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HiS MajESTy SulTaN QabOOS biN Said

Oman Daily Observer Supplement

Editor in Chief of Oman Daily Observer: abdullah bin Salim al Shueili Printed by:

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FOREWORd h.e. Dr. mohammeD nasser ali al zaabi



t gives me great pleasure to welcome you to SOHaR Port and Freezone, one of the fastest growing ports in the world. This is my first year as Chairman of this extraordinary organisation, and it is a role i approach with great responsibility and unfettered optimism. My multidisciplinary experience coupled with the experience in the aviation sector has given me a ringside seat to the growth of the logistics sector in Oman, the evolution of the SOHaR Port and Freezone, and the great potential for seamless sea-air integration in the future. in fact, the close proximity of the Sohar airport to the port and free zone offers great potential for just such a collaboration and will lend itself well to the rapid expansion of both entities; paving the way for the Sultanate to further strengthen its economic diversification efforts, and firmly establish Oman as an international logistics hub of choice. Since its inception, the SOHaR management team and employees have exhibited leadership and tireless dedication to grow all aspects of their operations, against the backdrop of volatility in our regional markets and the world economy. during this period, SOHaR has remained focused on delivering business excellence to clients, growing bonds of friendship with the local community and increasing

its contribution to the diversification goals for our national economy. in my role as Chairman, i am dedicated to providing the necessary support to ensure this success endures. The appeal of SOHaR is due not only to its strategic location, but also its ideal combination of a modern and efficient port coupled with a rapidly expanding free zone. The vast expanse of industrial land located adjacent to the port provides an ideal location for industries to setup shop, which is supported by infrastructure covering all modes of transport, be it by land, sea, or air. This is complemented by the Sultanate’s superior infrastructure of land, electricity, water, and communications. Oman actively encourages foreign investment in its free trade zones by offering special tax incentives, modern facilities and a dedicated workforce. in this regard, i am pleased to report the performing figures for 2017 represent yet another year of consistent growth for SOHaR, not only in terms of increased cargo volumes handled, but milestone advancements made by the port and free zone overall. in 2017, SOHaR Port handled over one million tonnes of cargo every week. Container traffic was up by 37% compared to 2016, while dry bulk volumes rose by 25% year-on-year. SOHaR also received 3,075 vessel calls in 2017, marking a significant 17% year-onyear increase. 7


Over the past year, developments and achievements at SOHaR have been numerous. in addition to its major clusters like petrochemicals, metal, and logistics, we are now in the midst of completing an agro-terminal with world-class facilities. These include a state-ofthe-art sugar refinery and flour mill, each using the latest production technology and facilities. The sugar refinery in particular, is the first of its kind in the Sultanate and will create many downstream opportunities, employment, and above all, significantly enhance national food security.

another notable achievement was the commencement of SOHaR Port South Expansion which, when completed, will definitely attract additional business. aside from the expansion, we have the liwa Plastics project going forward and have a third independent power plant now in its final stages of completion. Oman’s rapidly developing logistics sector is being positioned as the biggest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product after hydrocarbons, Oman’s longstanding economic mainstay. The National logistic Strategy 2040 aims to increase the contribution of 8

logistics services to the nation’s gross domestic product, which is expected to reach OMR14 billion in 2040, in addition to creating 300,000 new jobs in the sector. affirming the drive to transform Oman into an international logistics hub, the SOHaR management team is working closely with aSyad, the executing body of Oman’s logistics Strategy 2040. Our deep experience in this sector, together with our partner; Port of Rotterdam, will provide valuable insights to streamline procedures and regulations and grow trade opportunities for the Sultanate. in

this regard, aSyad is placing a firm focus on strengthening the sea-airland links within Oman to provide a seamless and comprehensive ‘doorto-door’ logistics solution to regional and global markets; right from its point of origin to its destination. according to Oman’s 2018 budget statement released at the beginning of 2018, the Sultanate’s government expects the economy to grow by a minimum 3% in 2018. This is forecast to be driven by oil price recovery, ongoing efforts to diversify the national economy and an improving investment climate. aligning with these forecasts,

SOHaR Port expects continued growth in the year ahead. The Middle East presents tremendous opportunities for trade and foreign investment and our aim is to harness the strategic location of SOHaR, its competitive energy rates and skilled workforce, and ensure those opportunities come directly to Oman. This will create space for downstream and service industries in Oman and stimulate employment opportunities for Oman’s budding young entrepreneurs. as we enter a new year, and on behalf of the board of directors, i would like to extend my sincere 9

thanks and appreciation to our management team and employees at SOHaR Port and Freezone. i also give thanks to our clients and partners who have journeyed with us since SOHaR was first established. Our positive relations demonstrate a mutual goal to deliver business excellence, and further contribute to the ongoing diversification of Oman’s economy. a bright future lies ahead. it is only a matter of time before SOHaR Port and Freezone emerges as a vital trade and logistics hub for the entire region.

aT THE CENTRE OF glObal TRadE mark Geilenkirchen CHiEF ExECuTivE OFFiCER


OHaR prides itself on delivering world-class port facilities, safe, reliable and efficient operations as well as a transparent business environment. due to its unique location outside the congested Strait of Hormuz, but central to the main markets of the gulf and indian subcontinent, Oman’s SOHaR Port and Freezone has emerged as a competitive logistics and industry hub, attracting interest and investment from regional and global companies. Recognised worldwide as one of the fastest growing ports, SOHaR is today challenging the more established regional hubs as it gears up to celebrate its 15th year of operations in 2019. Mark geilenkirchen, Chief Executive Officer commented, “We really benefit from an ideal location outside the Strait of Hormuz, meaning our clients can access over 3.5 billion consumers through the gulf by land, sea, or air, without having to enter the gulf itself. SOHaR sits at the very centre of global trade routes between Europe, asia and africa, we are a vital hub in the region’s fast developing

road-air-rail-sea networks, offering an optimal business environment and unprecedented opportunities for growth across multiple industries and support sectors.” Highlighting the sustained growth of the port, geilenkirchen said, “Our operating results underscore the fact that 2017 was another year of solid growth for SOHaR. due to increasing year-on-year volumes, SOHaR is becoming increasingly recognised as a regional logistics hub. in 2017, vessel calls at the port increased by 16.7%. The total number of containers handled rose by 37%, reaching nearly 850,000 TEu’s. When we look at the overall cargo throughput for the year, this grew by 12%, including dry bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk, Containers, Ro-Ro, and anchorage Services. The steady growth in aggregate cargo volumes and investments at the port, such as the upcoming port SOHaR Port South Expansion are set to deliver increased cargo volumes and attract more industry in 2018.” SOHaR Port and Freezone was originally planned around three key industrial clusters, namely logistics, metals, and petrochemicals. The


“SOHaR SiTS aT THE vERy CENTRE OF glObal TRadE ROuTES bETWEEN EuROPE, aSia aNd aFRiCa, WE aRE a viTal Hub iN THE REgiON’S FaST dEvElOPiNg ROad-aiR-Rail-SEa NETWORkS”

port has since added a fourth pillar with the launch of the SOHaR Food Cluster, complemented by the first dedicated agro bulk terminal in a region heavily dependent on food imports. “We have focused strongly on growing the food sector at SOHaR and have welcomed significant public and private sector clients to the cluster. This is important not only from a commercial perspective but also to bolster strategic food reserves

for the nation. This expansion has enabled us to capture a larger slice of the food products cargo trade in the region,� says geilenkirchen. The new 45-hectare food cluster at the port will include a major flour mill, a world-class sugar refinery, and a grain silo complex. The flour mill, operated by Sohar Flour Mills, will produce 500 tonnes of flour per day, while the planned sugar refinery, owned and operated by the Oman Sugar Refinery Company, boasts a


production capacity of one million tonnes per annum. The dedicated agro bulk terminal adds capacity to Oman’s strategic food reserves and joins independent terminals operated by world-class leading companies that include C. Steinweg Oman for general cargo, Oiltanking for liquid cargo, and Hong kong-based Hutchison Ports for containers. Thanks to its partnership with Port of Rotterdam, SOHaR delivers world-class port facilities, safe,

reliable, and efficient operations, as well as a transparent business environment. Port of Rotterdam has over 600 years’ experience in managing and developing world-class port infrastructures in Rotterdam and internationally. The largest port in Europe, Port of Rotterdam utilises its wealth of knowledge, experience, and international connections to create international ventures and ports in growth markets such as brazil, China, Russia, and india. SOHaR Port is also a proud member of the World Port Network, which aims to generate new business opportunities and promote trade to strategic global markets. in 2018, SOHaR is adopting the theme of ‘Smarter Thinking’, aiming to further streamline operations and improve efficiencies. “We work closely with our colleagues at the Port of Rotterdam in the areas of innovative logistics solutions and deploying the latest technologies. at SOHaR, a ‘Smarter Thinking’ culture is one that ensures innovative ideas are freely shared and championed,” says geilenkirchen. “There are many good examples

of smarter thinking in play at SOHaR,” says geilenkirchen. “The oil refinery at SOHaR also produces steam, which has significant energy potential, as a by-product of their operations. To capture and use that energy, we could construct a pipeline to carry steam to other industries. They will use the heat from that steam to produce their products, thereby reducing conventional energy requirements and increasing efficiencies. it’s a great collaboration between two different clients, and one we are happy to facilitate” “Separately, to reduce operating costs and make better use of our available resources, we’re conducting a study to convert our port vehicles to run on hydrogen, which is also an underutilised by-product of industry at SOHaR. We’re also in the process of installing Pv solar cells around our head office, which will reduce the amount electricity drawn from the power grid,” adds geilenkirchen. New businesses in the free zone and rising outputs from existing industry are major drivers in the growth of cargo volumes and port operations, says geilenkirchen. He


also notes a rising trend toward cargo consolidation for clients, “We encourage the consolidation of shipping cargo for smaller players in the free zone, who would otherwise transport their cargo overland to other port destinations in the region. Providing more practical shipping solutions for our clients reduces unnecessary handling and delays, and helps to increase cargo volumes.” 2017 represents another stellar year for SOHaR Port and Freezone, and considering the SOHaR Port South expansion, the new agro bulk terminal and food cluster, and other projects underway at the port, the growth trajectory is set to continue into 2018 and beyond. Oman’s reputation as a reliable and stable business environment, and the strategic location of the port underscores the bright future for SOHaR Port and Freezone, as a beacon of trade growth in the region, and as a key contributor towards the economic diversification goals of the Nation for the years to come.








ith 4,500-hectares, the SOHaR Freezone has an abundant land area and continues to attract global attention and new investments. as a result, the first phase of the free zone’s 500 hectares is almost fully leased, with the second phase soon to be developed. “Our reputation as a regional hub and gateway to the Middle East, asia, and africa continues to grow. We aim to transform SOHaR Freezone into the logistics and industry hub of choice in the region, and our growth strategy has been formulated with this goal in mind,” says jamal aziz, Chief Executive Officer of the SOHaR Freezone in only five years, SOHaR Freezone has emerged as a highly competitive investment destination, with competitive land-lease rates, availability of abundant energy and water at competitive prices, together with a fully developed infrastructure, 100 per cent foreign ownership and zero per cent personal tax. Spanning an area of 4,500-hectares, SOHaR Freezone is connected directly to the port

with a new bonded road corridor, speeding connectivity and ensuring the seamless flow of goods. as a result, the readily available land is filling up fast, with the first phase of the free zone almost fully leased out. in total, 26 companies are already reaping the benefits of unrivalled access to land, low-cost energy, and a skilled available workforce, with new businesses soon to join the free zone. discussing the benefits for investors, aziz notes, “Foreign investors are attracted by Oman’s stability, our strong legal system linked to international law, and a young and talented workforce. Our centralised One-Stop-Shop makes it easy for new businesses to quickly secure all the necessary licenses and permits, so establishing a business in SOHaR has never been easier. We also have a huge commercial and industrial area with ready access to the waterfront. additionally, we pride ourselves on maintaining global HSSE standards, to ensure the safe handling of containers and liquids, following strict environment safety norms at all times.”



The local workforce includes a high percentage of talented young Omanis, in line with the government’s vision to grow the number of sustainable careers in the private sector. “The port and free zone as a whole, including the industries within it, are largely Omanised, with the current overall percentage standing at well over 60%. as new industries and businesses come online we expect a significant rise in the number of career opportunities on offer within SOHaR.” in terms of new investments, one of the notable projects signed in September 2017 was with india’s Pittie group, one of the biggest cotton yarn manufacturers in

the world. The uSd 300 million cotton and yarn plant is set to produce 100,000 tonnes of cotton yarn per year and generate over 1,500 jobs, transforming the free zone into a manufacturing hub for textiles and garments, and providing downstream opportunities in the clothing sector for new businesses. He says, “This is a clear vote of confidence in SOHaR as a manufacturing hub, especially when you consider this is the first plant of its type to be developed in a noncotton growing country.” in October 2017, SOHaR inaugurated the start of operation of the first Chinese factory located in the free zone, the Changbao Oman Oil Pipe Company. The new


uSd 20 million facility is spread over a project area of 21,200 square metres and is equipped to produce tubing products, complete with cutting-edge computer numerical control (CNC) machines, as well as hydraulic testing machines, with an annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes. Changbao is a leading supplier of tubular products to more than 40 countries and regions, including Oman and kuwait in the Middle East, as well as markets in Oceania, South america, Russia, and Southeast asia. in light of the ‘One belt One Road’ initiative, Changbao is rapidly increasing its presence in the region. With a stable market base in Oman and other gulf Cooperation Council

(gCC) countries, Changbao selected Oman as the location for its first factory outside China, shortening the distance between Chinese manufacturers and their Middle East customers. Meanwhile, industries already located at SOHaR are expanding. Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum industries (Orpic) are boosting refinery capacity, from 120,000 to 180,000 barrels per day, while existing ferrochrome are expanding into other ferro-alloy projects to boost metals output. “investment in ferro-alloys is part of a push to grow our metals cluster; to complement and support iron and aluminium industries at SOHaR. The metals

cluster at Sohar is one of the fastest growing, with a high economic yield. Studies indicate iron industries and their derivatives have experienced exceptional growth as they continue to strive to meet demand,” says aziz. looking ahead, a deal with a uk-led consortium will see SOHaR house the first rare earth metal plant of its kind outside of China. The plant will manufacture antimony metal and trioxide, a precious mineral used as a flame retardant in a wide range of industries, ranging from textiles and furniture to plastic covers designed to reduce the risks caused by car and aircraft engine fires.


Notably, agreements with two of Oman’s biggest business houses will see pre-delivery inspections made on 200,000 vehicles annually at dedicated facilities within the free zone – including the latest models of Toyota, daihatsu, lexus, kia, Ford, Nissan, bMW, and Hyundai. as part of the drive to transform Oman into a global logistics hub, and expand regional and global investment in the free zone, jamal aziz highlights the close working relationship between SOHaR and aSyad, the government holding company mandated to deliver on the goals of Oman’s logistics Strategy 2040. He says, “Tasked with simplifying and easing procedures, aSyad are reviewing systems and regulations governing trade in the Sultanate. While Oman’s government and customs have adopted best global practices to speed up the entry and exit of cargo, we are working closely with aSyad to share our experience to expand the flow of business and trade with Oman.” attracting foreign investment, generating sustainable job opportunities, and supporting SME growth continue to be key drivers for jamal aziz. He notes, “With our optimal location and high levels of productivity and competitiveness, SOHaR Freezone continues to be an engine of growth for Oman’s economy.”

C. Steinweg Oman LLC Head & Terminal Office • P.O.Box 338 • PC 325 Liwa, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman • Phone: +968-26850418 • E-mail:

C. Steinweg Oman LLC, the dry-bulk, break-bulk and RoRo stevedore in SOHAR Port and Freezone, provides efficient solutions for your logistic activities. CSO is a gateway to the booming economies of the Gulf where industrial and economic investments are at record highs. Positioned outside the Strait of Hormuz, we are the perfect gateway for global trade routes between Oman and the GCC, Europe and Asia.

WWW.OMAN.STEINWEG.COM C. Steinweg Group, more than 100 own locations worldwide. Base Metals, Ferro Alloys, Steel, Minor Metals, Soft commodities, Chemicals & Plastics.

We like to think of ourselves as an ideas factory. Working in close cooperation with Port of Rotterdam, we are always trying to find innovative ways to solve today’s problems. Together with private sector companies, international research institutes and some of the world’s top universities, we are seeking solutions across a broad range of issues that affect our shipping, logistics and industrial hub at SOHAR Port and Freezone. From innovative ways to track containers and their loads moving between our Port and Freezone; through the use of 3D metal printing to create high quality industrial parts on site; to the world’s first selfsustaining Freezone logistics cluster, at SOHAR we firmly believe that everything is possible.


SailiNg TOWaRdS NEW MilESTONES robert bartstra ExECuTivE MaNagER, COMMERCial, SOHaR PORT aNd FREEzONE


ver the past 14 years SOHaR has emerged as a key contributor to Oman’s economy and a catalyst for economic diversification. This is due to the Sultanate’s vision of SOHaR becoming a regional hub for logistics and industry, and a byword for sustainability,” says Robert bartstra, a 30-year veteran of the Oil and gas industry who took over as Executive Commercial Manager at SOHaR Port and Freezone in 2017. located at the entrance of one of the busiest trade routes in the world and backed by a stable economy, strong infrastructure, and incentivised investment opportunities, SOHaR Port and Freezone ranks as one of the fastest growing ports in the world, while setting new benchmarks for infrastructure development and operational performance. SOHaR has several key attributes, distinct from other ports in the region. bartstra notes, “a key advantage is our partnership with the Port of Rotterdam in the professional management of SOHaR. We utilise industry

best practices and have ready access to the latest technological developments in port and free zone management, backed by Rotterdam’s extensive knowledge and experience. Our longstanding partnership gives peace of mind for companies looking to set up businesses at our port and free zone.” before joining the team at SOHaR, Robert bartstra spent a significant portion of his career working with Shell. His background in operations gave him a thorough technical grounding before he moved to project management and business development. “i have had the pleasure of spending more than 15 years working in the Middle East, with over five of those years spent in Oman. This has given me a deep understanding of the business and work culture here,” said bartstra. as the port and free zone expansion continues, his international experience and knowledge will be an invaluable asset in establishing SOHaR as a global logistics hub. during 2017, SOHaR maintained a keen focus on its growth strategies,



namely to increase cargo volumes to attract larger ships, optimise energy usage, develop the food cluster, expand capacity and capabilities, and attract new investors to the fast growing free zone. Witnessing major growth milestones in 2017, the growth strategy employed by SOHaR has paid off. vessel calls at the port reached 3,075, a growth of nearly 18%, while the number of containers handled rose by 37%, reaching nearly 840,000 TEu’s. Overall cargo throughput for the

year grew by 12% to 58 million tons, including dry bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk, Containers, Ro-Ro, and anchorage Services. “We’ve also handled a growing number of shipto-ship transfers, a figure which has more than doubled in 2017 from just over 70 in 2016, to more than 150,” added bartstra. “given the consistent growth trajectory of the port, i am confident 2018 will be another year of success.” aside from the unique geographic location and favourable year-round shipping conditions in SOHaR,


Oman actively welcomes new investment and industries with a range of benefits and incentives to sustain the economic diversification drive. additionally, while SOHaR continues to expand, there is a generous expanse of commercial and industrial land available for businesses, especially in the free zone. in 2017, demand for land at the free zone has grown considerably, with a broad spectrum of industry looking to establish their base in SOHaR. illustrating the demand,

Phase 1 of the free zone is almost completely leased, three years ahead of schedule. “More recently, there has also keen interest from companies for general trading and services licenses, which were first launched in 2017,” he added. looking towards 2018, a major project nearing completion is the Sohar Port South Expansion. The expansion involves extensive land reclamation, adding a further 200 hectares to SOHaR present capacity of around 2,000 hectares – almost all of which has already been leased. given its proximity to the bustling petrochemicals cluster, the expansion will be earmarked almost exclusively for oil and gas-based investment. also targeted for completion in 2018 is the new agro bulk terminal and food cluster, complete with a berth at SOHaR Port dedicated solely for food and agro products. The food cluster will include a sugar refinery under the private ownership of the Oman Sugar Refinery Company, and a governmental strategic food reserve facility controlled by the Public authority for Stores and Food Reserve. Sohar Flour Mills have also signed an agreement to build a major milling plant at

the port. using state-of-the-art technology, the plant will be capable of producing all types of specialty flour to cater to Oman as well as international markets. The new developments within the port and free zone will generate a further rise in port traffic, increasing demand for essential port services such as fresh water supply, waste collection and bunkering services. “as we continue to grow we want to ensure we can deliver essential services needed by ships visiting the port,” bartstra notes. “This is why we are proud to be launching new bunkering services this year.” The biggest investment at the port underway presently is from the state-owned Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum industries (Orpic), which is building the uSd 6.5 billion liwa Plastics industries Complex (lPiC) project. The project is well into the construction phase and is the largest of the three strategic growth projects undertaken by Orpic to fulfil its vision of building an Omani integrated refining and petrochemical business. When completed in 2020, the project is set to transform Orpic’s product mix and business model, create new business 28

opportunities for the downstream plastics industry in Oman, and new careers for citizens. bartstra notes SOHaR is conducting feasibility studies for a world class lNg terminal. “lNg, while a significant investment, has great potential, be it either for bunkering or as a feedstock for industries. as such, we are working to attract a suitable sector partner, a party who is willing to invest and develop a terminal.” lNg is only one such project. SOHaR is always looking towards the future, with the aim of developing technologies and facilities with great potential. bartstra noted, “When in a race your focus is not just a few feet ahead of you, instead your eyes should be focused on your ultimate goal. This is the very same philosophy needed in business, certainly one as well established and competitive as ours.”

a WEll-FuNCTiONiNg MaRiTiME CONNECTiON WiTH aMbiTiON TO gROW h.e. laetitia van asch aMbaSSadOR OF THE kiNgdOM OF THE NETHERlaNdS


hen i visited the SOHaR Port in October last year, shortly after taking up my position as ambassador, i was impressed by the size and the vibrance in the Port. So much going on! We got lost in the Port, while trying to locate companies! The vibrance will ensure my return to SOHaR, as will the hospitality i encountered. i was impressed by the ‘can do’ mentality and serious work ethics of the representatives, entrepreneurs and workers in the Port. it reminded me of Rotterdam and the toughness of its workers. The success of SOHaR is well-deserved, and the ongoing dialogue l have with port and logistics experts, shows to me that SOHaR has its eye on the future, seizing opportunities that arise… i can only compliment the authorities and companies of SOHaR with the results: a well-functioning maritime connection with the ambition to grow. The Sultanate of Oman and the kingdom of the Netherlands are befriended nations, symbolised in this year’s celebration of 25 years of bilateral political consultations, but

which go back in time much longer: current Omani-dutch relations are firmly rooted in our maritime and trading connections established more than 350 years ago. in 1651, the first ship from the Netherlands visited Oman. Trade relations at that time were straightforward and based around spices, ivory, pearls, rice, and dried fish. in 1763, records show that a dutch East india Company vessel called amstelveen was wrecked on the Omani coastline, around 600 kilometres from Muscat. One of the survivors wrote a diary about the survival trek of the castaways. according to his diary, there was a permanent representative of the dutch East india Company based in Muscat at the time, facilitating trade relations. Originally established as a chartered company in 1602, the dutch East india Company is widely considered to have been the first multinational corporation in the world and was the first to issue stock. in fact, trade with the East indies had only been made possible because of the knowledge of skillful and innovative Omani captains in



the ninth and tenth century that had later found its way to the West. Measured by today’s standards, the dutch East india Company was probably the largest, most powerful and most valuable corporation’s the world has ever seen, dwarfing today’s tech giants like Microsoft or apple. it possessed quasigovernmental powers including the ability to negotiate treaties and strike its own coins, and it enjoyed significant profits from its spice monopoly through most of the seventeenth century. between 1602

and 1796, the Company sent almost one million Europeans to work in the asia trade on close to 5,000 ships. Fast-forward one hundred years, and the first formal trade agreement between Oman and the Netherlands was signed in 1877. by the mid-twentieth century Oman started to discover and explore its significant hydrocarbon reserves and was actively exporting oil overseas from 1967. Royal dutch Shell was closely involved in exploration efforts from the very early stages, further intensifying


relations between our countries. Ever since, a vast number of companies active in a variety of economic sectors have started cooperation with their Omani partners in the Sultanate in terms of investments and vested interest. and this amount of direct investments increases every year, on average by approximately EuR 500 million. in addition, more and more products and services offered by dutch companies have become available in Oman. SOHaR Port and Freezone symbolises on the one hand the

shared experience and cooperation in the maritime and logistics domain. The Sultanate entered into a joint venture agreement with the Port of Rotterdam 16 years ago. being one the world’s largest ports and the largest one in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam brought state-of-theart technologies and best practices to the table. The agreement gave Oman the chance to tap into hundreds of years of maritime experience from the Netherlands, as well as a ready-made network of global associates. bringing the Port of Rotterdam’s brand name and world-class port management expertise to Oman accelerated growth. it also offered commercial parties from the Netherlands the opportunity to establish themselves as partners and co-investors, helping to support the core agreement. For example, the international Maritime College Oman (iMCO), was setup in SOHaR as a joint venture between



the government of Oman and STC group from Rotterdam. Today, it helps to prepare some of the finest graduates in the gulf for entry into a range of regional and international maritime professions. On the other hand, SOHaR Port and Freezone stands for successes at present and promising future in the bilateral cooperation between Oman and the Netherlands. Since the start of its operations, the Port and Freezone has rapidly developed into one of the most fruitful business relationships in the Middle East. in slightly more than fifteen years, SOHaR has grown to become a cornerstone of the Sultanate’s economy. at the same time, the Port and Freezone has invested into becoming a nucleus of sustainable developments: towards both an economically, socially as well as environmentally sound business model. Many new technologies have been attracted to this end, or

are about to become operational in SOHaR. This has not only allowed the SOHaR Port and Freezone to become one of the world’s fastest growing ports and to challenge the more established regional hubs. it also allowed SOHaR to play a critical role in the Sultanate’s drive towards a more diversified economy beyond the country’s traditional petrochemical base, in its efforts to transform itself into a major industrial and logistical hub, fueled by innovation rather than hydrocarbons. Such contribution to tackling global challenges fits very well in the overarching policy focus of the Embassy in Oman and in the rest of the world. This may surprise some, as many people know us from the support we give to dutch companies and from rescuing dutch tourists when they get stuck in a flooded wadi, with the kind assistance of the Royal Oman Police. Our other main task is our economic diplomacy. We liaise with the government of Oman on behalf of the dutch government, seek partnerships towards strengthening the Sultanate’s


economic base and promote global and sustainable welfare and well-being. That, indeed, is also a dutch interest. Not only because we are human and share a moral duty to support peace, justice, prosperity, and wellbeing for all, but also because global challenges influence our country directly. We firmly believe that tackling such global challenges also offer commercial opportunities: in the domains of logistics, water (water resources management, waste


water treatment), sustainable energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency), and agrifood – and on the so-called ‘nexus’ or ‘crossroads’ thereof. as an Embassy, we are focused on facilitating such sustainable trade and investment to further develop. To this end, we actively develop partnerships in Oman, offer assistance whenever we can (for example in taxation and in the field of SME development), and facilitate others to enter into cooperation with both the government of Oman, Omani companies, or other organisations. We look forward to another successful year of such proactive cooperation between the Sultanate and the kingdom of the Netherlands. i believe that our shared drive to support peace and security in the world and our mutually beneficial economic ties will continue to grow the bonds that started so many centuries ago. i wish you all a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable 2018.

Strategic and Precious Metals Processing LLC (FZC) (‫ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻛﺔ ﺍﻻ ﺳﺘﺮﺍﺗﻴﺠﻴﺔ ﻟﻤﻌﺎﻟﺠﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺎﺩﻥ ﺍﻟﻨﻔﻴﺴﺔ ﺵ ﻡ ﻡ )ﺷﺮﻛﺔ ﻣﻨﻄﻘﺔ ﺣﺮﺓ‬

Stibnite ore 2017

SPMP Site, Suhar Free Zone

Investing in people Antimony



Gypsum 3D Model 2018

Sustainable Products Environmentally provident Diversifying the local economy New employees 2017

SPMP Providing a sustainable and provident source of Antimony products in 2018 visit: to find out more

THE FOuR PillaRS OF CORPORaTE SOCial RESPONSibiliTy suwaiD al shamaisi ExECuTivE MaNagER CORPORaTE aFFaiRS


OHaR Port and Freezone is in a constant state of transformation, with the aim of becoming the logistics hub of choice in the Middle East. Through strategic growth at the port and prominent industries joining the free zone every year, SOHaR is at the heart of the Oman’s economic diversification strategy, while generating increasing employment opportunities for citizens. SOHaR has formed deep and enduring bonds with the local community and has transformed the port city since its inception. The SOHaR Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is a clear reflection of this ongoing partnership, one that seeks to nurture and grow the local community through a range of social, cultural, and economic initiatives. The SOHaR CSR programme is based on the 3Ps principle – People-Planet-Profit, and aims to identify and enhance the role SOHaR plays in the local community, the environment and the continued diversification of Oman’s economy. To deliver

meaningful and measurable outcomes on these guiding principles, SOHaR maintains a focused and centralised approach to its corporate responsibility programmes. “Our commitment to the local community evolves and adapts every year, and touches every aspect of our operations. in 2017, our corporate responsibility objectives included four focus areas, namely – education, entrepreneurship, HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment), and meaningful stakeholder engagement,” said Suwaid al Shamaisi, Executive Manager Corporate affairs. The first of these focus areas – ‘Education’, saw SOHaR leverage its close working relationships with the Ministry of Education and local institutions to launch educational initiatives targeted to youth in the local community, which aimed to increase the knowledge base and improve their career prospects when entering the workforce. “To enhance the career prospects of citizens in SOHaR,



we work to highlight our position as a key industrial cluster in the region, primarily through student development programs, career creation prospects, and youth training,” said al Shamaisi. during 2017, 350 students from local schools attended the ‘Summer Education Programme’, which focused on developing iT abilities, English language skills, and personal development workshops. additionally, 20 of the highest graded students from the 2016 Summer Education Programme entered the ‘Tafawwoq’ Programme, and underwent an advanced English

Course. Further activities included the 3rd annual contribution to the learning village Centre and a sponsorship of the liwa and Sohar schools’ student award ceremonies. “Our educational activities aren’t only restricted to schools and students. Our familiarisation program, aimed at the community at large, hosted nearly 2,500 visitors, which is nearly a 1,000 more than last year,” added al Shamaisi. Commenting on the importance of SMEs in Oman’s diversifying economy, al Shamaisi notes, “We continue to invest in local


organisations to not only promote entrepreneurship amongst the youth of the country, but to ensure a stronger local supply chain and improve the quality of products and services available from Omani entrepreneurs. SMEs are a vital contributor to the growth and diversification of any economy, and the same is most definitely true for Oman, as the nation’s economy continues its drive for diversification. given its locality, SOHaR is in the perfect position to facilitate the growth of smaller support companies and actively works towards this goal.” The support provided by SOHaR

for the ‘Women Career Workshop: Taking Steps Together’, which was organised in partnership with the dutch Embassy, was judged a great success. additionally, SOHaR gave assistance to a group of women entrepreneurs to participate at the 2017 gCC Women Entrepreneurship Forum. in 2017, SOHaR also sponsored the ‘My Project My Nation’ Project and the HEavyEx 2017 construction exhibition, both of which turned out to be very successful. ai Shamaisi said, “Our local culture and heritage always remains a core aspect of our daily lives. Oman shares a rich and proud maritime heritage and history of trade, and its preservation here in Sohar is something we’re particularly proud of. This is why we continue to support and celebrate annual culture festivals, heritage days and traditional entertainment groups”. “Safety, sustainability, and positive stakeholder relations are critical success factors to make SOHaR the region’s preferred port. Thanks to our 50:50 partnership

with Port of Rotterdam, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the leading figures in the industry for knowledge exchange and to constantly enhance of our operations and procedures. in


this regard, we pride ourselves on maintaining of the strictest and regulated Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental policies in the region,” ai Shamaisi added. “We are firmly committed to

providing an environment that is healthy, safe and secure for our staff, tenant industries and their employees, our visitors, and the surrounding community, so we are always supportive towards any programmes and initiatives that spread awareness on HSSE related themes.� last year, SOHaR sponsored and organised several HSSE related activities, including the 6th Edition of the Middle East and North africa Toxicology association Conference, gCC Traffic Week 2017, and a First aid Training Program. SOHaR, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the doha Office of uNESCO, Sultan

Qaboos university, and a number of other NgOs, also supported the green Schools Program at umayah bint Qais School in liwa, helping them establish a Medicinal Plant Nursery. One of most important aspects of the SOHaR CSR programmes is stakeholder inclusiveness, which provides vital channels of communication with the local community and business groups, helping SOHaR gain a better understanding of important viewpoints, while also promoting transparency. Maintaining close ties with local and international NgOs also play a major role in the success of the SOHaR CSR


programmes, which include several charitable sponsorships, community contributions and construction programmes, internal and external initiatives, and event sponsorships. With the success of these programmes and initiatives and many more planned for 2018, this is sure to be another great year for SOHaR. also, given the positive change in the economic climate, i am confident that we can, handin-hand with the community, collectively grow in strength and progress towards achieving the goals of both SOHaR and the country as a whole.



he overarching corporate philosophy for SOHaR Port and Freezone is to promote a culture of safety, socially responsible business practices, while attracting new investments and growing its contribution to the national economy. in this regard, the port has made giant strides in ensuring a safe working climate. Without resting on its laurels, the port

continues to employ innovative solutions to resolve complex challenges in case of an industrial emergency. SOHaR has in place a comprehensive emergency response (ER) system based on, Mutual aid,; a globally proven and successful industry practice supported by Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety authority and the Centre for industrial Safety, together with 41

kappetijn Safety Specialists and the unified industrial and Harbour Fire brigade in Rotterdam. The aim of such an integrated system is to provide high quality, world-class industrial emergency response to manage incidents in a time critical manner. The response strategy is individually tailored to factor in the port’s potential risk potential, foresee its occurrence and respond quickly to mitigate any and all risks to persons and property. SOHaR Port and Freezone, and the industries surrounding it, handle numerous hazardous and flammable materials,

done by one company alone. a company’s safety is not only threatened by on-site incidents but also by incidents in neighbouring sites. Therefore, SOHaR and the companies in the free zone strive to ensure a secure industrial area. The safety of SOHaR Port and Freezone lies in the collective strength of residing companies in the face of emergencies; as an individual response is costly and less effective. under the umbrella of SOHaR, all companies jointly share the burden of an efficient emergency response task force. Pooling funds and resources help in acquiring costly high-tech vehicles, equipment, and training. Sharing experiences and best practices allow ER personnel to face new challenges and improve performance. Such a collective approach to safety also means better efficiency. Combining emergency response with Mutual aid is more than just a tacit agreement to “help each other out� in case of an incident. it is a uniform set of standard operating procedures on alarm and dispatch, a clear system of command and control, uniform communication devices, and protocols.

making it a high risk operating environment. The emergency response capabilities in such an area must ensure adequate water, foam, highly trained personnel, specialised vehicles, and equipment to face potential incidents and minimise their impact. The SOHaR Emergency Response Organisation

(SERO) is highly trained task force with specialised high-capacity vehicles and equipment that is more than capable of potential incidents. Why Collaboration and Mutual Aid? Safeguarding company interests in an industrial setting is not 42

SOHAR Emergency Response Organisation (SERO) SERO are highly trained and prepared to handle building fires, traffic accidents, building/ installation collapses, waterside incidents, entrapments in confined spaces or at great heights/depths, spills and emissions of hazardous materials, explosions, and fires, as well as related and unrelated medical emergencies and traumas. SERO has a number of key capabilities and are tasked to

provide medical assistance, standard and industrial firefighting, HazMaT and/or technical rescue, including rope and confined space rescue. On a 24 hour basis, they maintain an emergency response and dispatch centre to handle incident reports and alert ER team members. SERO is tasked with providing assistance anywhere within the port within six minutes of an emergency being reported. The organisation includes a medical team of two with an ambulance to provide emergency care and transport victims to the nearest hospital, a firefighting unit equipped with two industrial fire suppression vehicles (high volume pumping; 8,000l water, 4,000l foam) and standard firefighting and rescue capabilities, a HazMaT vehicle and tank trailer with foam to tackle accidents involving dangerous substances, HazMaT/ CHEM-suits along with standard protective clothing and personal protective equipment, and a duty officer on call to provide the required coordination in case of complex or prolonged incidents. The organisation also has in place Mutual aid agreements with ORPiC and PaCda to ensure additional capacity to address large incidents. Sharpening responsiveness, SERO aims to ensure high-quality emergency response services are provided to everyone at the port and free zone. as such, knowledge about the area is central to SERO operations, as is the close interaction between SERO and all member companies. The latter provides information on their sites and processes, the substances handled, risks, and safety provisions. These inputs form the basis of SERO’s plan of action

SaFEguaRdiNg COMPaNy iNTERESTS iN a buSy iNduSTRial SETTiNg iS NOT dONE by ONE COMPaNy alONE, iT REQuiRES STRiNgENT SaFETy PROTOCOlS aNd COMPREHENSivE TRaiNiNg FOR EvERyONE ON SiTE. a COMPaNy’S SaFETy CaN NOT ONly bE THREaTENEd by ONSiTE iNCidENTS buT alSO by iNCidENTS iN NEigHbOuRiNg SiTES. THEREFORE, SOHaR aNd EvERy COMPaNy WiTHiN THE zONE STRivES TO ENSuRE a SaFE aNd SECuRE iNduSTRial aREa. to face emergencies and accidents. The readiness of the organisation is further enhanced by conducting six firefighting drills and training sessions, and three extensive orientations on every member site per year. For seamless coordination, SERO also conducts large scale joint drills and training sessions involving all Mutual aid partners on a quarterly basis. The mission of SERO is to serve all the local stakeholders, and as a result, SOHaR authorities and companies govern its operations. Execution of the required services, however, is outsourced to a specialised service provider. While the latter carries all liability, SOHaR authorities monitor the 43

key Performance indicators and execution of the Service level agreement, in frequent discussions with a tenant committee. a mix of experienced foreign and local industrial emergency responders ensure high-quality performance. Such a cooperative operating model also ensure high levels of knowledge sharing and helps citizens in applying the very best global practices. The sharing model to finance SERO is shaped by the principles of solidarity and strength. all participants pay a basic fee, with companies paying an additional fee, depending on their risk profile. A model for other industrial clusters The value of scalable, collective emergency response is not limited to the SOHaR Port. it boosts the safety level of the entire Sohar gateway and provides a showcase for other industrial areas in the region. SERO’s model allows for further expansion with the aim of including emergency response services to neighbouring companies. adding more Mutual aid partners gives SERO greater operational strength and capabilities to combat larger incidents, benefitting the area as a whole. given these advancements, SOHaR is looking at the future in confidence. it is capable of providing a collective emergency response to any possible risks at an industrial port. Combined with SERO’s strength, the industrial safety policy at SOHaR is capable of shaping the future and consolidating Oman’s position as a global logistics hub.


aking full advantage of its strategic location, Oman international Container Terminal (OiCT) at SOHaR Port has been clocking faster turnaround. Container traffic at the Hutchisonmanaged OiCT terminal has grown by 300 per cent over the past five years. With a wide range of direct weekly calls and frequent feeder services, the terminal is a great inter-modal facility that supports supply chain management and helps Oman develop worldwide trade relations data from the port shows that container throughput volumes in the second quarter of 2017 were particularly buoyant, growing by 11 per cent compared with the same quarter last year. There has also been significant growth in dry bulk cargo volumes in the first half of 2017, rising by 24 per cent in comparison to the first six months of 2016. New facilities it was in june 2016 that the port witnessed the opening of the new Operations Control Centre (OCC), and the inauguration of a stateof-the-art Remote Control Crane Centre. The new facility allows the remote operation of recently installed quayside cranes that have sufficient reach to load and unload 20,000 TEu ships. The same month also saw the visit of a 13,000 TEu vessel to SOHaR Port. The 366-metres long MSC altair is the largest container vessel ever to visit the Omani logistics hub. in addition to faster turnaround

times facilitated through automated loading and unloading systems, OiCT now boasts an online truck appointment system. The new communications software schedules container truck arrival times at the terminal through direct contact with the truck operators and drivers, reducing waiting times and minimising environmental impact by avoiding fuel wastage. HPH, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa ltd (HWl), is the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator. The HPH network of port operations comprises 319 berths in 52 ports, spanning 26 countries throughout asia, the Middle East, africa, Europe, the americas and australasia. Over the years, HPH has expanded internationally into other logistics and transportation-related businesses. These include cruise ship terminals, distribution centres, rail


services, and ship repair facilities. With a wide range of direct weekly calls and frequent feeder services, Hutchison Ports Sohar is a great inter-modal facility that supports supply chain management and helps Oman develop worldwide trade relations. Once Terminal d is completed, it will increase the port’s annual handling capacity fourfold, to six million TEu. The construction work is likely to start in late 2018 or early 2019. This new container terminal will boast a 1.2 km-long jetty. The old container Terminal b is now being fully reconstructed as the Sohar Food zone, a dedicated agro berth with planned facilities for handling rice, grain, and sugar cargo. OiCT is a joint-venture between Hutchison Port Holdings limited (HPH), the government of the Sultanate of Oman, Steinweg of the Netherlands and a number of other well-established Omani investors.


C. Steinweg Oman



he multi-purpose C. Steinweg Oman continues to play a pivotal role in the growth and continuing success of industries not only within and around the SOHaR Port but beyond. a total logistics service provider, the Steinweg terminal handles industrial project cargoes, including heavy lifts, a variety of break-bulk cargo including aluminium ingots and sows, steel billets, coils, pipes, tubes, and plates, and dry-bulk cargo. Established in 2004, the terminal is arrayed across 40-hectares. The volumes – both inbound and outbound – have been on the rise as the principal logistics gateway to industries contributing to this throughput.

C. STEiNWEg OMaN bOlSTEREd iTS gROuNd HaNdliNg CaPaCiTy FOllOWiNg THE aRRival OF a 100MTON liFTiNg CaPaCiTy gOTTWald HMk 6407 CRaNE iN jaNuaRy 2015.

Sustained growth in volume C. Steinweg was the first operational company at SOHaR. its jetties provided the postern for the project and construction cargo necessary to build the port and we are delighted that it has increased its ability to serve the industry within the Sultanate and across the gCC.


The terminal is equipped to handle a complete range of industrial project cargo and wide range of break bulk and roll on and roll off cargo. C. Steinweg Oman has also in place, a container freight station service and is taking care of all stuffing and stripping requirements inside the Sohar Port area. Ongoing investments in developing and modernising the terminal’s facilities have translated into a significant improvement in customer benefits such as terminal capacity and efficiency. The SOHaR Freezone bodes well for the terminal with a significant promise for sustained volume growth over the longer term. The special economic zone, adjoining the industrial port, has been attracting a steady stream of investors focused on ferrochrome and logistics related projects. Their activities will undoubtedly generate cargo volumes, part of which will be routed through the general cargo terminal. C. Steinweg is committed to enhancing the free zone’s appeal to potential investors by offering

solutions to clients that would make it attractive for them to set up their operations in the area. Achievements C. Steinweg Oman bolstered its ground handling capacity following the arrival of a 100Mton lifting capacity gottwald HMk 6407 crane in january 2015. With its arrival – delivered by Sal Heavy lift – the terminal operator boasts three mobile harbour cranes; the maximum single crane lifting capacity has increased from 80

Mtons to 100 Mtons. The crane is a significant investment, and one which will support growth at SOHaR, as the number of ships and the volume of cargo handled at its terminal continues to grow. demand for project and break bulk is expected to increase in line with investment in major road and rail projects in Oman, and the additional capacity will be significant going forward. The C. Steinweg Oman operated terminal within Sohar Port and Freezone is the holder of the


coveted international Ship and Port Facility Security Code (iSPS Code) Certificate. The iSPS Code highlights security credentials and outlines measures in place that enhance the security of ships and port facilities. The work undertaken by C. Steinweg Oman in upscaling these efforts has resulted in the renewal of the certificate. The iSPS Code was created and developed in response to the perceived threats to ships and port facilities in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the uS. Shipping lines operating from Sohar Port can now rest assured that they are operating in conditions of maximum security and safety. implemented through the international Convention for the Safety of life at Sea (SOlaS), the iSPS is designed to detect security threats and implement relevant security measures. C. Steinweg Oman is backed by C. Steinweg–Handelsveem, the Netherlands-based international stevedoring firm with unrivalled expertise in terminal operation spanning the entire logistics chain.

Oiltanking Oman


iltanking is one of the world’s leading independent storage partners for oils, chemicals and gases. Oiltanking owns and operates 80 terminals in 24 countries with a total storage capacity of 21 million cubic meters. Oiltanking Oman is the only liquid and gas storage service provider in the SOHaR Port. The terminal has a capacity of 1.3 million cubic meters with 66 tanks, including two lPg spheres, and operates six dedicated deep water berths capable of handling ships from 1,000 dwt to 120,000 dwt. it also has state-of-the-art infrastructure for handling road tank trucks, iSOtank container, and Flexi bags. The terminal is connected to the nearby refinery and production plants with multiple pipelines, enabling the refinery to transfer the Oil to/from the terminal efficiently. Oiltanking Oman is also an iSO:9001, iSO:14001, and OHSaS:18001 certified company. in order to give quality service to its committed customers and to be the best service provider in the market, Oiltanking

TOday OilTaNkiNg HaS PROudly aCHiEvEd a 82.4% OMaNiSaTiON RaTE aNd HaS SCOREd a PaRTiCulaRly HigH RaTiNg iN TERMS OF EMPlOyEE SaTiSFaCTiON, WHiCH HaS kEPT THE STaFF TuRNOvER aT a vERy lOW RaTE.


Oman is currently upgrading its infrastructure by adding additional jetty lines, Marine loading arms, Manifolds, and Sammi blinds as part of the comprehensive Terminal Optimisation Plan (TOP). The TOP will enable quicker turnaround of vessels and will enable the terminal to handle four gasoline shipments simultaneously, with safety and product integrity remaining a paramount factor. With the TOP implementation, terminal can accommodate ship-toship operations alongside not just Medium Range (MR) tanker’s, but also long Range (lR) tankers. The terminal will improve its flexibility in handling parallel operations with the addition of new Manifold and jetty lines. With TOP, Oiltanking is confident that customers will gain a lot by saving a considerable amount of demurrages. in addition to infrastructure development, Oiltanking is continuously focusing on improving the excellence of its employees. apart from the regular HSSE trainings, which are mandatory for its employees, Oiltanking is

providing a two year training programme called C-MiST which is tailor-made, focusing on improving the excellence of its employees. The program will be completed in 2018. Today Oiltanking has proudly

achieved a 82.4% Omanisation rate and has scored a particularly high rating in terms of employees satisfaction, which has kept the staff turnover at a very low rate. Oiltanking has recently hired three


qualified Omanis with degree as Operators to further maintain the high Omanisation rate. For the first time in its history, On March 22, 2017, Oiltanking Oman, jointly with the Oiltanking global team, organised a world Safety day involving all colleagues, contractors, management teams, and regional teams at the terminal. The entire day was spent on highlighting the importance of HSSE in our day-to-day work, emphasising on how to prevent accidents, injuries, occupational illness, and protect the environment. The ‘golden HSSE rules’ were summarised by the QHHSE Manager with a specific focus on high risk activities.




rpic is one of Oman’s largest companies and one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East oil industry. Orpic’s refineries as well as the aromatics and Polypropylene plants provide fuel, chemicals, plastics, and other petroleum products to Oman and to the world. To meet the needs of the growing international markets, Orpic pursues a vision of being globally competitive, operating a downstream business that Oman is proud of, through sustainably maximising the value for their stakeholders as their partner of choice. This is achieved through implementing the best business practices inspired by Orpic’s values: preserving the safety of operations and environment, empowerment of people, and commitment to serve Oman and its customers with pride. Orpic is owned by the government of the Sultanate of Oman and Oman Oil Company SaOC, the commercial company wholly owned by the government and created to pursue investment opportunities in the energy sector


both inside and outside Oman. The team of more than 2,600 employees, the majority of which are Omanis, work across these four plants with the common goal of building an integrated Omani refining and petrochemicals business. Orpic has a unique way of working, with guiding principles that helps them achieve targets. The safety of its people, plants, environment, and local communities has always been Orpic’s top priority. They work together to ensure a safe working environment, with a clear target of zero harm and recognise responsibility towards the environment. Orpic aims to attract, develop and

retain the best people, becoming an employer of choice within the sector. They are committed to creating new jobs for Omanis, while offering opportunities for all employees to develop fulfilling careers in a business they can be proud of. Orpic has created efficient operational structures, ensuring the right people are in the right jobs and are provided with the support and development necessary for them to prosper and succeed. Orpic is an ambitious company that aims for excellence in all aspects of its operations and wants to be a leading performer in Oman and in the industry. Orpic products keep Oman’s


EMPLOYEES, THE MAJORITY OF WHICH ARE OMANIS people and its industries moving. They promote employment and development opportunities for the people of Oman and aims to be a good neighbour, creating opportunities for sustainable development in the communities in which it operates. Orpic has an extensive safety management programme in place across its plants, with the aim of


creating a zero-harm environment. The company currently operates four plants, split between two locations. Orpic’s integrated complex includes four industrial plants operating at two locations in Muscat and Suhar. Orpic main projects are the Sohar Refinery improvement Project (SRiP), MuscatSohar Product Pipeline (MSPP), and liwa Plastics industries Complex. The Sohar Refinery improvement Project (SRiP) is a multibillion dollar capital investment for Orpic. it is a response to the need to upgrade its refining capability in order to further maximise the value of Omani crude oil.

Oman Methanol Company LLC



man Methanol Company llC (OMC) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Methanol. OMC operates a world scale Methanol production plant with industry leading technology and produces Methanol for global markets in addition to supplying local Omani customers. OMC’s vision is to be the preferred Methanol supplier in the Middle East and to deliver outstanding results to stakeholders. its mission is to be a quality manufacturer, while creating value for customers and the company, ensuring business success,

providing an excellent working environment, and delivering positive contributions to stakeholders. The company was formed in 2004 as a joint venture between Oman Methanol Holding Company llC, a division of Omar zawawi Establishment (Omzest), and Methanol Holdings international limited (MHil). The OMC plant is located at the SOHaR Port complex with access to global markets by sea. The methanol plant and facilities commenced operation in december 2007 and currently produce more



than 3,000 tonnes of refined methanol per day. The company is staffed and operated by a team of highly trained and competent professionals with extensive experience in the petrochemical industry. The majority of the staff at OMC being Omani nationals who are provided with extensive training programmes which are developed specifically for each individual. OMC has an ongoing commitment in achieving the highest performance standards in all aspects of Health, Safety,

and Environment, and providing comprehensive training programmes for its staff. The sales and marketing is managed by Helm ag. in the global chemicals markets, Helm is one of the leading sales and marketing companies supplying the Methanol produced by OMC to industrial consumers in markets around the world. OMC also has long term time charters for two vessels, the gulf Elan and the gulf Esprit, and the Company’s marine logistics are coordinated by SPi Marine asia


based in Singapore. OMC is a member of gulf Petrochemicals Chemicals association (gPCa) and the Methanol institute. as a low emission fuel additive methanol is used in gasoline and lPg blending and is a key component in the manufacture of biodiesel. The OMC Methanol plant was built using the latest available technology. The plant has continuously achieved very low emissions and operates with low energy consumption in order to conserve natural resources and preserve the environment. OMC strives to achieve the highest environmental performance standards possible and continuously implements improvements to ensure that it maintains excellent environmental performance.

Oman International Petrochemical Industries Company LLC



man international Petrochemical industries Company llC (OMPET) primary line of business is in the petrochemical industry with location of its plant at Sohar industrial Port Company (SiPC). OMPET was formed in the fourth quarter of 2013 as a joint venture between Oman Oil Company (50 per cent), lg international inc (30 per cent), and Takamul investment Company (20 per cent). OMPET has entered into a Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services agreement with Worley Parsons Oman Engineering ltd (WPOE). The project is managed by an integrated Project Management Team (iPMT) consisting of personnel from Worley Parsons (the PMC) and OMPET’s management team. The project is the development of a large scale (1100kTa) PTa (Purified Terephthalic acid) facility located 250km north of Muscat in the Sohar Port industrial zone. Purified Terephthalic acid (PTa) is a preferred raw material for polyester fibers due to its properties like strength and thermal resistance.


OMPET’s PTa/PET facility will be a world-scale project of high importance to the development of Oman’s industry. The project includes utilities and off-site facilities to support the PTa processes. OMPET’s mission is to build world class PTa plants within the established cost, time line, and quality, and to become a cost competitive producer of PTa in gCC while being the employer of choice. its policy is to reduce environmental impact during project phase and during operation. They are committed to environmental protection and as a responsible organisation, this has always been one of its top priorities. OMPET’s vision statement is to

be the choice supplier of PTa to the worldwide industry, through the supply of highest quality products, while contributing to the sustainable development of Oman through social responsibility, economical progress, and Omanisation; while at the same time protecting the environment and provide superior returns to shareholders. The company also values the participation and engagement of all stakeholders in order to meet the company’s objectives. it also believes in creating a rewarding establishment with adequate job challenges and opportunities. OMPET maintains highest standards of excellence in integrity

and corporate governance practices to promote confidence and demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility by compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for its business activities, safeguarding the society for the safety of people and surroundings, and conducting business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. OMPET policy is to reduce the environmental impact during project phase and during operation and are committed to environmental responsibility and as a responsible organisation this has always been one of its priorities. One of their mission statements is to be the employer of choice in


Oman. The company offers recruitment to Omani nationals at all levels, and even includes a detailed learning and development programme for Omani graduates. The company objective is to also provide key opportunities for fresh Omani graduates in order to support and contribute towards the Country’s overarching Omanisation strategy.




ale is one of the world’s largest mining companies in iron ore, nickel and pellets production operating in over 30 countries across 5 continents. attracted by the Sultanate’s strategical location outside the Strait of Hormuz, vale invested around $ 2 billion in its pelletizing plant with a nominal capacity of 9 million ton of pellets per annum connected with a distribution center with 40 million tons of handling capacity.

2017 Equipped with deep-water jetty capable of handling the world’s largest Ore Carriers, SOHaR Port experienced exceptionally strong growth in dry bulk cargo throughput of 24 per cent in the first six months of 2017, compared to the same period in the previous year. vale in Oman employs advanced technologies including an innovative environmental management system. in the first four years of full operations by vale in Oman, from 2012-2016, over 45 million tons of iron ore were imported to SOHaR from brazil.

Competitive Pelletizing Cluster always seeking new opportunities and pioneering solutions, vale Oman added value to the country by generating employment opportunities, training of local talents and development of the local supply chain and diversification of the country’s economy. The project significantly contributes to the Sultanate’s


institutions. The program is designed to train the young Omani graduates to be qualified as vale employees after one year of completion.

socio-economic development, by successfully generating more than 1,200 direct jobs. The company has also injected more than $775 million into Supply Chain development for local companies which will lead to further job creation and capacity building.

Environmental Friendly Operations vale has invested around $70 million to employ advanced technologies in its pelletizing and port operations to adhere to the environmental measurement in accordance to the Environmental Regulations of Ministry of Environment and Climate affairs. iSO 14001:2015 Certificate was awarded to vale in 2016 reflecting the company’s commitment to the environmental controls. The company has made a plan to use solar panels in parking spaces and other places, installation started in january 2018, 50 solar panels are being installed in parking lots as yet. Poste Solar brings a new concept of lighting

incorporating a clean, renewable and free energy source, associated with the principles of energy efficiency with the use of highbright lEd lamps. The company has also implemented a new solution to cover the stockpiles to prevent dust migration from the stockyard.

Career Acceleration a diversified workforce of around 650 employees from different nationalities, with Omanisation rate of 56%. vale always promotes Omani leaders to lead its operations and believes in their potentiality to drive the business to the desired goals. vale has invested around $10 million in training aiming to sharpen its employees’ technical and soft skills, in addition to knowledge exchange and teambuilding programs. in january 2018, vale embraced 16 trainees to join the company Traineeship Program that attracts the outstanding graduates from local and international academic


Sustainable Agent: vale embeds sustainability as a key factor of its operations reflecting its mission “Transforming natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development”. The company has established standards of performance and dialogue with the society based on internally planned, integrated, and proactive actions, and externally inducing development and aggregating partnerships. vale’s social agenda aims to transform local community life through leading the execution of sustainable social projects, either directly or through jusoor the social investment arm. The company social investment expands its horizons to engage the employees in corporate volunteering through organizing volunteering initiatives that work to create a positive change in the communities.

Sohar Aluminium



ohar aluminium (Sa) was formed in September 2004 to undertake a landmark greenfield aluminium smelter project in the Sultanate of Oman and is jointly owned by Oman Oil Company, abu dhabi National Energy Company PjSC – TaQa, and Rio Tinto. Since its inception, Sohar aluminium’s mission has been to bring wealth, prosperity and growth to the country through excellence and ownership. Sa is the newest addition to Middle East’s metals circuit and Oman’s first foray into the aluminium industry. by implementing decades of industry insight in its design, specification, and construction, Sohar aluminium has been created to ensure efficiency, environmental protection, and the utmost safety of its workforce. Today, with a smelter that has an annual production capacity of 375,000 tonnes of high quality aluminium, Sa remains a symbol of the Sultanate’s successful foray into heavy industry. Of its production, 60% is earmarked for consumption by local downstream industries while the rest is exported. The company has its own internationally recognised training centre which gives each and every employee the opportunity for further learning. Furthermore, the management is keen on supporting

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and has executed a number of projects to establish and sustain SMEs. Sohar aluminium firmly believes in supporting and giving back to the local communities it operates in. The well-established CSR framework ensures it executes a number of projects that impact various sections of the society in a positive manner. Sohar aluminium intends to become a benchmark smelter while contributing to the sustainable development of Oman. in fact, Sa regularly engages with the community to identify their essential needs and address them in the best possible way. The board of directors endeavours to allocate appropriate investments for CSR and make a commitment to set an independent budget for CSR activities. This commitment is one of the key drivers for Sa’s high investment in its CSR programmes. These programmes focus on six main priorities. They are jusoor Projects, Sustainable Projects, Education, Social Contribution and voluntary Projects, Environment, Health and Safety, and gulf aluminium Council and Oman Oil Company group initiatives. a significant portion of community investment funds are allocated to the jusoor Foundation,


a collaborative CSR organisation established jointly by Sa, vale, and Orpic to address common social development opportunities in Oman, particularly in the al batinah region. Sohar aluminium is served by an impressive and comprehensive infrastructure which reflects its stature as a global leader in aluminium production. its facilities include a Smelter which utilises advanced technology and employs the best practices along with a dedicated power plant and port facility. Strong governance and commitment to accountability and transparency are central to how Sa operates. it has also developed and implemented world class management and oversight systems to improve the efficiency, transparency, and quality of its operations at every level. Sohar aluminium is a leader within the manufacturing sector in Oman. This leadership, however, carries with it a responsibility to stakeholders and the wider community, of ensuring that every action it takes lives up to the core values of the company. The company’s code of conduct and compliance programme is named ‘amanah’, which originates from the arabic word, ‘amn’, meaning guarding and protecting. ‘amanah’ highlights shared responsibility in protecting the company and its stakeholders from potential harm caused by illegal, dubious, and unethical acts. The company is committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. Their Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy is embedded into business pillars, and forms an integral part of the journey towards excellence. it is the mission of Sa to bring wealth, prosperity, and growth to the al batinah region through excellence and ownership and this is vital for sustainable business operations.

Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel

FORgiNg aHEad WiTH a WORld ClaSS PlaNT


indal Shadeed iron & Steel (jSiS), part of the uSd 18 billion indian steel conglomerate – O P jindal group, has established a state-ofthe-art integrated steel complex at the Sohar industrial Port. The plant was opened on March 20, 2016, under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Taimur bin asad al Said. The Sultanate of Oman, under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has embraced steel as a bridge that continues to fast-track the nation’s incredible industrialisation and modernisation drives in recent times. driven by excellence in innovation, under the dynamic leadership of Chairman Naveen jindal, jSPl is one of india’s major steel producers with a significant presence in sectors like mining, power generation, and infrastructure. With an annual turnover of over uSd 3.5 billion, jSPl is part of the uSd 18 billion diversified O P jindal group and is consistently tapping new opportunities by increasing production capacity, diversifying investments, and leveraging its core capabilities to venture into new

businesses. aligned with the vision of His Majesty to reduce country’s dependency on the oil and gas sector – jindal Shadeed is proud to be a key partner in this prestigious endeavour and committed to producing ‘Steel… that bridges your trust’. jindal Shadeed has already made an investment of more than uSd 1.1 billion. jindal Shadeed, located strategically in the ancient port city of Sohar, is set over a 120-hectare prime property, just 60-metres from the shoreline and adjacent to the busy Muscat-dubai highway. jindal Shadeed has an impressive line-up of facilities, geared to handle Oman’s growing need for Steel. its production facilities include direct Reduced iron (dRi) Plant supplied by Midrex Technologies uSa, with a capacity of 1.5 MTPa of Hbi (0.4 MTPa) and HdRi (1.1 MTPa). dR Plant has four briquetting machines for the production of hot briquetted iron (Hbi) and is facilitated with the unique gravity feeding technology for transferring HdRi directly to electric arc furnace of steel melt 60

jiNdal SHadEEd HaS aN iMPRESSivE liNE-uP OF FaCiliTiES, gEaREd TO HaNdlE OMaN’S gROWiNg NEEd FOR STEEl. iTS PROduCTiON FaCiliTiES iNCludE diRECT REduCEd iRON (dRi) PlaNT SuPPliEd by MidREx TECHNOlOgiES uSa

shop. dR Plant mainly consists of vertical shaft furnace, reformer, heat recovery unit, seal gas system, and natural gas pre-treatment system. The spent gas which comes out of furnace and the flue gas from the reformer are effectively re-used within the process and there is no wastage of gas from the process. it is very environmental friendly process and the emissions are well within stipulated limits. The Steel Melt Shop plant consists of state-of-the-art steel making facilities with the best features in terms of product range and productivity. The technological solution is characterised by the choice of high quality and productivity facilities by which it is possible to achieve extremely

efficient operating results with low manpower and specific energy consumption, thereby making the plant highly competitive. jSiS is committed to excel its environmental performance through sustainable development. Protection of environment is a core value cherished by the company - its employees and other stake holders. To support this common goal, jindal Shadeed complies with all environmental norms and regulations as applicable in the Sultanate. The company also continually aims to improve the environmental performance of its projects, products, and processes, as well as protect the health and safety of its employees and surrounding community and ecosystems. 61

jindal Shadeed achieves these commitments by creating environmental awareness in all employees through appropriate training and practicing the best available techniques available for benchmarking of environmental performance. jSiS works for the benefit of the Omani society with a special focus on local communities. Their various projects include regular eye check-up camps for school children and old age people in liwa, Sohar, Sheenas, and in Muscat. during Ramadhan, food packets distribution to people in need and to organizations that support the differently abled are held in liwa, Sohar, and Sheenas. iftar parties are held to support various mosques, Qaranqashou programs for children in neighbouring villages, vocational courses for children and adults during summer, donation of wheel chairs, electrical beds, playing units, and other tools for handicapped people.

Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills



ohar Steel group started its operations in 1996 with Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills llC, which is a major producer of new generation high strength reinforcement bars (rebars). Currently, comprises three manufacturing units located at Sohar; Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills llC and Middle East Conversion industries (MECi) are located at the Sohar industrial Estate (SiE) and Steel Melt Shop at the SOHaR Port area (SiPC). The plants were built with technical collaboration from idC, which is among the biggest industrial enterprises of Turkey and aegean region. Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mill (SSSRM), established in 1996, is a producer of ‘new generation’ high strength reinforcement bars. The unit is located in Sohar industrial Estate, having easy access to both Oman and uaE. SSSRM has a capacity to produce of 300,000 tonnes per annum. Sohar Steel group companies are iSO 9001, iSO 14001, and OHSaS 18001 certified


and also produces CaRES-uk Certified steel rebars and billets. Sharq Sohar Steel Mill is accredited with iSO 9001, iSO 14001, and OHSaS 18001 certifications for the entire unit including testing facilities. Over the years Sohar Steel has established its strong presence in Sultanate of Oman and other gCC countries. in fact, the group is one of the major producers of new generation high strength steel reinforcement bars in the Sultanate. Sohar Steel group is a highly regarded business house that has been at the forefront of Sultanate’s building materials industry. From the humble beginnings as a building materials trader four decades ago, the group has since branched out into steel manufacturing. in addition to Sohar Steel and its sister venture Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills llC, the

group also includes Middle East Conversion industries, a plant specialising in Epoxy Coating and Weld Mesh. SSSRM, which came into operation in October 1996, is METO’s flagship business with an initial installed capacity of 80,000tpy. Within a year of its commercial launch, a decision was taken to ramp up output capacity to 180,000tpy, in a bid to boost product quality, and meet demand growth in Oman and the wider region. SSSRM mission is to produce high quality steel products as per the stipulated international standards by following safe and environment friendly production practices with complete involvement and commitment of all the employees. The company aims to be a reputed producer of quality steel products and to make its

presence felt in Middle East with quality products and services with a growing base of satisfied customers. Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mill has an integrated Management System Policy and is committed to produce quality steel products (billets, TMT Rebars) to its capacity at optimum cost, to meet customer expectations and satisfaction, adhering to strict compliance of statutory, regulatory, environment, health and safety (HSE) requirements and continual improvement. as an environmentally conscious organisation, SSSRM complies with applicable environmental laws and regulations and set international standards and requirements. apply practices and use technologies to prevent/ minimise pollution to environment. it focuses on reduction of energy use and opportunities for waste


minimisation. as an Occupational Health and Safety conscious organisation, the company complies with regulations and set internal standards and requirements, as needed. They also apply practices and use technologies to prevent occupational health and safety hazards, and take action on any potential hazard. SSSRM is committed to improve continually the quality of all materials, processes, products and effectiveness of integrated Management System (iMS) and develop good teamwork through involvement of employees.


a bRaNd SyNONyMOuS WiTH QualiTy aNd ETHiCS


he l&T Hydrocarbon Engineering’s Sohar Manufacturing Complex was established in 2006 in the SOHaR port area. This facility is a part of larsen & Toubro group of Companies, the largest engineering and construction corporate in india, and one of the most respected brands synonymous with quality and ethics. This complex has a developed plot area of 700,000 square metres with a dedicated waterfront of 450 metre and has fully equipped fabrication facilities with a wide range of plant and machinery such as covered workshops, heavylift cranes, automatic surface preparation stations, painting, valve test-benches, plate bending or pipe profiling machines and heat treatment furnaces. The l&T Sohar facility believes in building positive growth opportunity for the local community and employs more than 650 Omani nationals with emphasis on qualitative skill development through training and on-job participation. l&T actively



supports in-Country value through development of local suppliers, ancillaries and service providers. The company’s HSE and Quality commitment is clearly reflected in the accreditations and client appreciations it has received. Catering to hi-technology products with adherence to best in class Quality and Safety Standards for the oil and gas processing and refining industry, this facility comprises of two jv companies; the details of which are as follows: l&T Modular Fabrication yard llC: The yard covers a total plot area of 400,000 Square metres (900 mx450 m), with a capacity of 50,000 MT, and offers products such as wellhead platforms, jackets, compressor modules, living quarters, preassembled process modules, piperacks and heavy modular structures

are available. it offers exotic piping fabrication, machine shops, and gantry shop. it even has a dedicated water front of 450m, and a 300m load-out bay. The yard is iSO 9001, iSO 14001, OHSaS-18001, aPi-2b, aSME u, u2, and S&R certified. l&T Heavy Engineering llC: The plant covers a plot area of

300,000Sq.m (650m x 450m). l&T Heavy Engineering has achieved many milestones since it was first established; such as the manufacture of an 8-legged, 13500mt, jacket in a record duration of just eight months, simultaneous fabrication of three large launch jackets each 160 meter


in length, manufacture of topsides with systems pre-commissioning for adMa OPCO, and the successful completion of process modules for Petrofac/ zadCO-uz750 and Petrofac/ PdO-RHiP, who have also endorsed the fact that this facility has manufacturing capabilities of global standards and is indeed a shining jewel in the crown of Oman. Currently the facility is manufacturing the prestigious Saudi aramco Hasbah-ii Offshore Modules with a total dispatch weight 40,000mt, involving multidisciplinary installation, testing and commissioning of Piping, Electrical, instrumentation, architectural, Heat-ventilation, and airconditioning.

lOgiSTiCS TO dRivE OMaN’S ECONOMy TO NEW HEigHTS WiTH THE lOgiSTiCS SECTOR iN OMaN SET TO gROW bEyONd THE uSd 12 billiON MaRk by 2017, THE SulTaNaTE iS QuiCkly advaNCiNg WiTH iTS PlaNS TO divERSiFy THE ECONOMy bEyONd iTS TRadiTiONal PETROCHEMiCal baSE, aNd TO TRaNSFORM iTSElF iNTO a MajOR iNduSTRial aNd lOgiSTiCS CENTRE, bOTH REgiONally aNd glObally.


ue its increasing importance in the national economy, Oman’s logistics sector has received more attention in recent years. Oman aspires to increase the contribution of the logistics sector to the gdP by almost OMR 14 billion by 2040, according to a recent statement made by the Minister of Transport and Communications. This offers a likelihood that the logistics sector will be the second major source of gdP in Oman, turning it into a global logistics hub by 2040. in 2016, Oman was ranked at the top on logistics performance, according to the latest World bank indicators, securing the 48th position globally as opposed to 59th in 2014. it has gone up 11 spots on the list over the past two years. This highlights the efforts made by the government and private institutions in providing logistics services to the Omani economy. data published by Tanfeedh shows that growth rate of Oman’s logistics sector has been relatively stable at eight per cent since 2010, with over 60 per cent coming from the land and sea transport sectors.



booming economies have prompted uSd 30 billion investments in developing multimodal port and freezones in the gCC region. The gCC has also embarked on its most ambitious rail network ever. uSd 250 billion has been allocated for the construction of 67,000 km of railway lines, which will connect bahrain, kuwait, Qatar, uaE, Saudi arabia, and Oman, over the course of the next three years. The planned rail, as well as new road and air transport links, are powering growth in Oman’s logistics sector, which is already projected to grow beyond the uSd 12 billion mark by 2017. as one of the main driving forces behind this growth, SOHaR Port and Freezone has become an ideal

transhipment centre between the East and West, as well as an important gateway to over 3.5 billion consumers. it has matured into a crucial contributor to a trade surplus of uSd 2 billion in Oman. To cater to increasing demand, SOHaR has set aside more than 200,000sqm for the development of general warehousing, cold storage and light industrial units. With the logistics sector in Oman set to grow beyond the uSd 12 billion as of the end of 2017, the Sultanate is quickly advancing with its plans to diversify the economy beyond its traditional petrochemical base, and to transform itself into a major industrial and logistics centre for the region and the global market. in fact, the Sultanate is currently


witnessing an unprecedented surge in logistics and transport activities with the implementation of major projects, especially the al batinah Expressway. The construction of a planned road linking Sohar and Riyadh is also due to launch in the near future. The Sultanate is also ideally located to play a leading role in logistics. Oman’s geographical location and its stable political climate, combined with excellent infrastructure are key elements that will contribute to the continued growth of the logistics industry, which currently grows at the rate of nearly 20% annually.

Enhancing the Connectivity of Omani’s Ports

‫ﻧﻌﺒﺮ اﻟﻤﺤﻴﻄﺎت ﻟﻀﻤﺎن اﻟﻤﺴﺘﻘﺒﻞ‬

Crossing Oceans to Secure the Future

Oman Shipping Company



ince its inception in 2003, Oman Shipping Company (OSC) has been serving as leader in maritime transport services to the country’s rapidly growing energy, industrial, and mineral industries. OSC was established by the Oman government to offer global transport solutions that directly benefit the national economy through long-term investment returns, to grow Oman’s maritime industry and to create jobs for nationals. The company with its worldclass vessels also takes Oman’s crude oil, lNg, dry bulk, lPg, petrochemicals, metals, minerals, and other value-added merchandise to global markets. in other words, OSC is a vital link between Oman and the international market. in addition, covers areas like vessel operations, maintenance, crew management, vessel inspections, bunker operations, etc. it is also involved in ship owning, chartering, and technical management activities through its subsidiary companies. looking for opportunities OSC continues to look for areas for growth that directly benefit


Oman and enhance its economy. “at this point of time, there is no firm plan to branch out into any new sector, but we are always on the lookout for a suitable opportunity for growth and expansion,” said Tarik Mohammed al junaidi, Chief Executive Officer of OSC. “bulk cargo is an area that is growing at a faster pace thanks to a phenomenal growth in aggregate exports from the Sultanate,” he said. “We are looking at various aspects. We have to work with our new shareholders to chalk out a strategy for expanding into other areas.” For OSC, operational efficiency is paramount and the key capabilities for this include, among others, high safety standards, practicability, and reliability, as well as innovations in environmental management which, in the future will increasingly become a major area of concern for the global shipping.

Vessel strength Today the fleet strength of OSC has grown to 49 vessels – owned and chartered – offering a combined shipping tonnage aggregating around eight million deadweight tonnes. The fleet includes very large Crude Carriers (vlCCs), Product Tankers, lNg Carriers, Chemical Carriers, lPg Tankers, very large Ore Carriers (vlOCs), dry bulk Carriers, and Containers and general Cargo vessels, which are a reflection of the diversification and commodity driven nature of Oman’s expanding economy. Oil, gas, petrochemicals, and aggregates are the core sectors for OSC. The company also provides coastal services for movement of products along the Omani coast and a container feeder service connecting Omani ports with uaE ports. Expansion of fleet according to junaidi, OSC needs

to have more bulk vessels. The market is in favour of buying vessels. “Presently we have only two. Our plan is to increase the size of the fleet. This is one area we are looking to expand.” OSC successfully raised uSd 227 million to finance its purchase of ten new medium range tankers which were chartered to Shell Tankers Singapore for seven years.

ali, Sohar, duqm, and Salalah, before going back to jebel ali. The utilisation of container services between jebel ali and Sohar is almost 100 per cent. The current vessel, which is operated in this sector, has a capacity of 2,500 TEus. The gulf Express service was started in april last year, using a multipurpose chartered vessel, which can carry 400 TEus and project cargo.

imports and exports about nine million tonnes of iron ore are imported from brazil mainly through OSC vessels and chartered to vale in Sohar. “We also import 690,000 tonnes of alumina for Sohar aluminium,” the OSC chief revealed. OSC has a liner vessel (gulf Express), which is operated between Sohar and jebel ali, and touches the khorfakkan and Sharjah ports. another container shipping service (Oman Express) connects jebel

Duqm boost The products export potential of duqm Refinery is expected to be substantial and OSC is gearing up its asset base to cater to this need to the maximum extent. duqm region is also expected to generate substantial container traffic, breakbulk, and heavy-lift requirements for a number of industries planned there.


Al Siraj Logistics LLC (FZC)



man is witnessing impressive growth in its economic development with more focus on diversification as envisaged in the vision 2020 charter for its long-term prosperity. The strategic location outside the Strait of Hormuz provides an excellent platform for Sohar to serve as a hub for the gCC, indian Sub-continent, africa, Europe and americas. The city has excellent road connections to regional business centres and enjoys proximity to regional and global shipping lanes through a worldclass deep sea port. Surrounded by countries with ever growing gdPs and populations, SOHaR and the free zone in particular, offer a perfect platform and gateway for national, regional and international markets. SOHaR Freezone is one of the largest free zone developments in Oman and offers several incentives to investors, such as flexible Omanisation levels, long term tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership and import/export duty exemptions. The Freezone operates on a landlord model by offering all basic infrastructure and utilities, such as roads, power/water supply and telecommunications network. it is up

to the tenants to come and develop their own custom-built facilities. al Siraj logistics llC (FzC), a wholly owned subsidiary of al Siraj investment Holdings llC, is developing a first-of-its-kind ready-to-occupy warehousing and light industrial units project in the Freezone to meet the demand for such spaces, specifically from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that do not wish to lock away their long-term capital in buildings and structures. al Siraj commissioned a market research about similar facilities in free zones in other parts of the gCC and identified the need for such facilities in SOHaR. The market research also showed a strong requirement for warehousing/ light industrial units to provide a ready-tostart platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and as starter units for larger operators looking to test the market before making larger scale commitments. al Siraj has completed the first phase of its development and it is now open to the market for leasing. The first phase of 10,500 M² leasable area was built on a plot of 25,000 M². The facility has been 72


designed with flexibility so that unit sizes can be flexible to accommodate tenant requirements. The standard unit is of 750 M² which comes with three rolling shutters, two loading/ unloading bays and one forklift ramp, dedicated shaded area of 60 M² for storage/car parking, reserved additional car parking within the compound, joint less steel reinforced load bearing industrial flooring raised to 1.30M, one pantry and one toilet with provisions to add second toilet, separate road for trucks and passenger cars, electricity and water supply, telecommunication lines, CCTv, security fencing and full time security guard. Within the first phase, there are 14 standard units with flexible design to cater

to requirements of unit sizes of 200M², 550M², 750M² and larger units of 5,250M² depending on customer demand. al Siraj has retained Chartered Surveyors and real estate consultants Cluttons as the marketing and leasing agent for the first phase. Since the launch of the marketing campaign, several international logistics operators who see SOHaR as a potential hub for their operations have expressed strong interest in its facilities. The trading and light manufacturing sectors are also attracted by its features, as well as the advantages offered by the Freezone. Several trading entities engaged in businesses like foodstuff, industrial tools, oilfield supplies, furniture 73

manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electrical tools and motors, building materials, and so on, have also shown strong interest in the units developed by al Siraj. The ready-to-occupy facility of al Siraj will also be attractive to Oman-based exporters as they can take advantage of the benefits of the various incentives offered by the Freezone. discussions are at an advanced stage with five to eight international companies who are seriously looking at the Freezone for their business expansion. by committing to this first-of-its-kind facility within the Freezone, al Siraj has taken a calculated risk and believes that the efforts of the government in creating world class infrastructure and a conducive business environment will ensure the success of the free zone in the near future. Founded by the business visionary, the late Mohamed Rashid abdullah al Fannah al araimi in 1979, al Siraj investment Holding llC is today one of Oman’s leading business corporations made up of an array of subsidiaries and affiliated businesses spread across the globe. al Siraj represents a robust history exceeding three decades of creating, nurturing and establishing more than 45 successful business entities in the Sultanate of Oman and other gCC countries and believes in ethical business standards. al Siraj has a strong presence in diverse disciplines including construction, financial services, investments, oil drilling, higher education, manufacturing, travel & tourism, food & beverages, trading, car rentals, equipment rentals, transportation, real estate, and the service industry.



OHaR has emerged as a highly competitive investment location, thanks to its unique position outside the Strait of Hormuz, proximity to the main markets of the Middle East and indian Subcontinent, and worldclass levels of connectivity by land, sea, and air. Complementing the three key industrial clusters, namely logistics, metals and petrochemicals, the port has added a fourth pillar with the launch of the SOHaR agro cluster, the first dedicated agro bulk terminal and adjoining agro cluster in a region heavily dependent on food imports. The strategic focus on the food sector has resulted in a significant number of public and private sector entities joining the SOHaR agro cluster. The aim of the cluster is to promote the value chain, food processing, and logistics support within the expanding multibilliondollar regional food industry. To drive awareness within the sector, SOHaR Port and Freezone has been a regular participant at all major food and hospitality shows

to promote the industrial port as the ideal base for food production and distribution across the region. aligning to this objective, an agreement was signed between SOHaR Port and Freezone and Essa al ghurair investments (agi), a prominent uaE business conglomerate, in February 2015 to develop Oman’s first dedicated food processing cluster. The pact paved the way for the establishment of the Sohar Food Cluster Company (SFCC) and its advancement in the Sultanate’s food security strategy. The new entity is part of the rapidly growing agro cluster taking shape at SOHaR Port and Freezone. Essa al ghurair investment leased a 93,000 square metre plot from SOHaR Port and Freezone until july 2043. The creation of SOHaR Food Cluster allows Essa al ghurair investments to focus on the development of value chains in the food sector. Through the Sohar Food Cluster Company, al ghurair investment is creating the necessary infrastructure to attract


THE NEW agRO CluSTER Will HavE a MajOR FlOuR Mill, WORld-SCalE SugaR REFiNERy, gRaiN SilO COMPlEx, aNd agRO bulk HaNdliNg TERMiNal, bOOSTiNg CaRgO gROWTH aT SOHaR PORT

international investors as jv partners to kick-start a range of food-related industries. The availability of ready ingredients for food production, namely flour, sugar, molasses, as well as a host of other basic ingredients produced by the flour mill and sugar refinery forms the value proposition driving further investment in the agro cluster. The new food cluster will have a major flour mill, worldscale sugar refinery, and a grain silo complex. Meanwhile, the dedicated agro bulk handling

terminal at the port is set to spur the growth of cargo operations at SOHaR. The agreement covers the lease of a 10-hectare plot located including a flour mill boasting a capacity of 500 tonnes per day, planned by Sohar Flour Mills, together with a sugar refinery with a production capacity of onemillion tonnes per annum, which is to be constructed by Oman Sugar Refinery Company (OSRC) within the port. The SOHaR agro cluster will seek to leverage its geographic


proximity to nearby feed sources alongside its advantageous location within the port, to establish food processing and added value industries. al ghurair investments is also set to play a major role in the emerging agro cluster at SOHaR Port. as a well-diversified industrial group with a presence in more than 20 countries, agi is prominent in various segments including, flour milling, food processing, trading in grains, oils and pulses, supply of agricultural

raw materials to manufacturers, and trading in bio-fuels and animal feed. its flagship company, al ghurair Foods, is a technologically advanced and multi-product manufacturing enterprise. in the Sultanate, al ghurair investments has a 40% equity stake in Sohar Flour Mills. The investment has provided the incentive for the company to plan for a food cluster enterprise that capitalises on the value proposition offered by its proximity to the port’s agro cluster. The Sohar Food Cluster Company will be located adjacent to the flour mill and sugar refinery in SOHaR, and near the grain storage facility currently under construction as part of Oman’s food security strategy. developing agricultural

production and local value added services carries with it the potential to assert greater control over food prices and food security, and create local job opportunities for citizens. The partnership highlights the growing food demand in a region with a heavy dependence on food imports. as more food producers come on board to the agro cluster, they are set to contribute to downstream industries and support the expansion of dry bulk cargo volumes. With rapid population growth, the partnership will enhance direct access to Oman and other key export markets in the gCC, alongside countries like iran, Pakistan, and East africa. Essa al ghurair investment is the second company to sign a deal with SOHaR, after dubai’s Centre Point logistics entered into


a contract to lease a 50,000 square metre plot as a stepping stone for its planned expansion into kSa. With the Sultanate meeting its food requirements primarily through imports, the foods sector is expected to see increased demand in the future, driven primarily by an expanding consumer base due to demographic changes. Food consumption in the gCC region stood at 39 million metric tonnes in 2014 and is expected to rise at a Compound annual growth Rate of 4.5% between 2014 and 2019. increasing tourist inflow into the region is also forecast to stimulate food consumption, particularly of packaged foods and restaurant meals.

Strategic and Precious Metals Processing (SPMP)

ENHaNCiNg dOWNSTREaM valuEaddEd PROduCTS Strategic and Precious Metals Processing (SPMP) developed the concept in 2012 to build the first western world minor metal primary smelter in nearly 40 years, to reduce environmental pollution, improve operating conditions, and provide transparency to an otherwise opaque market. The smelter was conceived to have the best available technology and be compliant with strict European union regulations, uS Environmental Protection agency regulations and Oman’s own Ministry of Environment and Climate affairs’ (MECa) strict environmental rules. The location in the SiPC Free zone gave it advantages of central access to world trade routes via the port facility, available modern infrastructure, and Oman’s pool of graduate professionals and the regions diverse labour force, and the regions capital markets. The SPMP Company was established in Oman in 2014 as a joint venture between Oman investment Fund (OiF) holding 40% of the share, Tri-Star Resources PlC from london (40%), and dutco Natural Resources from dubai (20%)



to build and operate a modern antimony Roasting and gold plant which is located in the SOHaR Freezone. The SPMP Smelter will convert primary sulphide concentrates produced in mines from almost every region around the world, into high quality antimony metal, from which fire retardants are made. The metal has many other uses. The by-product stream of precious and base metals and sulphur will be processed into gypsum for the local market. The largest application for metallic antimony (Sb) is in alloy with lead and tin, such as lead antimony plates in lead-acid batteries. antimony is widely used in the plastics industry as a flame-retardant material which includes printed circuit boards, electrical and electronic. it is a top critical metal for modern industry. The Environmental impact assessment was approved by the SiPC, SEu unit, and MECa in February 2015 and Worley Parson appointed as SPMP’s EPCM Engineers in February 2016. Construction started in February 2017 and production will start in 2018. The photos show the rapid

development of the site and this unique and ground-breaking plant. during 2017, the smelter operations and administrative staff have been recruited combining internationally experienced senior operating staff to support the SPMP Omani employees. SPMP is focused on being an Omani company that,

even at its early stages, comprises 40% Omani employees and 20% female employees. The Omani staff at the company includes graduate trainees in geology, chemical engineering, administration and finance, and other related professions as the core of the future company operations. 79

Oman antimony Roaster is part of the Sultanate’s plans to increase the contribution of the non-oil sectors to the diversification of the local economy. Therefore, SPMP’s vision is to make strategic and precious metals processing and manufacturing an important and competing sector for Oman’s future economy. as such, SPMP will continue to grow and develop this site and its business in related technologies and downstream valueadded products.

SV Pittie Sohar Textiles FZC-LLC



hri vallabh Pittie group (SvP) is set to establish a uSd300 million cotton yarn manufacturing plant in the SOHaR Port and Freezone to be operated as Sv Pittie Sohar Textiles FzC-llC. a wholly-owned subsidiary of SvP, the facility is expected to start commercial operations in late 2019. a land lease agreement has also been signed for this project. SvP is a diversified yarn manufacturing company, incorporated in 1982. as the holding company, SvP global ventures adopts a top-down approach to achieve excellence via a collaborative and sustainable effort throughout its organizational structure. it is in the business of manufacturing yarn and trade of various textile products. The new SvP facility will be the first step in establishing a fully-fledged textile cluster in the SOHaR Freezone. downstream investments in knitting, weaving, spinning and fabric manufacturing could create a thriving industrial cluster which will in turn, provide thousands of new job

opportunities. according to reports, the plant will produce around 75,000 tons of yarn annually, which will then be exported back through the port to China and other global markets; including bangladesh, Pakistan, vietnam, Portugal and Turkey. The Oman plant will import 100,000 metric tons of cotton fibre annually through SOHaR Port, with around 50% coming from the uS and the remainder from australia and india. Chirag Pittie, the SvP group Managing director said, “With over two-hundred years of experience in the textile business, our company has a highly skilled and experienced management team with strong focus on automation and technology. We source only the best-inclass machinery from leading global companies to ensure the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.�



CHaNgbaO OMaN Oil PiPE COMPaNy llC

CHaNgbaO OMaN Oil PiPE COMPaNy llC (FzC), WaS FOuNdEd iN 2016, aNd iS SOlEly OWNEd by jiaNgSu CHaNgbaO STEEl TubE liMiTEd CO. aNd iS lOCaTEd iN THE SOHaR FREEzONE. iT COvERS aN aREa OF 21,200 SQuaRE METERS aNd iS PRiMaRily ENgagEd iN THE PROduCTiON aNd PROCESSiNg OF Oil COuNTRy TubulaR gOOdS (OCTg).

Total Investment

US$ 20 million Production Capacity

50,000 tons


With a total investment of uSd 20 million and a designed production capacity of 50,000 tons, the company is equipped with the world’s most advanced pipe processing and production equipment; including two japanese dMg MORi Sl-403C/800 high-precision CNC lathes, one aPTT100/73-114 hydrostatic test facility, a CM178-40 make-up machine and an abT-MT (60/114) united facility for full length measurement, weight, stencil, stamping, and a set of automatic pipe painting and packing equipment. according to the ‘continuous, harmonious, win-win’ business philosophy from its head office, Changbao Oman Oil Pipe Company llC (FzC) has committed itself to create world-class, seamless steel tube production and processing enterprises. The company focuses on localisation and providing customers with high-quality products and services. Changbo Oman Oil Pipe Company llC (FzC) relies on the group’s strong manufacturing and logistics capabilities to organise operations in the Middle East, such as processing, storage, distribution and after-sales service. Meanwhile, the company adheres to the ‘One belt Road’ policy, and strives to make significant contributions to the development of the oil and gas industry in the Middle East.

jOiNT TaNk SERviCES jOiNT TaNk SERviCES (jTS) iS SET TO ESTabliSH a NEW dEPOT iN SOHaR FREEzONE, ON a 20,000 SQuaRE METRE gREEN-FiEld SiTE. THE TailORMadE FaCiliTy Will bE dEdiCaTEd TO ClEaNiNg, STORagE, REPaiRS aNd SuPPORT SERviCES FOR iSO TaNkS iN liNE WiTH THE PHENOMENal gROWTH OF TaNk CONTaiNER TRaFFiC iN SOHaR PORT. jTS’ service quality and attention to environment, health, and safety standards have set the benchmark for the tank container industry in the region. With the new facility in SOHaR, jTS plans to not only consolidate existing services with the tank container industry, but also expand its portfolio in the future by developing business offers directly into the chemical industry. Tank containers are manufactured according to iSO standards of stainless steel, generally surrounded by a protective insulating layer of polyurethane and aluminium. The tanks are mounted in the middle of a steel frame to be handled in the same way as regular twenty-foot containers.

There are estimated to be over

400,000 ISO tank containers in service in the world


Originally developed in the uk in the 1960s, there are estimated to be over 400,000 iSO tank containers in service in the world, at any one time. all of which are built according to a variety of specifications, for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous cargoes. jTS’ mission is to provide comprehensive and effective service solutions to the Tank Container and Chemical industry by investments in technology, people, and safety. it is also focused on maintaining and improving the highest standards of quality and safety services and has set the bar in the region, which is at par with the best industries worldwide. all the tank container

cleaning, repair and inspection standards adhere to the ones set by iTCO (international Tank Container Organization).




CPL to manage

538,000 square foot plot of land in the Freezone

The agreement sees CPl managing a 538,000 square foot plot of land in the Freezone, and represents the first phase of its expansion into the Sultanate. in addition to its base in dubai, CPl also operates from several locations within the united arab Emirates. The CPl logistics Hub in

the jebel ali Freezone, spanning over an area of 2 million square feet, provides various valueadded services to local and global customers in the logistics and supply chain sector. With its strategic location and land network which links uaE, Oman, and Saudi arabia, the 86

distance by road between dubai and Sohar via al ain, is just 150 miles; which can be covered in under three hours and cutting short the time spent via ship sailing through the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian gulf. CPl adds value through strategic partnerships with 3Pl’s across the logistics industry to save resources, time and money; providing multinational customers with competitive world-class services in the region. Currently, CPl has broad value added Services (vaS) offerings which are increasing every day and are flexible on long and short term contracts. Enabling 3Pls to provide their multi-national customers with world-class services in the region through an unprecedented ‘Open architecture Model’ CPl aims to forge strategic partnerships across the logistics industry by ‘expanding their horizons’. This will save time, money and other resources while adding value for partners and clients through enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.



The total size of the land-lease agreement is for

100,000 sqm Warehousing Solutions, which is a subsidiary of WPl of Saudi arabia, constructs ready-built warehouses and bespoke warehousing for other SOHaR tenants on-site at the Freezone. WPl is the logistics partner to businesses in Saudi arabia and offers the most optimum solutions in a combination of infrastructure

and services, to meet the growing demands of the supply chain. it was formed in March 2010 through a partnership between bandar al khaleej Co. and Specialties Holding (a subsidiary of kuwait Finance House), as a limited liability company (llC) in Saudi arabia. The main aim of WPl is to be the most ideal warehousing service and 87

third party logistics service provider to a wide range of customers in all sectors of business, in Saudi arabia and the gulf region. in a partnership with MOdON (Saudi industrial Property authority), WPl is developing logistics hubs in the industrial areas of major cities of Saudi arabia such as dammam, Riyadh, jeddah, arar, and Madinah. This infrastructure development consists of around 500,000 sqm of land at industrial cities and other strategic locations, throughout Saudi arabia. The total size of the land-lease agreement will be 100,000 sqm. To meet the varied demands of the industry, WPl also offers options for leased warehouses and custombuilt warehousing solutions. To keep to its ongoing commitment of meeting logistic demands of the industry, WPl will be expanding their infrastructure into newer regions within Saudi arabia and the gulf, alongside a range of value added services. With a team consisting of industry professionals supported by strong local and global partnerships, their primary objective is to be the preferred long-term logistics partner of the region. They also seek to be able to provide customers and partners with cost effective and high standard of warehousing facilities, which will continually meet and exceed expectations. WPl envisions to become the leading logistics infrastructure and warehousing facilities provider, to industries in Saudi arabia as well as in the gCC region.




man Shapoorji Company (OSCO) has had the privilege of playing a significant role in the growth of not only Mumbai in india, but also several countries around the globe. Shapoorji Pallonji prides itself in the fact that their first overseas project was in Oman in 1971, making it the first indian construction house to undertake contracts in the Middle East. Shapoorji Pallonji also won a global tender to build the palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in Muscat. additionally, OSCO won a project in 1975 for a nine-storey apartment block in Ruwi, for HE Sheikh Mustahail al Mashani.

Since then OSCO has gone on to construct several landmark structures. it has also been at the forefront of Oman’s economic renaissance. Today, OSCO operates under four divisions: Engineering & Construction, integrated Facilities Management, MEPi, and infrastructure. Over the years, OSCO’s diverse portfolio has included projects for government ministries, educational institutions, public and private housing complexes, hotels and resorts, monuments, mosques, shopping malls, and other numerous infrastructure projects. a significant portfolio 89

for OSCO comprises facilitating the management of the Sultan’s Palace and its associated properties in Muscat, barka, and Salalah; including the Royal Opera House and Majlis Oman. developing remote locations has been the hallmark of the OSCO brand. in 1995, it won a contract to build an army post for the Ministry of defence near the yemen border, which was carried out to the complete satisfaction of the client. Today the Shapoorji Pallonji group stands tall by offering ‘Total Solutions’ in key areas of the economy, such as construction and engineering, infrastructure, real estate, water, oil and gas, and renewables, alongside several other businesses. The company has always worked on customerfocused solutions based on sustainable business practices and technological leadership, leveraging its capabilities through synergised group offerings.

International Maritime College Oman

uNPaRallElEd ExCEllENCE iN TRaiNiNg aNd iNNOvaTivE TEaCHiNg TECHNOlOgy


or over a decade the international Maritime College Oman (iMCO) has been an example of a world class academic higher educational institution, setting a precedent and global standards for education, training and cuttingedge teaching technology in the maritime, logistics and process industries. Ever since its inception in 2005, as a joint venture between the government of Oman represented currently by aSyad group (70%) and the STC group of the Netherlands (30%), iMCO has set Oman on a course of restoring its regal maritime history through the development and creation of innovative learning programmes. its mission status thus far registers a strong leaning toward success going by the increasing enrolments for its diploma and degree courses. iMCO’s student profile cuts across borders to include candidates from Oman, united arab Emirates, kingdom of Saudi arabia, Qatar, bahrain, bangladesh, Egypt, South africa, yemen, jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, lebanon, kazakhstan, india, Pakistan, Comoros, Nigeria, and Cameroon –

underscoring its international appeal as a college of stellar repute. Beacon for Maritime, logistics Management, and Process Engineering Studies The international Maritime College Oman was born out of a vision to create a learning institution in the fields of maritime, logistics, and process operations. Over its elevenyear existence, the college has also become a beacon in the choppy waters of increasingly challenging and changing maritime, logistics, and process industries. iMCO, over recent years, has earned a reputation of offering unparalleled excellence in training and innovative teaching technology. Since inception the iMCO has attached a few firsts to its name. Foremost of these is that iMCO is the only education and training institution in the gCC that offers both diploma and degree courses as well as professional courses for Maritime, logistics, and Transport Management as well as Process Engineering for both men and women. in addition, iMCO also offers a wide range of professional courses covering the industry’s bespoke 90

iMCO’S uNiQuE aCadEMiC METHOdS aRE PREFaCEd by CREaTiNg a vERy HaNdS-ON STudENTCENTREd lEaRNiNg ENviRONMENT, dEPlOyiNg TOOlS aNd TECHNiQuES FROM a POOl OF iNTERNaTiONal ExPERTiSE. needs in the maritime, logistics, and process sectors. iMCO was also the first and only higher educational institute within the gCC to be awarded the iSO 9001:2008 certification in 2014 and is proud to address the membership with the Chartered institute of logistics and Transport (CilT), based in the united kingdom. To assure the quality offered by iMCO continues to maintain the highest standards, the Nautical Studies department works in accordance with the international Maritime Organization’s (iMO) STCW code. iMCO’s unique academic methods are prefaced by creating

of ports operations, logistics, and transportation. in addition, a state of the art and one-of-a-kind dynamic Simulator as well as a ‘live’ process plant supports the Process Engineers in developing their skills for the process industry. Superb location One of the main factors contributing to iMCO’s success is its location. being part of the SOHaR Port and Freezone, iMCO is ideally situated for practical training and student placement within the multibillion dollar industries included within the neighbouring industrial Estate. Significantly, iMCO has collaborated with a number of companies within the Sohar industrial Estate to ensure its students receive the industry orientation they need to make them ready for the job market.

a very hands-on student-centred learning environment, deploying tools and techniques from a pool of international expertise. Here it draws on the Rotterdam-based STC’s legendary 30-year experience in training, exposing students to some of the world greatest experts in Maritime Studies and logistics and Transport. The combination of classroom study and practical orientation guarantee training that meets the highest educational standards worldwide. Further bolstering this impressive professional environment at iMCO is the Training unit at Sohar.

The college also boasts innovative infrastructure that meets the requirements and standards of the industry. a recently upgraded Full Mission bridge Simulator, for instance, simulates harbour conditions of all the major ports in the gCC and around the world. in addition, there is a fully equipped Technical Control Room where procedures can be trained either standalone or in cooperation with the bridge Simulators. The college also boasts a unique Transport Chain Simulator developed by partners, STC, to impart practical training to students 91

Partners for success One of the biggest advantages of iMCO as a world class maritime college is receiving the backing of its partner, Rotterdam-based STC. With over 30 years’ experience in providing expertise for the shipping, port, transport, and logistics chain as well as port-based oil, gas and chemical sectors, the STC group is a strategic combination of worldwide expertise. in 2017, iMCO became part of aSyad group in order to support the execution of Sultanate’s logistics Strategy (SOlS) 2040 which aims at positioning the Sultanate of Oman as a leading global logistics hub.

Al Tamman Indsil Ferrochrome LLC (ATIFC) is Sultanate of Oman’s first Ferrochrome Smelter. The production facilities are located at Free Zone Sohar in proximity to Sohar port. Al capacity Tamman of Indsil The Installed the Ferrochrome LLC (ATIFC) smelting plant is 75,000 mtpa is Sultanate Oman’s first high carbonof Ferrochrome. Ferrochrome Smelter. The production facilities The company was setare up located atthe Free Zone Sohar in with objective to tap proximity to Sohar port. the potential of chrome The ore Installed capacity of the reserves in Oman by smelting plant is 75,000 mtpa establishing an upstream high to carbon Ferrochrome. facility manufacture value added products. The company was set up with objective to tap Oman is the a major exporter of the potential of chrome Chromite Ore, accounting ore10% reserves Oman by for of thein total world establishing production of an thisupstream mineral. facility to manufacture value Abundant mid-grade added Chromite Oreproducts. deposits, coupled with consistent Oman is of a major exporter of supply electrical energy Chromite accounting fromOre, Oman grid and for 10% of the proximity to total Soharworld port production this mineral. makes this of venture ideally Abundant positioned tomid-grade showcase Chromite Ore deposits, the capability of Oman coupled with supplier consistent as a leading of supply of electrical energy Ferrochrome. from Oman grid and proximity to Sohar port makes this venture ideally positioned to showcase the capability of Oman as a leading supplier of Ferrochrome.

Plot no. 3490, Sohar Free Zone, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Tel : 26947200 Fax : 26947216

Plot no. 3490, Sohar Free Zone, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Tel : 26947200 Fax : 26947216

Oman Gas Company (OGC)

MaxiMiSiNg iN-COuNTRy valuE


Gas availability in the network

99.998% O

man gas Company is a mid-stream natural gas transportation company established in 2000 in the Sultanate of Oman. They deliver natural gas to main economic sectors and major consumers comprising domestic, power and desalination plants, fertilizer, methanol, petrochemical, refinery, steel and cement plants. OgC was acquired by Oman Oil Company in the year 2013 prior to which it was a closed joint stock company between the Ministry of

Oil & gas (holding 80 per cent of the shares) and Oman Oil company (holding the remaining 20 per cent). OgC vision is to be a worldclass midstream gas value chain company in Oman and has a mission to maximise in-country value by developing and operating oil and gas facilities to international standards through innovation, efficiency and development of local talent. Their achievements include high Omanisation percentage at 93


per cent representing the highest rate in oil and gas industry in the Sultanate under fully-Omanised management. OgC won the Excellence award in Omanisation from the Ministry of Manpower for the oil and gas industry for the second consecutive time and attract more than 60 Omani interns from different colleges and universities every year and reached gas availability in the network at 99.998 per cent. OgC also received the quality and excellence award from the arab administrative development Organisation with an excellent HSE record. OgC strives to set standards consistent with corporate values by being responsible member of the community that it operates in. The decisions and activities of the company have a direct impact on the environment, the social performance, safety and overall sustainability. OgC dedicates itself to good corporate citizenship and foster an environment that creates safe working conditions for the employees and the contractors and supports and develops the communities and conducts business with integrity. OgC ensures the development of a trained and competent Omani workforce and provides on-the job training, vendor training and inhouse training. The company supports employees to enroll for higher education to enhance their educational qualifications required for assigned positions. Oman gas Company, through its specially designed in-Country value initiatives, supports the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of establishing sustainable business development and creating employment opportunities in Oman.

Inchcape Shipping Services & Co

addiNg valuE TO CuSTOMER SERviCE


nchcape Shipping Services & Co llC (iSS) supports the maritime industry at all sea ports in the Sultanate of Oman. an extremely well established company in the Sultanate, iSS has undergone important changes to ensure that they re-ignite the passion towards business and their customers. The well-established set-up with the right people in the right positions ensures that their customers receive the value added service that they have come to expect. under the new structure, iSS Oman now forms part of the inchcape Shipping Services Southern gulf cluster. Errol Seaman, heads as general Manager of the Southern gulf cluster, and is overseen by daniel vikstrom, vice President for the Middle East region, with Fazlim batch heading the Marine Services in Oman. iSS is proud to have a successful formula in place, where it sees an increase in new contracts, tenders and customers working


with inchcape Shipping services in Oman. iSS envisions to become the leading choice among the various shipping agencies in the Sultanate and the preferred shipping agent for various customers in Oman. Their strong operational expertise, combined with complete commitment and compliance to the code of ethics and local and international rules and regulations, ensures that they provide a clear and trust-worthy


service to their customers. in this way, their customers have peace of mind, knowing that they have chosen the right partner to handle their business. iSS has achieved a Trace certification after Trace conducted a thorough evaluation of the company. This certification

signifies that inchcape Shipping Services has achieved international acceptance due to its meticulous procedures and being cooperative during the review process. Trace certification highlights inchcape Shipping Services & Company’s simplicity in international commercial transactions. iSS presently operates from

the ports at Mina (Port) Sultan Qaboos, SOHaR Port, Mina al Fahal Crude Oil loading Terminal, Qalhat (Sur) lNg Terminal, OMiFCO Sur, Salalah Port, khasab Port, duqm Port and dry dock, which is still under construction. The marine services department of inchcape Shipping Services provides specialised ship cargo,


husbandry and protective agency services for all types of vessels, both in port and at anchorage. These vessel types include crude or product tankers, lPg/lNg carriers, wet and dry bulk, containerised and general cargoes, offshore and support vessels, naval ships, cruise vessels and yachts.

Khimji Ramdas Shipping LLC



himji Ramdas Shipping llC, a part of kR’s Projects & logistics group, is presently the undisputed leader in Oman’s maritime and cargo business with a presence spanning over the complete spectrum of services associated with the shipping, freight and logistics industry. The wide network of services coupled with unrivalled experience gives the company a unique position in Oman. This prowess alongside underpinned partnerships with some of the world’s leading players in the fields of shipping and logistics, continue to boost the company’s business growth. initially established with a skeleton staff of four members, it has ever since burgeoned into a large nationwide enterprise that has operations in every port in the Sultanate. Today, khimji Ramdas Shipping provides comprehensive multimodel cargo movement by air, sea and road. Many world-renowned brands work with the group due to the company’s understanding of

the major requirements and needs of customers in the best possible manner. Therefore, making the company the preferred choice for agents operating not only in the Sultanate but also across the world. khimji Ramdas Shipping received several accolades in the recent years. The latest addition is the authorised Economic Operator (aEO) status the company achieved after a lengthy period of evaluations by the Customs authorities, in November last year. The ceremony was held under the auspices of the directorate general of Customs, and was presided by the director general of Customs, Colonel khalifa and other dignitaries of the Royal Omani Police. The aEO concept is based on the ‘Customs-to-business’ partnership introduced by the World Customs Organisation. Traders who voluntarily meet a wide range of criteria, work in close cooperation with customs authorities to assure the common objective of supply chain security and are entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the Eu. The Eu established its aEO


TOday, kHiMji RaMdaS SHiPPiNg PROvidES COMPREHENSivE MulTi-MOdEl CaRgO MOvEMENT by aiR, SEa aNd ROad.

concept based on internationally recognised standards, creating a legal basis for it in 2008 through the ‘security amendments’ to the “Community Customs Code” (CCC) (Regulation (EC) 648/2005) and its implemented provisions. The programme, which aims to enhance international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade, is open to all involved in

the supply chain. it also includes economic operators authorised for customs simplification (aEOC), security and safety (aEOS) or a combination of the two. khimji Ramdas Shipping won two prestigious awards from the Port of duqm authority, for the company’s role in the growing business for both the duqm dry dock and its adjoining port in 2014. The company, additionally plays a very crucial role in developing the cruise industry in Oman. it represented the largest share of cruise liner calls at Muscat port during the 2016-2017 winter cruise tourism season. Of the 152 port calls expected during the season, an impressive 102 visits were handled by the agency, a testament to its capabilities as a one-stop shipping services provider. it represents world renowned cruise vessels such as Costa

Crociere, aida Cruises, Princess Cruises, P&O Cruises, Cunard Cruise, Ocean village, all leisure group, v.Ships Managed Cruise vessels viz., Silver Seas & Phoenix etc. The company also offers an all-inclusive assistance in project handling. The service includes pickup of cargo at the origin, shipment to Oman, and documentation and transportation to the site. They have handled several prestigious projects in Oman. khimji Sparkle Marine Service Co. llC (kSMS) is a joint venture between khimji Ramdas Shipping llC., Oman and Sparkle Overseas Pte ltd., Singapore (a unit of Ocean Sparkle lTd., india). The joint venture aims at providing comprehensive port management services to Omani ports, in addition to tug boat services. Ocean Sparkle ltd. india (OSl) will be assisting with


technical services as they offer Comprehensive Port Management Services (including harbour towage) at several ports in india. Significant among them are the Reliance Petroleum jamnagar, Petronet lNg dahej, birla Copper dahej, kakinada Port, Marg karaikal etc. They also provide harbour towage operations at several Major Ports including jNPT, Marmugoa, Ennore, Paradeep etc., with their fleet of 65 aSd Harbour Tugs of bollard Pull, ranging between 35 to 65 tons. They have also a dedicated tug handling simulator for training their tug masters on a regular basis. Furthermore, in line with the objectives of the National Programme for Enhancing Economic diversification (Tanfeedh), kR Shipping collaborated with prominent cruise liners over the past year to help increase sailings into Omani waters.

Oman Arab Bank (OAB)



s one of the oldest established banks in the country, Oman arab bank (Oab) has seen firsthand the country, under the wise and benevolent leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, transform into the modern progressive nation that it is today. Over the past four decades the country has evolved drastically and with it so has the market. as with any market globally, for any company to survive and thrive it has to also evolve with the times. This is why Oab began its own transformational journey in 2014; and over the course of the past three years, has seen its efforts bear fruit. The bank’s transformation was focused on seeing increased focus being put on the retail side of the business, adopting a more customer centric approach to doing business. as a result, it undertook a complete organisational restructuring of the bank’s lines of business starting in 2015. This was followed by the launch of its exclusive ‘Elite’ priority banking shortly thereafter. Oab also launched a new and enhanced branch identity; following



which it also began the redesign and relaunch of a number of its branches over the past few years, each featuring this enhanced brand identity with a refreshed look and feel. The sleek, modern, and streamlined look is augmented by a number of state-of-the-art features and systems never before seen in the country, including a new meet and greet facility with a streamlined queuing system, video walls for bank news, private advisory spaces with moving monitor screens for a more personal interaction, together with digital signature pads and id Card readers within the advisory station design. Most of these refreshed and new branches also feature a separate ‘Elite’ reception, lounge, and offices, in order to provide its premium customers with an elegant and private experience that remains memorable. So far, six of the bank’s branches

have already undergone these changes and all new branches that have been launched since feature the new revised design. The remainder of Oab’s branch network will undergo similar changes in the

near future. aside from its ongoing branch upgrades, Oab has also made significant progress on the digital front. The most prominent of which was the launch of its new unified


digital banking platform in august 2017. The new platform offers customers an innovative icon-based interface that is the same across all touchpoints, be it the branch, via phone banking, or online. The result is an enhanced customer experience regardless of whichever they choose to use; and an approach that is unique to Oab. all of these changes reinforce the bank’s position as a catalyst for change in the Sultanate’s banking sector. However, these changes and advancements are just the beginning. Over the next couple of years the bank aims to continue enhancing and developing new systems, platforms, and services that will see it continue to set the benchmark for technological advancement for the foreseeable future.

Sohar University




ohar university was established in 2001 as the first private university in Oman. it was granted degree awarding powers by the Oman Ministry of Higher Education, with the authority to provide programs and courses whose successful completion leads to academic awards. The university campus is located in Sohar, Oman’s fastest growing

city and the administrative centre of al batinah region in the Sultanate of Oman. The university’s vision is to be recognised internationally as an inclusive university of excellence through quality teaching, research, and engagement that increasingly adds value to the economy, society, and culture of Oman. Their mission is to develop


skilled, knowledgeable, articulate, and enterprising graduates who, through their challenging learning experience at Sohar university, are able to contribute effectively to the changing world in which they live and work. by choosing Sohar university, the student meets several career aspirations as 85 per cent of engineering graduates are employed in prestigious institutions; training and job opportunities are coordinated annually with major industries and research assignments provide opportunities connect with the community. With regards to academic excellence, studies are informed by contemporary research, treated as partner in education and are committed, talented backed by qualified staff and the opportunity to live and study in a diverse multicultural environment. Sohar university also aims to create research and research training that has local, regional and global impact and relevance. Since the 2008, considerable progress in the research and industry collaboration is made to build up the university research profile. The university also secures research grants and successfully delivers the projects. larger staff and student are engaged in funded research projects, improving publications records and research-gate score and more industrial R&d engagement and grants.

Majis Industrial Services

lEadER iN WaTER SERviCES TO iNduSTRiES Majis industrial Services (Majis) was established in 2006 to provide water services to Oman’s growing industrial port and other special economic areas in Sohar. Majis started its operations by providing seawater for cooling purposes to the tenants of SOHaR Port and Freezone and has since grown to become a one-stop water utilities solution provider. Majis provides services in seawater self-extraction, seawater delivery, process water, potable water, industrial effluent, sewage water, and irrigation water. Their focus continues to prioritise customer service excellence, reliability and quality, Health, Safety and Environment, and growth. Majis is committed to ensure continuity of service and timely intervention in case of accidents or emergency and inform and keep their customers updated and to improve the quality of service through a continuous improvement approach. Majis has through customer satisfaction survey and continuous interaction with customers, collected



the voices of its customers and have an understanding of what matters to their customers. a complaint management system was launched to formally register, track and deliver customer expectations. Majis has signed a Memorandum of understanding (Mou) with the Fisheries department in Sohar to set up an ice-making unit in Majees village which is located in Sohar. This memorandum aims to strengthen the relationship between the company and the fishermen of Majees village. This memorandum also seeks to establish sustainable projects serving the fishermen of the village through the implementation of a village ice production unit, where the village of Majees contains

the largest number of fishermen (392 fishermen) according to the statistics of the Ministry of agriculture and Fisheries. Majis had also conducted a heat

stress campaign. The campaign was held during the months of june, july and august. The idea of the campaign through the Ministerial decree of the Ministry


of Manpower of the provisions of article 16 of the regulation for measures Occupational Safety and Health, which provides non-employment of workers at construction sites or high-heat exposed places in times from 12:30 pm till 3:30 pm and at all the months of june, july and august each year due to high thermal degrees in those months, which caused a lot of deaths and injuries work due to direct exposure to high temperatures and the lack of sufficient awareness of the dangers of heat stress in some places.

Oman Electricity Transmission Company


Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) plays a vital role in Oman’s electricity sector as it owns and operates the main electricity transmission network. it is through this network that electricity is transmitted from the generating stations to the distribution load centres in all governorates of the Sultanate. OETC was formed in May 2005 with a license, given by the authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman, whereby the company is authorised to carry out its activities. These primarily include the transmission of electricity and financing to develop, own and or operate, and maintain its transmission system; and to develop and operate a central dispatch system for relevant production facilities that are connected to its transmission system. The main electricity transmission network operates at high voltages of 132kv and 220kv with new transmission assets at 400kv. OETC also has the responsibility of balancing generation and demand

at all times of the day. The electricity, and related water sector in the Sultanate, comprises three separate and distinct market segments. These are the Main interconnected System (MiS) in the north of Oman, the Rural System of the Rural areas Electricity Company (RaEC), and the dhofar Power System (dPS). RaEC is a vertically integrated entity that is authorised by its licence to generate electricity and desalinate water as well as transmit, distribute, and supply electricity to customers in its authorised area. Health, Safety, and Environment are considered a top most priority amongst other business aspects of OETC. Management of risk is a continuous process and the cornerstone of all HSE elements. as a result, they regularly identify hazards and assess risks associated with their activities. Their main project is the jaalan bani bu Hassan (former al kamil and al Wafi) 132/33kv grid station and associated transmission line. OETC takes all 105

the appropriate action to manage the risks and prevent or reduce the impact of potential accidents. all their activities are performed to ensure safe, healthy, and environmentally sound performance. if accidents are reported, they are thoroughly investigated and analysed to prevent recurrence and improve HSE performance. Corrective actions and preventive measures will be utilised to reduce future injuries and losses. it is the responsibility of OETC employees and contractors to uphold standards in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for themselves and their colleagues. Next is the supply and installation of 132kv giS and upgrade the existing transformers from 2*40Mva to 2*125Mva and associated modification works at remote end grid station at Manah and existing 33kv side. The Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Public authority for Electricity and Water (PaEW) and OETC, recently hosted the gulf Electricity Conference and Exhibition (gCC Power) under the auspices of HE Mohamed bin Salim al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate affairs. The conference, which was held in cooperation with the Regional Committee for large Electrical Systems, was aimed at developing the power industry by sharing the latest experiences and information on state-of-the-art global technologies from experts in the gCC. The conference focused on the regional electricity connection and the use of modern technologies, establishment of electric power markets, smart networks, and renewable energy which contributes towards increasing the reliability and performance efficiency of electrical systems, in addition to consumption conservation in the gCC.

Sohar Power Company



ohar Power Company SaOg owns and operates the largest power generation and water desalination plant in the Sultanate of Oman. SPC was incorporated in 2004 after award of the Sohar iWPP project in a competitive tender. The Company has built and owns the 585MW electricity generation and 33Migd seawater desalination plant in Sohar and is located in the SOHaR Port and Freezone. The site is strategically located in an industrial hub, near the main gas transmission system and electricity grid network. Since it began commercial operation on May 27, 2007, it has been selling power and water to Oman Power and Water Procurement Company SaOC (OPWP) under a long term Power and Water Purchase agreement (PWPa). Since its successful initial Public Offering in august 2008, 35 per cent of the Company’s shareholding is listed on the Muscat Securities Market. in addition to strong operational and financial results,

Sohar Power is committed to provide reliable power and water to the growth of the Sultanate, encompassing high standards of safety and corporate governance. an overarching principle is that in all circumstances, Sohar Power employees observe the international, national, local laws and regulations, and ethical and professional codes of practice applicable to their activities. They equally adhere to internal decisions and other regulations issued by Sohar Power. Sohar Power attaches greatest importance to ethical professional behaviour of its employees, both towards colleagues and third parties. For Sohar Power, the quality of a relationship depends primarily on the fairness and honesty of the parties, especially in the performance of contracts. These qualities mean that the company honour the commitments made and know the limits of their capacities. Each time Sohar Power communicates with other parties, it does so in good faith, in a



constructive spirit, with awareness of the other’s needs and with the intention of providing genuine, accurate and comprehensive information. This principle applies not only to Sohar Power’s relations with customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, non-governmental organisations (NgOs) and the public, but also to Sohar Power’s internal communication, with employees or between departments. Sohar Power’s aim is to establish long-term relations with its partners. This ambition cannot be realised

without fair and honest behaviour, which constitutes the bedrock of mutual trust. However, beyond this and in all circumstances, Sohar Power’s success depends above all on its reputation. That is why Sohar Power attributes equal value to mutual respect and duties, whether in its dealings with people or with corporate entities. This principle applies particularly to respect for the rights of individuals, for their dignity in all circumstances and for their differences, as well as the respect for cultures. an imperative for employees in the performance of


their functions, respect for others also governs the relations of any entity with its employees. This principle governs Sohar Power’s policy on the respect for private life and diversity, the fight against discrimination and the prevention and punishment of bullying and harassment. Sohar Power expects its employees to act in keeping with these ethical principles in all their dealings, in all circumstances and whatever their role and level of responsibility.

Al Batinah Power Company



l batinah Power Company SaOg owns, operates, and maintains a power plant in the Sultanate of Oman. it owns and operates the Sohar power plant with a power capacity of approximately 745 MW located in the al batinah region of the Sultanate. The entire power output from al batinah Power’s installed capacity is contracted with OPWP, through a single long-term PPa which expires on March 31, 2028. beyond the PPa period, al batinah Power will either extend its PPa with OPWP or sell its output in a liberalised market in a power pool or to eligible customers. The decision to do so will depend, amongst other factors, on the evolution of the market regulations set by the authority for Electricity Regulation (aER). under the PPa, al batinah Power receives capacity charges from OPWP for the contracted power capacity of the plant, which are periodically tested. These capacity charges are payable by OPWP regardless of whether the actual output of the Plant is dispatched by

OPWP, and regardless of whether al batinah Power is instructed by OPWP to generate and deliver power. al batinah Power has the backing of its founding shareholders with a proven track record of implementing large and complex independent power and water plants globally, in the gCC and Oman. The Plant is completed and has been in full commercial operation, thereby eliminating any construction risk. al batinah Power has entered into an O&M agreement with STOMO, the largest provider of operation and maintenance services in the sector in Oman, responsible for approximately 3,675 MW of electricity and a net capacity of 270,000 m3 potable water per day. Since STOMO, which specialises in power plant operations and maintenance is indirectly owned at majority by the gdF SuEz group, this creates an alignment of interest with al batinah Power. Through the O&M agreement with STOMO, al batinah Power has largely insulated itself from 108

any risk in regular operating and maintenance costs. The maintenance of the gas turbines, which is a specialised activity, has been subcontracted on a long-term basis by STOMO to Siemens ag, whose capabilities in this area are among the best globally. al batinah Power is also able to draw upon its shareholders’ experience which includes some of the most well-known names in the power industry. This has resulted in optimising the operation of the power plant, managing the plant site to high standards of safety and operating performance, standardizing management reporting for all investments and investing in improved plant efficiency. Efficiency has been further enhanced by the integrated operations and engineering team ensuring sharing of information. al batinah Power also benefits from wider relationships with its vendors and equipment suppliers.



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DiREC tORY 2018 SOHAR PORt AND FREEZONE SOHAR Office 9, PC 327, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

Muscat Office (+968) 24 697830

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(+968) 24697830

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(+971) 4 448 7169

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Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum industries Company (Orpic)

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(+968) 2685 1211 282, PC 322, Falaj al-Qabael, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 2210 6000

VAlE Oman

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P. O. bOx : 9, PC. 327, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

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(+968) 26762395 777, PC 116, Mina al-Fahal, Sultanate of Oman SOHAR Free Zone llC : 777, PC 116, Mina al-Fahal, Sultanate of Oman SOHAR Free Zone llC : 115738, Reef Tower, jlT dubai


larsen&toubro Modular Fabrication Yard llC

(+968) 26847054 236, PC 322, Falaj al-Qabail, Sultanate of Oman

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larsen & toubro Heavy Engineering llC

(+968) 26762390 281, PC 325, liwa, Sultanate of Oman Oman Formaldehyde Chemical Company llC

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(+968) 24715442 879, PC 100, Sultanate of Oman

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Oman Methanol Company llC


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Oman Refinery & Petrochemical Companies llC

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Jindal Shadeed iron & Steel llC

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(+968) 26850204 312, PC 321, al Tareef, Sultante of Oman Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills llC 12, PC 327, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Sohar Aluminium SA

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(+968) 26863001 80, PC327, Sohar industrial Estate, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Sohar international Urea & Chemical industries S.A.O.C

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Sohar Power Company S.A.O.g

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C. Steinweg Oman llC

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(+968) 26850426 : 338, PC 325, liwa, Sultanate of Oman

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Oiltanking terminals & Co. llC

(+968) 26700301 369, PC 322, Falaj al-Qabail, Sultanate of Oman

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Hutchison Ports Sohar terminal llC

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(+968) 26865607 82, PC 327, Sohar industrial area, Sultanate of Oman



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tERMiNAlS (+968) 26700306

SERViCE PROViDERS Air liquide Sohar industrial gases llC 66, PC 327, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

Phone Al-Batina int.l Engineering & Services, llC


P. O. box : 105, PC 322, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

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lBH Marketing Oman

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Fax (+968) 26750504

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Majan Electricity Company S.A.O.C

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Majis industrial Services Company S.A.O.C

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(+968) 26850552 1803, PC 130, al-athaibah, Sultanate of Oman

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Ooredoo Oman telecommunication Company (Ooredoo) S.A.O.C

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Oman Electricity transmission Company S.A.O.C.

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P. O. box : 1224, PC 131 Hamriya, Sultanate of Oman

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Oman gas Company S.A.O.C

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(+968) 24681632 799, PC 133, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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Oman telecommunications Company(Omantel) S.A.O.C

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Public Establishment for industrial Estates PEiE

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Oman Oil Marketing Company S.A.O.C


(+968)24561628, 92, P.C.116, Mina al-Fahal, Sultanate of Oman

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Shell Oman Marketing S.A.O.g



P.O. box : 874, PC 111, Central Post Office, Sultanate of Oman 789, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman, 38, P.C,116, Mina al-Fahal, Sultanate of Oman Al-Batina Power Company S.A.O.g

(+968)24391969, 139,P.C. 103, bareeq al-Shatti, Sultanate of Oman Svitzer Sohar llC

(+968) 24562695

(+968) 24562695

tristar transport Company llC


(+968)24830324, 93, P.C,117 Sultanate of Oman


SPt Middle East Company llC

(+971)92282161, 5405, Fujairah, united arab Emirates


Fendercare Marine limited


Fisher House, P.O. box 4, barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, la1 14HR.

M 7917525275 1671, PC 130, azaiba, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman (+971)92282151

(0044)1508482710 /

EMERgENCY NUMBERS i. SiP Area Emergency Number (ROP)


ii. Ambulance lifeline Hospital Sohar Oman

(+968) 26755912 (+968) 26651199 95, PC 322, Falaj al Qbail, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman (+968) 26762285 liwa Hospital

(+968) 26762055 101, PC 325, Sultanate of Oman (+968) 26747387 Shinas Hospital

(+968) 26747514 6, PC 324, Sultanate of Oman (+968) 26840399 Sohar Hospital

(+968) 26844423 49, PC 311, Sultanate of Oman iii. Fire

(+968) 26750321

Civil Defence SiP Area

(+968) 26750320

Sohar Civil Defense

9991 2, PC 311, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26840077

Saham Civil Defense 256, PC 112, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26842502

(+968) 26854190



Shinas Coast guard

(+968) 26854144

(+968) 26747141 2, PC 311, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26747699

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iV. Police

Sohar Operation 2, PC 300, Widash, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26859499

(+968) 26842501

(+968) 24773000


GOVERNMENT MiNiStRiES Ministry of Education 3, PC 113, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Health

(+968) 24602177

(+968) 24755999 393, PC 113, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Higher Education 82, PC 112, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Housing

(+968) 24693333


Public Authority for Electricity and Water

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(+968)24611133 1889, PC 130, Sultanate of Oman


Ministry of information

(+968) 24603222

(+968) 24839000

(+968) 24698900 173, PC 113, Sultanate of Oman 600, PC 113, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Manpower 413, PC 113, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of National Economy 881, PC 113, Sultanate of Oman Oman Chamber of Commerce and industry


(+968)24708496, 1400,P.C,112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman (+968)24816101 Ministry of Commerce and industry

(+968)24813500, 550, P.C.113, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Ministry of transport and Communication

(+968) 24685000 684, PC 113, Sultanate of Oman

SHiPPiNg AgENtS Al-Fayha Shipping Agencies llC

(+968) 26754319

(+968) 24814704 68, PC : 327, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26754309

(+968) 26752018

Al Swadir trading & Mport llC

(+968) 90994454 60, PC :319, Saham, Sultanate of Oman Al Majali international SAOC

(+968) 24552488

(+968) 24552488

(+968) 24552477 Badar Shipping Agencies llC 662, PC 117, Wadi kabir, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26751244

(+968) 26750315

Blue Eagle Shipping and insurance Agencies ll 19, PC 100, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26754206

(+968) 26754236

Bhacker Haji Abdullatiff Fazul llC

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(+968) 24711114 1068, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26752500

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Blue Wave Agencies llC

(+968) 26846859

(+968) 26846857 : 37, PC : 327, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Blue Wave Shipping Agency ltd

(+968) 26752552

(+968) 26752662 37, PC 327, Sohar industrial Estate, Sultanate of Oman Dolphin Shipping Agencies llC

(+968) 98820505

gulf Agency Company llC

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(+968) 24477891 81, PC : 327, Sohar industrial Estate, Sultanate of Oman

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inchcape Shipping Services llC

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(+968) 24791642 36, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman

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Khimji Ramdas - Shipping Division llC

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(+968) 24796545 19, PC 113, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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(+968) 26843206

lBH Zawawi Shipping & logistics

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(+968) 26753167 : 3556, PC 322, Falaj al-Qabail, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Muscat Marine & Oil Filed Services llC

(+968) 790051798 : 538, PC 116, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Maersk Shipping Services & Co. llC

(+968) 24788500

(+968) 24781704 : 344, PC 322, Falaj al-Qabail, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26751139

(+968) 26751914

Modern Shipping Services llC

(+968) 26752509

(+968) 24790987

PO box 1959, Postal Code 114, jibROO, Oman

Mitairrah tradining & Freight Services llC

(+968) 24712125/99342842

Merchant Shipping Services llS

(+968) 24702550

(+968) 24781755

North Star Marine Service llC


(+968)26822426, P.C:321, sohar, Sultanate of Oman


tranc Ocean Maritime Services llC

(+968)96126261, P.C:311, sohar, Sultanate of Oman Mutrah Shipping & trading Agency llC

(+968) 26753141

(+968) 26751876 1984, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman Sea Star Special-Ship Agency & Marine Services

(+968) 93219626 708, PC 311, Falaj alqabail, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Sohar Shipping transport & trading llC

(+968)99320065 177, P.C, 112 Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman


Salalah Shipping & Marine Services Company llC

(+968) 23299223

(+968) 23298299 82, PC 211, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26755847

(+968) 26755895

Sharaf Shipping Service & Company llC

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(+968) 24783888 1179, PC 114, jibroo, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26754500

(+968) 26754555

Seamaster Maritime llC

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(+968) 26753120

Sea land Shipping & logistics l.l.C

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(+968) 24790987

P.O. box 1959 P.C 144 jibROO Muscat,Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 24789195

Sea trade Shipping Services llC




P.O. box 552 P.C 322 Sohar, Sultanate of Oman, P.C:321 Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Stars Shipping Agencies

(+968)94488774, P.C:114 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Svitzer sohar llC

(+968)24562695, P.C: 114 Muttrah, Sultanate of Oman transworld Shiping trading & logistics Services


(+968)24562695 (+968) 26750253

(+ 968) 24787793 749, PC 144 jibroo Whales Shipping line Services llC

(+968) 92933304 318, PC 311, Falaj alqabail, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Wilhelmsen towell Company llC

(+968) 22001241 471, PC 321, al-Tareef, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 99210843

Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo & Company llC

(+968) 24712253/4

(+968) 24712065 310, PC 114, jibroo, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 26750463

(+968) 26714065

(+968) 22009871



(+968) 26827711

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UNiVERSitiES & COllEgES international Maritime College Oman (iMCO)

College of Applied Sciences- Sohar 532, PC 322, Falaj al Qabail,Sohar, Sultanate of Oman (+968) 26721120

(+968) 26720160

(+968) 26720101

(+968) 26720102 135, PC 311,Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Sohar University 44, PC 311,Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Shinas College of technology

(+968) 26852800

(+968) 26747426

(+968) 24790466

(+968) 24704016

Bank Muscat S.A.O.g

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(+968) 26841786 134, PC 112,Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 24768888

(+968) 24785572

gulf international Bank B.S.C

(+973) 17522649

(+973) 17522495

HSBC Bank Middle East limited llC

(+968) 26846146

(+968) 26847330 240, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 24799920

(+968) 24736043

National Bank of Oman S.A.O.g

(+968) 24778000

(+968) 24707781

(+968) 24706265

(+968) 24797736 77, PC 324,Shinas, Sultanate of Oman

BANKS Bank Dhofar S.A.O.g 1507, PC 112,Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman 1017, Manama, kingdom of bahrain 751, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman Oman Arab Bank S.A.O.C 2010, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman Oman international Bank S.A.O.g

(+968) 26840231

(+968) 26840323 1727, PC 111, Seeb, Sultanate of Oman

(+968) 24682500

(+968) 24481736

(+968) 26871555

(+968) 26871695

HOtElS Al Millennium Resort

Al Wadi Hotel

(+968) 26840058

(+968) 26841997

Butterfly Hotel

(+968) 26843501 ext 502 1049, PC 311, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

gSM 98552331

green Oasis Hotel

(+968) 26846077

(+968) 26844392

(+968) 26846441 24, PC 311, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman (+968) 2684 1111

(+968) 2684 3766 122, PC 321, al-Tareef, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar 459, PC 311, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

Sohar Beach Hotel 82, PC 300,Mussanah, Sultanate of Oman

968 266 40 000

(+968) 266 41 111

(+968) 26850716

(+968) 26850800

(+968) 22034000


(+968) 26841546

(+968) 26841493 662, PC 322, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman Crowne Plaza Hotel - Sohar 478, PC 322, Falaj al-Qabail, Sultanate of Oman

SHOPPiNg CENtRES lulu Hypermarket 436, PC 130, al-khuwair, Sultanate of Oman Safeer Mall (Sohar) 189, PC 321, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

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