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- Nelson Mandela


7 saving tips for entrepreneurs When we are our own boss, there are no longer bonuses or paid vacations. Sometimes income can fluctuate making it difficult for your business to budget and save money. We give you simple recommendations to start creating savings for your new business. 1-Separate your business accounts from your private accounts. Avoid using company cash to get out of trouble. 2-Make a personal budget and stick to it. Be clear about the money you need to live each month and cut unnecessary expenses. This will help you eliminate the temptation to use business funds.


3-Set a salary. It is essential to have a fixed personal income every month to help keep a personal budget. You can decide if you want to pay yourself weekly, monthly or yearly. 4-Do not use your own credit/debit card for company expenses. Always try to pay credit cards on time or you will be paying more interest than you are earning on your savings. 5-Commit to saving from the beginning. The sooner you develop the habit to save the better off you’ll be in the future. Even if the sum saved is small, a little money is better than nothing. 6-Look into different savings vehicles such as CDs or online savings accounts as they offer better rates than the bank. If you can afford and tolerate more risk, you can open a brokerage account and invest in the stock market. Over the long term, this stock market returns will likely outperform most other investment products but remember to never invest money you may need in the immediate term as stocks can fluctuate in price. Many banks offer investment advisors to help you determine you tolerance for risk.


7-Start saving for your retirement as soon as possible. Compounding interest can help you grow your money faster than you think! The trick is to be disciplined and think long term.




Healthy and productive tips if you are working from home Working from home can be overwhelming for some, especially when you have to deal with the unique set of distractions that come with working from your own home. Here are some ideas to be as productive as possible when working from home. -Start early Starting a project as soon as your breakfast is finished can be key to progressing faster throughout the day. There are fewer distractions in the early morning and you will be sharpest after a good night’s sleep. -Start with your most difficult task Because you will most likely be fresh and focused in the morning, you should try and accomplish your most demanding task first. However, if you know yourself to need a little time to get all cylinders firing, it’s smart to attack your hardest task when you are ready to give it your full attention. -Create a workspace If you assign a specific room or space to do your daily work this will help keep you organized, productive and less tempted to self interrupt. -Take care of your diet Working from home means you’ll be within walking distance to your refrigerator. Avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacking. The best thing for your body and mind is to eat fresh and nutritious food with the least amount of preservatives. Canvas -Avoid social media During work hours, social media can create unnecessary distractions. Turn your social media notifications off and think about avoiding the urge to check them during work hours. If that seems impossible for you, then allow yourself a specific time each day to do so. For example, on your lunch break, or after completing your most difficult task for the day. -Take a break Your health is not only about your body but also your mind. When you feel stressed or tense, it is best to stop for a few minutes, breathe, and take advantage of that craving for a drink or healthy snack. Sometimes a simple reset is all that is needed to push through your most mundane tasks. .


Pxfuel 2


Baking soda is one of the most versatile and economical chemical compounds available for home use. It is widely used for baking, cleaning, and beauty products. Here are some ideas for homemade organic products. 3

Mouthwash and teeth whitener Baking soda can be used as a replacement for mouthwash. It can help freshen your breath and provides antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Baking soda has mild abrasive properties that makes it great at breaking the bonds of molecules that stain the teeth. Ingredients 3 tablespoons (30 g) of baking soda. 2 tablespoons (28 g) of coconut oil. ½ sachet of stevia powder. 20 drops (maybe more or less, depending on the desired avor) of edible mint essence. add cinnamon or minced peppermint to taste. Preparation Put all the elements in a container, except for the mint essence. Then add the mint essence drops gradually according to your taste.

Deodorant Baking soda can also neutralize bad odors. It helps eliminate the smell of perspiretion by making the odors less acidic. Many people used it to make their own all natural deodorant. Ingredients 3 tablespoons of baking soda 5 or 6 drops of lemon essential oil 4 tablespoons of rosemary 100 ml of water Preparation Add water to a pan and bring it to a boil. Just when the water reaches the boiling point, add the rosemary leaves. Turn o the heat and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Add the baking soda and stir until all the ingredients are integrated. Add the lemon essential oil and stir again. Reserve the mixture obtained in a dark glass bottle and you will have your homemade deodorant ready to use. Relaxing Bath Baking soda is known to neutralize skin acids, relieve pain and itching, and can detoxify the body. Try taking a relaxing bath with the following ingredients. Half a cup of baking soda Six drops of lavender or chamomile essential oils. If you prefer, you can also substitute the essential oils with rose water. Preparation Fill your tub with warm water and add all the ingredients to the water.


The beautiful star of the culttelevision series Twin Peaks, Witches of East End and the hit CW show Riverdale.

Mädchen Amick


Mädchen Amick

The sexy and multi talented actress Madchen Amick sits down with NFF for an exclusive interview to discuss her iconic career in front of the camera, her promising work behind the camera and her secret to staying so young. Tell us a little about Alice Cooper on your hit show Riverdale. Alice is the mother of Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) from the Archie Comics universe turned hit show on the CW Network as well as a Netflix original. At first, Alice seems to be just a domineering mother, but as the seasons unfold and we get to know her better, we get to see much more depth and vulnerability in the layers of the character. At her core she loves her family (especially her daughter Betty) and will do anything (or kill anyone) to protect them.

You’ve had a long illustrious career as an actor. What role brought you the most creative satisfaction? Why? Speaking just in terms of characters I’ve played, I would have to say Lena from the film 'Dream Lover’ and Wendy from the Lifetime series ‘Witches of East End’ have been the most intriguing and challenging to perform. Lena was very complicated. She had lots of layers to sift through. Coming from a troubled past, that she was desperately trying to hide from her current husband (played by the formidable James Spader), she eventually frames him in a twisted plot of revenge. 6

Wendy has a special place in my heart. She was a free spirited witch living in modern times with her sister (played by the award-winning actress Julia Ormond) and two nieces (played by Jenna Dewan and Rachel Boston). The show was based on the best-selling 'Blue Bloods’ novel series and was gaining global recognition just as it was suddenly canceled. Is there a character that you haven’t yet played that you would love to explore? I have created a show, that is currently in development, based on my (and my family’s) lives. I’m not only going to explore being a mixed-race family in America, with its many challenges, but also what happens to that tight-knit family when a mental illness comes out of nowhere. I am thoroughly enjoying the writing/development process and look forward to tackling this timely subject matter and character. If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice at the beginning of your career, what would it be? I turned down a handful of films that became box office hits at the beginning of my career because I didn’t want to play one-dimensional gratuitous female characters. I don’t necessarily regret it, because I’m happy with my career as a whole, but in hindsight it would’ve been a benefit to have had that box office success and the power it would’ve garnered to start producing my own content at an earlier stage.

You recently directed an episode of the hit show Riverdale where you are one of the stars. Can you talk a little about that experience? How you transitioned into directing from acting? Has acting helped inform you as a director? And has the new experience as a director helped inform you as an actor? It was an incredible experience to have directed my first hour of television on a show that I know so well. Having the support of the production, cast and crew was invaluable. I felt a huge responsibility to deliver a really good show. To prove that I can be taken seriously as an actor-turned-director and not just be someone that was given a favor. I put a lot of hard work into preparing and executing the episode. I basically didn’t sleep the entire month of February as I prepped, filmed and edited what became the season four finale episode. I feel that I brought a unique perspective to my direction because I knew the process of performing. I could speak from experience when directing my actors. The challenge was switching my brain over to when I was in front of the camera. I had a hard time memorizing my lines because my brain was on a whole other channel. You have used your celebrity and influence to help eliminate the stigma behind mental health issues. How was this vocation born? My son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during his sophomore year in college. Seeing and experiencing how broken our mental health care system is in America infuriates me. I’ve now dedicated my celebrity status, and any influence I may have, to be the voice for others who are struggling and change our overall medical system. 7


You have used your celebrity and influence to help eliminate the stigma behind mental health issues. How was this vocation born? My son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during his sophomore year in college. Seeing and experiencing how broken our mental health care system is in America infuriates me. I’ve now dedicated my celebrity status, and any influence I may have, to be the voice for others who are struggling and change our overall medical system. What advice would you give to somebody who suffers from mental health issues? Don’t give up hope. It may feel overwhelming at times but there are resources out there and people who care and want to help. Don’t be ashamed. I’m hoping to erase the stigma attached to having a mood disorder or mental illness. It’s more common than you think. Reach out to someone in your family or friends that you feel comfortable sharing your struggles. Together you can find help. What advice would you give their families and loved ones? The current research shows that 1 out of 4 people are dealing with a mental illness, so someone in your group of friends, workplace, or family are dealing with something that you may not even know about. Be a resource for someone that you think might be struggling. Reach out to them and ask how they are. Be patient and really listen to them. Encourage them to find help. Finding a psychotherapist and psychiatrist to help diagnose your loved one is key. If you feel they are in immediate danger don’t hesitate taking them to the hospital. A lot of times that is the first step to finding adequate help. Anybody that knows you knows that you are a wonderful and committed mother. How were/are you able to balance such a demanding career with motherhood? I have to give credit to my husband for being so supportive of my career and being such a hard working dad to our two beautiful children, Sylvester and Mina. Whenever I had to travel for work, we would either all travel together, or if the kids were in school, he would stay home and solely take care of them. It was a challenge for me to work out of town and have to commute back home to make important events like, sports, artistic performances, or graduations. Sometimes I was flying from Los Angeles (where I was filming a series) back home to New York every other weekend. I’m thankful to have been a steady working actress these past 3 decades but it took a lot of juggling to give our children a solid foundation. Any advice for career woman who have children? Of course you have to work hard at your job and dedicate your time to be successful but always put your children first. You never want to look back and regret not being there for your kids. Go ahead and communicate to your coworkers and boss how important it is for you to make that "important event" for your child. You might need to work overtime to make up for taking the time off, but your family is worth it. Photo by Kei Moreno


TIPS TO STAY HEALTHY AND STRONG Strong and healthy is the new goal — not skinny or slim — we want to strive for being fit. This year we've been more focused than ever on our health and wellbeing. We have to wash our hands thoroughly many times a day, wear a mask, and keep a physical distance. We also have to make sure that our bodies and minds are staying strong to fight viruses and diseases through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle — especially during these times!

Photografer Jaka Vinsek

Managing weight is a high priority, as well. Being overweight not only increases risks of all health issues, but it also makes you highly vulnerable to COVID-19 and it's complications. Here are my tips to stay fit, safe, and healthy — not just during this period of Corona living — but for the long term. 1- Daily Breathing Exercises: 2020 has been highly stressful for most people, yet managing stress levels is a powerful tool for staying healthy. Our bodies can't function properly or defend themselves under chronic stress. This exercise takes a minute, and you can do it anywhere and anytime. Do this exercise at least twice a day by starting your day with it, doing it again before going to sleep, and when feeling overwhelmed or anxious: - Take a moment to slowly breathe through your nose as you count to 4 in your mind - Hold your breath as you count to 7 - Slowly exhale through your mouth while you count to 8 - Repeat this cycle 4 times. Enabling your brain to solely focus on survival by breathing and counting gives it a break from all thoughts and stressors. This practice tells your mind that you're safe, stopping stress hormones and allowing your body to rest and recover to strengthen the immune system. Give your body as many of these breaks as needed until you feel balanced. 10

2 - Get Adequate Sleep: High quality sleep is vital for managing stress, weight, and recovery. Getting 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep increases energy to make beneficial lifestyle choices such as cooking, exercising, and practicing self-care. Proper amounts of sleep also strengthen the immune system, improves mood and focus, and reduces anxiety, sadness, and irritability. So now you know that getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night isn't only making you gain weight, but it also increases your risk for illnesses, injury, and infection. You're more likely to struggle with emotions as well – let's not add another reason for emotional rollercoasters, the coronavirus is doing enough already! Let's talk about steps to improve your sleep. - Starting a few hours before you go to sleep, keep your room dark to produce enough melatonin, and prepare your body for sleep. - If you have an iPhone, go to your settings, click on display & brightness, then click on night shift and change the color temperature to the warmest. Then click on scheduled and start it at least a few hours before you go to sleep until you wake up (example: 8 pm - 8 am). This setting will stop your phone's light from interfering with your melatonin production –allowing you to sleep better. - Starting a few hours before you go to sleep, turn down the brightness on your phone to halfway, keep turning it down until you get to as dark as possible the last hour before you go to sleep. - Avoid sugar and caffeine after 5 pm. 3: Eat Whole Grains: Instead of eating processed carbs like bread, pizza, pasta, pastries, cereals, pancakes, and white rice; choose nutrient dense whole grains such as brown rice, barley, millet, wild rice, oats, buckwheat, farro, black rice, and spelt. Processed carbs have been stripped of nutrients, which means that you'll have to eat a lot more of them to be satisfied – leading to weight gain and lack of nutrition to fight viruses and ailments. Avoid these empty calories and choose to empower your immune system and manage weight with the type of carbohydrates that your body requires to thrive. Food is meant to be fuel and medicine; whole grains provide sustained and high-quality energy to fuel your day. Sandrina Bencomo, Founder of OrganycLove and Certified Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

Photografer Jaka Vinsek

Personalized nutrition health coaching and corporate wellness programs at http:/ / Email http:/ / @OrganycLove

Sandrina coaches private and corporate clients to reach their health goals by creating balance through nutrition and lifestyle. She also educates people on Integrative Nutrition and Wellness through speaking engagements, personalized workshops, and corporate events. Her background working with leading companies worldwide for over 15 years as a fashion model with Elite Model NY, illustrated the need for nutrition and wellness in the corporate world. Email her to schedule a free health consultation if you're ready for personalized solutions to weight, skin, sleep, stress, digestion, allergies, and inflammation. 11


Fish and pinneaple tacos Hi all! I hope everybody is staying safe, healthy, and happy during these uncertain times. This recipe is simple, versatile and doesn't require difficult to find ingredients. It is such a simple recipe that you can’t mess it up, you probably already have all of the ingredients at hand, and if you don’t, you can switch them with whatever you have in your pantry and you will still have a great looking and tasting dish. I got most of my ingredients for this dish at my local farmer's market. Buying from local farmers is such a great way to support small businesses, boost your local economy, and feed your body with the freshest and cleanest food. I grew up on a dairy farm, and I can tell you first hand how hard the farmers work and how much pride and effort goes into delivering only the best products, so get to know your farmers and support, support, support!! Fish and Pineapple Lettuce Tacos! INGREDIENTS 2 pounds of fresh white fish 1 Butter lettuce head (Washed) 1 Pineapple, small dice 3 or 4 limes 2 avocados 2 scallions, white parts chopped 1/2 cup of chopped cilantro 1 cup of cooked brown rice (optional) Olive oil Salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Let's start by marinating the fish. Since we are using lime for the marinate, we don’t want to marinate for too long as this will cook the fish and we will end up with ceviche instead. Cut the fish into medium-sized dices, we want the pieces to be bitesize. I happened to find a great looking halibut that day at the farmers market but feel free to use any other white fish that you prefer. Chilean sea bass would be awesome too, but any cheaper version

Transfer the fish to a mixing bowl and add the squeezed the juice of a lime, the chopped scallions, a couple of tbsp of olive oil, some chopped cilantro to taste and salt and pepper. We are going to put that aside while we prepare the rest of our dishes. Guacamole. For this dish I am making a very simple guacamole recipe with only avocados, cilantro, lime, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cut the avocados in half, take the pit out, get rid of the skin, and transfer the avocados to a bowl. Add the juice of 1 to 2 limes, 1 tbsp of chopped cilantro, some olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Adjust seasoning as necessary. As for the pineapple, just cut into small dices, this will serve as stuffing to our taco along with the guacamole. Okay, now for the actual cooking part of the recipe. Let's heat some olive oil in a non-stick pan. Very little oil will do as the marinade already has oil in it and the non-tick pan should prevent the fish from sticking. You do want to make sure your pan is hot enough to sear the fish rather than sweat it. You will know your fish is ready when it goes from being translucent to more of an opaque white and it is starting to get flaky. Time to build our tacos!

of sea bass will do. A good tip for when you are buying fish is to always buy wild-caught fish.


Monica Castillo was born in Caracas, Venezuela. From a very young age she learned the true meaning of "farm to table" eating. Her family's business consisted of making artisanal fresh cheese and selling it to gourmet markets in the capital of her country. Between farming multiple fruits and vegetables and living o the animals from the farm, she has a big understanding of what real food should look and taste like. As a result, her passion for food and cooking started early on when she was very young. Her specialty is sophisticated home cooking with a rustic twist. She also takes pride in her consciousness for sourcing the best possible ingredients, including fresh, organic, and local as much as possible. Sometimes that even means sourcing from her garden! To her, food is fuel but also nurture and love! She guarantees a beautiful and delicious adventure in every dish she makes. She now lives in Malibu with her husband and three young kids. Time to build our tacos! https:/ /


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Lauren Crew

My professional background was in hospitality for 13 years. A corporate restaurant trainer, traveling across the country and overseas until leaving in 2014 to take on my business full time. It was rough I went back to working in hospitality, but this time for the farm to table concept restaurant Sage Vegan Bistro were and health and wellness center The Springs where I planted myself in the health and wellness industry. Originally I was working a lot, trying to manage my self-care time with work and wanted to save time. Like many other women, the products I was using on on my skin were leaving much to be desired. Every year numerous beauty brands “promise ” amazing results in just a few short weeks, but never work. While most of my Dames & I were big product junkies, trying every "next best thing" under the sun, we weren't able to find a moisturizer that not only gave our skin a nice sheen and softness for longer than five minutes, but truly hydrated, nourished, and kept our skin supple day after day. Not only was I tired of these “promises” but I was also tired of being loyal to brands who used harsh chemical ingredients that often make the skin worse. I was tired of the lies. In 2012, I emptied my cabinets and set out on a hunt for effective, healthy alternatives. But the search was overwhelming and expensive. Unable to find anything that met the needs of my skin, I decided I would make my products.products that would restore nourish, and protect my skin, safely.

Lauren Crew

My new passion inspired me to include the women in my life in my process after using my small-batch blends. From their feedback I knew my recipes had to be shared with every woman wanting noticeably soft, smooth, toned skin.

Dame Body Scrubs Dame Body Scrubs are crafted with farm to face ingredients made fresh to order with mineral-rich salts and locally sourced organic plant-based exfoliants that open pores and assist the body in eliminating toxins and absorbing moisture, revealing fresh healthy skin that’s soft, toned, and moisturized. Over the years I have expanded the Butters & Scrubs brand to offer a full line of botanical body and facial care products. I encourage everyone to toss out their artificial products and educate themselves on the significance of revealing their skin’s natural glow. I developed a 3-step skincare system, called: The Dame Method. This dynamic skin system demonstrates the advantages of a natural approach to beauty routines can make for their skin, as well as the way they feel about their bodies. They’re amazed to see how well their skin responds and how toxic additives are unnecessary in skincare products. 19 25

In 2016, I launched a series of Beauty and Wellness Basics workshops to offer full-spectrum support to our Dames. I created the Dame Beauty Ritual Bar with a single intention - to inspire others to make their own natural beauty blends and connect to natural ingredients in a new and exciting way. Through the experience of smelling, touching, and mixing different botanicals together girls as young as 10 to women walk away with alternatives to the conventional "beauty" products that contain harmful synthetic and toxic ingredients, many disguised as helpful agents of vitality. I feel today the use of oils and vitaminrich extracts are finally being recognized for their power in the world of natural beauty. Oils and vitamin-rich extracts can benefit the skin, providing anti-aging, scar reduction, balancing the skin’s natural hydration, and even reversing sun damage without a multitude of artificial ingredients. Learning about natural skincare changes the way you view your skin and how you treat it. I want everyone to embrace their natural beauty. Our skincare routines change as the season does. During the summer, the hotter temperatures call for us to put our body jars of butter on the shelves until the fall and reach for lighter moisturizers. My Dame Body oils are really popular during the summer. My signature Sunshine collection is a bright lemongrass citrus blend with tropical fruit notes that make every woman feel like walking sunshine.

Sunscreen is always a must for UVA and UVB sun ray protection, so my Sunscreen Butter is perfect as it's great for the face and body.

My travel kits are filled with mini soaps, scrubs, and butter and great for packing your Dame Body blends while on vacation.

I would tell any woman who is wanting to start her business, to trust her vision. In this crazy world where we're all looking to leave it a little better than how we found it and to do our part to make it better, take the idea and lean on knowing that it was given to you because you are the only one who can carry it through. There can be a million people doing what you want to do, but only one you who can do it as you do. When things are challenging, and boy will they be challenging when things are tough, when no one else can see what you can see, remember it is because the vision was given to you. I wouldn't have been given to you if you wouldn't have been able to successfully carry it out. To always trust yourself, and check-in with yourself, lead from a place of service and you will always win in the end.

Lauren Crew

My products can be found on my website:

https:/ / Social media handles: Facebook: @thedamesannae https:/ Instagram: / @thedamesannae

Dame Sannae Hopson Head Dame in Charge

Lauren Crew


Practicing gratitude in uncertain times By Andrea Briceno This summer is probably not what you expected. After being in quarantine for a while, priorities have changed. We’ve got extra time to reflect on what matters, free from distractions. This period of quarantine has also offered us healing opportunities. Gratitude, for example, can be a powerful healer. In the middle of the uncertainty and change exist opportunities for gratitude which may have a direct impact on your immune system — a topic of concern for many. These days, it doesn’t hurt to get an immunity boost where you can. Even small steps toward gratitude can go a long way. Here’s how you can get started. Inspiration for gratitude in the COVID-19 pandemic. The valuable question that we should ask ourselves is, “what can I be thankful for today?” I know it may sound cliche, but every day of this pandemic brought a new curveball and the opportunity for a positive or negative response. Each person is different, so it’s only natural that we tackle challenges differently. Take your moment to cope, but also stop and look around for reasons to be grateful. If you’re struggling to find gratitude, here’s some motivation: The kindness of people: As humans, we started to come together to help each other. An overflow of generosity from neighbors, celebrities, and organizations aided in finding solutions to ease the impact of the pandemic. The soulful conversations: So many families and friends reconnected with quality time both physically and digitally. I don’t know about you, but I connected with people I hadn’t spoken to in years. I also created space in my life to hold them through these hard times. The appreciation for others: As a community, we refocused our applause and appreciation toward those on the frontlines. Each evening at 8 p.m. became a time of celebration and appreciation for the people who put their lives on the line to care for us— the essential workers who became the faceless heroes day after day. (If that’s you and you’re reading this, thank you for your service!) The response is up to you. If you stay on top of good news, for example, it could help you ease into gratitude. You hold the power to influence your own mind and perspective.

Andrea Briceno

Check out more about Andrea below: Instagram: @andreacbriceno

Andrea is a certified health & wellness coach and healer. She grew up in Venezuela and moved to Los Angeles, CA where she works with children and adults with an integrative & holistic approach to the mind,body & soul connection. She is passionate about people, discovering new cultures and spreads love, joy, and light everywhere she goes. She loves supporting people through their discovery journey. She works with clients setting life and career goals, focusing on nutrition and self-love with a dash of manifestation and abundance. 21

Tips that can help you in a virtual job interview Job interviews can be stressful in the best of circumstances, adding the unfamiliar virtual element can make it even more nerve-racking. The only thing more awkward than meeting your future boss for the first time, is meeting your future boss over Zoom. Here are some ideas sure to settle those nerves and help make a positive first impression. Eliminate distractions An interview over the internet can be very distracting. Take control of your environment and be confident you’re putting your best foot forward. We recommend choosing a plain background with neutral colors. This will create fewer visual distractions for the interviewer and force their attention on you. Be sure to choose an area of your home that has a strong internet signal. It can be very unnerving to experience spotty internet reception while being interviewed. You want to be able to hear questions clearly and make sure your answers are clearly communicated. Lighting creates a friendly atmosphere Look for an area of your house with good natural light (assuming it also allows for a strong internet signal). Given that you may be asked to set interviews at different times of the day, you can avoid looking for the best natural light and invest in an LED beauty light. The objective is to look your best and light your eyes. The eyes help communicate ideas and establish connection. We are naturally more engaged with someone through eye contact. A positive attitude opens doors Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm for the position you are applying for. Showing genuine interest in your field of expertise and the job you wish to do gives your new employer the idea that you will be motivated in your new position. Keep it professional but remember that enthusiasm can go a long way. Punctuality This goes without saying but punctuality is of paramount importance. There is no better way to sabotage a first impression than being late. It signals you don’t value people’s time and it certainly gives your interviewer cause for concern. We suggest giving yourself a few minutes in your space (in front of your computer) before your scheduled meeting. Maybe look over your notes or do a quick breathing excercise. Think of this time as a warm up so that when the interview starts you can hit the ground running. Don’t let a mis-step take you out of step As already discussed you want to eliminate as many distractions as possible for your interview. You want to give the interview one hundred percent of your focus but let’s be real, working from home can be unpredictable. Maybe the Amazon package arrives and the doorbell rings. Perhaps one of your kids runs in the room singing at the top of his or her lungs. We are all human, don’t be afraid to be human in the interview. Rather than stress out at an unforseen situation, embrace it, roll with it and stay on track. An honest laugh speaks volumes and remaining positive and confident regardless of 22 the interruption speaks to your personality.

Reframing your thoughts to achieve gratitude. Whether you choose to be consumed by the news or inspired by bringing mindfulness practices into your new home office, the result will be different. The input you consume daily will either cause fear or gratitude. I was greatly influenced by watching the TV series, “Rewired” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He mentions the importance of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We can create our reality through our everyday thoughts. These have the potential to frighten you, anger you, or make you hopeful. With that in mind, you can reframe your thoughts to make room for gratitude. You can take this time to achieve healing and kindness toward others. You can connect and prioritize what truly matters to accomplish goals. Getting started with gratitude is easy, it starts with you. Write yourself a thank-you note for how far you’ve come in the last five years and these past three months. You can also mail a letter to someone you appreciate letting them know all of the reasons why you’re thankful for them. I’ll start it off the chain of gratitude by thanking you for taking the time to read this with an open heart and an open mind. May you have much to be grateful for whether times are wonderful or uncertain.

MONICA LOPERA NASSAR “Monica Loper a Nassar is a cer tified Integr ative Nutr ition Health Coach and Founder of Gr ow Your Health Foundation. After leaving her cor por ate mar keting executive car eer and becoming a mother of two young boys, she exper ienced fir sthand the lack of pr eventative family wellness car e. Her mission is simple help par ents and families cr eate healthy habits r ight fr om the star t to ensur e optimal well being. She cur r ently pr actices nationwide via her vir tual pr actice Calibr ate Your Wellness and is an active Family Wellne advocate and educator in the San Diego ar ea.

https:/ / @calibrateyourwellness



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