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Sylvania Northview HS 5403 Silica Drive Sylvania, OH 43560

Jun e 2, 2010

FUTURE PLANS: What’s in store for the class of 2010? See pgs. 4,5

t he clas s of two t hou s and

Th e

Sen10r Prints Sylvania Northview

Volume 84

Issue 12

Youngsters escape from NV’s preschool, 10 take over school AN INTERVIEW WITH THE TOP 10

Take a look at what the top of the class of 2010 had to say. Their answers may surprise you! See NEWS - pg. 2

Natalie Forrester CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR ESCAPE are the little tykes of the pre-school class. The photographer barely escaped with her life as one of the children turned on her after this photo and demanded the camera.


Edit orial s edit or Just when students thought the halls were safe, the little tykes ran loose. A few unidentified Early Childhood Education students accidentally left the door open from the little cubby section of E hall where their classes are held. In the time period of 41 seconds, 10 of the three and four year old children slipped out of the room, ready to take control of Northview. “We turned around for one second and they were gone,” said senior Childhood Education student Lindsey Gryca, shocked. They began their crusade in the art room, stealing hideous-colored paints and fingerpainted graffiti over the walls of NV, including finger painting over C-hall. The graffiti included slogans like “Baby Got Bad”. “The little one tripped me and I sprained my ankle,” explained senior Shannon Parcell. “Then he took my lunch money.”

Next, the children raided the cafeteria, eating the entire supply of best-selling chocolate chip cookies leaving none for lunch, and mockingly left the empty bags on the floor, causing more emotional pain to the alreadyhungry high school students. “You can take my grades, you can take my car, but you can’t take my cookies,” said senior Dave Moyer, outraged. They didn’t stop there. Some of the children snuck into the Cosmetology room. They grabbed supplies such as scissors and hair dye, knocking the students working on customers over, and proceeded to give the customers a surprise new hair dos. “They just shaved it all off,” said senior Megan Nolan, visibly upset and hairless. The rest ran down to the band room and tried to play the high school students’ instruments, producing a sound so atrocious that band director Mr. Mark Kroll fainted. But they weren’t done yet. The children all piled into the main office, locking Principal Stewart Jesse out of his own office and screeching over the loudspeaker to the already-

Northview’s greatest lesson . . . by Haley Nelson

. . . is open ended

terrified students that if the students ever wanted to leave the building again, they were to forfeit all of their cars. As the students tearfully said goodbye to their beloved vehicles, the children hopped in the front seats and drove off. Many of them could be heard shouting, “This is so much better than HotWheels!” One was seen driving a white Ford Mustang with black racing stripes on I-75. Some teachers, however, do not see the harm in their little children having “a little bit of fun.” “I don’t understand why everybody is so worried,” said Mrs. Heather Tussing, whose five-year-old son Joshua, took part in the breakout. “There is nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun. I mean, where else can you get cookies this good? They may as well take advantage. You go, Joshua! Mommy’s proud!” The police are currently chasing these children; their status is unconfirmed. We can only hope that these little tiny tykes stop at taking over NV, and don’t pursue taking over Sylvania.

10 seniors banned from walking at graduation By KRISTI KOPANIASZ

Bu s ine s s edit or Earlier this year Principal Mr. Stewart Jesse set rules that had to be followed for the senior prank or seniors that broke the rules would not walk at graduation. Even after being told the rules and consequences 10 seniors still decided not to follow these rules. It was determined that in order to prank, seniors then had to attend school on Senior Skip Day, that was the trade off. Those students who pranked had to attend school on Friday. This year 10 seniors were called down individually to Mr. Jesse’s office to talk to him, Mr. Rod Achter and Mrs. Amanda Ogren on Friday and they were not there. Since the day after the prank was senior skip day if the students were not there, a call home was made. “I apparently got the pass to the principal’s office the day after the senior prank but I wasn’t there,” said one of the 10 seniors who wishes to remain anonymous. Two seniors, Keith Foster and Connor Richardson, who were here on senior skip day, were called down during their fourth and fifth period classes, but despite being here they eventually skipped that day and will be punished with the rest. “No matter how much trouble we got into it was all worth it,” said Richardson. “I have no regrets for anything,” said Foster. “I wanted to go out with a bang.” Each of the seniors were called down to the office the following Tuesday and told they would not be walking at graduation or participating in any remaining senior events. After each student left Mr. Jesse’s office their parents were then contacted and informed of their child’s actions and the punishments that they would receive. “When I received a phone call from Mr. Jesse about my student I was devastated,” said an anonymous senior parent. “All our family was flying in to watch him graduate, now our plans are ruined. This was supposed to be a happy time; now it is just more stressful than ever.” Along with not walking on June 13 they were told they could not be a part of the senior assembly and the luncheon. “All the special things seniors do at the end of the year is what makes being a senior great. The special treatment and events we get are so fun,” said another senior. “Now I won’t be a part of any of that. I regret taking the senior prank too far.” The class of 2010 will officially graduate Sunday, June 13 at 4pm as they walk across the Stranahan stage to receive their diplomas.



June 2, 2010

An interview wit h t he t op t e n of the cl ass



by Haley Nelson, with a special interview by Katherine Chang

1. Connor McEwen

2. Courtney Tipton

3. Katherine Chang

4. Emily Holshoe

5. Haley Nelson

6. Haley Armstrong

7. Nate Miklovic

8. Michelle Larberg

9. Ike Burns

10. Laura Guinness

What will you miss most about NV? “The opportunity t o be involved in s o many different act ivit ie s i s s omet hing I will mi s s a lot. At college t here are s everal clubs, but it will definit ely be different.” What do you plan on doing after high school? “I will be at t ending t he Univers ity of Michigan t o study biology”.

What are your career plans after graduating from NV? “I will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering and maybe double majoring in Phy s ic s at Bost on Univers ity.” Do you have any personal goals to accomplish? “Well, I will definit ely get married and have two boy s: ‘Connor two point zeros’.”

What was your personal philosophy during high school? “Don’t stre s s out t oo much becau s e t here’s alway s s omebody y ou can beat up, well at least in Wat er Polo.” What was the hardest class you ever took and why? “I’d have t o give t hat one t o Phot ojournali s m fre s hman y ear. I really can’t t ake a picture. Bringing in t i s sue s made t he difference between an ‘A’ and a ‘B’.”

What NV experience or activities influenced you the most? “Being on Newspaper st aff and t he Speech t eam have been t he great e st experience s. The s e act ivit ie s have really s hown me t hat I want t o pursue Broadcast Journali s m in college.” What part of working on Newspaper was the most challenging? “Drawing t he cart oons becau s e, well, Daniel can be lazy.”

What are your best memories from here at NV? “My be st memory at NV i s definit ely Mr. Chri sty’s t ie joke t hi s y ear in AP Calculu s. It was a great moment.” What do you plan to do after high school? “I want t o become a past or. I’m going t o be study ing management at t he Univers ity of Alabama, t hen I will be going t o s eminary.”

What was the best moment for you at NV? “My be st memory i s when I s ingle-handedly changed Mr. Lefevre’s opinion of t he s ixt h period AP Government clas s.” What was your personal philosophy during high school? “Work hard, play hard, or go home.”

What are your best memories from NV? “All t he s hows for t heatre are what I’ll remember t he most. I’ll al s o remember t he different part s of Choir, like Madrigal, t he New York City trip and Harmony Road Show field trips.” What is the greatest thing NV has taught you? “It i s import ant t o be a good pers on and t o be involved in t he community.”

What was your favorite class at NV? “I really liked AP Biology. I enjoy ed t he s maller clas s s ize and everybody really want ed t o be t here.” What is the greatest lesson you have learned at NV? “Everybody has different t alent s and y ou s houldn’t try t o be good at s omet hing y ou’re not. NV has plenty of opportunit ie s for every one.”

What was the hardest class you ever took? “French IV. It was harder t han French V. ” What’s your best memory from your activities at NV? “I will alway s remember one day in Band where we all at e pizza in my truck.” Do you have any advice for underclassmen? “Ju st keep try ing. The more y ou try, t he bet t er it’s going t o work out.”

Do you have any advice for underclassmen? “You s hould alway s try t o have fun while y ou are learning.” What were some of your highlights during school? “Being in t he Pub and reading t he ‘Pet it e Prince’ in Madame Goodwin’s clas s were definit ely highlight s during my t ime at NV. ”

Our top ten 1 Ms. Huey- “She can climb a mountain.” -Senior Daniel Rhollans

2 homeroom leader.”

Ms. Jackson- “She’s the reason I became a -Senior Brian Wadsworth

3 4

Ms. Gogel- “Now I know why they call French the prettiest language.” -Senior Jacob Amstel

Ms. Petersen- “She gets my hypothalamus working.”

-Senior Josh Watkins

5 day where I played him one-on-one.”

Mr. Irwin- “I always prayed for the -Senior Hannah Small

teachers Blakeman- “I always found myself 6 Mr. needing a nap because I got lost in his eyes.”


-Senior Michelle Stevenson

Mrs. Ogren- “I love getting in trouble” -Senior Alex Kruger

Achter- “I wish they still used 8 Mr. paddles for discipline instead of demerits.” -Senior Katie Switzer


Mr. Briggs- “His head is like a crystal ball, I can see our future”

-Senior Olivia Stockard

McGough- “I hope everyday one of my 10 Mr. teachers is sick so I have the slightest chance of seeing him.”

- Senior Kaitlyn Bryan

FEATURES Did he just say what I think he said? of

A yeareard quotes overh

Oh, the things people say. Surely everyone has that one friend, knows that one person, has taken that one class where the weirdest things are always said. Maybe you are that person. If so, congratulations! Thank you for entertaining the student body with your possibly unintentional sense of humor. If you are not that person, have no idea what I am talking about or could just use a laugh right now, read on. For the past few months, for my own amusement (and the amusement of my friends who know of these lists), I have written down many of the odd and hilarious things I have personally heard around Northview. These quotes go on for pages, but in honor of this senior issue I have dug up some of the best for your entertainment. Hopefully you like them, and are not embarrassed to possibly find something you said here - after all, it really was awesome. Enjoy! -Elizabeth Masson

June 2, 2010


Reasons Be


the class of 2010 We put feng shui to the test on Thursday and failed.

We know how to let loose... while discussing our AP test results.

Senior polls are a big deal. Enough to fight over.

It doesn’t matter what the juniors say, we won the potato sack race.

(Incident in the Pub) (Student runs frantically into the room) “Huey, where is the all-purpose cleaner?! This is a big one!!” “It’s over there… what did you do?” (Student runs back out) “Nothing!!”

All Senior Women Are Divas...Dimes...Dumb???

(While talking about cold weather) “I don’t understand how people can be wearing shorts right now. It’s so cold. I can barely wear pants.” (Slight pause.) “That didn’t come out right.” (Overheard boy speaking) “100% honesty means that I have to tell you I used women’s body wash this morning.” “You have a rooster and a hen and one day, the rooster - if they love each other very much, of course, and they’re married - fertilizes the egg. With, uh, fertilizer.” “I’m going to make a slight grammatical change to the normal cowspeak and say ‘boo’ to your answer.” (Two teachers talking) “Do you ride the donkeys?” “Oh, of course.”

Class Olympics domination in general... primarily sophomore year.

Our Turnabout Kings have incredible singing talent.

We practice silence at assemblies.

“My image of Jesus was always the real one. The one they have on Family Guy.” (While attempting to figure out how to shoot a scene of Hamlet for a project) “I have some Lord of the Rings action figures in my closet. We could use those.” (Pretends he is holding them and making them talk) “To be… or not to be…” (After reading Hamlet, when two characters, Hamlet and Ophelia, are about to talk and Hamlet mentions Ophelia’s “orisons”) Teacher: “Okay, what are her ‘orisons’?” Male student: “Are they her ovaries?” Teacher: “No… a little higher…” Student: “Are they her breasts?” Teacher: “A little higher still…” (They were her eyes.) “Everyone has to die anyway. You may as well die in the apocalypse.” (Mimics conversation.) “‘How did you die?’ ‘I got shot.’ ‘Oh, well I saw the world end.’”

35 We invented a new mammalian species: the fire-breathing Wildcat.




June 2, 2010

The Music We Marched To

Gradua tion Vitamin C



You & Me - Lifehouse

Theme for Prom, pretty self-explanatory.

6 Bring On Tomorrow - Fame

2 We Like To Party - Vengaboys 3 Single Ladies - Beyonce

A few seniors were in the Fame show our freshmen year and it was the senior choir song for this year that will be sung at the assembly as well as graduation.

Enough said.



Brian Wadsworth, our very own staffer, was Beyonce at Cat’s Meow and performed it again for the Turnabout assembly. One of the best moments of the year.

A big song of the year, played in the Pub constantly as well as many pep assemblies.

8 Sandstorm -

4 Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus

DJ Darude

The dance everyone goes crazy to, especially seniors at Prom.

Her most popular video of the year, with guys constantly watching it because of her looks. Plus, no one can forget Jarred Bowen’s great rendition at the Turnabout assembly for his skit.


United State of Pop 2009 DJ Earworm

9 Graduation - Vitamin C

“As we go on, we remember, all the times we’ve had together. As our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever.” The cliché graduation song, but it does sum up the memories and friends you make during high school.

Thong Song - Sisqo

Was played at Prom and was a hit. Basically the Pub theme song of the year.

Stop Believing 10 Don’t Journey

The classic hit that everyone loves and belts anytime they hear it. Not to mention that the new hit show Glee kicked off their season pilot episode ending with this song, which also became a huge hit.

By: Harley Rohrbacher and Nicole Mangas

Top 10 FAVES at NV - a TSP Survey you know, about the things that are really important to seniors

Favorite Cafeteria Food:

Cookies - 50% Grilled Cheese - 15% Bagels - 28% Pizza - 7%

Most Annoying Facility:

Broken Water Fountains - 8% Wrong Clocks - 53% Inadequate Bathrooms - 34% Leaky Roofs - 5%

Most Memorable Scare:

Staph Infection in the Pool - 14% The Fire - 39% The Bomb Threat(s) - 19% Homeless Man in the School - 28%

Favorite Sporting Event:

Greatest Senior Activity (besides Prom):

The Luau - 34% The Senior Breakfast - 24% The Ice Cream Social - 16% Cat’s Meow - 16%

Favorite Hallway:

A Hall - 15% C Hall - 64% E Hall - 8% F Hall - 8% G Hall - 5%

THE SR. PEANU T GALLERY “I hope to have completed Med School and started my specialized studies while working towards becoming a vascular surgeon.”

Hockey game - 47% Football game - 39% Basketball game -11% Soccer game - 3%

Favorite Career Tech Department:

Cosmetology -25% The Education - 19% Med Tech - 22% Engineering - 34%

Favorite Place to Chill:

The Heaters - 25% The Pub - 28% One of the Music Rooms - 16% The Bench Outside - 31%

Favorite Rule to Break:

No Water Bottles - 38% No Texting in Class - 41% Being Late to Class/Lunch/ Commons - 15% Short shorts - 3%

Favorite Publication:

The Student Prints (Newspaper) - 28% The Wyandotte (The Yearbook) - 31% The Toilet Paper- 0% Graffiti on the Bathroom Stalls - 41% * 125 Seniors Polled

Seniors, where will you be in TEN YEARS? “Hopefully not on a street corner. I’d really like to own my own house.”

- Senior Joe Ni s ch

-Senior Jacob Ju st inger

“In ten years I want to be really rich. Hopefully.”

-Senior Morgan Hojnacki

“In a residency after Medical School...hopefully... fingers crossed.”

-Senior Meli s s a Rondinelli

Prom/After Prom

June 2, 2010


Strolling down Promenade are seniors Kaitlyn Bryan and Will Forrester as they strut their stuff for parent photos. Promenade gave the girls a chance to show off their dresses and the boys a chance to show off the girls. Dancing the night away are seniors Kate Benham and Black Bacho. Couples enjoyed the theme “You and Me”. Sitting at their table are seniors Keith Foster and Brooke Darah. “I really enjoyed the music, it seemed like every time I wanted to get a little break there was a really good song playing one right after another,” said Foster. Admiring each other’s dresses are seniors Brooke Darah and Kate Mutchler. Arm and arm are seniors Meredith Wagner and Nick Homan. Looking at the decorations during After Prom are seniors Alexis Hall, Alex Melick and Ryan Kremchek. Seniors enjoyed the After Prom activities well into the morning. Winning the obstacle course is senior Nicole Fry. The blow up obstacle course proved harder than it looked as the bouncing made running on its surface tricky.

Gambling at the Black Jack table are seniors Joey Bryant and Katie Duncan and their dates. Students gambled with fake money that they turned in at the end of After Prom in hopes of winning various prizes. Ready, set, go! Seniors Matt Snyder and Michael Stebing prepare to race each other through the obstacle course. This was just one of the many physical activities to enjoy during After Prom. Photos by: Natalie Forrester, Divya Biyani,

Sarah Powazki and Hannah Henderson


June 2, 2010 Kelly Engel Colleen Grondin Zachary Jones Shane Wheatley

What Does The Future Hold Kate Schmidt Leah Smith

Robert Callejas

John Holler Hailey Nowak Sarah Squillante Courtney Tipton Kelly Sandstrom

Nathan Miklovic Jarred Bowens

Jessica Russell Rita Betz Christine Cameron Zachary Deaton Will Forrester Scott Goellnitz Lindsey Gryca Alexis Hall Shane Hennessy Haley Hofbauer Emily Holshoe Corey Howe Elizabeth Hoyle Tyler James Kaitlyn Jesus Felicia Jianuzzi Kristi Kopaniasz Jordan Marvin Matthew Meehan Brianna Meyer Meaghan Mick Megan Nolan Chelsie Parton Hilary Perlman Kelsey Rentner Katie Roemer Harley Rohrbacher Kristen Schoenrock Jessica Sharp Emily Snook Kelsey Sporleader Michael Stebing Olivia Stockard Lauren Weber Ashleigh Williams Kaylie Zollweg Katie Switzer Michael Motter Tiffany LaPlante

Connor McEwen Jessica DeBelly Ryan Kremchek Lauren O’Hare Abby Reeb Keith von Stein Nathan Watt Brittani Williams Halie Langhals Blake Bacho Ryan Coutts Lauren Cowell Chris Dipofi Eric Finch Bethany Galati Lauren Grabowski Josh Krispin Danielle Munch

Shelby Burke Kevin Butts Adam Box Gabrielle Romberger Marisa Mercurio Brianna Scharfenberg Olivia Fouty Paige Luther Michelle Vince Cassie Clark Torrence Garland Wendy Wisniewski

Brooke Grow Bailey Managhan

Michelle Larberg Caitlyn Brant Sia DuFour Cody Brant Jennifer Yerks Alexx Klein Haley Nelson Breanna Randolph Hilary Froelich Daniel Rhollans Elizabeth Gildea

Katie Bartlett Haley Armstrong Hannah Dickerson Ike Burns Katherine Chang Ryan Coffey Jennifer Grimmer Laura Guinness Morgan Hojnacki Sean O’Connell Melissa Rondinelli Dee Tung Meredith Wagner Stephanie Yarnell Harrison Zeitler Liz Masson Alexandra Melick Shannon Parcell Katherine Pence Georgiana Rumman Hannah Small Kelly Strick Andrew Szczerba

Michael Pauken Brett Quinn Elle Stobinski Sarah Watson Nichole White Branden Wright Aaron Zaborowski Hilary Boyle Joey Bryant Ka’Mia Hobson David Moyer Erika Parton Diane Schroder Aaron DeVault

Michael Dorsey Charles Easton Michelle Fager Sarah Fatemi Nicole Fry Keith Foster Brittany Franklin Ben Haendiges Steven Hamilton Taylor Heninger Anthony Holley Chelsea Holtz Nick Homan Abbas Ismail Kyle Jakubowski Ahmad Jarouche Levi Jasper Adam Jurski Jacob Justinger Austin Johnson Allison Kalos Kara Kapela Alex Kruger Andrew Long Michelle Lorenz Matthew Mahon Alyson Matthews Kayla McCoy Austin McDonald Taylor Meek Morgan Melchert Amy Mierzwiak Benjamin Miller Joseph Nisch Nicholas Piazza Athreya Rajan Connor Richardson Katlin Roberts Lacey Rogers Alyse Rogerson Taylor Simmons Matthew Snyder Michelle Stevenson Zack Thomas Andrew Tidd Brandon Tinney Dustin VanDromme Devin Welzbacher Chelsea Lyell Christina Hartbarger Grace Kowalski Adeline Davis Kathryn Mutchler

Neal Cousino

Juliana Gramza Lyndsey Hoot Brooke Darah Sarah Mathiot

Mychal Monteith Brian Wadsworth Matthew Jahns Alex Gibson Jacob Zureich

Nicole Mangas Jacquelyn McFarlane Emilly Thomas Rebecca Turley Michael Matrisciano

Shannon Bates

Mason Goff

Jay Colville Natalie DiCola Megan Foster Molly Huttner Edward Kutz Kristi Layman Elizabeth Schwartz

Elina Achil Jacob Barnes Kaitlyn Bryan Nate Carter Jessica Collins Brendan Connolly

Jacquelyn McFarlane Emilly Thomas Rebecca Turley Michael Matrisciano *All information contained in this list was obtained from counselors and the seniors themselves. We apologize for anyone left off of this list. We did our best to get everyone on here through announcements and a list hung in the cafeteria.

COLUMNS Haley Hofbauer news edit or Leaving high school is a bittersweet experience, especially for me. I’ve always looked forward to getting away and going to college, but I never imagined when it actually came down to leaving that it would be so hard. The realization that I may never see some people who have made the past four years of my life amazing, finally hit me. These last four years at Northview have been some of the most fulfilling and rewarding years of my life. My experience at NV wouldn’t have been so great if not for all the people that I’ve meet. I’ve learned so much from not only my wonderful teachers, but my peers as well. To start off, I don’t know what I would have done without Leah Smith. Leah I can’t wait to spend two weeks and two days with you in SPAIN this summer! It’s going to be a great way to spend our summer. Thank you so much for being one of the best friends I have, I couldn’t have made it these past four years without you. Along with Leah, I’d like to thank someone who made my senior year fantastic, John Holler. John thanks for being there and listening to me, even if I am a little crazy sometimes. You really have helped me realize that I am good enough, even when others don’t think so. Thanks. The next two people that deserve to be mentioned are Haley Nelson and Sarah Squillante. Haley, aka my twin, you truly have become one of my closest friends. I can’t wait for the day that I can turn on CNN and see you reporting in Spanish about some huge event that just happened. I’ll make sure Peachy Sweet watches too. As for Sarah, AP lit would not have been the same without you. I can’t wait to work with you all the time this summer; hopefully no one demands a cone for their dog anymore and maybe, just maybe people will realize that whispering what they want to us will get them nowhere. Haley and Sarah, being on staff this year was amazing because the two of you were

so fantastic. All the time and work you put into the paper really showed. Thanks for being such great co-editors. For the most part all of my teachers at NV have been pretty great. However, there are a few teachers who deserve to be recognized for the impact they’ve had on my life. For starters, I’d like to thank the entire World Language Department. Each one of you has had a huge impact on my life, especially Mrs. Lindsey Jurski and Ms. Christina Forster. Senora Jurski, you knew it off the bat that I’d be a Spanish teacher even if I didn’t believe you. Thank you for being my mentor and friend these past three years. Even though you weren’t here this year, you were never far from my thoughts. You really have influenced my life greatly and I can never truly thank you for all that you have taught me. Frau Forster has also been a great mentor to me, especially this past year. Frau I can never thank you enough for all that you have taught me. All the advice you’ve given me has helped me tremendously. You always seem to know exactly what to say to cheer me up. Thank you for being a great friend and mentor to me and helping me get through some tough times. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Along with Senora and Frau, Mr. Mark Kroll and Mrs. Fran Borchers have also had a huge impact on my life. Mr. Kroll, I’ve known you for 7 years and I still laugh at every one of your jokes. You’ve been there every step of my musical career and I have learned so much from you. I am the flute player I am today, because of you. I don’t think you will every truly understand how grateful I am to have gotten to know you. You’re always there for me and willing to listen to all my stories and problems. Thanks for caring. Lastly, I’d like to thank Mrs. Fran Borchers. Mrs. Borchers, I cannot thank you enough for all the support you’ve shown me this year. Being in the National Honor Society under your leadership has been such a great experience and being


June 2, 2010

able to work with you on things like Race for the Cure has been fantastic and I’ve been able to learn so much from you. I can never begin to explain how grateful I am that I was able to have you as a teacher and mentor. Thank you so much for all that you do. With all these wonderful people that

I had the opportunity to meet throughout high school, it’s obvious why graduating is a bittersweet experience. However, I am happy that I get to start a new chapter in my life and I know that without the people mentioned in this article I would be nowhere near ready to start that next chapter.

Adamedit Jurski orial s edit or When I look back on the two years of newspaper the first thoughts that come to mind is all of the cheap shots that were taken by the rest of the staff and Ms Huey on NASCAR. When I get passed those disturbing comments, I remember all of the great times that I had the old Pub. First I would like to thank Jeff Gordon who has taught me that even though you haven’t won anything, like a championship, for the past nine years, you still have to remain positive and keep on working hard, even though your time is probably passed. But, I will still be there cheering him on. This is when I would thank Ms Huey for being the best newspaper advisor I ever had, but the only thing that comes to mind is the nasty comments about NASCAR and what was wrong with me for liking it. But I guess I should at least say something to her… Thanks I would like to give a huge thanks to Mrs. Curran for listening to me ramble on and keep on freaking out over Prom. I think I was in your room for an average of three periods a day, especially that one week where I was a complete wreck. And of course those infamous sister/ girlfriend jokes. Special shout out to Madelyn Rossler for not taking notice to me for the first three and three quarters of high school, but since Mother’s Day and that “card,” it has been great talking to a second generation

Rossler. Thank you Katherine Chang for being the best Chinese friend in the school. I will see YOU at the graveyard. Alexx Klein: Brady Austin is mine. One of the biggest goodbyes I want to give is to Aaron Liebenthal. Through all of your stupid songs that you play over and over and over again and driving you home just to have your driveway scrape the bottom of my car, I will love you and always love you. Thanks to the editors Haley Nelson and Sarah Squillante, even though I hardly saw Sarah throughout the year. This newspaper would have been nothing if it weren’t for me running the editorials with great skill, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to show off my skills. I also need to put in an apology to Devin VanDromme for beating him up repeatedly in English and Commons. Those Panda comments just really get me going. I would also like to thank

the members of the Northview tennis team, like Billy Rachwal for being my partner junior year and toughing out a long NASCAR race last summer. I hope you got a good sleep in the middle of the race. And I hope that girl I railroaded going for a three-dollar hat doesn’t hate me too much. Another thank you to my doubles partners Brandon Rachwal and Jimmy Stevens for playing with me, especially through my 30 double fault matches. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Thank you to Spencer Georgetti for always getting on my nerves and being so bad at table tennis that it was not a challenge at all to beat you. And finally thanks to Brendan Connolly for stooping so low to room for me. I guess I could give you first dibs on the bed choice. My high school career is finally over. It feels great to get high school over with, just to spend four more years in college studying there. What can I say, the future looks awesome.

8 KristibuKopaniasz s in e s s e dit or June 2, 2010

Senior year seemed so far away when I was little. I went from counting down the last days of my eighth grade year to now counting down my last days in high school. It’s weird how in the end time flies. A part of me is sad but graduation brings bigger and better things. My four years here has made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Katie Boileau, my family’s favorite second daughter. I spend more time at your house during the summer than I do at my own home. Your family is my second family. All the crazy things we do and insiders we have make our friendship stronger every day. We have to go to Ralphie’s to visit Shawn and of course more late night runs to Frickers this summer. I love just strolling into your house unannounced like it’s my own home. I promise I will give you back all the clothes I have borrowed before I go to college. We have to do it big before I leave. I want this summer to be filled with more China 1, jumps off the diving board, not so sleepover sleepovers, singing like we’re actually good, Dollar store runs, beach volleyball at Olander, and most importantly more pop tarts (but no more alien body paint please)! Although I will only be a half hour away it will feel like hours away. I will miss you more than you’ll know. Sarah Lewandowski aka Bigfoot! Running through people’s yards at 2am and leaving giant footprints in the snow is something I will never forget. Although you make fun of me because you always know who I’m texting by the look on my face I still love you. People just don’t understand the fun we have and the things we laugh about but its all worth the weird looks we get. I look forward to going to church every Sunday with you and Katie’s family. Sitting front row and rating the musicians makes church even better. I think I’m going to adopt Meredith if that’s OK with you; actually I don’t think you’ll mind. I can’t wait for you and Katie to come down for little sibs weekend. We’ll just tell people we are sisters; no one has to know. I bet I will be on campus no less than 12 hours and call you because I miss you already. To my hockey buddy Aubree Noel Simon. Every weekend in the winter we spent together watching our boys play was amazing. Tam-O became our second home for the last three hockey seasons. Messing with Austin and our hot chocolate with French vanilla syrup became an addiction. I knew senior year was going to be good when we hung out after senior picnic and we just walked into two people’s houses like we owned the place. I know I can always text you and gossip about the new boys in my life. Thanks for always being there for me and putting up with me when I get too crazy. My friend and favorite hockey player, Josh Krispin, I will miss you when you go to Cincinnati. I enjoyed watching you grow as a hockey player these last two years. Although people always thought we were more than we really were, the friendship has been great. I know you’re not into all this sappy stuff but you’re an amazing guy. You and your family are some of the nicest people I know. Your mom is such a sweetheart. She was so cool when Aubree and I just walked into your house late that one night in the summer. Your dad is pretty cool too; I would always tell you he scared and intimidated me, he’s a pretty cool guy. Your brother and sister are awesome too. Jake would make me laugh everytime he said “wad up big K” or flashed me dirty looks in the hallway. Jess is just a sweetheart all the way around. I was glad to be your Whispering Wildcat this year. It was funny to see you try to figure out who it was at first. When you home from Cincy hit me up and we can hang at BG sometime.

COLUMNS Harley Rohrbacher s t af f writ er

Tony Holley, the number of times you make me laugh during class everyday for the last four years is way too many to ever count. Besides talking hockey with you everyday we had some great times. I remember back in the day of Maplewood no one called you Tony; it was always Peaches. Freshman block, sophomore math and English, College Prep, and Physics would not of been as fun had you not been in my class. I don’t know how you get away with

The end of senior year is finally here; it seems so surreal. I have waited for this moment for a long time and now that high school is coming to an end, it is time to say my goodbyes. I have made a lot of friends here and made a lot of memories. Even though I am leaving, I will remember a lot of my times at Northview. College will be a big change, but I am looking forward to it. NV has taught me a lot over the past four years and I am sad to say it is over now. I will miss my two favorite science teachers

some of the things you do. I wish the best for you and Lexi. I honestly think you guys will get married. Don’t forget to send me an invite. To my family who has put up with my antics for the last 17 years; thank you. My mom who has been through seven years of travel volleyball, thank you for giving up every weekend in the winter and spring for me. You do a ton for me and never really got the thank you that you deserve. Even when I argue with you about cleaning my room I will always love you. Although I am growing up and moving off to college I will always be your little girl. My brother Eric, I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. You influenced my love of sports and being a tom-boy. The stupid things we do, shenanigans, the not so funny things we seem to think are hilarious, and the times we know exactly what the other is thinking without saying a word. You are always welcome to come down and hang at BG with me; just don’t bring the parents. Bartlett, we had three classes together freshman year and have three together this year and we still haven’t gotten tired of each other. Thanks for being the person I went to, to vent about volleyball. As much of a pain as it was I’m glad we can look back and laugh at it now. To Ms. Huey, without you I would not be writing this. Originally I tried out to be on yearbook but I can now say I’m glad to be on newspaper. I would never have imagined that I would be the Business Editor of the newspaper as a senior. I used to look up to those kids, now I am one. Thank you for everything. The letter of reference you wrote for me was incredible. Sorry for the late written, never edited stories. To the rest of the newspaper staff, its been a great year with many memories. To Yianni and Abbey you two will be amazing co-editors next year. Try not to kill each other when it gets stressful. I can’t wait to see the new and great things that you two will bring to the newspaper. To Margot, do me proud as the next Business Editor. Haley Nelson, the futon has your name on it. You have to come visit Harley and I. Skylar... Snapple... nuf said! I’m going to miss gossip, lunch room runs, and “struttin” our stuff to Jason DeRulo, Ridin Solo. Tyra would be proud! As sad as I am to leave NV, I am excited at the same time. I will miss all my friends and the teachers I have become close with. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

and thank you both for helping me decide to further my education in a science field. Thank you Mr. Ulrich for all you have done for me. Your classes have always been memorable and I am glad I was able to have you as a teacher one last time this year. I wish the best for you and your family in the future. Mr. Roth, thank you for being such a great teacher the past two years. You have made Chemistry so much fun and your classes have been two of my favorites. You’re such an inspiration and thank you for convincing me to take AP this year, even though it was a challenge. Also, I appreciate you putting up with me being a halftime student. Good luck in the future! Even though this is only my first year on staff, I’ve made the Pub my home. I’m really sad I didn’t apply for staff sooner and only had this year to experience what being on staff was like, but so many memories have been made. I spent three periods a day in the pub this year and I love being able to relax on the couch (only when Nicole isn’t sleeping on it or Adam isn’t sitting on everyone). Goodbye to the whole Student Prints staff, you guys were amazing this year, we had a ton of great issues. Yianni and Abbey, you guys are going to be amazing Co-Editors next year and I can tell it’ll be a fun year for everyone on staff. Thank you to my family for always supporting me and being there no matter what. I know I have been a challenge, but I really appreciate you putting up with me. I love you guys. To America’s PRIDE, Power Team and P.E.A.C.E. Project, all of you make a difference in kids’ lives. Don’t stop what you’re doing and keep up the great work! Wiki Wars and catching up on Greek was a frequent occurrence for me during study hall with Michelle. Aaron I’ll miss food flirting with you, I hope the next two years for you are great. Nicole, freaking out over Chemistry this year with you has become so natural to me. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year with you not around. Be expecting some phone calls. Kristi and Hof, BG baby, college is going to be great next year together. I am looking forward to it and I’m so happy I’ll have a few staffers to remember all the great times from this year with. Emily Holshoe I love how close we have gotten over the years. Your laugh will always make me smile and I cannot wait for BG, we’ll still be choir buddies!

Caitlin, Jenlaylay, and Katie, I am going to miss you guys like no other. Caitlin you were the first friend I made at this school, and I loved all of our lunch conversations and the food fight together. Jen, our story time during the bus trips were great; we never hung out as much as we should have. Katie I will never forget our near death experiences with Richie. Our wedding will be amazing! We’ll all have to keep in touch, and we’ll have a girl’s night with Em sometime when we’re all in town! Molly, Balts. Enough said. Alyse and Natalie, lunch this year has been quite memorable. Alyse, my twin (apparently), Sanctus with you and Liz was amazing! I’ve loved being locker buddies together for the past three years. Natalie, we’re Gleeks and Castle freaks. You say the funniest thing at random times, and we will have to have a lunch table reunion sometime. Transform Bumblebee! Clare with a K, you are amazing, I will miss our glottal attacks and beating each other up. Come down for little sibs weekend and I’ll come back to see you. I can’t wait for our date night together, I love you! Sammy, my favorite SMAJM, being friends with you this year was amazing. I will always remember New York when we first became friends, and I love how close we’ve gotten since then. Putt-putting with an angry Mui and getting stuck in mud is always fun. Shmuel, I love you and thanks again for being my hero, I couldn’t have asked for a better Prom date! Liz and Levi, Spanish together freshmen year was so memorable, when we first all became friends. Honors Biology next year together was even better and this year lunch conversations have been quite entertaining. Liz I remember our late night conversations in fast food parking lots and our sappy movie dates. I will never forget that time we got lost in Iowa and were stuck in a cramped bathroom with a random kid for like an hour because no one could find us. Pictures in graveyards and trampolines are always fun as are our Sonic trips and playing football in empty parking lots late at night. We’re going to see a movie on the last day of school this year, it’s tradition and hopefully it’ll be something as good as last year’s! Chauncey the Librarian will be the best new TV show ever. Levi we’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs the past four years, but I’m really glad we became bros this year and can tell each other anything. Street prowler, want to get some ice cream? To one of my best friends of the year, it’ll be really hard saying goodbye to you. Haley Nelson, you were such a great Co-Editor with Sarah this year and thank you so much for convincing me to apply for Newspaper (you too Hof). So many memories and good times this year, I feel like anything we say now is just an inside joke. It’s whatever though. The List will forever be in my heart and I can’t believe how long it has gotten in just a few months. Girl, oh oh oh oh girl, The Huck Finn and Ethan Frome Swaggle are always going to be my favorite dance moves. Good thing I’m a ninja and keep stoking the fire with the Pub Diaries. The Rebellious Duo can never be truly separated and I can’t wait to see you as a broadcast journalist, in Chile of course. You’re precious, better than your mother, and I don’t it. If I could teach you anything from this year, I hope you remember that a girl’s got to have standards. Nels, I will miss you so much next year, but it’s only six hours away. You cannot get rid of me as a friend just with distance. When you come visit we’ll do yoga and Kristi has the futon saved for you!



June 2, 2010

phot ographers You know you’re a staff photographer when… 1. You love the feeling of Mark’s strap tightly caressing your neck, and his heavy body cradled in your hands. 2. You see something happening and run to get your camera. 3. You despise when people smile at the camera when the picture is supposed to be candid. 4. You start going to more school functions because you’ve discovered photographers get in free. 5. Your goodbye article is the only story you’ve written all year for TSP. 6. Once you go Mark, you never go back- regular digital cameras just don’t meet your standards anymore. 7. You brag that you write more than any other staff member, because clearly a picture is worth a thousand words. 8. You’re so popular and you get so many texts that your phone freezes and you actually don’t get any texts and then it seems like you’re not so popular anymore and then you miss the game and it’s all your fault and then the newspaper has to rely on all of the sweet yearbook pictures that we try to hide from them but no, they find them anyway and we get in a big argument about who is best, but clearly the photo editors are the best.

9. You get so good you get paid to take senior pictures…contact Halie Langhals 10. You become convinced there would be no newspaper without Halie and Laura

opinions edit or

This random space is brought to you by senioritis

I probably won’t remember half the classes I took here, Yet there are a few of you that to my heart I hold quite dear. Andrew Szczerba I met you here on my very first day, and we together participated in our first NV play Sia DuFour and Colleen Grondin are two of my greatest friends, between Orchestra and dances, how I wish it would never end The Pub will surely always be my favorite hangout place, between freaking out about deadlines and the editors eating face, Yianni Papadimos you have always made me laugh, Haley Hof I love you too…we struggled together during math Michelle Vince and Jacob Justinger, the back row is the most fun Molly Huttner, you’re my SUNSHINE, now grab that diploma and RUN! Courtney Tipton and Haley Nelson, my speech partners in crime I hope people don’t notice that I don’t know how to rhyme Daniel Rhollans and Brian Wadsworth, how you annoyed me so you’re really not funny, but I might actually be sad when you go Kristi Kopaniasz is my number 1 fan Hey, Leigh Anne Pace, great times with Ninon and Diane Sarah Squillante, Katherine Chang, Laura Guinness, Lindsey Gryca too La classe de Francais etait la meilleure, qu’est-ce que pensez-vous? Alex Gibson, I’ve known you for 12 years you still have the same eyes, same nose, same ears Neal Cousino and Haley Armstrong are precious, that’s all I can say actually I could say more, but I’m too la-zay. Breanna Randolph, you make me real happy I KNOW; you don’t have to tell me that my poem is real sappy Kramer Lindsley will always be my DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER, you can shake, twist and bend, Claire Chirgott and Taylor Hertz, I’ll always associate you together, so don’t stop being friends Jessica Sharp, no, you’re the awesome one Ok, I think people want me to be done Viktor Barriklow, you’re awesome too, I couldn’t think of a rhyme for you…oh, wait, I just did ha. The people I mentioned above, thank you for these four years. I would also like to thank Ms. Sarah Huey, Ms. Sarah Petersen, and Madame Mary Goodwin for being such great teachers as well as inspiration. Highlights of the year include: -Freaking out, trying to get everyone in order for Cats Meow...and actually having our advisors say they’d do it another year. -Having a Frenchie follow me around like a more-fashionable shadow -Hanging out with the fellow staffers…and those of you who like to act like you’re staffers. -Speech and Debate...yes, I talk to walls. -The THEATRE: You can’t have theatre without a little bit of drama… -The Pub is like my second home...I’m gonna miss this Thanks, y’all for a great four years! I will always be a wildcat at heart. “WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO....” oh, wait, I can’t put that in here.

Seniors - If you didn’t pick up your Spring Supplement stop by room E-6.

10 LizstMasson aff writ er

June 2, 2010

As I sit here and begin writing my last article ever for The Student Prints, I wish that as I reflected on my last four years of high school that something marvelous and significant would pop into my head. Something wise and memorable, to give some sort of closure to all that has happened and leave whoever is reading this something to remember me by. Unfortunately though, nothing like that is coming to mind. I can only think back on all that has happened and say, thank you. It is true that we are shaped not only by the people that we are and that we know, but also by our environment and experiences. With this in mind, I am thankful every day that I chose to come to Northview and was able to spend the last few years here not only learning in classes such as Honors English and Contemporary Law, but also outside the classroom, and definitely much more about myself. Had I not come here, I don’t believe I would be the same person nor have the same goals and interests that I do now. I believe that a teacher’s influence can go far beyond their subject. Just as one teacher can make or break a class, one teacher can take what they teach to a whole new level, to the point that it impacts a student for years to come and thus become some of the most memorable people in their lives. When I first took French, as opposed to Spanish, it was for the simple reason that “I would rather visit France than Spain.” Now, after having had incredible experiences with Mrs. Dirr and Ms. Gogel, French has transformed into one of my favorite subjects and something I would like to pursue at the college level. After taking and absolutely loving Intro to Journalism with Ms. Huey, I decided to join the paper staff and have not only been here for one year (which is not nearly enough time, may I add), but also plan on majoring in Journalism at Ohio University next year. Mrs. Borchers and Mrs. Kaminski are incredibly kind people that I have loved talking to. Mr. Lefevre and Ms.

Bogue took what I thought would be ordinary classes and transformed them into something that will stay with me for years. In addition to my teachers, I have met some of the most awesome people and would like to say something to some of Northview’s finest both in and out of the Pub. Mamie Silver, I couldn’t have asked for anyone more fun and random to hang out with in newspaper. I will miss our heated cheese debates, going through 80s yearbooks and being quizzed for tests in subjects I have never taken. You are amazing and congrats on being the new News Editor! Haley Hofbauer, you have teased me all year including in other classes, but despite this I will miss your sarcastic ways, kind of, and think you’re an awesome person. Adam Jurski, thanks for always being so patient in answering my bazillions of questions whenever I got stuck while doing a page, I would have been lost and confused without you. Haley and Sarah, you guys were amazing co-editors and knowing how things are in the Pub I have no idea how you managed to get everything done so well. Ryan Coffey, thanks for always being the person I can talk to about whatever and for practically letting me live in your house. Michelle, Sarah, Kayla, Michael, Jessica, Jenny, Klaudia, Mary Grace, and all my other friends, I love you guys and will miss you so much! With June 1 right around the corner, even though it hasn’t sunk in yet, my days at Northview are coming to a close. My only regrets are that I didn’t get involved in certain things sooner. I have absolutely loved coming here, and will miss it like crazy at first, because after all I think I’ve spent more time here than I have awake at my own house. Believe me, this is incredibly hard to say. Goodbye, Northview.

Nicole Mangas st aff writ er To put this past four years into perspective, I need to recognize those who have been the most influential. Meredith, Hoj, Olivia, and Alexx- Running with you these past four years have been amazing. Us girls have been together since freshmen year and lots of things have changed, but the fact that we’re teammates has not. We have been there through it all. I will never forget all the memories. From Traverse City trips to laughing at coach’s odd remarks, you have given me memories to last a lifetime. All I can say is thank you for giving me the best memories from high school that I could have ever asked for. Good luck at college next year ladies. But, don’t forget to find a good balance between hard work and fun, just as coach did everyday

in practice. Abby, Moe, Mackenzie, Alison, Janelle, and Erin- Running with you girls everyday has been a pleasure. From snowball fights to being hunched over, drenched in sweat, you girls have made running the most fun (and hard) experience I have had throughout high school. I will never forget sitting in our hotel room in Columbus the night before the State meet discussing why we love running. In addition, I will never forget the whole experience of States with you girls. I can honestly say I will miss you girls and your energy on every single run next year. Also, I wish you girls the best of luck next year. Keep

COLUMNS Katherine Chang Feature s Edit or 10 Rules to Live By

Northview has been a place of learning and comfort for the last four years. Through the piles of homework, new friendships, and close calls with the rules, I’ve gained a little bit more insight into life and how to make the best of it. So here you go. As I walk across the stage and graduate from this place, I leave you with a few words of wisdom in hopes you can take away a lesson or two. Here are the 10 rules that I think every student should live by: Oh and

1. Work hard, party harder

It’s definitely important to work hard towards your career and in school, but having fun and enjoying life is also important. Don’t compromise your happiness because of ambition.

2. Sometimes it’s OK to look at the glass half-full

Don’t limit all possibilities, but be realistic. Not EVERYTHING is possible and part of life is differentiating between our dreams and our capabilities.

3. Never let a freshmen beat you

Seniority matters and a certain amount of respect comes with experience and age. Just ask Kate Schmidt.

4. Play to your strengths

Know what you’re good at. That’s not to say you shouldn’t work on your weaknesses, but make sure you do things that will emphasize your talents.

5. Don’t try too hard


6. Never be caught in a purple robe… especially on a Saturday night.

This is self-explanatory. Ask Serena Chang if you have any questions.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Just how experimenting in a lab with chemicals, toxic or benign is important to figure out the properties of that chemical or reaction, trying new things in life is the only way to figure out things for yourself.

8. Playing fair is overrated

Let’s be honest. At one point or another, we had to tell little white lies or cheat just a tiny bit to get what we want. Don’t be afraid to play dirty because everyone does. Life isn’t fair so why should we play that way?

9. Just because there’s a goalie, doesn’t mean you can’t score.

There will always be obstacles in life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. If there’s a roadblock, there’s always an opening somewhere.

I know this goes against what every parent, teacher, or mentor has ever said, but it’s the truth. Too much of anything isn’t good and some things are just not worth slaving over. Make sure you know whether the outcome of your work will be worth all the effort.

10. Never make a bet you can’t win.

running, have fun, but don’t forget to work your butt off as well. Cami, Aurora, Hannah, Nadeen, Robin, Kayla, Ester, Sam, Bailey, Elaina, and MackinzieI wish I could write each of you a little note, but unfortunately, that would be too long. I will sum it up in a few words. You girls are so amazing. You have a passion for running that is evident everyday at practice. I will truly miss you girls next year. I hope you keep running and remember to make it count, baby. Coach Monheim- I know you are not one for being all sappy, but you will just have to deal with it. Thank you so much for being the best coach I could have ever asked for. You are not afraid to tell me how it is, and most of all, how to improve. You have never let me be satisfied in running, but instead to constantly be improving. Your way of being serious, but also having fun at the same time has helped me develop my love for running. I will never forget our trips to Traverse City, the State meets, our screaming in the middle of a run for someone’s birthday and your obsession with Myles Pizza. Again, thank you so much for being my coach. It was truly an honor. I wish you the best of luck n e x t y e a r and will enjoy hearing about you whipping those pburg girls into

shape. Annie, Dani, Taylor, Hannah, Macy, and Cami- Young Life camp with you fools was the best trip ever. From Hannah’s interruptions to talking for hours then realizing we probably should get started, cabin times have been the highlight of each week. I love you girls so much and hope the best for all of you next year. Mom, Dad, Grant, Maestro, and SamThank you guys for being basically the best family I could have ever hoped for. I know I am moving out, but I will miss you guys the most. Thank you for always being my rock and keeping me grounded. Grant, I wish you the best of luck next year at University of Toledo. I know you will do great things. The Student Prints- Thank you for being my home the past two years. Sarah and Haley: you guys were seriously the best editors ever. I apologize for always hogging the couch. Someone else will have to take over for me next year (Aurora?). Yianni and Abbey: I wish you the best next year as you take over the paper. I know you will take it to new heights. Harley- I will miss freaking out over AP Chem with you. Enough said. Science Olympiad- I will miss wearing my sweater vest. I wish I would have joined you sooner, but I never believed I could do it. Thank you for showing me that I am smarter than I thought, and challenging my intelligence in ways I never thought it could be. In addition, I can honestly say I will not miss leaving for tournaments at 5 am and driving through blizzards. On the contrary, I will miss Mr. Roth’s really cool yellow paw print winter hat he wears. My best advice to Northview students is to never think you cannot do something. Test the waters in different areas that you might be interested. You will have friends from all over the spectrum. Who knows? You might just find out you had a passion for something that you never knew you did. Aspire to make yourself better. You think life is hard, but it could be worse. Just remember to always count your blessings, not your hardships.

Life is full of underestimated people. Don’t be too overconfident about a bet and don’t bet something valuable if the possibility of losing it is large. Just ask Sarah Squillante.

COLUMNS not quit e a

st aff writ er

In the halls of unfair stereotypes and overwhelming affection, what will bring us hope? In the streets of economic distress and Soviet tension, where will we turn? Can basic phrases of literary genius shed light on dark times? In this article we will venture into the caves of Judea in an effort to bring the “Metaphors to Life”.

- When you stack your pancakes too high, chances are they are going to fall. - It’s not assault if no one cares. - Just because you broke the piñata doesn’t mean you get all the candy. - Fake flowers don’t smell quite as good. - Always know the cheese inside your sandwich. - When your beach ball pops, buy another. - It’s hard to look on the bright side when you’re blind. - If you are stopped at a red light, turn right. - Don’t sneeze unless you need a tissue. - It’s not like memory foam pillows hold your dreams. - When crap hits the fan, make sure you have a poncho.

sport s edit or Huey: thank you so much for everything. All of the recommendation letters, hours spent working on pages and helping me throughout my four years at NV. You always found humor in things and I would not be intending to major in journalism without your strong influence on me. Despite needing to sell ads all the time, this class has been my favorite since I took intro to journalism freshman year. I hope you find a home for your baby goose-duck. Pub: this is where I have spent the majority of my study halls, lunches and countless after school hours. Starting out as a sophomore on staff, I took some abuse from the upperclassmen and junior year was not any easier (thank you Joey). Overall, thankfully, I have been able to truly enjoy my time writing on TSP. Being the “pub scrub” is something I take pride in. So, thank you to everyone on staff who always dressed up. Addi s on and Alexa: good luck next year little babies. Sarah and Haley: you both have done a great job this year as co-editors, sorry you had to put up with Brian’s inability to turn in anything on time (see you at the Indiana Daily Student, Haley). To my friends, old and new, you guys have gotten through these past four years. Mer and Morg: running with you guys season after season has brought us extremely close together. I wish I could come with you guys to OSU, but we will still be Big Ten buddies. Alexandra M: you are like my other half. It is a shame we never became more decisive, but we always managed to have a blast. Kel s ey: I am so glad we got the chance to be such great friends again. There is always a place for you to stay in Bloomington. Hannah: We always have each other’s backs and we make one heck of a team. Weight training was beyond awesome with you. Sam: I tried to do a poem, but I just didn’t have the skill. I did not think I could survive a whole year without you by my side, but I did. You have been such a great friend and I’m so glad you are home from UK! To t he people I did not ment ion: I was limited on space, but we all know how many good times we have had together. I will miss you all so much! Coach Monheim: You have been like a father to me over the past six years. Starting in seventh grade your attempts at recruiting me for NV XC weren’t too strong, but as I entered eighth grade I thought it would never stop unless I finally committed to the program. So I did, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Some of my best friends have come from running on the team and I would not have them in my life if it wasn’t for you. I remember last summer when you called me on vacation because I was contemplating not running. It meant so much to me that you cared enough to beg me to reconsider. I look up to you and hope one day I can be as good of a person as you are. Thank you so much for always believing in me and being there for me. I will miss your whole family. Indiana Univers ity: look out.

June 2, 2010


st aff cart ooni st - If your movie sucks, so should your trailer. - Before you get into the pool, think about urinating in it. - Bring one stick of gum and your breath smells good, bring a pack of gum and everyone’s breath smells good. - You still get service at a pool without a shirt and shoes. - Holy jeans are only OK on Sundays. - If you’re sleeping, don’t drive… - Why do you have 99 problems to begin with? - Ryan Kremcheck - Allow these metaphors for life to be the cargo pants for yours. With these “Metaphors to Life” there are only a few questions to ask yourself. Would you walk through the Amazon with only the moonlight to guide you, would you cross paths with a great white just to test its boundaries? In the middle of a hurricane, do you have the guts to stand there and fight the ever-increasing wind power? We hope that with our last goodbyes and never ending words of advice that you find that confidence that dwells deep inside you. So long and farewell fellow Northview graduates and future graduates. This is our last goodbye. We hope that we left the school a little bit better than when we came here, but I think we already know the answer to that.

12 OURVIEW Co-edit or goodby e s Haley Nelson co-e dit or Sarah Squillante co-e dit or June 2, 2010

In all my experiences, goodbye has never been too difficult a word to say. Departing junior high or leaving childhood activities behind have never caused me too much sadness or emotional distress. I look forward to new challenges and responsibilities and I view college with this same sort of excitement. Yet, I cannot deny the fact that saying goodbye to Northview will be difficult. Although I am not one to get overly sentimental, I have made friends and memories that I am sure will last a lifetime. My worldview has expanded and I have learned a lot about myself. I have been looking forward to moving on to college and the rest of the life I have ahead of me. However, this chance to stop and review my journey over these past four years has shown me that my time at NV was worthwhile. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned as a NV student have come from the incredible teachers I have been surrounded with. I would like to thank Mr. Drouillard for being a great English teacher, but above all else, for being the speech coach who has taught me more than I can ever truly describe. I will never have an adequate way to thank you for all your work for the team and me over these last four years. Mrs. Borchers has been another wonderful teacher in my life. My writing skills have greatly improved due to her help and as the National Honor Society advisor, her work with me has taught me to never stop trying to help others. Being an officer this year has been a challenging, yet fun and rewarding experience. I would also like to thank Mrs. Kaminski for taking such a wonderful interest in my life as the Paw Pride advisor. My Algebra II and Pre-Calc years surely taught me to work hard and I have enjoyed all my work in P2. My time at NV could not be properly summarized without mentioning the great friends who have brightened my time at school. Although I cannot mention everyone, I will always recall the memories I have made and smile. Looking back, I wish I had had the chance to say thank you more often to my family. My mom and dad have been incredibly wonderful during my high school years. Although I may not always acknowledge it, your help and guidance mean more to me than anything in the world. I can’t forget my brother Ben, who is probably the funniest person I know. Ben, you’re a great brother – only three more years! The defining part of my high school career surely revolves around one activity – Newspaper. I have loved every minute of my time as a journalism student. Whether it‘s being in the Pub up to four periods a day, constantly interviewing around the school, staying with Sarah after school constantly (7 on Friday nights!), drawing crazy cartoons, or simply writing story after story, my time on staff has opened my eyes to the profession I want to pursue as an adult. Ms. Huey, you have taught the whole staff to work very hard and you do it all while making us laugh. Thank you for all your hard work and understanding. I have made so many friends on staff that I will never forget. Haley Hof – it has been amazing being original newspaper buddies and twin sisters with you. Those SCAT articles were the best and nobody can deny that. I will miss you so much next year, but I know you will be the best Spanish teacher around. Count me in! Harley Rohrbacher – you really are a great friend and I love you so much. Sure, we may spend period’s two to seven together, but I always seem to need to talk to you after school anyways. I mean, hey, we’ll always have jchris and the list, but it’s whatever. I will miss being super rebellious

with you but it feels good to know that you and Kristi will always have that futon reserved for me! Sarah – you have really been the best “co” anyone could ask for. We are basically the same person! This year has been so much fun and I will always remember all the hard work we put in to changing up the paper and all the funny things that have happened along the way. Being a journalism student has really changed my life and I have enjoyed all my time in the pub. Good luck to next year’s staff – you are all so talented and I’m pretty sure Yianni and Abbey will get you guys through the year! So maybe this goodbye will be the hardest for me. High school has been a wonderful four years and I have learned more than I could ever imagine. I am

It has been said that high school encompasses the best four years of your life. Now, I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve certainly enjoyed myself. I’ve had plenty of days where I wished I could just walk right out of class, but the time I’ve spent at Homecomings and football games are clearer memories than the times I’ve been stressed out, frustrated, angry and felt too old for high school. These past four years have been busy. I’ve done a lot of growing up, and I’ve learned I still have a lot of growing up to do. I’ve met friends who have become my closest confidants, but at the same time I am ecstatic to be surrounded by brand new people next year. I’ve been challenged in some of my classes and breezed through others. Graduating is going to be a bittersweet time, at least for me. The last days of senior year were a reminder that I’m ready to move on - in academics and

so thankful for all the people in my life and for all the opportunities I have been given along the way. So, as I move on to a new state and a new part of my life, I will always remember my time here. It’s true goodbyes are never easy. But, I really look forward to college, all while looking back with a great sense of gratitude for my experiences at NV. Good luck everyone!

independence. But I know I’m going to miss a good number of things: the close relationships that I have with a few teachers, the home-cooked meals, the routine of starting school so ungodly early and seeing the same faces everyday that I’ve seen since kindergarten. It’s perfectly okay to be more than ready to walk across that stage and get out of here, but I urge you to try to soak in a few final memories before you do. I struggled for quite some time about how

to appropriately say goodbye to the place I’ve called home and the people I’ve called my classmates for four years. So in keeping with our ‘top ten’ theme for this issue, I’ve decided to compile a list of the ten most important lessons I’ve learned during my years at Northview. 10. If you want to be a writer, write. I knew going into high school that I wanted to be involved in publications. That might not be the path you decide to take, but whatever it is, put 100% into it. Despite the annoyances, the work and the deadlines, being co-editor was so much fun because I was doing something that I loved. 9. Working hard is hard work, but it’s worth it. For me, this meant taking challenging classes and getting good grades. For others, it might mean spending hours on that one piece of art or training for the big game until they can barely walk. Whatever you do, give it all you’ve got because high school is the most important stepping stone to the future. 8. Time is too precious to waste hating others. I was fortunate enough to find a group of friends who were there whenever I needed them. But whether you have five friends or 50, spend your energy on building relationships rather than breaking other people down. 7. Take a different route when E-hall is crowded. Everyone has a plan for how they hope their life will turn out. We are often so focused on achieving what we think will bring us happiness that we fail to see a perfectly good opportunity. Things may not work out as you had planned, but they will work out. 6. Slow down and take a deep breath. You’re only in high school for four years. Not only is important to have fun, but really live in the moment and appreciate the time you are surrounded by your friends and your family. For most, graduation marks the end of our childhood. Enjoy the time while it’s still here. 5. Nothing is as bad as it seems. A bad grade on a test isn’t going to change your life and neither is a break-up. Allow yourself to be disappointed, but don’t dwell on the negative for too long. All things, as I’ve learned, have a way of working themselves out. 4. Come late to class every once in a while. Don’t be afraid of the unknown and don’t be afraid of seeing a situation from someone else’s perspective. Especially as most of us prepare to leave Sylvania, it’s important to be fearless. 3. Life isn’t fair. Students will have different teachers, different periods and different curve setters. We must accept the fact that everyone’s circumstance isn’t equal and work beyond this fact. 2. If you think you can, then you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right. We are capable of so much more than we know. Many of my successes have come from situations in which I was at first reluctant. I was determined to avoid sounding cheesy, but believe in yourself. No one else will if you don’t. 1. In order to be someone, you must first be yourself. As cliché as it might sound, being genuine and pursuing your own individual interests works. Thanks to Huey, for letting me and Haley have so much freedom this year and keeping your cool or cracking jokes when we were stressing. Thanks to Madame, for continuing to push us up until the very end. Thanks to Borchers, for reminding everyone what’s really important in life. Thanks to KPence, for all the darkroom chats and the fiascos. Thanks to Haley Hof, for teaching me to be the best Timbo’s worker I can be. Thanks to Megan, for all your rides, CD’s, and misspellings. Thanks to Haley, who was the classiest co-ed I could have asked for and the one who yelled at the rest of staff when I wouldn’t. I don’t know if these last four years have been the best of my life, but I hope they weren’t. Because if so, I would have nothing to look forward to. Marcus Aurelius once wrote, “Every man’s life lies within the present; for the past is spent and done with, and the future is uncertain.” As you walk across that stage, remember everything you’ve accomplished and realize that you have your entire future ahead of you. Congratulations class of 2010; hopefully these years have just been the beginning. Don’t look back unless you’re planning on going on that way.

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Volume 84: Senior Issue  

Volume 84: Senior Issue