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I come from the country that gave birth to Michelangelo and Leonardo. A country where every week one person dies in prison, either through suicide or from police blows, yet nobody gets tried for it. A country where fashion is a way of life, yet calling someone a “dirty nigger” is not a crime. A country where the fascist salute is publicly forbidden, yet the current prime minister publicly reinstated Mussolini as “someone who never killed anyone”. My practice takes these aspects of the society I live in into consideration, and uses all available media to display a personal (at times cynical, at times ironical) vision of today’s contradictions, in order to underline the possibility that art can be made by everyone, and eventually agree that the Renaissance is insuperable. Stefano W. Pasquini (b. 1969, Bologna, Italy) received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 1991, he then left the country for Dublin, briefly, London for seven years, and New York until 2001, where he also worked as PA for Robert C. Morgan and was Guest Editor of New York Arts Magazine. He’s currently based back in Bologna, where he works. He was Head Curator of Sesto Senso, a small no profit gallery in Bologna, for the exhibiting seasons of 2001-2002. Between 2001 and 2008 he was Art Director of “Work – Art in progress”, magazine of the Contemporary Art Gallery of Trento. He is Contributing Editor of New York Arts Magazine, freelance photographer, independent curator, and member of the International Lomographic Society. He also writes about art on Collezioni Sport & Street, Luxos Style and other magazines. He has been exhibiting since 1988 with group shows in places such as the Collective Gallery (Edinburgh), The National Portrait Gallery (London), Casco (Utrecht), ICA (London), Art in General (New York), Star67 (Brooklyn), ONI (Boston), Alphadelta (Athens), Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art (New York) and solo shows at Carnera (Adria), Bond Gallery (Birmingham), Sesto Senso, Graffio, Villa Serena (Bologna), Galleria 42 Contemporaneo, Studio Vetusta (Modena) and PaggeriArte (Sassuolo). He is author of “Accidental//Coincidental”, Newhouse, New York, 2008, Editor of “Obsolete Shit” magazine and Head of “Why the Fuck not Ppodcast”.

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23/03/2010 22.23.02

10 Euro scupture, 2004, mixed media (all bought at a local supermarket for a total of 10 euro), 9,8 x 9,8 x 14,5 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.04

Why do we die, 2006, watercolor and ink on newsprint, 8,6 x 6,6 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.21

US0709, 2007, Cast iron, glue, syringe needles, 3,9 x 5,9 x 5,1 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.23

UI0806 (Pipilotti), 2008, C-Type print, edition of 5, 27,5 x 39,3 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.26

US0708 (Air), 2007, mixed media, 9 x 23,2 x 10,2 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.29

US0806, 2008, Found objects sculpture, left in Soho, NYC. 4,7 x 5,9 x 3,5 cm.

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23/03/2010 22.23.31

One day laughin’ in this surreal earth (UV0801), 2008, Single Channel Video, 26’42”.

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23/03/2010 22.23.34

US0804, 2008, Shoes, olive tree wood, 14,1 x 12,6 x 18,5 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.36

US0809, 2008, plaster, glue, acrylic paint, 7 x 4,3 x 1,7 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.40

US0811, 2008, Bread, masking tape, 11,8 x 3,5 x 2,3 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.45

UI0909, 2009, C-type print, edition of 5, 39,3 x 27,5 inches.

hudson2010.indd 12

23/03/2010 22.23.47

US0901, 2009, Stone, tape, santino, 11,4 x 10,6 x 14,9 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.52

UC0903, 2009, Mixed media on paper, 11 x 16 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.54

UP0910, 2009, ink on porcelain plate, Ă˜ 9,4 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.23.58

US1001, 2010, wood and mixed media, 13,7 x 128 x 25,9 inches.

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23/03/2010 22.24.00

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23/03/2010 22.24.04

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23/03/2010 22.24.04

Stefano W Pasquini  

Documentation of Stefano's artwork in 2010