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Silver & Gold Phi Theta Kappa Nevada/California Region Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 12

March 2012


THE THINGS I’VE LEARNED While scholarship is the backbone of the organization, it is the skills each of us cannot quantify that Phi Theta Kappa gives us. In English classes, we learn how to critically think about literature and write with proper grammar. Phi Theta Kappa has taught me to allow my personality to shine in my writing. Math classes teach us to use the logical side of our minds. Phi Theta Kappa provides real world scenarios in which I have had to find logical answers to problems. Sociology teaches us how people deal with each other in groups and group mannerisms. Phi Theta Kappa has taught me how to be a team player and work with people who I may not see eye to eye with. For every useful tool my educational path has provided, Phi Theta Kappa has offered the real world experience to push me to be competitive in the job market. Thank you; I will not forget the lessons taught. IN THIS ISSUE 1 Learned Chapter Success 2-3 Regional Board goodbyes 4 Competitve Edge, Calendar 5 Facebook,, Contributors

~The Alpha Sigma Alpha Chapter hosted a Movie Night on Thursday February 9, 2012 as a fundraising benefit for the Wildlife Conservation Network of Los Altos, California and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Chapter. Over $600 was raised in which the Wildlife Conservation Network will receive $525 (or over 80%) of the proceeds. A raffle was also held after the movie in which attendants won beautiful wildlife photographs. Special thanks go out to member Reanna Bakke and the Vice President of Fundraising Anita Dhillon for organizing this successful event!

~It has been a busy few months here at Bakersfield College. The Chapter is now at over 120 members and growing strong! Coming soon will be 2 new member orientation sessions (February 15th and March 15th) followed by our second Induction Ceremony April 10th. At that ceremony we will announce the gifting of Honorary Membership to our Bakersfield College President Dr. Greg Chamberlain! In other news, you will be seeing representatives from the Beta Alpha Nu Chapter at the Spring Regional Conference in March! Thanks to a scholarship from your regional office, support from BC's Student Government Association and to the fundraising efforts of our members, we will be sending 4 officer representatives and our adviser to meet, greet, and learn. Speaking of, our first fundraiser of the semester was a great success. The membership set up a Book and Bake Sale on January 30th resulting in a great showing of financial support from the student population on campus. The Sale was such a success that we plan to have a second Book and Bake Sale on Valentine's Day. Beta Alpha Nu is not just about academics and fundraising. Upcoming service projects include a poptab collection and donation to The Ronald McDonald House at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, participation and advertisement for the Houchin/ Bakersfield College Blood Drive and future work in the BC Food Pantry distribution center.

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~This spring semester Beta Sigma Rho

is getting ready for our induction ceremony coming up in March. This year we have decided to show off Phi Theta Kappa member talent at the induction ceremony. Members are currently submitting their artwork, photography and poetry to be shown at the first Beta Sigma Rho Art Showcase taking place at the induction ceremony reception. Members with musical talent also have the opportunity to sign up to perform at the reception. We have also decided on a community project for this semester and are beginning to organize a beach clean-up in Oxnard to take place on earth day, April 22.

Sometimes you do not know the power of a decision until you are able to step back and reflect. During these last few weeks on this 2011-2012 Regional Board, I have been able to reflect on the amazing opportunity I was given. Being a Phi Theta Kappa Regional Board member has been an experience that I will forever remember. I would like to thank the chapters that allowed me to be a part in their growth and lives. I have been able to meet many Phi Theta Kappans that I have forged strong bonds with. The ability to be an integral part in the direction that this great region takes is a duty that I take pride in. Thank you to the Charlie Klein and Dr. JoAnna Birdsall for being so supportive and positive. Thank you Beta Theta Kappa for their support and thank you to my fellow board members for such an amazing year of friendship and professionalism.



As I look back on the last year, in which I had the honor to serve the Nevada California Region of Phi Theta Kappa as the Vice-President of the Southwest District, I recall my interactions with the advisors, officers and members of each chapter. Your unrelenting determination in fulfilling the mission of Phi Theta Kappa within your colleges and communities is the fuel that drives our continuing efforts forward. It is in this regard that I would like to express my gratitude to Charles Klein, Regional Coordinator, and Jo Anna Birdsall, Regional Adviser, for their guidance and encouragement. Furthermore, I would like to thank my fellow regional officers for their continued excellence and contributions to our region. It has been my pleasure to serve in this capacity and I look forward to witnessing the bright future that awaits the outstanding students of our great region.

Interestingly enough, my year-long term as a regional officer very closely coincides with my first full year of membership in Phi Theta Kappa. Despite my relative "newness,” it was still an honor and a privilege to serve as one of your regional officers. In my year of service I have met countless other individuals who share an equal passion for success, teamwork, and setting goals. Together we focus on the futures of our nation, our community, and ourselves; that alone is what draws me to the honor society as well as every one of you. My term will end, but that mission will forever continue; let’s continue to work hard together for our common goals. We are Phi Theta Kappa, and nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams!"

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It has been an honor serving on the Regional Board. It has not only opened my eyes to my leadership and fellowship potential, but has also forged some lasting friendships and memories that I will cherish for years to come. I am proud of what we have accomplished, and wish the incoming board the same successes and rewarding experiences I have felt in this office. I would like to thank my fellow outgoing officers, Regional Coordinator Charlie Klein, Regional Advisor Jo Anna Birdsall, and the Alpha Xi Beta chapter for all their support during this year.

DEEPEST GRATITUDE PRESIDENT HOUMAN AKBARI Since I accepted this position in March of last year, I have thought about the moment that my term would be over and I have to step down as president. I want to thank all of you for your trust and the opportunity offered to me to serve our region. Being president of this region for 2011-2012 academic year and working with other people has helped me to become a better leader, as well as a better person. I did my best to be a good leader and a professional person for this region by attending different events at different chapters and tried to increase the communication between regional board and chapters of this region. I hope that I did not disappoint any of you. Once again, thank for the opportunity of choosing me as president of Nevada/California region.

I cannot believe that it has been a year already. It seems like only last week I had the realization I would have to put together a newsletter every month. What was I going to place within the pages? Twelve newsletters, multiple teleconferences, and numerous new friends later, I have been completely humbled by this service. It has been an eye-opening experience which has provided me with confidence I never thought I could have. This position has taught me so much and I am so proud of the accomplishments I have seen in the region. The year has been hectic and there have been hiccups here and there, but every experience has been beneficial. Thank you Nevada California Region of Phi Theta Kappa for your support and incredible achievements. I am so proud to be a member of this organization.

Word of the Month Pansophy: universal wisdom or knowledge *

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COMPETITIVE EDGE You have proven yourself academically. You offer your time to help in your community and work toward building your leadership skills, but there are small gaps you would like to fill. Competitive Edge is a comprehensive program developed by Phi Theta Kappa to build on your soft skill set. The professional development plan will help you build your mastery of communication, develop new team building techniques and hone your critical thinking abilities, among others. The site will assist you in building a portfolio of your accomplishments in which you can allow potential employers and colleges or universities look through, as well as those who are writing letters of recommendation. You can even follow the step by step instructions and create a professional resume that will put you a step above your competition. Start your Competitive Edge voyage today by logging in to using your Phi Theta Kappa username and password. Advisors, you may access using your PAM login.

Quote of the Month Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. ~Jimi Hendrix

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS NV/CA REGIONAL SPRING CONVENTION March 9-10 Suncoast Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship Application Dates February 1st – April 1st Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Application Dates February 1st – April 1st GEICO Business Student Scholarship Application Dates February 1st – April 1st

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Nvca Region Ptk or Suggest friends for the page and spread the word! The page is checked regularly and will allow you to be in direct contact with your regional board! Hope to see you there soon!

CONTRIBUTORS SHAUNA KEARNS As your regional secretary, I am always here if you have anything you want to share with the region. I hope you have enjoyed this issue and if you have any ideas, please contact me directly at

YOU, THE REGION Thank you for taking the time to read this and I encourage you to share what is going on with your chapter and members as I want to fill these pages with all of the incredible work our region does!

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Hope this brings a smile to your face‌ Thank you for everything NV/CA Region. It’s been a fantastic year!

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Final Newsletter for 2011 Sec Shauna Kearns