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Get to Know your Editors 6

The inside scoop on your editors.

How to See in Black & White 9 Become a professional using photoshop and making your pictures look great.

Brighten your Wardrobe! 13 See what works this season.

Meet Tiffany Pankratz 17

Go inside Inspire Boutique and get a behind the scenes look.

Got Space? 22

La-z-boy room planner is a gift.

Winter Wedding 25

Tips on having a winter wonderland wedding this season.

Pale Power! 28

Fair-skinned women...this is for you! Get the right makeup for your skin tone.

Holiday Showroom 30

How to decorate your space for the holiday season.

in every issue Letter from the Editor 4 Advice Column 20


LetterFromThe Editors A good holiday magazine for design professionals. The need for one has been long over due and Pinterest just isn’t cutting it anymore. That’s where Divine comes in! We are a magazine here to help people in the design field fulfill all of their holiday needs. Divine was started by 4 former collgeuages who decided to star their own informative yet enjoyable magazine. From how to dress your show room for Christmas to how to maximize your wardrobe, Divine is here to help you make your holiday seasons the best they can be. Divine is released 4 times a year only, focused on each season and its holidays. We are releasing our premiere issue in December just in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve to end your 2012 great and ring in the New Year in style. Between the four of us we have collaborated and brought the best of the holidays and how to make them better and put them in these pages. In this issue you can find articles about designing the perfect winter wedding and even an interview with Kansas City’s very own Tiffany Pankratz. We are so excited to share our dream with you and help you with all of your holiday needs! Enjoy Divine! Happy Holidays,


Abby Sarah

Get to Know Hey readers! I am so excited that you are reading Divine. We have so much fun and unique ideas to share with you, but first I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am married to my husband, Zac, of six years. We have four kids, Parker, Simon, Sophia and Chloe. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in fashion journalism and brand management. I interned at various companies like Covergirl and I worked as a column writer in Harper’s Bazaar. After a few years of working as a writer, I wanted to start my own informative yet enjoyable magazine. With the help of three former colleagues, Divine was born. I hope you enjoy what Divine has to offer.

Thank you so much for purchasing a magazine or subscription to our brand new magazine! I want to tell you about myself. I am a graduate from New York University where I studied broadcasting and communication. After graduating I was an intern at Vogue magazine. I am married to the love of my life Liam and we have two kids: Carter (7) and Payton (4). We live in a suburb outside of NYC and we travel to North Carolina very often. I enjoy writing, traveling, family time and cooking (My favorite dish is Macaroni). Our four dreams have come true and we have come together to create Divine, the most personable design magazine!



your Editors I am a graduate of Kansas State University with a major in interior design and a minor in business. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Kendall, and we have 2 kids, Jasper, 10, and Emmett, 9. On the side, I have my own photography business. I love taking pictures of nature, but I also photograph seniors and families. I really enjoy working for a magazine that is not only fun to look at and read, but is really useful for designers! I enjoy coming to work every day because I get to work with my friends on this awesome magazine!

Hey guys! Thank you so much for helping us achieve our dream! Just to tell you a little bit about me, I graduated from NYU with a bachelor’s degree in Merchandising and then an Associates’ degree in Visual Communications from FIDM. I’m currently living in NYC with my husband Evan. When I’m not working on Divine I’m working as a part- time stylist for Vogue. I enjoy traveling and eating!! In my free time Evan and I travel and take cooking classes and we are always looking for new recipes to try. I met my fellow editors from working in the industry and there isn’t a better group of women I would want to share this journey with!

How To See In

Black & White Black and White dĂŠcor and clothes are the hottest trends this year. Incorporate black and white into your life by adding black and white photos around your home or office! Easily change your favorite photos into black and white with this tutorial!


Start out with a photograph with weak colors.


2. Under the Layers tab, choose “New adjustments layer” and click on “Hue & Saturation.” Enhance the colors in your photo so they show up nicely in your edited photo.


Add your picture into Photoshop and duplicate the layer.


Under the “New adjustment layers” pick “Levels” and darken down the picture.

For “Select a Style� pick the subject that best fits your photograph and adjust the intensity as needed.


Enjoy your new black and white photo! 11

Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe


ne of the many perks of working in the design industry is you have a bit of more lee way with the way you dress. Interior designers don’t necessarily need to be wearing a pant suit to work every day. But even design industry professionals can get bummed out by a drab winter wardrobe. What most people don’t seem to understand is that a winter wardrobe can be built and look just as good a spring one! Don’t be afraid to use color, just because it looks dreary outside doesn’t mean that’s how your closet needs to look!

Why This Works

This outfit is perfect for a day in the office for a design professional. The sweater looks casual on its own but paired with the dark blazer it looks polished and pulled together. The green metallic jeans are the perfect match! It gives a subtle pop of color and some fun texture while keeping it clean. Design professionals are on their feet most of the day so the boots are functional and adorable. The hat and bag pull the whole outfit together! Although this whole outfit is professional it isn’t stiff or frumpy.


Why This Works

Dark jeans with dark boots can be too much at times but here they co-inside and look extremely sleek. The heel on this boot is perfect because it is not too high or pointed making it completely office appropiate. The nude blazer is a good way to lighten up the dark bottom. The casual white tee paired with the blazer makes the whole outfit look polished. Add a few simple bracelets and voila you have yourself an outfit perfect for you and your career.

When building a professional winter wardrobe it’s great to have basic timeless pieces. A pleated skirt, a good blazer, and a pair of riding boots is a great place to start. Jackets are also a must have. They complete the look and can pull your whole outfit together! Another important thing to remember is that you don’t have to over do it with accessories to make your outfit interesting. A pair of fun tights or a cute scarf can completely change an outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix colors or patterns! Be adventorous and step outside the box! Winter doesn’t mean you have to pack away all the color, keep it out and make it fun!

Why This Works

Many people don’t thinnk you can pair tan and black together without it clashing but boy are they wrong! This outfit as a whole could be used for winter or summer. Remove the tights, scarf (and if need be the jacket) and you have yourself an outfit for a summer day. The scarf and jacket it give it a lighter look. Since jackets are the new coat don’t be afriad to layer and end it with a jacket! This season is all about layering and using pieces from the sumer and making them usable for winter.


Why This Works

Although everyone is pushing color this season don’t over think it and going over board with the color. Tights are perfect for any outfit. And once again we see the reappearance of the boot. The dark studded jacket looks heavy but is lightened up by the grey sweater dress. The beanie could definately be optional, it’s all up to your personal preference.

Why This Works

COLOR! The red sweater adds the perfect pop of color. And she keeps it light with the tan boots and hat. You can never go wrong with a boot. They are the seasons hottest accessory and having a clsoet full of them is a huge advantage for you! Mix and matching patterns is also a fun way to spice up your outfit and she does it perfectly. She keeps the colors the same and doesn’t clash patterns but pick ones that coinside perfectly! And as always dark jeans are the staple of the season.


z t a r k an

P y n a f if


ivine got the chance to meet up with D Tiffany Pankratz, owner of “Inspire by Tiffa-

ny” Boutique to talk to her about her store in Olathe, Kansas, everything she loves about Winter fashion and of course advice for our readers! Pankratz designed the whole boutique herself, with the help of her family. The mother-to-be has been in business since September 2010. Her grandmother was her inspiration for opening her own boutique, she started out doing small trunk shows and now she has two stores open. Pankratz feels that everyday she gets to play dress-up, not work! Tiffany hopes that this interview will should inspire you and make you feel better! “inspire” those of you who want to work in the Divine: Where did you get your inspiration for design industry. Enjoy! your boutique (How to decorate, what to sell, Divine: How did you come up with the name price ranges, etc.)? TP: Inspire is a collection of all my favorite “Inspire by Tiffany”? Tiffany Pankratz: Fashion is what “Inspires” me things in the world! I love nature so I wanted to and I feel there is a power of inspiration in find- decorate the store so it felt like you were outside. ing a perfect outfit. When you find that perfect We used very nontraditional items for displayoutfit it makes you feel more confident in your- ing items. (Large iron trees to hang jewelry on, self. I also love affordable fashion. You should a fountain to display shoes on, outdoor arbors to hang clothes on, bird cages that were turned never feel guilty for shopping and instead it into lights, and we even painted the ceiling sky

blue. As far as what to sell, I have a saying that you can find your “basics” anywhere, so I focus on one of a kind items for your wardrobe that are more statement pieces. Things that whenever you wear them people will compliment you and ask you where you got it. I also only buy limited quantities of items and NEVER repeat the same item in the store. Pricing is also extremely important to me. Fashion changes quickly. Therefore it is ridiculous to spend too much money on trendy items that may or may not be in style next season. So I try to make sure everything in my store is under $60. That way you get more for your money too! You can look great and trendy and not break the bank! Divine: What is the age range of your buyers? TP: Our customers range from teenagers all the way up to probably around 60. We carry juniors and women’s brands so we try to have a “mother-daughter” feel. We also have lots of accessories as well which appeal to women of all ages.

manufacturers and can react quickly to buyer’s needs, which is ideal. Weather plays a big role into what people are buying. If we are having a mild fall with high temperatures then there is no sense in bringing in winter coats in September. Instead I may adjust and bring in lightweight fall jackets. I buy weekly and literally am looking at new styles from my manufacturers on a daily basis. As a rule of thumb though by October the entire store should be fall/winter selections.

Divine: What are some trends you’re looking forward to this winter? TP: The colors for this winter are gorgeous! So many beautiful jewel tones. Metallic is also very popular and so I love all the metallic in fabrics, jewelry, purses, and more. I am in love with two-toned boots and ones with fringe. Tribal prints Divine: How early do you are also still popular in more of Azstart bringing back your tec prints and so there are some really cool designs out there! winter fashion? TP: I work closely with my

Divine: What do you tell clients who are trying to build their wardrobe? TP: Well basic items are very important but we really focus on one of a kind statement type items. So what I tell customers is that you want to focus on items you can dress up or down. You want to get as much use out of items as possible. Cute jeans are important and I recommend getting both Boot-cut and Straight-leg pairs for your wardrobe. For winter, a cute pair of both black and brown boots is important as well. Whether they have a heel or are more of a riding boot, it doesn’t matter. Just some cute boots to throw on with jeans or leggings is a closet must have! I also recommend a couple statement type pieces of jewelry. Divine: Who decorates your store? TP: I am the one who came up with the ideas for the store but I wish I was artistic and creative when it came to actually creating what goes on in my head. Luckily I have a very handy and creative family. My husband and father-in-law did all the build out in the store on their own. So they did all the construction. Then my mom, sister-in-law (who is an artist), and my dad did

all the creative things in the store. All paintings and all my marketing and advertising is designed by my sister-in-law. My dad built the cash wrap by hand and created the lighting. My mom added all the cute touches like artwork, mosaic inside the cash wrap, the cute table cloths, and more. I am lucky to be surrounded by so much support and creativity. Divine: How do you spice up your winter outfits? TP: I spice things up by doing things that traditionally may not go together. If I have a cute black dress that may be a little boring, I’ll add leopard tights or funky boots with it to make it interesting. And I ignore traditional rules on colors. Pair whatever colors you want together! Just tie it all in. I always tell people to wear what inspires THEM, not what is “inside the box”. I love when people show their personalities through their style. That’s what makes us all unique. Divine: What are some things you do to keep your winter wardrobe bright colored? TP: Well, I ALWAYS have bright colors in my wardrobe no matter what. That’s just my style. This winter is great because colored skinnies are popular which is a great way to add color to your wardrobe. I also always have lots of bright

colored accessories. You can brighten any outfit with the right accessories. I have a lot of clothing with wild prints as well. When I wear a bright, wild print I do try to make everything else more basic.

(maybe a unique back or a fun print). I would pair it with fun tights and cute heels. And of course some fun, sparkly jewelry. If it is a more casual party (like most I will be attending) I am planning on wearing some cute red skinnies and a fun Divine: What do you think is sweater with cute boots! I’m all the most important part of about looking cute but feeling dressing for winter? comfortable! TP: Well, since we live in the Midwest, our temperatures are very unpredictable. So I recommend layering! It can snow one day and be 70 degrees the next so your winter wardrobe should have lots of layers. Buy some basics that could go with a lot of different things! That way you are always prepared no matter what the outfit. Divine: What is your best advice to our readers? Tiffany: Style and fashion is a way of expressing yourself. It shows off your personality and who you are. Don’t be so tied up in what everyone else is doing or wearing and instead wear what inspires you and makes you feel happy and comfortable. And don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on your wardrobe to look great. It’s just not true! Divine: What is your ideal outfit for a holiday party? TP: If it is a more formal party I would love a fun dress that has a element of surprise to it

Sitting Down with Kristen We sat down with Kristen, who has worked for Tiffany at Inspire for about a year. Divine: What is your favorite part working here? K: It’s colorful and a different environment than other boutiques. Divine: What is your favorite season of clothing in the store? K: Summer and Holidays because of beaded dresses and sequins. Divine: What are you majoring in? K: Graphic Design and Business. I love inDesign!


Ask the Editors! Ask us a question about fashion, beauty, or anything at all!

Dear Melina,

Dear Emily,

I’m an interior designer and I’d really like to have a more unique look so I want to enhance my natural hair color but I don’t want to dye it. How can I do that without damaging my hair? Should I use a lightning spray? -Dull in Denver

I have thinner hair and I’ve been having trouble maintaining it and finding new ways to style it. I was wondering if you have any tips to help me look my best for the office? -Thin in all the wrong places

Dear Dull in Denver, I’m glad you asked this question because a lot of people don’t know that you can change your hair shade without dying it! There are many hair lightning sprays out there but that’s not what you should use in this situation. Try using a color enhancing shampoo and conditioner, such as John Frieda’s Better Blonde, Brunette, etc. Pantene also makes a color enhancing shampoo! I switch back and forth between John Frieda and Pantene because I can’t decide which one works better! There is no dye in them so it won’t damage your hair either. It makes a gradual difference so keep using it and you’ll see the change over time! Good luck! -Melina


Dear Thin in all the wrong places, The first thing is to not forget the basics of hair care (don’t wear your hair in a ponytail to bed, don’t over style, condition daily). It also starts with a great cut, for thin hair it is good to get a lot of layers because it adds texture and makes your hair look fuller. A trick I use is when blow drying I apply a thickening glaze and I flip my hair over and blow dry the roots upside down to give them some volume. When styling straightening your hair is always an option but it does make your hair look fine. Always play up your natural texture, if you have curls don’t fight them, embrace them! As I said before don’t over style your hair. Too much heat can damage you hair and make it break which is the last thing you want. Hope this helps! –Emily

Dear Abby, How do you keep your hair curly the whole entire day? And also what type of iron do you use? Whenever I curl my hair it becomes flat throughout the day since I am always on the go from house to house, I want your volume! Please help! -Dying for curls

Dear Sarah, I am an up and coming designer and I want to know how to keep my long hair healthy and stylish but it gets in the way so I am thinking about cutting it. What advice do you have for me? -Hairy Potter

Dear Dying for curls,

Dear Hairy Potter, I would definitely not cut your hair! Long hair takes such a long time to grow out that I wouldn’t cut it just because it isn’t looking healthy. There are so many easy tips that can fix your hair in a heartbeat. I would start with getting a special shampoo and conditioner specially made for long hair. Herbal Essence has a great one. Believe it or not, trimming your hair will keep it long and healthy. Start with these tips and I guarantee you will be able to tell a difference soon! I hope this advice is helpful to you and good luck on your design career. -Sarah

I have lots of things I do to curl my hair and keep it that way. First off, I have somewhat of a natural wave so that helps. However, to start off I put on a heat protecting oil (U Luxury) so I don’t cause split ends and damage to my hair. I usually use my 1-inch wand. I always use a little section of my hair and wrap it around the wand for 10 seconds. Lastly, I spray my locks with Sebastian Sharper Plus Hairspray, which really gives it the natural look and shine. Good luck! -Abby

Dear Emily and Abby, I am a fashion designer who works for Macy’s and whenever I have to take a headshot for work I always try to cover up my freckles! I don’t want the customers to think I have a severe acne problem because I have so many freckles! What do I do? -Kissed by Angels Dear Kissed by Angels, The last thing we want is for you to have caked on a bunch of makeup on your beautiful face. You need to flaunt your fresh clean face and not cover up your freckles! Remember, they are a part of you and unique. No one will pay that close enough attention; they won’t even think anything of it as being zits. If you want to make them maybe less noticeable just apply a little bit of powder foundation, that way it’s not too much but they will be just a bit less noticeable. –Emily and Abby


Got Space?


ant to know what to do with your office? Well, the editors of Divine are giving the readers their two cents on how to organize and decorate an office to make it shine your personality. Color your walls with a color that you can stand for a long time, otherwise you will want to paint over it soon. Next, decorate your office with personable items like picture frames, paintings, shelves, mirrors, etc. Finally, use furniture that is chic yet comfortable and can cover the space with good proportion. To plan your display, use the La-Z-Boy 3D room planner on their website to create the look you want, and to make sure you like it. That will really help. Good luck!


The office I designed represents my personality. My favorite color is purple therefore I made the walls light lavender. I love having a very decorative space, I can’t stand blank walls. There are picture frames on the wall to make it more personable. I love to read, so I have a bookshelf with books and collectibles. To be organized, I use a bulletin board, to keep track of all appointments and events. Across from my desk, I have two La-Z-Boy recliners for my clients and visitors. I love having big windows so I always have a pleasant view. My day at the office is enjoyable. Abby Schmitz

In this office, I painted the walls a neutral color so the color scheme can be easily changed without having to paint the walls. Since colors are always changing with the seasons, a nice neutral base is a great way to go. The color scheme for this room is pink, red, white, and brown. The wood materials in this room give it a more masculine feel to the otherwise feminine color scheme. Let’s face it. Women are going to be dragging their husbands here, so it can’t be too girly. The colors give it a warm and comfortable look compared to the snow and cold outside. Melina Cope I chose to paint the room blue because it’s a calming color. Personalize. Personalize. Personalize. Let your clients know who you are when they step through the door. The blue mosaic wall gives the room a fun feel and is a focal point. I encourage you to take risks when designing your space, the more you make it unique and special, the more it will be a rewarding space for you to spend the majority of your day. Plus your clients will enjoy coming to your office. I also added the white furniture to give the room a refreshing feel. Finally add the finishing touches to make it your own. Sarah Hufnagel By painting the two smaller walls red it elongates the room making it seem bigger. The consulting area has darker fabric furniture to give the room a warm feeling as well as using the darker wood. I made my desk away from the consulting area so you can separate your personables from the area where you are with your clients. The flowers and picture adds personal touches making the room more comfortable than just an office. So you have the enjoyment of the bay windows with some privacy I added a dark curtain. Emily Van


Winter Wonderland



o our readers that are interested in starting a party planning business, boy to do we have a surprise for you! Divine has picked Bridget and Mark, a soon-to-be married couple, to plan their dream winter wedding! We will then give you the secrets from the inside and let you know the best way to go about planning a night to remember! The key to having the best winter wedding is that there are so many variations you can have with what the season has to offer. It is important that whenever choosing decorations, for any party, that they are creative and original. You want the guests to be in awe at your napkin holders, chandeliers, or center pieces or whatever the decoration is, big or small. Keep in mind that each and every accent piece or focal point piece needs to be cohesive with the overall theme of the party. One of my favorite decoration pieces for Bridget and Mark’s wedding are the place holders. They are pine cones set up to hold the name cards for the places at the table. They are simple and incorporate the nature the season. -


The reception is where the guests can let go and truly get in the celebratory mood. With any party, you want every guest to have a wonderful time. One way you can achieve this is through having enough space where the guest can roam around and have enough space to dance the night away. Having a dance floor is a great idea because it designates a specific area for dancing and separates it away from the eating/sitting area. Another thing that is great at receptions is having a parting gift. It not only serves as a keep sake for your guests but it also lets you add your own touch to the wedding decorations that is more personable.


The ceremonies of a wedding are the most important part. This is what the bride and groom have been waiting for, along with mom and dad and grandpa and grandma. This is where the more personality the better. You want every part of the ceremony to be somehow special to the bride and groom. Incorporate memorable pictures throughout the couple’s lives; make sure the bouquets are the bride’s favorite flowers. Bridget loves wild flowers so we made sure they have winter trimmings in them. Play up the color scheme of the wedding. Also make sure the seating is in the right spot so every guest can see the bride and groom tie the knot. I hope that this article is helpful in the future and everyone here at Divine, wishes all the best to Bridget and Mark.


PalePower Being fair skinned may seem like a curse right now in this bronzed society but we are here to let all of our pale skin beauties know that there are many ways to rock your lovely skin tone. With this information, now you can truly be your own brand. You can go into work feeling confident in your fair skin. Are you freckled with gold-red undertones in your hair, or a cool and pale dirty dishwater blond? Maybe you’ve never noticed the undertones in your skin coloring. Now is a great time to understand it, because it will help you determine the right choice of colors from now on.

Remède Alchemy Cleansing Concentrate:”Moving from cold to warm temperatures takes a harsh toll on my skin, especially when it’s already prone to dryness. I find that having the right cleanser is the first step to supple skin. I love this product. It cleanses my skin without stripping it of its moisture.”


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Redness Soothing Gentle Scrub:”Twice a week, I use an exfoliant to unclog my pores and whisk away dead, dry skin. The cool feeling that Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Redness Soothing Gentle Scrub leaves behind wakes me up and makes my face feel squeakyclean every time!”

Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist:”After cleansing, I spritz a toner on my face and let it airdry while I start doing my hair. I love Jurlique’s Lavender Hydrating Mist because it adds that glowy, ‘I just slept for a full eight hours’ look to my skin, even if I only got a fraction of that!”

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion:”My all-time favorite moisturizer is a classic: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I apply this all over my face and neck, directly over any treated acne (once the acne treatment has fully dried). It keeps my face looking fresh and acts as a great primer for foundation.”

Choose a bronzer to add just a hint of that sun-kissed look. Apply it to your cheeks, your chin, your nose, your forehead and even on your neck. You can buy powder or cream bronzer but be sure to apply it evenly.

Your nails are like your lips, they need a bold color to contrast your translucence. Wear brighter and deeper shades like burgundy, red, coral and pink.

Wear bolder colors that distinguish your skin tone. Reds and corals are always safe bets; avoid white, beige, and yellow

One of the best makeup tips for fair-skinned women to follow is to always wear blush. Fairskinned women can look very washed out if they do not wear any blush. Light peach or pink blushes look best on fair skin. Carefully apply a light touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush.

If you’re freckled with warm undertones, earth tones such as brown and green will best complement your coloring. Smart conservative colors such as ivory, navy and gray will also look smashing. Steer clear of black, white, light blue, bright neons or pinks. They will clash with your peaches-and-cream skin.

Aim for berry, wine and other deep red hues if your skin is the cool dishwater-blond type, to lift your coloring and bring it to life. Light creams, aquas and turquoise will also rock your cool-colored world. Avoid bright pastels such as lilac and yellow.

If you’re pale and have blue or green eyes, then you have a slight advantage because those colors will make your skin pop

Opt for more flattering colors like chocolate brown, olive, lavender, and gray for eye shadows

11 Helpful Tips For The Most Beautiful Skin

The single most significant way to off-set your pale skin tone is to wear a bright lipstick or lip gloss shade, like red or coral.

Black eyeliner and mascara can look very harsh on women with fair skin. Opt for brown ones instead. Brown eyeliner and mascara will help open up your eyes without looking too harsh.

When looking for eyeliner, choose colors that are at least a shade darker than your eye shadow


The Holidays are the busiest time of year for retail, so why not have your showroom reflect the holidays?

Decorate Your Showroom for the Holidays!

Think about it. What does this time of year remind you of? It reminds me of decorating the tree, Christmas lights, delicious meals, and listening to Christmas music.

your store that you don’t usually do. Your customers will appreciate the change of atmosphere and will be more likely to come back again!

Take what you are reminded of and put it in your showroom. It will make it feel more personal and homey. Put up a Christmas tree right in the center. Decorate it with things that match your showroom, such as fun accessories if you own a clothing store. Or just decorate however you want! Put things on there that will catch peoples’ attention and make them think “I wonder where they got that!”

If you want, put strings of light up outside and inside your showroom. Hang sparkly stars from the ceiling. Have cookies out for your customers. Light a candle that smells like Christmas. Just do fun things with


The important thing is

to not make your showroom look too busy. The focus should still be on the products, but integrate the decorations in with the products. Santa hats on the mannequins or red and green clothing near the front of the store are sure to give your store the Christmas feel without going overboard. If you normally play music in your store, try playing Christmas music over the speakers. If you are tired of Christmas music already, play the instrumental versions of popular Christmas songs. It’s subtle but will still add to the Christmas atmosphere.

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