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2013 Report on Philanthropy | A


B | Belmont University

Belmont University is so blessed to have such generous visionary alumni and friends involved with the University. Your 2013 gifts helped ensure another banner year. Because of you new student scholarships funds were established. Because of you the Alumni House restoration project was funded and completed. Because of you construction continues on the new Wedgewood Academic building. Because of you we continue to provide challenging, academic programming for our students. I feel fortunate to be able to witness the fruit of your commitment and support throughout the institution. The 2013 Report on Philanthropy is a reflection of your generosity and resolve. As you review the report, it is my hope you will come to understand the integral role you have had in fostering Belmont’s success and prominence as an academic and community leader. With grateful appreciation,

Bethel Thomas, Jr. Ph.D. Vice President for University Advancement

What an amazing year 2013 has been for Belmont, and it is due in no small part to the generous support of our donors. Thank you for your meaningful gifts! It has been a privilege to watch Belmont’s phenomenal growth and success. As an alumnus, parent and trustee I could not be more proud. It has been my honor to serve as the Chairman of the University’s Development committee this past year. Learning about your stories of impactful support has been such a blessing. I can tell you there are exciting opportunities that lie ahead for this institution and its students. It will be my pleasure to work alongside you as we secure a bright future for Belmont. Thank you for your continued commitment. With deepest gratitude,

Steve Horrell ’72 Development Committee Chair Trustee

Belmont University gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, corporations and foundations that so generously made an annual, capital or endowed gift between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013. These gifts to the University helped to build on Belmont’s local and national prominence as an academic and community leader in Christian higher education. 2013 Report on Philanthropy | 1

Table of Contents Belmont University Leadership……………………………………………………………………………… 3 Horrell Hall Dedication ……………………………………………………………………………………… 6 Sodexo Makes Gift…………………………………………………………………………………………… 7 Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation…………………………………………………………………… 7 Estate Planning: It’s About Your Future and Ours………………………………………………………… 8 Covenant Society……………………………………………………………………………………………… 9 A Mother and Son Build a Legacy at Belmont……………………………………………………………… 10 You Can Create a Legacy at Belmont……………………………………………………………………… 10 Annual President’s Concert Raises Money for Scholarships……………………………………………… 11 Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund Award……………………………………………………… 12 Belmont Auxiliary Partners …………………………………………………………………………………… 12 Alumni House………………………………………………………………………………………………… 13 Belmont University Alumni Association……………………………………………………………………… 14 Young Alumni Council………………………………………………………………………………………… 14 Magnolia Society……………………………………………………………………………………………… 15 Faculty & Staff Campaign…………………………………………………………………………………… 15 Bruin Club……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 16 Parent Leadership Council…………………………………………………………………………………… 17 McWhorter Society……………………………………………………………………………………… 18–19

Belmont University Board of Trustees for 2013 Marty Dickens, Chairman of the Board Lee Beaman Vincent Campbell John Ferguson Cordia Harrington Damon Hininger Jim Holleman Steve Horrell Gordon Inman Milton Johnson Klay Kelley

Ron Knox Bill Lee Drew Maddux Bruce Maxwell Carolyn McAfee Stuart McWhorter Andrea Overby Jim Redd Jon Roebuck Barbara Massey Rogers Anne Russell Joe Russell

Dana Sherrard Michael W. Smith Randy Smith Larry Thrailkill Terry Turner Paul Walker Robert Whisenant Jim Wilkerson Eugenia Winwood James Wright Mark Wright

Trustee Emeriti

Belmont University Board of Regents

Development Committee

Mike Curb Clayton McWhorter George West III

JoAnna Adkisson Tommye Maddox Melissa Anne Musacchio Abby Robinson Kevin Sanders

Steve Horrell Lee Beaman Gordon Inman Klay Kelley Ron Knox Carolyn McAfee Barbara Massey Rogers Anne Russell Mark Wright


$5,000 to $24,999

Kevin and Janet Lee

Horrell Properties, Inc.

Carl and Nan Adams

Craig and Stacey Lindsley

Ingram Barge Company

Jim and Glyna Aderhold

Los Portales Bolivar, LLC

Gordon and Shaun Inman

Air and Power Solutions, Inc.

Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation

Irvin and Beverly Small Foundation


Greg and Jane Allen

Mark and Martha Ezell Foundation

J. Redd and Associates, Inc.

Randall and Sadie Baskin

Jim and Jo Amos

Jay and Joanne Mattonen

Mrs. Hollis Johnson*

Estate of Lorene Jones Nelson


Max Kade Foundation, Inc.

Pat Johnson

Jack C. Massey Foundation

Neale and Louisa Attenborough

Clayton and Michelle McWhorter

Doyle Rogers and Barbara Massey Rogers

Bank of America Foundation

Jeff and Judy Mitchell

Judith E. Cook and Joseph C. Cook, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

Jack and Norma Williams Family Foundation

Robert and Joanne Baulch

Ernie Moench

James B. King

Robert and Ramona Baulch

National Philanthropic Trust


Baulch Family Foundation

Jim and Deborah Nichols

Legends Bank

Jack and Noroma Benz

Tom and Sydney Pernice

Mike and Suzanne Mayernick

Jeanette Travis Foundation Sodexo Jack and Norma Williams $100,000 to $499,999 Care Foundation of America, Inc. Michael and Lori Carroll Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Clara Hill Milton and Denice Johnson Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Maddox Charitable Fund Carolyn McAfee Tom and Julie McAfee Brad and Kimberly Paisley Clem and Carolyn Patton Bill and Sharon Sheriff The Memorial Foundation Tithe One On William F. Delay Trust $25,000 to $99,999 Anonymous Aegis Sciences Foundation Alvin and Sally Beaman Foundation Bernard and Betty Barkley Brenda Bass Lee and Kelley Beaman Earl Swensson Associates Enterprise Electric, LLC Bob and Judy Fisher Dan and Lisa Foutch George and Mary Ann Grigg Steve and Kay Horrell Jackson National Life Insurance Company Helen Kennedy Ron and Kaye Knox Bill and Maria Lee Lee Company Cynthia Leu Len and Beth Little Lumos Massey Charitable Trust Chuck and Monica McQuaid Dick and Sharalena Miller Earl and Carolyn Peeples PepsiCo Foodservice Mary Frances Rudy Joe and Anne Russell Schwab Charitable Fund Jim and Laurie Seabury The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Larry and Janice Thrailkill Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Paul and Joyce Walker

4 | Belmont University

Richard and Patricia Bibb

Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.

Marcia McDonald

Black River Entertainment

Jeffrey and Anna Powell

Rebecca McKelvey

Broadcast Music, Inc.

R. C. Mathews Contractor, LLC

David and Laura Mee

Frank and Ann Bumstead

Eric Raefsky and Victoria Heil

Robert and Kristi Mee

Louie and Laurel Buntin

Martin and Cammie Rash

Charlie and Janis Mitchell

Rick and Cheryl Byrd

Ben and Jamie Rechter

Wendell Mobley

Cal Turner Family Foundation

Richard and LaRawn Rhea

William and Pamela Moench

Dan and Rhonda Cathy

Riley Warnock and Jacobson PLC

Paul and Beth Moore

Robinson Family Foundation, Inc.

Gary and Jan Overton

Sam and Yvonne Christopher Chris Conlin

Bailey and Laura Robinson

Red Hawk ESM, Inc.

Scott and Keely Corley

Jason and Elizabeth Rogers

Jim and Frances Redd

Matt and Cile Cowan

Rogers Group Inc

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

Danner Foundation

Michael and Cindy Rowsey

Richard and Patrice Schroeder

Delek US Holdings, Inc.

Michael and Heather Russell

Richard and Marilyn Shadinger

Marty and Betty Dickens

Grand Ole Opry

Irvin and Beverly Small

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Luke and Susan Simons

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

The Don R. Elliott Foundation

Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.

Southern Baptist Foundation

Marjorie Elmer

Star Physical Therapy

Scott and Kathy Speedy

Mark and Martha Ezell

Mike and Martha Strickland

Calvin and Jackie Steen

Farzin and Ziba Ferdowsi

SunTrust Foundation

SunTrust Bank Sports and Entertainment Group

John and Carole Ferguson

Tennessee Christian Medical Foundation

First Baptist Church Clarksville

Cal and Margaret Turner

First Baptist Church Nashville

Ben and Carlee Vaughn

Mike and Nancy Flaherty


Van and Lisa Fletcher

Jeff and Pam Walker

The Frist Foundation

Walker, Tipps and Malone

Kathy Ganus

Troy and Sheryl Waugh

Gilbert Russell McWherter PLC

Bob and Lynn Whisenant

John and Antoinette Good

Arrie Wiley

Jim and Alison Gorrie

Wincraft Music Inc.

Jim and Renee Greenspon

Steve and Eugenia Winwood

James and Claire Gulmi

Jim and Susie Wright

Tom and Cordia Harrington

Mark and Kathy Wright

The HCA Foundation

WWH Investments

HCA Inc.

$2,500 to $4,999

Michael and Susan Headrick

Mike and Connie Awalt

Damon and Carrie Hininger

Fred and Nancy Casteel

Richard and Mary Joy Hinton

David and Rebecca Clay

Jim and Christa Holleman

Ralph and Linda Davis

Doug and Linda Howard

Joanne Dehond

Dale Keitz and Monique Huntington-Keitz

Dollar General Corp

Robert and Kitty Ikard

Larry and Amanda Fichter

Steve Ingram

Graduating Class of 2013 (May)

Jephson Educational Trust

Jeffrey Hammonds

John R. Lindahl Foundation

John and Maribeth Hartin

Douglas and Sue Joyce

Wayne and Joy Hawkins

The Joyce Family Foundation

Roger and Ruthie Hedgepeth

Anne Knestrick

Brad Reed and Sharon Hels

Roger and Dawn Knight

Steve and Mary Lynne Hewlett

Marcene Larkin

Fred and Wanda Horrell

Charlie and Angela Lathrop

John and Martha Horrell

Ann Lauterbach

Kathleen Horrell

The Presser Foundation Sarah Thorndike Lindsey Thornhill US Bank Jan and Elaine Williams $1,000 to $2,499 Patrick and Stacy Abbey Joe and Tamera Alexander Joe Allen Arbor Healthcare LLC Avenue Bank The Ayers Foundation Jim and Janet Ayers J.B. and Carylon Baker Jim Barnes Thomas and Delilah Batton Beasley Charitable Trust Jamie Beckerich Jerry and Susan Bell Mac and Gail Bellingrath David and Catherine Bird Glenn and Marylee Booth Richard and Sarah Bovender Richard and Jeanette Bowie Richard and Judith Bracken Mark and Mary Brewer John and Michelle Brinnon Jay and Diane Brown Lyndon and Jennifer Brown Thomas and Suzanne Brown John and Piper Burch

Bill Burns

Darrell and Donna Gwaltney

Bill and Jan Metcalfe

Todd and Angie Smith

Wes and Candice Burtner

John and Susan Harris

Mike Ray Manufacturing, Inc.

Soli Deo Gloria Foundation

Bob and Joyce Byrd

Ernest and Swan Choo Heard

Military Officer Association of America

Jerry and Brenda Songer

Frank and Beth Campbell

Hedgepeth Properties LTD

Robert and Susan Minor

Southwestern/Great American, Inc.

Carr, Riggs and Ingram, LLC

John and Sue Heflin

Lynn and Sally Moench

John and Kristy Spann

Raymond and Lyne Castonguay

Ron and Carol Hemphill

Monsanto Matching Gift Fund

Stuart and Shirley Speyer

Terry and Lynette Chamberlain

Ed and Claire Henry

Felix and Shirley Montgomery

Michael and Jean Stabile

Paul and Debbie Chenoweth

William and Jennifer Hinds

Bill and Linda Moore

Curtis and Yonnie Chesley

Eric Hobson

John and Brenda Moore

State Farm Insurance Matching Gift Program Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville

Ralph and Margie Clark

Thomas and Linda Hodgkiss

Wilfredo and Jacqueline Colon

Lispah Hogan

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

John and Kimberly Comer

Eddie and Trudy Holden

Michael and Maria Morris

Bill and Edie Sutter

Walton and Sue Conn

The Home Depot

John and Kate Mosley

Tim and Mary Ready Taylor

Bryce and Beth Sullivan

Ralph and Martha Conwill

Samuel and Karan Howard

Jim and Sue Mossell

Gary and Sara Temple

Bart and Heather Copeland

Roger and Jennifer Huckfeldt

Nashville Chapter TN Society of CPA’s

Sonny and Marty Templeton

Ty and Debbie Coppinger

Harold Huggins

The Nashville Predators Foundation

David and Lucy Thomas

Tom and Jane Corcoran

Ray and Pam Huning

Virginia Neely

Julie Thomas

Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville

Jeffrey and Valentina Hymes

John Nefflen

Greg and Ann Thurman

Jeff and Ann Cornwall

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Laddie Neil

Troy and Sylvia Tomlinson

Corrections Corporation of America

Ingram Industries, Inc.

Al Nisley

Randy and Rhonda Toney

Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.

J. Anthony Vaughn, DDS

Northrop Grumman Computing Systems

TP JR Company, Inc.

James Randolph Smith, Attorney At Law

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

George and Amy Tracy Tracy Family Foundation

Shane and Kerry Covington Bob Crawford and Linda Robertson

Jet’s Pizza

Mary Overstreet

Jim and Mary Crossman

Jim Crossman Realty Co.

David and Sherryll Anne Pace

David and Rita Traff

Harvey and Elise Crouch

Phil and Mollie Johnston

Eric and Victoria Parker

Bradley and Amanda Trotter

Doug and Sondra Cruickshanks

Brian Jones and Kelly Moreland Jones

Susan Patton

Helen Tullock*

Don and Robin Daly

Don and Sue Jones

Philip and Susan Perdue

Bernard Turner

Jimmy Davis and Annette Sisson

Todd Lake and Joy Jordan-Lake

James and Lynn Perry

Don and Lula Turner

Scotty and Jenny Dean

Robert and Annie Joubran

Pharmacists Mutual Companies

Fred and Glenda Turner Tyler Duke Foundation Fund

Dean Foods Company

Jubalee LTD

Robert and Amy Pickle

Adam and Donna DiGirolamo

Jeremy and Brooke Kees

Jim and Debby Poole

AnnaBeth Valentine

Brian and Whitney Diller

Owen and Ann Kelly

Prescript Pharmaceuticals

Clifford and Mary Vaughn

Matthew and Deborah DiMaria

Matthew and Llew Ann King

Jerry and Linda Puckett

Glenn and Yvonne Visbeen Jami and Carolyn Walloch

Roger Dotson

Jeff and Kim Kinsler

Purity Dairy, Inc.

John and Evelyn Drayer

April Kirchen

Purity Foundation

Blake and Kelly Warren

Stan and Lisa Duke

Richard and Linda Knight

Alfred and Patsy Raby

Jerry and Dot Warren

Townes and Ellen Duncan

Ray and Rhonda Knotts

Randall and Rhonda Ann Toney Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Robert and Mary Emma Welch

Brad and Melanie Dunn

Igor and Annette Kovalik

Tiffany Dunn

Kovalik Enterprises, Inc.

Dynamic Aviation

Kraft CPAs

Gary and Wendy Enzor

Betty Lamar

Estate of Sue Senter

Robert and Kathy Lambert

Morris Estes

Raleigh and Becky Lane

Ezell Foundation

Steve and Pamela Lasley

Greg and Suyapa Faulk

Elaine Laurence

Fichter Financial Group LLC

Matthew and Katherine Layman

Cathy Ficzere

Gerda Lincoln

Buddy and Carolyn Fisher

Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel

Virginia Fly

Louisiana-Pacific Foundation

Dick Foster and Mary Rau-Foster

Kelley and Karen Lovelace

Franklin American Mortgage Company

Paula Lovell

John and Cindy Garrett

Lovell Communications, Inc.

Rusty Gaston

Donald and Kathy MacLachlan

Brent* and Paula Gill

Jim Madrigal

Thomas and Mary Gospel

Ed Marcoe

Graduating Class of 2013 (December)

Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation

David and Charlotte Greathouse

Otis McCowan

Gary and Libby Green

Robert and Sandra McCracken

Wesley and Elizabeth Greene

Bob McDill

Mitzi Greenwood

Sally McKay

Robert and Sharon Gregg

Pat McMakin

Candy Greif

Mike and Mary Jane McWherter

Chuck Grieve and Deanne LaRue

Stuart and Leigh Anne McWhorter

Guardian Life Insurance Company

William and Sherry Melton

Randy and Gwen Guiler

The Mennonite Foundation, Inc.

Henry Webb

Mike and Bonnie Ray

John and Susan West

Philip and Linda Reese

Tim and Mary Whitten

Renasant Bank

Geoffrey and Laura Wile

Randall and Sarah Reynolds

William Morris Endeavor

The Rich Foundation

Mark and Susan Williams

Tate and Nora Rich

Ridley and Irene Wills

Joseph and Lynette Ritvalsky

David and Elizabeth Wilson

Gary Rodberg and Heather North

Ted Wiltsie and Marilyn Shields-Wiltsie

Jim Rudolph

Betty Wiseman

Clyde and Lavona Russell

Terryl and Heidi Zerby

Ellen Sadler

Carl and Elaine Zimmerman

Joe and Danielle Scaife Science Applications International Corporation

* deceased

Marion Seaton John and Lisa Seckman Chris and Vanessa Sellers Ed and Cecile Settle Bob and Mary Ruth Shell Anne Shepherd Jerry and Sandra Shoemake Jonathan Shuken Tommy and Suzanne Sidwell James and Lori Sigler Daniel and Belinda Simile Randy and Betty Smith Shad and Sharon Smith

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 5

$500 to $999 Peter Adams

Horrell Hall Dedication

Andy and Karen Anderson Sue Andrews John Austin Brian and Jill Ayers Jon Badgett and Lori Stone Badgett Ray and Martha Bailey Ron and Wendy Bargatze Susan Barnes Bel Group, Inc. Mickey Bentley and Judy Golden-Bentley Bryan Blackman Bryan Bolton Julie Boos Louis and Billie Boyte Kristin Braaksma Terry and Kaye Brock Michael and Temple Brookshire Walt and Paula Brown Sean and Kimberly Caley CapStar Bank

In January of 2013, Belmont University named its newest residence hall in honor of the Horrell family in appreciation of their impact through the years. The relationship between the Horrell family and Belmont began in 1963 when then President Herbert Gabhart requested advice and assistance from business leader, Henry Horrell, founder of Nashville’s Horrell Company. Henry Horrell served on the Belmont Board of Trustees for 13 years and chaired the Board from 1970–1977. In addition, Belmont’s signature Rose Garden was inspired and funded by Henry’s wife, Kathleen. Two of Henry and Kathleen’s sons, Fred and Steve, graduated from Belmont. Steve currently serves on the Board of Trustees. Throughout the years, the Horrell family’s support has been unwavering. Wherever there has been a Belmont need the Horrell family has been there to help.

Fred and Deborah Cassetty Harry and Angela Chapman David Clark and Starling Davis Richard Clark Chris Coates and Barbe Barker John and Amelia Coben Byrns and Alice Coleman Commercial Painting, Inc. Crowe Horwath LLP CVS Caremark Kirby and Ann Davis Clifton and Anna DeHart Kirk and Kathy Diamond Diamond Cutter, Inc. Joseph and Dawn Diaz Christopher Dickerson Don and Vicky Dixon Doctor’s Associates, Inc. David Dodd John and Diana Doss

President Fisher and Kathleen Horrell unveil commemorative gift to the Horrell family.

Horrell family at dedication ceremony

Myrtianne Downs Liz Dysert Lloyd and Sue Elder Darrell and Karen Ellis Randall and Jennifer Ellis Bill and Lee Fessler Fifth Third Bank First Citizens National Bank Jimmy Frush Elaine Bailey Fryd David and Carrie Garfinkle Butch and Tommy Sue Garrett Tim and Rebecca Garrett Thomas and Susan Getman Mike and Jeannie Glenn John Gonas The Greater New Orleans Foundation Randy Gugenheim Hollis and Laura Hall Craig and Martha Hayes Jim and Leann Hendrickson Eugenia Henson Rush Hicks Kelly Higgins and Joy Kimmons Lanny and Brenda Holmes Steven and Kathy Hubbell Edward and Mary Hubner Stephen and Helen Huffines

Horrell Hall

Jim and Betsy Hunt Harvey and Patricia Jacobs Stephen and Heather James

6 | Belmont University

$500 to $999 continued Jim and Elaine Kay Daisy King Kelley Kiningham Henry and Reesa Lacher Phoung Le and Tam Mai Martha Lee Lifewatch Pharmacy, LLC Mike and Ann Loffi Mark and Lisa Lowhorn X Lucas Drew and Judy Maddux John and Teresa Mann Maserati of Nashville Jeff Mathews John and Kay McCall Jeff and Amy McGinnis Roger and Patti McLendon Scott McPhee Tom and Kathy Miesner David and Patricia Miller Jeffrey and Diana Mobley Jon and Raven Moorehead Morgan and Akins, PLLC Bill and Valerie Nichols David and Julie North

University and Sodexo leadership at groundbreaking ceremony.

Mike and Jean Overcash Brandon and Lesley Ann Owen

Sodexo Makes Gift

Thomas and Katie Parker Richard and Betty Philpot Michael and Sandra Price

In March, the University broke ground on a new academic and dining services complex. The new dining services complex will be one part of a four-story 116,000-square-foot building, and it will provide a seating capacity that is 2.5 times larger than the current campus cafeteria. The new complex is designed to enhance the quality of life and improve the learning environment for the entire Belmont community. Belmont’s longtime dining services provider, Sodexo, generously provided a $10 million gift for the project. In discussing Sodexo’s 20 years as Belmont’s dining services provider, Sodexo Senior Vice President Fred Formichella said, “From day one we’ve been considered a partner, not a vendor like what sometimes occurs at other campuses. [Belmont’s] vision and mission is about excellence, and you really work to be the best at what you do. We at Sodexo get that, and we look forward to being your partner for many years to come.” Project construction is running on time with the new complex scheduled to open in August of 2015.

Stephen and Michelle Proctor PSC Metals, Inc. Steve and Minna Rasmussen Reed Financial Group, Inc. Roger and Dorcas Regelbrugge Allen Reynolds Thomas and Sherry Rittenberry Ken and Delphine Roberts Walter Rogers James and Deborah Rollman Dennis Meaker and Jeanne Rybolt Walter and Joyce Searcy Seigenthaler Public Relations Charles and Kathryn Sharpe Sam and Jane Shelby William Shields Randy Short Roshan and Catherine Shrestha Kenny and Margaret Sidwell Margaret Sims Jim and Pat Smedley

Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation Awards Grant

Jerry and Louise Smith Robert Snyder Jim and Martha Stamper

The College of Law was the beneficiary of the Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation’s generosity when they made the commitment of $200,000 to benefit the College. This generous support of the College of Law marks their second gift for the University. The foundation purchased one of the Steinway pianos for McAfee Concert Hall when it opened in 2012. In gratitude for this new commitment to the College of Law, Belmont University is proud to name one of the new large tiered classrooms in the foundation’s honor. The impact of the Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation can be witnessed throughout the Nashville community. Since 1998, Andrea Waitt Carlton has supported selected educational entities and a variety of other interests. Andrea and the foundation are known across the country for their transformative support.

Susie Standifer Steve and Kim Stanford Edward Stewart Eric and Erica Stokes Bobby and Beverly Strickland Rusty and Becky Sumrall David and Carol Taber Bennett and Vicky Tarleton Tech Systems, Inc. Bo and Rubye Lynn Thomas Charlie and Harriet Thompson Dan and Mara Thompson Jonathan and Claudia Thorndike Louis Todd David and Claire Trappey Scott and Kim Turner Terry and Debbie Turner Bradford Vieira

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 7

Bill and Sarah Vieth

$500 to $999 continued Vision Improvement Professionals Alexander Waite and Mancy Pendergrass Lee Warren John and Etoyle Warren Ken Watkins Carol Waugh Hart Weatherford John and Lina Wellborn Chris and Ellen Wicke Susan Williams Matthew Wilson Ted and Dawn Wylie $250 to $499 Drew and Cara Alexander Janet Allbritten Harry and Chandra Allen

Estate Planning: It’s About Your Future and Ours Many alumni, faculty, staff and friends of Belmont choose to support the University through planned gifts. These include life income gifts whereby the donor transfers to Belmont an asset and retains an income for life; trusts that may permit donors to save on income, gift and estate taxes while providing for their families and Belmont; life insurance or retirement funds no longer needed; or, most importantly and simply, remembering Belmont in your will. Most planned gifts are used to build the University’s endowment, providing important long-term financial stability. Often planned gifts are designated for our highest priority—endowed scholarships, but donors also designate their planned gifts for special academic programs, faculty chairs or unrestricted endowment support. In calendar year 2013, $918,983 was realized in planned gifts that had matured; for this we are most grateful.

Brandon Andriulli LaKiesha Armstrong Shirley Arnold ASCAP Wayne and Mimi Barnard Tony and Janet Barnes Beaman Motor Group Belmont Auxiliary Partners Hank Bennett Russell and Karen Berner Onezime and Belva Biagas James Blackham Richard Blalock Aimee Bobbitt Ellen Bradbury Lillian Bradford Roy and Joyce Brookshire Robert and Martha Buckner Wes and Deborah Bulla Gail Bursch Ed and Carolyn Burtner Jennifer Bussell Frank and Jami Calatozzo Bill and Constance Camp

Lorene Jones Nelson embraced estate planning while finding a way to impact the School of Nursing

Ashley Campbell

Lorene Jones Nelson and husband Ramon Nelson were married in 1999 after they both lost their spouses. Gardening was Lorene’s hobby. Education was her passion. Because of her long-standing interest in nursing and her belief in the positive direction Belmont was taking, Lorene established a charitable remainder trust with the School of Nursing as the beneficiary. A member of Judson Baptist Church in Nashville before her death, Lorene believed that Belmont brought together the best in liberal arts and professional education while “living” the University’s Christian roots. Today, an endowed scholarship valued at more than $500,000 will benefit, in perpetuity, a number of students each year who lack basic resources to attend the School of Nursing.

Harry and Becky Campbell Bobby Cash Caterpillar Foundation Michael and Toni Caudill Jason and Monica Chandler Maxine Clark Richard Clark Roger Clark Jeffrey and Alysa Cohlmeyer David and Linda Coleman Tommy and Kimberly Collins Noel and Darlene Compton Mitch and Tamara Counts Cynthia Cox George and Camille Crawford John and Teresa Crawford Joe Criscione Robert Crone and Mary Cameron Crone

Shane Whitehead ‘94 found a way to protect his assets while providing for Belmont Student Government Association President Shane Whitehead ‘94 decided he wanted to start giving back, and in 2013 Shane created a life insurance policy for the University that one day will support an endowed scholarship for undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences. “I recognize the evergrowing value of my degree and appreciate the wonderful memories I have from when I was a student at Belmont. I also am aware of how difficult it is today to pay for a top education at a school like Belmont. I hope one day long into the future there will be other students who will benefit from this gift.”

Cunningham, Mitchell and Rocconi Ben and Cynthia Curtis D1 Sports Holdings, LLC Art and Muriel Dalley Tony and Lisa D’Andrea William and Erin Daunic Carl and Myra Davenport Hank and Julie Davies David and Carolyn Dean Keith and Stephanie DeTrude Edgar Diaz-Cruz

8 | Belmont University

$250 to $499 continued Rebecca Diggs

Covenant Society

Benjamin Dishman Distributors Warehouse, Inc.

To recognize those individuals and families who have made provision for Belmont in their estate plans, the University established the Covenant Society in 1986. We are forever grateful to all those individuals who in their passing have left a tangible legacy at Belmont. We also celebrate and thank the following current Covenant Society members for their participation—on behalf of the students, faculty and staff who one day will benefit from their generosity.

Anthony Donovan Joel and Cathy Dragelin Jason and Lauren Eads Raymond and Renee Eastman Jacqui Elliott Mark and Shauna Emery Gary and Jennifer Ervin Travis and Ashley Fabre Jane Finley

Covenant Society Members as of December 31, 2013 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. William A. Albright Mrs. Suzanne W. Aldridge Dr. and Mrs. Kim E. Allen Miss Grace Allred Ms. Emma Allred Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Barkley* Mr. James R. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Randall R. Baskin* Mrs. Lois H. Bell Ms. Deborah J. Bent Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Benz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Berry* Mr. and Mrs. James Berthelot Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Blankenship, Sr.* Mr. David Boston Ms. Paige T. Boston Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Bower Broaddus Mr. and Mrs. W. Terry Brock Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Brown Mr. Mark E. Brown Mrs. Donna Bull Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Burgess Mr. and Mrs. William S. Carman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Caruth Ms. Holly Clark Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clark* Mr. and Mrs. William S. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Ken Collins Dr. and Mrs. William C. Corea Mr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. David Davis Rev. and Mrs. Donald K. Dixon Mrs. Mae Dorris Mr. and Mrs. Ivan E. Duggin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Duvall Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elder Mr. and Mrs. Patrick N. Farler Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fisher Dr. and Mrs. Harlee Field Mrs. Franklin P. Fuhrman, Jr. Dr. Norma B. Gabhart Mrs. Eddie George Dr. Lawrence P. German Mrs. Mary Ann (Candy) Greif Mrs. Harold Hargis*

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harrington Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hartin* Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Hazelwood Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hewlett Mrs. Clara Hill Mr. and Mrs. James G. Holleman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Horrell* Miss Martha T. Hoskins Mr. Harold L. Huggins Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Inman Mr. and Mrs. R. Milton Johnson Ms. Linda L. Jones Dr. and Mrs. S. Ray Jones* Mr. and Mrs. W. Fred Kendall Mrs. Helen Jarrett Kennedy Dr. James B. King Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Knox, Jr. Lt. and Mrs. George J. Kuhnert, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Verne C. Lanier Mr. Andrew D. Lee Mr. T. L. Lee Ms. Cynthia Leu Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Lunn, Jr. Ms. Judy Martino Mrs. Howard F. Martin Mr. James H. Martin Dr. and Mrs. Murray Mathis Mr. and Mrs. Ashley C. McAnulty Mr. Greg McCollum Mr. Edward L. McCormick Dr. Marcia A. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. R. Clayton McWhorter Mrs. Marian Medley Mr. Ernest J. Moench, Jr. Mr. Robert W. Moench Mr. and Mrs. W. Lynn Moench, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Felix E. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Virgil H. Moore, Jr. Dr. Kay R. Moser Mr. and Mrs. John Mosley Mrs. Mary Mullins Miss Virginia Neely Mr. and Mrs. M. Keith Newcomb Mrs. Mary Henley Niederhauser Mr. and Mrs. Clement Patton Mr. and Mrs. James A. Poston Rev. and Mrs. Carl Price

Mrs. Jane Ralls* Dr. Clyde Ramey Rev. and Mrs. James C. Redding, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kendall W. Regen Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Reynolds Mrs. Millie Rice Mr. and Mrs. Ted H. Richardson Mr. And Mrs. Marwan S. Rihani* Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Robbins Mrs. Alice Ross Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Russell, Jr. Miss Geraldine Schwartz Mrs. Nell Scoggins Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Shadinger Mr. and Mrs. James R. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Songer Mr. and Mrs. David R. Stephens Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Thompson E. Storey Ms. Sue Sturtz Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Tarleton Dr. and Mrs. Bethel Thomas Mrs. Gaye J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Thompson Mr. Frank Tiller Mrs. Anne Townes Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Turner Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Walker Rev. and Mrs. David R. Wall* Dr. Albert W. Wardin, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Vern Wegner Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Whaley* Mrs. Alice Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Whisenant Mr. L. Shane Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wilkerson Mrs. Charles Wilson Mr. Charley Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Winwood Miss Betty J. Wiseman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wollaber Ms. Janice L. Woodard Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Wooley* Mr. David A. Young Mr. James H. Youree III* *Charter Member

First Bank David and Lisa Flesher David and Ruth Ford Jerry and Gayle Forster Jennifer Fowler Paul Gatrell and Marjorie Pomeroy-Gatrell Kelly Gebhart Albert and Kathleen Giles Brandon Gilliam Charles and Donna Goldman Graduating Class of 2013 (August) Grainger Tony and Lorrie Graves Ted and Laura Gray Haber Corporation Larry and Cecilia Hagar Harton Family Partners I, LP Scott and Ann Hatcher Deborah Hayden Ralph and Pam Hazelwood Jeff and Ashley Heeren April Hefner Marshall and Thelma Helm Heather Henson Hewlett Spencer, LLC Steven and Sally Hicks Charles and Leslie Higgins Tonya Hollin Bert Hoover Gerry House Arthur and Joan Huenecke Immanuel Baptist Church Neil Jamerson Soloman Jima JLW Management, Inc. Kay, Griffin, Enkema and Colbert, PLLC Fred and Yvonne Kendall Jacqueline Kennedy Howard and Charity Kuusisto Micah Lacher John Langdon Lori LeBleu Dickey Lee Sherry Lewis Lexus of Nashville Linn Energy George and Jane Loggins Gene and Anne Mage Roy and Jane Manning Manning Materials, Inc. Bruce and Evon Maxwell Charles and Karen McCarty Edward McCormick McCormick Realty John McMahan Meeks and Meeks Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Michael and Natalie Morosi Mylan Pharmeceuticals Inc.

2010-2011 Philanthropy Report | 9

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 9

$250 to $499 continued John and Meredith Nelson Gary and Sandra Nemcek The Nissan Foundation

A Mother and Son Build a Legacy at Belmont

Steven and Jane Ogne

With a desire to help and support a deserving student, Marcene E. Larkin and her son Thomas Larkin, a 1993 Belmont graduate, approached Belmont University to explore ways in which they might establish a family legacy.

Dan and Jenny Oliver J.T. and Sara Olson Jeffrey Overby P and A Investments Group, Inc. Tim Pagliara John and Dorisann Pell

Having spent her career as a teacher, Marcene Larkin believes strongly in making educational opportunities available to all students. It was her desire to help a student who has the talent, commitment and the personal qualities to be an outstanding teacher. Additionally, Marcene has always valued and supported the fine arts.

Kevin and Janet Perlowski Elizabeth Petty Philip Phillips and Sharmila Patel Greg and Deborah Pillon James and Betty Poston Lisa Pratt Carl and Mary Lena Price Pro Systems Inc Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant Fred Puffenberger Pat and Judy Raines Jeffrey and Karen Ray Matthew and Kim Raymond

Tom Larkin, Marcene’s grown son, has fond memories of his time at Belmont working towards his BA in Art. As a student he was recognized with the Frank Russell Leu III Art Award for outstanding rising senior. Tom remembers that in addition to the valuable monetary support he received, the award boosted his confidence as a student and artist. He liked the idea of helping a young, aspiring art student in a similar way.

Christy Ridings Victor and Julie Ristvedt James and Frances Robinson Jon and Linda Roebuck Antonios and Tracy Rokas Susan Saunders Ronald and Sandra Sawyer Anthony and Rebecca Scaletta

Through their vision and generous financial support, an endowed scholarship has been established at Belmont called the Marcene and Thomas Larkin Family Fund to support a student pursuing Art Education within the College of Visual and Performing Arts. Furthermore, Marcene Larkin is also underwriting the award for the outstanding rising sophomore in the Department of Art, making it the T.A. Larkin Award in her son’s honor. The Larkins have indeed created a lasting legacy at Belmont!

Mark Scarrow Mark Schenkel Berny and Sarah Schiff Tyler and Cristine Schlandt Regine Schwarzmeier Brenda Scott Ralph and Marjorie Shadid Nelson Shields Christopher Simonsen and Mary Follin Matthew Skelton Tom and Cindy Skiles Danny Smith Mike and Grace Smith Rhett Smith Veronica Smith Smith, Wiles and Co., P.C. James and Margaret Smithey Curtis and Kay Solar Saul Solomon

You Can Create a Legacy at Belmont

Special Olympics Tennessee, Inc. Michael Stargel Richard and Linda Starkweather James Stathis Cosonya Stephens Sarita Stewart Samuel and Diane Stockard Clinton and Sara Swafford Ray and Denise Tate Brian and Jayne Thames Martin and Paula Thielen Glen Thomasson Will and Lori Tice John and Elaine Todd Vallen and Associates, Inc. Mike and Cissy Voight Chuck and Daphine Wainright D. K. and Donna Walsh William and Anne Weber Andrew and Susan Webster

When you create an endowment, you build a permanent resource that makes a difference now and for generations to come. It can be the most philanthropic decision of a lifetime. An endowment at Belmont University can be established to support ongoing operating expenses or for designated purposes such as financial assistance to deserving students, support of academic programs or professorships, missions programs, or ongoing support for a wide variety of other programs and activities. All endowed funds have one objective: to support initiatives not for just one year, or even one generation, but in perpetuity. A donor may designate an endowed fund in his or her own name, as a tribute to a friend or loved one, or to honor a professor or mentor. An endowed fund can be established with cash, securities, real estate or through a bequest. Endowment funds enrich the mission of Belmont University, empowering students to engage and transform the world.

Micah Weedman Paul and Margaret Welleford

10 | Belmont University

$250 to $499 continued Vernon and Kay Wells Christi Williams Bruce and Debra Wollaber Woodmont Baptist Church Daniel Wujcik Bharat and Daksha Zaver $100 to $249 James Aaron Karl and Angela Aavik Pamela Abbott Abner R. Overdeer, Jr. Foundation Nick Abrahamson Glenn and Kim Acree Billy Wayne and Jean Adams Betty Adams Sarah Adams Paul Aguillard Rufus and Emily Alldredge Blake and Cristin Allen Joe and Bettye Allen Wesley and Teresa Allen Beverley Alleyne Jerome and Sandra Alongi Joseph and Erin Ambrose Michael and Regina Amerson Jeffery Ames Scott and Helen Ammarman Ken and Belinda Anderson Linda Anderson Anthony and Margaret Angell Rusty Angell Anixter, Inc. Aaron Armstrong Eugene Armstrong Kendall and Doris Armstrong Tetchi Assamoi Assured NL Insurance Agency, Inc. Beth Williamson Ayers John and Lori Babcock

Dr. Fisher presents the Applause Award to Carolyn McAfee

Beth Baggett Pamelia Baggett Barbara Baldridge Rodney and Melissa Bandy

Annual President’s Concert Raises Money for Scholarships The President’s Dinner and Concert is a Belmont tradition created to showcase talented School of Music students, raise scholarship money for the College of Visual and Performing Arts and recognize the annual Applause Award honoree. The President’s Concert celebrated its 24th year in April of 2013. The evening began with an elegant dinner in the Maddox Atrium to celebrate the 2013 Applause Award honoree, Carolyn Townsend McAfee. Mrs. McAfee, whose love of music and commitment to Belmont are unrivaled, made the generous, lead gift that helped make McAfee Concert Hall a reality. University President Bob Fisher and College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean Cynthia Curtis presented Mrs. McAfee with the award. Following the presentation, attendees enjoyed an evening that showcased the music school’s remarkable talent and variety. The concert features all genres of music including jazz, rock, country, gospel and classical. This year’s concert raised $27,000 for College of Visual and Performing Arts scholarships.

Bank of America Matching Gifts Foundation Mark Bank Scott and Robin Banks Barbara Massey Foundation Daniel and Alice Ann Barge Gordon and Sonja Barham David and Janet Barnette Steven and Teresa Barnhill Christopher Baroni Stephen Bartek Deborah Baruzzini Greg Batcheler William Bates and Betty Suttle-Bates Billy Baxter Michael and Ruth Beagan Milton and Virginia Beal Marjorie Beard Andrew and Susan Beasley David and Lisa Beasley David and Lucille Beaty Carson Beck Robert Bedenbaugh Guy and Cynthia Belew Frank and Deborah Belgiorno Louis Belote William and Kathy Benedetto Andrew and Jennifer Benes Bill Bennett

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 11

$100 to $249 continued Jim Bennett Bergen County United Way Charitable Flex Fund John Berggren Charles and Erica Bevilacqua Antoinette Bierman Daniel and Christy Biles William and Joleen Billingham John Bilton Walter and Helen Birdwell Bill and Donna Bissell BJ Investments, LLC Reginald and Elvyna Blaylock Bob Frensley Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge Tony and Nell Boils Lawrence Bond Tom Bond Kristy Booziotis Bruce and Sharon Bosse Barry and Lori Boster Bob and Lila Boyd

Presidential Scholars Program Beneficiary of the Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund Award The Presidential Scholars program, established in 1989, through the generosity of Dan and Margaret Maddox, is Belmont’s most prestigious award. To be considered for the scholarship students must have a minimum test score of 1320 SAT or 29 ACT, a high school GPA of 3.5 or better, rank in the top 10% and demonstrate exceptional involvement. To honor the memory and the vision of Dan and Margaret, the board of the Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund approved a $753,600 grant in 2013 to benefit the Belmont University Presidential Scholars program over the next four years. This meaningful gift will help ensure the scholars program continues to attract talented students to our campus. The University is grateful for the steadfast, impactful support of the foundation and looks forward to working with them over the next four years.

Martha Boyd Scott and Ruth Boyer Bradford Family Foundation Leo and Elizabeth Brenneisen

Belmont Auxiliary Partners

Harold and Tammy Brewer William and Margaret Bright Lenore Brosky Alex and Renee Brown David and Kathryn Brown Dennis and Ethel Brown Mark Brown Stuart and Robin Brown Paul Brundige Thomas and Connie Brunelle Stacey Bryan James and Janis Bryant John and Brenda Bryant Matt and Beth Bryant Ronald and Lydia Bryce Richard and Judith Buchanan Benny and Linda Buck Richard and Katherine Buckelew

Belmont Auxiliary Partners has long been woven into that fabric that is Belmont University. It was established as Belmont College Aid in 1954 to promote interest in the University and to assist the administration, Board of Trustees, faculty and staff in providing scholarships for students. The organization was renamed the Belmont University Auxiliary in 1991 and then the Belmont Auxiliary Partners in 2007. Today it remains a vibrant organization that provides much needed scholarships for many deserving students who otherwise might not have had an opportunity for a Christian education. Monies for scholarships are raised through a spring and fall luncheon. Membership is open to all women, including Board of Trustee members, faculty and staff (and their spouses/family members), alumni and community members interested in the mission of Belmont University.

Buffalo Wild Wings Kathryne Burks Mark Burks Timothy and Deborah Burnette Cary and Teresa Burns Alex Burrell Stephen and Caroline Burris Clay and Sandra Buttrey H. Dixon and Leigh Ann Bynum Douglas and Katrina Byrd Vernon and Karen Byrd C.A. Howell and Company Betsy Caffey Jeff and Holly Calk Calvin Lehew Company Richard and Sharon Camp Earl and Hope Campbell Sara Campbell Louie and Abilgail Caputo Chris and Ida Marie Carlough Jason Carpenter and Carla Worthey Mary Carlson William and Barbara Carman Jeff and Anna Carr Carr Brothers Byron and Lisa Carson Brent and Linda Cartee Tracey Carter Eddie and Jennifer Casaday

Auxiliary members enjoy annual spring luncheon

Mary-Ann Cateforis

12 | Belmont University

$100 to $249 continued Chad and Sarah Cates Lisa Cecil Chago’s Chris and Cheryl Chamberlain Charles Chandler Joe and Lavona Chandler Eric and Janel Chapman Charles A. Markham Construction Company, LLC CHASECO LLC Chatwood Pharmacy Inc Kimberly Cheek David and Wanda Clark Robert and Lillian Clark Mark and Michelle Clifford Peter and Michele Cloherty Steven and Joni Coker Carolyn Cole Ann Coleman Josh and Amy Coles Pascal and Barbara Colletier McLean Collins and Meredith Edwards Collins Stephen and Dana Collins Commscope Community Hall Church Lew and Ashley Conner Carl and Tammy Conrad Anthony and Brenda Conrady Louis and Admarie Contini Jim Cook Lauren Cooper James and Donna Corbin Thomas and Nan Cox Matthew and Marie Crabtree Jeff and Diane Cramer William and Angela Crawford Albert and Joy Crim Glenn and Carmen Cross Joyce Crowell Alan and Cathy Crowley Dena Cunningham Jeff Cunningham Jeff Curbo Michael and Teresa Curry Justin and Ellyn Cutler Emmy Dagnan Glenda Dahlhauser Donna Dalton Bobby Damron Mehdi and Man Chu Daragheh Kimberlee Daus Alice Davenport Duncan Davidson The Davis Group Alex and Sarah Davis David and Tammy Davis

Alumni House

Lisa Davis Ron and Kathy Davis

Welcome Home Alumni! We look forward to greeting you soon. December 2013 marked the completion of the renovation project that transformed the last remaining 1920’s campus club house into our beautiful new Alumni House. Thanks to the generous donations of alumni and friends this dream is now a reality for our campus. We hope you will consider it your campus home and stop by for a visit with the Alumni Relations team anytime you are on campus.

Aaron and Abigail Dawe Beth Dawson Daniel and Lorena Dayton Doug Dean Howard Dean David and Marsha Decker Brian and Elithia Del Giorno Luis and Mary Lou Del Rio

See you soon!

Ralph DeMarco Denis R. Grant Revocable Trust Ted and Linda Dennis Will and Janet Denton Designer Consigner John and Betty DeVoe

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 13

$100 to $249 continued Melissa Dill Jim and Lorraine Dilley Larry and Molly Dillingham Robert and Melissa Dillingham Christy and Rebecca DiNapoli Larry and Donna Dixon Arnold Dobran Stephen and Corinne Donica Martin and Karen Donovan Robert and Eve Donovan

Belmont University Alumni Association The Belmont University Alumni Association is dedicated to promoting the general welfare of Belmont University, its students and alumni. The Association is committed to promoting loyalty and fellowship among its membership and students, and to providing appropriate services related to the alumni membership.

Larry and Betty Douglass

2012–2013 Alumni Association Board of Directors

William and Jennifer Downs Robert and Diana Doyle

Rebecca McKelvey President Harry Allen VP/President Elect Val Vanderwest Treasurer Karen Moore Secretary Hagan Stone Past President Debbie Coppinger Executive Director

Timothy and Kathryn Draayom James Draper Bruce and Sandra Dudley Carolyn Dudley Jill Dugas Ken and Melanie Duncan Donald and Nancy Dunning William and Yvonne Durham Jason and Cara Dyba Rodger and Joan Eakin Mary Easterling Marshall James and Emma Echols Dean and Lorrie Edwards

John Bennett Aimee Bobbitt Beka Callaway Tischker David Clay Cal Cook

Scott Corley Tiffany Dunn Andrea Fanta Fletcher Foster Tamara Johnson George

Jimmy and Sue Edwards

Mike Gregg Chip Hayner Kelly Moreland Jones Janis Mitchell Larry Stewart

Helen Egli Lenora Egli Tamara Ehlert Cayce Elliott James and Susan Ellis Thomas and Carol Ellsworth Kristie Elsberry Art and Barb Erickson Edward and Elizabeth Ernst Estate of Jerry N. Johnston Paul and Eileen Estrem Michael Evans Robert and Betty Evans Darwynn and Peggy Ewest Express Salons Inc. Daniel and Katherine Fagan Garth Fails William and Jean Farris

Young Alumni Council

Benjamin Feller Jim and Betty Ferguson Tom and Ronnie Ferguson Howard and Sandra Fields Robert and Amelia Finch Randy and Amy Finley

The Young Alumni Council (YAC) is the voice for young alumni that have graduated in the last 10 years. The YAC is committed to engaging young alumni and fostering programming specifically designed for the young alum.

John and Martha Fleury

2012-2013 Young Alumni Council

Fluor Foundation Brenton and Hilary Flynn

Chase Breland Programming Committee Chair, CBA ‘04 Kristin Godin Programming Committee Chair, CVPA ‘04 Fatima Karwandyar Development Committee Chair, A&S ‘09 Jason King Development Committee Chair, Religion ‘03 Hannah Shipp Communications Committee Chair, CVPA ‘11 Diane Skrabec Communications Committee Chair, CBA ‘04

Harold and Paula Fogelberg Charles and Dorothy Foote Sarah Foote Jim and Taryn Forrester Guy and Jennie Forsythe Hazel Foster Richard and Allison Fowler Henry and Lori Fox Richard and Sandra Frank David and Joan Franklin David and Sandra Franklin Franklin Professional Pharmacy, Inc. Douglas and Cynthia Franquemont Rock French Tom Fritts Walter and Carol Fritz Full Service Insurance, Inc. Gabby’s Burgers and Fries Steve Galloway

Kati Bumgardner Tim Bishop Nick Davis Eric Deems Josh Drake Tim Engles Lindsay George Joy Harris 14 | Belmont University

Klay Kelley Kim King Chris Kirk Jena Locke David McCulloch Megan Moody Josh Mullins Annie Musacchio

Chelsea Sanchez Matt Sherrill Andy Tabar Iveylee Trump Mary Lauren Teague Emily Watson Liz Zinke

$100 to $249 continued Robert and Mary Ganzer Gary Garrison

Magnolia Society

Brian and Holly Garstang Lindsay George

Members of the Magnolia Society support the vision and mission of the University through their generous gifts. They serve as inspiration to the entire Belmont community with their unwavering commitment. Their gifts of $1,000 or more enhance academic and extracurricular programming and directly impact daily student experiences. Belmont honors these generous donors with a fall and spring reception.

Steven George Marlin and Elaine Gill Byron and Jacqueline Glover Golf In The Now, LLC Hank and Brenda Gonzalez R. B. and Karen Goss Patrick and Jeanne Gower Richard and Rhonda Grant Bradford and Mary Graves Great Schools Partnership Dale and Ava Greenwell Ryan and Marie Gregory Daniel and Rebekah Griffith Brian and Amy Guthrie Keith and Susie Guyton Yvette Hachtel Angela Hagan Benjamin and Shirley Hall Joey and Karol Hall Marge Hall Ronald Hall Amy Ham Rose Hamermesh Dee Hamilton Robert and Kerry Hamilton Arthur and Charlotte Hancock Melissa Hardaway Corey Hardin Janet Hardin Ronel Harms Brian Harnett Robert and Regina Harper Hale and Mary Harris James and Nancy Harrison Richard and Jean Hart Malcolm and Beth Harvey Dan and Carolyn Hatfield Alisa Haushalter

Coach Rick Byrd addresses guests at Magnolia Society reception

Bruce and Theresa Hawkins Rachel Hawtrey Leo and Christy Hayden Chip and Kristen Hayner Claude and Linda Haynes Gayle Haywood Anthony and Mary Ella Hazelwood William and Lisa Headley Peter and Elizabeth Herreid Glenn and Joan Hester Catherine Hickerson-Bennett Frank and JoAnne Hickman Duane and Mindy Higgins Frank and Ann Hightower John Hilley Mark and Rosemary Hilliard

The 2013 Faculty and Staff Campaign, under the leadership of Campaign Committee—Greg Faulk, Ashley Harris, Johnny Minnifee, Randall Reynolds, Tim Stewart, Cathy Taylor and Mary Weber— had a record-breaking year for participation and dollars raised. More than 60 percent of faculty and staff members joined together to participate for the campaign.

Marvin and Rebecca Hines Leigh Hitchcock Richard and Tana Hoffman Billy and Betty Hogan Ginny Holland James Holsappe

The generous support of Belmont’s faculty and staff greatly impacts the University’s mission and its students. Each year faculty and staff rally to support areas about which they are most passionate, including scholarships, athletics, specific departments and the annual fund.

Jennifer Hongsermeier Jerry and Helen Hooper F. T. and Ginger Horton David and Regina Horvath Charles and Jane Hosay Jesse and Traci Howell Jim and Nancy Hubbard Terry and Anne Huff

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 15

Buddy and Marylin Hughes

$100 to $249 continued Patcharee Hughes Robert and Adriana Hughes John and Dawn Huie Humana, Inc Sally Humphrey-Turnipseed The Hunt Family Foundation Gary and Sandra Hunter Jennifer Huppenthal Fred and Carole Ann Hurd Robert Hussey Trevor Hutchins Anna Hutton Preston and Beth Ingram Institute for Student Service Professionals John and Stacy Irby

Bruin Club

David Isenberg David and Patty Jackson Debbie Jacobs Andrew Jacobson Ed and Joanne James Wilma Jeffus Christopher Jenkins Gary and Linda Jenkins Fielding Jewell Joelton Prescription Shop Eric Johnson and Emily Tanner-Smith

The Belmont University Bruin Club is the official fundraising effort for all Belmont Athletics. Bruin Club members provide support to all student athletes of the University’s 17 Division 1 athletic teams. Gifts to the Bruin Club help recruit, educate and train the highest caliber student athletes. These young men and women are not only dedicated athletes but are also known for their service, exemplary behavior and academic achievement. With members’ support the Bruin Club helps expand athletic scholarships and provide program enhancements critical to the growing demands of competition at a higher level.

Gary and Linda Johnson Steve and Alice Johnson Mark and Andrea Johnston Millicent Jolly

Bruin Club members receive a host of special benefits while supporting Belmont’s outstanding student athletes! Be sure to check out for more information. Go Bruins!

Billy and Darlinda Jones Carrie Jones Donald and Helen Jones James and Maxine Jones Stephen and Susan Jones John and Kathleen Joslin Sherri Joyce Raja and Michelle Jubran David Julseth Morgan Jumbi and Annette Grace Brian and Kimberly Karst Scott and Krista Kathmann Kimberly and Dan Keen Randy and Gwen Keiser Klay and Taylor Kelley Robert and Kirsten Kelley Clark and Kim Kelly Kristel Kemmerer Jeremy and Lori Keough Colette Keyser Charles and Katy Killion James King Julie King James and Sharon Kinney Robert and Sandra Kinney Boots Kirby Jeff and Janice Kirk Lisa Klingensmith Morris and Donna Knight Larry and Sherilyn Knox Connie Kondrat John and Patricia Kornacker Richard and MaryEllen Kosturko Lance and Ann Krafft Elizabeth Krol Peter Kuryla Kim La Brenna Lacey Jeff and Karen Lacy James and Janice Lambert Land Uniforms, Inc Stephen and Helen Lane

16 | Belmont University

$100 to $249 continued Jeff and Kelly Langdon Mark and Gini Langham Raymond and Carolyn Langlois Barbara Lannan Mark and Holly Lapolla James Lara Hung Le Ken LeClair Kay LeegĂŠ Thomas and Peg Leonard-Martin Frank and Lori Lewis Mark and Katherine Ligon Nora Limon Mathew and Laurianne Linton Anita Litten James and Jana Littlejohn Ronnie Littlejohn Larkin Lohr Joseph and Rhonda Lombardi O. William Long Tara Long Susan Long Gregory Lorenzi

Parents and their students enjoy a reception and tour at Ocean Way Nashville Studio

Douglas and Lisa Loughead Mark Louiselle David and Nancy Lovell

Parent Leadership Council

Jay and Debbie Lowenthal

The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is a giving circle for parents and past parents comprised of those who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more to the University. Parents who give at this level are invited to special donor events in the fall and spring. The 2013 spring event featured special guest, Judge Alberto Gonzales, Distinguished Chair of Law and former US Attorney General.

Lewis and Karen Ludwig

Randy and Maria Loyd Kendahl Luce

The PLC allows parents to find a community at Belmont, gives parents opportunities to get to know members of senior leadership and allows parents occasions to better serve the University.

Barbara Lutz John and Judith Lynch Johnny and Melinda Mabry James and Stacy Maciuk Tommye Maddox Issac and Neva Maffett Magli Realty Company Bryant and Lisa Malone Edith Manak William and Frankie Maples Lawrence Maplesden Cynthia Marion-Mullins

Parent Leadership Council Executive Board for 2012-2013

Nancy Marnett Steve and Wyndi Marston

Patrick and Stacy Abbey Ray and Lyne Castonguay Michael and Lori Carroll Chris Conlin Mike and Nancy Flaherty Van and Lisa Fletcher Jim and Alison Gorrie Jim and Renee Greenspon John and Elizabeth Hartwig Ed and Claire Henry Richard and Mary Joy Hinton Dale and Monique Keitz Tom and Jackie Kramer Eric and Shari Krueger Charlie and Angela Lathrop Jeff and Judy Mitchell Michael and Maria Morris Gil and Lani Netter Tom and Sydney Pernice Michael and Cindy Rowsey Charles and Cathy Theofilos Lindsey Thornhill Troy and Sylvia Tomlinson

Annette Martin James Martin Leonard and Terry Masick Andy Mason Stephanie Matias Andy and Renee Matthews Billy and Mary Matthews Travis and Lydia Maupin Betty Mayberry Arthur and Gay Mayernick Taylor Mayes Richard and Jenny Mayfield Michael and Pamela McBride Jocelynne McCall Robert and Kathryn McCarthy Larry and Nancy McClain Dan and Susan McClean Kevin McClung Kelly McCollum Paul and Carla McCombs Alan and Christy McCoy Patricia McFadin Bob McGee Eric and Sarah McGee Gary and Caroline McGee Terry and Sherry McGowan Chris and Leslye McGrath John and Joy McGraw

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 17

Matthew and Michelle McGuire

$100 to $249 continued Michael McGuire Todd Mckinney

McWhorter Society

Gerard McMahon Terry and Claudetta McMurtry Meredith Corporation – WSMV-TV David and Julie Metzger Rachel Militana Andrew Miller Larry and April Miller Rodger and Antoinette Miller Tad and Dana Miller Jenny Mills Lou Mills David and Lisa Minnigan Steven and Allison Mitchamore Brandon Mitchell Edwin and Leah Mitchell Van and Jane Montague Geneva Moore Virgil and Nancy Moore Moore’s Pharmacy Morgan Stanley Foundation Carrie Morrison J. Robert Moseley Jeffrey and Helen Moseley Jeffrey and Jeanine Moss Charles and Kathy Moyer

Belmont University’s Office of Advancement recently established the Clayton McWhorter Society, a giving society intended to further the work of Belmont’s health science programs. This distinguished group is named in honor of long-time Belmont supporter Clayton McWhorter and will directly benefits the College of Health Sciences and Nursing, the College of Pharmacy and the MBA for Healthcare Professionals. Clayton McWhorter’s leadership and role in the development of healthcare industry giants HealthTrust, Inc. and HCA have made a strong impression in the field of healthcare. In 1996, Clayton, his son Stuart, and a close business friend created the venture capital firm Clayton Associates, which quickly evolved into a hub of strategic business development activities related to new firms in healthcare, technology and diversified services. His relationship with the University began in the late 1980s through an invitation from Jack Massey “to get involved with Belmont,” and 25 years later, Clayton McWhorter continues his generous response to Massey’s challenge through his support of a variety of programs and initiatives. Dr. Richard Treadway, founder of Psychiatric Solutions and long-time friend of Clayton’s and of Belmont, is the first chair of the McWhorter Society Board of Directors, which includes a number of leading healthcare professionals along with Belmont healthcare leaders.

Karen Mueller Tim and Michelle Muller Levia Mullins Mike and Cary Mulrain David and Trudy Munsick Sandra Murabito James and Dolores Murphy Kim and Anita Murphy

McWhorter Society members gather frequently for special business and healthcare forums, panel discussions, events and an annual luncheon. At its inaugural luncheon in May, Barbara Massey Rogers received the first McWhorter Society Distinguished Service Award for her tireless support of Belmont University, including her service on the Belmont Board of Trustees and the Massey Advisory Board.

Michael and Lisa Murphy Troy and Catherine Murphy My Team Insurance Services, LLC Lillian Nanney Bob and Ruth Napier J.L. Nave Dana Near Tom and Ines Negri Eric and Jane Nelson Cameron and Sara Newbauer Roy and Betty Newport Michael and Linda Newsom Hung Nguyen Mary Niederhauser Paul and Gina Noble Jonathan Norris Joseph Norris Carrie Northington Jose and Maria Nunez Dennis and Mary O’Connell Marilyn Odom Robert Olmert and Michelle Morcone Bruce and Melissa Ott Ronald and Kay Overfield Cynthia Owsley PACCAR Foundation John and Patricia Paine Angela Panvini Lindsey Paprocki Robert and Julie Parrish Leon and Judy Partain Patmos LLC Greg and Angela Patton Thomas and Peggy Patton Patton Mechanical, Inc.

Clayton McWhorter and Richard Treadway present Barbara Massey Rogers with the Distinguished Service Award

Paul and Suzie Peak Arthur and Deborah Pearsall

18 | Belmont University

$100 to $249 continued Carolyn Peck Al Pedigo Ivan and Michelle Pedigo Mary Pedigo Will and Caroline Peeples James and Sheila Pelletier Johnny and Sherry Pendley Bradley and Karen Peters Robert and Marilyn Peters Ronald and Judith Petroll David and Cathleen Pettepher Jason Pharris Robert and Faris Phillips Woody and Pamela Pigg Durden Pillow Mike and Robbie Pinter Jennings Pitts Players Inn Karl and Cindy Plummer Charley and Alexia Poe Priscilla Polk Mac and Nancy Poll F. John Ponce de Leon Charles and Sharon Poor John and Debra Popham Martin Porreca and Gisela Villalba-Porreca Clifford and Diana Posman Peter and Kim Powell Robert and Lois Powell Laura Prentice Gibbs Prevost Billy Prince Michael and Janice Pritchett Professional Lawn Care and Landscaping, LLC Gary and Lana Prosterman Geoff and Melody Proud Kerry and Christina Pudenz Bill and Julie Pursell Mickey and Janell Puryear Chad Radford David Rains Samuel and Sandra Ramsey Gary and Jaymie Rankhorn

McWhorter Society Scholarship Recipients with Dean Pat Raines, Clayton McWhorter, Dean Cathy Taylor and Dean Phil Johnston

Scott Rankin James Ratteree Eris and Ida Read Alaina Reagan Dana and Danielle Rector Kyle and Sarah Reininger Gary Reitnouer Joshua Reynolds Matthew and Becky Rheinboldt David Ribar and Susan Eaddy Mark and Shellie Richards Steve and Jane Richards Dean and Susan Richardson Megan Riddle Randy and Angela Ridenhour Kristie Rigdon Robert and Julie Riggar Philip and Beth Ritchie Frank and Laura Roberts Joe and Martha Roberts Bill and Risa Robinson Bobby and Yvonne Robison Paul and Merrill Rockwell Julio and Rosario Rodriguez Kenny and Lisa Rogers David and Amy Rohwexder Peter Romano and Annette Panzone Romano

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 19

Ronald and Kathy Romano

$100 to $249 continued James and Janet Rooney Glenn and Barbara Rose Sandy Rosedale

Thomas and Mary Stewart

Bill and Glenda Watson

Bob and Susan Anderson

Tim and Lucinda Stewart

John Watson and Anji Wall

George and Linda Anderson

Wilbur and Regina Stocking

Tom and Jacqueline Watson

Erin Archibald

Steven Stodghill

Andrea Wax

Chase and Allison Argo Jerry and Jane Armour

David Rosenfledt and Anson Rosenfeldt

Larry and Lois Stone

Dean Weaver

Jeffrey and Susan Stovall

Alan and Lora Webb

Gus and Kim Artavia

Ross Concrete Management, LLC

Joe and Martha Stovall

Lee and Kelly Webb

At Home Therapy Services, LLC

Bruce and Cynthia Roy

Lenore Stringer

Nathan Webb

Murali and Madhavi Atyam

Frederick and Margaret Rudesheim

Edgar and Hettie Stuart

Mark and Mary Weber

Michael Austin

David and Kathryn Runyan

James and Kathy Studensky

Vern and Ruth Ann Wegner

Nick Bacon

Stephen and Beth Russell

Kristopher and Kelsey Sturgis

John Wentzel and Barbara Garringer

Greg Bagwell

Daniel and Rosalie Russo

Sandra Sullivan

Sam and Katherine Wheatley

Amy Baker

Pat Russo

Mark and Sharon Swafford

Eric Whetstone

Baker and Baker Company

Alberto and Vivian Sanchez

G. David and Lauren Swim

Stephen and Carol White

Tim and Dorothy Ballenger

Tom and Evelyn Sanders

Chris Swisher and Ann Jones-Swisher

Shane Whitehead

Robert and Mary Barker

J. Michael Sanders

Joe and Bonnie Taggert

Jason and Ondee Whitman

Golden Barnes

Kevin Sanders

Ashley Tappan

Joe Whitt

Doyle and George Ann Barnwell

Willy Sandoval

Bonnie Tappan

Carl and Lynda Whittimore

Tommy and Joan Barrett

Anne Sarris

Davis Tarwater

Eleanor Whitworth

John and Sandra Barrios

Sean Sawyer

Gloria Tate

Chris and Erin Wikle

Richard and Christy Batts Tim and Karen Baxter

Aaron and Kelle Schapker

Kent and Cathy Taylor

Chris and Anna Wilcoxson

Bob and Lisa Schatz

Leigh and Betsy Taylor

Adam Wilczek and Laura Salzer-Wilczek

Zach Beitzel

Michael and Theresa Schaulat

Susan Taylor

Courtney Wilder

Marissa Benchea

Lee and Courtney Scheben

Kim Tennyson

Jack and Pam Wilder

John and Paula Bennett

Renee Schultz

Richard and Dora Theiss

Tim and Becca Wildsmith

Jeffrey and Leah Bergman

Jeremy Scoggins

Steve Thiry

Steve Wileman

Lisa Bernard

Maryann Scott

William and Susan Thomas

Darrell and Crevolyn Wiley

Julie Bernstein

Scripps Networks Interactive

Brent Thompson

David and Margaret Wiley

Dora Biegl

Michael and Beverly Sebastian

Katie Thompson

James and Charlotte Williams

Lougan and Maren Bishop

John and Carole Sergent

Amy Thran

Judy Williams

Paul and Jamie Blackburn

Joe and Jeanette Settle

Lori Tigert

Montgomery Williams

Taylor Blackwell

Gerald and Jeannine Shadwick

Rich Tiner

Ramsey and Angelia Williams

Sarah Blair

Thomas and Dana Sherrard

Joseph and Lori Tomaszfski

Robert and Elizabeth Williams

Timothy and Melanie Blevins

Stephen Shin

Edward and Joann Tomlinson

George and Dixie Williamson

Glen Bohannon

Bill and Dene Shipp

Charlie and Jessica Toney

Paul and Virginia Williamson

Robert and Pamela Bolen

Alan and Joyce Shive

David Tough

Gregory and Judith Willing

Paul and Pam Bolin

Alan and Beth Shugart

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Lewis and Tamela Willmore

J.D. and Betsy Bonham

Robert and Lisa Silver

An and Merry Tran

Willowbrook Home Health Care, Inc.

Mary Bowers

Bill and Tricia Simpson


Creely Wilson

Richard and Deanna Bowers

Marty and Amber Sims

Bor-yi and Lotus Tsay

Katy Wilson

Barbara Boyett

Robert and Kathy Sitzwohl

Wilson and Leslie Tucker

Steven and Cindy Wilson

Neal and Lynne Brackman

Diane Skrabec

John and Janet Tudor

Ward and Paula Wilson

Jane Bradford

Jackie and Tracy Slagle

Greg and Kelly Turberville

William and Beth Winston

Tarah Bradshaw

Robert Sloan

Stephen and Claudia Ura

Robert and Gina Wiseman

Frederick and Angela Breedon

Robert and Barbara Sloan

Andy Valentine and Nancy Coleman

Donald Wolfe

Richard and Kay Brewer

Al and Julia Smith

Jan Van Eys

Daniel Womack

Gregory Smith

Sandy VanHooydonk

Zac Womack

Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, LLC

Julia Smith

Sarah Vanoy

Helen Wood

Kevin and Cheryl Smith

Don and Brenda Vantrease

Kristina Wood

Richard and Joy Smith

Juris and Pamela Vasilevskis

Beth Woodard

Sylvia Smith

Fernando Velasco and Christa Holleman

Chris and Mary Lynn Woodruff

Joe Smolira

John and Suzanne Veltri

Brian Wright

Gregory and Marian Snapp

Alex and Megan Verret

Richard and Stacey Wykoski

Ted and Beatrice Snazelle

Chris and Tara Vlahos

Tom and Pam Wylly

David Sneed

Larry and Suzanne Wacholtz

Lonnie and Judith Yandell

Ryan Snellen

Marcia Wade

Paul and Mary Ellen Yates

Daniel and Julie Solarz

Daniel and Bonnie Wagonfield

Sehyun Yoo

Lisa Southern

Michael and Martha Waid

Stan York

Robert and Syble Spain

Bill and Jeanine Walker

H. Christopher and Martiza Zaenger

Temp and Faye Sparkman

Keith and Hope Walker

Jamie and Leslie Zeller

John and Mary Jane Spehar

Marshall and Beth Walker

Christy Zender

Alisa Spinelli

RJ and Benita Walker

Nancy Zoretic

SPS Consulting, LLC

Steven Walker

Kathleen Zuccaro

Becky Spurlock

Jennifer Walkup

Daniel and Celeste Zydel

Brad Standefer

Jim and Janet Walls

John and Sharilyn Steadman

Louis and Mary Walsh

Jim and Candace Stefansic

Michael and Vivian Walsh

Condit and Rhonda Steil

Charlotte Walters

Jenn Stepaniuk

Robert and Mildred Wardle

Richard and Elaine Stephenson

Mary Anne Warren

Christopher and Margaret Stewart

Kevin and Kathryn Wasilewski

Jon Stewart

Michael Waters

20 | Belmont University

$50 to $99

Bristol-Myers Squibb Clifford and Sally Brody Gregory and Cynthia Brotzman Sarah Brown April Brunner Crystal Buie Build-A-Bear Workshop Phillip and Marianne Burks Stanton and Connie Burnette Ivie and Stephanie Burns Steve and Cindi Burtnett Clyde and Carolyn Bush Helen Bush Sarah Bush Steven and Belinda Bush James and Karen Byrd Jeffrey and Lisa Byrd Mike and Cathy Cahill Paul and Lynette Cal

Stephen Aber

Edith Campbell

Bruce Alan and Tracy Hallums

Derek and Amy Cantrell

Jose and Teresa Alea

Randy and Gena Capps

Julian and Donna Alexander

Jeff and Mary Carlisle

Kevin and Tina Allen

Martin Carrico

Robert Alpino and Lisa Odabasi

Christopher and Nina Carroll

Mrs. Dean Carroll

Dave and Teresa Elder

Dan and Melissa Helton

Kimberly Carroll

Tonya Elkins

Daniel and Mary Hermann

Mara Laverentz

Tony and Faith Cary

Lee Evans III

Tom Hermes

Robert and Gerry Law

Kevin Cason

Thelma Ewell

David and Donna Hickman

Florrie Lawton

Juanita Cate

Ronald and Julie Farmer

Kristin Higdon

Anthony and Laura Lee Frank and Martha Lee

Len and Katie Landers

Bill and Linda Cates

Don and Joyce Farrar

Lauren Hight

Jerome and Janice Cencula

Randall and Susan Farrell

Scott Hilgadiack

Mary Lefler

Tricia Chaffin

Greg and Beth Fidler

Lillian Hill

Floro and Judith Leporino

Michael Chapman

Dennis and Debra Finn

Mark Hoard

Sherree Levering

Tyann Chappell

David and Kelly Fish

James and Adonia Hodgkins

David and Lori Lewis Jean Lewis

Dennis Chen

Nancy Fleming

Ashley Hoke

Dwight and Dorothy Cherry

Joe Flynn

Lyle and Linda Holland

Joan Li

Brad and Lennae Childs

Michael and Judy Foote

Robert and Cornelia Hollister

Ritchie and Laura Longworth

Harry and Julie Chitwood

Michael and Eleanor Forbes

Rachelle Holloman

Ashley Love

Emil and Renee Cimala

Ann Fort

Ginger Holloway

Karen Loyal

Matthew and Valerie Clarke

Kevin Foster

Jeb Holmes

Karen Loyd

Brenda Clemmer

Rachel Franks

Elizabeth Hooton

Pamela Ludemann

Frances Coady

Derrick and Wendy Free

Hope Christian Community Foundation

Lewis and Nancy Ludwig

Jessica Collins

Michael and Ashley Frisbie

Harold and Gwen Hornberger

Davor and Dianne Luketic

Kristen Cooke

Joe Frye

Andrew House

Lloyd and Becky Lynd

Cooper Steel Fabricators, Inc.

Michael and Nancy Garrett

Lea Ann Hudson

Buford and Eugenia Mabry

Robert and Ann Cottingham

Stephen Gary and Julie Davenport

Mark and Cyndi Huff

Carl and Glenda Mabry

Gary and Michele Cox

General Electric Foundation

Earl and Eva Huffine

Mackinaw Insurance Group, LLC

Daniel and Andrea Crabtree

Ellen Genovese

Richard Hughes

John Malone

Scott and Anita Cranford

Kathryn Gerding

Bryan and Cecilia Humphreys

H. Richard Marcus

Will Cromer

Richard Getsay

Larry and Melina Hurm

Chuck and Sandra Ann Marquis

Daniel and Amy Crooks

Donald and Kay Geving

Brian and Julie Husselman

David and Nancy Marsh

Clint and Sheree Crowe

James Gill and Anne Kelley

Terry and Susan Hutchens

Bonita Martin

Bryan Cullifer

Ronnie and Marilyn Gilley

Wade and Connie Hutchison

Geoffrey and Susan Martineau

Scott and Philana Cunningham

John and Tina Gilman

Erica Hutton

Bill and Mary Helen Maskill

Robert and Donna Cutrona

Tonya Givogre

Karla Hutton

John and Victoria Maslyn

Lucyellen Dahlgren

Christopher and Angelia Glidden

Daniel and Sarah Ibarra-Scurr

John Mason

Brooke Dailey

Hannah Gluck

IBM International Matching Gifts Foundation

Keith Mason

William and Anita Dalton

Ed Glynn

Jeff and Amy Irwin

Ralph and Lisa Maxson


Paul and Mary Godwin

Ivory Zone Music

Mayernick and Associates Harold and Bobbie Mayes

William Dashiell

Michael and Charlotte Goldston

J. Scott Graphics, Inc.

Rodney Davidson and Beth Batson

Mary Goodloe

Janets Planet, Inc.

Vince McDaniel

Gwendolyn Davis

Julie Gosling

Eun Ho Jang

Matthew McElroy

Jane and Jim Davis

Garry and Mary Kay Grammel

Dave Jarvis

William McFarland and Whitney Susoreny

Sarah Davis

Ann Graves

Roland and Cynthia Jehl

Joseph McGrath

Thomas and Kathryn Davis

Barbara Graves

Marc Jenkins

Patrick and Donna McGrath F. Pierce and Harriet McHenry

Frank and Nancy Deal

Russell and Mary Gray

Aaron and Amy Jerome

Jeff and Wendy Dearduff

Jason and Alysia Green

Angel Johnson

Marne McLyman

Joseph and Pamela Deas

Jeffrey and Twila Greene

Danielle Johnson

Danielle McMinn

Kindall Deitmen

Samuel and Sheila Greene

Melissa Johnson

Scott and Janet McReynolds

Gerald and Alma DeLong

Calvin and Vickie Gregory

Robert Johnson and Jennifer Yarbrough

Benjamin Meador

Del and Jacquelyn DeVries

Raleigh and Bridgette Gresham

Joyce Jones

Carolyn Meissner

Rand Diamond

Mark and Lori Griffith

Linda Jones

Jim and Sherry Mercer

Dan and Michelle Dickerson

Steve and Debbie Griffith

Wally and Leslie Jones

David and Marianne Meriwether

Jim and Connie Dickerson

William and Anne Gross

Larry and Sue Kain

John Messore

Nicholas DiGuiseppe

Whitney Hachinsky

Becky Kamara

Martin Miley

Robert and Jackie Dills

Samuel and Gloria Hale

Betty and Mike Kavanagh

Chris Millar

Allen and Catherine Donaldson

Wes and Jena Haley

Denim and Shanna Keezer

Andrew and Deborah Miller

Edward and Darlene Dory

James and Mary Hall

Alberta Kelush

Shauna Miller

Fred and Penny Downey

Tim and Laurie Hall

Jon Kemp

Miller and McPhail CPA’s PLLC Johnny Minnifee

Clyde and Erin Downs

Christine Halliday

Brittani Kendrick

Frank and Lynn Drewry

Brian and Beth Hallmark

Jim and Marion Kerr

Annie Mitchell

Glenn and Deborah Duckworth

Derek Hamblen

George Kersey

Melissa Mitchell

Steven and Janet Duensing

Ashley Hansford

George and April Khoury

Susan and Thomas Mitchell

Ivan and Nancy Duggin

Mark and Sherry Harlass

Chad and Anastasia Kidd

Brian and Michelle Mobley

William Duke

Laura Hart

Jennifer Kiev

Keith Monson

Sara Dunn

Thomas and Carrie Harvey

Corbin and Bonny King

Maggie Monteverde

Taylor and Katie Dunn

Jim and Natalie Haslam

Reginald King and Valerie Bradley-King

Betty Moody

Michel Dupagne

Matthew and Tricia Hatley

Richard and Barbara Kinney

Alan and Diana Moore ReyAnne Moorehead

Jeffrey and Kathleen Dyke

Robert and Bonita Hauge

Kristie Knaggs

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters, Inc.

Julie Hawley

Shawn Knight

Mandy Morgan

Hanna Easley

Arnold and Vivian Hayes

William Knittle and Alma Lizcano

Frederick and Vicki Morlock

Thomas and Carol Eck

John and Gail Hayes

Bo and Anna Konigsmark

James and Olivia Morrison

Anne Edmunds

Sandra Haynes

Andrew and Laura Kreiselmaier

Darryl and Gina Mosley

Richard and Elaine Egli

Casey Hebbel

Deanna Kuhn

Francesca Muccini

Robert and Angela Egli

Kevin Heim

Bobby Kyker

Dana Mulvihill

Lawrence and Susan Ehler

Mary Heldman

DeLoy Lance

John and Florence Murray

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 21

$50 to $99 continued Philip and Judy Myers Victor and Deborah Myers David Mysliwiec Jeremy and Valerie Nagoshiner Nationwide Foundation James and Debra Neill Martha Nelson Bill Nemir Kim Nemir Denise Nichols Abby Nielson John and Deborah Noetzel Narendar Nookala Carl and Brenda Norgren Ralph and Shellie Nowicki Thomas and Beatrice O’Connell Larry and Jill O’Hara Olson and Olson PLC Robert Ory Mary Osthus Raymond Owen Linda Owens Adam Pace Richard and Wendy Pangrazio Brett Parker Daniel and Julie Parker Beverly Parrott Bruce and Patsy Parton Glenn and Kathy Patterson Sheridan Payne Thomas and Emily Payne Robert and Andrea Pedigo Roy and Sharon Perala Doug Perry Calvin Peters Allen and Jamie Petty Jenna Pirani Bradley and Michelle Place David and Sarah Polan Zade Pollock and Nan Pollock Alex and Kathy Poulter Britt and Christy Pounds William Presley John and Elissa Price Lissa Price Gabriel Punzalan Michael and Sherry Raabe Frank and Keri Rains Brittany Rawson Leilani Rector Kevin Reynolds Edwin and Susan Richardson Mark and Kathy Richardson Neil Rick Pretlow and Stacy Riddick Roberta Robertson Honey Rodgers Milton and Kanette Rodgers Charles and Sandra Rogers Lee and Rhoda Royce Kenneth and Kathy Russell Lonnie and Melissa Russell Freida Sage Libby Salbert Donald Samuels Maxey and Debra Sanders Weldon and Annette Sanford Joe Savage Casey Savell Angela Saylor Richard and Valerie Scalia

22 | Belmont University

Todd and Nancy Scarlett

Keith and Bonnie Upton

Will and Avery Albritton

Sean and Cheryl Scheidle

Vincent and MariaStella Valentino

Sarah Alexander

Anne Schwastzenberg

Mike Vaughn

Amanda Alford

Glenn and Angela Scrivens

James and Connie Vaught

John and Chris Algren

Chuck and Peggy Seaman

Jimmy and Genie Vestal

Sabina Allbritten

James and Shannon Seay

Ken Waldrop

Erick and Tameka Allen

John and Veronica Selby

Jessica Walker

Kirk Allen

Thomas and Kimberly Settle

John and Leslie Walsh

Nyk Allen

Monte and Jannell Shadwick

David and Buffy Wannemuehler

Rebecca Allen

Tammy Shank

Byron and Cynthia Warner

Susan Allen

Mark and Jennifer Sharp

Don and Judy Watson

Jonathan Ameen

Jennifer Shirley

The Carol Waugh Family Partnership

Samuel Amescua

Todd and Evelyn Sholar

Bob Weaver

Dylan Ammarman

Louis and Jennifer Shovelski

Deane Webb

Priya Anand

Joe and April Simpkins

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

Ashley Anderson

Doug Skipworth Jack Slayton Elisabeth Small Michael and Michelle Smalling Maxim and Irina Smetannikov Bob Smith Clifton Smith David and Tamara Smith Sidney and Kathryn Smith Steven and Sue Smith Watty and Helen Smith Macie Snider Alexander Snow Frederico and Elizabeth Soliz Adam Sonn Sara Spencer Kershaw and Wanda Spong Rod and Debbie Sprang Square D Foundation Paul Stahle Kevin and Lisa Stallings Silas and Jamie Stamey William and Nancy Stanton Paul and Sue Steiger David and Michele Stephens Anthony and Frances Stephenson Jason and Kelly Stewart Ray and Janice Stewart Stephen and Louisa Stewart Tish Stewart Stewart Properties Tammy Stone Matthew Stookey and Karol Colwell-Stookey Dave and Kristin Story Vicki Strain Martin and Ashley Strobel Diane Surdi William and Yvonne Swafford Jeff Tarrence and Jackie Pope-Tarrence Crystal Taylor

Cathy Werthan David West George and Julie West Laura Wheeler Tammye Whitaker David and Betsy White Mark and Leta Wildasin B. Thomas and Reinda Willhite Jay and Lisa Williams Reca Williams Todd and Kelly Williams Terry and Kathy Willis Andy and Susie Wilson Bruce and Lori Wilson Michael and Cynthia Wilson Vance Wilson Bob and Lori Windler Adam Winfrey Rebecca Wise John and Roberta Witherspoon Gary and Ramona Witzgall G. and Diana Wojinowski Sherrill and Linda Wolf Stephen Wolf Curt and Karen Woods John Woods and Betty Sharp Hugh and Monica Woodward Kenneth and Lisa Woody Matthew and Cheri Work Peter and Ann Wright Samuel Wright Sharon Wright Terry and Margaret Wright David and Diane Wyman Brooke Yaiser Shin and Nobuko Yamazaki Jeff and Kim Yarbrough Curtis and Nancy Yingst Terry and Lanee Young

Julie and Stephen Taylor

Daniel and Gloria Zimmerman

Michael and Rebecca Testa

$1 to $49

Keith and Kim Thetford E. Elliott and Myra Thompson Tim and Michelle Thompson Jerry and Joyce Thurman Clinton and Carolyn Thykeson Matthew and Kimberly Tice Patrick and Deena Toalson Carole Tomaras Todd and Lynda Townsend James and Teresa Tracy Gary and Linda Tullock Richard and Jennifer Tumlin Ronald and Gale Turco Tyco Electronics Matching Gifts Program Gary and Marilyn Upton

Carter Abel Annabelle Absar Carrie Acree Doug and Tonya Adams Glen Adams and Jacqueline Finklea Glenn and Beverly Adams Jamie Adam Chris Agans Susan Agerton Alex Agos Carlos Aguilar Mary Akhom Maya Akser Chris Alarcon Mary Lyn Albritton

Greg and Kelly Anderson Heather Anderson Lauren Anderson Sarah Anderson Dianna Antenucci Rachel Anthony Aon Foundation Lisa Apple Jeneth Aquino Christina Armstrong William and Angela Arnoult Ricky Arras Megan Asher Amy Ashida Katie Ashley Meg Ashworth Christine Atteberry John and Mary Aukee James and Ottilie Austin Jessie Austin Paul Austin Sheila Ayers Michael Babb Kjersti Babcock Melissa Bailey Sherita Bailey Frank and Tamara Baird Cheryl Bak Caitlin Baker Karen Baker Michael Baldwin Wayne and Ann Baldwin Lucy Baltimore Sara Banks John and Jessica Barber Adam Barnes Taylor Barnes Kate Barnett Taelor Barnette Jill Barrett Reca Barwin Max Batchelor Anthony Bates Connie Bates Mary Katherine Batson Tanner Battenberg Mary Raines Battle Al Baugh David and Elaine Baxter John Baxter Robyn Baxter Susan Bay Jennifer Beadles Cathy Beahan James and Sheila Bearden Don and Patricia Beason Julie Beazley

Randy Beazley

Kelsey Bright

Ryan Catlin

David and Patti Cowgill

Kayla Becker

Nicole Bright

Joe and Beth Caudill

Frank and Kathy Cowherd

Jill Beeler

David Briley

Nat Cecil

Josh Cox

Ashton Beggs

Logan Brill

Lee Cerier

Jared Coy

Mary Beth Belcastro

Jessica Brinkley

J.P. and Linda Chabot

Laura Crafton

Alvin Bell

Julie Brinkley

Aven Chadwell

Tommy and Pamper Crangle

Amanda Bell

Amanda Brinsko

Carrie Chalker

Melinda Craven

Richard and Alison Bell

Ian Brittain

Madonna Chambers

Robert and Peggy Crenshaw

Sean Bellinger and Allecia Morrone

Timothy Broadnax

Rolando Chambers

Joe Crews

William Bendik and Valerie Killeen

Bryan and Jamie Brokaw

Sarah Champion

MacKenzie Crews

Casey Benefield

Brent and Susan Brommer

Travis Chapman

Mary Cross

Stephanie Benjamin

Brittany Brooks

David Charlestham

William and Devonnia Crouse James Crowell

Angelica Bennett

Hannah Brooks

Cameron Chase

Chris and Leah Bennett

Cathy Brown

Philip Childs

Kevin Crowl

Matthew Bennett

Charles and Debra Brown

Marc Chirico

Caroline Crozier

Kimberly Bentley

Clay Brown

Matt and Ashley Chisholm

Spencer Cummings

Allie Benz

Hope Brown

Kelsey Choate

Craig and Julia Cunic

Camille Bentz

Josh Brown

Mark and Peggy Christian

Kyla Cunico

Peter Berends

Michael and Sue Marie Brown

James and Dorothy Christiansen

Barbara Cunningham

Alana Bergen

Ray Brown

Jeffrey Cicero

Gena Curl

Robby Berry

Shelby Brown

Tara Clance

Cindy Custer

William and Suzanne Best

Anita Brown-Parker

Anna Clark

Cynthia Dagley

Betsy D. Steiner Marital Trust

Peter and Marga Bruening

Billy Clark

James and Anne Dale

Rachel Bettis

Dylan Bruner

Jamie Clark

Caitlin Daly

Tabetha Bewley

Jane Bryant

Kristin Clark

James and Rachel Darter Shaun and Erica Daugherty

Ryan Beydler

Eldon and Donna Bryce

Caitlin Claudy

Misty Biggers

Joel and Jane Buchanan

Lynn and Jeanne Claudy

Bryan Davidson

Megan Bilodeau

James and Dorris Buehring

Robert and Virginia Clauer

Courtney Davidson

Amy Bingham

Tim Buell

Court and Suzanne Clement

Lori Davidson

Chelsea Bird

Stephen Bunner

Brian and Debbi Clements

Nancy Davidson

Nicolette Birkner

Lindsey Bunt

Dan and Forrest Clements

Robert and Julie Davidson

Andrew Bishop

Stan and Rebecca Burcham

Chris and Felicia Clemmons

James and Laura Davies

Courtney Bishop

Eric Burford

Joseph Clemmons

Adam Davis

Sondra Bishop

Arlene Burgess

Bernard Clemmons, IV

Bethany Davis David Davis

Tim and Lindy Bishop

Greg Burgess

John Cloherty

Andy Black

Kylan Burgess

Bert and Sue Coble

Fred Davis

Libby Black

Trevor Burke

Jaci Cochran

Jeremy Davis

Patrick and Cathy Black

Beverly Burklow

Joshua Cockerill

Joe Davis

Tyler Black

Ethan Burks

Rachel Coffey

Jonathan Davis Katherine Davis

John Block

Beverly Burnett

John Coker

Jeffrey Blood

Eboni Burns

John and Elaine Coker

Kylie Davis

Janey Bloom

Timothy Burns

Jay Cole

Laura Davis

Sammie Boerste

Kyle Burnside

Hayden Coleman

Megan Davis

Monica Boes

McKinsay Burnside

Chad Collier

Rebecca Dawahare

Helen Bond

Doug and Debbie Buron

Ken and Judy Collins

Cameron De Fur

Melanie Bond

Craig and Caryl Burrell

Mike Colman

Elizabeth Deely

Hannah Boren

Jordan Burrier

Britt Colston

Joy Delay

Alesya Borisyuk

Henry Burton

Nadia Columbia

Martha Delgado

Hank Born

Lesley Burton

Ron and Joy Combs

Jared DeLong

Lucas Boto

Elissa Butterfield

Ryan Combs

Sarah DeMarco

Sarah Bouse

Lloyd and Laura Butterfield

Callie Compton

Troysetta Demonbreum

Lacey Bowles

Mary Byars

Vincent and Linda Contessa

Amy Demonbreun

Michael and Robin Bowman

Carolyn Caire

Nancy Conway

Ali Dench

Katie Boyd

Michael and Magan Calhoun

David Cook

Stephen Denninger

Brett Boyer

Krysten Call

Richard and Carmen Cook

Dusty Denzel

Andrew and Kelli Boyle

Kevin Callaway

William and Carrie Cook

Chris DePorter

Heather Boyle

Debby Calloway

Whitney Cooper

Max and Peggy DePriest

Selah Boyle

Ellen Camp

Johnathon and Cristina Cope

Craig and Kim Dettrey

Dustin Braden

Megan Camp

William and Martha Copeland

Edward Devers

Becca Bradley

Abigail Campbell

Beth Copperidge

Brian and Kelly DeVille

Sharon Bradley

Michael Capps

Kayla Corbin

Lisa Devine

Jessica Bradney

Nikki Caputo

Kenneth and Monique Corley

John and Jeanne DeWig Timothy and Marilyn DeYoung

Megan Bradt

Bethany Carlson

Brian Cothern

Stephen Brady

Megan Carolin

Rachel Cothron

Amanda Dial

Angela Brandon

Alyssa Carroll

Betsy Coughlin

Samantha DiBiccari

Elvis and Jean Brandon

Monte Carroll

Lee and Cathy Coulter

Fallon Dickens

Russell Brantley

Tom and Kate Carroll

Shelby Council

Leah Dickerson

Janet Braun

Stephanie Carvalho

Gary Couser

Edlyne Dickson

D. J. Breed

Miles Cary

Courtney Covert

Katie Digrappa

Sarah Kate Brewer

Kelly Casarez

Charles and Kim Covington

Taylor Dillon

Frederick and Sharon Brickey

Amy Cason

Daniel and Deborah Cowan

John and Elaine Discepoli

Colin Brier-Braxton

Chrissy Castriota

Rocky Cowan

Tina Dishman

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 23

$1 to $49 continued Joshua Ditty James and Doris Diven Aldon and Mary Betty Dixon Buddy and Sally Dodd Carolina Domingues Nicole Dool Brendan Dorman Phillip Dormont Therese Dorobek Beth Douglas Gayle Douglas Thomas Dowd Douglas and Becky Downey Julianne Downs James Dozier Aimee Drabyn Ian Drake Noah Dresner Emily Dryburgh Jessica Duble Samantha Duffy James Dugger Robert Duke Todd Duke Kent Duncan Lacey Dunkley Darren and Mary Dunlap Anna Kate Dunn Richard and Sandra Dunphy Alyson Durben Allison Durfee Alyse Dusseault Zoran and Alma Duvnjak Amanda Dye Michael and Robin Dye Maryanne Dyer Greg and Colleen Dzurik Jim and Karen Early Ronda Eckert Kevin and Amy Ederle Amber Edmundson Shea Edwards Dax Edwards Hannah Eginoire Tristan Egloff Trent Einstein Andrew Eisberg Missy Eisenhauer Stephanie Elder Pat Elie and Gena Bogard Mahmoud Elkhatib Derek Elkins James and Stacy Elliott Gregory and Julie Elliott Savannah Ellis Amanda Ellis Mike and Kathy Ellis Brian and Ashley Elmquist Courtney Elrod Morghan Embry Joe Emerson Robert and Juanita Engelberger Lewis and Linda Engles Tim Engles Charlotte Ennis Jason and Lori Enoch Hilda Enriquez Caroline Epps Kayla Erb Paul and Lindsay Erickson Taylor Eschbach

24 | Belmont University

Haley Estes

Douglas and Joanne Geeze

Suzanne Etheridge

Matthew and Joan Gehring

Ashley Griffin Justin Griffin

Erica Evans

Kellie Gentry

Lenora Griffin

Ethan Evans

Randy and Cheryl Gentry

Vahan and Armine Grigorian

Grant Evans

Libby Genz

Juliann Grill

Olivia Evans

Brian and MaryAnn George

Troy Grooms

James and Sarah Fain

Thomas Gephart

Morgan Grotheer

Sarah Falbe

Laurajean Gerber

Martha Groves

Christine and Mark Falcone

Kenneth and Judith Gerdesmeier

Briana Grzybowski

Grace Falkenbach

Kristine Gerdesmeier

Nena Guin

Denise Farrell

Jason and Heather Germain

Grant Guinane

Joshua Farrell

Bradley and Linda Gerndt

Eric Guroff

Brent and Kelsi Farris

Eugen Ghiletchi

Ashley Gurule Leonard and Bettye Gush

Emily Faucher

Thomas and Tracey Gholson

Mary Faulkner

Homa Ghulam Jan

Kyle Guske

Stefanie Faull

Jennifer Gianikas

Jenni Gustafson

Guy Fell

Phillip Gibbons

Emily Guthrie

Alfredo and Karla Fernandez

Curt and Monica Gibbs

David and Junia Haas

Davon Ferrara

Greg Wilkinson and Debra Gibbs

Phil Haddad

Dru Ferris

Katherine Gibson

Brittany Hadley

Scott Fields

Becca Gift

Bobby Hadzor

Clayton Fike

Nate Gilanyi

Greg and Ashley Hagan

Melissa Finan

John Gilchrist

Ruth Hagen

Trey Finch

Catherine Giles

James and Betty Hagey

Morgan Fincher

Luke Gilfeather

Amanda Haggard

Anthony Fiorenzo

Matthew Gilpatrick

Ray and Asha Hajari

Katelyn Fiorini

Nathan Girard

Eric Hald

Georgia Fisher

Warren Givens

Scott and Debra Hald

Chantel Fleming

Kate Glaws

Rachel Hale

John Fleming

Ryan Glaze

Amy Hale

Pat Flemming

Christopher and Ann-Marie Gleason

Lauren Hall

John Flowers

Christopher Glenn

Matt Hamann

Ann Floyd

Martin and Evangelene Glickman

James and Brenda Hamilton

Sarah Flynt

Rachel Glidden

Sheila Hamilton

Anne Fogerty

Greg Glidden

Gabrielle Hampton Michael Hampton

Kyle Ford

Meghan Glogower

Martha Fortenberry

John Glover

Leslie Haney

Tom Fortier

Marsha Glover

Kyle and Paula Hankins Sherry Hanks

Joy Fox

Sarah Gobin

Matthew Fox

Cassandra Goble

Brian Hanlon

Liberty Foye

Christian and Elinor Goeke

Courtney Hardin Elizabeth Hardy

Abbey Francis

Beth Goforth

Colleen Francis

David and Amy Goldman

Shaun Hardy

Rachel Franklin

Alexander Gonser

Kimberly Hargrove

Sara Frederick

Gary and Pamela Goode

Dalton Harper

Katie Fredericks

David Goodman

Charles and Jamie Harper

Anthony and Melodie Fridovich

Mary Goodwin

Lindsey Harper

Brenda Frierson

Doug and Joan Goolsby

Jeanne-Marie Harris

Ken Fritz

Levi Gordon

Anna Harris

Lindsey Frodge

Thomas and Evelyn Gore

James and Barbara Harris

Max and Hillary Fulwider

Kenneth Gorman

Holly Harris

Norma Gabhart

Rachel Gorman

Joel Harris

Thomas and Nancy Gaetano

Kathleen Gosnell

Linda Harris

Allison Gale

Alex Graben

Melody Jo Hart

Steven Gallo

Amy Graham

Anthony Hart

Rachel Galloway

Cheryl Graham

Brenda Hart

Bobby and Becky Gann

Romina Graham

Cameray Hart

Richard and Suzanne Gardner

Carolyn Grant

Caroline Hart

Kristin Garin

David and Laura Grant

Rebekah Hart

Roberto Ruiz Garcia

Erica Grant

Ainsley Hartman

James and Donna Garland

Jason Grass

Philip and Marti Hartman

Rachel Garland

Robert and Billie Graves

Stephen Hassett

Christopher Garner

Chris Gray

Cassie Hawkins

Sam and Morgan Garner

Jacqueline Gray

Abby Hawkins

Andy and Lucy Garrabrants

Michelle Grayburn

Bellamy Hawkins

Laine Garrett

James and Gail Green

Kailee Hawkins

Sarah Garrett

Matthew Green

Ryan Hawkins

Tamara Garvey

Sam Green

Scott Hawley

Michael and Denise Gaskill

Elisa Greene

Stephen and Tracey Hay

Paula Gati

Roger and Betti Gregoire

Casea Hayes

Kat Gatliff

Susan Gregory

Robert Hayes

Marty Gay

Allison Griffey

Sarah Hayes

Elliott Haynes

Allan Hunt

Zach Kennedy

Justin Lee

Lindy Haynes

Krista Hurliman

Dana Kenney

Scott and Genevieve Leggett

Brandon Hays

Phillip Hurst and Linda Carter

Jimmy Kent

Juliette Leidel

Brian and Amy Head

Sharon Hurt

Jon Kent

Daniell Leipply Robert and Susan Leiter

Ellie Headlee

Benjamin Hutto

Kent Creative

Jack and Cindy Hearn

Taylor Hutton

David and Barbara Kentner

Joseph LeMay

Thomas and Kryssi Heckman

J. L. and Marilyn Hyde

Melissa Kereji

Daniel Lenerville Jordan Lenning

Rachel Hedgepath

Hannah Hyde

Erica Kesse

Barbara Heintzelman

Sarah Ice

Alexa Kessler

Destin Lenz

Lisa Hellmann

Carla Ingmire

Logan Keyser

Alina Lepkowski

Rebecca Helm

Innovations Physical Therapy

Corey Kilgannon

Cheryl Lepkowski

Anna Helmrath

John Paul and Melissa Isbell

Scott Kim

Phil Lester

Ethan Helms

Rainu Ittycheriah

Sung and Charis Kim

Hilli Levin

Colin Hemphill

Amanda Ivory

Amy Kinder

Liz Lewis

Hannah Hendricks

Mckenzie Ivy

Merrie King

Lauren Lewis

Mark and Lisa Henline

Benjamin Jackson

Guy and Jennifer Kinnear

Scott and Anita Lied

Alyssa Hennig

Kenneth Jackson

Frank and Hastie Kinter

Jeffrey Linderer

Krystle Henninger

Michelle Jackson

Katelyn Kirk

Paul Lindsay

Kelsey Henry

Royce Jackson

Marianne Kirk

Brigid Lindveit Linkfour Enterprises, Inc.

William and Ruth Henry

Todd Jackson

Josh Kleppin

Bethany Herdzina

Joel and Michelle Jacobsen

Craig and Quinetta Klutts

John Loessy

Bert Herring

Allison Jacobus

Michael and Holly Kniery

Margaret Long

Ryan and Jen Herrington

Mary Grace Jarrett

Abi Knight

Mary Long

Taylor Herron

Ty Jeffery

Luci Knott

Melissa Long

Rachel Hesse

Kyle Jeffrey

Eric and Megan Knutson

Amber Lord

Allee-Sutton Hethcoat

Laura Jenkins

Bradley and Laura Koch

Michael Lotfi

Edwin and Betty Hicks

Belinda Jenkins

Jason Kollar

Tyler Lothrop

Laura Hilen

Peter Jenkins

Jerry Kornegay and Angela Poston-Kornegay

Diana Love

Madi Hill

Stacey Jennette

Jessica Kortmeyer

Lena Lovingood

Dwan Hill

Marlin Jensen and Jennifer Christiansen

Dennis and Linda Kovach

Paul Lowder

Clifford and Janet Hilton

Leah Jensen-Rader

Ekaterina Kovalchuk

Danara Lowery

Mark and Harriet Hines

Rachel Jeter

Cara Kozulak

Leigh Loyd

William Hinkle

Jordan Johansen

Annalise Kraus

Andrea Lucado

David Livingston and Cathy Hinton

Steven and Mary Jane Johantges

Sarah Krause

Mary Lucus

Susan Hisey

Alice Johnson

Jeff Krebs

Matt Lucas

Rhonda Hitchcock

Brian Johnson

Joe and Arlinda Kretchik

Rebecca Lugg

Jeannie Hoang

Cole Johnson

Tyler Kreutzer

Matthew Lummus

Sami Hodge

Danielle Johnson

Michelle Krichbaum

Karen Luter

Mandy Hodge

E. C. Johnson

Kim Krouse

Mary Lutz

Jeff Hoehne

Julia Johnson

Todd and Angelina Krulcik

Alec Lykken

Donnie and Leigh Hogan

Kelley Johnson

Ginger Kuechle

Charlene Lyle

Katie Hogan

Lukas Johnson

Chris Kuhlmeyer

Kaitlyn Lynch

Holbrook Peterson Smith PLLC

Megan Johnson

Carley Kuhns

Kathleen Lyons

Edsel Holden

Michele Johnson

Michelle La Faire

Ross Lyons

Laura Hollandsworth

Savannah Johnson

Jeffrey and Cheryl LaFontsee

Janelle Mabee

Jabe Holloway

Wells and Emily Johnson

Josefina Lagunes

David Macklom

Melissa Holloway

Andrew and Amy Johnston

Allie Lamb

Jennifer MacLean Matthew Madden

Stacey Holman

Abi Jones

Megan Lamb

Alex Holmes

Barry and Diane Jones

Edward and Jennifer Lambert

David Maddox

Marshall Homra

Danielle Jones

Hailey Lance

Roy and Linda Magill

Belinda Hong

Haley Jones

Lauren Land

Tim Maglothin and April Maglothin

Will Hooper

Mia Jones

LeQuichea Landaverde

Max Magura

Sue Hopfensperger

Rory and Julie Jones

Andrea Lane

Brandon Mahaney

Amber Hopkins

Rachel Jordan

Sarah Lashley

Parth Majmudar

Howell Hopper and Rachael Flynn-Hopper

Richard and Marie Jordan

Dan Lasselle

Damian Malnar

Elise Horecka

Lisa Joyce

Anthony and Megan Lassiter

Wes Mangum

Julia and Paul Horne

Sandra Juarez

Megan Latham

Chris Maniscalco

Michael and Teri Horsley

Bambang and Cheryl Juwoto

Robert and Katherine Latham

Gregory Manogin

Edwin and Elizabeth Howard

Scott Kafader

Alexandra Lauber

Kristine Mappes

Ashley Howard

Norman and Michelle Kalkhoff

Spencer Laufer

Sara Margraf

Brianna Howard

Kelly Kane

Wesley and Natalie Lauterbach

Mario Marini

Mason Howell

John Karvonen

Alice Lawler

Christopher Marks

Brian Howell

Fatima Karwandyar

Leslie Lawler

Emily Marks

Daniel and Deborah Hoyle

Michael Kattman

Janna Lawless

Heath Marlin

Kenzie Hruby

Erin Keckley

Tori Lawrence

Ross Marshall

Sarah Margaret Huff

Kristin Keen

Suzette Laws

Nathaniel Marston

Laurie Huff

Cody Keener

Shannon Leahy

Alison Martin

Callie Hughes

Carla Keeter

Michelle Leatherwood

David and Sandra Martin

Laralee Huguley

Jack and Rae Ellyn Kelley

Joe Leavy

Kevin Martin

Tyler Hume

Jay Kelley

Damien and Monique LeBourgeois

Meredith Martin

Landry Humphries

Bryan and Ada Kelly

Rachel Leddy

Michael Martin

James and Sally Hunt

Shane Kennedy

Brian Lee

Richard and Jean Martin

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 25

$1 to $49 continued Rick Martin Sammy Martin Shannon Martin Spencer Martin Steven Martin Jessica Martinez Marco Martinez Tyler Martinez Stephanie Marvon Patricia Masick Lendy Mason Mark Mason Patricia Mason Jenni Massie Jack Matheson Lindsay Mathews Anna Matlock Lee and Pat Maxwell Brooke Mayberry Anna Mayo Frank Mayo Natalie Mays Donovan McAbee R. Thomas McAfee Ashley and Mary Catherine McAnulty Melissa McClaran Donna McCollum Alison McCommons Lisa McCorvey Paul and Helen McCorvey Kathryn McCulley Joel and Jean McCurdy Thomas and Laura McCutchen Gary McDowell Daniel McFarlin Jim and Sharon McGee Caroline Mcgee Sarah McGee Robert and Nikki McGlamery Sylvia McGowan Sean and Laura McKay Vikki McKay Meghan McKechnie Anna McKeown Emily McMannis Ryan and Erin McMillen Jonathan McNabb Dorothy McQuaid Brittney Meads Lauren Mears Heather Meek Danielle Meeker Stacey Meeker Mysti Meese Kelli Mehlhaf Alyse Meier Angelica Melgar Carrie Mendoza Jill Merriam Fabiana Mersan Hillary Merwin David Meyer Laura Meyer Mark and Jen Meyer Cary and Laura Meyers James Mielke Laine Milam Amanda Miller Gina Miller Harold and Lisa Jo Miller Kate Miller

26 | Belmont University

Marian Miller

Bruce and Julie Niemchick

Jennifer Patterson

Michial Miller

Melissa Nieszczur

Samantha Patterson

Misty Miller

Becca Nikkel

Megan Pattison

Rebecca Miller

Roger and Heidi Nishi

Travis Patton

Sam Miller

Lynn Nixon

Angela Paul

Sean Millroy

Rami Nofal

Lesley Paul

Andrew Mills

Marla Noorman

Samantha Pauly

Ted Mills

Henrique Norbiato

Daniel Paxman

Jennifer Miner

Jessica Norman

Lauren Paynter

JT Minor

Sarah Norman

B T Peake

Greg and Chyrl Miracle

Charlene Normann

Daniel Pendergraft

Josh Mirenda

Rosemary Norman-Neely

Cristina Penetar

Lida Mirzai

David and Shelly Norris

Mary Cullen Pennington Vanessa Pepin

Jon Mitchell

Darcy North

Marjory Mitchell

Kristen North

Gladys Perez

Daniel Mixer

Sarah Norton

Blake Perkins

Kacey Molchan

Richard Novack and Bogumila Sokolowski

George and Linda Perkins

Lalita Monclus

Richard Nowak

Renease Perkins

Sarah Mondragon

Natalia Nunes

Dana Perry

Capucine Monk

Tom Oakes

Malcolm and Kay Peterson

Luke Moody

Gloria Oakman

Matthew Peterson

Michael and Rebecca Moody

Jared Oban

William and Cinda Petty

Christine Moore

Sandy Obodzinski

Trang Pham

Kate Moore

Timothy and Mary Beth O’Boyle

Brandi Phillips

Katherine Moore

Dwayne O’Brien

Cory Phillips

Tucker Moore

Lindsey O’Brien

Edward and Margaret Phillips

William and Jennifer Moore

Robert O’Brien

Megan Phillips

Madison Moquin

Scott O’Brien

Shante Piche

Michael Moran and Deanna Kruszon-Moran

Angelica Ocegueda

Nick Pichnic

Gordon and Diane Morehouse

Breanne O’Day

Devin Pickerill

Rodney and Valerie Moreland

Woody and Sandra Odom

Allison Piotrowski

Brandon Morlock

Melvin and Sarah Ogle

Joey and Amy Pippin

Christina Morris

Brent and Mary O’Hara

Nolan and Lauren Pittman

Dylan Morris

Miranda Okuniewski

Erin Pitts

Frank and Sylvia Morris

Sarah Olinde

Frank and Rhonda Pokój

Marla Morris

Elizabeth Oman

Patrick and Alyson Poling

Mel Morris

Maribel Onate

Michael Ponce

Philip Morris

Stephen and Kimberly O’Neal

Breanna Poore

Barbara Moulton

Samantha Orr

Andrea Porter

John Mowry

Al and Sherry Orrico

Robert and Laurie Porter Jordan Posman

Sarah Mudd

Bianca Ortega

Kimberly Muldowney

Erica Waters Orzechowski

Virginia Potter

Joseph and Donna Murdie

Jill Otte

Brent and Anita Poulton

Christin Murphy

Charles and Andrea Overby

Jack Pounds

Megan Murphy

Cassie Owen

Brandon Powell

William and Lou Ann Murphy

John and Zoe Owen

Lauren Powell

Annie Musacchio

Rayvon Owen

Penny Powers

Roxy Musharrafeia

Evan and Jenny Owens

Marie Preptit

Fernando Mussolini

John and Rebecca Ownby

Melinda Price

Aleta Myles

Kelsey Padgett

Timothy Price

Kyle Nachtigal

Melita Padilla

Whitney Price

Archana Nallamilli

Kris and Heather Page

Derrick and Denise Primm

Anna Namey

Jared Palmitier

CT Prince

Alyssa Nannetti

Matthew Palmitier

Prince Properties, LLC

Kristen Nault

Ben Palos

Andrea Pritchett

Michael Negri

Yurgen Panzhin

John and Tecia Pryor

Lorielle Neill

Matthew Pappas

Zach Pugh

David Nelson

Dana Paré

Ellen Purtell

Heather Nelson

Valery Parham

Charles and Laura Purvis

Sarah Nelson

Michelle Parish

Robin Queen

Amy Nesius

Eury Park

Caitlin Quindlen

Genevieve Ness

Christopher Parker

Noah Quinton

Network For Good

David Parker

Frances Ragland

Shelby Neubauer

Lesley Parker

Raymond and Donna Raines

Alec Newnam

Richard and Ann Parker

Don and Rosalyn Ramage

Vanessa Newman

Miriam Parkerson

Ellen Ramey

Rebecca Newton

Ashley Parkes

Logan Ramp

Paul and Susan Ney

Kathy Parolini

Charles and Donna Ramsey

Chasity Nguyen

Sandra Partridge

Cole Rapso

Abby Nibbelink

Kristin Passantino

Chris and Camille Raspante

Liz Nichols

Ben Pate

Rebekah Ratliff

Nathan Nicholson

Khyati Patel

Mary Ray

Randall Ray

Ryan Rutledge

Henry and Katy Smiley

Jessica Rediker

Jennifer Rutter

Carol Smith

Sonya Sweeney Richard Swiger

Ashley Reed

Daniel and Kyoungmin Ryan

Erica Smith

Vanessa Swiggart

Jordan Reed

Greg Sage

Janeice Smith

Cassie Swihart

Brock Reese

Eugene and Kathleen Saghi

Jeff Smith

Catherine Swiney

Emma Reeves

Meg Sagi

Megan Smith

Richard Swor

Daniel Rehbein

Elias Salazar

Natalie Smith

Karima Taalbi

Bekah Reimer

Josh Salazar

Richard and Katharine Smith

Nozomi Takasu

Tim Reitnouer

Tonya Sales

Tana Smith

Claire Tallerico

Hayley Renegar

Brooke Salley

Thomas and Debby Smith

Colin Tam

Adam Rentschler

Justin Salyer

Juanita Smoot

Jordan Tarter

Matt and Laura Reviere

Hugo and Chelsea Sanchez

Taylor Sorrells

Steven and Miriam Tate

Leslie Rex

Marcela Sanchez

Tim Southwick

Adrienne Tateishi

Barbara Reynolds

Robert and Kathy Sandberg

James and Abby Spencer

Joshua and Candice Tatum

Chuck and Sharon Reynolds

Evan Sander

Whitney Spencer

Jaime Tausend

Justin and Lori Reynolds

Jessica Sanders

Kelsey Spinnato

Anne Taylor

Brian and Kristen Rice

Rick and Sandi Sanders

Bob Spraker

Carly Taylor

David Rich

Sandra Sanders

Taylor and Katie Spruell

Bob Teeple

Kate Richards

Tony Sanseverino

Brian and Leah St. Germain

Kevin Terry

Connie Richardson

Jarrett Santarsiero

Elizabeth Stacey

Phyllis Terry

Jennifer Richardson

Kyle Sapp

Stanley Stacey

Megan Terwilliger

Chris Richey

Reanna Sarieh

Laura Stack

David Thacker

Jeff and Jodi Richfield

Jamie Satterfield-Newman

Alison Standridge

The Trust Company

Stacey Ricks

Scott Saunders

Howard and Leisa Stanley

Justin Theiss

Creigh Riepe

Timothy Savage

Jeff Stansberry

Christina Theodoru

Regina Rigney

Robert Sawyer and Nadine Cosgrove-Sawyer

Ellen Stapleton

Harmonie Thomas

Kyle Rigsby

Audrey Schaulat

Janet Steen

Alina Thompson

Maggie Riley

Corey Schmidt

Jon Stein

Leslie and Mary Ann Thompson

Elizabeth Ring

Nicole Schmit

Betsy Steiner

Lisa Ritchey

Amy Schnees

Eric and Claire Steiner

Holly Rittenberry

Christa Schneider

Matt and Leann Steinhauer

Daniel Tidwell

Casey Ritter

Cameron and Patti Schoettler

Michelle Stephens

Harold Tidwell

Rachel Thompson Valez Thornton

Monica Rizzio

Leslie Schroeder

Sheri Stephens

Katie Tierney

Michael and Shawna Robb

Kirsten Schulenburg

Kimberly Stephenson

Peter and Katherine Tillotson

Jane Owen Robbins

Lindsay Schwartz

Kenya Stevens

Rich and Sherry Tiner

Jordan and Heather Roberson

Arnold and Mary Linda Schwarzbart

Michael Stevens

George and Rebecca Todd Daniel Tonelson

Laura Roberts

Caroline Scism

Emily Stewart

Amy Robertson

Amanda Scott

Steven and Cheryl Stewart

Matthew Tracy

Jessica Robertson

Chuck and Pat Scott

Ticer Stewart

Nguyen Khang Tran-Tan Lauren Trappey

Tamara Robinson

Becca Seaborn

Bethany Stillwell

Jill Robinson

Matthew Seamster

Amanda Stinson

Jessa Tremblay

Kenneth and Terri Robinson

Randall and Susan Seavers

Jessica Stockton

Richard Trenthem

Fred and Katherine Roby

Katie Beth Seiler

Margaret Stokel

Tarah Trieu

Jim and Anne Rochelle

Sierra Self

Scott and Brenda Stone

Ben Tripp

Megan Rock

Linda Senese

Jessi Stout

Kim Troup

Debbie Rodriguez

Rebecca Senn

Justin and Kelly Stovall

Ashley Trout

Steven Rodriguez

William and Eunice Senyard

Stephanie Stovall

Albert Tsay

Jessica Roettger

Kelly Sepulveda

Sarah Stowers

Ally Tucker

Daniel Rogers

Liz Settle

Mandy Strader

Bart Tucker

Dennis and Lesa Roman

Henna Shaban

Sherry Strahan

Jade Tucker

Zack Romano

John and Cindy Shade

Cody Stratton

Eric Tudor

Charles and Carol Rosche

Tori Shade

Robert Stricker

Kate Tully

Rocky Rosche

William Sharp

Meagan Strickland

Robert Tuma

Amber Rose

Josh Sheehy

Sharon Strickland

Erin Turberville

Taylor Rose

Mike and Kimberly Shelton

Katie Stromei

Kyle Turco

Richard and Mary Lea Roselle

Darcy Shepard

Ashley Strosnider

Audrey Turner

Richard and Joann Rosenbaum

Sam Sheryll

Kevin and Susan Stroud

Brian Turner

Alan and Kim Rosenfeld

Henry and Lisa Shipman

Joshua Stuebe

Cale Turner

Bill and Barb Ross

Kevin Shotsberger

David Suell

Garrison Turner

Snelly Ross

Hannah Showmaker

Heidi Sullivan

Katie Turner

Tamica Ross

Aaron Sievers

Shane and Leah Sullivan

Megan Turner

Abigail Rowe

James and Laurel Sigler

Emily Summers

Stephen and Tammy Turner

Sarah Rowe

Katie Siklosi

Kurt Sumpter

Ellie Twesten

Anna Rowland

Lynn Silence

Rod and Jody Sunday

Cale Tyson

Tucker Roy

Melissa Silengo

Timothy and Catherine Suttle

V. Foster and Marcy Ullmann George and Robyn Ulrich

Amy Royal

John Simmons

Stephen Sutton

Natalie Royal

Sarah Simpkins

Whitney Sutton

Hillary Unis

Marie Royster

Brandi Sircy

Desiree Swain

Dain Ussery

Tia Runion

Kailee Sisson

Megan Swaine

Brian and Rebecca Valentine

Katie Rush

Ben and Shelley Skinner

Marissa Swanson

Brendon and Kathleen Van Der Hagen

Elizabeth Russell

Matthew Small

Anna Sweeney

Charles and Jennifer Van Dyke

Paul Ruszkay

Cory Smeltzer

Shawn Sweeney

Jim and Bonnie VanBibber

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 27

$1 to $49 continued Lauren Vandermark Taryn Varner Andres Vasquez Bailey Veach Ashley Vidrine Dale and Charlotte Vincent Denny and Nancy Vincent Richard and Aimee Vito Kelly Vogel Nancy Voight Sandra Vollmer Mark Volman Dwight Wade and Jan Buxton-Wade Ben Wagonfield Ben Waitukaitis Rachel Walden Bobby Walker Dylon Walker Kristin Walker Robert Wallace Julie Walters Anna Ward Jane Ward Michelle Ward Daniel Warner Jennifer Warren Darla Washington Joshua Watkins Addi Watson Emily Watson David and Dianne Watts Devon Watts Daniel Weatherby Anderson Webb Daniel Webber Kyle Webber Ellen Weber Lauren Wedertz Miranda Weik The Welbourne Group, LLC Glenn and Georgia Welch Alexandra Wells Dana Wensel Connor and Rachel Wentling Richard and Joanne Werth Joy West Lura West Meghan Westbury Ross and Jennifer Wetzel Hannah Wheeler Wheeler Academy Austin White

William and Tori Wilkerson Juanita Wilkinson Daniel Williams Jeff Williams Jerry and Glenda Williams Jordan Williams Patrick and Frankie Williams Walter and Monique Williams Kelsey Willman Chad Willmore Joe and Barbara Willoughby Audrey Wilson Rachel Wilson Jennifer Wimberley Graycie Wingo Stephanie Winn Valerie Wire James and Julie Wisener Anna Witherspoon Brandon Wojcik Iza Wojcik Kierstan Wolk Christina Wood Sally Woods Sarah Worley Annie Worthman William and Jo Ann Wortham Jenny Wray JoAnn Wright Josh Wright Zack Wright Heather Wurm Dave Wyant Matt Wyatt Jordan Yeager Holly Yearout Grant Yentzer Andie Yepez Anna Yi Thomas and Brittany Yokley Brian York Jackie Youde Emily Young Judy Young Kenzie Young Rebecca Young Willie and Lee Young Elizabeth Youngs Ashley Zapar Adam and Liz Zinke Ian Zorbaugh * deceased

Bailey White Christy White David and Sarah White Mike White Richard and Sandra White Savannah White Tanya White Matt and Danica Whitman James and Donna Whitsell W.R. Whitworth Elliott Wickenden Milt and Nicki Wickles Richard and Sherry Wiesman Bryan Wietrzynski Meg Wilburn James and Paula Wilder Stephen Wilder Haden Wiley

28 | Belmont University

28 | Belmont University

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 29

2013 Report on Philanthropy | 29

Office of Development

| 1900 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37212-3757 |

Belmont University is a Christian community. The university faculty, administration and staff uphold Jesus as the Christ and as the measure for all things. As a community seeking to uphold Christian standards of morality, ethics and conduct, Belmont University holds high expectations of each person who chooses to join the community. Belmont University does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, military service or sexual orientation. Inquiries or complaints concerning the application of these policies to students should be directed to the Associate Dean of Students, Beaman Student Life Center Suite 200, 1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212, or 615.460.6407.

30 | Belmont University

Report on Philanthropy 2013  
Report on Philanthropy 2013