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Silver & Gold Phi Theta Kappa Nevada/California Region Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 10

January 2012

Resolutions and Looking Forward Another year has passed. As many of us look back, it is an opportunity for each of us to take those things we would like to change in our lives, and change them. There is a good chance that the same resolutions have been rolling around for a couple years now. Perhaps “this is the year I’m going to lose that twenty pounds” or “this year, I’m going to travel more” or simply “I’m going to spend more time with my family.” Whatever the resolution may be, this year, let us help each other to reach those goals. We excel in school. We excel in community service. We excel in becoming the future leaders in our communities. Regrettably, we sacrifice those small goals, such as a resolution, to excel everywhere else. This year, I have a two resolutions; I resolve to make the gym a habit and to spend more time with friends and family. While they sound so simple on paper, I believe I have had these same resolutions for at least a couple years. But this year…This year I want to change that. Time slips by so quickly and as I lose myself in the hustle and bustle of work and school, football practice and school projects, planning the spring conference and writing newsletters, another year slips into memory. I am making a change in how I deal with my resolution. The truth is that success comes with the support of those around you. So I ask my Phi Theta Kappa community to only have a resolution, but include those around you in attaining it. Much as we get each member of our chapter’s involved in the Honors In Action process, come together to attain those personal goals so often left to the wayside. A new semester is almost here. The new Honors Study Topic will be reaching all of your chapters in the coming weeks. We start fresh with new plans, new goals, and new aspirations. This year, I hope the chapters and members of this incredible region take some time to remember their individual ambitions. Incorporate them with the chapter. Lean on each other to not only reach for higher objectives scholastically, but also personally. Phi Theta Kappa is a family that can help each of us attain any dream we can fathom. I wish each of you an incredible New Year. I am optimistic that this year will see fantastic things from the Nevada California Region. I look forward to learning that the small, personal goals have been reached as well. Silver & Gold 1

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Resolutions and Looking Forward Secretary Wanted; C4 Calendar, Look Who’s on Facebook Competitive Edge, Spring Conference Chapter Happenings, Contributors,,

Wanted: Regional Secretary A growing organization is looking for a detailoriented individual with strong communication and organizational skills. The ideal candidate for this high visibility position would be a responsible college student, compelling public speaker and at ease in a team environment. Candidates for this position must: • Be a current Phi Theta Kappa member in good standing • Have a strong knowledge of Phi Theta Kappa and its opportunities Candidates will perform these and other duties: • Record board meetings • Produce a monthly newsletter • Facilitate conferences • Prepare educational sessions • Potentially track and award certificates for regional project participants If you think this is an opportunity you would like to take, please visit Any further questions, contact the current secretary, Shauna Kearns at

C4 – Commit to Complete Less than 50% of American college freshman complete their education. Phi Theta Kappa is behind the student-led initiative, Community College Completion Corps, in order to increase awareness of the importance of finishing a college degree. This program means to prove the necessity of completing a college education to the student and the community the colleges serve. With reasons to complete ranging from earning more money and maintaining employment to being healthier and accomplishing goals, a commitment to college completion means the student can be the solution to a growing problem. For many Phi Theta Kappans, not finishing college may have never crossed the mind, but for many college students, the numerous obstacles an education may present may prove too overwhelming. But your chapter can help get the word out and provide possible solutions to those obstacles. By visiting, you can find the tools to get your chapter involved. From student guides to posters to press release templates, the international office and officers have provided all a chapter could need to become a part of the solution while assisting the students at the college reach for success. Get involved and commit to complete. Silver & Gold 2

Calendar of Events Regional Board Candidacy February 6: Deadline to declare candidacy International Office Candidacy February 29: Deadline to declare candidacy NV/CA REGIONAL SPRING CONVENTION March 9-10 Suncoast Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship Application Dates February 1st – April 1st Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Application Dates February 1st – April 1st GEICO Business Student Scholarship Application Dates February 1st – April 1st

Word of the Month Heimel: Of or pertaining to winter; wintry.*

Look who’s on Facebook… Looking for other ways to get a hold of the regional board or stay on top of what is going on within the region? Find the region on Facebook by searching for: Nvca Region Ptk or Suggest friends for the page and spread the word! The page is checked regularly and will allow you to be in direct contact with your regional board! Hope to see you there soon!

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Competitive Edge You have proven yourself academically. You offer your time to help in your community and work toward building your leadership skills, but there are small gaps you would like to fill. Competitive Edge is a comprehensive program developed by Phi Theta Kappa to build on your soft skill set. The professional development plan will help you build your mastery of communication, develop new team building techniques and hone your critical thinking abilities, among others. The site will assist you in building a portfolio of your accomplishments in which you can allow potential employers and colleges or universities look through, as well as those who are writing letters of recommendation. You can even follow the step by step instructions and create a professional resume that will put you a step above your competition. Start your Competitive Edge voyage today by logging in to using your Phi Theta Kappa username and password. Advisors, you may access using your PAM login.

Quote of the Month The Past may not be your fault, but the Future is your responsibility alone. ~Gene Cruz Read more: 1fAlCewPG

Spring Convention Nevada California Region, it is time to start planning your trip to Las Vegas for the Spring Convention! Held March 9-10, 2012 at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, the conference will see the elections of new officers, educational break out sessions, and plenty of time to network with new friends and members. The site has a movie theater and restaurants. As always, your dinner Friday and Saturday as well as lunch Saturday is included in the registration. Please make sure your chapters are planning early so as many of the members can attend. For more information, please visit and keep an eye on your email for more information as well. We can’t wait to see you there!

Silver & Gold 4 Are you transferring to a four-year college or university? Do you feel like you are drowning in information, or possibly the lack thereof? Allow Phi Theta Kappa and to help in all your transfer needs. A free service available to all students 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will help you navigate the sometimes murky transfer waters. To create and access your account, visit and follow the steps for a new login using your Phi Theta Kappa login and password. From here you can easily navigate through a multitude schools and a plethora of scholarships. The site will offer a "to do" list and give you a list of dates in order to keep you on track for a successful transfer. Check it out today and keep swimming toward your future!

Chapter Happenings As members of Phi Theta Kappa, we pride ourselves on what our chapters do in their respective communities and beyond. I would like to hear from each chapter every month on their plans and events and place them here, in your newsletter. Not only will your chapter be able to gain support from the region, but it may open a door to Chapter’s United events or even the chance for your idea to become a regional project. I urge you to send your events to and place your chapter and college in the subject line. Please strive to have this information to me by the 25th of every month. Without you and all the work you do, our region could not be as amazing as it is. Thank you cooperation.





Contributors SHAUNA KEARNS As your regional secretary, I am always here if you have anything you want to share with the region. I hope you have enjoyed this issue and if you have any ideas, please contact me directly at

YOU, THE REGION Thank you for taking the time to read this and I encourage you to share what is going on with your chapter and members as I want to fill these pages with all of the incredible work our region does!

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2012 Regional Projects CHAPTERS UNITED: A FRESH PERSPECTIVE A highly successful project returns for the 2012 regional projects. This project promotes cooperation, friendship, and work ethic of the Nevada California chapters. The object of Chapters United is to seek out and actively work with other chapters in the region, therefore spreading a wealth of information. It is an opportunity to get to know members while concurrently working on a meaningful project. It is highly encouraged to take the opportunity to inspire chapters in your district and beyond that may be having some difficulty and may not have been active in the past. MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY: ONE DAY A YEAR TO LEND A HAND Make A Difference Day is an annual day of community service, held on the fourth Saturday of October. Projects usually occur on that day; however, it is also common for a project to span several days or even occur on a near date. All chapters are encouraged to participate as not only is it an amazing day of service, but also of fellowship. As what can be done is open to each chapter’s prerogative, the day can be whatever your member’s make of it. GET OUT THE VOTE: EDUCATE AND MOTIVATE 2012 is an election year and it is important for each one of us to take part. With all of the candidates, issues, and possibilities, muddling through it all can be difficult. With the intention of increasing voter participation, this project is aimed to provide the opportunity to help people register to vote, provide unbiased information on the issues, and dispense as much knowledge as possible for each of the candidates. This can increase the voter base and assist voters in making informed decisions. SCHOLARLY HALLMARKS: INTERNATIONAL AND REGIONAL PROJECTS W ORKING HAND IN HAND In the interest of promoting Phi Theta Kappa projects and programs, the Nevada California region would like to see the chapters encourage and promote their members to take part in the existing Phi Theta Kappa programs. This project will be a rotating annual project, each year seeing the adoption of one of the hallmarks. For 2012, we start with scholarship. Each project will of course visit each of the hallmarks but will be heavy in the specified hallmark of the year. COMMUNITY PROJECT: PHI THETA KAPPANS LOVE SERVICE We know Phi Theta Kappans like to get involved and help within their communities. The region would like to recognize the service that our members do to enrich their college and community. In the spirit of community service, we have provided multiple options for your chapters to choose from so you can cater to your community. A. GIVE A LITTLE This project started with the idea that chapters could organize blood drives in their community and grew from there. With the hopes of bringing community organizations and the chapters together in working to inform, prepare, and motivate those in the community to be prepared no matter what the emergency may be, this project is aimed at helping both locally and abroad. By being prepared, if a disaster strikes, a family can begin to rebuild and get their lives back. B. FUNDING EDUCATION As we face the ever-rising costs of a college education, there are high school seniors and recent graduates who are doing the same. Help the students in your community not only understand how education is funded through the government, but also help them find the resources to pay for their education. The truth is that funding education is an investment in our future. C. UNITY OF DIVERSITY All too often, society focuses on the diversity among people and defines it by differences. The Nevada California region would like to celebrate these beautiful differences in the hopes broadening perspectives, enhancing understanding, and endorsing respect among the many peoples of the world. We hope that through this project, chapters will engage and incorporate the rich and vast cultures into their lives and recognize that our diversity can bring society together. D. CREATE YOUR OWN Don’t like any of these? Have an idea of your own? Do it! Are these projects not what you would like to see your chapter do? Then come up with your own or build on and improve a successful one that you have used in the past. We encourage you to be creative, have fun and use the knowledge of your chapter, college, and community to benefit. Good luck!

Silver and Gold Newsletter  

January 2012