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District Council

General Presbyters

H. Franklin Cargill Superintendent

Craig Dacus Assistant Superintendent

Executive Presbyters Jim McNabb Jack Salkil Executive Administrator

Ron McCaslin

District Departments Lindell Warren Missions

Doug Everaard Youth Ministries

Bruce McCarty

2013 Committees

Darren & Michelle Pilcher Church Ministries

Dean Guthrie Children’s Ministries

CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE: H. Franklin Cargill, Chairman; Craig Dacus, Ron McCaslin, Bruce McCarty, Jim McNabb, Raymond Frizzelle, Keith Williams, Terry Bradley, Steve Rose, Jamie Austin, Darryl Wootton, Chad Brodrick, Weldon Wright, Micah Wells, Duane Elmore, David Brooks, Don Barnes, Billy Martin, Arlis Moon, Jack Salkil, Lindell Warren, Darren Pilcher, Doug Everaard, Dean Guthrie

CAMPUS EVANGELISM COMMITTEE: Lindell Warren, Chairman; Doug Everaard, Greg Tiiffany, Nick Callaway, Charlie Bunn, Paul Knight, Destry Dobbs, Jimmy Keith, Ric Freeman, Raymond Frizzelle, Will Jenkins, Keith Williams

REVOLVING FUND COMMITTEE: H. Franklin Cargill, Chairman; Craig Dacus, Ron McCaslin, Bruce McCarty, Jim McNabb

GIRLS MINISTRIES COMMITTEE: Elizabeth Moon Chairperson; Michelle Owen, Kathy Ogdon, Dana Chandler, Tracy Collins, Nyree Brodrick, Sandy Gaskey, Debbie DeWitt, Connie Boggs, Mary White, Lanette Clevenger, Tommy Coffman

CHILDREN’S COMMITTEE: Dean Guthrie, Chairman; Ryon Moore, Sherry Stacy, Dosha Furr, Bethany Crow, Scott Raney, Debora Wilson, Esther Douthit, Tammie Ward, Terry Cuthbertson, Bev Robertson, Greg Ruple, Phillip RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE: Craig Dacus, Chairman; Chad Brodrick, Duane Elmore, Ric Freeman, Bruce McCarty, Shawn Ludwyck, Licia Kinkead Money, Bob Warman MEN’S MINISTRIES COMMITTEE: Darren Pilcher, Chairman; FINANCE COMMITTEE: Jim McNabb, Chairman; Doyle Long, Daryl Lee, Joe Owen, Scott Stuart, Darrin Ballard, Randy Dyer, Kevin Martin, Jimmy Keith, Brock Carlile, Mark LeMarr, Keith Williams Gary Pratt, Ric Freeman, Mike Southerland ROSTER COMMITTEE: Stephen Kuert, Chairman; Vince MISSIONS COMMITTEE: Lindell Warren, Chairman; Chad Boone, David Hert, Bret Luallen, Kevin Martin Brodrick, Alma Hill, Travis Jenkins, Phil Taylor, Ben Tipton, DEVOTIONAL COMMITTEE: Darren Pilcher, Chairman; Jamie Kevin Ward Austin, Ron Woods, Darryl Wootton YOUTH MINISTRIES COMMITTEE: Doug Everaard, Chairman; TELLERS COMMITTEE: Merwin Pickney, Chairman; Michael Todd Drake, Ashton Peters, Jason Byers, Jerrod Murr, Jeff Walker, Aaron Frizzelle, Brent Logsdon, Mike Marshall, Daniel Abel, Scott Ballard, Brock Carlile, Aaron Cole, Gary Dotson, Pruett, Rodney Wardwell, Phil Freeman, Doug Wyatt, Ryan Daniel Isgrigg, Bob Roche, Brian Smith Summers, Heath Corrales, Joe Martinez, Matt Haffner, Donny Coffman, Greg Tiffany USHERS COMMITTEE: Bob Walker, Chairman; Todd Beck, Charlie Bunn, Randall Darden, Todd Drake, Aaron Frizzelle, WOMEN’S MINISTRIES COMMITTEE: Michelle Pilcher, Don Hogue, Trey Hopkins, Brent Logsdon, Brent McClure, Chairperson; Linda Goldner, Cathy Williams, Carol Jordan Moore, Adam Quinn, Jeff Walker, Doug Young Stuart, ReBecca Yandell, Kay Couch, Nyree Brodrick, Sandra PARLIAMENTARIAN COMMITTEE: Robert Polvado, Chairman; Hutcheson, Amanda Carlile, Maria Allen, Cyndi St. John, Debbie Pratt, Tammy Holman, Khristy Russ Greg Davis, John Gifford

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district superintendent

Frank Cargill

I vividly recall a Sunday night service at Capitol Hill Assembly in Oklahoma City where Linda and I were serving during 1988. While the congregation worshiped, someone placed a booklet on every car in the parking lot. The title – “88 Reasons Why Jesus is Coming in 88.” History has recorded 25 years since that date. In my opinion, Christ could have come in 1988. He could have come this past year. I believe He may come before Oklahoma celebrates another District Council. I believe that the rapture of the Church is at hand! The resurrection of those who have fallen asleep in Christ and their translation together with those who are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord is the imminent and blessed hope of the church. Paul wrote, “Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

Just in case you are not aware – I love Oklahoma! Linda and I consider our years of service to our Oklahoma Family as the greatest honor ever bestowed upon us! A miracle in progress is the only way I know to describe the development of Sparks Camp. I rejoice to report that as we continue to make capital improvements, our long-term debt is being reduced monthly! We desperately need individuals and churches to continue to partner with us as NEXT Generation Partners and urge every church to become involved. I have no doubt that our priorities are properly aligned. We have never faced bigger challenges or witnessed greater opportunities but if God be for us, who can be against us! Respectfully submitted, H. Franklin Cargill, Pastor Oklahoma AG Ministries

I suspect that those in attendance at the 1st District Council, held on the banks of the Arkansas River near Tulsa, never thought there would ever be a 100th District Council. Yet, we gather in Broken Arrow at The Assembly for such an event. To all who have gathered for this 100th District Council – LET US NOT BE DECEIVED – CHRIST’S COMING IS IMMINENT! His Spirit is being outpoured upon our Fellowship in an unprecedented measure. Join me as together we celebrate this historic meeting! As Pastor of this Oklahoma Fellowship, I am thankful to report that the health of our Oklahoma Ministries is strong. We have a tremendous leadership team of effective directors. In addition, we have a dedicated group of 20 people who serve this body full-time through our offices in Oklahoma City. I know of no other district in the General Council that has an Executive Presbytery with greater vision or more of a cooperative spirit than we have in Oklahoma. Every one of our 14 Sections has excellent leaders who serve as Sectional Presbyters and outstanding pastors.

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executive administrator Jack Salkil

SPARKS CAMP FACILITY Reflecting back on this last year, I have seen many opportunities, although some have been well concealed. Yet I have also seen over and over again the faithfulness of God. I am extremely pleased to express that we will see the camp fully functional and from the reports I have received, all of the Camps are filling up with campers. This is going to be a tremendous year for our camping ministry. Please don’t be misled by thinking that everything at the Sparks facility is complete and we don’t need to do anything further. That is not even close to reality. The truth of the matter is that the project is going to be ongoing for a long time. There will always be the need of improvements and upkeep will be required on a consistent basis as well. To be competitive in this ministry is going to require us to provide the very best - not just as a facility but in every capacity. We have such a beautiful facility - a facility that every person can be extremely proud of being a part. PK MINISTRY It is such a blessing to be involved in this ministry. Admittedly, Faye gives oversight to this ministry more than I do and indeed carries a tremendous burden for it. The PK Retreat went extremely well and experienced a numerical growth again this year. It is always encouraging to see the veterans return as well as the new ones

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come in to this ministry. Not only was the PK Retreat a huge success but getting the PK’s involved in missions is wonderful. Last year the teams went to Arizona and helped two different churches on the reservation as well as a trip to Costa Rica. This year the teams will be going to help a district church at Taloga, to assist with ministry with one of our Cowboy churches at Cheyenne, and to help develop a camp in Ukraine. We are very thankful for Bro. and Sis. Cargill’s leadership in the development of this ministry and for each of the District Leadership Team members involvement. Faye and I are very appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of this great ministry. OSOM Once again, the Oklahoma School of Ministry is experiencing growth with the numbers increasing in all three levels of ministry. The enrollment for this series of courses stands at 100 in Level One, 60 in Level Two, and 20 in Level Three. Even the first level students who have never been involved with OSOM are doing very well. It is also exciting to learn that these students are planning to continue through all three levels. I commend the facilitators, many of whom serve as pastors, presbyters, and executive presbyters, who take time from their busy schedules and spend those Saturdays making the investment in the lives of the students.

CREDENTIALS With two Certified and Licensed Credential Celebrations in 2012, we were very pleased that the Oklahoma District added 64 new Certified ministers along with 60 receiving Licensed credentials. Ordination credentials were presented to 30 Ordination candidates. God is still calling people to the ministry! I am convinced that I have the very best of assistants in both Sherri Anderson and Deana Smith who do not consider their responsibilities a job but indeed a ministry. They truly are a gift to these ministries. In closing, let me express how much I appreciate the relationship we have with each of you. Thank you for allowing us to serve in such a wonderful capacity. You have been a part of our ministry, have joined with us to accomplish tasks, have allowed us to stand behind your pulpits, and have supported us in so many endeavors. THANK YOU! Please be assured that if Faye or I can assist you in any way, we stand anxiously awaiting to do. We have one of the greatest of all Districts and it is because of you and your efforts. We love each and every one of you. Respectfully submitted, Jack Salkil Executive Administrator

missions director

Lindell Warren

As I once again submit an Annual Report to the District Council how privileged I feel to represent the Oklahoma missionary family. With all their shades of personality our missionaries have one thing in common. They all possess commitment – a commitment to their call and a commitment to their commission. It continues to be a joy to work with such quality people. In wanting to help facilitate the budgetary needs of our missionary personnel, I preached in eight mission services or conventions. Also, I consider it a joy to help direct financial support to our missionaries through encounters in and out of the office, and other divine appointments. It has been joy to speak in two of our ethnic churches, one of our Cowboy churches, a church celebrating Pastor Appreciation Sunday, a chapel service at SAGU and ten other fill-ins or special guest services. My initial call is to preach. Hopefully, along the way some other giftings have developed. I also conducted one wedding, participated in one funeral, and attended 11 other funerals. By virtue of the office I fill, I provide oversight to Chi Alpha Campus Ministry, Deaf Ministry, Native American Ministry, Spanish Ministry, other Ethnic Ministries, Prison Ministry, and Cowboy churches. Other committees or boards I chair or am a part of include the Tex-0k-La Indian Camp Meeting, the District Missionary Screening Committee, the Oklahoma Teen Challenge Board, the American Indian College Board

of Regents, the National Cowboy Church Fellowship, the District Credentials Committee, and of course, the District Presbytery. This last year I participated in Heritage Days, District Council, some Sectional Councils, and in the fall, Sectional School of Ministry Tour. I represented the District Missions Department at the student banquet at SAGU in Waxahachie, Texas. The District Missions Department organized the AllDistrict Missions Banquet in conjunction with District Council and the Oklahoma District Dinner in Springfield, Missouri for all our missionaries home on itineration. In March of 2012, I was out of the country for 13 days for the cause of missions. It was my honor to be invited to Cambodia by Oklahoma missionaries Darin and Diana Clements. While in Cambodia I spoke six different times to the students at the Cambodia Bible Institute during their annual missions emphasis week. What great things I witnessed at the Bible School that week. Upon leaving Cambodia I next stopped in the Philippines. There I was hosted by the Steven Snow family in Northern Luzon. It proved to be a profitable three days. The last stop in my Asian trip was the island nation of Taiwan, where Fari Rider labors in ministry. I was blessed to see the degree of acceptance Fari has earned among the national church leaders. It was a wonderful two days.

Last year I reported the growing number of Saturdays we in district leadership now find ourselves obligated for. I understand that this is necessary because of the many bi-vocational pastors and the lay members of our churches that can only join us on Saturdays. One of those weekend opportunities this past year was our Healthy Church Network (HCN) Retreats. We met for four HCN Retreats on four different Friday and Saturday weekends, Phyllis and I went to Muskogee First Assembly, while our Administrative Assistant, Dona Bunn, went to Elk City the four times. Dr. Ron McManus and Rick Allen were our presenters in these retreats. A total of 10 churches took the journey having completed all the work. It truly came together for them. In conclusion, I wish to express how I feel about those I work with. The district team under Brother Cargill’s capable leadership is a joy to partner with. Phyllis and I consider our administrative assistant, Dona Bunn, to be a gift from God to the Missions Department. From the officers to the staff, everyone is committed to ministry. God Bless the Oklahoma District! Respectfully submitted, Lindell Warren Missions Director

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Church Ministries

Darren & Michelle Pilcher One of the most enjoyable parts of my involvement among our Oklahoma family is the deepening of personal relationships. From sharing coffee and meals together to weekend ministry, the association of fellow ministers is foundational to why we exist. Because of our growing portfolio in the many facets of ministry resourcing, what has been accomplished could not happen without a competent team: Shirley Ophus, our office assistant; Gary and Debbie Pratt, our Singles Ministries Coordinators; Martin and Janice Perryman, our Senior Adult Ministries Coordinators; our Men’s Ministries/LFTL Reps from the 14 sections. Mentioning this team of people is my way of expressing a debt of gratitude to them for their time and service, I also extend personal appreciation to Pastor Cargill for his constant belief in our leadership and kindness to our family.

I am blessed as I reflect on the past year in Women’s Ministries. The ladies of Oklahoma have lived out the theme, “Love Revealed”. They have given to missions as well as poured into women in their local church and community. It is so rewarding to see God using his daughters to reveal His love. I want to express my deepest appreciation to the ladies on our leadership team. Their passion, ideas, and support are vital for what takes place in this ministry. This team includes: Shirley Ophus, Linda Goldner, Cathy Williams, Carol Stuart, ReBecca

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I am continually grateful for the opportunity to serve the Oklahoma Assemblies of God. Please accept my family’s thanks for the privilege and support we receive from you. Also, know that Michelle and I remain committed to making a positive contribution to the health of our fellowship. We consider it an overwhelming honor to be in Kingdom partnership. Respectfully submitted, Darren S. Pilcher Church Ministries Director

Yandell, Kay Couch, Nyree Brodrick, Sandra Hutcheson, Amanda Carlile, Cyndi St. John, Maria Allen, Debbie Pratt, Tammy Holman, Khristy Russ, Deana Smith and Julie Allred. I give my heartfelt thanks to each of you.

Our family is blessed as we travel and connect with local church families across our state. My prayer is that God’s hand will continue to guide us as we minister to women of every age, background and need.

Because of Women’s Ministries, we are able to give support to our missionaries, remember our minister’s widows, provide leadership training and resources as well as conduct our annual conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Thank you for allowing me to serve the women of Oklahoma and minister alongside my husband Darren in Church Ministries.

Michelle Pilcher Women’s Ministries Director

youth director

Doug Everaard We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the churches and student ministries of the Oklahoma District this past year as District Youth Directors. There always seems to be great challenges every year, and there are so many rewarding opportunities in this position but none more meaningful than the genuine relationships we get the privilege of forging during this season. We want to thank the ministers of the Oklahoma District for their support and allowing us the opportunity to share our heart for student ministry and missions in their pulpits. Our ministry consisted of church services, revivals, youth services, conventions, University/college/ high school chapels, camps, rallies, retreats and STL services. We love the students of this generation and the youth pastors who lead them and it is our continued desire to develop generations to lead.

During this past year we have led the following District activities: Speed-The Light Missions Conventions, Girls Retreat, Fine Arts Festival, Christian Fun Day, two Youth Camps, Convergence Youth Convention, Youth Pastor’s Retreat, SHIFT School Assemblies, and Bible Quiz. We did not participate this year in many of the normal National Events such as DYD Conference, National STL Banquet, National Fine Arts, or the SAGU Board of Regents Meetings simply because of our son Grayson and his fight with cancer! Grayson finished his battle with cancer on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012. Thank you so much for fighting along with us through your phone calls, emails, gifts, visits, running of OYM events, and most of all your fervent prayers. We are very grateful to Brother Cargill and the District of Oklahoma

for the time and grace afforded to us to take care of our family! We continue to trust and serve God as we launch into our “new normal” life! I appreciate the youth committee for their help and ideas in leading the student ministries of this state. We also want to thank Chelsea Woodstock, our new Administrative Assistant. It was a challenging first year, but she did an outstanding job! Jill, Seth, and I appreciate you and our District Leadership for allowing us to serve in this season and look forward to what the Lord has in this upcoming year! Developing Generations to Lead, Doug Everaard Youth Director

Children’s Director Dean Guthrie

I want to sincerely thank those all across our district for the love, support, and prayers that you have shown the Oklahoma Children’s Ministries department over the last year. We cannot continue to do what we do without it. We count it an honor and a privilege to serve the Oklahoma District and it is something that we do not take lightly. I look forward to the future as we continue to serve God and the Oklahoma District. Many thanks go to my wife, Joy. Many times men will thank their wives for either standing behind or beside them in ministry. Truthfully, there have been times that she has stood beside, behind, and on more than one occasion, in front of me. For that I am grateful. Our kids, D.J. and Tori, are a big part of our ministry as well. Whether its waking up early in the summer to help

out at Kids Camp, (Tori) or dressing up as our OCM mascot to greet a group of excited kids, (D.J.) you guys are awesome and I’m glad you are part of our team. A big thank you to our Administrative Assistant, Shelle Anderson, who works in our office. She does a great job representing the OCM office. She not only handles day to day business in our office, but also handles the registration and organizing of our big events throughout the year.

Children’s Ministries Reps for accepting the responsibility to represent children’s ministries throughout the 14 sections in our district. I am looking forward to a great year and anticipate all of the great things God has in store for us. Last but certainly not least, thanks to everyone in our District Office family. You guys are great and it is certainly an honor and pleasure to serve with you. God Bless the Oklahoma District,

I would also like to thank the incredible team of coordinators that we have the privilege to serve alongside us in the OCM department: Marvin Lemke - Royal Rangers Coordinator, Liz Moon - Girls Ministries Coordinator, and Larry and Cindy Mullins – Junior Bible Quiz Coordinators. I would also like to thank the newly appointed

Dean Guthrie Children’s Ministries Director

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