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Simple Bedroom Storage Chic Spring CHairs Seat Your Dinner Guests Comfortably

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9-10 Hannah Hollis

From Us to You! Dear Reader, Inside out would like to thank you, our readers, for your support and kind words. Each issue we present s created with you in mind. We have a goal with each new issue to provide you with a fun, completely original magazine. In this edition of Inside Out we have presented to you our spring issue. For our spring issue. For our spring issue, we wanted to share with you fun and innovative ways to add to your home this season. For this season, our main focus has been what colors are hot and what colors aren’t. This spring issue will help you make your home more “you”! From inside out, we thank you so much. We hope to continue to have your support and look forward to presenting our next issue to our amazing readers!

-The Inside Out Team

Spring Issue | 2

Simple Bedroom Ideas


he bedroom is the most personal room for most homes. It should also be one of the most personalized. It can be a romantic love nest or a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation. It can be cheerful and calming for the kids, as they innocuously delude themselves into thinking they own the room. Wanting to impress friends, neighbors, and guests, homeowners tend to get tunnel-vision, focusing on public areas of the home. It’s time to be selfish and turn your attention to bedroom decorating. After all, before you take that morning shower, you must first get out of your bed.

Spring Issue | 3

Chic Spring chairs Pennie Chair, $299.99, Crate aPeir1

ABOVE Ankara Arm Chairr, $980.00, Target

Grayson Chair, $700.00, Crate and Barrell

Serene Arm Chair, $459.99, Kirklands

Pink Chevron Chair, $579.99.00, Crate and Barrell

Spring Issue | 4

designdilemmas Q: I live in a studio apartment. I am trying to decorate in compartments. What type of things can I use to separate my bed area from my living area? A bookcase could create your separation, and also give functionality of order and storage, utilizing the open design of the book case. Good Luck!


Q: What would be a fun design twist for a teens bedroom? A: Try painting two walls a different color, maybe


I’m going to redo my kitchen cabinets, where should i start? There are several choices that you can pick from if you are going to redo your kitchen cabinets. First, you must find out what material they are made from. if it is a possibility, you can either paint or stain the cabinets a new color. Purchase new hardware for your cabinet to update your look.




rooms separate without looking like a color palette? One approach you could take is to select a neutral paint color to run through all of these rooms. You can further identify each room through curtains, pillows, rugs, artwork and decorative accessories. Another approach you could take is to select varying shades of the same color!

have a large old bookcase that is currently natural color with some finish left on. I want to paint it white for storage use in a bathroom. what is best kind of paint to use for this/best process for painting it? Brush, roller, spray paint? I don’t mind if some grain shows through/scuffs up because it will give it an antique look that I am fine with. An oil based primer and oil based exterior paint. You can just scuff it up and brush it on, take your time and do it right though, I hate to see natural wood get painted, but understand for your use in a bathroom. Don’t be afraid of oil based paint, they are superior to latex. You may want to brush the primer, brush the oil (maybe 2 coats) and possible spray a clear enamal.

Q: I’m decorating my new house. Where should I start?! A: First, it is important to figure out WHAT you

Q: My apartment has no storage space. Help! A Look for a slim, nonclunky wardrobe. If you don’t

add some stripes or a chevron pattern. You could write a quote on the wall, or even draw something. Use bold colors and use your imagination!

Q: My house has an open floor plan so the kitchen, dining room and living area are all connected. How do I choose paint colors that keep the


really like, before you start buying things. Start by looking at design magazines and interior decorating books for inspiration. Learn about color schemes, furniture styles and floor plans. Once you’ve got a central idea for what you want, try putting together a mood bored, or even a make a board on Pinterest! Then, use ideas that you have created to start decorating! & dont forget to have fun!


have a utility closet, keep cleaning supplies out of sight by looping everything over a sturdy hanger and covering it with a white garment bag. Hang it on a fun hook and let the bag fade into the white walls.

Spring Issue | 5

S eat Y our D inner G uests



it’s once a year or every night, we want our family and friends to be happy in the dining room with more than just our excellent food and company. Catering equally to tall, amall, robust or svelte loved ones is a good goal. If you follow simple guidelines when uying your dining table and cahirs, your guests will fell comfortable and return again and again.

Spring Issue | 7

The Round Dining Table A more intimate space loves a round dining table. If you prefer to entertain small groups of friends and family, or you don’t have a dedicated dining room, round could be for you. Just as with a rectangular or square table, measure your space and apply the same chair measurements. Allow 26 inches per person for elbow room on a three- to six-seater and 24 inches for six or more. A round table usually has one pedestal leg, offering extra leg room. I like the timber footrest on the bottom of this pedestal, as those seated can raise their feet off the ground and get a little extra support.

The Rectangular Dining Table Rectangular tables are the most popular shape for dining. Consider the length of table that your room can comfortably fit. Generally, 36 inches between the edge of the table and each wall or other piece of furniture will allow for chairs to be pulled out with ease. If you can, leave 48 inches between the table and the entrance into the room Having an arched entrance like the one in this picture stops the awkward bunching of people at your door when you announce that dinner is served. Once you know how long your table can be, you can then work out how many can comfortably sit around it. Allow at least 24 inches of elbow room for each guest.

Spring Issue | 8


High achievers spot risk opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.


Spring Issue | 9

Hannah Hollis Now an international interior designer graduated from FIDM, otherwise known as the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising. FIDM is known for their reputable alumni such as Lauren Conrad and Pamala Shaist-leui who is the founder of Juicy Couture. Hannah has worked her way up so that she could be part of that reputable group. To be part of this prestigious group you must first go through multiple years of schooling, interning, and training. Being the nest of the best has been Hannah’s life long goal and now she’s there. Working as a high school student at multiple interior design firms, Hannah has proved her loyalty to the interior design industry. In the fast paced environment, Hannah interned for the two firms scheduling appointments and shadowing designers. After being placed with designer Marcelo Leano, Hannah was able to make the connections to attend FIDM. Hannah has attended FIDM for the last four years and graduated at the top of her class. Graduating at the top of her class gave Hannah the opportunity to design the Jacobethon house. The house is p art of the designer showcase that gives designers a chance to win $500,000 to start their own firm. Hannah being the aggressive, bossy, yet creative woman she is went in with a plan and executed. Hannah won the money and started her firm called Hollis Designs. To learn more about Hannah and her story visit

Spring Issue | 10

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