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Oasis Community Learning Building Community - Developing People When I was young I went to a local church based youth club. There I learnt two important lessons in life. The first was that the 15-year-old girl I liked was not interested in me, a 14-year-old lad! The second was that God loves and includes everyone. I became inspired to create ways to develop people and build communities where everyone had hope and all were included and treated fairly. In 1985 we started the charity Oasis Trust which provides education, housing and healthcare around the world.

Oasis Community Learning was set up in 2004 to develop a number of Oasis Academies in the UK. At the heart of what we do is a Christian ethos of inclusion – valuing all, protecting rights to freedom and choice, working against discrimination and exclusion and respecting the beliefs of others. Oasis Academy Immingham will provide a rich and balanced educational environment – academically, vocationally, socially, morally, spiritually, emotionally and environmentally. We will aim to develop informed and active learners who can explore questions, seek answers and solve problems – students who will care passionately about their neighbour, their community and their planet.

Through high quality facilities, outstanding staff and clear leadership we will achieve a positive and affirming environment, encouraging partnerships between students, parents and the local community. Oasis Academy Immingham will provide a welcoming environment for students of all faiths and none, working out our vision ‘Building Community – Developing People’. Steve Chalke MBE - CEO, Oasis Community Learning


Principal’s Welcome Kevin Rowlands Our mission is to ensure every child who attends this Academy makes good progress. I place such high expectations on our staff and our students because it is what they deserve. I believe high expectations means having the right appearance, displaying the right behaviours, carrying the right equipment and having the right attitude to always work hard and produce your very best. I appreciate it is sometimes tough, but our culture must be one of aspirations not excuses. In terms of achievement our aspirations are paying off. GCSE outcomes including Maths and English are up 20% over the last two years and will continue to rise. We are proud to sit on 56% and 92% respectively, but as Ofsted recently observed, with students now making good progress at this Academy the sky really is the limit. Through the introduction of our vertical tutor system we are able to work in close partnership with you, the parents and carers of our children and believe that through strong relationships every child who attends Oasis Academy Immingham can make good progress and fulfil their God-given potential.


The Academy thrives on its position in the heart of the Immingham community and through placing a strong value on inclusion, doing whatever it takes to offer every child the opportunity to succeed. We offer a stimulating curriculum aimed to develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary for our students to progress on to successful careers and higher educational opportunities. It is a curriculum that requires real commitment from your son or daughter but I guarantee that with your help and their hard work and perseverance we can ensure success at the end of their time with us. I am excited by the opportunities ahead and I look forward to working successfully together over the next 7 years to secure your child’s future.


Our Values Our mission: Every child will make good progress Every child matters

Love your neighbour

We identify and develop the gifts, talents and interests of all our students. Our curriculum and extended opportunities enable all students to engage in their education, enjoy learning, achieve success and experience accelerated learning by having the opportunity to take qualifications at an earlier stage. We also help them learn how to be healthy and stay safe. They make positive contributions to their Academy, their community and the wider world, developing spiritual, social, physical, emotional and economic well-being. The achievements of all our students are always valued.

Our work is motivated and inspired by the life, message and example of Christ. We recognise the richness that spiritual and cultural diversity brings to our community. We respect the beliefs and practices of other faiths and will provide a welcoming environment for students of all faiths and those with none. We recognise that we are stronger together and value collaboration. We aim to develop an understanding and tolerance of each other through knowledge, mutual respect, believing the best and forgiveness. Individual rights will be respected and choice will be exercised within a culture of self-discipline.

Education for all

We expect all students to follow our REACH values:

There is an expectation that all members of our community will become excellent life-long learners. Staff have opportunities for professional development through teamwork, training within the innovative environment of the Academy. Our educational facilities are shared with local organisations and local people.

Respect: I will Respect my classmates, teachers, my Academy property, and myself.

It takes a whole community to educate a child This statement lies at the centre of all the Academy wants to achieve. We aim to employ first-class staff. Support goes far beyond the classroom into the local community. Parents, carers and families of our students are expected to be involved in the partnership that is the education of the whole child. Through our specialisms of Engineering and Business and Enterprise we engage with local, national and international partners using the Oasis links to facilitate the education of our students.


Enthusiasm: I will approach learning with Enthusiasm. I will do things with a positive attitude. Achievement: I will aim for Achievement in every subject by producing top quality work. I will complete my homework every night, including my required reading. Community: I will be a positive member of the Oasis Community. I will look for opportunities to help my classmates, my Academy, and my town. Hard Work: I will always practise Hard Work when I approach a task. I will come to class prepared, focused, and ready to learn. I will give every task my very best.

“Anyone w ho stops le arning is o whether a ld t twenty o r eighty.” H , enry Fo

Our Vision


Oasis Academy Immingham will: • Develop confident, independent, lifelong learners

• Be a focus for positive community action

• Prepare students to lead a good and successful life

• Provide 21st Century learning opportunities.

• Deliver personalised learning programmes for all


Learning – Curriculum Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4, 13-16 phase

Key Stage 5, 16-19 phase

Students will all follow learning programmes leading to National Curriculum assessments in English, Maths and Science. All students follow the Learning 21 approach to the curriculum. This will focus on the development of students’ skills and talents. They will have access to the humanities, arts, technology, sports, languages and ICT. Options are available within certain subject areas, for example Technology. In addition many areas start their GCSE programmes of study at the end of Year 8.

We place an emphasis on securing the best possible outcomes for all of our students and encourage the majority of students to study a GCSE programme in line with the English Baccalaureate. This is further complimented with a range of BTEC certificates and Vocational opportunities. As a specialised Engineering Academy we will develop experience in a variety of Engineering focussed activities, we believe in promoting equality in all that we do and place an emphasis on removing gender stereotypes as we promote opportunities for all of our students through work related learning.

Since opening in September 2008, the Academy Sixth Form has continued to flourish. Currently over three sites, our sixth form offers level 2 and 3 courses, both academic and applied learning. Level 3 courses include AS and A2 levels, BTEC National Awards, BTEC National Certificates, OCR and CACHE. Our inclusive policy is second to none and we value every post 16 student regardless of ability and background. Students who have attended our sixth form have progressed to Higher Education, apprenticeships and full time employment.

With a diverse range of opportunities in our 6th form we are focussed on ensuring all of our students achieve and have the opportunity to continue with their education through further and higher education.


Organisation of Learning Oasis Academy Immingham prides itself on the quality of our transition arrangements from primary to secondary school. We continue to develop close partnerships with the local primary schools to ensure we have a strong understanding of the needs of every child and are able to make them feel safe, comfortable and welcome. Likewise, the same philosophy applies to any student joining the Academy at any time. During tutorial time students are organised in to Vertical Tutor groups, where they can form strong relationships with students across all ranges. This approach allows for strong relationships to develop, a strong network of support for all students and fantastic opportunities to learn from and mentor one another. With two adults present in every tutor group the opportunity for working closely with parents is apparent. For the majority of the time, students are organised into teaching groups according to their level and need. This ensures that every child is making progress at a rate that is appropriate to them, ensuring they receive the right support to fulfil their potential. We encourage students to be active, independent learners and to get involved in the continuing development of the Academy. Through our work with Human Utopia we encourage students to become heroes and to support, mentor and advise younger students to help them succeed. We support a range of charities whilst also creating unique learning opportunities through our global partnerships with Bangladesh and South Africa. We encourage our students to take responsibility for improving

the community in which they live, whether that be the Academy, the town of Immingham or the wider global community. Communication with parents is one of the keystones for ensuring that students make excellent progress in their learning. Parents will receive a termly update on their child’s academic progress in the Academy. We do not have traditional parents’ evenings, but instead invite you to an Academic Tutorial meeting. Here you will meet with your son/daughter and their tutor to discuss progress and set targets. Parents are encouraged to contact the Academy at any point if they feel there are concerns with their child’s learning that need to be addressed. Within the Academy we operate a progression policy where students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning. Students need to work hard to make expected progress and if necessary we may recommend they repeat a year to ensure they fulfil their potential. We provide intense focus on intervention to help students catch up and offer a number of outstanding reading support schemes to allow every student to access the curriculum and achieve. As students move up the Academy, they are faced with choices over which subjects to take. The Academy has achieved the Gold Standard in Information, Advice and Guidance which means we provide excellent support and advice that ensures students choose the subjects best suited to their needs. The wide range of courses available, particularly when the students reach the Sixth Form, means that most learners prefer to stay at the Academy until they are 18 or 19 and ready for the world of University, college, apprenticeships or employment. We firmly believe that the quality and organisation of learning in the Academy provides our students with the best possible start to their lives.


Community – Living and learning together Community Vision The vision of the Academy is to create both an outstanding school and a community hub. State of the art buildings are providing an opportunity to engage with the local community facilities. The aim is for local residents to be able to access adult learning programmes, as well as community sports provision through our fitness suite, sports hall and multi use games area. Oasis believes that it has a duty to respect the environment through a commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. Resources entrusted to Oasis Academy Immingham will be used with integrity and responsibility.

Healthy Living The Academy has Healthy Schools status and there is an ethos of balanced healthy lifestyles, demonstrated through


policies regarding school meals and ecological building design. To promote our healthy living ethos we ensure that local people have access to, and are involved in, the design and delivery of services that improve health and well-being. This is achieved through the concept of the Academy site as a centre for healthy living, involving a network of activities and outreach work which promote good health through health information, physical exercise and education from the site. The local community is involved in designing and delivering the health activities on offer. Creative partnerships with the local GP practice and other health professionals and agencies will be developed to ensure people living in the local area can achieve their optimum state of well-being and health. As part of the Academy’s community sports strategy there examples include: health and fitness courses, healthy eating programmes, walking clubs, social

clubs, art classes and other activities aimed at improving the health and mental well-being of residents living in the area. We also wish to develop a Community CafĂŠ as part of the Academy, where healthy food will be served and opportunities for social interaction provided. These services will be developed gradually so they are of good quality and tailored to local needs, as well as complementing current provision.

Full Extended School Extended community use is part of the Oasis vision for the Academy. We aim to provide integrated care for all students. These services will be developed gradually as the Oasis Community teams begin to develop programmes between the Academy and the local community.



Admissions Oasis Academy Immingham is a non-selective Academy open to students of all religious faiths and those of no faith. If you are a parent/carer of a child currently in Year 6 and wish to apply for a place at Oasis Academy Immingham in Year 7 for the following September you will need to complete the Common Application Form and return it to the admissions section NE Lincs. If you are seeking a place in any other year group, or for a Year 7 place other than September, you must contact the section NE Lincs.

How places will be allocated at Oasis Academy Immingham If there are more applications than places available, priority will be given to applicants in the following order: 1. Children with Statements of Special Educational Needs where the Academy is named on the Statement (under Section 324 of the 1996 Education Act). 2. Children in public care (looked after children) at the time of application. 3. Children who have specific medical needs, social needs or special needs where the application is supported by written specific professional advice as to why admission to the Academy is necessary. The OCL Board will make the decisions related to such applications.

4. Siblings of students who will be attending the Academy and living at the same address on the date when the applicant would be admitted. The term “sibling” means a full, step, half, adopted or fostered brother or sister, but not cousins. The Academy reserves the right to ask for proof of relationship. 5. Children who live the nearest distance from the Academy. The distance, which determines how close the child lives to the Academy, is the shortest walking distance along public highways and footpaths between the door to the child’s permanent address and the main entrance to the Academy. The child’s permanent address is where he or she normally lives and sleeps and from where they go to school. Proof of residence can be requested at any time throughout the admissions process. If false or misleading information is used to gain entry to the Academy, the offer of a place will be withdrawn and the application cancelled.

Please note Should there be more applicants from criterion 4 than places available, then criterion 5 will be used to determine who will be allocated a place.


Outstanding Opportunities Facilities As a new Academy we have excellent facilities in a building designed for 21st Century education. The centrepiece of our Academy is the Agora, a market place where students’ work and achievements will be showcased. The Academy also has many eco-friendly features: solar panels and rainwater harvester. We are an ICT rich environment with easy access to the Academy network, both in and out of school. Parents/Carers will be able to access information on their child’s attainment, progress and attendance at any time. We have excellent links with other Oasis Academies, developing as more Oasis Academies come on stream. We also have excellent links with other Oasis Hubs from around the world providing a rounded educational experience.


The fitness suite, sports hall and multi-use games area provide excellent sporting facilities. We will also access off-site facilities for other sports such as sailing and rock climbing. The catering facilities will be first-class both for students to use and for students to learn. We will be developing expertise in hospitality and catering and will encourage business development in these areas. Arts and Technology will be well supported with, indoor and outdoor performance space, engineering workshops and high specification design equipment. The Academy has an independent fully functioning educational business in Hair and Beauty which benefits the whole learning community.

If you wish to know more about Oasis Community Learning – part of the Oasis group of charities – please contact: The Oasis Centre, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HS Registered number: 5398529.

How to contact us: Principal - Kevin Rowlands t:

01469 576 599


You can keep up-to-date with developments at Oasis Academy Immingham via our website

Oasis Academy Immingham Pelham Road, Immingham, North East Lincs, DN40 1JU

Oasis Academy Immingham Prospectus  
Oasis Academy Immingham Prospectus  

Oasis Academy Immingham Prospectus