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Silver & Gold Phi Theta Kappa Nevada/California Region Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 7

October 2011

Let’s Talk Breakouts No, I’m not writing about acne. If you have ever been to a regional conference, whether it be in spring or fall, you know that breakout sessions are 50 minutes of Phi Theta Kappa gold. These sessions instruct every member, no matter their involvement, experience or length of time since their induction, on aspects of Phi Theta Kappa that concern the members of our region. From learning the basics in Phi Theta Kappa 101 to an open session of discussion and networking in the Chapter Sandbox, your regional board and the NV/CA Alumni Association have developed sessions with you in mind. This fall, we are lucky enough to have a representative from the international headquarters hosting a breakout session as well.             

Are You the Next International Officer Candidate? Chapter Sandbox Leadership Interpersonal Dynamics Phi Theta Kappa 101 and 102 What Does a Regional Officer Do? 2012 Regional Projects Implementation of HIA and College Projects Writing Up the Summary for HIA and College Projects Aspire to Motivate Transfer Assistance All Things Meetings and Members Alumni 101: What Alumni Does and How to Get Involved and What Does an Alumni Officer Do?  Leadership in the Real World  What’s New with HQ We hope that on this list is a breakout session that you are interested in and find important in not only your growth as a member but as an individual as well. We cannot wait to see each of the chapters represented this fall for this exciting event! Silver & Gold 1

You’re Invited!

IN THIS ISSUE 2011 Fall Leadership Conference  Breakout sessions, General Information, Registration Information, and Schedule of Events

Who: Nevada California Regional Board, Alpha Pi Gamma and Beta Theta Iota chapters of Phi Theta Kappa What: Nevada California Fall 2011 Regional Leadership Conference Where: Reno/Sparks NV at John Ascuega’s Nugget in Victorian Square When: Friday, October 14 through Sunday, October 16, 2011. Registration begins at 2 p.m. on Friday and the conference concludes after 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Please keep that time in mind when making your travel plans. Cost: $110 for registration, which includes dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday; Ask for the Phi Theta Kappa room rate at $79/$89 per night; breakfast, is your responsibility

Conference Registration Would your chapter like to attend but you cannot find the information? There are two places you can look. First, try the Nevada California Regional website, and choose the “Conference” tab along the left hand side. If you would prefer to work with a PDF file, visit and you can download the registration packet. We are hoping to see representatives from each of the chapters at the conference this October. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “Why should my chapter attend?” This conference is different from ones in the past. We have developed a schedule that is not only hallmark heavy but provides an atmosphere for networking and chapter building. It is an opportunity to learn how to take part in chapter, regional and international events while also providing members the chance to research a topic that will lead to live debates Saturday night. It is an opportunity for chapters who may be struggling to become more active to talk to other chapters and pick up tricks of the trade. It is also a chance to speak to the regional board, the Alumni Association and a representative from headquarters all in the same place. While we are all about business, we plan on laughing and having a great time as well. Your regional board and host chapters hope that each one of you is looking into this fantastic opportunity and making your plans to attend. See you there! Silver & Gold 2

Calendar of Events Fall Leadership Conference October 14-16, 2011 Friday through Sunday afternoon

Schedule of Events 2011 Fall Leadership Conference

Friday, October 14

Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship

 

Application Dates: September 1-October 15 Deadline: October 15

All-USA Community College Academic Team Application Dates: October 1-December 1 Deadline: December 1

Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Application Dates: October 1-December 1 Deadline: December 1

 

Registration starts at 2 p.m. Conference officially kicks off at 4:30 p.m. General session, Regional Board panel, Seminar discussion groups Guest Speaker Doris Dwyer Headquarters Representative West Williamson to speak

Saturday, October 15    

9:00 Day 2 begins Guest Speaker Ty Cobb Seminar Discussion Group and research British Debates

New Century Scholars Application Dates: October 1-December 1 Deadline: December 1

All-State Community College Academic Team Application Dates: October 1-December 1 Deadline: December 1

Sunday, October 16    

Guistwhite Scholarships Application Dates: October 1-December 1 Deadline: December 1 Silver & Gold 3

9:00 Day 3 begins Announcement of winning teams Two rounds of breakout sessions 11:30 Final Announcements

Start the Transfer Process Now

Member Spotlight~ Mary Dante

It is fall, and within a few short weeks, many of the universities you wish to attend will open their application process for next fall. It is vitally important that you get your applications completed as soon as possible so you can make sure you get accepted. Due to budget cuts, universities are making it more and more difficult be accepted, permitting fewer and fewer transfer students. Do not take it for granted that you will be accepted to the school of your choice! Make sure you have visited with counselors, chosen multiple schools to apply to, and be sure to continue to be active in your extracurricular activities. All of these actions can help you achieve entrance into the college you wish to attend.

I hope I receive an email like I did this month, every month and I hope they increase. This month, I want to introduce you all to Mary Dante, a member of the Beta Rho Iota chapter at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. She was inducted in November 2010. She is a returning student, working toward her BA as a teacher. She is already helping kids through a class she developed called SPEAKUP!, in which she inspires the growth of self-esteem and self-confidence through drama, writing and art. She believes that “if a seed of confidence and self love is planted through my class lessons then as the child grows so will the inner knowledge that he/she is unique and can achieve special things in their lifetime.� She has already received two scholarships as a member. Mary, thank you for writing and I am so honored to share your accomplishments. You are an inspiration!

Good luck!

You have proven yourself academically. You offer your time to help in your community and work toward building your leadership skills, but there are small gaps you would like to fill. Competitive Edge is a comprehensive program developed by Phi Theta Kappa to build on your soft skill set. The professional development plan will help you build your mastery of communication, develop new team building techniques and hone your critical thinking abilities, among others. The site will assist you in building a portfolio of your accomplishments in which you can allow potential employers and colleges or universities look through, as well as those who are writing letters of recommendation. You can even follow the step by step instructions and create a professional resume that will put you a step above your competition. Start your Competitive Edge voyage today by logging in to using your Phi Theta Kappa username and password. Advisors, you may access using your PAM login.

Quote of the Month By associating with wise people you will become wise yourself. ~Menander *

Competitive Edge

Silver & Gold 4 Are you transferring to a four-year college or university? Do you feel like you are drowning in information, or possibly the lack thereof? Allow Phi Theta Kappa and to help in all your transfer needs. A free service available to all students 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will help you navigate the sometimes murky transfer waters. To create and access your account, visit and follow the steps for a new login using your Phi Theta Kappa login and password. From here you can easily navigate through a multitude schools and a plethora of scholarships. The site will offer a "to do" list and give you a list of dates in order to keep you on track for a successful transfer. Check it out today and keep swimming toward your future!

Halloween I love Halloween. It could be because my birthday is a couple days after and every year growing up, I had the coolest Halloween birthday parties. Some years, trick-or-treating was even part of the party. Having grown up in the Midwest, Halloween was also one of the last decent weekends before the snow would fall and the world became closed off because of snow and cold. As I have gotten older, it is still my favorite holiday; decorating a little better than the year before, still visiting haunted houses, and continuing with the tradition of watching “Rocky Horror Picture Show� each Halloween night. I hope this year you take a moment to enjoy Halloween and let your inner Trick-or-Treating child out for just a night. Plan a costume party, go to a haunted house, have a scary movie marathon, but do yourself a favor and have a little fun this Halloween.

Contributors SHAUNA KEARNS As your regional secretary, I am always here if you have anything you want to share with the region. I hope you have enjoyed this issue and if you have any ideas, please contact me directly at

YOU, THE REGION Thank you for taking the time to read this and I encourage you to share what is going on with your chapter and members as I want to fill these pages with all of the incredible work our region does!

Silver & Gold 5

Join us at the Fall Leadership Conference for your chance to be part of live debates as we actively discuss topics related to the Honors in Action theme. Each group will spend Saturday afternoon researching, practicing and working together before taking part in a debate against another team. This exciting opportunity is being offered for the first time at the Fall Conference.

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