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Kids will JUMP FOR JOYwith gifts that get them moving By Maggie Wolff Peterson Daily Correspondent

Bundles of energy they are, children shouldn’t need a lot of persuasion to get busy — just the right gift to help them to spring into action. From the humble rubber ball to the elaborate, electronic Wii game system, Santa has his pick of toys to get kids moving this holiday season. Trey Cherry of Stephens City, owner of 2nd Time Sports in Winchester, said economy-minded Santas can shop his store for refurbished, second-hand sporting equipment at a fraction of the cost of new gear. “You can buy a baseball bat for $7 as opposed to $30,” Cherry said. His sons, 7-year-old Ivan and 3-yearold Liam, also like to move the action indoors. “We have a Wii,” Cherry said. “They love it for the dance games.” Another family favorite is “Monster Mayhem” for Wii, which involves turning a steering wheel. Josette Keelor/Daily TOP: Ivan Cherry, 7, holds a basketball, soccer ball and football in his parent's franchise store, 2nd Time Sports, in Winchester. The Cherrys recommend sporting equipment as Christmas gifts to help get children moving. ABOVE: Trey Cherry, right, helps his son Liam, 3 1/2, practice holding a baseball bat. LEFT: Ivan Cherry, 7, wears hockey gear inside his parentsʼ store. The store sells restored and cleaned second-hand sporting equipment, with prices sometimes half that of new equipment. Usually more than $300, these hockey pads are priced at $175.

“It’s more movement than just this,” Cherry said, flicking his thumbs as if operating a video game controller. Overall, he said, to keep kids active, “Sports are the thing to make them move.” A stroll through any toy superstore offers aisle after aisle of choices, and even toddler toys can provide action. Play 5 Sports, a toy aimed at kids 3 and younger, combines soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey and golf in a toy with equipment for each. It includes a baseball tee and bat, a hockey stick, a golf club and a basketball hoop that keeps track of the number of times a ball goes through. A digital scoreboard, lights, sounds and music add to the experience, according to the toy’s package. “Your toddler will cheer at the chance to kick, shoot, swing, toss and putt for the first time,” the package reads, also promising the toy will improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, understanding of cause and effect and counting skills. The classic Sit ‘n Spin never ceases to give toddlers a thrill, requiring only arm power to move the rotating disc and give themselves a ride. Older kids might enjoy a scooter.

Online, specialty retailers such as SensoryEdge offer toys that promote balance and provide soft structures for climbing. This season, the website offers a “best-of” list of seven indoor energy-burning toys including the Little Jumper Trampoline. The classic party game, Twister, also gets kids moving.

But movement-promoting toys need not be elaborate. Hula hoops haven’t changed much since their invention in 1958. Footballs remain footballs, and a game of catch in the backyard provides perennial enjoyment for families. However stick horses have gone high-tech, with battery-operated audio boxes inserted in their necks, producing the sounds of neighing and Even the traditional rocking horse has clopping hooves when a child undergone transformation. Electronic squeezes the animal’s ear. sensors in the Fisher-Price Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe detect how fast a child is And while bicycles are great for getrocking and respond by increasing the ting kids moving, they have also pace of music emanating from the toy. evolved. At Toys R Us, bikes for small girls, equipped with training wheels The faster the child goes, the more and streamers, a handlebar purse and quickly its light-up mane strobes. fenders shaped like leaves also feature Similarly, the Rollin’ Tunes Zebra Disney fairies. A similar, more mascuspeeds up the action the faster a child line version has a pirate theme. propels it across the floor. And the And bike helmets are more stylish Musical Lion Walker uses melodies than ever, affixed with rubberized and sounds to encourage babies takspikes, kitten ears, tiaras and fauxing their first steps.

hawks. Other outdoor toys include skates and a skateboard. Indoors, a bowling set or boxing bag can make things more interesting. A five-foot inflatable target bag loaded with sand at its base can be punched or kicked and will return to an upright position. Imagination-based toys also get kids off the couch. Fully equipped play kitchens can have kids moving from refrigerator to stove to microwave. A Home Depot-brand tool bench uses up to 79 pieces, including a toy drill press and circular saw. And little kids might enjoy a mini Dyson ball or Dirt Devil toy vacuum to push around the living room floor. There are even child-size broom and dustpan sets. For more information about Second Time Sports, 2625 Valley Ave., Winchester, call 540-450-8387 or visit

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Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

What to get for the man and woman who have everything? Holiday shopping for parents can be a real mind-bender, especially once the well of typical mom and dad fare is exhausted

Gifts for Mom & Dad T

The Northern Virginia Daily

DAD » THE COUCH POTATO Is dad a TV guru stuck on reality programming? Open his eyes to the wonderful world of scripted cable programming this holiday season. Top-notch shows like AMC’s “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” are both up-to-date on DVD and Blu-ray, so why not induce a plot-heavy marathon to go with that Christmas food overload? (“Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” seasons five: $24.99). If he’s trying to downsize his material collection and knows how to work a Wifi-capable viewing device, Netflix or Hulu Plus will give him a similar viewing experience without all the plastic. (Streaming-only versions run for $7.99/month for Netflix and Hulu Plus.) DAD » THE CLASSY GENTLEMAN If dad’s more the “slow sip at the end of the day” type, class up his drinking experience with some fancy liquor goods. Sick of fetching and making him ice? Gift him some whiskey stones, like this Teraforma set ($19.94 at Crate and Barrel), which he can freeze ahead of time and reuse. If he’s a DIY sort of guy, he might enjoy a starter kit, like the Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey (2-pack for $149; 4-pack for $596.96), which accelerates the aging process and comes with a reusable barrel. DAD » THE GEEK

By Lindsey Romain CTW Features

here are only so many sweaters, necklaces and pocketknives a person can acquire before it gets to be a bit much. “At a certain age, we start to comprehend the sacrifices our parents have made for us,” says Shelley Hunter, the gift expert known as The Giftcard Girlfriend. “With this understanding, we feel compelled to give gifts that adequately convey our feelings of love and appreciation. That’s a tall order for a trip to the mall.” One way to be creative for the ‘rents this holiday season: hone in on a more personalized area of interest and find fun stuff within those constraints. “Choosing the right gift has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with thinking about the recipient’s likes, interests and activities,” Hunter says. Or try any of these items for very specific sectors of mom and dad types. It’s always fun to think outside the box – or to think inside a box of unique goodies. MOM » THE READER

If dad’s a “Star Trek” guy, go for the gold. Literally. ThinkGeek is offering a limited edition gold U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter ($99) so he can show his Trekkie allegiance and enjoy a TV-night snack. For a less prodigal option, get the basic stainless steel version instead ($29.99). ThinkGeek also has Star Trek bath robes in multiple colors ($49 to $59) so dad can pretend he’s part of the crew around the house. Want to participate in dad’s geekery? Opt for a project book, like “Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share” (Penguin Group Incorporated, 2010, $17) by Ken Denmead. Projects include tips for transforming a room into a spaceship, homemade Ethernet cuff links and customized board games. “There’s a difference between a gift and a present. A gift is something you give, knowing the recipient will enjoy it,” Hunter says. “A present is something you ‘present’ to the recipient because it’s something you think he or she should have. You’ll know you’ve chosen a gift if you’ve removed your own preferences from the decision-making process. If you have chosen a gift or a gift card that the recipient has expressed an interest in, regardless of your own opinion, then the gift will be well received.” © CTW Features

“Since nothing we give can equal the gifts they’ve given us, we turn to more practical items,” Hunter says. If mom’s a bookworm, chances are she’s already checked out some of this year’s hottest sellers, like Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” or even – from the comfort of a private room – “Fifty Shades of Grey.” But if she’s looking for something a little different, try surprising her with the critically acclaimed “The Shining Girls” by Lauren Beukes ($18.45 hardcover). The mystery novel, about a time-traveling serial killer, has steadily gained steam since its release earlier this year, and is the perfect bookend to a year of great reads. If she has enough books already, maybe a bookish accessory is a better bet. Literary-inspired retailers, like Out of Print (, make an array of products – from shirts to pouches to eBook covers – that are great for moms with a literary lean. MOM » THE TEA LOVER For the tea-drinking mama, delicate, patterned teacups – like these Charlotte mugs from World Market ($21.56 for a set of four) – are subtle, feminine and inexpensive. Pair them with a delicious and healthful blend of tea and she’s all set. Teavana, a specialty tea and accessories store, offers plenty of unique flavors for every tea-loving palette. The Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend ($18.80 for 4 oz. of loose leaf tea) is a popular favorite and a good place to start. And make sure mom’s ready to brew the perfect cup of tea with a teapot or infuser. MOM » THE FITNESS GURU


If the New Year inspired mom to get on the fitness train, you’re in luck! Fitness gifts are a neverending stream of trendy new products – from colorful weights to yoga mats to running shoes and beyond. One such product is ViewSPORT Spandex Leggings for women ($30). Honor your mom’s, uh, colorful personality with skeleton leg and tribal patterns. What better way to spruce up her fitness routine than something boisterous as motivation? If at-home workouts are your mom’s thing, try gifting her with a kettle ball. Kettle balls are a great workout on their own, and minimize equipment to one compact item. Weider’s 20 lb. Powerball is seven kettle balls in one, starting with a 5 lb. option that can be adjusted to progressively heavier settings ($99).

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Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily


November 2013

Vacations packaged: Think outside the box with seasonal travel options well,” Gran said.

By Maggie Wolff Peterson Daily Correspondent

impose minimum stay requirements.

areas,” Gran said.

For some people, this year’s Christmas won’t arrive in a box with a bow. Instead of a gift to wrap and place under the tree, they’re choosing experiences: fantasy or luxury trips, or even volunteer vacations that take them around the world to work in underprivileged areas on short-term development projects.

“Some islands have a two-week winter minimum stay, or it’s a minimum stay of seven days,” she said.

Global Volunteers operates programs on Native American reservations in Montana and in Appalachian Additionally in Peru, volWest Virunteers may work at an ginia. “We agricultural school, where work in extinct children learn methods to coal company towns, improve production and where communities of 80 move forward economical- to 200 people live,” Gran ly. Both programs are said. “We help rehab the open to volunteers as homes, the dilapidated young as eight, traveling homes back there. We with their families. also work at the school.” Volunteer travel at Christ- And although volunteers mastime “gets your mind must pay their own way, off of material consumpincluding airfare and a tion,” Gran said. And program service fee for some people prefer to travel to non-Christian countries, where Christmas is not the central event of December.

“I personally am getting an experience this year,” said Bambi Duvall, owner “If one person’s paying for of All About Travel in Winthe whole thing, it’s chester. amazing how everyone With her daughter visiting can come,” she said. other relatives, Duvall Europe is another popular decided to satisfy one of holiday destination. Travher mother’s lifetime elers like to “experience wishes. Together, they are the holiday markets that going to cruise through are traditional in Europe,” the Panama Canal. Duvall said. “They like to Duvall said it will be a see the decorations and pleasure not to have to the traditions of the counworry with Christmas try.” cooking or house decoratBut some people want to ing, however she will pair their holiday travel bring “little Charlie Brown adventure with good Christmas trees to sneak works. Volunteer prointo our staterooms,” she grams worldwide offer said. that opportunity. And with the ship decoratMinnesota-based Global ed for the holiday, it’s not Volunteers offers proas if she’s missing Christgrams this December in mas. “Even though you’re Peru, India and Romania, escaping, you have the where volunteers may holiday around you,” she work with children, teach said. English and assist in facilMost commonly, Christmas ity development. travelers are looking for The program in Lima, warmth and sunshine, Peru, is “a phenomenal Duvall said. The program for families,” Caribbean is a top destisaid Michele Gran, vice nation. president of Global VolunBut be aware. teers. Travelers can assist with at-risk children at “Anywhere, traveling two different residential between Christmas and New Year’s is at peak pric- schools, “kids who are found and brought from ing,” Duvall said. Addisome of the very poorest tionally, resorts may

group organizers, the entire amount is tax deductible. Lodging at program sites, as well as all materials, are generally covered by the program, Gran said. Sometimes, the person being helped is the one taking the holiday trip, Duvall said. The prospect of being surrounded by

one’s family, including one’s grouchy in-laws, sulky teens, snippy sister and helicopter parents, may be too much. An island trip may be just the ticket. “The family drama is too intense,” Duvall said. “They want to escape.”

Hindu India is such a destination. There, volunteers work with street children at a daycare center and hospital, Gran said. Also, simple construction work allows volunteers to “get their handyman itch scratched,” she said. “Sometimes we build entire wings of buildings,” she said. “We might mix cement. We might build a wall. Painting, scraping,” she added. “You always need to paint something.” Gran called the work therapeutic. “You can see your results,” she said. “It’s life transformative.” Some volunteers choose to apply their skills to the needy at home. “We’ve got developing communities in our country as


Another drawback comes with planning. When a family decides to travel together, plans may unravel if costs are to be split. The most successful trips are when “grandparents pay for the kids and the grandkids,” Duvall said.

Simply playing with a child can be supportive, Gran said. And engaging in basic conversation is another way to help. Throughout the world, young people want to master American English, which Gran said is the “language of the Internet.”

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Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

The Best camera phone > Nokia Lumia 1020 <

Smartphones, just like us, are far from cookie-cutter. Here’s a guide to the latest devices and how to match them up with everyone on your list who’s looking for an upgrade

memory means its no slouch when it comes to everything else they’ve come to rely on from their smartphone. $299.99 with two-year contract, Verizon

The Best slim phone > Droid Ultra <

Just 7.18mm thick and 4.94 ounces, the Droid Ultra is the device for the By Timothy R. Schulte person who likes to travel light. What it lacks in bulks CTW Features it makes up for in blazing speed, thanks to a 1.7GHz dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM. And with a 5inch HD display, the Ultra looks good from any angle. If you know someone — $199.99 with two-year conand we all do — whose tract, Verizon phone’s most prominent feature is a cracked display, look to the latest lineup of Droid devices for their next phone. Each phone feature a Kevlar fiber unibody > Droid Mini < design with a scratchThe Mini packs the same resistant Gorilla Glass disguts as the Ultra – 1.7GHz play and a water-repellent dual-core process, 16GB nano-coating, none of memory, 2GB RAM, 10MP which will help them hang camera – but in a slightly onto their phone better but smaller, slightly thicker certainly will make it package. And, no, it doesn’t tougher to crack, scratch or have the eternal battery drown. Here’s a closer look life of the Maxx, but it at each: comes in at a much more attractive price point, making it a great entry Droid for someone who’s just looking to step up > Droid Maxx < their smartphone game. The Maxx’s 3500mh bat- $ 9 9 . 9 9 tery provides up to 48 w i t h hours of usage – an eterni- two-year ty in the smartphone contract, world. A 5-inch high-def Verizon. display, 10-megaxpixel camera, 1.7GHz dual-core processor and 32GB of

The Best Phones for the Person with a Bad Grip

The droid for not a lot of dough

The Best huge phone > Samsung Galaxy Note 3 <

tablet while still functioning as a phone. The S Pen stylus lets them hand-write notes and edit photos in new versions of the S Note and Easy Clip apps, but the accessory that will turn the most heads is the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

> Galaxy Gear < Galaxy Gear works in tandem with the Galaxy Note 3 via Bluetooth to run a multitude of apps directly on the device’s 1.63-inch,

320x320 Super AMOLED display. A built-in pedometer and fitness apps like RunTracker and MyFitnessPal aim to help track workouts and diet, and a built-in 1.9MP camera will integrate with lifestyle apps like Evernote and Vivino Wine Scanner, in addition to storing shots on the 4GB of onboard memory. Galaxy Note 3: $299.99 with twoyear contract, AT&T. Galaxy Gear: $299.99

There’s a reason LeBron Finally, phones get James promotes Samsung’s more fun with the Galaxy Note – it’s the candy-colored device an NBA star’s hands will dwarf the least! With a Moto X and mammoth 5.7-inch, 1080p iPhone 5C Full HD display and the guts to back it up – 2.3GHz By Timothy R. Schulte quad-core processor, 3GB CTW Features RAM – the Galaxy Note 3 is as close as it gets to a Black. White. Navy or red, perhaps. Smartphones historically have been more about function than they have fashion. Heck, fun even. But then came the Moto X and the iPhone 5C.

> Moto X < The Moto X sounds similar to some of the Droid

> iPhone 5C <

Apple’s iPhone has maintained such a stark look in its lifetime that it actually was a BIG deal when the company introduced a white iPhone in 2011 – and it was just white! So, that the new iPhone 5C comes in five colors – green, blue, yellow, pink and, yes, white, all with a black front – certainly is cause for excitement. Unlike Apple’s line of colorful anodized aluminum iPods, the new 5C achieves its color in a steel-reinforced plastic frame (which doubles as the antenna). The 5C replaces the straight-up iPhone 5, keeping its A6 processor and 8MP iSight camera, but knocks $100 off the price tag. New 5C cases — in the same five colors plus black — add some fun, in addition to protection, to the phone. 16GB — $99 with two-year contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. 32GB — $199 with twoyear contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon

devices we mentioned: an Android smartphone with 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 10MP camera. But where the aforementioned Droids all share similar aesthetic, the Moto X, Motorola’s first big device since Google took over the mobile-device maker, comes in more than 500 varieties. Using the MotoMaker, AT&T customers can select from 18 back colors, two different front colors and seven accent colors, in either 16GB or 32GB models ($199.99 and $299.99, respectively, with two-year contract). The Moto X, which features a 4.7-inch HD display, comes in two color options, woven black or woven white, on Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and ©CTW Features Verizon.




The Best battery phone

We’ve already mentioned it once in this guide, but it bears repeating: the Nokia Lumia 1020 is unrivaled in the smartphone-camera world. It features a 41MP camera sensor, Optical Image Stabilization and a super highresolution zoom. Pure View Technology also provides great performance in low-light settings. It’s basically a highend camera with a Windows smartphone built in — not the other way around. $199.99 with twoyear contract, AT&T

The Northern Virginia Daily

Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily

November 2013


Holiday Gifts for GAMERS Nintendo: What’s New?

Wii U: All Deluxe If someone in your household has been clamoring for a Nintendo Wii U, the time to buy could not get much better. Nintendo recently slashed $50 off the price of the Wii U Deluxe Set, which is now $299.99. The Deluxe Set of the GamePad-controlled console features 32GB onboard flash memory and comes packaged with the “NintendoLand” game. (Nintendo is phasing out the “basic” console, which had just 8GB of memory and did not come packaged with a game.) Nintendo also is releasing a new limited-edition Wii U Deluxe bundle with “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.” The Zelda bundle, also $299.99, includes a special GamePad adorned with gold lettering and symbols from the game; a digital download of “Hyrule Historia,” a book chronicling “The

PlayStation & Xbox: The Next Generation

Legend of Zelda” series; and a digital download of the new high-def update of “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker,” originally published in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube.

Nintendo 3DS 2DS Nintendo’s newest 3DS device is missing one big thing: 3D. But it’s still a 3DS at heart. The new 2DS handheld, as the name suggests, features only 2D graphics. However, the device, which comes in a new slate form (versus the 3DS’ clamshell), is compatible with the entire library of 3DS games and keeps many of the main features of Nintendo’s popular line of portable systems: dual screens, gameplay controls and touchscreen features. Designed as an affordable entry into the 3DS line, the $129.99 2DS is available in blue and red; matching carrying cases are $12.99.

Mario & Luigi & Link & DK & Wario: All their Nintendo friends are back this holiday season in a huge lineup of new titles

Mario & Luigi Dream Team — 3DS — $39.99 The twin plumbers Donkey Kong embark on another Country Tropical rescue adventure in Freeze — Wii U this RPG, which takes — Price TBD place both in he real world and inside Luigi’s DK and company work to take back Donkey dreams. Kong Island, which has been seized by Vikings.

Super Mario 3D World — Wii U — Price TBD Up to four players can more than 80 new levplay as Mario, Luigi, els set in the world of Peach or Toad in the “New Super Mario first ever four-player Bros. U.” In addition to Mario game set in a the standalone disc, 3D environment. the game is available as a download expansion for owners of “New Super Mario Bros. U.”

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds — 3DS — Price TBD This new storyline is set in same world from the Super Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.”

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games — Wii U — Price TBD Mario and Sonic and all their friends compete in events at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Mario Party New Super Luigi U Island Tour —  — Wii U — $29.99/ 3DS — Price TBD The four-player gaming $19.99 (download) Finally, Luigi gets his extravaganza makes its debut on the 3DS! own starring role in

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD — Wii U — Price TBD The classic GameCube title gets a 1080p update for the Wii U. Game & Wario — Wii U — $39.99 Dubbed “GamePad Pandemonium,” all the games in this latest title in the “WarioWare” franchise are played exclusively on the Wii U GamePad.

By Taniesha Robinson CTW Features


mong the billions of gifts Santa sifts through this holiday season may be millions of the latest eighth-generation video game consoles: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sony’s PS4 teases innovative game portability and simple social sharing. Microsoft’s Xbox One has the potential to replace your remote control. Both consoles promise next-level gaming and entertainment experiences, but which would deliver in your household? Read on for a guide to all the features of these new super systems.

Price Tag A glaring difference in the standard console launch bundles comes in the form of price. The Xbox One, which launches in a special Day One Edition, retails for $499.99; the PlayStation 4 will be a full Benjamin Franklin less, at $399.99. The Xbox One Day One bundle includes the console; a Kinect 2.0 sensor; commemorative controller, HDMI cable; and Xbox One Chat Headset. The PlayStation 4 will have a more spartan “bundle” — just the console and a controller. As for peripherals, those hoping to save money by using previous versions of add-ons will meet disappointment: Neither system offers backward compatibility on accessories.

Hardware Specs

speaker and a “Share” button that allow players to record gameplay, create video or screenshots and post them instantly online. Up to four controllers can be connected to the PS4, and up to eight to the Xbox One.

Social Experience The “Share” button is a step forward for the PlayStation’s online social features, but Xbox One has reigned in this space with its online gaming platform, Xbox Live Gold. “With the Xbox 360, [Microsoft] really nailed online,” says Brian Crecente, news editor for the video game website Polygon. “Xbox Live is by far, on consoles, my favorite online experience, and I assume going into Xbox One that that’s not going to be something I have to worry about.” Microsoft has taken it up a notch with advanced algorithms to match players based on skill level and more.

Motion & Voice Control The Xbox One can be turned on by simply saying “Xbox, on” or sitting down with the controller in hand. And that’s just the beginning of the buttonless control gamers have in the new system thanks to Kinect 2.0. “The fact that it can do things like track room entry and motion, that it can see when you’re not paying attention, that it can tell what your heartbeat is, all of that is fascinating,” Crecente says. “If someone really took advantage of that and made a really cool game, I’d love that.” Sony confirms that the PlayStation Camera will have voice control, facial recognition and interaction with its DualShock 4.

Both consoles have a 500GB hard drive, 8GB of Mobile Integration RAM and an 8-core CPU processor, so both pro- The PS4 and Xbox One will both have companion mobile apps. The Xbox SmartGlass app has been duce very similar performance levels. However, upgraded with faster speed, remote control abiliearly reviews gave the PS4 a lead in performance. ties for nongaming activities and unique gaming Controller abilities. “Game makers realize that there is a ubiquity to smartphones and tablets,” Crecente The PS4’s controller, the DualShock 4, evolved says. “Everybody seemingly has one now, so they more over its predecessor than the Xbox One controller did from the Xbox 360’s. Yet, Xbox fans see that as an easy way to extend that experience.” For instance, both consoles’ mobile experiwill argue that Microsoft got it right the first time around. The DualShock 4 designers changed ence will allow a players to go into “commander mode” in the game “Battlefield 4” and direct other the back surface, analog buttons and triggers players in real-time. The PS4 also is teasing the for better grip. “In addition to that, there have been all these great features added to it without idea of remote gaming through integration of its PS Vita device and a PlayStation cloud service compromising the basic feel of the DualShock,” according to Scott Rohde, PlayStation software launching in 2014. The on-the-go-gamer will be able to start a game on his home console and continproduct development head for Sony Worldwide Studios America. The PlayStation Camera ($54) ue playing on the PS Vita on their way out the will enable a new tracking feature through a light door. Both systems attempt to conquer your living room with TV services, too. Sony plans to bar at the head of the controller. “We can track the position of this controller with multiple folks launch an online, paid TV service by the end of in the room,” Rohde says in a promotional video. 2013. The Xbox One can run apps simultaneously “It’s very easy for the PS4 to identify who’s who.” with games, movies and more. Plus, it has one Xbox also got the hint and added this feature to interface – complete with motion and voice control – that allows control of normal TV functions. its new controller. The DualShock also has a ©CTW Features touchpad for swiping motions and navigation, a

Gifts for the Vintage Gamer: A retro gaming console is a must-give for the old-school gaming aficionado

SNES/NES RetroN 2 Gaming Console — $44.99 This two-in-one systems plays back games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Sega Genesis Classic Game Console — $69.99 If their Genesis games went missing, this console has 80 built-in games ready to go —  and, of course, plays original Genesis cartridges (if they ever happen to find them).

Atari Flashback 4 Game Console — $59.99 This retro take on the classic Atari 2600 has 75 built-in games — yes, including Pong!

2013 Game Critics’ Award Winners: The Best Games this Year Titanfall: Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game, Best PC Game, Best Action Game, Best Online Multiplayer. PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One — $59.95 Tearaway: Best Handheld/Mobile Game. PSVita — $39.99 Watch Dogs: Best Action/Adventure Game. PC,

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii-U — $59.99 Need for Speed: Rivals: Best Racing Game. PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One — $59.99 NHL 14: Best Sports Game. PS3, Xbox 360 — $59.99 Total War: Rome II: Best Strategy Game. PC — $59.95

Merry Christmas

Gracious Senior Assisted Living 245766


(540) 667-3000


Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

The Northern Virginia Daily

with Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Crème and Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream to get even the driest hands through the holidays – and beyond.

comes with a removable mesh infuser for steeping hot tea and a deep-welled lid to prevent spills.

THE BEAUTY » • OLAY PRO-X MICRODERMABRASION PLUS ADVANCED CLEANSING SYSTEM; $40 An at-home exfoliating kit with separate foam head and polisher. There are two cleansing settings for daily use, which Olay claims is seven times better than face scrub alone.

What to Get Everyone On Your List

• URBAN DECAY ANARCHY & SHATTERED FACE CASES; $44 One case for the whole face. Includes two blushes, five eyeshadows, a highlighter, an exclusive Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color and a 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. Each case features two fullsize mirrors inside.

THE DIY-ER » • WORX SEMI-AUTOMATIC DRIVER; $50 Yeah, it looks pretty rad – but it also stores 6 bits in easy-load cartridges and has an off-set head to make driving in corners a snap. • STANLEY TOOLS TLM99 LASER DISTANCE MEASURER; $89 Tape is a thing of the past. Measure up to 100 feet without hassle, with an accuracy of +/- 3/32-inch.


• DUM-DUMS HOLIDAY POPS; $2.49 Suckers are for gifts in 2013 with the classic pops Gift one, gift all with these unique items for updated version. Flavors include the many different types of people on your list. Merry Cherry, Sugar Plum, Hot Chocolate, Sugar Cookie, Apple By Matthew M. F. Miller THE MUSICIAN » THE PAMPERER » Cider, Gingerbread, Green Apple CTW Features • WHIPPING + POST GUITAR • PERSONALIZED BATH CADDY Grinch and Polar Punch. iving is a personal affair, and PICK CARD CASE; $40 BY RED ENVELOPE; $50 knowing the exact right Guitar players can’t be bothered Made of natthing to buy is a challenge. with walural wood, “I do like to let gifts speak for me,” lets when this caddy says Chicago-based shopping and they have has a built-in couponing expert Jill Cataldo. “I can rock and wine glass wander around a store or mall and roll on their holder, book • GOOD KARMAL HOLIDAY come home empty-handed, or I can minds. This handy case holds all of support and even a spot for the walk in and spot something within your important cards (credit card, soap. Can be monogrammed at no GIFT BOX (AVAILABLE ONLY AT WWW.GOODKARMAL.COM); $29 a few minutes. It’s all about know- license, etc.) and a guitar pick. extra cost. FOR BOX OF 10 ing the interests of the person you Good, hand-made caramels are love.” Someone’s hobby can be your • ETON RUGGED RUKUS ALL• BURT’S BEES things of beauty, and these luscious guide. “My husband once delighted TERRAIN PORTABLE SOLAR HAND REPAIR KIT; nuggets of velvety smooth butter me with a book that he found at a WIRELESS SOUND SYSTEM; $130 $13 will make you the hero of any used book sale about a subject I’m A solar panel on To combat the toll candy lover in your life. Bonus? A passionate about,” Cataldo says. top to charge the winter takes portion of every purchase goes to “The condition of the book didn’t 8-hour battery on the skin, environmental charities. matter to me. The fact that he saw it when outdoors. this set comes © CTW Features and thought of me did.” Here are Connect wirelessly to any Bluesome top gifts for all kinds: tooth device. And, for the clumsy sort (musicians can be rough on THE OUTDOORSY TYPE » their gear), it’s drop-proof from a height of 3.3 feet. • STERIPEN ULTRA; $99 A rechargeable, UV water purifier THE COFFEE/TEA LOVER » that makes GIFTS & COLLECTIBLES water safe to • BODUM BISTRO ELECTRIC drink in 45 secPOUROVER; $350 onds – a digital Fill the 40-oz One location to better serve you! smiley means water tank, add you’re good to coffee grounds guzzle. Perfect and flip a switch for hiking, camping and traveling. to make pourover coffee • HANDPRESSO WILD HYBRID in a snap. The OUTDOOR ESPRESSO SET; $199 titanium-plated Going without and roughing it are a filters never lot easier with a good cup of coffee. need replaced, Bring your own grounds and use and coffee is brewed directly into a the vacuum-pump espresso maker portable, sealable jug that stays hot to brew anyfor hours. • Primitives • Collectibles • NFL - all teams! where. Comes in a leather case with • Motorcycle accessories & apparel • Cell phone accessories • THERMOS NISSAN TEA four unbreakable TUMBLER WITH INFUSER, Hours: cups, a thermo14 OUNCES; $23 Monday - Saturday 10-6 • Sunday 10-5 • Closed Wednesday insulated flask Loose-leaf tea on the go is no 540-635-9000 • 21 1⁄2 W. 6th Street • Front Royal and two napkins. longer a challenge. This mug





Have you seen our New Store?

Time to book your Holiday Party in our Event Room!

The Museum Shop at Belle Grove Plantation

We can accommodate up to 110 people!

Visit the delightful Museum Shop at historic Belle Grove for one-of-a-kind gifts this Christmas season. Our unique merchandise reflects the everyday life and charm of a by-gone era.


Museum Shop Open November and December Mon.-Sat. 10AM to 4PM • Sun. 1PM to 5PM Belle Grove’s own whiskey chocolates and honey, signature pottery & soaps, distinctive glassware, jewelry &books on Shenandoah Valley & Civil War history. Free Gift Wrapping

d Sports Cen n a l l e 4490 Valley Pike, te p r p Stephens City VA

For your Christmas shopping list we stock brand name golf clubs, bags, shoes, balls & golf accessories.

Historic House Tours November Thanksgiving Weekend Friday - Saturday Nov. 29 & 30 (Closed Sunday, Dec. 1)

December - Christmas Daytime & Candlelight Evening Tours Fri. & Sat. Dec. 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 27 & 28 • 10am-8pm Sun., Dec. 8, 15, 22 & 29 • 1-6pm Mon.-Thurs. Dec. 9-12, 16-19, 23 & 30 • 10am-4pm



Museum Shop Open During All Holiday Touring Hours

For more information visit our website: e-mail: Call (540) 869-2028


Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily

November 2013



With regard to jewelry materials, crystal colored with deep purples, blues and greens is BLACK & WHITE DIAMOND very big this upcoming season. Midnight blues, EARRINGS BY KC DESIGNS deep plum and especially emerald are all good colors to shop for during the fall and winter white metals, either as one piece or as two seasons. You can also add this crystal to a pen- pieces stacked on each other, is a timeless look, says Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for Jewelers dant for a more complete look. of America. Metals such as silver, titanium and rose gold are very in this season as well, says Ruth Bat- Earrings, particularly studs, and diamonds are son, executive director and CEO of the Amer- other examples of timeless pieces, Batson says. ican Gem Society. Before purchasing a diamond, ask for a dia“There’s a whole punk girl trend going on with mond grading report by a not-for-profit diamixing materials that you wouldn’t have seen mond grading laboratory, which will evaluate before,” Rochford says. “You see a lot of the diamond’s karat weight, color, clarity and cut. pearls mixed with crystal and spikes.”


JEWELRY Know how to choose a trendy, high-quality or classic piece that your loved one can cherish for seasons to come By Rachel Graf CTW Features


racelets, anklets, necklaces, rings, hoop earrings, post earrings, dangly earrings and the list goes on. With so many jewelry options, it’s useful to know what’s in style to ensure you pick the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season. Jewelry trend forecaster Rocks Paper Metal began as website in 2011. Because of its success, it has since launched its own jewelry line.


Rocks Paper Metal’s co-founder, Diana Rochford, says big jewelry pieces will remain in style this holiday season. This could mean either one big statement piece of jewelry or many smaller pieces of jewelry that have been layered on top of each other.

The geometric look is also trending: Triangles “The cut of the diamond can be the biggest and spikes are both very hot. The geometric factor on its value because that’s what makes look can also be created with repetitions of the diamond sparkle,” Batson says. patterns of circles, squares and triangles. After determining the type of jewelry to buy, However, Rochford warns to stay away from it’s important to be mindful of the quality of Aztec and tribal pieces, as that trend is on its the jewelry, especially if making a significant way out. investment. To determine jewelry trends, the forecasters at Rocks Paper Metal look at collections from Start with finding a reputable jeweler, Batson big-name designers a year before they hit the says. You can do this by researching online market. Rocks Paper Metal is a global compa- before visiting the jeweler in person. A good ny, so they look at trends everywhere from Los place to start is with jewelers who belong to Angeles to London. the American Gem Society or other reputable Usually, they focus on big-name costume jew- jewelry groups. Members of the American elry companies such as Topshop that have Gem Society go through rigorous education quick turnarounds for products. These quicker about their products and must be re-certified turnarounds allow costume jewelry companies each year to maintain membership, Batson to pick up on trends they think are coming into says. These are businesses who want to protect fashion, of which Rocks Paper Metal takes their good name and are more likely to do honnote. est business with you. “It’s not rocket science,” Rochford says. “It’s Other tips for buying jewelry are to ask for the not like the trend changes magically from seareturn policy up front and to know what price son to season. There’s always a progression.” range is reasonable. Professional jewelry companies like Jewelers of America and the American Gem Society also “Don’t be dazzled by discounts,” Gizzi says. have knowledge of industry trends because “Any time you see some place that always has incredible sales, be cautious about that, they work very closely with many jewelers. because if a deal sounds too good to be true, For gift buyers who plan to make a big investit probably is.” ment in jewelry, timeless pieces and looks should be considered as well. Mixing black and © CTW Features


...for unique gift ideas! 41 Boscawen St., Winchester, Va. • 5 4 0 - 6 6 7 - 6 0 6 5

Voted for a second year in a row for the BEST place to Sell Gold, BEST Coin Dealer, BEST Pawn Shop and NEW this year... LARGE SELECTION BEST Jeweler! of Estate Jewelry

Doing Business Since 1981

• Antique Jewelry • Engagement Rings • Large Assortment of Fine Diamonds • Earrings • Bracelets • Pendants • Modern Settings • Wedding Bands • Emeralds • Sapphires SHOP & COMPARE! • Necklaces • Pearls

Need cash for the holidays? C a ll fo r H o li d a y H o u rs ! 245704

We are paying the best prices for your broken jewelery, dental gold, pre 1964 U.S. Silver Coins, and we specialize in Gold & Silver Coins and .999 Silver and Sterling! - SHOP AND COMPARE


Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

The Northern Virginia Daily

RUN-der the Tree P

ractical gifts don’t have to be boring. Neither do gifts that promote year-round fitness. Whether you have an avid athlete or New Year’s resolution junkie on your list, running gear is an adrenaline-fueled gift that will be used and abused for months to come. Check out the latest, trendiest gear that attempts to defy the laws of physics and turn even the average runner into a superhero. Do gifts get any better than that? No. No, they don’t. – Matthew M. F. Miller, CTW Features

Under Armour Men’s Alter Ego Compression Shirt; $45-60 Runners often feel like superheroes, but now they can look one, too. Choose from Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Hulk.

Gadgets » Shoes »

Sennheiser Adidas PMX 685i Sports headphones; $80

Adidas Running Springblade Shoe, Available in Men’s and Women’s; $180

Headphones that are comfortable, sound good and stay in place? Yes, and they’re also sweat/water resistant and fit under your bike helmet on cross-training days.

Multiple “energy blades” decorate the bottom of the shoe, providing extra inches of height, impact absorption and extra bounce in your step.

Nike Free Flyknit+, Available in Men’s and Women’s; $160 Incredibly lightweight and flexible, this breathable, knitted shoe fits more like a sock than a traditional sneaker.

New Balance 1260v3; $145 This seamless (there are literally no sewwelded seams), soft-density foam cushioned shoe is quite the looker, too. Available in many unique, flashy color combinations.

Reebok ATV 19+; $140 This spacey looking shoe has 19 “podular lugs” lining the bottom of the sneaker, designed to make all-terrain running a comfortable ride.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch; $170 Provides outdoor and indoor tracking, and even works on treadmills. Vibrations alert runners to their progress even when music is playing. Adjustable for all wrist sizes and very durable.

Jawbone Up; $130 The latest competitor to the Nike Fuelband, Up tracks your movement, sleeping and eating patterns. Attach photos of your food for easy meal tracking and get morning feedback about how long you were in a deep sleep.

Reebok Women’s inShape Fitness Monitor; $80 Simple, no-frills tracking device that is worn like a watch and tracks running speed, heart rate, distance and calories burned, and also works as a pedometer. © CTW Features

Apparel » Asics Lite-Show Favorite Running Top; $44-48 depending on style The entire Lite-Show line features a reflective thread on all seams, which bounces light rays back at the source to make runners more visible.

New Balance Windblocker Tight Women’s Bottoms; $90 Eco-friendly coffee grinds compose the NB Heat technology that claims to provide a two-degree skin surface temperature increase. They are also flexible and reflective.

Nike Engineered Hooded Women’s Training Top; $125 Stylish, comfortable and breathable, this training top keeps runners warm on chilly outings, but could double as casualwear when not working up a sweat.

Helping with Santa’s List... SPA SPA Accessories SPA Crystals



Pool Toys Automatic Cleaners

1129 Berryville Avenue Winchester, VA 22601 540-667-1650 HOURS: M-F 9am-6pm • Sat 9am-5pm *$0 down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 60 months on purchases of new Kubota BX, B, L, M, RTV (excluding RTV-X Series), K008, KX, U, R, S and TLB Series equipment is available to qualified purchasers from participating dealers’ in-stock inventory through 12/31/2013. Example: A 60-month monthly installment repayment term at 0% A.P.R. requires 60 payments of $16.67 per $1,000 financed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available to customers if no dealer documentation preparation fee is charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in accordance with state laws. Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. Not available for Rental, National Accounts or Governmental customers. 0% A.P.R. and low-rate financing may not be available with customer instant rebate offers. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A., 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 12/31/2013. See us for details on these and other low-rate options or go to for more information. 244831


Woodstock Equipment Co. 22192 Old Valley Pike, Woodstock, VA 22664 • (540) 459-3233

Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily

November 2013


Toy Land, Toy Land … Tablet, Game and Joy Land This year, look for tech, nostalgia and popular brands to sell big

Force (both $74.99 for a starter pack) use that same concept – mixing physical toys with nnovation. Building skills. Out-of-the-box thinking. This a virtual world – and are both expected to year, toys trends are more about stretching the mind than be big hits, according to Schacht. providing temporary entertainment – or finding new Nostalgia Rules » ways to do both. For parents perturbed by the thought of glitzy teleporting “This is the year of toys powered by kids’ imaginations,” says tech, fear not – classic toys like Cabbage Patch dolls, Smurfs, Marianne Szymanski, the founder and president of Toy Tips, Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs are big again this year. “ParInc., an international child development research group. ents and grandparents love to share the toys Billy Lagor, senior vice president of U.S. marketing at Hasthey remember and adored growing up with boro, agrees: “This year it’s all about customization, and the their kids and grandkids,” Schacht says of this merging of digital and face-to-face play, along with new ways trend. to play with classic favorites.” Updates on classics are also making Meaning, in simple terms: tablets, robots and building toys rounds. Lagor makes note of Go! Smart Wheels Construction Playset ($34.99, ages 1 with a million little pieces are all the rage. Monopoly Empire, a new spin on everyone’s to 3) lets little ones assemble a puzzle-like race course. First Builder’s Billy Beats Dancing Piano favorite money-hungry board game. In Empire ($19.99, Tech Bytes » ($39.99, ages 1 to 5) is both musical and ages 8 and up), properties are replaced with popular brand builder-friendly – he even holds other Tablets were a big deal last year, but names of entities kids will recognize, First Builders blocks under his red hat. in 2013 the “tablet market has like McDonalds, Xbox and Coke. exploded,” according to Laurie For slightly older kids, K’NEX Twister, the dotted arm-tangling game, Schacht, co-publisher of Toy InsidThunderbolt Strike ($119, ages also has an update: Dance Rave er, also known as the “Toy Insider and up) comes with 850 pieces ($34.99, ages 8 to 14), which hooks up Mom.” and over 17 feet of connectors. to an MP3 player and comes with movThe VTech Inno Tab 3S ($99.99, able Twister spots that get players dancing. At the End of the Day » ages 3 to 9) and the XO Learning Big Name, Big Money » Tablet ($149, ages 4 to 14) are two Even with all the gadgets and intricacies in toys this year, the popular tablets for kids, as is the biggest name of the season is… the Rainbow Loom? Kids are also suckers for anything recognizable Disney Creativity Studio – Smart to them – which is why toys based on Yes, the Rainbow Loom. The colorful bracelet-making kit, Stylus ($50), which works in conpopular movies, TV shows and preinvented by a Michigan man named Choon Ng for his daughjuncture with the Disney Creativity existing brands are some of this year’s most anticipated. ters, took off earlier this year. The Loom is only available in Studio iPad app ($4 in the Apple Store). Sofia the First, Talking Sofia and Animal Friends specialty stores and runs for $14.99, and “while it may not It’s a nice treat for kids with iPad-owning ($39.99, ages 3 and up) should be a big hit with little girls, remain as hot as we head into the holidays, it will remain a parents who aren’t afraid to let them handle the device. as should anything Doc McStuffins-related. McStuffins toys, great and inexpensive gift for kids of all ages,” according to That technology crossover – using something new, like a styalso based on a hit Disney show, were Schacht. lus, to “renovate” an existing product, like an iPad – is a big some of the top sellers last year. This year, “Kids have become crafty, more imaginative and are now trend in the toy world right now. The Telepods line is a “digthe Doc McStuffins Get Better Check interested in making their own designs,” says Szymanski of ital gaming platform for the mobile generation,” Lagor says. Up Center ($79.99, ages 3 and up) the trend. With the Angry Birds Star Wars II app (available September should be a hot gift. Regardless of what your kid is yearning for – from techiest 19), kids can “teleport” physical Angry Birds toys into the As for movies, the minof the tech to the simplest bracelet maker – Schacht says to app and use them within. They just have to tap the Telepods ions from “Despicable Me remember that they’re the ones you should be listening to. icon in the game to get started. When the game is off, they 2” were the breakout characters of the year – and “It’s all about what your kids love,” Schacht explains. “Undercan play with the Angry Birds toys, which that should translate to the toy world, too, like standing how they play, and what they like best will help they can set up and strategically knock with the Talking Minion doll ($39.99, ages 4 to 12). ensure a great choice for a toy that is played with and enjoyed down, just like in the game. many times over.” Can We Fix It? » Disney Interactive’s Disney By Lindsey Romain CTW Features


Infinity and Skylanders Swap

If a kid can build it, a kid will want it this year. VTech’s Go! © CTW Features

Kay’s School of Dance


BALLET • TAP • JAZZ 245750


Annual Discovery Museum Memberships $125 For Immediate Family living in the same household Covers 2 Grandparents & All Grandchildren under 18

90 Day Memberships $35


For Immediate Family living in the same household

A truly unique mall offering a great selection of antiques and collectibles

Shop here first Why buy new when you can get gently used Name Brands! • AMERICAN EAGLE • HOLLISTER • ABERCOMBIE ...and many more name brand items!


5103 MAIN STREET, STEPHENS CITY, VA 540.869.2735 •



Primitive to Retro Furniture and Smalls, Oil Paintings, EAPG, Signs, Advertising, Architectural and much more





TRACKING & PROTECTION of items up to $100 value

Furniture Refinishing & Restoration

2446 Valley Avenue (Located behind Rita’s) Winchester (540) 662-4660 • Serving the Shenandoah Valley for Over 26 Years Mon-Fri 9:30-5 • Sat 9-4 Visit us on facebook for weekly specials

4 Weems Lane, Winchester, VA

Two Full Floors of Quality Antiques

540-323-7641 Open Daily 10 to 5


We have great gifts for Christmas!


OFF* 3 OFF* or $500Packing UPS Shipping *with this ad

*with this ad

itty’s Herbs, K issFull Service Health Food Store Etc. M DISCOUNT BULK BUYING

C H R I S T M A S T R E E FA R M OPEN NOV. 29th THRU DEC. 23rd 12-5 Thurs., 9-5 Fri.-Sun., Closed Mon. – Wed.


We Accept Competitors Coupons

Prices from $25.00 to $45.00.


00 OFF 4 Any Purchase of $30 or More

$10.00 discount on White Pines over 10 ft. Fresh made Wreaths & tree baling. • Complimentary cider & cookies.

Todd & Lee Ann Shenk, 540-888-3597

One coupon per customer • Some restrictions apply



Directions: 16 mi. N of Winchester on 522, Right on Reynolds Rd., go 200 ft., go Left on Sherwood Pines Lane ¼ mi. to farm on right.


$ 00

OPEN AY SUND 5 . DEC 1 12-4 245774


326 S. Braddock St., Winchester, VA 22601

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8-4


Expires: November 26, 2013


2228 B Papermill Rd. • Winchester

(540) 662-1134



$10 off


Annual Grandparents Memberships $75








$10 BONU

$10 BONU







Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

The Northern Virginia Daily

Ole Timer’s Antiques & Collectibles • Home Furnishings • Accessories • Gifts

We have Notebooks and Desktops available with Windows 7!

540-636-9444 220 E. Main St., Front Royal Voted “Best Antique Shop” in 2012 & 2013


203 E. MAIN STREET • FRONT ROYAL, VA 22630 5 4 0 - 6 3 5 - 7 0 6 4 w w w. R o y a l O a k C o m p u t e r s . c o m





Open Mon-Wed 10am-5pm, Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm

Have an old fashioned Christmas with Goodies from

Stokes General Store At the bridge • Main Street • Front Royal, Virginia

Wyoming Hi Mountain Jerky Seasonings Seasons 15 lbs. of Meat (Variety of flavors)

New Crop Black Walnuts $8.99 lb.

$7.99 ea. Old Fashioned Sharp Cheddar Cheese cut from the wheel Gum drops • Orange slices • Spice Drops • Cherry Slices • Spearmint Leaves…your choice $1.59 lb.

• Traveling Games


• Puzzles for All Ages • Wooden Railroad Extra Tracks • And much more!

529A East Main St. • Front Royal, VA 22630

(540) 635-1361


Eleventy-Seven Toy Shop

OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 9:30 - 5:00 • OPEN SAT. in Dec. •

Old fashioned Chocolate Drops • Christmas hard candy • Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle • Maple Nut Candy • Chocolate Covered Peanuts • Chocolate Covered Raisins • Peanut Squares • Coconut Bonbons • Coconut Crunch • Coconut Squares

540.635.4437 800.252.1162

STORE HOURS: Mon-Thurs 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Fri 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. • Sat 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. OPEN SUNDAYS 10:00 a.m.-4 p.m.

s ’ n y l k roo BMarketplace

Gourmet Delights Gifts & Framing 204 East Main Street • Front Royal


• Infant’s First Toys

A Non-Profit Community Store Now Open 7 Days a Week 10:00am-6:00pm

540-635-8610 • Handmade Cards • Custom Gift Baskets • VA Products • Gift Certificates


Pre-Cut Mats

Layaway & Shipping Available 245062

• Local Art • Civil War Prints • Home Decor • Framing

Assorted Sizes & Colors

99 ¢ & up!

Like us on

Specializing in: • American Country Antiques • Textiles • Furniture • Fine Art • Accessories • Vintage Jewelry HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11am-5pm Sunday Noon - 5pm Closed Monday

301 EAST MAIN ST., FRONT ROYAL ARLEEN NARRON 703-789-1245 • JAY NARRON 703-789-1244

Fudge, truffles & chocolates galore... Custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies & more! Have you tried our Bacon Bark?? Monday-Saturday 11-9 • Sunday 11-7 413 East Main Street - Front Royal, Virginia 22630 540.683.2211 540.632.5704


! n w to n i s ie d n ca st e Fresh


Since 1979


Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily

The Gift-Giver’s Guide to


November 2013

kids for a craft class, or where they know they can pick up a last-minute gift that will be wrapped for them, or where they go when the baseball team needs a sponsor. Independent stores’ distinctive presence gives your city character and make it a special place to live. “The guy across the counter may be a second-generation employee, and he’s been on the school board,” Brunelle says. “He’s got a true vested interest in the community.”



The Internet is always there, lurking. It couldn’t be easier to click a few buttons and have life’s essentials arrive at your door. These days, local businesses don’t just compete with big boxes and department stores, they compete with everything on the World Wide Web.

Guide to Shopping With a Purpose” (Simplex Publishing, 2012), suggests you ask yourself. “Do you just want something as cheap as you can get it?”

When you take the time to find something special, you’re giving the person some of yourself, Butzine notes. Perhaps the gift will represent where you live. Butzine lives on the ocean, so she sometimes chooses artwork or a photo of the beach for landlocked friends. “Your gift can remind them of you or provide an escape,” she says. “Gift giving is so individualized. You just need to stop and think.”

If we’re not careful, holiday shopping becomes merely one more task to be completed at our desks – another workload piled If you’re shopping locally, you don’t have to on top of everything else we have to do at think alone. “You can go into a local toy store this busy time of year. and talk to someone who’s really well trained So why not try something different? Step in child development,” McHugh says. Just away from the screen and make shopping an give them the child’s age, and you can likely experience this year, and a pleasant experi- walk out with the perfect present. “That’s ence at that. “It feels good to get out of your priceless – there’s no guessing!” office, away from the computer,” Butzine Plus, you can select from more than just the says. “Take a break and engage with people at latest mass-produced toys and games. You’ll a local store.” get a range of creative, open-ended playThe benefits of this approach are not just for things. “It’s not about what the toy does, but you. You’ll also be supporting your communi- what the child does with this toy,” McHugh ty, as well as delighting those on your gift list. says. “If a kid can find a million ways to play When it comes to shopping local, there’s with the same toy, you’ve hit the jackpot.”

But choosing gifts for people – selecting something perfectly matched to personality and preferences, that adequately conveys your love and appreciation for them – can be trickier than making sure another case of paper towels arrives before the last one runs out. plenty of reward to go around.

“What are your goals for this purchase?” Heidi Butzine, founder of and author of “Shop Local: A Practical, Pain-Free Shopping at local stores is “the gift that keeps on giving,” says Bill Brunelle, executive direcShop Local Resources tor of Independent We Stand, an This site tion launched in 2011 to educate consumers includes a database of independent businesses as and businesses about the economic benefits well as research and information about the bene- of buying local. When you purchase somefits of shopping local. thing at a locally owned business, more of your money stays in the community, he Powered by The American Specialty Toy Retailing explains. It’s not going out of town to a bigAssociation (ASTRA), this site includes a store box corporate office. Store owners based in locator, resources for parents, interviews with inventors and retailers, and picks for the best toys the community are also more likely to hire local accountants and marketing firms, as well of the year. as source more of the products they sell Managed by Heidi Butzine, this site offers a nationwide database for finding inde- locally. “It’s really a multiplier effect,” he says. “The money keeps recirculating.” pendent retailers in your zip code. Started by members of Why is that important? Think about how the American Booksellers Association, this web- local stores contribute to the fabric of your site is a resource for locating independent book- community, suggests Kathleen McHugh, stores (and more) around the country. And don’t president of The American Specialty Toy worry, these guys can load eBooks on your tablet Retailing Association (ASTRA). The toy store just like the big retailers can. in town might be where parents bring their



Getting a good price in your neighborhood Bill Brunelle, executive director of Independent We Stand says it’s a “common misconception” that local retailers are more expensive than national chain stores or websites. “I think most retailers in locally owned businesses understand that they have to compete on price,” he says. However, they also know they have to deliver superior customer service—even after the sale—which may not be the case for sellers far removed from their patrons. While there are added costs for bricks-and-mortar businesses, such as rent on the store and staff salaries, that may be reflected in the price of their wares, this also means you’re dealing with people who care about what they’re selling, notes Kathleen McHugh, president of The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA). They’ve made a personal investment. And localista Heidi Butzine adds that small business owners often have more flexibility in terms of pricing because they’re not beholden to a corporate policy. While you always want to be respectful – we’re not haggling here, folks – she sees no problem with inquiring about an item’s price when you’ve seen it somewhere else for less. Interested in buying a camera, she recently went to a local camera store, and while they couldn’t completely match the price she’d seen online, the did give her a discount after she mentioned it. They also offered her a free photography class, as well as pointing out that they’d be there as a resource for her if she needed help with the item or needed any accessories for it. She decided these “value adds” were worth it and made her purchase locally. “Open a dialogue with the manager or owner, and perhaps they’ll work with you,” she says. “The worst they can say is no.”

store owner in person. “I like to touch everything,” McHugh says. “When you shop in person you get it right the first time. There’s no being surprised and having to return things.”

This heightened level of customer service can help when buying for someone you don’t know so well: grandparents who aren’t as in touch with what kids are doing at a certain age, people who don’t have kids but want to wow their nieces and nephews, you with that one enigmatic sister-in-law. “When you show up with the best gift, you win the day,” In the same way, the bookseller in town may McHugh says. suggest local or regional authors you haven’t heard of, the local boutique may have cloth- Shopping local can even help you conquer the most difficult holiday gift list challenge of ing or jewelry by designers you might otherall: the co-worker. Choose a gift card for an wise miss, and the music store down the area restaurant, Butzine suggests. Then you’re street may have cutting-edge tunes by indegiving something you know will be convenpendent artists, plus a great selection of vinient, as well as supporting a local business, tage vinyl, these experts say. and you and the recipient could even go there


together. And for the person who doesn’t need any more stuff, a donation to a local charity – in your area or theirs – may be just the thing. “That’s a nice way of getting around the idea that a gift must be something tangible,” Butzine says.

“The holidays get so stressful, but try to look at your shopping as a fun, meaningful opportunity,” Butzine says. It can make you feel good to find something you know a person on your list will love. Finally, once you’ve found that perfect item – Try to enjoy the process rather than making it the chocolates made by a local confectioner, the sweater from a family that’s been knitting a mad dash to buy stuff. Try the “Shop Local for generations, a toy that will entertain for Loop,” she suggests. Work your way through hours – be sure you share your experience the neighborhood stores in a 1- to 5-mile with the recipient too. Rather than just a tag, radius of where you live. add a card that tells the gift’s story: who made You’ll likely be rewarded with unusual and it, why you chose it, how you found it. “It lets offbeat gift options, as well as more knowl- them know this is heartfelt,” Butzine says. edgeable employees and perhaps even the After all, that is the goal of holiday gift giving.

Have your next holiday party, get together or special event catered by the Neighbor at your place or ours. Seating available for up to 125 for banquets. Special menus available. Gift Certificates make a perfect gift!

Brenda K Parsons, Agent


Candlelight and Tablecloth Dinner

113 E King Street Strasburg, VA 22657-2238 Bus 540-465-3879 Fax 540-465-4709

Saturday, November 23rd


Special entertainment provided by Rhonda Sager & Doug Arthur Call for reservations and info or email at 192 W. King St., Strasburg • 465-9187 •


SELL 245758

By Jessica Royer Ocken CTW Features

America has become a bit of a “throwaway society,” Brunelle says. “Once something doesn’t work, it goes in the landfill, and you get what you pay for sometimes.” But the holidays are the perfect time to break out of this mode. “When you’re looking for a gift that will make someone feel good, buy something unique, something they don’t have in big boxes or national chains.”


The greatest compliment you can give is a referral. 239195





Saturday, December 14 • 10am – 4pm

Largest selection of antiques in the Shenandoah Valley!

Presented by the Strasburg Heritage Association In partnership with the Massanutten Garden Club

EXCITING DEALERS, OLD & NEW Antique Furniture * Valley Pottery * Architectural * Glassware * Primitives * Baskets * Books * Collectibles * Estate Jewelry * Handcrafted Furniture and much more! cility?


et fa ,000 square fe ping in our 50 op sh inside. ur d yo te le a Café loc Hungry whi va a Pr r u o t tr y ou ar round! - Stop in & days a week ye 7 n pe O is um 10:00 am - 6:00 pm The Empori * Friday and Saturday

Complimentary refreshments at several locations

Museum Store will be open during tour hours.


Tickets $10.00 • Advance tickets available Dec. 1st at the following Strasburg businesses: Hotel Strasburg • Peoples Drug Store • First Bank • BB&T Bank

10:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday

* Sunday 11:00 am

- 6:00 pm

160 N. Massanutten St., Strasburg, VA 22657 (Exit 298 off I-81, 2 miles to Downtown Strasburg) Lots of Free Parking!


540-465-3711 •

Call us for Farm Tours (540) 436-3517

Don’t forget that knitter this holiday season! We have the following: Locker Hooking and Felting Kits Llama & Sheep Yarn • Felting and much more Christmas projects for the kids

754 Harrisville Road, Toms Brook, VA 22660 We also do BIRTHDAY PARTIES / TOURS FREE ADMISSION • DONATIONS ACCEPTED


Historic Homes Tour

Farm tour donations go towards Llama care & Southeast Llama Rescue.


Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

The Northern Virginia Daily

Enter for a chance to win one of five

from a local business

Contest Entry Form - $100 Gift Certificate from area businesses Name_________________________________________________________

Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Entry form must be returned to the Northern Virginia Daily by 4pm on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 and winners will be announced in the newspaper on Saturday, December 14, 2013. Mailing address: 152 N. Holliday St., Strasburg, VA 22657. Only original contest entry forms will be accepted. Northern Virginia Daily employees and Contracted Carriers for the NVD and their relatives are not eligible to register to win. Certificate must be chosen from one of the advertising businesses in the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. No purchase necessary. Need not be present to win; odds of winning depend on total number of entries received.

This Year, Hear All the Sounds of the Season!

Address________________________________________________________ City______________________________ State______ ZIP______________ Phone__________________________ E-mail ________________________ Name of business for gift certificate _______________________________

E xperience Counts...


Call Us For All Your Real Estate Needs

18693 Valley Pike, Edinburg

Delores Rutz (540) 975-0496 delores@ Shirley French (540) 325-4444 shirley@ Nadine Barone (540) 975-1875 nadine@


• If you want to communicate with ease at all your holiday gatherings


David Emswiler (540) 325-6418 emswiler@


• If others seem to mumble

Call Today for an Appointment


• If you hear, but don’t understand

540-459-3277 Clip this ad for up to $300 off


Guiding you through every move

VALLEY GARAGE DOOR CO. Hunter on your Christmas list?



Garage Door Opener Remotes or Keyless Entries make a perfect stocking stuffer gift!

25 ACORN HILL LANE, WOODSTOCK Rt. 11 N. Woodstock (Past Woodstock Self Storage. Look for our sign.)



540-933-6622 • 888-383-3395

P.O. Box 471 925 S. Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664

(540) 459-4039 • Fax (540) 459-2651


Master Craft Carpet and Interiors, Inc.


Liftmaster Electric Openers Amarr Doors




Cross Bows • Treestands • Black Powder • Guns • Rifles • Hand Guns • Scopes • Ammo & Accessories • Big Game • Checking Station



Now thru December 14, 2013 Gold & Silver Jewelry by Nov. 30, 2013


Watch order due Dec. 1, 2013 Loose Diamonds 10% over rappaport cut off Nov. 30, 2013 Class Rings by Dec. 6, 2013

KIBLER’S GARAGE, INC. Gift Certificates Available

Don’t Wait! Get while available

861 S. Main St. Woodstock, VA 22664 (540) 459-5755 Full Service Garage Havoline /Chevron Fast Lube

Open Monday – Friday 8­4 Saturdays 9–2 540­459­4440 Serving Lunch Daily Special Occasion Cakes Taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving Keep us in mind for all your Holiday Needs 135 Lora Drive, Woodstock 459­4440

Richard Finks - Watchmaker & Jeweler on premise.



Master Tech



Get read y & Holida for winter y Travel

le vailab Now a h, dinner c for lun ge orders or lar

Gift s icate certif lable Avai




Cook’s Store & Exxon Service Center

Rt. 42 & I-81 (Exit 283), Woodstock, VA 22664 • (540) 459-4500


540-459-3142 • 134 South Main St. • Woodstock, VA



Order cut off dates is as follows:

G certif ift ic Availa ates ble

Cook’s Automotive Repair & Tire Center

Rt. 11 North, Landfill Rd., Edinburg, VA 22824 • (540) 984-4444

Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily

November 2013


The Holidays begin at the Mill! 107 N. Main St., Edinburg

Catering for all occasions THANKSGIVING DAY LUNCHEON Bring the family to browse our shops and museum



Baked Turkey & Ham - Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - Green Beans - Sauerkraut - Sweet Potatoes Cole Slaw - Dessert - Tea - Coffee - Rolls

$11.00 plus tax


Two Shops: Featuring unique gifts, local art and pottery, Civil War prints and books along with local books on history and holiday decorations

THURS., NOV. 28TH • 11AM - 2PM

This historic mill offers generous spaces for meetings and events. Call for details.

Open: Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun Noon-5 540-984-8400 • 214 S. Main St., Edinburg, VA


Museum ~ Visitor Center ~ Shops ~ Public Rooms

1 7 1 4 3 O l d Va l l e y P i k e • E d i n b u r g , VA • ( 5 4 0 ) 9 8 4 - 3 1 0 0 Feature Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Cabinets & Granite Countertops, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), Carpet, Hardwood Flooring Kitchen Cabinetry - Hagerstown Kitchens, Norcraft, JSI, and Aristocrat Prefinished Hardwood Flooring - Starting @4.99 sq. ft. installed KIRSCH Windowts Produc F 40% OF

Specializing in Handicapped bathrooms. Best selection of ceramic & porcelain tile in valley!

Dre realiazems d! 240891

Let us give your home a fresh new look for the holidays! Call Karen Estep, Allied ASID with 30+ years design experience, for a free consulation • Email:



HOURS: Mon-Fri 7:30 - 5:00 • Sat. 7:30-1:00



• Power Equipment Repair • Stihl Chainsaws & Trimmers • Lawn • Garden • Home • Livestock • Pet • Apparel • Redwing Shoes - Boots

Sales & Installation

Customer Service is in our name! GIFT CERTIFICATES

5938 MAIN ST. • MT. JACKSON, VA 22842 M-F 8-5 • Sat 9-1 • (540) 477-3885 •



Enter to WIN a $50 in store Gift Certificate

VALLEY SPORTS CONNECTION 9395 S. Congress Street • New Market, VA 22844

(540)740-3322 GREAT GIFT IDEAS FOR THE ATHLETE & FAN!! Team magnets, Team garden flags, custom embroidered stadium blankets, NFL fleece throws, scarves, draw bags and much more....


Open House Nov 30

Store hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm 9431 South Congress Street New Market, VA 22844

(Small Business Saturday)


(540) 740-9595

Open Daily

Gift Certificates Available

241308 •





9373 North Congress St. • New Market, VA

For All Your Beading Needs, Handcrafted Jewelry and Gifts Phone: 540-740-2920 • New Market, VA 22844

Everything for your home for decorating & gifts. Featuring Dept. 56, Jim Shore, Pipka, Radko


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Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

The Northern Virginia Daily


Hot Gifts for

GOOD COOKS If your companion is glued to chef shows on television, a cooking implement, especially if it’s used in the program, may be the perfect holiday gift.

the baking book “The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook” by Tom Douglas and Shelley Lance (William Morrow, 2012).

Tempting recipes from the famous Seattle bakery include cornmeal rosemary cake with It’s easy to find presents that are chef- lemon glaze, carrot cupcakes with inspired thanks to the surging interest brown sugar cream cheese frosting and Piedmontese hazelnut cake. in all things chef. “The chef influence is important,” says Debra Mednick, executive director and home industry analyst for the NPD Group in Port Washington, N.Y. A culinary professional’s stamp of approval may be good for sales, according to Mednick, and it may be just what the recipient needs as a confidence builder. The aspiring chef uses the same gizmo as the television chef and may become a better cook. You benefit, too, when you’re invited for meals that are delicious and daring. Here are several new kitchen products that are either supported by or used by chefs along with cookbooks to further the home chef ’s skills.

CAKE BOSS Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s television series “Cake Boss,” collaborated on a new line of bakeware with the Cake Boss name. The line goes beyond bakeware to include Cake Boss 4-Piece sets of Fondant Presses in various shapes including Christmas, Dinosaur and Work Truck themes.

ISI GOURMET WHIP PLUS Savoring foam, the light essence of flavor, once meant making a reservation at an expensive, experimental restaurant. Now the athome chef can indulge in frothy adventures, turning purees, soups and sauces into foams with the iSi Gourmet Whip Plus hand-held dispenser that operates on nitrous-oxide chargers (sold separately).

Inviting dishes in this accessible and attractive cookbook from the wellknown restaurateur and television personality include cabbage-tomato relish, almond chicken with avocado salsa and radish salad or cabbage slaw Cooking isn’t just about meal prepara(with sardines, yogurt and almonds). tion; it’s also about having fun.


Imagine the pleasure of turning out homemade marshmallows.

A new line for marshmallow fans from Chicago Metallic includes pans with The Whip Plus can be used with collapsible walls in either 8-inch either hot or cold ingredients and square or 9-by-13-inch sizes. There’s includes straight, tulip and star tips for creative foam shapes. It’s available also a cutting wheel, which can double as half-pints or pints at fine cookware for sticky pizza toppings and a Crush & Coat set of bowls and a pestle for stores. hand-grinding marshmallow toppings. As the companion book to the Whip Plus, add the “Explore New Taste” by The pans have a suggested retail price of $11.99 for the smaller and $14.99 iSi North America. for the larger. The cutting wheel has a The company, which makes kitchen suggested price of $9.99, and the utensils for both the home and probowl set $19.99, at cookware stores. fessional cook, produced a limited Homemade marshmallows are great edition cookbook featuring ideas and for constructing recipes from chefs and mixologists elaborate cakes, around the world. such as those in “Extreme Your chef can read about the imporCakeovers” by tance of density and texture and whip Rick and Sasha up uni toast with avocado and grape- Reichart (Clarkfruit foam. son Potter, The book will be available on January 2013).

For the baker who wants a 1, 2014, and has a suggested retail professional finprice of $49. ish to cakes, there’s the Cake Boss 10DUFF GOLDMAN BY Piece Fondant/Gum Paste Modeling Kit with tools for adding veins to GARTNER STUDIOS leaves and other intricate touches. The Fondant Presses have a suggested AIRBRUSH MACHINE retail price of $9.99 each, the model- Help your favorite baker become the ing kit, $19.99. The fondant products Cezanne of cupcakes. are available at larger chain Unleash the kitchen artist to aircraft stores and mass-merbrush swaths of pearl, metallic, chandise stores. pastel or deep colors Those fondant garnishes onto unbaked or finwould look lovely topping ished cakes, cookies the mouth-watering cakes from and similar desserts.

It’s DIY cake decorating gone wild when your baker turns pound cake into fries, green fruit roll-ups into “lettuce” and ice cream cones and marshmallows into train smokestacks.


Little Bit of Everything Gift Shop

We have a Great Selection of Figurines, Flower Vases, Pictures & much more!

Remember us this holiday season! Also stop in and see our indoor yard sale! 2136 Rawley Pike, Harrisonburg, Va

540-434-1505 540-432-3311 240877

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm Sat. 9am-12:30pm 244848

By Bev Bennett CTW Features

Cutting thin, even slices of vegetables or fruits can be unnerving unless you have a high- quality slicer. This new model from Microplane makes juliThe lightweight air compressor, enne cuts easy with adjustments for named for the star of the Food Net1/32-inch, work’s “Ace of Cakes,” features 1/16- and adjustable air pressure, airbrush and 1/8-inch hose. Airbrush colors are sold sepathick slices. rately. The manufacturer’s suggested The slicer is retail price is $129.99. Find the airdistinbrush machine at larger chain craft guished by stores. an extremely If you’d like to add a book to the gift sharp blade package, try “Vintage Cakes: Timeless that slices Recipes for Cupcakes, Flips, Rolls, through Layer, Angel, Bundt, Chiffon, and Ice- everything box Cakes for Today’s Sweet Tooth” from potatoes for a gratin to limes for by Julie Richardson (Ten Speed Press, a cocktail. 2012).. The adjustable slicer is available at An airbrush glaze is just a lot of air cookware stores and has a suggested without the cake as foundation. Sim- retail price of $29.95. ple, old-fashioned cakes provide an If julienne excellent surface. The chef artist can sliced vegetabake a Harvey Wallbanger cake and bles inspire gild it with a gold sheen. your chef to more adventurous cooking, give them “New American Table” by Marcus Samuelsson (Wiley, 2009).

MOJITO, COSMOPOLITAN AND MARGARITA R-EVOLUTION KITS Remember those chemistry sets from childhood? The adult version – the culinary one – allows a mixologist the same pleasure of experimentation, applying concepts in molecular gastronomy to add foam to a margarita or fill a cosmopolitan with bubbles you eat with a spoon. The kits include sachets of food additives, molecular gastronomy tools and a step-by-step recipe booklet for a suggested retail price of $29.95. For more information visit the website at: If your gift recipient still doesn’t know what to imbibe, Zach Golden has the answers in an irreverent collection of drink recipes, “What the F*@# Should I Drink” (Running Press, 2013). Cocktail recipes range from the familiar classic daiquiri to the uncommon Italian Job. But watch the language, which is saltier than a margarita. © CTW Features

Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013



The Northern Virginia Daily


Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

PAJAMAS Cynthia Greenwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s three girls always get new sleepwear at Christmas, the only gift they are allowed to open on Christmas Eve. The sisters waste no time getting comfy before the family sits down to a holiday dinner and relaxes by the fire. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They come right in from church, they look under the tree and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the box of PJs, and they run back to their room and put them on and we start the festivities,â&#x20AC;? said Greenwood, of Arlington Heights, Ill. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just a really nice night. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s special.â&#x20AC;? The tradition has been going strong for about two and a half decades in the Greenwood home: The sisters, now 31, 28 and 23, have seen their gifts evolve from one-piece footed numbers to matching ruffled nightgowns to two-piece pajama sets. New pajamas are a holiday custom in many families and a perennially popular gift, whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mom and Dad outfitting the kids in coordinating PJs for keepsake photos, a husband or wife tired of seeing their spouse in the same old ratty nightwear, or a treat for a special friend. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting sleepwear is very nostalgic,â&#x20AC;? said Jennifer Wilson, associate corporate merchant for L.L. Bean. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re giving the gift of warmth and comfort. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cozy but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s practical at the same time.â&#x20AC;? People spend a lot of time in their PJs, often changing into them right after work, snuggling up on the couch to watch a football game or even wearing them out of the house, notes Stacey Buonanno, director of product development for online retailer PajamaGram. â&#x20AC;&#x153;People are trying really hard to carve out family time together and relaxation time, whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s playing a game together or watching a movie. A lot of that time happens in your PJs or sweats,â&#x20AC;? said Buonanno. Pajamas also make a great gift because many people neglect to buy them for themselves, she added. And sleepwear is easier to buy for someone else than a sweater or pair of jeans because you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to worry about the perfect fit. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With PJs, just go up a size if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not sure and say you wanted them to be comfortable,â&#x20AC;? Buonanno said. There are a lot of choices when shopping for jammies. Does your guy like a classic button-front or pullover

style? Do the kids need fleece or cotton? Does the lady in your life prefer a gown (short or long? sexy or demure?) or a two-piece set? Will your recipients appreciate the whimsy of a reindeer eating a candy cane or do they expect a traditional tartan?

blue with white dots. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got a pretty universal appeal,â&#x20AC;? she said. PajamaGram offers everything from button-up PJs to satin ones to pretty gowns, but a best-seller is the HoodieFootie, a grownup version of the infant sleeper. The one-piece fleece has a hood, zip-off feet and pockets.

A look at some options:

KIDS For parents, there may be nothing cuter (or more relief-inducing) after a long day of holiday celebrations than seeing the kids all washed up for bed and in new PJs. Matching family sets â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the same print for men, women, children and pets â&#x20AC;&#x201D; are a hit at PajamaGram, with orders quadrupling over the last few years, Buonanno said. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most popular family looks are a red Stewart plaid and the holiday stripe: red, green and white striped pants with coordinating red and green tops. If matchy-matchy isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t your thing, there are countless choices for kids to show off their individuality. At Kohlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, look for sleepwear featuring a favorite team, a beloved cartoon character or a cool design, like camouflage. Old Navy offers a festive Santa suit PJ set for

babies and toddlers, superhero PJs for boys and Hello Kitty sets for girls.


look, or if you are not sure what a woman likes, Wilson suggests Beanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pima cotton flannel PJs in a cornflower

MEN The classic button-front and the pullover style are equally popular at PajamaGram. At L.L. Bean, Wilson likes the fleece sleep bottoms, the monochromatic waffleknit PJs and the scotch plaid flannel PJs, which come in several color combinations. Look for one-piece footed PJs from online retailer Jumpin Jammerz, which offers prints showing â&#x20AC;&#x153;Star Wars,â&#x20AC;? Kiss and the Hulk.

While winter-themed and red and green sleepwear is never in short supply, nightâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Men love to buy wear celebrating Hanukkah them for their wives and girlfriends,â&#x20AC;? Buonanno said. and Kwanzaa for adults can be found online at Cafeâ&#x20AC;&#x153;It keeps her warm from head to toe, plus she looks Press, and PajamaGram has really cute in it.â&#x20AC;? a Hanukkah design as well.

PJs are more popular than nightgowns, retailers say, but there are many holiday options in both styles. At L.L. Bean, the anklelength tartan flannel nightgown and pajama come in a traditional red royal Stewart and in colors new this year: a light blue and a blackwatch plaid that includes a shot of bright pink. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The gowns would be great for your grandmother and the flannel PJs might be perfect for your sister,â&#x20AC;? Wilson said. For a less â&#x20AC;&#x153;high holidayâ&#x20AC;?

Â&#x201C;¤Â&#x2019;Â&#x153;¨Â&#x17D;ÂĄá ťá ¸Â?Â&#x2014;Â&#x160;Â&#x152;Â&#x17D;ÂŁ¤Â&#x153;Â&#x17D;Â&#x160;¤Â&#x160;Â&#x161;Â?á ˝á ¸ÂŁÂ&#x2019;Â&#x153;Â?ÂŁá&#x20AC;&#x2018; Â&#x201C;¤á&#x20AC; ÂŁÂ&#x160;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2014;ÂĄÂ&#x201C;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2019;¤Â&#x2019;Â&#x17D;ÂĄÂ&#x17D;á&#x20AC;&#x201D; 245707

Associated Press

A perennial holiday gift favorite




Â&#x153;Â&#x161;á&#x20AC; ¤Â&#x2DC;Â&#x201C;ÂŁÂŁ¤Â&#x2019;Â&#x17D;ÂŁÂ&#x17D;Â?§Â&#x161;Â?Â&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x201C;Â&#x2014;­


Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting Ceremony December 2 7 pm Route: Piccadilly at Cameron to Braddock to Cork at Cameron Ceremony location: Loudoun St. Mall, 1840 Courthouse area

Santaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Headquarters Dec. 6 5-7 pm

Dec. 7

11 am-1 pm

Take your own photos with Santa. Location: Godfrey Miller Ctr

Holly Jolly Old Town Celebration December 14 Noon-9 pm Caroling and holiday activities including holiday wagon rides from 7-9 pm. Specials at shops and restaurants all day.

Victorian Candlelight Ball December 14 7-10 pm Learn Civil War-period dances. Live music. No admission fee. Location: First Presbyterian Church (116 S. Loudoun Street)

First Night Winchester December 31 Celebrate New Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Eve in Old Town Winchester.


Lisa A. Flam

The Northern Virginia Daily


TREAT YOURSELF THIS HOLIDAY... g ncin Fina ble la Avai

...Available on all

Kiblerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Furniture 24065 Senedo Rd. (1/2 mile west of I-81 on Rt. 42) Woodstock â&#x20AC;˘ 540-459-2992 â&#x20AC;˘ Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 A.M.-5 P.M.


Large Selection of Serta Mattress on Sale 240859

Smarter. Cooler. Better.â&#x201E;˘

Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily

Elevate Their

November 2013


Photo Game

It’s time to put down the smartphone and give Instagram a break. These next-level digital cameras will take their photography to the next level By Greg Scoblete CTW Features There’s an old cliche in photography circles: The best camera is the one you have with you. For many of us, that’s our smartphone. For everyday use, smartphones are tough to beat. They have full-featured cameras, large, high-resolution displays, and fun apps for editing and sharing photos. In fact, sales of point-and-shoot cameras have been declining for the past five years, dropping off more than 25 percent just from June 2012 to May 2013 alone, according to The NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service. (A point-and-shoot can’t Instagram your dinner, after all.)

and uses a new autofocus system to maintain crisp video and stills no matter how quickly a subject is darting across the lens. Shots will be framed through a 3inch touchscreen display or an optical viewfinder, and user will enjoy a burst mode of up to four frames per second. Three “special scene modes” — kids, food and candlelight — quickly optimize the SL1’s settings to get the ideal shot.

and one a tight crop focused more closely on the subject, allowing the user to choose their favorite.

Olympus Pen E-PL5

The Pen ($599.99 with a 14-42mm lens) is the most customizable interchangeable-lens camera of the bunch. Users can slide off the front grip if for a sleeker Nikon D3200 HDSLR look, in addition to customizing the “My Set” button With a 24MP sensor and 4fps burst mode, Nikon’s on the top mode dial for instant access to their favorite D3200 ($699 with 18-55mm lens) is a suburshooting settings. The 16MP E-PL5 boasts a 3-inch tiltban soccer mom’s (or dad’s) sideline com- ing touchscreen LCD, 1080i HD video and six bracketpanion. The camera includes a Guide ing modes that capture multiple images with subtle Mode that offers on-screen advice and changes to settings like exposure, ISO and white balBut for all the notable advancements in smartsample images to walk the user ance, so shooters can compare effects and select the phone photography, they still can’t deliver the through the ins-and-outs of the image they like best. There also are 23 scene modes to image quality and range of features you’ll find D3200’s feature set. In addition to the choose from. The E-PL5 comes in black, white or silver. in an interchangeable lens camera, sales of standard manual controls, six scene Samsung NX2000 SMART Camera which actually increased 5 percent during the same modes help optimize images in a range of one-year period, according to NPD. Just because they’re stepping up from smartenvironments. The D3200 offers a 3-inch display and phone photography doesn’t mean they 1080p HD video recording, including an option to For the photo-addict in your life, one of these have ditch wireless connectivity. Samrecord 720p video at 60fps to better capture fastadvanced-yet-approachable shooters — with features sung’s 20MP NX2000 ($649.99 for the moving subjects, such as that budding superstar like blurred backgrounds, rapid-fire burst modes and body, 20-50mm lens and external flash) athlete. lens options no app can mimic — will offers built-in Wi-Fi with an autoshare help take their photos to the next Sony Alpha a3000 function that automatically sends images level. from the camera to their phone for emailing or postSony’s Alpha a3000 has an eye-catching price — Canon EOS Rebel SL1 ing to social networks. Users also can upload photos to just $399.99 for both the camera and an 18-55mm social networks and cloud storage services and email One of the biggest knocks on lens. It features a 20MP CMOS sensor and is capable of them directly from the camera when you’re connected digital SLRs is that they’re too bursting at 4fps for an unlimited number of to a Wi-Fi network. Further, installing the free Samsung bulky to conveniently take anyimages. It can record 1080p HD video Smart Camera app on their phone (Android and where. Now, Canon’s EOS Rebel in the AVCHD format at 24 or iOS) can turn it into a remote control for the camSL1 ($749.99 with 18-55mm lens) won’t slip into a pair 60fps. Shooters get a 3-inch disera. Other features include a 3.7-inch touchscreen of skinny jeans, but it’s the lightest and smallest dSLR play, 15 picture-effect modes and display, 1080p HD video recording and a burst mode on the market (as of mid-September), making it a great an Auto Object Framing mode of 8fps. The NX2000 comes in white, pink or black. starter camera for first time dSLR owners. This 18that will automatically save two ©CTW Features megapixel Rebel can record full 1080p high-def movies versions of an image: one original

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November 2013

The Northern Virginia Daily

PLATFORM PREFERENCES A new device is nice — if it plays nice with all their other devices. Here’s a guide to all the must-have gadgets that run iOS and Android, the operating systems that power your loved ones’ techie lives pauses the video. Upon looking back at the phone, the video ne device just doesn’t cut it resumes. Similarly, the anymore. Glance around your Galaxy S4’s Air View and neighborhood coffee shop and Air Gesture features you’ll see a person with a smartphone allow users to answer the and a tablet and a laptop. And who phone, browse photos or knows what devices they left at home the web or change music, that day? all while just gesturing Thankfully, the cloud has made manag- at or hovering over the screen — no ing all said devices a piece of cake — a touch required. The S4 is pretty smart when it comes to photos, too. The 13MP simple sync and everything, data and rear camera and 2MP front-facing documents, is up-to-date across all devices. As long as they’re operating on camera work in tandem on the Dual Shot feature, which creates one photo the same system, of course. from the still captured on each camera. Don’t fret — it’s easy to gift a device that fits into their preferred platform. Sound & Shot, another photo feature, captures audio alongside a photo, proHere are the latest and greatest viding a soundtrack for the memory; devices for Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform, and iOS, the Drama Shot captures a series of pictures of a moving object and merges software behind all of Apple’s i-mustthem together into one photo. The have’s. Galaxy S4 features a 5-inch, full highThere are no misfit devices here. Just def Super AMOLED display at 441 ppi pick one, and it’ll fit into their tech (compare that to the iPhone’s 326) and lifestyle just fine. flies on a 1.9GHz quad-core processor with 2GB RAM. From $199.99 (16GB) The Powerhouse with two-year contract from AT&T, Smartphone Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon iOS: iPhone 5S By Timothy R. Schulte CTW Features


either. Users can easily personalize content — such as adding a note onto a photo — which they can easily send to friends and family via Samsung’s Allshare Play feature. The Note is powered by 1.4Ghz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, and features 16GB of on-board memory, expandable to up to 64GB with a microSD card — not that it’s needed, though, as 50GB of Dropbox storage are free for two years ($100 value), for syncing photos and documents across all devices. $499.99 for Wi-Fi or network-ready with twoyear contract from Verizon

six colored silicone cases ($29). From $99 (16GB) with two-year contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. From $549 (16GB) unlocked/no-contract from T-Mobile Android: Droid Mini

The Droid Mini packs many of the same lust-worthy features of higher-end Droid namesakes, such as Kevlar unibody construction, a scratchproof Gorilla Glass screen, superfast 1.7GHx dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM, but its pocket-friendly size The Small Tablet (4.3-inch HD display) and pocketbook-friendly price point make it iOS: iPad Mini make it all the more attractive. $99.99 The iPad Mini is most of what’s great about the iPad in a more compact, can- with two-year contact, Verizon fit-in-one-hand The Streaming Device size. At just iOS: AppleTV 7.2mm thick AppleTV is the entertainment solution and .68 pounds, for the wire the Mini is 23 cutter on percent thinner your list. and 53 percent lighter than the The puckstandard iPad, making it all the more like set-top portable (depending on what type of “box” simjeans they wear, they could fit it into ply contheir back pocket). The Mini’s 7.9-inch nects to a HDTV via an HDMI cable, The iPhone has been the The Full-Size Tablet display, at 163ppi, doesn’t quite stack then streams content via built-in apps smartphone gold stanup to the iPad’s Retina Display, but it iOS: iPad with Retina Display like Netflix, HuluPlus and HBO GO or dard since Apple introdoes everything else just as well, from the user’s own iTunes library. Their The iPad is the duced it six years ago. apps to games to shooting 5MP pics iPhones and iPads also can shoot condevice that really The latest version, the and 1080p high-def video and tent over via AirPlay, in addition to heralded in the 5S, expands on that, litsharing it all via iCloud. functioning as remote controls. $99 tablet era, and its here erally, with a new gold From $329 (16GB) for Wi-Fi only and Android: Chromecast where platform converfinish. But unlike the $459 (16GB) for network-ready from gence really shines. With also-new iPhone 5C (see Google Chromecast isn’t AT&T, Sprint and Verizon iCloud, photos taken on an iPhone or below), color is not the even really a device. It’s downloaded to a Mac all are viewable big news here. The coolest feature — Android: Google Nexus 7 just a simple HDMI on the iPad’s 9.7-inch Retina display certainly the most you-live-in-theGoogle’s Nexus 7 tablet, built by ASUS, dongle that plugs into a (2048x1536, 264 ppi). Photos or any future feature, at least — is a fingerTV. From there, Wi-Fi is like a showcase for all that is purchased iTunes content also can be print-identity sensor called Touch ID. Android and Google takes care of the rest, streaming Netbeamed directly to an HDTV via the Simply place a finger on the phone’s flix content, YouTube videos and downApps. To start, the Home button and Touch ID unlocks the iPad’s Airplay feature (AppleTV loads from the Google Play Store from 7-inch tablet is phone — no passcode required. It also required). their smartphone, tablet or laptop ultra portable works in lieu of password for in-phone One of the most convenient aspects of directly to the TV. It even can mirror (8.65mm thick, .64 purchases, such as iTunes. The iPhone iCloud is that it acts like a digital the Chrome browser, turning their TV pounds) and ultra 5S also runs on the new A7 chip, the bookmark. Because digital purchases into a giant high-def monitor. $35 sharp: it has a first smartphone processor to feature (iBooks, Newsstand) and Safari’s book1920x1200 high-def The Ultraportable desktop computer-quality 64-bit archi- marks and Reading List sync across all display (323 ppi) that is protected in tecture, which means apps respond platforms, users can start reading Command Center scratch-resistant glass. It’s also ultrafaster and games are more lifelike, something on their iPhone or Mac, powerful with a 1.5GHz quad-core iOS: Macbook Air with no extra burden on the battery. then resume on the iPad in the exact processor and 2GB of RAM, so browsAlongside the A7, a brand-new No, Apple’s line spot they left off. Calendars, contacts ing in Chrome, watching videos in coprocessor called the M7 mines of slim ‘n’ trim and email also all automatically are YouTube or working in Google Docs all motion data from the iPhone’s laptops don’t kept up-to-the-minute. An A6X chip is super speedy. And while its size accelerometer, gyroscope and compass makes it faster and more responsive run iOS — at screams personal device, it’s built to for improved functionality in fitness least not yet — than previous iPads, all without sacri- share with everyone under one roof, and navigation apps. The iPhone’s 8but they’re still ficing its impressive 10-hour battery with customizable homescreens, wallmegapixel iSight camera boasts a bevy life. The iPad’s iSight camera snaps the best bet for Apple devotee who paper, apps and storage for each indiof new features, including a dual-LED 5MP photos and records 1080p video. wants a sleek machine that is compatividual user. From $229 (16GB) for Wiflash for truer toned pictures; a burst ble with all their iDevices. The MacFrom $499 (16GB) for Wi-Fi only and Fi only and $349 (32GB) for 4G LTEmode that captures 10 frames per sec- $629 (16GB) for network-ready from Book Air, available in 11or 13-inch ready from T-Mobile ond; slow-motion video; plus a square- AT&T, Sprint and Verizon models, weigh in at less than 3 pounds photo mode and filters (hello, InstaThe Budget Phone and are just .68 inches thick, for a Android: Samsung gram!) for sharing on social networks. mobile-device aesthetic with full Mac iOS: iPhone 5C Galaxy Note 10.1 And if the new gilded color doesn’t functionality. Starting at $999 At long last, an iPhone for the masses! strike them, it’s still available in black The Samsung’s new full-size Android Android: Samsung Chromebook tablet adopts the Note naming conven(space gray) and white (silver). From Two things have Sometimes they just tion from its line of $199 (16GB) with two-year contract long eluded the need a keyboard and a super-big Android from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. From iPhone: an screen — and that’s smartphones and, $649 (16GB) unlocked/no contract from attractive entry where a Chromebook like those devices, T-Mobile point, and, well, comes in. A minimalist utilizes Samsung’s Android: Samsung Galaxy S4 ultrabook running Google’s Chrome S Pen stylus, which some personality. Both arrive in the If there’s a device worthy of being OS, it comes loaded with all the leadcomes into play a many ways. The Note iPhone 5C. Starting at just $99 called a smarterphone, it might be the 10.1 has a multiscreen mode, so users ($16GB), the 5C has all the great feaing Google products — Search, Gmail, Galaxy S4. Case in point: the phone’s can read or watch videos on one side of tures of the iPhone 5 it replaces — A6 Docs, YouTube — and 100GB worth of Smart Pause feature. If a user is the screen and take notes on the other. processor, 8MP camera, all those apps free storage on Google Drive (for two watching a video, for instance, and — in five candy-colored versions. Users years). Think of it as a home base for Students also can highlight and take diverts away their attention, the notes in more than 150,000 textbooks. can further customize and protect the all their Android operations. $249.99 Galaxy S4 detects it and automatically The Pen isn’t all about productivity, ©CTW Features steel-backed plastic body with one of

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The Northern Virginia Daily

Get Your Holiday


your subject of choice and still win the game. 3-6 PLAYERS, AGES 16+

TV LOVERS » GEORGE R. R. MARTIN’S A GAME OF THRONES: THE BOARD GAME; 2ND ED.; $60 King Baratheon is dead and the Iron Throne is up for grabs. Play as your favorite character and battle for supremacy as you negotiate alliances with your opponents and build armies. 3-6 PLAYERS, AGES 14+ DUCK DYNASTY REDNECK WISDOM PARTY GAME; $17 Guess the missing word in quotes from Willie, Phil, Uncle Si, Jase and the rest of your favorite characters. Try to fool other players with clever answers – everyone has to spot the genuine quotes from the fakes. 2-12 PLAYERS, AGES 10+ YAHTZEE: DOCTOR WHO 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTOR’S EDITION; $25 Shake the five custom dice featuring Doctor Who villains in the TARDIS and play the game by the original rules. It’s a fun-looking gift that’s perfect for the sci-fi-loving game buff on your list. 1 OR MORE PLAYERS, AGES 8+ THE WALKING DEAD; $40 TV’s most popular undead show comes to life as players try to be

19 Game night just got a lot more creative. Classic board games are still popular go-to gifts. Now, game makers are combining concepts, appealing to TV lovers and going out on a limb to provide more personalized new editions for your favorite game lover’s collection. Here are a few recent titles to get the party started this holiday season. – Matthew M. F. Miller, CTW Features November 2013

JENGA TETRIS; $15 Imagine the quirky shapes used in Tetris the only in a real-life first Jenga stack, and one that’s pretty much to reach the Centers for Disease Control and the premise of this one. It’s even trickier and more Prevention. Play as Rick, Andrea, Dale, Lori, Shane, Glenn fun than the original because, well – who hasn’t been waiting or a zombie. 2-4 PLAYERS, years for Tetris to come to life? AGES 13+ 2 OR MORE PLAYERS, AGES 8+

score wins. It’s simple and addictive, and was the winner of Parent’s Choice Gold Award and the Mensa National Competition. 2-4 PLAYERS, AGES 6+

QUARANTINE; $30 Each player owns his or her own hospital. Patients line up outside and players have to CHUTES AND LADDERS: SUPER fix their ailments ASAP – HERO SQUAD EDITION; $25 especially Play as before an outHulk, Spibreak of the der-Man, “Graysles” that Wolverine, will cause entire hospital wards Thor, CapCLASSICS, REVISED » to be shutdown and under quartain AmeriCANDY LAND DISNEY antine. 2-4 PLAYERS, AGES 12+ ca or Iron PRINCESS EDITION; $20 Man as Play as Belle, Snow White, CinCATAN EXPLORERS & PIRATES: you climb and slip through an derella or Aurora, and travel amped-up version of the original EXPANSION GAME; $50 through scenes from “Tangled,” game. 2-4 PLAYERS, AGES 3+ Fans of the crazy-popular Set“Princess & the Frog” and “The tlers of Catan board game will Little Mermaid.” First princess to OFF THE BEATEN PATH » adore this expansion set, which dance at the Candy Land ball includes five new scenarios and THE SNEAKY SNACKY SQUIR- three new missions. Hit the high wins. 2-4 PLAYERS, AGES 3+ REL GAME; $22 seas and confront pirates, seek TRIVIAL PURSUIT PARTY; $22 Spin the spinner and be the first spices and fish for “Victory one to collect every Every question offers players a Points.” 3-4 PLAYERS, AGES 12+ color of acorn and chance at a pie piece. Perfect © CTW Features place it into your log for fast, fun group play. Players using only a rascally can ask other players for help, pair of “Squirrel and if the question is answered Squeezers.” 2correctly they both get a pie 4 PLAYERS, piece. Collect AGES 3+ 6 silver pie pieces to QWIRKLE; $35 win, which Match different colored tiles and means shapes (108 wooden blocks are you can included), score points – highest stick to

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Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

The Northern Virginia Daily

Eye Candy for Their Ears For the music aficionado with For the Mobile Music Fanatic unapologetic design tastes, give Whether its headphones for their daily comthem some new audio gear that mute or portable Bluetooth speakers for bumping backyard barbecues, this is the looks just as great as it sounds audio gear for

By Greg Scoblete CTW Features Unlike Victorian-era children, great audio gear is designed to be seen and heard. From home theater systems that will accent any living-room aesthetic to portable systems to amplify an iPhone, the latest audio tech looks great and sounds better.

those who need their music to go.

• Polk Nue Era Don’t let them dangle the same-ole white ear buds from their ears. Polk’s Nue Era in-ear headphones are encased in a stylish resin in “tortoise” or black finishes. The headphones feature a dynamic balFor the Home ance driver for a cleaner, less distorted audio Theater enthusiast experience. The 48-inch cord has a 3-button The TV still holds pride of place in most living control and built-in microphone for voice rooms, and these home theater speakers will calls. The headphones ship with three pairs give couch potatoes even more incentive to of silicone ear tips, two pairs of 3-flange silistay put. cone ear tips, and two pairs of memory-foam tips so they can find the fit that is right for them. $99 • Jamo 360 S-35-HCS The name may not roll off the tongue, but the sound is sure to rattle ears. This 5.1-channel surround sound system pumps 125 watts of power through its speakers and uses the company’s Omnipolar acoustical dispersion technology so listeners don’t have to be situated directly in front of the speaker for an optimal performance. The orb-like speakers have a moveable base, allowing them to place them on a shelf or mount them on a wall, and are available in black or white. $999.99

• Vizio 2.1 Home Theater Vizio’s angular 2.1-channel soundbar is easy on the eyes and the budget. Its wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere that’s convenient — up to 60 feet from the bar (provided it’s in the soundbar’s line of sight). The soundbar can decode both Dolby Digital DTS Surround audio from two digital inputs (one RCA, one optical). It also features Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming audio from mobile devices alongside a USB port and 3.5mm jack. It’s available in 38-, 40- and 42-inch sizes. Starting at $179.

• G-Project G-Boom The G-Boom portable Bluetooth speaker accomplishes something that it’s boxier brethren often fail to: It blends form with function in a design that’s actually built to be carried, with a convenient grip, rugged housing and protective rubber base so it can be picked up and plunked down at will. It boasts two speakers with four drivers and three equalizer presets to offer a range of bass options. Its internal rechargeable battery can pump out tunes for up to six hours. Besides Bluetooth, it can be connected to external sources via a 3.5mm jack. $99 • Stelle Audio Pillar The Pillar cuts a striking figure in the bland world of boxcar Bluetooth speakers. While you’ll pay a pretty penny for this pretty tower — $349 — at up 15 hours it has one of the longest battery lives of any

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Halfway Between Winchester & Front Royal 522 S. – Just 2 miles South of Double Toll Gate

540-869-7300 Holiday Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10-7 — Sat. 9-7 Other Locations: 29 Titus Dr. (33 E. of Valley Mall) Harrisonburg, VA (540) 434-4514

Apple Blossom Mall Winchester, VA (540) 665-9835

Martinsburg Mall Martinsburg, WV (304) 263-5800

Valley Mall Hagerstown, MD (301) 582-2341 245744

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(540) 459-7787 23987 Senedo Rd. (Rt. 42) • Woodstock, VA 22664

Bridging the world of high-fidelity home audio gear with the mobile phones and computers • Samsung DA-E750 our tunes are stored on, these systems will wring the best sound possible from your digi- They’ll get a vintage stereo look with modern capabilities in Samsung’s DA-E750. This tal music files. powered speaker features two speakers with a glass-fiber midrange driver, a subwoofer • Sonos PlayBar and a vacuum tube preamp with a 100-watt You won’t find a more amplifier to ensure tunes radiate throughout versatile soundbar for music the room. It offers a built-in 30-pin dock in and movies. Connect the PlayBar to a router the rear for connecting iPods or older and it can stream music wirelessly from, iPhones, but it also features AirPlay capabilicomputers and tablets. Connect it to a TV via ties to play from Apple audio sources wirea single optical cable and it will play any lessly (iPhone 5 and newer). A second dedisource that’s also connected to the TV (no cated 5-pin dock is compatible with Sammore switching inputs on either your TV or sung Galaxy devices. It’s also Bluetoothreceiver). If they already have other Sonos enabled for wireless streaming. $599 wireless speakers in the home and the Sonos ©CTW Features GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!


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wireless bridge, the PlayBar can sync wirelessly with them, too, for all-over-the-house streaming. It’s all controlled via free apps for Android and iOS devices and free desktop software for Macs and PCs. $699

Mobile Music @ Home

5 miles west of Strasburg, off Rt. 55 in Lebanon Church

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Primitives • Rugs • Candles Willow Tree • Berry Garlands All Your Decorating Needs

Bluetooth speaker. It’s powered by a pair of 1.5-inch acoustic drivers and a 3-inch subwoofer. There’s also a built-in mic, so it can be used as a speakerphone. The Pillar features a 50-foot wireless range for streaming from phones and tablets, or use the 3.5mm jack to plug in peripherals directly.

Taking PreOrders! Call us today (540) 465-2729

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EVERY PICTURE tells a story

Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013


Get creative this holiday season by giving unique photo gifts

By Rachel Graf CTW Features ost new tech gadgets worth their salt play host to a built-in camera nowadays – tablets, smartphones, laptops and even gaming consoles. With so many digital photos housed in a variety of locations, it can be easy to forget about all those snapshots languishing on Facebook or Instagram. This holiday season, give a unique gift by moving photos from the digital world to something physical, like an iPad case or even in a snow globe. For the crafty gifter, there are many do-it-yourself projects that incorporate photos to customize gifts. Find inspiration online at sites like Photojojo, which offers simple do-it-yourself photo projects and other photography tips. Their mission is to help people of all ages discover or rediscover a love of photography, says Amit Gupta, founder of Photojojo and co-author of “Photojojo!: Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas” (Potter Craft, 2009). “I saw tons of my friends taking hundreds or thousands of photos a year with digital cameras, and all those photos were getting lost and forgotten about,” Gupta says in an email. “So Photojojo started as a way to help people do more with the photos they were already taking.”


Gupta’s favorite projects are ones that include transforming an object you would typically throw out into something beautiful. For example, he says he really likes the photo snow globe made by placing a photo, glitter and a few other common ingredients in a water bottle. Photo projects from Gupta’s book include photo slider puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, temporary tattoos and a photo chandelier. You can buy items from a local gift shop and use them in your personalization projects to make them even more unique. Another option for photo gifts, if you’re not inclined toward crafts, is ordering a customized printed product. Your local photo center or pharmacy is likely equipped with a customization kiosk or station that offers dozens of options for products to print on and designs to add. A variety of websites also offer the same services, often with sophisticated previews so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Just remember to order the product in advance to allow for printing and shipping time. “It’s really easy,” says Heidi Reichert, head of custom design at Tiny Prints, one such website. “The designs are stylish and beautiful and there is such a variety to choose from.” With just a few minutes to upload images and choose products, customers can order a gift that is more heartfelt and completely different from what’s available on the shelves. Whether it’s a practical gift like day planners or iPhone cases, or something for display like acrylic trays and mounted prints, a customized photo gift can make the memories last. “I think it’s a very, very wonderful way to show someone how much you care about them,” Reichert says. “I’m going to make an ornament for my daughter every year and send it to her grandparents. It’s something they can have to preserve their memories.” © CTW Features

Puppy Cottage 245718


(540) 323–7174 3343 Valley Pike Winchester, VA 245761

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G IN N G SI T IS T R A & SE A E L E R T IN PR SATURDAY, NOV. 16 10AM-3PM at King James Galleries in Winchester Featuring John S. Mosby & The Old Chapel Cemetery in the Shenandoah Valley Near Millwood and Boyce - Winter of 1864 DON’T WAIT! This painting is selling very quickly - call to reserve your print today

RANGER FAREWELL by John Paul Strain 2013 Snow Print During the winter of 1864 Federal patrols were very active during the day searching for Rangers in the Shenandoah Valley. So it was under a moonlit sky that Mosby and a few of his men performed a secret nocturnal burial for one of their own at the Old Chapel Cemetery. Reading from the "Good Book", the fallen soldier was given a Ranger farewell. "No human being knows how sweet sleep is but a soldier." - John Singleton Mosby

Canvas Giclées (Giclées almost sold out!) 75 Studio Giclées $275 60 Classic Giclées $525 10 Executive Giclées $1,200

Taking Reservations — Limited Quantities 350 Signed and Numbered Prints $200 75 Artist Proof Prints $300

- We have a huge selection of JP Strain prints in stock! 161 Prosperity Drive, Winchester, VA 245737

(540) 869-9025 or toll free 888-217-1865 Monday-Friday 10-6 • Saturday 10-4


Call to reserve your print/giclee today


King James Galleries


Holiday Gift Guide

November 2013

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The Northern Virginia Daily

– All About It Diary of a Wimpy Kid

etting lost in a book is a magical experience for young and old alike, and everyone has wished at one point or another that their favorite character could jump off the page. Today, words on a page are just the beginning of the story. Bring to life the magical worlds of your child’s favorite book series with these fun, innovative toys.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1,2 & 3 DVD Set; $40 Funko Diary of a Wimpy Kid Holiday Action Figure; $14 Pressman 200 piece Diary of a Wimpy Kid Pal Size Floor Puzzle; $15 Scrabble Diary of a Wimpy Kid; $30

– Matthew M. F. Miller, CTW Features

Hunger Games


NECA Hunger Games Backpack; $45

Pinkalicious 14” Washables Cloth Doll by Madame Alexander; $40 Pinkalicious Girls’ Bike, available in 12”, 14” and 16”; $100

Barbie Collector Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Doll; $30

Pinkalicious It’s Party Time! for Nintendo DS; $20

The Hunger Games JabberJay Card Game; $9

Cupcake Party Game; $15

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Fire Laptop Decal; $10

Fancy Nancy

© CTW Features

Fancy Nancy 18” Cloth Doll by Madame Alexander; $55 KidKraft Fancy Nancy Dollhouse; $160 Fancy Nancy Tea Party Time for Nintendo DS; $30 Fabulous Fashionista Game; $21

Clifford the Big Red Dog Zoobies Story Time Pal; $30 Bubble Science Kit; $20 Be a Good Friend Game; $24 Twisterz Toys Clifford Category Matcher; $13

Scholastic Storybook Treasures Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! DVD; $15


Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Game!; $20

601 N. Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664


Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Ser vice After The Sale Second To None

540-459-2128, 1-800-550-4700 Website: •

Out of Print Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Baby Onesie; $21 Pigeon Soft Toy 11.5” by Yottoy; $28

Layaway now for delivery on Christmas Eve.

Children’s Rockers TV

Wall Art



18 months financing no interest


Vanity & Bench


Jewelry Armoires

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Wightman Insurance Agency

Complete Pair of Drill Mount Glasses Cannot combine offers. Expires12/31/13.

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M-F 9am-5:30pm • Sat 10am-1pm


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Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily

November 2013


Burn, Smell, Love

Candles truly are the gifts that keep on giving. According to the National Candle Association, America’s love for waxing poetic burns bright: $2 billion is spent annually on candles and they are used in 7 out of 10 households. Versatile and inexpensive – they are a wonderful gift option for moms, grandmas, teachers, hostesses and more. These new scents provide fragrant options for anyone on your list. – Matthew M. F. Miller, CTW Features



Prices: 4 oz. mini candles, $10; 6 oz. Mason jar candle, $12.50; 14.5 oz. 3-wick candle, $20 Champagne Toast, Black Tie and Party Dress

Prices: Samplers votive, $1.99; small jar, $10.99; medium jar, $24.99; large jar, $27.99 Vanilla Chai, Pumpkin Wreath and Salted Carame

VIRGINIA CANDLE COMPANY WOODWICK CANDLES » Prices: small jar, $9.99; medium jar, $18.99; large jar, $24.99 Apple Crisp, Cranapple Punch and Campfire Marshmallow

Mowery Orchard is a local roadside farm market, family owned and operated since 1985. Locally Grown APPLES: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Stayman, Fuji, Rome, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Nittany & York.

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Handmade Wreaths, Swags and Centerpieces. Whole COUNTRY HAMS

Fresh Apple Cider, Pies and Produce.

Local Farm Fresh Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Meat, Winter Squash. Honey, Preserves, Coffee & Route 11 Chips. Virginia Peanuts & so much more! OPEN DAILY APRIL 1ST THROUGH DEC. 23RD: - Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 9-5 • Fri.-Sat. 9-6

24247 Senedo Road, Woodstock, VA 22664 540/459-8645 •


Stop by and see us sometime!


3103 Valley Ave., Suite 116 • Winchester (Creekside Station) 540-665-8048 •


WEEKENDS JANUARY THRU MARCH: Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-5

Are you ready for the Holidays? Are you entertaining guests for the Holidays?

Let ean l C n Gree LC w/ T eady! get r u o y help

Complete Kitchen Makeover Just in time for the Holidays Package includes: Basic cleaning • Pantry cleaned & organized • Cabinets cleaned inside/out • Refrigerator cleaned & organized • Checking of expiration dates • Oven Cleaning (ask for details) ONLY $99.00


$2500 OFF FULL HOUSE CLEANING Not to be combined with special packages. Expires 12/31/13

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Tammy Carlyle 540.313.2056 – Licensed • Insured • Bonded

Weichert Realtors

35th Annual Toy Drive Again this year, Weichert Realtors will be collecting toys to distribute to children in the local area during the holidays.

Solutions for Independent Living since 1984.

If you’d like to help us light up the eyes of a child, please bring a new, unwrapped toy to our Front Royal Weichert office or call to arrange for a free pick-up at your home. 480-E Commerce Ave., Front Royal • 540-635-7444 525 Amherst St., Winchester • 540-536-5254

Wishing you 540-635-8000 • 824 John Marshall Hwy. Front Royal

*$200 off Golden Technologies MaxiComfort series. $100 off all other Golden lift chairs. Sale ends December 31, 2013 Invite us in...we’ll bring results



762 S. Main St., Woodstock • 540-459-2000

November 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

The Northern Virginia Daily



Holiday Gift Guide 2013  
Holiday Gift Guide 2013