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February 2014

girl power Teen escapes armed burgular

Style Tips! How to find the perfect tips for a perfect date

Fashion Do’s and dont’s


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The top Do’s and Dont’s of the month!pg6 Find out the Do’s and Donts of fashion and know what’s hot and whats not Style tips on the perfect outfit for your perfect date!pg7 Dont know what yo wear for your date? Check out our article on what to wear for that perfect date! Teenage girl fights for her life pg11 Teenage, Hayley survived an armed burgular and is alive to tell her story


5 Minutes Abs Workout pg10 Get your bikini body shape for summer by our quick ips to flat abs. Local Fashion Show gets ATTENTION! pg9 Olathe East students fashion show gets national attention!

Fun quizes & Advice

Relationship Advicepg14

read about love advice form teens your age! Friend Zoned...pg15 Are you being friend zoned? Check out our quiz! Horoscopes!pg18 What’s your sign? Find out what your future coud be!

Letter From the editors

Lex & Jess

Nothing makes us happier than you reading our magazine! Thrive Magazine always thrives to make our readers happy. We put our heart into every edition and we hope you love it more and more each time! Appealing to the teen scene, our advice and tips are endless. Been there, done that! We want to keep everyting up to date though so always feel free to send in requests and questions! Thank you all for your support as we continue to make our magazines just to your liking. With our office based in Cali, we get a lot of feed back from the West Coast but we LOVE feedback from our Midwest and East Coast friends! Keep reading and staying tuned for our next edition. Keep calm & Strive on, ladies!

Love, Jessica & Lexi

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Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

From fashion disasters to the hottest looks, your favorite seventeen fashioninstas have it all!

Do’s The Natural Look

Don’ts Dress Modest

Less is more... Embrace that natural beauty! Love you for YOU!

No problem with flaunting what you have but throw away the skimpy clothing that no longer fits!

Comfty & Cute

Bra Strap Peaks

Shoe Game

Cover the Girls

Throwing on your favorite sweater with a pair of leggings & boots is so in! Being cute & casual is always a plus!

Ladies, Know when to wear a strapless & a regular bra! Seeing straps isn’t cute!

Although they’ve been around forever,Converse have been making a huge apperance in the high school scene.

Respecting your body is more attractive to guys then flaunting it! Clevage isn’t always cute ladies.

Nails Prove All

Chipped Nails

A fresh pair of painted nails are a girls best accessory! Nails can prove a girls personality just by the color!

Seems petty but chipped nails are a fashion no-no. Nails are a girls prized possession we need to keep beautiful!

Tips for the Perfect Date! FIrst dates are always scary but lucky for you we have all the tips to get you through your first one and make it perfect so you’ll never want to go home!

Tip 1: You can never go wrong with keep it classy! Keep your outfit respectable, you’ll feel a lot more confident about yourself too! A flowy dress or jeans with a cute top & heels is perfect!

Tip 2: Along the lines of dressing classy, don’t wear anything too tight! You want to be comfortable and chances are you’ll be eating somewhere that could make you full. Wear something you’ll rock all night!

Tip 3: Stay off your phone! Nothing is

more frustrating than trying to keep conversation with someone who is too obsessed in whats on their phone! Enjoy the time with your date!

Tip 4: Always bring something to fresh-

en up with! Rather it’s gum or makeup, it’s best you pack it in your purse just in case. A quick run to the bathroom won’t hurt!

chasing grey

Series premiere airs June 25 Tuesday at 8/7c

Local Fashion Show Gets National Attention Lights, Camera, Fashion! A local high school fashion show grabs people’s attention from across the nation. In America’s Heartland, Olathe East High School (In Olathe, Kansas) gets some surprising attention! “Fascinating” was the name of this show with amazing designs made by the students themselves! You’re probably thinking... ‘Really? A high school fashion show?’ But the designs and work were so original, we couldn’t help but write about it! On February 20th, the scenes were “Go Green,” “Patterns,” and “Fasinating hats” just some of the themes the Design Trends class were modeling. It was a full house. Every single seat was filled and tickets were sold out.

You could hear the uproaring of the crowd when a model came out to present her creation. Each and every outfit was so creative!

Olathe East High School launches a fashion show every year in February and every single year gets better and better. Just like last years show, “Dollhouse.” Just amazing! Probably one of the best years. The fashion class at Olathe East High School sure knows how to plan a show.

5 Mintue Killer Abs


One Leg;One Arm

This excersie won’t only help your abs but your butt! too! Start with your right hand up straight in front of you and put your right leg straight back and hold them both.


Leg Hold

Lay on your back and hold your legs up... you can go up and down with your legs to feel the workout more or just hold them in the air.



Start yourself off with 50 crunches to warm up. Make sure you’re squeezing your abs tight to get better results. Putting your arms behind your head will make it easier breathing.



Hold yourself up with your arms in front of you... try to hold this position for at least a minute but pace yourself for your own level. This will also work on your butt!



Leg Hold 2

Here’s what the last position will look like if you decide to make the work out harder and do the leg up lift.

What was suppose to be a normal day for small town girl, Hayley Robinson turned into a nightmare right before her eyes. Hayley got up and did her normal morning business, went to school just like every other day. On Hayley’s way home from school she realized she was about to run out of gas... knowing there was a gas station right down the street, Hayley drove to the closest quicktrip. While filling up her car, she noticed a guy sitting in the parking lot but thought nothing of it for the most part. After filling up her gas, hayley drove back home. Hayley was blasting the music and not paying much attention to anything else around her. Once she pulled into the garage, she closed the door and went into the kitchen to get her normal after school snack. After eating her snack, she went up to her room to change and considered taking a nap. While changing she heard something downstairs.

Living in a nightmare

“I knew I had to do something or I wasn’t going to make it out alive.”

“I assumed it was my dogs playing around but I also had a weird gut feeling it wasn’t.’” Hayley stated. Hayley walked down stairs and peered around the corner. “I was in complete shock.” Hayley went to look around the corner and when she turned she saw the man from the gas station standing in her kitchen. “I freaked out... I knew there was no time for tears.” She ran back up to her room and looked for any possible weapon she could use to defend herself. Hayley was sure that the man in her house followed her home and was coming to attack her or even worse, kill her. “I knew my parents owned a gun but I had no idea where it would possibily be.” Hayley grabbed a pair of scissors she had in her drawer. She could hear the intruder coming up the stairs... her next thought was to cut open the screen on her window to jump out but before she could even act , the footsteps got louder.

Hayley took a deep breathe and charged out of her room with the scissors and ran them straight into his side. Once Hayley realized she only stabbed him a little bit but he was laying on the ground in shock, she had a quick second to realize he had a gun and rope in his hand. She charged toward the gun and was able to grab it. At that exact second, the man jumped up from the ground and came running toward her. Hayley was able to run down the stairs with only a split second of freedom before he grabbed her arm. “I was thinking to myself... what am i going to do. I’ve never even shot a gun. But i knew i had to do something or I wasn’t going to make it out alive.” The man and Hayley fought back and forth as he tried to get the gun from her. She screamed as loud as possible hoping the neighbors would hear but no one was in sight from the window. “He started threatening to kill my whole family and told me i was going to die now for sure. I was in pure terror... I was surprised how brave i had been up to this point.” Hayley then kicked him right where it hurts and grabbed the gun with both hands... She put her finger on the trigger and managed to shoot him right in the stomach. The man fell straight to the ground and screamed for mercy. “I strated bawling I was shaking beyond belief.” Hayley next grabbed her home phone and dialed 911 then ran outside and screamed for one of the neighbors to come help, still gun in hand. The cops showed up within minutes to arrest the intruder. “I am so blessed to be alive. Seeing my family again was the best part. They were so proud of me. I couldn’t even believe it for myself.” The man, Paul Edwards was sentenced with 40 years to life with the possiblity of parole. Hayley still to this day has nightmares of that horrific incounter that she prays no one ever goes through again. Hayley is nowing seeing a counselor to get her through this time. Hayley is back to her normal life and back to her happy self. She likes to spend time with friends and family to keep the situation off her mind considering it is still a numb subject. She rarely stays home alone but is very thankful for her actions that day which showed her how strong she really is. “Never doubt yourself, you’re a strong person regardless your situation and regardless your flaws. Don’t let anyone try to come inbetween that. Always have courage.” Hayley thanks everyone for the support through out these past couple of months.

Maddens Gone GREEN

Relationship Advice We have all the answers to your biggest relationship concerns!

Brittany asks:

Q: “My boyfriend seems to always be hiding his phone from me when we hang out. Should i be concerned?”

A: Guys don’t always feel the need to use their phones

when they hang out with their girl but it’s all about trust. If you’re worried, it might be time to work on the trust factor!

Q:”My boyfriend treats me different in front of his

Sarah asks:

friends almost like im not there... is he ashamed of me?”

A: A guy should want to show you off especially to his

friends! The best thing to do is confront him about how you’re feeling, if he doesnt understand, kick him to the curb! You deserve to be treated like a gem!

Josh asks:

Q:”My girlfriend is starting to pick partying over hanging

out with me... How do i say something about it without seeming like i want to take her fun away?”

A:Josh, in high school it’s hard not to get caught up in the

party scene and that’s what your girlfriend is going through right now... Ask to go to the parties with her or make plans in advance with her. Maybe plan a super fun date and she’ll rememeber why she loved spending time with you in the first place!

Q:”My girl has been spending a lot of time with one of

her guy friends and im starting to get worried if its turning into more than friends.”

A:It’s time to talk to your girl about this,don’t hold back. If nothing is going on, she’ll make sure to prove that to you!

TJ asks:

are you being

friend zoned?

Do you have a boy friend or a boyfriend? Let’s see if you need to step up your game!


When do you usually go out together? A. During the day B. At night C. We dont hang out


Does he ever give you love advice? A. Nope, never B. yes it makes me jealous C. sometimes


Do you most hangout one-on-one or with a group? A.Just the two of us B.Almost always with a group C.It depends on what we’re doing


When he text you does your covo start with..

A. Cute pet name B. Hey with a winky face;) C. Hey whats up?


Do you text him...

A. Everyday B. Every other day C. Once in a while

Mostly A’s- Take a chance!

Tell your crush how you feel. Try to be honest about your feelings and hopefully he will feel the same about you!

Mostly B’s- Try to get

closer to your crush by dropping subtle hints and see if he’s hinting back. Be patient and ease into it!

Mostly C’s- Okay girl, you’re

in the frined zone. It might be time to mingle and find some new eye candy!

Introducing our new Summer collection

a u q A Deep




Horoscope’s Aquarius

January 20th - Febuary 18th This month is your month! Cupid is about to shoot his arrow your way. On the 15th, your crush might just take a look in your direction!


Febuary 19th - March 20th

The stress from school is coming to an end soon! With spring break on the way, you’re sure to find a cutie to spend it with. Spring break with your friends is going to be the break you need!



No reason to stress over how your crush feels about you because this month he’s bound to spill his feelings toward you. We would all personally like to congratulate you on stepping out of the friendzone! Happy love day!

Things with your love are going just rhe way you want them to! Don’t be discouraged if things start to get rocky... you guys are going to get past the issues!

March 21st - April 19th

April 20th - May 20th



Don’t get upset about not having a crush this valentine’s day because the single life is the plan for you right now! Embrace it! Spend V-day with friends and ice cream... a new lover isn’t in the picture for this month!

Keep a look out for any love daggers being pointed your way. On the 24th, a surprise lover will come down your path. It may not be the person you’re expecting but it’ll sure make you feel special.

May 21st - June 21st

June 22nd - July 22nd


July 23rd - August 22nd

Your fun and outgoing spirit is going to put all eyes on you this V-day! You may even just catch the eyes of your longtime crush... show him what you’ve got!


September 23rd - October 22nd

Around the 14th, you’re bound to get a phone call from an old friend. Answer and catch up! Maybe even go to get a bite... this person is meant to be back into your life so get excited!


November 22nd - December 21st

If your starting to worry about getting a date for the valentines dance, just take a deep breath. Finding the perfect boy to go with isn’t worth all the stress... hit up the dance with your best girl friends! It’ll be a blast no matter who you go with!


August 23rd - September 22nd

February seems to be your least favorite month due to the “lovey doveyness” of it but soak up the love! No use in being afraid of what you can’t stop... Someone may even have eyes for you but you have to open your eyes too!


Octtober 23rd - November 21st School seems to be dragging on forever it seems and you’re starting to get overwhelmed with stress! Don’t worry... the stress will go away. Keep your head up and don’t let the stress ruin your weekends!


December 22nd - January 19th Latley, things seem to be working out in your favor! You’re really enjoying life and don’t let anything hold you back from that happiness! You deserve it all the way. On the 19th, something may try to hold you back but stop it from intervening!


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