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The Meinders School of Business develops students to engage in our communities, to innovate, and to be business leaders who make an impact. Our Students


Students and alumni describe the value and impact of an MSB education. Welcome Friends


Letter from Meinders School of Business Dean Steven C. Agee. Giving Opportunities


These giving areas change lives, and our future success depends on these giving areas. New Possibilities


We have outlined initiatives and our creative potential of the Meinders School of Business. These aspirations will transform our school and make a positive impact for years to come. Alumni Engagement


MSB alumni demonstrate the value of an MSB degree. Thank You We appreciate your partnership. Pictured at left: Meinders School of Business Atrium




Our Story

THE MEINDERS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS The Meinders School of Business means Engagement. Innovation. Impact. For more than a century, we have sent forth servant leaders into the global business community. Our graduates work every day to provide solutions to complex problems and to help drive change to lead us to a brighter future. With a desire to be the best and secure a prosperous future, we have set a goal to build the endowment, fund student scholarships, provide support for faculty and staff, maintain our home, and fund initiatives that will solidify our position and propel us to the future. With our friends and partners, we can reach our goal and make an impact for decades to come.

Pictured at left: Kameron Uzoma, B.A. Candidate; Ainsley Rose Lane, B.A., 2011; James Campbell, B.S., 2013; Karen Kennedye, B.S., 2012, and J.D., 2015; Patrick Kennedye, B.S., 2011


Our Students Alex Swainsbury, B.S.B. 2011, Finance Alex Swainsbury acquired unique skills that help him in his role as a financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual through close interactions with local business leaders, made possible by Meinders School of Business faculty. Swainsbury was named one of the Top 50 Emerging Financial Advisors for Northwestern Mutual and was part of Leadership Tulsa Class 49. “I could not be more thankful for the preparation and relationships I was equipped with by attending OCU,” he said. “OCU bridged the gap and made me marketable to Fortune 500 financial firms, a personal success I could have never experienced on my own.”

Ashley Bowen Murphy, B.F.A. 2002, J.D. 2005 and Kami (Brokaw) Huddleston, B.F.A. 2003 Ashley Bowen Murphy, B.S.B. in finance ’02 and J.D. ’05, and Kami Brokaw Huddleston, B.F.A. in graphic design ’03, partnered to create Brides of Oklahoma Magazine, a comprehensive resource for local brides showcasing the best wedding vendors the state has to offer. Murphy and Huddleston spent a year preparing their first 272-page issue. Huddleston worked as a contract photographer while launching the magazine and Murphy spent her days as a young associate with Hall Estill Law Firm and her nights working on the magazine. The pair has grown the concept to include blogs, web, social media, events and Brides of North Texas and Brides of Austin magazines. Murphy said she enjoys the opportunity to flex her skills in business and law at the magazine. “I got an incredible education and foundation at Oklahoma City University, and I don’t think I would have felt as comfortable doing this without my legal training. It gave me the confidence I needed to navigate the unknown,” she said. Pictured at left: Administration Building, Oklahoma City University


“AACSB-accredited schools produce graduates that are highly skilled and more desirable to employers than non-accredited schools.” — Steven C. Agee, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Economics

Welcome Friends These are exciting times at the Meinders School of Business. We are at the forefront of business education. In 2014, the Meinders School of Business received AACSB accreditation placing us in the top 4.5% of business schools worldwide. AACSB accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools. As one of our nation’s greatest business schools, we believe it is our job to provide our students with the tools they need to meet the future. To do that, our faculty must be the best in their fields and must also be student-focused, dedicated and passionate. They must demand excellence all the while instilling within each student the importance of servant leadership and giving back. It is of equal importance that we teach our students in the very best facilities we can—in our home. Through careful stewardship combined with our laser-focused vision, we continue to make the Meinders School of Business a better place for our students, but much remains to be done. We envision a prosperous future with the resources and talent to get there. We have reflected on our history and our mission. We know the future success of our school depends on our ability to create a path for our students. We ask the leaders of our community to partner with us in creating the culture, in forging ahead and investing in the future of the Meinders School of Business. With the necessary endowment and annual funding, the Meinders School of Business can broaden its programs, enhance student learning opportunities, maintain and improve our facility and strengthen the value of the Meinders degree. The pages that follow outline for you some specific highlights and provide opportunities that will chart a path of future success and set us apart with investment resources allocated to these initiatives. So we invite you to join us on our journey of engagement, innovation, and resounding impact, united in the belief that the value of an education from the Meinders School of Business is a worthy investment.

—Steven C. Agee, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Economics

Pictured at left: Austin Schwinn, B.S., 2014; Steven C. Agee, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Economics; Regan Shorter, B.B.A., 2015, Accounting




Giving Opportunities

Types of Giving

Endowment At the heart of the Meinders School of Business are the people—the students, faculty and staff of the school. The vibrancy of the school is made possible through the endowment. What is the endowment? The university and college endowment is a collection of funds from our donors, our trusted friends, our alumni, our partners. These funds are pooled together into a long-term investment fund which allows for access to high-quality investment vehicles and broader investment opportunities. The endowment provides a permanent source of income to support the students, professorships, research, capital projects, institutes, centers and the mission of the Meinders School of Business. Endowments typically grow over time through a combination of donations and investment returns. Like other colleges and universities, endowment funds are a large source of revenue for the Meinders School of Business. Endowment spending helps to keep tuition below the level that would be necessary if tuition alone paid the true cost of educating a student. The endowment can help ensure long-term continuity and sustainability. It is through these gifts in perpetuity that provide the support for the school to build upon our mission — a mission with a rich and vibrant history. As we embark on our initiative, the Meinders School of Business endowment has $11 million in assets with $550,000 in annual revenue. We are incredibly grateful for every gift to the Meinders School of Business. Yet, our endowment is significantly less than our peer schools. As higher education ambassadors, we seek to contain upward adjustments to tuition for our students with the realization that the importance of the endowment grows more significant with each year.

Pictured at left: Brooke Crutchfield, B.B.A. Candidate, Business Administration


Endowment A healthy endowment provides us the opportunity to attract top students and the most talented and academically qualified faculty. It allows us the ability to equip our facility with the most advanced technology and progressive programs to remain competitive in an increasingly changing environment. The endowment allows us to be focused on our mission. Donors also make a significant impact through other giving opportunities including gifts to the annual fund, student scholarships, faculty sponsorship, centers and institutes, signature events and programs, and student clubs and associations. This document outlines available investment opportunities with virtually every program existing or envisioned including endowment and other giving opportunities. Donors who provide gifts to our school join the ranks of our visionary contributors who secure the future of the Meinders School of Business and change the world one student— and star—at a time.

Pictured at left: Meinders School of Business Rotunda


student Scholarships Establishing a Path The Devon Scholarship at Oklahoma City University means many things to Ronnie Faram, B.S. ’08. When he was a freshman, it meant a mentor and a friend from the Fortune 500 Company. As he neared graduation, it meant accountability. Now, as he fulfills his dream of working as a dentist, it means success. Faram was a member of the first class of OCU Devon Scholars, a group of five students selected from the Clara Luper Scholarship Program. Devon Energy continues to support five Clara Luper Scholars every year through the program, which pairs students with Devon administrators and staff, provides leadership development opportunities and connects scholars with internships at the company. “The program really added to my OCU experience. My mentors built my confidence and encouraged me,” Faram said. “These scholarships were huge in my life. I want to give back.” Alejandra Campos, B.S.B. ’13, and Juan Campos, B.B.A. ’15 Business students and siblings Alejandra Campos and Juan Campos are quick to credit the Clara Luper program for enhancing accessibility to OCU’s prestigious liberal arts education and the Devon program for connecting them with mentors and potential employers. Alejandra, a business marketing major, regularly visited with her mentor, a Devon finance manager. “She has been essential to guiding me to what I want to do post- graduation,” Alejandra said. “It’s helpful to have someone with a company as prestigious as Devon to answer my questions and give me advice about graduate school programs.” Scholarship opportunities helped her choose to attend OCU, she said. “I have had great opportunities that I do not think I would have gotten at the other schools I considered.” Pictured above, top: Devon’s downtown OKC headquarters, opening ceremony, 2012. Pictured above, bottom: Business students Juan Campos and Alejandra Campos. Pictured at left: Each year, five OCU Clara Luper Scholars are selected as Devon Scholars and gain a mentor from the Fortune 500 Company.


student Scholarships A Rich Legacy Scholarships make an impact and change lives. We are incredibly proud that 95% of all students of the Meinders School of Business receive scholarship support. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Meinders School of Business awarded more than $720,000 in scholarship funds. The Meinders School of Business relies on the generosity of our alumni and friends to help current students succeed. Their gifts are large and small. They are as diverse as the student population they seek to support with their contributions, yet they have a common goal: to allow the Meinders School of Business to achieve its mission to prepare undergraduate and graduate students to be socially responsible leaders in a global economy through teaching excellence and faculty scholarship in business practice and disciplines. In today’s climate it is even more important for those who have completed their education to give back, to help current students, just as they received assistance when they were seeking their education. Meinders School of Business supporters include friends, alumni, staff, faculty, corporations, foundations, churches and organizations. Donors who support the Meinders School of Business impart a rich legacy for the future when creating and funding scholarships. Together our donors make a significant impact that will carry the Meinders School of Business forward for generations to come.


Student Scholarship Funding Opportunities •

Named Endowed Scholarships • Alan B. Brooking Endowment • Ann Covalt Endowed Scholarship

• Meinders School of Business

• B. Claude Shinn

• Michael Gardner Endowed Business Scholarship • Miss America Women in Business

Endowed Accounting Scholarship • B.D. Eddie Endowed Scholarship • Bill Hutton Memorial Endowed Scholarship • Brian & Julia Bakeman Endowed Scholarship • Charles B. Love Memorial Endowed Scholarship • Chesapeake Energy Endowed Scholarship • Chester Cadieux Endowed Undergraduate • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Scholarship in Meinders School of Business Dave & Jean McLaughlin Endowed Scholarship Families of Henry Norick Endowed Scholarship George C. Jones, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Golsen Family Endowed Business Scholarship Harvey P. Everest Endowed Business Scholarship Herman Meinders Endowed Scholarship in Business J. Leland Gourley Scholarship in Business James A. Graves Endowed Scholarship Jeanne Reed Bowman Memorial Endowed Scholarship Kathryn Meinders Endowed Scholarship Kerr McGee Business Endowed Scholarship Martha Burger & Donald Rowlett Endowed Scholarship Meinders School of Business Endowed Scholarship

Enrichment Endowment

Endowed Scholarship • Mo & Jacque Grotjohn

Endowed Business Scholarship • Peter Swartz Endowed Business Scholarship • Richard & Glenna Tanenbaum

Endowed Scholarship • Robert Z. Naifeh Endowed Business Scholarship • Roy W. Chandler Endowed Scholarship • Sam Tune Endowed Business Scholarship • Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Endowment • Swartz Endowed Scholarship • Tom J. McDaniel Endowed Scholarship Fund

in the Meinders School of Business • Troy Bailey Endowed Scholarship • Verle & Lawrence Watson

Endowed Business Scholarship • Vince & Patti Orza

Endowed Business Scholarship • Walter Stiller Endowed Scholarship • Wilbur & Nellie Vandergrift

Endowed Business Scholarship • William C. Doenges Endowed Scholarship • William M. Leebron

Endowed Business Scholarship • Willis C. Worley, Jr Endowed Scholarship

Named Annual Scholarships • Accounting Scholarship • Lou and Ray Ackerman Marketing Scholarship

• MBA General Scholarship • Meinders School of Business Scholarship

• Busey Institute for Leadership Scholarship • Chesapeake Legal Studies Scholarship

• Meinders Transfer Business Scholarship • OERB Student Scholarship

• Chesapeake Presidential Scholarship • Devon Accounting Scholarship

• Robert A. Parman Foundation

• Hall of Honor Business Scholarship • Harris Foundation Energy Scholarship

• Tom & Judy Love Business Scholarship • Women in Leadership Scholarship

Business Scholarship

Establish Your Own Named Scholarship 17

Headline Faculty Endowment Endowed Chairs In 2009, The B.C. Clark Jr. Endowed Chair was created at Oklahoma City University’s Meinders School of Business, funded by a $1 million bequest from Clark’s late wife, Jeroldine Zachritz Clark. The Clark family, which owns B.C. Clark Jewelers, Oklahoma’s oldest jewelry store and the oldest retail store in the state under the same name and ownership, has longstanding ties to Oklahoma City University. B.C. Clark Jr. attended OCU and maintained a close relationship with the university. “We want to see students benefit from the academic opportunities and best business practices the Meinders School of Business has to offer,” Clark said. “Education is a very important factor and this is a cause that was close to Jerry’s heart. The Clark family is proud to be able to build upon the academic opportunities at OCU, and we are happy to fulfill Jerry’s wish to honor B.C. Clark Jr. in such a meaningful way.” Gifts to endowed positions make a clear statement that excellence is valued at the Meinders School of Business. Endowed positions serve to attract the brightest academic minds, reward MSB faculty for stellar teaching and encourage them to continue their academic career here. Endowed positions provide faculty with opportunities for specialized academic programs which attracts the brightest undergraduate and graduate business students. These endowment funds provide an additional source of revenue for faculty salaries which results in the ability to utilize operating budget funds for other projects. An investment in an endowed position ensures we maintain a low student-to-faculty ratio that is vital to the high-quality, personal education at the Meinders School of Business.

Pictured above: Russell Evans, Ph.D. Executive Director, Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute Professor of Economics


“To be the best, we need to have the best faculty, staff, and student talent.”

— Steven C. Agee, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Economics

Endowed Professorships and Directorships The Meinders School of Business is home to the Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute, the Love’s Entrepreneurship Center, and the Busey Leadership Institute. These innovative institutes and centers are designed to bring expertise and valuable information to the business community while providing students opportunities for direct involvement in applied research and projects. An endowed directorship to support these specialized centers would help fulfill the mission of these centers. Corporations support faculty endowments to give back to institutions that provide them with creative talent, and individuals give as an enduring tribute to the establishing donors. Donors who provide funds to endowed positions enable the brightest minds to focus on particular problems and make advancements in specific areas of interest that are important to them for years to come.

Funding Opportunities Endowed Chair • • • • • • • •

American Floral Service Marketing Endowed Chair C.R. Anthony Endowed Chair in Competitive Enterprises Burwell Endowed Chair B.C. Clark, Jr. Endowed Chair in the Meinders School of Business Jack Conn Endowed Chair in the Meinders School of Business T.K. Hendrick Endowed Chair in Marketing & Management Norick Endowed Chair in Marketing Warren K. Watson, Sr. Endowed Chair in Management

Endowed Professorship/Directorships •

Henry James Freede Endowed Professorship

Establish Your Own Named Endowment


“The moment I stepped in the Meinders School of Business, the graceful sounds of music from the Steinway in the center of the rotunda welcomed me, and I knew this place was special. It is where I belong. It is my new home.” —Timothy Harlin, B.S.B., 2010

Our School. Our Home. Herman Meinders, a university trustee and longtime benefactor of the university, funded the $18 million state-of-the-art home for our business students. The school contains cutting-edge technology in more than 12 teaching rooms, four executive classrooms, large and small conference rooms, four computer labs, a student/faculty lounge to facilitate collaboration and mentoring, breakout rooms for small-group meetings, and a 250-seat, theater-styled auditorium. In an on-site learning center, students can video and review mock interviews and presentations, and in a career center, they can take online selfassessments and obtain career-planning resources and assistance. With the growth in distance learning, executive classrooms are equipped with Polycom RealPresence to stream live video of the classroom experience. This technology captures two components: video of the instructor and digital content used during class. Both components are viewed side-by-side in the distance student’s Web browser. Combined with JoinProf, a student response system, distance students can interact with the class in real time. Class content is also available for viewing after it is captured. This feature benefits students who wish to review material or are unable to attend the live lecture. The three-story business school building, with its red-brick and glass exterior, adds a dramatic highlight to the 104-acre, park-like campus. Located on the northeast side of campus, the Meinders School opened in 2003 and is one of the largest capital investments in the history of Oklahoma City University. With donor support, we will be able to preserve and maintain our home for many future generations to come.

Funding Opportunities • •

Dean’s Excellence Fund Executive Classroom Naming Opportunity

• • •

Computer Lab Naming Opportunity Conference Room Naming Opportunity Faculty Suite Naming Opportunity

Pictured above: Herman Meinders. Pictured at left: Meinders School of Business East Entry.


Annual Fund Stephanie Shanor, B.S. in accounting ’05 and M.S. in accounting ’06 Stephanie went through college on several scholarships, many of which were tied to her musical abilities. A violist, Stephanie played with OCU’s Symphony Orchestra while studying accounting in the Meinders School of Business. “I enjoyed being a part of the symphony as I got to be part of something great at OCU that was outside my field of study,” she said. Stephanie also was a student worker in the campus business office. The work extended her appreciation for her scholarships, which is why she now contributes to OCU scholarship funds. “I know first-hand that it makes a difference. Others did it for me, and now I want to give something back,” she said. Now working for Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City, Stephanie noted, “While working as a student in the business office I saw student loans being processed, so I’m all the more grateful that I could go through college without having to worry about borrowing a lot of money,” she said. That inside perspective also gave her a reason to contribute to an unrestricted fund. “Some people have a passion for a particular program, and they’ll dedicate their support to one area. There’s nothing wrong with that, but other programs don’t get as much support,” she said.


Why Give to the Annual Fund? Every gift makes a difference at the Meinders School of Business. Annual giving to the Meinders School of Business provides funds to support the annual budget. Donors who wish to make an immediate impact on virtually every program and every student at the Meinders School of Business may find the annual fund the best vehicle to achieve their goal. It is through the annual fund that student supplies, technology upgrades, student transportation, student clubs and other learning opportunities are made possible. The Annual Fund is the most popular vehicle through which our supporters give to the Meinders School of Business. In fact, more than 280 donors provide support to the Annual Fund, and more than 66% of our Annual Fund gifts come in amounts less than $200. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund provide the most flexibility as they serve as a bridge between long-term goals and the immediate pressing needs of today. We are encouraged by our Annual Fund supporters and have set an ambitious goal to increase support in the unrestricted annual fund.

Funding Opportunities •

Dean’s Excellence Fund


Centers & Institutes Headline Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute The Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute (ERPI) contributes intellectual assets to the local community through economic impact studies, economic forecasting, custom policy modeling and analysis, and statewide consumer sentiment and energy industry indices. The institute staff regularly contributes commentary and expertise to local and regional media and donates time to the community. The institute provides undergraduate and graduate students opportunities for direct involvement in applied economic research through the Institute Scholars Program, an experience rarely provided by other business schools. Gifts to the Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute will allow us to continue to support student-faculty projects, experiences that prepare students to be well suited for their careers.

The Love’s Entrepreneurship Center The Love’s Entrepreneurship Center provides entrepreneurial opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students through faculty-sponsored business competitions as well as special workshops and events. It is through the Love’s Entrepreneurship Center that students receive support for the annual Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition (described on page 29). The Center is host to “Entrepreneurship Day,” an annual event for local and national entrepreneurs to share best practices, cutting-edge innovations and network with students of the Meinders School of Business. Students participating in the Love’s Entrepreneurship Center make an immediate impact in the marketplace from the start of their careers. With new support, we will continue our outreach and innovative efforts to advance entrepreneurship through the academic and business community.


95% of students are employed or go to graduate school upon completion of their bachelor’s degrees.

Martha Burger Career Services Center The Martha Burger Career Services Center provides students and alumni career discovery through access to a network of employers, internships, resume writing skills, interviewing techniques and research tools to gain access to the best employment opportunities. The center provides opportunities for potential employers to find the best and brightest across all business disciplines for their respective organization. In fact, 95% of our students are employed or go to graduate school upon completion of their undergraduate degrees. The center regularly hosts workshops featuring the latest on employment best practices, networking skills, role of social media in managing your career and other important topics. An endowment and annual support will secure the center’s future services and enhance the school’s visibility in the community.

The Busey Leadership Institute Phil and Cathy Busey are visionaries and passionate about leadership. With the establishment of the Busey Leadership Institute from a generous gift from Phil and Cathy, we will organize our professional workshops, leadership programs and other leadership assets in one central location. The Institute will capitalize on these efforts and build upon existing connections through the Love’s Entrepreneurship Center and professional education programs to expand curriculum and leadership development opportunities. With endowment and annual support, the Busey Leadership Institute will provide resources for a director, faculty mentoring and leadership enrichment opportunities. Students participating in the Busey Leadership Institute programs would gain experience in areas that transform businesses and communities for decades.

Funding Opportunities • • • •

Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute Love’s Entrepreneurship Center Martha Burger Career Services Center Busey Leadership Institute


Signature Events & Programs Oklahoma Commerce & Industry Hall of Honor The Oklahoma Commerce & Industry Hall of Honor is the Meinders School of Business annual signature event that provides scholarships for business students. The event recognizes business and community leaders who make significant contributions to the growth and development of Oklahoma and the Southwest. The Oklahoma Commerce and Industry Hall of Honor is housed in the Meinders School of Business at Oklahoma City University. Hall of Honor inductees serve as role models for students in the Meinders School of Business, providing them inspiration and encouragement as they pursue their roles as the next generation of business and community leaders. Financial support for the Oklahoma Commerce & Industry Hall of Honor provides scholarships for students of the Meinders School of Business.

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership The Women in Leadership conferences began with a small group of women with an interest to take on a cause and share knowledge. The first Women in Leadership: Powerhouse Workshop & Panel was held in 2010. The annual conference is remarkable. The topics are relevant and the conversations are candid and truthful. The atmosphere is intimate and trusting. The speakers talk openly about their successes and failures, lessons learned, and mistakes along the way. Students attend the conference and submit essays to win cash prizes. They benefit from learning about real-world experiences and from interacting with leaders they may never have met otherwise. The conference is a way for speakers, sponsors and organizers to give back to the community, nurture students, recruit talent and promote their organization. Employers also value the training and leadership development the conference provides. Funds for the Women in Leadership provide student scholarships for the Meinders School of Business.


Speaker Series The Meinders School of Business regularly hosts outstanding speakers to further intellectual rigor, critical thinking and professional excellence in many disciplines through our speaker series. In 2010, a grant from the Karl and June Martin Family Foundation in the amount of $150,000 provided funds to establish a distinguished speaker series, focusing primarily on energy through the Meinders School of Business. Each year, the Meinders School of Business has the opportunity to bring nationally recognized energy experts to Oklahoma City to address some of the most pressing energy issues the world faces. The Karl F. and June S. Martin Family Foundation Energy Speaker Series features distinguished experts who give presentations about all aspects of energy including forward-looking estimates of demand and how that demand will be met by current and future energy forms. The annual conferences provide for an intellectually stimulating opportunity for students, faculty and professionals in the energy industry. The grant also funds scholarships for students working at the Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute located in the Meinders School of Business. Gifts to support a speaker series is a great way to give students unique opportunities to learn more about diverse industries.

Funding Opportunities • • •

Oklahoma Commerce & Industry Hall of Honor Sponsorship Women in Leadership Sponsorship Speaker Series Sponsorship • Karl F and June S. Martin Family Foundation Speaker Series • Coca-Cola Entrepreneur Speaker Series Endowment • C.W. Wisdom Endowed Lectureship


“I will never forget attending the World Business Forum in New York. It was truly a transformational experience for me while I was at the Meinders School of Business. It was an opportunity that I could never have experienced at any other school. It has made a true impact.”

—Adrienne Dean, B.S., 2015

Signature Student Events & Programs Student Programs World Business Forum

Since 2006, undergraduate and graduate students have attended the World Business Forum in New York thanks to generous donor support. The annual forum is a two-day conference that brings world-class speakers from diverse fields to discuss relevant business topics and trends, challenge current business and leadership practices, and provide a blend of real world, hands-on experience, with rigorous academic analysis. With continued donor support, students will continue to be able to learn from the world’s greatest business leaders. Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition

With donor and faculty support, the Meinders School of Business fields undergraduate and graduate teams in the Governor’s Cup, a regional collegiate business plan competition that simulates the real-world process of researching a market, writing a business plan, and making a presentation to potential investors. The competition encourages students to act upon their ideas to produce tomorrow’s businesses. Meinders students successfully compete for cash prizes each year. They create innovative solutions to real issues including new drug therapies, medical device technology, improved efficiencies for the sod industry, and more. Students involved in the Governor’s Cup gain access to networks of successful entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders, experience team-building opportunities, and develop business planning skills. Donor support will allow us to continue student participation in the prestigious competition and faculty-sponsored support for our budding entrepreneurs.

Funding Opportunities •

World Business Forum

Pictured: Katelyn Turnbull, B.S., 2008


Governor’s Cup Competition

Student Clubs & Associations Investment Club The Meinders School of Business Investment Club is a faculty-sponsored student club dedicated to educating members in the investment and finance industry. Founded in 2005 with $200,000 in seed money donated by Herman Meinders, the club brings together undergraduate and graduate students to manage a portfolio of securities. The practical learning and hands-on experience of conducting research on investment opportunities, data analysis, and investment recommendations prepares our students from the start for careers in the finance and investment industry. Equally beneficial, financial gains on the student investments are returned to the school and improve the Meinders School of Business endowment.

Meinders Energy Association The Meinders Energy Association is a student club for graduate students in the Energy Management and Energy Legal Studies degree programs dedicated to professional growth and networking opportunities in the energy industry. Students regularly host energy professionals to deliver guest lectures to broaden and enrich their educational experience. Donor support will allow us to continue student participation in the innovative and relevant program and faculty-sponsored support for our young energy professionals.

Funding Opportunities • •

Investment Club Support Meinders Energy Association Support

Pictured at left: Cody Carson, B.B.A., 2014, Marketing


Pictured at front left: Brady Bieber, B.B.A. Candidate, Finance; Front right: Rafael Barrera, B.B.A. 2014, IT



New Possibilities

Our Future Build a New Wing Our vision for the Meinders School of Business includes the addition of a south wing dedicated to executive meeting space and classrooms for our graduate and professional students. The expansion will increase the number of theater-style classrooms to accommodate our growing graduate and professional education programs, especially in the energy industry. The space will feature state-of-the-art technology to support and connect our distance-learning students with our business school faculty and community leaders. An endowment will create a named classroom opportunity for donors and increase visibility in the business community.

Create an Energy Center This energy center would capitalize on our central location and graduate programs in the energy industry by allowing faculty, students, and energy industry professionals to work together on cutting-edge research on new technologies and innovations in the energy industry. The center would leverage the expertise of faculty in the Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute, Love’s Entrepreneurship Center, and the Busey Leadership Institute to advance the knowledge on energy issues important to Oklahoma, the nation, and the world. Funding would support the hiring of faculty, staff, and student talent that will provide energy professionals with the most current data pertaining to the energy industry while enhancing the skill set of graduates of the Meinders School of Business.


Alumni Engagement The Meinders School of Business alumni network is 17,500 strong and growing. Students earning their degree from the Meinders School of Business join this elite group of successful business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from across the globe that keeps them connected and involved through a variety of cultural, social, and community programs. MSB alumni like Debbie and Paul Fleming continue to shape the future. Debbie and Paul were young business students in the late 1970s. Today, they are proud OCU alumni who know the importance of giving back to the school that gave them the gift of an excellent education and lifelong friendships. Paul is Chief Internal Auditor at BancFirst and an active member of the Meinders School of Business advisory board, and Debbie is an executive in residence in the Masters in Energy Management program. The Flemings give selflessly of their time, talent and treasure to the Meinders School of Business and Oklahoma City University. “We appreciate the value of an excellent education and the importance of helping others achieve their goals. It is from this interest and desire to help others that we support young business students through annual gifts to fund scholarships,� says Debbie. Many alumni love and support the Meinders School of Business. It is alumni like the Flemings who allow us to create opportunities, develop relationships and build careers.

Funding Opportunities •

MSB Alumni Fund

Pictured at left: Debbie Fleming, B.S.B., 1977; Paul Fleming, B.S., 1976, Economics


We thank the many Stars around the world who connect with us to make the initiative a success.

Thank You Brick upon brick, the Meinders School of Business we know today has been built through the efforts of those who came before—each generation of students enjoying greater opportunity through the support of alumni and friends from generations past. Together, with the help of our friends and community partners, we are confident we will reach our goals, continue to send forth servant leaders and welcome new students anxious to learn. It is what we do. It is who we are. We are Meinders. We are Stars. Thank you for Your Engagement. Your Innovation. Your Impact.

Ways to Give Give Online Now

By Phone

An online gift is quick, easy and secure. Visit to make an online gift with your debit or credit card.

You may also make a gift by calling 405.208.5540 or 405.208.6111.

Check or Money Order

Planned gifts provide a future gift through your financial and estate plans. Explore different types of planned gifts and different assets to give by visiting or by calling 405.208.7000.

If you prefer to send a check, make it payable to “Meinders School of Business” and mail to: Melissa Cory Meinders School of Business Oklahoma City University 2501 N. Blackwelder Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Planned Giving

Pictured at left: Jevon Oliver, B.S., 2012; Katelyn Turnbull, B.S., 2008


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