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In any individual's life there comes a time to consider our impact, and the footprint we’ll leave behind. The industry itself has evolved monumentally over the last two or three decades with countless names and faces dedicating their own legacy to its creation. In this edition of PURSUIT, we take a look at those who have left their mark on the yachting and luxury landscape which we are privileged to enjoy today.

In building and operating the world’s first commercially registered charter yacht, the legacy of Ocean Independence can be traced back to 1991. It was this experience which formed the bedrock that allowed for a truly innovative company to flourish during the extreme growth of the superyacht industry to where it is today. Fuelled by a genuine passion for yachting and the unrelenting ambition to provide this experience in its most pristine form to our Clients, Ocean Independence then went on to acquire several major yachting companies over the next 30 years, bolstering its position as a leading industry player. To this day, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation as we shape the future of yachting.

However, the value of our legacy does not come from the impressive size of our fleet, sales per year, or financial statements. It’s the fact that this legacy has been built on the core principles of honesty, respect, integrity and competence, which are truly embodied by every member of the Team and appreciated by every Client we work with. These are the values that make our legacy more than just that of a company, but an example of how the yachting industry should operate.

For the 11th edition of PURSUIT, we turn to a sentiment particularly close to the heart of OCEAN INDEPENDENCE as well as many of our Clients: LEGACY



At Ocean Independence, we honour and respect the craftsmanship and TRADITION of the past, while looking optimistically to the possibilities of the future. In this edition of PURSUIT, we celebrate the STORIED BRANDS and PIONEERING INDIVIDUALS whose innovations will leave the greatest inheritance




Regarded as the ‘ GREATEST WATERMAN OF ALL TIME ’, the American big wave surfer’s legacy is assured.Yet there is far more to the PIONEERING ENTREPRENEUR Laird Hamilton than that

It was on August 17 in the year 2000 that Laird Hamilton confirmed his place in history. Already revered as a surf master, the maverick co-inventor of tow-in surfing successfully rode a seemingly unconquerable wave: an awe-inspiring 70ft monster in Teahupo’o, Tahiti, which would become known as the Millennium Wave. It was the first time a wave of that size had ever been ridden, and in taming it Hamilton redefined the possibilities – both for the sport and human capability.

Described by Surfer Magazine as the “ biggest, boldest, bravest, and the best big wave surfer in the world today, bar none,” Hamilton has earned the moniker of ‘the greatest waterman of all time’ despite never having won any form of championship in surfing or regularly competed. He has done it all on his own terms.

A seemingly fearless thrill-seeker from his earliest years (early video footage shows the seven-year-old Laird jumping into deep water from a 60ft cliff), Hamilton’s destiny was shaped by his childhood in Hawaii. “Where I grew up there lived the best watermen in the world, and I admired those who were good men first, before being great watermen,” Hamilton says. “My stepdad [Bill Hamilton] was a phenomenal surfer and someone that I admired and wanted to emulate as a young man.”

His desire to live up to the example set to him combined with an innate desire to explore the unknown saw Hamilton in constant pursuit of ever bigger waves. Much to the derision of surfing purists, he co-invented tow-in surfing, which enabled surfers to catch waves over 20ft high. His willingness to go against the grain and innovate saw him completely revolutionise water sports. He is credited with popularising stand-up paddle boarding, and bringing hydrofoil boarding to a larger audience, while on land, he invented the GolfBoard, a pioneering golf buggy-meets-surfboard for riding around the course.

With his striking looks and incredible abilities in the water, Hamilton appeared as Kevin Costner’s stunt double for 1995’s Waterworld – during the filming of which he was nearly lost at sea – and Pierce Brosnan’s for the opening surfing sequence of the Bond movie Die Another Day.

Hamilton has always understood the need to evolve and in 2016, together with his wife, the former professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, Hamilton launched the Extreme Performance Training (XPT), an intense fitness training

and lifestyle programme featuring unique water workouts, performance breathing, recovery methods, endurance training and nutrition for people of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

XPT has reportedly seen the likes of John McEnroe; Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder; actors Robert Downey Jr, Josh and James Brolin, John Cusack and Orlando Bloom; tennis player Victoria Azarenka; and music producer Rick Rubin, make the pilgrimage to the Hamilton’s Malibu home.

The ‘Laird’ brand has expanded into superfoods and a clothing line, while his motivational speeches and workshops see him share his experiences in resilience, innovation, leadership and overcoming adversity with rapt audiences around the world. As a philanthropist, he has worked with non-profit organisations including Surfrider Foundation; Race Across America; Pipeline for a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis; Rain Catcher; Muscular Dystrophy and City of Hope.

Hamilton’s love of the ocean and commitment to preserving its legacy remain at the core of his life and purpose. In his new role as an ambassador for British fine watchmaker Bremont, Hamilton was the obvious choice to test their new limited edition Waterman Apex watch, a high-performance mechanical dive watch forming part of Bremont’s superlative Supermarine range.

Sales of the watch, which is limited to just 250 pieces, will support the Bimini Shark Lab, a nonprofit organisation in the Bahamas focused on advancing humankind’s knowledge of the biology of marine animals, particularly sharks and rays.

“I've been gifted with the opportunity to be able to do these things in the ocean that inspire people and so if I share that inspiration with other people then it will hopefully play a small part in making change,” he says.

Laird Hamilton’s ability to overcome fear has helped him not only to tame the power of a seemingly unconquerable ocean but also to evolve as a man. In doing so, he has expanded his legacy from one of single-minded sporting pursuit to empowering others to realise their own dreams and ambitions.

“You never know who you are going to influence through your actions. I don't know what child or what person I will be able to influence by sharing my love for the ocean and what they will then go on to do to affect change…They could be the next Jacques Cousteau!”

IMAGES CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Laird Hamilton hydrofoil boarding and sporting the new Waterman Apex by Bremont Watches


THE AMERICA’S CUP is the world’s OLDEST and most prestigious sporting competition, and its legacy is continuing with the growing involvement of FORMULA ONE

In 2024, Barcelona will host the 37th edition of the America’s Cup. With its unique combination of history and modernity, the Spanish city is a fitting venue for an international sporting event which is older than the Olympic Games yet at the forefront of technological advancement. The forthcoming competition promises to deliver electrifying drama with the rivalry of the Formula One race circuit transplanted to the Balearic Sea. First, the America's Cup Challenger of Record, Great Britain’s INEOS Britannia, partnered with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1, then the Swiss challenger Ernesto Bertarelli's Alinghi announced its return to the fray in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. The partnership throws down the gauntlet to Great Britain’s Sir Ben Ainslie. “We are going to take the F1 DNA and we are going to use it within the boat,” said Red Bull Formula One’s Christian Horner at the launch of Alinghi Red Bull Racing's challenge for the Cup. Making a powerful statement about the scale of their ambition in sailing and the legacy of the America’s Cup, Alinghi Red Bull Racing will also field teams in the debut of the Women’s America’s Cup Regatta, as well as in the return of the Youth America’s Cup. With Formula One Championship-winning technology and bravura combining with the fast foiling monohulls of the AC75 class, the legacy of the America’s Cup is one of boundless innovation.


For these BOLD hotels, exceptional SERVICE means GIVING BACK to their communities


Conservation and ecotourism brand Singita has been committed to preserving Africa’s wildlife and wilderness legacy since it opened Singita Ebony Lodge in South Africa in 1993. Beyond offering guests exceptional safari experiences at its 15 luxury lodges and camps, Singita’s latest conservation initiatives include offering guests carbon neutral stays, and opening an art gallery in the Sabi Sand to support rising African talent.


Nihi Sumba has achieved International recognition as a luxury resort with a conscience and was awarded ‘World's Best Hotel’ for two consecutive years. Located on the remote shores of Indonesia’s Sumba Island, Nihi was born of a vision to protect and preserve the unique Sumbanese culture and empower local communities to support themselves and their families.


The collection’s Enriching Lives programme provides tailored schemes to benefit the local communities surrounding its destinations, such as Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale. The hotel has joined forces with the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation, adopting sea turtle nests to protect the endangered sea turtles which nest along Florida’s coast.



Couture has made a TRIUMPHANT return and is reasserting fashion’s NOBLEST VALUES : creativity, craftsmanship, artistry, technology and sustainability. Three houses show how HERITAGE is key to the future of couture




The optimism, joy and wonder of the Roaring Twenties were magically distilled into Pétillant, Armani Privé’s AW22 show at Paris Couture Week. With Tamara de Lempicka – the Polish artist whose highly stylised portraits became synonymous with the Art Deco period – serving as his muse, Giorgio Armani created a collection which was at once nostalgic and modern. Echoes of de Lempicka’s rebellious elegance were felt in the graceful longline jackets, sweeping gowns and effervescent sparkles of this infinitely wearable day-to-night collection. Mr Armani described de Lempicka as “a rebellious, independent woman, much ahead of her time.” The essence of the Armani Privé woman.



If any house has proven that haute couture is alive and well, it was Chanel when Charlotte Casiraghi trotted majestically down the runway on horseback for the unforgettable SS22 Haute Couture show. Creative Director Virginie Viard conceived the AW22 show as a continuation of the last, with models wearing equestrian-style cowboy boots peeping out from the hems of long skirts and dresses, “designed as Mademoiselle Chanel imagined them in the 1930s,” Viard explained. Classic signatures of tweeds, twin sets and feminine details of tulle and bows came together in a palette which incorporated vivid green and khaki, beige and pink, as well as magnificently bold all-black gowns.

To mark her label’s 15th anniversary, Dutch designer Iris van Herpen looked back through history to the eighth century to create a visionary collection for the era of the metaverse. Inspired by three poems from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, those of Daphne, Arachne, and Narcissus, van Herpen designed 16 physical looks and three digital looks to be worn by avatars for her AW22 show at Paris Haute Couture Week. Named Meta Morphism, it was Iris van Herpen’s debut into the metaverse, and included 3D printing and highly luxurious biodegradable materials. “Couture is where my heart is,” said van Herpen at a preview. “For me, technology is a tool that makes it possible to bring the craftsmanship forward.”


Our health is a privilege often taken for granted until it is compromised. Illness is treated, while health goes unobserved. The Chenot philosophy, however, challenges us to change our approach and reframe how we think about our health – for our own good.

“We envision health not in terms of the absence of disease and disability but in terms of what is unseen – our human potential for higher levels of functioning, resilience and adaptation to our unique prevailing conditions,” says Dr George Gaitanos, Chief Operating and Scientific Director of The Chenot Group.

Eschewing the idea that health and vitality are the preserve of the young and that decline and disease are inevitable facts of growing older, Chenot’s vision is of ‘unlocking human potential’ at any age.“We are in good health and very likely feeling well when our body, mind, and soul work harmoniously and transmit us in a deep sense of peace and happiness,” says Dr Gaitanos.

Founded nearly 50 years ago by the late Henri Chenot, an advocate of prevention rather than cure, the Swiss-based wellness brand is rooted in a holistic approach to health. Fascinated by the impact of lifestyle choices on our genetic inheritance, Chenot combined the latest scientific advances in Western medicine and diagnostics with Chinese healing and alternative medicines to create a revolutionary multidisciplinary approach to promote wellness.

This led to the development of the Chenot Method® of resetting the physiology of the body, first applied when Chenot opened the

first Espace Henri Chenot at the General Hospital in Cannes in 1974. Now found in locations around the world from Azerbijan to Malaysia, Chenot’s spectacular new flagship Chenot Palace Weggis opened in Switzerland in June 2020.

Set on the shores of Lake Lucerne, it consists of a beautifully renovated wooden hotel originally built in 1875, complemented by a state-of-the-art white-timber-clad 5,000 sqm wing designed by Swiss architect Davide Macullo which houses contemporary suites and a labyrinthine medical spa.

Chenot Palace Weggis offers three dedicated wellness programmes for guests to choose from. Its core programme, ‘The Advanced Detox’ uses a combination of plant-based anti-inflammatory diet, diagnostic testing and treatments across six departments including Cryotherapy, Hydrotherapy and daily massage to promote a deep purification and detoxification of the body. “This helps the body to work more efficiently and towards its optimal capability,” says Dr Gaitanos.

‘Recover and Energise’ is for guests experiencing prolonged elevated stress and fatigue, and ‘Prevention and Ageing Well’ is for those seeking to maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

A week at the Chenot Palace Weggis will leave you revitalised, reset and ready to embrace a lifetime of optimum wellness, with lessons we can pass on to the next generation. “The greatest legacy we can leave is to invest in educating our children on how to grow healthier, as childhood is the best time to establish great habits,” says Dr Gaitanos.

“Good habits are built in good times.”

Imagine enjoying a lifetime of VITALITY and WELLNESS –and leaving that LEGACY for the next generation. With PIONEERING global wellness operator CHENOT, that vision can become a reality


We speak to the leaders of celebrated FAMILY-OWNED yacht companies and ask: what does legacy mean to you?



It is an extraordinary achievement to look on 227 years of ship building. We developed our family company further with pioneering spirit and courage and permanently adapted to changing market conditions. Today’s scale of Meyer Werft was inconceivable when Willm Rolf Meyer founded the company as Thurm Werft in 1795. It is our legacy to continue this journey over the next generations.

Undeniably, the design bar for yachts was placed at the highest possible setting by my father, Jon Bannenberg, and it’s our job to try and keep it there. It’s no exaggeration to say his legacy shaped the entire industry.


To ponder about one’s own Legacy is a bit like trying to beam yourself into the future and to then look back from there at your present and past.

That could be distracting from what matters most: that we do our very best at every given moment, now.

If we treat all human beings with compassion, love and fairness and meet all challenges with creativity, energy and optimism, Legacy will define itself.


The astonishing redevelopment of The Old War Office, The OWO is the most hotly anticipated new opening in London. The backdrop to world-shaping events, with icons of the 20th century including Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming walking its corridors, the Grade II* listed Edwardian landmark on Whitehall has received £1.5bn of investment and a meticulous six-year renovation spearheaded by the Hinduja Group. Hosting the UK’s first Raffles Hotel; 85 residences designed by British design studio 1508 London and managed by Raffles; nine restaurants led by internationally renowned chefs and restaurateurs; three bars, and Guerlain’s first London spa, The OWO is reborn for the 21st century.


Miami Beach is set to be transformed with Five Park, a glamorous new residential development due for completion in early 2024. Designed by renowned architecture and planning studio, Arquitectonica, Five Park will showcase a gleaming residential tower – the tallest in Miami – with an expansive three-acre public park, retail space, and a landmark artinspired bridge, connecting the community. With 98 luxurious residences, the elliptical floor plans offer residents access to abundant natural light and expansive views, as well as a host of considered amenities. Fitness areas, swimming pools, work spaces, a private beach club and curated dining experiences combine to usher in a new era for Miami Beach.

Encompassing 200km of coastline and an archipelago of 90 untouched islands; dormant volcanoes; desert; mountains; extraordinary wildlife and cultural heritage, The Red Sea Project and sister destination AMAALA will put Saudi Arabia on the international tourism map. With phase one set for completion by the end of 2023, the project will comprise of 50 hyper-luxurious resorts – including the Ritz Carlton Reserve, Miraval and Rosewood – offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 residential properties. Committed to sustainable development, The Red Sea Project will also mitigate carbon dioxide emissions, waste production and light and noise pollution. AMAALA will be home to a luxurious new Yacht Club with a 120-berth marina, setting out Saudi Arabia’s ambition to become an international yachting hub.
From ancient Middle Eastern landscapes to ICONIC 20TH CENTURY buildings, these extraordinary redevelopments succeed in being both sensitive to their HERITAGE and PIONEERING in their vision


What gives a luxury brand true STAYING POWER ? Discover the qualities which set three legendary houses apart, seeing them celebrate their 200TH BIRTHDAYS





Louis Vuitton’s journey to founding a behemoth luxury brand began with a two-year odyssey on foot from Anchay in eastern France to Paris, when he was just 13. To mark the bicentenary of its pioneering founder’s birth, the Louis Vuitton company has unveiled myriad celebratory launches including 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition Creatives the from worlds of art and culture, science, sport and humanitarian causes were invited to personalise an emblematic Louis Vuitton trunk with their fees donated to 15 creatively focussed NGOs across 13 countries. In December, the 200 trunks will be auctioned at Sotheby’s, with all proceeds going to a creative scholarship programme.



Founded in 1798, storied British jewellers Boodles is already comfortably into its 200s. Steered by six generations of the same family – the Wainwrights, Boodles is the only fine jewellery company to hail from Liverpool, which is still home to its head office today. Boodles recently launched the Around the World in 16 Days high jewellery collection, inspired by the remarkable journey to circumnavigate the globe undertaken in 1962 by the late former Chairman, Anthony Wainwright. Featuring 26 astonishing modern rings inspired by the places he visited, including New York, Jaipur, Marrakech, St Petersburg and Sydney, the collection is a fitting tribute to Boodles’ unique heritage.

Founded in Fleurier, Switzerland, in 1822 BOVET’s pioneering designs of the 1800s focussed on intricately decorated and chronometrically advanced pocket timepieces. With their cases embellished with enamel paintings and often adorned with pearls, their precision movements were just as beautiful, leading BOVET to become the first brand to feature an exhibition case back. That pioneering spirit continues today under the careful ownership of Pascal Raffy. Thirty per cent of BOVET’s limited production is bespoke, from engraved initials through to full bespoke timepieces. Their partnership with Pininfarina has produced a number of cutting edge timepieces, and a revolutionary new partnership with Automobili Pininfarina has unveiled the Battista, an entirely bespoke timepiece at the pinnacle of haute horology.



The recently appointed COO of publishing house Assouline, 30-year-old Alex Assouline is continuing the legacy of the cultural bellwether founded in 1994 by his parents, Prosper and Martine. Having expanded into designing bespoke libraries, including 550 Madison in New York, the future looks bright.



The son of Larry Leight, founder of the luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, 37-year-old Garrett Leight grew up in the eyeware industry. When his father sold the business in 2008, Garrett realised the importance of keeping his family’s legacy alive.

Today, his eponymous brand is seen on everyone from Brad Pitt to Jeff Bezos.


Think of a whisky drinker, and you probably don’t imagine one of the thirty-somethings frequenting The Swan Song in Singapore or Milroy’s of Soho in London. You may also be surprised to note that at the Sotheby’s spirits sale in March, 54 per cent of bidders were under the age of 40.

So why has whisky become so popular with this age group? Call it the ‘Don Draper effect’. “This came in simultaneously with the box set generation,” says Jonny Fowle, Director and Head of Whisky & Spirits at Sotheby’s. “Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire started a glamorous whisky revolution. There was a perfect storm where modern culture collided with whisky companies’ ability to put out extremely old whisky.”

Whisky has become the most expensive category in alcohol. In 2019, Sotheby’s sold a bottle of Macallan Fine & Rare 1926 for $1.9m – still the record. While

Japanese whiskies have grown hugely in popularity, Scotch whisky still dominates the market. The most expensive bottle of Japanese whisky – a first edition Yamazaki 55-Year-Old –sold for just under $800,000, while for the most expensive American whiskey – a bottle of LeNell’s Red Hook Rye 24-Year-Old Barrell #4 –sold for $43,750.

If you’d like to start your own collection, Fowle advises becoming “obsessed” with the category. He also recommends buying something you like: “if it goes up in value perhaps you benefit from it, and if it comes to drinking it you’ll genuinely enjoy it.”

If you wish to speculate, buying “en primeur” from one of the crop of new distilleries could prove a worthwhile investment. However, Fowle adds “if you want to have the best collection in the world you have to have the Macallan 1926 – there’s no doubt about that.”

A new generation of WHISKY CONNOISSEURS is making this traditional spirit a desirable modern COLLECTIBLE . Discover what’s driving it, and how to start your own whisky collection
Meet the MILLENNIAL purveyors of luxury, creating bold new EMPIRES from their families’ legacy brands


There’s nothing that can match the feelings of anticipation and excitement which go hand in hand with booking a yacht charter. Now a deep sense of satisfaction can be added to the mix with the knowledge that you have offset the carbon emissions from your charter and supported life-changing environmental projects in the process.

Our new partnership with ClimatePartner, a pioneering solution provider for corporate climate action, enables our Clients to have mindful, climateconscious decisions and make a positive impact on the environment when booking their yacht charters.

A vital part of our broader Environmental Social Governance programme, our carbon offsetting initiative has been in the planning since 2018. “We developed it before Covid but realised our Clients and charter guests were probably not focussed on it during the pandemic,” says Daniel Küpfer, Managing Director of Yacht Management at Ocean Independence. “We believe the time is right for it now.”

Selecting the right company to partner with was an exacting process, and ClimatePartner stood out. Founded in Munich in 2006, the company now has more than 5,000 clients around the world and offices in 13 countries. “During the selection process we had many meetings with various companies and ClimatePartner came across as really passionate about what they were doing at both a personal and company level,” says Thomas Carey, DPA and Project Manager at Ocean Independence, and instrumental in implementing our partnership with ClimatePartner.

ClimatePartner is independently verified by TÜV Austria, an international specialist in environmental matters, “so the whole process with them is very transparent – both for us and for the Client, so we know the money will be used correctly,” he adds.

“Trust is essential and we are confident we have found a trustworthy partner because we don’t want to participate in greenwashing,” says Küpfer. “We recognise the vulnerability of the environment and our responsibilities and as a company we want to shape the future of yachting – the entire industry needs to develop in that direction. Offsetting carbon emissions from our charters should really have an impact, and it is just the beginning of a much wider environmental programme for Ocean Independence.”

Another part of the appeal of ClimatePartner was the water-based projects the carbon offsetting programme supports. We have selected four projects to champion, all of which are sustainable and have farreaching benefits both to local communities and the wider environment. Hydropower for the Habitat of Mountain Gorillas provides a sustainable energy source to the inhabitants of the Virunga National Park region in the Democratic Republic of Congo. By providing an alternative to illegal charcoal, this project helps to protect the forest habitat of some of the last mountain gorillas still alive in the world today.

Water Treatment in India supports ClimatePartner’s carbon offset project in Odisha in India, which focuses on organising the chemical treatment of water using chlorine. In India, more than two million children die from cholera or typhoid fever each year, diseases spread mainly through untreated drinking water – a major issue in India where only 32 percent of households have access to treated water.

Plastic Free Oceans addresses the problem of the more than eight million tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the ocean every year. Plastic waste collectors in Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines can earn an income by collecting discarded plastic and taking it to Plastic Bank branches where it can be recycled in exchange for money as well as food, drinking water, mobile phone credits, cooking oil or even school fees.

Climate Action with Microenergy Credits works to counteract energy-related problems while promoting entrepreneurship in India. By providing MECs, local entrepreneurs can offer energy-efficient products such as efficient cookstoves, water filters, or solar lights at an affordable price, a best practice from the

microfinance sector to strengthen the local economy. The project places special emphasis on empowering women: with start-up capital and training, they are encouraged to earn a living and be independent.

So how does it work? All you need to do is simply decide whether to offset your charter’s emissions and









+700 million people in India cook on an open fire, with smoke causing health issues. By granting microcredits to buy stoves, the project saves an average of 100,000 tonnes of CO 2 per year.

we’ll take care of the rest. Our easy to use offsetting calculator, developed in house, uses complex technical data to show exactly how the emissions will be offset and where the money will be invested. “From A to Z there is full transparency so our Clients can have full confidence and feel affiliated with the causes they are supporting,” says Küpfer. After the charter is completed, ClimatePartner will issue a certificate so our Clients can see exactly what they’ve invested in and where the carbon emissions have been offset.

Offsetting the carbon emissions from our yacht charters is just the beginning of our company-wide commitment to making Ocean Independence more environmentally friendly. ClimatePartner has been working with us to calculate our corporate carbon footprint and supporting us to make greener choices. “We are planning to have a fully implemented ESG programme, and we have introduced initiatives such as offsetting business travel; recycling; reusing of materials; avoiding single-use plastic and organising team events” says Küpfer.

“On board our managed yachts, we are avoiding single-use plastic and working closer with the crew so the food and beverage is purchased locally and not flown in. We think it’s rewarding because there is awareness amongst our staff in the office and amongst the crew, and there is also a lot of awareness amongst our charter guests,” he says. “Our obligation is to come up with the solutions.”

“The yachting industry as a whole is evolving to address climate change,” says Carey. “We already see at the shipyards that clients often ask for hybrid propulsion concepts for their new builds,” adds Küpfer. “More and more we see the use of solar cells, and there is a lot going on in terms of research into alternative fuels and a general reduction of emissions to meet the target of the International Maritime Organization.” (The IMO is aiming for each vessel to have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 compared with 2008.)

There is also a shift in the way owners are buying and using their yachts altogether. “We are seeing that there is a slowly increasing demand for a shared ownership of a yacht, so the footprint of creating it remains the same but it’s more cleverly shared between different owners,” says Küpfer. “For future generations, property becomes maybe less important and people are more willing to share when they are aware that this is a good use of their impact on the environment. This is just the beginning.”

At Ocean Independence, our PASSION FOR THE OCEAN is at the heart of everything we do. Through our new PARTNERSHIP with ClimatePartner, we can now offer our charter Clients the option to OFFSET their emissions and support important ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS around the world
chlorine-based treatment for water that reduces firewood consumption from households having boiled water for cooking or drinking. This project saves 10,000 tonnes of CO 2 per year.
offsetting one tonne of CO 2, 10kg of plastic is collected. This corresponds to approximately 500 plastic bottles. In this way, the project protects marine life.
currents of the Rutshuru River are used to generate sustainable energy through a small Matebe power plant. In turn, supplying clean electricity to over 5,000 local households.
COMPANY INSIGHT LEADING LEGACY EDITION | PURSUIT 13 MAIN IMAGE: 42.6 m Daydream for sale with Ocean Independence


There are collaborations, and then there is the partnership forged between the Italian Sea Group’s Tecnomar brand and Lamborghini. The result – a truly unique motor yacht which brings together the pinnacle of avant-garde design in both supercars and superyachts – sets a new standard.

“The Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is more than an amalgamation, it is a fusion of two high-end DNAs to create a new ‘being,’” says Giovanni Costantino, Founder and CEO of the Italian Sea Group. “It is ultra-modern, technologically advanced and a new emblem of the great Italian design tradition.”

The challenge was how to incorporate the heritage and distinctive design features of Lamborghini cars into a high performance motor yacht. “We absolutely didn't want to make a supercar-on-water, so the main goal was to design a real yacht with Lamborghini's body and soul,” says Costantino.

Inspired by the legendary Countach and the Sián FKP 37 hybrid car, the exterior look is unmistakably Lamborghini. From the hexagonal shapes and sharp angles to the hard top and the unique silhouette of those models – one curved line from front to rear.

Powered by twin MAN V12-2000hp engines, the use of carbon fibre results in a maximum weight of 24 tons. Every edition is custom made with a choice of three layouts, and can be varnished in any colour in the Lamborghini colour chart.

The number 63 is significant to both marques: 1963 was

Automobili Lamborghini’s foundation year, as well as the year of Giovanni Costantino’s birth; 63 is the number of knots the yacht can reach – making it the fastest in Tecnomar’s fleet; and its length in feet.

How was Tecnomar was able to replicate the ‘feel’ of a Lamborghini in a yacht? “By working on an emotional level rather than following a commercial brief,” Costantino explains. “We used our instinct, our passion and our love for that combination of speed, style and uniqueness that makes Italian supercars so loved worldwide. The close collaboration provided new points of view and taught us the importance, relevance and meaning of being a luxury brand in terms of quality, efficiency and style.”

The team also took a completely new approach to the process of designing the yacht. “We started from a blank page and didn’t think about it being on the water or the ground, focusing only on the style and look,” says Costantino. “Then, we moved it into the water and realised it was perfect; not a car, not a conventional speedboat – something new. It was amazing. We made very few changes from the first models to the final one.”

So, what does the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 represent for the Italian Sea Group? “A gem – it is a hymn to the great Italian savoir faire,” says Costantino. As Ferruccio Lamborghini himself said: “Lamborghini is refinement, luxury and perfection.” Now it is also a magnificent motor yacht.

What do you get when two giants of ITALIAN design join forces? The TECNOMAR for LAMBORGHINI 63 – a thrilling motor yacht which fuses storied DESIGN HERITAGE with cutting edge NAUTICAL ENGINEERING


Whether you seek a legendary heritage yacht or the pinnacle of next-generation design, these yachts under 60m prove that smaller is beautiful

A yachting pioneer, Mangusta 80 is the original Maxi Open style yacht. Designed and built in the mid 1990s by the Italian family-run Overmarine shipyard, Mangusta 80 revolutionised modern yachting. ‘Open’ yachts had never before reached 80 feet in length and as a result, buyers had to compromise between sportiness and comfort. Unsurprisingly Mangusta 80 was a huge success, putting the Mangusta brand on the map and making Maxi Open a popular choice for discerning buyers. Comprehensively upgraded in 2020 with brand new engines in 2015, Mangusta 80 has a top speed of 42 knots and is large enough to accommodate up to seven people in three elegantly decorated cabins along with up to three crew in one cabin. Her considered layout provides airy daytime areas both inside and out: the large sun lounge at the bow and another at the stern offer plenty of sunbathing space, while the spacious cockpit provides plenty of room to gather loved ones as she is put through her paces.


This beguilingly beautiful 11-metre custom motor yacht was originally commissioned in 1967 by Gianni Agnelli, the famed head of Fiat. At the time Europe’s most powerful businessman with a reputation as one of Italy’s most stylish rakes, Agnelli wanted a ‘fast commuter’ which combined looks with performance – with increased comfort for good measure. He sought out Renato ‘Sonny’ Levi, the celebrated yacht designer and builder, and commissioned his friend Sergio Pininfarina to design the interior. The result is still sublime more than half a century on. Featuring elliptical slatted mahogany hull sides and a delicate teak lip surrounding the small cabin entrance, G. Cinquanta is a headturning beauty. She’s fast, too. Four 8.0-litre BPM V-8 Vulcano engines kick out 320HP apiece, with a comfortable cruising speed of 25 knots and a top speed of 50 knots. Owned by Agnelli until 1975 until he gifted it to his friend and relative, G. Cinquanta has been lovingly maintained.

One of the most distinctive designs by celebrated yacht designer Jon Bannenberg, 50m Thunder was custom built in 1998 by Australian shipyard Oceanfast. With her hull, superstructure and bulkheads composed of lightweight carbon fibre, Thunder is powered by twin 2,950 horsepower MTU V16 diesel engines and a trio of Kamewa water jets. With two dining areas and a seven-metre swimming pool which doubles as tender storage, Thunder can sleep up to 12 people across six cabins with a full-beam master suite, plus a crew of nine. Thunder underwent a refit in 2021. Her original interior, designed by Bannenberg, was replaced when the yacht changed ownership in 2016, with Roberto Cavalli reportedly designing the opulent finishes of glossy woods, precious metals and silver paint seen today.



Due for completion in 2023, the sophisticated 40m Benetti Oasis proves that a smaller yacht is no barrier to luxury. With exterior design by award-winning British design firm RWD, Oasis combines classic English lines with the refinement expected of this historic Italian shipyard. Designed to offer her Owner and their guests the finest experience of life at sea, Benetti Oasis is devoted to unadulterated good fun. The astonishing aft terrace on the main deck features full beach club with a large pool, foldout balconies and plenty of room for relaxing. A wellness area located after the yacht’s lobby is the ideal setting for a gym, massage room or yoga studio.

With elegant and minimalist interiors designed by New York firm Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture, making its debut in the yachting world, Benetti Oasis’s interiors offer relaxed and informal comfort for up to ten people in five cabins, with accommodation for up to nine crew.

The full-beam master suite forward of the main deck offers a private lounge and magnificent views, while the upper deck includes a sky lounge as well as a lounge aft – perfect for an aperitif in port. A refined and modern lounge leads through to a formal dining area, serviced by a bar. The sundeck comes with alfresco dining as well as a second on-deck spa. With unparalleled views on the surrounding seas and providing total privacy, this spot will be one of your favourites while at anchor. With a top speed of 14.5 knots, Benetti Oasis is a true pleasure yacht.



When out at sea, choice is the ultimate luxury. Combining the sleek, graceful profile and the exhilaration of a classic sailing yacht with the ease of a motor yacht, the Liberty 152’ sloop offers the very best of both worlds.

With her sail plan set up to simplify the process as much as possible, she provides a thrilling sailing experience without fuss or effort on tried and tested control systems with proven in-service reliability. Meanwhile, her hybrid propulsion and energy recovery systems minimise her carbon footprint.

Designed by award-winning Dixon Yacht Design to dispel the idea that a sailing yacht cannot compete with a motor yacht when it comes to onboard entertainment, Liberty 152’ provides a raft of tenders and toys. A 5.65m Williams Diesel Jet tender is concealed under the foredeck, while a recessed jacuzzi and fold down aft bulwarks on the aft deck offer the perfect opportunity to relax. A hinge down bathing platform invites guests to explore the water.

Liberty 152’ also offers her potential Owner the choice of two distinct layout options: four or five-cabin with differing crew accommodation depending upon your service requirements. In both layouts, the Owner’s cabin is located aft with direct access onto the aft ‘beach’. A further three of four guest cabins follow depending upon whether the Owner’s or chartered focussed layout is chosen. The Owner’s layout offers a study or snug forward of the deck saloon, with three or four crew cabins to be found in the foreship. The choice is yours.


Built by celebrated Dutch ship builder Amels and designed by Terence Disdale, 52m Tigre D’Or blazed a trail for the semicustom large yacht. As soon as she was delivered in 1999, her Owner placed her on the market and ordered another one, more or less the same, enabling a second purchaser to obtain a virtually new yacht without the usual building delay – a business model which was to become an industry yardstick.

Tigre D’Or was the first yacht to be built to the requirements of the Large Yacht Code, and the first of a series of eight sister ships which shared the same hull, engineering and layout, but with individual interior designs created by leading designers. Rather than being put off the idea of a yacht being part of a series, Owners appreciated the combination of a proven design with a short delivery time – two years rather than up to four for a new construction.

With elegant interiors designed by Terence Disdale, Tigre D’Or can sleep up to 12 people across an expansive master suite on the main deck and four further guest cabins on the lower deck with further accommodation for up to 11 crew. Her considered and spacious layout offers several alfresco dining areas, a deck spa pool and large range of amenities and toys.

Installed with twin Cummins diesel engines, Tigre D’Or can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots and has an efficient range of 5470 nautical miles when sailing at her cruising speed of 14 knots. It’s easy to see why she set such a precedent.




Due for delivery in the summer of 2023, the third in the pioneering 23m Arksen 85 series is an explorer built for adventure and designed for comfort while making minimal environmental impact. Arksen 85’s hull and superstructure are built in low carbon, recycled aluminium and she is capable of producing zero emissions when operating in full electric mode, with an optional hybrid propulsion system and solar panels. Environmentally conscious decisions have been made by naval architects Humphreys Yacht Design and interior design studio Design Unlimited, who sourced environmentally friendly yet luxurious products and fabrics.

In spite of her size, Arksen 85 can sleep between eight and 14 people and has a huge capacity for carrying tenders and other equipment such as the Arksen Adventure Pod, which can be fitted out as a dive centre, ocean science lab, accommodation or vehicle storage. With a top speed of 14 knots and a staggering range of 7000 nautical miles, Arksen 85 is the perfect choice for those wanting a serious and innovative yacht in which to explore remote corners of the globe.



Breathtakingly beautiful, 36m Sunny Hill is a true connoisseur’s yacht. Designed by Diana Yacht Design, built by Dutch shipyard De Amstel and launched in 1987, Sunny Hill was built as one of the three famous Colombaio motor sailors which were, at the time, revolutionary charter vessels and the first commercial yachts.

Having been exquisitely restored, this classical motor sailing yacht is virtually a new vessel, while remaining true to her Dutch pedigree. Sunny Hill is very seaworthy and is a safe and comfortable passage maker in all conditions, equally at ease under sail as she is under engine power. She sleeps ten people across five staterooms – the master stateroom is a full beam suite situated in the aft of the yacht with a large en suite bathroom – while all guest staterooms are amid ship. With a cruising speed of ten knots and a range of 4000 nautical miles, Sunny Hill is an excellent choice for those with a spirit of adventure. A jacuzzi and a plethora of tenders and toys will keep every generation entertained.

When passionate yachtsman Luca Bassani established the Wally Class racing yacht series in 1999, he brought a superlative sporting variation to Wally’s already pioneering cruising programme. Coinciding with the inaugural year of the Voiles de St. Tropez regatta, Wally Class Owners have participated in the regatta over the ensuing two decades. The fleet of 13 high-tech, high-performance racing yachts have an excellent racing pedigree. Magic Carpet3 , the second of the yachts in the boxruled Wally Cento series, combines superb race performance with cruising comfort. One of three Wally Class yachts owned by passionate racer Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones (the first client of the Wally) Magic Carpet3 has a raft of wins to her name including the Wally Class Trophy in 2018 and the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 2017. The ultimate racing legacy series.


A true icon of the sea, 59m Marala hails from the golden age of yacht building. Built by the renowned Camper & Nicholsons’ shipyard in Southampton and launched in 1931, she has had just five devoted Owners since. Her rich heritage has seen her converted for active naval service during World War II where she protected convoys in the Irish Sea and the Atlantic, her quiet twin MAN engines enabling her to disable a German U-Boat. In peacetime, she cruised extensively in Scandinavia and the Caribbean and played host to illustrious guests including Frank Sinatra and Salvador Dali.

Now, following four years of meticulous refit and restoration work in Malta and at the Pendennis shipyard in Falmouth, Marala has made a return to the sea. Her devoted Owners commissioned London based interior design studio Muza Lab to design the guest area refit. With expertly crafted woodwork features – including the restoration of Marala’s original sleigh bed – silk panel walls, straw parquetry, brass fittings, crystal chandeliers and a fireplace, the new design recalls the Art Deco period in which Marala was launched, while her rebuilt engines equip her for her next chapter.



We constantly strive to DELIVER EXCELLENCE to our Clients to make their lives simpler and to MAXIMISE PLEASURE . Now that level of service has been extended to the sky with the arrival of our new AVIATION DIVISION

Overseen by Philipp Wieser, Ocean Independence’s Head of Aviation, our new in-house aviation division has dedicated expertise in aircraft charter; sales and acquisition; and consultancy, meaning we now offer a comprehensive service by both sea and air.

With a decade of experience as a pilot flying private jets for ultra-high net worth Clients in the South of France, another decade working in private jet sales and acquisition making around nine aircraft transactions a year, as well as a huge amount of consultancy experience, Wieser has outstanding levels of relevant expertise in all areas of the private aviation industry.

Working seamlessly with our yacht brokers and managers, our aviation division offers unparalleled ease and complete solutions to our Clients. With our charter service, we can organise everything from finding the right aircraft and pilot for your needs, to planning

the entire itinerary for your trip – even with short notice. “One of our Clients was on board his yacht when he was called to attend an emergency business meeting,” says Wieser. “He was in touch with his yacht manager and mentioned that he needed to find a helicopter. We organised everything for him – with just one phone call everything was seamlessly taken care of.”

Our sales and acquisition service sees our aviation division scouring the market and using our peerless industry connections to find the perfect jet – or buyer – for our Clients. “Now you can come to Ocean Independence and not only buy or sell your yacht with us, but your private jet too. It’s all part of our ‘one-stop shop’ strategy,” says Wieser.

Our consultancy service offers our Clients full-scale management of their aircraft. From finding highly trained pilots and cabin crew to flight planning, pilot training and dealing with the handling agent on landing, Ocean Independence can take care of every last detail – so you can relax.

“Ocean Independence is a global leader in its field and where we lead others will try to follow but for now we are unique with this strategy,” says Wieser. “It’s an exciting new chapter.”

Imagine only having to deal with one company for both your yacht and private jet requirements – the luxury of simplicity. Aligning the needs of both superyacht and private jet Clients, Ocean Independence’s unique ‘one-stop shop’ approach now makes this service a reality.
MASTER YOUR DESIRE From niche EXPLORATION to high PERFORMANCE and the ultimate in LUXURY, we have handpicked a selection of MOTOR yachts for SALE and CHARTER TATIANA I LE NGTH: 44.4 m /145'8" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: BILGIN RATES FROM: EUR 150,000 Sleek lines and a dark blue hull ensure Tatiana stands out. Luxury, technology, and many amenities. This is a yacht that ticks all the boxes. SOARING LE NGTH: 68.2 m /223'9" YEAR: 2020 BUILDER: ABEKING & RASMUSSEN GUESTS: 12 ASKING: EUR 98,000,000 RATES FROM: EUR 700,000 Striking and sporty with exceptional design thanks to her Abeking & Ramussen pedigree, Soaring is unequivocally one of the most head turning yachts to date. Contemporary luxury can be enjoyed in her exquisite and spacious interior, while a wealth of stunning socialising areas including her beautifully designed transom are perfect for relaxing aboard this coastal beauty. YACHT DIRECTORY DAYDREAM LE NGTH: 42.6 m /139’9” YEAR: 1991 BUILDER: CHRISTENSEN ASKING: EUR 3,990,000 Refitted, upgraded throughout, and expertly maintained, Daydream has proven herself a highly successful charter yacht for very good reason. LADYSHIP LE NGTH: 41.0 m /134'8" YEAR: 1998 BUILDER: HEESEN GUESTS: 12 ASKING: EUR 4,850,000 RATES FROM: EUR 80,000 Built to exacting standards for top performance by a world-renowned shipyard, Ladyship has expansive open plan interiors for light & spacious living. 20 PURSUIT LEADING LEGACY EDITION


YACHT DIRECTORY ANYA LE NGTH: 40.0 m /131'3" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: SUNSEEKER RATES FROM: EUR 150,000 QUANTUM H LE NGTH: 40.0 m /131'3" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: TAMSEN RATES FROM: EUR 150,000 HALCYON LE NGTH: 34.1 m /111'11" GUESTS: 9 BUILDER: SANLORENZO RATES FROM: USD 95,000 Perfectly suited for her Caribbean cruising ground with abundant shade on all exterior areas from bow to stern, Halcyon also has a charter savvy crew and a substantial toy list. ADYTUM LE NGTH: 33.7 m /119’7” YEAR: 2002 BUILDER: HAKVOORT ASKING: USD 7,900,000 Adytum provides accommodation for 8 guests, with a master stateroom including owners private study, a VIP stateroom plus one double and a twin stateroom below deck - all en-suite. MAORO LE NGTH: 34.2 m /113'3" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: SUNSEEKER RATES FROM: EUR 125,000 Maoro is the perfect combination between sport and semi-displacement yacht, with all the luxury as a bonus. This 35m packs a lot in for a yacht of her size. SOULMATE LE NGTH: 34.4 m /112'10" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: DREAMLINE RATES
EUR 85,000 Designed with stunning Italian interiors, Soulmate accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms, including an on-deck Owner’s stateroom with skylight and panoramic views. SOPRANO LE NGTH: 38.3 m /125'6" GUESTS: 9 BUILDER: HAKVOORT RATES FROM: EUR 110,000 ELEMENTS LE NGTH: 80.0 m /262'6" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: YACHTLEY RATES FROM: EUR 800,000 Perfect for the discerning charter guest, Elements’ intricate and exquisite Cristiano Gatto designed interior with 12 lavish en-suite staterooms, perfectly complements her elegant exterior lines. Fun-filled afternoons at the onboard beach club, and ultimate spa relaxation courtesy of her outstanding crew ensure every moment on board is special. SCENIC ECLIPSE LE NGTH: 168.0 m /551'2" GUESTS: 200 BUILDER: ULJANIK RATES FROM: PRICE ON APPLICATION Available for private charters, Scenic Eclipse is the world’s most luxurious expedition superyacht. Boasting eight decks and six-star service, guests explore awe-inspiring scenery in unmatched luxury. Expert guides and world class amenities including a helicopter, and six passenger submarines allow guests to take in the wonders of the natural world in the lap of luxury. CIAO LE NGTH: 52.0 m /170'7" YEAR: 2022 BUILDER: CRN ASKING: EUR 34,800,000 Say hello to Ciao now available for sale, this tailor-made beauty is the epitome of unapologetic Italian design thanks to prestigious shipyard CRN. An imposing near vertical bow and elegant lines ensure she stands out among the cream of the superyacht crop. Complemented by a stunning, custom-built interior, Ciao is an incredibly attractive prospect. SIBELLE LE NGTH: 49.9 m /163'9" YEAR: 2015 BUILDER: HEESEN ASKING: EUR 27,500,000 VAT PAID A multi-award winning, fully custom-built Hessen, Sibelle features a fast displacement hull to offer impressive speed along with great fuel efficiency. Her sleek lines, and wide array of spacious socialising spaces, including an impressive beach club / wellness area, seamlessly flow with her light, neutral toned interior to offer a stylish and sophisticated yacht of true pedigree. LEADING LEGACY EDITION | PURSUIT 21







socialising with family and friends, Persuader

BIG CHANGE II LE NGTH: 38.1 m /125'1" GUESTS: 11 BUILDER: CUSTOM RATES FROM: EUR 87,500 ANGRA TOO LE NGTH: 38.0 m /124'5" YEAR: 2015 BUILDER: CASTAGNOLA ASKING: EUR 8,000,000 (VAT PAID) Q LE NGTH: 32.5 m /106'8" YEAR: 2001 BUILDER: FALCON ASKING: USD 2,599,000 Launched by Falcon in 2001 and recently updated, her interiors are now contemporary throughout making her totally unique. FREDDY LE NGTH: 32.2 m /105’6” GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: SANLORENZO ASKING: USD 80,000 With natural light flooding in from the full-length salon windows and warm woodwork throughout, Freddy perfectly balances modern design and comfort features.
USD 120,000 Dopamine has proved a very successful charter yacht and is now available for purchase. With a top speed of 25-knots, she possesses the speed and luxury desired by many.
LE NGTH: 32.8 m /107'7" GUESTS: 10
presents plenty of exciting relaxation and entertainment facilities with essential comfort features such as zero speed stabilisers. LOVEBUG LE NGTH: 37.4 m /122'8" GUESTS: 11 BUILDER: SANLORENZO RATES FROM: USD 125,000 MARALA LE NGTH: 58.8 m /193'0" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: CAMPER & NICHOLSONS RATES
EUR 199,500 Following a rigorous two-year restoration Marala is a breath-taking classic. From hosting Frank Sinatra and Salvador Dali, to being converted for active naval service during World War II, her rich heritage can be felt throughout. Guests are surrounded by soft art deco design and cradled in the ambience of nostalgia for a truly unique charter experience. VICKY LE NGTH: 59.4 m /195'0" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: BAGLIETTO RATES FROM: EUR 250,000 The largest Baglietto ever built with an impressive range of leisure facilities, Vicky is the ideal charter yacht for socialising and entertaining. Jacuzzi relaxation and alfresco dining surrounded by stunning scenery before a luxurious night spent in her 6 spacious staterooms, make her an ideal platform for a group luxury charter. LADY JJ LE NGTH: 55.0 m /180'5" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: HEESEN RATES FROM: USD 325,000 Built by prestigious yard Heesen, Lady JJ is one of the highest gross tonnage 55m available. A handsome dark-blue hull and elegant lines beautifully complement her startlingly voluminous, beautifully designed interior. She has an impressive range of amenities, and spacious socialising areas to offer the perfect yacht for a luxurious holiday at sea. KARIANNA LE NGTH: 54.0 m /177'0" YEAR: 2016 BUILDER: BENETTI ASKING: EUR 25,000,000 Featuring a stunning interior designed by the world-renowned Francois Zuretti and a sleek exterior profile, Karianna effortlessly balances elegance and style, with space and comfort. Her exterior spaces are perfect for relaxing and socialising while her wide range of water sports toys are being arranged for you to enjoy. YACHT DIRECTORY 22 PURSUIT LEADING LEGACY EDITION
SINGOLARE LE NGTH: 37.0 m /121'6" YEAR: 2018 BUILDER: CUSTOM LINE ASKING: EUR 13,500,000 EDESIA LE NGTH: 36.9 m /121'1" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: BENETTI RATES FROM: EUR 125,000 BELLA RONA LE NGTH: 30.1 m /98'10" GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: PRINCESS RATES FROM: USD 50,000 Cruising the Bahamas in stylish sophistication, Bella Rona boasts all the amenities & performance ideal for a luxurious charter under the Caribbean sun. CAMENA LE NGTH: 29.8 m /97’9” YEAR: 1992 BUILDER: LOWLAND ASKING: EUR 1,870,000 (VAT PAID) Meticulously maintained with beautiful design for maximum outdoor space and luxurious interior living, Camena is characterised by her exceptional build quality and Dutch charm. HARMONY I LE NGTH: 32.2 m /105'6" YEAR: 2002 GUESTS: 9 BUILDER: HORIZON RATES FROM: EUR 47,000 ASKING: EUR 1,600,000 (VAT PAID) Boasting a very spacious flybridge to soak up the sun, dip in the Jacuzzi, or sit and enjoy the views under the shade, it is difficult not to feel relaxed on Harmony I. PRINCESS M LE NGTH: 30.4 m /99'9" YEAR: 2020 BUILDER: PRINCESS YACHTS ASKING: EUR 8,600,000 Princess M offers a huge amount of volume for a yacht of her length. She can sleep up to 10 guests in five flexible staterooms and accommodation for five crew. HOOLIGAN II LE NGTH: 36.5 m /119'7" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: ISA RATES FROM: EUR 98,000 VERTIGE LE NGTH: 50.0 m /164'1" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: TANKOA RATES FROM: EUR 250,000 A striking and contemporary 50m luxury yacht, Vertige features naval architecture by Massimo Visibelli and a stylish interior by renowned designer Francesco Paszkowski. Her minimalist deck layout is perfect for cruising and offers guests ample space to relax under the sun while her comfortable interior accommodates twelve guests in six spacious staterooms. NORTHERN SUN LE NGTH: 50.9 m /167'0" YEAR: 1976 BUILDER: NARASAKI ZOSEN GUESTS: 12 ASKING: USD 15,000,000 RATES FROM: USD 161,700 Global cruising comes easily to Northern Sun. A majestic 50m exploration yacht, she provides a startlingly competent platform for those looking to explore distant shores in total comfort. A vast main deck exclusively for entertaining offers a spacious salon and gorgeous alfresco dining area, while a wealth of interior space accommodates twelve guests in sheer luxury. ENDEAVOUR 2 LE NGTH: 49.9 m /163'9" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: ROSSINAVI RATES FROM: EUR 275,000 Designed for long range cruising, Endeavour 2 is a stunning tri-deck explorer with boundless options for indulgence and entertainment. Stylish minimalist design perfectly complements her light-flooded interior to offer a refreshing stay on board this outstanding superyacht. A charter aboard will pamper her guests in unmatched luxury while visiting far flung shores. KNIGHT LE NGTH: 49.8 m /163'5" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: HEESEN RATES FROM: USD 210,000 Chic and stylish design throughout this stunning Heesen’s interior offers five spacious staterooms, perfect for family groups and friends to indulge in a luxurious charter. Relax in style with two comfortable salons positioned on the main and bridge deck, while dining is offered comfortably on all three levels. This impressive range of entertainment spaces ensures a perfect vacation. YACHT DIRECTORY LEADING LEGACY EDITION PURSUIT 23
MANA I LE NGTH: 36.0 m /118'1" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: MULDER RATES FROM: EUR 135,000 ENTREPRENEUR LE NGTH: 35.6 m /116'9" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: OCEAN ALEXANDER RATES FROM: USD 115,000 EXCELERATE Z LE NGTH: 28.1 m /92'4" BUILDER: SUNSEEKER RATES FROM: EUR 46,000 ASKING: EUR 1,950,000 (VAT PAID) Elegant and luxurious Excelerate Z is the ideal South of France charter yacht choice. Her outstanding young crew guarantee a memorable vacation at sea. MIA KAI LE NGTH: 29.5 m /96'9" GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: BILGIN RATES FROM: USD 69,000 Cruise in comfort and style amongst breath-taking archipelagos that Thailand has to offer. Aboard stunning Mai Kai a pampered and unforgettable charter is guaranteed. MIRKA LE NGTH: 28.2 m /92'4" YEAR: 2013 BUILDER: SUNSEEKER ASKING: EUR 3,550,000 (VAT PAID) Eye-catching sporty lines synonymous with Sunseeker design, accentuated with a striking grey hull, and carbon hard top Mirka is sure to turn heads in every marina. AZZURRA II LE NGTH: 47.8 m /156’10” YEAR: 1988 BUILDER: CRN GUESTS: 12 ASKING: EUR 7,500,000 RATES FROM: EUR 150,000 Elegant and iconic, Azzurra II has been continuously upgraded to the highest standard, and provides a beautifully unique layout. An upper-deck master suite invites guests to embrace life at sea with panoramic views, while the sun deck is the ultimate sunbathing and entertainment zone. Her stunning interior design accommodates 12 guests in ultimate luxury guaranteeing a memorable time aboard. LEL LE NGTH: 49.7 m /163'1" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: ROSSINAVI RATES FROM: EUR 285,000 An imposing superyacht with her near vertical bow, LEL is a true head tuner. Gaining acclaim for her enormous beach club, she offers guests outstanding entertaining spaces both inside and out. Huge decks with multiple seating areas, luxurious and versatile accommodation, along with impressive leisure facilities, she guarantees seamless socialising and entertainment. PURE BLISS LE NGTH: 43.9 m /144’0” YEAR: 2006 BUILDER: BURGER BOAT COMPANY GUESTS: 12 ASKING: USD 17,500,000 RATES FROM: USD 165,000 In stunning condition thanks to months of improvements over 2021, Pure Bliss is a particularly attractive option for charterers and buyers alike. A rare configuration with seven staterooms, her accommodation options are extremely versatile. Flowing deck spaces and wide range of entertainment facilities make for a beautifully sociable and relaxing atmosphere. TRAFALGAR LE NGTH: 39.0 m /128'0" YEAR: 1975 BUILDER: CUSTOM ASKING: EUR 2,350,000 A true classic, this iconic 40m displacement yacht has been extensively rebuilt to offer a modern take on the traditional yachting lifestyle. With long-range capability and robust steel hull, she offers safe cruising in timeless style, while her tri-deck layout provides a spacious and comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing time aboard. HOOLIGAN LE NGTH: 25.0 m /82 ' 0 " GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: SUNSEEKER RATES FROM: EUR 34,000 SAMARA LE NGTH: 24.4 m /80 ' 0 " GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: PACHOUD RATES FROM: USD 60,000 MR K IRISTON LE NGTH: 28.1 m /92'1" GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: SUNSEEKER RATES FROM: EUR 100,000 Striking exterior lines and impressive performance perfectly combine with comfort and style to offer a stunning Mediterranean charter aboard an exquisite motor yacht. YACHT DIRECTORY 24 PURSUIT | LEADING LEGACY EDITION







ASKING: EUR 6,850,000 (VAT



25.6 m /84'0" YEAR: 1973 BUILDER: BENETTI
EUR 4,300,000 (VAT PAID) A unique and timeless Benetti, AF has been tastefully refurbished to accommodate six guests in modern luxury while maintaining her original style and cosy atmosphere. ALECTO LE NGTH: 25.1 m /82’4” YEAR: 2022 BUILDER: VICEM ASKING: USD 4,650,000 (VAT PAID) A true modern classic, Alecto is a tasteful and elegant custom built Vicem Classic for the most discerning yacht owner to travel in refined luxury. GRACE LE NGTH: 28.0 m /91'10" YEAR: 2013 BUILDER: AEGEAN
An elegant displacement yacht offering volume, comfort, and economy, Grace’s tri-deck layout affords space for a stunning sky-lounge. A rarity for a yacht of her size.
25.7 m /84'5"
PAID) A fully carbon high performance motor yacht, Shockwave is stylish, comfortable, and fuel-efficient masterpiece which has been recognized as 2015 Motor Yacht of the Year. MR T LE NGTH: 46.3 m /151'11" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: BAGLIETTO RATES FROM: EUR 225,000 Elegance meets luxury aboard the stunning Mr. T. A chic modern interior with large windows creates a light and relaxing atmosphere, while her impressive array of entertainment facilities across three spacious decks including a vast beach club, and elegant salon offers unforgettable cruising experiences for friends and family. 2 LADIES LE NGTH: 46.4 m /152'1" GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: ROSSINAVI RATES FROM: EUR 220,000 An elegant and classy superyacht thanks to Italian shipyard Rossinavi, 2 Ladies offers all the amenities you expect from a great charter yacht. Her impressive selection of watertoys, glass elevator, and fully equipped flybridge provide the complete charter package, while her eye-catching grey hull and stunning deck spaces only add to her allure. SCORPION LE NGTH: 46.0 m /150’11” YEAR: 2015 BUILDER: SANLORENZO GUESTS: 12 ASKING: EUR 21,900,000 RATES FROM: EUR 225,000 Flawlessly designed Scorpion is a striking superyacht with true pedigree. A finalist in the world superyacht awards 2016, her elegance seamlessly flows throughout with stunning entertaining areas and open decks. Thanks to her transoceanic range she offers the freedom to enjoy self-sufficient cruising across vast distances in ultimate luxury. AQUARIUS LE NGTH: 45.8 m /150'2" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: MENGI YAY RATES FROM: EUR 220,000 A true one-of-a-kind, Aquarius makes use of contemporary yacht design to offer the ultimate charter platform. Her luxurious interior, lavish beach club, and unique balcony extensions either side of the salon offer guests a spacious and comfortable stay while her eco-cruising mode and striking vertical bow simply add to her appeal. PLAN A LE NGTH: 39.6 m /130'1" YEAR: 2007 GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: MANGUSTA ASKING: EUR 6,500,000 VAT PAID SATINE LE NGTH: 35.0 m /114'10" GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: BENETTI RATES FROM: EUR 70,000 TOMI LE NGTH: 23.3 m /76 ' 5 " GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: PEARL RATES FROM: EUR 39,000 LACROMA LE NGTH: 20.0 m /65 '1 0 " YEAR: 1965 BUILDER: DE VRIES LENTSCH ASKING: EUR 1,750,000 YACHT DIRECTORY LEADING LEGACY EDITION PURSUIT 25
DREAM. EXPLORE Craving FREEDOM, open air and ADVENTURE? Set sail with our selection of SAILING yachts for SALE and CHARTER ARCHELON LE NGTH: 37.5 m /122’10” BUILDER: OYSTER GUESTS: 12 RATES FROM: EUR 120,000 The flagship of the Oyster range, the Oyster 1225 combines impressive volume, comfort and style with enviable sailing performance. Boasting a full beam aft master stateroom and four versatile twins which can be turned into double, Archelon is the perfect yacht to host a group of passionate sailors. ASOLARE LE NGTH: 47.2 m /154'10" GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: HODGDON YACHTS RATES FROM: EUR 89,000 Designed by Bruce King Yacht Design, Asolare balances high-end sailing performance with cutting edge technology enabling the 50m yacht to be controlled simply using touch screens and joysticks, making her perfect for an intimate family charter. SERENDIPITY I LE NGTH: 45.0 m /147'8" GUESTS: 8 BUILDER: PERINI NAVI RATES FROM: EUR 170,000 With a proven and impressive racing history, Serendipity I is unmistakably the product of the world renowned and legendary Italian builders, Perini Navi. Her 45-metre sloop boasts an elegant and contemporary interior, leaving guests in complete comfort whilst gliding through the waves. YACHT DIRECTORY 26 PURSUIT | LEADING LEGACY EDITION




LE NGTH: 36.0 m /118'1" YEAR: 1987


As one of the three famous Colombaio motor sailors, at the time of her build Sunny Hill was a revolutionary charter vessel. She sleeps ten guests in five staterooms.


LE NGTH: 34.2 m /112'1" YEAR: 2000


With an impressive sailing pedigree, SPIIP has won numerous regattas whilst providing a spacious and luxurious sailing platform for extensive worldwide cruising.


LE NGTH: 31.7 m /104'0" YEAR: 1992


Having undergone a refit in 2020, this beautiful world cruiser is in fantastic condition, with a comfortable design and unquestionable sailing performance.


LE NGTH: 30.4 m /99’7” YEAR: 1993


Having almost fully rebuilt the hull and decorating her with the finest materials, Captain Cook is sure to leave an impression on any guests stepping on board.

INMOCEAN LE NGTH: 41.0 m /134'6"
(VAT PAID) With a timeless design penned by the hands of Ed Dubios and Adam Lay Studios, Inmocean remains as stylish and elegant today as she was on the day she was launched. Inmocean boasts a spacious exterior perfect for lounging and was a Finalist at the 2009 World Superyacht Awards. CAVALLO LE NGTH: 42.9 m /140'10" GUESTS: 10 BUILDER: BALTIC YACHTS RATES FROM: EUR 94,000 The ideal charter yacht for socialising and entertaining with family and friends, Cavallo’s living areas and entertainment facilities are sure to welcome and impress everyone on board. With an average speed of 15.5 knots, Cavallo will also be sure to impress any guests with a passion for sailing. MEIRA LE NGTH: 50.0 m /164'1" YEAR: 2018 GUESTS: 12 BUILDER: NETA MARINE ASKING: EUR 12,500,000 RATES FROM: EUR 120,000 With the size and space comparable to many motor yachts of her size, along with the allure of sailing under the wind, Meira offers the best of both worlds. Delivered in 2018, she presents an incredible opportunity to purchase or charter a nearly new yacht with the condition to match. A SULANA LE NGTH: 37.0 m /121'5" GEUSTS: 6 BUILDER: HOLLAND JACHTBOUW RATES FROM: EUR 70,000 With her low profile and minimalist deck space, A Sulana is sleek and state of the art fast cruising sloop, built for performance. However, below her sprawling deck space sits three en-suite state rooms accommodating up to six guests, ensuring that those onboard are able to enjoy this performance in true comfort and luxury. MY1 LE NGTH: 25.0 m /82 ' 0 " GUESTS: 6 BUILDER: NAUTOR’S SWAN RATES FROM: EUR 29,500 BLACK PEARL II LE NGTH: 23.6 m /77 ' 5 " GUESTS: 6 BUILDER: BALTIC YACHTS RATES FROM: EUR 29,000 CNB 76 LE NGTH: 23.2 m /76 ' 0 " YEAR: 2022 BUILDER: CNB ASKING: EUR 3,800,000 ANIMA II LE NGTH: 22.2 m /73 0 " GUESTS: 6 BUILDER: SPIRIT YACHTS RATES FROM: EUR 25,000 PH 3 LE NGTH: 21.9 m /71 ' 9 " GUESTS: 6 BUILDER: CONTEST RATES FROM: EUR 23,000 SAMA LE NGTH: 18.3 m /60 ' 0 " YEAR: 2018 BUILDER: SUNREEF ASKING: EUR 2,200,000 YACHT DIRECTORY LEADING LEGACY EDITION PURSUIT 27
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