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May/June 2013 Please do pass on this issue of HartBeat to all your Beavers Cubs and Scouts and their parents or guardians. A link to current and past HartBeat issues can be found on the district website. Many Thanks Catherine, your HartBeat editor

Inside This Issue 6th Fleet Scouts - Survival Weekend in Hannams Copse by Oliver Bradgate ....................................................2 29th scouts on Bank Holiday camp with out rain‌ almost. By Louise Braybrook ASL.....................................3 6th Fleet Head Over the Pond to USA ..............................................................................................................4 6th Fleet Lake District Hill Walking By Thomas Philpott.....................................................................................6 29th do the Harlem Shake for their creative badge. .........................................................................................7 28th Odiham Apache and Chinook Troops Go Fossil Hunting By Ryan Battle...................................................9 St Georges Day Parade..................................................................................................................................10 Jott – Jamboree On The Trail 2013 Saturday 11th May..................................................................................11 Politically Correct Chieftains ..........................................................................................................................13 New Appointments / Change of Roles............................................................................................................14 Finland 2013 Real Scouting in the Frozen Wastes of Northern Europe............................................................16 Hampshire Youth Council let you know what they like about scouting..........................................................18 Strategies for Youth Involvement ...................................................................................................................19

Are you currently aged between 12 and 15 years old? Would you like to meet Scouts and Guides from other Countries? Do you want a life changing experience? The World Scout Jamboree is an opportunity for young people to meet scouts and guides from across the world. These events are very special and only happen once every four years. Hampshire Scouting are looking for 90 young people to be part of the next United Kingdom contingent attending the Jamboree in Japan in 2015 comprising three units from Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and The Channel Islands. What should you do next? Download the paperwork from and follow the instructions. All the details you need for the selection process are there.

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May/June 2013 th

6 Fleet Scouts - Survival Weekend in Hannams Copse

by Oliver Bradgate

On a very wet Friday evening in mid-March, the rain was pouring onto Crondall Scout Hut. The scouts clambered out of their cars, hoods up. We carried our kit across a field and under a shelter. When we had all arrived we were assigned to groups and we set up our bivouacs. We were all in our groups in individual areas of the Copse, sitting around a comforting warm fire. We were chatting and then the leaders came to us and told us to go to bed, so we did. When we woke up, the cold morning air was a shock, but fortunately the rain had stopped. We gathered some wood and built a fire. We sat round the fire eating breakfast and when we had finished we gathered more wood. A leader came to our camp and told us it was time to do some activities. Unfortunately, due to the mud, we could only do two activities. We sat down and made bread and cooked it in the dustbin oven. All the food was either cooked on our fires in the dustbin oven fuelled by wood from the Copse. We then used catapults to shoot wooden pellets at cans suspended between the trees. After some practice sessions, we made it into a group competition, which our group lost! After that, we chilled round the fire and at about 10:30 went to bed. On Sunday morning we woke up, packed our kit and carried it over to the hut. We had breakfast and soon after it was time leave. All the muddy, tired scouts walked back down the field and our parents arrived. We all had a really good weekend (and still had time for mother’s day) and wanted to come back next year.

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May/June 2013 th

29 scouts on Bank Holiday camp with out rain… almost. By Louise Braybrook ASL With quite a few new Scouts the weekend camp working, cooking and sleeping in Patrols was going to be a new experience. On arrival the Scouts set up their patrol tents and dining shelters with varying degrees of success (in part due to the pouring rain). The sun decided to come out and stay whilst the Scouts got on with the task of digging their fire pits and collecting wood. The Scouts had had a lot of practice fire lighting; their last stint when cooking fish they had gutted, so we were hopeful that they wouldn’t still be waiting to eat their meal at two in the morning. Over the weekend the patrols cooked some fantastic meals on open fires including their own version of Sheppard’s pie, Chicken Stir Fry (as recommended by Jannette) and some delicious cakes cooked in oranges – I am sure Michael, one of our leaders had a cake cooking in each patrol fire!

The Scouts were lucky enough to take part in archery and rifle shooting – thanks to the Group’s Leader Graham – as well as the using the camp site’s climbing wall; which seems colossal to some of our smaller Scouts.

But the highlight of the camp had to be the rafting building. The Scouts spent an afternoon honing their knotting skills and creating some incredible contraptions. Unfortunately not all of them, if any, stayed

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May/June 2013 together for long once all their patrol where on board. It was fun for those in the water but not as much fun and as hilarious for those watching on the bank!

6th Fleet Head Over the Pond to USA For 2011, we went to the beach and stayed in Bournemouth. For 2012, we crossed the channel and spent a week in Holland. But for 2013, our leaders decided to go one step further, and on Thursday 14th February, seven scouts and two leaders were on a plane to Boston, USA. Over the course of 10 days, we took part in many fun activities that are unique to America. There had been heavy snowfall in Boston, so we went sledging down a big hill at a golf course. Firearms rules are different to the UK, and on one of the days a gun club hosted us. AK47, M4, 9mm pistol, Shotgun – the list of guns we used was endless, and most of the scouts believed it to be the best day of the trip.

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May/June 2013 We soon found out the difference in food portion sizes compared to Britain when we went to a Texas Steak house, where after the main course, we were much too full for dessert. In addition, we met up with some eagle scouts and went on a snow hike with them, and visited a US airbase and got to see the inside of a Casey 135 - a plane used to refuel others in mid-air. Also, we flew in a little plane above the state of Maine, circling around a lighthouse and at one point momentarily switching off the engine so there was no gravity. However, we didn’t just go to Boston. We spent a day travelling to Niagara Falls in Canada, and for an unforgettable lunch, we ate in the revolving restaurant that overlooked the falls. The view was spectacular. Afterwards, we drove to Toronto and stayed the night in the posh, five star hotel, The Radisson. The next day, we went up the CN tower and looked over Toronto and jumped on the glass floor that allowed you to see the city below. This trip was a once in a lifetime experience for all the scouts and leaders, some of which had never been to America or Canada before. So, what shall we do for 2014?

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May/June 2013 th

6 Fleet Lake District Hill Walking

By Thomas Philpott

Last week, 2 scouts and I from our troop, 6th Fleet Scouts, went on a county Hillwalking expedition with over 20 other scouts and explorers from all over Hampshire. The scouts were going not only for the amazing views but to complete their Hillwalkers and Expedition Challenge badges if not already completed. The walks were all very long and tiring but very rewarding when we reached the summit of the mountains we were climbing. We also had a long expedition at the end of the week, which included hiking with our heavy rucksacks, cooking our food, camping and hiking back! We stayed in a lovely hut in a small village called Braithwaite. We needed to bring plenty of kit for the expedition though. As well as clothes and a wash kit, we needed extra items for our day sack. When in a mountain emergency, you need a first aid kit; a survival bag, a shelter, a whistle, a phone and extra food to keep you going or else you could be in serious trouble. When on the expedition, a tent and a stove were vital or else you would go hungry and have no energy for the next days hike. On the first day we did a lower down but further in distance hike which led us to a Stone Age circle made out of huge rocks. Travelling in groups of six, we map read, used our compass and used tick-off features to find our current location and which bearing and direction to go next. We got some great views of the mountains we would be facing over the next week though and how hard they looked. The next day was our first major climb when we climbed over 500m in the space of a couple of hours. We climbed over a very slippery, frozen-over stream near reaching the summit. Finally our group made, beating all the other teams by a long way. The views were spectacular as we were looking over Bassenthwaite Lake, a massive dark blue lake right next to the mountain. Later on we climbed another really high mountain, still miles ahead of the groups trailing us. We discovered that every person in our group could climb the mountain no matter how hard or tiring they think it is! The 3rd day of our quest was in freezing, cold conditions, climbing Grisedale Pike. At 791m high in icy snow, we climbed up along a narrow path, jumping from rock to rock as not to slip on the bypassing ice. After a long trudge up, the cloud quickly closed on us and the wind picked up, leaving us with no view. Fortunately, a little lower down the cloud had dispersed and we took many photographs. After climbing a neighbouring mountain, we headed down to a safe slope nearby where we could practice using ice axes properly, so that in a dangerous situation we could slow down and save our selves from the drops below. When finishing, we began the long walk back to our hut in Braithwaite to relax our weary, aching legs. The 4th day was our last long hike before our expedition. We climbed a 700m+ mountain before making our way onto a really dangerous ridge, which was utterly narrow, very icy, and with high, steep drops either side. It was as scary as a thrill theme park ride as if a slip happened, you could have fallen down into a steep, sloped valley below. However, the feeling when you have finished it and accomplished your fears is truly amazing. Another quick visit to the safe slope and we carried on to some really deep patches of snow, all the way up to our knees! However, the best part of the day was when our leader, Stuart, fell asleep on top of a mountain! The next two days were our expedition; where we hiked, camped out and then hiked again, all with our

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May/June 2013 agonizingly, heavy backpacks. The hike itself wasn’t so bad though as we were mostly on flat ground. We passed heaps of sheep and little lambs. When we arrived at our campsite, we set up camp and made our dinner. I had a Pasta Boil-in-a-Bag, which was nice but very small. Although the night was cold, the next day was cool and fresh. This time we had a short hike but climbed very high considering we had the big packs on. Although somebody had to be picked up due to her heavy pack, we finished in good time and were pleased with our week had gone. Next year, I would like to be an Instructor so I can help others achieve what I have done that week.

Hampshire's big Jamboree in 2014:"H0014" Following the success of Hampshire 007 the county is looking for another action packed week in 2014. It's time for Scout Groups to register your interest in Hampshire's Jamboree to keep in touch with developments. The event will be held from the 10-16th August 2014. A fantastic week of activities for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers at Buddens Farm in Dorset. Everyone from Hampshire, UK and overseas welcome. If you would like to know more about Hampshire's Jamboree in 2014 please visit the website th

29 do the Harlem Shake for their creative badge. Not to be outdone by the dance phenomenon spreading across the nation and the internet, as part of gaining their Creative Challenge badge, the Scouts from 29th Odiham decided to produce their own versions of the Harlem Shake. Little did we know the talent that lay hidden amongst all those Scouts who took part – it must be all those nights spent gyrating at Hype! The Harlem Shake consists of a 30 second video. It starts with one lone member (usually wearing a hat or mask) dancing to the electronic Harlem Shake song for 15 seconds, surrounded by the other members not paying attention. Then the bass drops, the video changes to show all the participants wearing crazy The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 7 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

May/June 2013 outfits (Jamie we just won’t forget those amazing silver boots) and insanely dancing for the rest of the video. It ends in slow motion to the sound of a lion’s growl. Simple! There was a little apprehension from some of the Scouts, but when suggested that those who did not want to be recognised could cover their faces they seemed quite relieved. Although dancing hidden in a sleeping bag seemed a little extreme, if not hot – James, Max and Liam!

The filming took part in the Den, thanks to Jon our technical parent helper. The Scouts all had a quick practice and away they went. We managed to produce three versions all of which were shown, to the Scouts embarrassment, at the Group’s AGM. We had some fantastic costumes including Elvis in high heels, a cardboard robot, a Darth Vader ballerina and multitude of onesies – one even featured a bright orange space hopper. There was great enthusiasm and flamboyant dancing, especially from Max Coult – amazing. They should all feel proud for rising to the challenge. Louise Braybrook Assistant Scout Leader The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 8 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

May/June 2013 th

28 Odiham Apache and Chinook Troops Go Fossil Hunting

By Ryan Battle

On 22 February the 28th Odiham Apache and Chinook troops went camping in Lyme Regis. On the trip down we bumped into the Stonehenge and a lot of burial mounds. Half way there we stopped for a break to feel the fresh air on our sweaty faces. The whole point of the camp was to find fossils. It must of been minus 1 plus wind chill. The first thing we did was set up our stuff in the hall – we were very happy not to be camping under canvas. We had a short walk down near the sea then we went back had dinner after meeting new friends and went to sleep. In the morning we woke up at seven, had breakfast and got ready to go to look for fossils. We got to the beach and got an intro to what fossils are and how to find them then we went and had a look for some fossils near the cliff. We found a lot of good fossils. After the hunt we went on a hike along the cliffs it was very exhausting. We finally finished the hike the look on everyone’s faces said it all. On Sunday we had another fossil hunt on the beach then travelled home and we were happy to see our parents. Ryan Battle

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May/June 2013 St Georges Day Parade On Sunday 11th April Odiham district celebrated st Georges day at the church on the heath. After gathering on the school car park the District paraded across the village recreation area and under an arch of flags in to the church. Thomas Thornhill carried the St George flag and Andrew Bullcock the union Jack. The service in the church was put together by Odiham district youth representatives and featured stories of George and the Dragon acted out and the penguin song, sung by the Beavers in the district. The church was packed and there was standing room only.

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May/June 2013 Jott – Jamboree On The Trail 2013

Saturday 11th May

On Saturday 11 May 28th Odiham set out on a hike to take part in JOTT. This was a great way of meeting others both children and adults and family members from other sections of the group. The route took us out the back of Crondall through ancient woodland of Barley Pound and Mark Howell described the ancient fort that once existed there. There were loads of gorgeous bluebells to admire. We then walked up to Pax Hill, once the home of Baden Powell near Bentley. The route then took us to lower Froyle, back through Gravelly wood back to Crondall. The young beavers did really well as this was a very long hike for little legs.

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Saturday 8th June 2013


Hart Leisure Centre 25 metre pool - 6 lanes


6pm for 6.15pm start. Finish approx 9.00pm.


A T shirt should be brought to wear together with 2 towels, one to dry with and the other to sit on. No outdoor footwear is to be worn on poolside.


Spectators will be admitted at a charge of £3 (to include raffle ticket) per adult, free for children under 16. Please will scouters ensure that spectators know that they should stay until the end of the gala. Spectators will also have to remove outdoor footwear and cannot gain admittance to the pool area before 6.30pm.

Team managers:

Each team should have a manager sitting with them and he/she is expected to keep some sort of order, as it is essential that the side of the pool is kept clear for officials, lifesavers etc. The team manager should report to the recording table on arrival.


These will be issued to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each final and the first three teams overall in the gala.


Each troop/unit can provide 3 participants for each event. Each scout/explorer can compete in up to 3 races (including relays). Scouts/explorers may swim in age group above theirs, but not below. No diving in for any race including relay. Disqualifications will be at the Referee’s decision. Scouts/explorers must be quiet at start of each race and listen to Starter’s instructions. Swimmers must not get out of the water at finish of race until told to do so. There will be two relays – a freestyle and a medley. Each relay team consists of four participants; each team must have at least two younger aged team member. Maximum of two teams per troop/unit per relay. The medley relay must be one length breaststroke, one backstroke and two freestyle, not necessarily butterfly stroke. The wall must be touched before next team member commences swimming. Failure to do so will mean disqualification for that team. The team competing in the heats must be the same when competing in the finals. All races will be the full length of the pool. PLEASE CHECK THAT ALL TEAM MEMBERS CAN SWIM AT LEAST 25m. The 6 fastest times in the heats go into the finals. Coming first or second in a heat may not automatically mean they are in the final. Each participant finishing in the heats will score 1 point. 1st - 6 points 4th - 3 points nd 2 - 5 points 5th - 2 points rd 3 - 4 points 6th - 1 point

Scoring; Finals scoring:

Double points for the Relay Races:

All races are 1 length, except the relay which is 4 x 1 length.

A full programme will be available on the day of the gala. Please complete the attached slip and return it to me by Saturday 1 st June 2013. No teams will be accepted after the 1st June. There is a great deal of paperwork to be done in organising the gala, so your co-operation would be greatly appreciated. Please keep alterations down to a minimum - no changes can be accepted after the start of the gala. Please would all packs donate a raffle prize. Glass bottles are not allowed on the poolside so if you are donating wine please provide a card stating what the prize is as well. Thanks.

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May/June 2013 Politically Correct Chieftains On Monday the 8th of April, a group of 7 Explorers from Chieftains ESUI and 3 Scouts from 6th Fleet visited the Houses of Parliament. We started by investing another Explorer in the York Hall, which is also where we met out guide. Then we were taken through the building to visit various rooms, such as the House of Lords and the House of Commons and we learnt about various busts, statues and paintings. We were also taught about the many different traditions in parliament; for example, every year since the 5 th of November 1605, when the Queen opens Parliament, the basement is checked for gunpowder. We also saw the last few known copies of the Magna Carta and King Charles I's signed death warrant. After, we went to Covent Garden, the weather was nice and I found the day very enjoyable! James Sutton, Chieftain Explorer Unit

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May/June 2013 New Appointments / Change of Roles Congratulations to the following Leaders in the their new roles: Kieran Pierce Ramon Freire Rebecca Mitchell Steven Love Emma Teuberson Hannah Ling Lisa Medlar st Sarah sewell Craig Anderson Steven Douglas Chris Labram6th Louise Greenwood Tony Perrett Anneka Lyford Doug Follett Michael Moore Peter Robertson Collin D'Arcy Dawn Humphreys Kate Sutton

29th ABSL 100 ABSL 101st ABSL 1st BSSA 100th ABSL 100 ASL ABSL 100 th BSSA 2nd ASL 1st BL ACSL Ex EXL Ex EXL Ex US Ex EXL 100th ACSL 100 ACSL 26th ASL 6th ABSL CSL TO Explorer leader

Please remember that a change of role must be approved by the AAC. If you are / have changed role as this please submit a change of role form.

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May/June 2013 Odiham District Scout Shop


Why not pick what you'd like from the National Scout Shop catalogue*, or on-line website, but then ask our District Shop to order them for you for delivery to the District Scout shop – and save on postage costs. Contact Lisa on 07788 213378 or simply visit the district scout shop on a Saturday morning. *You should have received the catalogue with the recent Scout Magazine.

Odiham District Scout Shop New

Opening Hours - The shop will now open a week prior to the end of a school holiday, so parents can kit their children out before the new term starts. Second Hand Uniform - The shop is now providing second hand uniform, if you have any unwanted uniform that you would like to donate to shop it would be greatly received. All profits would go back into scouting. Helpes Needed - Do you have 2 hours on a Saturday morning to spare to help in the shop. We work on a rota basis meaning you would only need to work once every 4th Saturday and we are very flexible. If interested please phone Lisa on 07788 213378. Also don't forget that new leaders can purchase uniform at a discount from Odiham District scout shop.

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May/June 2013 Finland 2013 Real Scouting in the Frozen Wastes of Northern Europe Having recently returned from yet another adventurous and exciting expedition to south west Finland, I have again been asking myself why scouting is so exhilirating in the wide open spaces outside the UK. Even taking into account the risk of meeting marauding wolves or disturbing hibernating bears, this wilderness in Northern Europe is still a very appealing destination. In the scouts in Finland there is an emphasis on young people. There are young men of eighteen, fresh from their term of military service, and young women in their late teens and early twenties in charge of groups of very young scouts in a hostile environment. It is difficult to imagine that happening here in the UK! Older leaders are a very rare species and the Finns will often remark with tongue in cheek,”Do you know we are a youth movement?” There does not seem to be any bureaucracy or undue concern with health and safety among the Finnish scouts. Among the Finns even young scouts can be seen using proper knives, axes, lighters and the other tools of scouting. They do not spend hours roping off chopping areas and laying down groundsheets before using an axe - when they see a tree, they start chopping, and before long it’s “timber!” Dome tents are a rare sight, mainly because you can’t light a fire in them! Finnish tents are large and round, and can accommodate lots of bodies, usually around 12 to 16, including the odd dog, plus a huge wood pile for the fire. The Finns do not segregate the sexes or age groups and they quite often have two leaders in one sleeping bag. I found this amazing to start with but over the years it has come to seem normal practice.

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May/June 2013 With a red hot (or even white hot) stove in the middle of the tent, fire watching is an essential part of the nightly routine. Everyone in the tent, even the youngest, is expected to do their hourly shift on watch. Before turning in for the night, they agree among themselves which hour they will keep watch, with no special concessions for the oldest or youngest. At the designated time each scout is woken by the previous scout on watch, who waits by the stove while checking that the next scout is up and fully awake, before returning to their own sleeping bag. The scout’s responsibility during the hour is to make sure that everyone’s sleeping bag and clothes are kept away from the stove, and to keep the stove fed with the large number of logs which it needs to keep burning all night.

There won’t be Coco Pops for breakfast ... but you might be served Rudolf or Bambi for supper! by Malcolm Pope

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May/June 2013 Hampshire Youth Council let you know what they like about scouting Where does your group fall according to the Youth Council?

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May/June 2013

Strategies for Youth Involvement Mike Kerrigan, ACC Strategy, asked for input from the young people on the draft goals which have been considered in line with the Hampshire vision for 2018. The Youth Council gave final input into the goals with a particular focus on the Youth Involvement element. Youth Involvement  Group level nominated youth reps to meet at a district level and feedback to leaders  New database system  Leader forum  Training day  Ongoing learning module delivered by county  Communicate with leaders  Young leaders help with tech  Listen to young people  Technical and IT training  Explorer forums in each district  Young people involved in programme planning  “dear Deidre” style, leaders can write in and ask for help

Communication  Do something outstanding to get in the media  Hard copy letters sent to people  Adam to tweet more  County website needs to be updated with youth led things  Facebook page  Get districts to improve  Tell everybody everything  Weekly vlogs (video blogs) talking about scouting by bear James  Website has links to change the language  Sign language and Braille/audio available  Better comms, bypassing DCs  Online forum

Adult Volunteers  Promote adult volunteers  Parent rotas at scout groups  Promotion of young leaders  More county meetings  Encourage awareness of part time volunteering  Qualifications  Develop young leaders to full leaders  Recognition for young leader service  Parent social events  Get all parents to fill out OH forms  Meetings with leaders and parents to share programme ideas and opinions  Pay expenses  Publicise the shops that give discount to adult volunteers  Keep DofE volunteers as young leaders  Get the family involved through family events  Get rid of adult membership fee

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May/June 2013 External funding  Red bull extreme scouting  Nandos sponsorship  Gilwell has a lot of funding that no one is applying for  Badge sponsorship  Sponsored events  Young people approach local businesses for funding support  Establish a central fund in Hampshire scouts to support young people to attend activities

25,000 young people in Hampshire  More leaders  Tv/cinema adverts  Talks in primary schools  Scout FM  Radio interviews  More famous ambassadors like James  Be more visible in the local community  Tell them about the good stuff we do  Billboards  Put scouting in prisons

Residential opportunities  Better communication to young people so they hear about opportunities  County jamborees  More county camps  Make explorers aware they can go on county camps as young leaders  Organisers of activities to go through ACC Youth Participation to get youth involvement  Cheaper activities

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May/June 2013

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