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Surrounded by rock, wind and waves, Sotra Kystby* is the flourishing heart of one of Norway’s fastest growing regions.

* Sotra Coastal City

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LOCAL PRIDE, INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK As far as we know, it’s quite unusual to build a city around a shopping centre. Welcome to Sotra Kystby and Sartor Storsenter! Sotra Kystby is located on one of the westernmost points of Norway, an area of rock, wind and waves. It is far enough from Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, to maintain its own local identity, but close enough to attract consumers from all over the Bergen region. With one of the fastest growing populations in Norway, the area will be home to a lively urban centre in just a few years. An increasing number of people will live, work, go to school, play sports and use public services here. Everything you need will be within a few square kilometres, and it will all be designed from the start to work perfectly together. At the centre of it all: Sartor Storsenter, the natural place to come for people who want a shopping experience out of the ordinary. Western Norway has always been an outward-facing part of Norway. With a long history of international trade – including fishing, shipping and, more recently, the oil and gas adventure – the local inhabitants have always been inspired by other cultures and countries. This has helped shape a shopping centre that mixes international trends with a strong local identity.

As far as we know, it’s quite unusual to build a city around a shopping centre. Welcome to Sotra Kystby and Sartor Storsenter. PAGE 05

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THE GOLDEN COASTLINE Sotra Kystby is located at the heart of an energetic economic region. The western part of Norway is the driving force behind Norway’s booming economy. Business life is internationally oriented, and there has always been a strong tradition of innovation and fresh ideas. At the heart of the region, the county of Hordaland has a buzzing economy that attracts new businesses and a highly skilled workforce. At Sartor Storsenter, we’ve felt the impact of this development for several years. The area has the highest number of newly established businesses in the country. People are moving to the region and consumer purchasing power is high. Our centre’s strong numbers confirm this. We have 5 million visitors each year and revenue of NOK 2 billion (EUR 250 million). Our central position in Scandinavia’s economic hotspot means we can plan for a grand future. On the map it may look like we’re on the outskirts of the world. For us, it feels like we’re right in the centre.

Our central position in Scandinavia’s economic hotspot means we can plan for a grand future. PAGE 07

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A SHOPPING CENTRE DESIGNED FOR THE FUTURE Sartor Storsenter has been modernised and expanded several times since it was established in 1978. Already one of Norway´s largest shopping centres, we now plan for a total expansion of more than 40,000 m² (431,000 ft²). Of this, 3,500 m² (38,000 ft²) will be dedicated to a cinema and other leisure facilities. Despite being only 15 minutes by car from central Bergen, Sartor Storsenter is at the heart of Sotra Kystby (Sotra Coastal City), a growing urban area now being established in Straume and Bildøy. The shopping centre is host to a wide variety of private and public services, and is where people in the area come to meet, shop, enjoy themselves and do business. November 2014 marks a great milestone in the expansion of Sartor Storsenter. 1,500 new underground parking spaces will be opened. At the same time, new areas of the shopping centre, with new shops and restaurants, will be ready to welcome the public. Our focus is making sure that people thrive. Our expanded shopping centre will be an attraction in itself. It will be the natural place for people to meet, offering experiences far beyond those offered by traditional shopping centres. All new buildings, exterior and interior, have been carefully designed by acclaimed architects to fit in naturally with the new urban area evolving around us. This is truly a shopping centre designed for the future.

All new buildings, exterior and interior, have been carefully designed by acclaimed architects to fit in naturally with the new urban area evolving around us. PAGE 09

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THE RIGHT BLEND OF BRANDS Shoppers in our fast-growing region are attracted by the presence of strong international brands. Today, Sartor Storsenter has 100 shops, offering a blend of well-known brands such as H&M, Gina Tricot and Gant Store. Through our expansion, we can offer the right brands new and custom-made opportunities. In the future, many shops will be accessible from both inside Sartor Storsenter and from the street. This will help sales and will contribute to the atmosphere in Sotra Kystby. We are determined to create the optimal shopping experience by offering our visitors a variety of activities. Our focus is on creating a safe and clean environment where everyone feels welcome. There are 11 restaurants and coffee shops contributing to a great atmosphere in the centre, including Burger King and Peppes Pizza. We are proud to say that our mix of food shops and supermarkets will be the best in the Bergen region. All the major chains in Norway will be present with their best concepts, giving shoppers even more reasons to visit.

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A REGION WITH GROWTH AND AMBITIONS The county of Hordaland is growing in a broad range of sectors. Oil and gas, shipping, fisheries and international trade form the foundations of a strong regional economy. Unemployment is below 2 per cent, a record low. The importance of our district in the national economy also means that transport and communications are of a high standard. Bergen, Norway’s second biggest city, is only a 15-minute drive away. Sotra Kystby is also easily reached from greater Bergen, an area consisting of nearly half a million inhabitants. Flesland International Airport, Bergen train station and international ferry connections are only a short drive from our location. Nearly 9 million vehicles crossed the Sotra Bridge, connecting Sotra with Bergen, last year. This number is expected to rise to 11 million within the next decade. Sartor Storsenter is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this flow of people and we have ambitious plans for welcoming visitors by car and bus. In 2014, for example, we will open Norway’s biggest underground parking lot, with space for 1,500 vehicles, and we will make room for 3,100 cars in the years to come.

Sotra Kystby is easily reached from the greater Bergen area, consisting of nearly half a million inhabitants. PAGE 13

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A NEW CITY BY THE SEA Urban areas grow organically. But on very rare occasions, there is a chance to plan and develop a city from the start. This means the city’s housing, shops, public services, leisure facilities and infrastructure can all be developed into a single functioning whole, both practically and visually. This is now happening in one of Scandinavia’s most innovative city development projects: Sotra Kystby. The city is being built for the future with one overall vision, and at the centre of it all is Sartor Storsenter. This is a holistic architectural project, where every element is designed to work perfectly together. • In the next 20 years, the workforce in the Bergen region will increase by 60,000. • In the municipality of Fjell (where Sartor Storsenter is situated), workplaces increased by 16,5 % between 2008 and 2012, and the growth rate is increasing. • In Sotra Kystby, 500,000 m² (5.4 million ft²) of commercial space is being developed. • Several thousand new homes will be built in the years to come. • All in all, NOK 15-20 billion (EUR 2-2.7 billion) will be invested in projects in Sotra Kystby over the next 10 years.

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SARTOR BY NUMBERS Sartor Storsenter Revenue: Revenue/m²: Annual visitors: Shops: Restaurants: Commercial area: Parking: Market area (2012) Primary area: Bergen area:

250 million euros in 2012, 375 million euros after expansion Approx. 5.500 euros (2011) 5 million in 2012, 7 million in 2016 100 in 2012, 140 in 2016 11 in 2012, 15 in 2016 93,000 m² after expansion (current: 53,000 m²) 3,100 spaces after expansion (most of which are indoors) 160,000 inhabitants 400,000 inhabitants

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Ernst M. Einarsen CEO Sartor Holding AS Tel. +47 5632 1140 Mobile +47 9591 3088 E-mail:


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