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Holiday Guide 2011

FA L L / W I N T E R 2011


Since the world’s ending in 2012, go all out this holiday season! Build a better gingerbread house [6], feast your eyes on a hand turkey gallery [10], brace yourself for Black Friday [35], brighten your street with thousands of bulbs [40], fill your calendar with events [42], get crafty for everyone on your gift list [68], and more …








Make her Dreams Come True this

Holiday Season

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Holiday Guide 2011 3


HHOLIDAY GUIDE 2011 oliday Guide 2011


AND and

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PRESENT present

is coming


it comes with fire, or ice (as the Mayans allegedly-but-not-really predicted), or in accordance with the crackpot theories of zealots, there’s one important question we all must ask ourselves: If these are, in fact, our final holidays, how do we intend to celebrate them? In meek and inoffensive silence? Or with a ringing clatter that would make a reindeer-propelled sleigh appear tame? Whatever and however you celebrate, we recommend that you regard Earth’s impending doom as an excuse to go bigger this holiday season. Typically deck out an 8-foot tree? This year, make it an 11-footer. Planning a quiet New Year’s at home because it’s too much effort finding something exciting to do? Take a cue from Shredder and barrel your way into 2012 like a lap-seeking cat that refuses to take no for an answer. Whether your family engages in an all-youcan-eat Thanksgiving feast that would make the Romans look restrained or enjoys a peaceful and not-at-all-gluttonous day hike followed by a round-up of the neighborhood turkeys to place them all in protective custody, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to be an enhanced version of yourself. If you must insist on calling out “bah humbug,” then by Rudolph’s candy-apple red nose, be the


Scroogiest Scrooge the world’s ever seen. And don’t do it to save the economy. Don’t do it to compete with the family down the street. You’ll never manage to string 12,000 feet of twinkle lights around your roof if envy is your motive. And certainly don’t do it out of a sense of social obligation. You can celebrate Holipocalypse without spending a dime, if that’s your preference, and certainly without engaging the neighbors in a turf war that escalates into a thousandpound inflatable Santa falling off your roof and crushing your Chihuahua. Celebrate because it feels good to cut loose and give into the childish wonder and excitement of the holidays. Celebrate because your friends and family, as nutty as they may be, are closer at hand. Celebrate because you love gifting the people you care about with something you know they’ll appreciate. Celebrate because a house that smells like gingerbread is a happy place to be. And if all of that is insufficient, celebrate because there are no guarantees—not even another year of wreaths and turkey and family squabbles around a tree. Just don’t half-ass it. Ashley Schwellenbach managing editor



Build a gingerbread palace........6 The end is near, and beautiful ....................................8 Give turkeys a hand ..................10 Brave the Black Friday hordes .......................................... 35

Light up the town .....................40 Fit in holiday events while you can ..............................42 Handmake tile gifts ....................68 The Shredder welcomes in 2012 ......................... 70




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Holiday Guide

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Holiday Guide 2011 5


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oliday Guide HHoliday uide2011 2011

Bread. GinGerBread. BY COLIN RIGLEY


you’re feeling ambitious this holiday season, consider diving headlong into a seasonal project that incorporates baking, architecture, construction, exterior design, and a serious clean-up effort. However daunting that may sound, if you have children or are in any way affiliated with a holiday nut, you may not have a choice in the matter. And if building a gingerbread house is your destiny, why not go overboard to the extent that your family, friends, and roommates legitimately question your sanity? Consider starting from the ground up—or a foot or so below the ground up, to be precise. At its core, gingerbread houses are constructed with gingerbread, but what’s at the core of this spicy confection? Zingiber officinale. Sure, some people might feel superior because they bake their gingerbread from scratch, but how many can claim that they grow and harvest their very own ginger? Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest of undertakings. “Ginger is a tropical plant, so it does not do well around here,” explained Megan Hall, nursery coordinator for Growing Grounds Farm in SLO. “It likes warm, humid conditions. You could grow it in a greenhouse on the Central Coast, and you could probably get a ginger root from the market to root.” From there, it’s a question of choosing from among hundreds of recipes available in cookbooks and online. For the most part, it’s just a question of taste. From throwing in a butterscotch pudding mix to deciding whether you want a



This Christmas, build your dream house—then recipe with or without molasses to tossing in some orange zest or cloves, the options are essentially endless. You’ll probably need to experiment before the actual house-building can begin, which means force-feeding your friends experimental batches of gingerbread. They’ll love you for it; as their pants sizes steadily rise, they’ll have a made-to-order New Year’s resolution. Then comes the fun part. Henri de Hahn is the head of Cal Poly’s architecture department. His Swedish mother made sure the family observed all the classic holiday activities, and consequentially de Hahn loves gingerbread. In fact, that may be an understatement. Sure, a gingerbread house is technically for the kids. But de Hahn believes there’s greater social significance there as well. “It talks about dwelling. It talks about sociability, about family, about comfort,” he said. “It’s all eating and cooking and having rotten teeth, but when the artifact is there, what more does it represent?” When it comes to bursting out of the traditional gingerbread house architectural bubble, de Hahn is wary. He’s a traditionalist, with an appreciation for a savory gingerbread Victorian laden with frosting-icicles and other decorative delights. He also recommends castles as an appropriate archi-

eat it

tectural style. But what about a nice gothic church? Or something more contemporary, with solar panels on the roof, perhaps? “I would like to see some modern houses,” he acknowledged. But, of course, the traditional smorgasbord of candy decorations wouldn’t be very cohesive with a contemporary house. “The decoration is so colorful,” he explained. “For me, that’s what totally makes it. What kind of candy do you use? Do you have sparkly things? Do you have gooey ones? You could do icicles with powdered sugar and a little bit of water.” But a gingerbread bridge would be nice, he acknowledges. And an Eiffel tower. Maybe even the Parthenon in Greece. There’s an element of storytelling to constructing a gingerbread house. De Hahn’s family would place a light inside the gingerbread domicile to give the illusion that it was inhabited. “I think there’s no limit to the imagination. A gingerbread house should be magic,” he said. “Maybe making a gingerbread house is showing not only you can be an architect, but

GinGerBread continued page 7

n t a f W o . r I . . l s C l a h m r t i s A Freeay Holiidft G ing p Wrap

Caption Head caption body copy Feumsandit loboreet, quissecte mincili quatue eu faccum iuscinim verilla ad te tis nullandit venim num vel utpat et volor il utpatio dolore et prat vent ex eugait er incidunt ex ea consecte



Free Parking

w Ti Tim meess aanndd Th Thee ssuuNN NNeew

GiNGerbread from page 6


HolidayGGuide uide 2011 7 Holiday

MaN WiTH a PlaN

you like to dream.” Benjie Puga has some useful tips for For Benjie Puga, executive pastry chef at Lido Restaurant, making gingerbread houses is constructing a gingerbread masterpiece, an inevitability—both professionally and in his culled from his years of experience as a capacity as a parent. But he doesn’t necessarily professional pastry chef. see that as a bad thing. He cites his earlier exposure to the art of the gingerbread house through their gingerbread together, his mentor, a master pastry chef who worked at the Acapulco it doesn’t tend to taste great. Princess, a hotel. Every Christmas season, a team of 17 to Puga suggests royal ic20 pastry chefs would collaborate on a life-size gingerbread ing, made from egg whites structure for the hotel. and powdered sugar. “It’s “When I was coming up and learning, I saw all these almost like glue,” he assures, beautiful pictures,” Puga said, his voice still tinged with awe. That was during the ’70s and ’80s. Today, Puga mostly with the important distincmakes gingerbread houses for his kids to take with them to tion that it’s actually edible. Sugar serves another school. But, considering his profession, he’s got some tricks up important, though slightly his sleeve. And he insists that it’s not actually all that difficult to more ambitious function, construct. as well. If you plan to deck out your gingerbread house with You can essentially build any house you want. Puga stained glass windows, you have one of two options. The first is recommends going online and finding a structure you like. colored cellophane. The second involves baking sugar to what Then, use cardboard to construct a dummy of the house. Take Puga calls the “hard-crack stage,” which means cooking it at the cardboard house apart, and use it as a mould for your gingerbread. Before baking the gingerbread, you’ll want to around 300 degrees F. Pour the sugar onto a silicone pad, and bake it a second time at 400 degrees F until it melts. give it an egg wash. “It comes out just like glass, and you can color it,” he said. “That gives you a brighter wood color,” he explained. Of course, any gingerbread house with stained glass “If you don’t, it comes out like a pale cookie color.” Then, bake the gingerbread after cutting it out in the made from sugar is considered a showpiece and should be treated accordingly. According to de Hahn, his family used shape of the cardboard moulds. This brings us to the all-important subject of adhesives. to place the gingerbread house in a highly visible place, such While more than one overwhelmed gingerbread architect as the center of the table. Just beware: The ants and mice has resorted to using good old fashioned Elmer’s to hold may come marching.


And though royal icing makes for a powerful adhesive, Puga advocates showing special care when moving your gingerbread house. Make sure to place it on a steady foundation—definitely not cardboard. Puga suggests using plywood. When all’s said and done, there are a lot of ways to screw up. But de Hahn takes a gastronomically philosophical approach to this possibility. “If you don’t like it,” he said, “you just eat it and make another one.”  Managing Editor Ashley Schwellenbach made a Pop Tart house. Send buttercream frosting to aschwellenbach@

e s u o H n Holiday Ope

Dec. 10 and 11th 10am to 5:30pm at the Tasting Room Join us Sat. & Sun. for mulled wine & holiday treats plus wine and gift shop discounts.

“Happy Holidays from Castoro Cellars!”

SLOfolks Concert SLOFolks presents award winning, high energy Celtic folk band SLIGO RAGS in concert Saturday, December 10, 7:30pm at the Castoro Tasting Room! While you’re here, take a look around our gift shop and enjoy complimentary mulled wine and goodies.

Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011 at 7:30 pm Doors Open at 6:30 pm Price: $20 Order tickets online or by phone

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Th e s u N

Clovis Blackwell makes


Holiday Guide 2011

the apocalypse alluring

tHe end of tHe world BY ANNA WELTNER


Blackwell quite liked the idea of an apocalyptic theme for a Christmas issue. “Winter is a type of death that leads to rebirth,” the artist mused, “which is sort of the way a lot of cultures have viewed the apocalypse.” Blackwell grew up watching post-apocalyptic movies and reading Superman comics, and this early exposure to modernized myth fits well with his present and past series. Blackwell’s struggles with rheumatoid arthritis led him to a series called “Vincible,” which dealt with suffering, illness, and disability. But he came to find this collection of work rather depressing, saying it didn’t convey his lighthearted personality at all. Moving away from the negativity and defeat of “Vincible,” Blackwell began to focus his energy on the idea of invincibility, and out of this shift was born a new character he christened the super-Clovis. Shortly afterward came an arch-nemesis, the anti-Clovis, the shadowy id to the super-Clovis’ superego. some interesting, well-conceived views on the subject, charIn Time of Trial, these opposing sides of Blackwell, acterizing humanity’s fascination with the end of the world embodied as plastic figures, battle against each other as a thinly cloaked desire for a new life, a new world: across various miniature terrains—the desert, the Arctic, “What I’m coming to realize is that it’s not a longing for the moon—their little parts getting broken off and scat- an end of things—it’s longing for the beginning of things. tered around, becoming wartime casualties. But at least The end of one thing becomes the beginning of the next now there was a decent fight going down, none of the thing. It could be a death and resurrection in Christian paralytic, defeated sadness of the previous series. stories, or it can be a comic thing, or reincarnation.” The artist and printmaking instructor attended Cuesta Blackwell, having by this point spent several years on the College in the ’90s before earning his BFA at the San Fran- super-Clovis, revealed his new direction: mushroom clouds. cisco Art Institute and his MFA at Azusa Pacific University. He wants to make them look lovely and delicate, like New Times first featured Blackblooming flowers. Sometimes he well’s work in February 2011, even transposes floral shapes over when Time of Trial was being them to further emphasize their shown at the Cuesta College strange beauty. Artist and teacher Clovis Blackwell enjoys turnArt Gallery’s “Genesis” show. Currently, he’s creating mushroom ing the mushroom cloud, that symbol of mass deWhen asked how the work he cloud screenprints. In the future, he struction, into a thing of delicate beauty. Pocket was exhibiting related to the wants to cast them as stainless steel, glass, and porcelain sculptures. show’s title, Blackwell expressed Change is pictured.

deVaStatinG Beauty

“I’m trying to make them very pretty and alluring, and trying to remove any aspect of threat from them,” Blackwell elaborated in February. Blackwell enjoys makSince then, his mushroom cloud ing mushroom clouds look collection has grown, though almost floral. Pictured is family and teaching commitments mean working at a pace (Nothing but) Flowers. he described as glacial. Blackwell creates his screenprints by layering semi-translucent images of mushroom clouds upon one another, using the CMYK color model—cyan, magenta, yellow, and “key,” or black—to create a variety of new shades. The artist has started moving away from those plumes that connote man-made destruction, such as the toxic clouds that emerge from plane crashes and bombs, and focusing on those that are naturally occurring, such as the one that billowed from Mt. St. Helens, or even a perfectly innocent little cumulus specimen the wind chanced to sculpt into a mushroom. This new emphasis on the organic, he said, “speaks to life and death as See more of the art of Clovis Blackwell naturally recurring at processes.” And when he refers to this process as “the cosmogonic cycle on a grander scale,” a phrase invoking American mythologist Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and I realize part of that cycle is titled “The Road of Trials,” the pieces all suddenly fall into place. 

deatHly BlooMS

Get more apocalyptic art

Arts Editor Anna Weltner can be reached at aweltner@


N e w Ti m e s


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Holiday Guide 2011 9

10 10

SHaKe youR N e w Ti m e s N e w Ti m e s

and and

Th e s u N Th e s u N

present present

HHoliday Guide 2011 oliday Guide 2011


Dozens of artists meld man and beast with their hand turkey renditions

tail feathers Frankly

speaking, Frankenstein was a rather tame fellow. Sure, he created man—which he shortsightedly considered to be a monster—but he made man from man. New Times challenged artists to think beyond man creating man and instead create a man-turkey hybrid. Riffing off those grade-school hand turkeys, which were a Thanksgiving art class staple, we’ve encouraged artists to re-imagine the hand turkey. What they produced is a glorious testament to creativity, putting an elegant and contemporary twist on an old classic. We present this hand turkey gallery in the hopes that their vision inspires you to do the same this holiday season!  Send comments to Managing Editor Ashley Schwellenbach at aschwellenbach@

TuRKey CoMPiled By Bella ViSTa TRaNSiTioNal CeNTeR

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t

HHoliday Guide 2011 11 oliday Guide 2011 11

Turkey By Claire MasTin

Turkey By denise MCClure Turkey By PeG Grady PROMENER AU BORD DE LA RIVE GAUCHE

Turkey By Janelle younGer

Hand Turkeys continued page 12

12 12

N Ee W w TI Ti M m Ee Ss Aa Nn Dd TH Th Ee Ss U uN N N

present PRESENT

HHoliday uide2011 2011 OLIDAY GUIDE

Hand Turkeys from page


Turkey By MaTT FooTe


Saturday, December 10, 7 p.m. Sunday, December 11, 2 p.m.

Ethel Pope Auditorium, Santa Maria High School Tickets: Presold $13 adults/$10 students, seniors, children. At the Door: $14/$11 • Box Office: 922-8313

Friday, December 16, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, December 17, 2 p.m.

Clark Center for the Performing Arts • Tickets: $12-$18 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande • Box Office: 489-9444

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HHoliday GUIDE uide2011 2011 1313 OLIDAY G

TuRKey By MaTT FooTe Hand TuRKeys continued page 15


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Holiday Guide 2011

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t

HHoliday Guide 2011 15 oliday Guide 2011 15

Turkey By JaMes roBinson

Turkey By Marilyn doVer Benson

Turkey By Gary ellsWorTH Hand Turkeys from page 13

Turkey By salVador MendeZ

Hand Turkeys continued page 17







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Hand Turkeys from page 15





Songs of the Spirit: A Multicultural Holiday

Celebration Sunday, December 11 路 2pm

Music by Stephen Tosh Featuring Performances by Daniel Simpson, Nisha Abdul-Cader, Leona Evans, Jorge Manly-Gil, and The Unity Community Chorus


1490 Southwood Drive, SLO (Corner of Johnson & Southwood)

543-4250 Turkey By PaM MCkenna

Turkey By sTeVen sMITH Hand Turkeys continued page 18

18 18

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N

Hand Turkeys from page 17

present present

HHoliday Guide uide2011 2011 oliday G

Turkey By deBoraH sidenBerG

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N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t

HHoliday Guide uide2011 2011 1919 oliday G

Turkey By leeanne del rio

Hand Turkeys

continued page 20

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Hand Turkeys from page 19 20

20 HolidayHoliday Guide G2011 uide 2011

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e S u N


Turkey By raCHel MaTTHeWs Hand Turkeys continued page 22

N e w Ti m e s


Th e S u N


Holiday Guide 2011 21

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HAND TURKEYS from page 20

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HAND TURKEYS continued page 25


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Th e S u N


Holiday Guide 2011

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t

Hand Turkeys from page 22

Turkey By Julie Wilsey

Turkey By lena rusHinG

HHoliday Guide 2011 25 oliday Guide 2011 25 Turkey By PeG Grady

Hand Turkeys continued page 26

Hand Turkeys continued page 25

26 26

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N

present present

HHoliday Guide 2011 oliday Guide 2011

Hand Turkeys from page 25

Turkey By eVelyn roBinson

Turkey By aVa daniel


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Polar Express Reading • Sunday Dec. 4 & 11 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm & 7:30pm

ALL ABOARD!!! Join us for our traditional holiday fundraiser for the Family Care Network Climb aboard Le Vigne’s 1947 Pullman Train cars for the reading of the holiday classic “The Polar Express.” Kids will be treated to hot chocolate & Christmas cookies. Adults will be treated to wine & cheese. $20 donation per person. Each reading is limited to 30 people. Kids with the best pajamas will win a prize. Space is limited.

RSVP Required. Tickets: $20 Adults, $10 Kids La Familia $15 Adult


Le Vigne Winery 5115 Buena Vista Dr. Paso Robles 805.227.4000 • 800.891.6055

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N E W TI M E S A N D TH E S U N P R E S E N T

Turkey By sara leGrady

HHoliday Guide 2011 27 OLIDAY GUIDE 2011 27

Turkey By sHaraya olMeda

Hand Turkeys continued page 28

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N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N

present present

HHoliday Guide 2011 oliday Guide 2011

HaNd TuRKeyS from page 27

TuRKey By GeoFFeRy RoWe TuRKey By JeFF ClaaSSeN


Mission San Luis Obispo

Thanksgiving • Advent • Christmas

Thanksgiving Mass

As always, we invite and welcome you to join us for our celebrations.

Thursday, November 24, 2011 10:00 am

Please join us as we give thanks to our gracious and generous God for the abundant blessings that nourish and guide our lives.

(Note: This is the only Mass on Thanksgiving Day)

December 13, 2011 • 7:00 pm

Advent Reconciliation Service followed by opportunity for individual Confession.

(We are located at Mission Plaza, the corner of Monterey and Chorro Streets.)

For more information, check out our website: or call our parish oƥce, 781-8220.

Special Hispanic Celebrations

Our Lady of Guadalupe



December 3 - 12, 2011

Begins Sunday, November 27th Our Weekend Masses are: Saturdays Sundays 5:30 pm

The nine days, “Novena”, before December 12th will consist of evening celebrations as our community prepares for the Feast of “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.”

Celebration Mass

7:00 am • 9:00 am • 11:00 am 12:45 pm (Spanish) • 6:00 pm • 7:30 pm (Spanish)

December 12, 2010 • 7:00 pm Solemn Procession begins at 6:30 pm

Advent Retreat

(Fiesta with Food, Mariachi, Traditional Dances and Raƫe follow the Mass)

November 28 — December 1, 2011 Presentor: Rev. Jim Nisbet

Evenings at 7 pm, Mornings at 10:30 am. Mornings will repeat the previous evening presentation. Begins Monday at 7 pm, ends Thursday after the morning talk.

Lessons and Carols

Reconciliation Service

December 18, 2011 • 3:00 pm Bring children, families and friends and get ready for Christmas! The Mission Music Ministry and youth and adult lectors will present this program.

Christmas Masses Saturday, Christmas Eve

4:00 pm • 4:10 pm (at MCP Gym) 6:00 pm • 7:30 pm (Spanish) • 10:00 pm

Sunday, Christmas Day

7:00 am • 9:00 am • 11:00 am • 1:00 pm (Spanish) (Note: no evening Masses on Christmas Day)

Solemnity of Mary

Saturday, New Year’s Eve: 5:30 pm • 11:00 pm Sunday, January 1, 2012


December 16-24, 2011

The traditional Posadas will be celebrated within our parish Hispanic Community. Each day will have a diơerent event.

For more information about both the Novena and the Posadas, please check out our website: Click on “News” and then “Special Events”

7 am • 9:00 am • 11:00 am • 12:45 pm (Spanish) • 6:00 pm • 7:30 pm (Spanish)

N e w Ti m e s


Th e s u N


Holiday Guide 2011 29

The Best Gifts can be found at

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N e w Ti m e s


Th e s u N


Holiday Guide 2011

b The Morro Bay Merchant Association b r t – Fu ts – AFor The rniture f i G e & Garden Hom

ARTSEA We invite you

to come to our shop this Christmas to find one of a kind, affordable treasures and gifts.

E njoy

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736 Main Street, Morro Bay Wednesday-Sunday 10pm-5pm

(805) 602-1576 www.ARTSEA-MORRO

Come To Our Home For The Holidays



All served with Holiday Mashers (1/2 sweet potatoes ½ mashed potatoes) or rice, & fresh veggies.

Choose from:

Roast Turkey with gravy & apple sage stuffing Slow Roasted Prime Rib with au jus & creamy horseradish Grilled Lamb Chops with raspberry, red wine & balsamic glaze Fresh Catch of the Day

Beads By The Bay & Garden Shop

Make Your Own Gifts!

Everything you need to make your own personalized Holiday gifts. Gemstone, glass, crystal, wood, and bone beads, pendants and findings.

Or order off of our regular fabulous menu!

Save room for dessert it’s the whole point of the meal! Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Six-Layer Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake We will also be serving

Christmas Eve Dinner & New Years Eve Dinner 3:30-8:30 Come in today for your free bead kit! while supplies last



2770 Main St. Morro Bay • (805)771-9705 •

333 Morro Bay, CA 93442 • (805)772-3338

N e w Ti m e s



Th e s u N


Holiday Guide 2011 31

Holiday Street Fair - Sunday, November 27, 9-4pm We Encourage You To Shop Locally This Holiday Season

213 Beach St. Morro Bay (805) 772-9051

Every dollar you spend on the Central Coast gets circulated in the community on average 7 times.


Cup of Coffee

With purchase of any entree, with this ad expires 12/23-11

Breakfast served all day & patio seating 7 Days a week 6:30am - 2:00pm

Morro Bay

601 Morro Bay Blvd

San Luis Obispo 1319 Marsh Street

Paso Robles

1921 Spring Street

Arroyo Grande

318 East Branch Street

Listen to our radio show Mortgage Matters, Saturdays 10 a.m. to Noon on KVEC News-Talk 920 AM


The Winds of Grace Blow All the Time… All We Need To Do is Set Our Sails We Treasure our Community of Friends, Customers & Supporters And Give Thanks for All You Have Meant To Us. Friendship and Memories are the Great Gifts on Our Journey Together.


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Located in the yellow Boatyard Building on the waterfront, next to the Visitor’s Center & Chamber of Commerce offices:

845 Embarcadero, Suite F, Morro Bay, Ca. 93442

865 Main St. , Morro Bay (805) 771-8252

N e w Ti m e s



Th e s u N


Holiday Guide 2011 33

Holiday Street Fair - Sunday, November 27, 9-4pm Give the Gift of Affordable, Personalized Skincare this Season from...

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Join us for the Lighted

Boat Parade

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Virg’s Landing 1169 Market St Morro Bay 805.772.1222








4 Billy Burgers 1 order of fries & 2 small soft drinks of choice

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… p o r Shoptill you d N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t


Your life might hinge upon a holiday spending spree


the years, Christmas has been saved from certain doom by everyone from Jack Skelington and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer to the residents of Whoville and that dopey klutz Ernest. In 2011, Christmas has the chance to return the favor … by saving the world. It turns out that our corporate overlords were right all along. We need to buy their products, whether we want them or not. Get your credit cards ready, because this holiday shopping season could potentially buy us the best presents of all: a decent economy, jobs for everyone, and streets free from violence and bloodshed.



Things aren’t so good these days, and they could easily get much, much worse. You’ve probably heard of this recession thing that keeps popping up in the news. In fact, the word “recession” probably makes you want to vomit. Re-cess-ion. Ugh. That revulsion is healthy,

What gift can I get her? I hope he shops at Super Silver!

because the thing deserves to be hated, and needs to be killed. Let’s recap: A bunch of people had crappy mortgages with crazy interest rates they couldn’t afford, so they stopped paying their bills and got booted from their houses. Banks stopped lending money, something about bailouts, and a bunch of people got fired. Now brokeass governments aren’t getting enough tax revenue and have had to cut education and other services down to the crunchy, marrow-filled bone. Though the recession is technically over, there’s a lot of talk about a “double-dip” and folks from both ends of the political spectrum are protesting in the streets, tossing tea and occupying everything. It’s not hard to envision riots down the road, a complete collapse of our economy, and the fall of America. That would be bad. “The U.S. is the glue that holds the world together,”

Happy Holidays Honey!

Wow! Thank you!

olidayGG uide 2011 35 Hholiday uide 2011 35

Cal Poly professor of international relations Anika Leithner said in an interview. “History shows that when a superpower fails, smaller countries compete to fill the power vacuum.” America is the lead contributor to several international organizations, accounting for anywhere from 20 to 25 percent of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the United Nations, Leithner explained. Without our help, those institutions (and the countries that depend on them) would be in serious trouble. Leithner said that violent conflicts would likely erupt between desperate governments across the globe. Israel would definitely be in danger. Americans wouldn’t necessarily be safe either. “I don’t know if other countries are waiting to attack, but they’d grow bolder,” Leithner said. “Our immediate neighbors aren’t really inclined or able to invade, but who wouldn’t want to pick apart the natural resources and human capital in the U.S.?” The possibility of Europe returning to its imperialistic roots and the threat of an emboldened and nucleararmed China loom large. If the United States were to disappear from the world stage, the chances of a very real, very horrible apocalypse aren’t very far fetched.



Leithner did offer some hope. She identified American complacency as a key problem, and said

Shop continued page 36

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Next to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

(805) 784-0462

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HOURS: Mon-Sat: 10-6 Fri 10-7 • Sun 11-5 Plenty of Free Parking

HOURS: Mon-Sat: 10-6 Thurs 10-8 • Sun 11-4 Plenty of Free Parking

holIdayHoliday GUIdEG2011 uide 2011

36 36 Shop

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N



from page 35

that, to save the country (and the world), everyone needs to get actively involved in both politics and the economy. Especially the economy. Jeff Eckles, a wealth management professional based in Morro Bay, crunched the numbers for this story. He said that consumer spending, which accounts for roughly two thirds In downtown SLO, Puck and his taunting grin guard a of the economy, has treasure trove of goods ripe for purchasing. been surprisingly resilient throughout the recession and that a 10 percent spending increase during the year’s busiest shopping month would be enough to jolt our economy back from the brink of death. Eckles explained that every dollar we spend grows as it circulates through the economy through a process dubbed “the velocity of money.” Dollars spent locally can multiply by about five times as businesses buy new inventory and pay out Christmas bonuses that get re-circulated through the economy. everyone would need to spend just $200 more on “We need to do what we do best and spend stocking stuffers than they spent last year. ourselves silly this Christmas,” Eckles said. That’s one point and shoot camera, two Kindles, Based on Eckles’ figures, we Americans need to four bottles of fancy wine, or half a surfboard. It’s just spend $470 billion this December to get the job done. That sounds like a lot, but after dividing that figure $200. The key is that everyone has to spend it on top of


by the country’s adult population, Eckles found that

his or her usual bills and planned gift purchases. A few

rogue elements will probably drop the ball on this one, so it might be a better idea to drop an extra Benjamin or two on your friendly neighborhood merchants. “Recessions are kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy,”

Shop continued page 38

There’s a brand new Altrusa Club in town known as, “The Breakfast Club” bringing to you another dazzling event…


Christmas Trees presented by

World To You, 501c 3 Non-Profit Organization & ALTRUSA International of Golden Valley


Win A Christmas Tree For $1 Beautifully decorated Christmas Trees loaded with gifts! Trees displayed daily Nov. 25 - Dec.3 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. In the COSTCO Shopping Center

Raffle Date is December 4th, 2011 at 12noon

Green Saturday Sale S a t u r d a y 11 / 2 6

Tarot reading, Tea tasting, Henna painting, and

20% off

any single item in the store

Children visit with Santa & receive a free book! Platinum Sponsors:

Ng & Ng Dental and Eyecare Shepard Family Trust Marian Medical Center · PCPA COSTCO Wholesale· Starbucks Coffee Co. Dr. Kalfred Chun, D.D.S., Orthodontics

Soft on the skin, easy on the earth, and good for the soul. 1023 Braod Street · 805.788.0806

N e w Ti m e s



Th e S u N


Moats Laser & Skin Care Michael W. Moats, MD &SEVH 'IVXM½IH (IVQEXSPSKMWX

Holiday Guide 2011 37

N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t Holiday Guide 2011 38 N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t Holiday Guide 2011 38 new times & santa Maria sun present 2011 Holiday Guide 38 BY COLIN RIGLEY How to survive black friday


BANANA for quick calories to restore energy—plus a carefully tossed peel can impede slip-prone shoppers.

and #2

GOGGLES for added eye protection when debris starts flying.

FLASHLIGHT to light your way at the front of the line at 4 a.m. WALLET exposed for ease of access for lightning-fast transactions.

ANTI-GLARE STRIPS to give you the best vision possible under harsh store lighting.

BUBBLE-WRAP BUMPERS to repel hostile consumers who get too close.

TOOLS (hammer, pliers, box cutter) because they have so many uses.

FANNY PACK because, well, it’s a fanny pack!

WATER BOTTLE for quick hydration.

STOCKING for ease of determining the size/amount of stuffers needed. PHOTO BY STEVE E. MILLER

Subhead 1—

UMBRELLA in case it rains or you want to shield a particular sale from others’ line of sight.

Subhead 2!

MEDICAL BOOT to lull fellow shoppers into thinking you’re injured, making it that much easier to sprint ahead of them.

ADULT DIAPER (under clothes) so you don’t have to stop for anything.


Anniversary Sale 15% OFF ALL BIKES & ACCESSORIES Including Kids Bikes. Limited to stock on hand.



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Save money and find a great selection at any of our Thrift Stores

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Thank You For Another Great Year in Business!


Mountain. Road. Hybrid. BMX. Cruisers. Comfort. Kids. Gift Cards Available

0% Financing Now Available! OAC

Got E-Waste? Old Televisions • Computers • Monitors • Printers • Office equipment

Local drop offs: 70 Prado Rd. - San Luis Obispo 1765 S. Broadway - Santa Maria 101 E. Chestnut - Lompoc For more information visit our website at or call (805) 238-6630

473 - 8324 • 1343 West Grand Ave • Grover Beach



Shop from page 36 Eckles said. “As consumer confidence wanes, people tend to hold on to more money, keeping it out of circulation, and making the economy worse.” In this economy, being prudent is the same thing as being selfish, and it needs to stop. You can’t keep worrying about your own tight budget, overdue bills, or lack of a job. You have to get out and join the horde. Don’t think. Spend. Besides, everything will probably work out in a couple of weeks when you finally find a job in the post miracle Christmas economy.


the madneSS

After this article hits the streets, people will no doubt be storming stores with their credit cards blazing. It’s going to be an utter madhouse with much rushing of shelves and gnashing of teeth. The fearful among us may be tempted to board up their windows, stay safely indoors, and buy their gifts online. This is a mistake. You’ll have to leave the house at some point, and people spotted without shiny

department store bags or festively wrapped boxes might be mistaken for enemies of the economy. The mob would not react pleasantly. “If everyone would not shop online this year, it would be huge,” said Lesa Smith, owner of Whiz Kids toy shop on Higuera Street. “Those online retailers don’t pay local taxes for basic things like schools or firefighters, and most of them don’t have any employees.” Smith, on the other hand, wants to hire more people to run cash registers and revamp her website, but she would need especially strong holiday sales to make it happen. “Seventy percent of our sales are made in the holiday season,” Smith said. “A bad season can be very bad for us. A good season can turn the whole year around.” In the end, the only way to survive a mob of shoppers raging with holiday spirit is to join them. Wear their kitschy sweaters; sing their sappy songs; and for god’s sake, buy things. 





Holiday Cheer from ADDAMO

Tasting Room and Bistro

New Times Calendar Editor Nick Powell can be reached at npowell@newtimesslo.

Book Your Holiday Party Now Order your Gift Baskets & Gift Certificates for the wine lover in your life!


400 East Clark Ave - Ste. A

6 Years Straight! Voted Best Tasting Room

Tuesday – Saturday 11am - 9pm Sunday 11am-7pm

40 40


N E W TI M E S A N D TH E S U N N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N


stakes. Tinsel train sets. Light-sensing timers. Sparkling crystal lights. A football field’s length of workforce extension cords. This is your arsenal. If you’ve ever wondered if you could—or even, for that matter, if you should—set up a small army of automated Frosty the Snowmen on your lawn, hang oversized stockings over your windows, and line your rooftop with lights leading Old Saint Nick to your chimney, well, this may be your last chance to show that jerk four houses down he’s not the only one who can force his neighbors to buy roomdarkening shades. We all know them: the Clark Griswold-types who once a year turn our quiet streets into the freak child we lock up in the attic 11 months out of the year, only to parade them around proudly whenever the circus comes to town. So here you are, at the crossroads. Go left, and you’re just another holiday loafer. Go right, and revel in the glory and distinction that can only come from constructing your own personal Winter Wonderland. If you chose the latter, good for you. Take some advice from Morro Bay resident Judy Hall. At 71, Hall is a true Christmas commando, skilled in the perilous art of extreme holiday ornamentation. For the past 11 years, the Bakersfield native has lit up her block on Clarabell Drive, winning first place in the city’s annual holiday lights contest for the lights and animation category. And every year, she gladly faces this daunting task, from the preparation to the execution, all by herself. How does she do it? And why?

HHOLIDAY GUIDE 2011 oliday Guide 2011

BIG h o m e o g and BY COLIN RIGLEY


PRESENT present

Light up the night as if the sun won’t rise tomorrow “Every year, the whole family comes to stay with me, and they’ve come to expect it,” Hall, who has what she calls a pretty large family, explained. “And I get a real kick out of it.” After 11 years, Hall has her routine down to the point where it takes her about a week—weather permitting— to get it just right. First, she said, she spends the first few days hauling everything out of her storage space. A selfdescribed “organized hoarder,” Hill says her thousands of dollars’ worth of decorations take up the better part of her home’s 15-by 25-foot storage space. “Oh honey, there’s a lot of stuff, and every year I say ‘no more,’ but I still end up accumulating more and more,” Hill said, adding while the mainstays of her decoration collection were bought years ago, new smaller items, typically

purchased at the local dollar store, make an appearance every year. Prep typically takes a few days in her living room, unraveling yards and yards of light strips, testing all the gear before it ever makes it out the door. “Over the years I’ve learned a few things,” she said. “First, don’t start hanging a single light until you test them all. I literally sit in front of the TV and go through it all bulb by bulb.” Sure enough, she said, anyone with such grandiose plans will have a few Griswold-esque moments, but she’s learned to mitigate many of the last-minute issues with careful planning and, of course, a little luck with weather,

GO BIG continued page 41


Come in today and let our

friendly toy expert help you choose just the right gift!


issuE in homEs




San Luis Obispo, CA 93406-4814 • (805) 546-2121 • Not valid on sale items or with any other offers CV Expires 11/30/11

Proof/invoicE Toys • Books • Music

Hours, Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5 3979 S. Higuera St., SLO 547-1733 Next to Trader Joe’s!



N E W TI M E S A N D TH E S U N P R E S E N T N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t

GO BIG from page 40 especially in a coastal town like Morro Bay. “Wind is my biggest enemy, and even when you get it all up, the first windstorm seems to loosen a bulb, and then the whole strand goes out. It’s a constant battle,” Hill said. “As my husband used to say, wind is good for nothing except sailing a boat.” Of course, not everyone can go it alone like Hall. Most of us mere mortals need a support team. For this, the brave men and women at your local Home Depot have you covered, with a whole section of holiday-themed lights, trinkets, and electrical needs in no less than eight—count ’em, eight—full rows of everything you’ll need, and the knowhow to help you get it done and survive. Home Depot prepared for this well. A full week before Halloween, the merchandise came rolling out. And according to store employees, if years past are any indication, everything will be long gone by the time Christmas comes around. One such brave soul took this writer for a stroll down Christmas Lane to offer tips on how to fancy up your digs for the be-all-end-all-of holiday cheer. Nick Burk, a veteran of the garden beat at the Home Depot on Froom Ranch Lane in San Luis Obispo, said he’s seen it all. “What I always tell people is to always pay attention to what you’re doing when it comes to working with electricity,” Burk said. And he should know. Every year, Burk does the hon-

HHOLIDAY GUIDE 2011 41 oliday Guide 2011 41

Electric also chimed in with some suggestions, beyond the obvious “Don’t use a staple gun on the Christmas lights wires.” The pretty comprehensive list, provided courtesy of utility spokesman Kory Raftery, includes watching out for overhead power lines (they suggest keeping at least a 10foot distance between any object and a line); making sure all your outdoor equipment is indeed intended for outdoor use (you’d be surprised how often that’s an issue); making sure the limbs haven’t grown into or near those pesky power lines when hanging lights on a tree (branches, or even the entire tree, could become energized if they make contact); checking all light strands for frayed or exposed wires (an easy way to turn your home into kindling); NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION never running cords under rugs, furniture, or appliances (cords can overheat or become frayed if covered—again, the whole house to kindling thing); and ALWAYS following the manufacturer’s limits for number of light strands that can ping”—the growing phenomena where he says a jealous be safely strung together. or embittered neighbor or passerby will stop to admire Curiosity, pride, or just good, old-fashioned holiday your work before yanking a little souvenir for themselves. spirit—whatever the motivation to deck your halls and “We get people coming back every year, saying yard, get cracking. It’s no easy task, but the cheers from they’re replacing something somebody just took right off your family and neighbors and the proud tears of joy that their yard,” Burk said, suggesting that people secure—or will stream down your face as everyone gathers around at least make it inconvenient to untangle—items such as the warm-glowing, warming-glow of your holiday bunker animated deer and snowmen, so would-be thieves can’t will be your reward. run off with the booty so easily. To avoid any of the pitfalls—emphasis on the falls—of Someone put eggnog in Staff Writer Matt Fountain’s rum. the perils of the fine art of Christmas décor, Pacific Gas & Barf! Send antacids to ors for his girlfriend’s and his own decoration effort. A few years back, he said, while rushing through setting up the lights, bare hands and a bent electrical prong during the final, would-be moment of glory instead sent a “mighty jolt” shooting through his arm—not enough to cause permanent damage, but enough to blacken a fingernail or two and remind him to take his time in subsequent years. Burk also warned about the perils of “redneck shop-

_Is your house on fire, Clark?’ _No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights.’

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N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N N E W TI M E S A N D TH E S U N

present PRESENT

hHoliday gUIDE uide2011 2011 OLIDAY G

Sure, you’re probably going to spend some time holed up in your house wrapping presents, baking cookies, and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, but you’re never going to truly master the impending Holipocalypse unless you get out of your house and experience everything the holidays have to offer. From concerts to the yearly Nutcracker march, a Christmas Carol to complimentary snow days, a visit to Santa’s house to holiday parades, you’ll want to stuff your calendar like an undersized stocking. Pages 42 to 66 can help with that. 

City Nights and Lights


A CHRISTMAS CAROL Don’t miss this musical adaptation of a holiday classic, the tale of greed, ghosts, and redemption playing through Dec. 23. Evening shows at 7pm, matinees at 1:30pm, PCPA, 800 S. College Dr., Santa Maria., $15-$23. More info: 928-7506, BABES IN TOYLAND Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet proudly presents the magic of Toyland with colorful characters including Mary Contrary, Tom Tinker, Bo Peep and her Sheep, the Three Blind Mice, beautiful Dolls, and many more. The costumes, music, and dancing will get you and your family into the holiday spirit Dec. 3 with showtimes at 1pm and 6pm, Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave., Arroyo Grande. $18-$25. More info: 489-4944, THE NUTCRACKER Audiences of all ages will marvel at the magic and wonder of this spectacular, professional production by Civic Ballet of SLO that has delighted the Central Coast for more than 30 years. See it Dec. 10-11 at 2pm and 7pm on Sat., 2pm only on Sun., Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave., San Luis Obispo. $25-$42. More info: 756-2787, pac., “LITTLE TREASURES” is a show comprised of local artists’ wares all priced under $100 for great holiday gifts. It’s on display through Dec. 30. Gallery hours are 11am5pm, Art Central Gallery, 1329 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo. More info: 788-0887, RSVP SENIOR VOLUNTEERS RSVP links hundreds of




volunteers 55 and older to needy groups based on their talents and specialties, ongoing. More info: 544-8740 for SLO area, or 922-9931 for Santa Maria,, SPONSORS NEEDED FOR THE ATASCADERO HOLIDAY LIGHTING CEREMONY The deadline to sponsor booths for this Dec. 2 event has been extended to Nov. 23. 9am-5pm, Department of Community Services, 6907 El Camino Real, Atascadero. $150 to help with promotions. More info: 470-3472, AMERICAN RED CROSS Volunteers comprise 96 percent of the Red Cross workforce. They provide disaster relief, help with safety and preparation, and organize youth programs. Go online to schedule a new volunteer orientation. Open daily, SLO County Chapter, 225 Prado Rd. #A, SLO. More info: 543-0696, EMERGENCY FOOD MINISTRY needs volunteers to sort and give donated food. Mon.-Fri., 2-4pm, Grover Beach. More info: 489-2309. VINE STREET VICTORIAN SHOWCASE See a dozen blocks of decorated, Victorian homes come alive with dancers, carolers, storytellers, and musicians on Dec. 10. 6-9pm, Vine, between 9th and 21st Streets, Paso Robles. Free. More info: 238-4103,, 2011 HOLIDAY OF LIGHTS This city-wide decorating contest is open to homes, businesses, and churches with awards in several categories, including best small display, best use of animation/craftmanship, and best window painting. The deadline

holiday guide continued page 45

Tumble & Trampoline


TRADITIONAL HOLIDAYS Santa is here! Saturdays 11am-2pm

A Great Foundation for Children of all Ages! Special 1-Day

Live Christmas Music (EVERY SATURDAY, 5PM-7:30PM)

Fall Festival Super Camp

Complimentary Ornament with purchase (RESTRICTIONS APPLY)

• Find the missing elf! If you find Dash, the missing elf, you are an instant winner! This will also enter you in a drawing good for a fantastic Apple Farm getaway for two (See gift shop for details!) • Calling All Divas! Ladies’ Night! Tuesday, December 6th, 5pm-9pm. Join us for a night of decadence & discounts. Champagne & chocolate samsam pling, 35% off everything in the bakery, retail store, holiday items, even hotel rooms! restrictions apply


2015 Monterey Street

Wednesday, 11/23

Holiday Super Camps (9) Action-Packed Days of Fun to Choose from!

Holiday Club Cards Purchase a Flexible-Schedule (10) Class Club Card, and get the 11th class FREE!

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N e w Ti m e s


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Holiday Guide 2011 43

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Holiday Guide 2011

­ Lions Club of Nipomo

• • • •







EVERY MONDAY! 7:30-9:30pm



(805)5 44-5515 717 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo

N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t

Holiday Guide from page 42 to submit an address for consideration is Dec. 2, and judgings take place Dec. 10, 11, and 14 from 5:30-9pm, Grover Beach. Free. More info: 434-1164, A HOPPE’S THANKSGIVING Enjoy a brunch style buffet with all the traditional fixings on Nov. 24 from 11:30am-8pm, 78 N. Ocean Ave., Cayucos. $45 for adults, $25 for children. More info: 995-1006. THE DOWNTOWN PASO ROBLES LIGHTING CEREMONY takes place on Nov. 25 with live music, community speeches, hot chocolate, cookies, and caroling starting at 5:30pm, City Park Bandstand, Paso Robles. Free. More info: 238-4103,, HOLIDAY LIGHTING CEREMONY AT SUNKEN GARDENS Enjoy an evening of holiday fun, art, and wine as the trees at Atascadero’s Sunken Gardens Park are illuminated amidst music and cheer. Santa will be onsite serving hot chocolate on Dec. 2 at 6pm, 6550 El Camino Real, Atascadero. Free, but organizers are seeking businesses to sponsor the event. More info: 470-3472, SOLVANG TREE-LIGHTING Julefest sparkles to life Dec. 2 with the annual tree-lighting ceremony that includes ballerinas, bands, caroling, and the arrival of Santa Claus. 5pm, Solvang Park, Mission Drive and First Street, Solvang. Free. More info: 688-6144, ILLUMINATING EVENING The celebration will include the ceremonial lighting of a towering Christmas tree, a special holiday music performance, mulled wine, local apple cider, and homemade cookies Dec. 2. Please bring an unwrapped toy to benefit our local Toys for Tots organization. 5-7:30pm, Vina Robles Hospitality Center, 3700 Mill Road, Paso Robles. Free. More info: 227-4812, s.mcgee@, HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING Sponsored by Candy Cane Lane Christmas Tree Company, the official holiday lighting for Grover Beach takes place Dec. 3 at 5:30pm, Ramona Garden Park Center, 993 Ramona Ave., Grover Beach. More info: 473-4580, HOSPICE SLO LIGHT UP A LIFE The lights will shine on 12 Hospice of San Luis Obispo County Memorial Trees in communities throughout the Central Coast. The community is

invited to attend these heartwarming ceremonies to remember loved ones we have lost or honor a living family member or friend. This year, 12 ceremonies will be held in various locations in the county, Dec. 4-12. Times and locations vary, SLO County. More info: 544-2266,, locations: HANNUKAH: MENORAH IN MISSION PLAZA The lighting takes place above the steps at the Old Mission church on Dec. 20. Immediately following the first night’s candle-lighting ceremony will be a Hannukah party full of songs and cheer. The candle-lighting continues through Dec. 27 at 5pm each evening, Old Mission Church, San Luis Obispo. More info: 426-5465,

HHoliday uide2011 20114545 oliday GGuide



LOMPOC’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARADE takes place on Dec. 2 and runs floats along H Street, followed with a tree lighting ceremony at Centennial Square. 6pm, Lompoc. More info: 875-8100. SLO HOLIDAY PARADE The 36th annual parade takes place Dec. 2 with a “Very Bear-y” theme. Marching bands, animal groups, and nearly 100 brightly decorated floats cruise through downtown, starting at the corner of Palm and Chorro streets at 7pm. Free. More info: 541-0286, sarah@ SANTA MARIA PARADE OF LIGHTS Prize money will be awarded to the best and brightest floats in the Dec. 3 Christmas Parade of Lights. An alternate date of Dec. 10 is scheduled in case of rain. Marching bands, dancers, and Santa Claus will also join the fun, starting at 5:20pm, South Broadway, Santa Maria. More info: 937-8521, RIDE IN THE LIGHTED BOAT PARADE Reserve a spot on “The Fiesta,” the fishing boat for Virg’s Landing, as it cruises in holiday lights during the Dec. 3 Lighted Boat Parade at 1165 Market Ave., Morro Bay. $25. More info: 7721222, SOUTH COUNTY HOLIDAY PARADE The theme for the 45th annual event is “Magical Holiday Memories,” and it takes place Dec. 3, starting at the corner of 16th St. and


Plum dreams

Everybody can DANCE and Santa Maria Civic Ballet stage a graceful rendition of The Nutcracker at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave., in Arroyo Grande. This visual delight can be seen on Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 27 at 3 p.m. Tickets range from $10 to $17 and can be purchased by calling 489-9444.

heading west down Grand Ave. to 8th St., where it spills out at the Ramona Garden Park for Santa’s Workshop Fine Art and Craft Faire. Begins at 10am, Grover Beach. More info: 473-4580, 50TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS LIGHT PARADE Bundle up, bring a chair, have a seat, and enjoy this uniquely entertaining holiday parade that will delight all ages Dec. 3 at 7pm, starting at 10th and Spring Streets, Paso Robles. Free. More info: 238-4103,, LIGHTED BOAT PARADE IN MORRO BAY Features local boats decorated with lights for the holiday season, cruising the harbor after dark. Enjoy live music and shopping on Dec. 3 at the marinas. 6:30-8:30pm, Morro Bay. More info: 772-2128 or 772-4467,

Holiday Guide continued page 46

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Stay Healthy in Mind, Body, & Spirit Halcyon Store 805-489-2432 936 South Halcyon Rd. Halcyon

46 46

N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N

holiday GuidE from page 45 JULEFEST PARADE Entries include Danish dancers, musical groups, vintage vehicles, horses, carriages and other animals. On Dec. 3 the parade originates at Old Mission Santa Ines and ends on Alisal Road at the Post Office. Santa Claus will be available for visits and photos in Solvang Park post-parade. 11am, Solvang. More info: 688-6144,

EvEnts at local landmarks OCTAGON BARN HOLIDAY LIGHTING AND GIFT SHOP The Land Conservancy of SLO lights up the barn to celebrate the holiday season on Dec. 2 at 5:30pm, 4440 Octagon Way, SLO. More info: 544-9096, PIEDRAS BLANCAS TWILIGHT TOURS include historic enactments, guides in period attire, and sunset viewing on Dec. 10. Meet at the former Piedras Blancas Motel 15 minutes prior to your tour time. Transportation to and from the light station will be provided. Call now to reserve a spot on this exciting new tour opportunity at Piedras Blancas Light Station Outstanding Natural Area. 3:45-6:30pm, North of San Simeon. $5-$15. More info: 927-7361 , . LIVING HISTORY PROGRAM AT HEARST CASTLE Docents in vintage clothing will recreate the social atmosphere of the famous landmark in the 1930s. Others will act as cleaning and serving staff, letting guests see what life was like at the castle through Dec. 30 during evening tours, Hearst Castle, Highway One, San Simeon. $36. More info: (800) 444-4445, A “MESSIAH� CHRISTMAS CONCERT will be held on Dec. 4 from 2-4pm, Mission San Miguel, 775 Mission St., San Miguel. $20-$25. More info: 467-2131, info@, TREES OF THE SEASON HOLIDAY GALA This eigth annual event includes an open house and tree raffle on Dec. 7 from 4-6:30pm, The Guadalup-Nipomo Dunes Center, 1055

present present

hHoliday Guide uidE2011 2011 oliday G

Guadalupe St. More info: 343-2455, VICTORIAN oliday on thE harbor CHRISTMAS AND CANDLE LIGHT Presented by the Morro Bay TOURS Enjoy the Chamber of Commerce, the splendor of a Victorian Christmas with self-guided annual Lighted Boat Parade tours at the Jack House. features boats of all shapes Hot cider and cookies are served in the Victorian and sizes, brightly decorated kitchen and visitors may enjoy unique items for with holiday lights, cruising sale in the Wash House through the harbor on Dec. 3, Gift Shop. Dec. 10-12, 5-8pm (Fri. and Sat.), starting at 6:30 p.m. For more 1-4pm (Sun.), Historic Jack information, call 772-4467. House, 536 Marsh Street, San Luis Obispo. $2. More info: 781-7300, recnews@ NEW YEAR’S, EVE AT THE


MorE holiday


SLO MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION The public is invited to an interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration on Nov. 20. The theme, “Giving Thanks Together,� reflects and draws from the wide variety of faith traditions represented in our community. 3pm, Christian Science Church, 1326 Garden St., SLO., Free. More info: 704-3356, MEDITATE FOR HUMANITY IN SANTA MARGARITA Wendy McKenna, holistic healer and the founder of Global Alliance for Balance and Healing, will channel a humanity meditation to serve humanity’s highest good on the Winter Solstice, Dec. 22 at 6pm, Global Alliance Center of Light and Learning, 22720 El Camino Real, Suite C, Santa Margarita. Free, donations gratefully accepted. More info: 4384347,,

Studio 156 Full Service Salon For Men, Women & Children All Hair Services • Natural Nail Care Waxing • Massage • Skin Care Natural Weight Loss Products Juju Belle Jewelry & Much More

EXPO CENTER Ring in the new year with style. On Dec. 31, The Alex Madonna Expo Center offers live music, dancing, drinks, and a special party menu. All shops offer 10 percent discounts throughout the evening. Call for reservations. Dinner at 6 and 8pm, Alex Madonna Expo Center, 100 Madonna Road, SLO. More info: 543-3000, TOAST THE NEW YEAR with Irish whiskey and a happening party Dec. 31 starting at 9pm, Pappy McGregor’s, 1122 Pine St., Paso Robles. More info: 238-7070. MORRO BAY WINTER BIRD FESTIVAL This event includes walks, cruises, workshops, speakers, displays, and vendor booths in honor of this “Globally Important Bird Area,� home to or


visited by more than 200 bird species. Attendees can participate in 35 land, ocean, and bay field trips. Reservations are required for the Jan. 13-16 event at the Morro Bay Community Center, (and surrounding area). Times vary, 1001 Kennedy Way. More info: 866-464-5105 , HARRY’S NEW YEARS EVE PARTY starts with

holiday GuidE continued page 49

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Holiday Guide 2011 47


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Holiday Guide 2011

A benefit for CASA®


Luncheon Celebration

Madonna Inn San Luis Obispo December 6, 2011 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. with a special Jewelry with a Past pre-sale starting at 11:00 a.m. Featuring Dave Hovde from KSBY-TV6 Performance by the children from the Laureate School Live Auction of Holiday Wreaths & Floral Arrangements Jewelry with a Past & Silent Auction

Reservations online at or call (805) 541-6542 $50 per person | $400 for tables of 8 | RSVP by November 30

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N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N p r e s e n t N E W TI M E S A N D TH E S U N P R E S E N T

Holiday Guide from page 46 Friction Addiction in the afternoon and continues with Stinger, a rockin’ band hailing from Los Angeles on Dec. 31 from 3pm-2am, Harry’s Night Club and Beach Bar, 690 Cypress St., Pismo Beach. More info: 773-1010. DR. DANGER’S NEW YEARS EVE PARTY Get down and dangerous with music and drinks on Dec. 31 at 7pm, SLO Down Pub, 1200 E. Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande. More info: 481-4067,, DON’T LET FRAUD RUIN YOUR HOLIDAYS - PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS The Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce is hosting a unique Chamber Breakfast with a special presentation by representatives of the U. S. Secret Service on Dec. 2. Attendees will hear Secret Service agents speak on ways to guard your business from counterfeit currency and credit card fraud this holiday season. Reserve a spot by Nov. 28. 7:30-9am, South County Regional Center, 800 West Branch St., Arroyo Grande. $12 for members, $20 for nonmembers. More info: 489-1488,

“It’s Christmas at ground zero. Now the missiles are on their way. What a crazy fluke, we’re gonna get nuked on this jolly holiday.” —WEIRD AL YANkOvIC

CASA’S VOICES FOR CHILDREN HOLIDAY CELEBRATION LUNCHEON Celebrate the season of giving on Dec. 6. CASA’s Voices for Children Luncheon will feature lively entertainment by emcee Dave Hovde, KSBY TV6, a children’s musical performance by the children of the Laureate School, and a live auction of beautiful decorative wreaths created by local florists. 11:30am-1:30pm, Madonna Inn, 100 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo. $50 per person, $400 for a table of eight. More info: 541-6542 , staff@slocasa. org, LOPEZ LAKE TURKEY FESTIVAL On Nov. 20, activities include a 5k turkey trek, Tiny Mile turkey trot, turkey calling contest, and fun activities for kids. 10am-3:30pm, Lopez Lake recreation area, 6800 Lopez Drive, Arroyo Grande. Free. More info: 788-2386, ALTRUSA HOLIDAY OF TREES Enter a raffle to win a pre-decorated tree and the presents beneath it for just $1. The event takes place Nov. 25-Dec. 11, and proceeds benefit local scholarship and grant foundations. 11am-1pm, 1447 S. Broadway, Santa Maria. More info: TEMPLETON MAIN STREET CHRISTMAS takes place Dec. 2 from 5-7pm, Main Street More info: 434-1789, MUSICAL HOLIDAY WALK AROUND THE LAKE Celebrate the holiday season and come together on Dec. 3. Homes all around the lake will be decked


HHoliday uide2011 20114949 OLIDAY GGUIDE


merry marcH

Parade Marshals Alex and Anne Gough will lead nearly 100 decorated floats, several marching bands, animal groups, dancers, and revelers through downtown SLO starting at the corner of Palm and Chorro streets at 7 p.m. on Dec. 2. The public is encouraged to arrive early to set up chairs and blankets. For more information, call the promotions coordinator at 541-0286.

out with special lighting and holiday decorations, more than 20 local choirs, bell ringers, carolers and other musical groups will perform seasonal music all around the lake and in the pavilion. 5:30-9pm, Atascadero Lake, Atascadero. More info: 462-8142. FESTIVAL OF TREES Enjoy foods, fine wines, and entertainment, while helping local non-profits by bidding on pre-decorated trees Dec. 6. 6:30pm, Cambria Vets Hall, 1000 Main St., Cambria. $20. More info: 927-3624, info@, SOLSTICE HOLIDAY GREEN MIXER Celebrate the season with the environmentally concious community, wine from Pomar Junction, beer from Central Coast Brewing, food by Tyme to Dine, and music by Acousitco on Dec. 8.

Holiday Guide continued page 50

Spend Your Holidays With Us! Delicious Food· Live Local Entertainment· Warm Cozy Atmosphere

Join us for a Delicious Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet Featuring Shrimp Cocktail, Roasted Turkey with all the trimmings, Honey Baked Ham, Slow-Roasted Prime Rib & lots of dessert choices. Enjoy entertainment after dinner in the Fireside Lounge.

Thursday, November 24th 12-8pm Adults $31.50, Children $12.50, Under 5 Free

Brighten up your Christmas with dinner at the Lodge Featuring selections from our fabulous menu including Christmas Specials

Sunday, December 25th 2-8pm Enjoy Entertainment after dinner in our Fireside Lounge

Ring in the New Year 2012!! Saturday, December 31st Dinner Menu plus New Year’s Specials 5-10pm Live Entertainment 9pm-1am Enjoy our fabulous holiday light display from Thanksgiving to New Years!

2905 Burton Drive, Cambria 927-4200

Open Daily 9am-5pm 1/2 Mile off Hwy 101 on Avila Beach Dr. • 595.2816 •

50 50

N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N

Holiday GuidE from page 49

5:30-7:30pm, Green Goods, 111 South St., SLO. $5 donation to benefit Habitat for Humanity. More info: 473-5064, info@, AN OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS takes place at Santa Rosa Chapel on Dec. 10 7pm, 2353 Main St., Cambria. $15 donation. More info: 927-5212, LIVING NATIVITY From Dec. 16-18 actors and live animals portray the events of the night when Jesus was born. Enjoy caroling, refreshments, and the sights and sounds of Christmas. 6:30pm, Templeton Presbyterian Church, 610 South Main St. at 6th, Templeton. More info: 434-1921, TREE DECORATING CONTEST Compete for the best lights and ornaments on Dec. 21 from 2-6pm, Solvang. More info: 688-6144, THE SOLVANG ANNUAL CHRISTMAS TREE BURN is supervised by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department as one of the largest fire safety demonstrations and community gatherings on the Central Coast. All area residents are invited to bring their tree (stands and ornaments must be removed) to the burn pile between Jan. 1-6, and then join together Jan. 6 to see this powerful spectacle ignite the New Year at 6pm, Old Mission Santa Inez, 1760 Mission Drive, Solvang. More info: 688-6144,


with snow

SNOW NIGHT AT FARMERS MARKET Snow Night allows youth, ages 12 and under, to experience a winter wonderland on Jan. 12. 6pm-9pm, Farmers’ Market Chorro Street (between Higuera and Marsh), San Luis Obispo., Free. More info: 781-7300 ,, parksandrecreation. SANTA’S WORKSHOP AND FINE ART FAIRE Shop for handmade gifts, sit on Santa’s lap, and enjoy a snow slide Dec. 3. Food and drinks will also be available, along

‘Tis the Season for

with music by Critical Mass. 11am-6pm, Ramona Garden Park Center, 993 Ramona Ave., Grover Beach. Free. More info: 473-4580, SANTA MARIA WINTERFEST Kids are invited to don jackets and mittens for a rare day of sledding in the snow Dec. 3 from 1:30-4:30pm, Abel Maldonado Community Youth Center, 600 S. McClelland St., Santa Maria. More info: 925-0951, WINTER WONDERLAND On Dec. 9, enjoy piles of snow, snow slides, food, music, fire engine rides, and the Elks Little Train. This event occupies five city blocks. Free admission. 5-9pm, Sunken Gardens, Atascadero. More info: 462-0177,, SNOW DAY AT SEA PINES GOLF COURSE Take the kids sledding by the beach on Dec. 10. Meet Santa, jump in the bounce house, and peruse potential gifts at the crafts bazaar. Proceeds benefit Central Coast Special Olympics. 1-7pm, Sea Pines Golf Resort, 1945 Solano St., Los Osos. Free. More info: 528-5252 ext. 426,,

Fairs, bazaars,

and open houses

SANTA BARBARA GEM FAIRE Take advantage of the lowest prices in the market for the finest quality of jewelry, gems, beads, crystals, silver, rocks, minerals, and much more. Perfect for holiday shoppping, over 100 exhibitors from all over the world will be on site Dec. 2-4. All day, Earl Warren Showgrounds, 3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, $7 weekend pass. More info: 503-252-8300,, VINA ROBLES HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE Enjoy up to 30 percent savings on select wines and a gift shop that offers an extensive selection of stocking stuffers, gourmet foods, kitchen items, home accessories, and holiday decorations on Nov. 25 at 10am-5pm, Vina Robles Hospitality Center, 3700 Mill Road, Paso Robles. Free. More info: 227-4812, s.mcgee@vinarobles. com, HOLIDAY BAZAAR/CRAFT FAIR This shopping

Many Cheers

Find that Perfect Gift..... Home Brew Kits Wine Kits Wine Making Supplies Fresh Ingredients Friendly Advice

781- 9974

Tues - Sat 10 am to 5 pm

855 Capitolio Way #2 • SLO • WWW.DOCSCELLAR.COM


likE tHE

present present

HHoliday Guide uidE2011 2011 oliday G


This song-filled adaptation of A Christmas Carol reawakens the true Christmas spirit at PCPA through Dec. 23 with evening shows at 7 p.m. and matinees at 1:30 p.m. For a complete schedule or tickets ($20 to $32.50), visit event takes Dec. 3, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit animals at the North County Humane Society. 9am-4pm, Paso Robles Kennedy Fitness Center, 500 South River Road More info: 466-5403, HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE AT TOLOSA WINERY There’s no better way to shop than with a glass of wine in hand, and the winery will be offering complimentary tastings, light appetizers, and a festive atmosphere to help you tackle your list. One-night only specials will be offered on estate wines and gift boxes. All purchases include complimentary gift wrapping on Dec. 15 from 5-7pm, 4910 Edna Road, SLO. More info: 782-0300, JULEFEST HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSES Dozens of participating

Holiday GuidE

continued page 55


Combined Ads 083011_Layout 1 9/2/2011 11:02 AM Page 1 N e w Ti m e s


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Holiday Guide 2011 51


any one item (excluding Brighton)

Taste six of the fiBest boutique wineries in the Atascadero 5 area. Tasting $ .00

6195 El Camino Real Atascadero, Ca 462-2673

5985 Traf FIc Way, Atascadero, CA 462-9000

y r it st

$49.99 Vino Special

r s r A u e o u Y q in ly

Includes a glass of local wine, warm wine foot soak, cheese plate & your choice of a vino massage or coco-cab facial

Hot Wine Foot Baths • Grapeseed Massages Grapeseed Facials • Grapeseed Body Treatments Chemical Peels • Dermaplaning • Eyelash Tints & Perms Waxing • Hot Stone & Vinotherapy Pedicures & Manicures On Location Bridal Makeup & Hair Services Private Parties, Weddings, Bachelorette, Birthdays Wine Tasting Bar • Skincare & Body Boutique



e u , q y i a Un c W

.. . 75 Traffiero, CA 4

0 5 8 5 6 6

59 scad Ata







Shop Santa Maria Town Center A One Stop Shop For Your Holiday Needs

Holi day Gif ts

from the heart Fleur De Jardin (805) 614-7772

Beautiful Flowers, Arrangements, Plants, Home Décor & Gifts. We have it all! Holiday Gifts, Parties, Company Events

Find us at the Santa Maria Town Center

Greetings From Joan Greeting cards, gift wrap, ornaments, collectible figurines and much more. Collectibles Include: Jim Shore, Walt Disney, Snow Village, Precious Moments, Home Grown, Kitchen Fairies, Just the Right Shoe, and more.

Buy One Get One ½ OFF All Ornaments 50% OFF Box Cards

Central City Candy Shop (805) 922-7222

Caramel Apples, Jelly Bellies, M&M’s, & all your Candy Favorites! Hand-made boxed chocolates, gift baskets, stocking stuffers, party trays & much more.

25% OFF ALL Collectibles

Ask About Holiday Gift Wrapping! 805-349-0600 Town Center East, Downstairs by the Food Court

For ALL your gift buying ideas!

FREE knife sharpening

with any knife sharpening purchase!


Buck knife-model 425 with purchase of $20 or more A value of $15.95 *while supplies last.

138 Town Center East, Santa Maria · (805) 922-5054

Holiday Sale Going On Now

Up to 50% OFF Entire Store

True Religion · AG Jeans · Joe Jeans · Hobo International · Rock Revival · Charlie Jade Alternative Apparel · Free People · Bobi Butter London · La Mer Timepieces Tokyo Milk · Patterson J Kincaid


Santa Maria Town Center (across from Red Robin)






Shop Santa Maria Town Center Santa Maria Town Center

65 Stores in 1 Location! Your One Stop Shop For The Holidays

PJ Salvage Cosabella Tribal

A Unique Blend of Clothing, Shoes & Accessories for Babies & Toddlers

Mudd Pie, Baby Lulu, LeTop, Charlie Rocket, & More

Bella Dahl

Department and Specialty Stores for Children, Teens and Adults

Page Denim Fragrances & Lotions by Lollia Jewelry, Handbags & more Store Listings at

(805) 922-9195 · 118 Town Center East next to Tom’s Toys

Mon-Fri 10-8 • Sat 10-7 • Sun 11-7 142 Town Center East, Santa Maria (805) 922-7931

Santa Claus

at the Santa Maria Town Center November 25th – December 24th

Santa will be arriving Nov. 25th at noon. Take pictures with Santa and tell him what’s on your wish list while being entertained by Santa’s elves as they help to bring the Christmas Cheer.

Picture Packages starting at only $10 Santa Pet Photos Every Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Nov 25: 12pm-6pm Nov 26: 12pm-7pm Nov 27: 12pm-6pm Dec 3-4: 12pm-6pm

Dec 5-9: 3pm-6pm Dec 10-16: 12pm-6pm Dec 17-23: 11am-7pm Dec 24: 10am-4pm *Dates & times are subject to change

Santa Maria Town Center • 142 Town Center East, Santa Maria • 922-7931



Shop Santa Maria Town Center S A N TA M A R I A T O W N C E N T E R





Give your Dog the Gift of

Love Dogs Camp

24/7 Loving Supervision — your Dog is NEVER alone! Playdays or Sleepovers Enjoy peace of mind – knowing your dog is Loved, Safe and Happy. ♥ Located on a 5-acre ranch in Arroyo Grande where each dog receives personalized attention with lots of love and exercise while away from their families. ♥ Designed to be a home away from home, dogs may go freely between the house and fenced yard, and always sleep inside the house with loving humans.

Live Music in the Mall

Live music every Saturday at 1:30pm (Macy’s Stage)

Dec. 3 Martini Lunch

Dec 10 Still Time

Dec 17 Dec 24 Trio International Holiday pianist

♥ Our staff takes great care to recreate the routine and level of affection dogs experience at home to relieve the stress of feeling afraid or abandoned. Dogs interact with fun playmates & humans who genuinely love them & our clients tell us… “There is no place on the Central Coast like Love Dogs Camp.”

Special Events Nov 25th – Black Friday Sales Mall Wide Santa Claus is coming Nov 25th – Dec 24th

Dec 4 – Game Movers – Madden NFL Game Tournament

(register at

Picture packages starting at $10 Pet pictures every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm

Dec 11 - Breakfast with Santa at Central City Market. RSVP 925-7766 Dec 17 – Holiday Ball

Dec 3 – Grace Bible Choir performance 11:30am-12:30pm Dec 3 – Rotary Parade ending performance at center court Dec 3, 10 & 17 - Story Time 2-3pm at center court tree.

Dec 17 – Santa Maria Valley New Comers Singers performance 12pm-1pm Dec 17 - Sugar Cookie Decorating 123pm. FREE for all kids! Dec 19-23 – American Cancer gift wrapping station

(call 925-7766 for info)

922-7931 · 142 TOWN CENTER EAST · Open 7 Days

Snuggle up with


805-474-8092 · ·



New Year’s Eve Saturday, Dec. 31st

Tis’ the Season! New Fall Fashions

Majestic Ticket


Appetizers & Dancing Complimentary Glass of Champagne Wine available for purchase $50 pp or $45 for Cavern Club Members

Imperial Ticket

7pm-1am Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Dancing Wine & Champagne Included $150 pp or $125 for Cavern Club Members

Mike’s Shoes Men’s & Women’s

(805) 547-9593 · SLO Promenade · San Luis Obispo Mon-Fri 10-6 · Sat 10-6 · Sun 12-5

For Tickets visit us at or call 805-239-1616 ext. 24 3443 Mill Road/Hwy 46 East Paso Robles, Ca.

N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t

Holiday Guide from page 50 merchants offer special open house during the shopping season Nov. 18-Dec. 24 with entertainment, refreshments, facepainting, sales, and more. A complete list of participating businesses can be found at Evenings, Solvang. More info: 688-6144. PAVILION ON THE LAKE ANNUAL HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE Get a head start on your holiday shopping as 60 vendors showcase handcrafted items on Nov. 19. Pacific Harvest Catering provides breakfast, lunch, coffee, and snacks. 10am-3pm, 9315 Pismo Ave., Atascadero. Free. More info: 470-3178, MORRO BAY HOLIDAY STREET FAIR Come and experience a family fun event with arts and crafts, food, petting zoo, pictures taken with Santa Claus, and plenty of great music all day on Nov. 27 from 9am-5pm, Main Street and Morro Bay Boulevard, Morro Bay. More info: (877)748-9477, Aanerud, HOSPITALITY NIGHT Cambria merchants open their doors to offer holiday deals and treats Dec. 1. The trolley runs all evening, special festivities take place at the Village Open House, and a Cambria Chorale performance is scheduled. 5:30-9pm, 950 Main Street, Cambria. Free. More info: 4TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY GIFTIQUE Enjoy local artisans’ affordable holiday creations, including art-glass, ceramics, fine jewelry, wood crafts, and textiles in a festive setting on Dec. 4. Artists will donate a portion of sales to Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo. 11am-4pm, Casa Morica Glass Studio, 1662 Knoll Road, SLO. More info: 7870308,

Food and wine


5TH ANNUAL CAYUCOS WINE AND FOOD FESTIVAL The community spirit unfolds within an afternoon filled with a parade, vendor booths of handcrafted items, culinary foods, live entertainment, and wines poured from local wineries on Nov. 19 from 4-8pm, Cayucos Veterans Hall, across from the pier, Cayucos., $25. More info: 235-0191. TASTING TUESDAYS Vino Versato offers discounted wines for holiday shopping and special pourings with Mike Schmidt of Brucher and Golden Bear Winery on Nov. 22, Ron Nodder of Chateau Lettau on Dec. 6, and Don Theisen and Tom Rustin of Stacked Stone Winery on Dec. 20. 6-7:30pm, 781 Price St., Pismo Beach. $10, includes tasting and appetizers. More info: 773-6563, Johnnaclover@, VINO THERAPY STUDIO BLACK-OUT FRIDAY offers 10 percent off everything in the store as well as 10 percent off any pre-booking of wine-spa services. Enjoy spa services, fine wine, and food on Nov. 25 at 10am, Vinotherapy Studio, 5990 Entrada, Atascadero. Free. More info: 466-8466,, WHITE FRIDAY Forget the Black Friday shopping spree and relax with a glass of white wine on Nov. 25 from 11am-5pm, Alta Colina Vineyard and Winery, 2725 Adelaida Road, Paso Robles. More info: 227-4191. LOCAL RECIPE BOOK SIGNING Lisa Pretty signs copies of her new book, “Eat This With Paso Robles WIne,” a photo-heavy guide to wine pairings and local recipes that would make an ideal gift for any foodie. Wine tasting, treats, and music will be offered at the signing on Dec. 10 from 1-4pm, Pretty-Smith Vineyards and Winery, 13350 River Road, San Miguel. More info: 467-3104, wordpress. SOLVANG’S HOLIDAY WINE ABOUT Participating wine tasting rooms will be hosting a two day walk throughout the village of Solvang Dec.17-18. 11am-4pm, Solvang. More info: 688-6144, WINTER WINE Vino Versato hosts a bottomless mulled wine party with appetizers and desserts on Dec. 18. Open daily, Vino Versato, 781 Price St., Pismo Beach. $15. More info: 773-6563,, THANKSGIVING FEAST Enjoy a traditional meal of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and pumpkin pie presented by Senior Nutrition on Nov. 23. Please call and reserve a spot at least two days in advance. 11:30am-12:30pm, Paso Robles Senior Center, 270 Scott St., Paso Robles. $2.75 donation requested. More info: 238-4831, sternfamlds@ THANKSGIVING FOR PASO ROBLES It’s a feast of turkey, yams, green beans, potatoes, pie, and more on Nov. 24. This free event is open to the public from 12-2pm, Centennial Park, 600 Nickerson Drive, Paso Robles. More info: 238-2312.

HHoliday Guide 2011 55 oliday Guide 2011 55

and John Sebastian along with original tunes on Nov. 17. 7-9:30pm, SLO Down Pub, 1200 E. Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande. Free, raFts For kids open to all ages. More info: 481-4067, On Dec. 10, the SLO Botanical Garden will, MUSIC AT LINNAEA’S Take part be host to a fun and festive craft day, where in an old timey jam Nov. 17; hear the kids will be able to make ornaments and dulcet harmonies of Chick Tuesday on Nov. 19; Lambs Ear performs Nov. 26; Eliza gifts for their friends and family. Activities Rickman plays Dec. 9; sing with Peter on Dec. 10; and enjoy Big last from 1 to 3 p.m., and a donation of $5 Schustack Variety Night on Dec. 11. 8pm, Linnaea’s is suggested to participate. Call 541-1400, Cafe, 1110 Garden St., SLO. $10. More info: 541-5888. Ext. 304, for more information. CAL POLY STUDENT INSTRUMENTAL RECITAL Student musicians perform Nov. 17 at 11am, Scott St., Paso Robles. $2.75 donation requested. More info: Cal Poly Davidson Music Center Room 218, Cal Poly, San Luis 238-4831, Obispo. Free. More info: 756-2406,, music. ARTISAN CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER Choose from a three course prix fixe or the standard menu on Dec. 24 CAL POLY STUDENT VOCAL RECITAL Student from 5-8pm, Artisan, Paso Robles. $58. More info: 237-8084, PHOTO COURTESY OF SLO BOTANICAL GARDEN musicians perform Nov. 17 at 7:30pm, Cal Poly Davidson Music Center Room 218, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Free. More info: 756-2406,, THANKSGIVING AT MADONNA INN Choose CLAUDIA RUSSELL performs with her multibetween seasonal entres of roast duck, turkey, or glazed instrumentalist husband Bruce Kaplan of the Folk Unlimited ham on Nov. 24. Reservations recommended, 100 Orchestra on Nov. 17 at 6:30pm, The Porch, 22322 El Madonna Rd., SLO. $35 for adults, $21 for children. More Camino Real, Santa Margarita. Free. More info: 204-6821, info: 543-3000. HOLIDAY CHORAL CONCERT The Arroyo Grande High, THANKSGIVING AT WINDOWS ON THE School Choir performs Dec. 12 at 7:30pm, Clark Center for SLOFOLKS CONCERT Boston Globe Cosy Sheridan WATER An autumn pre-fixe menu includes roasted the Performing Arts, 487 Fair Oaks Ave., Arroyo Grande. More will be playing with musicians, TR. Richie, Dana and Susan pumpkin bisque, turkey, prime rib, pumpkin-seed encrusted info: 489-9444,, Robinson at Coalesce Bookstore on Nov. 18 at 7pm and halibut, and even pumpkin pie on Nov. 24. 2-7pm, 699 4TH ANNUAL COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS AND Castro Cellars on Nov. 19 at 7: 30pm, 845 Main Street, Embarcadero Rd., Morro Bay. $42 for adults, $19 for children HOLIDAY SING-ALONG Sponsored by the Arroyo Morro Bay and 1315 No. Bethel Rd., Templeton, CA, Morro 12 and under. More info: 772-0677, . Grande Rotary Club, this event includes performances by Bay and Templeton. $20. More info: 772-2880/238-0725, THANKSGIVING AT McPHEE’S Have a various groups as well as audience sing-alongs of Christmas, traditional turkey dinner, or choose steak or seafood and Holiday songs on Dec. 18 at 4pm, Clark Center, 487 JODY MULGREW This winner of a New Times Music Award with pecan and pumpkin pies as dessert on Nov. 24. Fair Oaks Drive, Arroyo Grande. $6-$12. More info: 489-9444, for Best Album performs Nov. 18 and 19 at 7:30pm, Reservations recommended, 416 S. Main St., Templeton. $, Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey St., SLO. $10. More info: $35. More info: 434-3204. SLO BREWING CO. Nov. 17: Good Old War at 8pm. 547-0278,, THANKSGIVING AT THE HISTORIC SANTA Nov. 23: The Swinging Utters at 8pm. Dec. 3: Tribal CELEBRATION IN SONG Come enjoy a couple of MARIA INN This brunch-style feast features an omelette Seeds at 7:30pm. Dec. 8: Orgone at 8pm. Dec. 15: As I hours of great music on Nov. 19 and 20, ranging from bar and seafood options alongside roasted turkey and Lay Dying at 7pm. Dec. 20: The Growlers at 7:30pm, SLO show tunes to swing, classical to classic rock-n-roll. Proceeds potatoes on Nov. 24. Reservations recommended, 801 S. Brewing Co. , 119 Garden St. Ticket prices vary. More info: 543benefit the work of GALA and PFLAG here on the Central Broadway, Santa Maria. $28. More info: 928-7777. 1843,, Coast. Sunday’s performance will also include a Fair Trade BLACK FRIDAY AT LE VIGNE WINERY Stop by CAL POLY BANDFEST 2011: RESONANCES Fair in Fellowship Hall that audience members will have an and wine down with Mimosas while finishing your holiday features Cal Poly’s Wind Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Pride of opportunity to browse either before the performance or shopping. They will be sampling a vast assortment of gourmet during intermission. 2pm, United Church of Christ, 11245 Los the Pacific Marching Band performing Nov. 18. Experience foods, pre-made gift baskets, wines priced low for the holidays Osos Valley Rd, San Luis Obispo. $15. More info: 544-1373, the true definition of “resonance” as the powerful “Pride of the on Nov. 25 from 9am-7pm, Le Vigne Winery at Sylvester, Pacific” Marching Band fills the hall with dazzling arrangements Vineyards, 5115 Buena Vista Drive, Paso Robles. More info: CAL POLY SYMPHONY The Cal Poly Symphony performed at football games. 8pm, Performing Arts Center, 1 227-4000,, kicks off its season Nov. 19 with two masterpieces of the Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. More info: 756-2406, music@ HOLIDAY BAKING Learn to make caramel apple 19th century. Pianist W. Terrence Spiller will perform Grieg’s, cheescake, tart noire, and poached pear toaster pastries in a Piano Concerto in A minor, a brilliant work written when the BANANA SLUG STRING BAND performs acoustic hands-on cooking class Dec. 10 from 11am-2pm, Niner composer was only 24 years old. The symphony will also music by the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Dan Hicks, Sly Stone, Wine Estates, 2400 Highway 46 West, Paso perform Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7. 8pm, Robles. $55. More info: 239-2233 ext. 11. Performing Arts Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis CHRISTMAS DINNER Join Lone Madrone PHOTO COURTESY OF PACSLO Obispo. More info: 756-2406, music@calpoly. for holiday fun, fare, and wine on Dec. 10. edu, Chef Jeff Scott prepares a gourmet meal, and FUNK IN PUBLIC Dance the night the tasting room will be decked out in its holiday away with a local favorite Nov. 19-20. finery as will the staff from $100-$110, Lone 9pm-1am, The Merrimaker, 1301 2nd St., Madrone More info: 238-0845, Los Osos. No cover. More info: 528-9940, SENIOR CENTER’S CHRISTMAS PARTY Celebrate the season with Santa and INGA SWEARINGEN AND CAFE friends while enjoying a traditional meal of MUSIQUE join forces to help the Steynberg glazed ham, potato casserole, and apple pie Gallery with unexpected business expenses. presented by Senior Nutrition on Dec. 16. They perform together on Nov. 20 at 7pm. Please call and reserve a spot at least two days in Spanos Theatre, Cal Poly, 1 Grand Ave, SLO. advance. 11am, Paso Robles Senior Center, 270 $27. More info: 748-3569, dinglish@kcbx. net, . THE WESTSIDERS perform fun, energetic, and original music on Nov. 26 HristMas coMedy from 9pm-1am, The Merrimaker, 1301 2nd St., Los Osos. free. More info: 528-9940, Pop culture humorist Charles Phoenix presents a classic JOHN TESH: BIG BAND CHRISTMAS The Emmy and Grammyliving room slide show superwinning entertainer performs fresh holiday charged with clever wit aimed carols wrapped up in a Big Band beat. Bring the whole family on Dec. 1 for a happy at kitschy, mid-century life. His musical treat that celebrates the season laugh-out-loud presentation with an upbeat, festive flair. 7:30pm, Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. $30 takes the stage Dec. 17 at the - $61. More info: 756-2787, pac.calpoly@ Christopher Cohan Center at, TAKE IT SLO HOLIDAY CONCERTS 3 p.m. for $22 to $28. For Take It SLO, Cal Poly’s a cappella ensemble, will present two performances of its Holiday more information, call





Holiday Guide

continued page 57


N e w Ti m e s


Th e s u N


Holiday Guide 2011


:8:B7:G °C9

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Court Street Presents

Founders Community Bank’s

:6G N #:GGN DA>96N

)6CI6UH DJH: %E:C>C< 6N Through December 24th

±²I= CCJ6A DA>96N &6G69:

Downtown SLO 7 p.m.


:8:B7:G ¶I= °³I=

Cal Poly Fraternities & Sororities present

La Cuesta Inn presents


in Mission Plaza

DG BDG: >C;DGB6I>DC µ¯¶ ¶·® ¯°µ² DG L L L D L C I D L C ) " % 8 D B

DA>96N *G:: in Mission Plaza

N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N p r e s e n t N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N p r e s e n t PHOTO COURTESY OF THE GREAT AMERICAN MELODRAMA AND VAUDEVILLE

HHoliday Guide uide2011 20115757 oliday G

continue to expand their musicianship and acclaim through a unique array oliday extravaGanza of traditional works and The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville pres- innovative modern projects. Enjoy their latest musical ents a three-part evening of entertainment from Nov. 17 experimentations on Dec. to Dec. 31 with a one-act version of A Christmas Carol, 4 at 3pm, Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre, 1 Grand a fairy tale opera, and a collection of songs, dances, Ave, San Luis Obispo. $36. and comedy called The Holiday Vaudeville Revue. Call More info: 756-2787,, 489-2499 for more information. CUESTA COLLEGE NORTH COUNTY CHORUS This winter concert by this talented group takes oliday uide from page 55 place on Dec. 4 at 3pm, Atascadero United Methodist Church, 11605 El Camino Real, Atascadero. $7-$10. More info: 546Concert on Dec. 1 and Dec. 4. The 16-member vocal 3195, ensemble will perform a variety of songs designed to raise CELEBRATE THE SEASON WITH JOY AND the holiday spirit, plus some new works and old favorites, all PEACE Gather family and friends together to hear classic arranged by the students. The group’s members represent a cathedral songs, favorite carols, and contemporary holiday variety of majors on campus. 7 pm Thursday, 2pm Sunday, tunes, rekindling your passion for the season on Dec. 4 at Cal Poly Davidson Music Center Room 218, Cal Poly, SLO. $7 3pm, Christopher Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave., SLO. $19-$35. general, $5 student. More info: 756-2406,, More info: 756-ARTS, CUESTA WIND ENSEMBLE HOLIDAY CONCERT ALLAN HANCOCK ORCHESTRA CONCERT Set the Hear sounds of the holidays including Russian Christmas music, mood for winter with an evening of music Dec. 4 at 7:30 pm, carols, “Petite Symphonie,” and “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” First Baptist Church, 2970 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria. More on Dec. 7 at 7:30pm, Cuesta Cultural and Performing Arts info: Center, Highway One, SLO. $7-$10. More info: 546-3198, SANTA MARIA PHILHARMONIC performs their “Holiday Fantasy Concert” with music for all ages on Dec. 2 YOUTH SYMPHONY’S HOLIDAY CONCERT at 7pm, Grace Baptist Church, 605 E. McCoy Lane, Santa Maria. hosted by Jim Gealy on Dec. 11 at 3pm, Clark Center, More info: 487 Fair Oaks Ave., Arroyo Grande. More info: 489-4944, CAL POLY FALL JAZZ CONCERT The Damon Castillo Band will be featured at the University Jazz Bands’ Fall Jazz HOLIDAY SING-A-LONG takes place Dec. 10 with Concert Dec. 2. The university’s big band and jazz combo will Peter Schustack at the piano. 8pm, Linnaea’s Cafe, 1110 perform well-known standards and cutting-edge contemporary Garden St., SLO. $10. More info: 541-5888. jazz. 8pm, Spanos Theatre, Cal Poly, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. CUESTA CHOIRS HOLIDAY CONCERT takes place $10 general, $8 seniors and Jazz Federation members, $6 Dec. 10 at 7:30pm, Cuesta Cultural and Performing Arts students. More info: 756-2406,, music. CALDER QUARTET The four dynamic, wickedly talented, oliday uide continued page 58 and forward-thinking musicians of the superb Calder Quartet






58 58 Holiday Guide from page 57 Center, Highway One, SLO. $7-$10. More info: 546-3198, “SOUND THE BELLS” The SLO Wind Orchestra plays a holiday themed concert on Dec. 10 with favorites such as “Auld Lang Syne,” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “Greensleeves,” and more at 3pm, United Methodist Church, 1515 Fredericks St., SLO. More info: 543-7580, CUESTA CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERT Enjoy an eclectic performance of wind, string and vocal musicians ranging from solos to small ensembles on Dec. 14 at 7:30pm, Cuesta Cultural and Performing Arts Center, Highway One, SLO. $7-$10. More info: 546-3198, VOICES OF THE SEASON On Dec. 17 The Cuesta Master Chorale and orchestra will perform its annual holiday concert. 8pm, Performing Arts Center, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. More info: 756-2787, A CELTIC CHRISTMAS takes place Dec. 17 at 7-9:30pm, SLO Down Pub, 1200 E. Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande. Free, open to all ages. More info: 481-4067,, THE GROUCH THAT STOLE XMAS Hip hop artists The Grouch and Zion I perform Dec. 17 at 7pm, Slo Brewing Co., 1119 Garden St., SLO. $20, all ages. More info: 543-1843, PIANO RECITAL Concert pianist and Music Department Chair W. Terrence Spiller will give a benefit recital on Jan. 6 of works by Clara Schumann, Beethoven, and, Maurice Ravel. 8pm, Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. More info: 756-2787,, TELLABRATION: A NIGHT OF STORYTELLING This story and song-filled rumpus takes place Nov. 19 at 7pm, SLO Library Community Room, 995 Palm St., SLO. $10. More info: 441-6688,, TOYS FOR TOTS DRIVE WITH MUSIC Enjoy a performance of Christmas music by Central Coast Smokers, eat barbecue, and bring a new unwrapped toy for kids on Dec. 3 from 10am-2pm, Oceano Airport, 561 Airpark Drive, Oceano. Free to attend, lunch costs $15. More info: 489-9084,,

N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N N e w Ti m e s a n d Th e s u N VILLAGE OF ARROYO GRANDE SING-A-LONG takes place on Nov. 27 following the parade. 6pm. More info: 473-2250, CAL POLY CHOIRS’ A CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION - A JUBILEE FOR CHOIR, BRASS AND ORGAN This festive annual concert on Dec. 3 will put you in the mood for the holidays with the season’s most beautiful music and a carol sing-along. Performers include: PolyPhonics, The University Singers, Early Music Ensemble, Take It SLO, Cal Poly Brass Ensemble, Christopher Woodruff, conductor Paul Woodring, university organist Susan Azaret


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With the help of Al Schnupp, the drama department of Cal Poly presents eight fables from around the world Nov. 17 to 19. The Merry Winkle International Troupe of Vagabonds Performs a Delicious Potpourri of Fantastical Fairy Tales and Astonishing Folk Legends is a difficult title to pronounce, but it promises to be wonderful to watch, with show times at 7 p.m. at the Spanos Theatre. More info: 756-2787.

Davies, accompanist. 8pm, Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. More info: 756-2787,, HOLIDAY MUSIC IN THE PARK Hospice of San Luis Obispo presents “Light up a Life,” an evening of music, comfort, and inspiration on Dec. 5 at 6pm, Ramona Garden Park Center, 993 Ramona Ave., Grover Beach. Free. More info: 434-1164, CAMBRIA COMMUNITY CHORALE CONCERT Hear the Santa Lucia and Coast Union High School choirs sing seasonal favorites Dec. 9-10 at 7pm, Old Cambria Grammar School, 1350 Main St., Cambria. More info: 9278190,

SOLVANG HOLIDAY MUSIC Enjoy free, musical entertainment throughout the village Dec. 10-11. All day, Solvang. More info: 688-6144, SONGS FOR THE SPIRIT: A MULTICULTURAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATION Enjoy a variety of musical traditions Dec. 11 at 2pm, Unity Church, 1490 Southwood Drive, SLO. More info: 543-4250, FORBES PIPE ORGAN HOLIDAY CONCERT AND SING-ALONG Presented by Youth Outreach for the Performing Arts Center (YOPAC - it’s their fundraiser), this

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Dinner Special 5pm-10pm · $27

Carved Beef Tenderloin, Roasted Pepper Buerre Blanc Oven roasted Tom Turkey stuffed with chestnuts & wild mushrooms served with pan gravy Yukon gold mashed potatoes with roasted garlic & bleu cheese Sweet yam mashed potatoes · Fresh baby green beans with parsnips & brussels sprouts Fresh Baked Parker House rolls · House salad · Pumpkin or pecan pie

Caption Head333 Madonna Rd. San Luis Obispo

Morovino Winery’s holiday open house invites guests to relax to 805.549.0117 holiday harp music, nibble on delectable holiday goodies, and sip on fine wines while they browse art, wine, jewelry, gourmet food products, and home accessories on Dec. 12 from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is complimentary. Morovino Winery is located at 550 1st St. in Avila Beach. The tasting room is open daily from noon to 5 p.m. Info:






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Foundation and Allan Hancock Youth Dance present this holiday favorite Dec. 1617 Showtimes TBA, Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Drive, Arroyo Grande. $12-$18. More info: 489-9444, boxoffice@, THE MET LIVE IN HD: GLASS’S SATYAGRAHA The Met’s visually extravagant production is back for an encore engagement and you can catch a live transmission on Nov. 19. Richard Croft once again is Gandhi in Philip Glass’s unforgettable opera, which the Washington Post calls “a profound and beautiful work

traditional holiday show has an interactive twist and features memorable performances by the Vocal Arts Ensemble and the Central Coast Children’s Choir on Dec. 18 with Cal Poly University Organist Paul Woodring. 3pm, PAC - Cohan Center, at Cal Poly, SLO. $12. More info: 756-2787,


CAL POLY STUDENT THEATER Al Schnupp adapts the Merry Winkle International Troupe of Vagabonds’ Delicious Potpourri of Fantastical Fairy Tales and Astonishing Folk Legends Nov. 10-12 and Nov. 17-19. Showtimes and ticket prices vary, Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre, 1 Grand Ave., SLO. More info: (888) 233-ARTS, pacslo,org. THE SOUND OF MUSIC The Mission College Preparatory High School Drama Department presents this musical production Nov. 11-20 with Fri. and Sat. evening shows at 7pm. Sun. matinees at 2pm., Mission Preparatory College, 682 Palm St., SLO. $5-$10. More info: 543-2131. HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA Showing Nov. 17Dec. 31, this production features a three part evening of entertainment with a one-act version of A Christmas Carol, a fractured and silly fairy tale opera, and the Holiday Vaudeville Revue, a wonderful gift of song, dance, and comedy. Showtimes vary, American Melodrama and Vaudeville, 1863 Front St., Oceano. $18-$22. More info: 4892499, THE COCKTAIL PARTY This dark comedy plays Nov. 18-19 and follows Edward and Lavinia Chamberlayne, a couple who parts ways just before a scheduled cocktail party at their London home. Watch as they try to keep up social appearances. 7pm, San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, 888 Morro St., San Luis Obispo. $7-$10. More info: 786-2440,, AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ The Clark Center for the Performing Arts presents the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Ain’t Misbehavin’ on Nov. 18 at 8pm and Nov. 19 at 2pm. The show encompasses 30 show-stopping musical

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numbers that take you on a journey through Harlem in its heyday. Go online for tickets, Clark Center for the Performing Arts, 487 Fair Oaks Avenue, Arroyo Grande. $39-$53. More info: 489-9444,, THE NUTCRACKER Enjoy a visual feast after Thanksgiving dinner with the Everybody Can DANCE and Santa Maria Civic Ballet staging of The Nutcracker Nov. 26 at 7pm and Nov. 27 at 3pm, Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Drive, Arroyo Grande. More info: 489-9444, boxoffice@, PLAID TIDINGS Forever Plaid presents a heartwarming tale of musical brotherhood showcasing yuletide songs with cheer Nov. 25-Dec. 18. Showtimes at 2pm and 8pm, Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Drive, Arroyo Grande. $25-$30. More info: 489-9444,, THE NUTCRACKER The South County Education

hHoliday Guide uide2011 2011 oliday G

“I’m going to shove coal so far up your stocking you’ll be coughing up diamonds.” — RObOT SANTA CLAUS, Futurama

Nov. 20 at 3pm, Pavilion, Performing Arts Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. $25. More info: 756-2787, pac., MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT Winner of the 2005 Tony Award for Best Musical, Monty Python’s Spamalot returns to re-tell the tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table as they embark on their quest for the Holy Grail. But before they can find their Grail, they’re taking a little side-trip to ive The GifT of arT SLO on Nov. 21 for you to join the hilarious journey! 7:30 pm, Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, Perfect for holiday gift giving, a selecSan Luis Obispo. $30 - $71. More info: 756-2787,, tion of beautiful but affordable jewelry, THE MET LIVE IN HD: MOZART’S glass work, and ceramics will be on DON GIOVANNI Mariusz Kwiecien brings his youthful and sensual interpretation of Mozart’s display through Nov. 29 at the Gallery timeless anti-hero to the Met for the first time and at Marina Square, 1068 Embarcadero you can be there via live transmission on Nov. 27 at 2pm, Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Road, suite 10 in Morro Bay. For more Obispo. $4.50 -$19.50. More info: 756-2787, pac. information, call 772-1068., A CHRISTMAS STORY This stage production of everyone’s favorite holiday movie plays Dec. 2-23 Showtimes vary. Go online or call for of theater.” 9:55am, Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis details, SLO Little Theatre, 888 Morro St., SLO. $15 - $25. More Obispo. $4.50 -$19.50. More info: 756-2787, pac.calpoly@ info: 786-2440,,


GRANDE ROMANZA Stefano and Nina Tanchietti perform cherished favorites from opera and Broadway on

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and its contemporary spin on a classic yuletide review. 7:30pm, Clark Center for the Performing Arts, 487 Fair Oaks Avenue, Arroyo Grande. $39-$48. More info: 489-9444, boxoffice@,


NATiViTY PAGeANT Produced by a community group, this event includes choir, costumes, and live animals, bringing “A Christmas Story to LIfe” on Dec. 10. The Fossemalle Dancers start the show at 4pm, Solvang Festival Theater, 420 2nd St., Solvang. Free. More info: 922-8313, ChARLes PhOeNiX: ReTRO hOLiDAY sLiDe shOw With his abundant joy, clever wit and keen eye for odd-ball detail, pop culture humorist Phoenix supercharges this classic living room slide show into a laugh-out-loud extravaganza of classic and kitschy mid-century holiday life and style highlights on Dec. 17 at 3pm, Pavilion, Performing Arts Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. $28. More info: 756-2787,, ReADeR’s TheATRe: JACOB MARLEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL See this iconic tale from a minor character’s perspective as he explores the afterlife with a netherworld sprite on Dec. 20-21 at 7pm, SLO Little Theatre, 888 Morro St., SLO. $7-$10. More info: 781-3889,



it snow JINGLE BELL ROCK This classic yuletide review features live music, singers, and wacky antics Dec. 20 at 7:30pm, Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Drive, Arroyo Grande. More info: 489-9444,, The meT LiVe iN hD: hANDeL’s RODELINDA Renée Fleming reprises the title role. She’s joined by Stephanie Blythe, countertenor Andreas Scholl, and Baroque specialist Harry Bicket conducts. Witness this encore performance via live transmission on Jan. 8 at 2pm, Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. $4.50

85 Ne in 0 W w Gr . G Lo ov ra ca er nd tio Be A n ac ve h .

Local kids can experience a white Christmas this year with man-made snow hills across the Central Coast. On Dec. 3, there will be snow at Ramona Garden Park Center in Grover Beach from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and at the Abel Maldonado Youth Center in Santa Maria from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. On Dec. 9, downtown Atascadero becomes a Winter Wonderland from 5 to 9 p.m., and SLO Farmers Market features snow hills on Jan. 12, 2012, from 6 to 9 p.m.

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Open Daily 9 am - 5 pm (805) 489-4747 850 W. Grande Ave.

-$19.50. More info: 756-2787,, THE LITTLE PRINCE Experience this much loved story by Antoine de Saint Exupéry about a stranded aviator who meets a mysterious boy from another planet and learns of the boy’s adventures exploring both the stars and the depths of his own heart, playing Jan. 13-29 with weekend showtimes of 2pm and 7pm, SLO Little Theatre, 888 Morro St. $10-$15. More info: 786-2440,, hOLiDAY mOVie uNDeR The sTARs Search “Grover Beach” on, like the city’s page, and vote for your favorite holiday film to watch Dec. 3 at 6pm, Ramona Garden Park Center, 993 Ramona Ave., Grover Beach. Free. More info: 473-4580, JiNGLe BeLL ROCK This fast-paced, fun-filled holiday show comes to town on Dec. 20. Be prepared to have the merriest of Christmases with this family-friendly holiday event

seCOND ANNuAL sLO Jewish FiLm FesTiVAL Enjoy two days of fine cinema steeped in rich cultural heritage on Jan. 21-22. All day, Palm Theatre, 817 Palm St, San Luis Obispo., Free of charge, but buy a cup of coffee! More info: 426-5465,, hOLiDAY GiFT AND CRAFT shOw Enjoy lunch and dessert while browsing handmade crafts, specialty gifts, and jewelry on Nov. 20 from 10am-4pm, Carissa Plains Heritage Association Community Center, 10750 Carrisa Hwy 58, Carissa Plains. More info: 459-9838. “seAsONs” Work by Dotty Hawthorne hangs through Nov. 28, SLO Museum of Art, 1010 Broad Street, SLO. More info: 543-8562, ART AFTeR DARK The fun, free, first Friday artwalk in downtown San Luis Obispo takes place on the first Friday of every month. Visit galleries and other venues exhibiting art in historic downtown SLO. 6-9pm, SLO. Free. More info: 544-9251,, or emBARCADeRO ART wALK On the second Friday of every month, several galleries in Morro Bay stay open late for artist receptions with wine and cheese. Visit the Seven Sisters Gallery, Fiona Bleu, the Gallery at Marina Square, and more from 5-8pm, Embarcadero Road, Morro Bay. Free. More info: 772-9955, wiNTeR JeweLRY shOw This unique and imaginative collection of jewelry with work by 12 local artists will be on display through Jan. 2. Frame Works, 339 Marsh St., SLO. More info: 542-9000,, hOLiDAY CRAFTs eXhiBiT A selection of handmade

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N e w Ti m e s

Pick a designated driver before you go out drinking If you forget Tip #1 & get arrested...

Call Jeffrey D. Stulberg right away.

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Season Jeffrey D. Stulberg

1042 Palm Street, 2nd Floor, San Luis Obispo



Th e s u N


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N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N N E W TI M E S A N D TH E S U N

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“If you’re bad, then your name goes in the Bad Boys and Girls Book, and then I’ll bring you something ... horrible.”

—Harry “Santa” Stadling, You Better Watch out

ceramics, glass, jewlery and more shows through Nov. 29, providing a perfect opporunity for holiday shopping. An artist reception takes place Nov. 11 from 5-8pm, Gallery at Marina Square, 1068 Embarcadero, Suite 10, Morro Bay. More info: 772-1068,, STUDIOS ON THE PARK Give the gift of art by shopping at the “Small Treasures” showcase Nov. 17-Dec. 11. Every item is small, 8x8, but affordably priced at $100. Then, explore the depths of whiteness with “Winter White,” artistic interpretations of the color of the season Dec. 1-Jan. 1. Then examine art inspired by the human figure with “Shapely,” a juried exhibit shown Dec. 15-Jan. 22. Open Thurs. 126pm, Fri.-Sat. 12-9pm, and Sun. 12-6pm., Studios on the Park, 1130 Pine St., Paso Robles. More info: 238-9800, sasha@, ALLIED ARTS GALLERY Shop for artsy gifts Dec. 9-23 as the gallery features smaller, 8x8 paintings. Fri. 1-5pm, Sat. and Sun. 11am-5pm, Cambria Center for the Arts, 1350 Main St., Cambria. Free.. More info: 927-8190, HANG IT ALL This non-juried show promotes giving original

art for the holidays. Everyone can participate, and unsold artwork must be picked up Dec. 26. Bring no more than two pieces of wall ready art on Nov. 27 from 8-10pm, Linnaea’s Cafe, 1110 Garden St., SLO. Nothing can be priced over $100. More info: 541-5888, HOLIDAY ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIRE features local artists with unique, hand-crafted speciality items perfect for holiday gifts on Dec. 11 from 11am-4pm, Avila Bay Athletic Club and Spa, 6699 Bay Laurel Place, Avila Beach. Free. More info: 595-7600,

present PRESENT

hHoliday GUIDE uide2011 2011 OLIDAY G


Kids’ holiday


NATIVE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Kids can learn about local history and celebrate the Thanksgiving season with Native American games every Sat. through Nov. 30 at 2:30pm, SLO Children’s Museum, 1010 Nipomo St. More info: 545-5874, VICTORIAN TEDDY BEAR TEA Dress up your teddy bear and come to tea and cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus, the elves, and a snowman on Dec. 17 at 2pm, Paso Robles Golf Club, 1600 Country Club Lane, Paso Robles. $7-$13, reservations recommended. More info: 238-4103. TEDDY BEAR TEA—ATASCADERO Children ages 6-11 are invited to a day of teddy bear stories, songs, crafts, and refreshments with singer Diana Carter on Dec. 7. Space is limited; call to reserve. 4-6pm, Atascadero Library, 6850 Morro Road, Atascadero. Free. More info: 461-6163. TEDDY BEAR TEA—SLO Children ages 6-11 are invited to a day of teddy bear stories, songs, crafts, and refreshments with singer Diana Carter on Dec. 10. No sign-up necessary. 10am, SLO City Library, 995 Palm St., Atascadero. Free. More info: 781-5775. TEDDY BEAR TEA—MORRO BAY Children ages 2-5 are invited to a day of teddy bear stories, songs, crafts, and refreshments with singer Diana Carter on Jan. 12. No signup necessary. 10am, Morro Bay Library, 625 Harbor St., Morro Bay. Free. More info: 772-6394. CENTRAL COAST GYMNASTICS HOLIDAY


anta s in the house SUPER CAMPS Keep the kids busy, happy, and fit during the fall and winter breaks from Kids can let Santa know what they want school with “Circus,Circus!” themed acrobatic workshops Nov. 23, Dec. 19-23, and for Christmas and get candy canes Dec. 27-30. 9am-3pm and half days, Central Nov. 25 to Dec. 24. Starting Dec. 5, a Coast Gymnastics, 21 Zaca Lane , Suite 100, SLO. $30-$320. More info: 549-8408, classic carousel with reindeer will also WINTER ZOO CAMP takes place Dec. be available for $3 rides at the Mission 19-23 and Dec. 26-30 at the Charles Paddock Zoo for children ages 3-9. Campers will Plaza in SLO. Santa’s hours vary from enjoy learning about the Zoo’s animals through games, crafts, up-close animal encounters, and day to day, but a complete schedule behind-the-scenes tours. Pre-registration is required. can be found at 10am-4pm, Atascadero. $120 per week. More info: 461-5000, MISSION PREP CHRISTMAS CLASSIC This event features some of the best coaches and teams in oliday uide continued page 66 the country competing for tournament honors in SLO



Don’t be “That” Guy!


Stay focused on sobriety. Don’t be drawn into unhealthy party activities just because your friends are. Leave a party if it becomes uncomfortable. Politely excuse yourself after you have fulfilled your obligation. The unpleasant “face” of alcohol and/or drugs usually shows itself later in the festivities. Always have your own ride home or another escape plan. Organize: If your office is planning a party, volunteer to be the “organizer” or another position besides, bartender or the person who goes to the store to buy all the champagne! Action: This is the MOST important thing when you want to stay clean and sober! Don’t just think you are not going to drink or use drugs. Take ACTION! When you get restless call a sober friend or go to a 12-step meeting. Meditate! Eat! Food can be a very effective way to stop craving for drugs or alcohol. Respect other people’s right to celebrate. Remember; YOU are the one with the issue of addiction. Control: You CAN NOT control other people’s actions! People change when they ingest alcohol and other mind altering chemicals and that’s not your problem. If you become uncomfortable, politely disengage yourself from the situation. The only thing you CAN CONTROL is your RESPONSE to situations, and it’s always better to “respond” to things as opposed to “reacting” to them!

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Visit our website at for more information.

San Luis Obispo Addiction Recovery Center

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Dec. 16-20. Game times vary. A complete bracket can be found at, Mission Preparatory College, 682 Palm St., SLO. More info: 543-2131. THE POLAR EXPRESS - READINGS Hear the classic tale from aboard a 1947 Pullman train car while enjoying holiday treats, a musical performance, children’s pajama contest, and visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus on Dec. 4 and 11. Readings are at 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30pm, Le Vigne Winery at Sylvester Vineyards, 5115 Buena Vista Drive, Paso Robles. $10-$20, benefits the Family Care Network. More info: 227-4000,, CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY Bring the kids to see Santa, games, food, and fun on Dec. 10 from 12-3pm, Vets Hall/Pinedorado Grounds, 1000 Main St., Cambria. More info: 927-3624,, HOLIDAY MAGIC AT THE ZOO Join the animal care staff as they and Santa give special gifts to their animal residents on Dec. 17. Hot chocolate will be served as well. 1pm, Charles Paddock Zoo, 9100 Morro Road, Atascadero. The event is included with zoo admission. More info: 4703172,

Volunteering during the holidays CANNED FOOD DRIVE Pay for your overdue books by dropping off canned and boxed foods at the Paso Robles City Library through Dec. 23. Each can or box will count for $.50 toward your fees. Open Mon.-Fri. from 10am-8pm, Sat. from 10am-5pm, 1000 Spring St., Paso Robles., Free. More info: 237-3870, CAN-CURE 1,000 This 1,000 mile bicycle ride starts at the Oregon/California border and ends in San Diego, passing through the Central Coast on Nov. 21-25. Riders can register for 10-day or single day rides to raise money for cancer charities. All day Riders commit to raise $100 for each day of the ride. More info: 949-266-7030,

N E W TI M E S a n d TH E S U N N E W TI M E S A N D TH E S U N REINDEER RUN 5K RUN/WALK The 5K route is perfect for runners and walkers of all abilities. Enjoy pancakes with Santa Claus at the Senior Center immediately following the run on Dec. 3. Holiday themed costumes encouraged, and the best wins a prize. 8am-6pm, Mitchell Park, 1400 Osos St., San Luis Obispo. $25, to benefit local parks. More info: 7817300,, NORTH COUNTY WOMEN’S SHELTER AND RESOURCE CENTER needs volunteers for office support, on-site child care, donation distribution, and the after hours phone line. Attend a training session Tues. or Thurs. through Dec. 8 from 8:30am-12:30pm, Paso Robles, 1030 Vine St. More info: 226-5400 , http:// SPONSOR A CHILD FOR THE HOLIDAYS Brighten a needy family’s season by answering a wish list from The Family Care Network by Dec. 2. Open daily, 3765 S. Higuera St., SLO and SB counties. More info: 781-3535, PRADO DAY CENTER serves 90-120 homeless men, women, and children everyday. To volunteer on-site, join a committe, or make a donation, call 541-7693. Open daily, Prado Day Center, 43 Prado Road, SLO. More info: SLO FOOD BANK needs volunteers and donations for the holiday food drive through Dec. 23. Mon.-Fri., 8am-3pm, Oceano or Paso Robles. More info: 481-4652 or 238-4664. HELP SERVE THANKSGIVING DINNER Volunteers are needed for a community feast served Nov. 17 with delivery service provided for the homebound. 5-8pm, Cayucos Vets Hall, 10 Cayucos Dr., Cayucos. Free. More info: 995-3821, FIVE CITIES MEALS ON WHEELS needs volunteer drivers to deliver meals. 780 Bello St., Pismo Beach. More info: 773-2053, VOLUNTEER TRAINING The Good Neighbor Program serves seniors 55 and older as well as young adults with disabilities throghout SLO County. Once trained, volunteers can choose the service(s) they would like to contribute and schedule hours at their convenience. Services include light housework, yard work, minor home repairs, shopping/ errands, meal preparation, transportation, and friendly visits. A training session takes place Nov. 19 from 9am-12:30pm,

present PRESENT

No siree! We’re going out the good ol’ fashioned way. Prancer and Dancer and Donder and Blitzen, and Vixen and Nixon ... oh, consarnit I get those names mixed up, but the kids know their names.—Santa, Santa ClauS ConquerS the MartianS

Wilshire Community Services, 285 South Street, Suite J, SLO. Free. More info: 547-7025 ext. 26, goodneighbor@, THANKSGIVING FOR PASO ROBLES Help supply and serve a free feast of turkey, yams, green beans, potatoes, pie, and more on Nov. 24. 12-2pm, Centennial Park, 600 Nickerson Drive, Paso Robles. More info: 238-2312. ACHIEVEMENT HOUSE needs volunteers to work with developmentally disabled adults. Ongoing. More info: 5439383, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY needs volunteers at its warehouse and thrift store. Mon.-Fri., 8am-2pm, SLO and Paso Robles. More info: 782-0687 ,

HHoliday gUIDE uide2011 2011 OLIDAY G SHERIFF’S CHRISTMAS BICYCLE PROGRAM accepts donations of new and used bikes for underprivileged children. Ongoing. More info: 434-4291 (Templeton), 4737100 (Oceano), or 528-6083 (Los Osos). SUPPORTIVE MUSIC PROGRAM needs musicians for terminally ill and bed patients in nursing facilities. Ongoing. More info: 544-2266. AIDS PROJECT CENTRAL COAST needs volunteers for the Necessities of Life Food Pantry and desk. Ongoing, 819 W. Church, Santa Maria. More info: 349-9947. ADOPT-A-PARK needs volunteers to help with clean up days, tree planting, and more. Ongoing. More info: 473-4580. CARING CALLERS needs volunteers to read to seniors, write letters, and visit. 285 South St., SLO. More info: 5477025 ext. 17, CENTRAL COAST SENIOR CENTER needs volunteers to do various activities like answering phones, serving food, and calling bingo. Open Mon.-Fri., 1580 Railroad St., Oceano. More info: 481-3191. COMMUNITY ACTION PARTNERSHIP OF SLO needs volunteers to provide homeless, youth, and health services to the less fortunate. Download the volunteer form at and turn it into their office. Ongoing, 1030 Southwood Drive, SLO. More info: 544-4355. WOMEN’S CENTER PROGRAM needs volunteers to assist with victims of domestic violence. A 40-hour training session is provided. Ongoing. More info: 781-6401, FRENCH HOSPITAL seeks volunteers in a variety of departments. Training is provided. Ongoing. More info: 542-6330. SEXUAL ASSAULT RECOVERY AND PREVENTION CENTER offers training and certification for crisis volunteers. Ongoing, 51 Zaca Lane, Ste 140, SLO. More info: 541-8888, SLO COUNTY COASTAL TRAIL PROJECT needs volunteers. More info: (707) 829-6689. TOYS FOR TOTS delivered gifts to roughly 1,800 children in the North County during last year’s holiday season. Similar numbers are expected this year. Donations will be accepted at the Paso Robles Senior Center through Dec. 12. All day, Paso Robles Senior Center, 270 Scott St., Paso Robles. More info: 238-4831, 



GYMNASTICS CAMP November 22 & 23 Tues: 4:00-8:00pm Wed: 9:00am-1:00pm

Boys and Girls ages 5 and up

Flip Out For The Holidays



December 20, 21, 22 (T-W-Th) December 27, 28, 29 (T-W-Th) “Kids Club” Before & After care available! Ask about the Early Bird Discount!

547-1GYM (1496)

4484 Broad St., SLO ·

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Th e s u N


Holiday Guide 2011 67

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the long-ago predicted apocalypse now near at hand, it’s time to take seriously your life goal of hand-making some holiday gifts. Chances are, your game cupboard is a treasure trove of craft potential. Thanks to Words With Friends, your dust-covered Scrabble game is probably destined for the yardsale pile. Turn those wooden letter tiles into stunning, custom jewelry and accessories with bits of paper, some glue, and a dab of glaze. Scrabble-tile jewelry has been available on, an online handmade marketplace, for several years. Finished pendants sell for $4 to $10 and up, but you can make them for a roughly $1 apiece, including the necklace chain. Many of the Scrabble-tile craft supplies are available locally, and there are a few one-stop shops at your fingertips. Before you begin, you will need:


Holiday guide 2011


to the finish

Get in on a handmade trend

before the end of the world!! PHOTOS BY ANDREA ROOKS

JuST a TriM After the glue dries, trim the edges of the paper to the exact size of the Scrabble tile. It works best to turn the tile over and cut from the bottom of the tile.

Scrabble tiles: find your own at garage sales, thrift stores, or specialty vintage stores; under couch cushions; or online through (search under supplies for scrabble tiles— is one source). Bails, chain, magnets, and gift bags: online through at shops such as; Michaels also has the super strong, small magnets. Glue (for bails and magnets): E6000, available at Michaels and online through Paper: any paper you want—from books, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, greeting cards, photocopies, etc. Small designs with lots of contrast work best. Glue (for paper): white glue, such as Aleene’s (available at Michaels and other craft stores). Glaze: Triple Thick from Michaels; Sun and Moon Glaze from; Judikins Diamond Glaze available at craft stores. Now that you’ve got what it takes for the Scrabble tiles, broaden your horizons—try Dominoes or other game pieces. Find small wood pieces in craft stores or wood shops, but note that if the wood pieces are thinner than Scrabble tiles, you’ll need a different kind of bail or a hole and a ring in the wood piece to make it a pendant. Scrabble tiles and similar pieces would also make interesting pushpins, paperclips, cufflinks, and other accessories. You can also draw, stamp, or print your own images or sayings. Vintage images are available for free at; download and shrink the images to fit a Scrabble tile (7/8-by7/8 inches leaves room to trim). Also, if you print or stamp your images, experiment with your glaze first—it might make inkjet and other inks bleed. One Scrabble game possesses 100 pieces; that’s 100 chances for you to get as creative as you’ve ever wanted before next December’s supposed end of the world as we know it.  Freelancer Andrea Rooks can be reached at She can also be found at

THe TranSForMaTion leT THe gaMe begin Using E6000, glue the metal bail (hook for a necklace) or magnet to the back of your Scrabble tile(s). Allow to dry for at least one hour. Pick your paper. Trim the paper to a little larger than the Scrabble tile or use a craft punch that is 7/8-by-7/8 inches.

With a brush, apply the glaze to the paper atop the Scrabble tile. Use a generous amount of glaze, watch for bubbles, and make sure the glaze is spread evenly. Glaze the wood sides of the tile, too, to seal the paper’s edges.

nearly FiniSHed Allow to dry for at least an hour before moving the tile. If a bail is attached, rest the tile on a toothpick to make sure it dries horizontally. Do not touch the glazed surface for at least three hours— otherwise you’ll leave your fingerprint in the tacky glaze.

Ta-da! STicK TogeTHer Spread a thin layer of white glue over the Scrabble tile, all the way to the edges. Glue the paper to the Scrabble tile. Use the bail as a handle while gluing and glazing. If making a magnet, stick it to a paperclip, which can be used as a handle.

Your finished product now looks like a shiny piece of art ready to hang around your neck or be given as a gift, one worth holding on to.

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Holiday Guide 2011 69


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year could be my last New Year. I could be cliché and draft a bucket list of resolutions and promises to redeem myself before the end of days, but I’ve been expecting every New Year would be my last since my doctor found a Christmas ornament lodged in my duodenum back in 1962. I’m on so much borrowed time the Occupy Wall Street kids are starting to set up on my front lawn. You, on the other hand, might have something to live for: a mouth to feed, a mouth to kiss, or some other oral depository. Even Clinton ended the last decade with a cigar. Wink! Except this is the last year before the mother flippin’ apocalypse. What have you really got to show for it? Maybe a bomb shelter constructed of old popsicle sticks and Elmer’s safety glue. Not much of a legacy, if you ask me. Then again, I’ll probably be most remembered for convincing a team of Cal Poly business grads to invest in dot coms because I was sure carrier pigeons would make a comeback. Sure, they had a few years of doing blowBYoff super-model derrieres, but I still think I got PHOTO STEVE E. MILLER the upper hand in the end. Sorry for the dated references, but New Year’s always makes me reflective—repentant even. There aren’t any pearly gates awaiting my sorry ass. No, my friend, dear ol’ Shredder probably has an eternity of demonic prodding and Dick Clark marathons awaiting.

Subhead 2!

Th e s u N


Holiday Guide 2011

lanG syne

like it’s 1999

So I’ve got to make this last year count … big time. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to look back. In 1999, as most of the country was cramming Times Square with record numbers and doofy-looking 2000 glasses, I was sitting quietly in my easy chair, aiming a .22 at my computer on the off chance it would become sentient and try to kill me. I had it coming, after all. The Internet was brand spanking new and I was clogging my 56K modem with more porn than you’d find beneath a 12-yearold’s mattress. Revelers were taking to the street, either unaware or dismissive of the looming Y2K apocalypse. Then the ball dropped and people kissed and I waited for 747s to fall out of the sky, but nothing happened. Boy, was my face red, and not just because of the near toxic dose of potassium iodide I’d swallowed in the inevitability that Diablo Canyon would go all Fukushima. Too soon?


Subhead 1—


Even if all signs are indicating this planet is in need of one good, cultural dry heave—Mitt Romney has a legitimate shot at office regardless of the fact that he strangled a train car of undocumented circus monkeys in the late ’80s, for example—it’s not all completely hopeless. This species has accomplished some incredible feats of grandeur. There was the invention of fire and then, well, things got pretty bad right up until the invention of the Hot Pocket, and it’s been downhill ever since. And there’s a big wide world out there with so much to see, as long as you’re prepared. Here’s my survival guide to some of the most popular New Year’s Eve destinations. •Tokyo: Japan is a land of many dangers, most of which tend to be carried out by flamboyant hidden-camera game shows. If you plan to spend time in a place that’s steeped in a culture mostly famous for its insanity, you’re bound to be mugged by a

sHredder continued page 71

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Subhead 1—

Subhead 2!

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Caption Head caption body copy Feumsandit loboreet, quissecte mincili quatue eu faccum iuscinim verilla ad te tis nullandit venim num vel utpat et volor il utpatio dolore et prat vent ex eugait er incidunt ex ea consecte




781 DOLLIVER ST. PISMO BEACH 805-773-1995

Holiday Guide 2011 71 Shredder from page 70 cosplaying body pillow at any moment. Constant vigilance! •Sydney: All I’ve ever learned from Australia came by way of Crocodile Dundee and a little orange fish named Nemo. But that seems enough to make broad, sweeping generalizations. Again, be prepared for danger around every corner. Whether it’s a maneating great white or a kangaroo with a pouch full of anthrax, this is a land where humans come in below fungal spores on the food chain. •Las Vegas: The mere fact that you’re considering Vegas as a destination tells me you’re up to date on your shots and have long since parted ways with your liver. No warning necessary here. Just remember that what happens in Vegas does stay in Vegas, but Chlamydia never keeps its mouth shut. •New York: If you can stand the crowds and building-sized busts of semi-nude Abercrombie models in Times Square, it’s the quintessentially American way to celebrate the New Year. So grab yourself a slice of pizza, a botulism-ridden street-

cart hot dog, and take a bite out of the Big Apple. Just remember that everything’s made of poison and meth addicts are waiting around every corner to stab you in the throat. If you’re staying local, I’ve got a few ideas, though I wouldn’t recommend you carry out any of my proposals—mostly for legal reasons. Hearst Castle is a happening joint, and now that visitors are allowed to wander the grounds free of a tour guide, see if you can’t JELLO the Neptune Pool by the time the guards catch wind. Or, if you’re male, you can always give my favorite homophobe David Weyrich a smooch at midnight just to watch his face go whiter than usual. As for me, if we are doomed to extinction come 2012, I plan to go out the way I came in: Screaming, naked, and covered in something gross.  In the event that old acquaintance should be forgot, don’t panic. Send New Year’s ideas to shredder@

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Holiday Guide 2011

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