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Housing & Residence Life

Housing Application Guide

Housing Portal Home Page

Housing Portal Home Page ▪ Select “Log In”
MIDAS Log In ▪ Enter your MIDAS ID ▪ Enter Password ▪ Select “Login” ○ If you do not have a MIDAS, please select “Create an Account” and follow the prompts

Housing Portal

Housing Portal

▪ Select “Apply for Housing” from the middle panel
Application Term Selector Application Term Selector ▪ Select the current “Academic Year” term ▪ Click “Apply”

Begin Application Begin

Review through the provided details and select
Begin Application” to proceed

Personal Details

▪ Review the information presented.

▪ This information is generated from the University Student record. If you need to make corrections, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office.

▪ Click “Continue” to proceed.

Personal Details
Contact Information Contact Information ▪ Provide the Student’s Contact Information ▪ Provide Parent/Guardian Contact Information ○ The Parent/Guardian email address is optional. Providing a Parent/Guardian email address will allow HRL to send general announcement information. ▪ Provide Emergency & Missing Person’s Contact Information. ▪ Click “Save & Continue” to proceed

Criminal Background Criminal

▪ Indicate Criminal Background information, if applicable ▪ Click “Save & Continue”

Educational Accessibility Accommodations

Educational Accessibility Accommodations ▪ Indicate whether you have a disability that will impact your ability to live within the residential community ▪ Click “Save & Continue”
Acknowledgements Educational Accessibility Acknowledgements ▪ Review the information provided and check the acknowledgements box ▪ Click “Save & Continue”
Educational Accessibility

Room Preferences

four (4) building/room preferences. You must list
Use the “Add Preference” button
Click “Save & Continue”
Room Preferences ▪
proceed. ▪
on the
Contract Housing & Dining Contract ▪ Applicants are encouraged to read the Terms & Conditions before completing this step in the application ▪ If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to upload a parent/guardian notice agreeing to the terms and conditions ▪ Enter your University Identification Number (UIN) to sign the Housing & Dining Contract ▪ Click “Sign Contract” to proceed

Payment Notes

Application Payment ▪ Review the items presented on this page ▪ Click “Pay Now” to enter the Payment Portal
Application Payment
Page Payment Page ▪ Complete payment by entering your credit card information ▪ Click “Continue” to authorize payment
Receipt Page Receipt Page ▪ After Successful Payment, you will receive a confirmation receipt ▪ Print this page/save this page for your records ▪ Click “Save & Continue”
Application Progress Page ▪ Click “Complete Application” to submit your housing application ▪ If you do not select “Complete Application” your application will not be considered complete
Application Progress Page

Housing Profile


Save &
Profile ▪ Create your housing profile by adding a screen/nickname, add a personal descriptions and answer lifestyle questions ▪

Roommate Group

▪ Applicants can create or join roommate groups by following the prompts on this page

▪ Applicants are not required to create or join a roommate group, this step is optional

▪ Click “Save & Continue” to proceed

Roommate Groups

Creating a Roommate Group Creating a Roommate Group ▪ To Create: ▪ Select “Create Group” ▪ Develop a name for your group ▪ Search For Roommates: ▪ Suggested Roommates ▪ Search by Details ▪ Search by Life-Style Profiles

Roommate Group Outgoing/Incoming Requests

Roommate Group

Outgoing/Incoming Requests

▪ The Group Leader can send and accept requests for group members ▪ Outgoing requests can be cancelled; Incoming requests can be accepted or declined ▪ Outgoing and Incoming requests have expiration dates, requests can be sent again if they expire

Housing Application Status

Housing Application Status

This page will confirms that you have completed your Housing Application. Living-Learning/Theme Communities

▪ To submit an LLC/TC Application select the provided link. This is where you submit an Honors Housing Application as well.

Living-Learning and Theme Communities

Living-Learning and Theme Communities


▪ Review Living Learning Community options provided. The Honors College options is available in the drop down. ▪ Select two (2) LLC/TC Preferences ▪ Click “Save & Continue” to proceed

Questionnaire Living-Learning Questionnaire ▪ Complete the questionnaire for the selected Living-Learning/Theme Communities ▪ Make sure all information is complete prior to submitting. You will not be able to return to make changes ▪ Click “Submit” to proceed

Living-Learning/Theme Community App Status

Living-Learning/Theme Community Application Status

This page will provide the details of your Living-Learning/Theme Community Application.

▪ Decision Notices regarding your Living-Learning/Theme Community Application will be sent to your ODU email address. However, you can always check your status via this page at any point.

▪ This is where you will accept/reject invitations.

If you need to cancel your LLC/TC Application, use the cancellation link at the bottom (in the red box).

Meal Plan

▪ Once you have received a Housing Assignment, you will be prompted to select a Meal Plan via the provide link.

▪ Select “Continue” to proceed to the Assignment Status page

Meal Plan

Assignment Status

Assignment Status

Once you have received an assignment, you will see the “Assignment Status” page

▪ This page will provide your Booking Summary (location, room and room type)

▪ Additionally, roommate information will be present on this page. If a resident opts not to share their information, the space will show as “Occupied” without student information present

The LLC/TC Application & Status pages will also show on this page