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Tampa Bay - MLK Jr. Parade 2024

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Dear Girlfriend,

I am so disappointed in my husband. Valentines has come and gone and he hasn’t said a damn thing. Not even Happy Valentine’s Day. I must admit he has never been good at celebrating holidays but I want that. I knew we had just had some car repairs done on my car and he did not get paid that weekend, So I was not expecting much, but he did nothing and said nothing. He could have at least given me a card or a cheap box of candy. I am so tired of his boring azz that I don’t know what to do. We never do anything, but sit on the couch streaming sports channels. Everyone has stopped inviting us places because we never show up. Then I see their pictures on facebook. I just feel so out of the loop and alone even when he is home. The last time I went to happy hour right after work, he got mad. Now when asked, I pass to keep down confusion. I don’t want a divorce, he is a good provider and father, but I do not want to live like this the rest of my life either.

Bored in Brandon

Dear Bored in Brandon,

You are the third chick to say something about what their man did not do for Valentines. My question is always “what did you do?” We set the atmosphere in our home. 1. You never allow your man to forget something that you want him to remember. Especially if you have discovered through the years that he can be negligent in that department. You should always dress for the holiday.” Did you put on your Pink or Red dress or sweater to look like his Valentines? Did you wake up, kiss your man and say Happy Valentine’s Day...what are we going to do today?. Did you wear your sexiest gown to bed? Then he would have known you were expecting something. Communicate, The objective is to be happy. Don’t allow him to disappoint you. I help my man succeed at pleasing me. You should apply the same thing for your anniversary and any other special day in your life. It took years for me to realize that if I have a lousy holiday, it’s just as much my fault as his.

2. Just like you are his sweetheart, he is yours. He may be walking around thinking this ungrateful witch has not said a word and she knows I just fixed her car. In this age of texting, I’m sure some old desperate ex may have wished him a happy Valentines, or sent him a picture of something...but you didn’t do anything, waiting on him to say it first. If you have a man that pays the bills and is not running the streets looking for someone else to entertain him, count yourself blessed.

3. Ladies, don’t let this day come between you and your man. Please keep in perspective that this is a commercialized holiday designed to make you spend money. Sometimes when men cannot afford to do things, they ignore or avoid the situation completely, thinking, ‘this is just one day, she will forget about it if I don’t make a big deal about it.’ Well men, you are wrong about that. Men who have been married a while often take their relationship for granted, Valentines is that reminder to do something special that you have been neglecting to do. Embrace it.

4. You both know your financial situation. It does not have to be an expensive day but it should be an attentive day. So do what you can do: get cute, smell good, be extra nice to the one you love. Bubble bath and candles or preparing a special candle light dinner, the rubbing of feet and thighs are always stimulating. Talking about what you are going to do before you do it is good. The conversation is foreplay

5.As far your social life is concerned. You never should have stopped going but you should have asked him to join you. Even if he chooses not to, you go on. . If all you are going to do is poke out your mouth, and quietly go sit in another room, nothing will change. Know that you can’t change him but you can change yourself. . Don’t expect people to invite you anywhere and you have never invited them anywhere. Start showing up to advertised events and you will get on someone’s list. May God bless your marriage.

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You Heard It From ME

One of the things that weighs heavily on progressive manifestations is relationships. I’ve heard it a thousand times, relationships matter. Well, my wife, TampaBay Tammy and I still have well established relationships in our home town of Memphis and in Tampa that allows us to navigate societal bandwidths that enhance our ability to live active lives. We believe that good relationships are reciprocal and socializing keeps you young. We have been blessed in these areas of life.

The 33rd Annual Martin Luther King Jr Prayer Breakfast, a fundraiser for Lemoyne Owen College (LOC), was scheduled for the MLK Jr. weekend but was postponed due to inclement weather. The holiday fell on the first snowy day of the season, thus the MLK breakfast was postponed to Monday, Presidents Day. However, I was set on attending because my father Ted Johnson had a legacy of actively supporting the breakfast by selling the most tables annually.

I am proud to state, building and maintaining relationships has given us a very successful lifestyle. As a result we were blessed to attend the annual breakfast in Memphis as guest of State Senator Raumesh Akbari, the daughter of Lisa and Hooshang Akbari whom we’ve known for over 40 years. Raised with Lisa in Bunker Hill, Tammy flew in years ago to assist with her daughter’s very first campaign and her first campaign parade.

As I walked into the ballroom the attendant asked, “who’s table are you with?” and I proudly responded, “Senator Akbari.” I scanned the room and saw some recognizable faces, Judge Damita Dandridge, my childhood friend State Rep G.A. Hardaway and one of the original Party Brothers, State Rep Joe Towns. Seated at Senator Akbari’s table was my Lemoyne Owen College (always sharp) running buddy Michael Williamson and his wife, LOC graduate Jean; my sister in law retired teacher LeNiece Woods; the boss accountant Sheila Branch; Teacher, Carol Boyd and my wife the well connected Tampa Bay Tammy.

Mayor Paul Young, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, was recognized with a commendation. Although he had to leave early for another commitment, his attendance underscored the strong bond between the city and LeMoyne Owen College.

This was the first time I had been to the Prayer Breakfast and was elated to see old friends exchanging warm greetings and shaking hands, embodying a spirit of camaraderie. The keynote speaker for the breakfast was Dr. Christopher Davis, the Interim President of Lemoyne-Owen College. Dr. Davis, known for his eloquence and deep understanding of civil rights history, delivered a speech weaving together Memphis pride and the legacy of Dr. King

Dr. Davis eloquently traced the history of civil rights struggles, highlighting how Lemoyne-Owen College, an HBCU, has been a beacon of hope and education for the African American community. Dr. Davis challenged the alumni present to carry forward the torch of leadership needed for continued activism, unity, and love in the face of adversity, urging everyone to contribute to building a more just and equitable Memphis.

The Lemoyne-Owen College Alumni Association, Memphis Chapter, has once again succeeded in honoring Dr. King’s legacy and raising funds. The Prayer Breakfast was not just a commemoration but a clarion call to action to get up and “Walk” (said Dr. Davis) your neighborhoods and to take pride in our community. For me, the Prayer breakfast experience was a reminder of how the quality of our lives has been sustained through friendships and successful offsprings which has and always will, widen our societal bandwidth.

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In the heart of Tampa Bay, under the dazzling lights of the Raymond James Stadium, a new chapter unfolded in the legacy of the Buccaneers defense.

The journey to this pinnacle moment was nothing short of extraordinary. Antoine Winfield Jr., known for his relentless work ethic and unparalleled determination, has become the backbone of the Buccaneers’ defense. He had 122 tackles this season, 12 defended passes, 8 hits to the quarterback, six sacks, six forced fumbles, 4 fumble

1st Team All Pro, because that’s some great competition,.. it’s an honor”.

Off the field, Winfield’s impact is just as profound. His commitment to the community, his involvement in charity work, and his role as a mentor to young athletes showcases the depth of his character. He isn’t just a football player; he is a role model, a beacon of hope and inspiration. Antoine Winfield Jr.’s name is not only synonymous with excellence on the field but also with the spirit

Selected to the
All Pro First
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Antoine Winfield Jr.

Table 22 Grand Opening

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Gamma Theta Omega Chapter of AKA Celebrates 116 Years of Service

The Gamma Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. celebrated its 116th Founders’ Day with church service and a program luncheon at Beulah Baptist Institutional Church in Tampa, FL on January 21, 2023.

Chaired by Mrs. Angela Pimento Fullwood, and co-chair Mrs. Jada Wright-Greene, more than 200 members gathered in shades of pink and green to attend worship service and hear a word from Pastor Alan Harris.

After service, the members transitioned to the Lowery Center to attend a program luncheon that was inspiring, entertaining and enriching. The President of Gamma Theta Omega Chapter, Tangela D. DuPree gave the welcome and remarks, congratulating the Committee and the general body for an amazing afternoon of fellowship.

Real Estate

“Today, we honor our founders — for their vision, for their belief and for their courage. Because of them, we are in the enviable position of being true change makers for good,” said Tangela D. DuPree, President of Gamma Theta Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

The undergraduate members of the Zeta Upsilon Chapter from University of South Florida and Sigma Nu Chapter from University of Tampa joined the program, recreating the moment that Alpha Kappa Alpha was born and sharing the rich history of the sorority.

U.S. Representative, Kathy Castor, Hillsborough County Commissioner, Gwen Myers, as well as Members of the Presidents’ Council including the 28th International President, Carolyn House Stewart and the 17th South Atlantic Regional Director, Marsha Lewis Brown were all in attendance.

Members of the Founders Day Committee

Page 7 Page 10 Make a Conscious Effort To Support Black Businesses 1241 E Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl 33612
17th S.Atl. Reg. Dir. Marsha Lewis Brown, US Rep. Kathy Castor, Hillsborough Cty Comm. Gwen Myers, Chapter Pres. Tangela D DuPree & 28th Int. Pres. Carolyn House Stewart Pastor Alan Harris and Gamma Theta Omega Chapter President Tangela D. DuPree
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Pete Edwards Appointed Commissioner to Tampa Housing Authority Board

Congratulations on the appointment of Robert “Pete” Edwards as a Commissioner to the Tampa Housing Authority. Known throughout Tampa Bay as a dedicated and passionate community advocate, Pete’s journey to this significant role is marked by his unwavering commitment to giving a voice to the under represented and addressing pivotal issues facing his community.

calls to action, awakening the consciousness of his listeners and empowering them to seek change.

Pete Edwards, often referred to simply as “Pete,” is a familiar figure in Tampa’s community circles. His voice resonates not just through the halls of local gatherings but also across the airwaves of local radio stations, N-TOUCH Radio and WTMP. Through these platforms, Pete has become a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for many. He uses his time on air to discuss critical issues affecting the community, particularly focusing on the challenges of housing and separate but unequal schools. His discussions are not mere commentary; they are

As a Commissioner at the Tampa Housing Authority, Pete brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the community’s needs. His appointment is a significant step towards addressing the long-standing issues in housing equity in Tampa. He knows that the challenges of housing are intricately linked with broader social issues like education and employment. Pete’s influence extends beyond board meetings and policy discussions. He is a mentor to many, sharing his insights and experiences generously. His passion for community service is infectious, inspiring others to join him in his mission to uplift the community. His appointment as a Commissioner to the Tampa Housing Authority is not just a personal achievement but a victory for the entire community. Pete is single and ready to mingle

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Maurice “Mack” McCoy Retires after 47 years

Maurice McCoy Sr. retired after 30 years of military service with the U.S. Airforce and 17 years of civil service with Special Operations Command (S.O.COM) at McDill Airforce Base.

Originally from Indianapolis Indiana Power couple Maurice and Pamala Mcoy have resided in Tampa Bay area for over 20 years where they have been actively involved members of Bible Based Fellowship Church on Ehrlich Road

The McCoys have successfully raised and educated 4 sons and now have 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Mack loves golfing in his spare time. When asked, “what’s ahead after retirement?” Mack responded to Tee time and travel. Pamela is the Author of Bona5d Bits and is a financial wizard.

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