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Publisher Frank Cargill Editor Jack Salkil Designers Jayson Evans Josh Lowder

JULY Intermediate Camp OSOM Game Day Kids Camp #1 Heritage Days Elite Ladies Luncheon Pioneer Banquet OK Spanish SOM (Tulsa) Kids Camp #2 Single Parent Family Camp Royal Rangers JLTA Kids Camp #3 Little Radicals

July 1-5 July 6 July 8-12 July 10-12 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 15-19 July 19-20 July 19-23 July 22-26 July 29-31

AUGUST General Council (Orlando, FL) National Fine Arts Girls’ Ministries Celebration Spanish Missions Convention (Tulsa) Campus Missions Retreat Credential Seminar (Entry Level) OSSOM Graduation (District Office) PK Retreat



Frank Cargill Superintendent

Raymond Frizzelle Section 1

Craig Dacus Assistant Superintendent

Keith WIlliams Section 2

Jim McNabb General Presbyter

Terry Bradley Section 3


Steve Rose Section 4

Bruce McCarty August 5-9 August 5-9 August 16-17 August 17-18 August 23-24 August 24 August 24 August 31-Sept. 2

SEPTEMBER School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 4-AM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 5W-PM) WM Retreat (Re-Purposed) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 1-PM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 2-AM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 3-PM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 6-AM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 5E-PM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 8-AM) OCM Kids Convention School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 7-PM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 10-AM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 9S-PM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 12-AM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 11-PM) School of Ministry Tour (Sec. 9N-PM) Spanish Ministries Crusade Girls Ministries Sleepover JBQ Season Opener Chi Alpha Breakaway

Copyeditor Renae Elmore

September 3 September 3 September 6-7 September 9 September 10 September 10 September 12 September 12 September 13 September 14 September 16 September 17 September 17 September 19 September 19 September 23 September 27-28 September 27-28 September 27-28 September 27-29

Ron McCaslin

Jamie Austin Section 5E


Darryl Wootton Section 5W

Doug Everaard Youth Ministries

Chad Brodrick Section 6

Dean Guthrie Children’s Ministries

Weldon Wright Section 7

Darren Pilcher Church Ministries

Micah Wells Section 8

Michelle Pilcher Women’s Ministries Jack Salkil Executive Administrator Lindell Warren Missions

David Brooks Section 9N L Duane Elmore Section 9S Don Barnes Section 10 Billy Martin Section 11 Arlis Moon Section 12

405.475.1100 @OKDCofAG

July 2013 Outlook  

The latest edition of the Oklahoma Outlook.

July 2013 Outlook  

The latest edition of the Oklahoma Outlook.