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SPOTLIGHT NV/SV week it brings out the barbarian in everyone!

Homecoming Festivities all in photos

Boys Golf Takes 2nd in NLL

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Mole Day celebration makes Chemistry fun


Taylor Helberg Staff Writer

Sylvania Northview High School Volume 80 Issue 2 October 28, 2005


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Lit Mag, a collection of student poems, short stories and artwork, returns to Northview after a three year absence.

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Pulic Displays of Affection (PDAs) love ‘em or hate ‘em, Kaila Tschappat and Calli Smenner take issue.

Mole Day is a National Celebration of Chemistry. The Chemistry students at Northview had the opportunity to participate in different games and activities. “The enthusiasm from students is always tremendous. It’s a fun celebration of science that all students enjoy and some even get insane about it,” said Chemistry teacher Mr. Andy Roth. National Mole Day is on October 23, which fell on a Sunday this year so the Chemistry classes celebrated the week before. The holiday is not based on the animal, but Avogadro’s number 6.022 times 1023 moles. The number is the reason it is on October 23, 10/23, from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. All of the Mole Day activities were worth extra credit points. “Mole Day was a lot better than regular chemistry class and everyone who participated got a lot of extra credit,” said junior Kevin Okapal. The students were split into teams and had to create a country to represent them, such as Moland and Molumbia. The extra credit opportunities were to create a team flag, dress as a team, create a mole, bring in mole related food, and to perform well in the Mol-ympics, which were different mole related games. “I thought Mole Day was a lot of fun. I made a Northview mole, and I dominated every game effortlessly,” said junior Matt Page. The games played in the Mol-ympics were Mole in One, Mole Stroll, Pin the Goggles on the Mole, and Holey Moley. “Mole day was fantastic. It’s a fun way to spread awareness of the importance of the mole in Chemistry,” said Chemistry teacher Mrs. Jen Owens.

Meredith Lodge Staff Writer

Colin Ferguson DOING THE HOLEY MOLEY CHALLENGE are seniors Sneh Biyani and Tamara Masters of the country JaMolca. Their team won best flag design for the country competition.

Students link up to win battle against SV

Destiny Bryant Staff Writer The Northview Southview football game was not the only competition between the two schools during the week of intense rivalry. A chain battle took place in which students at the two schools bought links in a paper chain to see who could build their

chain the longest. The event was held during all lunch hours at NV and SV during the week of October 11. The money that was accumulated for the chain battle went towards Mrs. Wanda Snyder’s Exploring Careers in Education class which has both NV and SV students in it. The battle ended on October 14 and all chain links bought were counted with NV

winning by having # links The prize for this battle was that the winning school’s volunteer administrator took a pie in the face from the other school’s administrator. Mrs. Julie Sanford, NV Assistant Principal, took a pie to her face during the half time of the NV vs. SV football game. “This battle was fun. It’s a great way to create school spirit,” said Mrs. Snyder.

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Homecoming photos, everything from the week of spirit to the assembly, football game and dance - are you pictured?

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Checkout upcoming concerts and what students have been seeing in the past month traveling from Detroit to Cleveland to Columbus to catch their favorite bands.

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As November looms ahead, fall sports finish their seasons with District, NLL and even some State champs.

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Student Gov. seatbelt check helps save lives

Colin Ferguson SELLING A LINK IN THE CHAIN is senior Andy Mutchler for the NV vs. SV chain battle. The money raised from the chain battle went to Mrs. Wanda Snyder’s Exploring Careers in Education class.

On September 29, students and faculty were surprised upon their arrival at Northview parking lot when student government members and Sylvania police stopped cars checked to see who was wearing their seatbelts. Recorded on the unannouced day was 79% of students and faculty wearing there seatbelts. On October 6, students and faculty were aware of a second check. and 95.5% wore their seatbelts and were rewarded with Smartie’s. Many students enjoyed the seatbelt check. “The check was for a good reason, plus it got me late to school,” said junior Emily Navarre. Others were not pleased with the unannounced check. Teachers complained of being late to their meetings or getting to school later than usual. The Toledo Lucas County Safe Kids Coalition put on the seatbelt check. This program strives to keep people safe and prevent unintentional injuries. During the week, the program held raffles and brought in drunk goggles to the lunch periods to demonstrate what it feels like to be under the influence of alcohol. The seatbelt check was also a contest with Southview. Each school had a banner and the school with the most signatures on the banner won. The banners were then judged at the Northview vs Southview game. Northview won this contest and beat Southview with how many people wore their seatbelts during the checks.

New award, Musician of the Week, hits NV Lauren Kotlarczyck Features Editor Athlete of the Week has been a tradition at NV for many years and now there will be a Musician of the Week. “We feel that the students in the Music Department put in an awful lot of work and time and put out a superior product,” said Mr. Eugene Bohland, NV’s head band director. “We felt that these outstanding students needed to be recognized for their achievement.” Every two weeks the band, choir and orchestra directors will decide on the student most deserving of this award. The very first recipient of the Musician of the Week is senior Ray Roberts. “I feel honored to be the first to get this award, because music is a really big part of my life,” said Roberts. “Ray Roberts has been an outstanding field commander for the Wildcat Marching Band for two years. Last year he was co-recipient of the “8 to 5” award that is given for spirit and leadership,” said Mr. Bohland. “His leadership and motivation techniques during band camp and the marching season have been nothing short of inspiring.” Musician of the Week was brought up by Student Government and was encouraged and approved by Principal Dr. Kevin Gorman. The Musician of the Week will be displayed outside the office in A - Hall. Sautter’s Grocery Store, Basses, Fricker’s, Dinky’s, and other places around the community will have a plaque for the award hanging, similar to the various Athlete of the Week plaques.


28 October 2005 - in brief -

Westfield works wonders for choir

Lizzy Breier Staff Writer

What most people find scarier than the thrills of Halloween is the fact that shopping time for the holidays is creeping up pretty quickly. While this can result in quick panic and stress, Westfield shopping centers have developed an event that can start the season with a bang. Westfield Works Wonders is an event held at various Westfield locations across the country. For the past eight years this has been a night that many people look forward to for after hour shopping dedicated to raising money for local charities. There is entertainment, as well as other holiday festivities to get everyone in the shopping mood. The event will take place on November 13 from 6:30-10pm after the mall has closed and is only open to people with tickets. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from any Northview A Cappella choir member. Of each ticket sold, 70% of the money goes to benefit organizations such as NV A Cappella choir. Last year, Westfield shopping centers across the country raised over $2.1 million in charitable contributions to more than 3,000 non-profit organizations and charities, according to Westfield officials. Each shopper that has a ticket not only gets into this event, but also receives free gift wrapping, discounts from popular stores, and fantastic door prizes worth thousands of dollars given away all throughout the evening. To purchase a ticket, see any A Cappella choir member for details.

Red Ribbon celebrates drug free school life Destiny Bryant Staff Writer Sylvania Schools will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week from October 24 through the 28. Red Ribbon Week is very important for students, parents and staff because it teaches everyone about the correct choices they should make when it comes to drugs or alcohol, according to Red Ribbon Week is a program that runs each year by S.C.A.T. (Sylvania Community Action Team) to help Northview and the other Sylvania Schools join together to learn about how drugs and alcohol can affect a person, according to Many schools will have red ribbons tied around their school yard trees and will have red ribbon week related phrases painted on school doors and D.A.R.E (what it stands for here) will be in the elementary schools. Sylvania Schools also have different days during the Red Ribbon Week where the students have themes to dress up by. Hat day, hippie day, crazy hair day and red white and blue day are just a few days that many area schools will celebrate.

what is NV doing and get some quotes this story is bland and useless unless you relate it to NV, and where did you get this info and why have i never seen a copy of this story?


SCAT kicks off Red Ribbon Week Neno Aouthmany Staff Writer The Sylvania Community Action Team (SCAT) hosted the fourth annual kickoff to Red Ribbon week with The Walk of Light October 20 at Cat stadium. Family and friends were invited to share this evening along with special guests including Harmony Road Show, Michael Lieber the town crier, Eddie Boggs, Mayor Craig Stough, and Judge Ramey who presented a parent and youth pledge. “The Walk of Light is an outward expression of the adults and youth to support each other to make positive

“This is a special event that is an excellent way to bring family and friends together.” - Mrs. Owens choices in their life,” said Judge Ramey. Sylvania Boy Scout troop number two took part in the ceremony and raised the flag, according to Mrs. Jennifer Owens, the head of SCAT. “Don’t Laugh At Me” a song by Peter Yarrow was sung, a four year tradition. The youth board announced, performed and joined the participants who enjoyed a walk around the track holding lights. Donuts and cider were available after the presentations. “This is a special event that is an excellent way to bring family and friends together,” said Mrs. Owens. “It was a great experience and my friends and I had a fun time,” said Liz Bussing.

Meredith Lodge WHILE AT THE CANDLELIGHT WALK juniors Kelsey Tilman pins an “I’m Drug Free” sticker on junior Lizzy Breier. Everyone at the walk was given a sticker.

Band, students even pets participate in Sylvania Fall Fest Jamie Hamilton Staff Writer Hundreds of people of all ages attended the annual Sylvania Fall Festival from 11a. m. to 3p.m. on October 16, on Main Street in downtown Sylvania. Many children came to the festival fully dressed in Halloween attire and participated in the costume contest sponsored by Center Stage Dancewear. There were also pets that were dressed in costumes and took part in a contest of their own, supported by the Sylvania Veterinary Hospital. With the spirit of Halloween in place both the NV and Southview marching bands marched in the parade in full costumes, leaving their band uniforms behind and enjoying the freedom of expression. The children had their faces painted, rode horses, tried their luck at balloon-

popping, and were given free pumpkins to decorate. The adults who attended had their share of entertainment as well. Musicians, Eddie Boggs and Bob Wurst, performed throughout the festival entertaining the crowd. Vendors were selling specialty arts and crafts such as handmade jewelry. Other items available for sale were cotton candy, kettle corn, espresso and other popular drinks. Andrea McConnell, a sophomore and Northview band member, marched in the parade down Main Street. “There was a lot of people there,” said McConnell. Northview sophomore Megan Bischoff, attended the festival. “I found a really cute bracelet and watched the parade. There was a lot of people there but if was fun.” Many candidates on this year’s local ballot passed out flyers and pamphlets about themselves and their political campaign. Other groups handed out information on the upcoming levies, such as Issue 31 concerning the Sylvania Senior Center.

Neo Nazi march triggers riot Northview freshman heads downtown during uprising Kamel Ansara Staff Writer Northview freshman Katherine Dunne found herself in the middle of a Neo Nazi March frenzy two weeks ago. When Dunne heard a Neo Nazi march was going to be close to home her interest in the news, current events and curiosity took her and her mother to what she thought was an important local event. She is very into history related topics and thought it was relevant and interesting. “There was an unbelievable amount of police stationed in groups standing at the street corners,” she said. “Along with the police, there were many people watching and waiting for the Neo Nazis to come and march in the downtown neighborhoods.” The police and people were spread out all in the streets. Dunne was standing behind and to the side of the police, where she could still see both sides of the action. She witnessed the Neo Nazi Party in the streets, ready to march, when some gangs that inhabited the nearby neighborhood rebelled and started throwing rocks at the party, she said. This then resulted in the Neo Nazis getting back on their bus and leaving. Meanwhile the police released tear gas into the crowd to stop the chaos. During this time, there were many people there observing from the sidelines and some were also videotaping the event, she said. From there the gangs went on to burn down a building and other violent crimes to rebel against the march. By the end of the day there had been 60 arrests with the Neo Nazis leaving the area by noon. Rioters and looters remained until close to 4pm. Central Catholic High School and Start both had to cancel their Homecomings due to the riot.

Photo Courtesy of Katherine Dunne PEOPLE TAKE PHOTOS as the Toledo Police make arrests during the Riot October 15.



28 October 2005

Students aid in relief effort through teacher Katie Wambold Staff Writer During the hurricane relief, math teacher Mrs. Belcher’s sister, Denise Hetrick, traveled with another nurse and two doctors to stay in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. This was a place where people were poverty stricken and needed help getting out of the city. This was also considered “Ground Zero” of the hurricane. She traveled down with her crew on September 16-23 but they had to return home early on September 23 due to the threat of hurricane Rita. The crew took a Medical Mobile Unit down to try to help aid people that needed it. “I think it was a great idea. That is awesome that people take off work to help others in need. I think whatever we give them is plenty, because it’s a bunch more than they’d had before the medical mobile unit came,” said junior Jeff Neuber. They were also followed by another van that was stocked with supplies donated from Northview and Highland. People there did not have cars or many of the things they needed to survive. The Mobile Unit only had certain supplies to give to people, which meant that they had to walk at least two miles to get to the next station. The first two nights that the crew was there they were stationed on the front lawn of a church but then were transported to a naval base nearby and given a military escort to assist them. The time they were down there the crew was very beneficial to the families. They supplied most of them with toilet paper, paper towels, etc. The majority of the people they assisted were elderly women or women who had young children that needed help during this time.

Pipe problems result in free day for students Neno Aouthmany Staff Writer A pipe that contained coolant for the air conditioning system burst in F-hall causing Northview students to miss school September 16. “I was glad NV had the calamity day because I got to take the day off. I was so confused on why we had it off though,” said senior Sam Sundberg. “I got to sleep in until noon and it felt so good.” A pump that sucks out moisture pumped the coolant into an old heating pipe. This coolant then went into the draining system, and this was not environmentally safe, according to Principal Dr. Kevin Gorman. It was discovered the night before when someone walking by 10 Mile Creek noticed

Lit magazine begins printing again after three years Jamie Hamilton Staff Writer This year, the program known as Lit Mag will begin again. Lit Mag is a publication for original art, poetry and short stories created by Northview students. Lit Mag was started about eight years ago by Sarah Chitister, a member of The Student Prints newspaper staff who decided that there should be a way for students to publish their own works, according to Mrs. Fran Borchers, one of the Lit Mag advisors. Lit Mag is currently headed by English teachers Mrs. Kathy Benya and Mrs. Borchers and head editor senior Maggie Davis. Any student can have their works published in the Lit Mag, which will be available to students in April or May, according to

Mrs. Borchers. There will be a place in Mrs. Benya’s classroom where students can deposit their stories, poems, and art. Lit Mag meets every other Friday after school. At their meetings they discuss topics such as fund-raising, promotion for the organization, and other subjects concerning Lit Mag. “Lit Mag helps improve editing and writing skills,” and is beneficial to students who would like to get their own works published, said Mrs. Borchers. Signs will be posted in the English teachers’ classrooms to inform students about Lit Mag entries. In addition, there is a bulletin board outside of Mrs. Benya’s room, F-6, full of writing contests for students who are interested in entering.

Colin Ferguson STUDENTS HAVE HAD TO WALK past an area separated by plywood for several weeks, just like senior Abby Piotrowski, as the clean up continues. Some cleaning has moved teachers from their classrooms.

SMART Board, finally arrives Lauren Kotlarczyk Features Editor Northview added a piece of the latest technology, the SMART Board, to one classroom this year. While it was supposed to be up and running when school started, it only just recently was installed, according to Mr. Jay Ackerman, English teacher and SMART Board specialist for NV. The SMART Board is a 72-inch touch screen that can be manipulated like a computer. Unlike a computer, things move around with the touch of a finger, according to Mr. Ackerman. The SMART Board can also use the internet with the touch of a finger. No need for wireless keyboard or an overhead projector. The board has pushed the technology level to its highest, according to the makers of the SMART Board. Sylvania Schools received money this past year to install SMART Boards into most schools. Since there was not enough money to give one to every teacher, the Sylvania School Board sent out emails to teachers asking how they would use the board their in class. “I wrote the proposal and won the SMART Board for the English Department, with the help of Mrs. Kathy Benya,” said Mr. Ackerman. Mr. Ackerman is currently the only teacher at NV with the SMART Board in his classroom. “The SMART Board has made class more fun and enjoyable now. More classrooms should get this because less students would get sick from the chalk dust from normal chalk boards,” said senior Sierra Schermerhorn.

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New Orleans residents back despite unlivable conditions Ashley McNair Staff Writer

“I was glad NV had the calamity day because I got to take the day off. I was so confused on why we had it off though.” - senior Sam Sundberg a bluish substance leaking into it. He called the fire department and they discovered the source of the problem. The Environmental Company sucked up all the coolant that was in the draining system and the old heating pipe. “No future problems should occur since this was the last old heating pipe in the school,” said Dr. Gorman. Only two teachers had to be moved from their rooms while the area was cleaned and repaired. English teachers Mr. Joe Drouillard and Mrs. Karolynn Nowak’s classes had to meet in other rooms for a few days each. “I was kicked out of my room for four days while the crews worked to repair the damaged pipe that was under my floor. It was a big pain,” said Mrs. Nowak.

- in brief -

Colin Ferguson DEMONSTRATING THE SMART BOARD is English teacher Mr. Jay Ackerman. The SMART Board can access the internet with a touch of a finger, literally, and can be used with a projector to show movies.

Citizens of New Orleans and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina are moving back into their homes after government officials opened the area back up to residents this October. The City of New Orleans as well as the US government believes New Orleans has been cleaned to the best of their ability and if the citizens of New Orleans want to move back in, then they have the right to be in their own homes, according to NBC. Many New Orleans citizens believe they have waited far too long. Other Americans are declaring they must clean out the city from mold and other toxic fluids before allowing people back in, according to Mayor C. Ray Nagin of New Orleans. “I do not believe the citizens of New Orleans should move back to the city due to the filth and devastation in the city,” said junior Maria Holup. One worry most Americans have with the filth is if New Orleans citizens move back, they may become ill, infected with the toxins and/or mold, according to NBC. Many Americans believe if the citizens do become ill, they may blame the city government for not being prepared, according to NBC. Residents that have moved back in are 90% business owners, according to Mayor Nagin. The problem is that the citizens are reopening their businesses, but there is nobody to work for them. Everybody is either too occupied with their families or the process of moving back into their homes, according to Mayor Nagin. Roadways have been cleared enough to be drivable, according to New Orleans highway patrol. The New Orleans Police Department is for moving back. They believe with the help of so many New Orleans citizens everything has moved much quicker. New Orleans is now open from the finest of hotels to the smallest of drugstores, according to Mayor Nagin.

Space, latest vacation hot spot Faye Minshall Staff Writer The third space tourist, Dr. Gregory Olsen, arrived at the International Space Station on October 1 for a ten-day trip. The US businessman and tourist is believed to have paid $19.3 million for his ticket, according to the BBC News. Olsen will be testing some equipment for his firm, Sensors Unlimited, that produces highly sensitive film and cameras for NASA, and will also be conducting some self-designed experiments according to the BBC News. Dr. Olsen believes the trip will be a working holiday, “The term ‘tourist’ doesn’t do justice to all the work I’ve put in, or the work that the people at Gagarin center put in preparing us,” said Dr. Olsen. Dr. Olsen arrived back on Earth October 11 with two other men, Sergei Krikalev and John Phillips, who have been in Space since April, according to BBC News. Dr. Olsen went into space on his birthday and arrived back on his wife’s birthday. In 2001, Dennis Tito became the first space tourist when he travelled to the International Space Center. In 2002, Mark Shuttleworth became the second space tourist when he also visited the International Space Station.



28 October 2005

PDA: Nice or Nasty?

A cute way to show affection

Disgusting, keep it out of school One of my favorite parts about school is definitely the amount of public display’s of affection that I see on a daily basis. Nothing makes me happier than to see a couple so in love that they must flaunt it in front of everyone. Seeing couples so close truly touches my heart. NOT! Not all forms of PDA are bad. I have no issues with people who hold hands in the hall and give each other a quick hug. It is very amusing how people organize their schedule in order to see each other between periods. Neither of these are out right gross or frustrating. Couples just need to keep their PDA to a minimum. First, it needs to be pointed out that our classes are only 41 minutes. It cracks me up when I see couples saying goodbye outside a class as if they will never see each other again. If it is a struggle to let your “better half” go for a class period, there might be some issues there. There is just no reason to stand outside a class saying good-bye; honestly, it is just a class period. Next, making out is just completely unnecessary! No one wants to see anyone swap spit, it is gross to be walking down the hall and then BAM! People making out! Please be fair to those that attend Northview and do not makeout in school, it is just very disturbing. At Homecoming I developed another pet peeve. It was very annoying when a fast song was playing and there would be those special couples that would be slow dancing and making out. Fast songs mean that there should be some form of fast dancing or movement, therefore people should not be slow dancing and necking. PDA can be all right when it is just holding hands or a quick hug. I am not completely against showing affection in public, but people need to be respectful. - Calli Smenner

Public display of affection also known, as PDA, is the greatest thing ever! Many people are disgusted by it or look negatively upon it, but I really don’t think it is such a bad thing after all. I wake up at 6:45 a.m. every morning, put on sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a nice cuddly sweatshirt. By 7:35 in the a.m. my day turns from bad to worse. I have to sit in 45 minutes of classes without lunch or a break until 6th period! When I leave my class, I have five minutes to get my stuff and go to my next class just like everyone else in this school. In that five minutes between classes, I am a huge supporter of PDA. Holding two text books, a TI-83 calculator, a two inch binder, a folder, and my agenda book in one hand and holding my boyfriends hand with the other gets kind of crazy sometimes, but I would do anything for love. Kissing, not making out, but kissing in the halls is definitely a plus in coming to school. I get bored in some classes and it gets extremely mentally exhausting. Seeing my boyfriend’s smiling face in the halls after my class relieves that stress. A little peck on maybe the cheek or even the lips (yikes!) is just a friendly little reminder of how fond I am of him and how fond he is of me (I hope!). “We (my girlfriend and I) are so good at kissing that we owe it to the world to do it all the time,” said senior Zach Fain. Making out, yes that is gross. No one likes to see spit being swapped as they look for their physics book in their locker, but a little PG-rated peck on the cheek or lips is okay and kind of sweet. Love, yes, it is out there… somewhere. I am not saying that any of us are going to find it in high school or even sometime in the near future, but until then, I am going to kiss my boyfriend in the hall, hold his hand between classes, and maybe squeeze a little hug in there. If it gets me smiling and happy to be at school just so I can see him, then so be it! So for all you skeptics on love and non-supporters of PDA, get over it! PDA is awesome and you know it! - Kaila Tschappat

Homecoming Court, is it Best seat in the worth a campaign effort house cancelled for NV vs. SV game Jackie Zureich Staff Writer

At any high school, in any part of this country, it would be nearly impossible to eliminate groups such as the “popular girls”, who always date the best-looking boys, or the “losers” whom everyone considers a little strange. We have them here at Northview, but it isn’t really an issue. All the students are generally polite to one another and it isn’t that hard to find your niche. However, when t he school nominates the Homecom i ng a nd Tu r nab out courts it becomes obvious who’s who at NV. With a few exceptions on the ballot, it mostly consists of the same, completely predictable people. They are good-looking and fairly popular. It’s not necessarily the fact that the people who make the ballot are unworthy of the nomination, but why don’t we consider other students that deserve it just as much? Understandably, it’s hard to make the ballot if not many people in the school are aware of the fact that you exist. This is why I’m suggesting that NV have students

campaign for the positions. I know it may sound slightly democratic for a simple dance, but many schools across the country practice this, and I think it would give the ballots more diversity. Even though Mary Rhollans was unpredictable, it would be good for NV to administer a change. T his met ho d gives anyone in the school who thinks they deserve to be nom i nated a cha nce to win. I know there are many girls who would love to be Homecom i ng queen or guys who would be great Turnabout kings and just want a chance. People who have been on the ballot before also have a chance to redeem their position back. This eliminates the popularity contest and is a fair way to nominate the court or the kings and queens. I also think it would get a lot more people at NV involved with the dances. It would give some people more reason to get excited about it and promote school spirit if they could decide to run if they wanted to.

With a few exceptions on the ballot, it mostly consists of the same, completely predictable people.

The Student Prints

Laura Dempster ENJOYING THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE with winner senior David Kallile (center) are seniors Sneh Biyani, Sam Yarnell, Melissa Becker, Harold Johnson (young fan), Tamara Masters, Sarah Stephens, Bobby Marquardt, Carlos Wellendorf-Filho (an exchange student from Brazil). The couch, along with some blankets and a lot of food, were part of the perk of the best seat in the house. The Best seat in the house has become a Northview tradition. This year, however it was not held at the Northview vs. Southview game. Usually the week before the big game, there is a drawing and one lucky winner with three of their friends gets to sit on a couch in the end zone behind the field goal and munch on pizza and other treats, courtesy of Student Government. That person has the “Best Seat in the House.” This year however, The Best Seat drawing was not held since it was an away game for Northview. Friday night arrived and everyone was pumped to be going to the biggest game of the year. But for some reason this year seemed different. It was not as fun. Of course there was magnificent amounts of Northview spirit and it seemed like everyone was exited to be there. But there seemed to be something lacking. This lack of fun may have been because there was not that one person who, if you knew them, you would beg and plead with them to let you have the opportunity to enjoy your company on the “best seat” couch. Instead the Best Seat was held two weeks ago and won by senior, David Kallile. “The school should have allowed Best Seat this year because it is not like the game is at a different stadium,” said junior Derek Balogh. “Besides, it’s tradition!” So this years NV/SV game may not have had “Best Seat in the House” but it was still a great experience for everyone. Best Seat will be returning again at the Northview/Rossford game on October 21. - Katie Litzer

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28 October 2005

For the most part, Northview and Southview are equal. We share the same curriculum, the same funds, and the same football stadium. The rules, as shown in both NV and SV’s student handbooks are also fairly similar. One rule that is not listed in the handbook, but that has been established for both schools, is the fact that students and teachers are not permitted to wear Halloween costumes on October 31, or dates surrounding it. This is because some students would probably wear costumes that would be inappropriate and would distract from the learning process. Plus, many students don’t

celebrate the holiday and might consider it offensive. Obviously, the district established this rule for a reason and even if we don’t like the reasons, we must adhere to it. NV principal, Dr. Kevin Gorman, has made the announcement in the past to the students and staff that wearing costumes would definitely be a dress code violation and would not be permitted. However, students who attend SV explained that they and many staff members at their school wore costumes. They had a lot of fun with it and it’s frustrating that NV students are prohibited from participating in this activity.

Although the rule was established for understandable reasons, it wouldn’t be completely ridiculous for the administration to retract it. Most of the students would keep their costumes appropriate, like most students do their everyday clothes. If they don’t, the same consequences would apply to them that would to any dress code violation. Wearing costumes on Halloween would make an ordinary day here at NV a little more exciting, and we should be allowed to. And if the administration chooses to keep the rule, both schools should have to adhere to it.

Currently, movies just aren’t scary Scary movies have always been a passion of mine. There is no better feeling than chills running down your back and “the prickly things on the back of your neck”. However, for scary moviegoers like myself, the “horror” movies they are releasing nowadays have been a major let down. The first movie that comes to my mind is The Exorcism of Emily Rose. On a side note, I did not write a review of it in the last issue, that was a typo. Anyway, I was afraid that the movie would be exactly like the 1973 classic, The Exorcist. The scare factor was not even close. Sure, some of Emily’s body positions were freaky, but other than that, it was hardly anything to be frightened over. When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was actually excited to see it. The fact is, the trailer showed every scary element the movie had to offer, especially when it came to the ghoulish changing faces. Overall, the movie was not scary one iota and the scenes were too predictable. Another Hollywood scary movie I was anxious to see was The Skeleton Key. Once again, the previews looked really scary, but of course, all the “scary” parts were revealed. The movie had a good story line, but the acting was sub par by Kate Hudson. It was more of a mystery than a scary movie.

t Halloween - no just for scares!

or regular old candy!


When it comes to scary movies, the newer releases just do not compare with the old classics from the ‘70’s, which is why Hollywood is remaking a lot of them. They were much more memorable back then, even the background music was scarier in them. Here is a countdown of the top ten scary movies in my view. 10. The Ring This movie defines creepiness with a morbid ambience and a bone chilling story. The ending is one of the most shocking and horrifying in horror movie history. The term “seven days” has never had the same meaning after this movie. 9. Jaws Although this movie may be old and constantly played on tv, it is still a scary classic. The ocean has never had its innocence after this movie. From the eerie music to the gigantic mechanical shark, Jaws is definitely one people will always remember. 8. Child’s Play Child’s Play, I have to say, is one of the best doll/ horror movies of all time. It’s funny in some parts, but scary and creepy in others. The unnecessary sequels, however, should never have been made. 7. The Shining Jack Nicholson’s character will never be forgotten....”Heeerree’s Johnny!” And who could forget the freaky twins as the little boy pedals his tricycle down the hallway? 6. The Omen This movie did a marvelous job in some shocking and unforgettable images that really pushes the envelope, and puts this movie on one of my top scariest movies ever made. Texas C h a i n s aw 5. Massacre (1973 or 2003) Gross, that is all I have

to say about this movie. 4. The Changeling (1979) Not many people have seen this movie, but it is definitely one to check out. It grabs your attention without blood and guts, but the plot is very suspenseful. 3. The Amityville Horror (1979 or 2005) The thing that makes this movie creepy is that it is based off of a true story. Many remakes of movies do not do the originals justice, however the one released in 2005 was actually just as scary as the first. 2. Halloween The storyline is simple, but this slasher film has you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The killer, Michael Myers, kills for pleasure which makes this movie a classic for the Halloween season. and finally the number one scary movie..... 1. The Exorcist Some students believe that this movie is more funny than scary, but I believe it is the scariest. The plot is great, it flows together from scene to scene, and is scary all the way until the end. Linda Blair’s head spinning is by far the scariest moment as well as the recently added crab walk down the stairs. Overall, this movie will continue to be the scariest movie of all time, at least to me. ~ Olivia Reynolds, Editorials Editor

Now there’s something tha t goes above sweets!

The leaves are finally changing colors and falling, and it could only mean one thing; there is pumpkin ice cream at ice cream shops all around Sylvania. I personally am in love with pumpkin ice cream. For all you fans of pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream is your new best friend. It’s creamy, smooth, cold, and it just melts so beautifully on your tongue. My favorite supplier of pumpkin ice cream is Charlie’s Homemade Ice Cream and Edibles. The pumpkin ice cream actually tastes exactly like pumpkin pie, just colder. At first, I was a little hesitant of trying the pumpkin ice cream. I pictured it tasting like the inside goo that is inside of a pumpkin when you carve it. When I took the first spoonful of it, it was so delicious. I put a huge amount of whipped cream on it and immediately fell in love. Pumpkin ice cream is an amazing fall treat! I LOVE IT! ~ Kaila Tschappat

You got it, Pumpkin Ice Cream!

- my cents -


The through my eyes...

“People should not do it out in the open and it should not be seen. Holding hands is okay though.” - Alyssa Darah, sophomore

“I believe PDA is all right, but I don’t want to see tongues going at it.” - Kyle Brieschke, junior


People of all ages have been communicating with the internet for years now. In recent years, email and instant message have become increasingly popular. Instant message opened the door for things such as Xanga, My space, and Facebook. All of these make it easy to find out extremely personal information about people, most of which is posted willingly. Sitting down and thinking about how many people I know, and even I, have put personal information on the internet is very creepy. Instant message is an extremely important form of communications, especially amongst teenagers. I know for me, I feel disconnected from the world when I am not online. Many people are just like me and have a problem with reading away messages; I have no problem admitting I often use reading away messages as a form of procrastination from my homework. Last year, Xanga swept the online community. In many people’s profiles they put a link to their Xanga, which is basically an online journal. Xanga’s can be personalized with various backgrounds, fonts, music, and pictures. I even have to admit, I became part of the craze. Looking back, it was a tedious task to write in my Xanga, and somewhat ridiculous. I mean honestly, I took time out of my day to not only write in my own Xanga, but read other people’s melodramas. It is pretty amazing how much people were willing to post about their personal lives for anyone who was willing to read. The new phenomenon that is spreading through instant message is My Space. My Space is basically an online information sheet on someone. It includes basic info such as name, gender, birthday and a picture if you want. My Space also includes blogs, which can be used as an online journal. The “best” feature of My Space is the ability to “friend” people. The ability to friend people in my opinion is just to make people feel important because they have tons of friends on their My Space. That seems a bit mean I know, but to me is seems people just want to have as many “friends” on My Space as possible. On My Space you can also post comments to people, which is somewhat amusing to leave inside jokes and other random things. Honestly, couldn’t you just tell them that online or call them. Not only can you post comments, but you can join groups and form groups. An online craze that has swept the college online community is Facebook, which is very similar to My Space because it gives basic information as well as being able to post comments on what is called your wall. Facebook also allows you to join groups. Another interesting feature about Facebook is people can see how they are related to other people or how closely they are linked. Facebook also allows people to search with very basic information and find someone that they met very briefly, permitting they are also on Facebook. Recently, I was informed by my Facebook obsessed sister, that a high school Facebook is available. For the sake of writing this column I joined to see exactly how it worked. It has the exact same set up as college Facebook with one tragic down fall, it is not connected to the college facebook. Which, in my opinion, is somewhat of a waste, it would be far more interesting to have the two connected. Just think about it, how much information have you put on the internet lately? People willingly spill about private information such as cell phone numbers. In some ways people have taken online communication to an extreme. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against all these online crazes, I myself have participated in many. It just sort of creeps me out how much information is willingly put on the internet for the sake of an online craze.

How do you feel about PDA at Northview?

“It doesn’t bother me.” - Ryan Yockey, freshman

m iS

By Cal l

Costumes add fun to school

- column - enne

“I think it is really annoying to walk down the hall and see people making out. School is not the place.” - Jessie Hoyle, senior



28 October 2005

- by the numbers -

51 44

Students in Business Tech

Students in Early Childhood & Development

50 Students in Med Tech I

number thing here


Students in Med Tech II


Students on the Wyandotte Yearbook


Students on The Students Prints staff


Students in Exploring Careers in Education


Students in Cosmetology

Information obtained through the various teachers of each class.

Get amped with energy drinks Energy drinks, substances designed to produce a strong boost of energy through caffeine, herbs, or other chemicals, have been around for quite some time but are now increasing exponentially in popularity, especially among teens, according to Popular brands include Red Bull, Monster, Amp, Hanson’s, Adrenaline Rush, and others. These drinks are nice for adding a quick boost of energy when it is needed. They also work great for keeping the body awake, even if that is not so healthy. There are those nights though, where there is just too much homework or too much to do to be sleeping. In these cases an energy drink may be an easy solution. The drinks are designed to increase heart rate and make one more alert, which they do accomplish. They can be a good idea in some situations, and are rather enjoyable to most people. However, much of the effects that come from drinking these volatile drinks are really attributed more to what is known as the placebo effect. This means that the person believes themselves to be all hyped up after drinking it and so they are, but it is cause by their own minds. Junior Cara Singer said, “I think I get more energy from being so excited about consuming such a high energy beverage, than from the actual drink. Though shortly after people realize what I am drinking, it is quickly taken away.” Additionally, many students at Northview are way too hyper by themselves. Allowing them to consume high concentrations of caffeine as found in energy drinks is an absolutely atrocious idea. On the other hand, these drinks can have many side effects. They can often pack more than double the caffeine of a regular can of soda and a variety of other herbal ingredients. Some even contain up to one hundred times the recommended daily value of certain vitamins. Vitamins are good for the body but can become harmful to one’s health. Also, a common occurrence, especially on college campuses is mixing energy drinks with alcohol. This is an extremely unstable combination and can lead to horrifying effects including heart failure and death. Any person with heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems, anxiety disorder, heartburn, or on anti-depressants should steer clear of these drinks

Colin Ferguson ENJOYING A CLASSIC FORM OF ENERGY is junior Kaela Horn as she guzzles down the last of her Mountain Dew which used to be one of the only forms of high energy available. Advertising campaigns for Mountain Dew and Surge usually point out that it is high energy, but now Red Bull and Amp have been taking over. because of the possible harms involved. Overall, energy drinks are not harmful if used wisely, in moderation, and by only healthy people. Reading the labels and warnings on the cans before purchasing

them is a great way to stay safe. Another way to achieve an energy boost safely and save money too is simply to exercise since it causes endorphins and adrenaline to be released in the body.

Casual dances need to make a come back after home games Northview is one of the only schools that doesn’t have casual dances after football or basketball games. There is not a logical reason why we don’t, St. Johns and St. Francis both have them along with many other schools. It doesn’t seem that the problem is Northview students don’t want to ‘get down and funky with it.’ Many students at Northview do not know about the casual dance situation. For example, last year Student Government held an ‘experiment’ dance to see whether casual dances would be popular. Many students came, but others didn’t even know about it. This year SG wants to have one casual dance every season, but this is not set in stone, according to Student Government member, Katie Smith. There is also a lack of enthusiasm about casual dances. Some students wouldn’t want to go to one because they’re self-conscious or they just can’t dance. Students must realize that it

doesn’t matter if your dance knowledge consists of the Macarena, as long as you’ re with friends you can have fun-friends don’t care what you look like. According to Principal Dr. Kevin Gorman, Northview used to have casual dances after football and basketball home games, but students began to lose interest and the clubs running the dances lost money. What SG needs to figure out is what made the students lose interest in the dances so they can stop it from happening this year. If SG can organize themselves and get casual dances going, the dances will be popular with all students as long as they promote the dances to all the classes, otherwise the dance may consist mainly of overeager freshmen. Casual dances are a major hit in other schools, and there is no reason why they wouldn’t be here. So when the next season comes, Northview get ready to boogie!

If SG can organize themselves and get casual dances going, the dances will be popular with all students as long as they promote the dances to all the classes, otherwise the dance may consist mainly of overeager freshmen.

Classroom temperatures need regulation Exceedingly cold temperatures in Northview have become a problem and have driven many students to bring coats to classes daily. This is not a new development; NV has exemplified chilly conditions since I can remember. Throughout the building classrooms vary in temperature. C - hall and E - hall rooms are very cold the majority of the time while Commons can double as an icebox many days. B - hall rooms are often a little warmer than the rest of the school, due to the heat given off by computers. All the same, the entire building could use a little less air conditioning or a little more heat. There are several classrooms that are almost unbearable to sit through an entire period in. Mrs. Christine Monday’s Spanish room is one of the coldest locations in the school. Mrs. Monday has questioned the maintenance, however was told that if the air conditioning in F-hall is turned down then the other rooms may get too warm. Better to sacrifice one classroom than an entire hall, right? “I’m freezing and so are my students,” said Mrs. Monday. Mrs. Stein’s room in E - hall also has major temperature issues. An anonymous source said, “(The temperature) in the room has been a consistent problem for years. It is either very, very cold or very, very hot.” Students in these rooms have gone so far as to place books over the air conditioning vents and keep the windows wide open on warm days. Still, these tactics are not cutting it, according to junior Jessica Wakeland.

Rooms such as the art room, E-9, the choir room, and the psychology room, G-5, are also all examples of low temperatures at NV. However, B-hall is much warmer than the rest of the school. One possible reason is the computer concentration in the hall. Many students who come to school wearing sweats and hoodies think twice about dressing warmly if they have classes in B-hall. Students have put forth an effort to cope with changing temperatures, bringing coats to class and wearing layers that can be put on or taken off. However, coats are prohibited at NV. Students are banned from wearing an article of clothing that makes it more comfortable for them to learn, which hardly seems fair. Although conditions outside have become increasingly exemplary of the coming winter season with nights reaching the high 30’s, the heat was not even turned on until the middle of October. The administration was heard to have said that once the air conditioning is turned off, it stays off. However, the importance of the comfort of students should be taken into consideration. No classroom needs to be so cold. Each classroom should be regulated in such a way that students are not forced to shiver their way through the school day. Colin Ferguson It is greatly appreciated that the BUNDLING UP TO STAY WARM is junior Adam Somogye as he administration tries to keep the school cool for takes notes in Psychology class. While the upstairs may be everyone, but when the entire school cannot be hot, Mrs. Spilis tries to regulate her temperature through fans. one temperature it becomes a problem.

There are several classrooms that are almost unbearable to sit through an entire period in.



28 October 2005

Fall Fashion Boots are a new trend for this fall. Slip- on clogs are also returning from last season. Guys accessories for the fall are thick rope bracelets and wrist bands with various sayings.

Long Beaded necklaces and bracelets, especially oversized, are huge as an accessory for girls.

Guys pants include cargo, plaid, and camouflage shorts. The look of these shorts are more worn in and ripped. Girls have their bangs pinned back, a more sheek look. The length of girl’s hair is longer and is in darker shades for the fall. Trendy shoes for this season are old school sneakers.

Guy’s new hair-styles for this fall are shaggy or short and spiky.

Girls jeans can be cropped short or rolled short. Worn with flip flops, slip ons or boots this is a comfy look. Polo shirts are also trendy for guys and logo tees are a new trend from all the popular stores. Fashionable shirts include, polo shirts with collars popped. Also layering shirts is popular. Long lacey tank tops are a big fashion statement.


ta l f ie

M atch


G us

y e We s t n a 11/ 11 Jack Ereslin Arena East Lansing $32 - $41

MXP 11/4 State Theater Detroit $20

Re l ie nt

e T ’s

11/29 Headliners Toledo $10

11/23 Michigan Theater Ann Arbor $39



lain W d/ P


11/02 St. Andrews Hall Detroit $14


11/2 Michigan Theater Ann Arbor $25


o k Ro ma nc



Palace of Auburn Hills $35.5065.50


en G w10/29S t e

J ohn e nd

The fall season is well-known for great concerts. This year, many Northview students attended the Nintendo Fusion Tour, which featured Fall Out Boy, and included Panic at the Disco, Boys Night Out, Motion City Soundtrack, and the Starting Line. The concert was held on September 27 and 28 in Detroit, and another one on October 1 in Cleveland. “It was a lot of fun, we got right up to the stage because it was general admission,” said senior Rachel Hojnacki, “Fall Out Boy’s performance was the craziest.” Another big concert was Dashboard Confessional, which was held on October 1, at the BGSU campus. If you are looking for something to do, here are some concerts coming to our area:

10/29 Fox Theater, Detroit $25



g Le



Up coming fall concerts you shouldn’t miss


Olivia Reynolds Opinions Editor



28 October 2005

On Northview the Prowl for a Panther vs. Southview Week Senior Ray Roberts pumps up the student body at the Northview vs. Southview pep assembly. Senior Kylie Baier and junior Emily Camp dress spirited for NV-SV game.

Seniors Rachel Hojnacki, Kyle Sporleder, Alex SotoEdwards, Jackie Stamp, and junior Todd Jolley try to wake up for the pep assembly before school. Seniors Alex Walch and Alex Soto-Edwards keep the spirit going during school.

NV’s defense tries to penetrate SV’s line. NV band members juniors Karen Borysiak, Katrina Hall, Heather Marksbury, Kristen Warns, and Stephanie Hadley march at the NV-SV game with the SV band for script Sylvania.

Halloween Jokes Q: What kind of street does a ghost like best? A: A dead end. Q: What kind of ghost haunts a hen house? A: A poultry-geist. Q: Why do ghosts go to baseball games? A: Because they like to boo the umpire. Q: What do you call a ghost in a torn sheet? A: A holey terror. Q: Why did the baby ghost go to the doctor before Halloween? A: To get a BOOster shot. * Yeah, we know they’re bad, but you know if you tell them at home, your parents will think it’s soooo cute!

From left to right cheerleaders Paige Bentley, Stephanie Hadley, Carley Love, and Ashley Hoffman cheer at the pep assembly. NV football players Eric Lee, Scott Boileau, Tracy Cole and Jason Earp storm the court at the assembly Seniors Mike Darah, Bob McElheney, Ryan Milner, Abby Kowalinski, Jessica Polcwiartek fill the stands during the early morning hours of the before school pep assembly hosted by channel 11 News.

Looking for a scary time? Know your history? Try local Haunted Houses Melissa Benton, Kim Yark & Ashley McNair Staff Writer For students who want something fun to do this Halloween season, haunted houses are a great option to have fun and get scared. They are opening all over Northwest Ohio and lower Michigan to get in the holiday spirit. Terrortown, located at the Lucas County Fairgrounds in Maumee, focuses on a walk through of Mayor Wormface’s home, complete with ogres, demons and spirits. The entry fee is $10 per adult and $7 per child. The Terrortown grounds include an Oxygen Bar, glow-inthe-dark putt putt and spooky decorations. Additionally, guests can pay $3 to tour The Beast, an 800 square foot hay maze neighboring Terrortown. Junior Scott Babcock, who went on Terrortown’s debut weekend, said, “The haunted house at Terrortown was amazing, simply amazing. It was scary, fresh and fun.” Cedar Point also features Halloween spirit this year. The entire grounds are scattered with decorations, fog and creepy creatures attempting to frighten visitors. Most of the roller coasters remain open, however rides such at Power Tower and Demon Drop are closed in October. Cedar Point includes a haunted house on the

grounds with attractions such as a room full of colorful masks and eerie monsters popping out of walls. “Cedar Point was spooky. It ranks like the sixth best time of my life,” said junior Scott Boileau. The Ghostly Manor opened in June and will remain open through October. Its hours are Thursdays and Sundays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays 7 p.m. to midnight. At Ghostly Manor “nightmares become reality,” according to The haunted house is handicap accessible and air-conditioned, however it is recommended for children older than 10. Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts recently ranked the Ghostly Manor as one of their Top Ten Walkthrough Attractions for 2005, according to Finally, the Haunting, located at the Lenawee County Fairgrounds is more of a drive but “worth it,” according to the Hollywood effects artist Jeremy Lenski uses makeup, costumes and a unique set each year to enhance chilling effects. It is open weekends in October; Thursdays and Sundays 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays 7 p.m. to midnight. On Halloween Day, the Haunting is open 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. as well. Features of the Haunting include ‘Camp Carnage,’ ‘Attack of the Zombies’ and ‘Toxic Manic Maze.’

Another Halloween is underway, again with candy and costumes. Over 2,000 years ago there was a group of people called the Celts who celebrated their new years on November 1. Their New Year was a closing to the summer, and moving on to a cold and dark fall. On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain, the Celts believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth on the same day. The Celts believed the unworldly creatures were the reason for trouble and dying crops. The word trick, in trick-or-treating is from the ghosts and ghouls playing tricks on the Celts. It was also believed that prophecies and priests could not make predictions about the future because the unworldly creatures interfered with knowledge of the afterlife. The Celts would have a celebration for the end of summer where they all wore costumes and burned their crops. They wore costumes in hope of scaring away the unworldly creatures. This is where present day trick-ortreaters get the idea of wearing a costume. It was not until the 800’s until the Christians from Ireland celebrated all saints, including the ‘evil’ ones on a day called All Hallows Eve or All Saints Day. On this day people would honor the deceased. They still dressed in costumes. The idea of going from door to door was adapted from early Christians who went from door to door begging for “small cakes.” Halloween went from a day of fear to a fun filled night with kids asking for candy.



28 October 2005

Come Sail Away with NV Homecoming 2005 Senior Mary Rhollans is crowned at the football game after being announced Homecoming Queen. The band was very excited for her and gave her a group hug right after the crowning.

Senior Court members, Meaghan Howe and Jackie Pierson smile for a picture at the Homecoming Game.

Sophomore attendant Kristi Pierson is getting her hair done by Cosmetology students, Ashley Shanahan and Danielle Lindner, for the Homecoming assembly.

Senior Meaghan Howe and her date, 2005 graduate Brian Gardner, lean in for a kiss during a slow song .

Senior Court member Brenna Hendrix, rides around the stadium for the half-time parade.

Juniors Emily Camp, Carolyn Forgac, and Chantel Moody pose for a quick shot in their Homecoming gowns.

Seniors Danny Hinds and Brenna Hendrix dance on the balcony to Come Sail Away by Stixx. It’s tradition for the Homecoming Court to dance on the balcony with their dates for the theme song of the night.

Freshman Brittany Williams gets ready to parade around the stadium in her Volkswagon convertible.

Seniors Mike Darah, Joel Figmaka, Nate Merritt, Bob McElheney, Steve Sargent, and Tyler Powlesland are very enthusiastic while cheering for the football team at the Homecoming game. The student’s spirit at the game was great as demonstrated by the seniors in the front row.

Matt Brazeau and Matt Gramza are very spirited for the big game!

Students’ Views on Homecoming “We enjoyed getting pampered all day for the big night.” -Sophomores Karly Kasper and Brooke Taylor “My favorite part was going out to dinner and dancing with my friends.” -Junior Meghan Benson “The music was rockin’.” -Junior Brian Koehl “I had a good time, my date treated me like a princess.” -Junior Leah Kalanquin

10 - column -

Top Ten Reasons to Watch the World Series, according to Pat Sayre (resident OSU, and College Football in general, fan) It’s World Series time and according to the ratings you are probably not watching. “America’s National Pastime” seems as if it is as popular as Major League Soccer. By the way, if you can actually name all the Major League Soccer teams, tell me because I cannot even name one. This year the World Series actually has some good plotlines. The Chicago Whitesox have not won the series since 1917. The Houston Astros are led by 43 year old Roger Clemens. So, in an attempt to get more people interested in this year’s series, in case these story lines don’t intrigue you, I have come up with 10 reasons why you should watch the 2005 World Series. 10. There is no college football game on. There is no golf on. There is no other sport on besides bowling. 9. Chicago has a pitcher named Bobby Jenks who was pulled off of some farm a few years ago and is now starting for the team. This guy makes me feel like I still have a chance to make it to the big leagues. 8. You are tired and you cannot sleep. If you go to bed early enough, say around 5:45p.m. and are having trouble getting some shut-eye then perhaps a World Series game will be just the trick to put you to sleep. 7. If Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are tag teaming the singing of the National Anthem. 6. You are bored and the thing that sounds best to you is watching commercials. From what I hear the commercials this year have actually been quite good, comparable to Super Bowl Commercials. 5. Hockey is the only other thing on and you don’t enjoy watching a bunch of Canadians skating around pretending to be athletes. (Northview Hockey Team I am just kidding, so don’t hurt me.) 4. Your computer shutdown and your T.V. is stuck on Fox. The only place you can go is to the zoo and you don’t like animals. 3. Baseball is America’s national pastime . . . 2. The Michigan football team lost, you are over excited and the only thing that can calm you down is to watch two hours of baseball. 1. You are grounded because of your weekend actions. You are on your dad’s bad side. You think that a little baseball with him might put you back on his good side and therefore you will be able to go out next weekend. This is a brilliant strategy and is almost guaranteed to work. If you watch the game and through out random baseball statistics like you really care, it will be a good ice - breaker. If none of these reasons to watch the World Series suit you, then you probably should just head on up to bed, or finish your homework. Fox paid millions of dollars to broadcast these games, help them out a little bit and try and make their investment worthwhile. They will appreciate it and maybe you will find baseball to be interesting.


28 October 2005

Boys soccer shares NLL title with Anthony Wayne Matt Wade Staff Writer The Northview Wildcat Boys’ Soccer team accomplished their goal of a Northern Lakes League title. The Wildcats beat the previously undefeated Anthony Wayne Generals in a big NLL match. “The underrated Northview Wildcats walked into Anthony Wayne stadium and knocked off the Generals,” said senior Mark Borysiak. NV’s last game was against the Perrysburg Yellow Jackets. “After the Anthony Wayne game we needed to lock up the NLL title, it was a tough first half but the Wildcats dominated in the second half,” said Borysiak. The Cats will have to share the league championship with Anthony Wayne despite beating them during the season. The boys finished the season 11-4. After a first round by in the State tournament, the boys returned to action against the Start Spartans easily defeating them 13-0. The Cats now play cross-town rival Southview. It will be a tough road for the NV soccer team as they will have to play SV on Wednesday, then face the winner of St. Johns and St. Francis. However, Borysiak remains confident. “If we keep improving then look out for the Wildcats to be in Columbus,” said Borysiak.

Alex Hunter SWITCHING THE POINT OF ATTACK is senior Co-Captain Neil Nanez, as he dribbles the ball across the center of the field. Neil has played as a dominating force this in year helping to lead the team to their NLL title.

Girls Golf does well in tourneys Kim Yark Staff Writer Golf is a very challenging sport because it’s a team sport but also an individual sport. Each player must play their own game, but her score counts for the team. It’s also challenging because the girls don’t play together, they play with three girls from other schools, so it’s hard to know how other teammates are doing. “This year’s seniors were great leaders both on and off the course. A very strong group of underclassmen also contributed to all of this

“We had a great season, everyone improved individually and as a team.” - junior Danielle Darah. season’s big accomplishments,” said Coach Andy Roth. The Girls Golf team competed at many tournaments were as a team they placed very high in the rankings. The team placed fourth in Sectionals, third at the Lady Thunderbird Invitational, fourth in the League, and won the Sylvania Invitational. “We had a great season, everyone improved individually and as a team,” said junior golfer Danielle Darah. According to Roth, The 11 girl golfers on Junior Varsity and Varsity had a terrific year. One of the top senior golfers, Jackie Stamp, made it all the way to Districts, the other two seniors, Dana Kern and Becca Wagner, had a very successful year. “I am very proud of all the team accomplished. With only three seniors leaving, next year’s golf team looks like it should be pretty successful,” said coach Roth. The team’s goal next year is to win the Northern Lakes League. It will be the first year girls golf will be an official NLL sport.

Tennis takes two teams to Districts

Katie Litzer Staff Writer

The Northview Girls’ Tennis season came to a close on October 15 after sending two doubles pairs to both Sectionals and Districts. “There is definite unity and lots of fun amidst the learning of our game,” said junior Julianne Judge, “This year was a lot of fun and the team became very close.” Before competing at Districts two of the teams qualified at Sectionals; senior Jane Pilewskie and junior Sam Coyle, and senior Sarah Rentschler and sophomore Catherine Clay. Winning their first rounds at Sectionals were the dynamic duos of Pilewskie/Coyle 6-0 and 6-1 and team Rentschler/Clay 6- 3 and 6-2. During the quarters playing against Perrysburg, the Pilewskie/Coyle team won with a score of 6-1 and 6-2, and Rentschler/Clay 6- 3 and 6-4. In the semis against Maumee, the girls also won 6-0 and 6- 3. Then in a tough match during the finals team Pilewskie/Coyle lost against Perrysburg with a score of 5-7 and 4-6. Rentschler and Clay placed fourth at Sectionals while Pilewskie and Coyle placed second. The top for Sectionals made it to Districts. Districts this year proved to be a triumph for the LadyKats team, Pilewskie/Coyle winning their first round 6-0, 6-1. Then in the quarters they lost with a score of 3-6 and 5-7 against Notre Dame. Team Rentsler/Clay lost a tough battle with a score of 0-6 and 0-6. “The team did extremely well this season, placing second in the NLL tournament behind Perrysburg,” said Pilewskie. During the Perrysburg match, Pilewskie was forced to retire when she suddenly collapsed on the court due to severe cramping. This was Pilewskie’s only loss in the NLL during her entire high school career. The team did not make it to states this year, but looks forward to another great season next year.

NHL back in action Alden Hirschfeld Sports Editor The National Hockey League is back in action and the regular season is underway after a 310 day strike. The NHL’s Board of Governors finally passed the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated with the NHL Players Association. The agreement is set to last for the next six years and continue through 2011, but the Players Association has the ability to extend the agreement for one year at the end of the six years, according to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. The Collective Bargaining Agreement cut the total player costs of the 30 NHL teams so it does not exceed 54% of the league revenue. The payroll for all teams for the 2005-06 season will be less than $21.5 million, and throughout the six years of the agreement it will never exceed $39 million. The payroll includes all salaries, signing bonuses, and performance bonuses, according to Bettman. Another change includes Performance Enhancing Substances and the consequences for using them. Every player will receive two “no notice” tests. The first time a player fails the test he is suspended for 20 games and the second time that the same player fails the test he will be suspended for 60 games. If a player fails the test for a third time it will result in permanent suspension with possible reinstatement after two years. Other changes include the entry draft, compliance buyouts, contracts for 2004-05 season, enhanced revenue sharing, entry-level salary, renegotiation, two way arbitration, minimum salary, the Olympics, signing deadline, trade deadline, and unrestricted free agency. The old contracts from the 2004-05 season and the waiver draft have both been completely eliminated. The entry draft has been reduced to seven rounds from nine and the minimum salary is $450,000. “NHL players will participate in the 2006 and 2010 Olympics, but during those two years there will not be an All-Star Game,” said Bettman. There are a lot of new rules that will be enforced in the game this year. Goalies are only allowed to play the puck in a certain area behind the net and any player who shoots the puck out of the rink from their own defensive zone will be given a two-minute penalty. Also, the league is cracking down on stick obstruction and fighting. Any player who obstructs another player will be given a penalty and if players fight the instigator will receive a 10-minute misconduct. Another new rule deals with icing; if a player ices the puck the players on the team that iced it may not get off the ice during that whistle. Finally, there will be no more ties in the NHL after a five - minute sudden death overtime, the teams will have a shootout. “Hockey fans all over North America are excited for the NHL to be back,” said senior Varsity Hockey player Erik LaVoy. “The greatness of hockey and the NHL, is best measured by the character and commitment of our players. The greatness of our game is best reflected by the character and commitment of our fans. We appreciate the patience and the support they have shown through this difficult time. It’s time our fans had some fun again, and our objective is to give them all they can handle,” said Bettman after the agreement was made.

Fantasy football, fun for the season Matt Wade Staff Writer Have you ever experienced total adrenaline rush, strategy at its finest and all the joys that the National Football League (NFL) can bring. Then my friends, you are obviously involved in the high-risked, high-excitement events of fantasy football. “Sunday is an emotional rollercoaster,” said senior Mark Borysiak, veteran fantasy football player. The fantasy football season starts earlier than one would think. It can start as early as April with the NFL draft. Finding a rookie that makes a significant impact is a rare find. The next phase of fantasy football is the waiting and watching period. During this period one has to wait patiently, buy as many fantasy football magazines as possible, and stay aware of any trades or injuries in the National Football League. “I like to predict which players will get hurt so my team has a chance to win,” said Borysiak. Some say the fantasy football draft is the best part of the whole season. There are two

types of drafts that can be performed. A live draft where the whole league joins in on a certain day and can chat live as they draft. Or there is a pre - ranked, simulated draft. In this draft you pre - rank all of your players and then the computer simulates the draft. The next phase of the season will depend on how early your league’s draft is. I recommend scheduling your draft late in August so that the players you draft are not injured or still holding out because of contracts. After many trading attempts and talking “smack” on the posts, the season finally arrives. You can cut the tension with a knife going into the first week. The anticipation can glue you to your computer until the waking nights of Sunday morning. After week one the rest of the week feels like it is in fast forward. By the time week eight or nine rolls around, teams are totally re - constructed. You will be lucky to have at least three people you drafted on your team. Finally, the play-offs come. Like the NFL, only a few select teams make the play-offs. During the last three weeks of the NFL season is when the play-offs occur. If you come out on top of the play-off tournament. You have the privilege of being named champion for the whole year.


Football looks to playoffs tonight

Alex Hunter HANDING OFF THE BALL to sophomore Casey Meredeith during the Southview game is senior Mike Schneider. Meredieth had a great year elapsing 1,000 yards for the season. 3-0. It was neck and neck the whole way and with the hard work both teams had put into this game obvious. After two touchdowns by Meredieth the Cats were down by just one point. With only about 30 seconds left in the game the Cats were forced to go for it on fourth and one in order to keep their last drive going and give them a chance to beat their rivals. The ball was snapped, but SV’s defense was strong enough to keep the Wildcats just short of the first down and SV was able to hold on to the bragging rights for at least one more year. “It was a tough lose, but our team will never quit and we know we still have goals that we need to meet so we can finish the season out strong,” said senior defensive back Branden Stansley. On October 21 NV played the Rossford Bulldogs. This game was crucial for them because Rossford was tied for the top spot in the NLL with the Cats. The Wildcats were fired up and ready to show Rossford who was really the best team in the league. The Cats offense started out superbly and began the scoring drive by nailing a 32 yard field goal to make the score

After the field goal the NV defense got a chance to do some damage and they did. The Wildcat defense played flawlessly the whole game and they gave the Bulldogs no chance to put up any points during the game. At half the Cats lead 3-0. After an inspiring speech in the locker room the Wildcats came out determined and they wanted to finish off Rossford with class. In the second half Schneider played remarkable, rushing for one touchdown and throwing a 20-yard pass to Wade for another, making the score 17-0. Running back Meredieth ran for 97 yards on 17 carries and was able to break 1,000 yards for the season. Junior defensive back Matt Page lead the defense with two interceptions and helped the Cats shut out the Bulldogs 17-0. “Hats off to the defense, they kept us in the game and we couldn’t have done it without them,” Schneider said. The win against Rossford knocked them off a tie for the top of the NLL, leaving the top spot for NV and SV. The Cats next game is tonight against Bowling Green where the Cats look to win the league and will be accepted into the play-offs for the first time in school history.

Girls soccer win seven straight NLL Kristin Winters Staff Writer The Northview girl’s soccer team continued its dominance of the NLL with a seventh straight league title on Wednesday, October 5th. What is more impressive is that it was accomplished with a combination of senior leadership and a strong freshman class according to junior Stephanie Moyer. Leading this year’s team are seniors Sarah Stephens, Laura Dempster, Kellie Brown, Brenna Hendrix, Kelli Cole, Kate Doney, Lauren Keefe, and Betsy Poll. Freshman players Paige Maroney, Taylor Delaney, Brittany Williams, Stephanie Rentschler, Noel Luther, and Allison Judge have all contributed to the winning season. “Now that our team has worked through everything, we are just focused on going far in the tournament,” said junior Katie Reagan. Not only did the LadyKats win their seventh straight

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Alden Hirschfeld & CROSS COUNTRY

Ryan Stansley Staff Writer The Northview Football team started the season off strong, playing two games undefeated in the Northern Lakes League and continuing their winning streak against the Anthony Wayne Generals. On September 30 the Wildcats played the Generals in the game of the week and the Generals Homecoming game. The Wildcats came out ready to play and on the opening kick-off senior Cody Morris ran the ball back 95 yards for a touchdown and sophomore Mike Biniecki kicked the quick extra point to make the score 7-0 early in the game. Both teams played hard the whole game and at the half Anthony Wayne was leading 16-14. During the second half the Generals hit a field goal to increase their lead by five, but Northview didn’t give up. With just one second left on the clock, senior Mike Schneider tossed up a prayer to the end zone from their opponent’s 40-yard line. The ball was tipped by senior Eric Suttie and then landed into junior Matt Wade’s hands in the corner of the end zone. “I knew I had it the whole time,” said Wade. The final score was NV winning 20 - 19 keeping the Wildcats on top of the NLL with a record of 3-0. On the 7 of October the Wildcats played their own Homecoming game against the Maumee Panthers who were trying to knock off the Cats from top of the NLL. The Cats came out of the locker room fired up and looking to defeat the Panthers with no problem. NV defeating the Panthers was not a problem at all, and once they had the lead they never let up. Sophomore Casey Meredieth was unstoppable, running the ball 21 times for 201 yards and four touchdowns. Junior Ryan Connolly and Morris each had a touchdown themselves, which helped the Wildcats pounce over the Panthers, leaving the final score 40-0 and increasing the Cats record to 4-0 in the NLL. After absolutely demolishing Maumee, the Cats faced a bigger challenge against their hometown rival, the Southview Cougars. This was a game that both teams look forward to the most out of all the league games because it is a rivalry and this was the game that determined who would end up with the bragging rights for a whole year. Coming off a strong win from their Homecoming, the Wildcats, along with the Cougars, came out with power and the desire to win. The Cats struck first with a field goal by Biniecki, but on the Cougars next drive they did better when they threw a pass into the end zone for a touchdown, making the score 7-3.


28 October 2005

league title with a 14-1-1 season, but they also finished the regular season rated seventh in the state for Division I. The Northview girl’s soccer team has not lost a league game in five years. This year’s season has been highlighted by wins over Columbus DeSalles (2-0), Copely (4-3), and rival St. Ursula (3-2). “Dominance is a word that comes to mind and if this year’s freshman class have any thing to say about it, do not be surprised if the next three years produce more championships,” said Assistant Coach Jeff Hunter. Coach Burgin has implemented the University of North Carolina 3-4-3 system that is based on high-pressure defense, and an attacking offense with three forwards. The results have produced three of the top four scorers in the league this year Taylor, Delaney, and Maroney, and

a defense led by Stephens, Stephanie Moyer, Poll, and sophomore Karly Kasper that is considered the best of the league, LadyKat soccer “all about championships” has become the standard by which all future teams will be measured. This year’s team is looking to continue their success in the state tournament and a possible run at making the final four. “Plenty of hard work and a little luck is required but this year’s team has shown its ability to play with anyone and the combination of good team chemistry, good coaching and talent certainly make it a possibility,” said sophomore Brooke Taylor. The LadyKats next game is Wednesday, October 26th against Southview.

Girls cross Girls water polo ends tough country enters season at regionals post season Lizzy Breier Staff Writer The Sylvania Girls’ Water Polo team finished off their season after various high and low points. The weekend of October 15 was a busy one for the team. They were in Cincinnati where they played teams such as Mason, Milford, and Sycamore. The girls beat out the Mason team, but lost to Milford and Sycamore. Although it was fun to win, these matches had some of the worst officiating that the coaches and players have ever seen. There was no high school level water polo official, which caused a lot of frustration for the teams., according to Coach Sarah Flynn. “They were very inconsistent in their calls and seemed to favor one team over the other,” said junior Olivia Culver. Last weekend, the girls had Regionals at St. Francis. They ended up with a fourth place finish after losing to Worthington and Napoleon in this double elimination tournament. “The girls had a really educational season, where all of our new girls had a chance to learn the sport. I think we will really be strong next year since we’re only losing one player,” said Coach Flynn.

Laura Berkowitz Staff Writer The Girls’ Cross Country team is currently 0 - 7 in the league. “We have had a rough season, but it is a building year and we are continuing to improve,” said senior Tamara Masters. Seniors Sinae Kim and Masters lead the team, which started off this year with 14 members, but currently only has 12. They are coached by Jon Monheim and Susan Dirr of Arbor Hills. “We have a new coach and a smaller team, so we have not been as successful as we would have liked,” said Kim. Masters has consistently been the team’s number one runner at competitions and made first team in the NLL. The varsity team has constantly changed with different girls running varsity races this year. The team recently competed in the NLL Championships, placing seventh. They also went to districts, placing fifth. “We had our best team race at Districts,” said Masters. Masters qualified at Districts for Regionals, taking place tomorrow, while the rest of the team is done for the year.

Over the river and through the woods and through more woods and some more and, well, run around in there for a while. Cross Country practice is the worst thing I think I have ever had to do. Running for fun like the team does is not fun for me. The Cross Country team is still working hard in their season and is hopefully going to go on to States. The team practices basically everyday, which is very physically demanding because I am pretty athletic and I could hardly do it for one day. The team won the NLL title for the fourth consecutive season and was undefeated in the NLL. This shows you what kinds of runners are on the team. For someone like me to try and keep up with them is just not gonna happen. So, back to the main point of this column, which is me almost dying. I met up with the team at Stranahan because it is close to Wildwood where the most useless activity ever occurs, running. Running can be defined in the dictionary as to move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride. I, on the other hand, describe running a little differently than Webster, I call it a hard and painful practice in which people who do it for fun, like Cross Country teams, are crazy. Once I get to Wildwood everyone is confused as to why I am there, once I explain that I am participating in their practice, they all sort of laughed. I wore my sweatpants with shorts underneath because it was pretty cold outside, but I figured I might want to wear shorts because I would be sweating in no time. Once the whole team was there we did what is called a warm-up. Well, let me tell you what they call a warm-up I call a hard workout. For their warm-up, the team runs for 16 minutes with a good stretch after three minutes. They said it was a warm-up because they didn’t run very hard, but I still couldn’t keep up. Before the warm-up got to the stretch point I already had a huge cramp and once again, just like when I played tennis, I didn’t have any water to drink, you’d think I’d learn After the warm-up I felt horrible. We only ran for 16 minutes, which is a long time to me. After the warm-up the team told me the actual workout and I thought I was going die. When I heard what we were going to do to I wanted to leave. In fact, I almost did leave, but for the amusement of everyone else I stayed. Now it was time for the hard part of practice. When some of the runners were telling me that it was going to be hard for them I thought for sure I was going to end up throwing up, but I didn’t despite having eaten that Krispy Kreme donut before practice, what a bad idea. The hard part was set up with intervals of extremely hard running and light running. If it wasn’t for the light running I think I really would have keeled over and died. We ran for eight minutes hard then two minutes easy, six minutes hard then two minutes easy, four minutes hard then two minutes easy, two minutes hard then six minutes cool down. That is around 50 minutes of running at one time which is more running than I ever wish to do for the rest of my life. The team didn’t really seem that affected by the run, but I was definitely on the edge of not making it. After the hard run we did one last thing and that was stretch. Due to the soreness that I was already feeling the stretching just hurt more than it felt good. I felt like my legs were a rubber band during the stretch time and I was just pulling them out of my body. During the hard part of the workout my legs felt like jell-o the whole time and they still felt like jell-o the next day and I am sure they will feel like jell-o the rest of the week. I am definitely going to have to say that Cross Country is a lot harder than tennis only because the amount of running they do. I will never be a part of a Cross Country team and will never run for that amount of time again. After the practice when I had to drive home I could hardly press the gas pedal hard enough to go, that’s how sore my legs were. Once I made it home I slowly walked inside and got into the shower then went straight to my hot tub. After that I didn’t do any more physical activity for the rest of the day. I will never go to another Cross Country practice in my life nor do I plan on doing track in the Spring. Ouch!



28 October 2005

Volleyball takes 2 in Boys golf 2 league, hits Districts



Ryan Stansley Staff Writer

Alden Hirschfeld Sports Editor Varsity Volleyball placed second in the Northern Lakes League but lost a devastating game in Sectionals that shattered their hopes of tearing their way through Districts or Regionals. The volleyball team had a bye in the first round of Sectionals so they started their run at Sectionals in the second round against the Whitmer Panthers. The Panthers ended the Wildcat’s season after beating the LadyKats in a tough match that went to five games. The Panthers won the first two games as the LadyKats took the third and fourth games. In the fifth game the team didn’t pull through and lost giving Whitmer the match. The girls are 11 – 3 in their league with many players being named to the All League Teams. Senior Megan Schoenrock was named First Team All League and First Team All District. Senior Melissa Becker and sophomore Megan Ozarzack were named to Second Team All League and Honorable Mention All District. Senior Jackie Pierson and sophomore Sarah Mignin were named Honorable Mention All League. Earlier in the season, before other big games, the team found many ways to psych themselves up. One trick that the team used before they played a big game against the Perrysburg Yellowjackets was Mason Nistel to draw another player’s name from a hat READY TO SERVE, sophomore Sarah Mignin sets up the and for 60 seconds they would talk about that player’s strengths to get her ready for ball in a game against the Perrysburg Yellowjackets. Sarah was named to the Honorable Mention All League the big game, according to senior Sam Yarnell. team.

The Northview boys’ golf team was successful all season finishing with their Northern Lakes League record of 5-2. During the golf season NV was one of the best competitors in the Northern Lakes League. Every year Northview has an outstanding golf team and this year it was no different. The Wildcats started their regular season excited and looking forward to a great season. In their first match they played Rossford who was no challenge for the Cats who won convincingly with a low score of 34 by senior Ali Monazahian. After the win the Cats played a very tough competitor, the Bowling Green Bobcats. The Cats couldn’t pull out a win against them and because of the disappointment they also lost to the Springfield Blue Devil in the same week. The disappointment didn’t carry on and in the rest of NV’s matches they went 4-0. The Cats played Southview, Maumee, Perrysburg, and Anthony Wayne in their last four matches and the Cats finished out the NLL season 5-2. The Cats next match was the NLL championship at Valleywood. The team was seeded second in the tournament, the same place they finished. The Cats took second to a strong Bowling Green team who was highly favored to win the NLL’s. “We really wanted to win NLL’s but we know that we have to prepare for the upcoming matches because they will determine how good we really are. We can’t worry about beating Bowling Green until it really matters, which is during districts,” said senior Tim Hurst. NV’s next big match was the Sectional at Stone Ridge Golf Club. NV knew Bowling Green would not be playing there so they took advantage of the opportunity. This gave the Cats a chance to go for the win and that’s exactly what they did. The Cats top scorers were Hurst shooting a 74, Junior Chase Yacko with a 78, senior Ben Treece with a 79, and Monazahian shooting an 82. With a convincing win the Wildcats were determined and motivated to post a good score at Districts and hopefully make it to the State Tournament. The District tournament was held at Red Hawk Run in Findlay. Everybody on the Northview squad was very serious because they knew they had to play their very best. The Cats worked hard all week for this tournament

in NLL

Amy Perna READY TO HIT A SHOT is senior Ryan Hennessey while at a match at Sylvania Country Club. but their hard work didn’t pay off as they came up short of second place. Their low score was a 77 by Yacko and the scores just escaladed from there. Their overall score was 329 using individual scores of 77 by Yacko, 80 by Hurst, 85 by sophomore Ryan Stansley, and 87 by Monazahian. The Cats finished behind Bowling Green, Findlay, and Southview. “We knew we had to play our very best, it was crucial in order to have a shot at it but we didn’t play to our potential and it caused us to come up short of second place,” said Yacko, “ The only thing I can do now is keep practicing and preparing for next year’s season.”

Water Polo ends Boys Cross Country season on high note wins fourth straight NLL championship

Wang Pan Business Editor

The year after winning their first trophy, the Sylvania Boy’s Water Polo team has continued to achieve new goals. “The team looked really different, we started to play as a team rather than individual players,” said junior Jason Krajnyak. Though the team didn’t win any trophies, it has done well in its games against teams in both Ohio and Michigan, according to Coach Sarah Flynn. All the hard work and time put in by the players paid off October 11 when they played the Napoleon Wildcats. The game became a heated contest that got off to a quick start with one point a piece in the first minute. Sylvania led the game until the fourth quarter when Napoleon took a one point lead, 8 - 7. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter, junior Matt Pierzchala tied up the game at eight. The game then headed into double overtime where the score was still tied at nine after a four meter call was made allowing Napoleon a free shot on goal. In sudden death overtime junior Michael Pelechaty scored at the 54 second mark and won the game 10 - 9. “I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I saw the ball hit the goal. It was especially gratifying to have scored the goal that made us beat Napoleon for the first

time in five years,” said Pelechaty. To make the game even more exciting, BCSN was there taping, giving the boys a big win to watch on TV that night. The state is separated into two regions, the north and south. North Regionals was October 21 to 22 at St. Francis and determined which teams would go to the States Tournament at Mason High School. Though the team didn’t qualify to states, they did have fun during the tournament. The team lost to Naploeon in the first game and then to St. Francis in the second. Because it was a double elimination tournament, the boy’s team was eliminated on Friday night. The season ended on a positive note for the team as they played a game in which everyone on their bench got game time to end the season. “After the first quarter we knew we weren’t going to win the game, so we started playing everyone, even getting our JV goalie in,” said Coach Flynn. “Both teams were able to have fun and give scoring opportunities to younger players who had worked as hard all season as the starters and deserved some game time.” “With only one starter graduating this year, next year’s team is going to be sweet. With six seniors and one junior starting next year, Sylvania Water Polo will be a team to be reckoned with in Ohio and Michigan,” said Pierzchala.

Katherine Kim SPRINTING FOR THE FINISH as senior Paul Dean leads the pack of runners, while junior Austin Hendrix closes the gap on a Southview runner. Dean finished second at Districts with a time of 16:16.

Sophia Papadimos Co-Editor-In-Chief The Northview Boys’ Cross Country team has had yet another successful season and shows no sign of letting up. The boys won the Northern Lakes League title for their fourth consecutive year. They were undefeated in the NLL having a record of 7-0. This season the boys have practiced long and hard in rain or shine. Varsity runners consist of seniors Paul Dean and Alex Walsh, who have been running Varsity all four years, senior Chris Homan, juniors Austin Hendrix, Nick Esbin, and Grant Mangas, and sophomore Oliver Cooper. The boys’ hard work and dedication played off every bit when they placed second in the District, finishing only two points behind St. Frances De’ Sales. At districts captain and senior, Paul Dean, finished second with a time of 16:16. Following behind him was junior Austin Hendrix with a time of 16:24 and then placing third in the meet was Photo Courtesy of Sarah Flynn captain and senior Alex Walch with a time of 16:31. St. Francis had a total of 41 points while Northview finished with GOING UP FOR THE BLOCK in practice at the University of Toledo is junior Mason Nistel. 43. “All of our runners have been progressing since the season has begun and hopefully we’ll be good enough to qualify for states on Saturday,” said Dean. This was Mason’s first year as the team’s goalie and his second year on the team.

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