Obsolete Shit

Obsolete Shit

Bologna, Italy

From Artnet.com:

Obsolete Shit is a blatantly small (4x4 in.) yet monumental 38-page pamphlet by the Italian artist, curator and longtime collaborator Stefano Pasquini. Clearly, Pasquini has a lust for trash, tourism and Arte Povera. His process, well documented in Obsolete Shit, is as follows: He sets a price limit to execute a public installation or sculpture (never above $20), builds it fast, displays it, takes a picture and then leaves it abandoned in hope that it might become a historical ruin. Baghdad, New York, Cuba and London have been unwilling hosts to this process. Some pieces have survived, while most are lost -- becoming (modest) legends on their own right.


Obsolete Shit is free and collaborators are welcome. Also by Pasquini is an excellent sound art project Why the Fuck not Ppodcast.

(Pedro Velez)