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Belmont University | D I F F E R E N T B Y D E S I G N


In the world of higher education, good work is happening on campuses across the nation, as students are prepared for future careers and challenged to be active citizens. But Belmont University aims beyond “good,” seeking to provide a truly transformative education and a unique college experience. Bold and original, Belmont embraces big events, defies the status quo, strives for greatness and innovates at every opportunity. This year’s annual report highlights what sets Belmont apart from the crowd. Read on to see how this University is intentionally different by design.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O C U LT I VA T E

Designed to

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O C U LT I VA T E

Many universities struggle to maintain enrollment levels and meet revenue projections, but Belmont University defies the odds, continuing to build for future capacity and constantly developing new approaches to improve the student experience… not to mention launching and acquiring new programs that support market needs. Strategic decisions are made at every level to help Belmont flourish, cultivating an innovative higher education experience like no other.

WELCOME O’MORE Belmont acquires local design college founded by an alumna.

Last spring Belmont announced it was joining forces with Franklin, Tennessee-based O’More College of Design “to cultivate world-class design in all its forms.” The new O’More School of Design at Belmont brings new majors in fashion and interior design as well as fashion merchandising. The bold addition to an already creative campus is all the more appropriate given O’More was founded by Ward-Belmont alumna Eloise Pitts O’More.


B e l m o n t U n i v e r s i t y | D E S I G NBE e lD m o nTtOU nCi vUe rLs T i t Iy V| ADTEES I G N E D T O C U L T I V A T E

Designed to

ENROLLMENT HIGH University marks 18th consecutive year of record enrollment. Fall 2018 classes began with a record-breaking 8,318 students on campus, nearly triple the enrollment in 2000 and marking a 65 percent increase in the last decade alone. As part of its Vision 2020 plan, Belmont aims to enroll 8,888 students by Fall 2020, providing more students than ever the opportunity to embrace the University mission to “engage and transform the world.�

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O C U LT I VA T E

WELCOME O’MORE Belmont acquires local design college founded by an alumna.

Last spring Belmont announced it was joining forces with Franklin, Tennessee-based O’More College of Design “to cultivate world-class design in all its forms.” The new O’More School of Design at Belmont brings new majors in fashion and interior design as well as fashion merchandising. The bold addition to an already creative campus is all the more appropriate given O’More was founded by Ward-Belmont alumna Eloise Pitts O’More.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O C U LT I VA T E

TA L L H A L L O P E N S Overall elevation of new residence hall represents one of highest points in the city.

Visible from countless spots around the city,

to promoting on campus living possibilities to

Belmont’s newest residence hall opened its doors in

more students, the building is set in a serene

the fall to 610 residents. Dubbed “Tall Hall,” the

environment, including a large green space, a

overall elevation of the 10-story facility represents

babbling “Bear Creek” and a beautiful bronzed

one of the highest points in Nashville. In addition

bear sculpture by artist Sandy Scott.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O C U LT I VA T E

894 ST U DY A B R OA D PA R T I C I PA N T S IN 2018




Belmont student in Edinburgh, Scotland and (below) students at Hampton Court Palace, England

Among master’s level institutions Belmont ranked No. 5 nationally this year for participation in short term programs. Associate Provost Dr. Mimi Barnard noted the University’s efforts to foster more international experiences, saying, “We are preparing students to be competitive in an increasingly more global context, and our students are able to live, work and serve in communities around the world.”


C A R E E R O U T C O M E S R AT E A figure reflecting the percentage of graduates who secure employment, enroll in graduate school or enlist in military service within six months of graduation

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S O A R

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S O A R

LEGEND OF THE COURT Head coach Rick Byrd passes Lefty Dreisell to rank No. 12 in NCAA Division I men’s basketball career victories.

December was a big month for Coach Rick Byrd. The Bruins'

this latest honor, he received the 2012 NCAA Bob Frederick

win over Western Kentucky Dec. 19 pushed him to No. 12

for his lifelong commitment to sportsmanship, ethical It’s clear that Belmont University Award conduct and fair play, and his team has won 16 conference

on the all-time NCAA Division I victory list for his sport, and a few days later he was named among the eligible candidates

championships since 2006, the third-most nationally over that is a catalyst for students to ascend for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of span. Better still, Belmont is one of only three D-I programs to

2019. It comes as no surprise to the countless fans who respect

the NCAA Academic Progress Rate Honor Roll every year to unimagined heights. As just one make of its existence.

and admire Byrd’s numerous accomplishments. In addition to

example, mid-major athletics teams rarely grab headlines… unless they boast one of the nation’s winningest coaches ever, give highly ranked teams big scares or win their conference academic trophy a phenomenal 15 out of the last 17 years. But Bruin student-athletes aren’t the only ones rocketing to success, as alumni are earning their own victories across a variety of fields, making names for themselves in music, law, business, health care and more.



B e l m o n t U n i v e r s i t y | D E S I G NBE e lD m o nTtOU nSi vOe rAs iRt y | D E S I G N E D T O S O A R

94.5% RAISING THE BAR Belmont Law graduates achieve a 94.5 percent first-time pass rate, the highest in the College’s history When the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners released results for the July 2018 Tennessee Bar Exam, Belmont Law earned the top spot for first time test takers at ABA accredited schools. A remarkable 94.5 percent, or 69 out of 73 recent graduates, earned a passing score on the exam. This represents the highest rate the College has earned in its history and is nearly 20 points higher than the state average of 76.85.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S O A R

LEGEND OF THE COURT Head coach Rick Byrd passes Lefty Dreisell to rank No. 12 in NCAA Division I men’s basketball career victories.

December was a big month for Coach Rick Byrd. The Bruins'

this latest honor, he received the 2012 NCAA Bob Frederick

win over Western Kentucky Dec. 19 pushed him to No. 12

Award for his lifelong commitment to sportsmanship, ethical

on the all-time NCAA Division I victory list for his sport, and

conduct and fair play, and his team has won 16 conference

a few days later he was named among the eligible candidates

championships since 2006, the third-most nationally over that

for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of

span. Better still, Belmont is one of only three D-I programs to

2019. It comes as no surprise to the countless fans who respect

make the NCAA Academic Progress Rate Honor Roll every year

and admire Byrd’s numerous accomplishments. In addition to

of its existence.



Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S O A R

Above and below, Belmont students perform in Curb College’s annual Showcase Series.

HITTING THE HIGH NOTES The 2018 Grammy Awards provided a perfect venue to see Belmont’s impact on the music business.

Throughout the 60th annual Grammy Awards in February, Belmont’s social media accounts highlighted the numerous ways the Belmont community contributed to the show and the music business at large. From students assisting with the red carpet to recent grads winning awards to alums on stage and behind-the-scenes making incredible music happen, Belmont’s impact was clearly felt.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S O A R

SLAM DUNK Women’s basketball scores double-double, landing

31 ̄ 4 2017-18 record

in the Top 25 on the court and in the classroom.

The women’s basketball team not only reached unprecedented heights by breaking into the national top 25 rankings last year, but the Bruins produced a similar outcome academically through their work in the classroom. When the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) announced its 2017–18 WBCA Academic Top 25 Team Honor Roll, Belmont made an appearance in the top 25 based on cumulative GPA. Head coach Bart Brooks’s Bruins posted a cumulative 3.595 GPA to rank 13th among all Division I women’s basketball programs.




2015 songwriting alum Devin Dawson

For the 14th year, all Masters of Science in Nursing

recognized by Music Row magazine.

graduates pass certification exam on first attempt

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S U R P R I S E

Designed to


Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S U R P R I S E

Perhaps nothing makes Belmont such a unicorn in higher education as this institution’s willingness to embrace the big event, be that a presidential debate in 2008 or hosting an international tennis competition and a national TV concert taping in 2018. Every college seeks ways to send students into the world to provide a broader cultural perspective. But only at Belmont is the world brought right to students’ doorsteps in the most unexpected fashion. The Belmont campus is home to countless stages, each designed to provide exceptional learning opportunities H O Land I D AY


one-of-a-kind extracurricular

The Country Music Association filmed its ‘CMA Country Christmas’ concert special last fall on Belmont’s campus.

experiences to our students.

Music fans were astonished to see the Curb Event Center transformed in September, as it played host to a star-studded concert filmed for national broadcast on ABC. The annual “CMA Country Christmas” event included live performances from host Reba McEntire, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall, Brett Eldredge, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Martina McBride, Old Dominion, Brad Paisley, Lindsey Stirling, The Isaacs, Dustin Lynch, Brett Young and Dan & Shay. More than 60 students were able to learn behind-the-scenes as they served as production assistants, talent escorts or seat fillers for the taping. Photo credit: Donn Jones/CMA

B e l m o n t U n i v e r s i t y | D E S I G NBE e lD m o nTtOU nSi vUe R r s iPt yR |I SDEE S I G N E D T O S U R P R I S E


hours Designed to

surprise! BONNAROO U.

Twenty students and two faculty members set up camp on tour buses for four days at one of the nation’s biggest and best music festivals.

One study away option last summer transported Belmont students just 90 minutes from campus, but immersed them in an entirely different and astounding cultural phenomenon, the Bonnaroo music and arts festival. Led by faculty members Dr. Sarita Stewart (music business) and Dr. Ken Spring (sociology), the “Belmont at Bonnaroo” program consisted of two co-curricular classes, “Research Methods and Festival Culture” and “Sociology of Music.” In the classroom in May, the students developed qualitative research designs around issues of Community, Design, Branding and Fan Consumption, and then conducted their research on the ground for the 96 hours they were at the festival. The program concluded with presentations of their findings to Bonnaroo executives.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S U R P R I S E

H O L I D AY H I S T O R Y The Country Music Association filmed its ‘CMA Country Christmas’ concert special last fall on Belmont’s campus.

Music fans were astonished to see the Curb Event Center transformed in September, as it played host to a star-studded concert filmed for national broadcast on ABC. The annual “CMA Country Christmas” event included live performances from host Reba McEntire, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall, Brett Eldredge, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Martina McBride, Old Dominion, Brad Paisley, Lindsey Stirling, The Isaacs, Dustin Lynch, Brett Young and Dan & Shay. More than 60 students were able to learn behind-the-scenes as they served as production assistants, talent escorts or seat fillers for the taping. Photo credit: Donn Jones/CMA

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S U R P R I S E

FINEST ARTS Construction begins on facility planned to be ‘the finest music performance hall on any college campus in the world.’

Committed to providing students with access to stages that rival some of the world’s finest, Belmont recently announced it would build a new, state-of-theart performing arts center. The facility will house a 1,700-seat multi-purpose theatre, a grand lobby and two contiguous event spaces that can hold more than 900 guests when combined with the lobby. The venue, which will be outfitted for acoustic and amplified sound, is slated to open fall 2021.

SERVING ACES The wonder of international tennis competition took Belmont by storm as Team USA scored a big Davis Cup win on campus.

Early April found Belmont’s Curb Event Center undergoing a 72-hour transformation into the home court for Davis Cup Team USA and their Coach Jim Courier, a former Grand Slam Champion. More than 1,000 students, faculty and staff were able to enjoy the three-day contest versus Team Belgium, and numerous students benefited from internship, community service and lecture opportunities that came with the Davis Cup program. USTA Managing Director of Major Events J. Wayne Richmond, a Belmont alumnus, helped bring the event to Nashville and told the Tennessean, “Graduating from Belmont and thinking about where tennis has taken me—around the world and then back here—it’s a pretty special feeling.”

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O S U R P R I S E

Country legend and Belmont Dad

Matches viewed by audiences in at least

18 countries Potential of

1.7 billion viewers exposed to Belmont University via Davis Cup broadcasts


$12.5 million in advertising value associated with Davis Cup coverage

Garth Brooks stunned the Homecoming 2018 crowd with a special concert appearance

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O D I S R U P T


Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O D I S R U P T

Every college encourages students to connect with their local and global communities… but Belmont designs events and experiences to disrupt expectations and shake up the anticipated norms of service and engagement. When this University touts its mission to empower


students to “transform the world,”

Always aiming to be ‘Nashville’s University’ and serve the broader state,

Belmont also does part to tocreate Belmont hostedits events last year inform citizens about the governor’s race. one-of-a-kind pathways that allow

Belmont’s Troutt Theater served as the site for the final 2018 Tennessee Gubernatorial Debate between Democrat

students to imagine all the ways

Karl Dean and Republican Bill Lee in October. The televised event was the final of three debates broadcast on Nexstar Media Group affiliates across the state. For both candidates, the final debate served as a homecoming

of sorts, as Lee serves on Belmont’s Board of Trustees whilecan Dean has taught political science at Belmont. Both their skills, talents and resources

candidates also appeared together on campus in January 2018 as participants in a SCORE forum on education.

influence society. Whether providing space for student volunteers to house homeless guests each winter or inviting their assistance in hosting gubernatorial debates on campus, Belmont pushes the envelope in what it means to foster student engagement.

A gubernatorial forum on education was held at Belmont in January 2018.


e lN m oEnD t UTnO iveD r s iItSy R | U D PE TS I G N E D T O D I S R U P T B e l m o n t U n i v e r s i t y | D E S IBG


S TAY I N G U P FOR GOOD Student org Up 'Til Dawn raised a record amount—and national attention—for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Viewers of “FOX and Friends” across the country woke up one Saturday morning last February to Belmont students revealing live on national television their fundraising total for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Led by senior Joe LaMartina, more than 870 students were involved in raising money and awareness for St. Jude, including the culminating event in which students stay up all night in solidarity with sleep-deprived patients and their parents. LaMartina said, “Knowing the heart of Belmont students, I knew we could blow right past our goal of $120,000 and raise more than we ever thought possible.” The efforts of Belmont’s Up 'Til Dawn Chapter also resulted in the organization winning St. Jude’s Program of the Year Award.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O D I S R U P T

C A P I T O L A S P I R AT I O N S Always aiming to be ‘Nashville’s University’ and serve the broader state, Belmont hosted events last year to inform citizens about the governor’s race.

Belmont’s Troutt Theater served as the site for the final 2018 Tennessee Gubernatorial Debate between Democrat Karl Dean and Republican Bill Lee in October. The televised event was the final of three debates broadcast on Nexstar Media Group affiliates across the state. For both candidates, the final debate served as a homecoming of sorts, as Lee serves on Belmont’s Board of Trustees while Dean has taught political science at Belmont. Both candidates also appeared together on campus in January 2018 as participants in a SCORE forum on education.

A gubernatorial forum on education was held at Belmont in January 2018.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O D I S R U P T


250 works of art The Frederick Hart Foundation is donating more than 250 of the renowned sculptor’s works to Belmont, creating the largest permanent collection of Hart’s work available for public viewing.

HOUSING THE HOMELESS Students volunteer to serve Nashville neighbors in need by providing food and shelter on campus each winter.

Through a partnership with Nashville nonprofit Room in the Inn, a team of Belmont students host eight homeless guests twice weekly in the recently opened Belmont Ministry Center during the winter months. Nine volunteers prepare dinner and eat with the guests, then clean up, serve as overnight hosts, prepare breakfast and offer guests a sack lunch.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O D I S R U P T

PA I S L E YS A N N O U N C E ‘ T H E STO R E ’ New facility to be built next to Belmont Ministry Center will serve as a nonprofit, free grocery store.

Alumnus Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, in

aid ministry clinics on the site. Belmont President Dr. Bob

association with Belmont, announced in the fall their plans

Fisher noted, “At Belmont we believe that the greatest

to spearhead a unique new nonprofit for the Nashville

privilege that anyone can ever have is to be in a position to

area. The Store will operate as a free referral-based grocery

help and serve another person. We are proud to partner with

store, allowing people in need to shop with dignity for

Brad and Kim on this initiative, and I’m excited to watch

their basic needs. Located next to the University’s Ministry

as our current students pour their gifts and abilities into

Center, Belmont will also help pilot health care and legal

supporting the needs of The Store’s patrons.”





Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O I M P A C T

Designed to


Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O I M P A C T

At Belmont, we believe we have a responsibility to impact the communities we care about in significant ways... and that takes shape in many forms across campus. From the donors who support student scholarships and provide meaningful curricular and co-curricular experiences, to our institution’s ability to financially support others during times of need, our students have countless examples to look toward as they develop their own identities of impact. WELCH REMEMBERED Estate of Bob and Wendy Welch creates endowed scholarship to support School of Music students.

Acclaimed solo musician and former Fleetwood

students. The announcement was made in August

Mac member Bob Welch and his wife Wendy left

at a ceremony held at the Musicians Hall of Fame

Bob’s memorabilia and music business interests

where a new exhibit honoring the late artist’s

to endow a scholarship benefitting Belmont

career was unveiled.

B e l m o n t U n i v e r s i t y | D E S IBG e lN m oEnD t UTnO i v e Ir sM i tP yA | C D TE S I G N E D T O I M P A C T



n o i l il Designed M to


Comprehensive fundraising campaign crosses major milestone on way to $300 million goal by 2020. Thanks to support from countless friends and donors, Belmont’s We Believe comprehensive fundraising campaign crossed the $200 million mark in 2018, two-thirds of the way to the University’s 2020 goal. Whether funds are supporting student scholarships, academic research opportunities or mission experiences around the world, Belmont students feel the impact of donors’ generosity each day. And their educational experiences are significantly richer for it.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O I M P A C T

WELCH REMEMBERED Estate of Bob and Wendy Welch creates endowed scholarship to support School of Music students.

Acclaimed solo musician and former Fleetwood

students. The announcement was made in August

Mac member Bob Welch and his wife Wendy left

at a ceremony held at the Musicians Hall of Fame

Bob’s memorabilia and music business interests

where a new exhibit honoring the late artist’s

to endow a scholarship benefitting Belmont

career was unveiled.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O I M P A C T

FREE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE A $2 million endowed fund to honor Thomas Beasley will promote free enterprise.

The Thomas W. Beasley Institute for Free Enterprise, housed in Belmont’s Massey College of Business, was announced this year from a gift made possible by the Beasley family. The Institute will deliver programming from thought leaders on the vital relationship between free enterprise and human prosperity.


received donor-funded scholarships

Bridges Scholars celebrate the start of the academic year with donors Milton and Denice Johnson

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O I M P A C T

“ ...I will be traveling to France in the spring to further develop my love of

thanks to you...

patisserie, French cuisine and business operations—leading to my dreams of

...I competed with the Beltones at

opening a bakery in the future!”

New York’s Beacon Theatre for the

Ciel Smith

Junior, International Business

International Championship of Collegiate A Capella Finals.”

Michael Sallee Senior, Commercial Music

...I participated in Belmont’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship where I studied the formation of silver nanoparticles, one of the most formative parts of my Belmont experience thus far.”

Samantha Chu Senior, Biology


The three students quoted above represent a small fraction of those whose education was impacted this year by Belmont donors who support scholarships, programming and other University initiatives.

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O T H R I V E



Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O T H R I V E

BUDGET GROWTH $350,000,000 $300,000,000 $250,000,000 $200,000,000 $150,000,000

Belmont University is one of the nation’s

$100,000,000 $50,000,000

premier higher education institutions $0

98–99 99–00 00–01

01–02 02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07 07–08 08–09 09–10










and is riding high on moreAthan a decade SSET GROWTH $1,000,000,000

of phenomenal growth. Increases in


enrollment and the campus footprint are

$600,000,000 $400,000,000

matched by improvements in retention,


graduation and career outcome rates, as $0





02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07

07–08 08–09


























well as overall educational quality as NET ASSET GROWTH $1,000,000,000

shown by numerous rankings. But all


of this success really comes as no surprise.

$600,000,000 $400,000,000

After all, Belmont’s been bucking trends,


overcoming obstacles and offering






02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07

07–08 08–09


innovative leadership ever since it was


first founded in 1890 by two female



school principals. This University pursues

$200,000,000 $150,000,000

excellence in every endeavor, including

$100,000,000 $50,000,000

through the responsible use of resources to $0





02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07

07–08 08–09


support long-term organizational strength


and a thriving Belmont community.

$800,000,000 $700,000,000 $600,000,000

$500,000,000 $400,000,000 $300,000,000 $200,000,000 $100,000,000 $0




















B e l m o n t U n i v e r s i t y | D E S IBG e lN m oEnD t UTnO iveT rsH i t yR |I V DEE S I G N E D T O T H R I V E

S TAT E M E N T O F F I N A N C I A L P O S I T I O N May 31, 2018

ASSETS Cash.....................................................................................................70,168,284 Investments........................................................................................206,878,253 Receivable from Others........................................................................31,911,951 Property, Buildings and Equipment, net.............................................642,672,006 Other Assets...........................................................................................1,186,762 Total Assets................................................................................... $952,817,256



Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities.............................................17,577,894 Notes Payable.......................................................................................69,551,298 Other Liabilities...................................................................................18,726,162 Total Liabilities............................................................................. $105,855,354


Unrestricted.......................................................................................669,122,247 Temporarily Restricted.........................................................................48,568,238 Permanently Restricted......................................................................129,271,417 Total Net Assets.................................................................................846,961,902 Total Liabilities and Net Assets..................................................... $952,817,256

S TAT E M E N T O F A C T I V I T I E S A L L F U N D S Year Ended May 31, 2018

REVENUE AND OTHER SUPPORT Tuition and Fees.................................................................................262,476,887 Less: Scholarships and Fellowships.................................................... (60,843,590) Net Tuition........................................................................................201,633,297 Gifts, Grants and Contracts...................................................................5,977,296 Endowment Payout................................................................................2,798,540 Auxiliary Enterprises Sales and Services................................................39,341,062 Other Sources........................................................................................9,308,072 Total Revenue and Other Support................................................ $259,058,267


Instruction...........................................................................................82,149,685 Academic Support................................................................................18,111,753 Student Services...................................................................................27,515,010 Institutional Support............................................................................29,371,299 Auxiliary Enterprises............................................................................21,773,212 Total Expenses.............................................................................. $178,920,959


Gifts.......................................................................................................7,650,719 Increase in Market Value of Investments...............................................13,119,495 Change in Value of Interest Rate Swaps.....................................................751,781 Net Increase from Non-Operating Activities........................................21,521,995 Increase in Net Assets.........................................................................101,659,303 Net Assets at Beginning of Year..........................................................745,302,599 Net Assets at End of Year............................................................... $846,961,902

Belmont University | D E S I G N E D T O T H R I V E

BUDGET GROWTH $350,000,000 $300,000,000 $250,000,000 $200,000,000 $150,000,000 $100,000,000 $50,000,000 $0

98–99 99–00 00–01

01–02 02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07 07–08 08–09 09–10










ASSET GROWTH $1,000,000,000 $800,000,000 $600,000,000 $400,000,000 $200,000,000 $0





02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07

07–08 08–09


























NET ASSET GROWTH $1,000,000,000 $800,000,000 $600,000,000 $400,000,000 $200,000,000 $0





02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07

07–08 08–09


TUITION REVENUE $300,000,000 $250,000,000 $200,000,000 $150,000,000 $100,000,000 $50,000,000 $0





02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07

07–08 08–09


INVESTMENT IN CONSTRUCTION $800,000,000 $700,000,000 $600,000,000 $500,000,000 $400,000,000 $300,000,000 $200,000,000 $100,000,000 $0




















Belmont University | D I F F E R E N T B Y D E S I G N







The different by design theme continues with a new twist as Belmont further strengthened its position in design with the recent announcement of a new Bachelor of Architecture major. The first such degree in Middle Tennessee and only the second in the state, the five-year program will begin classes in Fall 2020 and will provide graduates a direct path to pursue licensure in their field. Following Belmont’s 2018 acquisition of the O’More College of Design, the University has the foundation in place to form a world-class program, one sure to fill a gap in the fast-growing metropolitan Nashville area.

D ES I G N E D TO L AST Building on what makes Belmont unique, the University launched the We Believe comprehensive fundraising campaign in 2016 to focus attention on five priority areas: student scholarships, faculty support, missions, athletics and annual giving. From January through December 2018, nearly $65 million was raised and invested by this University, strengthening Belmont’s endowment and providing greater opportunities for our students both now and in the future. Thank you to all our friends and supporters!

LEADERSHIP COMMITMENTS We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who have made a gift or pledge commitment totaling $25,000 or more to the University in 2018.

$5,000,000 + James and Lois Archer Robert Merrill Chase Lindy Lain Hart James B. and Lois R. Archer Charitable Foundation $1,000,000–$4,999,999 Ayers Foundation Jim and Janet Ayers Mike and Linda Curb Jack C. Massey Foundation Milton and Denice Johnson The Mike Curb Family Foundation Barbara Massey Rogers $500,000–$999,999 Charles Robb and Mary Jane Swaney Trust Lee and Pam Kennedy Joe and Anne Russell Sodexo Jack and Norma Williams

$100,000–$499,999 Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation

Bill and Dene Shipp

Gayle Batey John E. Cain

$25,000–$99,999 Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc.

Andrea and Rick Carlton

Carl Adams

Charlotte and Tom Cone

Alvin and Sally Beaman Foundation

Don R. Elliott Foundation

AmeriTeam Services, LLC

Bobbie and Dewey Dunn

Ann and Monroe Carell Foundation

James and Elizabeth Dunn

Fidelity Charitable Bob and Judy Fisher Bert and Kelly Hoover Butch and Sonia Hoover Jeanette Travis Foundation Montye Knox

Team Miller Foundation

Bernard and Betty Barkley The Beaman Family Jack and Noroma Benz

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

Patricia and Richard Bibb

Chuck and Monica McQuaid Family Foundation

International Entertainment Buyers Association

Community Health Systems, Inc.

Edie and David Johnson

Council of Independent Colleges

Pat Johnson

Jim Crossman Steve Dorff

Brittany Earlie Raymond Ewing Harold and Paula Fogelberg Dan and Lisa Foutch

Jim and Carolyn McAfee Bruner

Mark and Sue Bielstein

Francis P. Chiaramonte MD Family Foundation

Catherine and David Bird

Debbie and David Gregory

Tom and Julie McAfee

David and Diane Black

Claire and Jim Gulmi

Dick and Sharalena Miller

Bryan Blackman

Dinah and Alan Hall

Brad and Kimberly Paisley

Estate of Josephine Broaddus

Jeffrey Hammonds

Clem and Carolyn Patton

Kathryn and David Brown

Steve and Mary Lynne Hewlett

Paul and Pan Eimon Revocable Trust

Rick and Cheryl Byrd

Leslie and Chuck Higgins

Fred and Nancy Casteel

Clint Higham

Francis and Jennifer Chiaramonte

Hospital Corporation of America

Estate of Joseph Byrns Pitt, Jr. Raymond James Charitable Ben and Jamie Rechter

Mark and Robin Howard

Helen Kennedy Jaci Kirkham Ron and Kaye Knox

Raymond and Carolyn Peeples Carol and Jody Pigg Peggy and Richard Raney Ben and Joan Rechter Clifford and Stacy Robinson Rogers Group, Inc.

Rob and Alana Lauber

Richardson-Dunn Tree Farm, LLC

Bill and Maria Lee

Sara Walker Foundation, Inc.

Lee Company

Bill and Sharon Sheriff

Cynthia Leu

The Signatry


Randy and Betty Smith

Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund

John and Kristy Spann

Drew and Judy Maddux Mary Martin Massey Charitable Trust Joe Massey Chuck and Monica McQuaid Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. Morris Higham Management, LLC Tim and Barbara Morris National Christian Foundation Heartland

Julie and George Stadler Surgical Care Affiliates, Inc. TeamHealth David Tough Paul and Joyce Walker Estate of Wendy Armistead Welch Louis and Colleen Welsh Bob and Lynn Whisenant Kyle and Laura Winning Jim and Susan Wright Heidi and Terryl Zerby

1890 SOCIETY Special thanks to the members of the 1890 Society, recognizing donors of annual gifts totaling $100 or more within the calendar year.

BENEFACTOR $ 1 0,0 0 0 +

James and Lois Archer

David and Diane Black

Ayers Foundation


Jim and Janet Ayers

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc.

Bernard and Betty Barkley

Carl Adams

Brenda Bass

Alvin and Sally Beaman Foundation

Gayle Batey

AmeriTeam Services, LLC Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation Ann and Monroe Carell Foundation

The Beaman Family Jack and Noroma Benz Patricia and Richard Bibb Mark and Sue Bielstein Catherine and David Bird

Chris and Pamela Bollinger Estate of Josephine Broaddus Kathryn and David Brown Ann and Frank Bumstead Rick and Cheryl Byrd Mike Campbell Andrea and Rick Carlton Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation

Charles Robb and Mary Jane Swaney Trust Robert Merrill Chase Francis and Jennifer Chiaramonte Chuck and Monica McQuaid Family Foundation Community Health Systems, Inc. Charlotte and Tom Cone CoreCivic Council of Independent Colleges

Crofton Capital

Butch and Ginger Eley

Mike and Linda Curb

Enterprise Solutions

Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund

Raymond Ewing

Marty and Betty Dickens Don Gibson American Music Foundation Don R. Elliott Foundation Michael and Kay Duncan Bobbie and Dewey Dunn James and Elizabeth Dunn Bruce Edenton

Martha and Mark Ezell Fidelity Charitable Bob and Judy Fisher Harold and Paula Fogelberg Foundation for the Carolinas Dan and Lisa Foutch Francis P. Chiaramonte MD Family Foundation

FTI Consulting

R.C. Mathews Contractor, LLC

Paul and Linda Figueiredo

Gary and Janet Ball

Fred and Glenda Turner

Danny and Paula Duvall

Tracy and Sara Garrison

Peggy and Richard Raney

Paula Gill

Bank of America

Spencer Turner

Liz Dysert

Bobbi Gibson

Raymond James Charitable

Google Fiber

Bass, Berry, and Sims

Pamela and Joseph Walden

Earl Swensson Associates

Joel and Bernice Gordon

Ben and Jamie Rechter

Gray Line of Tennessee

Beasley Charitable Trust

Stephen and Linda Eaves

Ronny Greer

Ben and Joan Rechter

Darrell and Donna Gwaltney

Debbie and David Gregory

Richardson-Dunn Tree Farm, LLC

Dinah and Alan Hall

Beecken Petty O’Keefe and Company

Waller, Lansden, Dortch and Davis

Claire and Jim Gulmi Donald and Kathy Harmeyer Lindy Lain Hart Steve and Mary Lynne Hewlett

Bailey and Laura Robinson Clifford and Stacy Robinson Rogers Group, Inc.

Jeffrey Hammonds Don and Laura Harlan John and Maribeth Hartin

Barbara Massey Rogers

HCA Caring for the Community

Joe and Anne Russell

Michael and Susan Headrick

Ryman Hospitality Properties

Jim Holleman

Walter and Nancy Schultz

J. Redd and Associates, Inc.

Jim and Laurie Seabury

Jephson Educational Trusts

Bill and Sharon Sheriff

Jim Crossman Realty Co.

Tommy and Suzanne Sidwell

Sue and Don Jones

Linda and Doug Howard

The Signatry

Andrew and Kelly Kautz

Mark and Robin Howard

Randy and Betty Smith

Jaci Kirkham

International Entertainment Buyers Association


Dotti and Mike Lackey

John and Kristy Spann

Paula Lovell

SpecialtyCare, Inc.

Darrell and Mary Massengale

Debbie and Rod Sprang

Joanne and Jay Mattonen

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Mike and Suzanne Mayernick

Leslie and Chuck Higgins Clint Higham Bert and Kelly Hoover Butch and Sonia Hoover Steve and Kay Horrell Hospital Corporation of America

Jack C. Massey Foundation James B. and Lois R. Archer Charitable Foundation Jeanette Travis Foundation Joel and Bernice Gordon Family Foundation John R. Lindahl Foundation Edie and David Johnson Milton and Denice Johnson Pat Johnson Helen Kennedy Lee and Pam Kennedy Montye Knox Ron and Kaye Knox Rob and Alana Lauber Bill and Maria Lee Lee Company Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Cynthia Leu LifePoint Hospitals, Inc. Len and Beth Little Lovell Communications, Inc. Lumos Drew and Judy Maddux Mark and Martha Ezell Foundation Mary Martin Massey Charitable Trust Joe Massey Walker and Renee Mathews Max Kade Foundation, Inc. Jim and Carolyn McAfee Bruner Tom and Julie McAfee McDonald’s Corporation Chuck and Monica McQuaid The Mike Curb Family Foundation

Julie and George Stadler Jennifer and Robert Staniec Surgical Care Affiliates, Inc. Team Construction, LLC Team Miller Foundation TeamHealth Larry and Janice Thrailkill

Robert and Sandra McCracken Gary and Ann McManus Pete and Lisa Miccoli Lynn Moench Maria Morris Mike Morris Perry and Kimberly Moulds

Debbie and Paul Chenoweth David and Rebecca Clay Clinical Solutions, LLC Todd and Jennifer Colburn Jeff and Ann Cornwall Cresline Plastics Foundation, Inc. CVS Caremark Rebecca Diggs David and Nancy Faulkner Leland and Linda Ferguson First Baptist Church Nashville First Tennessee Bank Five Star Food Service Henry and St. Clair Foster Peggy and David George Damon and Carrie Hininger Bill Hirschman Trudy and Eddie Holden

Steve Finley

Jim and Glyna Aderhold

Carolyn and Buddy Fisher

Ademola Aderoju

Gaye and Carl Fisher

David Adkins

Sharron Francis

Patrick and Mary Alexander

Frazier and Deeter Foundation

Scott and Angila Allen

Dale and Theresa Freeman

Andy and Karen Anderson

David and Melissa Freeman

Sue Andrews

Judy and Jeff Fryer

Bob Armistead

Robin and Paul Fuqua

LaKiesha Armstrong

James Gardner

Jill and Brian Ayers

Sandra and Carl Gardner

John and Carol Bachmann

Tommy Sue and Butch Garrett

Linda and Tim Balch

David and Kathryn Garst

Ron and Wendy Bargatze

Lindsay George

Mimi and Wayne Barnard

Peter Giammalvo

Cory and Jennifer Barnett

Connie Gowen

Reca Barwin

Kristen Gower

Randall and Sadie Baskin

Scott and Nicole Gray

Marty Bell

Sharon and Robert Gregg

Mac and Gail Bellingrath

Mary Ann Greif

John and Paula Bennett

Jonathan and Judy Groesbeck

Joseph and Tracey Berger-Davis

Patsy and Walt Grooms

Alan Berry

Scott and Jane Grosser

Michael and Stephanie Besl

Randy and Gwen Guiler

Blair J. Wilson Charitable Trust

Justin and Jana Hare

Greg and Wendy Firek

The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts

IBM International Matching Gifts Foundation

Randall and Rhonda Ann Toney Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Inner Design Studio

William and Karol Blankenship

Joy and Dennis Harris

Douglas and Staci Irwin

Jane Blount

Theresa Hately

Kelley Kiningham

Marylee and Glenn Booth

Justin and Victoria Hayden

Lattimore Black Morgan and Cain, PC

Eric and Shirley Boozer

Chip and Kristen Hayner

Marty and Will Lee

Richard and Judith Bracken

Swan Choo and Ernest Heard

Evalie Breeding

Roger and Ruthie Hedgepeth

John Brennan

Sue and John Heflin

Jeff and Bettina Briggs

Todd Heifner

Jim Bryson

Heather and Chris Henson

Gary and Donna Bunton

Kay and Jeff Herring

Adam Burke

Gregory and Karen Hewitt

Sean and Kimberly Caley

Highmark, Inc.

Anne Carr

William and Jennifer Hinds

Fred and Debbie Cassetty Fred and Nancy Casteel

Carla McDonough and Eric Hobson

Christopher and Stephanie Cathey

James Hodge Lanny and Brenda Holmes

Ruth and Leonard Cathey

Lola Houston

Sue and Gilbert Chilton

Blaine and Rebecca Hurst

Cathy and Mark Chinn

Jeffrey and Valentina Hymes

Anita Cochran

I C Thomasson Associates, Inc.

Michael and Anna Coggin

Gordon and Shaun Inman

Community Foundation of Southern Indiana

Pam Inman

Jeff and Pam Walker Paul and Joyce Walker Jim and Laura Weakley Estate of Wendy Armistead Welch Louis and Colleen Welsh Bob and Lynn Whisenant Jimmie and Patricia White Kyle and Laura Winning Jim and Susan Wright WWH Investments Steven and Patricia Yatauro Zach General Agency, LLC Northwestern Mutual Atiya and Scott Zach Heidi and Terryl Zerby LEADER $5 ,000–9,999 Harry and Chandra Allen Baulch Family Foundation Joanne and Robert Baulch Robert and Ramona Baulch

Jim and Frances Redd Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Alchron and Laura Rhodes Michael and Miriam Richard Jason and Elizabeth Rogers Santa Fe Community Foundation Sara Walker Foundation, Inc. Schatz Family Foundation Bob and Lisa Schatz Richard and Patrice Schroeder Andrea and Todd Sims Scott and Kathy Speedy Star Physical Therapy Daniel and Kimberly Stuart SunTrust Bank, Inc. T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

Troy and Sylvia Tomlinson Randy and Rhonda Toney

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Larry and Sandra Bowden

Guy and Liza Townsend

Bowling Family Foundation

Estate of Helen C. Tullock

Victoria and Roy Bridges

Clay and Kim Uselton

James and Noreen Carruthers

Vanguard Charitable

Sam and Yvonne Christopher

Benjamin and Carlee Vaughn

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Bradford and Kristen Vieira

Scott and Keely Corley

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Dan Crockett

Charles and Andrea Overby

Eric and Dee Devlin

Estate of Joseph Byrns Pitt, Jr.

Keith Chapman

Robert and Dorothy Fidler

Abner R. Overdeer, Jr. Foundation

Humana, Inc.

Jeffrey and Robin Bouldin

Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.

Change Healthcare

Cathy and Joseph Ficzere

Carol and Jody Pigg

Doug and Joy Bohrer

Pershing Yoakley and Associates, PC

PARTNER $ 1,000–2 ,49 9

Karen and Vernon Byrd

Patti and David Ferrari

Wanda and Fred Horrell

Judy and Jeff Mitchell

Raymond and Carolyn Peeples

Thomas and Margret Burns

Ferrari and Associates, Inc.

Edgar and Stacey Parker

Janis and Charlie Mitchell

Paul and Pan Eimon Revocable Trust

Russell and Kelley Wright

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Greg and Ann Thurman

Clem and Carolyn Patton

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP

John and Carole Ferguson

Martha and John Horrell

Victoria and Donald Mingus

Brad and Kimberly Paisley

William Morris Endeavor

Rob and Diane Page

Jeffery and Angela Boatman

National Christian Foundation Heartland

Wayne and Jill Brackin

Belle and Robert Fahrer

Charles Treadway

Bryan Blackman

National Christian Foundation Georgia

Shane and Chasity Whitehead

National Christian Foundation North Texas

Dick and Sharalena Miller

Tim and Barbara Morris

Louis and Billie Boyte

Michael and Susanne Eisenstat

David Tough

The U.S. Physical Therapy Foundation

Morris Higham Management, LLC

Susan and John West

Jim Crossman Dollar General Literacy Foundation Estate of Andrew M. Dorff Steve Dorff Lucy and George Duke Mary Dunn Brittany Earlie Exxon Education Foundation Fifth Third Bank

Washington Foundation, Inc. Troy and Sheryl Waugh Arrie Wiley Jan and Elaine Williams Ed and Mary Lou Wilson John and Megan Zarling Eric and Stephanie Zeigler EXECUTIVE $2,500–4,999

Horrell Properties, Inc.

Mary and Buddy Lewis The Lung Center, PC Mark and Jennifer MacKenzie Marin Community Foundation Marcia McDonald MEDHOST, Inc. Patricia and David Miller Morris Light and Sound National HealthCare Corporation John Nefflen Northrop Grumman Corporation Charity Trust Lee and Allen Oakley Kathy and Robert Olsen Mary and Charles Overstreet Elyse Pashi Pepsico Foundation, Inc. Jim and Lynn Perry Porter Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Presser Foundation PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP William Regen Renasant Bank Rising Star Music Fund Tom and Cindy Robinson Saint Thomas Health Cecile and Ed Settle Marilyn and Richard Shadinger Shearwater Health Smyrna High School Class of 1968 Southern Baptist Foundation Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville

Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Irvin and Beverly Small Foundation

Sue and Walton Conn

Mary Leyden and Torry Johnson

Rebecca Cooper

Phil and Mollie Johnston

Heather and Bart Copeland

Scott and Babs Jurgensmeyer

Crowe, LLP

Jeremy and Brooke Kees

Pat and Cathy Cunningham

Jacqueline Kennedy

Scotty and Jenny Dean

Colette Keyser

Thomas and Marlisa Delaney

Michael and Shelly Kinney

Deloitte Foundation

Larry and Karen Kloess

Delta Dental

David and Rachel Knox

Donna and Larry Dixon

Frank Kyle

Anthony Donovan

Jennifer and Frank Kyle

The Dow Chemical Company

Todd Lake and Joy Jordan-Lake

Thomas and Colleen Dow

Betty Lamar

Evelyn and John Drayer

John Langdon

Alec Dryden

Steve and Pam Lasley


Hagan and Laura Stone

Stan and Lisa Duke

Ann Lauterbach

Alive Hospice

The Surgical Clinic, PLLC

David Duncan

Lee Family Foundation

Greg and Beth Allen

Kent and Cathy Taylor

Tiffany Dunn and Brad Funk

Bill and Maria Lee

Kevin and Janet Lee

Lisa Scholl

Deanna and Stephen Brown

Nancy and James Langdon

Rhonda and Condit Steil

Abigail and Aaron Dawe

Leslie Lenser

Renee and Donovan Schultz

Martha and Robert Buckner

Eric and Carol Lawson

Ronald and Becky Stewart

Luis and Mary Lou Del Rio

Brian and Michelle Levin

Schwab Charitable Fund

Wanda Buckner

Phillip Lee

Kathy and James Studensky

Allison Dender

Ryan Lewis

Joyce and Walter Searcy

Bob and Joyce Byrd

Randall Lee

Ron and Teresa Suedekum

Christopher Dietz

Tong and Bing Li

Sara and David Seiberling

John Campbell

Brian Levin

Elizabeth and Clif Tant

Gerda and Brian Lincoln

Vanessa and Teddy Sellers


Ronnie Littlejohn

Steven Taylor

Deborah and Matthew DiMaria

Chris and Mary Listau

Anne Shepherd

John and Michelle Carney

Jennifer and Loran Liu

Suzanne and Tate Thigpen

Mike and Ann Loffi

Thomas and Dana Sherrard

J. Antonio Castro

Lisa and Mark Lowhorn

Julie Thomas

Scott and Rae Long

Sheila and Nelson Shields

Mark and Jennifer Chambless

Michelle Luttrell

X Lucas

Randy and Jan Short

Harry and Angela Chapman

Jane and Doug Lyons

Claudia and Jonathan Thorndike

Ted and Karen Macri

Judy Simmons

City National Bank

Kevin and Diane Maitland

Alex and Lissa Maganelli

Beverly and Jimmy Small

Arlene and Lowell Clapp

Beverly and Stephen Mansfield

John Malone

Mike and Michelle Smalling

George Clark

Tim Marciniak

Joseph and Julie Mannina

Russell and Tina Smith

Bill Clinard

Manning Materials, Inc.

Shad and Sharon Smith

Byrns and Alice Coleman

Marlon Marlonsson and Snow Hall

Jane and Roy Manning

Soukup, Bush and Associates

Meredith and McLean Collins

Bryan Martin

Southeast Journalism Conference

Darcy Copeland

Carol and M.W. Mason Murray and Loretta Mathis Gary and Susan Matter Randy Mauldin The Maynard Group John and Kay McCall Otis McCowan Michael and Sandra McDonald Michael and Alicia McKee Pat McMakin Mechelle McNair David and Laura Mee Military Officer Association of America David and Lisa Minnigan Jeff and Diana Mobley Will and Jill Mobley Felix and Shirley Montgomery Adam Moore Bill and Linda Moore Brenda and John Moore Nell and Harold Moore Paul and Beth Moore Jim and Jennifer Morrison Jim and Susan Mosby Kate and John Mosley Terry and Mary Muensterman Scott and Julie Murphy The Nancy M. and Victor S. Johnson, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

Steve and Kim Stanford State Farm Companies Foundation Stewart Sleep Center, Inc. Sarah Stob Peter and Barbara Storey William Storey Mike and Martha Strickland Bryce and Beth Sullivan Rebekah and Robert Sumrall Gary and Sara Temple Marty and Sonny Templeton Tennessee Society of CPAs Sherry and Rich Tiner Claire Tucker Catherine Turnley James and Janice Uselton Clifford and Mary Vaughn Tony and Tarenda Vaughn Yvonne and Glenn Visbeen Daniel and Donna Walker Sharon Warfield Jessica and Jason Warpool Wake and Emily Warthen Ken and Donna Watkins Kay and Vernon Wells Jennifer and Ross Wetzel Charlie and Charlotte Wheeler Melanie and Jeffrey Whitcomb

Nashville Electric Service

Andy and Emily Wicke

Nashville Rose Society

Chris and Ellen Wicke

Virginia Neely

Geoffrey and Laura Wile

Sarah and Cam Newbauer

Michelle Williams

Phil Newman and Jude White

Mark and Laura Willoughby

Mark and Kaye Nickell

Blair and Linde Wilson

Al Nisley

Elizabeth and David Wilson

Thomas and Katie Parker

Jack and Kathy Womack

Paul and Carole Parsons

Woodmont Investment Counsel, LLC

Jeffrey and Eda Peterson Craig Philip and Marian Ott Jim and Debby Poole

Woody and Beth Woodruff

Chad and Rebecca Culbertson Glenda and Paul Dahlhauser Keith and Leslie Davis Lynda Davis Harold and Susan Denton Edgar Diaz-Cruz Creaghan Diekema Don and Vicky Dixon Corinne and Stephen Donica John and Diana Doss Sandra and Bruce Dudley Steven and Karen Eikman Lloyd and Sue Elder Karen and Darrell Ellis

Andres Vasquez

Autumn McDanel

Suzanne and John Veltri

David and Shannon McGahren

Douglas and Anne Venters

Amy and Jeff McGinnis

Merry Ward

Roger and Patti McLendon

John and Etoyle Warren

Gerard McMahon

Lee Warren

Cherise and Jerry Millsaps

George and Julie West

Kenneth and Judith Gerdesmeier

Beth and Tom Molteni

Julie and Brett Whitten

Jeannie Giese

Raven and Jonathan Moorehead

Suzann Wilcox

Kathleen and Albert Giles

Jack and Pam Wilder

Todd and Libby Glisson

Williams Insurance Group, Inc.

Elsie and William Graham

Steve and DeDe Williams

Susan and Bob Graham

Russell Willis

Nathan Greene

Ridley and Irene Wills

Russell Grimm

Adam Wilson

Peter and Patricia Guerci

Windsor Foundation

Veronica and Peter Gunn

Christy and Matthew Wright

Keith and Susie Guyton

Hannah Moorhouse Mandy Morgan Stephen and Sarah Mullins

Bill and Valerie Nichols

First American Title Insurance Company

John Nite

Jill and John Gonas Mike and Theresa Gonzales Brenda and David Griffin Scott Gupton Bob and Joy Haley Billy and Caroline Hamburg Dee Hamilton David Hanchrow David Hanson Craig Hayes Pam and Ralph Hazelwood April Hefner Hewlett Spencer, LLC Rush Hicks

Gary and Wendy Enzor

Ronda and Aaron McClure

Network For Good

Daniel Gerdesmeier

Patrick and Susan Ehren

Sarah Vanoy

Julia Fenn

Suzanne and James Gentry

Melissa Ehren

Laura and Steve McCloud

Suyapa and Greg Faulk

David Gaw

Keith Turner

Charlette and Elmickyo Duncan

Jan Van Eys

Dawn Nepp

Rebecca and Tim Garrett

Juanita and Charles Traughber

Sandra and Cuyler Dunbar

Chris Mattison

Peggye Enlow

Max Garrett

David and Rita Traff

James Draper

Richard and Alison Tyson

Nashville Chapter Institute of Internal Auditors

Elizabeth and Douglas Gaines

Charlie and Jessica Toney

Ryan Doan

Jeff Mathews

Gary England

Joe and Haley Frye

Timothy Reece Investigations

Benjamin and Omalley Dishman

Edwina and Melvin Norris

STEWARD $ 2 50–49 9

Keith Olscamp

3M Foundation

Leslie and Jeffrey Overby Brandon and Lesley Ann Owen Bill Parshall

John Alden Kaci Allen

Levia Patterson

Francesca Muccini and Mark Anderson

Mike and Andrea Pavell

Laine Arnold

Lynlea Payne

Danelle and Brett Baker

Ryan and Katie Pettit

Janet and David Barnette

Jonathan and Jennifer Pike

Janice and Steve Barrick

Greg and Debbie Pillon

Garrett Beasley

Peter and Kim Powell

Gintia and James Beasley

Steve Powers

Robert and Joy Bethea

Mark and Kara Price

Christy and Daniel Biles

Linda Quigley

Jeffrey Blood

Michael and Elizabeth Reavis

Jeffrey and Marcia Blumb

George Renaudin

Mark Boggess

Republic Bank

Lynne Brantley

Tony and Janice Reynolds

Brentwood Baptist Church

Emmie and Steve Rick

Janette and Paul Brundige

Ken and Delphine Roberts

Gail and Don Bursch

Laura and Ken Roberts

Emily Cahill

Linda Robertson

William Callahan

Frances Robinson

Abby and Gary Carden

Macke Rodamaker

Bud and Barbara Carman

RoEllen Baptist Church

Michael and Toni Caudill

Rhiannon Rogers

Justin and Robin Cavanaugh

Clyde Rolston

Lee and Kari Beth Cigliano

William and Patricia Russell

Duane Clark

FirstBank Kelly and David Fish Michael Fitzgerald John and Julie Fletcher Grace French The Frist Foundation Kelley Frye Calen Gayle

Amy Ham Rachael and Jason Hamilton Karie Hampton Tiffiany Harrington Linda Harris Jean and Richard Hart Jonathan and Karin Hawkins Kendall Henry Rick and Muffy Herman Fannie and Jesse Hewlett Kathie and William Hill Robert Hobart Edmund and Krisha Hodge Charles and Julia Honea Walker and Betty Huey Mark Huffman Robert and Adriana Hughes Hunt Family Foundation Allan Hunt Betsy and Jim Hunt Sally and Jim Hunt Anna Hutton Immanuel Baptist Church David and Jodi Irwin

Betty and James Poston

PATRON $5 00–999

Harry and Peggy Hollis

Julia and Joe Powell

Angie Adams

Gregory Houston

Peter Adams

Jane and Bryan Howard

Chuck and Jo Ainlay

Helen and Steve Huffines

Wesley and Teresa Allen

Ray and Ann Huffines

Stephen and Jane Anderson

Shawn and Cheryl Hulst

Shirley Arnold

Les Jackson

Michelle and John Austin

Heather and Stephen James

Jeanne Rybolt and Dennis Meaker

Angela Clauson

James and Holly Bailey

Dave and Mary Jarvis

Ronald and Sandra Sawyer

Jeffrey and Denise Baker

John Johnson

Scholastic Images, Inc.

Rick and Kimberleigh Coad

Banc Card of America, Inc.

Janice and James Jones

Bob Shell

Bank of America Matching Gifts Foundation

John and Larita Jones

William Shields

Community Foundation of Northeast Florida

Diane Jordan

Margaret Sims

James and Donna Corbin

David Julseth

Matthew Skelton

Susan Corley

Scott Kafader

Jessica Smalling

Mary Culbertson

Derrick and Beth Lee

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Judy Keener

Mark Smith

Chris LePore

Kilgore Funeral Home, LLC

Mike and Grace Smith

Sherry and Daniel Cunningham

Sherry Lewis


Greg Kilgore

Vee Smith

Ron and LouAnn Daniels

Ken and Susan Lock

Aimee Bobbitt

April Kirchen

Paula and Robert Snyder

Myra and Carl Davenport

Rhonda and Joseph Lombardi

Jonathan and Tracey Bradberry

Laird Norton Real Estate, Inc.

Jeffrey Stallings

Davis Properties of TN, LLC

Ruth and Will Long

Ellen Bradbury

Robert and Kathy Lambert

James Stathis

Tammy and David Davis

Gilbert Lovell

Dianne and Shannan Pratt Scott and Bev Pruitt Alan and Jane Puls Purity Foundation Radnor Wealth Management, PLLC Judy Ramsey Red Light Management Carlos Reed Colin and Brenda Reed Kristy Reeves Jim and Brandi Regnier Mark and Shellie Richards Jennifer Rodriguez Donald and Susan Roy Jason Russell Lavona and Clyde Russell Michael and Heather Russell Paul and Susan Rutledge Joe and Danielle Scaife

George and Erica Bass Belmont University College of Pharmacy Class of 2018

Wanda Hooper

Suzanne and Court Clement Linda and David Coleman

Jamie and Karen Isabel Kellyn and Chad Everett Johnson Darlinda and Billy Jones Sue and Larry Kain Elaine and Jim Kay KB Construction Fred and Yvonne Kendall Brittani Kendrick Scott and Kris Kieffer Janice and Jeff Kirk Anne and James Kluttz Jeffrey and Donna LaGrou Lori LeBleu

Richard and Laura Lyle

Paul Vredenburg

Richard and Sharon Berg

Sarah and Chad Cates

Joseph Doss

Jamey Givens

Chris and Lorraine Malden

Heidi and Todd Vuylsteke

Erin Bergmann

Lisa and Rob Doster

Marc and Sue Goldman

Andrew Marshall

Bonnie and Daniel Wagonfield

Steven and Julia Berndt

Christopher and Cheryl Chamberlain

Myrtianne Downs

James and Ann Goodman

Pamela and Michael McBride

Jami and Carolyn Walloch

Steven Beyeler

Robert and Diana Doyle

Jaye and Philip Goodman

Anthony and Donna McIlvenna

Glenda Watson

R. Christopher and Mary Katherine Bick

Winnie Drummond

Judy Goodman

Timothy Duerr

Nancy and Ed Goodrich

James Dugger

Jeffrey and Michele Gordon

Ivan and Nancy Duggin

Stuart and Susan Grant

Will Duke

Gregory and Shellie Graves

Donald and Nancy Dunning

Robert and Billie Graves

Joan and Rodger Eakin

Laura and Ted Gray

Judith Eaton

Terry Gray

Lorraine and Craig Eberhardt

Ann Green

Linda and Joe Eddins

J. Ernest and Molly Green

Wendell and Fay Edison

Robert and Beverly Greene

Anne and Darryl Edmonds

Sandra and Frank Greenhill

Janet and Michael Edwards

Bill Gregory

Sue and Jimmy Edwards

Elizabeth and James Gregory

Michael Ehren

Justin Griffin

Charles Eickman

Michael Grimes

Drew and Debbie Eiler

Matthew and Julie Grimm

Mark and Wendy Eissey

Maranita and Glenn Grossmann

Sally McKay Joan and Leon McKinney Patricia and John S. McLean Johnny and Sharon McMahan Robert and Laura Mechler Jeffrey and Kristen Metzinger Lisa Michela Miller Piano Francine and Arvid Miller Morris and Dickson Co., LLC Cynthia and John Mullens Catherine and Troy Murphy Music City Motor Cars Susan and John Neal Ryan Neises Thomas and Patty Newman

Wealth Strategies Partners, LLC Nathan Webb Ruth Ann Wegner Margaret Welleford Becca and Tim Wildsmith Wiles+Taylor and Co., P.C. Julie A. and Donald Williamson Rachel Wilson Daniel Womack Beth Woodard Russell and Deborah Wright Carter Yepsen Greta Young Your Cause, LLC James Youree David Zeisler

Alicia Bicoy Diane Skrabec Todd Biggs Joleen and William Billingham Lynn Bissinger Cody Blackard William and Jessica Blackburn Marolyn Blankman Janye and David Blivin Faye Boatman Darren and Tracy Bodine Luke Bolanos Laurie-Ann Boldrin Bailey Bolten Chelsea Bond Bridget Bonne-Smith

Clementine and Ben Chamberlain Jeffrey and Kay Chandler Bernard and Pinkie Childress Cindy Chorba Caroline and Paul Christ John Christensen John and Kathryn Christopher Brad Clark Forrest Clements Priscilla Clements Tina Clements Michele and Peter Cloherty Trevor Cobb Amelia and John Coben Kevin and Eliza Cole Stefanie Colletier Commercial Business Service, LLC

Mark and Amy Boulris

Commission on Presidential Debates

Lucas Bourgeois

Kenneth and Kathryn Cook

Mike and Kim Bowen

Miyah Cook

Glenda and Roger Bowman

Jill Coon

Bradford Family Foundation

Jerri and Wade Cooper

Tooty Bradford

Kevin Corcoran

Kevin and Cynthia Aholt

Valerie Bradley-King and Reginald King

Keely and Travis Corlew

Carolyn Akland

Victor Braren

Robert and Kelly Aland

James and Susan Brauer

Jeffrey Albee

Angela and Frederick Breedon

Traci Poole

Julie Alexander

Tammy and Harold Brewer

George and Bernice Post

Pat Alger

Tracy and Morgan Brick

Jason Reed

Christopher and Hilary Allen

James Bristol

Sarah and Randall Reynolds

Cristin and Blake Allen

Paula Brock

Rich Foundation

John and Melinda Allen

David and Patricia Brown

Tate and Nora Rich

Ryan Allen

Hope Brown

Matil Richard

Erin and JD Ambrose

Jennie and Roger Brown

Jane and Steve Richards

Carolyn Amiot

Kelly Brown

Joan Richardson

Blair and Deborah Anderson

Mark Brown

J. Wayne and Susan Richmond

James and Valerie Anderson

Mark E. Brown

Christy Ridings

Judy Anderson

Missy Brown

Roberts’ Pharmacy, LLC

Linda Anderson

Sarah Brown

Jon and Linda Roebuck

Retta Anderson

Walt Brown

Kathryn and David Runyan

Rusty and Connie Angell

Anita Brown-Parker

Rick and Peg Sage

Lynnette and Scott Archer

Judith Brundige

Rebekah and Robert Sanderlin

Phil Arnett

Brenda and John Bryant

David and Leslie Sanders

Helua Assad

Janis and James A. Bryant

Shannon and Gregory Sanford

Michael Austin

Jay Bryant

Mark Schenkel and Amy Stoll

Judith and Melvin Bailey

Jane and Joel Buchanan

Matthew and Katie Seaton

Jeri and Christopher Baker

Peggy Jo Buchanan

Charles Severance

Jinlin and Joshua Baker

Frankie and Jim Buckman

Bill and Tricia Simpson

John Baldwin

Deo and Judith Bukenya

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

Christopher and Beth Ballard

Jane Burchfield

Mark Smith

Ladon Baltimore

Mark Burks

Wade and Deann Smith

Trish and Emmett Bane

Deborah and Timothy Burnette

Christopher Smoot

William and Sharyl Bares

Elizabeth and Tony Burnette

Ryan Snellen

Edward and Lisa Barker

Kim Burrell

Daniel and Julie Solarz

Randy and Janis Barnes

Carolyn and Ed Burtner

Edmond Sorrell

Kristen and Scott Barnsby

David and Lindsey Butler

Kevin and Genetta South

Nicholas and Kay Barrett

Carol Byrd

Mark and Whitney Srouji

Sally Barton Arwood

Kathryn Byrd

Christopher and Kristine Delano

Christopher and Maribeth Stahl

Michael Bassick

John and Noelle Cadden

Ralph DeMarco

Nancy Stancl

Steve and Stephanie Bastin

Betsy Caffey

Kevin and Susan Denton

Jenn Stepaniuk

Timothy Bauer

Rachel Cain

Janet and Todd Gatewood

Gretchen Stephenson

Cathy and Ricky Bean

Ronald Camden

Joseph and Barbara DeSiena

Dana and Charles Stevenson

Marjorie Beard

Charlie and Dana Campbell

Hal Dickey

Debra Sunderland

Carson and Pam Beck

Donna and Stephen Campbell

Anthony Diekma

Betty Suttle-Bates and William Bates

William Beckner

Hope and Earl Campbell

Daniel Diekma

Jeff and Julie Sweeney

Erin Behnen

Gena and Randy Capps

Darren and Lisa Dierbeck

Miriam and Steven Tate

Christopher and Elizabeth Behrends

Steve and Charlotte Carey

Raymond and Alice Dill

Crystal and Jason Taylor

Zach Beitzel

Mary Carlson

Reggie and Jennifer Dilliard

Maureen and Robert Toy

Martha and Vicente Bejarano

Earl and Elizabeth Carnahan

Judy Dillinger

Union Pacific Corporation

Cathy and Willard Bell

Diane Carrara

Parks and Elizabeth Dixon

Andy Valentine and Nancy Coleman

Steven Bell

Diane and Anthony Carroccia

Arnold Dobran

Tracey Carter

Joan and James Dobry

Mike Vaughn

Mickey Bentley and Judy Golden-Bentley

Laurie Casarez

Debbie Doebler

John and Nancy Cason

Christine and Timothy Doerr

Rebecca and David Castaneda

Keelan Donovan

David and Julie North Margie and Patrick Northam Michael and Angelique Ohmes Judy Orr Nick Otis Darlene and Robert Panvini Dorisann and John Pell Sherry and Johnny Pendley Elizabeth Petty Marjorie Pomeroy-Wallace and Paul Gatrell

Chris and Michelle Vernon

Stephen Zielenski and Jonelle St. John MEMBER $1 00–249 ACS Bo and Jennifer Adams Bob and Diane Adelsperger

Allecia and Sean Bellinger

Brian Bequette

Michael Corley Stephen and Lea Cosentino Tamara and Mitch Counts Alan Coverstone Lydia Cox and Roger Fish Matthew and Marie Crabtree Craig and Patricia Crawford Melinda and Jearil Crawford Scottye and Jerrall Crook Susan Cross Frances and Jay Crosson Glenda and Mark Crowder Laurie Crowder Geoff and Kate Cubitt Wendy Curb Jeff Curbo Jacqueline and Don Cusic Donna and Robert Cutrona Drew Davenport Ron and Jenny Davidson Jennifer Davie James and Deborah Davis Jere Davis Roy and Laura Davis Sarah Davis Beth Dawson Angela Deal Nancy and Frank Deal Doug Dean Howard Dean Carol and Troy Deason Gregory and Dorene Deatrick Marc Delametter

Amy Elliott Russell and Shannon Ellis Kristie Elsberry Denise and Todd Embry Kathy Emerick Leon and Rebecca Empie Trudi Enge Clyde and Julie Ensor Burgess and Leigh Eplin Jim Everett Ashley and Travis Fabre Daniel and Katherine Fagan Jacqueline and Charles Fair John Fairchild Bogdan and Ewa Falat Martin Fallon Walter Farmer Scott Faw Gayle Ferguson James and Betty Ferguson John Ferris John and Sherry Findley James Fischer John Fischer Lynn Fitzpatrick Flowers on Olde Main TJ and Susan Foerke Amy Foote David and Gigi Ford Karen and Jeff Forehand Patsy and James Forkum Ann Fort Judy and Tom Foster Allison and Richard Fowler Jennifer Fowler Tracy and Joel Frame Robert Francis Carly Frazier Sara and Andy Frederick Andy French Ashley and Michael Frisbie Mike Fronczak Michael and Courtney Fruge Robert and Janet Fruth Fulton United Methodist Church

Madeleine Guerci Christopher and Leah Guinn Chris and Tracy Gurwell Anne and Morris Hadden Angela Hagan Larry and Cecilia Hagar Lizabeth Hale Benjamin and Shirley Hall Jean Hall Linda and F. McKamy Hall Marge Hall Pamela Ham Kay Hamilton Melissa Hamilton Sheila Hamilton Jane Hamner Catherine and William Hannah Kurt and Pamela Hansen Elizabeth and Wendell Harmer Brian Harnett Cordia and Tom Harrington Beate Harris Craig Harris Douglas and Leticia Harris George and Glenda Harris Reba Harris Nancy and James Harrison Sam Harrison Laura and Paul Haske Gail and Howard Hassell Alisa Haushalter Jeff and Colleen Hawkins Sandra and John Hawkins Claude and Linda Haynes Keith and Kimberly Hays Phyllis Heard Heath Medical Inc. Mick Hedgepeth Jeff and Ashley Heeren Ruth Heinzmann Marshall and Thelma Helm Charles and Jennifer Hickman James Higdon Anne Hightower Kayla Hill

Anitra Funger

Mitzi Hill

Becky Fyke

Kira and John Hilley

John and Anne Gabriel

Janea and Michael Hiser

Steve and Jen Galloway

Leigh Hitchcock

Danielle Garrett

Sally Hoffman

Peter and Lisa Garvey

Tana and Rick Hoffman

Kelly Gebhart

Patricia Hogg

Michelle and Chad Ghormley

Edsel Holden

Christine and William Gibble

Michelle Holland

Elaine and Marlin Gill

Tonya Hollin

Morgan Gilman

Ray Holloman

Steve and Rachel Giuffrida

Jordan Holm

James and Angela Holmedal

Wesley and Natalie Lauterbach

Joy Middleton

Virginia and John Potter

W Scott and Suzanne Sheppard

Ioannis and Helene Tripodis

Bruce Holt

Judith and James Lawson

Ronald and Patricia Miiller

David Powell

Dennis and Janet Shipp

Kevin Trowbridge

Jermaine and Ingdia Holt

Nancy Leach

Chadd and Elizabeth Miller

Phillip Poyner

Susan Shipp

Jason and Shannon Truss

Linda Holt

Jamie and Frank Leatherbury

Marcus and Ann Miller

Larry and Mandy Poynter

Sandra and Jerry Shoemake

Alexander and Siseuk Tu

Craig and Carol Homann

Luis Ledezma

Michael and Amy Miller

Larry W. Poynter

Mary and George Shreeve

Marilyn and Bart Tucker

Ginger and Fred Horton

Brooklin Lee

Ruth and Thomas Miller

Kirk and Lisa Prather

Kendall Shultes

Gena and Chase Turpin

Charles and Jane Hosay

Christopher and Julia Lee

Sam Miller

Beth and Stanley Preston

Todd and Melissa Sikes

Valerie Tysinger

Andrea and Frank Houle

Hyangsook Lee

Jenny Mills

Maria Preston

Lisa Silver and Robert Dendy

Keith and Christina Ullman

Janelle and Rick Howarth

John and Melissa Leeper

Matthew Mills

Bryan Price

Marie and David Sims

Olivier Van Dierdonck

Jesse and Traci Howell

Patrick and Marjorie LePage

Steve and Allison Mitchamore

Ann and William Probus

Bob and Vicky Skelton

Marnie Vanden Noven

Ken and Johnnie Howell

Suellen Leugers

Rendrick and Andrea Mitchell

Fawn Slater

Tony Howell

Kevin Lew

Brennon and Lilly Mobley

William and Marybeth Provenzano

Carolyn and Larry Vandendriessche

Dara Hubbard

Holly Lewis

Monopoli’s Auto Repair Service

Joe and Leslie Hubbell

Bobby Liles

Michael Moore

Denis and Kimberly Huber

Josh Lill

Timothy and Victoria Moore

Joe Huenecke

John and Kelly Lineberger

Karen Moriarty

Marylin and William E. Hughes

Rhea and Marie Little

Steven and Nancy Morley

Leah and Tony Locke

Cindy Morris

Gina Long

Todd and Tamara Moschner

Luke 4:18 Fellowship

Timothy Motes

Michael and Lisa Luly

Jessica Mueller

Barbara Lutz

Sandra Murabito

Shannon and John Lyle

Anita and Kim Murphy

Natalie Lynch

Dianne Murphy

Stacy and James Maciuk

James and Stella Murphy

Neva Maffett

Christine Murray

Kyle Malden

Annie Musacchio

Edith Manak

Nakizito Myllykangas

John and Judy Manzo

Valerie and Jeremy Nagoshiner

Ed Marcoe

Carlee Nanney

Heidi and Richard Marcotte

Sandra and Mike Nanney

Alfred and Helen Maresca

Anna Napier

MaryAnn Marques

Terry Nathan

Annette Martin

NDG Properties, Inc.

Thomas and Jill Martin

Luke and Carroll Nelligan

Portia and Anthony Jordan

Trinity George and Steve Martin

Robert Newcomer

Kathleen and John Joslin

Courtney Martinez

Morgan Jumbi

Rosalee Martinez

Daniel and Christine Karliak

Daryl and Shuer Marvin

Lori and Robert Karr

Amy-Beth and Steve Mason

Mark and Harriet Kayanja

Jocelyn Mason

Dan and Kimberly Keen

R. Sharon and James Mason

Brian and Kimberly Keller

Sueanna Masterson

Nancy and Thomas Kelly

Christine Mastroianni

Kim and Tim Kelton

Jennifer Matalek

Kendra Scott Jewelry

Mary and Billy Matthews

Kris and Marsha Kenner

Michael and Marcia Matthies

Jeremy and Lori Keough

Lydia and Travis Maupin

Carol Kersey

Pat and Lee Maxwell

Kathryn and Charles Killion

Julie and Charles May

Paul and Heejeong Kim

Jenny and Richard Mayfield

Ann King

Joseph and Diane McAdams

Claude and Reta King

Barbara McClain

Jason and Julie King

Christy and James McClellan

Martin King

Kevin McClung

Mike and Caroline King

Fred and Carol McCollum

Rachel King

Karen McCollum

Vicki Shevitz and Craig King

Gwendolyn McCoy

Eva Kisakye

Dean McDanel

Thomas Klinger

Wendy McDanel

Scott and Michelle Knight

Autumn McDonel

Kurt and Melissa Koehn

Mary Allyson McGinnis

Nancy and Kenneth Koeller

Mike and Pat McGinnis

Alan and Crystal Koenig

Phil and Marilyn McGovern

Steven and Ann Kohn

Rebecca and Michael McGuire

Laura Kreiselmaier

Harriet McHenry

Alan and Aurora Krodel

Heather McIntyre

William Krogman

Vikki McKay

Philip Phillips and Sharmila Patel

Joanne Kuntz

Kent and Kelley McLaughlin

Pamela and Woodard Pigg

Matthew Seamster

Victor and Cynthia Kunze

Michael and Dawn McMahon

Ryan Pino

Edward Seeley

Kim La

Claudetta and Terry McMurtry

Teresa Plummer

Betty Seely

Brenna Lacey

Faye McNeese

Kenneth Poag

George and Mary Senick

Douglas Ladd

Dena and William McRee

David and Kim Pohlman

Michael and Robin Severance

Kelly and Jeff Langdon

Susan Meadows

Edward and Karen Policastri

Jennifer Sexton

Suzanne and Doug Lange

Sherry and Jim Mercer

Kerry and Jean Polizzi

Rosemary Sexton

Gregory and Laura Langley

Marianne and David Meriwether

James Pollard

Jarrett and Holly Shadday

Debra and John Popham

Kevin and Nancy Shaughnessy

Dennis and Angela Porter

Jack Shaw

Meaghan and Jared Porter

Steve and Patty Sheinfeld

Sandra and Gary Hunter Chip and Eleanor Hutchinson Douglas and LeAnne Imrie Joyce Inman John and Stacy Irby Amy and Jeff Irwin J. Allen Vending Ed and Joanne James Michael and Lisa Janke Sally and Francis Jefferson Wilma Jeffus Alfreta Johnson Gail and Craig Johnson Jordan Johnson Mitchell Johnson Timothy and Kristen Johnson Carrie Jones Justin Jordan

Carolyn and Raymond Langlois Jennifer Larson Jeff LaRue

Rick and Rita Messick Michael Michela

Quan and Hang Nguyen Patricia Nikcevich Steven Noll Ed and Julie Norfleet Carrie Northington Richard Novak Marilyn Odom Woody and Sandra Odom James and Erin O’Donnell Young Oh and Sung Hoon Cho Jennifer and David Oliver Steve and Janet Olkowski Thomas and Tara Olson Mary Osthus Jean Overcash Cynthia Owsley Adam Pace Jeffrey and Jeannette Paladino Andrea Palmer Alice and Stephen Parrish Anne and Doug Parsons Phil and Jacqueline Pasco Mike and Colleen Paterno Paisit and Ussanee Paueksakon Robyn and James Payne Ted Peetz George and Elizabeth Perkins Doug Perry Bruce Pertle Robert Petre Timothy and Megan Phelan

Larry Puckett Thomas J. Purcell Mary and Lee Putman Sally and James Queener Darren Quigley Tony and Stephanie Ragland Michael and Melissa Rains Brad Ramsey Todd and Karen Redmon Chandar Reed William Reesman Sarah and Kyle Reininger Claire Renfrow James and Virginia Rhoades Sharyl and Mack Richards Allen Richburg Neil Rick Jennifer Riley Julie and Victor Ristvedt Janice Roberson Dorren Robinson Yvonne and Bob Robison Kyle Roelke Marcy Rofrano Monty and Georgia Rogers Sandra and Charles Rogers David and Colleen Roggenkamp Lyndsey and Clark Rollins Dana Rondeau Jerry Rooker Jennifer and Jeff Ross Amy and Keith Rouse Thomas and Laura Rulon Barbara and Bill Russell John Russell Kenneth and Kathy Russell Laura Russell Pat Russo Rosalie and Daniel Russo Alan Sachtleben Christian Sadler Denise and Donald Sadler Greg Sage Sal and Marcie Salamone Nancy and Dennis Sandberg Margaret Sanders Edward Sanford Malcolm Schaus Courtney and Lee Scheben Scott and Nancy Scheid Tyler and Cristine Schlandt Kent and Traci Schmidt Richard Schneider Scott Schnupp Kimberly Schooley David Schreiber Joe Schutt

Karen Slaughter Elisabeth Small and Carl Marsh Tyrus Smartt Boyd and Sara Smith Darrell and Joyce Smith Jennifer and Adrian Smith Jody and Mark Smith Joy and Richard Smith Mary Smith

Paulette Vanderheyden Camilla Vanderzee Thomas and Mary Vandeyacht Brenda Vantrease Kristen and Thomas Vanwestrienen Verizon MG Foundation Jody Verwolf

Peggie and Bryan Smith

Gisela Villalba-Porreca and Martin Porreca

Robin and Michael Smith

Nancy and Denny Vincent

Steve and Tara Smith

Larry Wacholtz

Jim Smithey

Barbara and Leroy Waggoner

Clorinda Smithson

Kristy and Ryan Wahaib

Don and Julie Smothers

Stephanie and John Waite

Ted and Beatrice Snazelle

Steven and Patricia Waldron

David and Susan Sneed

Ken Waldrop

Macie Snider

Benita and Roosevelt Walker

Eva So

Bobby Walker

Eric and Sheila Spaar

H. Hope and Keith Walker

Temp and Faye Sparkman

Jeanine and Bill Walker

Desiree and Mike Stalnaker

Lindsay Walker

Jim and Martha Stamper

Michelle Walker

Sharilyn and John Steadman

Mike and Paula Walker

Jim and Candace Stefansic

Steven Walker

Carolyn and James Steinhouse

Tasha and William Walker

Elaine and Richard Stephenson

Terri Walker

Gregory and Susan Stevens

Edward Wallace

Joan and Frank Stevenson

Janet and Jim Walls

Patty Steward

Susan Walter

Jamie and James Stewart

Jane Ward

Lucinda and Tim Stewart

Lawana Ward

Ronald Stinson

Mildred and Robert Wardle

Lois and Larry Stone

Erika Wass

James and Luanne Story

Marguerite and Masahiro Watanabe

Andrea Stover and John Paine Sherry Strahan Vicki Strain Sandra Straw Chris and Julie Stride Burhl Strother Michael and Cheryl Strother Judy and Michihiro Sugata Clinton and Sara Swafford Thomas and Kimeri Beck Jo Ann and Joe Billy Tabor Carol Tadlock Bonnie and Joe Taggert Ray Tate David and Charity Taylor Judd and Lori Taylor Lori Taylor Mark and Hope Taylor Sarah and Carney Taylor Tim and Mary Ready Taylor Chelsea Thomas Rubye Lynn and Bo Thomas Charlie Thompson Lisa and Kelly Thornburg Lori Tigert Ryan Tilis Jamie and Sharon Tillman James and Peggy Tisdel Elaine and John Todd Christopher Tompkins Joseph Torrence Torres Holdings, LLC Craig and Heather Travis Pastula and Penny Travis

Joe Waters Michael Waters Katherine and Ernest Watkins Barbara Weathers Kelli and David Weathers Beth and James Webb Mary and Mark Weber Susan and Andrew Webster Scott and Jennifer Wellington Patricia Welsh Barbara West David and Margie West Elizabeth Wheatley Steve and Kathy Wheeler Tammye and Gary Whitaker Freddie and Elizabeth White Melissa Whitlow Carl and Lynda Whittimore Paul and Geraldine Widener Suezette Wiggins Mary Wiles Darrell and Crevolyn Wiley Gary and Eileen Wilkinson John and Molly Williams Beth Williamson Ayers George and Dixie Fulton Williamson Creely Wilson Winning Way Services Kim Winters Jacqueline Witkowski Jean Woodarek Valerie Woodbury

Anthony and Liberty Woodman Chris and Mary Woodruff Karen and Walter Woods Donna Woolley Ann and Peter Wright Sandy Wright Michael and Dana Wymer Judith and Lonnie Yandell Pat and Noel Yeatts Zachary Yokel Mattie and Henry Yokley Sean Yoo Evelyn and Scott Young John Young Tony and Pinky Young Craig and Deana Zahnd Laura and Greg Zeronian Cui Zhang Caixia Zheng Jennifer and Chris Zimmerlee Nancy Zoretic Bettye Zowarka Kathleen Zuccaro

Jess Andree

Scott Barnhart

Bishop Legal, LLC

Randal Briesath

Haley Buske

Chad Andrews

Nichole Barnich

Keith Bishop

Ashley Briggs

Nikolas Butalid

Holli and Kevin Anglin

George Ann and Doyle Barnwell

Kristen and Cory Bishop

Ashley and Aaron Briggs

Lisa Butler

Madison Bishop

Courtney Bright

Cara Butterworth

Tim Bishop

Jessica Brinkley

Madison Byrd

Cynthia and Doug Bisson

Vicki Brinsko

Susannah Byrd

Jessica Bitsura

Larissa Bristol

Joshua Cadle

Deborah Bittenbender

Sophia Bristol

Acqueline Cain

Kelsey Bivacca

Megan Britt

Cody Cain

Andy Black

Sydney Britt

Katelyn Caldwell

Mia Black

Samuel Brock

Magan and Michael Calhoun

Rob Black

Leah Broderick

Jacobi Calloway

Samuel Black

David and Jill Brodrick

Richard and Sharon Camp

Sarah Blackburn

Alaina Brommer

Sara and James Camp

Harrison Blackledge

Allie Brooks

Lindsay Campanis

Carly Blaine

Helen Brooks and Brian Kaster

Alexa Campbell

Brittanie Blair

Rita Brooks

Nicole Campbell

Martin Blais

Lenore Brosky

Terry and Gigi Campbell

Samantha Blake

Ashley Brower

Dianne Campo

Jordan Blanton

Alainna Brown

Thu Can

Anthony Blash

Alan and Traci Brown

Daniel Canary

Matthew Blivin

Anthony Brown

Christian Candler

Carolyn Block

Carole and William Brown

Daisha Cane

Taylor Bloom

Daniel Brown

Kathryne Canfield

Taylor Bloomfield

Grace Brown

Chandler Capps

Barry Boals

Haley Brown

Jeremy Capps

Beulah Boatman

Hannah Brown

Richelle Carach

Kimberly Bobo

Justin Brown

Julian Carapellotti

Savannah Bobo-Bressler

Karen Brown

Kyle Caress

Ryan Boey

Kaylin Brown

Megan Cargin

Lisa Bogosian

Macie Brown

Leah Carlisle

Ellen Bogue

Margaret Brown

Jeffery Carney

Glen Bohannon

Melissa Brown

Brooke Carpenter

Tauniasha Boleyjack

Sue Brown

Lindsay Carpenter

Owen Bolig

Susie and Kenneth Brown

Mary Carragher

Miranda Bolinger

Sybril Bennett

Abram Carroll

Darby Bollinger

Taylor Brown

Matthew Carruth

Angelo Bologna

Jim Browne

Clarke Carter

Hannah Bontrager

Meg and Leah Bruce

Kalie Carter

Marla Booker

Gregory and Michelle Bruder

Melanie Carter

Milind Borkar

Katelyn Brundige

Addison Cartwright

Stephanie Boshea

Lexi Brunk

Mimi Carvalho

Allison Boswell

Brittany Brunn

Andrea and William Casey

Nicole Botich

Hannah Brunson

Brendan Casey

Vicki and Keith Bounds

Adea Bryant

Ryan Casey

Liz Boutin

Angie Bryant

Joseph Cash

Lara and David BouvĂŠ

Lina Bryant

Melody Cash

Mary Bowden

Candace Buchanan

Lauren and Tyler Cason

Trilby Bowe

Mary Buchanan

Laura Castillo

Mallory Bowen

Nicholas Bucher

Anna and Codi Castle

Michael Bowen

Sabra and John Buchheit

Ashley Castle

Mary Bowers

Lauren Buck

Natalie Cataldo

Jeanette and Richard Bowie

Hope and Clark Buckner

Olivia Catanzaro

Pat Bowling

Dorris and James A. Buehring

Bill and Linda Cates

Emily Bowman

Alexis Buglio

Maggie Catherwood

Patrick Boyce

Mathew Buie

Susan and William Cauley

Nicholas Boyd

Andrew Bult

Grace Cavalier

Drew Boykin

Eric Bunch

Todd Cavato

Sharon Bradley

Lindsey Bunt

Donny Cavenaugh

Kasey Bradshaw

Bekki Burch

Edward Cawthon

Jessica Brady Ho

Daniel Burch

Philippe Cayanni

Jarrett and Cacy Bragg

Benjamin Burdalic

Craig and Margarette Cecil

Brian Brammer

Kathryne Burks

Debra Cercy

Dana Branden

Thadijah Burks

Ryann Cerrina

Kathy and John Brandon

Alyssa Burlage

Martha Chadwell

Alissa Brandt

Katelyn Burn

Norman Chadwick

Nathan Brandt

Jayne Burnett

Janet Challacombe

Arthur Brannan

Hannah Burnette

Philip and Lizz Chamberlain

Sharon Branning

Brittany Burns

Joe and Lavona Chandler

Victoria Brasili

Bruce Burns

Becca Chaney

Travis Braud

Callie Burns

Rachel Chaney

Ira Braunschweig

Crystal Burns

Eric Chang

Tyler Brazelton

Erica Burns

Austin Chapline

Pamela and Paul Brazier

Megan Burns

Dale Chapman

Evan Breland

Sara Burns

David Chapman

Madeline Brennan-Levine

Laurajean Burnside

Elizabeth Chapman

Bethany Brewer

Amanda Burrell

Lauren and Joshua Chapman

Jeanalice Brickman

Jacob Burris

Terry Chapman

Harry Bridge

Cindi and Steve Burtnett

Katie Chappelle

Maria Bridgeman

Caroline Bush

Olivia Charette

Monica Anis Courtney Ankrapp Katherine Annis Mauricio Antun Audrey Applebaum Robert Appleton Sareen Arakelian Gerald Archer Wendy Argenta Jessica Argueta Clarisa Arias Jane and Jerry Armour Chancellor Armstrong Austin Arnold Jeremy Arnold Maryde Arnold Samantha Arnold Morgan Arrants Megan Arrington Ryan Arteaga Daniel Asip Richard Askey

$1–99 Audrey Aavik

Izzy Attenborough

Kaya Abrahamson

Murali and Madhavi Atyam

Cole Abshier

Melanie Augustynek

Tara Acheson

Sheryl and Kelvin Ault

Amber Acker

Nick Austin

Sam Acree

Tara Austin

Griffith Adams

Tyra Avery

Olivia Adams

Hannah Ayrault

Richard Adams

Alison Bacaling

David and Janet Adamson

Hank Bachara

Laetitia Adelson

Matt Bacnis

Daniel Adkins

RanDee Badibanga

Dylan Adler

Addie Baesler

Aziz Afzali

Crystal Bagci

Samantha Agee

Rebecca Bagley

Malia Aguilar

Greg Bagwell

Anna Aguirre

Blair Bailey

Scott and Staci Aitchison

Kyle Bailey

Jerry and Shirley Akins

Matt Bailey

Molly Akins

Morgan Bailey

Eric Alameda

Zachary Bair

Alexandra Albanese

Jacob Bajema

Caylor Albers

Allyson Baker

Kenneth and Shawna Albert

Caroline Baker

Kathleen Albritton

Jack Baker

Lindsay Alderman

Jenifer Baker

Angela and Jeff Alexander

John Baker

Mary Alexander

Jordan Baker

Robert Alexander

Kaylinn Baker

Khadija Ali Amghaiab

Shirl Baker

Cayli Allen

Ano Balani

Missy Allen

Marguerite Baldes

Vicki Allen

Isabel Baldinger

Jacqueline Allinder

Camille Ballance

Makenzie Allsup

Noelle Bangert

Nanci Alsup and Steve Hinson

Marcus Bankston

Bruce Alter

Katrina Barangan

Abdullah Alzahrani

John and Jessica Barber

AmazonSmile Foundation

John M. Barber

Tara Ames

Lindsey Barchent

Autumn Amling

Ross Barcusky

Paul Amundson

Mary Bargagliotti

Mai Anais

Emily Barigye

Priya Anand

Beverly Barker

BJ Anckner

Ellen Barker

Alyssa Andersen

Kit Barker

Cory Andersen

Abigail Barnd

Bri Anderson

Donald and Laurie Barnes

Cassandra Anderson

Kathleen Barnes

Kimberly and James Anderson

Michael Barnes

Lindsey and Matthew Anderson

Robert Barnes

Melodie and Daniel Anderson Susan and Bob Anderson Taryn Anderson

Robert and Martha Atwater

Susan Barnes Ashley Barnett Lloyd Barnett

Brooke Barret Camille and Aaron Barrett Bridgette Barron David and Laura Barrow Alisa Barry Erin Barry Kerrigan Barry Heidi Bartle Ali Bartlett Jessica Bartlett Quinton and Phaedra Bartlett Deborah Baruzzini Simon Barz Greg Batcheler Beth Bates Hermogenes and Amor Battad Carolyn Batterson Alex Batura Matson Bauer Brittany Bauerly Cecilia Baumer Jessi Baumgartner Marissa Baysinger Kaitlin Bayus Henry Beach Kristian Canady Savannah Beals Elizabeth Beamer Dawn Bean Margaret Bean and Peter Godwin Victoria Bear Bradley Beardsley Emory Bearman Justin Beasley Grace Beathard Kathryn Beaulieu Joel Beaver Christopher Beavers Amy Beck Elizabeth Beck Haley Becker Lisa Beckman Tejas Bedekar Ronnie Behonick Norma and Martin Behrends Rachel Beihl Brooke Beitzel Alvin Bell Becca Bell Courtney Bell Liv Bell Michal Bell Joshua Bellatti Jordan Bellenfant Courtney Bellush Abbey and David Belt David and Kelly Belue Alexander Benedict Brent Benefield Rachel Benicek Charlotte and Robert Bennett Racheal Bennett Justin Bennington Joey Berends Diamond Bergeron Bailey Bergmann Morgan Bernard Joan Berry Amy Bertram Andrew Besl Lauryn and Evan Betterton Tabetha Bewley Austin Bianco Ryan Bigelow Cheyenne Bilderback Samantha Binnie

Patricia Charles

Caleb Corprew

DeVere Davis

Emmalei Doore

Gabrielle Elkhouri

Anna Flouras

Kaylin Charlton

Madison Corr

Dylan Davis

Courtney Dorris

Ben Elkins

Savana Floyd

Diane and David Chase

Jenna Corradeno

Kathryn Davis

Lo Dougherty

Stephanie Flunory

Ty Chase

Brandon Corsi

Krishon Davis

Andrew Douglas

Tonya Elkins and Thaddeus Brew

Denise Chastain

Mike Cortese

Laneita Davis

Gayle Douglas

Carlos Chavez-Brin

Jennifer Cortez

Laura Davis

Kyle Douglas

Courtney Cheatham

Alejandra Coto

Liz Davis

AC Dowd

Betty Yu and Dennis Chen

Molly Cotter

Mari Davis

Kevin and Tara Dowd

Meghan Chen

Samantha Cotton

Orlaigh Davis

Thomas Dowd

Yijie Cheng

Jackson Coursey

Sally and Lyman Davis

Jamie Dowis

Dorothy and Dwight Cherry

Allison Courtney

Stacia Davis

Charleen and Edward Dowling

Christy Chicas

Gary Couser

Susan Davis

Logan Downs

Margaret Chidester

Jaice Cousins

Taylor Davis

Melissa Downs

Patricia Chiselko

Courtney Covert

Alexis Dawson

Casey Dowty

Gabbi Choate

Brad Covington

CeCe Dawson

Hannah Doyle

Jennifer Choe

Patti and David Cowgill

Cully Day

Hannah Drake

Grace Chrisco

Andrew Cox

Stephen Day

Olivia Drake

Kelly Christ

Ella Cox

Lou Ann and David de Roode

Liz Dray

Genevieve Ness and Thomas Engle

Joan and Walter Christensen

Josh Cox

Carolyn and David Dean

Brandon Drew

Grace Engle

Braxton Fralick

Laurence and Alicia Christopher

Karen Cox

Helen Dean

Austin Drewry

Madeline Enna

Nicolle France

Lyndsey Crabill

Linda Dean

Thomas Drews

Josh Enoch

Shantal Francis

Elizabeth Crabtree

Christopher and Sandy Deas

Jack Dreyer

Casey Enright

Jacob Francis-Franklin

James and Claire Craft

Ellen and Scott Deathridge

Aden Drolsum

Bethany Erwin

Libby Franck

Lee Craft

Angelica Deaton

Matt Dsida

Samuel and Kathy Escue

Ruben Franco

Emily Craig

Catherine DeBell

Shelise du Cille

Alyson Estes

Andrea Franjic

Q Craig

Sarah Deboer

Jennifer Du Gan

Emilie Etchart

Melissa Frank

Sandra Craig

Jack DeCraene

Taylor Dubray

Connor Etheridge

Hannah Frazier

Anita and Scott Cranford

Kelby DeJarnett

Jennifer Duck

Joshua Evans

Diane and Michael Frederick

Annie Cranford

Joel Delabre

Drew Dudek

Anna Evansen

Frank and Kimberly Frederick

Maria Crawford

Mia Delamar

Carolyn Dudley

Angus and Michelle Evelyn

Drew Freeman

Steven Crawford

Melisa DelaRosa-Santana

Christiana Duerksen

Abby Evens

Lensie Freeman

Christian Crenshaw

Joy and Roger Delius

Stephen Dufoe

Sarah Everett

Ashtin Freije

Peggy and Robert Crenshaw

Philip DeLuca

Claire Dugan

Megan Faber

Estefania Freire

Anna Cribbs

Sandra Demierre

Brandi Duke

Andrew Fair

Scott Frenzel

Carlye Crim

Amy DeMint

Louann Dummich

Larry and Nikki Falgoust

William Fretwell

John-Michael Criswell

Donald and Carol DeMumbrum

Caitlin Dunaway

Corinne Fallbach

Tabitha and Daniel Frey

Jalon Duncan

Emily Falvey

Christine Frink

David Demuth

Katherine and Mitchell Duncan

Terry Fann

Lisa Fritz

David Dennis

Savannah Dunmire

John Farr

Yolanda Fritz

Joseph Denny

Adrian Duque

Elizabeth Farrar

Jessica and Lance Frizzell

Hannah Denton

Luke Duran

Michele Farrell

Bailey Frost

Jordyn Deppe

Demmie Durham

Ize Fauchet

Stephen Frost

Max and Peggy DePriest

Laura Durr

Carson Fears

Alie Astete

Kendall Deranek

Dana Dusenbery

Mark Fears

Cliff Fryar

Eryn Derbin

Will Duson

Kelly Feeney

Olivia Fuerst

Rebecca Derby

Max Dvorin

Kaetlin Fehl

Mary Kay Fulcher

Erin Dernlan

Colin and Martha Dyer

Jami-lyn Fehr

Cole Fuller

Jenny Desai

Heath Dyer

Kylie Feltenberger

Christian Fulp

Ashley Detherage

Michael Dzambasow

Jason and Rhonda Felts

Patten Fuqua

Dominique Detwiler

Colleen and Greg Dzurik

Michael Feng

John Fuszner

Nora DeWater

Takkia Easley

Beau and Angela Fenske

Joshua Gabel

Tom and Beth Deweese

Allyson Easom

Audrey Fenstermaker

Norma Gabhart

Hope Fenton

Anthony Gabriele

Laura Ferber-Sanchez

Angela Gaetano

Maya Ferby

Drew Gaffron

Alex Ferguson

Lily Gailmard

Alizah Ferguson

James and Nicole Gaines

Jordain Ferguson

David Gal-Chis

Gabi Ferrari

Kathleen Gallaher

Heather Ferrari

Haley Gallerani

Conner Fersner

Barbara and Jack Gallo

Amanda Fields

Colton Gambill

Kevin Fields

Kevin Gao

Lexy Fields

Mario and Ramona Garcia Lopez

Mary Chunn Carlee Church Kara Cialli Anthony Cianchetta Ryan Citrino Katie Clancy Brenna Clark Lori Clark Marissa Clark Mary Clark Cole Clarke Walker and Dina Clarke Christie Clay Keith Clay Makenzie Clayburg Olan and Judy Clemens Christopher and Lisa Clements Stephanie Clements Stephen Clemmons Phillip Clifton Sarah Clifton Kindril Climer John Cloherty Olivia Cloud Morgan Clouse Molly Cody Matthew Cogen Natalie Cohlmeyer John Coker Kyle Coker Jesse Colbert

Julia Crone Joshua Cross Deanna Crouchelli Sarah and Ollen Crowder Jennifer Crowell Melissa Crowley Joseph and Debra Cuellar Micaela Cuellar Mabry Culp Collin Cummings Lindsey Cummings Cara Cunningham Chase Cunningham Dena Cunningham Edward Cunningham

Dylan DeMumbrum

Benjamin Colburn

J. Michael and Nancy Cunningham

Krysti Cole

Megan Cunningham

Amritpal Dhillon

Jenny and Paul Easton

Victoria Cole

Michael Cuppett

Alex Diaz

Anna and Nathan Eaton

Austin Coleman

Ellen Currey

Amanda Dibenedetto

Jamie Eaton

Dana and William Coleman

Maggie Cusick

Courtney Dickens

Kaden Eaton

Sielo Coleman

Joshua Dahlberg

Megan Dickinson

James Ebel

Anna Collier

Olivia Dahlstrom

Edlyne Dickson

Liz Eberbach

Chris Collier

Zenna Daker

Anthony Didion

Londyn Eberhardt

Tessa Collier

Aaron Dally

Scott Dietz

Lucas Eberhardt

Anna Collins

Derek Daluga

Jonathan Dillard

Anna Bliss Eberle

Brittany Collins

Vincent D’ambrogi

Kaler Dillon

William Ebersole

Jaclyn Cominotto

Sarah Dame

Jackie and Robert Dills

Reid Edington

Niani Conerly

Candida Damian

Grace Dinkins

Alec Edmonds

Cam Conesa

Jeff Daniel

Kaitlyn Diskerud

Rory Edmonds

Emily Conner

Joanne Daniel

Callie Edwards

John and Carolyn Connolly

Lindsey Daniel

Mary Claire and Scott Dismukes

Allison Conrad

Tashea Danner

Emma Conrad

Aubree Darcy

Kerry Cook

Olivia Darcy

Phil Cook

Shelby Darrall

William Cook

Jacquita Daugherty

Jennifer Cooke

Taylor Davenport

Ebony Cooper

Corbin Davidson

Matthew Cope

Lindy and Adam Davidson

Tweety Copeland

Tess Davies

Concetta Coppola

Allison Davis

Cheyenne Corbine

Alyssa Davis

Andrew Corlew

Amiyha Davis

Dana Cornwell

Claire Davis

Mark and Kathryn Divak Joe Dixon Carolyn and Don Dobbins Therese Dobry Abby Docherty John and Denise Dodson Anne Doebele Anthony Doellefeld Lauren Doll Rowdy Domstead Brittany Donahue Lauren Donaldson Jenna Dooling

Catherine Edwards Matthew Edwards Meredith Edwards Suzanne and Ross Edwards Wayne and Donna Edwards Amanze Egekeze John and Maureen Eggleton Connor Ehman David Eisner Madeleine Eissler Reggie Eklund Ellen Elder Maria Elekes Annie Elias

Arlena Elliott Christopher and Lindsey Elliott Janey Elliott Lincoln Elliott Judy Ellman and Laurie Wolanske Randal and Laura Ellman Susan Ellman Stacey and Dave Ells Ciara Emanuele Clayton Embry David Emerson Lauren Engberg

Britney Fink Victoria Finlay Forrest Finn Kristen Finnemore Anne Fioravanti Court Fiore First Christian Church-Decatur Nathan Fischbach Patricia and James Walters Shannon Fish Kaci and Matt Fisher Kayla and Ryan Fisher Rosey Fitchpatrick Maeve Fitzpatrick Kaylin Flamm Robert Flanagan Raychelle Flannagan

Charles Flynn Anthony Foglia Hunter Foltz Wesley Forbush Celeste Ford Kyle Ford Alexander Fordham Hannah Forgani Alexa Formosa Ameshia Forrest Mary Forsythe Rachel Foster Jacqueline and James Fowlkes Reagy Roo Fox Anais Fraire

Angela and Robert Gardner Stacey and Jeff Garmon Devin Garrett John Garrett Kara Garrett Megan Garrett Hope Garrison Daniel Garver Tanner Gaughf Zach Gavin Grady Gazenski Daniel Gee Stephanie Geierman Rubyn Gemmell Ozgur Gencdur Colleen Gensheimer

Kathryn George

Rebecca Green

Elizabeth Harrison

Hunter Hobbs

Ghazala Ismail

Taylor Jones

Georgia Neurodiagnostics Testing

Shane Green

Sarah Harrison

Taylor Hodge

Rainu Ittycheriah

Tyler Jones

Taylor Green

Marti and Philip Hartman

Kristin and Jeff Hoehne

Ellie Ivancich

William Jones

Cheri Greene

Bill Hartwig

Ann and Thomas Hoffman

Taylor Jachimski

Kawal Jooma

Elisa Greene

Darrel and Julia Hash

Sara Hogan

Allyson Jackson

Charles and Amy Jordan

Katie Greene

Nicci Hashampour

Kenneth Hogge

Cathy and Kenneth Jackson

Chris Jordan

Marci Greene

Erica Haskett

Andrew Holladay

Christien Jackson

Elizabeth Jordan

Taylor Greene

Haley Hatfield

Linda and Lyle Holland

David and Muriel Jackson

Whitney Joy

Tristan Greenland

Macy Hatfield

Jessica Holloman

Erresha Jackson

Ciara Joyce

Shelley Greenlee

Robert Hatton

Rachel Holloway

Jacquelyn Jackson

Jonathan Joyce

Marc Greenspon

Mika Haunreiter

Micah Holmen

Maggie Jackson

Denise and Scott Jungmichel

Joshua Gregoire

Adrienne Haupt

Hayley Holmes

Makia Jackson

Tanja Jurek

Abbie Gregory

Baram and Roz Haurami

Katherine Holmgren

Reginald Jackson

Nikki Kaas

Jenn Gresta

Caroline Hawk

Sydney Holofcener

Tiffany Jackson

Makayla Kadner

Derek Gridley

Cody Hawkins

Kristie Holt

Jim Jacobs

Elizabeth Kaiser

Steven Griffin

Deborah Hayden

Danielle Holthaus

Patricia and Harvey Jacobs

Norman Kalkhoff

Daniel Grigg

Marylon and Arthur Hayden

Yihao Hong

Andrew Jacobsohn

Chris Karabelas

Grigsby Sunday School Class

Arnold and Vivian Hayes

Ileia Luke

Andrew Jacobson

Bettye and Graham Kash

Sarah Grocock

Diane Hayes

Palmer Hooks

Finesse James

Ben Kaster

Daniel and Vivian Grooms

Ron and Sharon Hayes

Zachary Hootman

Gwendolyn James

Catherine Kastner

Courteney Grosser

Andriana Haygood

Jason and Mindy Hoover

Robert Jamison

Kaitlyn Katalbas

Martha Groves

Trey Hayman

Abby Janis

Anthony Kauffman

Heidi Grubbs

Jake Haymans

Hope Christian Community Foundation, Inc.

Sloan Jansheski

Kaylie Kawamura

Ethan Grumski

Sandra Haynes

Darby Janss

Caroline Kazigo

Rachael Grussing

Caylan Hays

La’Tiara Jarvis

Kyndal Kearns

Catherine Grygiel

Madi Hays

Carly Jaspersen

Richard and Julie Keating

Faith Gipson

Andrew and Nikki Grzegorzewski

Tony and Mary Ella Hazelwood

Kristin Jean

Shelby Keating

Hope Gipson

Courtney Guidal

Darien Jeffers

Lina and Kevin Keefe

Noah Glass

Madeline Guinee

Larry Jeffrey

Rebeccah Keeton

Sarah Glassner

Terrance Gulley

Nina Jenkins

Michelle Keil

Ann-Marie and Christopher Gleason

Gabrielle Gumucio

Jennings Public Library

Susan Keim

Isaac Jensen

Destiny Keller

Ryan Jensen

Ada Kelly

Samantha Jervey

Ann and James Kelly

Billy Jewell

James Kelly

Katelyn Jezowski

Mrs. Ralph L. Kelly

Marquis Jiles

Patty Kelly

Gyu Jo

Andy Kelm

Eric and Christine John

Matthew Kelvington

Brayton Johns

Andrew Kennedy

Abby Johnson

Clara and Albert Kennedy

Andrew Johnson

Declan Kennedy

Andrew W. Johnson

Michael and Marla Kennedy

Angel Johnson

Nathan Kennedy

Ashley Johnson

Jessica Kenney

Bryce Johnson

Laura Kent

Caroline Johnson

DeLacy Kerber

Marycharlotte Gerbig Jacob Gershman Jeb and Eunice Gerth Kailee Gerzema Gianna Gesler Chey and Nathanel Gethers Chelsea Gettelfinger Eric Geving Andrew Giallombardo Cameron Giarraputo Steven and Debby Gibbs Brandon Gibson Hope Gibson Kevin Gibson Penny Gilbert Thomas Gilbert Thomas Gildemeister Cooper Gillen Kate Gillespie Steph Gillett Chloe Gilligan Connor Gilmore Alexis Gilner James Gilpin

Hannah Gleason Nicole Gleason Patricia Glenny Julia and Bill Glotzbach Caroline Glover Christina Glover John Glover Margaret and Gerald Glynn Kim Godwin Craig and Tina Goebel John and Christine Goebel Caroline Goffigon Blake Goldberg Megan Golden Harry Goldman Stephen Goldman Krystal Goldschmidt Andy Goldstein Alicia Gomez Carli Gonderinger Grace Gonzalez Jubenal and Michelle Gonzalez Li Yin Goode Leia Goodpaster Jeffery Goodwin Sam Goodwin Cynthia Gordon Edward Gore Aidan Gorey Win Gould Cidney Grady Breanna Grafton Cheryl Graham Mary Lou and William Graham Megan Graham Garry and Mary Kay Grammel John and Faye Granberry Laura and Tripp Grant Payton Grant Jason Grass Daniel Gray Erika Gray Jamie Gray Jonathan Gray Kristopher Gray Alison Green Jennifer Green

Gloria Gunn Qiujia Guo Zachary Gureasko Angelena Gutierrez Caroline Haag Karissa Haasz Maureen Hackett Joseph and Mary Hadden Tyler Hadden Will Hadden Jessica Hadik Bobby Hadzor Matthew Hagen Gerald Hager Jayden Hahn Elise Haines Brent Hales Paul Haley Alexandria Hall Gayle and Roger Hall James and Mary Hall Lauren Hallihan Barbara and Garry Hallums Thos Halmi Josh Halper Michayla Hamady Anna Hamilton Brenda and James Hamilton Kimberly Hammond Maxwell Hamond Jennifer Hamp Sheryl Handley Collin Hanley Tyler Hanmer Kristina Hann Arah Hans-Majors Lexis Hardiek John Harlan Alexis Harman Samantha Harms Caraline Harper Joe Harper Krista Harrell Ryan Harrelson Aaron Harris Alaina Harris Emelie Harris Kyrah Harris Raegan Harris

Lisa and William Headley Catherine Healy Zachary Healy-Lima Candace Hearn Casey Hebbel Rachel Hebert Griffin Heckert Philip Heil Madeline Heiskell Kayla Heldman Rebecca and Peter Hellewell Kathryn Helmers Sherif Helmey Taylor Helton Sarah Hemphill William Hemphill Alex Henderson Alicia Hendren Megan Hendricks

Amber Hopkins Howell Hopper and Rachael Flynn-Hopper Matthew Hopper Jessica Horn Shirley and David Horowitz Susan Horton Olivia Hosey John and Amy Hostler Hayley House Ronald House Kevin Hovde Cornelia Howard Hannah Howard Peter Howard David Howe Lauren Howey Lisa Howington Yingting Huang Lauryn Huber Grace Huckfeldt Nathaniel Hudson Sandra Hudson

Chloe Hendrickson

Krystal and Matthew Huesmann

Annalee Heneghan

Ricky Huffines

Charlsie Johnson

Robert Kessler

Lisa Henline

Andrew Huffman

Colt Johnson

Annie Ketchmark

Danny Hennessy

Bill and Kate Huffnagle

Eric Johnson

Kathy Keyes and Samuel Smith

Marjorie Hennigan

Dylan Huggins

Hunter Johnson

Kendal Keys

Derrick Henry

Andrew Hughes

Jacob Johnson

Kathryn and Brian Kibitlewski

Kayla Henry

Callie Hughes

Kameron Johnson

Victoria Kidd

Travis Henry

Dwight Hughes

Kimberly Johnson

Kayle Kiener

Drew Hensley

Judy and James Hughes

Matthew Johnson

Abby Kiesner

Erick Hernandez Campos

Richard Hughes

Nicholas Johnson

Andrew Kilby

Alexa Herrera

Tommy and Debbie Hughes

Nicholas E. Johnson

Kyle Kilgore

Andrew Herrmann

Stevie Hughey

Oliviah Johnson

Kathleen Kim

Sarah and Alfred Herrmann

Jacob Huitt

Paige Johnson

Steven Kim

Daniel and Amanda Herrold

Timothy Hulan

Rebecca Johnson

Jake Kimble

Helena Hess

Alexis Humbrecht

Sidney Johnson

Katherine Kimble

Camilla Hester

Emily Hume

Sophia Johnson

Margarett Kimble

Rachel Hewlett

Logan Hunt

Brian Johnston

Zach Kincaid

Georgia Hiatt

Harrison Hunter

Jane Johnston

Emily Kinder

Victoria Hickam

Robby Hurd

Hailey Jonas

Christy King

Diane and Earnest Hickerson

James Hurlburt

Adiene Jones

Daniel King

Ryan Hickling

Spencer Hurst

Aspen Jones

Hunter King

Madeleine Hickman

Glenn Huskey

Emily Jones

Jessica King

Timothy Hickman

Sarah Huston

Eric Jones

Mike and Lori King

Bailey Higgins

Alwyne and Catherine Hutchings

Grayson Jones

Phil and Sonya King

Robby and Amanda Hutchinson

Jared Jones

Tina and George King

Kate Jones

Darren Kinnaird

Katherine Jones

Carlie Kinsey

Kathy Jones

Grace Kirkman

Katie Jones

Sasha Kislak

Lillian Jones

Emily Kivi

MJ Jones

Laura Klat

Olivia Jones

Casey Klein

Shania Jones

Marcie Klein

Sierra Jones

Emma Kleinberg

Hannah Higgins Jody and Diona Hightower Cheryl Hilgenbrink Carol and Vaughn Hill Cathy and David Hill Jessica Hill Karen Hill Marvin and Rebecca Hines Anita Hinricher Kaitlin Hlywa

Avery Hynes Ilyana Ilieva Staci Imel Abigail Inglis Frank and Amanda Ingram Whitney Ingram Donna and Ronald Inman Catherine Isaac

Jean and Paul Kleine-Kracht

Mina and Roger Legg

Gerry Lusby

William McClatchey

Marian Miller

Lauren Mueller

Courtney Kline

Lisa Leggieri

Granvel and Janis Lusby

Mary McClure

Mark and Cathleen Miller

Paige Muenchow

Maggie Klingensmith

Elizabeth Lehmer

Aaron Lyons

DeTonio McColley

Noah Miller

Cody Muirhead

Cassandra Klotwog

Joan Lehning

Caleigh Lyons

Tom McCollum

Sarah Miller

Dani Knadle

Katherine Lejeune

Will Lyons

Madison McConnell

Michelle Millikan-Wilkin

Amy Mulron and Glenn Crouch

Cody Knapp

Kevin LeMay

Megan Maanao

Max McConville

Addison Mills

EmElise Knapp

Lauren LeMay

Megan MacDonald

Erin McCormick

Catherine and Sean Mills

Lindsey Knapp

Anita Lemos

Paul Macedonia

Mak’da McCornick

Lou Mills

Gracie Knestrick

Claudia Lenart

Sean Macko

Jean McCurdy

Leigh Millsaps

Josh Knickerbocker

Aaron Lensch

Devon MacPherson

Sarah McCutchan

Olivia Milne

Makayla Knight

Matthew Leon

Annabelle Macrae

Sharon McDanel

Nikki Milslagle

Tori Knipp

Clara Leonard

Addie Maggard

Haley McDaniel

Latrishia Milton

Nigel Knop

Haley Leonhard

Megan Maggart

Hayden McDaniel

Kyle Minardi

Chris and Lyn Knopf

Kaylyn Leslie

Linda and ChrisMagill

Lee Mcelwee

Lexi Miner

Sydney Kobell

Reid Leslie

Jacob Magnuson

Sean McGibany

Joseph Minga

Ben Kocher

Casey Lester

Matthew Mahfood

Caitlin McGilchrist

Ashlyn Miniat

Adam Kohlan

Phil Lester

Chau Mai

Beau McGinnis

Amir and Zeina Miremadi

Zach Kolander

Bryn Levengood

Mary Malick

Elise McGinnis

Anna Mirlisena

Tracey Kolencik

Sherree Levering

Bryan Malone

Sydney McGowan

Brandon Mitchell

Jessica Kopperud

Ally Lewber

Anthony Manello

Logan McGuire

McKenna Mitchell

Amanda Koronkiewicz

Ashley Lewis

Chris Maniscalco

Kendall McHenry

Austin Mittelstadt

Erma Kosinski

Brie Lewis

Lesley Mann

Cari McHugh

Mohamed Mohamed

Jeni Koss

Dianna and Charles Lewis

Carl Manning

Megan McInnis

Miriam Mohammad

Linda and Dennis Kovach

Gracie Lewis

Zachary Manno

Shelby McIntire

Elizabeth Moll

Sophia Kowaleski

Harry and Shell Lewis

Gayatri Manral

Lucas McIntosh

Sophia Moll

Melissa Kowerduck

Jillian Lewis

Malena Marcase

Christopher McInturff

Katie Molskness

Aaron Krak

Matthew Lewis

Malia Marcella

Ian and Sharon McKay

Kevin Monahan

Hope Kramer

Timothy Lewis

Justin March

Kristina and John McKay

Elizabeth Mondt

Michael and Kristin Kratoska

Amy Li

Megan Marcum

Mary Kristin McKenney

Capucine Monk

Annalise Kraus

Kimberly Li

Rachel Marcum

Anne and Luther McKnight

James and Karin Monnett

Nicolas Krebs

Qingjun Li

Jasmine Marecle

Cassie McLaughlin

Madison Monroe

Sophie Kremer

Richard Li

Hannah Mariani

Paige McLaughlin

Jack Montague

Max Kriegel

Karen Licudine

Tanner Marion

Shannon McLaughlin

Brenda Montemayor

Melissa Kriz

Blake Lieder

Lana and Adrian Mark

Orane McLean

Janet and John Kreuger

Danielle Lieder

Jill Marlow

Marcia McManus

Hannah and Michael Montgomery

Adam Krulewicz

Lucy Liljegren

Elise Marshall

Madeline McNabb

Katherine Kruzan

Michael Lima

Kay and Ben Marshall

Madeline McNair

Chandler Kucera

Nora Limon

Simone Marshall

Meredith McNair

Priyanka Kumar

Jordan Lindley

Tameka Marshall

William McPeake

Vickie Kunz

Sara Lindsay

Ashleigh Martin

Megan McPherson

Melissa Kurass

Samuel Lindsey

Cara Martin

Janet and Scott McReynolds

Katie Kutchmire

Laurianne and Mathew Linton

Carol Martin

Andrew Meadows

Maggie Kuyper

Kelle and Don Linville

Dylan Martin

Sheyanne Meadows

Amanda La Bonte

Ryan Lipe

Heather Martin

Travis Mealer

Benjamin Lacey

Paul Lipinoga

Katlyn Martin

Madeline Meaux

Linde LaChance

Dani List

Macy Martin

Grace Mederich

Carl Lackey

Clara Litavsky

Maggie Martin

Morgan Medley

Mike Lagunovich

Tara Little

Melissa Martin

Mary Jane Meirose

Meghan Laing

Adam Lochemes

Mitzi Martin

Christina Melissaris

Matt Lally

Elizabeth Lochiatto

Shannon Martin

Tanner Mellor

Joseph LaMartina

Sue Ann Lockhart

Timothy and Christine Martin

Jack Melsheimer

Lacey Lamberth

Mary and John Locklear

William Martin

Belicia Mendiola

Emma Lambiase

James Lockwood

Samuel Martinez

Eugenie and Gary Menszer

Katie and Len Landers

Anna Loftis

Maria Martino

Julia Mercado

Jonathan Langley

Louis Logan

Ben Maslyn

Lauren Mergen

Megan Lanzotti

Emily Loggins

Donna Mason

Alyson Merkle

Marie Lapp

Hope Lohmueller

Emily Mason

Mike Merrill

Elnora Larkin

Elizabeth Lombardi

James and Deborah Mason

Rowen Merrill

Michael Larkins

Kathy LoNano

Janyce and Terry Mason

Charles Merritt

Meghan Laskowski

Brendan Long

Megan Mason

Kristina Mertz

Matthew Latham

Hallie Long

Brittany Massey

Katherine Messer

Brian and Angela Laufenberg

Jennifer and Marvin Edgar Long

Elizabeth Massey

Barbara Messick

Gloria Massey

Jarrett Messick

Rachel Masterson

Jacob Metoyer

Daniel and Valerie Matena

Matthew Metsker

Hope Mather

Jared Meyer

Joseph Matovu

Christopher Michaels

Logan Matthews

Natalie Michaels

Morgan Matyjevich

Elisabeth Michaletz

Charlie Maurer

Sam and Sheila Miglarese

Jordan Anne Maurodis

Abbey Miles

Brandon Maxwell

Michele Miles

Brenton May

Annie Miller

Paul Mayo

Barbara Miller

Samantha Maze

Blair Miller

Austin McBride

Casey Miller

Sally McCabe

Ellen Miller

Rick and Melisa McCafferty

Emily Miller

Jocelynne McCall

Glen and Dee Miller

Elliott McClain

Kendal Miller

Alora Lauver Nick Lavery Kylie Lawrence Dominique Lawson Jonathan League Madeline LeBar Bronte Lebo Caleb Lee Frank and Martha Lee Jordyn Lee Justin Lee KaoShoua Lee Kathrine Lee Nikki Lee Rachel Lee Chloe Leebrick Jacquelyn Leeman Danielle Leeper

Emily Longenecker Kellie Longworth Brian Lopez Daniel Lopez Martha Lorimer John and Susan Loughlin Kiera Loveless Aubry Lovell Whitney Lovell Marko Lovrinovic Heather Lowe Wenfu Lu Mark and Carrie Ludovico Calli Luikart Austin Luke Katie Luker Maria Lungu

Gail Munoz Samantha Munroe Joseph Munsey Katie Murdock Wade Murdock Jacqueline Murphy Meghan Murphy Sally and Patrick Murphy Amanda Murray Jasmine Murray Allison Murry Mutonyi Mwiwa Alexandra Myers Courtney Myers Kyle Myers MeMe Myers Iman Nadeem Violet Naegele Lagerrall Kathleen Namey Lauren Nantel Allison Nason Fakhriya Nazi Esperance Ndayizeye Corey Neal Kyle Neal Joy and Chase Neely Michael Negri Lisa Nehls Amy and Steven Neighbor Laddie Neil

Wade Moody

Austin Nelson

Taylor Moon

Haley Nelson

Ashley Mooney

JT Nelson

Justin Mooneyhan

Martha Nelson

Becca Moore

Brooke Nemchak

Carol and Frank Moore

Jeannine and Gary Neuen

Griffin Moore

Christopher Newman

Hope Moore

Holly Newsome

Jennifer and M. Ben Moore

Miranda Newton

Julia Moore

Joy Nguyen

Justin Moore

Nick Nicewonder

Lizzy Moore

Alexa Nichols

Navery Moore

Danielle Nichols

Yolanda Moore

Jenna Nicholson

ReyAnne Moorehead

Nathan Nicholson

Rita Mora

Olivia Nicke

William and Kimberly Morello

Kennedy Nickerson

Alex Morgan

Amanda Nicklaus

John Morgan

Tyler Nicodem

Rachel Morgan

Seth Nigus

Samuel Morgan

Linda Nikcevich

Conor Morin

Hannah Ninness

Claire Morison

Abbie Nixon

Alaya Morris

Michael Nixon

Allie Morris

Carl and Maria Noakes

Caroline Morris

Jalena Noakes

Erin Morris

Lex Noblitt

Lenox Morris

McKenna Noer

Michelle Morris

Natalie Nolen

Zoe Morris

Charlene Normann

Adam Morton

Cayley Norton

Adriel Morton

Kathryn Notestine

Elizabeth Morton

Erin Novak

Caleb Moseley

Alex Nowling

Randall Moses

Natalia Nunes

Garrett Moshier

Edison Nwokedi

Mary Beth Mosley

Angelica Ocegueda

Stephanie Mosley

Breanne O’Day

Kenneth Moss

Matthew O’Dell

Lexy Mosser

Shannon Ogden

Pam Moudy

Veronica Ogidan

Cheryl Moultry

Jay and Jaqueline Oglesby

Charles and Kathy Moyer

Paxson Ogletree

Robin and Dawn Muchow

Gabrielle Okoniewski

Chuck Mueller

Anthony O’Krueg-Wright

Caitlin O’Leary

Olivia Pedigo

Hollie and Archie Potts

Lissa Rhodes

Rhoda and Lee Royce

Linda Senese

Sinclair Olin

Caio Pedro Niel

Melinda and Lyron Potts

Kenisha Rhone

Pamela Royster

Timothy Sentz

Gabrielle Olivas

Bradley Pelka

Guy Powell

Heather Ribolla

Alessandro Rugarli

Nathan Sepulveda

David Ollinger

Emily Pelletier

Miranda Powell

Amanda Rice

Genevieve Servoss

Trey Olson

Brianna Pendergrass

Victoria Powell

Jed Rice

Christopher and Melissa Ruhnke

Mikayla O’Malley

Lori Pendergrass

Janet Powers

Lee Ann and Jay Rice

Christopher and Suzanne O’Neal

Alexis Pendley

Frances Praet

Emily Richards

Jantzen Pendley

Matt Pramstaller

Kathleen and Paul Richards

Madison Peper

Mitchell Predella

Stanley Richardson

Dawn and Adam Pequignot

Danielle Prentice

Sydne Richardson

Paulina Perakis

Brittany Prescott

William Richardson

Alison Peratikos

JP Presley

Michael Richey

Addison Perez

David Presnell

Annie Rickenbaugh

Renease Perkins

Emma Preston

Cassandra Riedy

Allie Perry

Charlotte Price

Nicole Riepl

AP Person

Charles and Amy Pride

Nick Riffle

Marissa Peruski

Sara and Murray Pride

Eric and Kristi Riggle

Cassidy Petersheim

Jon Pridgen

Benjamin Riggs

Hannah Peterson

Robert Prince

Abigail Riley

Melanie Peterson

Sean Pritchard

Abby Rill

Molly Peterson

Terry and Gina Pritchard

Ben Ringel

Ben Pethel

Katie Proctor

Sadie Rinker

Rachel Petty

Kellie Prophet

Charles Rinne

Emma Pettyjohn

Roseline Prophete

Angela Rios

Raymond Pfohl

Emily Proud

Kara Risser

Annie Pfost

Faith Puch

Sarah Ritter

Xuyen and Cu Phan

Katherine Puckett

Jess Rivard

Megan Pharr

Brooke Pugsley

Anthony Rizzo

Ashlee Philipose

Danielle Puleo

Peter and Jodi Rizzuto

Caroline Phillips

Noah Punke

Jeff Robben

Nathanael Phillips

Johnathan Pushkar

Ken Roberts

Toya Phillips

Taylor Puskar

Linda Roberts

Dominique Page

Pi Beta Phi Vanderbilt University

Maria Putman

Mark Roberts

Callie Paige

Devin Pickerill

Keri Putulowski

Martha and Joe Roberts

Joe and Diane Palladino

Michele Picone

Catherine Qi

Mattie Roberts

Madeleine Palmaccio

HJ Pil

Kevin Quinlivan

McKenzie Roberts

Stevie Palmer

Ryan Pilarski

Hunter Ractliffe

Mechelle Roberts

Eric Palmieri

Hannah Pimentel

Natalie Ragazzo

Terralexus Roberts

Spencer Paluch

Jenny and David Pinckley

Joselito Ramirez

Katelen Robertson

Jonathon Pan

Joseph and Tina Piotrowski

Katherine Ramirez

Margaret and Richard Robinson

Lindsay Pancoast

Caryn Pirko

Sarah Paravia

Mackenzie Pirtle

Karen Parham

Courtney Pitsinger

Michael Parham

Jennings Pitts

Mike Pariselli

Gator Pizer

Anna Park

Nick Pizzo

Bonita Parker

Lauren Plachinski

Julie and Daniel Parker

Bryan Plumb

Karen Parker

Morgan Plumlee

Larry Parker

Sonja and Paul Plummer

Mark Parker

Martin Poe III

Miriam Parker

Gilbert Pogany

Barbara Parks

Micheal and Channapha Pokrywka

Adam and Jeri O’Neill Kayla Ongais Edwina Onofua Carly Opacic Reggie Ordonez Kayla Orel Tanya Orlov Roxanne Orr Rachel Orton Courtney Osborne Marilyn Otis John Ottenlips Rachel Otto June Ouyang Charlotte Owen Audrey Owens Christina Owens Jake Owens Micah Owens Judy Oxford Ally Pace Jennifer Pacileo Jonathan and Sarah Paddon Katie Padgett Sarah Padgett

Heather Parks Julie and Brandon Parrish Linda Parrott Phillip Parsley Lacy Parson Jacquelyn Claire Paschal Jonathan Pasyanos Heta Patel Krishna Patel Reena Patel Renuka and Rakesh Patel Jordan Patrick Joshua Patrick Drew Patterson Elizabeth Patterson John Patterson Tim Patterson Julie and Ross Pattison Michele Patton Shelby Pawlowski Daniel Paxman Ashley Payne Charlotte Payne Mark and Nadia Payne Jessica Pearsall Shelby Peck

Emily Polanowicz Shelby Polfliet Jozella Policastro Dallis Polk Hannah Polk Priscilla Polk Faith Pollard Logan Pollock Isabelle Pommier Allison Poole Lizzy Poore Lacey Popichak Jeanette Porcello Adriel Porter Allison Porter Lacey Porter Mary Helen Porter Amanda Portillo Levente Post Gregg and Lynn Poston Angela Poston-Kornegay and Jerry Kornegay

Paula Ramirez Adrienne Ramos Logan Ramp Allison Ramsey Garrett Ramsey Emily Raney Gary Rasmussen Cody Rasner Kim Rasori Garyn Rath Cynthia and James Ratzlaff Ruth Ray Luke Reagan Amanda Rebstock Kyle Reck William and Yolanda Redmond Bernadette Reed Conner Reed Greg Reed Watson Reed Ann Rees Megan Reese Jordan Reeve Donna Reeves Roger Regelbrugge Maddye Regis Meg Reich Brittany Reid Nicole Reid Tyler Reina Jacob Reinmiller Victoria Reino Tim Reitnouer Jason Renaud Tim Rencken Mary Renfroe

Phillip Potor

Laura and Matt Reviere

Courtney Potter

Austin Reynolds

David Potter

Sargoel Rezanejad

Estate of Virgina Frances Potter

Danielle Rhodes

Katie Rungee Rachel Ruppert Justine Rush Dara Russell Emily Russell Kaitlyn Russell

Corey Sery Bailey Sewalk Benjamin Sewell Sarah Beth Sewell Zachary Sexton Adil Shaban

Meghan and Jonathan Russell

Shady Oaks Baptist Church Staff

Tajah Russell

Deja Shaikhutdinov

Kelly Russo

Clayton Shamblen

Kay Ruth

Lindsey Shamblin

Kathryn Ryan

McKenna Shanholtzer

Lisa Rybaczuk

Shannon Bower Living Trust

Kaitlin Rye

A’Lane Shannon

Matthew Sahadi

Harold Shannon

Kelsey Saint Clair

Kelsey Sharber

Ahmad Salim

Pamela Gater

Michael Sallee

Denelle Sharp

Michelle Sames

William Sharp

Burton Sampson

Rachel Shaw

Saundrea Sampson

Parker Shay

Chelsea and Hugo Sanchez

Larry Sheffield

Jordan Sanders

Rob Shell

Kennan Sanders

Maria Shelton

Maxey and Debra Sanders

Mary Shelton

Sampuran and Gulab Sandhu

Molly and Kirk Shepard

Samantha Sansone

Erica Shepherd

Lauren Santoru

Kayla Shepherd

Kylie Sanzo

Natalie Sherburne

Parisa Sarfehjoo

Jessica and Chad Sheridan

Daniel Sargent

Kevin Sherman

Cam Sarrett

Jonathon and Alicia Sheumaker

Joshua Satory

Emma Shilliday

Courtney Saunders

Jiksu Shin

Susan and Ted Saunders

Jennifer Shirley

Kelly Savage

Brett Shocker

Taran Savoie

Rebecca and William Shoffner

Michael Robinson

Angela and Lawrence Saylor

Evelyn Sholar

Nakia Robinson

Lyna Saytaypha

Sarah Sholar

Paige Robinson

Joann Scaife

Kory Shore

Pam and Alfred Robison

Landon Scales

Cooper Short

Katherine and Fred Roby

Billy Scaletta

George Shotwell

Wesley Rodberg

Sara Scannell

Lindsey Shubert

Kate Roden

Rachel Scarbrough

Janvi Shukla

Daniel Rodriguez

Marcia Scarnato

Madi Shultz

Ian Rodriguez

Gabriel Schatz

Ryan Siedlecki

Sarah Rogan

Sarah Schaus

Jacob Silberstein

Jake Rogers

Karli Scherbing

Sydney Siler

Quinn Rogers

Hannah Schibi

Mitchell Silvers

Regan Rogers

Hannah-Kate Schlegel

Joe and April Simpkins

Shelby Rogers

Jill Schlosser

Sam Simpkins

Sophie Rogers

Karleigh Schmidt

Debbie and Steve Simpler

Sydney Rogers

Rachel Schmidt

Caroline Simpson

Ryan Rollins

Brad Schmitt

Mackenzie Simpson

Erica Roman

Christine Schmitt

Jeffrey and Gina Sims

Onecia Roman

Seena Schmitt

Julia Sims

Kevin Rooney

Shawn Schmuki

Molly Sinclair

Sofia Rosas

Zach Schneider

Ron Singh Tanwar

Kerry Rose

Kendall Schoenekase

Shalendra Singh

Mikaela Rose

Kyle Scholl

Emily Singleton

Olivia Rose

Melanie and James Schoonmaker

Leigh and Robbie Sinks

Mary and Richard Roselle Joann and Richard Rosenbaum Lexi Rosevear Ann and Gregory Ross Makenzie Ross Mariel Ross Sean Rossettie Analisa Rotella Anna Roty Lexi Rouse Margaret Rowan Mollie Rowell Zach Rowell Eric Rowland Matthew Roy

Kathy Schopp Mike and Juli Schreiber Aaron Schroeder Jessica Schuetter

Clara Sipic Eva Sipic Jessica Sisa Martin Sisk

Dennis and Joen Schultz

Annette Sisson and Jimmy Davis

Randy Schutt

Seth Skiles

Jeanette Scott

Jordan Skinner

Jeanette L. Scott

Madison Skinner

Jacquelyn Searcy

Elizabeth Skinner-Orgeron

Andrew Sears

Doug and Merrill Skipworth

George Seay

Jacquie Skokna

Finley Sehorn

Cady Sliger

Sheridan Seitz

Ryan Sloan

Glenn and Lori Selby

Storm Sloan

Brooke Small

John Stein

Katie Thieman

Stephen and Dawn van Wert

Suzanna Weisband

Katherine Wiseman

Judith and Robert Small

Madison Steinbruck

Deidra Thomas Vanover

Billy Vandemark

Zachary Weisberg

Adam Witmer

Ashley Smiley

Anna Steinle

Andrea Thomas

Shelby Vandenbergh

Elizabeth Weisenfelder

Gary and Ramona Witzgall

Madison Smiley

Claire Stepanek

Chanel Thomas

Lois and Harvey Vanderweide

Brooklyn Welch

Julie Wofford

Mareon Smit

Jenae Stevens

James Thomas

Marcus Vandeyacht

Shawn Welch

Diana Wohl

Amy and Jeffrey Smith

Sawyer Stevens

Keith Thomas

Christopher VanLeuven

Patricia Welden

Brandon Wojcik

Annie Smith

Carolyn Stewart

Rebekah Thomas

Lyda and Harry Vann

Cameron Welke

Iza Wojcik

Augusta Smith

Elizabeth Stewart

Ryan Thomas

Jessica Vara

Kira Wells

Perry Wolcott

Candace Smith

Ashley Stickler

Alexander Thomen

Ari Vaughan

Diana Wells-English

Sherrill and Linda Wolf

Carleigh Smith

Taylor Stith

Danika Thompson

Tyler Vaughn

Bridget Welsh

Rachel Wolfe

Carli Smith

Kat Stockard

Jakiya Thompson

Bailey Veach

Puti Wen

Alison Wolfer

Carol Smith

Benjamin Stolinski

Jeffrey and Janette Thompson

Taylor Veino

Teresa Wendt

William Wollenzien

Chicoya Smith

Will Stone

Macy Thompson

Lauren Velez

Micki Werner

Aubrey Wollett

Concetta and William Smith

Meghan Stonebarger

Natalie Thompson

Elizabeth Veres

Hannah Wesson

Sydney Womack

Dea Smith

Robert Storrow

Abigail Thornburg

Michael Vertin

Alex Westlein

Elizabeth A. Wood

Glenn and Angela Smith

Tayler Storrs

Anne Thornburg

Sherry and Rick Vest

Allee Wheaton

Elizabeth B. Wood

Haley Smith

Jeffrey and Kristen Story

Kristin Thornton

Alexandra Viklund

Brenna Wheeler

Jamey Wood

Hannah Smith

Braden Stover

Jessica Tiano

Debi and Bob Villines

Timothy Whelan

Steve Wood

Jackson Smith

Garrick Straub

Brent Tidwell

Ashley Villm

Andrew Whetstone

Trevor Wood

Jennifer and Jeff Smith

Charmayne Strayhorn

Laura Tileston

Samuel Vins

Terry and Wanda Whitaker

Allie Woodard

Justin Smith

Sloan Strickland

Rebecca Timmerman

Annika Virden

Bailey White

Allison Woodard

Kate Smith

James and Jacklyn Strietelmeier

Thomas Timmerman

Kathleen Virgl

Richard White

Cory Woodburn

Kylee Smith

Sally Stroud

Andrew Timms

Gaby Vitale

Zach White

Austin Woodruff

Madison Smith

Geri and Dave Stuart

Jarrod Tipton

Elyce Voss

Kate Whiteside

Matthew and Cheri Work

Maxx Smith

Joanne and Jerry Stubblefield

Delaney Tobin

Lindsey Vrana

Cathy Whitlow

Zachary Workman

Michael and Laura Smith

Jonathan Stubblefield

Britt Todd

Jacob Vroon

Molly Wick

Jo Ann and William Wortham

Molly Smith

Erin Stuff

Chloe Tolbert

Matthew Vuylsteke

Alex Wieseler

Sarah Wrieden

Monica Smith

Clayton Stupienski

Emily Toler

Deborah and James Wachowicz

Mrs. Charles Wiggins

Carrie Wright

Monte and Denetra Smith

Alex Stuwe

Landon Tom

Hunter Wade

Michaela Wightman

Gwen Wright

Morgan Smith

David Sucher

Jessica Toman

Judith Wadley

Paige Wigington

Hannah Wright

Morgan and Kathryn Smith

Cole Suddarth

Joseph Torrento

Clark Waggoner

Amber Wilborn

Jaleah Wright

Natalie Smith

Margaret Sudweeks

Alexandra Torres

James Waggoner

Zach Wilborn

Savanna Wright

Phillip Smith

Kay-leigh Sulecki

Sofia Tosches

Meredith Waggoner

Leta and Mark Wildasin

Sharon Wright

Rebecca Smith

Bekki and Craig Sullivan

David Touma

Jenna Wagner

Jesse Wilder

Stephen Wright

Sharanda Smith

Brittany Sullivan

Joshua Townsend

Rebecca Wagner

Paula and James Wilder

Matthew Wrigley

Shelby Smith

Haley Sullivan

JJ Toy

Joanna Wakefield

Alexander Wilhelm

Tiange Wu

Tom and Debby Smith

John Sullivan

Tyler Traeger

Anyssa Walker

Shai Wilkins

Charles Wunderlich

Timothy and Linda Smyth

Mallory Sullivan

Christine Tran

Chris Walker

Hunter and Susana Wilkinson

Jacob Wunderlich

Caroline Snellman

Megan Sullivan

Mackenzie Trau

Jared Walker

Jade Wilkison

Megan Wurster

Nora Snoddy

Patrick Sullivan

Daniel Travis

Jessica Walker

Andrew Willard

Emily Wyant

Emma Snow

Emma Summers

Randy and Priscilla Travis

Matthew Walker

Emma Willer

Cameron Wylie

Emily Snyder

Isaac and Nikki Summers

Betsy Traylor

Peggy and John Walker

Charles Williams

Pam and Tom Wylly

Joshua Sokolowski

Kera Sumner

Katie and William Treadway

Matthew Wall

Clinton Williams

Philip Wyman

Frederica Solomon

Jody and Rod Sunday

Michael Tregelles

Boone Wallace

Jade Williams

Katie Wynn

Devon Sosnowski

Stefan Suric

Mallory Trice

Jessie Wallace

Judy Williams

Chloe Ximenes-Merrill

Natalie Souza

Stephen and Ana Susano

Trivium Operating, LLC

Riley Wallace

Lauren Williams

Yi qiu Xu

Kendall Sowell

Rylee Sutherlin

Maggie Troutman

Ernest Walter

Maddie Williams

Katie Yancey

Melissa Spak

Hope Sutton

Jessie Tucci

Riley Walters

Madeline Williams

Midya Yarwais

Elizabeth Sparks

Mariah and Zach Sutton

Aislinn Tucker

Alexandria Walton

Madison Williams

Alexa Yatauro

Mary Jane and John Spehar

Conrad and Elizabeth Swann

Allyson Tucker

Jakob Wandel

Sarah Williams

Bryan Yates

Meghan Spellman

Abby Swenson

McKenzie Tucker

Ting Wang

Todd Williams

Brittany Yeager

Michael Spence

Madeline Swift

Chris Tully

Haley Ward

Wheat Williams

Alex Yeh-Quevedo

Abby and James Spencer

Tambi Swiney

Mary Tumminello

Janice Ward

Patrick Williamson

Danny Yeh-Quevedo

Maryclaire Spencer

Sallie and Sammy Swor

Anna Turner

Brandy Wargo

Shelby Williamson

Cole Yepsen

Nicholas Spencer

Jacob Sykes

Brian Turner

Cindy and Byron Warner

Bailey Williford

Anna Yi

Graham Spencer-Orrell

Alexandra Taber

Jordan and Andrew Turner

Deryl Warner

Willis Towers Watson

Sarah Yingst

Jacob Spicer

Kate Talashek

Kendyl Turner

Thomas Warner

Michael Willis

Jenny Yoder

Tracy and Kelli Spicer

Kathleen Talbert

Shay Turner

Jerry and Dot Warren

Philip and Cynthia Willmert

Radhika Yogesh

Charles Spinks

Isabelle Talledo

Abby and Travis Turpin

William Warren

Chelsea Wills

Brynn Yonker

Abby Spires

Benjamin Tankersley

Morgan Tweddle

Meghan and Scott Wasserman

Ellen Wills

Brian York

Willow Sprague

Madison Tankersley

Erin Twohey

Jacquie and Greg Watlington

Virginia Wills

Victoria York

Morgan Springer

Lula Tanner

Daniel and Karen Twohig

Andrew Watson

Luisa and Adam Wilsman

Hawley Young

Alex St. Dennis

Ann Taormina

Vicki and Roy Tyler

Emily Watson

Judy Young

Erin St. Pierre

Olga Tarusova

Glenn Tyrney

Helen Watson

Amber Wilson and David Lawrence

Audrie Stacey

Jeff Tarver

Hannah Uebele

Megan Watts

Rebecca Stamp

Jonathan Tate

James Ulrich

Trish Watts

Rachel Mae Stanko

Brittany Taussig

Alisa Ulven

Mark Wauford

Austin Stanley

Cille Taylor

Hillary Unis

Aspen Weathers

Karen Stannard

Hayden Taylor

Amanda Unterreiner

Savannah Weaver

Audrea Stanton

Katelynn Taylor

Anna Unterreiner

Jessica Webb

Suzanna Stapler

Kori Taylor

Anthony Upchurch

Lauren Weber

Corey Starks

Zach Taylor

Hannah Vagnier

Deborah Webster

Melissa Starkweather

Amirah Tayyun

Madalyn Valentine

Ellyn Webster

Shelitia Starling

Linda and Sam Tayyun

Rebecca and Brian Valentine

Jordan Webster

Erica Stasyshyn

Yasmin Telwar

Amber Valimont

Michael Wee

Laura Stauber

Nathan Tennant

Ben Valine

Kiera Weems

Adam Stecker

Paul Teschan

Coleman van der Hagen

Matthew Weerts

Gunnar Steed

James Tew

Marion Van der wees

Claude Weingand

Brock Steele

Lauren Thayer

Darcie Van Etten

Sharon and John Weir

Hannah Steele

Jonny Therrien

Anna Van Voorhis

Sarah Weisband

Clara Wilson Felicia Wilson Kourtney Wilson Laken Wilson Luke Wilson Peter Wilson Suzette Wilson Michael Windsor E’Shay Winfield Ruth Ellyn and David Wing Anna Wingo Brittany Wininger Ashley Winslow Robert and Lucille Winston Morgan Winter Brandon Wise

Kayla Young Izzan Yussoff Laura and Ray Zapata Steffani Zavala Patrick Zazzaro Tonya Zbell Taylor Zebracki Megan Zeddies Jackie Zeisloft Brian Zellmer Amy Zeronian Christian Zervos Paul Zielenski Sydney Zinser Chris Zubrod Gabe Zurek


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