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MESSAGE Dear Friends of Northwestern: You are reading this letter today because of your continuing support of Northwestern Oklahoma State University. While your gifts are given to benefit the institution as a whole, it’s important to remember the impact that is being made on individual students. Whether through scholarship assistance, direct support to programs that enhance learning opportunities, improved facilities or support for athletics, music or theatre, your gift has a direct and positive effect on the lives of everyday students. I offer this reminder because often times we lose sight of how higher education enriches the lives of students on an individual basis. There is a tendency to view public higher education as a bureaucracy or through the eyes of large comprehensive research institutions with billion dollar endowments. Fortunately, Northwestern is a dramatically different type of university. Our priority is teaching and learning on a personal level. The interaction between faculty and students carries real meaning, providing moments for learning and mentorship not found at other institutions. It is more than just knowing a student’s name and hometown, it is sharing their hopes and dreams, and understanding their challenges and opportunities. As president, I have the rare privilege of witnessing the transformational power of the Northwestern experience. In many ways your gift to Northwestern through the Northwestern Foundation provides the same positive impact. Your support of scholarships can make the difference for a family being able to send their son or daughter to Northwestern, or can provide valuable support for a working mother or father who views a degree as the path to a better job and improved quality of life. Direct support of programs enables faculty to have the tools necessary to keep our students in the forefront of their field of study. And finally, private support



for our campus facilities allows us to provide a great learning environment and be competitive in attracting the next generation of Rangers. In short, your gift has meaning to every student at Northwestern. In the past few years, both the University and the Foundation have better communicated with students in explaining how your gifts benefit them. They understand and they are grateful. Many now look forward to the day when they can give back and make a difference. This annual report will share stories of how Northwestern, through your support, has helped bring dreams to life. I hope you will take time to share these successes. I close by offering my gratitude for your unwavering support of the students of Northwestern. You continue to make this University a place where education today provides the hope for a better tomorrow. Respectfully,

Janet Cunningham, Ed.D. President



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“Students have dreams and the world will prosper with Rangers who respond to the needs of society. Our support gives the students the opportunity to make a difference.”



At this very moment, my son Dallas – soon to turn 9 – wants to become a marine biologist when he grows up. My daughter, Audrey – nearly 5 – dreams of becoming either a singer or a gymnast. In my profession as a dentist, I often visit with children and teenagers about their dreams and aspirations. For many of these young individuals, their dreams are subject to change – possibly often. In northwest Oklahoma, a destination remains where students can find their place. For more than a century, Northwestern has provided the environment for students to prepare for their professional careers. We frequently hear from our alumni – many who have gone on to receive their Masters or Doctorate degrees from other institutions – that they are convinced Northwestern gave them the best educational foundation for their careers. I agree with this testament. Scholarships brought me to Northwestern. Faculty gave me direction and confidence in my next steps. When I entered dental school in 2002, I soon realized that Northwestern had readied me for the next step in achieving my professional goals. Northwestern continues to remain strong in offering superior academic and student life programs. Northwestern’s science labs are hosting a surge of students who are destined for health care careers. Computer science students are winning robotics competitions and starting their careers in well-paying jobs. Business students are excelling in business model design events. Our University Singers are performing across the globe. The list of accomplishments at Northwestern is endless as more achievements are made. While the allocations from State legislature have significantly diminished in the last few years, President Cunningham and University senior staff have remained deliberate in their cost-saving initiatives while preserving excellence in education. As well, the investment of our Northwestern community has played a significant role in keeping Northwestern strong. The generosity of our donors creates endowments and infrastructure investments that support students with scholarships and provide Northwestern with the resources to enhance the classroom and student life experience. Our investment in Northwestern is more critical now than ever. There are no signs that state support will improve, at least in the near future. Yet students have dreams and the world will prosper with Rangers who respond to the needs of society. Our support gives the students the opportunity to make a difference. Please join me as we continue to celebrate the success of every student in achieving their dream. All the best,

Megan Darrow, DDS Chair, Northwestern Foundation Class of 2002



My family lost our grandmother at the age of 99 years last summer. In spite of her age and failing health, her death was a blow. But her life and the way she lived it had much greater impact. Eva May Bird was nearly iconic in my family. Grandma grew up on the May Ranch, located 38 miles northwest of Alva. She was not born into a life of money, but she was wealthy in perseverance, a thirst for the discovery of knowledge and a love for humanity. Grandma was a child during the Great Depression and endured the Dirty Thirties of blinding dust storms. She understood, and modeled, the definition of “sacrifice”. Aluminum foil was always used, at minimum, twice. The first time was to cover the turkey, chicken or roast; it was then cut into smaller pieces to wrap bierocks or other items for storage in the freezer. Education was paramount in our family. Grandma Eva and Granddad Bill – both Northwestern alumni – taught school. Both also earned their Master of Education degrees. They spent decades investing in the lives of young people. They were passionate educators outside the classroom, as well. In their summers they opened the world of new knowledge to 16 grandchildren, sharing countless hours teaching us things that – at the time – we did not realize we were learning. In 1980, they retired and returned to Alva. In 1981, I became the first of four grandchildren to attend and graduate from Northwestern under the watchful eyes of our grandparents. Grandma’s cooking often fed this poor college kid. She would send leftovers with me in her prized Tupperware, and more than once she withheld leftovers until I washed and returned her containers. Grandma remained the teacher, and I her student. Soon after I returned to Northwestern to assume my current role, Grandma asked me about the William and Eva Bird Scholarship. I was unaware that in 1983, their five children honored my grandparents with a scholarship in their names. Each child gave $100. Realizing the funds lay dormant for 22 years, Grandma set a goal for the scholarship to reach the endowment level of $10,000 while she was alive. Her steel determination eliminated any possible doubt created by the size of her schoolteacher retirement fund. She encouraged family to give to this scholarship instead of buying her birthday gifts. Grandma invested much of the proceeds from selling her house and antiques into the scholarship. She continued to give after moving to assisted living and then later to the nursing home. Both of my grandparents gave of themselves in both time and money. Every year, the William and Eva Bird Scholarship invests in a young student studying to become an accomplished teacher. Who among us could hope for a better legacy? I share this story to demonstrate that everyone can do something to make a difference for our students. If two school teachers can make possible an endowed scholarship that will last in perpetuity, most anyone can. Thank you for choosing to make a difference with your investment in our students. Ride, Rangers, Ride!

Allen (Skeeter) E. Bird CEO, Northwestern Foundation & Alumni Association Class of 1985

“Every year, the William and Eva Bird Scholarship invests in a young student studying to become an accomplished teacher. Who among us could hope for a better legacy?”







of Northwestern students are

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“I want to thank them for all the past, present and future students they have helped, are helping and will help achieve their dreams.”


e makes his way across the assembled stage on Ranger Field, hundreds of spectators watching and a constant buzz of excitement surrounding him. His name, “Stefan Simpson”, vibrates from the speakers. Just as he reaches out to receive this life-changing piece of paper, a cool, spring morning breeze rushes past him and the world slowly fades into silence. His mind races back to his high school days in Frederick, Okla., where he remembers a time when he viewed college as more of an idea than as the “next step”. Knowing he would be the first of his immediate family to journey down this path, he realizes it’s the path he must take to get to where he wants to be. But how? “I’ve always had a bigger picture in my mind of myself and where I wanted to be as a person than what has been done before me,” said Simpson. “My parents are very hard-working people but struggled financially and I didn’t want to put this burden on them. I knew the only way I would attain my dreams and ambitions was by going to college and receiving scholarships.” During his time at Northwestern, Simpson received several academic scholarships including the Jay Linder Scholarship, the Shafer Family Scholarship and social sciences department scholarships. He also put in the hard work to increase his football scholarships each year. He recognizes he would

not be where he is today without the investment of generous donors. “I just want to tell them thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be successful with a good education,” said Simpson. “I want to thank them for all the past, present and future students they have helped, are helping and will help achieve their dreams.” His memory travels to his first few days as a freshman on this same field, only now it’s a little different. He remembers the long, excruciating summer football practices on the fresh-cut green grass, wearing jersey number 75. Simpson played as an offensive lineman – or as he likes to call it “the protector” – throughout his four years as a Ranger where he poured his heart and soul into something that was bigger than himself. This was something he was so fortunate to be a part of given the scholarships he received. He recalls being a member of the first team of Rangers to play on the new turf field in 2015, and now the first class of graduates to walk across it. Simpson, a pre-law major and May 2016 graduate, is pulled to the moments he realized Northwestern was the right choice for him. “When I was trying to figure out which path I wanted to take as a student, Dr. Aaron Mason [Associate Professor of Political Science] saw something in me that I didn’t see,” said Simpson. “It was in his class that I found a deep love for politics and where I began to feel that my purpose in life is to help people through the judicial system, to be the protector of people in life, as I

was in football.” With his sights set on going to law school and becoming an attorney, and with plans to take his LSAT this fall, Simpson recognizes the role another professor played in preparing him for the future. This past summer he was given the opportunity to intern at the Oklahoma State Capitol, where he learned from state legislator Jeff Coody. “Dr. Kay Decker, the chair of the social sciences department, contacted me one day and told me she felt this internship would be a good opportunity for me,” said Simpson. “Faculty at Northwestern have invested so much time and effort into me. You don’t get these types of people or opportunities anywhere else.” The present floods back in as the faces in the crowd at graduation become clear once again. He recognizes those who began this college journey with him as freshman are also celebrating their big day – friends, teammates, classmates – and those who have helped him along the way – coaches, professors, family. He recognizes he is just as proud of them as he is of himself for the growth they have all accomplished together. Simpson takes his college diploma in hand and says to himself, “All that time has finally paid off. All those 5 a.m. football practices; all those late nights at the library. Now it’s time for me to take this and spread knowledge and joy to the world.” And that is exactly what he plans to do. MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM



hen Rachel Mock, Enid, Okla., woke the morning of her 21st birthday in January 2014, she was unaware she would soon be waking up again – only this time in the middle of the street. “I was walking from my greatgrandmother’s house across the street to my uncle’s house when I passed out,” said Mock. “My younger cousin was walking ahead of me when she heard a thump and turned around. There I was laying in the middle of the street.” That frightening day sent her down a path filled with multiple doctors, tests and false diagnoses. Finally in November 2014, she received an answer. Mock was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT), both dealing with abnormal heart rhythm due to improper electrical activity of the heart. At the time of her diagnosis, Mock was working on her Bachelor’s degree in biology at Northwestern. She would be the first in her family to graduate college. With 11 years of showing and raising goats, Mock had dreams of becoming a veterinarian. When her doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to lift animals in the future due to her condition, she began thinking of another way to help the world. “Those moments change your outlook on life and sometimes make you think of all the things you won’t be able

to do,” said Mock. “But it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love to do – you may have to modify it a little – but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams or quit living life. My medical conditions have actually motivated me to do more.” While some told her she should take a break from school, Mock was driven to overcome the obstacles in her way. “Graduating college had always been a dream of mine; before diagnosis there were times I felt extremely overwhelmed and as if I couldn’t go on, but I kept pushing myself,” said Mock. “I felt like people wanted me to give up because I was ill, but it motivated me to prove them wrong and do more.” And do more she did. Mock graduated with her bachelor’s degree in biology in May 2016 and is now working towards a second Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) at the Northwestern-Enid campus. She is an avid member of the Enid Leadership Council, holding past positions of vice-president and president, and has received multiple scholarships from both Northwestern and external organizations such as the Kiwanis Club, Lions Club and Dr. Pepper. “When graduation day finally came, it felt amazing. I was so proud of myself; but without donors’ help, I would not have been able to make my dreams come true of going to college. I

“Without donors’ help, I would not have been able to make my dreams come true of going to college. I hope they truly understand how much of an impact it has made on my life.” 10 ANNUAL REPORT

hope they truly understand how much of an impact it has made on my life.” Along with the impact of donors, Mock recognizes the support she received from Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Northwestern professor of biology, while struggling with her diagnosis. “Dr. Pfeifer-Hill is an amazing teacher,” said Mock. “When I first found out about my heart conditions and things were getting worse, she worked with me and helped push me even though I was struggling. She would listen to what was going on. One day over the summer when the class was over, she emailed me to ask how I was doing. It was nice to know she cared that much to check up on me. That was the moment I realized how glad I was to be at Northwestern.” Mock hopes to use what she has gone through with her own health to help her future patients as a nurse. She continues to stay focused and is already planning to enroll in Northwestern’s new Doctor of Nursing Practice Program once she completes her BSN. “When I’m having a bad day I remember the people I have already proved wrong and the obstacles I have already overcome so I can use them as motivation. I have the condition, but I refuse to let it have me.”







e opens his sleepy eyes, slowly taking in the early-morning sun rays peeping through the window. As his thoughts come rushing in, he decides to begin his day – but something is off. He quickly realizes a numbness overtaking the left side of his face; and when he tries to get out of bed, he is unable to walk. Panicked, he calls for his mom and is then rushed to the hospital. Aron Herren, a freshman at Northwestern, has a unique story. At the age of 12 he underwent brain surgery after CAT scans showed a small grapefruit-sized tumor in his brain. A planned 8-12 hour surgery was shortened to four hours after the doctors discovered the tumor was intertwined with Herren’s living nerves and only half could be extracted. The surgery left him deaf in his left ear and with partial face paralysis – but he remained motivated. “I was told recovery for this type of surgery usually takes one year,” said Herren. “One month after I was released from the hospital, I went from a wheelchair to walking on my own. My neurologist couldn’t believe it. She said it was a medical miracle how fast I recovered.” Brain surgery and a year-and-ahalf of therapy behind him, Herren began planning for his future. “Before my surgery I didn’t even plan on going to college because of

“I would like to be an inspiration to kids who have gone through something similar. I want to show them to never give up, no matter how many times people tell you to.” the cost,” said Herren. “But after my surgery, I had a lot of people who were doubtful of me even graduating high school and viewed college as impossible. I proved my doctors wrong with my recovery and now I want to prove wrong those who doubted my education.” With the fire lit within him, Herren had the drive; yet, he needed to find a way to make college work for him financially. Affordability was one of the first things that drew him to consider Northwestern, but the people are what made him want to be a Ranger. “When I came and visited campus for the first time, I saw how friendly the people were. I had students come up and talk to me without even knowing who I was. It was different than what I experienced growing up and I enjoyed it.” Once he started classes, Herren quickly realized that same friendliness existed in his professors as well. “Mrs. (Dawn) Allen (Instructor of English) and Kirk Rogers, my advisor, are two people who really stand out to me,” said Herren. “They don’t pick and choose who they want to help, they help everyone. They talk to me oneon-one about what they are seeing of

me in class and they check up on me. It means a lot.” While working towards a degree in criminal justice, Herren was fortunate enough to receive several scholarships to help with the financial burden of a college education. “It helps to know I won’t have to worry about paying thousands of dollars on loans for the next 10-20 years after graduating,” said Herren. “I really want Northwestern donors to know how thankful I am for this opportunity.” Herren continues to stay focused on his education and hopes to use his own experiences to help those who may have faced similar obstacles. “I believe everything happens for a reason,” said Herren. “I would like to be an inspiration to kids who have gone through something similar. I want to show them to never give up, no matter how many times people tell you to.”




“This is a really exciting opportunity for me and it’s neat to be in on the ground floor of this program. Hopefully we can meet the needs of the community and the people of Oklahoma. It’s not just going to be Alva; our students are going to go out and impact all Oklahomans and perhaps people in other states, too.”


fter the State Regents’ approval of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program at Northwestern in January 2016, the university quickly began searching for a leader to take the reigns of its first-ever doctoral program. Its selection – Dr. Pat Thompson – brings with her more than 40 years of nursing experience. Originally from Washington D.C., Thompson moved to Medicine Lodge, Kans. in 1979 to set up the city’s Health Department. She married a local, Steve Thompson, and the couple relocated to Girad, Kans., 11 miles northwest of Pittsburg. After leaving the Health Department in 1983, Thompson switched gears and began teaching at Labette Community College. After 15 years, she was named the director of Labette’s nursing program in 1998. With a Master’s degree from the University of Kansas under her belt, Thompson was motivated to achieve more. She left her position at Labette in 2006 to work toward her Nurse Practitioners Certification. Thompson has worked full time as a nurse practitioner since her certificate completion in 2007 and graduated with her doctorate of nursing practice from St. Louis University in December 2013. Her professional journey, however, has brought her back to supporting nursing students and their education. “I have thoroughly enjoyed playing a part in helping students achieve their goals and have missed the interaction with students over the past ten years since I left nursing education.” With the experience to back her, Thompson is ready to navigate Northwestern’s all-online DNP Program, with the program seeing its first students in August 2017. “This is a really exciting opportunity for me and it’s neat to be in on the ground floor of this program,” said Thompson. “Hopefully we can help meet the needs of the community and the people of Oklahoma. It’s not just going to be Alva; our students are going to go out and impact all Oklahomans and perhaps people in other states, too.” Thompson says this program comes at the right time for Northwestern, as nurse practitioners are in high demand in rural communities where they have to be all things to all people. “It’s more difficult to attract physicians to rural America,” said Thompson. “The nurse practitioner in rural communities will have to be highly qualified and educated with a wider skill set. Northwestern’s BSN to DNP students will become leaders in their respective fields and their impact in rural America will be significant. With the additional training and education, students will have that wider skill set and be better prepared to handle situations in the real world.” MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 15





Dr. Megan Darrow, Chair, Class of 2002

Allen E. “Skeeter” Bird Class of 1985

Greg Bowman Class of 1982

Dick Caruthers Class of 1968

Dr. Janet Cunningham Class of 1976

Sue Fellers Class of 1964

Sheila Ferrell Class of 1978

Bryan Fischer Class of 1984

J. Michael Rauh Class of 1971

Donovan Reichenberger Class of 1966

Shane Terrel Class of 1995

Allan Zadorozny Class of 1967


TRUSTEES 2015 Term

2016 Term

2017 Term

Greg Bowman, Alva, Okla. Lavonn McKnight, Enid, Okla. Dick Caruthers, Cherokee, Okla. Tom Newby, Enid, Okla. Crystal Harmon, Enid, Okla. Jim Richey, Alva, Okla. Paul Kinzie, Alva, Okla. Shane Terrel, Alva, Okla.

Dr. Megan Darrow, Enid, Okla. Tommie Rhoades, Woodward, Okla. Bryan Fischer, Jet, Okla. Susan Tucker, Jet, Okla. J. Michael Rauh, Edmond, Okla.

Craig Box, Enid, Okla. Katie McCants, Kremlin, Okla. Sue Fellers, Byron, Okla. Jim Seeger-Newby, Edmond, Okla. Sheila Ferrell, Cherokee, Okla. David Shafer, Edmond, Okla. David Johnson, Tulsa, Okla. Allen Zadorozny, Cedar Vale, Kans.

STAFF Skeeter Bird John Allen Sadie Bier Hailey Clark Shane Engelken Jennifer Grassano Jeremy Judd Tandy Keenan

Chief Executive Officer Director, Alumni Relations Financial Manager Office Manager Development Officer Marketing & Communications Manager Research & Database Manager Relationship Manager MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 17


THE TEAM HAILEY CLARK, OFFICE MANAGER Clark joined the organization as its Office Manager in May 2016. She is responsible for assisting the chief executive officer with all duties including gift acknowledgements, receipts/billings for dues and drives and management of special events. Originally from Broken Arrow, Okla., Clark is a 2016 graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in strategic communications. She brings more than seven years of customer service experience with her. Clark currently resides in Cherokee.

TANDY KEENAN, RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Keenan joined the organization as its Relationship Manager in March 2016. She is responsible for the development, marketing and management of donor relations and the stewardship program. The relationship manager is also the primary staff member responsible for contracts, relationships and expectations of donors after they have made a gift. Keenan is a 2002 graduate of Oklahoma Panhandle State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in biology. She has diverse experience, ranging from positions as a proposal and grant writer to a biological researcher. Keenan and her husband, Clayton, currently reside north of Waynoka.


MISSION Bonding donors’ passions with Northwestern’s success. OUR

VISION The Northwestern Foundation & Alumni Association is committed to becoming the premier regional university foundation and alumni association in Oklahoma, providing Northwestern Oklahoma State University the resources required to thrive in a competitive collegiate environment. 18 ANNUAL REPORT



Steve Valencia, Associate Vice President, University Relations, became the sixth recipient of the Donovan Reichenberger Fundraising Award during the fall 2015 semester. He was recognized for his outstanding efforts in securing funding from Pioneer Cellular for the artificial turf at Ranger Field. “Mr. Valencia has been instrumental in drafting several successful fundraising proposals and has developed some great relationships with donors,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, Northwestern President. “Steve created the comprehensive capital campaign Case Statement that has been invaluable as we have visited with potential donors.” Established in 2010 by the Northwestern Foundation & Alumni Association, the Donovan Reichenberger Fundraising Award recognizes the private fundraising efforts of Northwestern faculty and staff. Named for Reichenberger and his example of generosity and fundraising service, the award honors an individual who seeks to further the mission and vision of the university, allowing continued prosperity during a critical time of diminishing state support. To be considered for this award, nominees must be full-time Northwestern employees, demonstrate excellent personal qualities and exemplify Northwestern values. Selection by the Northwestern Foundation Executive Committee is based on the total funds raised by the nominee, both pledged and realized; the average age and income of the alumni base from which the nominee raised the funds; the nominee’s university position and level of responsibility; and the sources of private gifts secured for Northwestern. Steve Valencia, associate vice president, Northwestern University The prestigious award’s selection criteria reflect Reichenberger’s Relations, receives the prestigious Reichenberger Fundraising Award Northwestern Foundation Chair and 2002 alumna Dr. Megan dedication to the university. A former Northwestern faculty member and from Darrow at the Donor Appreciation Dinner on Oct. 29, 2015. 1965 alumnus, Reichenberger is one of the university’s most generous benefactors. He has served as a Northwestern Foundation trustee since 1993.


VALUES • Place the success of the students and the university foremost in our plans.

• Maintain the legacy of professionalism, sincerity, integrity and reliability with everyone we encounter. • Foster and maintain positive relationships and communication with our alumni and patrons to promote a positive giving climate. • Continue our strong sense of tradition, family and community and ensure our donors understand how everyone plays a part in the success of the Northwestern Foundation & Alumni Association. MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 19


PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATION? The President’s Association is an annual giving program that provides Northwestern with critical unrestricted funds that can be used for special opportunities to promote excellence at the university through enhancement of academic and student life programs and services, student recruitment activities and other initiatives. The program began in 2000 and was originally named the President’s Partners program.

LEVELS & BENEFITS Presidential $1,000

Executive $500

Senior $250

Associate $100

• Public recognition of gift • President’s Association decal • Invitations to special Northwestern and President’s Association events • 20% discount on Northwestern Bookstore clothing and gifts • Two season passes to all home athletic contests and student music/theatre events • Two tickets to the Alumni Association Homecoming Luncheon • Two individual entries in the President’s Association Golf Classic

• Public recognition of gift • President’s Association decal • Invitations to special Northwestern and President’s Association events • 20% discount on Northwestern Bookstore clothing and gifts • One season pass to all home athletic contests and student music/theatre events • Two tickets to the Alumni Association Homecoming Luncheon

• Public recognition of gift • President’s Association decal • Invitations to special Northwestern and President’s Association events • 20% discount on Northwestern Bookstore clothing and gifts • One season pass to all home athletic contests and student music/theatre events • Two tickets to the Alumni Association Homecoming Luncheon • One individual entry in the President’s Association Golf Classic

• Public recognition of gift • President’s Association decal • Invitations to special Northwestern and President’s Association events • 20% discount on Northwestern Bookstore clothing and gifts



Annual memberships run from August 1 to July 30 each year. Membership may be held individually or jointly. Gifts may be made by personal check, credit card or debit card. Gifts of securities also are accepted. Please contact your employer about opportunities for matching gifts. All gifts will be deposited with the Northwestern Foundation, Inc., making them tax deductible. 20 ANNUAL REPORT

MEMBERS Presidential Associate Skeeter and Raye Lyn Bird Dr. Janet and Rick Cunningham Community Bank William and Billie Buckles

Dr. Thomas and Sherry Gossett Bert and Janice Mackie Richard and Johnece Ryerson

M. L. Sharp Dr. Larry and Cynthia Smith Stephen E. Stands

Executive Associate Ronald and Myra Davison Brad and Lisa Franz Dennis and Jerilyn Lakely

Drs. Steve and Lisa Lohmann Dr. Scott and Leslie Maxwell Dr. David M. Pecha

Donovan L. Reichenberger Bob and Monica Schmidt W. Darrell and Grace Wessels

Senior Associate Dr. Deena and Tom Fisher Dean and Charlene Brintnall Dr. Yvonne Carmichael Mike and Rhonda Cook Dr. Kathy and Gary Earnest

Thamazin Harrison Stephen and Patricia Headlee Karen K. Leu Dr. Rex and Marcia Mahlman

Alfred R. Nolting Harvey and Barbara Reeg John and Amy Ryerson Allison Zimmerman

Associate Eldon W. Ames Dr. Jerry and Donna Brownrigg Phyllis Brunsteter Robert and Mary Jo Martin Jane and Max McDermott C. J. Montgomery Dr. Eric J. Schmaltz

Orlie and Donna Schwerdtfeger Helen L. Thiesing Larry R. Thorne Dr. Charles and Jane Tucker Linda P. Tutwiler Eric Tutwiler Roy and Coleta Woods




The RISE fund now includes all Millennium Club pledges. Please see key for level distinction. Deborah A. Ackerman Dr. Richmond Adams* Lois E. Albert Alfalfa Electric Co-op John and Dawn Allen* Jimmy and Kandice Allen Leland M. Allen Kandee A. Almgren* Alva Concrete Materials Co. Alva Farmers Co-op* Alva Nails Alva Review Courier* Alva Rotary Club Alva State Bank* Alva Veterinary Clinic* Alva’s Market Richard and Kandy Anderson Dr. Dennis Angle* Ron Argo Alan and Karen Armbruster Kaylene Armstrong Stewart and Cheryl Arthurs* Helena Atlas-Acuna Mark and Marjie Bagley* William and Teresa Baker* Newton C. Baker Lawrence J. Baldwin Michael and Sarah Balenti Banc Central* Linda K. Banks Mary Jane Barker* Matthew H. Barnes Betsy L. Barnes* Steven and Vanedda Barrows* John and Margaret Barton Bill and Linda Beeler* Ryan and Misty Beiswanger Bruce and Sheryl Benbrook/ The Stock Exchange Bank* * Denotes previous Millenium Club members Bolding indicates new donor 22 ANNUAL REPORT

Dr. Joyce and Royce Bender* Max and Ladonna Benningfield Bryce and Sherrie Benson Donna M. Benson* Betty D. Benson* Mike and Shawnna Berryman Steve and Lynn Biddle* Sadie and Brandon Bier Skeeter and Raye Lyn Bird* Charles E. Bird Shawna A. Bivin* Bill and Charlene Bixler* Alberta R. Bliss* Wayne and Mary Catherine Bliss Paula Bloyd* Jacob Boedecker Dr. Andrew R. Bond Dr. Donald W. Bonner Steve J. Bontrager James P. Booth* Jerome and Ardra Boswell Dr. Ralph E. Bourret Bartlett and Angie Bouse* Chris and Donna Bouziden* David F. Bradley Verle Brady Ronald and Barbara Brady Dr. Sheila Brintnall* Hal and Evelyn Brizzolara Brooks Agency* Cheryl L. Brooks Lee and Cindy Brower Brown’s Shoe Fit Company* Scott and Tammy Brown* Gary and Terri Brown* Freddie and Marilyn Brown* Dr. Kenneth H. Brown* Dr. Mary Brune* Dick and Frances Brunsteter Phyllis Brunsteter Mary Lou Bryan Ben B. Buckland* James and Joretta Buckles*

Leroy Buckley Terry and Jane Budy Bradley Bullock Richard P. Burdick* Leroy and Sue Burks* Jimmy D. Burt Laverne E. Bush Daro D. Butler Butch and Rhonda Butler Kenneth and Sally Byrd Jeral D. and Rita Ranson Cain Karen Baxter Call Charles and Linda Campbell Jeremiah and Madison Campbell Rosco and Sherry Campbell* Samuel A. Carel Rick and Charleen Carlile* Dr. Yvonne Carmichael* Andy and Rena Carter* R. Duane and Floriene Carter Valarie Case* Angelia R. Case* Castle Collections Rita Castleberry* Theron S. Cates* Arden and Nicki Chaffee* Douglas and Susan Chaffin* Charles Morton Share Trust Cherokee Publishing Co. Gary and June Chubbuck Steve and Kathryn B. Ciolino* Dr. James and Marcee Claflin Roxann L. Clark Steve M. Clark Sylvester Clifford Carol A. Collins MSN* Dr. Leslie N. Collins Community Bank* Dustin and Rebecca Cook Janet Cook* Rhonda and Mike Cook* Cookie’s Bowl Jay and Tami Cooper*

Larry and Lisa Copenhaver Paul and Deb Corr* Warren L. Corr* Allen and Thelma Crouch* Tony and Vicki Crouch Shirley Cummings* Dr. Janet and Rick Cunningham* Doris Curtis Everett and Judy Cutter* Kyle R. Dahlem Ronald and Myra Davison* Dr. Dorothy F. Day Dean Goll Real Estate & Auction Dr. Marc Decker Dr. Mark and Gena Denton* Christian and Kay Dettle William Dickey, Jr. Rita M. Diel-Brown Kay Dillingham Joyce M. Dixon* Judy Dollar* Do-Little Campers Donut Palace John B. Doolin Trust* Dowling Construction David and Barbara Dubbs Chauncey A. Durham Dr. Kathleen and Gary Earnest* Sage and Meg Earnest Ronald and Karen Eckhardt Betty I. Eckhardt Jerry and Joyce Egner Carmen Eicken* Shannon and Nathan Elliott Cheryl L. Ellis Marisa and Tate Endersby* Enid Higher Education Council, Inc. Erikson Steel* Sandra L. Estep Dr. Cheryl and Tom Evans* Evans Stands, Inc. Karyl Evans-Morrison Farmers Exchange Bank Johny and Vickie Farris Joe and Deedee Feely

Kenneth and Sue Fellers Doris L. Ferguson Mead and Mary Ferguson* Mickey and Sheila Ferrell Dennis and Diane Ferrell Rocky and Kitty Ferrell* Kevin and Rhonda Fields* Bryan and Mona Fischer Dr. Deena and Tom Fisher* Jo Fleming Foote’s Farm Supply Shaden and Cindy Foresman Jerry D. Frech* Harrison and Deborah Frost Brooke M. Fuller* Stephen and Pamela Gale Vanessa and Brent Garvie Charles R. and Carolyn Gasaway* J. Michael and Marideth George* Shawna R. Gilbert Gregg and Donnell Glass* John and Valinda Goeppinger* Gary and Cynthia Goetzinger* Darrell A. Gorre Trent and Cindy Goss* R. L. and Margaret Goss E. Jean Gottsch* Marvin and Janie Gould* Rod and Dian Gourley* Jennifer Grassano Derick and April Graves* Calvin and Verna Graybill* Melissa E. Graybill Gene and Lynni Greb DeAnna and Jim Gregory Grow And Share Home Extension Dr. Jerry and Rose Gustafson* Bill Hadwiger Mickey and Charlotte Hadwiger* Patria and Tim Hague Leonard and Anne Haight* Lee and Mary Haley* Elston and Sandy Hall Steven and Brenda Hannaford* Dr. Bo and Tara Hannaford*

Shane and Kaylyn Hansen* Patrick and Patty Harkin Jerry and Jean Harmon Weldon M. Harms Elizabeth Harney* Doris and Vernon Harper Trust Patrick and Resa Harris* Thamazin Harrison* Robert and Wally Haub* Dr. W. David Hawkins Stephen and Patricia Headlee* Lindsay N. Headlee* Joe and Dee Anne Heaton* Dan and Karen Heaton Joan Henderson Angie and Harold Henson* Tony C. Hernandez Roger and Eleanor Herold* Robert and Jean Hilbig* Garnett L. Hill Dr. Sharon Hill Jennifer L. Hiller* Hadley and Mary Hintergardt* Harley and Brenda Hintergardt* Ryan S. Hintergardt Teresa Hipp Brian and Marissa Hofen* Debra Hogan* Holder Drug Store* Jim and Mary Holder* John T. Holder* Dr. Shawn and Susan Holliday* Honda of Alva Savanah and Bryant Hood Jane Hood Mike and Brenda Hood* Janet Hopkins* Lois A. Hudgins H & R Block Dr. Trina and Kyle Hughbanks* Benjamin M. Hurwitz Innovative Building Group Charles and Clara Jackson* Ray Don and Mary Jackson* Connie S. Jacobs MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 23

Michelle Jaramillo* Susan K. Jeffries* Dr. Christee L. Jenlink Hartsell and Lois Johnson Col. Robert and Janis Johnson David and Louise Johnson Clifford and Mary Johnson Anthony J. Johnson* Jeremy and Gretchen Jones* * Denotes previous Millenium Club members Bolding indicates new donor 24 ANNUAL REPORT

Johnny and Donna Jones* Jesse and Brandy Jones* Sean and Penny Jones Adam and Dayna Jordan Linda L. Joseph* David L. Kahle Ryan Kaiser* Richard Kaiser Roger and Pauline Kassik Matthew and Ashley Kelly* Darrell and Kaye Keltner Dan and Cheryl Kent* Linda and Lail Kidd Bobby and Carla Kildow John and Shawn Kimber Carol F. King* Jimmy and Fawn Kingcade* Frances D. Kirkham Marlene and Keith Kisling Deidra Kistler Jesse and Mistie Kline Stanley and Deb Kline* Dr. Mike Knedler* Byron and Karen Koehn* Sandra and Jeffery Koehn Kohlrus Real Estate* Tim and Jacklyn Kolb* Glen D. Kolb Estate

Evelyn Kramp* Troy and Sheri Lahr* Norman and Twyla Lancaster* Dr. Kathryn Lane Ray and Cherie Lau Christopher Lauderdale Shannon Leaper Sal Ledestro Jay T. Lee Willard and Patricia Lee Calvin and Jackie Leeper Dr. Milt and Becky Lehr* Steve and Sheila Lehr Daniel Lemke Max and Loleta Leslie Jennifer Leu Craig Liddell Hazel Linder* Cheryl and Herb Listen* Warren and Beverly Little* Dale and Vicki Logsdon* Drs. Steve and Lisa Lohmann* Long Gas Company Sam and Barbara Long Dr. Gary G. and Melanie Lott* William and Norma Jean Lowe* Donita Luddington Dr. Timothy and Melissa Maharry* Alyssa and Jeff Mahieu Dr. Jennifer L. Mahieu Dr. Rex and Marcia Mahlman* David and Dana Manning* Mark Ream Motors, Inc.* Ben Marks Marshall Funeral Home* Lynn and Marione Martin* Robert and Mary Jo Martin* Michael and Tena Martin* Shelley L. Martin* Dr. Francisco Martinez* Dr. John A. Marvel* McClure Agency Bill and Sharon McConkey*

Dr. Hazel McCord Bonita J. Moreland McCoy* William and Kelly McCurry* C.A. and Janet McDonald* Tom and Mary McDowell Francis and June McGee Dr. B.H. McKinley* Dick and Lavonn McKnight* Wendy McManus Dr. Wayne and Lori McMillin* M.D. Jirous Foundation, Inc. Dr. Chandler and Karen Mead* Dr. Diane M. Means* Gilbert D. Michaelis Cornelia Mihai, Ph.D. Greg and Natalie Miller* Todd and Mary Margaret Miller Marilyn Moore Chad and Kimberly Moore Lonnie E. Morris Calleb and Dr. Callie Mosburg* Teresa Moser-Hofer Raymond and Kathy Moss* Kristin L. Mravinec and Darren McGowan Carolyn and Rodney Murrow Kyle A. Murrow Mark and Linda Myers Nelson and Pat Myers* Marilyn A. Myers Amelia Nash Darell V. Nay Wayne and Judy Neilson Jeffrey and Miranda Newby* Tom and Robin Newby Lawana Newell David and Heidi Newlin Dr. Carl Newton Chi-Man W. Ng Saundra Nigh Herbert L. Niles Francis L. Nine Roger and Leigh Anne Nobis* Alfred R. Nolting Northwest Electric Company Northwest Feed & Seed, LLC

Nursing Department Leota F. Nusser Dr. Mary Ellen and Terry Nutter* Dr. Larry and Jean Nutter* NWOSU English Department Joe and Cindy Ogden* Dr. Jana K. Oister Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company Foundation, Inc.* Scott and Kim Olson Dr. Jennifer and Nick Oswald* Dr. Stephen W. and Sue Painton* Vada M. Parker Steve and Elizabeth Parkhurst* James H. Parnell Pat White Realty Dr. David M. Pecha Terry and Roland Pederson Vanessa Pena Jamey and Diane Penner* Denna and David Perigo Dr. Cynthia A. Pfeifer-Hill* Jim and Annette Pfeiffer* Dwight and Sherri Pfeiffer* Cherri and Monty Pfleider Carl D. Phillips Dr. Barbie Phillips DC* Joe and Tanya Phillips* R.C. and Linda Phillips* Tiffany Phillips

John Plummer* Dr. Trina and Kyle Hughbanks Rita L. Porter Dr. William and Nancy Pride* Donald E. Prophet Prowers Tax Service Lynn D. Puffinbarger R & R Systems Desiree A. Rahman Don and Angela Raleigh Darren W. Randall Kay Rankin Rara’s Embroidery Harvey and Barbara Reeg Robert and Cynthia Reeg* Donovan L. Reichenberger


Tom and Angela Reid Candace and Jason Reim* Reiman Performance Auto Jessie and Cecil Reinhart Suzanne Resler* Rhodes Salvage* Rialto Twin Theatre* Terrence and Dianne Rice Jim and Melba Richey* Larry and Lizabeth Richey * Denotes previous Millenium Club members Bolding indicates new donor 26 ANNUAL REPORT

Clifford W. Richter, Ph.D. Craig and Jaime Ricke* Ridgeview Veterinary Hospital* Max Ridgway Fred and Sherry Riggins* Duane and Willa Ring Thomas Roberts Roberta L. Roberts* Sherry L. Rock Barbara Rockenbach* Roger’s Radiator and Car Wash Dale and Sharon Ross* Terry L. Ross* Dempsey and Linda Roten Tricia D. Roth John and Amy Ryerson* Sandwich Shoppe Clifton F. Savoy, Ph.D. Dr. Dean and Cassandra Scarbrough* David and Kim Scherich* Dr. Eric J. Schmaltz* Bob and Monica Schmidt* Elaine N. Schnebel* Jason and Kendra Schnebel Beth A. Schoeling Jim and Denise Schroeder Louis and Janis Schupbach Orlie and Donna Schwerdtfeger*

Annette L. Schwerdtfeger* Randy J. Schwerdtfeger* Dr. Philip Self* Carl and Peggy Shafer David A. Shafer M.L. Sharp* Greg and Janet Sheik* Stephen and Tracy Shiever Joe and Ann Shirley* Edward and Sheila Short* Neal and Claire Shuck Gary and Lupita Sinnes* Douglas and Cheryl Sisemore* Mark and Debbie Skinner* Jackie Slack* Smith Drug Store Dr. Larry and Cynthia Smith William M. Smith John M. and Venus Sneary Joyce Snow Sonic Drive-in* Spanish Club Willie and Tanika Spears Stephen M. Spellman Mrs. Mary Spence Eugene and Virginia Stands Dean and Carolyn Stands Stephen E. Stands* Tim and Krista Starbuck* Randy and Kim Stelling* Steve and Joni Sterling Loyd T. Stout* Mickey and Amanda Stout Matthew and Megan Stratton* Milissa Sturgill Susan L. Suhler Cory T. Sullivan Ed and Teresa Sutter John H. Swofford Richard and Bonnie Szczepaniak Taco Village* Carol Talley Terra International, Inc.*

Shane and Julie Terrel* The Cleaning Closet The Wisdom Family Foundation, Inc. William and Melody Theademan* Chris and Tara Thomas Don and Karen Thomas Derrick and Chesnei Thomas* Larry R. Thorne* Hollis and Pam Thorp* Krista and Jason Tilley Town & Country Properties Bailey R. Trammell Dr. Charles and Jane Tucker* Charla and Tim Turner Eric Tutwiler* Linda P. Tutwiler* Yvonne Tuxhorn* Imagene M. Tyree United Methodist Women Value Added Products (VAP) Steve and Janet Valencia* Alan Vaughn* Troy E. Vaughn Linda Vickers Richard Vogel* Larry and Jean Wade* Alan and Rita Wade Alvis and Deb Wade Rebekah M. Wagenbach Tyler and Cassie Walden* Dr. Dena E. Walker* Ronnie Walker* James and Connie Walsh Matthew D. Walter Jimmie L. Ward Lew and Myra Ward* Dr. Beverly and Jerry Warden* E.A. Ware* Scott and Joy Ware Jett and Teri Warren Washburn Motor Co.* Kirk and Drue Washburn*

David and Marietta Washington* Connie A. Watts Keith Wear Kimberly Weast* Dr. Shelly C. Wells* W. Darrell and Grace Wessels Dwight and Kathie Wessels Wheeler Brothers Grain Co. Dr. Mary and Dexter White Marisa and Darren Whitely Whittet’s Country Store* Stephanie and James Widick* Jack and Dee Wiebener Curtis M. Wieland Doug A. Wiersig* Larry and Rita Wilcoxson* Robert and Judith Williams Allen and Carolyn Wilson* Jan M. Wilson Dr. Gary and Sandy Wolgamott* Judy I. Wolgamott* Woods County Abstract Corp. Joseph and Cynthia Woods David W. Wright R. Deane and Esther Wymer* Olivia A. Yandel William and Sharon Yeager*

YLT, Inc. dba Kent W. Johnson & Sons* Robert Yocham* Alycen M. Yoder Drs. Lyle and Martie Young Allen and Betsy Zadorozny* Charles P. Zeilman, Jr. Allison Zimmerman Dr. Brett and Julie Zollinger* Pete and Gail Zook


LIFETIME GIVING MILLION DOLLAR GUILD $1,000,000 OR MORE City of Alva Enid Public Higher Ed Authority & Economic Dev. Authority Earl and Ilus Overton Donovan L. Reichenberger Charles Morton Share Trust Leroy Stauffer The Wisdom Family Foundation, Inc.

LEGACY $500,000 – $999,999 Banc Central Community Bank George Dyer Estate Kenneth and Sue Fellers Larry and Joy Glass Richard and Johnece Ryerson M. L. Sharp Ernest Tyler Trust Wethington Estate

MAINSTAYS $250,000 – $499,999 Alva State Bank Don and Phyllis Campbell W. Don and Wanda Campbell Jake and Jane Lindsay Vernon and Edna McNally Earl Middleton Trust Todd and Mary Margaret Miller Pioneer Cellular J. A. Reichenberger Dean and Clara Simon

STAKEHOLDERS $100,000 – $249,999 Bobby and Brenda Alexander Henry Belcher Bruce and Sheryl Benbrook/ The Stock Exchange Bank Dick and June Caruthers Conoco, Inc. Enid Higher Education Council, Inc.


Arch and Jo Anne Gilbert Harold Hamm Phyllis and Larry Hammer Hazel E. Exline Trust Glen D. Kolb Estate Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma Dr. Tom and Brenda McDaniel David P. Parker III Helen Patterson Presbyterian Health Foundation Doug and Kammie Van Meter

CAPSTONES $25,000 – $99,999 Alva Concrete Materials Co. Alva Odd Fellows Lodge #44 Alva’s Community Foundation Dr. Wilton T. Anderson Stewart and Cheryl Arthurs Patty S. Barker John and Margaret Barton Donna M. Benson Dr. David H. and Emily Bohlen David F. Bradley Troy and Kathy Brown Margie Brunkest Mary Lou Bryan William and Billie Buckles Jeral D. and Rita Ranson Cain Thelma O. Campbell Cargill, Incorporated Dr. Yvonne Carmichael Drs. Peter and Loretta Casper Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Chesapeake Energy Dr. James and Marcee Claflin Donald and Shirley Coppock Pearl English Crain Thelma and Allen Crouch Dr. Janet and Rick Cunningham William and Barbara Dickson Larry and Linda Dobbins Dr. Richard and Bebe Dotter Dr. Kathleen and Gary Earnest James C. Ellis Mead and Mary Ferguson Francis Zwickey Estate Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma Lyle Fugit Christopher Glass

Doris and Vernon Harper Trust* Jim and Mary Holder Holder Drug Store Hopeton State Bank Clyde O. Johnson David and Louise Johnson Donald G. Johnson Karen G. Johnson Ronald D. Johnson Steve Johnson KALV Radio Dr. James and Ava Keeney Kerr-McGee Corporation Paul and M. Susan Ketterman Dr. Milt and Becky Lehr Bert and Janice Mackie Marcella A. Madison Estate John and Nancy Martin Dr. John A. Marvel Arch McCray Estate Max and Jane McDermott Helen R. Mellor Estate Verne and Gloria Metcalf Dr. Eldon and Pam Mitchell Amelia Nash Darell V. Nay* Paul and Elaine Nighswonger OEMFCA Oklahoma Gas & Electric Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company Foundation, Inc. Ira and Jane Painton David and Margaret Parker Roland and Terry Pederson Leland and Gloria Piersall Mike and Sue Rauh Roberta L. Roberts Rowdy Rangers Mildred Starr Ryerson Elaine N. Schnebel Dr. A. Merrill and Winona Schnitzer Dr. John F. Schuhmacher Doris Schupbach Joe and Ann Shirley Jackie Slack Dr. Troy and Liz Smith/ Alva Vision Clinic Sonic Drive-in Stephen E. Stands Dr. Brent and Janet Steffen Dr. H. Leland Steffen Estate Dr. Mark and Deanna Steffen Prentice Steffen Helen and Kenneth Thiesing

Ted and Ruth Ann VanLandingham Linda Vickers* Jack A. Walch Dr. Dennis and Janet Weigand J. Cooper and Gladys West Dr. Mary and W. Dexter White R. Deane and Esther Wymer Woodward Regional Hospital Auxiliary

KEYSTONES $10,000 – $24,999 Paul and Joan Allen Alva Rotary Club American Equine Nutrients, Inc. Bill and Linda Beeler Gene L. Belcher Steve and Lynn Biddle Skeeter and Raye Lyn Bird Bill and Charlene Bixler Alberta R. Bliss Dr. David S. Bohlen James P. Booth Dr. James and Jane Bowen Dr. Kenneth H. Brown Phyllis Brunsteter James and Joretta Buckles Burlington Co-op Jimmy and Linda Burt Mary L. Cagle Karen Baxter Call* James H. Canterbury David and Saundra Case ClayMesa Well Service Company/ Bill Bixler Floy E. Cobb Collins, Butler & Co., P.C. Mike and Rhonda Cook Donald and Ramona Dauphin Drs. Mark and Jan Davis Edna E. Donley Nancy A. Donley Estate Dr. B. D. and Alice Dotter Irma Elliott Leon and Donna Erikson Dr. Cheryl and Tom Evans Farm Credit of Western Oklahoma Farmers and Merchants Bank Doris L. Ferguson Evelyn B. Filson Dr. Deena and Tom Fisher Jack and Joan Fisher Elnora R. Foster

Linda Ann Frank Steve and Pat Freemyer Jerry and Debbie Garnett Garnett Oil Company Gregg and Donnell Glass Patrick and Patty Harkin Garnet M. Harmon Stephen and Patricia Headlee Cynthia Hendrickson Aurice Huguley Charles and Clara Jackson Glenn and Helen Jenlink Walter N. and Marguerite D. Johnson Johnny and Donna Jones K & S Tire Jennie Kinney Wayne and Beverly Kinzie Melvin L. Kloefkorn Dr. Nancy and Dan Knous Ken and Maggie Koppenaal Margaret M. Larason Larason Blue Ridge Farms, LLC Ray and Cherie Lau Agnes A. Lebeda Myra E. Leist Gene Leslie Cheryl and Herb Listen Warren and Beverly Little Logan L. Ogle Trust Drs. Steve and Lisa Lohmann Sam and Barbara Long Dr. Gary G. and Melanie Lott Dr. J.W. Martin Dr. Wilda E. Martin Dick and Lavonn McKnight Gilbert D. Michaelis Mid-America Arts Alliance MidFirst Bank Chad and Kimberly Moore Herbert L. Niles Northwest Chiropractic Clinic Oklahoma Department of Commerce Oklahoma ConferenceUnited Methodist Mary E. Ottinger Paine Webber Dr. David M. Pecha Dr. Cynthia A. Pfeifer-Hill Phillips Petroleum Foundation Dr. Jeffrey C. Pierce Robert and Cynthia Reeg Bob Reneau Jim and Melba Richey Larry and Lizabeth Richey

Northwestern Rodeo Terry L. Ross Bob and Monica Schmidt Dr. Brock E. and Kelli Schnebel Jason and Kendra Schnebel Dr. Philip Self George and Lois Sense Estate Lou J. Shepherd Douglas and Cheryl Sisemore Alan and Pamela Smith Dr. Larry and Cynthia Smith Ross and Norma Jean Smith W.W. Starr Lumber Loyd T. Stout Mickey and Amanda Stout Dr. Joe and Barbara Struckle Ed and Teresa Sutter Carol and Don Talley Teacher’s Retirement System Shane and Julie Terrel Dr. Charles and Jane Tucker Steve and Janet Valencia Frank Wadley Searle Wadley Ward Petroleum Corporation Hugh Wardell W. Darrell and Grace Wessels Madalyne Wilson Woods County Farm Bureau Woodward Industrial Foundation Woodward Lodge #189 Alton C. Zimmerman

PILLARS $5,000 – $9,999 Alfalfa Electric Co-op Alva Farmers Co-op Arvest Bank Milburn and JoDonna Barton Corrine Batterton Bob and Shelly Battisti Larry and Julia Bays Martin P. Benson Mike and Teresa Benway Dr. Paul B. and Janice Beran Eva M. Bird James and Marian Bradley

* Denotes new members Bolding indicates new levels of giving MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 29

Hal and Evelyn Brizzolara Freddie and Marilyn Brown Dr. Jerry and Donna Brownrigg Dick and Frances Brunsteter Laverne E. Bush Larry and Dixie Claflin Andy and Jean Clark Kenneth and JoAnn Cole Paula M. Crandall Patrick J. Crayton G.R. and Sharon Criswell Dr. V.K. and Doris Curtis Ronald and Myra Davison Dean Ranson Living Family Trust


Delta Kappa Gamma Society Devery Implement Co. First United Methodist Church Brad and Lisa Franz Dale E. Frieden Martha L. Gamble Willis Geis Woody and Kacee Glass Bill and Emily Goodin Calvin and Verna Graybill Lea Ann and Randy Halliburton Dr. Bo and Tara Hannaford Mike and Sharon Hargrove Thamazin and Richard Harrison Stephen and Maryann Hensley Hadley and Mary Hintergardt Harley and Brenda Hintergardt J. Todd Holder INASMUCH Foundation Integris Health Perry and Claudia Irons Susan K. Jeffries Mildred Johnson Robert and Janis Johnson Phil and Edith Jones Ronald S. Kendrick Doris Kimmell Carol F. King Stanley and Deb Kline Dr. Mike Knedler Byron and Karen Koehn L.L. Fullerton Estate

Dennis and Jerilyn Lakely Wayne and Bettielou Lane John and Ginger Lewis Hazel and James Linder Dr. Rex and Marcia Mahlman C.W. and Towanda Mallory Mark Cromwell, Inc. Mark Ream Motors, Inc. Avis Marcum Robert and Mary Jo Martin Dr. Scott and Leslie Maxwell McClure Agency Bonita J. Moreland McCoy Louis and Jan Melton Roland and Edith Meyer Mike and Connie Mitchel Randy and Carla Mitchel Moose Lodge Gerald W. Nichols Northwest Electric Company Nut ‘n New Larry and Donna Palmer Sam and Betty Jo Pangburn Sabin C. and Ann Percefull Pizza Hut Dr. William and Nancy Pride Preservation Oklahoma, Inc. Rebekah Lodge #44 Harvey and Barbara Reeg Richard J. Rinebolt L. John and C. Evlyn (Wright) Schmidt Jim and Denise Schroeder Louis and Janis Schupbach Carl and Peggy Shafer Share Medical Center Neal and Claire Shuck* Nadeane M. Sims Dr. Randy and Mitzi Smith Mary Spence Daniel and Jana Stein Eleanor M. Sterba Billy and Katherine Stewart Catherine Stover Taco Village Matthew D. Talley Stanley and Darlene Tatum James and Teresa Day Foundation Larry R. Thorne Patricia Thornton Linda P. Tutwiler

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture UHS of Delaware, Inc. M. Iris Van Pelt Dr. Dennis L. Walker Walmart Lew and Myra Ward E.A. and Velma Ruth Ware Patricia and Tim Warren Kirk and Drue Washburn Washburn Motor Co. Dr. Charles and Pat White Dr. Patti and Jefferson Wilber Terry and Tina Winn Francis M. Winterburg Chester Woodard YLT, Inc. dba Kent W. Johnson & Sons Allen and Betsy Zadorozny Fern Zwickey Dr. Timothy and Ann Zwink

CORNERSTONES $2,000 – $4,999 Adair Group Lois E. Albert Alva Coca-Cola Bottling Alva Review Courier Dr. Dennis Angle Murry and Lavelle Atterberry Autry Tech Baird, Kurtz, & Dobson R.S. Baker, Jr. William and Teresa Baker Betsy L. Barnes Dale E. Barrows Milt and Mary Jane Bassett Beadles Nursing Home Dr. Joyce and Royce Bender Donald L. Benson BHI Properties Enid Urology Dr. Kirt and Cynthia Bierig Dean and Charlene Brintnall Dr. Sheila Brintnall Dennis and L.L. Brown Andrew and Cathy Brown Scott and Tammy Brown Brown’s Shoe Fit Company C.O.P.S. Club Dr. Jack C. Carmichael Angelia R. Case Valarie Case Freddie and Debbie Caulk Cedar Creek Sporting Clays, Inc. Central Machine & Tool Co. Central National Bank-Enid Arden and Nicki Chaffee

Champs, Inc. Bess Chappell Charles Machine Works, Inc. Cherokee Strip Community Foundation Howard and Shirley Click Greg and Jayne Cloud College Republicans-NWOSU Alice Cooper Paul and Deb Corr Crawley Petroleum Corporation* Tony and Vicki Crouch Shirley Cummings Dairy Queen Dr. Megan and Dudley Darrow Dr. Dorothy F. Day Lloyd and Donna Dayton Delta Zeta Sorority Dr. Mark and Gena Denton C. Joe and Kay Dettle Lorene V. Devery Dillingham Foundation Kong-Chow and Shuang-Yin Ding Patrick Donehue Bob L. Drake Jerry and Joyce Egner* Carmen Eicken Don Ellis Encompass Financial Services, Inc. Enid Pathology Consultants, Inc. Enid Typewriter Company Ellen McHugh Estate Jody and Annie Evans Kevin and Traci Evans

Farmers Exchange Bank Donna E. Faulkner Ken and Mary Ann Fergeson Sheila and Mickey Ferrell Anna B. Fisher Kirk and Janice Fisher James D. Foliart Jerry D. Frech Freedom State Bank Willard and Diana Friend Brandon F. Frost Gavin and Laura Gadberry Joyce and Pete Garvie Charles R. and Carolyn Gasaway Dr. James and Sheila Gilchrist Cynthia K. Gingrich Becky Glass

* Denotes new members Bolding indicates new levels of giving MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 31

John and Valinda Goeppinger Goodrich Plumbing Darrell A. Gorre Dr. Thomas and Sherry Gossett Marvin and Janie Gould Rod and Dian Gourley Robert and Edna Gray Greater Enid Arts & Humanities Hackler Grain, Inc. Julie Gunnels Bill Hadwiger Mickey and Charlotte Hadwiger James and Sharon Hale


Lee and Mary Haley David and Cara Hanna* Steven and Brenda Hannaford James and Oneta Hannum Elizabeth Harney Tom Hart Troy and Jill Haub Joe and Dee Anne Heaton Kenny and Valerie Heckart Dr. Ralph L. Herren Ann E. Highfill Hazel W. Highfill Hiland Partners, LP Robert and Jean Hilbig JoAnn Hintergardt Home Ec. Alumni Assoc. Mike and Brenda Hood Bruce E. Horinek Dr. Ed and Latricia Huckeby Dr. Trina and Kyle Hughbanks Kent M. Johnson, Jr. Elda L. Jones K & K Body Works, Inc./ Stan Kline K-101 Omni Communications Corp. Darlien Kamas Melvin and Margaret Keeney Earl and Mona Keffer Russell and Leota Keltner Robert and Lorraine Kendrick

Kennedy & Coe Don E. Kilmer E. D. and Susan King Martin Kletke Darrell and Ann Kline David Lawther Wayne Leamon Willard and Patricia Lee Dr. Richard and Karen Leu W. Macy and Ann Lewis Ueli and Carlotta Liechti Dean and Wylodean Linder Lynn Martin Photography Steven and Irala Magee Dr. Timothy and Melissa Maharry Marshall Funeral Home/ Bill and Becky Marshall Michael and Tena Martin Shelley and Harry Martin Dr. Francisco Martinez Maxwell Brothers, Inc. Dr. Hazel McCord Tom and Mary McDowell Kurt A. McGinley Alan McKee Dr. B.H. and Jerrie McKinley Kent and Brenda McMahan Dr. Michael and Joy Meier Douglas and Chelle Melton Merrifield Office Supply Velma J. Mitchell Tom Morford Raymond and Kathy Moss Charles and Shirley Murrow Dr. Rodney and Carolyn Murrow W. Dean Murrow Marilyn A. Myers Nelson and Pat Myers Sherry J. Nelson Irene Noah Roger and Leigh Anne Nobis Alfred R. Nolting Dr. Larry and Jean Nutter Dr. Mary Ellen and Terry Nutter Troy N. O’Hair OHSRA OK Society of Public Accountants OK Humanities Council, Inc.

OK State Game Rangers Assn. Marvin D. O’Neil Martin L. Oliveri Scott and Kim Olson Donald R. Osborn Jim and Jan Page Charles and Mary Painter Dr. Stephen W. and Sue Painton Vada M. Parker Steve and Elizabeth Parkhurst Lawrence W. Patzkowsky Albert “Hap” Pearson Marla L. Pearson Peg’s Furniture Perry Tire & Alignment R. C. and Linda Phillips Plane Plastics, Inc. John Plummer Rita L. Porter Phil Prigmore Loy and Anne Puffinbarger Edward Queeney R.W. Westerly Construction Sheikh and Desiree Rahman Georgiana Ramy Daniel Randall Earl J. Randolph Don Rathman Rhodes Salvage Glenda and Thomas Rhyne Rialto Twin Theatre Cindy L. Rich Marvin and Helen Rider Ridgeview Veterinary Hospital Steve and Beverly Russell John and Amy Ryerson David and Kim Scherich Schuessler Agency Schuhmacher Drug Neva Jean Schwerdtfeger Orlie and Donna Schwerdtfeger Randy J. Schwerdtfeger Carl and AnnaBelle Shafer David A. Shafer Sheldon and Joy Sherman Dr. Daniel and Margery Shorter Michael W. Shuck R.W. Sibley J. David Slack Jeff and Kay Slack J. P. Small* Herbert and Gerree Smith Dean and Carolyn Stands

Eugene and Virginia Stands State Farm Insurance Randy and Kim Stelling Danny R. Stewart Edward Stewart TCI Cablevision Darrell and Nancy Tester William and Melody Theademan Eugene and Carol Tolly Town & Country Properties Imagene M. Tyree Stanley and Bernice VanSteenvoort Dr. Ross Vanhooser Gary and Kay Vincent George Wadley James Wadley Marcus L. Wallace Scott and Joy Ware David and Marietta Washington Betty E. Wenninger Wharton Funeral Home/ Bob and Patsy Wharton Wheeler Brothers Grain Co. Whiteneck, Martin and Fike Whites Equipment Rental, LLC Rick Whitson Stuart Whitson Doug A. Wiersig Larry and Sally Wiersig C. Perry and Beverly Wiggins Allen and Carolyn Wilson C.W. and Grace Wisdom Dr. Gary and Sandy Wolgamott Woods County Abstract Corp. Woods County Retired Teachers Woodward Chamber of Commerce Randall E. Yarger* Dr. James N. Yates

John A. Ybarra William and Sharon Yeager Alycen M. Yoder Lawrence and Stephani Yunker

FELLOWS $1,000 – $1,999 Dr. E. A. Abernethy III ACB Bank Advance Pierre Foods Dr. Richmond Adams* Tim and Brooke Albin John and Dawn Allen* Leland M. Allen* Alva Futures Alva High School Activity Fund

* Denotes new members Bolding indicates new levels of giving MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 33

Alva Lodge #105 Alva Veterinary Clinic Alva Veterinary Supply/ Mike and Trula Stevens Eldon W. Ames Anesthesiology Management AT&T Andrea L. Atkinson Daniel R. Baker James and Joyce Baker Clinton and Colene Barham Dr. Edward Barns Austin A. Barragree Robert Barton Keith and Tenie Baxter*


Earle and Betty Beasley Ben Bebermeyer LeaAnne W. Becker Beeler’s Restaurant Dr. James Bell* Dr. Ben H. Benson Bryce and Sherrie Benson Dr. Gwen and Jim Benson Clint Benway Dr. Margery Berands Beta Sigma Phi David and Mary Kay Bibb Louise Bingham Maud Drake Bingham Charles and Ethel Bish Shawna A. Bivin Blackspur Ranch Dr. J.B. Blankenship Blattner Energy* Paula Bloyd Anthony and Jean Boeckman Tamre Bohn and John McGinnis Dr. Andrew R. Bond Jane B. Bonkoski Dr. Donald W. Bonner Bartlett and Angie Bouse Barbara Bouziden Chris and Donna Bouziden Troy and Donna Bowles Dr. M. Edmund Braly Lee and Sharon Brandt Bennie A. Brewer E. David and Michelle Brewer

Teresa L. Briggs Brooks Agency* Lee and Cindy Brower Adair and Susan Brown Gary and Terri Brown* Lois Brown Stanley Brownlee Dr. Mary Brune Athol Brunk Rita Bryant Jason and Melissa Bryant* Ben B. Buckland Leroy and Sue Burks Dennis and Sheri Bushman C & W Construction, Inc. Dr. Darrel and Jody Caldwell Charles and Linda Campbell* Rosco and Sherry Campbell Dr. Charles Cannon Cardon Trailers Case Electric Mildred E. Casper Theron S. Cates Central National Bank-Woodward Douglas and Susan Chaffin Wayne Chan Chapter ET-PEO Robi P. Chatterji Clarissa Cheng Cherokee Publishing Co. Cherokee Rotary Club Choice Insurance Brandon W. Christenson J.L. and Lovina Clark Aletha Z. Clayton Wilbur and Jo Cockrell Lily H. Collier Carol A. Collins Willis and Peggy Colson Rickie A. Conrady Continental Resources, Inc. Jay and Tami Cooper Janet and Rex Cordell Denis and Teresa Cote` Leon Coulter Cox Cablevision Everett and Judy Cutter Daisy Village Arlo Darr Pamela and Don Davidson

Daylight Donuts & Deli Dr. Kay L. Decker Gladys O. Dehaven Delta Zeta Alumnae J.R. Depriest Dr. Francisco Dexeus Stan Diacon Curtis D. Diel, Jr. Curtis and Sue Diel J. M. and Hope Dilling Joyce M. Dixon* Vashti Dobbs John B. Doolin Trust Glenn H. Downs Michael and Mary Pat Draghi Barbara and Adren Duncan Rodney and Cecie Dunkin Dale and Della Dunnigan Howard R. Dunning James E. Dunning, Jr.* Eckstein & Company, Inc. Drew and Linda Edmondson Velma Elmore Marisa and Tate Endersby Enid AFA Pioneer Scholarship Enid Clinic, Inc. Enid Community Foundation Enid Gastroenterology Erikson Steel Mary W. Erskine James S. Erskine Sandra L. Estep* Etc. Shoppe Evans Construction, Inc. Evans Stands, Inc. Express Personnel Services Facial Surgery Center Dean and Linda Farris Joe and Deedee Feely Rocky and Kitty Ferrell* Kevin and Rhonda Fields First Christian Church-Birthday Class Bryan and Mona Fischer William J. Fitzpatrick Keith Flugge Michael E. Fouts Peter Frank Dr. Kurt Frantz Rodman Frates Harrison and Deborah Frost* Dr. R. Kirk Fry Stephen and Pamela Gale* Jerry and Connie Garrison J. Michael and Marideth George Merle A. Glasgow Fred Goad Dr. Kathy M. Goddard Gary and Cynthia Goetzinger*

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* Denotes new members Bolding indicates new levels of giving MY.NWFOUNDATION.COM 35

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Joe W. Wenzel Dwight and Kathie Wessels Carla and Jerry White Mickey and Donna White Brian D. Whitson Whittet’s Country Store Jack and Dee Wiebener Larry and Rita Wilcoxson Glenn and Jan Williams J. D. Williams Judy I. Wolgamott Women’s Health & Wellness Roy and Coleta Woods David W. Wright Jane V. Wylie R. B. Yadon Robert Yocham* Drs. Lyle and Martie Young H.H. Yousefzadeh



FINANCIAL REPORT ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents




Other Assets


Art Collections




Capital Assets, Net TOTAL ASSETS



LIABILITIES Accounts Payable


Notes Payable





$25,333,152 $4,737,617

Regents Matching Funds COMBINED TOTAL ASSETS




Programs, Scholarships & Infrastructure



Supporting Services Trust & Annuity Expenses TOTAL EXPENSES


$710,601 $21,525 $2,734,848


Temporarily Restricted $1,007,019 Permanently Restricted TOTAL NET ASSETS

$24,143,593 $25,333,152

Percentage of Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Lectureships by Field of Study


MUSIC 5.24%





NURSING 32.79%












2013-2014 2012-2013

$2,453,116.62 $4,183,525.13

2011-2012 3 MILLION

Beeler Family Scholarship Charles Morton Share Trust Endowed Chair for Nursing X4 Eugene B. Vickers Scholarship Hershel F. and George T. Baxter Scholarship/Frankie Rogers Baxter Scholarship


[ twenty-5





The Nay Family Lectureship for Academic Enrichment The Nay Family Scholarship The Stock Exchange Bank Business Lectureship Vernon and Doris Harper Scholarship

Kenneth L. Fellers Endowed Chair for Mathematics

Wisdom Family Foundation Endowed Chair for Nursing X10

Sue Hildreth Fellers Endowed Chair for Vocal Music

Anonymous Math, Math Education, Computer Science Major Scholarship

The Dr. Deena and Tom Fisher Scholarship for Education 40 ANNUAL REPORT



(IN 2015-2016)

WITH YOUR HELP....................................................................

helped make it possible to award


6 10












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