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Reenactors flock to Middletown to portray Cedar Creek battle

CEDAR CREEK By Ryan Cornell



s the campaigns for Virginiaʼs next governor come to a close, both candidates are searching for anything that might give them an upper hand on election day.

One month before election day in 1864, President Lincoln was facing a similarly deadlocked race against George B. McClellan. Park Ranger Eric Campbell said it was the Union Armyʼs decisive victory at the Battle of Cedar Creek that helped lead Honest Abe to a landslide at the polls and a second term. “Many people, including Lincoln, believed he was not going to be reelected,” Campbell said. “And if he didnʼt, then the Democratic Party that wouldʼve beaten him wouldʼve sued for peace and the South wouldʼve had its independence. “But instead, [Philip] Sheridan wins this victory just three weeks before the election and finally, the Union is showing theyʼre making progress,” he said. “That victory at Cedar Creek, combined with a victory that Sherman had won in Atlanta, those two military events, significantly convinced the northern public that Lincoln was winning the war and that it could be won.” Fought on Oct. 19, 1864, the Battle of Cedar Creek might have been the last battle in the Shenandoah Valley, but it certainly wasnʼt the least. It involved only 1,495 fewer troops (52,945) and 55 fewer casualties (8,600) than the Battle of Third Winchester, the valleyʼs bloodiest battle. Two years before the battle, Stonewall Jackson had said, “If this Valley is lost, Virginia is lost.” A source of wheat and grain production, the area earned its moniker

Nancy Hogan-Ruhrbaugh, of Dillsburg, PA, left, stirs dinner while Susan Davidson, of Madison, and Darlene Tomlin, of Fredricksburg, right, warm themselves with a hot drink and a campfire.

as “The Breadbasket of the Confederacy.” But Ulysses S. Grant was determined to end this. “In August, when Grant put Sheridan in charge, he gave him three distinct orders,” Park Ranger Chris Nelson said. “The first is to not lose another battle in the valley. The second is to not allow the Confederates to use the valley as their breadbasket. And also, to rout the Confederates from the valley.” Leading up to the battle, Sheridan spent two and a half weeks burning a 75-mile swath of the Shenandoah Valley and destroying its resources. The Battle of Cedar Creek would be a last ditch effort by the Confederacy to wrestle control of the valley. After an all-night march from Fishers Hill, Jubal Earlyʼs troops launched a surprise attack out of the dense fog at about 4 a.m. Outnumbered by more than 10,000 men, they separately attacked and overran three Union divisions. They captured Belle Grove and its wagons of supplies. By 10:30 a.m., the Union Army was in full retreat. It was looking

Andrew Thayer/Daily TOP: A company of Confederates are drilled in the field during the 145th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek near Middletown. ABOVE: Confederate and Union cavalry clash with their sabers drawn.

like the Valley would fall under Confederate control. General Sheridan, who had been in Winchester the morning of the battle, heard rumors of the fighting and headed straight to Middletown on horseback to reinvigorate his defeated troops. Nelson said Sheridan rode up and down, rallying his two-mile line of soldiers, before ordering a counterattack at about 4 p.m. The Confederate defense “rolled up like a scroll,” she said, and was soon retreating back through the same fields they had just conquered. “So he basically takes a horrible defeat that morning and turns it into an overwhelming victory by the afternoon,” Campbell said. Groups such as the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation are fighting to preserve the hallowed grounds. Terry Heder, director of interpretations and communications at the

foundation, said most of the preservation work on the site of Cedar Creek and the Battle of Third Winchester has been done in the past 10 years. “I see it as a debt we owe,” he said. “We owe it to the men who fought in the wars the same way we owe it to the men who fight in wars today.” The 149th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek will be held Oct. 19 and 20 at the battlefield, located at 8437 Valley Pike in Middletown. Tickets are $12 for adults, $6 for students ages 7-17 and free for children 6 years old and younger. Dressed in uniform, the men camp out on the battlefield and stage the massive comeback story. The women wear 1860s-era dresses and participate in living history and cooking demonstrations at Belle Grove Plantation. The plantation is hosting a civil war

living history and reenactment weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 19 and 20. Belle Grove Executive Director Kristen Laise said the house will be open to visitors and she said she hopes to have long rifle demonstrations on its front lawn. Tim Stowe, board member of the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, said the event attracts between 2,500 and 3,000 reenactors each October. He said the foundation has already started planning for the battleʼs sesquicentennial in 2014. “Itʼs going to be a big one,” he said. “Our plan next year is to bring in 10,000 reenactors and 50,000 spectators.” For more information about the reenactment, visit or call 540-869-2064. Contact staff writer Ryan Cornell at 540-465-5137 ext. 164, or

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Deliciously Scary Treats For Goblins and Ghouls of All Ages T (Family Features)

Skull Cakes:

Makes 8 skulls 4 cups all-purpose flour 2 2/3 cups granulated sugar 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves Pinch ground nutmeg 1-1/3 cups vegetable oil 4 eggs 2 cups applesauce Buttercream icing

his Halloween, throw a wickedly wonderful fete for family and friends. With help from the Wilton entertaining experts, you’ll have all the tricks to treat your guests to a spooky celebration that will leave them howling with delight. Halloween’s not just for the kids anymore, so before you put on your costume, grab your baking and decorating supplies and get ready to let the creepy crawlers loose.

“Halloween is the one time of the year that you can take your decorating skills to the dark side,” said Nancy Siler, vice president of consumer affairs at Wilton. “From finishing pumpkin cookies with ghastly grins to creating creepy cakes decorated like graveyard skulls, it’s the perfect holiday to have some fun in the kitchen.”

Preheat oven to 325ºF. Prepare Dimensions Mini Skull Pan with vegetable pan spray. In large bowl, combine flour, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cloves and nutmeg. In small bowl, whisk together oil, eggs and applesauce. Add to dry ingredients, stirring until well combined. Fill each cavity about 2/3 full with 1/3 cup batter. Reserve remaining batter. Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan 15 minutes. Remove to cooling grid and cool completely. Bake remaining batter as above. To assemble, cut the domes off of fronts and backs of skulls and sandwich with buttercream icing.

Try these tips from the Wilton test kitchen for tasty and terrifying treats:

• Creepy Cupcakes: Transform traditional cupcakes into other worldly creations by decorating with eyeballs, spider webs or candy corn. Set up a decorating table during your Halloween party and let kids make their own creepy creations.

• Stack the Skulls: Turn the crouque-en-bouche, a popular French dessert, on its head by replacing cream puffs with miniskeleton skulls. To increase the scare factor, mix in bone-shaped cookies and antique the treats with Candy Melts candy and Color Mist food color spray.

Try these recipes for Pumpkin Cake Pops and Graveyard Crouque-enBouche for a spook-tacular Halloween party.

Each pop serves 1 1 package (15.5 to 18.25 ounces) yellow cake mix Water, eggs and oil to prepare mix Orange, Black and White Candy Melts Candy Black/White Colored Lollipop Sticks Candy Eyeballs Preheat oven to 350°F. Prepare 12-cavity Silicone Petite Pumpkin

Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly spray Easy Decorate Pumpkin Cookie Pan with vegetable pan spray.

Mold with vegetable pan spray. Prepare cake mix following package instructions; fill silicone mold cavities 2/3 full with cake batter. Bake 8 to 12 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Remove from mold and cool completely. Melt orange Candy Melts candy following package instructions. Dip lollipop sticks in melted candy; insert into bottom of cakes. Using spatula or butter knife, spread melted candy onto backs of cakes; chill in refrigerator 5 to 10 minutes or until set. Place

Cookie Bones: Makes about 3 dozen cookies 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened 1-1/2 cups granulated sugar 1 egg 1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon almond extract (optional) 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly spray Bones Cookie Pan cavities with vegetable pan spray. In large bowl, beat butter and sugar with electric mixer at medium speed until well blended. Beat in egg and extracts; mix well. Combine flour and salt; add to butter mixture. Beat until well blended. Press dough into pre-

cooled cakes on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet, candy side down; spoon or pipe melted candy over cakes until well coated. Chill in refrigerator 10 to 15 minutes or until set. Repeat if desired. Melt black Candy Melts candy in disposable decorating bag; cut small hole in tip of bag and pipe mouth, nose and eyebrows on pumpkins. If desired, pipe melted white candy teeth. Attach candy eyeballs with dots of melted candy.

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pared pan cavities, filling 2/3 full. Bake 9 to 10 minutes or until light brown around edges. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Turn pan over; lightly tap pan to remove cookies. Cool completely on cooling grid. To decorate and assemble: Yellow candy color from Primary Candy Color Set, optional 3 (12-ounce) bags White Candy Melts Candy, melted 1 (12-ounce) bag Black Candy Melts Candy, melted Large Candy Eyeballs Brown Color Dust, optional Place assembled cakes and cookies on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet. If desired, add yellow candy color to melted white candy; pour over cakes and cookies until

well coated. Chill 10 to 15 minutes or until set. Repeat if needed. Using disposable decorating bag, pipe melted black candy face details on skull cakes; chill 5 to 10 minutes or until set. Attach candy eyeballs to skulls with dots of melted candy. If desired, brush Color Dust highlights on candy-covered bones and skulls. Using melted white candy, secure four decorated skull cakes to cake base or serving platter, hold until set; insert decorated bone cookies between cakes. Add second row of skulls, positioning between the skulls below and securing with melted candy; hold until set. Add bone cookies between skulls. Secure final skull to top of tower with melted candy; hold until set. Arrange remaining bone cookies around base of cake tower.










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Spirited Pumpkin Cake Pops:

Makes about 2 dozen cookies 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened 1-1/2 cups granulated sugar 1 egg 1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon almond extract (optional) 2-3/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt Light Green, Black, Red and Orange Sparkle Gel

In large bowl, beat butter and sugar with electric mixer at medium speed until well blended. Beat in egg and extracts; mix well. Combine flour and salt; add to butter mixture. Beat until well blended. Press dough into cavities, filling 2/3 full. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until light brown around edges. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Turn pan over; lightly tap pan to remove cookies. Cool completely on cooling grid. Decorate cooled cookies with Sparkle Gel, using light green for stem; black for eyes, mouths and mustaches; red for tongue; and orange for remaining pumpkin areas. Let set, about 1/2 hour.


• Mummy Wrap: Dress up your Halloween treats with themed baking cups. Pumpkins, mummies and ghosts are an instant way to give your party extra personality.

Jolly Jack-oLantern Cookies:


• Trick the Treat: Swap out the standard packaged treats for homemade sweets. Wrap cookies, pumpkin cake pops and lollipops in decorative party bags for a fearfully fun take-home treat.



Celebrate Fall 2013 at Your State Arboretum

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Wednesday, October 2 • 6:30-8 p.m. Shell Fischer, Insight Meditation Instructor Mindfulness meditation can be helpful in dealing with stress, pain, and illness. Learn mindfulness meditation through discussion, guided meditation, and other exercises. FOSA members $8, nonmembers $10. Reservations Required Weather permitting, we may spend time outside Co-host: Winchester-Clarke Garden Club

Gardening with Thomas Jefferson Thursday, October 17 • 2-4 p.m. Pat Brodowski, Monticello Vegetable Gardener Which vegetables and varieties did Thomas Jefferson favor in his garden? What techniques did he use, and how are vegetables grown at Monticello today? Learn this and more from Monticelloʼs Head Vegetable Gardener, who will illustrate her talk with samples, tools, and tips from the garden. FOSA & WCGC members $8, nonmembers $10. Reservations Required

BATS: Be Afraid! Wednesday, October 23 • 7-8:30 p.m. Bonnie Miles, Bat Rehabilitator We should be afraid for our bats, not of them!

Come hear about these amazing mammals and the many ways they contribute to healthy environ-ments. Learn about ongoing and emerging threats to their well being, and what you can do to help. FOSA members $8, nonmembers $10, family $20 Special Program at Shenandoah University Co-host: Dept. of Environmental Studies

Wood Turtles in Virginia: Conserving Slow-Moving Species in Rapidly Changing Landscapes Thursday, November 7 • 7-8:30 p.m. Thomas Akre Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Wood turtles reach their southern limit in Virginia, where populations are threatened by development, road mortality, and the pet trade. Scientists and students from several schools are working together to better understand this state-threatened species. This program will share results from these studies. Stimpson Auditorium, Shenandoah University. FOSA members $8, nonmembers $10. SU students and staff free. Register through Blandy, not through SU

Full Moon Walk Monday, November 18 • 6-7:30 p.m. Explore the Arboretum under the full moon. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a flashlight, and explore the natural world at dusk and after dark. FOSA members $8, nonmembers $10, Family $20. Reservations Required


Friday, Sept. 27 and Oct. 4 • 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Marion Lobstein Includes lab and field ses-sions covering use of the new Flora of Virginia and its keys; recognizing plant families; and recent changes in plant taxonomy. Bring lunch, a 10x ocular, and a copy of the Flora if you can. Must register for both days. Meets in the Blandy Community Classroom. FOSA members $30, nonmembers $35. Reservations Required

Blandy Public Programs begin in the library unless otherwise noted. Register Early—Space is limited and canʼt be guaranteed without preregistration. Call 540-837-1758 Ext. 224 or visit www.blandy.virginia. edu/our-foundation/online_payments. If a program must be canceled, we will post on Facebook and will attempt to contact those who have preregistered.


Flora of Virginia


Two-part Workshop



An Evening at the Vineyard Entertainment by: Robbie Limon of Middletown, Virginia is an awardwinning entertainer who mixes solo and band appearances with acting/singing roles at professional theaters

Thursday, October 10

Dinner by:

6 p.m.

Join us for an evening of fine food and fabulous entertainment as we celebrate Virginia Wine Month at Frederick County’s only vineyard, Valerie Hill. Dinner will include a Valerie Hill wine selected to compliment the menu from Carrabba’s Italian Grill. And the vineyard’s stellar collection of wines will be available for purchase. Entertainment is also “homegrown.” Robbie Limon is always delightful as he takes to the stage! Valerie Hill is truly a gem in Frederick County’s crown and you won’t want to miss this wonderful Evening at the Vineyard.


We will be under the tent out back! Make your reservation today through Frederick County Parks and Recreation. $42 per person in advance; for ages 21+; limited availability Valerie Hill Vineyard & Winery is a family owned and operated farm winery located just south of Winchester. The focus of our winery is our Tasting House, a Federal style brick manor house dating back to 1807 and the namesake of our business - Valerie Hill. 1687 Marlboro Road, Stephens City, Virginia

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Cool Spring – Protecting Land for Future Generations right here on the 195 acres of Cool Spring.”

Battlefield Preservation Effort Provides Access to Historic Site

Environmental studies students will have endless hands-on learning opportunities at Cool Spring. They’ll catch crustaceans, insects and snails out of the pond and observe those species. They’ll make the trek to what was once Hole No. 3 to study the grand sweep of the current environment, and they’ll use their imaginations to picture individuals settling in the Shenandoah Valley and what the scenery was like during the Ice Age.


n the brisk morning of April 23, 2013, Shenandoah University embarked on its newest venture— the preservation and protection of land along the Shenandoah River integral to the July 18, 1864, Battle of Cool Spring. These 195 acres of land, now known as the Shenandoah River Campus at Cool Spring Battlefield, were acquired by the Civil War Trust in 2012. Under the stewardship of the university, the land will now transition from a former golf course into an outdoor classroom for the university community and general public.

The property will provide a wide range of educational opportunities, and co-curricular programs will be developed and implemented by the university’s Division of Student Life. This programming is fundamental for enhancing a connection to the region, while promoting environmental stewardship and the enjoyment of nature. “It’s important, to me, as a space for folks to come and just take a walk, take pictures or ride their bikes,” said Cool Spring Site Manager Gene Lewis. “We have the river here, some streams, a couple of ponds; and there’s a lot of wildlife. The conservation easement, a legal way to protect this land, will ensure that it is here to stay; and people will have somewhere like this to come and enjoy whatever it is they want — relaxation, nature, a little bit of peace and quiet.” This living laboratory will enrich university students’ lives and learning, and it will afford local schools and the public at large with opportunities to explore the region through historical and natural interpretation. “If these properties are not preserved now, they will be lost forever,” said Professor of History Warren Hofstra, Ph.D. “Future generations will be unable to appreciate what we now so abundantly enjoy and learn from in the natural and historical environment.”

paved with an assortment of agencies and entities partnering together for a common cause. “The Civil War Trust is in the battlefield preservation business of preserving land, not owning it,” said President of the Civil War Trust James Lighthizer. “So, we’ve got the best of both worlds here. We got to preserve it, and now we’re handing it off to a wonderful organization — Shenandoah University — and they get to manage it, preserve it and educate people through this facility and land.” The $2 million purchase price for the land was achieved through generous, competitively awarded preservation matching grants at the federal and state levels. Landowner donation and contributions from Civil War Trust members played a significant role as well. The American Battlefield Protection Program, administered by the National Park Service, contributed $200,000, while the Virginia Civil War Sites Preservation Fund put forward another $800,000. Throughout this project, Shenandoah University also worked diligently with the offices of Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources Doug Domenech and Virginia Director of Historic Resources Kathleen Kilpatrick as well as the Clarke County Board of Supervisors. The university looks forward to developing strong relationships with its neighbors around its new river campus, including Shenandoah Retreat, Rolling Ridge Foundation and Holy Cross Abbey.

Visionary Partnerships

Remembering the Past Through Preservation

This road to preservation and protection of the Cool Spring site is

The Cool Spring site is now protected from unsuitable or invasive

development through a conservation easement held by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. “This is core battlefield,” said Virginia Director of Historic Resources Kathleen Kilpatrick. “It is a landmark. Core means this is where men actually fought and died, as opposed to encamped or prepared for battle. This is hallowed ground, but it also has a remarkable assemblage of natural resources here.” Following the defeat of a raid on Washington, D.C., at the Battle of Fort Stevens, Confederate Lt. Gen. Jubal Early retreated, crossing the Potomac River at White’s Ferry and the Blue Ridge at Snickers Gap. Elements of three U.S. corps — about 25,000 men under overall command of Maj. Gen. Horatio Wright — pursued and met Early’s rear guard at the Shenandoah River crossing of Snickers Ferry, near the farm of Cool Spring. Although brief in duration, the July 18, 1864, Battle of Cool Spring was desperately fought, checking the federal pursuit for several days. The Battle of Cool Spring (also known as Island Ford, Parker’s Ford, Snickers Ferry or Castleman’s Ferry) resulted in more than 800 casualties and served as a prelude to the second major battle at Kernstown, which occurred less than a week later.

Historical Scholarship in the Shenandoah Valley “The Shenandoah River and its valley are widely regarded as one of the most beautiful regions in the world, an inspiration for poets, writers, historians and painters for

centuries,” said Dr. Hofstra. “This property will provide a living laboratory for students and their professors for the study not only of the American Civil War but also the longue durée of history from its New World origins in Native American prehistory to present concerns for landscape preservation, land-use, environmental protection and smart growth.” According to Hofstra, the property will lend to larger studies of the Native Americans who lived in the Shenandoah Valley, European immigrants who settled in the area and the development of an agricultural economy, among other important historical themes. Shenandoah University history students and faculty will gain firsthand experience as they work to research and create the interpretive historical signage for the Cool Spring property. They’ll also have the unique opportunity to plan and coordinate the 150th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Cool Spring in 2014.

Environmental Studies: Hands-on Learning “It would be hard to imagine a piece of property in the Shenandoah Valley that has such a diverse mixture of habitats and plants, animals and geology as this property does,” said Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology Woodward Bousquet, Ph.D. “It’s got all the things that we want to show our students about the natural heritage of the region — we have a chance to explore mountain slope forests, ponds, rivers, floodplains, swamps and marshes — all

Teaching Outdoor Leadership & Education The Cool Spring property and Shenandoah’s new Outdoor Leadership & Education program will make a perfect pair. “It’s a big playground,” said Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Outdoor Leadership & Education/Cool Spring Program Coordinator T. Grant Lewis, Ph.D. “People in my position dream of having something like this at their disposal in order to run classes, have a laboratory and make education more experiential and authentic. We can talk all we want about anything in the classroom setting, but out here, we’ll do a lot more of the application of what they learn in class in a field situation.” Opportunities abound at the site, with plans to create high- and lowropes challenge courses and build two to four yurts (a portable, dwelling structure traditionally used by Central Asian nomads). The yurts will provide teaching and meeting spaces, as well as bunking for overnight trips and shelter in inclement weather. Planning for the challenge courses has already begun, taking into account the topography of the land and the space available. Lewis hopes to create courses that are both static and dynamic, allowing participants to move throughout the course on their own or to be tethered to another participant on the ground. The courses and Cool Spring property overall can be utilized from a class standpoint, but also for a variety of programs with Student Life and the community at large. “The possibilities are whatever we can dream,” said Lewis. Reprinted with permission from Shenandoah University.

Visit for complete class/lesson schedule


“For years we’ve been saying that Shenandoah is a magical name,” said President Tracy Fitzsimmons, Ph.D. “It’s a word that’s known across the country, and when people hear Shenandoah, we want them to think — river, valley, university. So it’s really quite perfect now to have, ‘Shenandoah on the Shenandoah.’”

“There weren’t glaciers here, but can you imagine mastodons, saber tooth tigers and musk oxen where Interstate 81 is right now?” said Bousquet. “We’ll stand at the view point and talk about the grand parade of natural history as well as human history that’s gone through this valley.”



Linda Ash/Daily Students arrive at Bass-Hoover Elementary School in Frederick County recently. The school district has adopted a program called Bright Futures this year and will be partnering with businesses and civic and faith-based groups that will contribute money or other donations to meet students' needs.

Frederick schools first in state to adopt Bright Futures program He said the steering committee has secured the necessary affiliate agreement with Bright Futures, and can now begin reaching out to community leaders who might want to join the advisory board.

Frederick County Public Schools is partnering with area businesses, civic and faith based organizations to help meet the needs of division students. The program, Bright Futures, will allow division teachers and administrators to express areas in which their students need help to an advisory board made of up community leaders. Once aware of a need, the board will contribute to fill it via monetary or physical donations. Steve Edwards, coordinator of policy, records management and communications for the division, said he first heard about Bright Futures during a national conference.

“This isn’t just about the neediest kids, and it’s not just about money. It’s about sharing time, talents and treasures.”

He learned that the program began in 2010 in Joplin, Mo., as a way to improve graduation and attendance rates. Since its start, Bright Futures has been implemented in several surrounding school systems in Missouri and Kansas. While it started small, Joplinʼs program has now grown to encompass more than 300 partnerships between the school system and area organizations. “It just kind of struck a chord with me,” Edwards said about the Bright Futures presentation. David Sovine, Frederick County Public Schools superintendent, also became interested in bringing the program to the division once learning more about it. In March, he invited local business leaders to talk about the possibility of starting Bright Futures.

“It was a very transparent conversation,” Edwards said. “Dr. Sovine talked about our school systemʼs many successes, but he also highlighted some areas of need.”

About a dozen other school divisions in the Midwest are using Bright Futures, but Frederick County Public Schools would be the first in the state and outside of that region to try it. Edwards said the programʼs staff is very interested to see how it will work in a long distance situation.

Steve Edwards Division coordinator of policy, records management and communications

Edwards said the division has realized the increased poverty rate in that over the last five years, the number of students approved for free or reduced lunches has grown from 24-33 percent. He added that the division has noticed a rise in the number of homeless students, and the number of families under stress. While the program would certainly help students who need materials or physical donations, the focus isnʼt just on them, Edwards noted. Local businesses and organizations can also help by providing guest speakers, mentors, volunteers, internships and more. “This isnʼt just about the neediest kids,” Edwards said. “And itʼs not just about money. Itʼs about sharing time, talents and treasures.” Patrick Barker, executive director of the Winchester-Frederick County Economic Development Commission, will serve as a co-chairman of the programʼs advisory board.

The preliminary board members will meet the last week in September to toss around a few ideas for getting the program up and running. Barker said additional community stakeholders will also be identified during the meeting in order to expand the programʼs reach. “For as little as weʼve done up to this point, thereʼs a lot of interest and chatter about Bright Futures,” he said. “Everyoneʼs really eager to jump on board. Weʼre all anxious to see what this program can yield in our area.” Jim Stutzman, advisory board member and local businessman, said he was happy to be involved with Bright Futures. He and his business, Jim Stutzman Chevrolet, consistently sponsor school fundraising, sport and club events. He said that the new program brings a whole new realm of opportunity. “Through Bright Futures, we will actually be a conduit for the many community organizations that want to make a difference and help our areaʼs students,” he said. “Itʼs all about getting the resources to the right place ... thatʼs a huge win.” Stutzman had the opportunity of speaking about Bright Futures during Frederick County Public Schoolsʼ new teacher orientation. He said feedback from administrators, faculty and staff has been nothing but positive. “These next few months will be about taking what we have, building upon that, making it work, and then opening it up to the entire region,” he said. “The more kids we help, the better.” The steering committee members hope to have the advisory board fully formed soon in order to get Bright Futures up and running by the end of the year. Contact staff writer Kim Walter at 540-4655137 ext. 191, or


By Kim Walter





D’Vine Wines & Beer Finest Selection in the Area 3103 Valley Ave., Winchester, VA (Creekside Station)

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Fall Fun & Savings at Annual Creekside Fall Festival

n Saturday, October 5th at Creekside Village and Creekside Station in Winchester on Valley Avenue, the sights and sounds of the fall will be showcased for all to see. From Mom and Dad to the kids, there is plenty to do from Noon to 5pm.

Throughout Creekside, not only will shoppers enjoy great deals and offers, but they will be able do it with a spring in their step as they listen to BB Wolf live! Featuring the best in contemporary Rock and Rock classics that cross all age ranges…BB Wolf is sure to please.

If shopping is not your thing, no worries, we have two of the area’s largest bounce houses for the kids. Combined with face painting, bead jewelry making, glitter tattoos and a kid’s photo booth, there is only one word that could make the afternoon perfect. FREE…that’s right, Creekside’s Fall Festival is free.

For those interested in wine, there will be a Wine Tasting hosted by D’Vine Wines and benefiting NW Works. Sample four stunning wines and receive a free glass all for only $5. After you have had a chance to sample great wines, participate in what has become a “MUST SEE” event in Winchester. Wild Birds Unlimited will again host a live Hawks and Owls show at 12Noon and again at 2pm.

Not to be outdone, all the restaurants throughout Creekside will be offering specials and even tastings. Visit the Creekside food tents across from the band to sample foods from Butcher’s Station, Metro Pizza and Paplanos. With all the senses alerted to great sites, sounds and tastes, Creekside has one more surprise for visitors…a chance to win great prizes. Register to win at the Information Booth and take a chance to win great gifts from Creekside Gifts, IJCanns, Joseph A. Bank, Talbotts and so much more.

Creekside offers shoppers an eclectic blend of outstanding national chain and independent retailers and dining venues. Come shop, dine, or simply take a stroll along our brick sidewalks, and enjoy the best of both worlds: Main Street friendliness and City sophistication. To learn more, visit us on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter for even more chances to win!

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“Hidden Gem” ~ Bethany in Maryland 8/28/13


Lunch at the Butcher Station is served Tuesday – Saturday 11–4 • Dinner from 4–9 Enjoy special drink & food prices daily 3–6 p.m.

For facials, pedicures, manicures and massages!


Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013 • 10-5

• Fresh Seafood • Locally Pasture-Raised Meats • Fresh Baked Bread • Appetizers • Soups • Salads & Sides • Seasonal Entreés • Craft Beer selection


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Winchester/Frederick County Living






Veteran’s Memorial Brick Sponsorship at the Newtown Commons

The Town of Stephens City Parks and Recreation Committee is committed to seeing the construction of a Veteranʼs Memorial at the Newtown Commons. It is our goal to construct a Memorial that honors our Veteranʼs while at the same time promotes civic pride. As part of the fundraising efforts for the construction of the Veteranʼs Memorial on the Newtown Commons we have decided to create a “Walk of Honor”. We are asking interested citizens or residents of the area to honor their active military or memorialize those who are no longer with us by sponsoring a brick in their honor. The cost of the brick will be used towards the engraving, installation and the construction of the memorial itself. Please take this opportunity to be part of honoring our veterans. At this time the memorial sponsorship is to honor Veterans that have served in any of the five branches of the military. This includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and US Coast Guard.

Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated for this project and your donation will make this

vision a reality and a way that we can all honor the veterans who have given their lives or a portion

of time out of their lives to protect the freedoms that we value today.

-Family owned and operated. -Chimney sweeps and repair. -Stove installation & service. -Outdoor power equipment sales & service.

161 Warrior Drive Stephens City, VA 22655


During Breast Cancer Awareness month, purchase a $10 Punch Card and complete 10 Workouts in honor of a woman you know who has battled breast cancer.

-Firearms & Archery

All proceeds go to breast cancer research, so while you do something great for your body, you are also giving to a great cause.




Offer valid for new fitness members only at participating locations. May be exchanged for first visit offer. Offer based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12-month draft program. 10 visits must be completed by Nov. 15, 2013.

Stephens City 540-868-9407

Winchester 662-0100



Swedish • Deep Tissue • Raindrop Therapy • Hot Stone • Pregnancy Massage

Import & Sports Car Service & Sales

If you have any questions please contact the Town Manager or the Town Office.


If you are interested in just sponsoring a brick, but do not personally know any veterans to honor, please leave the attached form blank where the brick is to be engraved (in the boxes).

Hours: Tues.-Fri. 9-6 Sat. 8-4 Sherando Towne Center Suite 107 Stephens City, VA 22655

Call For Your Appointment Today - 540-868-0288 Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

Search for us at

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122 G Agape Way, Stephens City


(540) 869-1868 • (800) 822-1868


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“Warriors Never Quit”



Chemical Service Installation Above Ground Inground

Chemical Service

Service Installation Wood Pellet Gas





• Group Exercise Classes • Martial Arts Classes • Personal Training • Cardio • Free Weights • Child watch

• Tanning • No-Contract Memberships • No Enrollment Fee • Family and Corporate Memberships


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HANDLEY FALL SPORTS SCHEDULE Boys Varsity Football 9/28 1:00 H Washington 10/4 7:00 A Kettle Run 10/18 7:00 A Sherando 10/26 1:00 H Skyline 11/1 7:00 A Millbrook 11/9 1:00 H James Wood

Boys Varsity Cross Country 9/25 5:30 A Skyline 9/28 TBD A Carlisle PA (Invitational) 10/2 4:30 A Spotswood (Invitational) 10/9 5:30 H Sherando 10/12 8:30 A Robinson (Invitational) 10/19 8:00 A Millbrook (Invitational) 10/30 5:00 A Harrisonburg (Conference Tournament)

Boys JV Football 9/30 4:30 H Kettle Run 10/14 4:00 H Sherando 10/21 6:00 A Skyline 10/28 4:00 H Millbrook 11/4 6:00 A James Wood

Girls Varsity Cross Country 9/25 5:30 A Skyline 10/2 4:30 A Spotswood (Invitational) 10/9 5:30 H Sherando 10/12 8:30 A Robinson (Invitational) 10/16 5:30 A James Wood 10/30 4:30 A Harrisonburg (Conference Tournament)

9th Grade Football 9/25 4:30 H Mussleman 10/15 6:00 A Skyline Girls Varsity Volleyball 9/30 7:15 A Millbrook 10/3 7:15 A Skyline 10/7 7:15 A Clarke County 10/10 7:15 H Sherando 10/15 7:15 A James Wood 10/17 7:15 H Millbrook 10/22 7:15 H Skyline 10/28 7:15 A Sherando 10/31 7:15 H James Wood

Varsity Cheer 10/3 6:00 A Warren County (Invitational) 10/5 5:00 A Buffalo Gap (Invitational) 10/8 7:00 H District Tournament 10/26 6:00 A Harrisonburg (Conference Tournament)

Girls JV Volleyball 9/30 6:00 A Millbrook 10/3 6:00 A Skyline 10/7 6:00 A Clarke County 10/10 6:00 H Sherando 10/15 6:00 A James Wood 10/17 6:00 H Millbrook 10/22 6:00 H Skyline 10/28 6:00 A Sherando 10/31 6:00 H James Wood

JAMES WOOD FALL SPORTS SCHEDULE Boys Varsity Cross Country 10/2 5:00 H Millbrook 10/5 9:00 A Mountain View (Invitational) 10/9 5:30 A Skyline 10/16 5:30 H John Handley 10/19 9:30 A Millbrook (Invitational) 10/30 1:45 A Oatlands Plantation (Conference Tournament) 11/6 TBD A Loriella Park (Region Tournament)

Boys Varsity Football 9/27 7:00 A Fauquier 10/4 7:30 A Broadway 10/11 7:00 H Sherando 10/18 7:00 A Skyline 11/9 1:00 A John Handley Boys JV Football 10/1 6:00 H Broadway 10/7 6:00 A Sherando 10/14 6:00 H Skyline 10/21 6:00 A Millbrook 10/28 6:00 H Timber Ridge 11/4 6:00 H John Handley

Girls Varsity Cross Country 10/2 5:00 H Millbrook 10/5 9:00 A Mountain View (Invitational) 10/9 5:30 A Skyline 10/16 5:30 H John Handley 10/19 9:30 A Millbrook (Invitational) 10/30 1:00 A Oatlands Plantation (Conference Tournament) 11/6 TBD A Loriella Park (Region Tournament)

Girls Varsity Volleyball 9/30 7:00 H North Hagerstown 10/1 7:00 A Sherando 10/3 7:00 A Washington 10/8 7:00 H Millbrook 10/10 7:00 A Skyline 10/17 7:00 H Sherando 10/22 7:00 A Dominion 10/24 7:00 A Millbrook 10/29 7:00 H Skyline 10/31 7:00 A John Handley Girls JV Volleyball 9/30 6:00 H North Hagerstown 10/1 6:00 A Sherando 10/3 6:00 A Washington 10/8 6:00 H Millbrook 10/10 6:00 A Skyline 10/15 6:00 H John Handley 10/17 6:00 H Sherando 10/22 6:00 A Dominion 10/24 6:00 A Millbrook 10/29 6:00 H Skyline 10/31 6:00 H John Handley Boys Varsity Golf 10/2 TBD A Region Tournament 10/4 TBD A State Tournament

Varsity Cheer 9/28 2:00 A Loudoun Valley (Invitational) 10/3 A Warren County (Invitational) 10/8 7:00 A John Handley (Tournament) 10/16 7:00 H (Tournament) 10/19 12:00 A Park View (Invitational) 10/23 7:00 A Park View (Conference Tournament) 11/2 4:00 A Dominion (Region Tournament)

MILLBROOK FALL SPORTS SCHEDULE Boys Varsity Football 9/27 7:00 A Chancellor 10/4 7:00 H Skyline 10/11 7:00 A Jefferson 10/25 7:00 A James Wood 11/8 7:00 A Sherando Boys JV Football 9/30 7:00 A Skyline 10/7 6:00 H Jefferson 10/21 6:00 H James Wood 10/28 4:30 A John Handley 11/4 6:00 H Sherando Girls Varsity Volleyball 9/26 7:00 A Heritage 9/30 7:30 H John Handley 10/3 7:30 H Sherando 10/7 6:00 H Hampshire County 10/8 7:20 A James Wood 10/15 7:30 H Skyline 10/17 7:30 A John Handley 10/22 7:30 A Sherando 10/24 7:30 H James Wood 10/31 7:30 A Skyline Girls JV Volleyball 9/26 5:45 A Heritage 9/30 6:00 H John Handley 10/3 6:00 H Sherando 10/8 6:00 A James Wood 10/15 6:00 H Skyline 10/17 6:00 A John Handley 10/22 6:00 A Sherando 10/24 6:00 H James Wood 10/31 6:00 A Skyline

Boys Varsity Cross Country 9/25 5:30 H Sherando 9/28 TBD A Carlisle PA (Invitational) 10/2 5:00 A James Wood 10/5 9:00 A Mountain View (Invitational) 10/16 5:30 H Skyline 10/19 9:00 H (Invitational) 10/30 TBD A Oatlands Plantation (Conference Tournament) Girls Varsity Cross Country 9/25 5:30 H Sherando 9/28 TBD A Carlisle PA (Invitational) 10/5 9:00 A Mountain View (Invitational) 10/16 5:30 H Skyline 10/19 9:00 H (Invitational) 10/30 TBD A Oatlands Plantation (Conference Tournament) Varsity Cheer 9/28 2:00 A Loudoun Valley (Invitational) 10/8 6:00 A John Handley (Invitational) 10/16 7:00 A James Wood (Invitational) 10/19 12:00 A Park View (Tournament) 10/23 7:00 A Park View (Conference Tournament)

SHERANDO FALL SPORTS SCHEDULE Boys Varsity Football 9/27 7:00 A Jefferson 10/4 7:00 A Liberty 10/11 7:00 A James Wood 10/18 7:00 H John Handley 11/1 7:00 A Skyline 11/8 7:00 H Millbrook Boys JV Football 9/30 7:15 H Liberty 10/7 6:00 H James Wood 10/14 4:00 A John Handley 10/28 6:00 H Skyline 11/4 7:15 A Millbrook Boys 9th Football 9/30 7:15 H Liberty 10/7 6:00 H James Wood 10/14 4:00 A John Handley 10/28 6:00 H Skyline 11/4 7:15 A Millbrook Girls Varsity Volleyball 9/26 7:00 A Spring Mills 10/1 7:00 A James Wood 10/3 7:00 A Millbrook 10/7 7:00 H Skyline 10/10 7:00 A John Handley 10/17 7:00 H James Wood 10/22 7:00 H Millbrook 10/24 7:00 A Washington 10/28 7:00 H John Handley 10/31 7:00 H Washington

Boys Varsity Cross Country 9/25 5:30 A Millbrook 10/2 5:30 H Skyline 10/9 5:30 A John Handley 10/19 9:00 A Millbrook (Invitational) 10/23 1:00 A Oatlands Plantation (Conference Tournament) Girls Varsity Cross Country 9/25 5:30 A Millbrook 10/2 5:30 H Skyline 10/9 5:30 A John Handley 10/19 9:00 A Millbrook (Invitational) 10/23 1:00 A Oatlands Plantation (Conference Tournament) Varsity Cheer 9/28 2:00 A Loudoun Valley (Invitational) 10/8 7:00 A James Wood (District Tournament) 10/16 7:00 A James Wood (Tournament) 10/19 2:00 A Park View (Invitational) 10/23 7:00 A Park View (Conference Tournament) 11/2 4:00 A Dominion (Region Tournament)

Girls JV Volleyball 9/26 6:00 A Spring Mills 10/1 6:00 A James Wood 10/3 6:00 A Millbrook 10/7 6:00 H Skyline 10/10 6:00 A John Handley 10/17 6:00 H James Wood 10/22 6:00 H Millbrook 10/24 6:00 A Washington 10/28 6:00 H John Handley 10/31 6:00 H Washington

540-667-1500 2110 Valley Avenue, Winchester

Supporting our local teams since 1946!







• New Cars • Used Cars • Auto Service Department • New Buick Cars & GMC Trucks & SUVs • State of the Art Bodyshop


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OctoBeer Fest Comes to Old Town Winchester! By Thomas Ainsworth WINCHESTER (Sept. 11, 2013)-This fall, a taste of Germany is coming to Old Town Winchester in a brand new event! The City of Winchester, Old Town Development Board and Full Circle Marketing will be producing a two-day German-themed beer and wine festival known as the Gateway Funding OctoBeer Fest on October 18 and 19 and is presented by HRI Inc. “I want to encourage everyone to get into the Oktoberfest spirit and dress in your best lederhosen and dirndl,” states Special Event Promoter Dario Savarese.

• Authentic Bavarian-Polka Band, The Edelweiss Band • Souled Out • Nathanial Davis Band • Push To Start • Live Musical Performances • Contests • Costume Contest: Best Dressed Couple in lederhosen and dirndl • Pretzel Eating Contest • 20 German and Craft Beers • 15 German and European Wines • Activities • Social Games including Cornhole & Pong • Televisions showing College Football

The Gateway Funding OctoBeer Fest will feature an assortment of different activities and entertainment that will be fun for all ages. Participants will have access to taste German and craft beers as well as a variety of European wines. “The beers and wines we’re having at this event will be completely different than the ones we had at our Downtown Tailgate,” said Savarese. “We’re teaming up with Virginia Eagle and Kysela Pere et Fils and they’re providing us with some perfect drinks for this event! One of the great things about this event is that it allows people to taste unique beers and wines they probably haven’t ever tasted before.” While some of the drinks will be exclusive to the Gateway Funding OctoBeer Fest many of them can be purchased in Old Town at places such as the Village Bistro and Murphy Beverage Company. “The OctoBeer Fest is a great way to continue the summer events programming and give the community another great reason to come downtown Winchester,” said Downtown Manager Jennifer Bell. “It blends polka dancing, German beer, hearty food and community fun in a lovely downtown cultural festival." General admission tickets are $5 and a special advance tasting package is available for $10. The tasting package will get you entry into the venue, 4 beer or wine tastings and a tasting cup. Extra tasting tickets are available on site, three tastings for $5. Most wines and beers will be available to purchase by the glass for $4. Tickets for the event can be ordered at or can be purchased in person at the Espresso Bar and Café, Kimberly’s, Old Town General Store and FASTSIGNS. The venue for this event will be in the heart of

Winchester, along Old Town Winchester’s walking mall on Shenandoah University’s Feltner parking lot at the corner of Loudoun Street and Boscawen Street) and the front lawn of the Old Court House Civil War Museum. The event benefits Big Brothers, Big Sister of Winchester and Frederick County.

People interested in participating, sponsoring or volunteering should contact Dario Savarese at (540) 7228700 and For questions about Old Town Winchester and other upcoming events, contact Jennifer Bell, Downtown Manager, at (540) 5353660 and For further information on existing and new events, visit

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Spooktacular in Old Town Winchester 2 pm: Pet Parade - pets & kids in costume; 3-5 pm: Trick or treating on the Mall; 5pm - Guided Ghost Tours


OUR NEW LOCATION! Visit us in Old Town Winchester at 28 West Piccadilly Street


GNC Antiques Online Auctions


Call us at 540-722-2669


A truly unique mall offering a great selection of antiques and collectibles in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere

Primitive to Retro Furniture and Smalls, Oil Paintings, EAPG, Enamelware, Advertising, Architectural and much more Furniture Refinishing & Restoration Research, Identification & Appraisals

326 S. Braddock St., Winchester, VA 22601 540-323-7641 Open Daily 10 to 5


Formerly GNC Antiques


Owners & Proprietors Tanya and Scott Singleton


Call 540-974-9001

Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm Sat. 10am-5pm Sun. Noon-4pm



Joke s and Riddle s Q: How do you mend a broken jack-o-lantern? A: With a pumpkin patch.

Q: Whom did the monster invite to the Haunted House? A: Everyone he could dig up.

What a Scream! For some, there is nothing scarier than going to a haunted house. Each October, people across the country set up their own haunted house, either for trick-or-treaters or for the public at large. Some haunted houses are scarier than others. Usually the scarier ones are open to teens and adults only or require kids to come with an adult. There is usually a fee to get into a haunted house. Most haunted houses use a lot of props to look, sound and feel scary. Props may range from eerie music to creepy fog machines to fake rodents. Volunteers may also dress up in scary costumes and lurk around the house scaring those walking through.

What Rhymes with…

List 10 words that rhyme with “boo.” 1. _______________

2. _______________

3. ____________

4. _______________

5. _______________

6. ____________

7. _______________

8. _______________

9. ____________

Fact or Fiction?

10. ______________

Movie Challenge 1) Monster House is about a house that comes alive and eats up toys left on the lawn. Fact or Fiction? 2) The Monster House belongs to a man named Horace Nutcracker. Fact or Fiction? 3) No one believes Horace’s young neighbor DJ that the house is alive. Fact or Fiction? 4) The house is possessed by the spirit of the neighbor’s wife Corrine. Fact or Fiction? 5) DJ and his friends manage to destroy the house and free Horace and his wife’s spirit. Fact or Fiction? 6) Chris Rock stars in The Haunted Mansion as real estate agent Jim Evers. Fact or Fiction? 7) The Evers go to Gracey Manor where they soon learn everyone living there is a ghost. Fact or Fiction? 8) The ghosts are under a curse and cannot leave the manor until its owner, Master Gracey, is reunited with his long-lost love Emma. Fact or Fiction? 9) The Evers help the two ghosts reunite. Fact or Fiction? 10) Master Gracey gives the manor to the Evers as a reward. Fact or Fiction?

Some answers: coo, do, goo, knew, new, ooh, sue, too, two, who

There are lots of Halloween movies for kids. Some of them even feature haunted houses. Here are some questions about a couple of movies with haunted houses. How many can you answer correctly?

Name That

Monster Haunted houses often have scary monsters lurking in dark corners. Fill in the blanks to name some of the monsters found at a haunted house.


W I __ C __ E S


F R A __ __ E N __ __ E I N


V __ M P __ R E S


W __ R __ W O __ V E S


M U __ __ I E S


Z O __ __ I E S


G H __ S T S

Answers: 1) Fact, 2) Fiction, the neighbor’s name is Horace Nebbercracker, 3) Fact, 4) Fiction, the name of the wife is Constance, 4) Fact, 5) Fact, 6) Fiction, Eddie Murphy stars in the film, 7) Fact, 8) Fiction, Emma is the maid—-Elizabeth is Master Gracey’s long-lost love, 9) Fact, 10) Fact

Answers: 1) Witches, 2) Frankenstein, 3) Vampires, 4) Werewolves, 5) Mummies, 6) Zombies, 7) Ghosts


Get your kids THINKING being CREATIVE and having FUN with toys that last! Let us help you select the best toy for your child, or come have them try it out!




10 OFF



Not combined with any other offers. Expires 10/31/13

Not combined with any other offers. Expires 10/31/13



3113 VALLEY AVE. CREEKSIDE STATION WINCHESTER, VA (540) 450-8780 Hours: Tues.-Sat. 10-6




UPCOMING local events Sept. 26-28

Oct. 4-6

Tri-State Antique Truck Show Frederick County Fairgrounds

“All Shook Up” Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre

Sept. 27-28

Oct. 4-6

Rouss City Hall Murder Mystery Tour Rouss City Hall

North-South Skirmish Association: Fall National Competition Fort Shenandoah

Sept. 27 Family Fun Night Skyline Lasertag

Sept. 27 Shenandoah Conservatory Jazz Ensemble Armstrong Concert Hall

Oct. 5-20

Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day • Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum • Belle Grove Plantation • Newtown History Center • Museum of the Shenandoah Valley • Stonewall Jackson's Headquarters Museum • George Washington's Office Museum • Abram's Delight Museum

Art at the Mill: Fall Show Burwell-Morgan Mill

Oct. 5-6 Southeastern Gun and Knife Show Body Renew Fitness and Family Sports Center

Oct. 5 Green Circle 5K & Kids Run Children of America

Sept. 28

Oct. 5

Winchester's Main Street Agriculture Loudoun Street Mall

Creekside Fall Festival and Wine Tasting Creekside

Sept. 28

Oct. 5-6

Guided Civil War Walking Tour of Stephens City Newtown History Center

Chili Day Veramar Vineyard

Sept. 28

Oct. 5

Rock the Grapes Festival Veramar Vineyard

8th Vermont Monument Tour Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National Historical Park

Sept. 28 8th Vermont Monument Tour Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National Historical Park

Sept. 28 Battle of Cedar Creek Guided Driving Tour Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

Sept. 28

Oct. 5 Worldwide Photowalk: Old Town Winchester Old Court House Civil War Museum

Oct. 5 Battle of Cedar Creek Guided Driving Tour Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

History Program - The Lincolns of Virginia Handley Regional Library

149th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

Oct. 12

Oct. 6

Battle of Cedar Creek Guided Driving Tour Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

Strolling Bridal Show Loudoun Street Mall

Oct. 6

National Finals Sheepdog Trials Belle Grove Plantation

Oct. 19-20

Fall Carnival Kern Motor Company

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Oct. 4

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Sept. 28

Oct. 12

Oct. 5

Oct. 8-13

Oct. 4

Guided Tours of the Pritchard House Kernstown Battlefield

149th Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek Tour National Park Service Visitor Contact Station

First Friday Art Walk Old Town Winchester

SF Jazz Collective The Bright Box Theatre

Sept. 28-29

Oct. 19

Arborfest Foundation of the State Arboretum; Blandy Farm

Oct. 4

Oct. 4

Fall Farm Fun Festival Marker-Miller Orchards

Oct. 12-13

Battle of Cedar Creek Guided Driving Tour Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

The Magic Theater presents “Quartet” Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Guided Civil War Walking Tour of Old Town Winchester Old Town Winchester

Sept. 28-29

Oct. 5

Oct. 19 Apple Festival Richardʼs Fruit Market

Oct. 12

Oct. 19-20

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Civil War Living History and Reenactment Weekend Belle Grove Plantation

Oct. 13

Oct. 19

Rally in the Alley Old Town Winchester

Oct. 8-30

8th Vermont Monument Tour Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National Historical Park

Oct. 13

Wilson Webb Retrospective exhibition Shenandoah Arts Council

Pickin' in the Park Clearbrook Park

Oct. 19

Oct. 9

Oct. 17

Battle of Cedar Creek Guided Driving Tour Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

Gardening with Thomas Jefferson Foundation of the State Arboretum; Blandy Farm

Oct. 9

Oct. 17

Free Performance Armstrong Concert Hall

Tim Reynolds and TR3 The Bright Box Theatre

Oct. 10

Oct. 18-20

An Evening at the Vineyard Valerie Hill Vineyard and Winery

Bach-Handel Festival Shenandoah University

Oct. 10 Downtown Ghosts featuring the EDGE Ensemble The Bright Box Theatre

Civil War Seminar and Tour Shenandoah University

Appraisal Day Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Oct. 26 Guided Civil War Walking Tour of Stephens City Newtown History Center

Oct. 26

Oct. 19

Oct. 26

Guided Civil War Walking Tour of Middletown

Workshop - Art Duos: Her Motherʼs Daughter Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Halloween Happenings Clearbrook Park

Oct. 26 Halloween Spooktacular Old Town Winchester

Oct. 20 Mendelssohn Piano Trio Armstrong Concert Hall

Oct. 26

Oct. 18

Oct. 25

First Battle of Kernstown Walking Tour Kernstown Battlefield

Zombie 5K Clearbrook Park

Fall Dance Concert Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre

History & Harvest Grand Re-Opening Weekend Historic Long Branch

Oct. 19

Oct. 19

Oct. 25-27

Oct. 25-27

The Airmen of Note Jazz Ensemble Armstrong Concert Hall

Apple Harvest Festival Marker-Miller Orchards

Oct. 26

8th Vermont Monument Tour Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National Historical Park

Oct. 20

Oct. 18

Oct. 12-13

Civil War Seminar and Tour Lord Fairfax Community College

Octobeer Fest Old Town Winchester

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Oct. 26

Battle of Cedar Creek Guided Driving Tour Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

Fiddlefest Foundation of the State Arboretum; Blandy Farm

Oct. 11

Pumpkin Festival Marker-Miller Orchards

Oct. 18-19

Oct. 18-19

Gardens at Night: Shag Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Oct. 26

Tour of the Trenches at Cedar Creek Battlefield Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

Oct. 11

Oct. 11

Youth Theatre: “The Arabian Nights” Glaize Studio Theatre, Ruebush Hall

Italiano Day Veramar Vineyard

Oct. 19

Guided Civil War Walking Tour of Old Town Winchester Old Town Winchester

Oct. 11-12

Oct. 26-27

Oct. 26

Halloween Costume Contest and Trunk or Treat Family Drive-In Theatre

Oct. 26 Wind Ensemble: American Voices Armstrong Concert Hall

Oct. 27

Faculty Jazz Ensemble The Bright Box Theatre

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Oct. 25-26

Oct. 29

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Historic Preservation Lecture Series Lewis-Jones Knitting Mill

Oct. 26-27

Oct. 31

Guided Tours of the Pritchard House Kernstown Battlefield

Haunted House and Zombie Shoot Skyline Lasertag

Oct. 12-13 Guided Tours of the Pritchard House Kernstown Battlefield

Our O ur 6 66 6tthh A Anniversary nniversary ((1947-2013) 1947-2013)

Sept. 28

Sept. 28 Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights Armstrong Concert Hall

Sept. 28 The World of the Piano with John O'Conor Armstrong Concert Hall

Oct. 1-31 Exhibition: Becoming Patsy Cline Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Oct. 2 Battle of Cedar Creek Guided Driving Tour Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Headquarters

Oct. 3 Historic Preservation Lecture Series Lewis-Jones Knitting Mill

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2013 Chevrolet Impala LTZ Sedan

2008 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ SUV

26,279 miles 3.6L V-6 Cyl Front Wheel Drive

57,471 miles 5.3L V-8 Cyl 4WD Loaded!

C Stk # 213237U

A Stk # 213842H





2009 Ford Mustang GT Coupe

2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara SUV

39,871 miles 4.6L V-8Cyl manual 2 door

8,704 miles 3.6L V-6Cyl Automatic

A Stk # 2131071H

C Stk # 213258U





2012 Nissan Frontier SV Truck Crew Cab

2011 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan

14,446 miles 4.0LV-Cyl Automatic

35,315 miles 3.5L V-6Cyl Automatic

2008 BMW 335 335i Convertible Stk #213181U $28,995

2012 Honda Accord EX Sedan Stk#213240UC $22,995

2012 Kia Forte EX Sedan Stk#213243UC $16,995

2001 BMW Z3 2.5I convertible Stk# 214053HA $11,995

2011 Honda Accord EX Sedan Stk# 2131095HA $19,995

2012 Kia Optima LX Sedan Stk#213163UC $16,995

2011 Chevrolet Aveo LT w/1Lt Sedan Stk# 213221UC $12,995

2012 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan Stk#213768HA $19,995

2011 Kia Sorento LX SUV Stk#213558HA $17,995

2008 Chevrolet Colorado LT w/2LT Truck Stk#213962HA $19,995

2012 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan Stk#213233HA $19,995

2012 MINI Cooper Hardtop Stk#213123UC $18,995

2013 Chevrolet Cruze LS Sedan Stk# 2131066HA $17,995

2009 Honda Accord LX Sedan Stk# 213848HAA $17,995

2012 Mazda 3i Sport Sedan Stk#213233UC $16,995

2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS SUV Stk# 213951HA $12,995

2012 Honda Accord SE Sedan Stk# 2131063HA $21,995

2012 Mazda 6i Touring Sedan Stk#213234UC $17,995

2012 Chevrolet Impala Sedan Stk# 213211UC $15,495

2011 Honda CR-V EX SUV Stk#213922HA $21,995

2011 Mitsibishi Endeaver SUV Stk#213256UC $18,995

2012 Chevrolet Malibu LT w/2LT Sedan Stk# 213190UC $15,995

2010 Honda CR-V EX SUV Stk# 2131120HA $20,995 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ Truck Stk#213216UC $32,995 2008 Honda CR-V EX SUV Stk#213157UA $17,995 2013 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ Sedan Stk#213191UC $14,995 2011 Honda CR-V EX-L SUV Stk#213219UC $25,995

2011 Mitsubishi Galant Sedan Stk#213244UC $15,995

2012 Chrysler 200 Touring Convertible Stk#213151UC $15,995

2010 Honda CR-V EX-L SUV Stk#214015HA $21,995

2011 Nissan Cube 1.8 S Wagon Stk#2121360HA $12,995

2012 Chrysler 300 Limited Sedan Stk#213125UC $21,995

2010 Honda CR-V EX-L SUV Stk#213731HA $20,995

2012 Nissan Maxima 3.5 S Sedan Stk#213074UC $19,995

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring SUV Stk# 2131070HA $8,995

2011 Honda CR-V SE SUV Stk#213852HA $19,995

2012 Nissan Murano S SUV Stk#213210UC $23,995

2012 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Van Passenger Stk# 213609HAA $19,995

2010 Honda Civic EX Sedan Stk#213419HA $15,995

2012 Nissan Sentra 2.0 Sedan Stk#213034UCA $13,995

2012 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Van Passenger Stk#213249UC $23,995

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan Stk#213872HA $15,995

2012 Nissan Versa S Hatchback Stk#213205UC $12,995

2013 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback Stk# 213263UC $16,995

2010 Nissan Xterra S SUV Stk#213717HHA $20,995

2011 Honda Insight EX Hatchback Stk#213238HA $15,995 2010 Honda Odyssey Touring Van Stk#213200UC $28,995

2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited Pwr Moon/Nav Station Wagon Stk#213825HAA $24,995

2011 Honda Pilot EX-L SUV Stk#213975HA $28,995

2008 Subaru Outback Ltd Station Wagon Stk#213925HA $13,995

2013 Ford Edge Limited SUV Stk#213202UC $27,995

2007 Honda Pilot EX-L SUV Stk# 2131056HA $18,995

2012 Toyota 4Runner SR5 SUV Stk#2131024HA $33,995

2013 Ford Escape S SUV Stk#213095UCA $21,995

2010 Honda Ridgeline Truck Crew Cab Stk# 2131112HA $27,995

2012 Toyota Camry SE Sedan Stk#213236UC $21,995

2012 Ford F-150 Lariat Truck Crew Cab Stk#213610HA $34,995

2005 Honda S2000 Convertible Stk#213883HAA $20,995

2013 Toyota Highlander SUV Stk#213228UC $30,995

2013 Ford F-150 XLT Truck Crew Cab Stk#213250UC $30,995

2013 Hyundai Genesis 3.8L Sedan Stk#21322UC $27,995

2012 Toyota Rav4 SUV Stk#213207UC $20,995

2012 Ford Fiesta SEL Sedan Stk#213194UC $13,995

2011 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS SUV Stk#213231UC $20,995

2012 Toyota Sienna LE Van Passenger Stk#213208UC $23,995

2012 Ford Focus SE Hatchback Stk#213193UC $13,995

2011 Hyundai Sonata Sedan Stk# 2131058HA $16,995

2012 Toyota Yaris Sedan Stk#213251UC $13,995

2012 Ford Fusion SEL Sedan Stk# 213261UC $18,995

2013 Hyundai Sonata SE Sedan Stk#213232UC $18,995

2002 Volkswagon Jetta Sedan Stk#2131094HA $7,995

2013 Ford Taurus Limited Sedan Stk# 213229UC $24,995

2012 Infiniti G37 Sedan Stk# 213259UC $27,995

2013 GMC Terrain SLT SUV Stk#21323OUC $31,995

2012 Jeep Liberty Sport SUV Stk#213178UC $17,995

2012 Volkswagen Jetta SE w/Convenience PZEV Sedan Stk#213252UC $16,995

2013 Dodge Dart SXT Sedan Stk#213118UC $16,995 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Mainstreet Van Passenger Stk#213556HA $18,995

2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S Coupe Stk#213235UC $19,995 2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S Sedan Stk#213204UC $15,995

* All prices exclude tax, title, tags and $259 processing fee. With approved credit. Must present ad at time of purchase to receive these offers. Cannot combine offers. Due to high customer demand, sale vehicles could be sold very early on the date of ad publication. Art for illustrative purposes only. Not responsible for typographical errors. See dealer for details. Offers expire October 5, 2013.





Winchester/Frederick County Enjoy - Sept. 2013  
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