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OASIS Designer‘s Collection ®

We set the base – you create the emotions!

The OASIS® Designer‘s Collection A project of

SMITHERS-OASIS GERMANY GMBH in collaboration with

We would like to thank all students of the 70th year, who have made this project possible!

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PREFACE We set the base – you create the emotions. With this motto, Smithers-Oasis is starting the new year. A new collection that is aimed specifically at floral designers who strive for limitless design freedom - the OASIS® Designer‘s Collection. 8 students of the Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst (College for Floral Art) Weihenstephan were given the honour of testing the new product line in advance and addressed the following questions: „What impulses can the new OASIS® Designer‘s Collection give to the floristry sector and to floral art? Furthermore, how have the Smithers-Oasis products influenced former and current floral designs?“. The main focus was on the functionality for daily floristic work. The aim here was to present the products practically and efficiently for events, shop windows and exhibition stands by using specific design techniques. In the subjects of design-oriented composition, visualization and model, design theory, photography and media design, the students of the 70th year developed, visualized and executed their ideas for the OASIS® Designer‘s Collection.



Product presentation in shop windows, shops and exhibition stands Masculine design elements meet feminine appeal: delicate pastel shades and filigree dried flowers contrast with the neutral anthracite tone and the clear geometric shapes of the foam block.

I like the neutral anthracite tone as well as the simple geometric shape of the block, which is particularly impressive in the larger formats.

Katharina Huber

Fixation by using the sandwich method with the help of four thin threaded rods at the corners

Cut the wooden panels to the right size and pre-drill small holes into the lower panel


OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder Stick Room and table decoration

Intense colours and striking shapes that fascinate: strong contrasts form the base for pop design presentations. When paired with a lot of imagination and extravagance, you can create three-dimensional collages of vessels and black Floral Foam modules.

Black Floral Foam is too good to be hidden in the container. Instead, the Foam and the container should form an equal symbiosis. That‘s why I bring these two components together in a bizarre way.

Taeyeon Park

Taeyeon‘s tip: Use the OASIS® foam knife with the long blade

clear and precise cuts are particularly important



Modelling of geometric shapes

A floral design without any vessels or vases: the large block of foam is transformed into a geometric, crystal-like shape, allowing more space for the flowers on the table. They rise from the depths and can freely develop their form of movement. The result is a floral side table with storage function that makes every lounge area look vibrant.

I like the monumentality and spaciousness of the block because this gives the designer a large area to work on creatively. The neutral black of the block fits into almost any interior colour scheme.

Theresa Drechsler

Theresa‘s tip: use the OASIS® foam knife with the long blade

the metal table was custom-made and served as a support for watering the sculpted block



Experimental floral object as room decoration

The black Floral Foam Block offers creative freedom and now functions as a container itself. No further basic design is required. The egg shape of the modelled block is florally complemented with playful tendrils, foliage and flowers. Moreover, it corresponds with the organic form.

While conventional floral design processes only allow the material to be inserted into the surface, the design block can be decorated on all sides. A completely new way of thinking in the way of designing is required - the block provides the florist with creative freedom.

Naira Manukyan

the egg shape is emphasized by the playful foliage, the tendrils and the flowers

for detailed modelling, use Floral Foam remnants


OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Designer Plates Product presentation in shop windows and at exhibition stands Especially in the interior design industry, it is important to create an inventive and atmospheric presentation of home and trend accessories. Flowers and natural materials are impressive conveyors of moods and can support the decoration theme.

For some tableware presentations, working with vases, containers or test tubes can visually be too much. With their silky sheen, the dark design plates form a simple base that provides the florist with a maximum of creative freedom. It feels like being covered with a shimmering velvet carpet.

Karin Vetter

Be absolutely certain when inserting the floral materials to avoid insertion holes!

a metal plate was used for watering and transport


OASIS BLACK IDEAL Cylinder Stick ®

Room dividers for areas of gastronomy, trade fairs and shop windows Flowers are an expression of luxury and sensuality - surrounding yourself with flowers can be an important statement. The floral room divider fits into noble, urban interiors and radiates a cosmopolitan flair. Whether the room divider will blossom out temporarily or whether it will be used long-term with expressive dry florals is in the hands of the room designer.

I particularly like the colour of the product. Due to the simple black, the Floral Foam is now a design element itself and does not have to be covered completely.

Tobias Niefenecker

The rods are secured in the pre-drilled holes of the wooden frame.

Metal rods are used as holders, which are carefully pushed into the Floral Foam Cylinders

Tobias‘ flacons: Modelling of the Floral Foam

Table decoration

„The cylinders are ideal for modelling shapes. As a floral designer, I think very practically and economically. Therefore, I was looking for a shape that „makes sense“ in professional everyday life and can be created from the cylinder in an easy and effective way. With their soft, elegant curves, the bottle-neck vases are reminiscent of classic flacons, whose looks are very timeless. Whether individually or in groups, the black vases can be used for all purposes and do not give the impression that they are made from Black Floral Foam. The copper tube segment, which enhances the neck of the bottle, makes the vase look very high-class and gives it that special something.“


OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder Herbal bar as event decoration

Room decoration which is more than just decoration and which can actively be used by the guests of the event. The Mediterranean, „wild-growing“ herbal bar consists of black cylinders which are the base for decorative materials and also serve as water supply. All floral materials are fully edible: the selection was based on the menu and the flavours of the food were translated into a floral design.

The simple cylinder shape can be used in a flexible way. I have used it functionally but in this theme, I could imagine adding a grooved relievo to the form so that they resemble cans.

Satomi Ichikawa

The cylinders were connected horizontally with wooden skewers to improve stability

Insert accurately fitting foil between the cylinders to prevent a water column!


OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cube Experimental wall decoration

A composition that breathes colourful life into the room. Since the cubes are mounted on the wall without any vessels, they can be decorated from 5 sides - you can design without limits, but the sequence in which the floral materials are arranged, should still be an important guiding principle in the decoration process. The arrangement appears dynamic and airy and follows the principle of „compressing and dissolving“.

I love cubes because they are universal and handy. Moreover, they can easily be used as technical and creative elements in table decorations. But what appealed to me was a wide, experimental wall design!

Ramona Heilmann

Temporary design when decorated with fresh flowers or permanent decoration with dry materials.

The Pinholders are attached to the wall with 4 screws

OASIS® Designers‘ Collection – Product details We set the base – you create the emotions! Fascinating arrangements arise from fascinating ideas. You no longer want to be limited by the characteristics of a product?! In that case, the Designer‘s Collection is just right for you. We believe in developing products that help and inspire you to take your design to a whole new level. This collection makes it possible for you to respond very individually to your customers‘ wishes. Ideas and trends can be implemented optimally. The Floral Foam is designed in such a way that it can suit any event. There are no more limits to your creativity. Design without restrictions - any shape, size and design, just the way you like it.


Art. Nr.

10 x 10 x 10 cm



Art. Nr.

32 x 55 x 23 cm


32 x 23 x 18 cm



Art. Nr.

Ø 12 cm Length 15 cm


OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder Stick Size

Art. Nr.

Ø 8 cm Length 55 cm


Ø 12 cm Length 55 cm


OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design Plate Size

Art. Nr.

50 x 70 x 6 cm


50 x 50 x 6 cm





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