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We are a collective magazine about lifestyle and fashion, started with the intention of creating a platform to highlight artists, designers, photographers, and entrepreneurs from different fields. These professionals collect in one place to exhibit their work both nationwide and internationally to foster a free and creative base where different disciplines can share a common passion and engage in current critical discourse.


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CONTENTS 09 Brain Superfood 10 Tips to Maximize Joy & Mental Health By Sandrina Bencomo 12 Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021 13 Rachel Boston Interview 21 Summer Trends 2021 22Do you want good bacteria? 23 Benefits of mushrooms 25Are you ready to free your gray hair? 26 Editorial 33 Homemade And Natural Eyelash Mascara 34 Keys to care for skin in summer 35How to improve circulation 36 How to combine trend colors of summer? 5






BRAIN SUPERFOOD Cold water fatty fish: Fish is a healthy, high-protein food, especially important for its omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fats that our bodies don’t produce on their own. Salmon. Tuna. Trout. Herring. Sardines. Mackere. Walnuts: Walnuts have higher antioxidant activity than any other common nut, Observational studies in older adults have linked eating walnuts to better brain function, including faster processing speed, more mental flexibility and better memory. Berries: Berries contain antioxidants, which help keep free radicals under control. Berries also have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Avocado: Avocados are full of healthy, beneficial fats that help to keep you full and satiated. When you consume fat, your brain receives a signal to turn off your appetite. Eating fat slows the breakdown of carbohydrates, which helps to keep sugar levels in the blood stable. Coconut oil: The fatty acids in coconut oil can encourage your body to burn fat, and they provide quick energy to your body and brain. Hemp seed: These seeds are a complete source of protein, meaning that they provide essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks for all proteins. The body cannot produce nine of these acids, so a person must absorb them through the diet. Relatively few plant-based foods are complete sources of protein, making hemp seeds a valuable addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Grass feed beef: Grass-fed burgers and steaks include significantly more omega-3 fatty acids,. Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition indicates that Grass-fed beef can contain up to five times more omega-3s than grain-fed beef. 9 3

Tips to Maximize Joy & Mental Health By

Sandrina Bencomo

With stress, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues on the rise due to the pandemic– focusing on self-care and mental wellbeing has never been more important. Health coaching during COVID has certainly shown me how much more support we all require during these times. Getting the help you need is a smart and empowering choice. Try these tips to begin your journey towards feeling happy and balanced.

2. Practice Spirituality: Integrating spiritual practices into every day has proven to reduce stress, improve health, and promote longevity. Spirituality can look different for everyone, and bio-individuality plays a significant role here. Options include but aren't limited to meditation, church, prayers, religious rituals, breathing exercises, nature walks, etc. Find what fits you and your lifestyle to achieve peace, comfort, tranquility, and joy.

1.Stay Present: Have you ever found yourself rehashing and overthinking the past? The past that you can't change anymore! Or worrying about the future? With a horror movie playing in your mind as a "prediction" of your future. This pattern is very common for many people. The more time you spend on this mindset –– the more stressed, anxious, and depressed you'll feel. You can waste your life away by mentally being in the past and future and unable to enjoy what's right in front of you. Mindfulness takes practice and consistency, but it can offer the happy and peaceful life that you want. How to stay present? Meditation, working out, nature immersion, breathing exercises, and gratitude exercises are all helpful tools for anchoring to the present moment. Ultimately, you have to control your mind and train it to see you as the boss. You can control your mind and the "crazy monkey" in your head to think and do what you want. It won't happen overnight, but your brain has the capacity for it. Your brain has the power of neuroplasticity, meaning that it can be reorganized and rewired to serve the life that you want. Every time you find yourself overthinking, bring your awareness to the present. Notice where you are, the people, sounds, and smells surrounding you, as well as your current circumstances. Acknowledge what you can be thankful for that day and focus on what you can control. This practice will help your brain look at things with a positive filter and go into solution mode instead of worry mode. Stay present, take one day at a time, and break it down into baby steps –– especially during a pandemic!


3. Curate the Relationships in Your Life: As the quote goes," We can choose our family. We can't choose our relatives.” You can choose whom to spend your spare time with and what to do with it. Have you ever spent time with people that leave you feeling drained, stressed, depressed, or bad about yourself? Have you ever noticed feeling lighter and happier after spending time with certain people? Relationships are a form of nourishment –– they're even more important than the foods we eat. Relationships have the power to make you feel balanced and happy or miserable and angry. Bringing awareness to how your relationships make you feel is a step towards creating your best life! Pay attention to how you feel after seeing or talking with each person in your life and choose to spend your time wisely and feel your best.

4. Be Mindful of How You Spend Your Time: Time is truly precious! Are you using it wisely? How is each activity in your life making you feel during and afterward? How do you feel when you spend time on social media, television, news, work, music, reading, cooking, exercise, etcetera? Bringing awareness to how you utilize your time –– choosing to do more of what brings you joy and less of what brings negativity –– is a path to feeling happier and healthier.

5. Schedule Nature Immersion: Connecting to our natural environment –– our first homes as species –– is highly important to reduce stress and improve overall health. It can be tricky if you live in a city. But making a point of integrating as much nature time as possible in whatever form you have available can make a big difference in your mood and immunity.


Sandrina Bencomo, NBC-HWC, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach Free Virtual Wellness Services at MyCareVillage.org Sandrina@MyCareVillage.org / @OrganycLove / @MyCareVillage_org Sandrina provides free one-on-one health and wellness coaching tailored to your needs. She'll empower you to succeed with goals related to weight, stress, energy, sleep, digestion, allergies, inflammation, and skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea.


Sandrina is the co-founder of My Care Village, a women-focused wellness nonprofit organization. MCV eliminates the physical and financial barriers to health to support you in feeling your best. Their whole-person care services are always free and confidential, as often as you need, no credit cards or insurance required, no strings attached, from the comfort of your phone or PC. Sandrina Bencomo, NBC-HWC National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach  OrganycLove.com @OrganycLove


Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021


Discover one new thing a month. Drop all expectations and just discover something new each month. Learning something new helps to keep your brain active in creating connections.

Exercise for one minute when you wake up. One single minute. Nothing more. Even in your busy life, you can find the time for that, right? A full-fledged workout is not necessary, just a few simple exercises. For example, do 30 sit ups and 30 seconds of planking. Exercising first thing in the morning gets the blood flowing and gets you out of the morning fog you could be experiencing. If you prefer a full workout in the morning, go ahead with it. Throw things away. If you’ve never consciously made an effort to throw something you had kept “because it could be useful”, then try it today. It’s liberating Stand up every hour. Tiny habits should be “easier” to set. Yet, this one’s so hard to remember because we haven’t done it most of our lives. We stay sitting for hours. Turn off notifications. Start for an hour a day. If you can last longer, do it. It takes about 25 minutes to regain your focus, even if you only look at a notification for a second. Erase those for an hour and you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more. Watch the news less. Chances are you’ve already started doing it in 2020 to avoid the bad news of this year. If not, start today. No matter how curious you are, you don’t need to watch the news 3 times a day, Take care of your posture. A bad posture has a lot of repercussions in the long run.


The Real-Life love story of

Rachel Boston


The Real-Life love story of Hallmark star Rachel Boston. PH O T O S BY K E I M O R EN O

Rachel has been in some of the most popular Hallmark Channel movies including Love at First Dance, Christmas in Angel Falls, Stop the Wedding and A Gift of Miracles. Queen of romantic stories on TV, she now becomes the protagonist of her own love story. As Hallmark channel posted, “the Last Bridesmaid is now becoming a bride!”

1- What is love for Rachel Boston? How did you meet Tolya? What did you see in him that made you fall in love? Oh, so many types of love. For me, romantic love has been a connection and a recognition of a soul that you truly and almost magically understand. And after that connection, I feel true love is a choice. We choose to love each other and lift one another up. Tolya and I met over ten years ago when I was filming a show in New Mexico and there was an immediate spark but we never dated. When I look back at pictures during that time, we look so happy. There was just this comfort being around each other. After the show, he moved to New York and I was back in LA and then 10 years later we reconnected and that was just amazing. The timing, everything was right. What made me fall in love with him is that he’s incredibly joyful and kind. He listens, he cares, and he just makes life better. Kids love him, animals love him. He has a very kind heart. He’s also hilarious. I don’t think that’s the most important part of a partnership, but it’s pretty fantastic.

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2- What's your idea of a perfect date?

4-When are you the most inspired?

We spent a lot of time during quarantine on

When I hear stories of resilience. The

the east coast and loved having cookouts at

vulnerability and strength that comes from

the beach. He’s a chef so he makes incredible

experiencing extraordinary challenges along

food and we would cook it outside while

the journey and overcoming them. There’s

watching the sunset. It was all very romantic.

that moment when an experience is either going to make you bitter or better. It takes

3-What brings you the greatest satisfaction?

tremendous courage to choose a path of

What are you most looking forward to today?

healing. To keep your heart open. I’m

A healthy, happy, loving life. I absolutely love

incredibly inspired by resilience.

what I do so my work and passion for storytelling brings me so much fulfillment and now being able to share that with someone who is so supportive.



5-What do you like about acting the most? I had a teacher in New York who would say, “if you do this job right, you will come out of this life an incredibly compassionate person…” and I believe that. We get to live so many different lives. When you are constantly walking in other peoples shoes, you really awaken to why people make certain choices and how connected we all really are.

6-You keep very busy! Most recently, we can see you on the CBS show Seal Team, as well as an episode of Showtime's "Kidding" with Jim Carrey and Judy Greer. You are also starring and executive producing "The Last Bridesmaid." What other projects are coming? And what is a day in the life of Rachel like? Thank you! I’ve also been writing a lot this past year. We have a few projects out

8- What are your beauty secrets or wellness practices? I spend a lot of time in nature. That’s how I get back to center. I walk, hike, dive in the ocean. It’s a way to reset. For beauty secrets, I love Dr. Lancer products. They have helped my skin so much over the years. And coconut oil. I wear it all over. It’s natural and simple and makes my skin feel amazing.

9- What’s one thing people don’t know about you? I absolutely love alpacas. My friend has a little farm and has two alpacas and sometimes she will bring them over to my house. It’s a little slice of heaven. There’s also an alpaca farm called Island Alpacas near Tolya’s parents house in Martha’s Vineyard, and I go visit them as often as I can. I just love them.

now which is exciting, and I’m getting ready to start filming again. I’ve also been developing a little more of a routine. I think from traveling and spending so much of my life in a hotel, that just sort of went out the window and now I’m getting into a morning and bedtime routine, and it’s pretty great.

7- Any suggestion that you would give to young aspiring actors/producers? Stay focused on what inspired you from the very beginning. There can be a lot of distractions and heartaches along the way but if you remember why you started and that light and excitement you had when you started the journey, it’s very grounding.


“The L ast Bridesmaid is now becoming a bride!”


SUMMER TRENDS 2021 Desire to wear fresher and more cheerful clothes is universal. This new season is loaded with basics, but also with micro-trends that the fashion industry launches.

The idea of shining only at night is over, start taking your sequins out for a meal or just to go to the office. Sequins shine brighter in sunlight. The jean dyed white You can store your blue jeans away waiting for next fall because this summer you are going to need white, high-waisted, cropped pants. Cropped Not just for festive ‘looks’. You can now wear them under a jacket for work or combine them with cycling tights for a more casual style. Tight dresses This summer the dresses leave nothing to the imagination. They are tight fitting and hug the body contour. In super striking colors, you are going to make many heads turn. Pearls are back Ask your mother if you can borrow her pearls, because this classic accessory is all you need to give a perfect finish to your look.



Start enjoying more foods naturally high in probiotics. Why are they so important? Probiotics are live microorganisms that have health benefits when consumed. They may improve digestive health, reduce depression and promote heart health. Getting probiotics from supplements is an alternative, but you can also get them from fermented foods. Some sources: Yogurt Buttermilk Aged cheeses, such as blue, Gouda and cheddar Pickled beets Berries Banana Oatmeal Barley Flaxseed Wheat Lentils Kidney beans Chickpeas Navy beans Black beans Kombucha Miso Leeks




Mushrooms have been characterized as foods with high nutritional value, since they are a source of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Since they have their own characteristics that distinguish them from plants and animals, they are classified in a separate category from other organisms, called the Kingdom Fungi.


Gray Transition Hacks and Hints Are you ready to free your gray hair? Here are some tips for the 'gray transition’ Not only are grays beautiful, they are now in fashion! Here are some ideas to transition to gray, in any shade, and in the most natural, healthy and attractive way possible. Cut your hair Part of keeping your hair healthy requires that it be trimmed regularly, but when it comes to growing your hair out, getting a good haircut also serves the purpose of cutting through the old color. Disguise with a coloured rinse. Even with the lighter color, and shorter hair, as your gray grows out, it will still be visible. Natural sunlight or bright lighting will make the gray hair more noticeable. If you prefer to camouflage the new growth a bit more, you can temporarily hide it by using a non-permanent rinse of hair color or spray.

Add highlights to your hair Another way to make the process of transitioning to gray hair easier is to add highlights or lowlights to your hair. You can start with stronger lights and gradually reduce the contrast so your own gray comes into play. No matter what approach you take to grow out your gray, you will need to be patient. During the process, you will surely receive comments from family and friends. Some will think "It's great!" While others may say things like, "You are too young to go gray.” The transition time will help you readjust to the change and give you time to discover new make up in colors that complement your new look. Why does the hair turn yellow? Environmental reasons could include: Shampoo residues Over-processed hair product chemicals Natural oils on the scalp Mineral deposits from the water entering the shower Discoloration from smoke Pollutants in the air, including smog and car exhaust Chlorine from a swimming pool. One solution is change shampoos. There are blue and purple shampoos available that can neutralizes yellow tones and keeps hair white. Avoid shampoos with yellow tones.









Method To Make Eyelash Mascara With Aloe Vera

Homemade And Natural Eyelash Mascara

The first step is to grind the piece of charcoal until there are no lumps. Set aside. Mix a large spoon of distilled water, two of virgin wax and two of almond or coconut oil) and cook them in a water bath to achieve a smooth and homogeneous mixture. It is important not to boil the mixture, so care must be taken to keep it at a regular temperature of about 70ºC to 90ºC. When the mixture reaches the desired hot temperature, remove it from the heat. Add two tablespoons of aloe vera and two of the crushed charcoal to the mixture. Mix, wait for it to cool down, and put it in a container for your homemade mascara. The natural ingredients will undoubtedly benefit your lashes but the lack of preservatives will affect Mascara is one of the most popular its shelf life, so it will not last as long cosmetics in our daily lives, and it and can be damaged more easily. could also be one of the most For this reason we recommend expensive. It contains potentially keeping it in the fridge to harmful ingredients that hang prevent bacteria from building up around for decades in the over time. environment, according to a study published in the journal There are other ways to highlight Environmental Science & your eyelashes naturally. Technology Letters. If you are lucky enough to have long Today we bring you some tips on eyelashes and you don't want to use how to make your own mascara mascara to apply color, you can try from home which is 100% natural. this easy option: use only a little coconut oil, apply and comb with a Natural Ingredients To Make Your brush. Coconut helps with the Homemade Charcoal Mascara growth and strengthening of eyelashes. 2 - 3 capsules of activated charcoal (depending on desired amount Distilled water Virgin beeswax: a ball or 2 tablespoons of beeswax Almond oil or coconut oil: 2 tablespoons of whichever you prefer Aloe vera: 2 tablespoons 1 container to place the homemade mascara 1 eyelash brush like the one we find in commercial mascara.


KEYS TO CARE FOR SKIN IN SUMMER As we approach summer and temperatures rise, we will be more exposed to the sun's rays. 1. Use sunscreen and don't forget your lips Sunscreen is essential, especially at this time of year for protection against the sun. Sunscreen is not just for children. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15. 2. Hydration is key The body loses much more water in summer than at other times of the year due to heat and humidity. It is important that you drink a lot, especially water. This will also help your skin look smooth and hydrated. 3. Buy yourself a big hat I know we love to use our favorite team’s cap, but unfortunately it is not the best solution to protect us from the sun. Tightly woven hats with at least a three inch brim is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. 4- Shave consciously Before shaving you have to prepare the skin, either with an oil or cream to soften the skin or with warm water compresses. It is essential to buy a quality razor and make sure that the blade is in optimal condition. After shaving, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream. 5- Always wear your sunglasses You may have to invest some money. Your eyes and your skin will thank you. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends wearing glasses that block both UVA and UVB rays. Don't forget that UV radiation can cause cataracts, as well as irritate and even burn the cornea. .


HOW TO IMPROVE CIRCULATION Circulation is the process by which the heart pumps a person's blood around the body. Good circulation is vital for health.. Stop smoking tobacco products. Reduce your intake of saturated fat. Try not to sit for long periods of time. Practice yoga Yoga is a low-impact exercise that is easy for beginners to modify. It involves bending, stretching, and twisting. These movements can help compress and decompress the veins, which can improve circulation. O-MEGA 3 Supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids are another option for people who don't eat fish. There are a variety of omega-3 supplements available for purchase at health food stores, pharmacies, and online. For vegetarians or vegans, kale contains small amounts of omega-3 fatty acid. Drink tea The antioxidants in tea promote cardiovascular health and can improve circulation. This applies to both black and green tea. Keep iron levels balanced Iron is an essential mineral for the circulatory system. It is required to produce hemoglobin, one of the important components of red blood cells that is necessary to carry oxygen. Eating foods rich in iron, such as red meat or spinach, helps the body maintain this essential mineral. However, maintaining a healthy balance is also necessary. . 35



This summer, pastel and acid tones have become the best of friends, but how to mix them is not an easy task. Here are some hints on how to make the most out of them. The trick for this summer is to break away from the so-called chromatic color scheme. You should reduce everything to twelve basic tones but this time you don’t need to follow the rule of combining cool tones with cool tones and warm tones with warm tones. Red and pink is now the coolest combination. When it comes to shopping, you can rest easy, because the new realm of color combinations promises to stay for next season as well!.



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Nuts for fashion magazine Summer issue 2021  

We are a collective magazine about lifestyle and fashion, started with the intention of creating a platform to highlight artists, designers,...

Nuts for fashion magazine Summer issue 2021  

We are a collective magazine about lifestyle and fashion, started with the intention of creating a platform to highlight artists, designers,...


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