National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Updated 2018 Annual Report

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America’s Resource for Nuclear Science and History





Our mission remains a guiding principle of the efforts of our Board of Trustees, volunteers and professional staff. The Museum is a non-profit charitable corporation designated by Congress as the official nuclear museum resource for our nation. The mission of the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is to serve as America’s museum resource for nuclear science and history. This is accomplished through presentations of exhibitions and quality educational programs conveying the diversity of individuals and events that shape the historical and technical context of our world.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES& STAFF President – Jerry Adams Vice President – Sara Robinson Secretary – Pam Sullivan Treasurer – Ben Balkcom, CPA Immediate Past President – Alison Schuler, Esq. EX-OFFICIO Jim Walther, Museum Director



Dr. Murray Gell-Mann Richard Rhodes



Hal Behl Jim Ferland Dan Hardin Dr. Michael Hartshorne Charles R. Loeber Judith Mead Kimberly E.S. Meagher Marcus Mims, CPA Doug Moody Greg Morrison Richard Perry Warner Talso Dr. Ruth Weiner



Dr. Robert Busch Charles Crisler Abdiel Ramirez Dr. Gregg Franklin Dr. Damon Giovanielli Dr. Katrina Groth Codie Hardy Dr. Michael Hartshorne Dr. Richard Holcomb Wayne Laslie Marcus Mims Robert Singer, Esq Dr. John Stichman Michael Strizich

Ethan Aronson Jay Bledsoe Michael Brock Matthan Brown Molly Brunell Julia Davis Leslie Fraser Mollie Fullerton Sandy Fye David Gibson Jennifer Hayden David Hoover Claudia Madrid Deidre McVay-Schulmeister Barbara Miller Ryan Painter Kyan Ramirez Michael Rodriguez Estrellita Romero Elena Seaberg Greg Shuman Jim Walther Joyce Whelchel Stephen Whitman



The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History continues exciting progress as an institution making nuclear science and history accessible to tens of thousands of visitors. Through our many programs, exhibitions, and our growing enrichment camps and classes, the museum has been very successful in enhancing young people’s knowledge and excitement of science and in STEM education. 2018 was a tremendous year for completion of outside displays. During this past year, staff and volunteers took on the effort to repaint the Boeing B-47 Stratojet Strategic Bomber. We completed the historic Jupiter Missile repainting and began work on the THOR missile, as well. In addition, our interior exhibition space also saw some changes. Through support by the National Science Foundation and EPSCOR NM, we created “What’s Up with U,” and important exhibit on uranium in the environment. “Critical Assembly” was also repositioned into a permanent location to depict Los Alamos Laboratory’s efforts in 1945. None of these transformative projects would have been possible without great volunteers and wonderful donated support from individuals, companies, and foundations in our community. During this time, our educational programs also grew in visibility and quality as did our continued contracted service to provide after-school enrichment programming to the Rio Rancho School District for STEM education. Our incredible camp programs impacted hundreds of children signifying how well it meets the expectations of our area families, and, as always, we had a great Discover STEM Week event among many others. Nuclear Science Week, established by the museum in 2009, was observed this past fall for the ninth year right here in Albuquerque for the big U.S. observance, and it is now celebrated in 11 countries world-wide, adding Japan in 2018 From our multiple temporary exhibitions to our amazing Einstein Gala, this year was a huge success. We were honored to display “Eureka,” a look at the engineering of Leonardo Davinci and Archimedes, “Picturing the Museum: A Visual Exploration of the Nuclear Age, by photographer Gregg Albracht” and the fifth “Atomic STEaM Photography Exhibition.” And, the 2018 Einstein Gala honored Dr. Alan Stern, a planetary scientist, space program executive, aerospace consultant, and author, for his lifelong leadership in his fields of expertise. We invite you to visit the museum to explore our exhibits, attend an event or public program, and if interested, become a member or supporter. It is through the spirit of collaboration that we achieve our goals, and your involvement can make this a reality.


NUCLEAR SCIENCE WEEK The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History continued to bring Albuquerque area middle school and high school students to participate in activities and tours about nuclear science during the ninth year of Nuclear Science Week. This year, 723 students were able to attend as they were granted busing and admission thanks to the generous donations from the Albert I. Pierce Foundation, Sandia National Laboratory, and Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union. Students learned about a fission reaction using balloons, ionizing radiation, and radioactive decay through dance and music. By using Geiger counters, students measured and learned about alpha and beta particles and gamma radiation in their world.

Educator David Gibson

Quote from NSW “The students really enjoyed their visit and it fit with what we are studying right now!” - Marie, South Valley Academy

Volunteer Frank Buethe

“Thank you so much for providing this experience for the students. I really appreciate the docents and their knowledge as well as the staff of the museum!” - Gary, Eldorado HS

DISCOVER STEM WEEK & DAY This year the museum brought in 996 students from Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Los Lunas elementary schools for Discover STEM Week thanks to the generous support of our donors, Sandia National Laboratories, Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union, Intel, and Kirtland Federal Credit Union. Students participated in many STEM activities each day facilitated by our museum staff and many outside partners including Basement Films, UNM, Albuquerque Astronomical Society, Brain Hackers with assistance from La Academia de Esperanza High School students, and Albuquerque Soaring. The week ended with Discover STEM Family Day on Saturday, February 10, 2018, with a record number of visitors; 1256! The event was sponsored by Kirtland Federal Credit Union, Sandia National Laboratories, and Intel. Museum staff and volunteers were joined by community partners and offered 30 STEM activities and exhibitions. The museum staff and volunteers were thrilled to be joined by Sandia National Labs, UNM School of Engineering, QueLab, 3 Civil Air Patrols, Orbital ATK, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Tuskeegee Airmen, American Institute of Chemical Engineers – UNM student chapter, and CNM Ingenuity, to name a few. With the addition of food trucks on Inspiration Plaza, all left full and satisfied!

Quote from Discover STEM Week “LOVED the trip. In fact, I have heard over and over again that it is one of the best field trips we’ve ever taken. Many of our students say they plan to go again with their families.” Gillian, Colinas Del Norte Elementary in Rio Rancho Quotes from Discover STEM Day “The day was fantastic and my kids loved the liquid nitrogen ice cream!” “Loved the hands-on activities and the tesla coil music!”

“SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE” CAMPS During the 2017-2018 camp season, the museum welcomed approximately 400 day campers. This year new offerings included Chemistry, Fire and Ice, and Let Me Atom during Winter Camp; Eureka-Art & Architecture Edition during Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Camp; EurekaSimple Machines & Properties of Physics for Presidents Day Camp; and The Last Straw during Spring Break Camps. The museum saw 440 campers during the “Science is Everywhere” Summer Camp program. After listening to parent and camper feedback, the museum offered many new week-long camps including Leave No Trace and Beakers, Bubbles, & ReActions for ages six to eight; ARTifacts for ages eight to ten; and STEMinists for ages ten to twelve. Fieldtrips included visits to the Balloon Museum, the Aquarium, and Botanical Gardens, AirDance, and Gabby’s Handmade Soaps to name a few. The museum staff, teachers, and counselors were assisted daily by our teenage volunteers. All made this a fantastic summer for experiencing science, history, and art!

Quotes from Camps “I enjoyed our guests – women speakers – from the University of New Mexico, Sandia National Labs, and a current Junior Docent from this museum.” - STEMinists camper Educator Estrellita Romero

“Creative camp! I loved the project ‘You can do anything’ with the random materials provided.” ARTifacts camper

RIO RANCHO PS OUTREACH The museum’s education staff, with the help from education docents, partnered with the Rio Rancho Public Schools by offering science activities to approximately 4500 students from ten elementary schools during their S.A.F.E. after-school program.

HOMESCHOOL 2017 - 2018 The museum’s homeschool program has continued to grow under the direction of David Gibson, Museum Educator. There were 320 students who were reached this year, all of whom enthusiastically participated in programs such as Radiation and the Atom 1-2-3, Science Friction, and Inventors and Inventions.

JUNIOR DOCENT PROGRAM Under the guidance of Mollie Fullerton, Education Coordinator, the junior docent program reached out to several high school students this year who honed in on their presentation skills by offering demonstrations to museum visitors. Four of the junior docents wrote and performed the demonstrations for the Einstein Gala, with support from David Gibson and Mollie Fullerton of the Education Department.

SCIENCE ON TAP “Science on Tap” was hosted for its sixth year, presenting a series of informal talks at local breweries and restaurants on a wide range of topics in science and technology. “Science on Tap” is a collaboration between numerous science and engineering departments at the University of New Mexico, the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History and Explora Science Center & Children’s Museum of Albuquerque. This event welcomed 198 guests in FY 2018











THE MUSEUM ACCESSIONED 963 NEW ITEMS INTO PERMANENT COLLECTION Hightlighted items include the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13 Fishbed which is the exciting new large collection item. And, Bill Pedace donated a collection of Electric Boat Company & General Dynamics First Day of Issue event cover cachet envelopes.


The “Critical Assembly” exhibit was relocated in December of 2018 to its permanent location inside the museum. This special exhibit, created by world renowned sculptor Jim Sanborn invited visitors to explore and study the recreations of the super secret experiments from the Manhattan Project’s atomic bomb program.


Eye on Fire by Gary Chavez

The Fourth Annual “Atomic STEaM Photography Show” was a huge success, displaying eighty photographs that were chosen in a juried competition that in some way related to the overall theme of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The “Atomic STEaM Photography Show” was on display to the public in November and December of 2017, hosting 8,820 visitors.

MoPOP by Tami Moore

Ouray Splendor by Sarah Holcomb

STEaM in the Snow by Matthew Malkiewiczv

Structure by W. Gary Rivera


AN INTERACTIVE HISTORY OF SCIENCE FOR CHILDREN The museum hosted this engaging historical exhibit that covered the major eras of scientific innovation throughout history using hands-on experiments and educational workbenches. This unique, hand-crafted exhibition was developed by the Niccolai Group – Founders of the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Florence – and it was on display at the museum from February through April of 2018, hosting 25,810 visitors at that time. Sandia National Laboratories was the sponsor for this wonderful exhibition.


A VISUAL EXPLORATION OF THE NUCLEAR AGE This special exhibition, created by New Mexico Photographer, Gregg Albracht, invited guests to visit the past through his 20 artistic images captured over multiple years at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, and rediscover the nuclear age through visual exploration. “Pictures from the Museum” was on display June through the middle of October in 2018, and it hosted over 26,000 visitors during that time.


“What’s Up With U” is a New Mexico Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) funded exhibit that partnered the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History with researchers and students from the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Tech to investigate all things Uranium. This special exhibition at the museum was made possible through partnerships with the University of New Mexico, Wyoming Department of Environment Quality, University of California – Riverside, Rodman & Renshaw, U.S. Geological Survey, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Boston University, Navajo Technological University, Scholle Petrographic LLC and the New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources.


The Palo Verde Generating Station, part of the Arizona Public Service generation fleet, financially supported an update of their portion of the Energy Encounter exhibition in 2018. This includes an educational and engaging large-scale video screen telling the visitor how Palo Verde produces energy using Nuclear power as well as where and how that energy is consumed. An overhead interactive floor projection system was also installed, allowing visitors to use their feet to “split atoms” to create energy to try and power a city.


New Mexico’s only Boeing B-47E Stratojet, serial number 53-2280, one of only 23 surviving B-47 airplanes in existence, was successfully restored in the spring and summer of 2018. The B-47 Stratojet, with a wing span of 116 feet, was a long-range, six-engine, jet-powered strategic bomber designed to fly at high subsonic speeds and at high altitudes to avoid enemy interception. The B-47’s mission was primarily to deliver nuclear ordnance on designated targets. Restoration of this iconic airplane was completed in the fall of 2018 with the help of staff and three dedicated volunteers, Steve Glover, Charles Milliken, and Tom StAubin, who donated 282.5 hours to the project. Generous financial support and in-kind donations were provided George and Leona Libman and the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum along with many others.

VOLUNTEERS Judith Mead, Volunteer Jim Walther, Museum Director

Docent, Ben Petterson

During FY 2018, the museum’s committed volunteers contributed 14,248.07 hours of time to the museum. Multiple volunteer training sessions where held during this time which included six Brown Bag events, two Round Table Events, three Coffee Breaks, and one Potential Volunteer Information Session. The museum staff was proud to welcome 15 new volunteers during 2018. At the annual holiday awards banquet for volunteers, held in December of 2017, Haley Gibson received the Outstanding Student Award. Haley contributed to educational programs and served as volunteer staff for homeschool camps, summer camps, and holiday camps, as well as assisted with outreach programs. The Maydew-Jeblick Award was given to Larry Costin. Larry has volunteered at the museum since 2009, and has contributed in many ways over the years. Larry organizes the museum’s Brown Bag educational series by recruiting and working with the presenters and finding interesting places for our volunteers to visit. Larry also assisted with educational programs, STEM Week, and Nuclear Science Week.

Docent, Larry Costin

Department Awards

Docent, Jose Juvea

• Finance and Administration: Jeannette Gould • Curatorial and Collections: Betty Montano & Dick Prinz • Building and Grounds: Bob Stearley • Education: Terry Leighley • Exhibits: Emily Delcoure (intern) • Museum Store: Mary Jean Murphy • Marketing and Public Relations: Tamara Lopez (intern)









Nuclear Science Week (NSW) is an international, broadly observed celebration to focus local, regional, national and international interest on all aspects of nuclear science. In 2017, NSW was recognized for the seventh year on the third week of October, and the NSW “Big Event� took place in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Activities during the week were intended to build awareness of the contributions of the nuclear science industry and those who work in it every day, and the social media initiative for the week-long celebration hit 25 million impressions. Sponsors for the 2017 Nuclear Science Week celebration included Albert I. Pierce Foundation, Sandia National Laboratories, North American Young Generation in Nuclear and URENCO Ltd., LLC.


The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History hosted the 21st Annual Einstein Gala, New Mexico’s biggest science party of the year, on March 31, 2018, welcoming 320 attendees and raising over $24,000. The Museum’s largest fundraising event introduced intricate science experiments performed by Museum junior volunteers, a unique silent auction, dinner among some of the most brilliant minds in science, local entertainment throughout the evening and an opportunity to honor an exceptional organization with the 2018 National Award of Nuclear Science & History. The recipient for this award was Dr. Alan Stern, Executive Director of the Southwest Research Institute, Space Science and Engineering Division. The 21st Annual Einstein Gala sponsors included NASA/ JPL and Sandia National Laboratories, URENCO, USA, with media sponsorship by 99.5 Magic-FM and 93.3 KOB-FM.

Frederick and Andrea Bermudez

Ted and Leeondra Schuler-Sandy

Wayne and Mary Pat Laslie

Jerry Adams, Foundation President, Dave Gallagher, Sam Sokolow, Dr. Alan Stern, and Jim Walther, Museum Director

Judith Mead and Hal Behl with award recipent and student STEM honorees


Tradition and the performing arts collided in an exciting display of music, dancing, and mesmerizing handson activities on Saturday, May 12, 2018, at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s 22nd Annual Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Festival. The museum, in partnership with the Sandia National Laboratories Asian Leadership Outreach Committee, welcomed 629 visitors to the event that celebrated the cultural ancestry, native languages, and unique experiences represented among ethnic groups from Asia and the Pacific.

MOVIE UNDER THE WINGS Sponsor: Lybration Systems Management and Metro Commercial Realty.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History welcomed 270 guests to enjoy “Movie Under the Wings,” a unique outdoor movie event in the museum’s Heritage Park where visitors viewed the iconic movie, Apollo 13, while sitting among the iconic aircraft in the museum’s nine-acre outdoor exhibit area on June 16, 2018.







TOTAL $2,514,644



EDUCATION $410,954








TOTAL $1,914,754







TOTAL $2,623,754










MEMBERS Curie Membership

Hal Behl Michael Hartshorne, MD & Lida Crooks Dr. Richard Holcomb & Janine Sjostrom Holcomb Duane Hughes Ronald Knief & Pamela Hurd-Knief Judith Mead Judith Muldawer Milo & Ellen Myers Michael & Caroline Strizich Pamela Sullivan Keith Tolk

Oppenheimer Membership

L. Wayne & LeAnne D. Brasure Leonard & Patricia Duda J. Arthur Freed Elizabeth Forbes Roger & Donna Hagengruber K. Dan & Vicky Hardin Charles & Jerilynn Loeber Marcus Mims Earl Rush Alison Schuler John Shaw & Janice Lehmann-Shaw John & Kristine Stichman William Sullivan & Nance Crow Warner & Jane Talso Arthur Tryon

Fermi Membership

Jerry Adams & Sandy Wick JoAnn Albrecht Dr. Robert Amme Dave Bailey & Donese Mayfield Brent Blankenship Robert & Suzanne Busch Michael Clager Laurence & Priscilla Costin James Culpepper William Culver John Freund & Ann Freund Ross Damon & Ellie Giovanielli Joseph Harper Alexander & Rebecca Kenny Wayne & Mary Pat Laslie Augustine & Mary Letto Ed & Kay Marinaro Kenneth Mayhorn Maureen Mulligan Regner Rider Bruce Robinson Andrew & Deborah Rogulich Ted & Leeondra Schuler-Sandy Lanny Sigler David Summers George Vavra Jay & Kat Vinson James & Celeste Walther Wendell Weart Karen Yamamoto & William Culver

Seaborg Membership

Anthony Androsky Len & Mary Beavis David Becker Jackalie Blue & Andrew Tompkins Bruce Boecker Genelia Boenig Karoline Bota & Kevin Broderick Molly & Donald Brunell Donald & Mina Carnicom Marsha Chandler Niels Chapman Paul Clark Robert Clayton Charles Crisler Paul Cummings Ronald & Faye Detry Erin & Jon Duchon D. Maxwell & Ruth Ellett Sarah Fair William & Jacklyn Flor Gregg & Mara Franklin

Duane L. Hughes Ryan and Maria Jaramillo Dave and Cheryl Johnson Frank & Rose Gasperich David & Lisa Johnson Tanner Gay Michael Kaneshige Robert Goodwin Sarah Kieweg Kay Grant Saskia King Katrina Groth & John Burke “Ronald Knief Codie Hardy Pamela Hurd-Knief” Willard Hemsing “Melissa Koudelka Lee & Betty Higbie Nadia Koudelka” Douglas & Ylee Hodge Eric and Amy Lahti Gary & Penelope Hoe Wayne and Mary Laslie Donald Holle “Anthony Learn Dixie Hornby Mark Learn” Rick Hudson “Augustine R. Letto Suzanne Johnson Mary Letto” Charles Key Grant and Anna Lord Gary & Yolanda King Denise Lucero Dean Kratzenburg & Dawn Nickell Timothy and Janita Luddeke Kenneth Krieger “Shennell Mack USS James K. Polk Richard Leonard Veterans Patrick Lofy Madison Mack” John & Kathy Matter Jeffery and Eileen Mahn Kenneth Mayhorn Judith W. Mead Roger & Kathleen McClellan Marcus Mims Mike & Jeanelle McGuire Doug and Jacqueline Moody Ronald Miller Michael and Judith Muldawer Greg Morrison Maxine Norton John Pitcher Amanda Okandan Jai Prasad John Pathakis Abdiel Ramirez Clay and Dorothy Perkins Byron Ristvet Taylor Schulmeister & Deidre McVay- Jane Potter Tracy Ray Schulmeister Sarah Robinson Greg & Mona Shuman Evelyn Sanchez Tony Sill “John D. Shaw Robert & Margaret Singer Janice Lehmann-Shaw” John Slayton Rochelle Siirola Dan & Jennifer Talso Robert and Margaret Singer John Tanner John and Kristine Stichman Lee & Kathie Thienel Leo Stockham Ronald Thompson Kimberly Sullivan Richard & Zanier Vivian Keith Tate Dennis Walker James and Celeste Walther Wendell D. Weart “LiLi Xiao Evelyn Wienecke & Oscar George Jonathan Song” Joyce Whelchel & Thomas Melissa Yaklin Baumgartel American Society of Radiologists Janusz & Brahna Wilczynsk Assoc. of Air Force Missileers California Institute of Technology Intel Corporation From $5,000.00 To $50,000.00 Los Alamos National Bank Jerry Adams MicroNet Solutions, Inc Hal Behl NM Oncology Hematology Consultants George H. Libman Pulakos CPA Alison K. Schuler Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Pamela J. Sullivan UNM Health Sciences Ctr. Jensen Hughes, Inc. From $100.00 To $499.99 Kirtland Federal Credit Union Clark E. Aamodt Sandia National Laboratories Elisa Adames The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation JoAnn Albrecht From $1,000.00 To $4,999.99 Gwendolyn Aldrich Marie Arrieta Layla Amis Ben Balkcom Robert C. Amme Chris Bender Anthony Androsky Jay Bledsoe Kelly Antalek Grace Brooks Alicia Aragon Robert and Suzanne Busch Emil Ardelean Bryan and Heather Carson Patrick and James Arnold Michael R. Clager Michael and Sarah Baca Missy Cordero “Dave Bailey Laurence and Priscilla Costin and Donese Mayfield” Emily Crespin Linda Bailey Deborah Dellmore Allen Baker Tracie Durbin Robert and Charlene Baker Jeff Everett Richard Baldwin William S. Ferguson Kimberley Beauford James and Darhla Gilson Len and Mary Beavis Damon and Ellie Giovanielli David N. Becker Andrae Griffin Jacqueline Bell Oksana Guba Mandi Bennett E. William Guenther William Dan and Patricia Benton “Richard Holcomb “David Bernstein and Erika Rimson” Janine Sjostrom Holcomb” David N. Becker Martin K. Holland


Jacqueline Bell Mandi Bennett William Dan and Patricia Benton “David Bernstein and Erika Rimson” Jane Bernstein Sonia Bettez Giorgia Bettin Sarah Biondi Bhawana Bissa Becky Bixby “Jackalie Blue & Andrew Tompkins” Bruce Boecker Genelia E. Boenig Henry and Jennifer Bohnhoff Lora Bonano “Karoline Bota and Kevin Broderick” KP and Nicole Boulom Jennifer Boyd Andy and Lidia Boye Jon Bradley Karl Braithwaite Karen Branch Matthew and Barbara Braun Donald and Molly Brunell Frank and Pam Buethe Samuel Carnes Donald and Mina Carnicom Crystal Carroll Chelanna Carter Matt Caruso Chuck Carver Bill and Irma Caskey Marsha Chandler Niels Chapman Michele Radha Chary Sarah Chavez Cameron Clark David Clay Robert Clayton Joanne Connolly Luke and Martha Conway Robert F. Couch Richard Craner Gwyneth Cravens Martin Crawford James Crichton Charles Crisler James W. Culpepper Robert Culpepper Ian and Lorri Danforth Nola Daninger Brian C. Darnell Tanner Davis Emilie De Angelis John Debassige Beverly DeBenedictis Sandy DeJong Janis DeLaney Leyla Descheny Robert Deurloo Mark Dohrenwend David Dornburg Emily Douglas Laura Douglas “Steve Dowling and Kim Haylenbeck” Annie Dreskin Jon and Erin Duchon Dan and Susan Dunne Geraldine Duran Christopher Dyck ennifer Ellefson D. Maxwell and Ruth Ellett Richard M. Elrick “Daniel English and Virginia Mahan” Juliet Erickson Van and Pamela Evans David and Regan Eyerman Lewis and Sarah Fair Leland Faust Jeff and Kandice Favorite Nicole Finch

Max Findell Andrea Fishback Mike Fleming William and Jacklyn Flor Parker and Kristin Flores Stephen Foltyn Lisa Foster Lee Francis Gregg and Mara Franklin Leslie Fraser William Frazier “John F. Freund and Anne Freund Ross” Susan Fule Glenn and Sandra Fye “Sharol Gabbert and David Van de Voorde” Diane Gaetz Janet Garcia Steffani Gatley JENNIFER GAUNA Ree Gerchow Jordan Geuss Cheryl Ghanbari Roushan Ghanbari Zahra Ghanbari Richard Gibbs Charlotte Gibson David Gibson Danielle Gipson Kit Goldhamer Melissa M Gomez Leonardo Gonzales Miguel Gonzales Robert R. Goodwin William Gordon Camille Gose Lara Goss Tony Gradillas Gradillas Meagan Grant Joe & Madeleine Gribble Ludwig and Lois Gritzo “Katrina Groth and John H. Burke” Tim and Janice Gustafson John A. Guthrie Renee Gwyther Robert Habbit Lauren Hall Dean Halverson Stephanie Hansen Harris L Hartz Troy Haskin JAlan Hatch Theodore Heil Willard Hemsing Donald S. Hendricks Zora Hertel Arthur N. Hicks, II Lee and Betty Higbie Douglas and Ylee Hodge Gary and Penelope Hoe Zachary and Erica Hoeffner Donald R. Holle Mark Holstad John Hooten Dixie Hornby Stephanie Horton Aubrey Hovey Tina Huber Rick Hudson John Hunt J D Huss Rick and Sharon Hutchinson Kimberly Hutchison Jennifer Ickes Jessica Jarman Kenneth Jerkatis Dara Johnson Kay Johnson Norman G. Johnson Rachel Jones Jose Juvera Sara Kaplan James Kaspar

May Eskridge Kearny &rea Kendall Lisa Kennedy Alex&er & Rebecca Kenny Charles & Beverly Key Gary & Yol&a King Jay Kinsman Mervin Koehlinger Colleen Koenig “Dean Kratzenburg, (Ret.) & Dawn Nickell” Kenneth Krieger James Krok Dennis Kustin Demos Kyrazis David Lafferty Michael & Carole Laurence Jack Lemelin Jinhee Lim Bounphom Limary Eric Linak Garth Lippmann LAURA L LIPSCOMB Heather Loftis Patrick Lofy Jason Loyd Joel O. Lubenau Oriel Lucero Elizabeth Luebchow Roy Lybarger Richard & Myra Lynch peter lyons Shannon Malagon Nicholas & Yelena Malone Ed & Kay Marinaro Jennifer Marshall Shawn Martin Antoinette Martinez BERNADETTE MARTINEZ Elizabeth Martinez Genaro Martinez Barbara Maurer Sydney Mayclin Susanna J. Maydew Kenneth A. Mayhorn Leo B. McCann Lazo mccarroll Teresa McGinley Mike & Jeanelle McGuire Maura McLaughlin Susan Miertl Mike Mikus Carrie Miller “Mark L. Miller & Alexandra Miller-Mutia” Ronald L. Miller Monica Mitchell Rosalind Mitchell Jennifer Monnheimer Anne Montoya Charles L. Moore Victor M. Moreno, Jr. Rosalie & Samantha Multari Cecilia & Michael Munk James & Harriet Neal Mary Nelson Helen Newman “Journey Nolan & Sorcha Hjelm” Stephen & Dawn Nolan Jennifer Nolkee Gary & Rigena Nordyke Francis W Nye Natalie Oliver Mark & Holly Olona Pete Ormson Margaret Ortega Michael & Jacob Ortiz Edwin C. Oyer, USN (Ret) Shawn Ozuna Simon & Felisa Palfery Amelia Patao Denise Pauler Charles & Deborah Pechewlys Mette Pedersen Emily Perez

Sheldon Perkins Ben Petterson Eric Phipps Ervin John Pierucki, USN (Ret) John A. Pitcher Cheryl Poitevint Janice Pomeroy Jai Prasad jason prentice John Presley Raymond Puckett Edgar Ralston Patrick and J.J. Rambo Abdiel Ramirez Emily Regis Felicie Regnier Bonnie Leigh Reifsteck Amy Rein Regner Rider Laura Ried Byron Ristvet Nicole Martinez Kish Michael Rizzo “Susan Roberts and Todd Fidel” Angel Rodriguez KC Roehl Kate Roesler Andrew and Deborah Rogulich John Rose Ronald Rowley David Roybal Susan Ruth Janet Samorodin-McIlwain Catherine Sanchez Rosemarie Sanchez Matthew and Cami Sceiford Pamela Schaefer “Jennifer Schlife and Levi Dewerd Kirk and Judy Schnoebelen Barry Schooley Ted Schuler-Sandy Kristin Schultz Shane Schumacher Kamilla Schwing LINDSAY SEDILLO Nicole Serna Nicole Martinez Kish Michael Rizzo “Susan Roberts and Todd Fidel” Angel Rodriguez KC Roehl Kate Roesler Andrew and Deborah Rogulich John Rose Ronald Rowley David Roybal Susan Ruth Janet Samorodin-McIlwain Catherine Sanchez Rosemarie Sanchez Matthew and Cami Sceiford Pamela Schaefer “Jennifer Schlife and Levi Dewerd” Kirk and Judy Schnoebelen Barry Schooley Ted Schuler-Sandy Kristin Schultz Shane Schumacher Kamilla Schwing LINDSAY SEDILLO Nicole Serna Clint Sessions Nicholas Shanayda Greg and Mona Shuman David and Shelly Siddoway Lanny Sigler Tony Sill Consuelo and Issabella Silva Anelisa Simons Cheryl Sims Valerie Siow “Corinne Sisneros & Ray James”

Mary Skaggs Debbie Sliter Linda A. Smith, MD Patricia H Smith Sean Smith Mark and Cynthia Soo Hoo Marguerite Sorensen Joseph Sorroche Sarah Spicher Glenn Spinelli Howard Stanley Erika Steele Katrina Stephenson Gary and Julia Stone Bruce Storrs Janell Stover Lyndsay Strong Eva Stuckman Leslie Sullivan David K. Summers Andrew and Susana Sweetman Dan and Jennifer Talso John Tanner Saundra Taylor Lee and Kathie Thienel Rebecca Thompson Ronald Thompson Greg Trandem Steffi Trott Roxanne Turley Philip and Helen Turner ROBYN D TWITO Darlene Meloche Udoni John Ulrich Judy Updegraff Renee Van Ginhoven Virginia VanDelinder Heather Veitch Charles Villamarin Jay and Kat Vinson Ellen Waggener Dennis Walker Anna Waller Katina Walton Lindsay Ward David Wargowski Cody and Ryann Washburn Wendell D. Weart John R Weed, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) Ann Weinberg Rachel Westphal “Joyce Whelchel and Tom Baumgartel” Aury White Stewart and Liza White Sandy Wick “Evelyn Wienecke andOscar George” Pamela Wigal Janusz and Brahna Wilczynski Jerry Wilkerson Susan Wilkerson David and Virginia Williams Michelle Williams Scott Wilson Liza Wolff-Francis Linda Wong Corey Woods Doug and Judy Wrobel Robin Yaeger “Karen Yamamoto and William Culver” E.D. (Charlie) Zaffery Albuquerque Scale Modelers American Society of Radiologic Technologists J and J Technical Services, Inc. Libration Systems Management Metro Commercial Realty, Inc. Montano Acura Petersen Incorporated Sandia National Laboratories TLC Plumbing & Utility Toxicology/Health Risk

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