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Postgraduate applicant journey

2. Book your interview

3. Prepare your portfolio

Find out more and download the MA application form via our website postgraduate-apply

If you are successful with your application our Admissions department will contact you to book an interview with members of the MA course team.

Your portfolio should showcase recent creative work and highlight any relevant experience.

5. The decision

4. Attend your interview

You will receive a decision within five working days via email.

Interviews usually take between 30 – 45 minutes and can be face-to-face or via Skype.



1. Submit an application to NUA

6. Accepting your offer

7. Financial support

8. Scholarships and charities

Email us directly to let us know your decision.

You may be able to apply for postgraduate funding through Student Finance England to contribute towards course and living costs.

Research NUA postgraduate scholarships, industry scholarships and charity and trust funding for additional financial support.

11. Welcome to NUA

10. Your new home

9. Complete pre-enrolment

Enrolment will take place in September where you’ll meet the postgraduate community at NUA.

If you’re moving to Norwich research into private rental properties available in the city.

Update your personal information on the NUA Applicant Portal.

Application steps to applying for a postgraduate course  
Application steps to applying for a postgraduate course