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Oasis Academy Oldham Prospectus At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Oasis Community Learning - Steve Chalke When I was a teenager I used to attend a local church-based youth club at the weekends. There I learnt two important lessons in life. The first was that the 15-year-old girl that I started going there in an attempt to woo into becoming my girlfriend wasn’t the least bit interested. To her I was a non-entity – a mere 14-year-old! But the second was that I am made in the image of God and that as a result, my life, just like each life, has purpose and meaning. In short, I learnt that every person matters. So it was that I became inspired to create ways to help build communities where everyone – both young and old – had hope, felt they mattered and were given the opportunity to achieve to their full potential. As a result, in 1985 I set up Oasis; a charity which now provides education, housing and healthcare around the world.

Oasis Community Learning, part of what was by then a family of Oasis charities, began its life in 2004 with the goal of developing a number of Academies across the UK. And, just like the rest of Oasis’ work around the world, right at its heart are the same values. Inspired by Christ, we are committed to valuing all, protecting rights to freedom and choice, working against discrimination and exclusion, respecting the beliefs of others and nurturing confident and competent young people.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

That’s why Oasis Academy Oldham’s purpose is to provide a rich and balanced educational environment – academically, vocationally, socially, morally, spiritually, emotionally and environmentally for all our students. That’s why we aim to develop informed and active learners who can explore questions, seek answers and solve problems – students who will care passionately about their neighbour, their community and their planet. That’s why, through high-quality facilities, outstanding staff and clear leadership, we work to create a positive and affirming environment, encouraging partnerships between students, Parents/Carers and the wider local community. That’s why Oasis Academy Oldham’s goal is to provide a welcoming environment for students of all faiths and none, as well as for their Parents/Carers.

The Oasis Educational Charter: We are community we are relationships.

We are lear ning we are ach ievement.

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We are Oasis

Steve Chalke MBE – CEO, Oasis Community Learning

Welcome to Oasis Academy Oldham I am extremely proud to welcome you to Oasis Academy Oldham. We are an Academy that is growing in reputation. Our mission is to become an outstanding Academy where every child reaches their full potential and is inspired to excellence, with no exceptions and no excuses. We are on a journey of transformation based on values driven education. Students and staff here know that their success and well-being is our number one priority. Most importantly though, we are creating a culture where every person is celebrated and nurtured as an individual. Inclusion and personalisation is our commitment. To go with our drive towards outstanding, we now have an outstanding new facility at the heart of a community.

This £30 million pound investment will go beyond the school day and provide a setting for wider community involvement through our Hub work in partnership with Oasis Academy Limeside. Oasis Academy Oldham is the Academy for you and the whole community. Our promise to anyone who joins our Family is that we will never give up, we will be ‘Outstanding’ and we will inspire to excellence all who choose to belong. I look forward to welcoming you in person.

David Hayes Principal to become an outstanding Academy where every child reaches their full potential...

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Our Basic Principle We are an Academy that is growing in reputation. We now have an outstanding facility. Our mission is for every child to reach their full potential and be Inspired to Excellence.

The Inspired code was written by our students and has become the basis of how we conduct ourselves here at the Academy. All students follow the Inspired code on a daily basis. Through remembering the code and applying it to their actions all our students will enjoy life at the Academy.

At Oasis Oldham we are...

e each day In onot timto use es or MP3 players whilst on or be seen with mobile phon N Academy grounds time School work and homework completed on Polite to everyone Instructions followed quickly and quietly Respectful of others and the enuipviromenmnt forenteach lesson Equipped with the cofullrreunctiforeqm with collars buttoned, shirts tucked in, Dressedtiessmstrartaiglyhtein ned and not wearing jewellery

Along with the Inspired code, we also have the Academy Way. The Academy Way has helped us learn better and treat our environment with greater respect. Following the Academy Way at all times means that everyone enjoys school, feels safe and learns new things all the time. 1. Line up in alphabetical order outside of your classroom. Face the front, with your uniform worn correctly and in silence. 2. Enter the classroom in silence, place your journal on the desk, get your equipment out and complete the ‘Do Now’ activity which will be displayed on the board. All this must be done in silence. 3. Take note of your Learning Objectives, the title and the date, and write it down. Underline the title and the date with a ruler. 4. We have four ways of working: in table groups, in shoulder partners, independently and as a whole class. For all types of learning, the noise levels should be at a level where everyone can hear and no shouting takes place. 5. Put your hand up to answer and ask questions - no shouting out. 6. Always say please and thank you. 7. At the end of the lesson, you should have your journal stamped, be packed away and stood behind your chairs in silence. Your teacher will dismiss you one table at a time.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Academy Way

Academy Day We will ensure our students have the opportunity of good nutrition and relaxed and comfortable learning environments. Breakfast will be served from 8.00am and areas and facilities will be made available to students who wish to study before lessons begin. The Agora will be used extensively before the Academy day begins for socialising, collaboration, performance and display. Students will be encouraged to attend the Academy early, and to be on site by 8.30am at the latest. This is to ensure they have organised their learning for the day, handed in homework, made appointments where appropriate with any member of staff they need to see/report to later in the day.


Length of session


8.00 - 8.35

35 minutes

Breakfast Club

8.35 - 9.00

25 minutes

Form time

9.00 - 10.00

60 minutes

Lesson one

10.00 - 11.00

60 minutes

Lesson two

11.00 - 11.25

25 minutes


11.25 - 12.25

60 minutes

Lesson three

12.25 - 1.25

60 minutes

Lesson four

1.25 - 2.10

45 minutes

Lunch time

2.10 - 3.10

60 minutes

Lesson five

Attendance and punctuality to all the sessions above is just as important as it is to arrive to the Academy on time every day. Truanting will not be tolerated by the Academy and if your child is found doing so they will be placed on a form tutor report.

Attendance All students are expected to be in school for 8.30am ready for 8.35am when form time begins. Arriving after this time results in your child being late. If your child is late they will be given a detention to complete on the same day. Being late for school means valuable learning time is lost and this time must be made up. You will also be contacted by school if your child arrives late. Attendance is vitally important for your child to succeed. Our expectation is that every student has 100% attendance. Those that stay at this level are rewarded throughout the year. If your child’s attendance falls below the expected percentage then you will be contacted by school, either via a phone call, a letter or a visit will be made to your home. No child will be given permission to take holidays throughout the school year.

Oasis Academy Oldham accepts students irrespective of faith or ability. Those with disabilities or special educational needs are also welcome. All places at the Academy are free and available to the local community within an admissions policy that mirrors the admissions arrangements for schools in the Oldham Borough. Our Academy offers ten forms of entry (10FE) and has spaces for 1,500 students aged 11-16. If you are a Parent/Carer of a student currently in Year 6 and wish to apply for a place at the Academy in Year 7 for September 2013, you will need to complete the Common Application Form and return it to the School Admissions Team, Level 6, The Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1XJ, or apply online at If you are seeking a place in any other year group, or for a Year 7 place post-September, you must also contact the School Admissions Team on the details above.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Admissions Statement

Caring for your child At Oasis Academy Oldham we believe that students will aim high and be inspired to excellence if they feel safe, happy and are well supported. To this end we have a team of very experienced Assistant Principals and Heads of Year who work closely with our students and their families to facilitate a confident and smooth transition from primary into secondary school. They then ensure that every student receives the right balance of support, challenge and guidance throughout their school career. Every student has a dedicated personal tutor who has a close overview of your child’s academic, social and emotional development. The personal tutor is their first point of contact at the start of each school day, and who helps them to develop into organised, confident young people who are prepared and ready to make the most of the learning opportunities afforded to them. We have two specialist learning support centres one of which is called ASPIRE. This is an off-site provision that will provide a unique and personalised support program for all students who need that little extra help. Both centres aim to develop your child’s academic, social and emotional learning. They provide outstanding care, guidance and support for all students who need that little extra help.

Children achieve more when both home and the Academy work together. To this end, the Academy aims to work in close partnership with Parents/Carers. You are welcome to raise any questions or concerns that arise with staff. Teaching staff can be consulted at the end of the day when they escort children to the playground or by appointment. The Principal or Deputy is normally available in the foyer at the start of the Academy day, to clarify information or respond to any problems. This is a very busy time for class teachers so unfortunately they will be unable to respond to concerns at this time. If you have any concerns at any time during the academic year please contact your child’s Head of Year by letter or through the Principal to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time so that you will be free from interruption. We will also contact you if we have any concerns about your child. Each term teachers send home a curriculum jigsaw which gives details of the range of skills their children will be learning. Learning targets are also sent home.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Contact with Parents/Carers

Curriculum Aims Oasis Academy Oldham has a vibrant, engaging and aspirational curriculum which has been developed to ensure students aim high and are inspired to excellence. Encouraging a genuine love of learning, subjects are responsive to students’ needs, placing an emphasis on academic success whilst developing the skills of independent enquiry. Students will receive specialist learning in English, Maths, Science, PE, Technology, ICT, Art, Drama, Music, Global Studies (French, Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Education) and PSHE/Citizenship. With the opportunity to set students we can ensure that individual children learn at a rate that is both challenging and supportive.

Year 7 Bridging Curriculum Having established excellent links with our partner schools our Year 7 students are given a transformational curriculum which aims to build on the skills and knowledge acquired in primary school. The transition process is smoothed with weekly lessons of ‘Learn to Learn’ where our students are equipped with the tools to develop their enthusiasm and love of learning. This prepares them brilliantly for the academic challenges of secondary school. We recognise that Literacy underpins outstanding learning. All Year 7 students have a lesson of Literacy with a clear focus on developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. For those that require that little bit of extra help we have very experienced Learning Mentors and Teaching Assistant’s (TA’s) who can work personally with your child to develop their Literacy skills.

Post 16 Bridging Support Alongside our work with our local primary schools, we work tirelessly with our post 16 education providers including Oldham Sixth Form College, Oldham College, Rochdale Sixth Form College and Hopwood Hall College. With so many students wanting to follow routes to college, university and beyond, the curriculum has been developed to ensure students are not only prepared for this transition but are excited by it too.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Teaching and Learning At Oasis Academy Oldham, the content of every lesson is driven by Learning Objectives that ensure our students make maximum progress. Students understand what they need to do in order to be successful, and they are assessed throughout the lesson to check they are on track. Every minute counts, and so students can expect to be working hard from the moment they step into the classroom to the moment they leave. Students learn in a variety of ways throughout the day, enjoying a balance of individual, paired and group work. Lessons are supported by a range of technologies that enhance students’ learning and optimise success. Our students are prepared for work in every lesson, every day, through the reinforcement of our INSPIRED values. These values are emphasised throughout the day with a tone of positive correction.

Our Commitment to Equality Equality and inclusion are at the heart of Oasis. We have a passion to include everyone and a deep desire to treat everyone equally. We accept others for who they are and respect differences. Our aim is to provide an excellent education for all our students. Our way of doing this is to work hard to improve students’ attainment and the standards of teaching and learning continually. At the same time, we also aim to meet the needs of the whole person and the whole community because we understand that the whole of life is education and that everyone who is part of a student’s life affects that student’s understanding of life and, therefore, his or her education. In this sense, every person matters. The Equality Act 2010 gathers together various different pieces of equality legislation which have been developed over a number of recent years. It sets out some key equality provisions for the delivery of education and a requirement for public bodies to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relationships between different groups. Against the background of the UK’s increasingly diverse communities, Oasis recognises that this Act plays a major role in recognising the UK’s historic commitment to tolerance.

The Equality Act 2010 is, therefore, an important and significant piece of legislation for Oasis because its key provisions underpin the aim of Oasis itself: an equal and inclusive society in which difference is understood and respected. This Academy is committed to meeting its obligations within the law and being a good expression of Oasis’ own commitment to equality. We aim to meet the needs of all individuals within our Academy. Occasionally some children experience greater difficulties in aspects of their learning than others. These children are offered extra support within their class.

Special Educational Needs In line with the Special Educational Needs (SEND) Code of Practice these children are placed on the Academy’s SEND register. Their progress is closely monitored and reviewed at regular intervals. Individual Education Plans may be written for children with Special Educational Needs and are reviewed with Parents/Carers at Parents/Carers’ Evenings or by arrangement. If necessary the Academy is able to access many support agencies in order to help meet their needs.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Community Facilities Our outstanding Academy building has been purpose built for 21st Century education with outstanding facilities and resources not just for our students and staff but for the whole community. It is our aspiration that families, local residents and communities will share our facilities to provide community activities, supporting local business and regenerating our community. Our facilities include:

3G Pitch

A 3rd Generation surface known as 3G is now available for outdoor sports such as football. The floodlit surfaces offer maximum comfort under foot, exceptional ball bounce, ball roll characteristics and good ball control. Artificial 3G sports surfaces have been used to hold UEFA Champions League games, and FIFA promotes the use of synthetic football surfaces and pitches. The Pavilion, which is placed in front of the 3G pitch, has an outdoor seating area so that fans can watch games. The Pavilion houses changing rooms, toilets and lockers on the ground floor and a kitchen with outdoor balcony which leads to the spectator area.  

Dance Studio

We have a studio available to hire for rehearsals, auditions and classes. The air conditioned studio has a sprung floor, mirrors and a music system.


Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) has 5 floodlit pitches which includes lined marked areas for 5-a-side football, netball, basketball and tennis.

Cricket Nets

Oasis Sports & Wellbeing has 3 floodlit cricket nets which is ideal for individual practice, private cricket coaching or cricket clubs.

Grass Pitch

Oasis Sports & Wellbeing has a large grass area available which will be used as a full sized rugby and football pitch in the winter and a 400m athletics track for field events in the summer.

s! g in k o o b r fo le b a il a v Now a

Sports Hall

The sports hall has a fully fitted sprung floor which can host a multitude of sports including basketball, netball, and volleyball courts along with 4 badminton, 5-a-side football, cricket and much more.

Please contact the Sports & Wellbeing reception on 0161 344 8455 or email

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

g n i e b l l e W & s t Spor

Complaints Procedure We try very hard to get things right, however like most organisations, we sometimes don’t succeed. If a Parent/ Carer is not happy with something that has happened at the Academy, they should tell the Academy about it as soon as possible so that it can be investigated and resolved. What to do if you have a complaint about something that has happened at the Academy. In the first instance Parents/Carers should discuss any concerns with the class teacher or member of staff concerned. Most worries can be addressed informally at this stage. Staff are available for informal discussions at the end of the Academy day or by appointment. If any issue remains unresolved after discussion and careful explanation at this stage, staff or Parents/Carers should arrange an appointment with the Principal. If it is difficult to discuss a matter with the class teacher or member of staff, either the Principal or Deputy are available in the foyer at the start of each day. Alternatively an appointment should be made with the Principal. The Principal will investigate any concerns raised and inform the Parent/Carer of their findings. In most cases, the complaint will have been resolved by this stage. However if Parents/Carers are still unhappy, they should make a formal complaint in writing addressed to the Chair of the Academy Council, Mr. C. Dean, care of the Academy office. The Academy Council is responsible for acknowledging, investigating and responding to such formal complaints about the Academy. Further details are available in the Academy’s Complaint Procedure available by request from the Academy office. You may email the Principal if you have any concerns or enquiries at

Availability of Documentation Parents/Carers should note that the Academy has a great deal of documentation. Essential information is contained in this prospectus. Other information is available on the website: or by contacting the Academy office. Policies are available upon request and via the VLE login.

a passion to include everyone a desire to treat everyone equally, respecting differences

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

statements: ve fi g in ow ll fo e th lated by Our ethos is encapsu

a commitment to healthy and open relationships a deep sense of purpose that things can change and be transformed a sense of perseverance to keep going for the long haul

If you wish to know more about Oasis Community Learning - part of the Oasis group of charities please contact: The Oasis Centre, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HS Registered number: 5398529.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are...

Oasis Academy Oldham Hollins Road, Oldham, OL8 4JZ Principal: Mr David Hayes Telephone: 0161 624 9630 Follow us on @OldhamOasis

Certified as a FSC mixed sources product, produced with recycled fibre from both pre and post-consumer sources, together with FSC certified virgin fibre from well managed forests.

Oasis Academy Oldham Prospectus  

Oasis Academy Oldham Prospectus

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