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Our industry is fortunate to have a healthy homegrown manufacturing sector keeping plumbing businesses supplied.

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We throw the spotlight on several other winners from the 2022 New Zealand Plumbing Awards too, including the Product of the Year—StormSlab from APD; this year’s James Douglas Medallion winner Ryan Wilson; and the 2022 Outstanding Project, The Floatation Sanctuary, which set Climate & Plumbing in New Plymouth a complex task that they rose to admirably.

Plus, of course, our cover stars: Zane Britton and Rachel Watson, whose Kerikeri-based business BOI Plumbing and Gas took out the 2022 New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year Award. It was a privilege to spend time talking with Rachel about their family and their business, and how far they’ve come in just four years of getting started.

Beverly Sellers Editor, NZ Plumber,

Close to home

With a growing business, two young kids and a house build project of their own, Rachel and Zane are clearly not afraid of a challenge!

A number of those same homegrown manufacturers feature in our ‘In the Bathroom’ technical theme, which has updates and advice on everything from bidet seats and backflow to understanding the subfloor when installing a tile over shower tray. There’s also an article from St Michel on their innovative, award-winning bathroom vanity box trap space saver, which does away with the need for a drawer cut out.

Having just moved house to a 1920s villa in need of renovation, I’ve become only too aware of product supply chain issues. We’ve placed our order for Gib and been told we’ll have to wait six months till it arrives. Luckily, we’re in no hurry...


This edition, our feature article goes on a tour of some of the reputable plumbing manufacturers and suppliers whose products are 100% New Zealand made or assembled here with overseas componentry—and how those manufacturers are helping ensure plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers have the product they need, when they need it.

The magazine features in the Top 25 for Best Single Issue and Feature Article, and picked up a Bronze in the COVID-19 Coverage category. Congrats to all involved and to our wonderful readers!

A few words EDITOR

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PS: As this edition went to print, we learnt NZ Plumber has again been recognised at the Trade and Business Publications International Awards (aka the TABBIES)!

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Also in the news recently has been the Te Pūkenga debacle. This is extremely disappointing given the initial assurances about transformational change and the promises our industry was given about having a strong voice.


The Commerce Commission recently released its draft report into residential building supply sector. One key take out for Master Plumbers from the report was the lack of acceptance by BCAs of internationally accepted products, which would enable greater innovation.

04 nzplumber

The report also highlights some other concerning factors, including restrictive land covenants, which hinder viable competitors from being able to easily enter the market.

the WDC Reference Group as additional industry participants. We had our first faceto-face meeting in July and will be ensuring the industry voice is well represented.

Being based in Wellington, it’s a common occurrence to find streets closed due to slips or flooding, as a direct result of lack in infrastructure investment. As we see some of these effects of climate change, our industry also needs to play a critical part in ensuring we have stormwater systems that can address the climate impacts for all New Zealanders.

Master Plumbers is deeply concerned about the financial position Te Pūkenga finds itself in. Although the official transfer date for industry training delivery is this October, we are apprehensive that this transfer will not be smooth for employers, employees or apprentices.

We believe this change would support our desire for WaterMark to be accepted for plumbing product compliance in New Zealand, as it provides a robust third-party verification process.

Master Plumbers is deeply concerned about the financial position Te Pūkenga finds itself in.

We strongly recommend that our members place orders with suppliers well

in advance and communicate clearly with clients about potential delays, so that clients and main contractors are aware of supply restraints early in the process. It’s our belief that the plasterboard situation will not be fully resolved until late 2023.

Now that we are in September, let’s hope the worst of the winter weather is behind us. We’ve seen substantial areas of flooding across New Zealand, which serves to highlight the lack of investment in infrastructure, including stormwater, sewage and water main facilities.

Greg Wallace, CEO Master GasfittersPlumbers,&Drainlayers NZ

I’m pleased to report that Bruce Muldrew, GM of Foleys, and Michelle McCarthy of Tauranga Hardware & Plumbing, have joined

As Chair of the Workforce Development Council’s PGD Strategic Reference Group, I can assure you we are working extremely hard to try and collaborate across all parties and provide innovation that will help apprentices receive relevant and quality training.

This group is very interested in hearing from local members about their frustrations and concerns. Master Plumbers knows we need a strong and focused training regime for our industry. Under RoVE, we were promised more influence in the delivery of off-job training for apprentices. We hope in future this is what we actually get.

Report CEO

As you will all know, supply restraints in the construction sector are going to continue for some time. Although the government has set up a plasterboard taskforce, it is highly unlikely this will rectify the situation in the short term. The 100 containers of plasterboard arriving in New Zealand equate to a very small percentage of construction industry requirements.

Finally, I’d like to make a special mention of all the 2022 award winners featured in this edition, including Zane Britton and Rachel Watson of BOI Plumbing and Gas, NZ Master Plumber of the Year; James Douglas Medallion recipient Ryan Wilson; Outstanding Project Award winner Climate & Plumbing; APD’s StormSlab Product of the Year; and Editor Sauvao, winner of the inaugural Masterlink Apprentice of the Year Award. DESIGN the room SELECT products SEND the finished design to Mico HELP your customer view their bathroom in real life DESIGN PLANNER MICO22-834996521 With our new and improved online Help your customers create their dream bathroom

“While there is further work to be done, this is a critical step towards a zero net carbon future and

nzplumber 07 INDUSTRY NEWS

Rinnai engineers in Japan have been busy developing technology that’s truly ahead of its time. Taking another step on the journey towards a more renewable future, they’ve created the world’s first fully engineered hydrogen hot water heater that produces 0% carbon emissions.

Rinnai New Zealand Managing Director Ray Ferner says the hydrogen concept model is a game-changer.

Even though we won’t see 100% hydrogen water heaters inside our homes just yet, the potential of this new technology—and what it means for the future of the industry—can’t be underestimated.


It also means Rinnai will be ready to offer continuous hot water systems for homes and businesses as soon as the New Zealand hydrogen market and regulations are established.

the start of bringing to market proven household gas appliances that can run on totally renewable gas.”


2-step increase for windows and doors

From 2 November 2023, the minimum R-value for climate zones 1 and 2 rises to R0.46

For the extension period of 3 November 2022 to 1 May 2023, skylights will have the same minimum R0.37 requirement as windows and doors.


NZ Plumber was set to go to print. We’ll have more on the outcome in the next edition.


However,applications.wherebuilding consent applications for housing are submitted before 1 May 2023, roof, wall and floor minimum construction R-values can be equivalent to the previous (4th edition) requirements.

MBIE has revised the date that some Building Code clause H1 insulation requirements for housing will become mandatory.

All window and door construction in new housing now has a 2-step increase. The first step is a minimum construction R-value of R0.37 for the whole country from 3 November 2022. After that, the date of the second step varies by climate zone:

• climate zones 3 and 4 rises to R0.46


getting sick and should take a RAT test. Previously, it advised that people should not retest if they had tested positive for Covid within the past 90 days.

Everyone in New Zealand can now pick up free RAT kits from collection sites, which include local pharmacies, health centres, marae and testing centres. You don’t need Covid symptoms to get free kits.

Roof, wall and floor same until 1 May 2023

This article by David Hindley is reproduced from BRANZ Build, August 2022.

The self-isolation rules for household contacts haven’t changed.

Starting on 1 May 2023, the minimum R-value for skylights will be R0.46 in climate zones 1 and 2, R0.54 in climate zones 3 and 4 and R0.62 in climate zones 5 and 6.

08 nzplumber


The Ministry of Health’s Covid reinfection advice has also changed. It is now advising that people can contract Covid again within 29 days of first

• climate zones 5 and 6 rises to R0.50

Only applies to housing

The date for transition to the 5th edition H1/AS1 and H1/VM1 documents will remain as 3 November 2022. From this date, the previous 4th edition H1 documents can no longer be used for building consent

The 5th editions of Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 and Verification Method H1/VM1 were amended in August 2022 to contain the R-values for housing that are deemed to comply until 30 April 2023. There are no alterations to the timing or requirements for other buildings besides housing— either small or large buildings.

From 1 May 2023, the minimum R-value in:


Find the list of RAT kit collection sites at

“Fergus is a brilliant example of a team that is digitising a long-overlooked sector,” says Rich Bolton of Octopus Ventures. “Their army of fans is growing fast and we think the opportunity to transform the trade sector around the world is boundless. We’re glad we can support that journey.”

The Fergus job management software platform has secured $15 million in Series B growth funding from Octopus Ventures—one of Europe’s largest early-stage investors— with venture capital investor EVP also participating in the round. EVP first invested in Fergus in 2017.

Gareth Withers has been appointed as General Manager of Aqualine Products. Gareth was previously Aqualine's National Commercial Manager and is passionate about the company and the industry.

With its HQ in Auckland, Fergus currently serves over 18,000 tradespeople in eight countries. In late 2021, the company opened offices in Manchester to provide local support for UK tradespeople, and the investment is earmarked for further product innovation and geographic expansion.


Fergus on global growth journey

Fergus CEO David Holmes says the company’s vision is to help as many trade companies around the world as it can.

“We know our tradespeople are more successful and lead happier lives because we have built a system that works the way they do, on the job site, in the truck or in the office. Having a partner the calibre of Octopus backing our vision is beyond exciting for our customers, suppliers and team.”

Fergus CEO David Holmes.

What’s up INDUSTRY NEWS nzplumber 09

New CEO for Skills Group

Gareth Withers (left) and Kieran Nally.

Skills Group CEO Rosanne Graham.

Aqualine GM appointment

Former General Manager Kieran Nally, who has moved on to new ventures, has accepted an invitation to join the Aqualine Board in recognition of the strong relationships he has built with the team and with their suppliers and customers. “We are lucky to have Kieran’s continued governance support as we move forward,” says Board Chair David Steele. “We are delighted with Gareth’s promotion, which underscores the excellent work Kieran has done in building a senior team for the future.”

Training and consulting organisation Skills Group appointed Rosanne Graham as CEO in July. Graham has held senior roles in the education sector over the past 20 years. Most recently she was Chief Executive of Evolve Education Group, Director of a vocational consulting organisation, and Chair of Ignite Colleges, before managing The Skills Organisation’s sale process and integration to Skills Group. She replaces Garry Fissenden, who has left the role after 11 years. Skills specialises in vocational education, including workplace training, consulting to businesses on upskilling their people and improving their wellbeing and productivity, and delivering campus-based training to individuals.

10 nzplumber What’s up INDUSTRY NEWS

Foleys in Palmerston North is helping the local community by collecting donated food items for the foodbank run by Palmerston North Methodist Social Services. This follows similar initiatives by Foleys in Dunedin and Christchurch. Foleys send customers a text the day before they’re due on a job to see if they would like to leave any food donations outside their home. These are then collected by the plumber, taken back to the office and picked up Methodist Social Services. Nice one!

Rinnai took part in Auckland City Mission’s HomeGround project, ensuring delivery of hot water to this 11-storey social development of 80 apartments for New Zealanders in need of a permanent home by donating and installing a system consisting of nine Rinnai N56 boilers, with two common header flue systems and a dual boiler pump and control system. The HomeGround system is futureproofed too, with the N56 boilers able to operate with blends of up to 30% hydrogen. In addition, Rinnai will provide on-site maintenance of the system for five years. “It’s been an absolute privilege to contribute to such a meaningful and important initiative,” they say.


Plumber Curtis Powell captured the bright flash of a meteor from the dashcam in his van while driving north of Shannon one afternoon this July. Space scientist Dr Duncan Steel told RNZ it was extremely unusual to see a meteor in daylight, and it would have released the energy equivalent of about one seventh of the Hiroshima bomb. It’s believed the space rock fragmented above the sea East of Blenheim. You can find Curtis’ video footage on You Tube.

Palmerston North Methodist Social Services practice manager Gavin Rooney collects donated food from Foleys Palmerston North manager Nathan Lock.

Snippets to make you smile.

The Crombie Lockwood Kiwi Burrow, a brooding and incubating facility built in Taupō in 2019, is helping save kiwi from population decline. Kiwi used to number in the millions, but today there are fewer than 70,000 in the wild, due to predators and lost habitat. By partnering with national charity Save the Kiwi, Crombie Lockwood, the name behind Master Plumbers Insurance, wants to ensure our national bird’s call will be heard in our forests forever. Since its inception, the burrow team have hatched 224 kiwi. “In the wild, kiwi only survive to adulthood at a 5% rate,” says Cam Maloney, Crombie Lockwood’s sponsorship and events manager. “That number reaches 65% in the burrow.” The chicks are raised for three to four weeks before being released into the predator-free Santuary Mountain Maungatautari. Rheem NZ are also a sponsor of Save the Kiwi, contributing financially and volunteering their time to assist with initiatives. “Hopefully sometime in the future, Rheem will have helped grow the population to levels that mean we’ll all be able to see kiwi in our backyards again,” they say.

For all Master Plumbers 2022 course dates and venues, go to TRAINING & EVENTS What’s coming up on the industry calendar. What's up CALENDAR nzplumber 11 Wellbeing on Tap Roadshow 9 NOV – MANAWATU Profit Optimiser Programme 23 SEPT – AUCKLAND Master Plumbers Coffee Catch Up 29 SEPT – AUCKLAND 3 NOV – AUCKLAND 1 DEC – AUCKLAND Gasfitting Refresher Workshop 5 OCT – AUCKLAND 12 OCT – HAMILTON 19 OCT – WELLINGTON 26 OCT – CHRISTCHURCH 27 OCT – INVERCARGILL Canterbury Master Plumbers Annual Golf Tournament 14 OCT - CHRISTCHURCH Gas Exam Revision Course 1 & 2 NOV - AUCKLAND Email: Backflow Prevention 2022 11-13 OCT – NELSON 1-3 NOV – HAMILTON 29 NOV-1 DEC – WELLINGTON cat-12-plumbing Backflow Prevention Refresher 14 OCT – NELSON 2 DEC – WELLINGTON cat-12-plumbing wellbeingontap

12 nzplumber

At a time of construction supply restraints, with Gib as rare as gold dust, the plumbing industry is fortunate to have a wide choice of readily available products from New Zealand manufacturers. NZ Plumber looks at some of what’s being made on our doorstep.

Rinnai New Zealand manufacture their gas fireplace collection and hot water cylinder range at their headquarters in Māngere, Auckland. They also make the Boil&Brew hot water dispensers and build commercial hot water systems. The company has been manufacturing gas heaters in New Zealand for almost 50 years, since they first started in 1975, with gas fire manufacture beginning in 1997. “Cylinder manufacture has been on site since 2012, but we are carrying on the HJ Cooper tradition of New Zealand manufactured products for the plumbing industry, which goes back to 1904,” say Rinnai.

nzplumber 13

Rinnai say they have been significantly affected by supply constraints and shipping delays but are managing by increasing lead times and buffer stocks—and, in some cases, relying on air freight for critical overseas items.

Rinnai recognise and acknowledge the challenging landscape plumbers have faced in recent times. “As a supplier to industry, we want to do more to support this critical sector and the plumbers and businesses that represent it. As part of our response, we now have a dedicated Trade Partnership team. This is a clear commitment by Rinnai to support the growth and sustainability of plumbers across the country.”

All R&D for manufacturing is carried out here in New Zealand. “We source many components from local suppliers but also source components and technologies from specialist suppliers all over the world. In particular, we are able to draw on the technical expertise of our parent company in Japan for our control systems.”

A recent sustainability initiative from Rinnai has been removing the polystyrene packing from their latest gas fire release, the Novo. This is something they are looking to continue for any new products manufactured in New Zealand.

“Where possible, we are working with suppliers based in Australia and New Zealand to keep lead times to a minimum,” they say. “We are also working with our suppliers to understand their constraints and provide a longer-term view of our demand forecasts. This allows them in turn to better plan for our requirements.”



Marley’s products are manufactured in the North and South Islands at their Auckland and Ashburton facilities, using raw materials such as resin and additives generally sourced from overseas.


Globally, parent company Aliaxis has a target to reduce its carbon footprint by 75%—an ambitious target which Marley plans to achieve locally in NZ through recycling, waste minimisation, reduction of energy use and innovation.

Marley says possibly its biggest focus to support plumbers has been on stock availability. “We take our position in the plumbing industry very seriously and have invested significant time and resources over the past two years to ensure continuity of supply to the best of our ability. Our New Zealand manufacturing operation team usually operates 24/5 but for the last two years

“More recently our focus has been on collecting, crushing and reusing PVC and PE offcuts or products at the end of their life, so they don’t end up in landfill. So far in 2022, we have recycled and reused almost 300,000kg of PVC and PE through this programme. As part of this, one of the key initiatives has been to make it easier for plumbers to recycle by setting up collection bins both on job sites and at merchants.”

local Covid impact on the health of our people,” says Marley. “However, when we saw this starting in 2020, we quadrupled our safety stock of key materials and over the last two years have put significant resource into managing our supply chain. Making our products locally has allowed us to respond faster to market demand.”

have been working every second weekend to help meet demand.”

14 nzplumber

The vast majority of Marley’s plumbing range is made here in NZ. This includes Optim® DWV pipe and fittings, Stormline® stormwater pipe and fittings, Marley rainwater systems, polyethylene pipe systems and more. They supplement this range with products from sister companies within Aliaxis, such as the DBlue acoustic plumbing system and the Akasison Siphonic drainage system.

“Like all suppliers and manufacturers, we have been affected by ongoing global supply chain challenges and equally the

APD’s PE waste is sent for recycling and they say they are always looking at ways to reuse the recycled pellets in their products.

“Customer feedback has been integral in the design features of our recently launched urban stormwater products: StormPit, StormSlim and StormSlab,” says APD. “It was great to be recognised at the New Zealand Plumbing Awards for our contribution to product development in the industry through winning 2022 Product of the Year for our StormSlab tanks.”

Working closely with their PE resin and sheet suppliers, APD have been able to ensure they always have enough materials to supply customers. They also work very closely with plumbing and drainlaying contractors to meet their needs.


The Anka product range is made from glass fibre reinforced nylon, is non-corrodible and approved for use with drinking water. It is also fully Hydroflow’srecyclable.technical team, territory managers and customer services have been grouped into three regional teams to ensure there is a dedicated local team member with the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist the merchant or customer.


Since 2016, Hydroflow has distributed Anka LDPE fittings, spray guns and nozzles manufactured and assembled by Apex Valves at its factory in Avondale, Auckland. “There have been no supply restraints for the Anka range, and we’ve been able to supply to the market as usual,” says Hydroflow. “It’s a bonus to be able to say that in the trying times we’ve all been facing in the industry.”

Feature PRODUCT SUPPLY nzplumber 15

Aqualine Traps are manufactured in Christchurch, using a combination of local product and popup waste componentry supplied from overseas. Aqualine say they have not experienced any supply restraint issues since 2020.

APD manufactures urban stormwater systems made from recyclable polyethylene for all retention and detention situations. They also produce chemical handling tanks and bunds from recyclable polyethylene—heavily specified in water treatment plants.


Based in Wiri, South Auckland, APD have been providing solutions in plastics for over 35 years. Products are approximately 95% New Zealand made, using APD’s rotomoulding and fabrication expertise to create the range from imported PE resin.

Supply chain restraints have made it more challenging and expensive to secure raw materials, largely due to freight reliability and cost increases. This led Allproof to acquire additional warehousing and increase their production and stock volumes.

operations and customer requirements are not impacted,” they say. “As a result, we have increased stock of imported components to insulate ourselves from uncertainty of the current environment.”

support to plumbers as required. This is part of our standard sales operations regardless of any national or global health or economic challenges,” they say.

During this time, they have continued to assist the trade industry with technical support at site visits and at industry events. “Allproof looks to provide any additional

Allproof was established by Ian Jackson in 1987 and production has always been in Auckland as the company has grown, with the current facility at Beach Haven on the


Some of the imported brass componentry comes in fully finished and ready for assembly, while others are machined on site. Other components, such as springs and washers, are sourced from a variety of local and overseas suppliers.

Apex Valves has plans for some new environmentally friendly initiatives, which are under wraps until they launch. They also hope to remove single use plastics from their packaging by the end of 2022.


Apex Valves say their supply chain has been affected since early 2020, when the pandemic was starting to take hold. “Raw materials supply and freight delays have meant forecasting and ordering of materials is more critical than ever to ensure

With the demand for plumbing services currently exceeding the number of plumbers in New Zealand, Apex Valves released their CP 20 Fast Fit in 2021. The product is designed to increase the speed and efficiency of installation and was developed based on feedback from plumbers. This then led to the development of a new ‘T’ Ball Valve and pre-installing the non-return valve in the cold water expansion valve to create the CP 20FF.

Feature PRODUCT SUPPLY 16 nzplumber

From their Auckland facility, Allproof manufactures drainage and passive fire protection products. These include PVC fittings, plastic and stainless-steel floor wastes, stainless steel shower channels, trays and wall niches, recycled polypropylene channel drainage and drainage pits, cast bronze roof drains, downpipes, rainwater heads, scuppers, and intumescent fire collars.

Apex Valves manufacture a range of plumbing valves, rural valves for water tanks and troughs, pipe fittings and hose nozzles. Plastic componentry is manufactured on site at their Auckland facility in Rosebank Road, with brass components imported from various overseas locations, and assembly of finished goods completed by their staff at Rosebank Road.

Through its product ranges made from 100% recycled plastic, Allproof prevents over 12 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill every month—the equivalent of more than 383,500 takeaway containers.

The company recently finalised the installation of 449 solar panels on the roof of their main facility, providing nearly half of the building’s energy needs and saving 50 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year. “In addition to this, we manufacture our domestic channel, commercial channel, drainage pits, cast-in fire collars and various other componentry from 100% recycled plastic.”

North Shore. A large portion of products are fully manufactured in-house in their injection moulding, stainless fabrication and product assembly departments.

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Although Rheem NZ was initially affected by supply restraints as Covid restrictions hit manufacturing sites around the world—with freight suddenly going

Their biggest challenge, however, is trying to find more staff to adequately plan for and manage the increased industry demand. “Staff shortages are a pain point that many businesses in New Zealand are facing and was a hot topic at the recent NZ Plumbing Conference,” they say.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and achieving zero waste to landfill in Rheem’s global manufacturing operations

could maintain their continuity of supply in challenging market conditions.


18 nzplumber

Rheem is a global company, established in 1925. The global team’s support came to the fore during the Covid-related global supply chain crisis, enabling the New Zealand division to lean heavily on global resources to keep them stocked with raw materials, components and the like, so they

from a maximum lead time of two months to six—their supply chain team reacted quickly by increasing their inventory holding for raw materials/components and adjusting orders to the longer lead times.

Training plumbers, contractors and key influencers on sustainable products or sustainable installation and recycling best practices.

“Because we manufacture and operate locally, our products are designed to best suit our market and local conditions,” says the company. “We have our own enamelling plant and furnace (unique in NZ), which enables us to locally manufacture our own vitreous enamel tanks.”

Most of Rheem’s residential storage water heaters and boiling water appliances are made in New Zealand, with their commercial range coming from their sister company, Rheem Australia. Their gas continuous flow water heaters are manufactured at their parent company, Paloma, in Japan.

Rheem is a member of Buy NZ Made and many of their products carry the Buy NZ Made logo. Buy NZ Made has a strict set of criteria, with materials and/or components used in Rheem’s finished product having to be 100% created in NZ from material 100% grown, extracted and produced in New Zealand.

In 2020, Rheem globally put some hefty sustainability goals in place for all the Rheem teams around the world to achieve by 2025. These are best described in three mainLaunchingareas: a line of heating, cooling and water heating products with a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas footprint

“We do source some components from overseas, but this is usually because we’ve been unable to find a local manufacturer who either makes the component or is unable to meet our exacting quality standards,” they say.

The operations team kicked into high gear at the first lockdown, and with several new challenges facing them (correct PPE gear, frequent Covid testing, distancing), were still able to produce enough to meet demand. This has been the case for the last few years as they have adjusted to the different lockdown levels.

Over 75% of what Rheem sell into the New Zealand market is made at one of their two plants in Auckland and Christchurch. If you include products being assembled in New Zealand, that figure is over 80%. More than 100 staff are employed across both plants.


Global supply chain restraints did cause some issues, but Buteline say they never let plumbers feel the heat of it. “We have mitigated these issues by investing in a second manufacturing and stock storage site near the Buteline headquarters and increasing our product and raw material stock levels,” says Llewellyn.

Buteline’s aim is to recycle, re-use and regrind materials used in the production process—and some of their packaging boxes are recyclable. “We aim to make this a high priority as packaging materials evolve with more readily available sustainable options,” says Llewellyn.

NZ owned and operated, Buteline have been manufacturing Buteline polybutene-1 pipe and polymer fittings from their factory in East Tamaki, Auckland, since 1980— adding Pexline pipe and fittings to their range in 2019 and Gasline in 2022. Pexline polymer fittings and Gasline pipe end plugs are also manufactured at the Auckland factory, with most of the brass fittings assembled on site.

Managing Director Llewellyn Picton says all products are designed and tested in New Zealand, with raw materials sourced both from New Zealand and overseas. “In the past few years, plumbers have given us lots of ideas for new fittings. We assess the feasibility of the market and the fittings before manufacturing them and bringing them to the market.”

Visit or call 0800 657 336 A Greater Degree of Good represents our global commitment to sustainability. We strive to innovate best-in-class products to lead our industry in environmental improvements • For outdoor installation only • Suitable for households up to 5 people • Ideal for New Zealand conditions • Environmentally meeting hot water needs in virtually all weather conditions HEAT PUMP WATER


™ COP4.5OF MicrochannelTechnologyHigh Energy Efficiency Quiet(47dB)operation Smart LED Controller Display

They also kept their factory operational with shift staff to supply the market with product and employed more staff to assist with any restrictions and with their growing product range.


warm welcome

A to the in

our Rinnai INFINITY® residential range. Introducing the Rinnai INFINITY® A28i. This is the first A Series unit for internal applications, and has an output of 28 L/min. The Rinnai INFINITY® EF26 provides a condensing hot water solution for residential applications, using 11% less energy* and weighing 30% less**. * When compared to the A26 ** When compared to the EF24

man at the start of his working life now has seriously impaired vision. It’s astounding for an employer not to understand the seriousness of the situation.”

“These results indicate that tradies are exposing themselves to eye damage unnecessarily,” says Specsavers optometrist Philip Walsh. “Having small bits of metal, dust, dirt, or grit in the eye can cause the eyes to water, cause redness, pain and a scratchy sensation. This type of irritation can cause your vision to become blurry or sensitive to light or even cause damage to the cornea.”

The teenager’s mother notified WorkSafe of the incident several months later, as Anderson had failed to do so. He indicated to WorkSafe that he felt it was too expensive to buy PPE and confirmed he hadn’t given full instruction to the worker on the use of PPE. “I’m not their mother and going to dress them every morning,” he said.

In 2020, a 17-year-old worker lost vision in one eye when a piece of metal flew into it while he was using a chisel and hammer. He was working for agricultural fencing sole trader Daniel Anderson at the time, and this July Anderson was sentenced at Kaikoura District Court and ordered to pay $22,500.

TOOLBOX TIP PROTECT YOUR EYES Why protective goggles are a must for work where metal, dust, dirt or grit can get into your eyes.

These comments reflected an outdated, unacceptable attitude, according to WorkSafe’s national manager of investigations Hayden Mander. “A young

Meanwhile, new research from Specsavers, released in July, has found tradespeople are putting their eyesight at risk, with only 49% of respondents always wearing goggles to protect themselves from projectiles or dust particles.

toolstheOn nzplumber 21

22 nzplumber

When The Floatation Sanctuary in New Plymouth was looking for a complete renovation, Climate & Plumbing jumped at the chance to be involved in this highly technical, out of the box project.


On the tools


The Floatation Sanctuary owners Eleanor and Phillip Dally (right) approached Climate & Plumbing for their renovation project. Onsite manager Paul Matuku-Daly (front left) and operations manager Heath Sheather are shown here in one of the float pod rooms holding Climate & Plumbing’s 2022 Outstanding Project Award.

nzplumber 23

Silence is golden


“In a lot of other projects, someone else designs it and the plumber just installs it. But for this one, because the plumbing was so crucial, we worked with the architect to design the system to meet their needs.”

“If I went into the intricacies of the job, we’d be here forever. We did all the ventilation and heating as well, which required a separate specialised team.”

24 nzplumber

The client was adamant there should be no pressure drop across the system. It needed to handle clients showering simultaneously without them noticing any difference in pressure.

The system had to be retrofitted into an 87-year-old building where the only access in and out was through one narrow hallway. On top of all that, the water in the float pods was saturated with a unique mix of magnesium sulphate and other minerals that needed to be filtered and UV sterilised between uses.

“There was so much we had to consider,” Heath says. “We had to raise part of the floor, so the drainage was up to code, and we also had to cut the concrete floor in places. There was no adequate water feed, and there was hardly any room to take services through the roof space.

There were no elbow bends in the pipes because they create too much noise.

The float pool room is designed for couples, with showering, toilet and handbasin for two.

“These are the kind of jobs we love to do—the out of the box jobs that aren’t mainstream,” says Heath. “When they came to us, it was like, ‘Yeah, we wanna do this; it’s different, it’s challenging.’”

The Floatation Sanctuary provides a sensory deprivation experience for clients in state-of-the-art float pods. Its new premises needed complete renovation, which meant plumbing for three float rooms—each with a float pod, shower, toilet, handbasin and filtration plant room—as well as a sauna, client and staff toilets, laundry, kitchen and drink station.

That’s exactly what appealed to Operations Manager Heath Sheather at Climate & Plumbing when the company was approached to work on The Floatation Sanctuary in New Plymouth.

hen the architect behind a business renovation calls the plumber before they talk to a builder or engineer, you know it’s going to be a technical job.

The plumbing team spent a long time working on noise control measures, double insulating and oversizing all pipework and coming up with some novel approaches to keep things quiet.

There were strict requirements around noise and water pressure. Floating in silence

allows the brain to get into a deep state of relaxation, and any noise from pipes, showers or drainage would ruin the experience.

The plumbing system for The Floatation Sanctuary was retrofitted into an 87-year-old building with access through one narrow hallway.

On the tools PROJECT SPOTLIGHT nzplumber 25

The job was completed in three months, which is no mean feat considering all the extra work that went into it. The pods had to be disassembled to fit into the building, then put back together once inside.

“For the hot water, we used welded copper through the roof because it’s better suited to higher temperatures. Then, when it hits the tempering valve to bring the temperature down, we specified a plastic pipe that’s much quieter.”

“Everything had to be perfect and high end. People are going there for an experience, and everything would be noticed if it was off. You can’t hide anything.”

The main plant room near completion.

Every time someone went in or out, they had to clear the hallway. Plumbers would often work early mornings or late nights to get things done without being constantly interrupted.

Floating in silence allows the brain to get into a deep state of relaxation, and any noise from pipes, showers or drainage would ruin the experience.

“We feel pretty proud that a little provincial company like ours won a national award,” adds Sam. “It’s still sinking in because you’re back at work the next day and onto the next job.”

Pipe runs down the passageway near completion show the tight space the team had to work within.

made allowances for the people that were.

Their efforts were recognised at this year’s New Zealand Plumbing Awards, with Climate & Plumbing winning the 2022 Outstanding Project of the Year Award. Business owner Sam Tyson credits the whole team for rising to the occasion, particularly Heath and project manager Paul Matuku-Daley.

While hitting the functional requirements for the job, the finishing needed to be slick too. Visible pipe covers were powder coated black to blend in with the walls, and new concrete was matched to the existing floor. They had local fabricators make one-off shower channel drains with The Floatation Sanctuary laser cut into them.

“When little things come up, you just ask everyone and you’ll get the best result because you’re taking all these ideas into consideration. We have five generations in our team, so we get ideas from the 17-yearold to the 67-year-old. That’s our culture— we collaborate and put forward ideas and thoughts to come up with a plan. It’s how we deal with the tricky jobs that others can’t do.

“It was such a huge team effort; everyone in the company was a part of it. Everyone knew about it and talked about it. Even people who weren’t involved in the project

Climate installed its first demand rapid commercial water heater to cope with the water demand. All six showers can be used at the same time without any noticeable drop in “Evenpressure.theway the water hit the ground from the showers—you couldn’t have a huge splashing shower because it would be too noisy. We got right in the detail of how the water fell and went with a showerhead with a fine spray pattern, so it’s much quieter when it hits the ground.”

Instead, everything was swept into gentle curves, which has the added benefit of less frictional pressure loss.

26 nzplumber On the tools PROJECT SPOTLIGHT

Winning design

Designed for the terminal of individual vents, eliminating floor and roof penetrations

For more information on this product visit or scan the qr code.

Designed to international standards, it is ideal for fixture venting and problem solving in existing buildings.

The compact highly-styled Studor Trap-Vent is a combined trap with a 50 mm seal, and an integral AAV, reducing the need for secondary ventilating and replacing conventional S and P traps.

Studor Trap-Vent

Putting engineering controls in place before entering a trench or excavation is a must—even if it’s only for a five-minute task.

DrainPro has franchise opportunities available around the country. Whether you are an existing company struggling or a tradesman looking to go out on your own, we have the experience, systems and industry contacts to help you develop a successful business. We are members of the Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ), and can give you all the assistance you need in deciding if a franchise is the right thing for you.

new for those reading this article. We have written about the process in previous issues of NZ Plumber. When identifying hazards associated with working in a trench or excavation, consider:

decision to make. Therefore, we need to apply certain controls that will significantly reduce the risk.

3. Control

4. Monitor

Contact Nathan to register your interest

was talking recently with a group of young workers from a particular industry and was shocked at the number who admitted to entering trenches and excavations without any form of protection. While this is a concerning revelation, sharing this information was positive as we were there to learn about work as actually done.

Is there a risk of someone falling into the Isexcavation?therearisk of trench collapse that could trap a person?


You also need to consider the trench or excavation design (how big, how wide, how deep); the soil types involved; nearby buildings and structures; underground and overhead services.

A cubic metre of soil can weigh approximately 1,600kg and can collapse suddenly. This makes it a high-risk decision to enter an unprotected excavation or trench for that five-minute job.

Let’s think about the hierarchy of controls (elimination, substitution, isolation or engineering-based controls). For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume we are unable to eliminate the need for people to access the trench.


Is there a risk of someone working in a trench or excavation being struck by a falling object?

2. Assess

Is there a risk of contaminants in the trench or excavation (eg, asbestos, hydrocarbons)?

New Zealand has experienced its fair share of fatalities related to trench collapse. There have also been many serious injuries where people have narrowly escaped with their lives. In 2016 a company director in the construction industry received a home detention sentence and the company was fined around $170k after a worker was crushed in an unprotected trench.

Identification of hazards should be nothing


28 nzplumber

If we use a typical 5 x 5 risk matrix, a trench or excavation with no protection from collapse is likely to be an extreme risk and entering such an environment is a reckless

The most effective way to protect a person from the effects of a trench collapse (death from asphyxiation or crushing, or serious injuries including broken bones or internal organ damage) is through engineering controls, such as benching, battering (sloping), shoring or shielding.

Monitoring can take various forms. Talking with your workers before, during and after a trenching and excavation task will help you understand how to do better work. Site inspections or audits can also identify whether your controls remain effective.

1. Identify


For soil to fail it must move around the strut


Trench shields or trench boxes are temporary, moveable structures lifted into a trench to provide a work area that protects the worker.

Use the hierarchy of controls to design your critical risk controls. If you can’t eliminate the risk, think substitution, isolation or engineering-based controls. Reliance on procedures and signs won’t stop a trench collapse with no engineering controls in place. PPE probably won’t help much either.

nzplumber 29 On the tools HEALTH & SAFETY

Involve your workers at the design stage of planning for the trenching job. This will help identify risks you may not have thought of, or hazards workers have experienced when they have done trenching work in the past. Don’t start work until effective controls are in place. If the trench shield delivery person is stuck in traffic and going to be delayed, don’t proceed until the trench shield is in place.

About the author: Greg Dearsly owns First 4 Safety Ltd, a generalist health and safety consultancy. He has been involved in the provision of occupational safety and health advice and assistance for 20 years. Greg holds a Masters in Advanced Leadership Practices, a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health, and the National Certificate in Adult Education. His work has involved supporting industries in their H&S development. He encourages organisations and their senior people to show good H&S leadership, conduct effective risk management and ensure their workforces are able to contribute. Greg is a Professional member of the NZ Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) and was NZISM President from 2016-2020. He represents NZISM as President on the Board of Directors of the International Network of Health and Safety Practitioner Organisations (INSHPO).


Soil Movement



1m Steel

First 4 Safety offers Master Plumbers members tailored health and safety support and advice at competitive rates. Order through the Master Plumbers member website (Health & Safety). A cubic metre of soil can weighcollapse1,600kgapproximatelyandcansuddenly.

Battering (sloping) cuts the walls of a trench back to a safe, stable slope.

Benching creates a series of steps that reduces the wall height of the excavation. plates

Strut 1m 1m Shoring trenchinstalledandassystems,varioussupporttemporaryprovidesthroughtypesofsuchsoldierpilessteelsheetsagainstwalls.

“However, it’s going to raise awareness, at the very least, around what safe drinking water is and will put responsibilities on to suppliers to ensure they understand this and how they can supply safe drinking water.



Changes to drinking water legislation and standards may see thousands of small suppliers pull the plug on providing water to other people, according to a water quality specialist. NZ Plumber finds out why.

Very small supplies serving fewer than 25 people will be subject to regulation for the first time—even if it’s just a rural household sharing their bore with a neighbour. The rules do not apply to self-supplied homes.

nder new rules adopted by the government last year in the Water Services Act 2021, anyone who supplies drinking water to someone not in their domestic dwelling will need to be registered and, in most cases, implement a drinking water safety plan.

“The negative side is we may have a whole load of very small suppliers exit because they can’t meet or don’t want to meet the requirements under the Water Services Act. I suspect a lot of people will pull out of supplying their neighbours, so they’re not caught by these changes, and become a self-supplier.”

DR HEATHER UWINS-ENGLAND Environmental microbiologist and water quality specialist


“I suspect a lot of people will pull out of supplying their neighbours, so they’re not caught by these changes.”


“The current New Zealand Drinking Water Safety Framework was never intended for very small supplies and will be far too onerous on these suppliers,” explains Heather.

Small supplies a step too far Dr Heather Uwins-England, an environmental microbiologist and water

Taumata Arowai, the new drinking water regulator, believes there are about 75,000 unregistered small supplies nationwide and acknowledges it won’t be able to get around to all suppliers individually to ensureUnregisteredcompliance.suppliers have until November 2025 to register, which is free, and up to November 2028 to either submit a drinking water safety plan or comply with an acceptable solution.

quality specialist, says she welcomes the government’s move to ensure every single New Zealander has the right to access safe drinkingHowever,water.she describes the requirement under the Act for every supplier of drinking water—except those who adopt an acceptable solution—to create a drinking water safety plan as “insane”.

It adds that the exact nature of reporting will be confirmed when it publishes its drinking water quality assurance rules and acceptable solutions.

She notes there will likely be requirements around monitoring, sampling and analysis of water supplies under the new laws, which may prove challenging for small suppliers. “If they do not have an acceptable solution, they may be required to treat the water and it may be quite complex and costly.”

He explains it is up to the supplier to make sure they are managing their risks. If a supplier chooses to follow the quality assurance rules, rather than adopt an acceptable solution, they are required to

RAY MCMILLAN Head of Regulatory, Taumata Arowai

“It does not have the capacity to ensure there’s compliance with the new legislation and standards with these very small suppliers across the board.

Costings on end-point treatment

“Suppliers can charge consumers for the installation and maintenance of end-point treatment devices—but the responsibility for ensuring the devices remain serviceable rests with the “ … will permit the use of end-point treatment devices in the water treatment process, which will reduce the need for expensive central treatment infrastructure and will give more flexibility in how smaller water supplies can be designed.”

Another mechanism in the Water Services Act 2021 is verification methods, which suppliers will be able to use to demonstrate they are meeting their responsibilities without having to create a safety plan.

“We receive notifications from accredited drinking water testing laboratories, so we

prepare and implement a drinking water safety plan, including a source water risk management plan.

Heather adds Taumata Arowai will have to provide education, workshops and support to help people understand what safe drinking water means and how they can be assured what they’re supplying to others is safe.

Impact on plumbers?

“We have done some costings on the implementation of end-point treatment devices, and these range from $20k to $25k for a higher-volume community supply to between $1.2k and $5k per dwelling for a domestic supply, depending on required quantity of water for individual settings,” he notes.

Ray McMillan, Head of Regulatory at Taumata Arowai, adds: “If suppliers are currently doing very little, however, then the changes to require testing, reporting and registration will likely be a more significant change. We are, however, trying to make the process as straightforward as possible.”

Ray says compliance obligations are reduced to reflect simple and low-risk supplies, and a reduction in testing and reporting requirements for those providers will cut the compliance burden and costs.

“It’s the supplier’s responsibility to rectify the problem. If we have a concern, we will follow up to find out what they are doing to address issues,” says Ray.

“We are trying to make the process as straightforwardaspossible.”

“Hopefully, it will create tools for these people to develop plans and follow them, but I am concerned that, with regards to enforcement, it will only be reactive if something bad happens.”

nzplumber 31 On the tools SMALL WATER SUPPLIES

Public education needed

Suppliers to manage own risks

Safety plans will vary based on the scale, complexity and risk of each supply. However, for small, low-risk drinking water supplies, Taumata Arowai will have templates that suppliers can fill out.

Taumata Arowai says, in practical terms, if registered suppliers are currently testing their water for E. coli, then there are only likely to be minor changes to determine the number of samples they need to take annually and some reporting they may not have done before.

will be alerted if the problem continues and is not addressed, so the system provides us with some assurance.”

Ray says the new standards won’t bring much change for plumbers or those servicing drinking water supplies in the immediate future. They are largely consistent with current standards, with some adjustments to reflect changes in the World Health Organization guidelines that they draw from.

Taumata Arowai has also created a compliance, monitoring and enforcement strategy and says when it is notified of an issue with a small supplier, the approach is to ensure they understand their obligations.

“However, over time Taumata Arowai may develop and implement an authorisations framework … that could encompass organisations and individuals providing services to suppliers, such as installation of equipment and infrastructure; samplings and testing etc.”

With regards to concerns small bore suppliers may stop supplying drinking water to people, the regulator says there are provisions in the Act to ensure those people still have access to a supply: “In essence the local government entity is the supplier of last resort.”


What plumbers need to know when installing bidet seats and similar sanitary devices to prevent backflow risks.

32 nzplumber


Jon Lewis, national president of Master Plumbers and owner of Backflow Protection Ltd, says he is unaware of any bidet seats, douches or similar devices on on the market with internal backflow prevention devices that meet the requirements of G12/AS1 or AS/NZS 2845 manufacturing standards. Unless they do comply with these requirements, bidet seats and douche sprays need an additional backflow prevention device to be installed.

MBIE is analysing submissions on its plans and, if the proposed changes are made, Dave says it will provide information and education to ensure plumbers, independently qualified persons who test backflow prevention devices, and building consent officers are aware of any changes to the backflow prevention provisions.

Improvements to backflow prevention requirements are among the proposed changes, including the addition of bidets and douche seats, and handheld bidet hoses and WC trigger sprays as examples of high cross-connection hazards within Acceptable Solution G12/AS1.

Any changes to the compliance documents are set to be finalised by November this year, with the transition to their full introduction happening over the ensuing 12 months.

“When installing bidet seats, technically it’s an alteration to sanitary plumbing and they must be installed by a plumber and not by a homeowner because they need to have a high-hazard backflow prevention water device attached.

nzplumber 33

lumbers are being encouraged to keep abreast of the rules around installing bidet seats and similar sanitary devices as the government plans to improve requirements to protect drinking water from backflow contamination.

It comes amid concerns from tradespeople that some homeowners may be installing such fixtures themselves, which risks falling foul of the Building Code and contaminating potable water supplies.

“The proposed changes will improve clarity around when backflow prevention is required, what type of backflow prevention devices are suitable and how these devices should be installed and tested.

“Provision for the use of a backflow prevention device provided as an integral part of a fixture, appliance or apparatus that is appropriate for the cross-connection hazard is also being proposed for inclusion within G12/AS1,” he adds.

DIY dangers

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has recently consulted on updates to Building Code compliance documents for G12, G13 and E1 to support plumbing and drainage work.

He adds that the two main solutions to stop backflow for these items are either a reduced pressure zone valve or a spillresistant pressure vacuum breaker.

“A product may also have a WaterMark certification but that may only be for a component of a toilet suite, such as a dual-check valve, and it doesn’t mean it’s compliant under our Building Code.”

“Additionally, the cross-connection control and backflow prevention provisions within the 2021 edition of AS/NZS 3500 Part 1 Water services are proposed to be cited within a new Acceptable Solution, G12/AS3, for complying with the Building Code.”

He notes a dual-check valve is a lowhazard device in New Zealand, but a bidet seat and similar sanitary items are classed as Jonhigh-hazard.urgesplumbers to keep up to date with and comply with the Building Code Acceptable Solution G12/AS1 section 3, protection of potable water, because that covers backflow protection.

Clarifying requirements


“Anecdotally, we hear a lot of bidet seats or hand-rinse spray systems are sold in merchants to people who take them home and then hook them up to the connection point on their toilet themselves, even though they’re not meant to,” he explains.

A reduced pressure zone valve suitable for highhazard applications.

A contamination.tobreakerpressurespill-resistantvacuumcanbeusedpreventbackflow On the tools IN THE BATHROOM TECHNICAL THEME BYPHOTOGRAPHSPRODUCT INDUSTRIESMACDONALD

Dave Gittings, MBIE’s Manager Building Performance and Engineering, says the Building Code update proposals regarding protection of potable supplies follow the plumbing industry indicating it is unclear what is needed to comply for some requirements, which has led to inconsistencies in application across New Zealand.

“By law, only a registered and licensed plumber is allowed to install a bidet, bidet seat, or toilet hand spray connected to the drinking water supply,” he says. “Homeowners are not permitted to connect this type of equipment to a water supply in their bathroom or toilet themselves.

Energy compactefficientwaterheaters.


The SNE is a premium offering over other open-vented water heaters in the STIEBEL ELTRON range. Suitable for supplying hot water to a kitchen sink, the addition of a digital display, timer, anti-drip and ECO functions provides even greater savings. | 09 486 2221 Contact us to arrange training in our new showroom. Hot Water | Heating | Ventilation | Cooling SNE 5 Compact Storage Water Heater

SNE Compact Storage Water Heater

nzplumber 35 On the tools IN THE BATHROOM TECHNICAL THEME

This can be avoided with the innovative Box Trap & Space Saver solution by Art Plastic, which maximises drawer space—free of a cut out. The compact design positions the pipework high and flat against the rear of the vanity with minimal exterior dimensions. The design is easy to clean with fewer dust traps and is WaterMark certified.

The Box Trap & Space Saver solution features in St Michel’s City 50 vanity range, which was Highly Commended in the Product of the Year category at the 2022 New Zealand Plumbing Awards.

maximise shelf space

Avoid cut-outs and maximise on drawer space with toCitytheShownvanitycompactplumbing.hereisStMichel50900WallWall1-Drawer.

creating visual clutter and taking up precious undercounter storage space.

Clean lines reduce visual clutter.


Box Trap & Space Saver Benefits:

Can be positioned flat against the rear of the cabinet

Fewer dust traps


• Its clean lines give the plumbing a tidier look.


DISCREET SPACE SAVER Adjustable in length and has a low profile, which conceals it within the vanity, easily clearing vanity drawer contents.

New Zealand bathroom furniture has come a long way in the past decade in terms of style and functionality. One thing that does not change, however, is the homeowner’s desire for maximum storage space in the bathroom.

Uninterrupted drawer space with a hidden waste.

St Michel discusses the latest waste management solution, which hides plumbing behind the vanity drawers, removing the need for a drawer cut-out.

Eliminating waste cut outs in drawers is one positive step towards this goal. Plumbing has always been a key consideration when optimising storage space in a cabinet. Bulky pipework can be problematic,

Easier to clean

Minimal exterior dimensions

The innovative Box Trap & Space Saver solution.

• Takes up minimal shelf space

St Michel already uses this system in some popular vanity models.

• Sits behind the drawer

The diagram above shows how the Box Trap & Space Saver hides the waste to create uninterrupted drawer space.


The main limitation on shower area design is the subfloor. Design and engineering factors relating to the joist selection or concrete slab depth will have an effect on the rebate that can be taken out of the subfloor to allow for required falls towards the channel or outlet.

of tray, Allproof has various grating options: all the normal Vision type grates for a channel and a broad range of point drains including the Elegance, Kaiteri and Wakatipu grates for the screed over option.

Early examination of the subfloor in the design phase of a shower area is crucial, as Allproof explains.

n a wet room, the most secure way to protect the interior of a building is to use a shower tray to guarantee waterproofing in this enclosure. Modern manufacturing techniques like laser cutting and CNC folding, coupled with pre-formed engineered bases have seen a huge uptake in these products. They are seen as a no-brainer solution for an upstairs timber floor shower situation.

36 nzplumber

The location of the shower channel affects the length of fall required and therefore the depth. The channel can be moved to another wall, which will reduce the length of run to the channel and therefore the amount of fall in the tray. Another option is a point drain in the middle of the shower area, which will also reduce the fall or run length to the outlet.

The aesthetic compromise is diagonal cross cuts to create a fall from four directions, whereas a channel only requires a fall from one direction. A point drain shower tray will require a screed and membrane cover, reducing the advantages of the direct stick, pre-formed base option with channel drain. With both options

As a rule of thumb, to achieve a 1:50 fall (NZBC E3 3.3.5) towards a shower channel, you will allow 20mm for the channel and then 20mm/metre for falls. So, a 1m long shower will require a 40mm set down in the floor to allow level entry to be realised.

The goal of a flush entry into the shower area can sometimes be limited by these factors. If there is not sufficient capability to drop the floor in this area, there are other options to reach a level entry.

TILE SHOWEROVERTRAYS:Understandingthesubfloor

When creating a shower area in a room, factors of the build must be considered. These will affect the selection of the outlet, location of the channel drain, and whether a shower tray under the tiles would be a prudent choice to guarantee the longevity of the installation.

Achieving level entry

If the available depth is still not acceptable then the use of a hob, or step over, will allow the build-up to be on top of the floor or slab,


Before and after: wet area shower installation at an Auckland home.

Shop drawings are raised and reviewed by the contractor before the tray is put into production. After fabrication the tray is quality inspected to ensure it matches

TOP: Level entry shower tray with channel installed against far wall. ABOVE: Level entry shower tray with point drain in centre of shower area.

without need for access for servicing. Any maintenance can be dealt with via the tray outlet under the removable grate.

the drawing, and then flood tested for 24 hours. The engineered base is then laminated onto the tray in house, using weights in excess of 100kg per square metre. This ensures the tray is securely bonded to the base and will arrive on site ready for adhesion to the flooring.

nzplumber 37 On the tools IN THE BATHROOM TECHNICAL THEME Wall T iles T ile Adhesive Waterproof Membrane Stainless Tray WAdhesiveContinuousWFixingallFramingBeadallboard Silicone AdhesiveEngineered XPS1:50BaseFall Floor Substrate Stainless Tray 50mm BSP Threaded Outlet & BSP to AdapterPVC Waterproof Membrane Tray Wall Upstands T ile Adhesive Tray Flange Floor T Primeriles WFixingallboard Tray Wall Upstands Wall Framing FallFall T ile AdhesiveFloor T iles Waterproof Membrane Continuous Bead MembraneWaterproof Fall Wall T iles T ile Adhesive Waterproof Membrane Stainless Tray WAdhesiveContinuousWFixingallFramingBeadallboard Silicone Adhesive 80mm PVC AdheVillaboardredto Tray Engineered XPS1:50BaseFall Floor Substrate Stainless Tray 50mm BSP Threaded Outlet & BSP to AdapterPVC Waterproof Membrane Tray Wall Upstands T ile Adhesive Tray Flange Floor T Primeriles WFixingallboard Ply FlooringScreed Tray Wall Upstands Wall Framing FallStainlessFall Tray T ile AdhesiveFloor T iles Waterproof Membrane ContinuousAdhesiveBead MembraneWaterproof Fall

Waste system selection

Often when there is a restriction in the subfloor, this will also affect the selection of the waste system. In the past, the go-to has been the easy-clean waste due to its squat design, which is normally shallow enough to fit in a 140mm joist space. However, this selection can be problematic due to the restriction and maintenance required of the bucket in the waste. As time goes on, the end user has often found it easier to remove the bucket from the waste, which removes the water lock and generates a bad smell.

Passive fire rating of easy-clean wastes is very difficult too. Allproof shower trays come with either an O ring fitting for the point drain, or the preferred 50mm BSP threaded fitting to the channel option. This BSP fitting is connected to a female thread adapter onto a socket reducing bush then the 80mm riser of the Allproof floor waste gully.

Custom design options

On site, the contractor will ensure the floor is clean, dry, warm and ready to accept the tray. Even abrading the plywood or sheet flooring is a good idea, as the sheet can get polished off during the construction process. The contractor will then use a full coverage of non-solvent based, modified silicone adhesive to bond the base of the tray to the floor. A published install guide gives step-by-step instructions for the site-based actions.

Modern mains pressure systems provide good flow to flush any debris in the trap to the sewer system.

completely removing any interference with the construction of the floor. Arguably a hob also contains the water better inside the cubicle, reducing splashing or tracking of water into the main bathroom area.

The floor waste gully is the most up to date way to deal with the waste. It has excellent flow rates, accepts passive fire solutions well and is maintenance free.

Another consideration is the subfloor may also be part of an inter-tenancy or over living areas. The inclusion of a tile over stainless steel tray with threaded BSP fittings to glued PVC allows designers and installers confidence in their selection.

To sum up

Early examination of the subfloor in the design phase will make final selection easier for the shower finishes, rather than having to go back and redesign the structure to accept the desired shower solution. From there, the choice is easy for an Allproof custom tile over tray to the required specification. Installation is quick and easy, and you can rest assured the the job is done right and will be secure for years to come.

This fully welded outlet and waste adds to the security of the flood-tested tray, giving 50-year durability to the PVC system

Stainless shower trays also offer the luxury of total customisation. Each Allproof tray is handmade in the Auckland manufacturing plant to the specific project and design requirements. If you are dealing with a renovation or high-end bespoke build, almost any scenario can be accommodated— only limited by the size of the stainless sheet.

“Where a junction is used to make the connection of a DN 100 branch drain to another 100 DN Drain, the entry-level of the branch shall be elevated at an incline of not less than 15° above the horizontal.”

So, what does that mean? What do we have to do?

Well, it’s how the junction is set up by tipping it on an angle. If the junction is on a slight angle, it makes it more conducive for what’s flowing from a branch to continue flowing without getting left stranded without any water. It also stops anything else backwashing up it.

It all means that for junctions where the drain and branch are the same size and are: joining at a right angle (90°), the junction needs to sit at 15° (pointing slightly up), and then a 45° bend; coming from a 45° angle, the junction needs to sit at 15° (sitting up), and then a 15° bend brings it back onto the correct gradient.

Where an unequal-sized branch comes in, the rules have stayed the same—having the invert (inside bottom) of the branch at least 10mm higher than the soffit (inside top) of the drain to which it’s joining.

38 nzplumber

By setting up branches like this, everything should keep flowing on its journey.


A drainage system is installed to avoid the likelihood of blockages. The Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board has advice on drainage problem spots.

Recent modifications to AS/NZS 3500 Part 2 have resulted in changes to how these junctions and branches are set up in foul water drainage systems to try and alleviate blockages at these problem spots.

DN100 45° junctions in graded drains or discharge pipes must be installed with a 15° minimum incline above the horizontal.


AS/NZS 3500 Part 2 (and therefore cited in G13/AS3) now requires that for new installations:

ome of the likely places a blockage occurs is where there is a change in direction or at the intersection of two parts of the system. This can be because the change in direction may allow water flow to continue and the solids to become stranded, or sometimes even pushed back up into a Water-savingbranch.devices reduce the volume of the toilet flush. This means there simply isn’t enough water carrying the solids to get them past these tricky corners—often leaving things sitting high and dry waiting for the next Connectingflush.drains or branches need to be made with junctions, with an upstream angle of no greater than 45°. For a drain to join another at right angles (or 90°), we use the 45° junction, and then a 45° bend.

Saniflo SFA, the French inventor of the macerating toilet pump, has been providing retrofit plumbing flexibility for commercial and domestic application since 1958—along with small-bore greywater pump and lifting station solutions.

For more information on Saniflo SFA products, go to

The interlock can also be connected to the Building Management System to alert building and facilities management to the issue.


Easy and quick installation, no electrician required

• Suitable for new and existing Saniflo installations

“A high level alarm interlock warns the user in the event of failure, and can also shut down the water and power supply to a kitchen sink, dishwasher, toilet or hand basin.”


Peace of mind for alternative plumbing solutions

But how to deliver peace of mind while using a mechanical pumping solution?

Advanced high level alarm interlocks detect when a pump chamber becomes flooded by means of ball floats or magnetic finger float switches.

Sanialarm® Interlock –‘plug and play’ simplicity

Pump failure due to lack of servicing or power outages can result in devastating and costly flooding that may impact multiple storeys.

Commercial refurbishment projects can be challenging and expensive—particularly relocating or building new kitchenettes, bathrooms and other similar services that require plumbing and waste management.

The use of pumps, macerators and lifting stations is an effective and often cost-saving way to achieve increased design flexibility in existing buildings by eliminating the need for core hole drilling or cutting through concrete slabs.

The supplied solenoid valve is installed on the main water supply to the kitchenette. This valve will be closed by the interlock, isolating the water supply in the event of an issue with the pump or power failure, safeguarding against flooding.

Audible and visual alarm

• Helps protect against flooding

• Kit comes complete with magnetic float switch and low voltage solenoid with pre-wired plugs.

• Power interlock for dishwasher or washing machine

Saniflo SFA have developed their own advanced alarm interlock package with a 20mm solenoid valve for water isolation, magnetic float switch, and a power connection for dishwasher or washing machine.

Some high level alarm interlocks even have leak detection probes to detect water in the base of the cupboard.

The ‘plug and play’ simplicity of this system makes it easy for the installing plumber to connect the interlock without the need for an electrician.


The alarm interlock warns the user in the event of failure, and can also shut down the water and power supply to a kitchen sink, dishwasher, toilet or hand basin.

40 nzplumber

Winner of the 2022 Product of the Year at the New Zealand Plumbing Awards, APD’s StormSlab is an innovative stormwater detention and retention system designed to manage rainwater and stormwater when site restrictions mean that APD’s marketleading StormLite underground solutions cannot be used. These restrictions are usually due to a lack of space and/or insufficient fall to the public stormwater system on the site.

The Sanimulti® is a versatile macerator with two different pan connection options, making it ideal for wall-hung or floorstanding toilets and can be used in either domestic or commercial projects.

The StormSlab system is compatible with APD’s range of solutions and can be coupled with the APD RainWorx rain harvesting above ground application for water

The Aquor House Hydrant is the ultimate no compromise hose tap: easy to use, durable, eco-friendly and good looking.


The sleek simplicity and innovative design features of the Aquor range from Hydroflow make accessing your outdoor water hassle-free and easy on the eye.

Main features:

APD ProductStormSlab:oftheYear

New from Saniflo: Sanimulti Macerator

StormSlabreuse. tanks are designed and made in New Zealand, manufactured from water tank grade PE material suitable for below ground installation, and are available in multiple sizes to suit any site or design.

The hydrant body is made from lead-free marine grade 316L stainless steel, giving it the durability to stand the test of time and ensuring the hydrant is safe for drinking water—leaving a lighter touch on the land.

8m head pressure to meet high lift requirements

Aquor House Hydrant from Hydroflow

Contact APD to find out more about the StormSlab range on 09 263 7741, or visit

Easily removable motor cassette for ease of service and maintenance Can accommodate a wall-hung pan and be installed behind bathroom walls for a concealed sleek design look Ideal for commercial applications with optional ‘plug & play’ Sanialarm interlock connectivity for water and power isolation.

No more wrestling with a brass hose tap. The Aquor House Hydrant boasts a simple push-and-twist connection, making it a breeze to use.

Cordless job site layout with Makita

SmartCart is designed to cover the complete customer journey to help ensure products ordered are in stock to coincide with the schedule that has been set.

Register your interest here:

With three 360° laser planes, users get 6 cross-point reference positions for level, align, plumb and square applications. The self-levelling is correctable up to 4° of slope, allowing operation on uneven surfaces. The SK700GD has a line visibility range up to 35m and is detectable up to 70m with Laser Receiver (LE00855702). It provides up to 14 hours of continuous run time with a 12V max CXT 4.0Ah battery (sold separately).

New Caroma Liano II basins

Round and pill shape

Engineered for the worksite, carrying capacity remains a strong focus for the 1.9L LX, with heavy-duty 3-leaf suspension, a payload capacity amounting to 1,380kg and a large selection of alloy or steel rear tray options. Braked towing capacity is 3,000kg, whilst unbraked tow rating is 750kg.

nzplumber 41 On the tools PRODUCTS & SERVICES

Coupled with the Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS), which makes the D-Max the safest ute in New Zealand, the new 1.9L D-Max LX Single Cab Chassis 4x2 is set to become one tough, safe and economical ute for Kiwi tradies.

Arriving in New Zealand soon, the new 1.9L D-Max LX Single Cab Chassis 4x2 has earned its stripes in overseas markets for its supreme fuel efficiency and quieter operation. Generating 110kW of power and 350Nm of torque, official fuel consumption figures return 8.1 litres/100km (WLTP3 combined cycle testing), with CO2 emissions of 213g/km.

The Makita 12V max CXT Green 3 x 360° Line Laser (SK700GD, tool only) gives the user a cordless solution for job site layout applications.

Optional pop-up plug and wastes, and new dress rings available in chrome, matte black and PVD brushed nickel, brushed brass and 20-yearNon-overflowgunmetalonlywarranty.

SmartCart for Waterware

This will enable Waterware to forecast products ahead of each stage of the project,

The sharp laser line with ±2mm at 10M for best-in-class accuracy. For increased efficiency, self-levelling line stability is achieved in up to 3 seconds for increased productivity. The 360° rotating base provides fine vertical line adjustment and a plumb point position for increased accuracy and precision.

giving the customer the security they need to run their projects with first class service.

New 1.9L Isuzu D-Max coming to NZ

Matte colour finishes— white, black, green, grey, pink and speckled—and gloss Suppliedwhitewith ceramic pop-up waste plugs in matching colours

Equipped with a 76-litre diesel fuel tank, this new D-Max variant is capable of travelling close to 1,000km between fuel-stops. The strong yet efficient 1.9 litre engine is paired exclusively with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Simplify your next project with SmartCart, Waterware’s new scheduling tool. SmartCart is your own personal logistics manager, providing customers with the means to plan and schedule their projects over multiple deliveries with timeframes that suit them.

Products are allocated to the project to effectively guarantee the supply and price over the duration of the project. Products are not charged until they are delivered, giving you the best of both worlds—products that are available when you need them, at the current price, without impacting your cashflow.

As an added bonus, customers also have up to two years from the point of ordering to schedule deliveries!

Buteline continues to expand the Pexline copper press fittings range, similar to the current Buteline copper press fittings. These fittings are for use with Australian copper pipe sizes.

20mm PEX x ¾” Au Cu

For team uniformity, Bison stock key products with a women’s and men’s fit, meaning the whole team can wear the same kit but with their own fit requirements.

Wand: high-grade, stainless-steel wand for posterior and feminine cleansing with warm water Quiet-Close™ seat: antibacterial, heated and with a heated air dryer function Built in deodoriser

PBTM16X: 16mm


New to Pexline copper press fittings range

The NZ-made MC Series from Allproof is a modular channel drain with sump available in standard sizes, creating a system that’s easy to assemble to the needs of specific projects.

Multi adjustable, hide-away and detachable hood Multiple pocket options to keep your gear waterproof Neoprene storm cuffs and adjustable Velcro sleeves Removable sleeveless fleece liner to better regulate temperature.


Englefield Bidet Seat Plus

Quick-Release function: allows for easy cleaning

By selecting the 2m length channels, the system accommodates runs of up to 6m, terminating at a sump. A mirror image can then be run in the opposite direction, resulting in 10m between sumps. Overall system length is unlimited when using the straight through sump junction.

Visit your nearest plumbing merchant or go online at to learn more about these innovative fittings.

The new Englefield Bidet Seat Plus provides the optimum in comfort, as well as hygiene, from this modern, top of the line bidet seat, now with the added convenience of a remote control. Simple to install to a wide range of toilets.

Bison Extreme Women’s TTMC-W17 Rainwear Jacket


Check out the Bison range

The channels come in 1m or 2m lengths, allowing for transport and easy handling on site during installation. Sumps are available as an end terminal or as a continuous junction for channels. The use of joiners allows depths to increase towards the sumps for greater hydraulic performance.


42 nzplumber On the tools PRODUCTS & SERVICES

Sitting sensor: bidet functions are only activated when the user is sitting

1. Copper to Pexline transitions

Please note: This bidet seat must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.1, which requires the provision of a high hazard backflow prevention device (not supplied).


A hybrid water heater system only heats water when needed. This hitech system reduces the energy usage required to keep the water warm in the reservoir. The technology provides instant and unlimited warm water for consistent comfort.

PEX x ½” Au Cu

Made with a 450D fabric, which is our toughest rainwear yet, with the best tear strength, phenomenal abrasion resistance and high flexibility. This jacket comes with a 30,000+mm waterproof rating and our 12hr Waterproof Guarantee—because they’re that good!

Features include:

With a range of channels available, providing various options for width, length and depth, this system provides excellent flexibility, creating layouts for large complex projects.

Bison Extreme jackets are packed with features to keep you warm, dry and comfortable such as:

Copper tail for copper press clamp connections 3. Hot works permit not required 4. Easy and fast to use 5. Perfect for retrofits.

Bison is a leading supplier of safety workwear and footwear. Included in Bison’s range is women’s workwear, with the latest addition being the Bison Extreme Women’s TTMC-W17 Rainwear Jacket.

Remote control: Backlit easytouch with LCD screen; can be wall-mounted.


tradeBranches nationwide

Drop in and see us. We’re totally confident we can support you –whatever you need.

You’re busy and you want to do a good job every time. We get it. That’s why Plumbing World makes it easy for you to run your business.

We keep a huge range of products in stock so you can source what you need, or use our pwGO app for even more convenience. We’re a co-operative that’s owned by plumbers and run for plumbers. Our staff understand what plumbers need, so you can focus on your job instead of explaining yourself.


44 nzplumber GOLD PARTNERS Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ thanks the following Partners for their support: Our Partners PLATINUM PARTNERS SILVER PARTNERS

• Up to $3,000 protection against damage caused by uninsured third party

• Automatic cover for employees and associates— no need to nominate drivers individually

Come claim time, Crombie Lockwood are on hand to help you get the fairest results.

Crombie Lockwood has developed an insurance package to protect members of Master Plumbers against the unique risks they face.

Get the insurance cover you need to protect your business with Plumbers Insurance.

• Access to comprehensive nationwide repairer network

PlumbersMaster nzplumber 45 MEMBER BENEFIT

Be in touch with Crombie Lockwood today on 0800 276 624;

• Van signage and graphics included

Additional cover options and extensions are available.

Master Plumbers cover includes:

Public liability insurance: with option to access umbrella cover up to $10 million


• No excess for windscreen and window glass repairs/replacement

Professional indemnity insurance Cyber

One size doesn’t fit all, of course, and Crombie Lockwood will work with you to make sure your cover matches your individual needs.

CommercialBusinessinsuranceinterruptionmotorvehicle cover, with

Theft and damage to tools and equipment

• Automatic cover for new vehicles, and hire and loan of vehicles

• Plus, options for cover for other types of vehicles including trailers, diggers and excavators loss of use.


The National Association for Women in Construction in New Zealand has members from across the industry, including architects, engineers, project managers, tradespeople and quantity surveyors. So, we were super proud that two women plumbers working at Master Plumbers member businesses were among the award recipients at the event, which was held on 1 July.

Nikita was 32 weeks pregnant at the awards night, and still doing gasfitting and plumbing ahead of going on maternity leave a couple of weeks later. Way to go!


Winning women in construction

Fifty-three finalists made it through to the NAWIC Excellence Awards, held at Te Papa in Wellington in July.

SAVE THE DATE! We have a date and venue for the 2023 New Zealand Plumbing Conference—mark it in your diary now! 3-5 May 2023 Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre

This year’s NAWIC Excellence Awards saw a record 190 nominations, which were eventually whittled down to just 28 award winners in 11 categories.

Congratulations to Nikita Porthouse of Hutt Gas & Plumbing for winning 2022 Tradeswoman of the Year and to Teigan Jopson, who was Highly Commended in the Apprentice Excellence category. Teigan is a fourthyear Masterlink apprentice, hosted by the University of Otago Property Services Division in Dunedin.

Plumbers memberatthewereandPorthouseNikita(right)TeiganJopsonrecognisedonnight.BothworkMasterPlumbersbusinesses.

46 nzplumber

OUT AND ABOUT Branches and Associations managed to hold some well-attended events in the winter months, despite flu and a second wave of Covid doing the rounds.

Wellbeing Guy Kereama Carmody and Master Plumbers CEO Greg Wallace travelled to Nelson in July for the Wellbeing on Tap Toolbox Talk roadshow. Next stop Palmerston North in November. Kereama discusses what good mental health and wellbeing look like plus ways to recognise signs someone is struggling and suggestions for getting the right support.

Sarah Jamieson was elected to the Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ Board this year. Sarah and husband Aaron own and operate BOP Plumbing & Gas, servicing the Bay of Plenty. Their business is built on family values, career progression for the team, and fostering key relationships. Winning the New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year Award in 2021 is testament to their success.

The Jamiesons have two sons, Chase (five) and Xavier (four). A favourite family activity is getting away to the beach for some fishing. They also enjoy watching the All Blacks and are big supporters of the Chiefs.

Women too often go unrecognised for their contribution to the plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying industry, according to Sarah. She is a firm advocate for women working in our industry and wants to see greater acknowledgement of the important roles they fulfil. She believes the equal partnership she and Aaron have within their business is integral to its success.

Sarah says she is passionate about mentoring apprentices to achieve the highest qualification levels. She is also keen to ensure the industry focuses on the importance of quality workmanship, professionalism and innovation.

The specific roles for the 2022-23 national Master Plumbers Board have now been decided, with Jon Lewis (third from right) remaining as President, Craig Foley (third from left) as Chair and Dave Strong (left) as Masterlink Chair. We congratulate them all.

MEET THE BOARD Sarah Jamieson

Master Plumbers UPDATES

Waikato Master Plumbers enjoyed a Coffee Catch Up in May at Mico in Hamilton. It was a cold start to the day, but hot coffee warmed everyone up before heading for work.



nzplumber 47


Warren has been a member of Master Plumbers since 1982. He became part of the Waikato Master Plumbers Executive in 1987, served as President from 1993 to 1995, and was awarded Waikato Master Plumbers Life Membership in 2021.

Warren also served on the national Master Plumbers Board from 2002 to 2005 and was the recipient of the Graeme Victor Smith Contribution to Industry Award in 2019.

“The mental health of the trade industry is a cause that simPRO is fully behind,” says simPRO CEO Sean Diljore.

simPRO staff in New Zealand and Australia will take part in General Awareness training by MATES in Construction, which is designed to help identify and respond to warning signs that a mate in the construction industry may be at risk of suicide. This is part of a three-part training series offered by MATES.


simPRO will also support MATES in Construction at industry events and participate in Fly the Flag day in September—a day set aside to mark what the construction industry is doing to create awareness of the importance of their workers’ mental health.

Find out more about the three-part training programme from MATES in Construction at

Master Plumbers Platinum Partner simPRO has partnered with MATES in Construction, a suicide awareness, prevention and support programme for New Zealand and Australia’s construction industry.

48 nzplumber WELCOME A warm welcome to new member businesses of Master Plumbers: Neat Plumbing Services Ltd –PolarisAucklandPlumbing and Drainage Ltd –BayAucklandDrainage Company Ltd – Bay of RawlinsonPlenty/CoromandelPlumbing& Gas (2022) Ltd – Bay of Plenty/Coromandel Thurston Developments Ltd – Bay of RBPlenty/CoromandelDrainage,Gasand Plumbing Solutions Ltd – Waikato Te Aroha Plumbing & Drainage 2022 Ltd – Waikato Duke’s Plumbing Ltd – Wellington Roper PDG Ltd – Hutt Valley/ Wairarapa

Warren established Warren Thompson Plumbing in Hamilton 1981, delivering plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying services for existing and new domestic and commercial premises. Since 2019, he has worked on his own, having previously trained an apprentice and employed a plumber/ gasfitter for 16 years. Jenny has always assisted in the business, originally paying the wages and now doing the GST.

Warren Thompson (right) receiving his 40-year Membership Milestone certificate from Master Plumbers Chair Craig Foley at the 2022 New Zealand Plumbing Awards.

“The mental health of the trade industry is a cause that simPRO is fully behind,” says CEO Sean Diljore. “One of our guiding values is that We Care—not only for our employees but for our local communities and customers.”

Our apologies to Warren Thompson, who was inadvertently missed off the Membership Milestone mentions in the last edition. Warren was at the 2022 New Zealand Plumbing Awards with his wife Jenny to receive his 40-year milestone certificate in person from Master Plumbers Chair Craig Foley.

Stiebel Eltron NZ have launched a new interactive showroom at their headquarters in Takapuna, Auckland.

Stiebel Eltron NZ hope they can have plumbing companies and other buildingrelated businesses come in for training sessions at least once a month. Future plans may include hydronic heating water filter training and showcasing alternative products for gasfitters.

Masterlink Otago/South Canterbury Regional Manager Abbie Buchanan (left) and Master Plumbers Business Development Manager Alana Fourie at the Dunedin CPD roadshow event.


Register here:



The company previously demonstrated their water heating and green energy products to plumbers in conjunction with trade stores but have decided to invest in a dedicated facility, replicating similar Stiebel Eltron showrooms in Australia and other countries.

“The new showroom features underfloor heating, water heating, hot water systems and panel heaters,” he says. “We’ve got companies booked in to do training and it will be more hands-on than we can offer in stores. It’s good to be able to show people how the technology works and its efficiencies.

Whilst the facility is in Auckland, Jason says he would welcome the chance to offer training for people from around New Zealand. “We’ve got a sales representative in Christchurch and once a month he can hopefully bring clients up here and utilise the facilities. As for those from other parts of the country, we’d love to see them come to our showroom and we would look after them, get them in for training and maybe take them out for dinner. We are an expanding company and want to help to train the industry as well.”

As the PGDB & Mico CPD Roadshow makes its way around the motu, come along and say hi to us at the joint Master Plumbers and Masterlink stand.

Jason Kerr, managing director of Stiebel Eltron NZ, says the new facility has a boardroom to teach installers the technical details of their products and a training showroom to see them in action.

“If a plumber doesn’t know about a product, they do not know what to put in, or how it may solve a problem they have on a job,” he adds. “We can now get in front of them and show them what’s out there so that, in turn, they can show it to a client as a solution.”

The Roadshow runs until November 2022. By attending a session, you will meet the CPD requirement to renew your licence for 2023-2024.

WANT TO JOIN? Master Plumbers is here to support all businesses in the plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying industry. Members are Quality Assured and backed by the Master Plumbers Guarantee. We offer a wide range of business resources, health and safety, HR & technical support, plus training and member discounts— and we advocate for our members as a collective industry voice. Get in touch to discuss our two-year membership deal! Alana Fourie 021 985 nzplumber 49

Master Plumbers UPDATES


two young children had gone down like nine pins with seasonal flu and Covid just as two big commercial projects were about to start... and yet, nothing could wipe the smiles off the couple’s faces.


Why? Because one month earlier, they’d been at the New Zealand Plumbing Awards in Rotorua to discover their Kerikeri-based

In this short time, Zane has built BOI Plumbing and Gas (or BOIPG as it’s known) to a crew of nine, with five technicians, a skilled general labourer and two office staff—Rachel

50 nzplumber


business had been selected as the 2022 New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year. Not bad when you consider it’s only been in operation for four years.


The BOIPG team. A professional image is important to the business, with all staff wearing the company uniform and the technicians driving clean, well-maintained signwritten vans.

Set up just four years ago, Bay of Islands Plumbing and Gas has been on a rollercoaster of covid lockdowns, but under Zane Britton’s management the business has thrived and expanded to meet the needs of the Northland community. NZ Plumber talked to Zane and partner Rachel Watson about their secret to success.

hen we spoke to Zane Britton and Rachel Watson in mid-July, the winter rain had been coming down in torrents in Northland (and just about everywhere in New Zealand), causing rural drainage projects to get bogged down and emergency jobs to flood in. Their whole BOI Plumbing and Gas team and

Focus on business growth

Project management expertise

Zane and Rachel have big ideas for further business growth and they’re going about it the right way. “Last year saw a huge investment in the company, with staff numbers increasing,” says Rachel. “The fleet has also expanded from two work vehicles to five and the purchase of a large tip truck and excavator, hydro jetter unit and camera. These were all necessary to enable us to offer more services to the community and fulfil contracts without the need to rely on hire companies for equipment.”

By now their first child had been born— son Ariki, now seven, since joined by sister Aria, two—and it was time for Zane to fulfil his dream of returning to his roots and setting up in business for himself. It was a big decision, as the Bay of Islands area was well served by others in the trade, but in those four years he has contributed to the industry in the region, offering employment to local technicians, working with other contractors, and always happy to share his project management knowledge to ensure jobs are carried out on time and to the highest standards.

It wasn’t the smoothest start for the business, given that Covid-19 arrived on the scene shortly after BOIPG opened its doors. But that didn’t dampen the couple’s drive and determination. With the Northland region cut off during lockdowns, Zane rented four containers at the yard, which were stocked on consignment from a local supplier.

being one of them. “We also have Masterlink apprentice Ruben and are about to take on another in the next few weeks,” says Rachel. “We really want to train apprentices for the future of the PGD industry.”

Rachel Watson and Zane Britton with their son Ariki, seven, and daughter Aria two, who are growing up speaking both Te Reo Māori and English at home. Rachel worked as a beauty therapist in Australia before their children were born and now works full time with Zane on the business.

city, with up to 100 plumbers coming on and off site during the build.

nzplumber 51 Master Plumbers MEMBER PROFILE

A long list of repeat customers is testament to their efforts and, with his Ngāti Hine Māori heritage, Zane is particularly proud of having had the opportunity to work on several local marae projects in the past year—upgrading, modernising and bringing their infrastructure up to standard.

The business is also big on health and safety, putting a rigorous policy in place and establishing a health and safety programme to offer ongoing training to all staff. This resulted in the company achieving SiteWise Green Status in May 2021, with their overall investment in the business also earning them the HALO Trade Advantage Business Growth Award for 2021.

Every week without fail all staff also get together for toolbox meetings. “These serve several purposes,” says Rachel. “Staff know what is happening within the company, everyone has a chance to express any concerns, we focus on a particular topic and how to do it right, plus jobs are discussed in detail, so everyone is on the same page. This has become even more important since the apprentices came on board as they learn how things are run.”

Zane got off to a high-flying start with his career, awarded as Unitec’s top first year plumbing and gasfitting student in 2002. New Zealand-born and bred, he completed his apprenticeship in Kerikeri before heading over to Western Australia to work as a site manager on large commercial projects in Port Hedland. He met Rachel, who’s Australian, while on holiday in Bali, and together they relocated to Karratha, where Zane managed the plumbing work for the Wheatstone LNG gas plant project—a huge venture for this mining

Zane is a firm believer in open and honest communication—taking the time to talk with his clients, listen to what they want and advise them of what solutions are viable. He is also a master in pre-job planning, which is especially important in the Bay of Islands as the area covered is large and thinly serviced by trade suppliers.

Given Zane and Rachel’s energetic approach, the plan is likely to succeed. Aside from running their award-winning business in challenging times and bringing up their two children, the couple have just completed a building project for their own new family home, with the eventual aim of incorporating the plumbing workshop and office.

This allowed the business to continue operating as an essential service—looking after the local community in difficult times.

“Covid has obviously meant a huge change in how we operate and right from the start we set rules to keep our staff, clients and other contractors on site safe throughout this time,” says Rachel.

BOIPG joined Master Plumbers in

Master Plumbers MEMBER PROFILE

Zane wants trade businesses in the Far North to be considered as equally professional, high-quality, and able to handle large commercial projects as anywhere else in New Zealand. To this end, he is working with Master Plumbers to establish a new Northland branch where members in the region can come together, discuss local issues and share knowledge and expertise.

52 nzplumber

Master Plumbers involvement

mid-2021 to give their customers peace of mind and surety for their work. They also use the business resources and enjoy the significant discounts available through the Master Plumbers Mobilcard. Zane sees the establishment of a new branch as a great opportunity to get more involved with the national organisation.

On 23 July, BOIPG celebrated four years in business. Rachel put up a celebratory post on Facebook and one of the many comments read: “Congratulations and happy birthday to the best team of plumbers I know.” That says it all.

Supporting their community is very important to Zane and Rachel, who sponsor the local Under Eights rugby team and the Under Tens girls’ netball team, equipping both with branded uniforms. They also give away two tickets each year to the HeartKids Kids Day Out Variety Show, and have established an annual golf tournament, open to everyone, with all proceeds to the Cancer Society.

A trusting relationship with the client begins with the first initial contact, through clear communication. “We have company protocols when passing information to our technicians on a job to ensure they have the correct knowledge, as they are the first port of call with the client on site,” says Rachel.

Local community support

Marketing has been another huge element in getting BOIPG humming, with Rachel putting up regular posts on their Facebook page and the business running regular local radio advertising and Google Ads. “A new advertising initiative in the past year has been GAS SAFE with BOIPG,” she says. “We offer existing and new clients an annual check of ‘anything gas’ and it has proven so successful that we have clients booked in months ahead. A great proactive initiative for the community.”

Be the best you can be - for your customers, your staff and your business. Branding – logo and vehicle decals Fuel discounts with Mobilcard Business Partner deals exclusive to members Master Plumbers health & safety app Health & Safety resources and support Technical support from PGD experts Job leads from our Find a Plumber search tool 12 month consumer guarantee HR resources, guidelines and support Advocating for member and industry interests Networking opportunities Professional development training Latest industry news Find out more at or call 0800 502 102 BE PLUMBERMASTERA

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Helping choose the right products


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“I’d love someone to come and take over,” he says. “I don’t care about the money side of it so much, but it would help people to have someone available for the community full time.”

When he says poverty has kept him working to this age, you get the feeling he’s only half joking. In saying that, there’s no denying the satisfaction in his voice when he talks about recent times.

“They say old plumbers never retire, they just fade away slowly,” says Dave Allnutt. “I’ve got a lot of clients and it’s a small town with a really good community. There are some older folks around and people know where to find me, so I’ll do what I can to help them out,” he says.

“I’ve gone from having basically nothing to having a nice home and vehicle for myself, plus a new work van and a car for my wife, and we’ve spent money doing up the house. We’re really happy with where we’ve got to in the last 12 years.”

In the meantime, Dave’s happy to keep answering the phone, though he admits the new van he bought last year will have some other benefits.

Staying on the tools might not be everyone’s idea of retirement, but it looks like there may be space for other things now too.

He started his own business 13 years later in 1975, becoming a proud member of Master Plumbers around the same time. There was no real plan to grow, but he kept answering the phone as his reputation grew and ended up with 14 staff at one point.

nzplumber 55 Master Plumbers MEMBER PROFILE


“My wife said, ‘Why do you need a new van?’ But it’s a good size for a camper as well, so you can throw a mattress in there and go fishing.”

Dave started plumbing on his 15th birthday. He thought he’d take a job on a farm, but the local Anglican minister had other ideas and arranged an apprenticeship at the freezing works. Dave had no idea what a plumber even did, but he immediately loved it.

Despite ‘retiring’ at 75 in May, Dave Allnutt loves being Lumsden’s local plumber. He tells NZ Plumber he’d love someone to take over and enjoy looking after the community as much as he has.

It’s Dave’s third base as a business owner, after working in Pleasant Point and North Canterbury for the bulk of his career. He’s open about having been “broke” twice—once after the 1987 stock market crash and the other after having issues with a developer in 2010.

Dave’s had North N South Plumbing and Drainage in the small southern town of Lumsden for the last 12 years. It’s only a fraction of the more than 50-year career he’s had in the trade, but something about the place just suits him.

Attitude has always been high on Dave’s agenda and he clearly doesn’t have much time for anyone who isn’t committed to doing quality work. In fact, he’s hopeful he might be able to find such a person to continue running the business into the future.

Dave Allnutt says he would love someone to take over his business to look after the Lumsden community into the future.

The annual report prompted an investigation by Master Plumbers of comparable trades and their licence fees. The Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB)’s current annual fee is $125, whilst the Building Practitioners Board charges a fee of $211.81 per year for carpentry Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs).

Plumber, Drainlayer or Gasfitter – 1 trade $400.00(including levy)

In percentage terms, annual fees for a licensed plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer are 124% higher than for a carpentry LBP and 220% higher than for an electrician. For a practitioner licensed in all three PGD trades, this increases to 380% higher than for an electrician.

Licensed practitioner Licence fee (annual $) higher licenceelectricianthanfee

Carpenter $281.11

56 nzplumber Master Plumbers ADVOCACY

Electrician $125.00




By comparison, the PGDB charges an annual fee of $100 per trade licence held, plus a $300 disciplinary and prosecution levy.

This means our licensed practitioners are paying at least $400 per year, and for some this will be as much as $500 or $600.

“According to their annual report, they received 1,535 calls to their help desk and only 55 complaints were investigated. There were 37 successful disciplinary prosecutions against registered practitioners and only six successful criminal prosecutions against non-licensed consumers in New Zealand.

The PGDB’s cost reserves are well in excess of what is required to run a regulation body, according to Wallace. “The fee increases applied this year were simply not justified,” he says. “Given the large profit in the 2021 year, a large reduction in fees and/or levies would seem appropriate for next year to redress the imbalance.”

Master Plumbers wants to see the PGDB carrying out a robust comparison of licence fees against other construction trades to ensure their fees are in line. “The profit return in the annual report is excessive,” says Wallace. “There needs to be a full review to make sure licence fees paid by practitioners in our industry are fair and relevant.”

“It is our view that the disciplinary and prosecution levy should either be waived for several years or greatly reduced.”

Plumber and Drainlayer or Gasfitter – 2 trades $500.00(including levy)


Master Plumbers wants the PGDB to carry out a full review of its licensed practitioner fees to ensure they are in line with others in the construction industry.

aster Plumbers CEO Greg Wallace has raised serious concerns at the continued increase in fees for licensed practitioners, as highlighted by the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (PGDB) Annual Report for 2021-2022.


“The fact that the PGDB charges a credit card fee on top of this is quite simply astonishing,” says Wallace. “The main issue Master Plumbers has with the PGDB’s fees is the $300 annual disciplinary and prosecution levy.


“During this period, the PGDB returned a profit of more than $1.1 million, which is a staggering result given that they budgeted a loss of $174,000,” says Wallace.

Plumber, Drainlayer and Gasfitter – 3 trades $600.00(including levy)

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Georgia Simeon, a Masterlink apprentice at Karl Boniface Plumbing, gives encouragement to a young student completing the pipe challenge at the Invercargill Girls in Trades event.

58 nzplumber


event in Invercargill in July, with over 65 young wahine from schools around Southland turning up to hear from other women nailing their chosen trade—including Masterlink apprentice Georgia Simeon of Karl Boniface Plumbing.

Last edition, we mentioned that Teigan Jopson was among the finalists for the 2022 NAWIC Excellence Awards, which are open to women working in all areas of the construction industry. We’re thrilled to report that Teigan was awarded Highly Commended in the Apprentice Excellence category—one of just 28 award recipients on the night and an amazing achievement considering there were a record 190 nominations for this year’s awards!

Teigan is a fourth-year Masterlink plumbing, drainlaying and gasfitting apprentice at Otago University Property Services. Well done to Teigan and to the Property Services team!

Promoting a plumbing career

Masterlink has been out and about at secondary school careers events, spreading the word on the benefits of an apprenticeship in plumbing, drainlaying and gasfitting—and where it can lead. The team also took part in the Girls in Trades


Masterlink would like to thank Plumbing World Invercargill for their support of the event. They provided some awesome prizes for participants who completed the pipe challenge that Plumbing World very kindly built using a Masterlink design.

Masterlink apprentice Teigan Jopson was Highly Commended in the Apprentice Excellence category at the 2022 NAWIC Excellence Awards.


Walsh Central North Island 027 600 9929

It is always rewarding to place good, motivated apprentice candidates with equally motivated hosts, adds Steve, who has already matched several young people successfully with host businesses, including Auckland Plumbers Group. Company director Andrew Durrans says the industry is screaming out for new people, and it is great that Steve has identified someone who he is sure will fit well into the team and be an asset to the industry.

Meadows Auckland & Northland 027 558 5441 Pete Shields Business Development Manager 021 289 0255 Bob McCoy Lower North Island 027 479 0075 Sam Timlin Upper South Island 021 433 615 Brendan Parker Lower South Island 021 644 560 Abbie Buchanan Otago/South Canterbury 021 456 934

Colin Kilpatrick

nzplumber 59 Master Plumbers MASTERLINK Turn to page 62 to read all about Eti Sauvao, 2022 Masterlink Apprentice of the Year, and to page 80 for a report back on the Masterlink Outward Bound Scholarship winners’ adventures in the Marlborough Sounds!

an apprentice in your business? Masterlink is here to help. GET


Steve comes from a sales background and says he is very passionate about people and building great relationships. “I enjoy taking time to listen, share knowledge and find solutions to any problems as they arise.”

“Most hosts have been apprentices themselves and enjoy sharing their knowledge and guiding their apprentices through the training journey,” says Steve. “Getting the right fit is paramount—it’s a long time to be working together. The ultimate goal is always to place the apprentice in a happy and safe learning environment with a visible future career pathway.”



Steve Meadows, Masterlink’s new Northland and Auckland Regional Manager, joined in June.

Outside of work, Steve has a real appreciation for the outdoors and time spent with family, friends and adventures.


Carl Reber – BT Plumbing and Gas Ltd, Auckland Jidong (Bruce) Wang – David & Lu Plumbing Ltd, Auckland

Liam Bentley – Hi Flo Plumbing, Oamaru

Liam Kelly – Water to Waste, Auckland Antony Posa – Morrinsville Plumbing & Gas

Connor McCarthny – Rawlinson Plumbing 2022 Ltd, Rotorua

Josh Bakker Reynolds – iPlumber, Hamilton


Oliver Elkington – Advantage Plumbing, Queenstown William van Sprang – Menzies Group Ltd, Timaru Benjamin Erceg – Impact Plumbing, Dunedin

Kegan Weir – Cunningham Plumbing, Waimate

Jack Smith enjoying the start of his plumbing, drainlaying and gasfitting apprenticeship with host buisness Auckland Plumbers Group.

Blake Taylor – Aquacraft Plumbing Ltd, Christchurch Taeo Mortimer – AC Plumbing Ltd, Rotorua

60 nzplumber Master Plumbers MASTERLINK

Jeremiah La’ulu – J&M Group Ltd, Christchurch Kyan Avery – Plumbing & Gas Works, Hamilton Blake Broughton – Aquapoint Plumbing, Awanui

Sam McCarthy – Laser Plumbing Rangiora

Congratulations to Daysharn Asomua-Faatili and Shane Luke for completing in Drainlaying!

Rosa Thompson – McIvor Plumbers & Gasfitters, Wanaka

Masterlink milestones

Oscar Pedersen – Peter Diver Plumbing & Drainage, Christchurch

Kyle Shields – Karl Boniface Plumbing, Invercargill

Ethan Walker – Go Fox Plumbing Queenstown Jack Smith – Auckland Plumbers Group

Bria Noble – Free Flow Plumbing and Gas, Wanaka

Caleb Patterson – Flints Plumbing & Drainage, Queenstown

Grant Woodman – Collins Plumbing, Auckland


Blake Jones-Downes – McBeth Plumbing and Gas, Taupo Pieter Uys – Hamilton Plumbing

Brody Duncan – Alba Plumbing Gas and Heating, Wanaka

Liam Taplin – Whitehead Plumbing & Gas, Christchurch James Charteris – Team Aqua Ltd, Waihi Beach

Shane Luke with his Drainlaying National Certificate and Masterlink Certificate of Completion.

Levi McBride – Papamoa Plumbing & Gas Ltd

Ben Achilles – Plumbing Services Nelson

Max Madgin – Ben Mayne Plumbing, Auckland

Bruce Wang getting stuck into his drainlaying apprenticeship on an Auckland construction site.


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62 nzplumber



The first-ever winner of the Masterlink Apprentice of the Year is Samoan-born Eti Sauvao—an adult apprentice with a positive outlook and an incredible work ethic. We discover why Eti is so well respected by clients and colleagues alike.


Eti Sauvao, 2022 Masterlink Apprentice of the Year, with his Makita XGT 6-piece power tool combo kit prize, worth over $3,000, at his award presentation in June.

Second-year apprentice Liam McCathie goes so far as to say Eti has inspired him to be a better plumber and is someone he wants to emulate. “He is a hard worker, always fun, and always gets the job done,” says Liam. “He is always willing to give me a hand when I need it and show me the best possible way to do things.”

RICHARD TURNER Director of Jennian Homes Rodney

His positive attitude when faced with challenges, coupled with his huge work ethic, made Eti a stand-out candidate to be recognised as Masterlink Apprentice of the Year—a new award supported by Makita and established in 2022 to mark Masterlink’s 20th anniversary.

Liam says Eti is smart too, and that’s backed up by high marks in his MIT trainee progress reports towards his New Zealand Certificate in Drainlaying—though Eti admits he didn’t find studying easy at first. Quite shy in the classroom setting at the start, he has matured and developed as the course has progressed, and is now perfectly happy to ask questions.

Fellow student Hera Eruera says Eti is also not afraid of keeping everyone in line and learning. “If you’re talking loud while the lecturer is teaching, he will ask the tutor to pause for a sec and tell whoever is disrupting the class to save their convo for later—never like he’s telling you off and shaming you, but more in a way that makes you realise our time on block course is precious and we need to be more on to it. He goes out of his way to help a classmate who is a bit behind during practical.”

Ben Mayne Plumbing has grown considerably over the last few years, and it hasn’t always been an easy road. “With the support from Eti and my other workers, we have made it to here,” says Ben. “I have grown a lot with Eti showing me that even on hard days you can still crack a smile and a joke—and that trust can still be earned.”

“He has always been engaging and willing to go above and beyond whenever asked, as well as displaying initiative and problem solving to get the job done,” says Richard. “He is a great ambassador for Master Plumbers and Masterlink.”

Of Samoan heritage and with a tattooed neck, Eti has experienced racism and judgment in the construction industry,

This is all the more impressive, given that Eti had a tough upbringing and readily admits to having made life mistakes along the way. When he came from a previous plumbing employer to Ben Mayne Plumbing in Auckland in 2020, Eti was determined to learn as much as he could and to achieve some personal goals—including working to earn enough to visit and support his young son from a previous relationship.

hird-year apprentice Editor (Eti) Sauvao knows the power of a smile, and he has one for everyone he comes into contact with. “I am yet to hear of a customer, his boss or colleagues having anything but positive things to say about him,” said his first Masterlink Regional Manager Rupert Sanford-Scutt, and current RM Steve Meadows would agree.

“He has always been engaging and willing to go above and beyond whenever asked, as well as displaying initiative and problem solving to get the job done. He is a great ambassador for Master Plumbers and Masterlink.”

with one client telling his boss they didn’t want him on site. “To which I told them they would have to wait a few more weeks to get another plumber and the cost of their job would go up, as they wouldn’t be as quick as Eti,” recalls Ben. “The customer changed their tune pretty quick and after he had completed the job, they were happy with the quality of the work, the time taken and his politeness throughout.”

Eti at his award presentation, with boss Ben Mayne (right) and former All Black Richard Turner, now Director of Jennian Homes Rodney.

Modest by nature, Eti isn’t one to blow his own trumpet, but there are plenty of others ready and willing to do it for him. Former All Black Richard Turner is one of them. Now Director of Jennian Homes Rodney, Richard has got to know Eti well, having worked with Ben Mayne Plumbing for the past three years.

Eti is a great role model to the other four Masterlink apprentices at Ben Mayne Plumbing and is looked up to by all of them. “They all admire the way he comes in every day enthusiastic about the day’s work ahead—approaching each job, no matter how hard, with the same level of determination,” said Rupert in nominating Eti for the’saplumbing maintenance job or a civil drainlaying project, Eti will have prepared his gear the night before so he’s ready to head out bright and early in his van, which he always keeps immaculately clean and tidy. “He also plans for the next day by making job lists with the gear needed, which he will pick up on his way home or get a delivery booked in,” says boss Ben Mayne.


nzplumber 63 Master Plumbers MASTERLINK APPRENTICE PROFILE

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Nick Paris, who works with his wife Sarah on Plumbing Today in Auckland, is completing the 11-month Sirdar Group’s Applied Directorship Programme.

smartsBusiness nzplumber 65

Using board room simulations and gamification, plumber Nick Paris is learning the ins and outs of board directorship on Sirdar Group’s Applied Directorship Programme. Nick talks to NZ Plumber about the programme and how he plans to put it to good use in his business.

“It’s on the more challenging side of residential plumbing and gasfitting,” Nick

The programme is delivered in New Zealand by Skills Consulting Group.

Marketing & business experience

“The exciting thing about this course is that it’s an applied programme, so I get to experience the process of running a board and making strategic decisions. We’re

Strategic decision making

Nick worked for his dad’s plumbing company for 10 years until he was 28. By then, he’d taken over the business and changed its name to Plumbing Today.


Applied Directorship Programme

Exclusively delivered by


“It’s done on a business game platform, and the winner is the one with the best business outcome.”

Your journey to being more than just another director starts here.

broken into groups of six to form a board of a fictitious company.

“We make a huge number of commercial decisions based on the board pack we’re given about how the company is going. It’s done on a business game platform, and the net result is a competition where the winner is the one with the best business outcome.”

It takes a fair bit to quench Nick’s thirst for knowledge, and the Sirdar course is certainly not for the fainthearted. But with his appetite for learning, you wouldn’t bet against him finding yet another challenge after this one’s finished.


“I’m a great believer in continual professional development,” he says. “Being part of the Applied Directorship Programme is a fantastic opportunity and privilege. The skills I’ll develop on this course can be applied to my own business, or as a future director on an industry board.”

“It’s fair to say I did start to feel quite isolated as a sole trader, and I really wanted to challenge myself and enter the corporate sector. I knew I needed to do some sort of extracurricular study to get a foot in and be successful.”

Still, Nick’s learning doesn’t stop there. He’s working through all the prep work before each monthly Sirdar Applied Directorship session, as well as the homework that comes afterwards. There are books to read, podcasts to listen to, and group scenarios to complete.

“It was an exciting 18 years, and I was exposed to how large corporates work. I gained experience in the manufacturing of products, distribution channels, demand forecasting, product development and sales and marketing.”

Nick is the owner of Plumbing Today in Auckland, and winner of a Master Plumbers prize draw to take part in Sirdar Group’s Applied Directorship Programme, an 11-month course all about governance skills.

Nick re-set up Plumbing Today in 2009 and threw himself back into another learning curve. Already a Certifying Plumber, he went about gaining his gas and drainage certifying licences.

He put plumbing on ice, and what followed was a successful 18 years working in sales and marketing for the likes of Marley, Tegel Foods and Caroma. He studied marketing and business management outside work hours, and while at Tegel Foods, led a team that beat other big guns like Telecom and Fonterra to win the supreme marketing prize at the TVNZ Marketing Magazine Awards.

t’s not often you come across a plumber with a Master’s in business. But that’s not the only unusual path Nick Paris has taken in a career that revolves around constant learning.

More than a decade on Plumbing Today has a strong reputation working on midto high-end architectural homes across Auckland. Nick’s wife, Sarah, has also joined the business after a successful corporate career of her own, and manages customer service and planning. Typically, they have at least one high-end project on the books at any time that can take years to complete.

The Sirdar Applied Directorship Programme is delivered by Skills Consulting Group. Find out more at development/sirdar-applied-directorship-programme

66 nzplumber Business smarts OPINION says. “Every house is bespoke, and it requires good project planning and teamwork.”

2041_PNT_21_Master Plumber Ad_F2.indd 1 24/05/22 9:18 AM Plumbing Businesses Succeed We Help HALO BUSINESS ADVISORY Cashflow & Financial Management - Business Advisors For Winners 2022 Master Plumbers of The Year Systems & Operations Sales & Marketing Phone Justin 0800 00 77 44 Giving you more time, more money, less stress

The secret is that great communication is proactive. From the first conversation with your customer to the final walkthrough to ensure they’re happy.

Often, we are too close to our work and assume the client knows more than they do. Many clients have no idea what goes into a job. That’s why they’re often coming to you with queries as the job progresses.

Business Coach Daniel Fitzpatrick shares the soft skills you need to make sure your customers are thrilled with the end result, pay on time, and tell all their friends about you.

Here’s 5 winning strategies:

1 Invest in your onboarding (and win back your time)

68 nzplumber


The good news? Communication is a skill. This means it can be learned. You can always be improving.

FIVE TIPS for smooth sailing through client communication


You did everything you could to get it right. Hustled to find materials. Answered their calls after hours. Agreed to meet them on site whenever they had concerns. If only they knew everything you’ve done to ensure a quality job. So why are they complaining? Usually the pushback is over workmanship. But in most cases the real cause is a breakdown in communication.

Instead, set things up right: Create a brief ‘how we work’ guide. It serves as a conversation starter on what clients can realistically expect.

Here’s what’s interesting: If you can bring your communication up a notch, most complaints will disappear before they even begin. Saving you hours of extra work and stress.

ver found yourself at the finish line of a job but the customer still wanted more?

You can stay in control by digging deeper: Ask them what they’ve heard. Uncover their main concern. Repeat back to them to make sure you understand.

No doubt about it: When potential issues crop up during the job, clear and transparent communication is a must. Be in touch early and often.

These customers probably just heard too many stories. From people with leaky homes, or who had a bad reno and told them all about it.

This sets your standards from the outset and is something you can go through with every new client. Include things like:

What happens if progress payments are missed (ie, work stops) What handover will look like.

5 Build a team your customers love

Then explain your process and why what they are afraid of won’t happen. You’ll diffuse the situation and make them feel reassured they’re in safe hands.


Explain things in their terms. (If your mum wouldn’t understand it, they probably won’t either.)

Some customers are, of course, more trouble than they’re worth.

Still, it’s your reputation on the line. You’re the one explaining it to the customer.

Getting these operating systems right means you can be away from site without worrying what is going on. Keep tabs on the right things—then you or your foreman can intervene early if issues crop up.

We have jobs available across many of our 13 Branches. If you’re keen, check out our website

You’ll need to test if your assumptions are correct. If they are, be the nice guy with a backbone. Tell them your company isn’t the right fit for this work. Avoid the temptation to explain these signs away; you’ll thank yourself later.

The trick is to be clear about what your ideal client looks like, so you can quickly

When milestone meetings will be (these should be in person for bigger jobs)

Ultimately: Put a bit of extra effort into communication and you’ll quickly become known as the best. Expect 5-star reviews, good recommendations… and bigger and better jobs with clients you enjoy.

nzplumber 69 Business smarts BUSINESS COACH

Getting your onboarding right builds trust with customers and means they aren’t left in the dark about what’s coming next. So you’re free to work on the job itself. Without being bombarded with questions at inconvenient times.

Want to bring your team up to a professional level while you charge the premium prices you deserve? Book a free session with me now:

Make sure you notice any red flags when you first chat with clients. Have they had problems with other tradies before you? Do they want the job done yesterday? Do they complain about their neighbours even? These might be signs they’re difficult to deal with.

Many tradies aren’t concentrating on delivering great communication. It’s an easy opportunity to get ahead of your competition. You can easily wow and delight customers if you just do a few small things right:

With these things in place, you can deal with problems before the client ever sees them. Less re-work and complaints. No squabbles over the bill.

You need to have good systems and rules for your crew, so things aren’t missed. Send your team into jobs fully loaded: Use detailed job folders, set processes for the way things should be done, and quality control checklists. Have clear standards and expectations that your team is accountable to—and rewarded for. This helps your staff take ownership. (Those with attitudes will either step up or step out.)

Foleys –We’re Hiring!

What if the customer starts questioning your work? It’s a familiar scenario: They’ve spent 2 minutes on Google or chatted to a builder mate. Now they’ve got some “helpful tips” for you. They think they know better when you’ve been in the trades your whole working life! It’s perfectly natural to feel frustrated—but it won’t make things better.

3 Learn to say no to the clients you don’t want

2 Find the real issue (if they’re getting too involved)

4 Separate yourself from the rest

Tell your clients about the things you aren’t charging them for. Like when you encounter a hiccup and have to spend extra time prepping the job.

As your team grows, it gets harder to keep consistent standards on all jobs. Quality slips. Mistakes happen.

That’s why when tradies come to me for business advice, one of the first things we look at is team performance. Getting everyone on the same page and improving individually and as a team.

The cost to place a classified advertisement is $120+GST for Master Plumbers members; $200+GST for non-members.

Classified advertisements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Train your crew to be extra polite—please, thank you, excuse me. No swearing. Treat their home like your own. Use boot covers, dropsheets. Remove rubbish. Leave the site better than you found it. You could even put a cleaner through. Give a final handover worthy of their investment. Take your time, walk them through, show them all that went into the job. Any niggles can be easily squashed. A quick courtesy call to follow up after Makecompletion.‘lookinggood to the customer’ a team mission. And educate staff on the actual value of a customer. Show them how much it costs to acquire new customers. You’ll get more effort and buy in from them when they understand this.

recognise the ones you don’t want. Look: It’s okay to turn down work. Just because someone offers you work doesn’t mean they’re a good customer.

The process: very clearly lay out each step including due dates of decisions they’ll need to make.

Arrive on time, or if running late, text an update. (81% of customers find lateness highly unprofessional. Don’t get off on the wrong foot.)

We’ve all been there: They didn’t pay on time. Had unrealistic expectations. Maybe even got aggressive. They definitely complained about everything

When and how they can contact you (eg, you’ll reply ASAP but only during work Whenhours)andhow they can expect updates. Is it site photos, videos, in-person walk-throughs?

Covid has turned our workplaces upside down for a long while. Do you need to get back to putting time into your business?

Then you need to identify your goals, so you can map out a route to reach them. Ideally, the plan would only have two or three key goals—and they should be attainable to keep you and your team engaged.

Involving your team in the planning process increases their personal investment. This is powerful because it drives organisational alignment and a greater chance of success.

How did you go with Dry July? So often, the month starts with, ‘Hey, this is easy!’, but as the days go on it becomes increasingly hard to fend off the temptation of a die-hard habit. Especially when your mates are going for some drinks at the local after a long working week... easiest way to wind down.

In Patrick Gower’s recent documentary On Booze, he led us through his path of self-acceptance of his drinking habits to the point where he takes accountability and action. He also highlighted that alcohol is actually a depressant, having an impact on our mental wellbeing. When he went cold turkey, he said his mind felt ‘clear’.

wellbeingontap CARMODYKEREAMA MasterWellbeingPlumbersGuy

To what point do you let alcohol be the determining factor of your wellbeing? Stopping drinking for Dry July (or any other month) is tough. But even if you slip, don’t let that stop you trying to break a long-standing habit and putting your health first.

The planning process itself helps you uncover ways to improve organisational performance. It may, for instance, spark insights on how to restructure your business to reach its full potential. Or it could see you expanding operations and reaching into a new market.

Need to talk? Master Plumbers members and their teams can get in touch with registered social worker Kereama Carmody on the 0800 Wellbeing Number during normal business hours. Details in the member log-in at (under Human Resources).

Have you asked yourself lately, “Where is my business going?” Developing a strategic plan is a good basis for reaching your goals.

One night I had gone to bed as usual but a couple of hours later something wasn’t right. I was suffering from a massive heart attack, so obviously I am very lucky to be here today. Like many of us, I had thought it was never going to happen to me. Having a couple of drinks every night, and maybe a couple more than usual on the weekends, creates high risk for cardiovascular disease and liver issues, which can ultimately impact our lives for the worse.


If you need help getting started with your strategic plan, contact the Master Plumbers HR team!

Developing a good strategic plan will help you refocus on your purpose, your goals and your opportunities. It will bring you back to the big picture—the reason why you started in the first place!

Lisa Duston from the Master Plumbers HR team is available to Master Plumbers members to discuss any employee situation. Contact Lisa on 021 245 1704 or email

Mapping your future

70 nzplumber

A strategic plan is a document that paves the way forward. It lays out your objectives and explains why they’re important. It also sets out how you will respond to opportunities and challenges.

One of the first steps is to commit to a process, then determine how you’ll carry it out. The plan should start with identifying the purpose of your business. Have you ever asked yourself, simply and honestly, “Why am I in business?”Everybusiness also needs a vision to guide strategies and decisions. If you don’t know where you’re heading, you’ll never get there!

Now, I’m no exception. I loved drinking with my mates after work—it was all I knew. Little did I realise the harm the continuous intake of alcohol was causing my body. Christmas time 2019, I had finished work for the year and was looking forward to downtime with friends and family.

While five years is often the strategic planning sweet spot, some choose to create three-year plans. Looking too far ahead can be daunting, especially for a new or changing company.

About the author: Kelly Hyland is the Administrative Manager for Alex Hyland Plumbing Ltd. She has a Master’s in Dietetics, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching, and is passionate about ensuring a healthy working environment in the trade industry. Kelly worked as a registered dietitian and as a science teacher before buying the plumbing business with her husband Alex. hydratedstay

A bit of thirst and dark pee are manageable enough, but headaches, fatigue, dizziness and confusion are symptoms of dehydration that aren’t good for our health or productivity.

3. Pee checks! Pale and odourless urine = ‘good’ vs dark, smelly urine = ‘bad’


6. Chat to your clothing company about different materials suited for the different seasons.

Drink to thirst. How many of us follow this rule of thumb? Thirst is your body’s way of telling you that fluid output is greater than fluid intake… aka dehydration! We may not think of dehydration as an issue when it’s cold outside, but when you’re on the tools, it’s important to keep those fluids up all year round.

4. Provide opportunities: water bottles for staff, water jug at meetings, water cooler for the office

Thirsty work: tips to

In her first nutrition column for NZ Plumber , Kelly Hyland stresses the importance of keeping up your fluids, even in the colder months.

Here are 6 easy ways to help the team stay hydrated all year round:

2. Toolbox talks: discuss the importance of staying hydrated, and dehydration signs/symptoms

5. Adopt a ‘healthy beverage’ guideline (promoting water obviously)

The beverages we drink, the food we eat, and the water produced from the body’s metabolic reactions all contribute to fluid intake. In contrast, we lose fluid when we pee, through faeces, through our skin—with or without sweat—and every time we breathe out.

Lucky for us, our bodies are pretty good at warning us when we start to get mildly dehydrated, through signals such as thirst, dark urine and less need to pee. However, during the colder months, those dehydration warning signs are easily missed. We tend to

pee more to try and maintain body heat. We breathe in colder, drier air, which increases water losses. We wear more heavily layered clothing, actually causing sweat losses without us noticing. And some of us just might not find water so drinkable when the weather’s cold.

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1. Role model water—simple but effective!

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Often at the end of the tax period a shareholder salary will be declared to match the drawings and bring the current account back to a neutral or credit position. The current account can be thought of as a bank account that the shareholder has with the company. It is a running balance of the amount the company owes the shareholder, or the amount the shareholder owes the company.


Be sure with an extensive risk


If a shareholder current account becomes overdrawn—perhaps because too much money has been used for personal purchases—the company must pay income tax on the interest income from the overdrawn balance.

Relying too heavily on your company’s current account to fund your lifestyle can be risky business, as Brett Crombie explains.

One of the great things about owning and operating a small business is the flexibility that comes with it. Compared to working for someone else as an employee, starting a company and becoming a small business owner can allow more flexibility in the use of time, as well as more flexibility around how and when to receive income from the company.

About the author: Brett Crombie is a trade specialist accountant at Straightedge Accounting. For plan,developingassistanceabusinessorfortaxand

CL578N CLMB Master Plumbers review ad 185mm(w) x 55mm(h) V1.indd 1 24/06/20 2:45 PM Business smarts TAX & FINANCE

accounting services, contact Brett on 021 301 022 or email

The current account can be a tricky concept to get to grips with. If you own a small company and are hazy on the topic, it is worthwhile making it a focus the next time you meet with your accountant.

up to the job? review

Whilst this income flexibility can be great, there are several pitfalls that can trip up the unsuspecting owner. In this article I will talk about the shareholder current account, which is one of the trickier and least understood aspects of small business accounting.

What is a shareholder current account?

It is preferable for the current account to be in credit, which means there is a net loan from the shareholder to the company. Problems occur when the current account becomes overdrawn, meaning the shareholder has taken more money out of the company than was put into it. This is treated as a loan from the company to the shareholder.

There are a few problems with an overdrawn current account. First, the company must declare interest income from the overdrawn balance, on which it must pay income tax. A second issue is that if the company goes into liquidation, the current account will be called up by the liquidator, who will pursue the shareholder personally for the loan. Finally, an overdrawn current account suggests a shareholder who is living beyond their means and leaning too heavily on the company for their personal income and lifestyle. This in turn can lead to cashflow issues and make the whole structure shaky.

nzplumber 73 CL578N Brought to you byGet your insurance sorted 0800 866

On the other hand, a current account is decreased (debited) when the owner takes drawings from the company, or the company pays for something on behalf of the owner.

When a company is set up, the shareholders will put in money to get the business started. This is often called ‘working capital’ and it might be used to buy a digger, a van or tools. The money put in forms the opening balance of the shareholder current account (often simply called the current account).

Risks with shareholder current accounts

Other ways the current account is increased (credited) are when the owner purchases items for the company using personal funds, or when the company uses something paid for by the owner, such as home office space or a personal vehicle.

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Not bad for someone who confesses to having never enjoyed studying before.

startersCareer nzplumber 75 APPRENTICE PROFILE

Ryan Wilson went from leaving school at 16 after missing a year through sickness to achieving the highest mark nationwide for both his Certifying Plumber and Certifying Gasfitter exams—and now he’s capped that by winning the James Douglas Medallion. NZ Plumber talks to Ryan about his journey to date.

Asked how he was able to stay focused, Ryan admits a certain amount of drive to prove others wrong. “It also helps that once you find something you’re interested in, studying suddenly isn’t so bad.”


Plumber exam, which was recognised with a merit of excellence award from the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board. This September, he received the same award for top marks in the 2021 Certifying Gasfitter exams.

It hasn’t been a walk in the park. In preparation for sitting both Certifying exams, Ryan committed to a strict study schedule, clocking up 1,800 hours in just over 18 months—all while working 42-hour weeks, with the occasional night and weekend on-call work thrown in.

Althoughtraining.completing his plumbing and gasfitting apprenticeship at Master Plumbers’ member business Hutt Gas & Plumbing has been delayed due to the pandemic, Ryan has the bulk of his studies behind him—with top marks to boot. In 2020 he achieved the highest exam mark in the country for the Certifying


Twenty-one-year-old Ryan has already carved out a name for himself as a hardworking and dedicated apprentice, winning the 2022 James Douglas Medallion at the New Zealand Plumbing Awards—the top national accolade for apprentices reaching the end of their

yan Wilson’s advice to other apprentices is to ask a lot of questions and try to be a sponge. That’s how he’s been able to soak up so much information on the go, he says.

Winning the 2022 James Douglas Medallion has given Ryan Wilson extra motivation to work hard and be an example for other apprentices coming through.

76 nzplumber

As part of the prize, Ryan receives a career development scholarship to the value of $2,500 from Skills to help him plan what his career pathway could look like in plumbing.

Ryan committed to a strict study schedule, clocking up 1,800 hours in just over 18 months—all while working 42-hour weeks, with the occasional night and weekend on-call work thrown in.

nzplumber 77 Career starters APPRENTICE PROFILE

Pathway to plumbing

Ryan and members of the Hutt Gas & Plumbing team and their partners at the 2022 New Zealand Plumbing Awards in June. From left: Helen and Scott Adin, Colleen Upton, Grant Jefferson, Ryan Wilson, Rachel Jefferson, Michel Webb and Darren Smith.

James Douglas Medallion, saying that after training apprentices for 30-plus years, he is one of the most outstanding workers they have come across and deserved the award for his work ethic, diligence, and character.

We’ve been providing virtual admin support to tradespeople for years now, and have grown a team of talented people who can take care of all the details without missing a beat.

When he’s not working, Ryan is likely to be hanging out with his mates or indulging in his new interest—business and leadership books. He loves the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People and is currently enjoying James Kerr’s Legacy, with its lessons in leadership from All Blacks’ greats.

then seeing my brother work as a sparky made me want to enrol in a plumbing pretrade course.

You didn’t start a business to be stuck knee-deep in admin and accounts. But we!

This far into his apprenticeship, he is enjoying the larger projects the most, having worked on large school sites as well as commercial buildings.

Call us what you like: Virtual Assistants, Office Managers, Administrators, all-round miracle workers, we free you up to use your soughtafter trades skills—after all, that’s what you’re good at and what you can bill for.

“It’s been great to sink my teeth into some bigger projects,” says Ryan, adding that he enjoys the problem solving and camaraderie that comes with a big site and working with different trades.

“To be fair I actually got a bit sick during school with mechanical enthesitis and chronic fatigue and basically missed Year 10 at school,” he says. “After I came back, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and decided just to finish early.

It was the company’s General Manager Colleen Upton who nominated Ryan for the

He enjoys working alongside the new apprentices at Hutt Gas & Plumbing and finds it rewarding helping them and seeing theirHisprogress.response to anyone thinking of getting into plumbing: “Do it—you won’t regret it”.

“I was then able to get some good references from work experience which helped me get my spot at Hutt Gas & Plumbing.”

A career in plumbing was not something he’d considered growing up. After taking some time after school to work out what he wanted to do, he’s glad he’s now found something he both enjoys and is good at.

Leadership potential

“My sister was a site manager for a construction company, so I did some work with her, decided it wasn’t my thing, but

The James Douglas Medallion recognises Ryan’s own potential as a future leader in the industry, and he says it’s given him the motivation to keep working hard to be an example to those coming through.

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80 nzplumber

Career starters OUTWARD BOUND nzplumber 81

Maria Contreras Huerta – Morrinsville Plumbing & Gas, Waikato

Nathan Smith – Hamilton Plumbing


The 2022 Masterlink Outward Bound Scholarship winners on their way home at the end of their 16-day adventure. Back row, from left: Brendan Wood, Basil Carpenter, Sebastian Sekene, Tommy Gadsbey. Front row, from left: Nathan Smith, Maria Contreras Huerta, Troy Haronga.

Troy Haronga – Laser Plumbing Manawatu, Feilding

From dealing with wet weather for much of the trip, to being pushed to their limits in every way possible, all seven agree it was a trip of a lifetime—filled with lessons and practical skills they are excited to apply to their workplaces, future careers, and home life.

For Sebastian, 21, who is halfway through his plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying apprenticeship, completing the Outward Bound course not only taught him how far he could push his body and mind but also just how important the relationships in his life are to him.

This year’s BETA Outward Bound course took place from 5-20 July, with seven Masterlink apprentices teaming up with other construction industry trainees from around the country to take on the unforgettable challenge.

Brendan Wood – Plumbing & Gas Works, Hamilton

“I’ve never spent that much time away from anyone back home and especially without any communication for 16 days, so that was an extra hurdle,” he says.

Seven Masterlink apprentices took part in the 2022 course, thanks to Masterlink Outward Bound Scholarships, sponsored by Methven Caroma:

They did it! Seven Masterlink Apprentice Outward Bound Scholarship winners have successfully completed their 16-day leadership course at Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds. They share their experiences with NZ Plumber.

Sebastian Sekene – Heron Plumbing, Auckland

Designed to test each apprentice mentally and physically to grow their self-awareness, self-belief and leadership ability, the 16-day course saw the group trying their hands at coasteering, waka ama, high ropes, kayaking, camping, hiking, sailing and a solo experience in the bush.

Thomas Gadsbey – The Drainage Department, Mt Maunganui

ince 2007, Outward Bound has been providing outdoor adventure experiences to the construction sector, with the wild and wonderful Marlborough Sounds as backdrop.

Basil Carpenter – McDermond Plumbing, Auckland


While he’s eager to get back into his apprenticeship and finish his last two years, he’s now also looking forward to prioritising his family more and maintaining a better balance in his life.

Masterlink also gives huge thanks to the host businesses who released their apprentices to go on the course.

Maria – “I was on the cutter with my teammates, there was no wind in sight, and I was soaking wet and freezing cold. I didn’t give up, I pushed past my limits, and we rowed until there was no sun in sight. But we did it with a smile on our faces and happy spirits.”

“Outward Bound provides a gold standard experience that sets participants up for life, teaching them about communication, collaboration, and teamwork–all skills needed to be successful on both a professional and personal level.”

82 nzplumber Career starters OUTWARD BOUND

Nathan – “I learnt about self-care and looking after my mind as well as my body.”

Tommy – “The solo camp for two nights was the hardest part for me. We got dropped off at night to individual camps and we had to stay there for two nights. I found the boredom challenging because we weren’t allowed more than 20 steps from our bivvy the whole time!”

Life lessons learned

Masterlink apprentice Troy Haronga at the end of the BETA Outward Bound course.

“The next generation are our greatest resource,” says Matt Jones, Head of Marketing at Methven Caroma. “It is our hope that through our partnership with Masterlink on the Outward Bound programme, we will help to develop successful plumbing industry leaders of the future.

Basil – “We had to sleep on the cutter with no cabin for the first night, and for the

Brendan – “I learnt the importance of teamwork and how you can push your boundaries further than you previously knew you could.”

second night we had to set up our tents in the rain. On the last day we had to row 25km home in the rain. That was one of the hardest challenges I have had to face in my life.”

Troy – “I learnt that there are so many distractions in life that can lead us off course. Sometimes a walk in the forest alone can be grounding to finding self-direction.”

“Touch down. Successful Masterlink apprentices. Home bound after epic mental, physical and soul seeking Outwardchallenges.Boundcompleted.”

“My time at Outward Bound was one of the most refreshing but also challenging times I’ve experienced. I’ve learnt to live in the moment more and that there are important people in my life that I need to make time for.”

Brendan, Troy, and Nathan agree selfreflection was a big part of making it through the course:

Masterlink would like to thank Methven Caroma for sponsoring the 2022 Outward Bound Scholarship and investing in nurturing great young leaders in this plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying apprentice programme.

From navigating a 32-foot gaff rigged sailing cutter in the rain for days, to going bush solo, Basil, Maria, and Tommy reflect on the hardest parts of the 16 days:

The toughest moments?


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84 nzplumber

SKILLS TRANSITION TO TE PŪKENGA Do you know your current Skills Account ManagerSkillsContactManager?yourRegionalforfurtherassistance Contact your Skills ManagerRegionalforfurtherassistanceAretheytransitioningtoTePūkenga? Phone number stays the same Email address will change Your Account Manager will be in touch to confirm contact details YES NO NO YES Skills Regional Managers transitioning to Te Pūkenga Brad Roddan Justin Morris Waikato/lower North Stan Wotjas South

The RoVE changes affect plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying apprentices enrolled with Skills. RoVE means Skills is transitioning the delivery of its on-job and off-job training and support for plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying programmes to Industry Connection for Excellence (ICE) and Te Pūkenga. Te Pūkenga is the newly formed public network of provision, bringing together all the polytechnics and Industry Training Organisations to deliver unified, sustainable, regionally accessible vocational education.

he Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) is underway. RoVE is a government reform aiming to improve vocational education in New Zealand, so businesses and industry get their needs met more effectively.

Plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying programmes are on the move to ICE and Te Pūkenga. Skills explains what’s happening, and when.

You and your apprentices will not notice many changes during the shift from Skills to ICE or Te Pūkenga. Most of what’s changing is behind the scenes. The information Skills holds about your employees will also transfer to ICE or Te Pūkenga with the same terms and conditions. Don’t worry—all your information will remain confidential and secure throughout the transition.

If you can’t get hold of them, please contact the Skills Customer support team on 0508 754 557 or who will be able to help you.

There are some changes that will impact some employers, apprentices, and assessors for a short period prior to 1 October 2022. Skills is in the process of contacting those who may be affected with specific details of these changes.

and Industry Training Organisations are leading providers, delivering high-quality education. We’re sure they’ll give your apprentices the high-quality training they need to succeed in their plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying careers.

After the transition, you and your apprentices will still get the same quality training and support that you’ve come to expect from Skills. We’re committed to making this transition as easy as possible for everyone involved.

The transition will take place on 1 October 2022.

This change will streamline training processes and give your apprentices a smoother, more seamless experience. ICE and Te Pūkenga’s network of polytechnics

All the programmes and services will be carried over to either ICE or Te Pūkenga. Many of the Skills Account Managers will be moving also, and we’ll do everything we can to keep Account Managers with their apprentices. ICE, Te Pūkenga and Skills are working closely together to ensure that Account Managers are appropriately trained for their new positions.

By now, all plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying employers will have received an email from Skills informing you whether your programmes are headed to ICE or Te Pūkenga. The email included a Frequently Asked Questions document explaining in detail how the change will affect you and your apprentices.


If you didn’t receive that email, please get in touch with your Skills Account Manager.


Within the WBL Admin strat ve Division Staff reporting to Connexis and Service IQ Te Tai Tokerau North Te Tai R whiti East Te Ta Hau uru West Te Tai Tonga South kkAoNetwors Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics

Feel safe and comfortable wherever you are, with our robust range of potable and non-potable plumbing products.

People Foo and Fibre Services Cultural, and Techno Health and Social

1 October 2022

RMC Water Valves gives you precise control over the delivery of water.





4 October 2021


April 2020 All ITOs (TITOs)TransitionalbecameITOs

Standard setting transferred to Workforce Development Councils (WDCs)

nzplumber 85 Career starters SKILLS

30 June 2023 WBL moved into Te Pūkenga

The flow charts on these pages show the transition pathway from Skills to Te Pūkenga and how things will look from 1 October.

All TITOs that have chosen Te Pūkenga will have moved into Work Based Learning (WBL) subsidiary

What’s been your most memorable flying experience?


We talk to Mike Foote, general manager of Hamilton-based Plumbing & Gas Works, about his love of flying.

Any advice for someone keen to learn?

The Te Kowhai syndicate owns two aircraft—a Cessna C172 and a Piper Cherokee PA28-235. I’ve flown all over the North Island and have used the aircraft to make site visits to our jobs that are further afield. I also use the opportunity to connect with my family. We like to fly to the beach for the sunshine when work, school and weather allow it.

And what keeps you doing it?


hen did you start flying?

I was a late starter compared to most, but certainly not the latest. We have a member at my flying syndicate, Te Kowhai, who completed his first solo in his seventies. I began my Private Pilot’s License (PPL) training in 2019 when I was 42 and it took me just under 18 months to complete.


I did a trial flight while on holiday in Northland. A year later, my wife bought me another trial flight in a 4-seater, so I could take my boys, Lachlan and Harrison, with me. They really enjoyed it, so I was motivated to complete the PPL training to see what it led to. Being a pilot has had a lot of similarities to running my plumbing business. You have the authority to choose the destination, the oversight of the processes, and the opportunity to direct the outcome.

Why did you decide to learn?

The best part for me has been sharing the experience with passengers, starting with my sons on that first flight. Most have never been in a small plane before. The script is similar every time. First flight they don’t say a word until after we land— then they can’t stop talking about it. The first few times I was worried that my passengers were too scared to talk, but they were just soaking in the experience. I get to share in their excitement each time, which is what makes it fun for me.

I hope to start my Instrument Flight Rules training shortly, so I can fly above the weather and at night. This additional training will be greater than what I have already completed, so I’m very much still at the start of my journey.

What do you fly?

86 nzplumber


In 2021, I had the chance to participate in a charity event called the Poppy & Star Flight. This was a fundraiser for the RSA, calling for volunteer pilots to carry a knitted poppy and star on their flight sector to eventually finish at a concluding event. I relayed the poppy and star from Taupo to Te Kowhai. You can find out more about the Poppy & Star Flight at

What are your future goals?

Mike Foote by one of his flying syndicate’s planes.

Contact a local aeroclub—the majority offer trial flights—and see where it leads. It’s not as expensive as you might think!

Andrew, Watersmith

A Full Range of Lead-free 304 Stainless Steel Tapware Now Available in Stunning PVD Finishes STORM High Rise Basin Mixer and STORM Basin Mixer in Brushed Copper PVD FinishLEAD-FREESTAINLESSSTEEL 304 10 Year Warranty. 100% NZ Owned & Operated. View the complete range online Stainless steel doesn’t have to be ordinary.

“I can see exactly how much each job costs me and how much profit I am making per job. I like the fact I can quickly look through previous jobs and customers and see how much work I have done for them.” Plumbing

“Came across this when doing a roof in section,” says Chris Turner of Marshall Industries. “It’s been there about five years. They have fitted a trough to catch the water leaking from a rusty gutter.”

Water tight

Thanks to Craig Tremeer sending this one in. His comment? “I don’t know what to say.”

“Came across this just below the concrete at a blocked toilet!!” says Glen Hoban-Watson. “Strap boss into a slip coupler full of tree roots. Even the level invert had the hole drilled out.”

Laugh like a drain? We did!

That’s boss

Down the toilet

“Anyone can do their own tiling, right?” says Steve from Purcell’s Plumbing & Drainage. “Seem to be having great issues to do much with this. Can’t even spin it.”

Words fail me

88 nzplumber And finally... DODGY PLUMBING, GAS & DRAINAGE Send your dodgy photos to the Ed: The bigger the file, the larger we can show it on the page.



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