2019 Annual Report

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES & STAFF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wayne Laslie, President Ben Balkcom, CPA, Treasurer Pam Sullivan, Secretary Abdiel Ramirez, Vice-President Jerry Adams, Immediate Past President

EX OFFICIO Jim Walther, Museum Executive Director




Richard Rhodes

Jerry Adams Marcus Mims, CPA Michael Hartshorne, MD Hal Behl Dan Hardin Charles R. Loeber Judith Mead Kimberly E.S. Meagher Doug Moody Greg Morrison Richard Perry Alison Schuler, Esq. Warner Talso Gen. Tom Taylor Dr. Ruth Weiner James (Jim) Ferland John Shaw

Ethan Aronson Don Baker Michael Brock Matthan Brown Molly Brunell Julia Davis Leslie Fraser Mollie Fullerton Sandy Fye Olivia Gannon David Gibson Lisa Guida Jennifer Hayden David Hoover Claudia Madrid Deidre McVay-Schulmeister Barbara Miller Austin Ozolins Ryan Painter Anna Part Eduardo Resendez Michael Rodriguez Estrellita Romero Elena Seaberg Greg Shuman Jim Walther Joyce Whelchel Stephen Whitman


MISSION Our mission remains a guiding principle of the efforts of our Board of Trustees, volunteers, and professional staff. The museum is a non-profit charitable corporation designated by Congress as the official nuclear museum resource for our nation. The mission of the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is to serve as America’s museum resource for nuclear science and history. This is accomplished through presentations of exhibitions and quality educational programs conveying the diversity of individuals and events that shape the historical and technical context of our world.

Dr. Robert Busch Aleli Colon Dr. Gregg Franklin Dr. Damon Giovaniell Dr. Katrina Groth Toni Hiley Dr. Richard Holcomb Dave Jensen Michael McLaughlin Dr. Chris Perfetti Sarah Robinson Elisha Saavedra-Torres Robert Singer, Esq. Dr. John Stichman



The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History continues exciting progress as an institution making nuclear science and history accessible to tens of thousands of visitors. Through our many programs and exhibitions, our growing group of enrichment camps and classes, the museum has been very successful in enhancing young people’s knowledge and excitement of science and in STEM education.

With an agreement signed on June 24, 2019, the Atomic Heritage Foundation and the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History forged a new collaboration to preserve the history of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Age. This significant agreement ensured that the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s extensive collection of oral histories, interpretive vignettes, and articles about the Manhattan Project and its legacy will remain available to the public for the foreseeable future.

For the Museum, 2019 was a tremendous year for completion of outside displays. During this past year, staff and volunteers took on the effort to repaint the THOR Missile and work continued on the restoration of the MiG-21, the museum celebrated its 50th anniversary of service, and a new Strategic Plan was created and approved by our Board of Trustees. This plan includes exciting additions such as the Museum Artifact Center (MAC) and the Peacekeeper Memorial set for construction as we raise funds.

Founded in 2002, the Atomic Heritage Foundation (AHF) is a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC that successfully led efforts to create a Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Established in 2015, the Manhattan Project National Historical Park has three sites: Los Alamos, NM, Hanford, WA and Oak Ridge, TN. As founder and President Cindy Kelly says, “Over the past two decades, AHF has created a broad array of educational and interpretive resources on the Manhattan Project. We are delighted to partner with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History to ensure that AHF’s online resources remain available to audiences worldwide.”

None of these transformative projects would have been possible without great volunteers and wonderful donated support from individuals, companies, and foundations in our community.

For nearly two decades, AHF has recorded hundreds of oral histories of Manhattan Project veterans and published dozens more discovered in university and private archives. AHF’s goal has been to engage diverse audiences, especially younger generations, in learning about the Manhattan Project. Through first-hand accounts and programs on YouTube, AHF has successfully attracted a very youthful audience with over half under age 35. Last year, 1.6 million people accessed AHF’s online resources. AHF’s website audience continues to grow at rates over 30 percent per year.

Our educational programs grew in visibility and quality as well with our continued contracted service to provide after-school enrichment programming to the Rio Rancho School District for STEM education. Our incredible camp programs impacted hundreds of children, signifying how well it meets the expectations of our area families. Nuclear Science Week, a worldwide celebration of nuclear science, was observed this past fall for the ninth year, right here in Albuquerque, for the BIG U.S. observance. As always, we also had a great Discover STEM Week event among many others. We were honored to display “BUFF: The B-52 Story”, summertime exhibit and a fitting exhibit to showcase our own B-52. We invite you to visit the museum to explore our exhibits, attend an event or public program, and if interested, become a member or supporter. It is through the spirit of collaboration that we achieve our goals and your involvement can make this a reality.

Museum Director Jim Walther is equally enthusiastic. “AHF’s websites will greatly enhance the museum’s online presence. We intend to make full use of the content to enrich our education programs and the museum’s interpretive displays. AHF’s partnership perfectly complements the museum’s strategic plans for the future.” The partnership with the museum is very timely. After 17 years, AHF is closing its physical offices in downtown Washington, DC. With less than 3 percent of World War II veterans still alive, AHF has seen its base of Manhattan Project supporters dwindle over the past several years. With foundations favoring current weapons policy and advocacy organizations and little government support, AHF has found it increasingly difficult to sustain a fully staffed office in downtown Washington, DC. AHF will continue to be managed by President Cindy Kelly who plans to work with the museum on the transition and selected projects. Kelly comments, “I have personally enjoyed working with Museum Director Jim Walther for nearly 25 years and look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Jim Walther, Executive Director

Wayne Laslie, President


NUCLEAR SCIENCE WEEK The education staff and volunteer docents celebrated Nuclear Science Week in October 2018 and were joined by 950 students in grades 6-12. The generous donations from Palo Verde Generating Station and Sandia Labs Federal Credit Union allowed the museum to offer transportation and educational programs to these Albuquerque area students. They explored nuclear science using balloons to mimic a fission reaction, learned to identify radiation with Geiger counters, explored nuclear medicine with a radioactive tracer activity, and went back in time with a tour of the Manhattan Project.

“Thank you so much for the field trip. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your generous donation of buses, admission fees, and volunteer time. Kids report a good experience!” -Teacher, Jefferson Middle School

“I had so much fun today and learned about the Chart of the Nuclides.” -Student, Los Lunas High School Mesa Program

DISCOVER STEM DAY Discover STEM Family Day brought over 850 family members to the museum on Saturday, February 2, 2019. The event was sponsored by Kirtland Federal Credit Union, Sandia National Labs, and Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. The museum staff was joined by many business and community partners who offered over 30 STEM activities and exhibitions. The museum team was fortunate to be joined by Sandia National Labs, AFRL, the Fractal Foundation, Mathamuseum, NASA Swarmathon, Bradbury Science Museum, Explora Museum, SMASH Studio Recycled Art bus, Quelab, UNM Engineering, UNM Computer Science, the Aerospace Corporation, CNM Ingenuity, Timmy Telescope, Tuskegee Airmen, and more. A visitor favorite continues to be liquid nitrogen ice cream. With the addition of food trucks on Inspiration Plaza, everyone left very satisfied!

DISCOVER STEM WEEK This year the museum brought almost 800 students and 100 chaperones in grades 4-8 to participate in Discover STEM Week, February 11-15. Students participated in STEM activities led by the museum’s education staff and community partners such as Timmy Solar Telescope Outreach, Basement Films, and Fractal Foundation. Students also explored topics of electricity, robotics, solar energy, and computer imagery with Chris Forsythe. This week-long opportunity was made possible by the generous support from Sandia Federal Credit Union.

Quotes from Discover STEM Day “My kids loved the liquid nitrogen ice cream. They wanted to go back in for another session and for more ice cream! Thanks for a great day!” “The flight simulator was sooooo cool!”

Quotes from STEM Week “Our awesome field trip to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History was the highlight of the year for many of our 5th graders. Thank you so much for everything you did to make it possible!” - The 5th grade team at Ernest Stapleton Elementary, Rio Rancho “I just wanted to tell you thank you for giving my school such a fun field trip. I really enjoyed the rotations with static electricity and the robotics. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot!” - Gavin, student at McCollum Elementary

“SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE” CAMPS The museum welcomed over 300 day campers this year. The weather did not cooperate during Winter Day Camps, but the museum team managed to accommodate the campers by finding other camp opportunities for them. New offerings included Sound Effects for the new group of Pre-K 4 year old to Kindergarten campers and exploring projectile motion with Launch into Science during Winter Camps. The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Things Come Apart day camp has become an all-time favorite. Spring Day Camps brought out the insects with our Bugs, Oh Buggers, and Delving into Dissection camps. Campers also enjoyed coding and robotics camps during their spring break from school. The museum engaged over 400 campers during summer science camps and received generous support from Intel. This year offered chemistry camps for all age groups. New week-long camps included Frankenstein’s Lab, Lift Off!, Hand-Me- Down Genes, and Ocean Odyssey, to name a few. Old favorites filled up quickly including Hogwerts Jr, Hogwerts: Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L), and Hogwerts: Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test (N.E.W.T). Campers visited the Albuquerque Aquarium, Boca Negra Canyon, UNM’s Department of Chemistry and enjoyed guest facilitators from wings of Enchantment Butterflies, Wildlife Rescue, and High Desert Ham Radio Club. The museum’s education staff, summer teachers, and counselors were assisted by our large number of student volunteers each week. This combination of excited campers, creative camp programs, and a strong staff made for a wonderful summer of science, history, art, and fun!

Quotes from Camps “Thank you so much for the wonderful summer camp. So many times I’ve wanted to switch places with my son.” -Parent “Our son is really enjoying the science camps, and we are very impressed with what he’s learned.” -Parent “My child had a frustrating 5th grade year in which he stopped enjoying school and was becoming turned off to learning. This camp helped him to return to his love of learning - he was engaged, he was challenged, he was happy, and he was excited to be there each and every day. This camp made such a difference and it was the perfect way to have him become excited again before he begins middle school. Thank you so much, and we will be back next summer!!” -Parent “We have sent three of our grandchildren to camps throughout the years and have had great experiences each time. Thank you!” -Grandparent “Team, including teacher, was great!” -Parent “Keep up the good work!” Parent

HOMESCHOOL 2019 Under the direction of Museum Educator, David Gibson, the museum’s homeschool program continues to bring in new students and families. David has expanded his offerings by adding an additional day for each program offered throughout the year. This year he taught over 300 students and began the year with Crazy Chemistry and Things That Go Boom! This year he ended the fiscal year with All Things Nano!

Rio Rancho SAFE After-School Outreach The education staff partnered with the Rio Rancho Public School’s SAFE after-school program. They visited five different elementary schools throughout the year, reaching about 2600 student in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. Favorite science activities included discovering the properties of liquid nitrogen, to exploring gas laws with vacuum packing, to understanding reactions by igniting pipet rockets to fly across the room.

Other After-School Outreach

David Gibson doing a science experiment

The education team continues to visit Albuquerque area schools to offer science activities. During this fiscal year, over 2,240 students participated in these programs. This September, the museum teamed with Children’s Choice and Boys & Girls Club of Central NM to bring STEM programming to five Albuquerque Public Elementary schools with an after-school program called Camp Atom. The museum’s team looks forward to growing this program through the next several years. This past year, the museum also participated in the national library system’s reading program “Stories from the Universe” as well as multiple community events including Sandia National Labs Family Day, Science Fiesta, AFRL’s Super STEM Saturday, Cosmic Carnival, and Discovery Festival.

Junior Docents Directed by Education Coordinator, Mollie Fullerton, a handful of high school students designed and researched their own science and history projects this year. Students concentrated on areas of optics, chemistry, and physics. Two of the junior docents also wrote and performed at the Einstein Gala celebrating the museum’s 50th anniversary.

David Gibson with his daughters and other homeschoolers


ATOMIC STEaM PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW The Fifth Annual “Atomic STEaM Photography Show” was a huge success, displaying eighty photographs that were chosen in a juried competition that in some way related to the overall theme of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The “Atomic STEaM Photography Show” was on display to the public in November and December of 2018, hosting 8,187 visitors. Intern, Conner Mathieson, and volunteers, Tom St. Aubin and Steve Glover assisted with the construction of this exhibition.

THE MUSEUM ACCESSIONED 868 NEW ITEMS INTO THE COLLECTION IN FY 2019. Highlighted items include a beautiful large Japanese Ceramic Plate that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, donated by James E. Haggard, and 125 digital prints of Oak Ridge, TN, during the Manhattan Project transferred from the Atomic Heritage Foundation.

De Cat’s Pigment Grinder by Meredith Schwall

Those Spokes Go Round and Round by Andrea Camp

Owlet Moth by Daniel Kariko

Spiral Ascension by Kat Richter-Sand

S is for Stairs by Terryl Allen

Monsoon Release by Matt Beckmann

THINGS COME APART The museum looked inside the evolutions of the smartphone and dozens of other everyday technologies in the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service’s (SITES) “Things Come Apart” exhibit, on display January 19 through May 5, 2019. This captivating exhibition, featured the works of creative photographer and tinkerer Todd McLellan, was on a 12-city national tour, asking visitors to contemplate the intricacies of such technologies as the quarterinch-thick smartphone that can be used as a watch, a camera, a theater, a map, and even a mobile bank. This special exhibition hosted over 20,100 visitors. A number of volunteers and interns assisted with the construction of this exhibition, including Sam Finch, Don Baker, Ethan Oesch, Tom St. Aubin, and Jeff Mahn.

BUFF: THE B-52 STORY The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History told the story of the longest serving aircraft in United States military in the special exhibition, “BUFF: The B-52 Story,” displayed June 8 through December 29, 2019. This temporary exhibition explored the iconic Boeing aircraft’s past, present, and future as an American strategic bomber. It is a substantial history, as this aircraft came into existence sixty years ago to deliver a nuclear payload on the Soviet Union during a possible World War III, and its lifespan is projected to extend beyond 2040. This special exhibition welcomed over 35,000 visitors. Volunteers Sam Finch and Steve Glover assisted with the construction of this exhibition. The exhibit also featured the museum’s own B-52B Stratofortress.

LITTLE AL’S LABORATORY One of the museum’s most engaging exhibitions received a facelift, led by the museum’s Exhibition Technician, Ryan Painter. Displays from the Nano exhibition were combined in this hands-on learning area of the museum to create the most welcoming and fun learning experience possible for the museum’s younger visitors. This exhibition opened to the public on the week of Balloon Fiesta, 2019.



The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History held a Dedication Ceremony for its newly restored SM-75/PGM-17A Thor intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) on Friday, September 20, 2019, in the outdoor exhibit area known as Heritage Park. Dignitaries, including members of the Royal Air Force, were present to publicly acknowledge the legacy and historical significance of the museum’s Thor missile.

The MiG-21, the museum’s only non-American aircraft, started receiving restoration in January of 2018. The MiG-21 is a supersonic jet fighter and interceptor aircraft designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. These aircraft were designed in the early 1950s, used primarily between 1959 and 1985 by many communist countries. The Heritage Park Restoration Project Coordinator, Don Baker, worked with six volunteers, including Tom St. A who contributed 321 hours in 2019. The restoration project is on-going with a projected completion date of June, 2020.

Restoration of the missile began at the museum in April 2018 and ten volunteers contributed 1,600 hours of time to the restoration. The total restoration of the Thor missile included $8,500 in materials and services and $2,500 in in-kind donations. Sponsors for the Thor restoration were the Air Force Missileers and Hal Behl, Board Emeritus.

Images show museum volunteers as they work on the MiG-21

Hal Behl pictured with members of the Royal Air Force during the dedication ceremony on September 20, 2019

VOLUNTEERS Annually, the museum had approximately 350 volunteers involved with different programs. This number encompasses the museum’s volunteer core and one time corporate/group volunteers. During FY19 the total number of hours contributed by all museum volunteers was 14,242.32.

VOLUNTEER AWARDS In 2019, the museum’s Outstanding Student Volunteer Award was presented to Keiko Yamamoto. Keiko has been a volunteer at the museum since 2015. She has worked as a “Science is Everywhere” camp volunteer, as a Junior Docent, and also helped out with the Gala demonstrations. The Maydew-Jeblick Award, the highest award given to any volunteer, was presented to docent Judith Mead. Judith has been a volunteer for almost 30 years. She started with the museum in 1992. Judith not only volunteers her time to certain projects at the museum, she also helps with the annual Gala and volunteers across many departments at the museum.

The Museum’s Volunteer Core The museum’s volunteer core had 110 active volunteer files during FY19 depending on the time of year. We received 59 volunteer applications and on-boarded 35 volunteers during FY19. New volunteers were identified for docent and greeter positions, to assist with the annual Gala, exhibits, restorations, summer camps, internships, and to help catalog collection items. During FY19 there were eight Brown Bag lunches, two roundtable discussions, three volunteer coffees, two new volunteer information sessions, the volunteer appreciation picnic, and the volunteer appreciation dinner.

Corporate and Group Volunteers Each year the museum receives support from outside groups and corporations who donate their time to help the museum achieve parts of its mission. Volunteers from these groups and corporations significantly increase the overall volunteer impact. STEM Day alone brought in 148 individuals who volunteered 788.5 hours. An additional 96 individuals and 300 hours were contributed by the following corporations and group volunteers: Gap Inc., Nuclear Inspections Agency, Eagle Scout Dylan Garcia, PNM, and New Mexico Tech.

Maydew-Jeblick Award winner, Judith Mead, with museum Executive Director, Jim Walther

DEPARTMENT AWARDS Finance and Administration: Jeannette Gould Curatorial and Collections: Dan Caton Education: Paul Timpane Exhibits: Bill Hopkins Museum Store: Jeff Mahn Marketing and Public Relations: Eduardo Resendez (intern) Development: Judith Mead Heritage Park: Larry Costin


NUCLEAR AFTER DARK The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History welcomed 325 visitors on October 5, 2018 to enjoy local food trucks, live music, and an outdoor showing of “Modern Marvels, The Manhattan Project.” This event was a wonderful event that kicked off Balloon Fiesta in style.





Nuclear Science Week (NSW) is an international, broadly observed celebration to focus local, regional, national and international interest on all aspects of nuclear science. In 2018, NSW was recognized for the ninth year on the third week of October, and the NSW “Big Event” took place in Albuquerque, NM. Activities during the week were intended to build awareness of the contributions of the nuclear science industry and those who work in it every day, and the social media initiative for the week-long celebration hit 15.4 million impressions. The multi-day celebration in Albuquerque started on Monday, October 14, with an opening reception at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. A Nuclear Science Week Colloquial Panel and Nuclear Expo was then held at the University of New Mexico’s Student Union Building on October 15. The panels opened with speaker Meredith Angwin, author of Campaigning for Clean Air, Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy, and was followed by panels including Nuclear Past, Nuclear Present, Nuclear Future and Careers in the Nuclear Industry. Celebrations continued on October 17 at the Kimo Theater with a special showing of the CNN Film: Pandora’s Promise and the American Nuclear Society’s Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World Virtual Field Trip. Sponsors for the 2018 Nuclear Science Week celebration include Palo Verde Generating Station, Sandia National Laboratories, Jensen Hughes, the American Nuclear Society and Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union.



Board Trustee, Michael Mclaughlin, and Palo Verde’s former Chief Nuclear Officer, Bob Bement.


ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER AMERICAN HERITAGE DAY For the last 23 years, the museum team has taken great pride in welcoming some of the world’s most influential cultures to this humble stage, where patrons are provided an exhilarating opportunity to experience history and art from an up close and personal perspective. Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Day was celebrated on May 11, 2019, to pay homage to the cultural traditions, ancestry, native languages, and unique contributions of ethnic groups from Asia and the Pacific. Over 620 visitors were treated to an array of diverse performances such as Chinese martial arts, East Indian, Thai and Filipino dancing, along with Japanese Taiko drumming. Through this beautiful event, guests took a trip around the globe, receiving a front row seat to a celebration of unity and diversity.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History hosted the 22nd Annual Einstein Gala, New Mexico’s biggest science party of the year, on March 23, 2019, welcoming 411 guests and raising over $95,000. The Museum’s largest fundraising event introduced intricate science experiments performed by Museum junior volunteers, a unique silent auction, dinner among some of 2the most brilliant minds in science, local entertainment throughout the evening and an opportunity to honor an exceptional organization with the 2019 National Award of Nuclear Science & History. The recipient for this award was Randall Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of AT&T Inc. AT&T Inc. was the first contractor to ever run Sandia National Laboratories, overseeing the labs from 1949 through 1993. This collaboration began with President Harry Truman asked AT&T to “render an exceptional service to the national interest.” The 22nd Annual Einstein Gala was sponsored by AT&T, URENCO, USA, Nusenda Credit Union, Salmon Hauger Wealth Management of Wells Fargo Advisors, with media sponsorship by iHeartMedia.

NM State President of AT&T, Terri Nikole Baca; Past Board President, Jerry Adams; CEO and Chairman of AT&T, Randall Stephenson; Museum Executive Director, Jim Walther; and Congressman Ben Ray Lujan

Jr. Docent Presenters Keiko Yamamoto, Jonothon Sabrowski, Joel Inventor, and Haley Gibson

MOVIE UNDER THE WINGS The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History welcomed 262 guests to enjoy “Movie Under the Wings,” a unique outdoor movie event in the museum’s Heritage Park where visitors viewed the iconic movie, October Sky, while sitting among the iconic aircraft in the museum’s nine-acre outdoor exhibit area on June 22, 2019.





















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DONORS Gifts of $50,001 + Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Gifts of $5,000 - $50,000 Jerry Adams & Sandy Wick AT&T B47 Stratojet Association Bank of America Hal Behl Joan Bowen Larry & Priscilla Costin Dominion Energy Duke Energy Entergy Corporation Exelon Generation Kirtland Federal Credit Union Wayne & Mary Pat Laslie Judith Mead Clay Perkins Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Sandia National Laboratories Southern Nuclear Operating Company X-Energy

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