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The idea is to create a shared public space to expand the living area, and to provide street life and comfortable housing. 设计立意在创造共享的公共空间以 拓展居住空间,并提供街道生活和 舒适 的 住 宅 。

Open house vertically to provide private courtyard and more living space. 竖 向 敞 开 住 宅, 提 供 私 密 庭 院 和 更 多 的 居住空间

Open house horizontally to form a sharing living room and kitchen in courtyard. 水 平 敞 开 住 宅, 在 院 落 中 形 成 共 享 的 起 居室和厨房

After studying the White Pagoda area, we concluded that, despite the low-standard housing conditions, the current way of shared courtyard living is a cherished aspect of local inhabitants’ lifestyle. The present compound cour tyard has, in fact, evolved from the traditional cour tyard houses, affected by densification; and the contemporary shared courtyard living has represented the way of life of the past generation. Nowadays, the inhabitants are mostly unemployed adults from 30 to 60 years old who are living in poor conditions with less than 20 square meters per person.

sharing HOUSING 共 享 居 住

在研究白塔寺胡同之后,我们认为居住 方式对于居民非常重要。现有的大杂院 实际上是原有传统院落不断搭建而成。 大杂院代表了以往人们的居住方式。如 今,原有居民大多为30~60岁的非就业 人群,居住在人均不到20平方米的较 差 环境中。

Outside everyday life, with inappropriate public space

Compound courtyard life, with inaccessible corridors

Residential area, with poor living condition

发生在不合适的公共空间中的日常户外 生活

大杂院生活和可达性差的 走 道


总 体 策 略

urban intervention

In our design, we focus on a minimalintervention strategy, in which we improve local public facilities, we aim to maintain a shared living community yard, and upgrade particular low-quality individual houses.

对居住环境的改善,首先分析区域内的 房屋产权状况,拆除违章建筑,增加部 分通道,并适当打开一些主要道路边的 院落 。

Before design Design Site 设计基地


Property analysis 产权分析

Removal of illegal building 移除违章建筑

Master Plan With Detailed Design Site

After design



街 道 系 统

street system

Street System 街 道 系统

The entrance of the courtyard is more open to the street and the extension of the courtyard roof provide a space in between public and private to allow people to enjoy the neighborhood. Some plazas scattered in the hutong provide the district life with playground, space to dance, meet, drink... Therefore, from inside to outside, by adding more hierarchy within the area, the living space increases.

通向院落的入口更加开放,并且院落屋 顶的拓展为邻里之间半公共半私密的活 动提供了空间。一些分散在胡同中的小 广场可提供跳舞、集会、用餐等活动的 空间……因此,增加由私密到公共的空 间层 次 使 得 居 住 空 间 面 积 有 所 增 加 。

The pedestrian street is a continuous garden, in which the inhabitants can expand the courtyard. 人行道是一个连续的花园使居民的后院 得以拓展 。

院 落 系 统

courtyard system

T h e p r i n c i p l e i s to o p e n t h e h o u s e vertically and horizontally: Vertically: by opening the house’s flat roof, a private ‘courtyard’ is provided and by plugging inside mezzanine platform with furniture, more space is created. Horizontally: the brick facades are partially opened, towards a shared cour tyard. Partially covered, the courtyard provides a shared living room and kitchen.

Courtyard System A

Courtyard System B

院 落 系统 A

院落系统 B

设计原则是在竖直向和水平向打开建筑 界面 : 竖直方向:通过建筑屋顶平台形成私密 的庭 院 , 通 过 家 具夹 层 增 加 室 内 空 间 。 水平方向:将建筑面向共享院落的一部 分立面打开,在院落中形成共享的起居 室和厨 房 。

Courtyard System A 院落系统 A Coffee Shop 咖啡店

Courtyard System B 院落系统 B

44 m2­ floor 50 m2 used 20 m2 courtyard

58 m2 floor 58 m2 used 20 m2 courtyard

70 m2 floor 75 m2 used 15 m2 courtyard

Single Room

Double Room

Triple Room




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