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Graphic Novels C22 Bridges C23 Red Flag Books C23-25 Blue Flag Fiction C26-37 Green Flag Fiction C38-40 Young Adult Books C41 Leabhair Ghaeilge C42-44 A Guide to Reading Levels C44 O’Brien for Schools C45-47 Trade Distribution List A40 Rights Agents A41 All ISBNs listed in this catalogue are ISBN-13 eBook editions of titles with this logo are available from the world’s leading eBook stores. See page A38. The O’Brien Press Ltd 12 Terenure Road East Dublin 6, Ireland Tel: +353 1 4923333 Fax: +353 1 4922777 E-mail: Website:

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AUTHOR INDEX Aggs, Patrice C15, C16 Allison, James C23 Barber, Irene C11 Barrett, Philip C8 Bermingham, Ann C20 Blackwood, Gary C30 Boland, Gerry C19 Brady Dawson, Brianóg C14-17, C42-43 Broderick, Marian C20, C24 Bruzzone, Catherine C43 Burlington, Marie C16, C21 Byrne, Bob C21 Carey, Anna C38 Carroll, Mary C11 Carroll, Michael C36 Cashman, Seamus C11 Clarke, Judith C40, C41 Class P3, Scoil Chiaráin C9 Colfer, Eoin C20, C28 Conlon-McKenna, Marita C27 Conroy, Don C19, C30 Curtin, Judi C28-C29 Dagg, Stephanie C14-16, C20, C42 Deeley, Patrick C15-16, C43 Dillon, Eilís C25, C30 Donohue, David C24 Donovan, Anna C9, C12, C14, C17, C42, C43 Doolin, Catherine C15, C42 Doolin, Catherine C42 Doyle, Malachy C30 Dunbar, Robert C33 Fitzgerald, Nita C9 Fitzpatrick, Tom C11 Flegg, Aubrey C30, C40 Gallagher, Brian C26 Gerstein, Mordicai C36 Gliori, Debi C9 Gogarty, Brian C8 Granström, Brita C9 Grindley, Sally C9

Grogan, Jerry C11 Halligan, Jim C23 Hannigan, Dave C35 Hayes-McCoy, Felicity C13 Healy, Shay C13 Herron, Anne Marie C14-15, C42 Hourican, Bridget C40 Kelleher, Annette C25 Kiely, Kevin C36 Kiernan, Celine C41 Kingston, Mary C11 Kissane, Dan C25 Kostick, Conor C39 Leavy, Una C10, C12, C14-C15, C42 Lennon, Tom C41 Lisson, Deborah C32, C40 Llywelyn, Morgan C32 Long, Katie C11 Lyons, Fergus C14, C16-17 Mac a’Bháird, Natasha C23 Mac Liammóir, Micheál C33 Mac Uistin, Liam C35 Magee, Wes C21 Maguire, Brenda C10 Maguire, Gregory C31 Manning, Mick C9 Mansfield, Creina C15, C31 Massey, Eithne C10, C23, C26, C31 May, Judy C33 McAuley, Leon C25 McBratney, Sam C19, C40 McDonnell, Vincent C36 McGann, Erika C26 McGann, Kunak C12 McGann, Oisín C13, C21, C23, C36 McHale, Conor C20 Meaney, Roisin C29, C33 Michael, Jan C30 Moller, Linda C24 Moore, Tomm C31 Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer C11

Murphy, Frank C20, C25, C30 Ní Dhonnchú, Dairíne C44 Ní Ghlinn, Áine C42-C44 Ní Mhurchú, Caitríona C43 Nolan, Alan C22 Novak, Matt C9 Ó Siochfhrada, Pádraig C33 O’Brien, Brendan C10 O’Brien, Joe C18, C35 O’Connor, Finbar C24 O’Leary, Seán C C11 O’Neil, Catherine C37 O’Neill, Karl C19 Parkinson, Siobhán C13, C19, C25, C34 Perdue, Gillian C16-17, C24, C43 Pierce, Nicola C26 Potter, Maureen C25 Prendergast, P.R. C39 Prendergast, Peter C23 Ranson, Claire C8 Ray, Jane C10 Rowe, Jeannette C9 Roy, James C41 Scott, Michael C36 Sexton, John W C37 Shaw, Elizabeth C12, C14, C42 Siggins, Gerard C35 Snell, Gordon C14, C16, C25 Somers, Ian C38 Stewart, Maddie C12 Strelkoff, Tatiana C41 Tarrant, Margaret C10 Taylor, Marilyn C34 Trevor, William C25 Waddell, Martin C9 Webb, Sarah C8, C17 Weir, Liz C19, C25 Wells, Grace C24 Whelan, Gerard C37 Winthrop, Elizabeth C37 Wyley, Enda C12, C23, C32

The front cover image is from The Demon Notebook See page C26

A Note from the Publisher

Great celebrations here at O’Brien Press with Celine Kiernan’s unique double win for Into the Grey at the national CBI awards (chosen by both the children’s jury and the judging panel), and the continued success of Nicola Pierce’s Spirit of the Titanic which has now reprinted no less than five times. Anna Carey also scooped an Irish Book Award for The Real Rebecca and follows up on this success with the terrific Rebecca’s Rules. Our Bridges series of multicultural books collectively scooped a prestigious Reading Association of Ireland award. Our policy of uncovering exciting new talent continues with Ian Somers’ rip-roaring fantasy Million Dollar Gift and Erika McGann’s thrilling The Demon Notebook, which sit nicely alongside new titles from favourites Alan Nolan, Gerry Boland and Brian Gallagher. And let’s not forget our twelfth Judi Curtin title, Leave it to Eva, which is eagerly awaited by her massive fan base and our international publishing partners.

TITLE INDEX 10 Scary Monsters C9 17 Martin Street C34 Across the Divide C26 Adam’s Starling C24 Adventures of Shamrock Sean, The C8 Al Capsella and the Watchdogs C40 Albert and the Magician C25 Alfie Green and a Sink Full of Frogs C18 Alfie Green and the Bee Bottle Gang C18 Alfie Green and the Chocolate Cosmos C18 Alfie Green and the Conker King C18 Alfie Green and the FlyTrapper C18 Alfie Green and the Magical Gift C18 Alfie Green and the Monkey Puzzler C18 Alfie Green and the Snowdrop Queen C18 Alfie Green and the Supersonic Subway C18 Alice & Megan’s Cookbook C29 Alice Again C29 Alice and Megan Forever C29 Alice in the Middle C29 Alice Next Door C29 Alice to the Rescue C29 All About Gaelic Football C11 All About Hurling C11 Allison C41 Amelia C34 Amy’s Wonderful Nest C14 And The Blood Flowed Green C22 Animals Don’t Have Ghosts C25 Anna’s Secret Granny C20 Art and Craft Adventures 1 & 2 C11 Art and Craft Explorer Collection 2 C11 Baby Giant, The C13 Bad Hair Day C15 Bad Karma Diaries, The C40 Barry’s New Bed C15 Battle for the Castle, The C37 Beastly Jokes C13 Benny and Babe C28 Benny and Omar C28 Bertie Rooster C12 Best-Loved Irish Legends C10 Beyond the Cherry Tree C35 Big Break Detectives Casebook, The C22 Big Brother, The C16

Big Fight, The C20 Blue Horse, The C27 Blue Lavender Girl C33 Blue, Where Are You? C21 Bonjour Alice C29 Boo and Bear C12 Boom Chicka Boom C25 Boyne Valley book and tape of Irish Legends, The C10 Brian Boru C32 Bróga Thomáis C42 Buachaill Bó, An C43 Busy Fingers C11 Cá Bhfuil Murchú? C43 Cáitín sa Chistin C42 Call of the Whales C34 Castle in the Attic, The C37 Cave of Secrets C32 Celestial Child, The C30 Celtic Magic Tales C35 Celtic Tales of Enchantment C35 Charlie Harte and his TwoWheeled Tiger C25 Cherokee C31 Chieftain’s Daughter, The C40 Children of the Famine Trilogy C27 Chill Factor C36 Cinders C12 Cinnamon Tree, The C40 Conor’s Canvas C17 Conor’s Concert C16 Conor’s Cowboy Suit C16 Copper Girl C33 Crowded Shadows, The C41 Daifní Dineasár C42 Dancing in the Dark C39 Danny and Baby Do It All C15 Danny’s Crazy Christmas C17 Danny’s Pesky Pet C16 Danny’s Sick Trick C15 Danny’s Smelly Toothbrush C15 Death by Chocolate C22 Deirdre agus an Fear Bréige C42 Demon from the Deep End C23 Demon Notebook, The C26 Destination: Homicide C22 Diabolic Downloads C23 Diamond Star Girl C33 Dochtúir Dan, An C44 Don’t Ask Alice C29 Don’t Even Think About It C33 Don’t Open That Box C20 Dream Invader C37 Dreaming Tree, The C23 Drochlá Gruaige C42 Ducks in Trouble C15 Éasca Péasca C44

Ed’s Bed C20 Ed’s Funny Feet C20 Edda C39 Emma Says Boo! C12 Emma Says Oops! C12 Emma the Penguin C17 Enchanted Journeys C33 Epic C39 Eva’s Holiday C28 Eva’s Journey C28 Evil Hairdo, The C23 Faery Nights/Oícheanta Sí C33 Fantastic Far-Flung Facts For Fun C11 Faoin Sceach Gheal C27 Faraway Home C34 Féile Fever C35 Fiacla Mhamó C42 Fields of Home C27 Fight for Plover Hill, The C25 Finn’s Thumb C13 Fireman Sinead! C14 Fishbum and Splat C20 Five Alien Elves C31 Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe) C34 Four Stupid Cupids C31 Friend of my Heart C41 Fugitives! C30 Garden for Tom, A C14 Gemini Game C36 Girl Called Blue, A C27 Glac Sos! Uimhir a hAon C43 Gods and their Machines, The C36 Going Potty C20 Granny Makes a Mess! C15 Granny’s Secret C15 Granny’s Teeth C14 Great Pig Escape, The C24 Guns of Easter, The C37 Hal’s Sleepover C12 Harvest Tide Project, The C36 Hazel Wood Girl C33 Hedgehog’s Prickly Problem, The C19 Helpful Hannah C16 Henny Penny Tree, The C13 Here, There and Everywhere C19 Heroic Life of Al Capsella, The C40 Hide & Speak Irish C43 Horse Called El Dorado, A C36 Hunt for Diarmaid and Gráinne, The C35 I Won’t Go To China C23 Ice Dreams C24 In Deep Dark Wood C27

In The Claws of the Eagle C40 Into the Grey C41 Island of Ghosts, The C30 It Wasn’t Me C31 It’s Called Dyslexia C11 It’s Great Being Little C9 Jigsaw Stew C20 Jimeen C33 Jimmy’s Leprechaun Trap C25 Johnny Coffin School-Dazed C37 Juliet’s Story C25 Just Joshua C30 Kate C34 Katie’s Cake C15 Katie’s Caterpillars C14 Katie’s War C30 Kicking On C35 Lámhainní Glasa C43 Leave it to Eva C28 Leprechaun on the Loose C25 Leprechaun Who Wished He Wasn’t, The C19 Leprechaun’s Challenge, The C37 Leprechaun’s Riddle, The C37 Lighthouse Joey C16 Little Black Sheep, The C14 Little Croker C35 Little Witch Who Can’t Spell, The C21 Lockie and Dadge C30 Lost Fairy, The C20 Lough Neagh Monster, The C19 Mad Grandad and the Kleptoes C21 Mad Grandad and the Mutant River C21 Mad Grandad’s Doppelganger C21 Mad Grandad’s Flying Saucer C21 Mad Grandad’s Robot Garden C21 Mad Grandad’s Wicked Pictures C21 Marco Master of Disguise C19 Marco Moonwalker C19 Marco Moves In C19 Million Dollar Gift C38 Missing Sisters C31 Mo Mhadra Beoga C43 Molly’s Night Out C12 Moncaí Dána C42 Moon King, The C34 Moonlight C36 More Beastly Jokes C13 Most Beautiful Letter in the World, The C19

Mouse TV C9 Move C39 Mr Bear to the Rescue C9 Mr Bear’s Picnic C9 Muckeen and the Big Freeze C17 Muckeen and the UFO C16 Muckeen the Pig C14 My Book of Kells Colouring Book C9 My Dog Lively C15 My Ireland Counting Book C10 My Nasty Neighbours C31 My Nutty Neighbours C31 No Goodbye C27 No Peace for Amelia C34 No Shoes for Tom C14 Noah’s Ark C10 Nursery Rhymes C10 O’Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales & Legends, The C10 October Moon C36 Olanna’s Big Day C23 Old Country, The C36 Out of Nowhere C37 Pageboy Danny C16 Páidí Péintéir C44 Pirate Queen C32 Póga the Dragon C9 Poison Factory, The C23 Poison Throne, The C41 Rainbow Bridge, The C40 Real Rebecca, The C38 Rebecca’s Rules C38 Rebel Prince, The C41 Red Hugh C32 Ribbit Ribbit! C14 Riddle, The C13 Robots Don’t Cry C21 Romanian Builder, The C23 Rugby Spirit C35 Rún Mór, An C43 Safe Harbour C27 Saga C39 Sailí na Spotaí C42 Sailor Bear C9 Sally Go Round the Stars C8 Scuab Fiacal Danny C43 Secret of Kells, The C31 Secrets and Shadows C26 See If I Care C29 Shakespeare Stealer, The C30 Shakespeare’s Scribe C30 Shamrock Sean and the Wishing Well C8 Shoestring Soup C16 Silver Notebook, The C32 Silver Stag of Bunratty, The C26 Sinéad ag Damhsa C42

Sinead the Dancer C14 Sisters ... no way! C34 Six Haunted Hairdos C31 Six Million Ways to Die C22 Skimming C33 Sky Wings C30 Snip Snip! C15 Snobby Cat C16 Something Beginning with P C11 Spirit of the Titanic C26 Spotty Sally C15 Star Dancer C32 Story of Ireland, The C10 Story of the Creation, The C10 Strawberry Squirt C16 Strongbow C32 Supermarket Ghost, The C25 Swap C30 ‘S’ Word, The C41 Táin, The C35 Taking Sides C26 Thar an Trasnán C44 Tiger Boots C35 Timid Rabbit, The C12 Tina and the Tooth Fairy C16 Tommy The Theatre Cat C25 Train Driver, The C12 Trouble for Tuffy C20 Truth Seeker C40 tUan Beag Dubh, An C42 Twelve Dancing Princesses, The C10 Under Fragile Stone C36 Walter Speazlebud C24 War Children C37 What Are Friends For? C9 When Love Comes to Town C41 Where the Stones Sing C26 Where’s Larry? C8 Where’s Murphy? C17 Whose Ears? C9 Whose Feet? C9 Wildflower Girl C27 Wings over Delft C40 Winter of Spies, A C37 Wired Teeth C23 Wish List, The C28 Witch Apprentice, The C24 Witch in a Fix, A C24 Witch in the Woods, The C24 Wolf Moon C36 Wolfgran C24 Wolfgran Returns C24 world is full of Babies!, The C9 Young Rebels, The C32

NEW BOOKS FOR CHILDREN PICTURE BOOKS SEE PAGE C8 Where’s Larry? A delightful adventure and puzzle book for young readers, with fantastic full-colour illustrations throughout. Great fun for all the family and perfect for long journeys!

GALWAY BAY This regatta is great fun altogether. I love regattas and I go to loads of them every year all around the country. But I like the ones with old boats best. The oldest boats in Galway are called ‘hookers’ (I swear). They’re the black boats with the red sails. They’re great on the windy here with their one seas around big sail and two small ones in front. loads of different But there are boats in the bay today. That’s because sunny day (for Ireland) it’s a really and everyone wants to be on the water. Including ME!

ISBN: 978-1-84717- 276-1/€9.99 pb



YELLOW FLAG FICTION SEE PAGE C18-21 Marco: Master of Disguise The fantastic sequel to Marco Moves In – nominated for an Irish Book Award ‘A beautifully told, engaging tale, about Ireland’s favourite, lovable grizzly bear’ Armadillo Poetry Magazine

Marco: Moonwalker The latest adventure of this rather remarkable grizzly bear! Patrick discovers that Marco is a musical genius,and he soon becomes a huge star. Then disaster strikes!

ISBN: 97


€7.99 hb 717-273-0/

: 978-1-84



7.99 hb


Destination Homicide In the third instalment of the hilarious Murder can be Fatal Mystery series hard-boiled but ham-fisted Hood City Homicide detectives Ricky Nixon and Eddie Ribbs have a lot on their plates – a serial killer is targeting chicken mascots and they’re in charge.

ISBN: 978-1-84717-256-3/€7.99 pb


And the Blood Flowed Green Marion Mulligan is a down-atheel private investigator abducted by aliens and abandoned on a distant planet with only a robotic Remote Universal Translator Unit (RUNT) for company. But he needs to call on all of his skills when a murderer strikes.

ISBN: 978-1-84717-257-0/€7.99 pb

See also new Graphic Novels in the General catalogue page A17


ISBN: 978-1-84717-207-5 €7.99 pb

Cave of Secrets A thrilling new adventure from internationally renowned author, Morgan Llywelyn. Full of adventure, suspense, deadly enemies and great friendships, and featuring real historical characters from the time, Cave of Secrets is a fantastic new historical novel set in Ireland in the 1700s. Perfect for young readers aged 10+. ‘Llywelyn has established herself as the leading writer ISBN: 978-1-84717-350-8 of Irish historical novels for €7.99 pb children’ Books Ireland

Secrets and Shadows Can you trust anyone in a time of war? From the author of Across the Divide and Taking Sides comes an exciting tale of friendship and loyalty set in WWII. ‘Gallagher manages to deal with the historical issues of the day like social injustice, industrial unrest and women’s suffrage in a story that is exciting, gripping and occasionally humourous’ Books Ireland

Rugby Spirit Full of action and mystery, and featuring detailed training sessions and match descriptions, young sports fans, and especially rugby fans, will adore Rugby Spirit. ‘A brilliant story for rugbymad youngsters ... its simple approach ensures it can be enjoyed just as much by those new to the game’ Sunday Independent

The Demon Notebook An exciting debut novel from Erika McGann. Grace and her four best friends, Jenny, Rachel, Adie and Una, are failed witches – and they have a notebook full of useless spells to prove it. But one night, they stumble upon real magical powers - and their notebook takes on a diabolical life of its own.

ISBN: 978-1-84717-333-1 €7.99 pb

ISBN: 978-1-84717-295-2 €7.99 pb

Leave it to Eva Fun, feisty Eva Gordon’s never been one to shy away from helping her friends – whether they want her help or not! – but this time she might have found a problem that’s too big even for her …


The third book in the bestselling Eva series. Praise for Eva’s Holiday ‘Curtin has a deliciously warm touch and this book is perfect for girls aged 8+...highly recommended’ Irish Independent

ISBN: 978-1-84717-347-8 €7.99 pb

‘A sharply-observed study of the values and attitudes of the Irish pre-teen girls who make up much of her readership’ Evening Echo

Judi Curtin is the hugelypopular author of the bestselling Alice and Megan books.



A fantastic new debut from Ian Somers and the sequel to Anna Carey’s award-winning The Real Rebecca: some great reading for older children!

SEE PAGE C38-40 Rebecca’s Rules My name is Rebecca Rafferty, and there are lots of things wrong with my life right now.

Million Dollar Gift A fast-paced ride into a hidden world of extraordinary gifts and deadly enemies. Stunning debut from new Irish author, Ian Somers, that has been praised as ‘a modern day Catcher in the Rye’ Inis

Rebecca’s back in her latest adventure! ‘Carey’s teen voice is spot-on ... will delight any Louise Rennison fan’ Irish Independent

ISBN: 978-1-84717-307-2 €7.99 pb

ISBN: 978-1-84717-344-7 €7.99 pb

New editions and new covers The O’Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales & Legends Irish fairy tales and legends are full of enchantment, brave deeds and lost loves. Told from generation to generation, they are as fascinating now as they were to their original listeners. Now available in paperback. ISBN: 978-1-84717-313-3/€11.99 pb

Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe) Introducing a special new edition of Siobhán Parkinson’s classic children’s story with a brand new cover designed by Alicia Premkumar from Co. Carlow, winner of the Children’s Books Ireland/O’Brien Press ‘Design A Cover’ Competition. ISBN: 978-0-86278-515-4/€7.95 pb

The Táin The most famous Irish legend of all in an exciting and easily understood version. Read about the feats of the famous warrior Cúchulainn who singlehandedly defends Ulster against the army of Queen Maeve. War, peace, love, greed, fate are the stuff of an epic, and in The Táin they are present in full. ISBN: 978-1-84717-288-4/€6.99 pb


Children of the Famine Trilogy This beautifully packaged collection showcases all three books in the Children of the Famine Trilogy: Under the Hawthorn Tree, Wildflower Girl and Fields of Home. ‘ ... beautiful and moving ... historically true and fictionally vivid.’ The Sunday Times ISBN: 978-1-84717-292-1/€14.95 pb slipcase

Faoin Sceach Gheal New Irish language edition of bestselling classic Under the Hawthorn Tree . ‘The Irish translation adds to the pleasure of reading this classic Irish children’s novel ... This would be an ideal class novel to read together and enjoy as a group’ ISBN: 978-0-86278-653-3/€7.99 pb



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Picture Books NEW

Black Flag – Picture Books

Where’s Larry? Philip Barrett Larry the Leprechaun is on his travels around Ireland. It’s great fun, and very difficult, to find him. There are lots of others to find too – Irish dancers, the skateboarder, Cúchulainn and more. He visits all the favourite places: Cliffs of Moher, Galway Bay, Croagh Patrick, Giant’s Causeway, Newgrange, Croke Park, St Patrick’s Day Parade on O’Connell Street, College Green, Glendalough, Rock of Cashel, Puck Fair, Bunratty Castle. 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-276-1 €9.99 pb Rights available W

GALWAY BAY This regatta is great fun altogether. I love regattas and I go to loads of them every year all around the country. But I like the ones with old boats best. The oldest boats in Galway are called ‘hookers’ (I swear). They’re the black boats with the red sails. They’re great on the windy seas here with their one around big sail and two small ones in front. But loads of different there are boats in the bay today. That’s because it’s sunny day (for Ireland) a really and everyone wants to be on the water. Including ME!



Sally Go Round the Stars Favourite Rhymes from an Irish Childhood By Sarah Webb & Claire Ranson Illustrated by Steve McCarthy A major, beautifully illustrated collection of favourite nursery rhymes known and loved throughout Ireland. It includes popular international, British and Irish rhymes as well as special Irish favourites. ‘Every nursery rhyme you have ever forgotten the words to ... wacky and inventive illustrations ... children from three years upwards will be rapt - as will parents reliving their childhoods’ Sunday Business Post 64 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-211-2 €14.99 hb/Rights available W C8

Shamrock Sean and the Wishing Well By Brian Gogarty Sean wants to make a wish, but he is too small to see into the well ... so he climbs up on the rim ... and FALLS IN! How will the little leprechaun get out? 12 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-967-1 €4.95 pb Rights available W

Shamrock Sean and the Bird’s Nest By Brian Gogarty Sean spots an egg in the bird’s nest. Suddenly, it cracks open and out pops a little chick. Where can he find worms to feed the hungry baby? In his garden, of course. 12 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-969-5 €4.95 pb Rights available W

Shamrock Sean Goes Fishing By Brian Gogarty Sean hopes to catch a BIG fish. Instead he lands the River Witch’s treasure. The little leprechaun is terrified that she will put him under a spell. But all is not as it seems! 12 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-968-8 €4.95 pb Rights available W

The Adventures of Shamrock Sean By Brian Gogarty Going fishing, helping a baby bird or looking in the wishing well might sound harmless, but not when Sean is involved! Three exciting stories, vividly illustrated. 32 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-192-4 €7.99 pb Rights available W

My Book of Kells Colouring Book The Book of Kells is one of the world’s most famous illuminated manuscripts. Now you can colour it in yourself, with this selection of pictures big and small from this beautiful book.

It’s Great Being Little By Nita Fitzgerald Illus. Francesca Carabelli Susie wants to be big. But Granny shows her all the reasons why it’s great being little. A charming story for all small people.

32 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-274-7 €6.99 pb Rights available W

32 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-176-4 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Sailor Bear By Martin Waddell Illus. Virginia Austin Sailor Bear is lost and has no one to play with, so he goes to sea all on his own. FREE teaching ideas online 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-363-1 €6.98 pb/Rights available IR

12 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-845-2 €4.95 pb Rights available W

What Are Friends For? By Sally Grindley Illus. Penny Dann A heart-warming tale about Bear and Fox, who are the best of friends. But what does a friend actually do?

The world is full of Babies! By Mick Manning and Brita Granström All kinds of babies to meet and learn about: foals, puppies, kittens ... 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-479-9 €7.61 pb

FREE teaching ideas online 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-654-0 €7.61 pb Rights available IR

Rights available IR

Mouse TV By Matt Novak A family of mice sit down to watch TV, but each mouse has a favourite programme – how will they decide what to watch?

10 Scary Monsters Class P3, Scoil Chiaráin 10 Scary Monsters came knocking at my door. One Scary Monster fell through the floor! Fun-filled counting book created by the young ‘monster makers’ of P3, Scoil Chiaráin, Dublin.

32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-699-1 €5.99 pb Rights available EU • BC x CAN

32 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-002-6/€7.99 pb Rights available W

Whose Ears? By Jeannette Rowe

Whose Feet? By Jeannette Rowe

FREE teaching ideas online 16 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-671-7 €5.07 pb Rights available IR

By Debi Gliori Enchanting stories about the lovable Mr Bear, who always means well, but somehow manages to end up in a muddle! Mr Bear’s Picnic

FREE teaching ideas online 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-434-8 €6.98 pb Rights available IR

Colourful guessing-game books for younger readers. With vivid illustrations and lift-the-flap fun!

16 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-670-0 €5.07 pb Rights available IR

Black Flag – Picture Books

Póga the Dragon By Anna Donovan Illus. Jean Texier Póga, the baby dragon, faces a huge challenge. Only he can rekindle the flame that will save the world. But Póga is afraid ... can his friends help?

Mr Bear to the Rescue

FREE teaching ideas online 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-498-0 €6.98 pb Rights available IR


The Boyne Valley book and tape of Irish Legends By Brenda Maguire Illus. Peter Haigh Ireland’s favourite ­legendary tales read by Gay Byrne, Cyril Cusack, Maureen Potter, John B Keane, Rosaleen Linehan and Twink.

Black Flag – Picture Books

48 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-140-8, incl. tape €10.00 pb Rights available W

Best-Loved Irish Legends By Eithne Massey Illus. Lisa Jackson Beautifully told versions of all the favourite legends, with splendid colour illustrations. Includes The Salmon of Knowledge, How Cú Chulainn Got His Name, The Children of Lir, The King with Donkey’s Ears and Fionn and the Giant. Children as young as 4 will enjoy these traditional stories, and age 6+ will be able to read them themselves. Now available in a new mini-edition. 64 pages/colour Large edition: ISBN 978-1-84717-137-5/€12.99 hb Mini-edition: ISBN 978-1-84717-237-2/€4.99 hb Rights available W

Noah’s Ark By Jane Ray A stunningly illustrated version of this much-loved bible story. Overflows with life, colour and activity. 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-430-0 €6.34 pb/Rights available IR C10

The Story of the Creation By Jane Ray Filled with animals, oceans and forests, this beautiful book retells the story of creation for young readers. WINNER Smarties Award 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-483-6 €6.98 pb/Rights available IR

The Twelve Dancing Princesses By Jane Ray A delightful tale about twelve princesses who love to dance – then the King uncovers a secret ... 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-476-8 €6.98 pb Rights available IR




The O’Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales & Legends By Una Leavy Illus. Susan Field A captivating and beautifully ­illustrated collection of the best-loved traditional Irish stories, including ‘The Children of Lir’, ‘How Cúchulainn Got His Name’ and ‘Oisín in Tír na nÓg’. A book to be treasured. 96 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-313-3 €11.99 pb Rights available W

The Story of Ireland By Brendan O’Brien Illus. The Cartoon Saloon Chronicles invasions, wars and famine, mixed with tales of Celtic head hunters, mysterious stone tombs, the Vikings, Ivar the Boneless, the Black Death, life in castles and the Titanic tragedy. Filled with historical images, maps, ‘population trees’ and fun illustrations. A true family book. FREE activities online AWARD Irish Children’s Book of the Year (Irish Book Awards) 96 pages/colour Large edition: ISBN 978-0-86278-881-0/€19.95 hb Mini-edition: ISBN 978-1-84717-184-9/€9.99 hb Rights available W

My Ireland Counting Book Illustrated by Eoin Ryan One Stone Castle ...Two Irish Wolfhounds ... Add some Hurleys, Thatched Cottages, Tin Whistles, Bodhráns, Connemara Ponies and Irish Dancers (as well as lots of lively leprechauns) ... and you get a whole lot of counting fun! 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-278-5 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Nursery Rhymes By Margaret Tarrant Beautifully illustrated collection of favourite nursery rhymes from one of Britain’s greatest illustrators. First published in 1941, this lovinglycrafted edition is a must have for children everywhere. 32 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-235-8 €12.99 hb/Rights available EU (EL)

Something Beginning with P Editor Seamus Cashman A specially commissioned collection of new poems for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years from Ireland’s favourite poets. This wonderful volume of poetry includes work by Heaney, Muldoon and Kinsella, and Irish language poems by Gabriel Rosenstock. Beautiful full colour illustrations from Alan Clarke and Corrina Askin throughout. FREE activities and teaching ideas online AWARD Bisto Merit Award 160 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-092-7 €14.99 pb/Rights available W

It’s Called Dyslexia By Jennifer Moore-Mallinos Illus. Marta Fabrega Whoever said that learning to read and write is easy? Sarah has dyslexia and finds it much harder than the other children. But she discovers a special talent she never knew about before!

Fantastic Far-Flung Facts For Fun By Mary Kingston Mary Kingston, presenter with RTE’s Disney Club, travels near and far to bring us fantastic facts about the animals, people and landscape of the world. Packed with photos, illustrations, maps and stories.

All About Hurling By Irene Barber An introduction to the history of hurling and camogie, from the sliotar to the trophies – all you could possibly want to know about the sport of hurling.

All About Gaelic Football By Tom Fitzpatrick & Jerry Grogan A comprehensive, clearly written, excitingly illustrated book about the game of Gaelic football, from the kit to the players, from the best teams to the little-known trivia.

36 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-203-7 €9.99 pb Rights available EU (EL)

FREE activities online 32 pages/full colour ISBN 978-0-86278-808-7 €9.99 pb Rights available W

32 pages/full colour ISBN 978-0-86278-905-3 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Black Flag – Picture Books

Information Books

FREE activities online 32 pages/full colour ISBN 978-0-86278-892-6 €9.99 pb/Rights available W

Art and Craft Books Art and Craft Adventures 1 & 2 By Mary Carroll & Katie Long A whole range of art and craft projects suitable for children age 5 and up. Full-colour throughout.

32 pages/colour ISBN 978-0-86278-614-4 €6.34 pb Rights available W

Busy Fingers Text & illus. Seán C O’Leary A book for each season – each one packed with exciting art-and-craft ideas. Each book 16 pages B&W/€3.95 pb Spring: ISBN 978-0-86278-128-6 Summer: ISBN 978-0-86278-125-5 Autumn: ISBN 978-0-86278-126-2 Winter: ISBN 978-0-86278-127-9

Art and Craft Explorer Collection 2 By Mary Carroll & Katie Long Suitable for age 8+. Clay modelling, printing, origami, quilling and a range of other art and craft activities. Full colour.

Each book 32 pages €6.34 pb Book 1:978-0-86278-683-0 Book 2:978-0-86278-684-7 Rights available W


 Good stories

where reading begins

 Easy reading, with full-colour illustrations  A lead-up to the popular Panda series

Orange Flag – Reading Level 4+

Boo and Bear By Enda Wyley Illus. Greg Massardier Boo is afraid. Boo is afraid of the dog. She is afraid of the dark. Will she ever learn to be brave?

Bertie Rooster By Maddie Stewart Illus. Patrice Aggs Bertie is sad. He hides in the corner. He will not crow. But can he help the little lost chicken?

Emma Says Boo! By Anna Donovan Illus. Woody Fox Emma is angry. Her big brother loves to scare her. He jumps at her in the dark. What can she do?

Emma Says Oops! By Anna Donovan Illus. Woody Fox Emma is clumsy. She drops her food. She drops her toys. Will she ever learn to juggle – like Peter?

Cinders By Maddie Stewart Illus. Alison Spencer Poor Cinders is all alone. Miss Moll finds a new friend for her. But will Cinders like Tiger?

The Timid Rabbit Text & illus. Elizabeth Shaw Timid Timmy lives with his timid Granny. But when the terrible fox comes, it is Timmy who must save the day.

Hal’s Sleepover By Maddie Stewart Illus. Greg Massardier Poor Hal! His big brother is going to a sleepover party. But he and Granny have a wonderful sleepover party of their own!

Molly’s Night Out By Una Leavy Illus. Woody Fox Molly is scared of the strange noises – and silence – in the country. She’s sure there’s a monster out there! She and Granny and Grandad go out to explore the dark night.

ISBN 978-0-86278-806-3

ISBN 978-0-86278-795-0

ISBN 978-1-84717-027-9

ISBN 978-1-84717-034-7

The Train Driver By Kunak McGann Illus. Greg Massardier A lovely addition to this charming series. Dara is taken on a steam train and saves the day when he sees a sheep on the line!

ISBN 978-1-84717-083-5


All 48 pages full colour €5.99 pb Rights available W except where noted

ISBN 978-0-86278-798-1

ISBN 978-0-86278-902-2

ISBN 978-1-84717-062-0 Rights available W (EL)

ISBN 978-1-84717-068-2

Magic, fun and adventure A mix of ancient Irish legends retold and magical new ones, O’Brien Panda Legends are truly legendary!

All titles 64 pages Black & white illustrations €5.99 pb Rights available W

The Riddle By Felicity Hayes-McCoy Illus. Randall Stephen Hall The Gobán Saor is the best craftsman in the whole world. But he is in big trouble. Will his riddle save him from the King of Greece?

Finn’s Thumb By Felicity Hayes-McCoy Illus. Randall Stephen Hall When Finn needs to know something all he has to do is bite hard on his thumb! How did Finn come to have such a special thumb? ISBN 978-1-84717-035-4

The Henny Penny Tree By Siobhán Parkinson Illus. Lisa Jackson Great-Uncle Fergus gives special coins to his three nieces: Tall One, Middling and Littlest. What can the Littlest girl do with her copper coin? ISBN 978-0-86278-966-4

Purple Flag – Reading Level 5+

A companion to the popular O’Brien Panda series, O’Brien Panda Legends are ideal for beginner readers, with exciting stories and illustrations throughout.

The Baby Giant Text & illus. Oisín McGann Giants are huge, right? Well, this one is a bit different. The Irish Giant looks like a big baby! Will the Scottish Giant eat him for breakfast? ISBN 978-1-84717-088-0

ISBN 978-1-84717-036-1

Beastly Jokes More Beastly Jokes By Shay Healy Cats, kangaroos, dogs, elephants, frogs, alligators – here’s a whole zoo full of great animal jokes that are guaranteed to quack you up! 200 jokes with zany cartoons.

Both 96 pages/black & white €4.99 pb Rights available W Beastly Jokes ISBN 978-0-86278-923-7 More Beastly Jokes ISBN 978-0-86278-924-4

Joke Books


p and a s The perfect way to introduce the beginner reader to the wonderful world of books. Exciting stories with lots of illustration and simple text.

All titles 64 pages with black & white illustrations throughout. €5.99 pb Rights available W except where noted

Purple Flag – Reading Level 5+

Muckeen the Pig Text & illus. Fergus Lyons Muckeen is a very happy little pig. But when he is taken to market, Muckeen does not like it at all. He plans a daring escape!

No Shoes for Tom By Una Leavy Illus. Margaret Suggs Tom just HATES wearing shoes! He has such fun with his bare toes. Then the snow starts falling ...

Ribbit Ribbit! By Anne Marie Herron Illus. Stephen Hall Freddy is pretending he’s a frog! It’s great fun for a while, but everyone soon gets tired of it ...

Fireman Sinead! By Anna Donovan Illus. Susan Cooper Sinead wants to be a fireman when she’s big. ‘Girls can’t be firemen,’ she’s told. But Sinead has her own ideas on that!

FREE teaching ideas & discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-528-4

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-527-7

Also available in Irish: see page C42 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-526-0 Rights sold SP

FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-0-86278-529-1

Amy’s Wonderful Nest By Gordon Snell Illus. Fergus Lyons Amy decides to build a nest, but she doesn’t know how! So she does it her own way.

The Little Black Sheep Text & illus. Elizabeth Shaw The little black sheep finally finds a way to be accepted by the flock. An international bestseller.

A Garden for Tom By Una Leavy Illus. Margaret Suggs Tom wants a garden of his very own. He plants his seeds and watches them closely. But why is nothing growing?

Sinead the Dancer By Anna Donovan Illus. Susan Cooper Sinead just loves dancing, but she doesn’t like the dancing class. No, Sinead has her very own style ...

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-568-0

Also available in Irish: see page C42 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-571-0

Katie’s Caterpillars By Stephanie Dagg Illus. Stephen Hall Katie has her very own special pets – caterpillars. But what’s happening to them?

Granny’s Teeth By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Danny thinks Granny’s teeth are amazing. So he takes them to school! Granny is NOT happy ...

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-530-7

FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-0-86278-572-7


for Beginner Readers

Also available in Irish: see page C42 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-463-8 Rights sold DA • G • J • KO • LA • P • SP • SW • T

Also available in Irish: see page C42 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-570-3 Rights sold SC


Danny’s Smelly Toothbrush By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Danny has some very original ideas about disposing of his shiny, new, AWFUL toothbrush!

Katie’s Cake By Stephanie Dagg Illus. Stephen Hall Katie discovers that it’s not so easy to replace icing once you’ve licked it all off the cake!

Granny Makes a Mess! By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Why does everyone blame Danny for the mess when Granny did it?

Barry’s New Bed By Una Leavy Illus. Moira McNamara Barry’s first real bed is a big adventure – and a little scary too!

Danny’s Sick Trick By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Danny HATES Auntie Bessie’s dinners so much that he decides to make himself sick so he won’t have to visit her!

Spotty Sally By Anne Marie Herron Illus. Stephen Hall Sally ADORES spots and dots and she’ll never, ever get tired of them. Or will she?

FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-0-86278-689-2

Also available in Irish: see page C42 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-640-3

Danny and Baby Do It All By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Why does Danny want his little sister Susie’s Baby Do-It-All doll? It can only mean more trouble for poor Danny!

Snip Snip! By Creina Mansfield Illus. Maeve Kelly Erin loves to cut things with her little scissors. One day she cuts her hair and Mum is very cross. Can Grandad help?

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-690-8

ISBN 978-0-86278-722-6

My Dog Lively By Patrick Deeley Illus. Martin Fagan Jenny is sick of boring toy dogs. She wants a real live dog that’s all her own. But real pets can be a lot of hard work!

Ducks in Trouble Text & illus. Patrice Aggs On the farm some very strange noises wake the farmer. The ducks are singing and banging ‘instruments’ – what a racket! But their noise has woken up someone else – wily Mr Fox ...

Also available in Irish: see page C43 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-611-3

Granny’s Secret By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Danny has to keep Granny’s secret until Mum’s birthday, but, as you know, Danny isn’t very good at being good. ISBN 978-0-86278-726-4

FREE activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-154-2

Bad Hair Day By Catherine Doolin Illus. Maeve Kelly Finn really wants to be cool. He tries very hard, but nothing works – until he tackles his hair. Now he’s too cool for school! Also available in Irish: see page C42 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-748-6

Also available in Irish: see page C43 FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-723-3

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-644-1

Purple Flag – Reading Level 5+

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-612-0

Also available in Irish: see page C42 FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-0-86278-617-5 Rights sold SC


Conor’s Cowboy Suit By Gillian Perdue Illus. Michael Connor When Conor gets a cowboy suit he is very happy. ‘Yee haw!’ he says. ‘Stick ’em up!’ Conor’s suit is the best thing ever. But can he wear it to school?

The Big Brother By Stephanie Dagg Illus. Alan Clarke Dara’s mum is going to have a baby soon, and Dara will be a big brother. But what does a big brother do?

Danny’s Pesky Pet By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Poor Keeno the dog has nothing to keep him warm. But troublemaker Danny has a plan ...

Conor’s Concert By Gillian Perdue Illus. Michael Connor Conor is learning to play the piano. But he doesn’t like the boring tunes he must practise. Conor has his own special way – as usual!

ISBN 978-0-86278-779-0

Also available in Irish: see page C43 FREE activities online ISBN 978-0-86278-778-3

Purple Flag – Reading Level 5+

ISBN 978-0-86278-803-2

ISBN 978-0-86278-847-6

Strawberry Squirt Text & illustrations by Patrice Aggs Strawberry Squirt is a great game, but the rabbits don’t want Short Legs to play. Oh dear! What can Short Legs do?

Muckeen and the UFO Text & illustrations by Fergus Lyons A big silver spaceship beams the little pig up into the sky. What can the aliens want with Muckeen?

Helpful Hannah Text & illustrations by Marie Burlington Hannah is amazing. She can fix anything. Granny would prefer her to knit and sew and cook. But Granny is in for a surprise one stormy, snowy morning.

Shoestring Soup Text & illustrations by Fergus Lyons The poor man is TIRED of shoestring soup. He tries eating a cookery book sandwich - yuck! He even tries to be a duck to get nice crusts of bread. But nothing works. What can he do?

Tina and the Tooth Fairy By Gordon Snell Illus. Peter Blodau Tina is always in trouble! And the tooth fairy is never in trouble. Oh dear! How will these two get on?

Snobby Cat By Patrick Deeley Illus. Tatyana Feeney Orlando is a snob. He drinks cream, not milk. He won’t eat ordinary fish. But what happens when he has to catch mice?

Lighthouse Joey Text & illustrations by Marie Burlington Lighthouse Joey and his friend Danny find a pair of strange boots. Could they belong to the old pirate Jumping Jack?

Pageboy Danny By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Uncle Ted is getting married and Danny will play a special part at the wedding. But, as usual, Danny has other ideas ...

ISBN 978-0-86278-805-6

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-832-2

ISBN 978-0-86278-871-1

ISBN 978-0-86278-837-7 C16

ISBN 978-0-86278-601-4

ISBN 978-0-86278-945-9

ISBN 978-0-86278-946-6

ISBN 978-0-86278-950-3

Conor’s Canvas By Gillian Perdue Illus. Michael Connor Conor’s class is to have an art exhibition. Conor’s painting is full of splashes and splodges. It’s a MESS – or is it? ISBN 978-1-84717-043-9

ISBN 978-1-84717-124-5

Also available in Irish: see page C43 ISBN 978-1-84717-081-1

Emma the Penguin By Sarah Webb Illus. Anne O’Hara It’s the school play: Noah’s Ark. Emma has to play the part of a penguin, and she is NOT happy about it. But she discovers it’s fun, after all. ISBN 978-1-84717-195-5

Purple Flag – Reading Level 5+

Danny’s Crazy Christmas By Brianóg Brady Dawson Illus. Michael Connor Danny is getting ready for Christmas. Oh no! What kind of chaos can he make this time? A lot ...

Where’s Murphy? By Anna Donovan Illus. Tatyana Feeney Rory’s best friend, his dog Murphy, goes on a bit of a wander. Rory is bereft and the family try to find him. In the end they do and Rory and Murphy are re-united.

Muckeen and the Big Freeze Text & illustrations by Fergus Lyons It’s snowing and Muckeen is looking forward to lots of fun! But - Oh! - where is his dinner? And the water has frozen. What will poor Muckeen do? Trapped in his shed, he is not happy at all.

ISBN 978-1-84717-243-3

‘... These easy stories with their simple texts and lively illustrations should encourage even the most recalcitrant reader to curl up by the fire’ Sunday Independent

What the experts say about Panda books:

‘The beauty in the Panda series lies in the humorous stories, the abundance of illustrations, the large print for first-time readers and the great sense of achievement for children on reading a ‘big book’ all by themselves’ Sunday Business Post ‘Should appeal to children learning to read, including older children who are struggling’ The School Librarian


WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ALFIE GREEN Joe O’Brien lives in Dublin with his wife and children. He is the author of nine Alfie Green books as well as three books in the Danny Wilde GAA series for older readers and fantasy novel, Beyond the Cherry Tree. His book Alfie Green and the Chocolate Cosmos was shortlisted for Children’s Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards in 2010.

All 80 pages/B&W Rights available W

Yellow Flag – Reading Level 6+

Alfie Green and the Magical Gift Grandad has left Alfie an old book with special powers. Alfie must cross Sleepy Meadows, past Snapping Dragons to a crooked tree guarded by Giant Hogweeds in order to claim his own magic gift.

Alfie Green and a Sink Full of Frogs The old sink in Alfie’s garden has been invaded by hundreds of frogs! Alfie needs help – fast. Alfie’s magical book suggests a very unusual way to solve the problem ...

Alfie Green and the Bee Bottle Gang Alfie stops Whacker Walsh and his gang from trapping bees in the park. Now they are out to get him. Alfie needs protection from the Queen Bee’s warriors in Honeycomb Mountain. But how will he get past the blazing bushes of Firethorn Valley?

Alfie Green and the Fly-Trapper Alfie’s house is invaded by flies. His fly-trap plant is too small to eat them all so the wise old plant uses magic to make it bigger. Then it gets BIGGER and BIGGER!

Alfie Green and the Monkey Puzzler A FREE circus comes to town, and all the performers are ­MONKEYS! What’s going on? Alfie and Fitzer must discover the truth behind Monty’s Marvellous Circus.

Alfie Green and the Conker King Alfie’s team is in the Budsville School Conker Championships final. But how can they win when Whacker Walsh keeps cheating and they lose one of their conkers? Alfie needs a new one – fast. Can the Conker King of Skeleton Woods help?

FREE activities & discovery challenge online ISBN 978-1-84717-041-5 €6.99 pb

FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-079-8 €6.99 pb

FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-072-9 €6.99 pb

FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-054-5 €6.99 pb

FREE teaching ideas & activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-174-0 €6.99 pb C18

All by Joe O’Brien Illustrated by Jean Texier.

Alfie Green and the Supersonic Subway How can Alfie stop the evil Desert Elves on their Scorpion Chariots? A very special lawnmower hidden in a secret subway under Grandad’s shed might do the trick! FREE activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-095-8 €7.99 hb

Alfie Green and the Snowdrop Queen Alfie’s granny has wished for a white Christmas, but it’s Christmas Eve and there’s no sign of snow. If only Alfie could reach the Snowdrop Queen in Arcania! And who can help him get there? Santa, of course! ISBN 978-1-84717-120-7 €7.99 hb

FREE activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-283-9 €6.99 pb

Alfie Green and the Chocolate Cosmos Budsville’s chocolate fair cancelled? No way, Alfie decides. Chocolate seeds from Arcania are the answer, but only if he can survive the Roaring Rainforest, the vicious Spider Plant and the Forest Ogre. ISBN 978-1-84717-196-2 €7.99 hb

‘Alfie Green is a scampish new character … gorgeous books beautifully illustrated… Perfect for six-to-seven year olds’ Sunday Independent ‘An instant hit with children’ Sunday World ‘Highly recommended’ Irish Independent

Introducing a Rather Remarkable Grizzly Bear ... NEW


Marco Moves In A grizzly bear escapes from the zoo and arrives at Patrick’s house, asking for a cup of tea! Now, if only Patrick can hide Marco from his nosey neighbours and throw the police off the scent, maybe he’ll stay? 64 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-229-7 €7.99 hb Rights available W

Marco Master of Disguise The zoo is still looking for Marco and there are ‘wanted’ posters all over town. So, when FIVE unexpected visitors turn up, one after the other, on the same day, just how will Marco manage to fool them all? You’ll be surprised! 64 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-273-0 €7.99 hb Rights available W

The Leprechaun Who Wished He Wasn’t By Siobhán Parkinson Illus. Donald Teskey A tall tale about Laurence the leprechaun, who is tired of being small and uncool, and Phoebe, who is tired of being tall! FREE teaching ideas online 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-334-1 €5.99 pb Rights available W/Rights sold F • LA

64 pages/colour/ISBN 978-1-84717-011-8 €9.95 pb/Rights available W

The Hedgehog’s Prickly Problem Text & illus. Don Conroy Harry Hedgehog is bored with his life and he joins the circus to find adventure. But he ends up in a very prickly situation! Can his woodland friends rescue him? 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-415-7 €5.07 pb Rights available W

64 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-301-0 €7.99 hb Rights available W

The Lough Neagh Monster By Sam McBratney Illus. Donald Teskey Everyone has heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but what about the Lough Neagh Monster? Noblett’s quiet life is thrown into chaos when Nessie pays a visit. FREE teaching ideas online 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-375-4 €5.95 pb Rights available W

Here, There and Everywhere By Liz Weir Illus. Tomm Moore Why do skunks have an awful smell? What would the sky taste like? Was the snow always white? Stories can answer lots of questions. All around the world people have great tales to tell. Meet the clever rabbit who faces up to a big bully; the mother owl who protects her babies; meet lions, monkeys, elephants, mermaids and fairies. Liz Weir is a master storyteller, and these stories are guaranteed to enchant any child. Book: 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-869-8 €5.95 pb Rights available W CD: ISBN 978-0-86278-895-7 €8.95 CD Rights available W

The Most Beautiful Letter in the World By Karl O’Neill Illus. Emma Byrne Poppy finds a mysterious red envelope in the park. It’s addressed ‘to you’ … It could be for me, she thinks! She opens it and finds the most beautiful letter in the world.

Marco Moonwalker When Patrick discovers that Marco is a musical genius,he has a great idea. They form a band, The 3Ms, and Marco, in cape and mask, becomes a huge star: Cool Dude Giant. Then disaster strikes. He is spotted without his mask and brought back to the zoo. How will Patrick and Mum get him out again?

Yellow Flag – Reading Level 6+

All by Gerry Boland Illustrated by Áine McGuinness


Specifically designed for children who have graduated from picture books and first readers, Flyers are aimed at more advanced readers, age 6+. Flyers are longer – with ‘proper’ chapters – and are slightly more challenging than Pandas, but still great fun to read, with engaging storylines and vibrant, lively illustrations. All titles 64 pages, Black & white illustrations, €5.99 pb, Rights available W except where noted

Yellow Flag – Reading Level 6+

Going Potty By Eoin Colfer Illus. Woody Why is going to Big School driving Ed Cooper potty? Granny understands, and she has a wacky solution. FREE teaching ideas & discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-602-1

FREE teaching ideas online ISBN 978-0-86278-554-3

The Big Fight By Frank Murphy Illus. Kieron Black Cúchulainn is forced to fight his best friend, Ferdia, in this simple retelling of the epic story of Queen Maeve and the Brown Bull of Cooley.

Ed’s Funny Feet By Eoin Colfer Illus. Woody Ed Cooper has a problem with his big toes. So he takes matters into his own hands and invents DIY footstraighteners. But will they work?

Anna’s Secret Granny By Stephanie Dagg Illus. Phillip Morrison Anna doesn’t have a real granny, so she draws herself one. Then, one day, her paper granny comes to life and steps out of the picture!

Jigsaw Stew Text & illus. Conor McHale Jack MacAnoolie has to save his family when they eat a stew made from a jigsaw puzzle and suffer dire consequences!

Ed’s Bed By Eoin Colfer Illus. Woody Ed is having problems – he simply cannot learn his tables and he is wetting the bed. Ed can’t hide his secret forever. Mum and Dad come to the rescue, and Ed is the star of the class once more!

Don’t Open That Box Text & illus. Conor McHale There’s bad news in the post for Granny. The bad news has sharp teeth and scales, and is very, very hungry! Watch out for those teeth, Granny, and whatever you do … Don’t Open that Box!

The Lost Fairy By Marian Broderick Illus. Aileen Caffrey Flora knows her proper place – right at the TOP of the tree. But when she falls off, the family are too busy to notice. Oh no! Not the dog! Will Flora be rescued in time for Christmas?

Fishbum and Splat Text & illus. Conor McHale Star-gazing is BAD for demons, but Fishbum and Splat cannot resist. Then they are caught by an angel and frogmarched to Heaven. Dancing angels, exploding stars, angry dogs – how will the demons ever get back to cosy Hell?

FREE teaching ideas, activities & discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-451-5

ISBN 978-0-86278-686-1 RIghts sold F C20

Trouble for Tuffy By Ann Bermingham Illus. Marie Burlington Katie and Ted are causing havoc! Tuffy, their smart little dog, tries to keep order, but it’s very hard! Then disaster strikes when they lose Mum’s best necklace!

FREE discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-679-3

ISBN 978-0-86278-725-7

FREE teaching ideas & discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-650-2

FREE teaching ideas & discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-688-5 Rights sold SP

FREE teaching ideas & discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-705-9

ISBN 978-0-86278-735-6

Mad Grandad’s Flying Saucer Text & illus. Oisín McGann Lenny and his mad grandad buy a flying saucer and shoot off into space together to explore the galaxy. But getting home from space isn’t quite so easy ...

Mad Grandad’s Robot Garden Text & illus. Oisín McGann Lenny’s mad grandad has a new toy: a robot gardener. No more weeding or cutting the grass for Grandad! But the robot seems to have plans of its own ...

Mad Grandad and the Kleptoes Text & illus. Oisín McGann Things keep disappearing down the back of Grandad’s sofa. Who, or what, has taken them? When Lenny and Grandad discover the Kleptoes and their hideout, things turn nasty. And Kleptoes can be very nasty indeed ...

Mad Grandad and the Mutant River Text & illus. Oisín McGann Lenny is amazed when Grandad fishes a mermaid out of the river. Bully Barry Cooder wants the mermaid for his trophy collection. Our heroes escape beneath the river only to encounter something much, much worse.

Robots Don’t Cry Text & illus. Bob Byrne Bimbot is thrown out of the treehouse gang for being a crybaby. Then he meets a skunk with no smell, a bee with no stripes and a bear who is afraid of heights. Can his new friends help him?

Blue, Where Are You? By Wes Magee Illus. Margaret Suggs Jo and her brother, Josh, don’t like their new home. It’s cold and a bit scary. Then their cat, Blue, disappears. But when she does turn up, Blue has a special surprise for the family!

FREE discovery challenge online ISBN 978-0-86278-822-3 Rights sold SL

ISBN 978-1-84717-005-7

Mad Grandad’s Wicked Pictures Text & illus. Oisín McGann Grandad and Lenny are painting the living-room. But Grandad’s paint is very old and it’s gone all strange. It has stripes and spots and patterns in it. The pictures they make with it come alive, and they are evil, and they are … hungry. Grandad and Lenny have to come up with some clever moves to outwit the wicked pictures.

ISBN 978-0-86278-939-8

Yellow Flag – Reading Level 6+

FREE activities online ISBN 978-0-86278-938-1

ISBN 978-0-86278-821-6 Rights sold SL

ISBN 978-1-84717-009-5

The Little Witch Who Can’t Spell Text & illus. Marie Burlington Little Willow Witch can’t spell. Her magic spells are all mixed up. Then Willow finds a powerful wizard’s wand. ‘Oh no!’ meows Spooky her cat, as he runs for cover. And Spooky is right. Little Witch and a powerful wizard’s wand spell only one thing and that’s …T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

ISBN 978-1-84717-982-4

FREE activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-063-7

ISBN 978-1-84717-197-9

Mad Grandad’s Doppelganger Text & illus. Oisín McGann Grandad has lost his car and Lenny is helping him look for it. But Grandad is acting strange… What Lenny doesn’t know is that Grandad is not Grandad at all. He is a doppelganger - a look-alike. But that’s not the only problem for Lenny. Something is definitely following Lenny and fake Grandad – and it’s not very friendly ...


Graphic Novels Here at O’Brien Press, we are passionate about graphic novels and have a range of titles for both children and adults. These graphic novels by Alan Nolan will encourage even the most reluctant reader to find out what happens next. See some of our graphic novels for adults in the General catalogue on page A17.

ALAN NOLAN Alan Nolan is a comics writer, graphic designer, artist and co-creator of the horror series Sancho. He lives in Bray, County Wicklow, with his wife and three sons.

A new series of hilarious graphic novel who-dunnits. Perfect for reluctant readers. See for more!

Graphic Novels


Destination: Homicide A Murder Can Be Fatal Mystery When Hood City’s superheroes start to turn up dead the city’s worst detectives, Ricky Nixon and Eddie Ribbs, are chosen to head up the case. With reporter Abigail Fletcher and blind bluesman Tonedeaf Roosevelt, they battle giant sewer alligators, mind-controlled zombies and the mysterious kingpin Mister Fogg in a mission to find out – WHO’S KILLING THE SUPERHEROES?


80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-256-3 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Death by Chocolate A Murder Can Be Fatal Mystery Marcel Petit-Pois the famous, but bumbling Swiss detective, and his sidekick Tesla, the second cleverest chimp in Europe, are on a case. The mysterious Chocolatier has committed a series of confectionery-related killings. In a rollercoaster adventure, Petit-Pois teams up with old friends, follows clues, uncovers gruesome murders and eventually finds out that although he believes himself to be an investigative genius, he’s actually second banana to a chimp. 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-254-9 €7.99 pb/Rights available W C22

And The Blood Flowed Green A Murder Can Be Fatal Mystery Mick Mulligan dreams of escaping his humdrum life, but he didn’t bank on being abducted by extraterrestrials! With his alien buddies Mulligan must lead a daring jailbreak, battle robots and much more as he desperately tries to find his way home to Earth. 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-257-0 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Six Million Ways to Die A Murder Can Be Fatal Mystery Six months after Rex ‘Thunderclap’ Aldrin, the famous daredevil stuntman, is horribly injured in a near fatal crash while attempting to jump Lucifer’s Canyon in his dragster, he wakes up in a deserted underground facility to find that the world has changed, and so has he. In a mind-warping adventure that brings him time-travelling back to the Titanic, Rex must use his new-found biotronically-enhanced powers to right the wrongs of the past, solve a series of gruesome on-board murders, and return his present day to normal by preventing Japan from winning the Second World War. 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-255-6 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

The Big Break Detectives Casebook Text & illus. Alan Nolan The Big Break Detectives are three school friends, Danny, Kate and her brother, Tom, who, from their secret base under the school, solve crimes, right wrongs, unravel mysteries and nab evil-doers – all on their lunch break! An exciting graphic novel for children of all ages which includes four mind-boggling mysteries: The Case of the Rude Parrot • The Case of the Sabotaged Circus • The Case of the Invisible Penguins • The Case of the Phantom Lollipop Lady 64 pages/full colour/ISBN 978-1-84717-252-5 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Bridging Cultures, Building Reading Success A series of books for children celebrating ethnic and cultural diversity. Beautiful full-colour hardback books with high quality stories and engaging illustrations, Bridges can help children with their understanding of different cultures and of the many different experiences of living in Ireland today in a fun and enjoyable way. All titles 32 pages/full-colour, €7.99 hb Rights available W/Rights sold KO



FREE teaching guide, class project and activities online ISBN 978-1-84717-159-7

Olanna’s Big Day By Natasha Mac a’Bháird Illus. Ray Forkan The school band is going to play in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Olanna practises really hard on her tin whistle. Then disaster strikes. But Olanna – with her granny back in Nigeria – saves the day! White Ravens International Youth Library Selection 2010 FREE teaching guide & class project online ISBN 978-1-84717-171-9

The Romanian Builder By Peter Prendergast Illus. Ross Stewart Joe has lots to ask the builder: Which tool is most important? What if you are afraid of heights? Then he discovers that Radu doesn’t speak English. Now he will never find out about building – or will he? A story of understanding without words. FREE teaching guide online ISBN 978-1-84717-105-4

The Dreaming Tree By Eithne Massey Illus. Marie Thorhauge Back home in Brazil, Roberto loved playing football. Now he lives in Ireland, and he’d really like to have a game with the boys in the park, but he’s too shy. When his granny reminds him of the Brazilian story of the dreaming tree, he doesn’t see how it can help … But maybe it can!

Bridges – Multicultural Books

I Won’t Go To China By Enda Wyley Illus. Marie Thorhauge A charming story of Chang-ming, who does not want to visit his grandma in China because he has been chosen for the school team. But, he discovers, China is full of wonderful surprises.

FREE teaching guide & class project online ISBN 978-1-84717-158-0

Red Flag Books

80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-065-1 €6.99 pb/Rights available W

Deep in the cellars of the O’Brien Press is a safe that contained stories too horrible to be read. But somebody has broken into that safe and the stories have been released. Here are some of these forbidden files ... Wired Teeth Text & illus. Oisín McGann Jason McGinty’s a bad kid, and his teeth are worse. But when Jason gets computer-controlled braces things get really weird … 96 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-003-3 €6.95 pb Rights available W

Demon from the Deep End By James Allison, Illus. Dani Cruz From the moment Liam, Sophie and Evan arrive at their hotel in Spain things seem weird, and when they discover the Blobster – a monster made of slime that oozes from the pool to devour guests – things really start to get creepy… 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-134-4 €6.99 pb/Rights available W

The Poison Factory Text & illus. Oisín McGann Gaz’s brother Joey ventures into the chemical factory to look for a lost football and doesn’t come back. Will Gaz and his friends ever find him? And what’s going on in the factory? 96 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-941-1 €6.95 pb/Rights available W

The Evil Hairdo Text & illus. Oisín McGann WitchCraft is Melanie’s favourite band. More than anything else in the world, Melanie wants the WitchCraft hair. But then she gets it, and that’s when the trouble starts. It turns out that her hair is evil … 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-940-4 €6.95 pb/Rights available W

Red Flag – Reading Level 8+

Diabolic Downloads By Jim Halligan Illus. Fabian Erlinghäuser Everybody is thrilled when Nixxter Express starts giving away free ringtones. Everybody except Jack Keely, that is. His phone is a wreck and couldn’t download so much as a cold. But Jack soon finds out just how diabolic a free download can really be ...


Mischief and Magic with Anna the Witch! By Marian Broderick Illus. Francesca Carabelli

The Witch Apprentice Anna has been adopted by witches who make her help them with their nasty spells! How will Anna find a way to escape? 112 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-129-0 Rights sold CA • G • SL • SP

All Anna the Witch titles €6.99 pb Rights available W/Rights sold G, SL, SP

Red Flag – Reading Level 8+

112 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-108-5 Rights sold CA • G • SL • SP

A Witch in a Fix When Anna turns her horrible science teacher into a giant rat, she soon realises she’s made a bad mistake. How will Anna turn the big, angry rat back into her teacher? And can she do it quickly, before anyone finds out that she’s a witch? 96 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-130-6 RIghts sold G

Ice Dreams By Grace Wells Illus. Lisa Jackson The villagers of Moutsouna need a plan to save their village before everyone is forced to leave the Greek island of Naxos. Twins Nina and Alex have a dream – an ice dream. They just have to make Papa, and all the others, believe in their dream. 128 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-045-3 €7.99 pb Rights available W

The Great Pig Escape By Linda Moller Illus. Kieron Black Runtling, a little pig, doesn’t want to be taken to the market - so he and his siblings escape to the mysterious world outside the farmyard. C24

The Witch in the Woods When Verbena kidnaps Anna’s best friend Mary, it’s up to Anna and her cat Charlie to rescue her ... Will Anna’s magic be strong enough to save Mary?

FREE Teaching ideas & activities online 144 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-667-0 €6.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold F

Wolfgran By Finbar O’Connor Illus. Martin Fagan Granny has sold her house to the Three Little Pigs and moved into the Happy-Ever-After Home for Retired Fairy Tale Characters. But the Big Bad Wolf is still on her trail! 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-730-1 €6.50 pb Rights available W Rights sold SE



Adam’s Starling By Gillian Perdue Illus. Barry Reynolds Adam is finding school tough. He has become a target for the bullies. Then he finds a new friend: a starling. FREE teaching ideas & activities online AWARD Bisto Eilís Dillon Award 160 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-685-4 €6.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold ES

Walter Speazlebud By David Donohue Illus. Aidan Harte Walter Speazlebud has extraordinary powers. A whizz at spelling backwards, he discovers that he also has the power of Noitanigami (Imagination) – he can make things go backwards in time. 112 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-762-2 €6.99 pb Rights available W

Wolfgran Returns By Finbar O’Connor Illus. Martin Fagan Inspector Plonker is once more on the trail of his old enemy, Wolfgran, but this time he’s going undercover. 96 pages/B&W ISBN: 978-0-86278-884-1 €6.50 pb Rights available W Rights sold SE

Animals Don’t Have Ghosts By Siobhán Parkinson Illus. Catherine Henderson/ Cartoon Saloon Dara and Sinéad are visiting their know-it-all cousin Michelle in the city. With a fun tour of skeletons, slicedpan ducks, sticky buns and lots more, the city is never boring!

Tommy The Theatre Cat By Maureen Potter Tommy, the Gaiety Theatre cat, has many adventures. He makes friends with the actor who is playing Dick Whittington’s cat, falls foul of the cleaning lady and rushes to the rescue at the cry of ‘rats, rats’ in the Pied Piper.

The Supermarket Ghost By Gordon Snell Illus. Bob Byrne Maria is shocked to discover that the strange boy in the supermarket is really a ghost called Davy. She agrees to help Davy with his plan of revenge ...

Jimmy’s Leprechaun Trap By Dan Kissane Illus. Angela Clarke When a leprechaun turns up on Jimmy’s farm, trouble follows. What can they do to get rid of him?

Albert and the Magician By Leon McAuley Illus. Martin Fagan Big sister Fionnuala has told Albert such terrible tales about the magician that Albert is determined to avoid him when he visits the school. But it doesn’t quite work out like that!

The Fight for Plover Hill By Eilís Dillon Illus. Prudence Seward Old Dan and his grandson, John, are threatened with eviction from their beloved island farm. But they won’t go without a fight!

Charlie Harte and his Two-Wheeled Tiger By Frank Murphy Illus. Celine Kiernan Charlie would love a bike, but his family cannot afford one. He makes a strange-looking bike from bits and pieces – a bike with mysterious powers!

Leprechaun on the Loose By Annette Kelleher Illus. Phillip Morrison Leprechaun Biddy Blatherskate is fed up with wet weather and minding her father’s gold, so she does a swap with an Australian boy. But leprechauns and humans don’t mix – not without a heap of trouble for all concerned.

Boom Chicka Boom By Liz Weir Illus. Josip Lizatovic Stories old and new, with participation rhymes and playful verses, from a noted storyteller. Full of magic and drama. Also available on CD, told by Liz Weir herself.

Juliet’s Story By William Trevor Where would you find talking snails, fighting queens, Welsh witches and winter sunflowers? In stories, of course, and that’s why Juliet loves them. Juliet’s grandmother tells her lots of stories, and now Juliet wants to be a storyteller too.

80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-765-1 €6.50 pb/Rights available W

FREE Teaching ideas online 128 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-761-5 €6.95 pb Rights available W

Book: 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-417-1 €6.95 pb CD: ISBN 978-0-86278-470-6 €8.95 Rights available W

FREE teaching ideas online 96 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-709-7 €6.34 pb Rights available W

112 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-729-5 €6.50 pb Rights available EU • US/CAN (EL)

FREE Teaching ideas online 128 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-823-0 €6.50 pb Rights available IR (EL only)

FREE teaching ideas & activities online 96 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-532-1 €6.50 pb Rights available W

96 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-512-3 €6.95 pb Rights available W

Red Flag – Reading Level 8+

80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-049-1 €6.95 pb Rights available W

80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-919-0 €6.95 pb Rights available W


Blue Flag Fiction The Demon Notebook By Erika McGann Grace and her four best friends, Jenny, Rachel, Adie and Una, are failed witches – and they have a notebook full of useless spells to prove it. But one night, they stumble upon real magical powers – and their notebook takes on a diabolical life of its own. The girls watch, helpless, as their spells start to work, moving relentlessly towards the worst one of all … Can Grace and her friends stem the wave of powerful magic … before tragedy strikes? NEW

Red Flag Blue Flag––Reading ReadingLevel Level8+ 10+

256 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-295-2 €7.99 pb Rights available W

FREE teaching guide online 256 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-350-8 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Across the Divide By Brian Gallagher Liam and Nora become friends at a feis ceoil. But their fathers are on opposite sides in the Dublin Lockout in 1913: one a striking worker, the other a wealthy employer. Can their friendship survive their differences? FREE teaching guide online 240 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-172-6 €7.99 pb Rights available W

The Silver Stag of Bunratty By Eithne Massey In an Ireland full of war and danger, four children are determined to prevent Richard De Clare, Lord of Bunratty, from killing the magical Silver Stag to display his head on the castle walls. Adventure, conflict and danger awaits them. C26

Secrets and Shadows By Brian Gallagher When her home is destroyed in the Luftwaffe bombing of the North Strand, Dublin in 1941, Grace Ryan has to move in with relatives in a different part of the city. There she meets Barry Malone, a Liverpool boy sent to Ireland to escape the terrible air raids on his native city. A friendship develops and a summer of fun stretches before them in the sports club run by Barry’s teacher, Mr Pawlek. But Barry begins to suspect Mr Pawlek of spying for the Nazis, and he and Grace attempt to find proof. What starts as an exciting challenge becomes increasingly risky, and soon their very lives hang in the balance. NEW

FREE teaching guide online 240 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-206-8 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Nicola Pierce is a writer, who splits her life between Drogheda and Belfast. Spirit of the Titanic is her first novel for children. It has been a huge success and has been chosen for many One Book, One Community projects across the country.

Taking Sides By Brian Gallagher Dublin, 1922. Working class Annie Reilly is thrilled to win a scholarship to Eccles Street School. Through a classmate she meets Peter Scanlon, a student in Belvedere College. Peter sides with the rebels in the Civil War and carries messages for them. When Annie’s life is threatened, he has to decide where his loyalties lie. FREE teaching guide online 224 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-279-2 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Where the Stones Sing By Eithne Massey A vivid story of a fight for survival in darkest medieval Dublin. As the spectre of the Black Death hovers over the city, Kai is plucked from the filthy streets to sing in the great Christ Church choir. But Kai has a secret that must be kept hidden – even from new friends Tom and Jack. Kai will need great strength, talent and help from unexpected quarters just to survive. FREE teaching guide online 208 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-277-8 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Spirit of the Titanic By Nicola Pierce The ghost of fifteen-year-old Samuel Scott moves restlessly aboard the Titanic as she sails to her doom in 1912. An eyewitness to the final days in the lives of rich and poor, crew and passengers, this is Samuel’s story … ‘This breathtaking book takes you on the deck of the Titanic with its amazing descriptive language describing every scene from top to bottom ...’ Guardian Children’s Books Online FREE teaching guide online 240 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-190-0 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold CAN

MARITA CONLON-MCKENNA Marita Conlon-McKenna’s first novel, Under the Hawthorn Tree, became an immediate bestseller and she has since won several awards, including the International Reading Association Award, the Reading Association of Ireland Award and the Bisto Book of the Year Award. Her books have been translated into many languages.

Children of the Famine Trilogy This beautifully packaged collection showcases all three books in the Children of the Famine Trilogy; Under the Hawthorn Tree, Wildflower Girl and Fields of Home. ISBN 978-1-84717-292-1 €14.95/ Rights available W

Paperback: 160 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-206-1 €7.95 pb Hardback: 192 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-743-1 €12.99 hb DVD: 120 minutes, in 4 episodes ISBN 978-1-84717-249-5/€19.99 Zone 2 (Europe)

Faoin Sceach Gheal DVD



Under the Hawthorn Tree A gripping story of love, loyalty and courage, set in the 1840s, the time of the Great Famine in Ireland. Under The Hawthorn Tree is a classic of Irish children’s literature.

Irish language AWARD-WINNER

International Reading Association Award Reading Association of Ireland Award FREE Teaching ideas and Guide online Rights available W Rights sold AL• AR • BA • CH • DA • DU • F • G • J • KO • SP • SW • US/CAN

A Girl Called Blue Larch Hill orphanage is the only home Blue knows. Is there any way she can find her father or mother? The closed file in stern Sister Regina’s office holds the secret of her identity. And that is forbidden territory ...

192 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-509-3 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold G • US/CAN

FREE Teaching Guide online 224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-887-2 €7.95 pb/Rights available W

176 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-362-4 €7.95 pb Rights available W

FREE Teaching Guide online 176 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-422-5 €7.95 pb//Rights available W AWARD-WINNER

The Blue Horse When traveller Katie’s family’s caravan burns down, they are destitute. She must fit into a new settled life in a house. But will she be accepted? AWARD Bisto Book of the Year Award 176 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-305-1 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold G • SE

Safe Harbour Two children are evacuated from the horrors of the London Blitz to live in County Wicklow with a grandfather they do not know. How will they live in a strange country, with a man who probably hates them – and will the family ever be together again?

No Goodbye When their mother suddenly leaves, the four children and their father must find a way to cope. Each of them misses her in their own way, but the big question for all of them is: will she ever come back?

FREE Teaching ideas and Teaching Guide online 208 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-615-1 €7.95 pb Rights available W/Rights sold G • RU

Wildflower Girl The story of Peggy, who emigrates to America after the Famine, like so many others, in search of a better life. Bisto Merit Award (Historical Fiction)

FREE Teaching ideas & Teaching Guide online 176 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-283-2 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold DA • DU • G • US/CAN

Fields of Home In Ireland, Eily and her family struggle to make a living on a small farm and Michael works with horses at the Big House. In America, Peggy hears the call of the wild west.

In Deep Dark Wood A strange new neighbour spirits Mia to a land of legend, and her brother, Rory, faces dragons and danger to rescue her. A spellbinding fantasy adventure.

Irish Language edition: 176 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-653-3/€7.99 pb

Blue Flag – Reading Level 10+



Leave it to Eva Eva always tries to help people, but this time her friend Kate might have a problem that’s too big to solve … unless there’s a way Eva’s exciting trip to London can help her sort things out for everyone … If you’ve got a problem, just leave it to Eva!



256 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-347-8 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Red Flag Blue Flag––Reading ReadingLevel Level8+ 10+

‘Rising star Judi Curtin’s ‘Alice’ books celebrate friendship, humour and loyalty’ Sunday Independent ‘Ireland’s answer to Jacqueline Wilson. Perfectly written stories of friendship and growing up’ Irish Independent

272 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-280-8 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Eva’s Journey Eva is the girl with everything – great birthday parties, a luxury home, designer clothes and manicured nails – until her world is turned upside down. Forced to move house and school when her dad loses his job, Eva thinks life is over. But, with the help of some new friends and the mysterious Madame Margarita, she finds out that there’s more to life than shopping. 272 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-224-2 €7.99 pb/Rights available W Rights sold CA • SE • SP • P

EOIN COLFER Author of the acclaimed Artemis Fowl books, Eoin lives in Wexford with his wife, Jackie, and their sons. Formerly a primary school teacher, he is now a fulltime writer. Since his first novel, Benny and Omar, his books have all been bestsellers and he has become one of the world’s best-loved children’s authors. C28

Eva’s Holiday Eva likes fashion, fun and hanging out with friends, so she can’t believe she has to spend summer in a cottage in the countryside with her parents and eight-year-old Joey. Worse, it looks like she’s going to be stuck with Kate, the girl who doesn’t care about being cool … it’s Eva’s worst nightmare! But Eva finds out that there are more important things than having the right hair or clothes and sometimes ‘weird’ girls can make the best friends.


The Wish List Meg Finn is in trouble. Unearthly trouble. Her soul is up for grabs and the divine and the demonic are battling to get it. Her only hope of salvation is the Wish List – but can she fulfil the wishes in time and get enough credits to pass St Peter? AWARD Bisto Merit Award 224 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-894-0 €7.95 pb/Rights available W Rights sold AU/NZ • B • CH • CZ • DA • DU • ES • F • FI • G • HE • I • IC • J • KO • LI • NO • P • PO • RO • RU • SE • SL • SP • SW • TH • U • US/CAN • AUDIO (UK)

‘I think this is one of Judi’s best books yet ... I finished it in under a day, it was so good ... Overall I thought the book was fantastic ... Fabulous book, everyone should read it’ Bookster reviews ‘Takes her heroine from “spoilt princess to pretty cool girl” in a story told with her trademark wit and warmth’ Sunday Independent


Benny and Omar Benny Shaw’s family moves to Tunisia and life is awful – until he meets Omar. A madcap friendship between the two leads to crazy escapades and ... trouble! AWARDS White Ravens International Youth Library Selection Nominated for International UNESCO prize for children’s books IBBY Honour List 2002 240 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-567-3 €7.95 pb/Rights available W/Rights sold AU/NZ • B • US/CAN • CA • DA • DU • G • HE • I • LI • PO • SP • AUDIO (UK/AU/NZ)

Benny and Babe Life can be very complicated for a young man, especially when you get shown up by a girl. Babe is a force to be reckoned with and it seems Benny – who is holidaying in Duncade and is therefore an out-of-towner among culchies – has finally met his match!

240 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-603-8 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold AU/NZ • B • US/CAN • CA • DU • G • I • PO • SP• AUDIO (UK/AU/NZ)

Alice Again Megan is looking forward to visiting Alice in Dublin. She’s hoping for a nice, trouble-free holiday – cinemas, shopping and hanging out. No such luck! Alice’s mum has a new boyfriend and Alice has a plot to get rid of him ...

FREE activities online 208 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-898-8 €7.95 pb Rights Available W/Rights sold AU/NZ • G • LI • P • RU • SE • AUDIO (UK)

FREE activities online 240 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-956-5 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold AU/NZ • P • RU • SE

Don’t Ask Alice Alice is determined to get her parents back together, so she decides to set her dad up on loads of romantic dates to make her mum jealous. Best friend Megan thinks this is a totally crazy idea – but will she end up helping Alice?

Alice in the Middle Megan can’t wait to go away to Summer Camp with Alice. It will be fantastic and, most importantly, Alice and Megan will be together. But when Alice makes friends with Hazel, Megan starts to feel very left out – will she lose her best friend?

Bonjour Alice Megan’s really looking forward to the summer holidays. Her whole family is going to France – and, best of all, Alice is coming too! But when Alice tries to make friends with a local French boy things begin to get very interesting …

Alice and Megan Forever Megan and Alice are in secondary school; new friends, new teachers, new subjects – it’s a different world. The girls are still best friends, but is Megan’s new friend, class bad-boy Marcus, going to get her in trouble?

Alice to the Rescue The big essay competition is causing problems for Alice and Megan. The prize is four months abroad – Alice really wants to win, but no way does Megan want to go away alone. And she thinks that Alice shouldn’t want to go either if it means they’ll be separated ... How much would you give up for your best friend?

See If I Care By Judi Curtin and Roisin Meaney Elma didn’t even want a pen friend. Now she’s stuck with this boy, Luke. But why should he know how awful her life is? She fills her letters with exciting things that never really happen. So what will happen when they find out the truth about each other?

FREE activities online 256 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-023-1 €7.95 pb/Rights available W Rights sold AU/NZ • P • RU • SE

FREE activities online 256 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-096-5 €7.95 pb/Rights available W Rights sold • RU

Alice & Megan’s Cookbook Get cooking with Alice & Megan! This fun-filled cookbook is packed with 60 brilliant recipes. Wake up to French toast and tropical smoothies, or go to school with raspberry muffins and yummy dip. Snack on s’mores and quesadillas, and impress your friends with home-made burgers followed by ice-cream with toffee sauce! All this and more included! Full colour throughout, clear instructions, and lots of fun with your favourite characters! 160 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-215-0/€9.99 pb Rights available W

FREE activities online 288 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-119-1 €7.95 pb Rights available W

192 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-021-7 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold FI • NO • SW

‘Well written and imaginatively illustrated, this will be a hit with young cooks ... the humourous approach to the recipes will ensure that fans of Alice and Megan will embrace healthy cooking with gusto’ Bookfest ‘One of the most exciting cookbooks to have hit the shelves from Ireland last year was Judi Curtin’s Alice and Megan’s Cookbook ... In the great tradition of so many children’s books, Judi Curtin writes vividly about the wonders of food - but this time readers can bring these treats to life ...’ Inis Magazine

272 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-175-7 €7.95 pb Rights available W

FREE activities online 256 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-038-5 €7.95 pb/Rights available W Rights sold AU/NZ • RU • SE

Blue Flag – Reading Level 10+

Alice Next Door Megan and Alice are best friends. But the two girls are devastated when Alice’s parents separate and Alice has to move away. Luckily, Alice has an idea, and the girls hatch a plot to get back together. But can their plan work?


The Shakespeare Stealer By Gary Blackwood Widge, a young orphan and gifted shorthand-writer, is sent to steal Shakespeare’s new play, Hamlet, but becomes involved with Shakespeare and his troupe of players. Will Widge betray his new friends to avoid the vengeance of his brutal master?

Shakespeare’s Scribe By Gary Blackwood The Black Death rampages through England, and Widge and the troupe of players are forced to travel continuously in an effort to make money. To make matters worse, Shakespeare breaks his arm and cannot finish his new hit comedy. Widge is forced to step in and save the day!

Red Flag Blue Flag––Reading ReadingLevel Level8+ 10+

FREE Teaching Guide online 224 pages/SBN 978-0-86278-634-2 €7.95 pb Rights available EU/EL

272 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-706-6 €7.95 pb Rights available EU/EL

The Celestial Child By Don Conroy During a violent storm, a young girl sees a strange boy who seems to glow in the dark. Who, or what, is her new friend? And what does he want?

Sky Wings Text & illus. Don Conroy Unknown to humankind, a battle rages in the animal world to protect their kind from the evil rat Fericul and the inhabitants of Ratland. Follow the quest of Sacer the falcon to save the world from the deadly rats.

160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-381-5 €6.34 pb Rights available W


208 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-419-5 €6.34 pb Rights available W

The Island of Ghosts By Eilís Dillon When Dara and Brendan fail to return from their sailing trip, everyone believes they have drowned – except their sisters, Barbara and Cáit. The two girls set out to discover the truth.

Swap By Malachy Doyle Huw, from Wales, and Marcus, from Dublin, meet up on holiday in County Cork. It turns out they’re identical to each other! Even their mums can’t tell them apart. So they hatch a plan to do a swap. Only things start to go very wrong ... very quickly!

FREE Teaching ideas online AWARD Bisto Book of the Year Award 192 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-708-0/€6.95 pb Rights available W C30

224 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-053-8 €7.99 pb Rights available W x B

Fugitives! By Aubrey Flegg A story of the Flight of the Earls. It is 1603 and Hugh O’Neill, the Earl of Tyrone, is about to leave his homeland after the disastrous defeat at the battle of Kinsale. He is on board the French ship at Lough Swilly, but he wants to take his youngest son, Con, the future of the clan, with him. But where is Con? Adventure, danger, true history.


Just Joshua By Jan Michael Is it true what everyone is saying: that Joshua’s father is a ‘Mountain Man’ – one of the people feared and mistrusted by the villagers? And what does that make Joshua? ‘A gem’ Niall MacMonagle


AWARD Peter Pan Award, IBBY Sweden 192 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-525-3 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold AL • G • SW • SE

FREE teaching guide online 256 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-202-0 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

FREE Teaching Guide online 192 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-818-6 €6.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold J • DU • G

Katie’s War By Aubrey Flegg Caught up in the Civil War, Katie has divided loyalties: her father fought in the First World War and wants peace, but others want to fight for a united Ireland. Which is right?

Lockie and Dadge By Frank Murphy Trouble follows Lockie from foster home to foster home. Then he meets Dadge and his strange friends and feels he belongs. But will it last? Bisto Eilís Dillon Award Bisto Merit Award FREE Teaching ideas & Teaching Guide online 192 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-424-9 €6.95 pb Rights available W


EAN 8717418203184 €14.99 DVD/Available in Ireland only

FREE activity sheets online 64 pages/colour ISBN 978-1-84717-122-1 €12.99 hb Rights held IR • B (EL only)

Missing Sisters By Gregory Maguire Living in an upstate New York orphanage in the 1950s, Alice sets out to solve the puzzle of her background – and to find the mysterious girl called Miami. FREE Teaching Guide online 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-379-2 €6.95 pb Rights available IR • EU • BC x CAN

COPYCATS VS TATTLETALES SERIES Six Haunted Hairdos By Gregory Maguire The Tattletales and their rivals, the Copycats, are at it again! Another wild escapade involving ancient ghosts, modern ghosts in very unlikely hairdos and some woolly mammoths! FREE Teaching ideas online 160 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-542-0 €6.34 pb/Rights available IR • EU (non-exclusive) • BC x CAN (EL)

160 pages/ISBN 0-86278-739-4 €6.95 pb/Rights available IR • EU (non-excl) • BC x CAN (EL)

Four Stupid Cupids By Gregory Maguire The town of Hamlet is invaded by four inept cupids whose mis-directed arrows have hilarious results! A madcap story of love’s trials ... and errors!

176 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-740-0 €6.95 pb/Rights available IR • EU (non-excl) • BC x CAN (EL)

My Nasty Neighbours By Creina Mansfield What do you do when three messy, noisy teenagers live with their tidy, organised parents? Buy the house next door and split up. But it’s not that simple! 160 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-462-1 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold F • G • I • P (Brazil)

My Nutty Neighbours By Creina Mansfield David’s Mum and Dad said country living would be fun. They failed to mention the lack of footpaths, the boredom and the crazy people. When parents get it wrong, they really get it wrong! 192 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-788-2 €7.95 pb Rights available W

Cherokee By Creina Mansfield Gene’s grandfather is a famous jazz musician and Gene travels the world with him, until Aunt Joan calls a halt – he must have a normal life! But that isn’t what Gene dreams of ... 128 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-368-6 €6.95 pb Rights DA • G

It Wasn’t Me By Creina Mansfield Picked on by Ronan, the school bully, Jack invents an identical twin brother, Jasper, to take him on. But being two people at once is far from easy. How long can Jack keep up the pretence? 144 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-696-0 €6.95 pb Rights available W

Five Alien Elves By Gregory Maguire It’s Christmas Eve, but it’s not Santa’s sleigh that has crash-landed on Earth – it’s five alien elves! When the town’s beloved mayor disappears, the Tattletales and Copycats must team up to save him.

192 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-121-4 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Blue Flag – Reading Level 10+

Watch the spectacular, Oscarnominated animated feature film The Secret of Kells on DVD and be amazed by the beauty and detail of this breathtaking and original animated feature film.

The Secret of Kells By Tomm Moore (picture book) By Eithne Massey (novel) Two great books based on an amazing film. When Aidan and his cat, Pangur Ban, arrive in Kells, Brendan’s life becomes very exciting. A deadly wolfpack, marauding Vikings and Crom Cruach, the serpent god, all have to be faced and outwitted. And there is also the challenge of the Book of Kells – can it be completed and kept safe from the Vikings?



Red Flag Blue Flag––Reading ReadingLevel Level8+ 10+

The Young Rebels John Joe and Roger, pupils at Padraic Pearse’s famous school, are told they are too young to take part in the fight for Ireland’s freedom – but they become caught up in the dramatic events of the Easter Rising. A dramatic blend of history and fiction set in 1916.

‘Llywelyn has established herself as the leading writer of Irish historical novels for children’ Books Ireland

Free Teaching Guide online 224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-579-6 €7.95 pb/Rights available W

272 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-207-5/€7.99 pb Rights available W AWARD-WINNER

Brian Boru The story of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland. As a boy, Brian and his family suffered terribly at the hands of the invading Danes. Brian has sworn to have his revenge. FREE Teaching ideas & Teaching Guide online Bisto Merit Award (Historical Fiction) 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-230-6 €7.95 pb Rights available W/Rights sold US/CAN C32

Morgan Llywelyn was born in New York but currently lives in Dublin. She is an international writer of best-selling historical fiction for adults and children, two of which are winners of the Bisto Merit Award.

Cave of Secrets Set in the 17th century, this is a story of smuggling, adventure and Tom’s growing independence. Tom is lonely in the Big House, but he finds a new family from whom he learns all about the sea – and about smuggling. But can he abandon his own family when they are in trouble? And what is the big secret his mother has hidden from him all his life?


Strongbow The tale of the famous Norman knight who captured Dublin and married an Irish princess – Aoife, the King of Leinster’s daughter. Reading Association of Ireland Award Bisto Merit Award (Historical Fiction) FREE Teaching ideas & Teaching Guide online 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-274-0 €7.95 pb/Rights available W Rights sold US/CAN • SP

Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley, pirate and trader, is one of Ireland’s most infamous figures. A thorn in the side of the English, she lived an extraordinary, adventurefilled life. The story of Grace and her son, Tibbott, captures a lesser-known side of the Pirate Queen, Granuaile.

Star Dancer Suzanne and Ger come from different backgrounds, but they share a love of horses and a burning ambition to succeed in the tough world of dressage and showjumping. Can friendship be part of that world?

Red Hugh By Deborah Lisson Red Hugh O’Donnell, son of the leader of the powerful clan, is captured by the English authorities. The story of his years in prison and his daring escape.

The Silver Notebook By Enda Wyley The notebook that arrives out of the blue on Timothy Finn’s birthday changes his life forever. It is a gift from his father. But who is his father and why has he suddenly entered Timothy’s life? Timothy sets out to uncover the riddle of his past.

Free Teaching Guide online 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-974-9 €7.95 pb Rights available W AWARD-WINNER


Western Australia Premier’s Book Award FREE Teaching ideas & Teaching Guide online 224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-604-5 €7.95 pb/Rights available EU (EL only)

FREE Teaching ideas online 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-331-0 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold DU • G

FREE Teaching Guide online 208 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-020-0 €7.95 pb Rights available W/Rights sold F


Skimming Ed. Robert Dunbar Contemporary stories from Ireland’s foremost children’s authors, including Eoin Colfer, Carlo Gébler, Siobhán Parkinson and Gerard Whelan.


White Ravens Selection 1998 192 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-518-5 €11.41 hb/Rights available W

CLASSIC IRISH LITERATURE Jimeen By Pádraig Ó Siochfhrada Illus. Brian Bourke A witty translation of the early 1920s Irish comic classic. A long-time favourite in the Irish language, it gives interesting and amusing insights into a way of life now lost. 128 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-680-9 €6.95 pb Rights available W

Journals A fabulous series for girls! First kisses, boyfriends, parents who don’t understand, school, homework, friend trouble – sometimes it’s all just too much for a girl ...

Faery Nights/Oícheanta Sí Text & illus. Micheál Mac Liammóir Lively stories, written in both Irish and English, tell of supernatural goings-on during ancient Ireland’s festival nights. This enchanting collection is in the very best tradition of fairy tales. 128 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-681-6 €6.34 pb Rights available W

Don’t Even Think About It By Roisin Meaney Liz is a latchkey kid since Mam left. She loves Eminem and pepperoni and pineapple pizza. She hates the girlnext-door and her gross chin dimple. This is a year in her life. 192 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-984-8 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold G • NO • SP • SW

Blue Lavender Girl By Judy May Meet Tia, black-clad, cynical and completely allergic to school. She’s been sent away to the country for the summer and there’s nothing to do! Then she meets Jenny and Jackson and things start looking up.

Copper Girl By Judy May Tammy is not looking forward to summer. She’ll be stuck working in her parents’ shop – so boring! But once she meets Marianne and Martin, a brother and sister who run a small riding school, the holidays end up being much more fun than she expects.

Hazel Wood Girl By Judy May Meet Poppy – she’s fourteen, and she’s just moved from the big city to live on a farm. It’s hard to fit in somewhere new, but she secretly hopes that maybe rock-chick Em-J and drummer Beau will let her join their new band.This is Poppy’s summer diary.

160 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-990-9 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold SW

192 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-991-6 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold NO • SP • SW

224 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-992-3 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold FI • NO • SW

Diamond Star Girl By Judy May Welcome to 15-year-old Lemony’s world! A movie is being filmed in town and when Lemony and her friends are hired as extras, life starts to get very exciting! As well as new experiences in front of the camera, there are also new friends to be made on and off set. Lights, camera, action! 192 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-090-3 €7.99 pb/Rights available W Rights sold SW

Blue Flag – Reading Level 10+

White Ravens International Youth Library Selection 2002 160 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-660-1 €6.95 pb Rights available W

Enchanted Journeys Fifty Years of Irish Writing for Children Ed. Robert Dunbar Illus. Aileen Johnston The very best of recent Irish writing for children, selected by an expert in children’s literature.



17 Martin Street By Marilyn Taylor Hetty, living in ‘little Jerusalem’ at the time of the Second World War, hears that a young refugee girl is hiding from the authorities in Dublin. Can Hetty, her cousin and her Catholic neighbour Ben help? Based on a true story.

Faraway Home By Marilyn Taylor Two Jewish children are sent from Nazi-occupied Austria to a refugee farm in Northern Ireland. Will they ever see their families again? Based on the true story of the refugee farm in Millisle, County Down.

Red Flag Blue Flag––Reading ReadingLevel Level8+ 10+

FREE Teaching Guide online 208 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-286-0 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Bisto Book of the Year Award FREE Teaching ideas & Teaching Guide online 224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-643-4 €7.95 pb/Rights available W



Ireland’s first Laureate na nÓg (Children’s Literature Laureate) Siobhán Parkinson has been editor of Bookbird, the magazine of IBbY International, as well as Inis, the magazine of Children’s Books Ireland.

Sisters ... no way! Cindy does NOT want her dad to remarry after her mother’s death – she certainly doesn’t want him to marry Ashling’s mum. No way! Two diaries record events from the perspectives of two very different teenagers. A unique and insightful flipper book. Bisto Book of the Year Award 224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-495-9 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold CH • F • FI • G • H • I • LA • LI • P • RU • SE • SL • SP

FREE Teaching Guides to all of Siobhán’s books online

Amelia Almost thirteen, Amelia Pim is the daughter of a wealthy Quaker family. When her happy world is shattered, she must learn to live with poverty and disgrace. But she also learns the value of true friendship.

No Peace for Amelia Amelia’s friend Frederick is fighting with the Allies in the First World War. Mary Ann’s brother is in hiding after his involvement in the 1916 Rising against the British. The girls learn at first-hand the dreadful effects of war.

208 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-352-5 €7.95 pb Rights available W AWARD-WINNER C34

Call of the Whales Tyke journeys with his anthropologist father to the icy wilderness of the Arctic. His adventures and experiences there change the course of his life.

224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-378-5 €7.95 pb Rights available W AWARD-WINNER

Bisto Merit Award 144 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-691-5 €6.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold DA

Kate Kate is captivated by Irish dancing. It’s the best thing she’s ever done – but Kate worries whether her family can afford to pay for her classes. Set in the thirties in Dublin’s Liberties, the story follows Kate’s dreams of dance. 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-993-0 €7.95 pb Rights available W x US/CAN (all ­languages)/Rights Sold AL

The Moon King Ricky has withdrawn from the world into himself. Placed in a foster home that is full of children, he doesn’t know how to fit into family life. He slowly begins to find his way, but it is not a smooth path ... Bisto Merit Award IBbY Honour List 176 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-573-4 €6.95 pb Rights available W/Rights sold J


Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe) Four kids visit the mysterious Lady Island, hoping for a little excitement. Then they meet the island’s strange inhabitant! ‘One of the best Irish children’s books we’ve ever had, full stop ...’ Robert Dunbar, The Gay Byrne Show Bisto Merit Award 192 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-515-4 €7.95 pb/Rights available W Rights sold DA • G • SE • TH


Kicking On By Dave Hannigan Dromtarry’s Gaelic footballers are training for the start of the season when a visitor arrives in town: Shaun Reedy, an American footballer. Far from the money and pressure that turned him off his own sport, Shaun falls in love with the GAA. Full of sporting action and excitement.

Rugby Spirit By Gerard Siggins Eoin’s just started a new school … and a new sport. Everyone at school is mad about rugby, but Eoin hasn’t even held a rugby ball before! And just who is this guy, Brian, who looks so out-of-date, but gives great rugby advice?

240 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-189-4 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Little Croker By Joe O’Brien Team captain Danny Wilde wants to get his GAA team to the top of the League. With the help of his dad – their coach – he knows they can win. Danny comes up with a brilliant plan, but he’s going to need help to make it work …

Féile Fever By Joe O’Brien Danny Wilde’s team has lost one of its best forwards to injury; it looks like they’ll have no chance of winning the County Féile! Enter Todd, the new kid and Aussie Rules player. Can he become a real GAA player in time?

Tiger Boots By Joe O’Brien The Littlestown Crokes are playing well this season, but off the pitch things are tough for captain Danny Wilde. His dad’s in danger of losing his job and he’s having problems with the girl he likes; but nothing keeps the Crokes down for long and after lots of GAA action and a fundraising football marathon, things begin to look up!

Beyond the Cherry Tree By Joe O’Brien When Josh Bloom & his class visit Cherry Tree Manor what really interests them is the mystery of the Manor’s owner, General Pennington, who disappeared twelve years ago to the day. Then Josh discovers something in the General’s library that sends him on an adventure of a lifetime – a quest full of danger and excitement and all things magical in the land beyond the Cherry Tree …

FREE Teaching Guide & activities online 208 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-173-3 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

FREE Teaching Guide & activities online 192 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-046-0 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

Blue Flag – Reading Level 10+

192 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-333-1 €7.99 pb Rights available W

224 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-212-9 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

208 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-209-9 €7.99 pb/Rights available W

CLASSIC CELTIC TALES Celtic Tales of Enchantment By Liam Mac Uistin Illus. Shane Johnson/ Russell Barnett Four stories from the magical world of Celtic lore about the legendary Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna. 96 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-692-2 €4.99 pb Rights available W

96 pages/B&W/ISBN 978-0-86278-341-9 €4.99 pb/Rights available W

The Hunt for Diarmaid and Gráinne By Liam Mac Uistin Illus. Laura Cronin A dramatic Celtic tale: the great warrior Fionn MacCumhaill loves Gráinne, but she elopes with the handsome Diarmaid, setting in motion a series of tragic events. 80 pages/B&W ISBN 978-0-86278-480-5 €5.07 pb/Rights available W


The Táin By Liam Mac Uistin Illus. Donald Teskey The most famous Irish legend of all – the tale of the great battle between the warrior Cúchulainn and his friend, Ferdia. 112 pages/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-288-4 €6.99 pb Rights available W

Celtic Magic Tales By Liam Mac Uistin Illus. Maria A Negrin Tales of the ancient warrior Celts: the love quest of Mir and Aideen, the adventure of Tuireann’s sons, the mischievous Bricriu, and the love epic of Deirdre.


A Horse Called El Dorado By Kevin Kiely Pepe loves to gallop across the plains of Colombia on his horse El Dorado. Then the guerrillas come, and he has to move to Ireland to live with his grandparents. Finally another horse called El Dorado makes Pepe’s heart soar.

The Old Country By Mordicai Gerstein Trapped in the body of a fox, with a war raging all around her, Gisella has to find her family and try to get her own body back. A compelling fantasy from an award-winning author. 144 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-980-0 €7.95 pb Rights available W x US/CAN (EL only)

Red Flag Blue Flag––Reading ReadingLevel Level8+ 10+

Chill Factor By Vincent McDonnell When Dr Denis Gunne disappears, the police believe he is fleeing charges of supplying drugs to addicts. His son, Sean, is convinced that his father has been set up. But for what reason? 224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-888-9 €7.95 pb Rights available W


The Gods and their Machines By Oisín McGann Chamus and Riadni are on the run. Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control the two teenagers, from opposite sides of a divided nation, soon find that they have more in common than the hate that separated them. Bisto Merit Award Shortlisted for Best First Novel, Locus FREE Teaching Guide online 240 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-833-9 €7.95 pb Rights available W/Rights sold G • US/CAN

The Harvest Tide Project By Oisín McGann Taya and Lorkrin are Myunans shape-changers who can sculpt their flesh like modelling clay. With the help of their friends they try to find a way to sabotage the Harvest Tide Project and avert the disaster it will unleash …

Under Fragile Stone By Oisín McGann Shape-changers, Taya and Lorkrin Archisan, are on a desperate rescue mission to save their parents who are trapped beneath the sacred mountain, Absaleth. A rollercoaster adventure brimming with bizarre, weird and wonderful creatures.

October Moon By Michael Scott When American teenager Rachel Stone comes to live in Kildare, sinister things begin to happen. The October moon reveals a horror beyond Rachel’s worst nightmare.

Wolf Moon By Michael Scott Sequel to October Moon. Rachel Stone returns to Ireland to rid herself of the werewolf curse. But even greater horrors await her – the shapechangers have need of her powers!

Moonlight By Michael Carroll The body of a 10,000-year-old horse is discovered and a genetic engineer and a ruthless businessman dream of the fastest racehorse ever. Can Cathy outwit them and protect the new-born foal?

Gemini Game By Michael Scott Enter the futuristic world of virtual reality. Game-makers Liz and BJ risk their lives to expose the enemy virus that has made their latest game a deadly trap.

320 Pages ISBN 978-0-86278-834-6 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold P • RU • U C36

144 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-907-7 €6.95 pb Rights available W

160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-300-6 €6.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold DU • F • I

160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-354-9 €5.07 pb Rights available W Rights sold F/CAN only

384 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-835-3 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold RU • U

160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-420-1 €5.07 pb Rights available W Rights sold F

160 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-332-7 €6.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold CH • F • I • US/CAN

Johnny Coffin School-Dazed By John W Sexton Enter the bizarre world of Johnny Coffin, Enya Murphy, The Dead Crocodiles and Mr McCluskey at your peril! 256 pages €6.95 pb ISBN 978-0-86278-736-3 Rights available W Rights sold SE

The Leprechaun’s Challenge The Leprechaun’s Riddle By Catherine O’Neil Illus. Greg Massardier Two tales of Finn the leprechaun: he helps mean-spirited Eileen Fitzgerald, and outsmarts the O’Shaughnessys who are determined to win his precious gold.

The Castle in the Attic By Elizabeth Winthrop An action-filled quest in which William has to pit his wits against an evil sorcerer and a fire-breathing dragon. ‘An absorbing fantasy ... Colourful details make the story special’ Publishers Weekly

The Battle for the Castle By Elizabeth Winthrop A sequel to The Castle in the Attic. Can William become a hero? Along with his friend Jason, he finds himself in a situation that calls for all his ingenuity as they confront a terrible evil force.

192 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-307-5 €6.95 pb Rights available IR

GERARD WHELAN Gerard Whelan was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, and has lived and worked in several European countries. His first two books were both award-winners. FREE teaching guides to all Gerard Whelan’s books online

The Guns of Easter Jimmy Conway’s father is in the British Army in the Great War; his uncle is with the rebels of the 1916 Rising in Dublin, fighting for Irish independence.


Dream Invader Saskia’s uncle and aunt are worried about her little cousin Simon, who is having terrible dreams. Something strange is going on. What can Saskia do? Bisto Book of the Year Award 176 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-516-1 €6.34 pb Rights available W Rights sold SL


War Children A compelling and powerful collection of stories set in Ireland during the War of Independence. ‘Examples of narrative at its most absorbing’ Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times Bisto Merit Award 192 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-776-9 €7.95 pb Rights available W

A Winter of Spies Sarah Conway cannot figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying. Dublin in 1920 is a dangerous world of spies and informants. The rebel leader Michael Collins seems to be in charge, but who exactly is on his side? 192 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-566-6 €7.95 pb Rights available W

Out of Nowhere Stephen wakes up in a place he has never seen before, being cared for by people he does not know. All traces of the outside world have vanished. What has happened? 240 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-637-3 €6.34 pb Rights available W Rights sold RU

Bisto Eilís Dillon Award 176 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-449-2 €7.95 pb Rights available W

224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-404-1 €5.07 pb Rights available IR

Blue Flag – Reading Level 10+

Both 64 pages/B&W/€4.99 pb Rights available W The Leprechaun’s Challenge ISBN 978-0-86278-732-5 The Leprechaun’s Riddle ISBN 978-0-86278-733-2


Green Flag Fiction IAN SOMERS Million Dollar Gift Ross Bentley has a gift – he can move things with his mind. When he enters a contest to win a million dollars if he can prove he has supernatural powers he finds himself drawn ever deeper into a world of corruption and peril. His gift puts him in danger from powerful foes, but also introduces him to people and talents he can hardly believe exist … ‘A fast-paced thriller’ Books Ireland ‘A modern day Catcher in the Rye’ Inis


Green Flag – Reading Level 12+

Ian Somers lives in Dublin and works as a graphic designer. Million Dollar Gift is his first book.


Anna Carey is a freelance journalist from Drumcondra in Dublin who has written for the Irish Times, Irish Independent and many other publications. Anna joined her first band when she was fifteen and went on to sing and play with several bands over the next fifteen years. Her last band, El Diablo, released two albums and toured all over the country. C38

416 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-307-2 €7.99 pb Rights available W

Rebecca’s Rules Rebecca’s back and life is not quite working out … ‘My boyfriend has moved to Canada. Canada! I have annoyed my best friends Cass and Alice by moping. I’m going to a crazy girl’s ridiculous birthday party. Things have got to change. So I’ve made some new rules. The most important one is: find something exciting for me, Cass and Alice to do. Something fun. Something new. Something like joining the school musical …’ 288 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-344-7 €7.99 pb Rights available W


The Real Rebecca Rebecca’s mum writes books for adults, but when she writes a novel for teens, everyone thinks it’s based on her daughter! Rebecca is horrified and vows to prove that she is different. But how will she show the world the real Rebecca? Irish Book Awards 2011: Children’s Book of the Year 2011 256 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-132-0 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold I • SE

‘I laughed and squirmed my way through The Real Rebecca, the sparkling and spookily accurate diary of a Dublin teenager. It’s stonkingly good and I haven’t laughed so much since reading Louise Rennison. Teenage girls (and grown-up teens) will love Rebecca to bits!’ Sarah Webb, author of the Ask Amy Green books ‘Carey’s teen voice is spot-on ... will delight any Louise Rennison fan.’ Irish Independent


FREE Teaching Guide online 320 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-877-3 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold AUS/NZ • CZ • DA • F • G • I • P • PO • RU • SE • T • U • US/CAN

Saga In the virtual world of Saga, Ghost is a fifteen-yearold anarcho-punk airboarder, with no past and no memories – only a growing realisation of her own extraordinary abilities. But who is she really? Why is she becoming embroiled in a battle with the sinister ruler of Saga – the Dark Queen? 320 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-979-4 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold F • G • PO • T • US/CAN

Edda Edda is a ‘virtual’ world ruled by the electronic intelligence of Lord Scanthax. Penelope is a teenager ensnared in Edda. Can she uncover the truth about her human past and gain her freedom? And are there other humans still ‘out there’? ‘Just as Saga exploded beyond opener Epic, this third volume ratchets up this science-fiction gaming series to a whole new level’ Kirkus Reviews 384 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-165-8 €9.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold PO • T • US/CAN AWARD-WINNER

White Ravens Selection FREE teaching guide online 192 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-185-6 €7.99 pb Rights available W Rights sold AL • FI • NO• SE • SW

Move Pushed to his limits by a horrific accident, Liam discovers he has an amazing ability: he can ‘move’ to parallel universes where things always turn out just the way he wants. But every time he moves the fabric of the metaverse begins to tear. And something evil begins to find its way in ... 208 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-010-1 €9.99 pb Rights available W

‘possibly one of the most beautiful and engaging books I’ve read in a long time ... ‘Prendergast writes Jessie’s tale with a dreamlike, yet very grounded style.’ Inis magazine ‘Prendergast’s refreshingly original take on family grief and teenage relationships in contemporary Dublin tackles these sensitive subjects with an openness and honesty that should be applauded’ Bookfest ‘a sensitive, poignant look at grief as well as a readable story with a sympathetic heroine’ The Irish Times

Dancing in the Dark By P.R. Prendergast Since Jessie’s brother James died, things have been difficult at home, at school and on her dance team. But Jessie can still see James. Can his ghost give her the confidence to show the rest of the dance team what she’s got … and help her family on the road towards healing?

Green Flag – Reading Level 12+

Epic #WELCOME TO EPIC: PRESS START TO PLAY#. On New Earth, Erik is drawn into the sinister world of Epic. Epic is not just a computer game, it’s a matter of life and death. If you lose, you lose everything; if you win, the world is yours for the taking.

Conor Kostick lives in Dublin where he teaches at Trinity College and is the author of several books for younger readers. Conor was the recipient of a Special Merit Award at the Reading Association of Ireland Awards in 2009 for his book Move, and for his contribution to science-fiction writing in Ireland.



Wings over Delft Book 1: The Louise Trilogy Louise Eeden is having her portrait painted and her marriage planned. But behind the scenes tragedy is afoot. Then fate intervenes...with results that will be felt for centuries to come.

Green Flag – Reading Level 12+

Bisto Book of the Year Award Reading Association of Ireland Award White Ravens selection 2004 208 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-886-5 €7.95 pb/Rights available W Rights sold AL• DA • F • G • PO • SL• SP

In The Claws of the Eagle Book 3: The Louise Trilogy Austria 1939. After the Anschluss, Louise’s portrait is taken from Izaac Abrahams’ family for Hitler’s art collection. Is this to be Louise’s fate? And what is to become of Izaac?

The Rainbow Bridge Book 2: The Louise Trilogy 1792: Revolution sweeps through France, and the portrait of Louise becomes embroiled in a tale of political intrigue and Gothic horror. 272 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-917-6 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold G • SL


288 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-827-8 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold G • SL

Truth Seeker By Deborah Lisson When Sigfrid runs away from Denmark to join his father, a Viking king, in Dublin, little does he know what lies in store for him. An unflinching, compelling account of the lives of the Viking raiders.

White Ravens Selection 208 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-657-1 €7.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold DA • P


224 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-701-1 €6.95 pb Rights available W

The Heroic Life of Al Capsella By Judith Clarke Despite his heroic efforts to be the coolest teenager on the block, Al Capsella faces a crippling pair of obstacles: his mother and father! C40

160 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-310-5 €6.34 pb Rights available IR • B (EL only)

The Bad Karma Diaries By Bridget Hourican Anna and Denise are ‘The Party People’, running birthday parties for local kids, and publicising it on their blog. As ‘Instruments of Karma’, they also act as junior Robin Hoods, taking revenge on bullies for schoolmates. But revenge is not always sweet! 240 pages ISBN 978-1-84717-085-9 €7.99 pb Rights available W

The Cinnamon Tree A Novel set in Africa When Yola Abonda steps on a landmine, her life is changed forever. After treatment in Ireland she returns to Africa determined to fight for her people’s safety. But how can she make a difference?

The Chieftain’s Daughter By Sam McBratney A novel of tribal conflict and first love. A boy fostered with a remote Irish tribe 1,500 years ago becomes involved in a local feud and with the fate of his beloved Frann, the chieftain’s daughter. Bisto Merit Award 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-338-9 €6.95 pb/Rights available W

Al Capsella and the Watchdogs By Judith Clarke Al is now sixteen and faces new challenges – like the gang of prowling mothers who stalk the suburbs, ever alert to his antics and ever determined to quash any signs of fun! 176 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-311-2 €5.07 pb Rights available IR • B (EL only)

‘I adored this book and I didn’t want it to end! Very highly recommended to readers aged 11+.’ Chicklish blog ‘Proving that Ireland is going through a fertile period for young adult fiction, Bridget Hourican’s smart, funny Bad Karma Diaries.’ Irish Times


Since Trilog of rea Ame Russ book intern


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Into the Grey ‘My name is Patrick Finnerty. I am fifteen and I’m losing my brother. A ghost is stealing him away. I know how crazy that sounds. But my brother, my twin, is going to die; I’m watching him die. No one else can see what’s happening. What can I do? The answers seem to lie within the memory of a dream - between this world and the next. Within The Grey. But I don’t want to go into The Grey. I don’t want to. I’ve seen what it’s like...’ An intense and chilling tale of supernatural possession, loss and the bond between twin brothers. Winner of the CBI Book of the Year Award and Winner of the CBI Children’s Choice Award 2012 272 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-164-1 Đ9.99 pb Rights available W x AU/NZ, all languages x F, RU/Rights sold B/C & EUxIR (EL)

The Moorehawke Trilogy Since its release, The Moorehawke Trilogy has captured the imagination of readers everywhere, and has seen American, British, Australian, German, Russian and Spanish rights to the book sold amid resounding praise from international publishers.

The Crowded Shadows – Book 2 New friends. Old enemies. Who can you trust? Wynter Moorehawke embarks on a perilous journey to find the missing Prince Alberon and restore peace to her troubled homeland. 480 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-111-5 Đ10.99 pb Rights available W x AU/NZ, all languages x F, RU Rights sold B • DU • ES • G • PO • SP • T • US/CAN

When Love Comes to Town By Tom Lennon This funny and stunningly original book deals honestly with the emotional crises faced by a gay teenager in present-day Dublin. 192 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-361-7/Đ9.95 pb Rights available W Rights sold DA • DU • SP • US/CAN

Friend of my Heart By Judith Clarke Daz and her brother William search for true love and their Gran’s lost childhood friend in this wacky and touching story, set in Australia. 160 pages ISBN 978-0-86278-432-4 Đ5.07 pb Rights available IR • B • EU (EL only)

The Poison Throne – Book 1 A Friend. A Father. A Kingdom. Which would you sacrifice? A compelling take of court intrigue, adventure and romance set in a fantasy medieval Europe. Wynter is faced with a terrible choice: stay with her dying father and accept the King’s ruinous plans or join in the search for the rightful heir to the throne. A stunning debut from an incredible writer. 480 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-170-2 Đ8.99 pb Rights available W x AU/NZ, all languages x F, RU Rights sold B • DA • DU • ES • G • PO • SP • T • US/CAN

The Rebel Prince – Book 3 United Friends. A Divided Kingdom. Who will prevail? Alberon is found, but he plans to protect the Kingdom by the use of the ‘Bloody Machine’ and the recruitment of some dangerous allies, among them the Loup-Garous, the wolf-tribe who have blighted her beloved Christopher’s life. In the final battle, who will survive? 416 pages/ISBN 978-1-84717-112-2 Đ10.99 pb Rights available W x AU/NZ all languages except F, RU/Rights sold B • DU • ES • G • PO • SP • T • US/CAN

Allison By Tatiana Strelkoff When Karin meets Allison, her world is turned upside down. What are these feelings she has for this girl? Why do they make her both excited and uncomfortable? And, most importantly, how will her parents and her brother react? 160 pages/ISBN 978-0-86278-559-8 Đ7.61 pb/Rights available W

The ‘S’ Word: A Boys’ Guide to Sex, Puberty and Growing Up By James Roy Growing up can be difficult because so much is changing at once. A frank look at sex, puberty and relationships, with the help of Richard the Wise, that shows that becoming a man doesn’t have to scare the pants off you! 160 pages/cartoons/ISBN 978-1-84717-056-9 Đ11.99 pb/Rights available EU(EL)



Young Adult Books

er. ns r make



Leabhair Ghaeilge Sraith leabhar do léitheoirí óga atá maisithe go hálainn. Bealach fíorspreagúil í an tsraith seo leis an nGaeilge a shaothrú sa seomra ranga. Áis iontach í freisin do thuismitheoirí ar mhaith leo léamh na Gaeilge a chur chun cinn sa bhaile.

Leabhair Ghaeilge

Deirdre agus an Fear Bréige Le Úna Leavy Léaráidí Maeve Kelly Rinne Deirdre agus Daid fear bréige. Chuir siad seanéadaí air. Ach cad as a dtáinig an choróin ghalánta sin? ISBN 978-0-86278-713-4

Sinéad ag Damhsa Le Anna Donovan Léaráidí Susan Cooper Is maith le Sinéad an damhsa, go háirithe damhsa Gaelach, ach is fearr léi a stíl iontach féin! “Ní damhsa Gaelach é sin!” a deir an múinteoir! Cad a dhéanfaidh sí le Sinéad? ISBN 978-0-86278-714-1

Cáitín sa Chistin Le Stephanie Dagg Léaráidí Stephen Hall ‘Ná bain don cáca sin!’ arsa Mam le Cáitín. Ach bhí sé go hálainn! Bhlais Cáitín píosa beag den reoán: go dtí nach raibh fágtha ach cáca lom. ISBN 978-0-86278-712-7 Cearta díolta SC

Sailí na Spotaí Le Anne Marie Herron Léaráidí Stephen Hall Is breá le Sailí spotaí - ar a cuid éadaigh, ar a cuid bréagán, ar gach rud! Ní éireoidh sí tuirseach de spotaí go deo – nó an éireoidh? ISBN 978-0-86278-724-0

Bróga Thomáis Le Úna Leavy Léaráidí Margaret Suggs Ní maith le Tomás bróga. Is maith leis a bharraicíní beaga. Cad a dhéanfaidh Mamaí agus Daidí?

ISBN 978-0-86278-782-0 Cearta díolta SP

Drochlá Gruaige Le Catherine Doolin Léaráidí Maeve Kelly Nuair a thosaíonn Liam ag amaidí lena chuid gruaige bíonn drochthoradh air! ISBN 978-0-86278-866-7


Gach leabhar 64 leathanach B&W €5.99 pb Cearta ar fáil W

Daifní Dineasár Le Áine Ní Ghlinn Léaráidí Michael Connor Is breá le Niall agus Conall cleasanna a imirt – go háirithe ar Mhamaí! Ach ansin thugann Daifní Dineasár cuairt orthu ... ISBN 978-0-86278-745-5 Cearta díolta SC

Fiacla Mhamó Le Brianóg Brady Dawson Léaráidí Michael Connor Cá bhfuil fiacla Mhamó? Tá siad i mála scoile Danny! Tá Danny i dtrioblóid arís. ISBN 978-0-86278-741-7 Cearta díolta SC

Moncaí Dána Le Áine Ní Ghlinn Léaráidí Aileen Caffrey Is moncaí dána é Colm. Bíonn cóisir an-aisteach aige. Agus féach cad a tharlaíonn do Cholm agus dá chairde! ISBN 978-0-86278-790-5 Cearta díolta SC

An tUan Beag Dubh Elizabeth Shaw focail agus léaráidí Sa scéal beag álainn seo feicimid réiteach ait ar easaontas idir na hainmhithe.

ISBN 978-0-86278-867-4 Cearta díolta DA • G • J • KO • LA • P • SP • SW • T



ISBN 978-0-86278-901-5

Mo Mhadra Beoga Le Patrick Deeley Léaráidí Martin Fagan Ba bhreá le Jenny madra dá cuid féin. Ach is trioblóid an madra seo! Bíonn sé ag tochailt sa ghairdín i gcónaí! Bíonn sé i dtrioblóid i ‘Scoil na Madraí’! Cad a dhéanfaidh Jenny?

An Buachaill Bó Le Gillian Perdue Léaráidí Michael Connor Is brea le Conor a chulaith Buachalla Bó. ‘Yee Haw’ a deir sé. ‘Lámha in airde’. Is í culaith Conor an rud is fearr ar domhan. Ach an mbeidh sé ábalta í a chaitheamh ar scoil?

An Rún Mór Le Caitríona Ní Mhurchú Léaráidí Tatyana Feeney Is breá le Mailí cait. Tá pictiúir de chait ar gach balla ina seomra codlata aici. Ach ní féidir léi a cat féin a fháil – mar go mbeadh a clann go léir tinn! Tá an-bhrón ar Mhailí. Ach tá plean aici …

Cá Bhfuil Murchú? Le Anna Donovan Léaráidí Tatyana Feeney Is cairde maithe iad Ruairí agus Murchú. Ach lá amháin ní raibh Ruairí ábalta Murchú a fháil in áit ar bith. Chuardaigh Mamaí agus Daidí agus Ruairí gach áit. Ach ansin fuair siad glaoch teileafóin: an bhfuil Murchú faighte?

Scuab Fiacal Danny Le Brianóg Brady Dawson Léaráidí Michael Connor Is fuath le Danny de Brún a chuid fiacla a ghlanadh. Cad a dhéanfaidh Danny, mar sin, nuair a thugann Mamó scuab fiacal nua, bhuí dó?

ISBN 978-0-86278-942-8

ISBN 978-0-86278-006-4

smaí! sár

ISBN 978-1-84717-016-3

Leabhair Ghaeilge

o fearr a oir!

Lámhainní Glasa Le Áine Ní Ghlinn Léaráidí Martin Fagan ‘Seanlámhainní glasa! Domsa?’ Tá an-díomá ar Dheirdre. Ach taitníonn siad go mór le Fionnán. Agus … cogar … ta rún ag baint leis na lámhainní céanna!

ISBN 978-1-84717-128-3 Color profile : Disabled Composite Default screen

ISBN 978-1-84717-126-9

Color profile: Disabled screen Composite Default

Glac Sos! Uimhir a hAon Deirdre agus an Fear Bréige agus Sinéad ag Damhsa. Éist leis na scéalta – bainfidh gach dalta (agus gach múinteoir!) taitneamh as na fuaimeanna éagsúla, agus as an gceol, ar an gcaiséad seo.

idí d


buachaillí Bhí an-spraoi ag na fiacal. le Keeno agus an scuab tar éis tamaill. orthu tuirse ig Tháin Shuigh siad síos.

D’fhéach siad ar an scuab fiacal. ‘Soit!’ arsa Ma rc. ‘Tá sí lofa!’ arsa Daire.

31 30

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30 vp E:...ScuabFiacalDanny. 2009 Mon Jan 19 11:37:28

Hide & Speak Irish Le Catherine Bruzzone Léaráidí Susan Martineau Hide and Speak goes further than most picture word books. It offers an effective and simple way to learn over 130 key Irish words following the tried-and-tested method of ‘look, cover and speak’. Using the two wipe-clean flaps at the back of the book to cover the words or the pictures, you can practise speaking or writing the words as many times as you want. The book is organised into 15 popular themes including farm, school, family, colours and food. An enjoyable and practical way to learn the first essential words in Irish! ‘Perfect for young kids or mums and dads trying to keep up’ Woman’s Way ISBN 978-0-86278-147-4 €9.99 pb 32 pages Cearta ar fáil W (IL only)

óisir da airde!

ISBN 978-0-86278-903-9 €7.99 Audio tape Cearta ar fáil W

‘Hé!’ arsa Dan ny. ‘Cad é an bola dh sin?’

Bhí sí an-fhliuch agus salach.


Thar an Trasnán Le Áine Ní Ghlinn Léaráidí Paul Bolger Cluiche peile ag rang a sé. Buachaillí in aghaidh cailíní. Deir na múinteoirí nach bhfuil ann ach spraoi! Dar le hEoghan, áfach, tá i bhfad níos mó ná sin i gceist! Bród! Onóir! Stádas na mbuachaillí!

Leabhair Ghaeilge

64 leathanach/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-245-7 €6.99 pb Cearta ar fáil W

Páidí Péintéir Le Dairíne Ní Dhonnchú Léaráidí Brónagh O’Hanlon Tá Páidí ag péinteáil pictiúir. Ach cad atá sa phictiúr? Rud an-aisteach ar fad! 12 leathanach/lándaite ISBN 978-0-86278-791-2 €4.95 pb Cearta ar fáil W

Éasca Péasca Le Áine Ní Ghlinn Léiráidí Siobhán Griffin Tá Niamh agus Aonghus ró-mhór le feighlí a bheith acu. Nó sin a cheapann siadsan. Ach tá tuairimí eile ag an au pair nua ... agus cleasanna nua aici freisin! 64 leathanach/B&W ISBN 978-1-84717-047-7 €6.95 pb Cearta ar fáil W

An Dochtúir Dan Le Dairíne Ní Dhonnchú Léaráidí Brónagh O’Hanlon ‘Cá bhfuil an phian?’ arsa Dochtúir Dan. ‘Sa cheann?’ ‘Sa bholg?’ Ach, féach! Tá an phian imithe! 12 leathanach/lándaite ISBN 978-0-86278-792-9 €4.95 pb Cearta ar fáil W

A GUIDE TO READING LEVELS Using O’Brien flags to select books for your classroom

Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland and Scotland

England and Wales

Black flag Picture books

Usable throughout the school (but especially Junior Infants)

Usable throughout the school (but especially Year 1 [P1])

Usable throughout the school (but especially Reception)

Orange flag Reading level 4+

Senior Infants (also First Class)

Year 1 [P1]. Key Stage 1


Purple flag Reading level 5+

First Class (also Senior Infants, Second Class)

Year 2 [P2]. Key Stage 1

Year 1. Key Stage 1

Yellow flag Reading level 6+

Second Class (also First Class, Third Class)

Year 3 [P3]. Key Stage 1

Year 2. Key Stage 1

Red flag Reading level 8+

Third Class, Fourth Class

Year 4, Year 5 [P4, P5]. Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

Year 3, Year 4. Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

Blue flag Reading level 10+

Fifth Class, Sixth Class

Year 6, Year 7 [P6, P7]. Key Stage 2

Year 5, Year 6. Key Stage 2

Green Flag Reading level 12+

First Year, Second Year (second-level schools)

Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 (secondary school). Key Stage 3

Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 (secondary school). Key Stage 3

Young Adult

Older and more confident readers

Older and more confident readers

Older and more confident readers

This is a general guide to reading levels. It will help you to choose books to suit your pupils and their abilities.


As children start school at different ages under the various educational systems listed here, and also begin formal reading at different stages, this suggested guide to suitability for various ages differs for each system.

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