2018 OESA Association Update

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2018 Association Update

Original Equipment Suppliers Association

Celebrating 20 years of service to the automotive supplier community



Of championing the voice of the automotive suppliers 1998 – 2018







2017 Annual Conference (highest in OESA history)

(Member-driven topics)

(ranked #1 member benefit)

FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan, Rivian, Toyota, VW

(at 2017 OESA events)

(engaged in peer group councils)


2 │ 2018 Association Update

TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter from the President..................................................................................................5 About the Association........................................................................................................6 Accomplishments and Major Initiatives..........................................................................8 OESA Events and Activities.............................................................................................10 Global Connections...........................................................................................................11 Government Advocacy......................................................................................................12 Peer Group Council Network..........................................................................................14 Member Resources..........................................................................................................16 2017 - 2018 OESA Board of Directors...........................................................................18 2017 Financial Summary..................................................................................................19 2018 Member Companies (as of April 30, 2018).........................................................22 Staff Directory....................................................................................................................26


BENEFITS OF OESA OESA members gain access to unparalleled networking opportunities, exclusive events and unique industry resources and information.





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Join. Engage. Advance.

G AIN wit et a KN O hi nd comp WL us E try etitiv DG tre rese e ed E nd s. arch ge an I ND d US TR YR ES EA RC H

Gain direct access to OEM purchasing and engineering executives.

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Impact what happens in government through MEMA advocacy efforts.

ADVOCACY EFFORTS Learn more about the benefits of membership at oesa.org or call 248.952.6401.

4 │ 2018 Association Update

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 2018 marks the 20-year anniversary of OESA. Since its inception, the Association has championed the business interests of automotive suppliers using collaborative efforts throughout the supply chain, effective government advocacy, and by providing valuable insight to help suppliers make business-critical decisions. OESA is a MEMA-funded initiative. It was founded by industry veteran Neil De Koker, a dedicated group of supplier executives and the conviction that there is value in having a singular supplier voice on issues of common interest. Over the past two decades, OESA has supported and represented suppliers during some of the best and most challenging times in automotive history. With new mobility technologies and non-traditional OEM entrants, the industry's pace continues to increase. Suppliers must be poised to quickly take advantage of new opportunities, while adapting to changes in government policies and evolving to meet changing customer demands. OESA remains committed to lead necessary forums and foster important dialogue to ensure the voice of suppliers is heard during these changes.

"Our mission is to champion the business interests of the supplier community — a commitment that we proudly embrace."

OESA is fortunate to have tremendous support. It is through the collective commitment of our members, sponsors, board of directors, OEM partners, industry thought leaders and government officials that we are able to address the unique needs of our industry. If your organization is a member of OESA, thank you for the opportunity to create positive outcomes for your company and the supplier industry. If you are a supplier executive and your company is not a member, I invite you to learn more about OESA. This book was designed to outline some of our most recent accomplishments and current initiatives. As always, please feel free to contact me with comments and questions at 248.430.5963 or jfream@oesa.org.

Julie A. Fream President and CEO


ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION OESA is one of four divisions of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA). Members of all divisions are represented by MEMA’s advocacy initiatives and have access to MEMA's emerging technology expertise.

Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

The MEMA network is one of the most powerful, respected, and effective voices for the supplier industry. It represents motor vehicle and mobility suppliers, parts manufacturers, and remanufacturers.

Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association

AASA represents automotive aftermarket suppliers that manufacture, distribute, retail and install vehicle parts, chemicals, equipment and accessories.

Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association

HDMA represents OE and aftermarket parts suppliers that participate in class 4–8 commercial vehicles and/or 50+ hp off-highway vehicles. Members operate in every segment of the heavy duty market — from components, service equipment and tires to chemicals, lighting and accessories.

The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing

The MERA network of manufacturers, suppliers, universities, and professional services firms promotes the economic, environmental, and product performance benefits of remanufacturing and similar forms of sustainable manufacturing. MERA is also the home of Manufactured Again Certification.

Original Equipment Suppliers Association

OESA represents original equipment (OE) suppliers that design, engineer and manufacture parts and technology for passenger cars and light-duty trucks; and the affiliate companies that support them.

6 │ 2018 Association Update


ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND MAJOR INITIATIVES OESA’s mission — to champion the business interests of the supplier community — is the foundation for every OESA event, meeting and initiative. Strategic goals for 2017/2018: • Further advance the supplier voice throughout the supply chain and in D.C.

• Expand association programming throughout the country

• Build stronger supplier/customer relationships

• Measure and discuss the impact of the new administration

• Attract “new technology” suppliers to OESA

Following is a list of recent accomplishments that support OESA's strategic goals: Join: Central to the success of the organization is the support of member organizations. •

OESA welcomed 70 new organizations to the member roster in 2017

Engage: Members have ranked industry engagement and networking opportunities as two of the most important benefits of OESA. In 2017, OESA developed new ways to stay connected:


49 Supplier Members


21 Affiliate Members

• Launched the new Mobility Supplier Forum in Silicon Valley


20 “new technology” companies joined OESA in 2017 and early 2018

• Hosted the largest Annual Conference in OESA history with 777 registered attendees

• Retained 95% of 2017 membership in 2018

• OESA expanded event programming by creating 7 new industry-driven events: ○○





NHTSA Supplier Symposium


Rivian Town Hall meeting




The First 100 Days of the New Administration


The Law of Strategic Talent

• Hosted 35+ OEM representatives at various Peer Group Council meetings.

8 │ 2018 Association Update

Advance: Strong customer relationships, insightful industry information and sharing the voice of the supplier community are just a few ways OESA helps advance the business interests of the supplier community. In 2017, OESA strengthened its delivery on this commitment. Customer Relationships •

Voiced the concerns of suppliers as a member of OEM Supplier Councils (Ford and FCA-NA)

Forged one-on-one supplier/customer connections at OEM Town Halls and Peer Group Council Meetings

Led 7 Town Hall meetings with more than 600 OEM Purchasing and Engineering executives.

Association Outreach: •

Increased exposure of OESA global thought leadership with speaking engagements in China, Japan, Mexico and throughout the United States (CA, DC, KY, MI, NV, OH)

Presented the supplier perspective at numerous industry events, including: ○○

Autoline Supplier Symposiums


Automotive News World Congress


Bicontinental Automotive Summit


Center for Automotive Research's Management Briefing Seminar


North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)


Women in Manufacturing

Advocacy •

Advocated for the continuation of a strong North American supply chain for the industry within a renegotiated NAFTA

Testified before the USTR on tariffs and the need to improve (not eliminate) NAFTA

Successfully advocated for the elimination of the border adjustment tax from the final tax revision package

Published studies on the impact of ADAS, NAFTA and other topics to gain industry insights and advance the voice of suppliers


OESA EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES OESA events and activities play an important role in the automotive supplier industry by addressing the issues that directly impact their business. Event programming is industry-driven to ensure the most relevant and timely issues are presented. Following is a sample of 2017 events:* OEM Engagement

Topical Events and Podcasts

FCA North America Town Hall

AlixPartners Global Automotive Outlook

Ford Purchasing and Engineering Town Hall Meeting

Annual Conference — The Industry’s New Landscape

GM Purchasing/Supply Chain Town Hall Meeting

Honda North America Town Hall

Cyberliability: Response and Recovery in an Automotive Environment

NAIAS Vehicle Tours

Emerging Intellectual Property Legal Trends for 2017 & Beyond

OEM Representation at Council Meetings

KPMG "AutoPulse" Executive Breakfast Briefing

Rivian Automotive Town Hall Meeting

Toyota Town Hall Meeting

MarComm Summit: Think Different. Market Different.

Volkswagen Group of America Town Hall Meeting

Mobility Supplier Forum (Quarterly)

OEM Terms & Conditions

OESA and Harbour Results, Inc. 2017 Automotive Tooling Update

Planning for Cost Recovery Claims: Strategies, Perspectives and Best Practices

Professional Development Series

Quarterly Industry Update Podcasts

Sales & Purchasing: Partners in New Business Pursuit Conference

Government Relations and International Activities •

ACMA Delegation Visit

Canada/U.S. Automotive Dinner

“DRIVE” Supplier Introduction: Introduction of Israeli Start-ups to the U.S. Market

German Lightweighting Delegation

Global Suppliers Association Meeting (G7)

Legislative updates from MEMA D.C. staff

MEMA Government Affairs Council (GAC)

South Carolina Regional Supplier Meeting

MEMA Legislative Summit

NAFTA Negotiations: Implications for Canada and the U.S.

Surface Coating Conversation: The Impact of OEM Requirements

Supplier Symposium with NHTSA

The Automotive Supplier’s Guide to 2017: Legal Trends and Insight for the New Year

The First 100 Days of the New Administration

The “Law” of Strategic Talent Attraction/Retention

Trilateral Meeting with CLEPA, JAPIA and MEMA

Warranty 2017: Terms, Trends and Best Practices

West Michigan Regional Supplier Meeting

* Not an all-inclusive list.

Visit oesa.org for information on upcoming OESA events.

10 │ 2018 Association Update


Through OESA's global relationships and partnerships with associations across the globe, OESA fosters supplier-to-supplier and supplier-to-customer collaboration. OESA member companies have access to actionable information and international requirements to do business across the globe. International Relationships


OESA works with an expansive network of supplier associations and organizations throughout the world to address issues of common concerns, including:

In 2017 and early 2018, OESA hosted business development supplier delegations from:

Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) — India

Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA) — Canada

Brazilian Association of Autoparts Manufacturers (Sindipeças) — Brazil

European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) — Europe

Industria Nacional de Autopartes A.C. (INA) — Mexico

Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA) — Japan





United Kingdom

Future Plans Dialogue on international issues continues as suppliers expand around the world. With guidance from member companies and association relationships, OESA remains at the forefront of association global relations.

Events OESA hosts events to build global relationships and address international concerns in motor vehicle parts manufacturing. Recent events include: •

Canada/U.S. Automotive Dinner with APMA and the Consulate of Canada

Global Suppliers Associations Meeting (G7)

Trilateral Meetings with CLEPA and JAPIA

│ 11

GOVERNMENT ADVOCACY The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association’s (MEMA) Government Affairs team in Washington, D.C. represents the voice of the supplier community. It has an established reputation with policy makers and lobbies on behalf of the mobility industry at both the federal and state levels. During 2017 and 2018, numerous issues — including NAFTA negotiations and new trade tariffs — directly impacted the supplier community. MEMA promoted the collective voice of all MEMA divisions by strongly advocating for economic growth, fair trade policies and manufacturing jobs in the United States. MEMA educates policy makers on issues that affect their constituents and equips member companies with information on legislative and regulatory issues. Additionally, MEMA is available for individual company consultation.

Recent activities include: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) • Advocated for the continuation of a strong North American supply chain including maintaining critical tools for the industry within a renegotiated NAFTA • Provided critical data to the Trump Administration on the importance of NAFTA • Worked with sister organizations in Mexico and Canada to create a unified automotive voice • Initiated an outreach program to U.S. governors in key automotive states to increase support of an enhanced NAFTA • Testified before the USTR on the need to improve, not eliminate, NAFTA Tax Reform • Commissioned a study with the Boston Consulting Group on the impact a U.S. Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) would have on the mobility industry • Provided BAT information to White House Chief Economic Advisor • Successfully advocated for the elimination of the BAT from the final tax revision package Workforce Development • Provided findings to U.S. Department of Labor on the skilled labor shortage to support the White House apprenticeship initiative • Actively supported HR 2353

12 │ 2018 Association Update

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) • Advocated for a stronger supplier role in establishing off-cycle credits • Urged no further changes to the MY 2021 program • Pushed for the continuation of "One National Vehicle Program" Aluminum and Steel • Advocated against changes to import polices that negatively impact the industry Specific OESA initiatives included: • Served as the voice of suppliers on CAFE, trade and tax reform • Advocated for the advancement of keystone regulations critical for future mobility • Supported dedicated short-range communications (DRSC) mandate and pushed for final rules • Testified before the NHTSA on the importance of ADAS and pedestrian avoidance technologies • Advanced congressional legislation providing greater participation for suppliers in vehicle technology programs at the Dept. of Energy • Lobbied to amend of the “Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century" Act • Scheduled more than 120 supplier meetings on Capitol Hill at the MEMA Summit

Ongoing MEMA Washington, D.C. Initiatives

The MEMA Government Affairs team performs several ongoing activities to support supplier concerns:

MEMA Political Action Committee (PAC) The MEMA PAC is vital to helping Congress understand and support the supplier industry and manufacturing policies.

Annual Legislative Summit The MEMA Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C. provides the latest political and economic commentary on key policy issues facing the industry. Suppliers also have the opportunity to meet with members on Capitol Hill.

State Issues and Leadership Awards MEMA advocates at the state level on interests of the supplier community and recognizes state leaders that support the motor vehicle supplier industry.

MEMA Government Affairs Committee (GAC) The MEMA GAC serves as a vital platform for advancing member interests on international, national and state policy issues. The committee provides insight on the issues facing the supplier industry and helps determine advocacy efforts.

Washington Insider The MEMA weekly e-newsletter covers the latest in legislative and regulatory issues that impact the mobility industry. This is a “must-read” for members of all divisions of MEMA.

For more information or to schedule a company consultation, contact the MEMA Government Affairs team at 202.393.6362 or visit mema.org.

│ 13

PEER GROUP COUNCIL NETWORK The OESA Peer Group Council Network, designed for suppliers with similar job functions, continues to be a significant benefit of OESA membership. Supplier executives attend to network, address issues of common concern and learn best practices. Interested executives are welcome to attend a council meeting to understand the importance of these forums. Advanced Technology Council (ATC) Advanced Technology Council meetings focus on a wide range of topics related to Cyber Security, CAFE (Regulations, Materials & Light weighting, Powertrains), Vehicle connectivity (V2X, Telematics, OTA, Infotainment), as well as Autonomous and ADAS technologies. Automotive Public Relation (APRC) Council The APRC is a network of automotive public relations professionals. It discusses industry best practices and OEM public relations. Industry media frequently attend council meetings. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Council Supplier CEOs discuss their unique concerns and hear from leading industry executives on a wide variety of relevant topics. Recent discussions include the impact of NAFTA negotiations; finding, hiring, and retaining qualified employees; and changes in healthcare laws. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Council The CFO Council addresses financial management issues with the c-suite financial officers in the supplier industry. Members explore strategic risk and compliance issues. Recent dialogue focused on vehicle production, capacity, benefits strategies, tooling audits and material markets. Chief Purchasing Officer (CPO) Council Make/buy decisions, material market forecasts and inventory hedging strategies are just a few examples of the topics discussed at CPO Council meetings. Members recently reviewed the impact on tariff changes and commodity indices.

14 │ 2018 Association Update

Communication Executives Council (CEC) Communications executives meet to address common issues, such as measuring marketing initiatives, improving global communications, social media best practices and media relations. As a member perk, members receive industry press passes to the NAIAS and are regularly invited to comment on industry topics in the media. Enterprise Leadership Council (ELC) ELC meetings address the unique challenges faced by suppliers with less than $150 million in annual revenue. Subject matter experts and roundtable discussions cover a wide range of strategic and tactical issues. Recent topics include global expansion, capital markets, raw material and energy markets, and product development processes. Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Council Members of the EH&S Council share information on safety performance improvement, energy use and sustainability initiatives. Topics address regulatory and legislative issues related to health, safety, the environment and public policy. Members conduct benchmarking surveys and invite outside subject matter experts to present. Human Resources Council (HRC) The HR Council draws on the specialized expertise of human resources executives. Subject matter experts discuss and share best practices on an array of topics, such as attracting and retaining specialized talent, developing benefits packages, implementing policies and expatriate assignments.

IT Leadership (ITL) Council The IT Leadership Council provides a forum for members to exchange ideas and address common concerns on automotive information technology (IT) topics such as cyber security, IT organization and design, cloud computing and data storage and management. Legal Issues Council (LIC) In-house counsel from supplier member companies discuss business-critical legal issues, such as product liability, industry terms and conditions, directed buys and intellectual property protection. Members of the council weigh in on the ongoing analysis of OEM terms and conditions, and discuss topics from other councils from a legal perspective. Sales Executive Council (SEC) Discussions at SEC meetings cover a broad range of business development and sales topics. Sales leaders from OE suppliers have the opportunity to query OEM representatives, receive sales training and tips and network with industry peers. This council is one of the largest OESA councils and is known for its candid roundtable discussions. Tooling Council (TC) The Tooling Council provides tool maker CEOs the opportunity to discuss best practices and address issues impacting their business. Members work together to address industry issues and use the OESA/ HRI Tooling Barometer to better understand the unique operational issues of the tooling community.

Warranty Management Council (WMC) The WMC is a unique automotive-centric forum for warranty professionals to network and discuss topics such as warranty management data systems. OEM speakers address the group at almost every meeting. The council champions the comparative analysis of OEM warranty programs and supports the warranty audit process certification with AIAG. Young Leadership Council (YLC) The YLC was developed to help members develop and retain high-potential employees. During the twoyear program, young leaders receive professional development opportunities through discussions and presentations on a wide range of topics including negotiating, customer service and leadership. Graduates leave the program well-equipped for the next step in their career. MEMA Government Affairs Council (GAC) Made up of motor vehicle parts suppliers from every major segment of the motor vehicle industry, the GAC determines the key legislative and regulatory priorities of MEMA on the state and federal level. The GAC is a representation of the mobility and helps define the voice of suppliers.

For more information about the OESA Peer Group Council Network visit www.oesa.org or call 248.952.6401.

│ 15

MEMBER RESOURCES OESA is the industry’s key resource for supplier trends and research. Membership provides access to information to help suppliers stay abreast of the industry and make key business decisions.

Online Resources


In cooperation with Affiliate Members, OESA maintains an online resource center with a broad range of timely and critical information at oesa.org.

Through the analysis of various industry surveys, OESA captures and provides supplier sentiments and industry trends.

Resource content and analysis comes from: • OESA Supplier and Affiliate Member companies • OEM data • Member survey data • Government resources • Other public sites Recent topics posted include: • Industry overview • Business development • Economics and employment • Finance and capital markets • International markets and trade • Technology • Supply chain • Vehicle manufacturing

OESA Automotive Supplier Barometer The quarterly Barometer captures the “pulse” of the industry on important supplier issues. Summarized survey results are shared with participants. Recent topics include: • Supply Chain Management • Global Industry Outlook and Financial Planning • Production and Technology • The Talent Pool • The Impact of the New Administration OESA/HRI Automotive Tooling Barometer Created in partnership with Harbour Results, Inc., the Tooling Barometer is an indicator of the current state of the automotive tooling industry. Each survey addresses unique operational issues, such as: • Tooling Capacity • Customer/Supplier Relations • Terms and Conditions

To access OESA online resources, visit oesa.org.

16 │ 2018 Association Update

OESA Council Surveys OESA generates council-requested surveys to identify best practices and address the concerns that directly impact company functional areas. Recent council surveys include: • Trade Policy and Implications • Communication Practices • HR Programs and Planning • Company Policies • Leadership Qualities Council surveys are for council membership only. Through the analysis of various industry surveys, OESA captures and provides supplier sentiments and industry trends.

OESA Publications • Consumer Centric Warranty Management Guideline (CQI-14) in partnership with AIAG • Directed Buy Agreement • OESA Comparative Analysis of North America OEM Warranty Programs • OESA Model Terms and Conditions • OESA North American OEM Production Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Comparative Analysis

OESA Communications Stay up-to-date on OESA events and industry topics through: • Weekly Updates • Newsletters • Event Alerts Sign up to receive OESA communications at oesa.org.

│ 17

2017–2018 OESA BOARD OF DIRECTORS OESA is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors comprised of senior supplier executives. With a dual purpose of helping to set priorities for the Association and address common issues for the supplier community, members of the Board serve as an important resource for their peers in the industry. Executive Committee Chairman of the Board Mike Mansuetti President Robert Bosch LLC

Vice Chair Ramzi Hermiz President and CEO Shiloh Industries

Officer Julie A. Fream President and CEO Original Equipment Suppliers Association

Immediate Past Chair Samir Salman CEO NA Region Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

Vice Chair Françoise Colpron Group President Valeo North America

Officer Steve Handschuh President and CEO Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

Directors Oscar R. Albin Executive President Industria Nacional de Autopartes A.C.

Paul Barnett President Principal Manufacturing

James Bradbury President Grand Rapids Controls Company LLC

David C. Dauch Chairman and CEO American Axle and Manufacturing, Inc. (AAM)

Jacqui Dedo Co-Founder Aware Mobility, LLC

Paul Doyle CEO Coastal Automotive

John Dunn President and CEO The Americas Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Division

Doug Grimm Chairman 2017 MEMA Board of Directors

Michael Haughey President North American Stamping Group, LLC

Ken Hopkins President and CEO Neapco Holdings, LLC

Kenichiro “Ken” Ito CEO, North America DENSO International

Don Manvel Chairman AVL Americas

Chris Obey President Automotive Flex

Lon Offenbacher President and CEO Inteva Products

Michael Robinet Managing Director, Automotive Advisory Services IHS Markit

Dan Sceli President and CEO Peterson American Corporation

Wes Smith President and CEO E&E Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Armando Tamez CEO Nemak

Jim Teets Presiden and CEO ADAC Automotive

James Verrier President and CEO BorgWarner Inc.

18 │ 2018 Association Update

2017 FINANCIAL SUMMARY Following is a financial summary of OESA revenue and expenditures for 2017. Sources of Revenue Council Dues

Advertising/Publications/ Other

% 2 11%



10% Advocacy



OESA Events

Uses of Revenue




16% 19%

Membership Dues Shared MEMA Services

MEMA Events

23% 26% 6%


Direct Member Services

2017 Revenue: $6.5 Million


$6,500 $6,000 $5,500 $5,000






$4,500 $4,000 $3,500 $3,000 $2,500 $2,000 U.S. Dollars (in thousands)







Fiscal Year

│ 19


20 │ 2018 Association Update

OESA sponsors are greatly appreciated and enable expanded programming for OESA members. │ 21

2018 SUPPLIER MEMBER COMPANIES A A. Raymond Tinnerman Manufacturing A.P. Plasman, Inc. ABC Group Acument Global Technologies, Inc. ADAC Automotive Adient US LLC Advanced Technology Emission Solutions, Inc. Advantage Engineering Inc. ADVICS North America Agrati AGS Automotive Systems AirBoss Flexible Products AISIN Technical Center of America, Inc. AISIN World Corp. of America Akebono Brake Corporation Alpha Precision Group ALPS Electric (North America), Inc. ALT America, Inc. Altair Engineering, Inc. American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc. (AAM) Anchor Danly Anchor Manufacturing Group, Inc. Ancor Answer Precision ANXeBusiness, LLC Aptiv Argent International, Inc. Artiflex Manufacturing LLC Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Inc. Ascend Performance Materials ATF, Inc.

Bollhoff, Inc

Delphi Technologies

BorgWarner Inc.

DENSO International America

BOS Automotive Products Inc.

Detroit Thermal Systems LLC


Dexter Stamping Company

Brembo North America

dlhBOWLES, Inc.

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

Dorman Products, Inc.

Bridgewater Interiors, LLC

Dow Automotive Systems

Brose North America, Inc.

DSM Engineering Plastics


DuPont Automotive

C&U Americas, LLC

Dura Automotive Systems, LLC

C. Thorrez Industries


Cadillac Casting, Inc.

E & E Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Cadillac Products Automotive Company


Calsonic Kansei


Cannon Automotive Solutions

EFI Automotive

Carcoustics Tech Center North America, Inc. Eldor Automotive Powertrain USA Carlex Glass America LLC

ElringKlinger Automotive Manufacturing

Cascade Engineering Automotive Americas

Empire Electronics, Inc.


EnovaPremier, LLC

Centracore LLC

Excellence Optoelectronics Inc. (EOI)

Charter Automotive, LLC


Chassis Brakes International Chassix Chrysan Industries, Inc. Clarion Corporation of America Clips and Clamps Industries Coastal Automotive Combined Metal Industries, Inc. Continental Continental Structural Plastics, Inc. Cooper Standard Covestro LLC Creative Extruded Products, LLC

Faurecia North America FCC (North America) Federal-Mogul LLC Feintool U.S. Operations, Inc. FGA Technologies FIAMM Technologies LLC Ficosa North America Corporation Flex Flexfab, Inc. Flexitech, Inc. Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies

CSM Manufacturing


Autoliv ASP, Inc.


AVL North America, Inc.

Dakkota Integrated Systems, LLC

Gedia Michigan

Aware Mobility LLC

Dalco Nonwovens

Axalta Coating Systems

Dana Incorporated


Danlaw, Inc.

Auma Engineered Products, Inc. AutoForm Engineering USA, Inc.

BASF Corporation Behr Hella Thermocontrol, Inc. Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC Bmax USA, LLC

Datwyler Sealing Solutions Davalor Mold, LLC Dayco Products, LLC Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc.

Gates Corporation Gehring, L.P. Gemini Group General Cable Corporation Gentex Corporation Gentherm GG Cables and Wires USA, Inc. Ghafari, Inc. GHSP

Supplier Members as of April 30, 2018 22 │ 2018 Association Update

Gibbs Die Casting

Irvin Automotive Products LLC

Marquardt Switches, Inc

Gill Industries

ISGO Manufacturing

Martinrea International, Inc.

Gil-Mar Manufacturing Company


MD Electronics Corporation

GKN Driveline North America GKN Sinter Metals Gleason, S.A. De C.V. Godfrey and Wing, Inc. Grand Rapids Controls Company LLC Grupo Antolin North America GST AutoLeather, Inc.

H Hanon Systems Hartmann-exact Inc. Hella Corporate Center USA, Inc. Henkel Corporation Henniges Automotive HFI LLC High-Star Corporation Hi-Lex Corporation Hinduja Tech, Inc Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A, Inc. HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering, Inc. Hoerbiger Finestamping Honeywell Transportation Systems Hoosier Gasket Corporation Horizon HRS Flow HS R&A Company, Ltd. Huaiji Valve Engine USA, Inc. HUSCO International, Inc. Hutchinson FMS, Inc.

JAC Products Janesville Acoustics JATCO USA, Inc. Johnson Controls Inc. Johnson Electric North America Johnson Matthey Inc, Joyson Safety Systems JTEKT North America

K KANEKA NORTH AMERICA LLC Kautex, Inc. Kimura Foundry America Inc. Kitagawa Mexico S.A. de C.V. Kluber Lubrication NA LP Knovalent, Inc. Kongsberg Automotive, Inc. KOSTAL of America, Inc. KSR International

L Lacks Enterprises, Inc. Lapeer Plating and Plastics Lauren Manufacturing Lear Corporation Leggett & Platt Automotive Group Leoni Wiring Systems Inc. LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. LHP Engineering Solutions Linamar Corporation

Hutchinson Sealing Systems

Link Engineering Company


Lucerne International, Inc.

Ideal Shield, LLC IEE S.A. Iljin USA Corporation Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Inalfa Roof Systems, Inc. Inductoheat, Inc. INOAC USA, Inc. International Automotive Components (IAC) Inteva Products

Litens Automotive Luebke & Vogt Corp.

Means Industries, Inc. Melling Engine Parts Metal Powder Products Metalsa Structural Products, Inc. Methode Electronics, Inc. Michelin North America, Inc. Michigan Spring and Stamping Midway Products Group Minth North America, Inc. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. Mobis North America LLC Modine Manufacturing Company Montaplast of North America, Inc. MPC, Inc. MS Precision Components, LLC Mubea NA Inc.

N N.S. International, LTD. Neapco Holdings, LLC Nemak Nexen Tire America Nexteer Automotive NGK Spark Plugs (USA), Inc. NIDEC GPM North America Corporation NMB Technologies North American Stamping Group, LLC NSK Americas NTN Bearing Corp. of America NYX, Inc.

O ON Semiconductor Orhan Automotive

Luminar Technologies, Inc.



P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc.

MacDermid, Inc. MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions Magna International Inc. MAHLE Industries Incorporated MANN+HUMMEL USA, Inc. Mapvision USA, Inc.

P3 North America, Inc. PACE Industries Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America Park Ohio Products Penn Aluminum International

Supplier Members as of April 30, 2018 │ 23

Peterson Spring Corporation

SOMIC America, Inc.

Petoskey Plastics, Inc.

Southland Rubber, Inc.

Piston Group

Spartan Light Metal Products

Plasan Carbon Composites

SRG Global, Inc.

Plasmatreat USA, Inc.

SSI Technologies

Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior

Stanley Engineered Fastening

Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Division

Stant USA Corporation

Plastomer Corporation


Powers and Sons, LLC

STRATTEC Security Corporation

Powertech America Sales LLC

Sumitomo Corporation of America

PPG Industries, Inc.

Sumitomo Rubber North America

Precision Resource

Superior Industries International, Inc.

Pridgeon & Clay Inc.


Principal Manufacturing Proper Group International PTM Corporation


Tachi-S Engineering USA, Inc. TAG Holdings Management, LLC TAJCO North America, Inc. TE Connectivity

Quality Metalcraft, Inc.

Techniplas Group, Inc.


Temel Gaskets

Rassini International, Inc. Redall Industries Inc. Renaissance Capital Alliance, LLC Renaissance Manufacturing Group, LLC Rheinmetall Automotive Group Rhenus Automotive Systems GmbH Riken of America, Inc. Robert Bosch LLC RoboVent Roechling Automotive NA LLC Rotor Clip Company Ryobi Die Casting USA, Inc.


Tenneco, Inc. THB International The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company The Morey Corporation The Narmco Group - Prince Metal Products The Timken Company The Woodbridge Group Thomas Magnete USA, LLC Thyssenkrupp Components Technologies, N.A. TI Automotive TimkenSteel TMD Sequencing, Inc. TomTom North America, Inc


Toyobo USA Inc.

SAGE Automotive Interiors

Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation


Toyota Boshoku America

Sakthi Automotive Group USA, Inc.

Toyota Tsusho America

Satyam Venture Engineering Services

Treves, Inc.

Schaeffler Group USA, Inc.


Schaller Corporation


Seaway Bolt & Specials Corporation

TS Tech Americas, Inc.

SEG Automotive North America, LLC

TSM Corporation

Select Industries Corporation


Semblex Corporation


Sensata Technologies, Inc. Shiloh Industries, Inc. SKF Small Parts, Inc.

V Valeo North America, Inc Valiant Machine & Tool Varroc Lighting Systems Vector North America, Inc. Vibracoustic Vickers Engineering, Inc. Viking Plastics Visteon Corporation Vitro Automotive

W Wabash Castings Walker Die Casting, Inc. Warn Automotive, LLC Waupaca Foundry, Inc. Webasto Convertibles USA, Inc. Webasto Roof Systems, Inc. Weber Automotive Wescast Industries Inc. Witzenmann WKW Erbsloeh Automotive, Inc. Woco Tech USA Inc. Wolverine Advanced Materials

Y Yanfeng Automotive Interiors YAPP USA Automotive Systems, Inc. Yasunaga Corp. America Yazaki North America, Inc.

Z ZD Sealing Parts USA, Inc. ZF North America, Inc. Zoppas Industries

Umicore Autocat USA Inc. Unique Fabricating, Inc. Ushr Automotive

Sodecia North America

Supplier Members as of April 30, 2018 24 │ 2018 Association Update


A.T. Kearney, Inc. Abbott Nicholson PC Advanced Purchasing Dynamics Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Alderney Advisors, LLC AlixPartners LLP Amherst Partners LLC ANJI Logistics USA INC Aon Risk Solutions Arent Fox LLP Arthur J. Gallagher & Company Automation Alley Automotive Industry Action Group Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association of Canada Avnet


Baker Tilly Bank of America Merrill Lynch BMO Harris Bank | BMO Financial Group Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Butzel Long


Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Citizens Bank, N.A. Clark Hill PLC Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) CLEPA Conway MacKenzie, Inc.


Dassault Systemes Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC Deloitte Detroit Regional Chamber Development Dimensions International (DDI) Dickinson Wright PLLC Donnelly Penman and Partners Ducker Worldwide Dykema Gossett PLLC


Eisbrenner Public Relations EFT Analytics El Grande Group

ELM Analytics, LLC Epicor Software Corporation EY

Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Miller Canfield Morepace, Inc.



Facton FEV North America, Inc Fifth Third Bank Foley & Lardner LLP Formel D USA, Inc.

NAIAS, Tier 1 Supplier Liaison: The Fulkerson Group

Frost Brown Todd LLC




O'Keefe Oliver Wyman, Inc.

Pepper Hamilton LLP GE Capital Plante Moran PLLC GENPACT, LLC Plex Systems Gerry Weinberg & Associates / Sandler Training PNC Bank Grant Thornton LLP Prospect Silicon Valley PwC


Harbour Results, Inc. Honigman Howard & Howard Attorneys


IBM Global Business Services IHS Markit Industria Nacional de Autopartes A.C. IQMS Manufacturing ERP


J.D. Power Japan External Trade Organization




Lectra USA LIFT - Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow LMC Automotive


M1 Concourse Marketing Associates Marsh Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC McDonald Hopkins PLLC McKinsey & Company, Inc. Mercer Michigan Economic Development Corporation




Rehmann Roland Berger Strategy Consultants LLC RSM


Sales Coaches' Corner Saphran Solutions Sindipecas Slalom SRI International Stout Advisory


The Entrada Group The Offshore Group Thirdware Solution Inc. Tweddle Group


U.K. Department for International Trade Ubiquiti, Inc. UMTRI - Automotive Analysis Division UnitedHealthcare Global


WardsAuto Intelligence Warner Norcross & Judd LLP We Predict Willis Towers Watson

Affiliate Members as of April 30, 2018 │ 25

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26 │ 2018 Association Update

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