29 to release on bond one of two former contractors from the private security firm previously known as Blackwater Worldwide while they await retrial on charges they murdered two Afghans in Kabul. They were charged earlier this year with 13 counts related to the shooting deaths of the two Afghans and wounding a third at an intersection in Kabul in 2009.

Infant found outside Planned Parenthood is buried

See OS1, Page A3

The Office of Communications and Exernational Relations (CER) officially released its renewed, revamped and redesigned websites as of Sept. 29. The new websites include both new iterations of previously functioning addresses as well as entirely new addresses. Each page is designed to meet specific needs. The home page changed to meet the needs of its most frequent guests. Three blocks at the top provide a three-tiered list of links, each catering to separate needs. The first lists sites by frequent visitors; the second guides visitors to administrative needs; the third offers the most visited pages. The Window on Wake Forest page has become an entirely new news site. offers university-wide stories and allows visitors to see feeds of news catering to specific schools and departments. It also features a link entitled “For The Media” which guides outside

Outside the Bubble...

Party 101 and a Recipe for Fun

team was swamped with a growing list of requests for everything from new or changed websites to a social media site. “There were too many requests for our team to handle with our limited staff,” Dumas Serfes said. At that point, Dumas Serfes, in concert with the web team, began a conversation with Information Systems (IS), Associate Provost for Technology and IS Rich Matthews and Provost Jill Tiefenthaler about changing the university websites. IS aided the team in the creation of a new content management system which allows individual faculty members, staff members or university groups to alter their own webpages from their laptops without sending a request to CER. This content management system launched with the formal launch of these websites, and the web team will soon begin teaching individuals to use the system themselves. Tiefenthaler guided the web team to pinpoint specific websites for the web team to revamp. Tiefenthaler and the team chose websites which would help guide the university towards the furtherance of its strategic plan. Dumas Serfes explained how the work done over the past year on these

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Sports | B1 Jay Bilas comes to campus Jay Bilas offers his per-


Readers are provided with a crashcourse on partying outside the fraternity basements.

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and problems that are



• Saturdays are for more than sleeping in | A7 • Lecture of financial crisis clears up confusions | A3

spective on the issues currently plauguing college basketball.

An infant girl found dead outside the Winston-Salem Planned Parenthood office on Sept. 11 was buried Sept. 27 at Lewisville United Methodist Church. The infant was named “Therese the Little Flower’’ by funeral organizers. Investigators are still looking for the mother of the infant, whose body was found wrapped in blanket in a blue plastic storage container outside of the Planned Parenthood office on Maplewood Avenue.

Error by state puts jobless in stressful situation The stress of unemployment has gotten a lot worse for people who are finding out that they may lose some money because of a state error. The Employment Security Commission of North Carolina made about $28 million in overpayments to jobless state residents over the last two years, the Raleigh News & Observer reported. Last week, the newspaper said, the agency began sending letters to about 38,000 people who were either overpaid or underpaid through no fault of their own.

Study said e-books may spur more kids to read The amount of time children spend reading books for enjoyment decreases as they use cell phones and other mobile technology, but e-books might just bring them back to literature, according to a report released on Sept. 28. About 40 percent of parents believed that time spent online or on mobile devices would reduce time for books or engaging in physical activities. However, the study found that technology might actually encourage a child to read. Of the kids polled in the study, 57 percent said they would be interested in reading an e-book.

Opinion | A5 “Not-so-happy birthday!” Hamlin Wade discusses the decreasing significance of birthdays for students.

A2 Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Spring Break

Brieflies The Enrichment Center makes an appearance at Hit the Bricks The Enrichment Center is participating in the annual “Hit the Bricks” event to raise money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. The Enrichment Center is a Winston Salem based nonprofit organization for disabled adults to pursue their artistic aspirations as a source of income for themselves. Amidst the events of Hit the Bricks The Enrichment Center will be having a display table with one-of-a-kind art work by their artists. Items for purchase will include small mosaics, jewelry, ceramic Greek letters, pillows, cards and more. Half of all The Enrichment Center’s profits from the day will be donated to the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund.

University’s CellCraft shows it is successful as a teaching tool Scoring more than 2.5 million gameplays worldwide in its first three months, the video game CellCraft, developed by a team of scientists, middle-schoolers and software developers based at the university, has proven it does more than teach kids how cells work.

Two university graduates recieve prestigious Waddill award Two Wake Forest alumni — an elementary school teacher in Winston-Salem and a high school English teacher in Greensboro — have been named winners of this year’s Marcellus Waddill Excellence in Teaching Award. Amy Talley (MAEd ’06), this year’s winner on the elementary level, teaches Spanish at Ashley Elementary School, an international baccalaureate school in Winston-Salem. Melanie Huynh-Duc (MAEd ’05), the secondary-level winner, teaches ninth-grade English and journalism at Northwest Guilford High School in Greensboro. Both winners received a $20,000 cash prize, one of the largest monetary prizes of any teaching award in the country. The Waddill Award is presented annually to two outstanding public or private school teachers who are Wake Forest alumni

START Gallery tackles racial art identities START Gallery is planning to present “Transforming Race,” a presentation of visual art pieces by five public high school students and five university art students that address issues relating to racial identity and diversity. The exhibit opens on Oct. 5 and a reception will be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Reception celebrates university staff’s hard work The Annual Staff Appreciation and Recognition Luncheon for staff members reaching a service milestone will be held on Oct. 7 at 12 p.m. in Benson Room 401. The program will include the recognition of staff members who have reached service milestones, an introduction of inductees to the Thirty Year Club, and announcement of two employees as Staff Employee of the Year. Employees with a five-year service milestone will be recognized during the luncheon.

Nakenya Jessup: Food Service By Hilary Burns | Contributing writer Nakenya Jessup has stood with a smiling face at Freshens Energy Zone in Benson for about a year now. Students are familiar with her extremely amiable personality and warm smile as well as the delicious frozen yogurt shakes, treats and combinations she makes. “It’s fun. I like interacting with the students here,” Jessup said. She says a friend who had worked at Freshens told her about the position and she decided to look into it. Jessup says the most popular orders that students make are number five,

the Maui Mango and number 17, Peanut Butter Protein. Jessup has lived in Winston-Salem her entire life and enjoys her position serving frozen yogurt and smoothies to students. She currently resides in the city with her 16-month old daughter, Na’Ziaha. Although her family lives in Winston too, Jessup hopes to relocate to Greensboro or Charlotte in the near future. “I plan to take up social work,” Jessup said. She aspires to work with children and to help improve the lives of others.

said she wants students to know she is, “friendly and loves talking with students.” Ordering delicious ice cream treats is the highlight of numerous students’ days. Conversing with Jessup is literally the cherry on top for many who enjoy her ebullient qualities. Take a few extra minutes to become familiar with the friendly servers of Freshens Energy Zone. Food service employees like Jessup look forward to talking with students and making their days by providing mouth watering ice cream treats. Meenu Krishnan/Old Gold & Black

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In her time off from making frozen yogurt treats, Jessup enjoys going out, playing pool, shopping and watching movies. “The Hanes Mall is the best mall in the area,” Jessup said. Charlotte Russe is Jessup’s favorite store. Even so, above all other activities Jessup enjoys spending time with her daughter. “I spend a lot of time with her,” she said with a smile on her face. When asked what her favorite Freshens products are Jessup recommends number 16, Berry Breeze to Freshens customers and

POLICE BEAT Medical Emergency



• Officers were dispatched to Wait Chapel on a call of Dead-On-Arrival CPR in progress at 2:02 p.m. on Sept. 24. Patient was in fact not dead upon arrival and was promptly transported to Baptist Medical Center. • Student suddenly fell and hit his head during a random basketball practice in Reynolds Gym at 7:22 p.m. on Sept. 24 and was promptly transported to Student Health for complaints of pain. • Offender failed to yield at stop sign and struck victim in Lot W at 11:55 s.m. on Sept. 26. Victim was transported promptly to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for minor injuries.

• Unknown subject(s) cut cable lock and removed bike from a rack at 5:11 p.m. on Sept. 23. • Unknown subject(s) removed an iPod from an unsecured backpack on a table located on the fifth floor of Reynolds Library at 9:58 p.m. on Sept. 23.

• Offender sent a threatening e-mail in regards to the victim at 3 p.m. on Sept. 21. The offender has made apologies to all parties involved. • Unknown male entered victim’s room and was sleeping on floor at 4:58 a.m. on Sept. 25. Male then started poking the female victim. When confronted, the unknown person left room in an unknown direction taking male victim’s shirt.

Alcohol-related • A nurse at Student Health requested EMS to transport student to Baptist Medical Center for intoxication at 12:24 a.m. on Sept. 26. • A nurse requested EMS to transport a student to Baptist Medical Center at 2:53 a.m. on Sept. 26.

Damage to Property • Unknown subject(s) broke a window pane in a stairwell of ZSR at 2:05 a.m. on Sept. 23.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010 A3

Haiti film screening touches on more than quake By McKenna Begin| Staff writer

A double bed in a cramped room serves as both a sleeping station and desk. Napkins covered with scribbles of numbers and figures are taped to the wall. There is a singular silver laptop. This is the reality of Planting Peace, a small Haiti-based organization that seeks to distribute deworming medicine to Haitian children and thereby give hope for the future. Bound by Haiti, screened on Tuesday as the first for four in WFU’s new Documentary Film Program, centers on this organization. Planting Peace was started by Aaron Jackson and John Dieubon, two friends who come from opposite backgrounds.Aaron grew up on a resort in Florida while John was born and

orphaned in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It started as a simple project funded out of Aaron’s pocket for the first two years. Aaron, now 26, asked why all the children in Haiti had such big bellies, and the answer changed his life. These kids, infested with intestinal worms, seem to have no hope from the start. Now Planting Peace not only provides deworming medicine, but it also builds schools, funds orphanages and supports the Clean World Movement. Filmmakers Jon Bougher and Roman Safiullin, two University of Florida graduates, skillfully use the frame story of Aaron and John’s project to show the reality of Haiti. They film a mother of two who completed second grade as John speaks to her in French about her life.

When he acknowledges how sad her The filmmakers focus on a Haitian reality is, the woman simply replies, woman singing praises to the sky. “That’s life.” Hallelujahs sound. The documentary “Everything is transitions from the paralyzed,” Dieuprimary storyline to bon said. “It was scenes of the earththe end of the “I think John and Roman (the quake just as suddenly world.” filmmakers) will be forever as the 7.0 earthquake Bound by Haiti bound by Haiti both by their hit Port-au-Prince in captures the camera work and by the tragJanuary. terror that rocked The children living the small island edies they witnessed” at the Planting Peace nation. Cara Pilson orphanage stand in But the film Associate Director, Documentary silence. also illustrates the Film Program They look around strength that the but run to no one, for Haitian people they are already withhave. out family in the world. Dieubon speaks The haunting echo of screams reso- to the children of the orphanage and nates around them. assures them that “the place you came

from can’t affect your destiny.” Even though nothing is normal, he says, you must continue to fight. The documentary was a fabulous and moving beginning for the Documentary Film Program, which is new to Wake Forest after moving, with most of its students, from the University of Florida. Cara Pilson, one of the program’s coassociate directors along with Cindy Hill, says that the title of this documentary can resonate with almost everyone. “I think John and Roman (the filmmakers) will be forever bound by Haiti both by their camera work and by the tragedies they witnessed.” The goal, as envisioned by John and Aaron, is “to start a new country with a new vision,” Dieubon said. Bound by Haiti is an unforgettable story of hope.

Expert lectures on crisis Mold: Students live and breathe in molding rooms

Meenu Krishnan/Old Gold & Black

Laurence Ball, an economic professor from Johns Hopkins University, explains the financial crisis, a concept that is complex for many Americans. By Hillary Burns | Contributing writer Laurence Ball spoke about the financial crisis and its aftermath at 6 p.m. on Sept. 27 in the Annenburg Forum, in the lobby of Carswell Hall. Ball is currently a Professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University and received a PhD in Economics from MIT. Ball discussed the United States’ financial crisis as he revealed the depths of the most serious recession since the Great Depression. He began by addressing the US’s financial history since 1970 when the country was in doubledigit inflation. Through the ‘80s there were two recessions and unemployment reached 10.8 percent. Ball said, over time, the ‘70s and ‘80s were considered the bad times as the economy improved in the late ‘80s. 1985-2007 is considered the “Great Moderation” as inflation and unemployment rates were low and the economy remained stable. “I am going to tell the story of the financial crisis—at least how I understand it,” Ball said. “I sketched out a graph in 2004 when I had no idea there would be a financial crisis—the point is, in broad terms I actually did not have to change much because the two hallmarks of the financial crisis are: decreased asset prices and troubled financial institutions,” Ball said. Ball pointed out that while some politicians believe this financial situation was inevitable he believes it could have been avoided. In 2007 the stock market fell 55% as prestigious institutions failed and a severe credit crunch occurred. House prices rose 71 percent from 2002 to 2006, which caused low interest rates and the use of subprime mortgages to grow immensely. Subprime mortgages are essentially mortgage loans for people with low-credit scores to buy homes. Ball said, “few anticipated a major decline in housing prices,” which proved to be a sign trouble was coming. From 2006 to 2009 house prices fell 33 percent

as finance companies specializing in subprime mortgages went bankrupt. By 2008 investment banks suffered heavy losses on mortgage backed securities. That March the federal government lent 29 billion dollars to J.P. Morgan Chase in order for the bank to acquire Bear Stearns and prevent bankruptcy. Ball said this was an extremely controversial issue and “when a disaster occurs the very pessimistic people look like geniuses.” Some technical difficulties lightened the atmosphere as Ball tried to zoom in on charts he created, “when I lecture at John Hopkins, I use chalk,” Ball said. Sept. 2008 was a disaster as Barclays (which is a UK-based provider of retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management, and investment management services according to www.allbusiness. com) took over Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc., which is a US-based financial services company according to The government then took over Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac and lent 85 billion dollars to one of the massive insurers—American International Group. This series of events caused panic as unemployment reached 10.1 percent in Dec. 2009. Ball said if the prestigious institution of Lehman Brothers could fail anyone could—everyone anxiously waited to see whom the next domino to fall would be. Ball offered ways the government could improve our financial situation. He said that history shows the economy will not fix it self, the government must help. “Generally I think the more fiscal stimulus the better,” Ball said. He said the government should hire many people and encourage banks to lend more. “Congress and the federal reserve ought to be more active in defeating unemployment,” said Ball. While our economy is growing, unemployment rates seem to be at a stand still. “I don’t have a happy ending for this story—we are stuck in a low status quo,” Ball said.

Photo Coutesy of The Centers for Disease Control

Mold is very common across the United States but can lead to serious health defects if a person is exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. Continued from Page A1 moldier than other residences. The people who confessed in the interview to having experienced mold in their time on campus were then asked how they responded to the discovery. Twenty-seven said they contacted Facilities Management, 18 said they did nothing and five said they cleaned it on their own. Nearly half of the residents who said that they contacted Facilities Management about their discovery of mold said that Facilities Management was “slow to respond.” Many said that their complaints weren’t answered for several weeks and sometimes up to months. Furthermore, many confessed to having reported that they were suffering inexplicable coughs and mucus buildups to Facilities Management and receiving little to no response. At the same time, the other half of the residents who contacted Facilities Management said that they were satisfied with the care that they received. “They were at my door within two hours after I called them,” sophomore and Davis resident Margie Robinson said. Lambda Chi Alpha president and Davis resident Allan Burton was willing to share the mold experiences he and his fraternity had. “The only mold we have encountered was centrally located in one of

the bathrooms of our lounge and was cleaned up the same day the lounge opened at the beginning of the school year,” Burton said. “The molds formed over the summer as a result of moisture build up in a bathroom with a leak. As a precaution, the entire chapter lounge as well as the halls and bedrooms were inspected by facilities.” “In regards to the attention we have received from facilities management, they have done a great job keeping us informed as well as attending to any problems we have had,” Burton continued. Whether the mold was removed by Facilities Management or their own elbow grease, 34 of the interviewees said that the mold returned within three months after they tried to rid themselves of it, and all expressed frustration that the mold made a recurrence. This raises the question: why do so many university students feel that they are being plagued by mold? Overall, students express some distress over the presence of mold in their rooms and their bathrooms. “It is similar to bed bugs or swine flu in some ways. If it isn’t handled it can easily get out of control,” sophomore Sara Gonzales said. Next week, we will delve into the administrative side of this moldy topic and hear from them what they have done and are doing about mold.

OS1: University adopts “greener” cleaning methods Continued from Page A1

less harmful substances that has adversely affect not only the health of the environment, but that of cuscan be visually assured that a bath- todians and customers alike. room cleaning cloth (always red) “OS1 is for the cleaning worker as is not the same one wiping down much as it is for the occupant of the their desk. spaces that they This color coding clean,” Thomas and extensive trainexplained. “This program really shows ing accompanies a The program greatly simplified that Wake Forest doesn’t rolled out last cleaning repertoire. just talk about changing and September in The OS1 system Calloway and uses only two doing things for humanity.” spread to Green Frank Thomas chemicals – a disHall, Tribble, infectant for restDirector of Custodial Services Carswell and rooms and an all Worrell the folpurpose cleaner lowing semesfor everything else ter. This fall, the Benson Center – both of which are Green Seal will be included in the expanding Certified. This certification means program. The only residence hall that the chemicals are much safer currently equipped for the program for the environment and contain is South Hall, which will serve as

a pilot for future use in all the residence halls as renovations are completed. Thomas hopes that the program will be fully implemented in all the academic and residential buildings on campus within the next two years. “This program really shows that Wake Forest doesn’t just talk about changing and doing things for humanity,” Thomas said. “Cleaning workers are not the most respected workers, but we are doing something to appreciate their hard work and to ensure that they are safe when they come to work. That’s pro humanitate in action.” Overall, the OS1 system is another testament to the university’s efforts to “go green.” The fact that the efforts are being recognized is even more exciting than being friendly to the environment.

Photo Courtesy of Frank Thomas

From left to right Frank Thomas, T.P. King, Evelyn Frazier, Jim Alty and Matthew Lawrence receive the “Rookie of the Year” cleaning-program award with all smiles.


This column represents the views of the Old Gold & Black Editorial Board.

Students should have respect in class


hile we understand that it is annoying when class runs over the designated time, we get even more annoyed when students think it is acceptable to start packing up before the professor is done talking. It is one thing when the class is running ten minutes over and you need to get somewhere else. However, when the class runs just a couple minutes overtime, it is disrespectful to pack up before the class is officially over. It is also detrimental to the other students in the class who want to hear the professor's final remarks. Often, these remarks are crucial to the class. The professor may be giving a homework assignment or explaining what is going to be on the midterm.

We (or, most likely, our parents) pay a considerable amount of money for us to attend the university. We should want to stay to the very end of every class. Granted, sometimes we may skip class, but, if we are there, it makes sense for us to want to stay until the end. The worst type of student starts getting ready to make an exit before the class is even over. These students are mentally counting down to the 48 minute mark in a 50 minute class, so they can "quietly" (but often really loudly) beian to slide papers into their folders and shut textbooks. The professors that teach our classes are some of the best professors in the country. Let's show them some respect and listen to everything they have to teach us.

PLC conference encouraged leaders


he President's leadership conference, which took place Sept. 23-25, was considered a huge success for the leaders on campus who attended the event. The conference is an example of a series of intitiatives that the administration is conducting to increase transparency between them and the student body. The weekend focused on a campus-wide initiative to encourage students to live balanced lives. This entails not only attending fraternity parties, but also going to some on-campus lectures. Going to lectures is an exciting privilege of going to

a university. Students should strive to make the most of university resources during the short time they are here. The conference also addressed the importance of being a Wake Forest student first and a member of your student organization next. Our school is small enough where we should all feel as if we are a part of a large family. Leaders should lead by example and encourage the members of their student organizations to be active in the university community at large. We feel that this is an important initiative, and we hope that the leaders on campus will take this message to heart.

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This lack of seriousness in favor of an inexpensive populism turns me off, but when The Economist makes the same point using data and argument, I agree with it wholeheartedly. And it’s not just the language of the right but also its most prominent representatives who make me question if the right can serve as a serious opposition party. Matt Moran I don’t want to get in to the mindless Staff columnist Sarah Palin bashing game, but it’s deeply concerning to me that a person he concept of the loyal who exhibits such little understanding opposition is a cornerstone of of policy is such a prominent any democracy. Democracy, spokeswoman for the right. which relies on the rule of law and Re-watch the Katie Couric interview language — rather than violence if you’re not sure what I’m talking and imposed consensus — requires a about. Take another example, one diversity of perspective. which Williford discusses in his article. Though sometimes annoying, it’s What does it say about the seriousness necessary to have to have an opposing of the conservative movement in this voice even when the party you prefer country that a nine term congressman is in power. But to be effective for the with a reputation for moderation and country, the opposition must not just be centrism — probably the best place to loyal; it must be serious and competent. be on the political spectrum — lost a Last week, Seth Williford wrote primary to a woman who offered that an article (“Tea party places GOP in “evolution is just a theory” and was an scalding hot water”) commenting on the anti-masturbation activist? influence of highly conservative members This isn’t healthy for democracy. I of the Republican Party, challenge anyone specifically from the Tea to listen to the best Party. Real believers in democracy spokespeople for the He notes, accurately, opposing side and not understand that their that the rise of farthink that on some ideological allies do not right candidates is issues, even important actually likely to hurt have a monopoly on good ones, they might be the Republican Party in right. This can be a ideas and that the role of the long run, because it disconcerting exercise, the opposition is to test and will alienate the sea of but it is an important moderate voters who want challenge those in power one. something in between I don’t really want Dennis Kucinich and deficit spending to Glenn Beck. be bad because I want an America that But I think there is a more serious understands and embraces economic problem than the Republican path to justice — but deficit spending is bad. self-destruction, from which it will William F. Buckley could convince eventually bounce back. me of this, but Glenn Beck, with his The opposition it provides is paranoia of fascism and communism obstructionist for the sake of around every corner, could not. Real obstructionism and exhibits a high believers in democracy understand that degree of anti-intellectualism, both of their ideological allies do not have a which are bad for the country. monopoly on good ideas and that the Broadly speaking, I am supportive of role of the opposition is to test and Barack Obama’s domestic policies. Yet, I challenge those in power. think the Republicans have some serious But when that opposition abandons things to say about issues like the budget intellectual probing and argument deficit. as its tools, and instead uses charged Though I think the wealthiest country language like “socialism” in place of in the world should have healthcare evidence, politics becomes a battle available for all citizens, I also think it between those in power and those should actually pay for it, instead of trying to shout down ideas they don’t passing that burden along on some paidlike. The right has a long history of in-the-future bill. On this, in principle, serious and rigorous intellectuals, but I agree with the Republicans — it would the anti-intellectual environment it’s be stupidly partisan of me to oppose currently breeding is dangerous both right-wing deficits but not those from for the Republican party, because it will the left. lead it down a destructive path, and for However, the good and serious points the country as a whole. I want a serious the right is making comes wrapped in opposition, but I’m not getting it. Let’s manufactured folksy language which hope it shows up soon. labels our current President a “socialist,” without offering what that term actually Matt Moran is a junior history major means. from Pittsburgh, Penn.


“I can’t tell you what it feels like to be in a room full of all these people and resonating together in music. This seems to be a lot of what the ukulele groundswell is all about.” - Jayme Kelly Curtis, referring to the recent attempt to break the world ukelele ensemble record in San Francisco; the group of over 500 ukelele strummers failed to beat the record of 851 players set in London in 2009.

“” “The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day humankind will receive signals from extraterrestrials. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.” - Mazlan Othman, the head of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, describing her upcoming speech to the Royal Society about the need to coordinate a human response to a “first contact” of extraterrestrial life, which thanks to the recent discovery of hundreds of other planets, is thought to be coming soon.

“” “Now you have to be an NBA player to see it.” - Marky Ramone, the former drummer for The Ramones, speaking about the “Joey Ramone Place” street sign becoming New York City’s most stolen street sign, and its subsequent new home 20 feet above street level.

“” “First, if you’re going to rob someone, get a real gun. Second off, you’re not getting any money.” - An anonymous clerk, reporting to police in Duncansville, Penn., about two women who tried to rob an adult book store with a toy gun but were chased out of the store when it was discovered their weapon was fake.

Thursday, September 30, 2010 A5

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Breaking the Wake Forest Bubble | Hamlin’s Ramblins

Birthdays lose significance as we grow older

Turning 21 means entering adulthood and having responsibility

Hamlin Wade Staff columnist


irthdays. In the factuality of life, they’re just another day out of every year. We wake up just like we always do. We brush our teeth the same way and the world continues to spin, marking the regularity of the event, be it Tuesday, Wednesday or even Saturday. But, in actuality, a birthday is anything but normal. It’s the one day out of the year where we are able to kick back and be pampered without being insulted

behind our backs. It’s the one day of the year where our moms or dads make us our favorite meal and shower us with attention. Ever since we were young, we have had parties, often with a princess or Batman theme. As we matured, our parties followed suit, gravitating towards quiet dinners with friends and family, centered on conversation instead of gifts. Today, I find myself at a threshold. I stand at an impetus between the world of celebrating birthdays and the dawn of adulthood. From here on out, birthdays are no longer celebratory occasions. From here on, I’ll be spending time trying to convince people that I am in fact younger than I actually am. I’ll save parties for the “big” and monumental birthdays. At midnight on Oct 1, I will officially enter the world of adulthood and turn 21, thrusting myself into the real world, to never look back. The 21st birthday is incredibly appealing, no matter who you are. For the majority of young adults, it’s the marker of being allowed to

learn what it is really like to be a true cooking utensils, because hey, that’s adult. what “adults” need. I’ll begin my As we have dutifully followed slow march towards denial, become the law and have never allowed more machismo and lie to myself alcohol to enter our bodies (unless and my body, forcing myself to we happened to take a trip to compete with the young bucks who Europe after we turned 18), our 21st think I’m just another old man who birthday allows us maybe used to to discover what be athletic. the fuss is all about From here on, I’ll be spending It won’t be regarding a frothy until I turn 70 time trying to convince people beer or frozen that I’ll really that I am in fact younger than delicacy. start enjoying For others, the birthdays again. I actually am. I’ll save parties 21st birthday It’s an interesting for the “big” and monumental marks the sliding scale. holidays. moment that we The first 20 can officially be years of your recognized as an life are spent adult. Sure, 20 is the moment you in anticipation of your birthday, enter into a new decade, and you creating countdowns and can’t rent a car until you turn 25, but backhanded attempts at reminding the 21st birthday seems to symbolize your friends of the date. a maturation of the individual. The middle years, the time that From here on out, birthdays seem I am about to enter, are spent in to take a back seat to the rest of your denial, avoiding the question and life. never allowing the number of I’ll gravitate away from the candles on the cake to represent the personal birthday parties, the number of years you’ve lived. banners and the balloons. Then you hit the time when Gifts will start to become practical. birthdays will once again become Soon I’ll be receiving crockpots and exciting.

GOP primary brings forth many candidates

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who was on McCain’s short list to be VP, is also almost certain to run. A Midwestern Republican, he has been known recently for encouraging the GOP to tackle middle class issues, calling his supporters Sam’s Club Republicans. Another Midwesterner to watch is Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. I like to describe him as a modern day Calvin Coolidge. Reserved and quiet, he is laser focused on economic issues and in getting the country on a path to fiscal sanity. While he has received significant buzz lately, he will no doubt face opposition from social Seth Williford conservatives who are concerned by his call Senior columnist for a “truce” on social issues while we work to mong the chatter of the upcoming fix the economy. midterm elections is an ongoing Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of conversation that is bubbling beneath the House, no doubt has ambition for the the surface; the 2012 GOP Presidential position, with a outsized ego and PAC to Primary. match. Many conservatives love him as the It was on display during the primaries, GOP’s big thinker. when various potential candidates endorsed However, he has made some very and promoted candidates for Governor, controversial remarks lately concerning the Senator or Congressman. Ground Zero Mosque, and has stated that As of now, the race is still in significant flux, Obama views the world through a “Kenyan, but once the midterms are over, expect all anti-colonia” lens thanks to his father. That eyes to turn to this contest. particular comment sounds like an appeal to All of the potential candidates have delayed birthers, those who deny Obama’s citizenship, any sort of announcement, mainly in fear and may be enough to scare off potential of taking attention away from potentially GOP voters. historic Congressional victories. But once That, combined with his extramarital affairs, the clock strikes 2011, expect a barrage of one while he was impeaching Bill Clinton for announcements. the same thing, may be enough to sink the The most obvious contender is Mitt Speaker. Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas and “next in line,” Governor and current Fox depending on who you News personality, could make talk to. a splash. The fact of the matter is, at this Republicans have The fact of the matter is that point in the game, it’s anyone’s a long tradition he and Palin would draw from nomination to lose. With the Tea of handing their the same social conservative nomination to the pool of voters, and he seems Party being so dominant this person whose turn it is, election cycle, it is difficult to say to be very comfortable as a the one who has paid well-paid TV host. their dues and waited in how the nomination will go. Finally, there is John Thune, line. the Senator from South Having been the main Dakota. Thune’s claim to fame impediment to John McCain’s nomination, is that he is a giant killer who knocked off Romney fits the bill, though there is still then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle lingering concern over his conservative in 2004. Speculation about Thune has been conversion. increasing rapidly, but speculation does not He changed several positions ahead of the lead to nomination. 2008 election, where he tried to portray As a proponent of populist conservatism, he himself as a down the line conservative is aiming to be the Tea Party with a smile, as despite his moderate credentials. well as with some establishment backing. No conversation of the nomination The fact of the matter is, at this point in the is complete without Sarah Palin. Many game, it’s anyone’s nomination to lose. With grassroots conservatives love her, and she has the Tea Party being so dominant this election become an idol to the Tea Party. cycle, it is difficult to say how the nomination However, her resignation as Governor after process will go. only two years no doubt hurt her, and it is a Many look to this election as very question of whether Republicans will choose important, especially due to President one of their most enthusiastic cheerleaders as Obama’s sagging poll numbers. their nominee, or have her stay on in her role One word of caution though. I think a as commentator and primary Queenmaker. Republican can absolutely win in 2012, but A friend of mine recently reminded me we should not forget that Obama, while a bad that the Tea Party isn’t just full of fed up executive, is an excellent campaigner, and we conservatives. should be prepared to find someone who can Many in the movement are also those who clearly express a way forward for this country supported Ron Paul’s presidential bid. These in the case that we are able to make sure people will likely side with former New Barack Obama goes the way of Jimmy Carter. Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is portraying himself as a more electable clone Seth Williford is a senior political science major of Paul. from Wilson, N.C.


Hamlin Wade is a junior political science major from Charlotte, N.C.

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Discovering the Right Solution | Constructive criticism

Presidential election will hopefully include a worthy Republican nominee

I’ll arbitrarily make it the 70th birthday, a time when we realize how awesome it is to be old and we take full advantage. We’ll use our wealth of knowledge and increased cynicism to demand parties and praise, getting pats on the back and newspaper articles about how long we have lived. Birthdays are a tricky business. We spend half our lives excited for them and the other half running away in fear. But, nonetheless, they are inevitable. If we plan to live, we must plan to get older. We’ve yet to discover that fountain of youth and we have yet to learn how to avoid the process of aging. So until we do, I plan to embracing it. I’ll appreciate the aching bones and the tired back. I’ll proudly sip on my prune juice and talk about the good ol’ days. No matter whom the challenger, I’ll plan to compete. After all, it wasn’t long ago that I was young and spry just like you.

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If so, then send Meenu Krishnan or Hannah Werthan, opinion editors, an e-mail at or werthr7@

Find a reason to enjoy the autumn season

Fall inspires opinion editors to eloquently rhapsodize

with the perfect costume, whether it’s Don and Betty Draper or Lance Bass (like assistant News Editor Ken Meyer last year). There’s always Thanksgiving, the one time of year you can stuff yourself without regret. What’s not to love about turkey, stuffing and pie? Then there’s the little treats that come with fall. For example, Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes and apple cider. Homecoming and Parents weekend are campus events that most students look forward to as a short respite from the enormous workload of this time of year. And who doesn’t love fall flavors — cinnamon, Hannah Werthan and nutmeg, and of course, all things pumpkin Meenu Krishnan (pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin Opinion editors muffins, you get the drift). For all the sports lovers out there, night all, how do we love thee? Let us count football games are the best. You don’t sweat the ways. First, we love the season for like a pig, you get to see the pretty lights and quite a childish reason: you tailgate in the dark. being both Libra babies, We all have those songs our birthdays occur in this that are dedicated solely There’s nothing like the biting most wonderful of seasons. to fall. While Katy Perry’s air of a crisp fall day and a Second, who doesn’t adore “Teenage Dream” or Sean fall fashions? Everyone, from warm fireplace inside (though a Kingston’s “Letting Go” hipsters to preps, embraces may be perfect for those fireplace may be hard to come fall styles of cardigans, lazy summer days, we all by on campus)...And then there’s need something a little scarves and tights. Here are some of our favorite more mellow for fall. always the guaranteed fun of a fall looks that we’ve seen Grunge and new world huge pile of fall leaves. around campus. Props to are our perfect genres, but the guy at Starbucks rocking we all have our own tunes that Burberry scarf. Props of choice. Some love to News Editor Nilam Patel for keeping it Bon Iver, while others prefer to start blasting fresh with her hood. Props to those sporting holiday music in preparation for the winter argyle sweaters, boots and Blair Waldorf-style season. headbands. Snaps to those who don fuzzy socks And for all you Muggles out there, and birkenstocks. the highlight of this fall will be the epic Then there’s the weather itself. There’s nothing penultimate installment of Harry Potter. like the biting air of a crisp fall day and a warm But what’s the best part of fall? The fireplace inside (though a fireplace may be transition to the holiday season. Late in the hard to come by on campus). If you’ve never season, holiday decorations start going up. curled up inside with a Snuggie, a warm cup Black Friday hits, and you can take advantage of tea, and a good book/magazine/TV show/ of those annual electronics, clothing, and gift distraction of choice, then you are missing out. sales. And for some of us, this is our last fall And then there’s always the guaranteed fun of on campus. Be sure to take advantage of its a huge pile of fall leaves. If you’ve never jumped little pleasures. in one of these, you need to. Immediately. Of course, who can forget about the fabulous Hannah Werthan is a senior English and history holidays that come with fall? Though for some, major from Nashville, Tenn. Meenu Krishnan is a sophomore history and political science major Halloween is an opportunity to be trashy, from Johnson City, Tenn. others spend hours upon hours coming up


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A6 Thursday, September 30, 2010

University’s GSSA group Website: WFU page is takes part in Pride Parade now more user friendly Continued from Page A1

specific websites was introduced in a soft launch over the last two weeks. During that launch, the web team listened to suggestions from the university community and used that information to improve the website before the formal launch. Dumas Serfes was quick to note however that “more iterations are coming.” More websites will be changed over the coming weeks and months and launched accordingly. A new site entitled Wake Alert — for example — is being designed to respond to campus emergencies by advising the entire campus on the university’s response.

Photo courtesy of SheRea DelSol

Members of the university’s GSSA marched in a Pride Parade at Duke University to promote important but rarely discussed issues that surround the LGBT community. By SheRea DelSol | Staff writer Early on Sept. 25 nine members of the university’s Gay Straight Student Alliance (GSSA) left the bubble and carpooled to Durham for North Carolina Pride. N.C. Pride serves to celebrate the victories and accomplishments of the LGBT community, while still advocating for continued effort to provide equality and the creation of legislation to better their daily lives. Alice in Wonderland, tye dye, drag queens and kings, witty T-shirts, and other themes and miscellaneous items could be used to describe this event. People of various age groups, races, ethnicities and social classes packed the festival grounds on Duke University’s campus and filled the surrounding streets with flamboyant colors of purple, red, orange, yellow, green and blue. These colors were all tied together in the rainbow flag, the symbol that has grown to represent LGBT persons and their alliances. The parade included many floats including a

float by Lowe’s Foods. The university’s presence was indeed impactful as the students paraded with a vibrant yellow banner that read “Wake Forest GLBTerrific.” The students were also decked out in new T-shirts that fashioned the Demon Deacon with a rainbow top hat and the name “Wake Forest University GSSA” across the front. The students themselves had cheers of their own. One could hear them proudly chanting, “WFU, GSSA, N.C. Pride and we’re here to stay.” Many other universities and groups came out such as Meredith College, North Carolina Central University and Equality N.C. Some signs generated laughter, while others made one think. Signs that were cited from religious scriptures fully refuted the hate that is sometimes exuded from some members in the religious community. Sophomore Dajarae Bacote, a veteran member and the social chair of the organization stated, “Pride is a great event, not just for the LGBT com-

munity. Everyone has something to benefit from the event which ranges from learning about new things in the culture to free entertainment.” She also said, “It is a chance for everyone to come together and interact as well as to promote important issues such as HIV/AIDS testing.” Shannon D. Gilreath, a university alumnus and Fellow Law was the event’s main speaker. GSSA members ultimately left Duke’s campus with a sense of unity and family who are in the fight together to stop hatred, discrimination and ignorance. The organization hopes to continue to plan activities and events to advocate and raise LGBT issues as well as awareness of the group in the school and the surrounding area. They meet every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Benson 218 and meetings include discussions on LGBT related issues, movie and game nights, and off-campus activities. GSSA also partners with other organizations and departments for various events.

Dumas Serfes highlighted both the necessity of that website and the possibilities for it by pointing to the website of the University of Texas at Austin and its response to the campus shooter there on Sept. 28. She further highlighted how the web team is working hard to meet the needs of all university faculty, staff and groups. The team looks forward to working with the community on the content management system and on further improvements to the university webpages. “We really value and welcome input from the community as we move forward with these changes,” Dumas Serfes said.


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Wait Chapel, the focal point of the Reynolda campus, stands tall against bleary grey skies and waits for the oncoming fall season.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010 A7

Saturday mornings are for more than sleeping in

relationships, with the homeless of WinstonSalem as well as among Wake students. “More than just handouts of food, they At the university, a place where “work hard, play hard,” is a popular motto, it seems at need love,” senior Josh Connor said, “I think times that the university’s motto of “pro hu- it’s going to have more impact on their lives – they don’t necessarily need the food, but they manitate” has taken a backseat. But one group of students is defying the need to know that they’re loved.” A homeless woman named Joanie had a apathetic college student stereotype by serving the homeless community of Winston- weary look in her eye as she described going Salem with conversation, smiles and sand- to bed hungry and waking up to find all of her belongings stolen. wiches – all on Saturday mornings. To her, Wake Saturdays is a peaceful respite This weekly event, known as “Wake Saturdays,” began in January 2007 when three from these daily tribulations. “(The students) are friendly and they smile. students took notice of the significant homeIt’s good,” Joanie said, “It’s wonderful how less population in Winston-Salem. To help, they started out small: buying a bunch of (them) can do that – just take a food from Bojangles’ and handing out fried couple of hours.” Arguably, some homeless people are on chicken and biscuits on the streets. the streets because of Gradually, their small situations beyond their group grew, and almost four years later the event “It’s just a blessing to see people control, but that doesn’t mean that they should be is run by a leadership out that really care, helping cast away and ignored by team of six people aided by a group of 10 to 20 those that don’t have … in a way, all of society. Yet talking to people volunteers. it’s been inspirational.” with addictions, men“It wasn’t an organizatal disorders and violent tion that people sat down Ronald J. Anderson pasts is not an easy task, and decided to start,” seand the conversations are nior Beth Ann Williams Local homeless man sometimes awkward and said when asked about uncomfortable. the origins of the proIn spite of this, Wilgram. “They were looking for a way to hang out and build relation- liams said that the relationships she builds are what make the experience worthwhile. ships.” “Those don’t come very often, maybe five From the very beginning, Wake Saturdays has been an independent and student-driven people out of all the ones I’ve talked to,” she organization in which awareness spread and said. “Those five make it worth it.” Indeed, Wake Saturdays is an event in involvement increased solely by word of mouth. Nearly every Saturday – sun, rain or which the givers receive and the receivers snow – the leaders rise early to prepare food give. Ronald J. Anderson, a homeless man and drinks before meeting with the other who never makes an appearance without his cowboy hat and boots, has been in attenvolunteers. First, they perform some prayers, then car- dance nearly every Saturday since the event pool to Patterson Avenue in downtown Win- began. “It’s just a blessing to see people out that ston-Salem to set up tents, chairs and tables that are piled high with bread, cheese, meat, really care about helping those that don’t have…in a way, it’s been inspirational,” Andrinks and side dishes. Some of these materials are donated, but derson said. Another homeless person, who goes by the most are paid for out of students’ pockets – name of TT, described her life as “crazy” but an average of $150 each week. Over the years, Wake Saturdays has said that coming down on Saturday, “Gives changed slightly with new leadership, but (me) a good spirit – there are people out the founding principles, aims and overall there that do care, not about what you do but purpose continues as the driving force be- about what type of person you are inside.” Despite all appearances, “Pro Humanitate” is hind the event. The purpose of Wake Saturdays is not not dead, and Wake Saturdays will continue about the sandwiches, but about building to prove that with each coming Saturday. By Katie Mahone | Staff writer

Photo Courtesy of Katie Mahone

Local homeless line up outside of the university students’ tent on Patterson Avenue in downtown Winston-Salem every Saturday morning.

Photo Coutesy of Kate Mahone

In the tent, university students serve the local homeless a variety of foods such as hamburgers, soups and sometimes Bojangles chicken biscuits.

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A8 Thursday, September 30, 2010

We can help you start the conversation.


Anthony Arena: Sophmore Soccer Midfielder/ Defender has started every game this season as well as helped the team to its win over Clemson. Page B2.

FOOTBALL: 10/2 v. Georgia Tech 10/9 v. Navy 10/16 @ Virginia Tech WOMEN’S SOCCER: 9/30 @ Florida State 10/7 v. N.C. State 10/10 @ Miami FIELD HOCKEY: 10/2 @ North Carolina 10/3 v. California 10/10 @ Michigan State MEN’S SOCCER: 10/1 v. Virginia Tech 10/5 v. Appalachian St. 10/8 @ North Carolina CROSS COUNTRY: 10/1 Charlotte Invite 10/15 Panorama Farms 10/30 ACCChampionships MEN’S GOLF: 10/4 Fall Intercollegiate 10/5 Fall Intercollegiate 10/5 Gordin-Myers Classic VOLLEYBALL: 9/30 v. Maryland 10/1 v. Boston College 10/6 v. North Carolina WOMEN’S GOLF: 10/8 Lady Tar Heel Invit. 10/9 Lady Tar Heel Invit. 10/10 Lady Tar Heel Invit.








Wake drops another to Florida State By Bobby O’Connor | Sports editor

Florida State Wake Forest

31 0

The Deacons suffered their second consecutive road loss at the hands of Christian Ponder and the Flordia State team. The Seminoles defeated Wake 31-0 at Doak Campbell Stadium on Sept. 25 for the first time since 2005 in Tallahassee, Fla. The Deacs falls to 2-2 on the season and 1-1 in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Florida State improves to 3-1, 1-0 in the ACC. It was the first time that the Deacons had been shut out since falling 26-0 at Maryland in 2008. “Obviously, when you win, you gain confidence. That’s just the way it is. I don’t know many teams that build confidence off of losing,” Head Coach Jim Grobe said. “It’s important for us not only to play well, but we need to win a football game.” Wake Forest had its two-game winning streak over Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium snapped. The Deacs are now 5-23-1 all-time against FSU. The teams played through a scoreless first quarter before the Seminoles took a 7-0 lead with a touchdown early in the second quarter and a field goal just before the half, making it 10-0.

“We’ve just go to keep working. They keep telling us that we can’t give up now,” junior offensive lineman Michael Hoag said. “It’s only four games into the season. We’ve still got eight more, and for all we know we could go 10-2. We’ve just got to keep working hard, keep doing what we’ve been doing, and eventually the ball’s going to roll our way.” Ponder would throw for 243 yards and two touchdowns. In addition, Jermaine Thomas rushed for 88 yards and Taiwan Easterling caught six passes for 112 yards. Willie Haulsted caught two touchdown passes for Florida State. The Deacons only had 185 total offensive yards, compared to the Seminoles’s 485. In addition, Wake only had 12 first downs during the game, while FSU had 28. “This week we’re trying to focus on Georgia Tech and forget Florida State. We didn’t play very well and Florida State played well,” senior linebacker Lee Malchow said. “We’re just going to try to do our job this week and do what the coaches tell us to do.” Freshman quarterback Tanner Price completed 6 of 12 passes for a total of 35 yards before leaving the game with an injury. Junior Ted Stachitas went 5-of-5 passing for 47 yards in relief. “I don’t know right now. The thing with head injuries is that they are

Photo courtesy of FSView

Florida State running back, Ty Jones, is grabbed by a Deacon defender during the 31-0 loss to the Seminoles.

See Football, Page B5

Alberto Contador, Tour de France winner, tests positive

Tour de France winner Alberto Contador plans to hold a news conference Sept. 30 to address reports of a positive doping drug test, his publicist said in a statement according to ESPN. Contador, 27, who won the Tour de France for the third time this year, apparently tested positive for bronchodilator clenbuterol during drug tests conducted on the final day of this year’s race. Contador plans to attest the positive test and has put together a group of experts who will say the positive test is a result of “food contamination.” Clenbuterol is a synthetic bronchodilator often prescribed to asthma sufferers. The drug is on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substances list and its use would mean a two-year ban from the sport.

By Hamlin Wade | Staff writer The Wake Forest Homecoming weekend gets started with a bang this year as we welcome former college basketball star and current ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas to campus at 6 p.m. on Oct. 7. Bilas’s visit will be broken into two parts: a speech in Brendle Recital Hall and a roundtable conversation with President Nathan Hatch and Athletic Director Ron Wellman. Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with Bilas and ask him a few questions about his visit. Leading up to our conversation, I had very little knowledge of what Bilas planned to discuss when on campus. A graduate of Duke University and the husband of a Wake Forest Schools of Business graduate, Bilas is no stranger to our campus or community. That being said, the university is excited to have Bilas on campus and is giving him the freedom to dictate his conversation. Bilas says he plans to discuss the current state of college athletics. The biggest question he plans to pose is “Why is amateurism still a bedrock principle in college basketball today?” Bilas sees a rising problem in college athletics to be amateurism, as more players are being found in violation of NCAA code. Many of these violations result in players becoming ineligible for their respective seasons.

{ BY THE NUMBERS } Men’s Soccer

3 4 .63 17 20

ranking of 2009 team at the end of the season

times appeared in the College Cup the team’s all-time winning percentage

years Jay Vidovich coach the Deacons number of allAmericans who have played on the team

{ DEAC OF THE WEEK } Sophomore Demon Deacon Evan Beck became the first university golfer in 26 years to go seven rounds of golf with all seven rounds at par or better. Beck carded his third underpar round of the VCU Tournament on Sept. 28, with a 3-under 69, Beck and finished in third place at 5-under par. Beck got out of the gate quick on Sept. 28 with birdies at the first and fifth holes. He finished three shots behind Nate McCoy of Iowa State, who won the event at 8-under par.

{ SPORTS WORDS } “It’s amazing how much better the offense looks when you make shots. But they still have to make harder cuts. If they do, the offense will look even better.”

~Jay Blias ESPN Basketball Analysis

AT: w w w. o l d g o l d a n d b l a c k . c o m Hunter Bratton, Bobby O’Connor

See Bilas, Page B5

Jeter just plays the game By Bronwen Gainsford Contributing writer

One of the hot topics lately in the sports world has been Derek Jeter’s so called acting performance against the Tampa Bay Rays on Sept 15. During the game between the Rays and the New York Yankees, Jeter was walked to first base because the umpires said that he was hit by the ball. In the replay of the pitch, the ball clearly hit the knob on his bat, not Derek Jeter’s elbow or hand. The call was contested by the Ray’s manager, Joe Maddon, who was ejected from the game because of his argument with the umpires over the controversial call. The call is being debated because there is a question of whether or not Jeter was cheating by allowing the umpires to believe he was hit by the ball, when after the game, Jeter admitted to not being hit by the ball. In my opinion, Jeter was just playing the game. The question shouldn’t be whether or not Jeter cheated; it should be whether or not the umpires made





T H U R S DAY , S E P T E M B E R 3 0 , 2 0 1 0

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Soccer loses to Gamecocks after beating UNCG By Matt Poppe | Staff writer

South Carolina 1 Wake Forest 0 Sophomore Andy Lubahn sealed the deal with a late goal for the Demon Deacons on Sep. 25 as they defeated cross-town opponent UNCG 2-1. The match was played at UNCG Soccer Stadium and saw the largest men’s soccer crowd there since 1991, but it was the Wake Forest fans that went home happy as the Deacons handed the Spartans their first home loss of the season. The victory marked the first out-of-conference win for the Deacs this season. UNCG asserted themselves early on offense by taking five shots within the first 20 minutes of play, three of which had to be saved by Deacon senior Akira Fitzgerald. The Deacons were able to get their first shot on goal in the 20th minute when Chris Duvall’s shot was stopped by UNCG sophomore Peyton Ford.

Then in the 40th minute, a foul inside the box resulted in two yellow cards on UNCG and rewarded the Deacons with a penalty kick. Freshman Luca Gimenez took the kick and capitalized on the opportunity putting the ball in the right side of the net as UNCG’s goalkeeper guessed wrong and dove to the left. “We practice that a lot so I just went out there and did what I was supposed to do,” Gimenez said. The goal gave Wake Forest a 1-0 lead that remained up until halftime. Despite the Spartans taking 12 shots in the half, double that of the Deacons, Wake Forest held the lead thanks in large part to eight saves by Deac goalie Akira Fitzgerald. In the 63rd minute of the contest, UNCG got on the board. Following a Wake Forest foul, the Spartans were awarded a penalty kick. Mimicking Gimenez’s earlier goal, Spartan junior Will Mack aimed his shot to the right and was successful as Fitzgerald incorectly guessed and lunged to the left.

The goal tied the game at one and gave the Spartans new life. However, leading goal score Lubahn, provided some late game excitement. Lubahn took an excellent pass from Gimenez in the 81st minute and found himself in front of the net. The goalkeeper was unable to come to the ball as he had been following Gimenez. Lubahn was able to tap the ball into the back of the net giving the Deacons a late 2-1 lead. The goal was Lubahn’s third of the season and the assist was the first of Gimenez’s career. Subsequently, the Deacons held off the Spartans en route to a much needed victory. Fitzgerald played an excellent game in the goal, finishing with eight saves and earning the victory over the Spartans. “Akira Fitzgerald did a tremendous job with keeping us in the game,” Head Coach Jay Vidovich said. “Our goal at the end there was a tribute to the guys. They played some very good soccer and it was a great Wake Forest soccer goal.”

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B2 Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Anthony Arena

John Turner/Old Gold & Black Graphic by Bobby O’Connor/Old Gold & Black

By Matt Poppe | Staff writer A consistently outstanding player, sophomore Anthony Arena, from Kenmore, Wash., is in the midst of his second season as a member of the men’s soccer team. Arena won eight straight state championships with his club team, Crossfire, prior to his time at Wake Forest. Arena has started every game of his career to this point for the Deacons. His freshman year was highlighted by three gamewinning goals and being selected to the All-ACC Freshman team. Arena is second on the team this season with two goals so far and looks to help the squad reach a fifth consecutive Final Four. When did you first start playing soccer? I first started playing around the age of six. I started out playing recreation soccer for two years. Then I tried out for a select team when I was eight and ended up playing two years up. Your dad played football at UNLV and your grandfather played football at Notre Dame. Was there ever a push for you to play football when you were younger? Yeah, definitely. It wasn’t as much of a push to play, but my dad was happy with what I did, either football or something else. I played football

for a little bit when I was younger and kind of took to soccer a little bit after. Soccer just came more naturally, came a little bit easier to me, than football did. At that point I kind of stayed with one sport. You played for your high school football team however. Did you ever think about trying to pursue that as a career? I kicked my junior and senior year and it went pretty well. A bunch of my buddies played football as well so it was good to be out there. I played a little receiver senior year but I was really trying not to get hurt before I came here. I never really looked to pursue football. Why did you choose to come to Wake Forest? I chose to come to Wake because of the academics first of all. I mean it’s a great school academically. Second of all, the soccer program is consistently one of the best in the country, year in and year out. I thought it would also be the best opportunity for me to pursue soccer after college. Which person has had the biggest impact on your life? My parents definitely have had a big impact. They’ve allowed me the opportunity to play soccer and play throughout my life. They’ve understood the sacrifices I’ve given up and they have been

there for me. The coaches I’ve had as well have been a big part. My club coach growing up, Bernie James, and the coaching staff here have allowed me to progress as a player. What was it like to score your first collegiate goal against Harvard last season? It felt good. It was kind of a relief. I mean last year against Harvard, it wasn’t really a clean goal I guess you could say. It was kind of questionable whether it was mine or not, so I think the one game-winner last year against College of Charleston felt really good. What would you say is the hardest thing to do in soccer? Fitness comes into play a little bit. You always have to be ready to last 90 or 120 minutes you know with overtime. You also have to stay focused the whole match. It’s not as much something hard as much as it is something you have to do. Do you have any pre-game rituals? I always take my cross off in the locker room and I kiss it before I come out. Do you have a favorite soccer player that you look up to or try to mimic? My favorite soccer player is probably (Gerard) Piqué. He is a Barcelona center back and a young

guy that does real well. I like watching him, especially YouTube videos and things like that. If you were unable to play soccer, what career would you pursue? Now that I have been in college, more and more I’ve looked into psychology and dealing with that. I think I might major in that so I would probably say a psychologist. If you had to characterize yourself in one word, what would it be? I would say leader. People I hope would use that to describe me and that’s how I see myself. What has been your favorite moment so far in your soccer career? My favorite moment so far was probably clinching a trip to the Final Four last year on our home field last year against UCLA. Being from the West Coast, I had looked at going there a little bit. It really felt good to beat a team from the West Coast out here and make it to the fourth straight Final Four for the program. What are your personal goals for this season? Just to have a good season and help the team in any way I can. Personal goals just lead to collective goals as a team. I want the best for the team and get this season on the right track.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010 B3

Field Hockey stumbles against Stanford By Maggie Cancelosi | Staff writer

Stanford Wake Forest

Holly Hinshelwood/Old Gold & Black

Junior midfielder Lauren Greenwald dribbles past a Stanford defender during Wake’s 5-3 loss to the Cardinals Sept. 27

5 3

The No. 8 Wake Forest Field Hockey team fell 5-3 to No. 2 Maryland on Sept. 25 in a strong ACC matchup and was then surprisingly defeated by No. 18 Stanford on Sept. 27. During the first half of the Sept. 25 game, Wake keeper sophomore Kaitlyn Ruhf kept on her toes with four saves in the opening 15 minutes. Terrapin Kirstie Dennig’s goal off of a penalty corner at 28:19 was quickly answered by Deacon sophomore Lizzie Rae who scored her seventh goal of the season with a strong shot from the top of the circle. The intensity continued when Maryland’s Jemma Buckley navigated from the 25-yard line and beat out the Wake defense to score. Despite the presentation of an offensive penalty corner with 30 seconds left of play in the first half, the Deacons failed to deliver. “The game against Maryland was really our preparation for the game against Stanford, however we did have Sunday to go over a few of Standford’s tendencies,” junior Adelaide Knott said. Trailing into the second quarter 2-1, the Deacons were focused on maintaining a strong defense. Within the first seven minutes of the game, Ruhf made five impressive saves. At 46:49, freshman Kari Walkley scored her fourth goal of the season with an assist by freshman Jess McFayden to tie the game. The Terrapins were eager to regain the lead, and forward Hayley Turner sent a one touch pass to Jill Witmer who was open in the circle. Witmer followed up with another goal a minute later off of a quick midfield transition. Ready to retaliate, the Deacons utilized a penalty corner in which

junior Faith Adams and junior Lauren Greenwald assisted senior Liza Casella with her second goal of the season. Less than four minutes later, Maryland forward Katie O’Donnell scored the fifth and final goal of the game. Wake’s Ruhf clocked 70 minutes of play and reached a season-high record of 10 saves, while Maryland took a total of 28 shots with nine penalty corner opportunities. On the rainy game against Stanford, the Deacons took an early lead in the first two minutes when a shot from Knott reflected off of the stick of a Cardinal defender and into the cage. The momentum continued when Knott sent a beautiful cross pass from the left freshman Taylor Rhea who scored her third goal of the season at 8:37. While the Cardinals originally struggled to rally, Emily Henriksson scored her second goal of the season to initiate a comeback for Stanford. At 33:21, the game was tied when Stanford’s Camille Gandhi received a cross pass after a penalty corner. “As a team we are working towards getting ourselves in a stronger position going into the ACC Tournament so we can have a championship under our belt again,” Knott said. Heading into the second half, Cardinal forward Katie Mitchell beat out Ruhf in a chaotic 1-on-1 in front of the cage to lead Stanford 3-2. The victory was sealed at 53:42 when forward Alysha Sekhon sent a cross to the front of the cage to teammate Stephanie Byrne to end the game with a 5-3 victory. Stanford dominated with 18 shots and 13 shots on goal, while Wake Forest only had seven shots with one on cage by freshman Molly Murphy. The Demon Deacons now hold a 6-4 record with a 1-1 record in ACC play. The squad will have yet another busy weekend starting on Oct. 2 in which they will travel to Chapel Hill to take on the undefeated Tar Heels at 1 p.m. On Sunday, Oct. 3, the Deacons will play California in Kentner Stadium at 1 p.m.

Lady Deacs win in straight sets on the road to Georgia Tech By Bobby O’Connor | Sports editor

Wake Forest Georgia Tech

Old Gold and Black file photo

Junior Kadija Fornah spikes the ball while senior Kelsey Jones looks on during a game last semester against Virginia Tech.

3 0

Sophomore Andrea Beck led the volleyball to three-set sweep over Clemson on Sept. 25, their first win over Tigers since 2005. With the win the team advanced to 8-4 on the season and 1-1 in their Atlantic Coast Conference action, while Clemson dropped to 10-3 and 1-1 in the ACC. Beck tied a career-high with 15 kills on a seasonhigh 33 attempts. Beck also hit a match-high .394 on the evening and recorded four total blocks. Beck was selected as the ACC Player of the Week for the week of Sept. 20-26 after turning in career performances and leading the team to three consecutive road victories over UNC Charlotte, Clemson, and Georgia Tech. Juniors Kadija Fornah and Carlin Salmon had nine and eight kills, respectively. Senior Kelsey Jones dished out 38 assists and had a season-high four kills on eight attempts. While fellow seniors, Kristen White tied a season-best

with 17 digs, and Megan Thornberry matched White with 17 digs of her own. The Lady Deacs defeated Georgia Tech at O’Keefe Gym Sept. 26 with a 25-17, 25-16, 25-13 sweep. The team is now 9-4 overall and 2-1 in the ACC, while the Yellow Jackets fall to 7-7 and remain winless in conference play at 0-3. The Deacons dominated Georgia Tech in three sets. Middle hitters Beck and Salmon had set career-highs in hitting percentage. Beck hit .524 on 12 kills, 1 error and 21 attempts, while Salmon hit .615 on eight kills, no errors and 13 swings. The Deacs hit a season-best .350 as a team, including a .500 hitting percentage in Beck Set 3. The Deacs had just one error in the final set and recorded 14 kills on 26 attempts. The Lady Deacs will resume ACC play this weekend when they begin a four-match homestand against Maryland on Sept. 30 and Boston College on Oct. 1.

Atkinson and Wolff clench singles titles at UVA Ranked Invitational By Bobby O’Connor | Sports editor

Tripper Carleton 2nd Iain Atkinson 5th Seniors No. 68 Iain Atkinson and No. 81 Jonathan Wolff record singles wins for the men’s tennis team at the UVA Ranked Plus One Invitational Sept. 24-26. Atkinson claimed fifth place in the A-3 Singles match with a 6-4, 6-7, 6-2 victory over Oklahoma’s Tvestan Mihov. Meanwhile, Wolff won over sophomore teammate Zach Leslie 6-3, 7-6 in the consolation final of Carleton the A-2 Singles Flight. Sophomore No. 36 Tripper Carleton finished in second place in the A-4 Singles flight. He was defeated 6-4, 6-1 to the top-ranked freshman in the nation, Virginia’s Alex Domijan. On the first day of the tournament, the team of Carleton and Atkinson started with an 8-5 victory over Sander Gille and Jesus Bandres of ETSU in quarterfinals

of the A-1 Doubles Flight. In the semifinals, Carleton and Atkinson defeated Virginia’s Julen Uriguen and Santiago Villegas 8-6. In the finals on the second day of the tournament, the duo lost 9-8 (4) to North Carolina’s Jose Hernandez and Joey Burkhardt. Also in doubles play, Wolff and sophomore Danny Kreyman beat Sebastian Florczyk and Benedikt Lindheim from Nebraska 8-4 in the A-3 Doubles quarterfinals. They continued to shut out Wisconsin’s Ricardo Martin and Billy Bertha 8-0 in the semifinals. The tandem fall 8-5 to Virginia’s Domijan and Drew Courtney in the championship match on the second day of play. Also on the second day of play, junior David Hopkins and Leslie claimed the consolation final in the A-4 Doubles flight, downing Nebraska’s Calin Parr and Andre Stenger 9-7 in the match. The men’s team will return to action in the D’Novo/ ITA All-American Championships. The tournament, an individual collegiate national championship event, will be held in Tulsa, Okla., from Oct. 2-10. Carleton has been accepted directly into the singles main draw, while Atkinson and Wolff will enter at the qualifying round.

Athletic Department launches digital information guide Wake Forest Athletics has launched a new multimedia, digital information guide on its website, This digital guide combines text, photos and full color graphics. It also integrates video clips, features and interviews into a full-color digital booklet. It is designed to give fans a closer look inside the Wake Forest Athletic Department. The guide encompasses everything from academics to facilities to the ACC. Summit Athletics Media from Charlotte. designed the new Information Guide.

Old Gold and Black file photo

Sophomore Conner Sherwood plays a match last semester. The Deacs competed at the UVA Ranked Plus One Invitational Sept. 24-26.

Deac Notes

Sophomore Andrea Beck named Volleyball ACC player of the week

Baseball team opens fall practice this week at the baseball park

Sophomore middle hitter Andrea Beck was selected as the ACC Player of the Week for the week of Sept. 20-26. The team has had three road victories over Charlotte, Clemson and Georgia Tech. Beck has had career performances in the games. Beck helped the Demon Deacons earn victories by tallying 35 kills, a .392 hitting percentage and 13 total blocks in the three matches. In the game against Clemson, Beck tied her career-high with 15 kills on a season-high 33 attempts on the road. Against the Yellow Jackets, Beck had 12 kills.

The 2011 Wake Forest baseball team will take the field for the first time Oct. 1 at 3 p.m. as the Deacons open fall practice schedule at Wake Forest Baseball Park. A total of 32 practice opportunities are scheduled for the six-week fall session, which runs from the beginning of Oct. until Nov. 14. Also included in the fall season schedule is a game against UNC-Greensboro at 6 p.m. on Oct. 14 at home. Additionally the annual Wake Forest Black and Gold World Series starts Nov. 6 and runs until Nov. 14.

B4 Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Men’s golf finishes second at VCU Shootout By Steven Johns | Staff writer

After a thrilling three-team finish at the VCU Shootout, Wake Forest emerged with another second place finish on the early season. Starting 10 shots back in the final round, the Deacs were able to put together a 1-over 289 to finish just one shot behind UNC Wilmington Sept. 25. “They’re closers,” Head Coach Jerry Haas said. “We went from kind of fifth/sixth the first week to end up second. And this week we were kind of third and kind of worked our way and probably, honestly, should have won the tournament.” “That’s what I like to see, (the players) are moving the right way,” Haas said. “It’s not like they were up there (at the top of the leaderboard) and then they fade Beck to seventh or something. They’re going the right way.” Led by sophomore Evan Beck, the Demon Deacons rallied on the back nine of the final round to tie UNCW. However, late bogies dropped the Deacs behind UNCW and eventually led to the second place finish. “Quite honestly we did not putt very well up there (at VCU),” Haas said. “If we putted, we could have won the tournament by 10 or 15 shots, I feel like.” “I saw a lot of good golf and a lot of missed putts.” But that’s ok because if you keep hitting it good, you’ll make those putts and have a really special week.”

Pressbox: Bad calls part of the game

Not only did the Demon Deacons have to battle against the likes of UNCW and East Carolina University, but Wake Forest also had to battle the tough playing conditions. Haas said that the soft, but quick, greens became bumpy after 36 holes of rain-soaked golf. The difficult conditions made normally easy 3-foot putts a challenge, said Haas. ECU also was able to tie for first at halfway, but a poor closing left the Pirates in third place. After finishing in second place at the Carpet Capital Collegiate Classic, the Deacs again found themselves just off the top of the leaderboard. “You’ve got to do good things at the end to win,” Haas said. “We did some good things and some not so good things.” “I think (the players) are probably not happy that they finished second, they shouldn’t be,” Haas said. “But you want to get right back in there and say ‘we’ve been close, let’s get one this week.’” Beck finished in third after recording three rounds under par. He finished at 5-under par for the tournament. Junior Lee Bedford also finished the tournament at 1-under par, in a tie for seventh. Coming off his second career victory, Bedford started off the tournament slowly, but rebounded in the final round by shooting a 2-under 70. While Beck and Bedford each notched a top-10 finish, the rest of the Wake Forest golfers played well, each finishing the tournament in the top 50. Wake Forest gets right back to the tee box Monday as it heads up to Raleigh to compete in the N.C. State Wolfpack Fall Intercollegiate. “This will be a tough week that’s coming up because we’ve kind of got a short week, but I think come Monday they’ll be ready to play” Haas said.

Photo Courtesy of Media Relations

Sophomore Evan Beck shot three rounds under par and finished third overall in the VCU Shootout Sept. 28.

Deacs open ACC 2-0 with win over Duke

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the call. Also, this is a reason for the baseball community to debate whether or not instant replay should be incorporated into Major League Baseball games, to help aid the umpires in making the correct calls. I find it alarming that we put emphasis on Jeter, himself, instead of the umpires ejecting a manager from the game who clearly saw what happened. In every game played, whether it is soccer, basketball, field hockey, football or baseball, wrong and incorrect calls are made and players benefit and are hurt from what the umpires or refs though they saw and called, not always what actually occurred. If a referee blows their whistle in a game because they think a foul has been committed, the so-called injured party makes a concerted effort, or act, to make the referee believe that what they saw actually did happen. When was the last time you saw an athlete in any sport tell the referee or umpire that in fact they were not fouled and that they didn’t want the penalty? Part of playing the game is to capitalize on errors, whether it is your opponent’s errors or the umpire’s errors, and playing off these calls regardless of accuracy. If the umpire or the referee makes a wrong call, it is part of the athlete’s job to sell the call to the referee and not let the umpire or referee change their call. For example, this idea is seen in soccer games where athletes will take a dive to get the possible penalty call. Most, if not all, coaches preach the phrase, “Play to the whistle.” “Play to the whistle,” indicates that the umpires or referees sometimes won’t see the foul and you either capitalize on the error, when called, or you hustle try and win the ball back. Derek Jeter was doing his job on Sept. 22. He made sure that he got the penalty call and that was his focus. The umpires used what they thought they saw to make the call. In my opinion, Jeter played the game as it is suppose to be played and how acted just as any other player would have. And I’m sure a controversial call like this will happen again in baseball; it has happened before. Thus, what we should take away from the situation is the question of how can we help umpires and referees make the right calls consistently and more often. Will instant replay really benefit the game of baseball?

Grant Forstall/Old Gold & Black

The Lady Deacons lost a tough game to No. 20 South Carolina 1-0 Sept. 19 at Spry Stadium in the final non-conference match of the ladies’ 2010 season. By Laven Newsom | Staff writer

Wake Forest Clemsom

4 0

The past week has been a good one for the Lady Deacons as they opened their ACC play 2-0 for the first time since their 2001 season. The freshman tandem of Rachel Nuzzolese and Katie Stengel were named National Co-Players of the Week by The duo are tied for the ACC lead, having scored nine goals apiece, while ranking second and third respectively in the ACC in points. The accolades aren’t the first for either player as Stengel was named ACC Player of the Week earlier in the month. In addition, both players were named to the ACC/SEC Challenge All-Tournament Team earlier in the year. The week began well for the Deacs as they upset 14th ranked Duke on the road for their first victory in Durham in school history. Leading the way was Nuzzolese, who notched two goals off of set pieces while goalie Aubrey Bledsoe recorded three saves per year leading Wake to a 2-1 victory.

Nuzzolese got things going in the and the progress it has made this seafirst half when she rocketed a shot into son. the top-right corner in the 25th min“Aubrey and the back four did a great ute to give Wake the early lead. job in limiting Duke’s chances.” The game would remain deadlocked The team really buckled down and I until the Blue Devils were able to slip couldn’t be prouder,” da Luz said. a ball past Bledsoe in the 62th minute The Deacs had little time to celebrate to tie the game. their victory as they were back on the However the Deacons did what they pitch a few days later facing a strugnormally do, respond, and respond gling Clemson team who had lost their quickly as Nuzzolese put the Lady four previous games. Deacs ahead for the rest of the game. Early on it looked as if the Tigers Only six minutes later, she ripped a might end their winless streak as a shot from 23 yards soaked field didn’t out from the goal help the Deacon that slipped just “We haven’t lost a road game yet offense. under the crossHowever Nuzand when we go on the road we bar and above the zolese and senior tend to be successful.” goalie. Casey Luckhurst Tony da Luz “We showed a both scored goals Head Coach lot of character in going into halftime bouncing back afto give Wake a lead ter they scored,” they would not reCoach Tony da Luz said. “We could linquish. have easily folded but we came back Nuzzolese opened the scoring barand scored immediately.” rage with a goal in the 43rd minute It was all defense the rest of the way off of a fantastic assist from Stengel. for Wake as Duke outshot the Deacons Then only a few minutes later Luck9-3 in the second half. hurst scored her third goal of the seaHowever Bledsoe and the rest of the son as she beat a diving Tiger keeper defense responded well to their stiffest to send the Deacs into halftime with test of the season and Wake was able to a 2-0 lead. steal the victory. “Casey really cares about this team Coach da Luz had nothing but posi- and she takes tremendous pride in her tive things to say about his young team performance,” coach da Luz said.

“She really commits to tackling and doing the dirty work that needs to be done to enable us to win, there’s never a moment hesitation from her.” To open the second half it was once again Luckhurst who helped get Wake on the board as her header made contact with a defenders hand in the box and Stengel was able to bury the ensuing penalty kick. Stengel wasn’t done yet as she managed to find the back of the net again in the 65th minute giving her six points on the day, the most for a Wake player since 2008. Every available player saw some action for the Deacons as Bledsoe and Amanda Barasha split time in goal while multiple freshmen were able to experience ACC play for the first time in their careers. Coach da Luz was happy to get all of his players some involvement in the game. “(It’s) great for morale and the intensity of the game never slipped,” da Luz said. Next up for the Lady Deacons are the 13th ranked Seminoles of Florida State in Tallahassee, Sept. 30. Coach da Luz and the rest of the team realize that Florida State is an extremely talented team, however, “we haven’t lost a road game yet and when we go on the road we tend to be successful.”

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Thursday, September 30, 2010 B5

Bilas: ESPN analyst comes to the university

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tions enforced upon the Wake Forest basketball program’s ability to dictate what foods its players are allowed to eat. Bilas gives the example of Enes Kanter, a Turk“By rule, during Saturday workouts, Wake Forest ish player who is currently under investigation by is allowed to have fruit, nuts and bagels for its players the NCAA for receiving “improper benefits” while before and after practice; yet, staff is not allowed playing for a traveling team in Europe. to serve peanut butter or cream cheese,”Bilas said. While Kanter received ben“Wake Forest is smart enough efits, which according to the to decide whether or not its NCAA classifies him as a proplayers should have peanut fessional athlete, Bilas ques- “Wake Forest is smart enough to butter before practice,” Blias decide whether or not its playtions the enforcement of this said. policy. Perhaps a more volatile quesers should have peanut butter “If a player has the option of tion, and one of extreme sigbefore practice.” making millions, yet wants to nificance in today’s debate, is Jay Bilas go to college, why should we whether players should be comESPN basketball analyst stop him?” Bilas said. pensated for their participation The NCAA is meant to enforce in college athletics. rules, and Bilas acknowledges Bilas is not quick to align the league’s attempt to protect the players; yet, he himself with this concept, yet he does believe that also sees a growing trend of “criminalizing normal the system is flawed. behavior.” He does not have a solution to this issue, howBilas also discussed the grossly specific and finite ever, he believes that the NCAA doesn’t allow the rules established by the NCAA, citing the restric- market to work.

“There are no restrictions on the amount of money sational pieces as well. Recently, Sports Illustrated that referees or coaches make, or the amount that named Bilas the “best college basketball analyst.” tickets cost or merchandise is sold for,” he said. “If anyone named me the best college basketball With all of these sources of revenue, players are analyst, my mom probably had something to do the only people not reaping benefits. with it,” Bilas said. Bilas argues that no other athHe says he treats every game letic field still adheres to this he covers as the most important principle of amateurism; even game of the day. “If anyone named me the best the Olympics eliminated the Regardless of who is playing, college basketball analyst, my policy years ago. he said, it is his responsibility Yet, we continue to give schol- mom probably had something to to guarantee the game is the arships and block the players most exciting one being broaddo with it.” from compensation. cast on TV. Jay Bilas “If this is the system,” Bilas In addition to being a worldESPN basketball analyst said, “why don’t we just not give renowned sportscaster, Bilas is scholarships and hold open tryalso a practicing attorney in outs at the beginning of every Charlotte, N.C. year? If a player can get into the school, then he When faced with the question of whether it was can play.” harder to guard an opposing player or defend a It goes without question that Bilas is highly client in the courtroom, Bilas said, “it’s definitely attuned to and knowledgeable of college basketball. harder to be a lawyer. While the majority of our conversation was geared Almost every kid has athletic aspirations, yet I toward his preparation for the upcoming visit, we don’t know of anyone that grows up saying that were able to break into a few lighthearted conver- one day they want to practice law.”

Football: Deacons fall to 2-2 in Tallahassee Continued from Page B1

Photo Courtesy of FSView

Senior Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder is sacked by a Wake Forest defender during the Demon Deacon’s 31-0 loss to the Seminoles Sept. 25 in Tallahassee, Fl.

day-to-day things,” Grobe said about Price’s injuries. “He took a pretty significant hit in our last game and was a little goofy on the sideline. I don’t know whether or not they will give him the green light by Saturday.” “As far as I know, he didn’t practice yesterday because of his concussion, that’s what I’ve been told. I don’t know what his situation is, but hopefully he’ll be back,” Hoag said. “If not, we’ve got confidence in Ted (Stachitas) and our other guys to do what we need to do to win, so we’ll be fine . . .They’re both great quarterbacks, so whichever guy we have in there we’re going to be fine.” Junior Kyle Wilber continued his strong start to the 2010 season, finishing the game with a career-high 11 tackles, including three tackles for loss and two sacks. Wilber, who entered the game leading the nation in tackles for loss, now has 11 tackles for loss on the season and five quarterback sacks. Wilber also forced a fumble in the contest, his second forced fumble of the season. “That was the really disappointing thing Saturday. I thought defensively, especially in the first half, we played well enough to keep us in the game and to give us a chance. Coming out in the second half, I really expected the offense to step up a little bit, but we were never able to do that. Grobe said, “You have to give credit to Florida State, they’re pretty talented on both sides of the ball, but we have to be a team that helps each other. You can’t just be a defensive team. You can’t just be an offensive team. Both sides have to play if you’re going to win.” “I think we’ve just got to come out and run the ball well. We’ll take our shots and if we execute I think we’ll be fine. Their defense, from what I’ve been looking at, is a very sound defense,” Campanaro said about the upcoming Georgia Tech game. The Deacons will be back in action next Saturday when they host Georgia Tech in another ACC contest. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m at BB&T Field.

Soccer: S.C. Gamecocks defeat men’s soccer team 1-0

Once again, Wake Forest failed to score as the goalkeeper stopped all three attempts. The Deacon’s next opponent was The Deacons out forth a great the South Carolina Gamecocks on second half effort, but were unable to Sept. 28 at Spry Stadium. score and fell to The Deacons had won the previthe Gamecocks ous four meetings between the two by a score of squads but this game proved to be a 1-0. The loss challenge for the Deacs. brings the Deacs South Carolina showed they were record to 3-4-1 set to compete when they struck first and marks the early in the game. fourth time The Deacons failed to clear the ball they have been and Gamecock freshman Bradlee shutout this Baladez took advantage putting the Emerson season. ball inside the right post. “We gave up a goal very early so we Baladez’s second goal of the season were under some pressure to score a gave the Gamecocks a 1-0 advantage goal,” Gimenez said. over the Deacs. “We’re a young team with a lack in The first half saw little offense from experience and we’re still growing,” the Deacs as they only managed to Vidovich said. “The fact is that we take two shots. Wake Forest however made a mistake and gave up a goal came out in the second half extremely way too early and we failed to react focused on tying the match. quickly enough. It’s all right to make a The Deacons took 11 shots in the mistake but you have to react to that. second half and We did after halfheld South Carotime. We created lina to just one. some opportuni“The fact is that we made a A great chance ties and mature came in the 55th mistake and gave up a goal way chances that just minute when didn’t go in.” too early and we failed to react freshman Kyle The Deacons quickly enough.” Emerson put the look to rebound ball in the net off Jay Vidovich on Oct. 1 when a pass by fellow they play at home Head Coach freshman Luca against ACC Gimenez. opponent VirUnfortunately ginia Tech. for the Deacs, the goal was called Wake Forest will look to stay undeback as Emerson was ruled offsides. feated in the conference and defeat a The Deacons had another great Virginia Tech team that they handed chance in the 69th and 70th minutes them a 5-1 loss last season. The game when they attempted three shots on is set to begin at 7 p.m. at Spry Staframe within 90 seconds. dium.

Continued from Page B1

Spencer Cook/Old Gold and Black

Freshman forward Luca Gimenez dribbles past a defender during the Deacons’ 1-0 loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks Sept. 28.

B6 Thursday, September 30, 2010

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S e c o n d C i t y C o m e d y To u r b r i n g s t h e l a u g h s . P a g e B 9 .

INSIDE: GREED IS GOOD: Shia LaBeouf stars in the sequel to the 1987 Michael Douglas film. Page B8.





T H U R S DAY , S E P T E M B E R 3 0 , 2 0 1 0 PA G E



A T : w w w. o l d g o l d a n d b l a c k . c o m Chantel O’Neal and Olivia Boyce

A recipe for the perfect pregame By Mat Payne and Nathan Bedsole | Staff writers DISCLAIMER: The following views expressed do not represent those of the authors or the OGB. Neither party condones alcohol abuse or underage drinking. However, if you’re 21 and partake in the nectar of the gods… drink up buttercup. As members of the sacred brotherhood of the drink, we can say there is definitively a perfect level of drunkenness. For some it may be the moment where social inhibitions are cast aside and liquid courage takes control of your every faculty, and for others it may be drunk enough to not notice the layers of “Frat-sludge” at DKE’s. Regardless of personal preferences, any experienced drinker knows that the party starts far before actually “going out.” It starts at the pregame. For those less familiar with this art, pregaming (or “frontloading” as President Hatch calls it) is the act of getting drunk with a group of friends before actually going somewhere. But what’s the difference between this and the actual party? It’s a smaller more intimate gathering that provides the perfect atmosphere to get in “a good place.”

One Part Creativity After a long week of classes and homework that leave little room for innovation, you may be left with a lot of creativity pent up without an outlet to release it. What’s the easiest way to release this hidden potential? Make a drink. You know you’re pregaming because you want to be in a certain place at the bar or club, so hold nothing back when it comes to your drinks. Cracking Miller Lite with playing cards is fun, but it is nothing compared to the creative process of crafting libations with friends. Personal favorites that balance our trifecta of delicious, drunk and daring are the mint julep, the Tom Collins and an original concoction we like to call “Summer Beer.” While a cold gin and tonic is hard to beat when it’s hot out, the unlikely hero “Summer Beer” can be both a welcome change and a whole lot of fun to make. Summer Beer Four beers. Pabst is the favorite here, but anything on the lighter end of things works. One tube frozen lemonade or limeade concentrate Vodka

Use all ingredients cold to eliminate the need for ice later. In a sizeable container mix the four beers and your tube of frozen lemonade concentrate. Once said container of concentrate is empty, fill that up with vodka. Add this vodka to your vat, throw a cup in there with which to serve it, and stir gently to get the lemonade in liquid form. Serve in the brightest red solo cup you can find. For those unfamiliar with the beverage, the very process of creating this libation can be grating to aficionados of beer, vodka and lemonade alike. Once they take a sip, though, their doubts go out the window. This lightly carbonated lemony drink is surprisingly easy to drink – neither as heavy as beer by itself nor as dangerous as just vodka and lemonade. If your guests don’t see the mixing process, have them try it out before you divulge everything about it. We do not condone such secrecy when it comes to handing out drinks, but among friends you can surprise those close to you with how good this combination of unlikely ingredients is. If your money is on pregaming straight through the main event, feel free to try out Everclear instead of vodka. Remember though, moderation in all things. This drink conceals the bite that many associated with hard liquors, and it would be a shame to drink yourself sick while your friends are still trying to have a good time. Another drink that you may want to try is one with its roots in a camping trip to Stone Mountain in the need to sweeten an already fantastic whiskey – the “Southern Belle Becomes a Woman.” This drink, like the women it takes its name from, is sweet but with a feisty side, so be careful and don’t go too crazy or else you may end up feeling Sherman’s army marching directly on your head. Southern Belle Becomes a Woman 2 parts wild turkey bourbon 1 part peach cider Serve in a tumbler with crushed ice and a garnish of a mint

Two Parts Atmosphere The mood of the evening is going to be largely determined by the atmosphere of the pre-game so set the tone right with the right combination of music and people. Just as there is no party without booze, there’s also no pregame without music. There’s no shame in playing top 40 pop songs or the latest electro beats that force your hands to gravitate towards the shot class, but don’t let

the standards stifle your pregame into routine blandness. The first and foremost rule for pregame music is that has to have soul regardless of the genre. There’s nothing like letting the smooth sounds of Otis Redding coax the beer you’re shot gunning down your throat or having pong balls go into cups to the beat or your favorite Titus Andronicus song (beer pong is outlawed on campus, so be careful). If you want to let the music be the center of your pregame, the power hour is the route you want to take. For those unfamiliar with this particular way to imbibe, the participants will drink a swig of beer every minute for an hour, usually accentuated by music that changes songs every minute to remind you to drink. There are plenty of these floating around on the internet and are accessible for most musical tastes. Taking a completely different route, there’s no reason to rely on your stereo for music when you and your friends are more than perfectly capable of making it yourself. Seemingly everyone knows how to play a few songs on guitar or has mixed a few tracks on their computers, so why not show off your natural skill? The worst case scenario is everyone drinking more to make it sound alright. Though it’s not the most typical pregame situation, the bond that’s created through the musical experience is much stronger than simply hanging out, which after all is the whole reason for drinking in a group.

A Splash of Color The best advice towards a good pregame is to keep changing it up. By experimenting with the various elements of the pregame you’re sure to come up with your own individual recipe for perfection that can be made again.




For safe partying tips check out: Graphic by Olivia Boyce /Old Gold & Black

Humor Column | Reverand Robert Hooke

Why did the chicken really cross the road? William Daly Staff columnist

Everyone has heard the story, it crossed the road to get to the other side. Yet, how much time have we as a society really invested in the understanding of America’s most popular poultry? I can tell you, very little. The chicken is like the modern pop culture icon. Everyone is always talking about why or how he is crossing the road. I recently sat down with this infamous chicken, and he wanted me to pass a few

things along to the general population, kind of a quelling of all the rumors that have been circulating. My first question, as you can imagine, was, “Why, why so many roads and for so many reasons?” His answer was very complex, a collection of much of his childhood and late adolescence, but I will try to summarize his thoughts here. See, he has never in fact crossed a road, but merely made it half-way. He realized, and since we were all teenagers once we can relate, that he just did not want to be defined by the road any longer. He thought to himself, as a figment of human imagination, without the road he would no longer exist. Without the proposition of road crossing, his entire reality would be null and void. Being defined by his actions was against his very being, yet without acting

he ceased to be. Now, acting selfishly he chicken or the egg?” Well, that blockstopped in the middle of the road, but buster was all him. not without contemplating its effects. He introduced this idea on new terms, Not only was he defined by his cross- not only had he himself come from an ing, but also the road, the cars, and all egg, but that egg had been created by a the other chickchicken created by ens in existence imagination. in his non-exisThe question tent world were Why did the chicken cross the now was posed defined as such. road? Because he wants to see whether or not a Coming from chicken, egg or the light on the “other side.” good upbringan idea of crossings, obviously ing the road had he could not be created any of the the bringer of a worldwide apocalypse. other choices. He wasn’t even the right species. Having been born and raised in Yet, being an existentialist movie buff, Gainesville, Ga., the chicken capitol he could not help but ponder the paradox of the world, he was well aware of the he had created. dangers of crossing the street during This is where he began to talk to me Gainesville rush hour traffic. about his earlier work as an egg. Although, so deep in thought, he could Many of you probably remember the not help but philosophize his death. oldest paradox, “Who came first, the Having been born of twice, once of

his egg and once of the conception of crossing the street, he was unsure how his twofold existence would come to an end. Of course the 18 wheeler speeding towards his feathery bodice could certainly be the end of his privileged life, but also the loss of interest in his punch line could just as easily terminate him. Not being a chicken, he stood his ground in the road and met his end in traffic. Like many of his friends, he had become grilled. Yet, you may wonder how I was still able to conduct my interview with him. You can merely think up a quick punch line and revive him for a quick moment in time. So I ask my audience one final question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he wants to see the light on the “other side.”

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Community Report | Krankies Coffee

Movie Theater Releases for Sept. 30 The Social Network Case 39 Let Me In Ip Man Leaving Freakonomics Barry Munday Hatchet II Douchebag

Did you know? You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.

Lilting Banshees Oneliner Because “Bieber Fever” cannot be cured with the usual antibiotics.

Celeb Juice: This week’s gossip update


B8 Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coffee shop offers more than just java By Katie Mahone | Staff writer

At this point in the semester, as the stress of tests and papers begins to set in and fatigue and sleep-deprivation only make matters worse, many students turn to Starbucks’ liquid caffeine for sustenance. For those who dislike the hustle and bustle of the library, Campus Grounds offers a cozy and less-pricy alternative. If you’re still not satisfied, though, it might be time to look off campus for that perfect study spot. Not in the mood for studying? Fear not – this little downtown gem, located at 211 E. Third St., offers more than coffee and cozy study nooks. Just imagine your favorite coffee shop, bar, concert venue, art gallery and yoga studio all under one roof: welcome to Krankies. It’s a lazy, rainy afternoon, and I’m settling into a corner table as I sip my medium Americano and nibble on a chewy peanut butter cookie. Through a door to my left, I catch a glimpse of colorful pottery and canvases in the art gallery. Outside is a smoky, covered patio where a couple

of students are preparing a hookah roasted right here in Winston-Salem and sipping cups of tea. In front of and ground on-site. me is a sea of ThinkPads, MacBooks Aside from coffee, their versatile and of course, coffee cups. drink menu includes a variety of There are people of all ages, from delicious teas, craft beers and wines, tattooed students in jeans and beanies which makes Krankies a great spot for to young professionals on their lunch weeknight studying as well as weekbreak, as well as older couples with end relaxing, with daily specials grantgrandchildren in ing discounts and tow. free refills. While Krankies serves up piping Sitting in this If you’ve got diverse, imagina- cups of what is arguably the best the munchies, tive, relaxed yet indulge in coloscoffee in Winston-Salem, it is so energized atmosal cookies, mufmuch more than a coffee shop. sphere, I couldn’t fins or scones, all be happier with of which are premy decision to pared in Camino skip the ZSR and drive downtown. Bakery (named after the Camino de Located in a space known as The Santiago, for all you Spanish majors) Wherehouse that was once full of on the lower floor of The Wherelarge pieces of machinery, Krankies house. still mildly resembles a warehouse While Krankies serves up piping with its open, high-ceilinged interior, cups of what is arguably the best coffee brick walls and assortment of wooden in Winston-Salem, it is so much more and metal décor. than a coffee shop. If you’re looking for any lingerTucked into the room alongside the ing machinery nowadays, all you’ll coffee bar is The Electric Moustache find are drip coffee makers, espresso Gallery, a unique creative space that machines and a large grinder that can exhibits a wide variety of work by local be heard whirring away throughout artists and volunteers, as well as Yoga the day. They offer fair-trade and classes on Monday nights (pop in and organic coffee from around the world, pay $6 and it’s not just for girls!).

Surrender to Sudoku

• Lindsay Lohan has checked into a Southern California rehab facility and plans to remain there until her next court date in late October.

Check back next week for the solution to this week’s problem. If you hadn’t noticed, we like to keep people waiting in suspense.

• The polygamous family featured on the new TLC reality show “Sister Wives” has become the target of a felony bigamy investigation in Utah.

• Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard Matthew Fiddes claims he may be the biological father of Blanket. • Lady Gaga signed a new deal with designer Giorgio Armani to design her stage costumes for her upcoming Italian tour. • Author J.K Rowling gave a rare interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show about the possibility of her writing another Harry Potter book. • Eva Longoria’s celebrity Twitter auction raised over $540,000 for disabled children in Haiti.

Student Union

Short Course: Italian Cooking Thursday, Sept. 30 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Mag Room WAKE UP to Homecoming Monday, October 4 8:45 — 10:00 p.m. Mag Quad Craig Karges - Mentalist Tuesday, October 5 7:00 - 8:30 p.m Benson 401

Drink of the Week

The Yellow Brick Road In honor of Family Weekend , let’s cheers to family and friends, because there’s no place like Wake. 3 oz. apple juice 2 oz. gin 1 can ginger ale 2 oz. rum 4 oz Hpnotiq liqueur Pour all ingredients together over ice in tall glass, then follow the yellow brick road.

A popular concert venue, the coffee shop sports a stage that quickly transitions from a space cluttered with tables and chairs to one with amps and guitars. Along with providing high quality food and drink, Krankies is focused on supporting local arts and culture – their bulletin board is covered with advertisements for upcoming film screenings, slam poetry competitions, theater events and more. Stop in on Saturday, Oct. 1 for Small Town Gossip’s CD Release, or take a break in between classes to check out the Farmer’s Market, held every Tuesday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. On Nov. 22 Wake Radio will be playing music at a clothing swap from 9-12 p.m. The next time you find yourself craving a cup of coffee, wanting a good study spot (with free WiFi), or just needing to break out of the bubble and have some fun, skip your usual haunts and head over to Krankies. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, if not a little more cultured. And with Family Weekend just around the corner, why not get a free latte out of mom and dad?

Difficulty Level: Medium

Solution from 9/23

Movie Review | Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street opts for love, drama over money By Chantel O’Neal | Life editor

Director Oliver Stone is known for his mastery of tackling controversial issues on the big screen, but perhaps Stone bit off a bit more than he could chew with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. A sequel to Stone’s 1987 Wall Street, the film picks up with Gordon Gekko’s (played by Michael Douglas) release from prison after serving eight years for insider trading. Now on the outs of the financial world he once d o m i nated, Gekko Wall Street: Money appears softer Never Sleeps than his Starring | Michael Douglas, Shia villainLaBeouf and Carey Mulligan ous, preDirector | Oliver Stone prison Who’s it for? | Fans of the original self, but fans of Wall Street the origiRunning Time | 2 hrs. 13 mins. nal film Rating | B shouldn’t worry — he still has a handful of clever lines. While Gekko has plenty of screen time, the film centers more on Jake Moore (Shia LaBeouf ), a savvy energy investment expert who happens to be engaged to Gekko’s daughter Winnie (Carrey Mulligan). After Moore’s mentor, Louis Zabel, commits suicide, Moore blames Churchill Schwartz’s Bretton James and seeks revenge any way he can — even if that means turning to Gekko for help. But Gekko’s age hasn’t changed him much (despite what he claims prison has taught him about time), and he is still living up to his “greed is good” motto. In the end the villain isn’t Gekko, or even James. It’s greed itself. Stone is careful not to point fingers, because greed in Money Never Sleeps stretches from Wall Street to Main Street – shown through Moore’s mother (Susan Sarandon), a real estate agent who cares more about making a profit than making a difference. Through the plots twists and turns, most of which are pretty predictable, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Where is the money?” Stone sets his film in 2008, on the brink of the nation’s biggest financial crisis, but he barely skims the surface. For a film with money in the title and supposedly at the center of its plot, it is surprisingly void of it. In fact, there are just as many (if not more)

Photo courtesy of Edward R. Pressman Film

Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf starred in the sequel to the 1987 film by Oliver Stone called Wall Street. “green” references to alternative energy as there are to cold, hard cash. Don’t get me wrong, Stone throws around plenty of financial jargon like “moral hazard,” “government bailouts” and “mortgage defaults,” but there was little meaning behind them. You’ll see the Wall Street tycoons in starched shirts sitting in plush leather chairs around an enormous table, but they appear to do a lot of talking without saying very much. I’m not in the Business School nor do I find derivatives and interest rates thrilling, but I still felt Stone barely dipped his big toe into the complexities of the financial debacle. While I realize the fine details are most likely way over my head, I think Stone underestimated the public’s interest. Maybe he was just a little too busy putting together his string of goofy transitions that were full of bubbles and line graphs. Yes, they looked cool the first time, but they were useless in conveying any real information (think an economic version of An Inconvenient Truth, only worse). I applaud Stone’s attempt to humanize the faceless corporations and business moguls (you’ll find that the film’s big businesses parallel Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sacchs), but the characters spend more time attending fundraising dinners and racing

motorcycles than they do on Wall Street. Despite the lack of “Wall Street,” the characters rise above the vague plot and financial terms. Douglas shines as Gekko, and LaBeouf proves that he’s grown up since his Transformer and Disturbia days. Even Sarandon’s brief role still captures the conflicted desire to want more, even at the expense of your own children. Oliver does, however, brilliantly depict the pivotal role of speculation. Stone’s characters sell rumors as well as they sell stocks. And the interlaced news clips show how easily fear can be perpetuated, making smoke when there is no fire. Perhaps my biggest issue with Money Never Sleeps was Stone’s ending. To avoid giving anything away, suffice it to say that the last 15 minutes are too neat. Loose ends are tied. Almost everyone is satisfied, if not outright happy. But that’s just not how real life is. We all lived through this economic tragedy, and we are still struggling to understand and overcome it. Good intentions and a tremendous cast make Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps worth the ticket price. But be ready for a hearty helping of drama, romance and tears, because it’s not all about the money.

Life Old Gold & Black

Thursday, September 30, 2010 B9

Relationship milestones define our generation By Ken Myer | Staff writer

Relationships in our generation follow a pattern that appalls anyone above the age of 25. At least, that’s the conclusion that six of my friends drew during dinner last week. The grinding on dance floors of frat parties leads to more sex than some care to acknowledge. No one thinks your relationship is even real if its not Facebook official. Superbad, Juno, Youth In Revolt and countless other Michael Cera films depict now clichéd scenes of overzealous teens seeking sex in various degrees relationship angst. What are today’s relationship milestones? When should they occur? How do you move between them? I’m going to answer these questions by offering two widely varying relationship examples. First, there exists the more romanticized ideal of relationship milestones. One asks the other out on a first date; that date leads to more dates. The two becomes official – Facebook official. One of the two eventually and awkwardly hints at the possibility of sex; the other awkwardly hints that the three words “I love you” are the magical key. After three months, six months, a year or when the university allows them to move off campus, the two move into an apartment together.One proposes. Marriage ensues. Children cry. They live happily ever after. Second, a completely unromantic ideal of relationship milestones has pervaded campuses across the country. The two glimpse each other across a crowded party; they dance. One whispers to the other that they should go back “somewhere.” The next day the relationship is Facebook official. There’s no need for them to get an apartment to live together; one lives in the other’s dorm room. Eventually the two move into an apartment. One proposes.

Marriage ensues. Children cry. They live happily ever after. They get divorced. These two examples are obviously over-exaggerated. Couples break up. Relationships move in and out of exclusivity and openness. Couples desire to have the true, romantic, loving, sweep-you-off-into-the-sunset version of a relationship. Others never want to live with each other and remain friends-with-benefits for four years of college. Nothing is clear cut. Maybe a frat party is the most romantic place in the world to be swept off your feet as brothers in the background shout“Freshman! Freshman! Freshman!” Maybe being Facebook official today is the virtual equivalent of saying “I love you.” Or maybe one still wants the other to ask parental permission before going out on a first date. “Hello sir. What a lovely knife you’re sharpening! Can I take you daughter on a first date?”In the end, relationships come down to leaps of faith. A recurring set of lines from the summer blockbuster Inception perhaps best sum up this idea. “I’ll tell you a riddle. You’re waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don’t know for sure. But it doesn’t matter. How can it not matter to you where this train will take you?” You can’t ever know how your relationship milestones will unfold. But it doesn’t matter. “Because you’ll be together.”

He Said


By Nicole Stanton | Staff writer

Before we even begin to address how to approach the bigger questions such as: how do you know when it’s appropriate to take the next step (i.e. deciding to be exclusive, sex, saying “I love you,” living together, etc.) or when should these certain milestones happen? I think it can be said that relationships are tough. Why? Well, most obviously, there is no one answer or rule book on Wikipedia on “how to attain the perfect relationship.” In fact, these very questions stand as the key plot points for most romantic comedies due to the awkwardness that can ensue after discussing these most serious of concerns. We’ve all seen Wedding Crashers and laughed at Jeremy’s, “I got a stage five. Virgin. Clinger.” No one ever wants to be that girl. So how do we approach these bigger milestones without hurt someone’s feelings or misunderstandings? Communication The cliché “it takes two to tango” has never been more appropriate than when thinking of anything concerning relationships.Without the proper understanding from both parties involved there is a lot of gray area which creates room for misinterpretation and confusion. While these conversations are the hardest it is because they are the most necessary. The best approach is honesty. Just as much as you do not want to get hurt or be led on, neither does the other person; therefore it is best to be honest. There will always be the

She Said

Event Review | Second City

Comedy tour brings the laughs By Nicole Stanton | Staff writer

Rachel Cameron/Old Gold & Black

Charles Ramsey performs at Student Union’s open Mic night in Shorty’s on Sept. 29.

possibility that you both do not want the same things, but is it not better to find that out sooner rather than later? At least the conversation will bring some clarification as to whether or not the other person does want to move in, date exclusively, or say it was fun but maybe I should just avoid your lounge for a while… Do what feels right for you. There is no “right” way or set time as movies often lead us to believe. Everyone has their own priorities and that makes relationships unique to the couple. Just because Noah and Allie told each other how much they loved each other after a week in The Notebook does not mean you need to, nor should you expect your boyfriend to behave like a fictional character from your favorite love story. Similarly, if your older sister waited until she said, “I do” to lose her virginity, it does not mean that you need to hold out. Ask yourself questions like, do I want this? Will I regret this? Am I doing this for myself or for someone else? At the end of the day, you will have to face the consequences. However, at the same time, remember that someone else’s feelings may be affected by your actions. Time After travelling abroad I have discovered that American’s have an instilled “time is money” approach; time can be “spent,” “borrowed,” “wasted,” “lost,” etc. This mentality often transcends to our relationships and thus creates all sorts of pressures such as, “I’m a senior and still a virgin,” or “I want to stay with Claire after we graduate but with medschool I won’t be ready to settle down for at least another eight years.” The best advice I can offer is to there is no time when milestones “should happen.” The only social time line that exists is the one you put on yourself. Be dynamic, be open and be honest.

With the disappearance of “Wake Wednesdays” there seems to be less to do during the week unless you are of age to partake in “ThirstyThursdays.” However, last hump-day’s visit by the touring Second City Comedy show Group proved a nice break from the mundanity of the week. The Second City Comedy Group, based in Chicago, has been performing their unique style of comedy centered in improvisation, short-skits, songs, sketches and anything funny for the past 50 years. While the group is known to cover just about anything, their Second City Goes to College: The FAFSA and the Furious tour show made its way to Brendle Recital Hall featuring material all about university life on campus and surrounding it. The group consisted of two female actors, three men and a piano man performed for two in addition to the final half hour encore that included Wake Forest’s very own comedy group, the Lilting Banshees. Working together for the first time, the two groups acted out various situations all on impromptu dialogue supplied by the audience. Anything ranging from creepy roommates, academic probation, parent-child conversation about sex and drinking, to wicked nurses and naïve students played

out on the stage. The hall was filled with a constant roar of laughter. While the show was highly entertaining and comedic, the focusing themes of sex, drinking, homosexuality and the awkwardness bordering transitional period in one’s life did get slightly redundant. When taking suggestions from the student body, I was disappointed by the lack of differentiation in choice of topics, as I believe it may have limited the expression of the group by not allowing them to expand beyond the college realm and show their profound talent. I’m not saying we all don’t chuckle or find some humor in the verb “masturbate,” or the adjectives “spermicidal” or “horny,” but it took very little imagination for these improvisers to act out scenes based on these suggestions; thus, the punch lines to some of their acts in which other members needed to guess the given word or predicament were diminished. In fact, at one point one of the comedians commented, “you guys are in college, you should know more vocabulary.” As the saying goes, “there is always some truth to a joke” and Wake Forest may have left a lasting impression on the crew that we may be fun, but not the most mature of audiences. Nonetheless, the improvisations remained my favorite of their acts as the random pulling of students on stage did result in an unexpected make out

session, in addition to a return to high school prom from one undergrad. When the performers were not involving the student body, they managed to show us the American household in the years of 2010, 1990 and 1929 hence proving their talent in role-playing and making pop cultural references not only applicable to the current times. One of the more impressive attributes of the show was the group’s ability to turn heavy issues such as teenage pregnancy, under-age drinking, love and life after graduation into humorous scenes without losing the weight of the given topic. While giving humor to life milestones, yet not mocking their significance, Second City reminded the audience that humor is as much of an emotion as love or tragedy and can manifest itself in many situations. There’s no fix like a good laugh and while it may have been somewhat repetitious after two and a half hours of college themed humor, the Second City Tour gave students a chance to lighten up and laugh at jokes that are all too aimed to poke fun at their own sexuality and pastimes. As for the Second City Tour, their talent for improvisation and crowd-pleasing remains top-notch and leaves no room for objection as to why they maintained their prestige and popularity after 50 years of sketch comedy.

Restaurant Review | Hutch and Harris Pub

Downtown Pub offers delicious, pricey brunch

including an avant-garde collage work picturing a cantankerous crab.The soft When planning a downtown excur- jazz in the air completed this atmosphere sion, Fourth Street seems to be the loca- of young sophistication, causing my tion of choice. For an impressive dinner wallet to ebb in fear of a final bill a bit date, one may choose NOMA Urban too pricey for a college student’s budget. However, their Sunday brunch menu Bar and Grill. For lunch out with friends, Mellow price ranged from $6.50 for a The SOB Mushroom might trump all other com- Poncho Wrap to $16 for an 8 oz. ribeye, petition; and for a casual drink and crab cake and eggs combination meal. Their lunch and dinner menu offers fantastically fried munchies over the a variety of soups, starters, sandwiches, latest sporting event, burgers, pastas, salads Foothills Brewing or Hutch and Harris and entrees that range Recreation Billiards from $5.75 to $28. are prime locations. Location | 424 W. 4th Street Attending their Sunday With all of these well Hours | 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Sun. - Thurs. brunch is perhaps one known giants engulf11 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. Fri.- Sat. of the better weekend ing Fourth Street, a decisions one can make. hidden gem patiently Serving | American food Minutes within being entices guests to enter Dress | Dressy Casual seated, you are greeted its doors. with an assorted bread The gem, located Price Range | $10 - $28 basket with biscuits, mufat the intersection Rating | A fins and cornbread. of West Fourth and The biscuits were light Spruce Street, is and buttery, which was perfect for me, Hutch and Harris. Before the food and the menus were but should be avoided by those with an in hand, Hutch and Harris brought me affinity for a more dense biscuit. Biscuits were complemented nicely into the much anticipated autumn with decor dripping in dark greens, burgun- with an apple cinnamon jelly, reminiscent of grandma’s apple pie on a crisp dies, auburns and mahogany. On the walls hung signed photographs night. The cornbread was cooked to a nice of jazz musicians, brass instruments painted a rustic black and local artwork golden brown and provided an inoffenBy Ae’Jay Mitchell | Staff writer

sive pallet warmer. However, despite the cool of the banana nut muffin, the flavors were a bit too bold for a starter. For my entree, I chose to trust in my tendency towards creative and created my own omelet. This was perhaps the best prepared omelet on the southeast coast. Prepared with three fresh eggs, the omelet was stuffed with sausage, ham, bacon, mushroom, spinach and Swiss cheese—a combination that proved to be absolutely divine and made for a small army of starving men. It was the largest omelet I have ever seen still in perfect formation and shape. The eggs were fluffy without too much salt or pepper. The omelet was complimented by a fresh fruit cup of strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapples as well as a healthy helping of home fries baked to perfection. Also of note was the restaurant’s polish sausage which is prepared over an open grill leaving a wood grain smokiness which is always pleasant to the taste buds. For my “dessert,” I decided on a Belgian waffle covered in whip cream and sliced strawberries. The reason for the quotations is because the waffle is a meal within itself and will perhaps be my entree during my next visit.

Photo Courtesy of Ae’Jay Mitchelll

Hutch and Harris Pub offers a delicious selection of a Belgian waffle complete with toppings. Even though the waffle was served with syrup, I did not give this taste accessory a second glance after taking the first bite of this waffle. The entire bite simply melted in my mouth. The homemade whipped cream and the fresh strawberries sans artificial liquids of canned gunk were heavenly.

This is the way the waffle was meant to exist. Other dessert options are a cherry walnut cheesecake, homemade ice cream freshly churned each day and a decadent chocolate dish that just might rocket you into outer space. For a great atmosphere, great service and great food, lassez les bon temps roulez at this fantastic restaurant.

B10 Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trend Alert | FroYo

Old Gold & Black Life

Album Review | Straight No Chaser

University students love Album opens musical doors a healthy dessert option songs as Hudson repeatedly sings “I knew we were trouble when we first met” on the chorus. The fifth song on the album is sort of like an Benjamin Hudson, better known as Mr Hudson, interlude, and shares the title with the album. is a British R&B/pop artist from London. Hudson’s music career began with his band, Mr After that, the next five tracks stay faithful to the R&B theme, and don’t exhibit anything out of Hudson and the Library. In 2007, Hudson and his band released their first the ordinary. One thing to point out in that bunch is the sevalbum, A Tale of Two Cities, which was an alternative album created with acoustic guitar, electric enth track, “There Will Be Tears.” It was actually Straight No Chaser’s first single. drums, bass guitar and backing vocals. Now Mr Hudson is a solo artist, signed on Kanye Due to its extremely gloomy lyrics and poor use of the autotune machine, it didn’t have much mainWest’s music label. stream success. Hudson has worked with many It’s the 10th track is where things big acts as a solo artist. Most noticeably, he is a guest Straight No Chaser really get interesting. Lyrically, Mr Hudson gets a little feature on Jay-Z’s “Young Forever” Artist | Mr Hudson aggressive with “Anyone But Him” and West’s “Paranoid.” Genre | Alternative & R&B and sings verses such as “I’d rather In 2009 Mr Hudson released his hear you had the whole football solo debut album titled Straight Tracks | 13 songs No Chaser in the UK. It was Best Song | “Everything is Broken” team, than to watch his filthy lips on your skin.” executively produced by West. It Grade | B+ West makes his second and final was later released in 2010 in the appearance on this track as well, United States. but unlike “Supernova” West is Genre wise, Straight No Chaser is rapping instead of singing with the assistance of no different than A Tale of Two Cities. It is also an alternative album, but it strays from the autotune machine. The best song on Straight No Chaser is the 11th the acoustic sound of its predecessor and employs track, called “Everything is Broken.” the use of the autotune machine. The song features a stellar verse from the rapper Although Straight No Chaser is mainly an alternaKid Cudi. tive and contemporary R&B album, This is the best song because it also has some hip hop and pop roots. it is a perfect fusion of autotune Producer West and label mate Kid and vocals, and the electric Cudi are the only artists to make guest drums come in just at the right appearances on Hudson’s album. time along with Cudi’s verse. The album, which is 13 tracks The final two songs of the long, opens with its second single, album return to main R&B “Supernova.” theme and the song “Time” It is the perfect song to open the which is a little more pop than album with because it sums up what R&B, is a great closer for the Mr Hudson wants to accomplish with album. this album in one track. The sound of the album is “Supernova” is a great track for very reminiscent of Kanye West’s mainstream listeners and features 808’s & Heartbreak album, autotuned vocals from West, which which does not come as a surwill pull in hip-hop fans. “White Lies” comes up next on the track list and prise considering who produced it, but it has its is the album’s third single, and with good reason. own sound. Straight No Chaser’s production is top notch and is On “White Lies,” Mr Hudson sings of having to tell lies to his lover, and no matter how hard he a huge part of what makes the album tremendous. Straight No Chaser receives a B+ and really sets tries, it’s the only thing he can do, and only does the stage for people that are new to his music, it to get closer to her. Next, the third track, “Knew We Were Trouble,” as well as opens many doors for an even better fits with the R&B theme like the previous two sophomore album. By Trevor Waddell | Staff writer

By Ansley Byers | Contributing writer

Even if you are not lactose intolerant, yogurt can be beneficial to your digestive health. Desserts are just about everyone’s weakness. However, FroYo is still not as healthy as yogurt. No matter how hard we try to cut back on the Winston-Salem has a few locations that serve sugar or calories, we find ourselves still reaching FroYo that you should check out. for just one more cookie. Zack’s is a personal favorite. Ice cream has been a dessert of choice since Located at 305 Jonestown Rd., Zack’s is only the early fourth century when Roman emperor about a 10 minute drive from campus. Nero ordered to have his fruit served with ice Zack’s offers a variety of toppings ranging from from the mountain tops. your candy favorites such as Reese’s or Snickers Ice cream, as we already know, is not the to healthier, fruitier options such as strawberries. healthiest snack. The frozen yogurt from Zack’s is fresh, tasty According to an article on CBS News, “An ice and well worth the few dollars and drive offcream sundae can have as much fat and calories campus. as a T-bone steak dinner.” “I absolutely love Zack’s! It might actually The problem of high sugar and fat content in change my mind about liking ice cream better ice cream has left many people searching for a than frozen yogurt,” Ammons said. healthy alternative. Kernel Kustard’s is And it is this search that has another local frozen yogurt sparked the FroYo craze. shop. Frozen yogurt usually has a Frozen yogurt is much as the It is also only 10 to 15 name implies the same ingrelower fat and sugar content minutes from campus dients as ice cream but is made when compared to an ice cream located at 1630 Foxtrot Ct. with yogurt instead of cream. As their alliterative name Therefore, frozen yogurt usu- sundae without sacrificing taste. suggests, they sell custard. ally has a lower fat and sugar Custard, like FroYo, is content when compared to an generally better for you ice cream sundae without sacthan ice cream. rificing taste! Custard is made with pasteurized egg yolk However, frozen yogurt can still be loaded and milk. down with sugar when you start adding in topYour choices of frozen custard include vanilla, ping such as cookie dough and chocolate syrup. chocolate or the flavor of the day so you may The jury is still out as to which dessert choice, want to check out their website to see which ice cream or frozen yogurt, is the best. flavor is being featured that day before going. Freshman Beth Ammons said, “I prefer Kernel Kustard’s also has a wide variety of other ice cream because it tastes better than frozen menu items including popcorns and hot dogs. yogurt.” If you are looking to try frozen yogurt but “I prefer frozen yogurt because it is guilt free don’t want to go too far then check out Freshens as opposed to ice cream,” senior Beth Ann Wilin Benson. liams said. “Plus it tastes good!” Although it is a little more expensive than Beyond just lower caloric and fat intake, FroYo its off-campus alternatives, Freshens does offer has other health benefits. delicious frozen yogurt and topping choices. Yogurt (and therefore, frozen yogurt) contains So whether you are looking to try a new dessert enzymes that assist in breaking down dairy. or if you are looking to make a favorite dessert This means that people suffering from lactose healthier, try frozen yogurt. intolerance can enjoy a nice cup of FroYo with With less sugar and calories and all the flavor, little to no risk of ill side effects. you can’t really go wrong.


You’ll ask him about the side dish.


But you won’t ask him about the side effects.

We ask questions everywhere we go, yet at the doctor’s office, we clam up. Ask questions. For a list of 10 everyone should know, go to

Questions are the answer.



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Thursday, September 30,2010 B11

Deacons winds up 9th in Rudolph Championship By Maggie Cancelosi | Staff writer

Wake Forest Charlotte

3 0

From Friday, Sept. 24 to Sept. 26, the Lady Deacons Golf Team competed in the Mason Rudolph Championship on the Vanderbilt Legends Course in Nashville, Tenn. All-American sophomore Michelle Shinn shot a schoolrecord 7-under 65 in the opening round of the tournament and snagged a two-shot lead. In the first seven holes, Shin posted five birdies and kept up her accuracy with pars on eight conShin secutive holes and birdies on the three final holes. “I felt good about my game, although I didn’t score as well as I would have liked the previous week (NCAA Fall Preview), I felt confident with my game and just hoped for the putts to fall this week and they did,” Shinn said. The Deacons carded a 2-under 286 and tied for eights at the conclusion of the first round.

On the second day of tournament play, the Deacons maintained consistent play with an under-par round of 284 and moved up to tie for fourth place. Michelle Shinn shot a 2-under 70 and maintained her lead at 9-under par. “Overall I am happy about how I did because not only did it help boost my confidence but it felt great for putts to actually go in and post some low rounds,” Shin said. Senior Natalie Sheary, who had tied for ninth in the NCAA Fall Preview, also shot a 70, which was her fourth round at par or better this season. Despite a temperamental wind, the Deacons held strong in the final round of the challenge by placing ninth. Shin carded a 1-under 71 and finished second in the Mason Rudolph Championship with a total score of 206 on the 54 holes. Shinn was the second Demon Deacon in school history to post 3-under par rounds in an event behind Alexandra Armas in the 1995-96 season. “I am hoping to go into the Lady Tar Heel Invitational with a confident mindset and continue to practice so that my putting stays strong and my hitting stays consistent,” Shin said. Photo Courtesy of Media Relations The Demon Deacons will next perform in the Lady Tar Heel Invitational in Chapel Sophomore Michellle Shinn shot a school-record 7-under 65 in the opening round of the Mason in Nashville, Tenn. on Sept. 26. Hill, on Oct. 8 through Oct. 10. ImagineHPbw 3/13/06 2:56 Rudolph PM Page Championship 1

imagine stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s Maya Angelou

I have friends and loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s. But I can imagine… and hope for… a world without this terrible disease.

author, poet, educator

You can help make a difference. A major brain imaging study led by the National Institutes of Health may help us learn how to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s. Please consider joining the study if you are between 55 and 90 and: • are in good general health with no memory problems, OR • are in good general health but have memory problems or concerns, OR • have a diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information, call 1-800-438-4380 or visit Photo: Courtesy of



Local health worker Hanan Suliman walks to help the 120 kids in surrounding villages survive.

You walk for your health.

HELP ONE. SAVE MANY. See where the good goes at

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It’s Not Your Fault.


National Sexual Assault Hotline Free. Confidential. 24/7.

(Operated by RAINN—the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)


Wake Forest University's student run newspaper.

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