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Œcumene Spaces For Dignity

In a world where over a billion people face poverty and insecurity, creating sustainable and equitable human settlements is a complex and urgent challenge. To meet this challenge, we need an approach that is integrated, interdisciplinary, and grounded in empathy for the diverse needs of communities around the globe. That's where Œcumene SpacesForDignity comes in. For a decade, this innovative collective, led by visionary founder Insaf Ben Othmane, has been working to build a more humane, equitable, and supportive infrastructure for change. Through the power of participatory design, they work hand-in-hand with local communities to co-create projects that address their unique needs and aspirations. Whether it's designing sustainable housing solutions, creating community spaces that foster connection and belonging, or promoting social justice and inclusion, Œcumene SpacesForDignity is committed to imagining a better world and bringing it to life. Join us in this inspiring journey towards a more just and sustainable future!