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Does it look like this inside your house? What can you see?

Look inside

Hello Okido readers! This issue is all about habitat. Where do you live? In an igloo, a flat, a den, a nest or a house? Are you a mouse, a bird or a person? Let’s discover where we all prefer to live! Okido is yours to read, write and draw on. Enjoy! Start by writing your name:

Okido helps children learn through play. It is full of stories, activities and games that stimulate creativity and inspire scientific interest.

Messy Monster, Felix and Zoe (p.4) build a den and travel the world. Zim Zam and Zoom (p.8) wonder how to build a new house. Squirrel Boy (p.14) takes us to his home. Foxy (p.18) explores all types of living spaces. Read super stories, build a bird house (p.12) , play Full House Bingo (p.36), the home memory game (p.31), colour in and doodle-do! (p.23) Plus discover amazing doll houses from the Museum of Childhood (p.2, 48, 49 and 51)

Story & Illustration by Rachel Ortas

The den

Our den is almost ready - our guest will be here very soon.

‘Hello Messy Monster! Come in. Welcome to our secret house’, says Felix.


ei sm ovin g...

n , ca Hey Everything tastes so much better in a secret den.

yo us u fe o h el s omething? Our

All aboard! Our house is on the sea!


We have arrived at the North Pole! ‘Look at all the penguins!’ says Zoe

‘Hello there! We are sailing the sea in our den boat,’ says Messy Monster


We are so COLD - we need a warm house!

Penguins don’t need a shelter but humans do! Let’s build an igloo with ice.

Almost finished.

Please do come in! You are all invited.

Bye, bye! Time to go back home in our floating igloo. Bye, Bye!


Zim Zam and Zoom want a new house. What do they need? 1 – Some walls

2 – A roof

3 – A door

4 – and some windows 8

Story by Dr Sophie and illustration by Alex Barrow

Questions with Zim Zam Zoom:

We can use bricks, stones or wood... Let’s begin! We need to make it STRONG.

... so if it’s windy it will stay firm and keep us safe

Oh no, it’s raining!

It will be nice and dry now!

We need a roof to keep us dry..

I would like to have a round room 9

I like our new house!

Now we have a door!

But how will we get inside?

Yes, it needs a door!

Let’s go inside Hooray!

I’m lost! It’s so dark.

I can’t see! 10

What did they forget?

Finally, Zim, Zam and Zoom’s dream house is finished.

We have windows!

I can see!

Can you spot the shapes in the house? What shapes do Zim, Zam and Zoom look like? Do you think they each have a favourite room?


Experiment: Build your own bird feeder We are going to try a few models and see which one works best.

You will need: 1. Take a used drinks carton

cardboard box


water bottle

2. Cut a square shape out of the middle

drinks carton wooden spoon scissors

3. Fill with bird seeds

bird seeds


4. Hang it in your garden

Why not try this feeder? It’s sturdy and waterproof! 1. Find a small empty cardboard box 2. Cut along the dotted lines

3. Make a roof out of another piece of cardboard and tape it to the base 4. Cut a hole for the door and put some seeds inside

1. Take an empty plastic bottle and pierce 4 holes around the middle.

2. Push 2 wooden spoons through the holes and fill the bottle with bird seeds. The holes need to be big enough so the seeds spill in the spoon. 3. Pierce a hole in the bottle cap and thread a piece of string through it. Tie a knot in the end.

5. Pop the cardboard bird house in your garden 4. Replace the cap and hang the bird feeder in your garden or at the window How could you make this bird house more weatherproof? We’ve added blue plastic to the outside!

5. How many different kinds of birds can you spot? 13

14 Story & Illustration by Beth Morrison





Find Foxy

Illustration by Mathilde Nivet

Which house did Foxy choose to be in? Can you find him?

Can you spot these? 19



Let’s Okidoodle!

Illustration by Alex Barrow

The bricklayer is building a wall. Draw in the bricks.

Draw more houses to make a town

Match the people with their houses

Draw inside the caravan

Draw inside the tent

Match the characters with their homes

Fill the house with furniture and people

Cut out the squares, flip over and see if you can match up the pairs !

Home Memory Game

Build some crazy spaghetti houses You will need: Spaghetti and meat or veggie sausages cut into pieces.

Create shapes and forms by pushing the uncooked spaghetti through the sliced sausages

Wash yo ur before y hands ou start!

To cook: carefully place the spaghetti and sausages into boiling water for 11 minutes. Eat with your favourite spaghetti sauce.

Try to experiment more!


Sukie the Cat and the Mystery Rooms

Have you ever wondered what Sukie’s room looks like? Can you match the right person to the right room based on their descriptions?

by Les, Tots and Linda

Lola Bird enjoys music and is often found singing in her room. Look out for some sheet music.. add bones


Dotty Dog enjoys fast cars and rockets. When he’s not running around he likes to gnaw on a bone or two!

Sukie is often found painting and drawing in her room. Look out for paintbrushes and paintings on the walls!



Illustration by Peter Slight

Story by Tamasin Barnbrook Illustration by Anthony Peters 40

Friends Little Bird, Hedgehog, Squirrel and Rabbit were tired after a long game of hide-and-seek. Squirrel invited them all to his house.

This was no problem for Little Bird who lived in the same tree. But Hedgehog and Rabbit just couldn’t jump high enough.

‘Squirrel’ said Hedgehog, ‘Why do you live so high up?’

‘So that I can keep my nuts safe and keep away from predators’ said Squirrel.

‘Let’s go to my house’ suggested Rabbit. 41

Squirrel liked Rabbit’s house but Little Bird’s wings kept getting muddy and Hedgehog’s spikes got stuck in the mud.

‘Rabbit’ said Hedgehog ‘Why don’t you have a bigger hole?’

‘Because’ said Rabbit ‘I don’t want anything bigger than me getting in and it keeps me warm and dry.’

‘Let’s go to my house’ suggested Hedgehog

‘Hedgehog’ said Rabbit ‘your house is very messy. Why don’t you clear up these leaves?’


‘They keep me warm and hidden when I am sleepy’ said Hedgehog.

The friends lay near to Hedgehog’s house in the sunshine enjoying being together but each thinking their home was the best.

And soon they sleepily headed to their own home sweet home. 43



Game Illustration by Hannah Rollings

The first one to reach the mud hole wins. Roll the dice and see what animal and habitat you discover.



Can you match the doll houses? All the houses are here twice. On one image we see the front of the house and on the other we see the inside of the house.



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Okido is printed on FSC paper using biodegradable vegetable ink by Calverts print co-operative. © Okido Studio 2012. All rights reserved and reproduction forbidden.

How many fireplaces can you see? Is it an old house or a new house? What can you see in the attic? Where is the kitchen? Is there a children’s room? How do you know?

Let’s look inside this doll house


This issue of Okido is all about habitat. Read fabulous stories, draw, make stuff, play, create and enjoy your new Okido.

Okido helps children learn through play. It is full of stories, activities and games that stimulate creativity and inspire scientific interest. Issue #19 Habitat This issue has been printed on FSC paper using biodegradable vegetable inks.






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