2021-2022 Ogunquit Dining Guide

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Backyard Coffeehouse & Eatery

Congdon’s Doughnuts

Northern Union

Bandito’s Mexican Grill

Crew Ogunquit

68 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-4221

8 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-439-5810

Ogunquit Lobster Pound

Barnacle Billy’s

Crooked Pine

Old Village Inn

50-70 Perkins Cove Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-5575

30 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-7021

250 Main St., Ogunquit 207-646-7088

Beach Lobster House

Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant

The Port Box Company

111 Beach St., Ogunquit 207-360-2286

134 Harbor Rd., Wells 207-646-8780


Beachfire Bar & Grille

Front Porch Piano Bar & Restaurant

658 Main St., Ogunquit 207-646-8998

9 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-4005

Raspberri’s Restaurant

Big Daddy’s Ice Cream

The Front Yard

Roberto’s Restaurant

478 Main St., Ogunquit 207-261-9235

355 Main St., Ogunquit 207-360-0025

Bread & Roses Bakery

Java Coffee & Tea

614 Post Rd., Wells Breadandrosesbakery.com

115 Perkins Cove Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-7042

Roberto’s Pizzeria

Caffe Prego



44 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-7734

92 Bourne Ln., Ogunquit 207-646-4777

135 Beach St., Ogunquit 207-646-2525

Cape Neddick Lobster Pound

The Maine Catch

That Place in Ogunquit

60 Shore Rd., Cape Neddick 207-363-5471

262 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-216-9887

331 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-8600

Clay Hill Farm


Wiggly Bridge Distillery

178 Main St., Ogunquit 207-251-4554

220 Clay Hill Rd., Cape Neddick 207-361-2272

1090 Post Rd., Wells 207-646-4219

173 Main St., Ogunquit 207-646-1112

261 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-216-9639 504 Main St., Ogunquit 207-646-2516

449 Main St., Ogunquit 207-646-7003

200 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-8130 200 Shore Rd., Ogunquit 207-646-8131

19 Railroad Ave., York 207-363-9322

Prices and menus are subject to change without notice. Please contact each establishment for the most up to date information.

Ogunquit Dining at its Finest! The Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce is delighted to offer this glimpse of our community’s outstanding dining scene. We work with more than 50 food & beverage establishments in Ogunquit, Wells and York to make sure our guests and residents know about them and their creative offerings.

Sweet and Satisfying…. Too full for dessert? Trust us, you’ll wish you had it for later. So order it to go, take an after-dinner stroll along the water and share it with a loved one to top off your night!

Greek Donut

Chocolate Oblivion

A guide to the Maine Foods that you need to try! This list includes foods that are native to Maine and foods that are hard to find anywhere else. Some of these foods are regional and popular throughout northern New England. Lobster Roll


Lobster rolls are one of the most iconic Maine foods. You will see them served at most Maine restaurants. Sometimes they have buttered lobster, sometimes they are made with mayonnaise.

Maine oysters have a distinctive briny taste since there is so much salt in Maine’s cold ocean water. Usually, Maine oysters are served raw and fresh with some lemon juice and maybe some hot sauce.

Blueberry Pie

Maine wild blueberries are the Maine State Berry and Maine produces 99% of America’s blueberries! So while you are in Maine, don’t forget to indulge in a sweet slice of Maine blueberry pie.

Crab Cakes

You will see crab cakes on the appetizer section of many menus throughout the state. Maine crab cakes are very similar to Maryland crab cakes, they are just make with Maine crab meat. The crabs native to Maine are Peekytoe Crab and Jonah crab.

Clam Chowdah

Maple Syrup

Clam chowder is the most common chowder you will find in Maine, although some restaurants serve seafood chowder or lobster chowder. New England style chowder is made with cream and butter, which explains why is it so good!

Maine produces over 500,000 gallons of maple syrup each year. Maple syrup season lasts for about 45-50 days between the end of February and midApril. Maple syrup goes perfectly on some Maine blueberry pancakes!

Whoopie Pies

Maine blueberry pie is the state dessert, but whoopie pies are the official state treat! Whoopie pies are a handheld dessert made with two small cakes, about the size of cookies, filled with thick frosting.


Fiddleheads are young ferns that are still rolled up. Fiddleheads are wild and grow near bodies of fresh water. Since they are wild, they need to be foraged during the short season that lasts 4-6 weeks between April and early June.

Information provided by: thekittchen.com


We’re More Than Just Seafood You must indulge in a lobster dish while you’re here in Ogunquit. But please be sure to explore our other unique local specialties!

Mesquite Baby Back Ribs

Seared Duck Breast

Mediterranean Sea Bass

Mediterranean Style Grilled Octopus

Classic, Seasonal and Enduring…. With more than 40 restaurants offering classic and contemporary cocktails, hand-selected wine and locally-brewed beer, it’s easy to see why Ogunquit is well-known for its nightlife offerings.

Frozen Cosmo

House Margarita

Spiked Ocean Water

Margarita of Ogunquit

We would like to thank these members, in particular, for their extra support. It’s their participation that has enabled the Chamber to produce this guide to help you make the most of your time in Ogunquit. Savor the seashore and enjoy your meal!