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April 2013

Supply contracts key to meat industry reforms By Hugh de Lacy Replacing the Sunday night procurement ring-around with supply contracts that bind farmers and processors alike is the formula offered by Lincoln University Professor, Keith Woodford, to dig the meat industry out of its latest hole. Woodford was due to address the public meeting of farmers at the Wigram Aviation Museum in Christchurch on April 17, a meeting organisers hoped would attract a crowd comparable to the 1000 who turned out for an earlier such meeting in Gore. The latest impetus to reform the under-performing meat industry follows the combined losses of $150m last season by the two big farmerowned co-operatives, Silver Fern Farms and Alliance Meat, which between them control about 60% of the industry. Previous crises over the last two decades have mostly produced only failed attempts at reform by forcing a merger that would create the model of the single big co-op kept honest by a cluster of private companies, which has led to massive expansion in the dairy industry. Woodford, an agricultural economics and management expert who gained prominence through a book highlighting the potential of A2 milk, told Canterbury Farming an alternative to a merger of the

meat co-operatives would be supply contracts signed about June each year when the farmers have a good idea of how many lambs they will have to sell, and when they want to sell them.

“(Then) there’s a middle game that probably does involve some level of consolidation, but the chances of us all agreeing in advance as to what is the best model . . . well, that’s pretty challenging.

“(But) it will only work if a contract is a contract, which it’s never been before (in the meat industry),” he said.

“We’ve got to come back to the opening game and work out what we can do as a first step, and I think that is to get alignment between farmers and companies. We have to get to a stage where farmers align to a particular company for all their product, at least on a year-byyear basis.

Supply contracts have been available in the industry for decades but they have a parlous history, with farmers prepared to broach them in favour of accepting a higher spot-market price at killing time. “There has to be a way in which contracts are registered, and the industry has to agree that if a farmer breaks a contract then he gets sued; he has to pay a price,” Woodford said. He stressed that the contracts would be flexible enough that in the event of, say, stock losses from bad weather, the farmer would not be held to account on the detail of the contract. “The contract is that the farmer supplies whatever he’s got available, not that he’s going to supply 682 lambs at 17.3kg on such-and-such a day.” Woodford compared reformation of the meat industry to a game of chess. “We all know what the endgame is, which is — we want a profitable, sustainable industry.

“In any one year — say, by June — a company needs to know who its suppliers are going to be for the coming year, and that it knows it’s going to get all their product. “The companies can then, as the season develops, keep in contact with farmers and plan ahead accordingly.” Woodford said he was aware of at least one small company, which he declined to name, already operating this system. “Their farmers tell them in the spring how many lambs they think they have and when they hope to be marketing them — so many in December, so many in January, et cetera. “Then the company puts all that together in a spreadsheet and comes back to the farmer with kill dates.”

The company in question was usually able to provide kill dates within two or three days of the farmer’s preferred time. “Then when it actually comes to the crunch and the truck rolls up to pick up the sheep, once again it’ll be within a day or so of the date scheduled.” Woodford said the industry needed to foster “a culture of alignment” between farmers and companies to defuse the spot market operating on Sunday nights when farmers

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and buyers ring around for stock or killing space for the following week. It was this that led to the meat companies misreading the market signals last season, paying too much for stock, and not being able to on-sell it at a profit. If farmers insisted on retaining the flexibility to dispose of their stock this way, “it’s pretty hard to see how our industry’s going to fundamentally change,” Woodford said.


April 2013

O’Connor Comments CONSULTING SURVEYORS Rural & Urban Subdivisions Cross Lease/Unit Surveys Resource Consents Topo/Site Surveys

With Damien O’Connor, Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture

Mapping/Survey Graphics Land Status Research Legalisation Surveys GPS Technology

Meat industry challenge

Registered Professional Surveyors Licensed Cadastral Surveyors Call (03) 379 9901 or 0800 NZSURVEY (697 878) Fax (03) 379 9903 or 232 Hills Road, Mairehau. PO Box 13343, Christchurch.


You may be one of the farmers who attended the meat industry meeting in Christchurch on Wednesday the 17th. I am writing this in anticipation of a good turnout off the back of a well attended meeting in Gore by very concerned farmers. I would like to say they were all united but this is the meat industry and true to form it seems unity will be a big ask. Events since that meeting display the classic symptoms that have divided and destroyed growth in the meat sector over many years. I hope the clear mandate required to change the structure of the sector can be further endorsed by the meeting in Feilding later in the month. There is a lot at stake and this may be the last opportunity to force change on a reluctant sector blinded to the dangers of inaction by egos and pride. Combine this with the independence of farmers who face their own separate tough daily challenges and a plan for unity looks a bit like heaven. Sounds great but no one is in a rush to get there.

The problem is without major change in the combative culture of the meat industry, farmers will exit to dairy support or forestry further contributing to stock number decline. This will just make matters worse. There will need to be some changes to legislation required for any major structural reform. Hurdles like the Commerce Act and meat quota management will undoubtedly

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Go Further

require government support and action. Unfortunately we have once again a National Government that is missing in action. The Red Meat Strategy that cost half a million dollars has achieved nothing. The over $300 million dollars of taxpayer and farmer money through PGP grants to the existing meat industry players will do nothing also, without reform of industry behaviour and structure. Where is the leadership from government when it is needed? It may be fine to say they will consider requests for change if farmers endorse change but getting to a point of consensus is never going to be easy. The understandable tensions of existing investment and selfinterest will always hinder change. It is up to government to lead with good management of a fair process to address as many of the issues while still achieving the goal of a sustainable industry structure. A better culture must flow out of that structure and then we can have a meat sector that leads the world in the production of the finest pastoral protein possible. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs and so it is with egos too. Time for the government to step in and show some leadership and support farmers who are seeking change.

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April 2013


From the Minister

Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries

Promoting New Zealand in Latin America Last month the Prime Minister and I led a 25-strong business delegation on a trade mission through Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. The combined populations of these countries are in excess of 400 million. Brazil alone has a population of 200 million. Chile and Colombia are projecting growth of over 5% per annum. Mexico offers great strategic opportunities into the United States, and has just signed onto negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In every country we visited the topic of discussion was the challenge the world faces in feeding its rapidly growing population. New Zealand is a nation of 4.4 million that feeds around 40 million and exports to over 160 countries, so Latin America looks to us for leadership on this issue. New Zealand has a great reputation in this part of the world for our high quality produce. We are known for being innovative in leading the world in the way we do business, and for the way our Government provides an environment for business to get ahead. We are also highly regarded for the systems we have in place to assure our customers that our produce is safe, ethical, environmentally sustainable and high quality. The scope for development in Latin America is huge. Columbia, Chile and Brazil respectively have millions of hectares that are potentially suitable for agricultural production. They have the land, and we have the expertise.

In particular Latin America is behind New Zealand in terms of dairy productivity. New Zealand produces almost four times as much milk per cow than in Colombia. And in Brazil, a country with 200 million heads of cattle, nearly three-quarters of their dairy herd are hand milked. New Zealand is in a strong position to work with these countries to help lift their agricultural performance. It is in our interest to work with these countries, establish close links, and develop business opportunities for New Zealand companies. On the trade mission, real progress was made. The Colombian President Santos stated that he wanted New Zealand and Colombia to negotiate a free trade agreement. I also signed co-operation agreements with Mexico, Colombia and Chile. Every country we visited expressed a real desire to see increased investment of both capital and skills by New Zealand. Latin America offers huge opportunities, and the hard work starts now. The Government can help open the doors but it’s businesses who now need to seize on the opportunity.


South Island Field Days They happen twice as often as a leap year, and half as often as St Patrick’s Day, but the South Island Field Days draw a similar amount of interest as both the other two do.

to spend a short time at the field days — a thing that really made me grumpy as there was so much to see, and so many great people to talk too and with.

This year was no exception with a decent fall of rain the three or four days leading up to the opening on Wednesday. The mood of those attending was a lot brighter than it would have been if the rains hadn’t come.

Every stand had something of interest and innovation is far from dead.

Organisers said the people who flocked to the event on the Wednesday were very happy to wear rubber boots and by lunchtime it was drying out very well. The great thing about the Lincoln event is that it clings onto the demonstration aspects of the three days. The National Field Days were like that several decades ago, but now they are just a market place driven by the dollar rather than an information centre where buyers can see a real comparison. Several, in fact more than several, companies chose to launch new products or services there, demonstrating the power and class the event now has. Others, such as ATS, used the event to share their continued support for the rural sector. ATS has been going for 50 years and are blindly proud of the fact. Owing to various reasons, I was only able



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My mates from Timbercore were there with one of their great timber single-span constructions built especially for the event, and were giving away a very generous ‘gift with purchase’ for those who bought something from their range. All in all, a great three days, and I look forward to seeing where the new site will be as they have literally outgrown their present site.


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I did walk onto the RX Plastics stand and discovered they were promoting a new sluicing head for dairy sheds that wasn’t even on the market yet. They just wanted to let people know it was coming. They also had the chap, from ‘Clean Green’ on their stand, and that was another interesting chat. They not only reduce effluent discharge problems to a minimum, they use they have a system that uses ‘green’ water to sluice and wash the holding yard. That reduces the amount of water needed for cleaning from around 70 litres to only 20. After all, clean water is very ‘green’ seconds after it hits the yards.


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April 2013

Town meets country — country greets town

by Kate Wilkinson

A and P Shows provide fantastic occasions for ‘Town to meet Country’ and for ‘Country to greet Town’ and the recent Oxford Show was no exception when it celebrated its 107th annual show at Easter Weekend this year with an attendance exceeding 8,000 people. As an avid attendee of such shows I am always impressed by the hard work and dedication of volunteers to organise each

year such hard the

(year in and year out) outstanding events, the work and dedication of competitors preparing

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their stock and animals for showcasing, and the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the many thousands of visitors who come along for a look, for a chat, for a better understanding of what is happening out there in ‘rural land’ or simply for a great day out. Whether the prize is for the biggest pumpkin, the best bull, the fasted scurry racer, the best ‘paced and mannered’, the fastest terrier (or other dog remotely resembling a terrier!) or the best photograph of a Canada Goose all competitors should be congratulated for the effort, time spent, energy and thought that goes into each and every entry. A and P Shows are an integral part of our history and no less than in Canterbury where only last year we celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association. Reading Rosa Shiels’ ‘celebration’ book it is interesting to see the same family names cropping up year after year now as they did over a hundred years ago. She comments that ‘it is clear that agricultural matters and topics

Kate enjoying a day when town meets country

focussing on best-practice methods of primary production were exercised by leaders of the new colony from the outset’. I love one of the descriptions back in 1864 given by The Press about the Show — ‘it is thronged by crowds of enthusiastic but unbucolical visitors, who know nothing of shorthorns and to whom oil cake is a mystery, but who may be seen standing in openmouthed admiration round the mighty forms of giant prize oxen…’ Now, just as then, importance of agriculture primary production to economy is undeniable.

the and our The

primary sector is the backbone of our economy, and we as a country need an innovative, prosperous and competitive rural sector, one that we should proudly be championing. Too often the positive impact and input of agriculture tends to be overlooked and replaced by catchy negative phrases and sound bites. A and P Shows provide the platform for closing any rural-urban divide and it is great to see the number of attendees coming to these shows and showing such an interest in what is happening on our farms — because what is happening on our farms is (mostly) something of which we should all be very proud.

Sharing our obsession for quality

We have some of the best farmers in the world. We need a primary sector that thrives and succeeds. And we know that when rural communities are doing well our wider economy is more successful. According to some figures the primary sector now makes up 71 per cent of New Zealand’s total merchandise export trade. That is important. And so in conclusion I just want to say — bring on those enthusiastic ‘unbucolical’ visitors. Let’s continue to showcase our agricultural excellence — so that rural and urban alike we can continue to be proud of our primary production sector.

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April 2013


My point of view by Allen Cookson

The United States, Cyprus, and New Zealand Banking In the Great Depression after 1929, the US Congress examined the mixing of the ‘commercial’ and ‘investment’ banking industries that occurred in the 1920s. Hearings revealed conflicts of interest, and fraud in some banking institutions’ securities activities. A formidable barrier to the mixing of these activities was then set up by the ‘Glass Steagall Act’. The Act also founded the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for insuring bank deposits. The insurance is considered by many to encourage risky lending by banks.

to 1986. From then until 2006 the return was 16% per annum. The 2007 crash brought the 1900–2009 mean return on bank capital down to less than 3% per annum. Now hazardous lending for property is taking off again. We’re back to minimal deposits. Throughout the global financial crisis senior bank executives’ earnings have remained obscenely high.

At the behest of banksters, the protective Glass-Steagall Act was repealed in 1999. This was a major cause of the cheap money which led to the 2007 crash. New Zealand allows mixing of commercial and investment banking (eg interest swaps). Our equivalent of FDIC was government guarantees for approved savings schemes.

As economies collapse if the banking system loses savers’ confidence, governments usually underwrite banks’ deposits in the event of a crisis to avoid contagious runs on the banks. The Cyprus banks’ high interest rates prompted large inflows of euros (161% of GDP in 2008). In 2008 and 2009 Cyprus banks bought Greek bonds. Greece’s collapse saw depositors rushing to withdraw

Globally, capital invested in banks in 1900 earned an average of about 2% per annum

their money. European creditors demanded taking portions of deposits, insured or not. The Cyprus Government takes as much as 60% of large deposits. Government has banned cashing cheques and electronic transfers. Taking money overseas is limited. What happens when these capital flow controls are removed? Capital flow controls are incompatible with a one currency union. The Euro concept is a failure! Exactly what would happen if the New Zealand and Australian currencies combined! New Zealand’s Open Bank Resolution (OBR) scheme would see shareholders of a bank in crisis bearing first responsibility for its debts.

The assets of the bank would be frozen. The Reserve Bank’s pessimistic estimate of a bank’s remaining debt would see this money taken from unsecured assets including customers’ deposits. Shares would be of little value; depositors would lose savings. This would cause a run on the bank, very likely extending to other banks, including sound ones as happened to good finance companies. John Key says OBR would be unlikely to be used. Bernard Hickey says it is a fig leaf which won’t work. Capital flow controls are a key requirement for banks’ security. They are long overdue in this country.


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Directors John H Falloon B.Ag.Com, B.Com, F.C.A. Aaron B Allred B.Com, C.A.

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Separate property and inheritances Following are many misunderstandings about what is included in the term ‘relationship property’: There is a common belief that all of the partner’s property is divided equally between partners after the initial three years of the relationship if the partners have not signed an agreement contracting out of the Act. If only it were that simple. Property items owned by one party have to be considered before they can be classified as ‘relationship property’. The major exceptions to that rule are the family home and chattels which are relationship property after three years’ duration of the relationship even though one partner may have been the sole owner of the home and/or chattels prior to the relationship. Separate property can become relationship property. Increases in value of separate property may be relationship property if relationship property was used to increase

the value of the separate property. In that case the increase in value would be relationship property. Separate property can also become relationship property where it is intermingled with relationship property. Categories of property which need careful attention are inheritances, trust distributions, and gifts from third parties. All of these items are not relationship property unless the partner receiving it agrees to and intermingles it with other relationship property so that its identification at a later date becomes impractical.

Where one partner receives say, $20,000 from a legacy under a will, they should open a separate bank account in his/her sole name and lodge the $20,000 in it. If they contribute the $20,000 to make alterations to the home and no agreement is signed to acknowledge it as separate property it would be almost certain to be classified as relationship property. I get odd looks and comments from people when I hand them monies from an estate and I tell them to keep the funds from their partner. I am quite certain that many of them will rue the day when those funds are used for the benefit of both partners and the funds become relationship property and subject to equal sharing provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act if the relationship ends. The classification of separate/relationship property is a real mine-field which should be treated very cautiously. If there is any doubt competent legal advice should be sought.

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Money Talk

W ith Andrew W yllie

You can’t afford to be off, so we’re alwaYs on

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OmniSTAR offers trusted and highly accurate differential correction services to suit all precision farming processes. farmers all over the world using many different steering and guidance systems report that using omnistar helps to minimize their input costs and maximize their returns. with no extra hardware required omnistar’s multiple accuracy solutions are easily accessible, convenient and reliable. for more information contact omnistar on 0800 88 88 64 or visit


The New Zealand sharemarket was one of the better markets, with returns only slightly lower than those in the United States over the quarter. New Zealand returns however, have been materially higher than the major markets over the past year. This performance has out-paced earnings

On the fixed interest front short-term rates remain near their lows, but improved confidence has started to reflect in long-term interest rates drifting higher, showing that general interest rate expectations are for a lift in due course. In the interim, continuing accommodative monetary policy should mean that short-term interest rates will remain low with longerterm rates moving higher as confidence improves. With the continuation of low interest rates we are continuing to see real interest in other asset classes particularly those which offer a reliable cash flow greater than cash rates.


Outside Europe, Government policy is being targeted to encourage economic growth. In Japan for example policy initiatives have led to a significant depreciation of the yen. This is a pro-growth outcome, lifting export earnings and consumer spending potential over the next six to 12 months. Likewise, China has completed its leadership transition and is implementing pro-growth policies for the decade ahead. These include a deliberate reduction in government involvement in

Renewed confidence, despite the Cypriot issues, meant global equity markets provided good gains during the quarter. Cypriot issues merely pared gains in European equities with returns from the major markets still positive in local currency terms, albeit lower than United States and Australasian markets. The weaker Euro did, however, mean these markets declined over the period when reported in New Zealand dollar terms. Asian equities were impacted by some concern that proposed curbs on Chinese property ownership may pare growth and this filtered through to some weakness in Australian resource stocks.

growth and resulted in Price/ Earnings ratios nearing the top of traditional trading bands. Upward earnings revisions are therefore required to sustain any further momentum.


So what’s been happening in the markets? One of the principal events of the quarter was the onset of the Cyprus banking crisis. This was a reminder that issues within Europe remain and that this type of problem could continue to afflict the region for some time yet. On this occasion the re-capitalisation of Cypriot’s banks was undertaken via a reduction in the value of funds held by some depositers and bondholders. A very unfortunate situation for disciplined savers who were affected. The precedent this created could have led to a broader, contagious run on banks, but that potential calamity was avoided.

the business sector, to stamp out state sector corruption and the inefficient deployment of capital. A drive to improve economic and social equality among the Chinese population should also boost domestic consumption as a percentage of overall GDP. Meanwhile, despite dysfunctional politics disrupting any consensus that could aid United States growth, the United States economy recovery continues to be helped by the stimulatory effect of low interest rates.


My early season prediction that the Highlanders might be the team to watch hasn’t come to fruition just yet. It’s however good to see our local Crusaders are hitting their straps despite the absence of some of our star players, and the Chiefs are again shaping up very well.

JJ Christchurch

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April 2013

A Real Kiwi Story It was the 1950’s and Kiwi’s Bert and Dawn Hansen were building their house. Bert couldn’t find a reliable toilet valve, being an entrepreneur he invented one. This then lead Bert into developing a range of high performance Brass Foot and Check Valves. The design was patented and fast became the bench mark for industry standards and today the original design Bert created is used in a multitude of valves in hundreds of markets all around the world. With the initial success of the Brass Foot and Check Valves, Bert and Dawn worked many long hours to keep up with supply. Their garage was the hub of their business with all the machining, assembling and packaging carried out there. In those early days Dawn remembers having to pack up the car and take all the fittings down to the railway station for distribution. In the 1960’s the range was expanded further with Bert designing and manufacturing a range of Brass Quick Couplings. However by the early 70’s Bert and Dawn realised that plastic was the way of the future and redeveloped the existing range of Brass Quick Couplings and Brass Foot and Check Valves in plastic. By the end of the 70’s Bert and Dawn saw an opportunity to add to their range and designed An Original Hansen and manufactured a Advertisment range of Nylon easy 1979 to use “Cold Fit Pipe Fittings”. Back then this completely changed the way Bert’s Kiwi Farmers joined Alkathene Original pipe, “We had a few teething Toilet Valve 1952 problems with the original cold fit range, mainly around the single barb being difficult to get past the hard pipe when it was cold and a 130kg farmer trying to tighten up a 25mm fitting with a 24” stillson on a -5 degree Southland winters day. Those were some fun learning times but we got those problems sorted, we should have labelled the fittings “Kiwi Proof”.

Hansen Instore Display Unit 2009

In the mid 1980’s some more enthusiasm and ideas were injected into the business when Carl Hansen (Bert and Dawn’s Son) arrived from completing his engineering trades. Within a short period of time, Carl’s experience

Hansen Easy Fit Pipe Fitting 2009

in engineering and his desire to use the “right” technologies in manufacturing and materials added even more strength to the Hansen company. Bert and the team didn’t sit still for long and in the late 1980’s it was decided Hansen would design and manufacture a range of True Fit Threaded Fittings. With the Hansen range of products growing rapidly, it was time to move out of the garage and into its own manufacturing plant to start injection moulding their products. This move was a huge investment and there were many sleepless nights in the Hansen households. The move proved to be the right decision and it wasn’t long before Hansen products were being demanded from all over the world. The 1990’s saw the products develop a stronger following in New Zealand and Australia, with many of the original products having upgrades to high performance materials and the core ranges growing every year. “At one point it felt like we were adding fitting configurations every month” recalls Carl Hansen. In 1999 it was time for Hansen Products to move into even bigger premises. A building in Union East Street, Whangarei was found and the building underwent huge changes to house the manufacturing plant. The turn of the millennium saw Hansen Products continue on the path of constant improvement; a sister company in Canada was established, Irripod was purchased, the Easy Fit range was updated and after much encouragement from the market our Full Flow Ball Valve was released. 2013 and Hansen Products is far from slowing down. Our in-house Research and Design team has developed several new products for release, Level Alert Heavy Duty Tank Level Indicator, the Leveller Tank/Reservoir Valve, Superflo Piston Valve and the Maxflo Diaphragm Valve. All of these products have been designed for high performance whilst still staying true to Bert’s original philosophy of “Keep it Simple”. At Hansen we believe the Superflo and Maxflo valves will quickly become the next industry standard of High Performance Float Valves. After 60 years in business, Hansen Products is extremely proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated business. We are continuing to design, manufacture and distribute Pipe Fittings and Valves of the highest quality around the world. Hansen has built a reputation for providing high performance, easy to use, simple products that deliver our customers “Best Installed Value”. The winning formula that has been applied to the product range since the 1950’s has ensured a loyal customer following through the generations. With a range of over 1000 different products, loyal customers and a dedicated team, Hansen is poised for the new challenges ahead.

April 2013


50mm Joiner

35 Years Time Tested “When kiwi Bert Hansen decided to invent a pipe fitting for farmers to join alkathene poly pipe together, his main focus was to keep it simple and make it last! 35 years on, and with over 100 million fittings in the ground, Bert’s pipe fittings are still simple to use, unquestionably time tested, but most importantly trusted by kiwi farmers!”

HAD0017 1304

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April 2013

Bringing home the bacon by Andy Bryenton

Travel south from Hanmer Springs, and before passing into the town of Hawarden you’ll cross the Hurunui River. On the south bank the soil here is too thin for cropping, but there’s one type of farming which is perfectly suited to the conditions. Instead of rolling fields of grain or herds of cows, this country supports pigs — freeroaming, healthy and happy pigs living on New Zealand’s largest pig farm. Farmers, Jens Ravn and Steve Sterne and their families, established Patoa Farms on the south bank of the Hurunui back

in 1998, and enlarged their operation recently to over 600 hectares. This year the Sternes obtained complete ownership of the operation. That’s a lot of pasture for their breeding herd of over 5,000 sows to enjoy, as well as room for spacious, strawlined barns for their progeny.

At a time when animal welfare — especially the welfare of breeding pigs — is set in sharp profile, the methods used by Patoa Farms stand out as an example of ethical, practical, profitable farming, giving the animals a more natural lifestyle while still keeping up with demand from customers

0800 472 563 0 8 0 0 4 PA L M E R S Kverneland • Overum • Kuhn Lemken • Dowdeswell • Vogel & Noot • Gregoire Besson • Clough • Duncan • Terradisc • Maxitill • Yeoman • Vibroflex • Connershea • Goliath • IHC • Sunflower • Topdown • Salford • Kongskilde • Napier • Vaderstad We can also manufacture any point you need! Spaldings Flatlift SubSoilers • Dale Plough Shares • Plough Conversion Kits • European Plough Parts • Cultivation Points & Tines • Tractor Parts & Equipment • Combine Harvester Croplifters

as diverse as Kiwi Bacon and Countdown supermarkets. “The 5,000 sows all live outdoors and are able to roam around freely within their paddocks whenever they want,” says Steve. The area they can cover is roughly equivalent to that afforded a regular dairy herd, with 1,100 specially built huts at the sows’ disposal to protect them from the elements too. The site itself helps contribute to the health of the pigs, with free-draining soil producing very little mud. Wallows are still provided so the pigs can keep cool in summer, however, and trees provide shade for the herd.

“Each sow produces around 23 piglets each year, meaning Patoa supplies almost 15% of all the pork produced in New Zealand. Jens and I are passionate about looking after

sows “allThelive5,000 outdoors

and are able to roam around freely within their paddocks whenever they want

our pigs, and so are the 43 staff that work on the farm. If the staff don’t love animals like we do, then they won’t stay here for long.” Forty three staff means almost two million dollars per annum in wages alone — Patoa Farms is an integral part of the local economy. And with more than 100,000 pigs per year heading for the butcher’s front window (so to speak), this innovative farm is also instrumental in keeping the whole country fed! But that’s not the end of the story. When the free-range sows give birth, their piglets are raised on clean straw,

KITSET LIFESTYLE SHEDS | 34 Robinson Street, Riverside Industrial Park, Ashburton

Ellis Road RANGIORA Ph. 03 313 8339




John and Antony of Wright Enterprises Build Ltd. (WE BUILD Ltd) Builders have had vast experience in the building industry and aim every time to take the stress and uncertainty out of the process. John and son Antony take pride in the fact that they are a vibrant family business, committed to their local community and very much hands on. They have over the years undertaken numerous contracts from design and build houses to small house alterations, including a range of cottages, from commercial fit out work to grand family homes, including site preparation. They can carry out a variety of work — house relocations, foundation preparation, installing wooden flooring overlay, and are registered drainlayers. All of this means that you are dealing with one reputable company for a range of jobs carried out competently and on time. “We look forward to meeting new clients and anticipate helping with earthquake repairs and new rebuilds,” says John. “We take pride in the quality of our

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED workmanship and aim to ensure that your dream home will meet all of your expectations.” Antony began with a local builder in Rolleston, went to work in Queenstown and completed his apprenticeship in Dunedin before returning to Rolleston and was instrumental in setting up the family business as we know it today. As certified builders and licensed building practitioners they can offer a ten year guarantee. John has worked in the Rolleston area for forty years and the company has been trusted to create and work on the playcentre, church, Plunket Rooms, Scout Den and the old Community Hall. The two family members bring a combination of youth and experience, energy and knowledge to the building industry in Selwyn. You will appreciate their professionalism, skill and knowledge, service and trustworthiness. When you are creating a home you need all of these values, as well as a close relationship at every step of the process. You deserve the best, and with WE Build you can be certain of it.

A Pleasurable, Personal Service! • DRAIN LAYING SERVICE AVAILABLE Contact: Antony 021 111 1703 Email: Web:

April 2013 ‘finished’ in spacious, specially constructed barns. “We believe that straw enhances pig welfare,” says Steve, and it shows — by the end of the finishing period his pigs can be packing on a healthy one kilo per day on specially sourced feed. The straw traps organic nutrients and makes comfortable bedding too — but inevitably it becomes soiled and must be replaced. Patoa Farms brings in 15,000 square bales per annum, but it’s what goes out which has farmers talking. Rather than simply dumping the used straw, Steve and Jens saw the potential inherent in it as a source of

fertiliser. The natural ‘byproduct’ of so many pigs is, after all, famous for its soil enhancing properties. So a special operation has been instigated at Patoa Farms to collect, windrow and compost the used straw. “We have been using most of the product to develop our own land over the last year. More of it will be sold to other farmers in the coming year.” Steve says that their finished product will prove useful across a wide range of agricultural industries — dairy pastures, grapes, maize and more. “We’re trying to eliminate an environmental problem and turn it into an economic asset.

We say to people, you need a basket of nutrients — this is your cheapest nutrient source, which can then be balanced to your specific requirements in the normal way.” Patoa Farms is living proof that free-range sows are happier and more productive, and that a large scale farming operation can still be innovative and work at the cutting edge of new ideas. Over the past 15 years the Ravns and the Sternes have turned what was once thought to be a poor block of land with thin soil into one of the nation’s agri-business success stories, while at the same time providing an example of animal welfare for others to follow.

Patoa Farms’ free range sows enjoy a more natural life — and their piglets love it too!




0800 002 313



Nutritional therapy in action Over the past few months we have been looking at how nutritional medicine can help various conditions. So far we have looked at joints, with columns on osteoarthritis, joint inflammation especially bursitis and gout. Recently we have discussed measures to help respiratory problems, firstly asthma and COPD and secondly sinusitis. If you missed any of these columns I can email them on request. Today we will look at an example of how one person has improved his health by adopting nutritional medicine principles. This man, an orchardist in his 50’s spoke to me 6 months ago with several problems. He was under good medical care and on various medications to control his symptoms. His main problems were joint pain from arthritis, lower body muscle pain and low energy. His poor mobility was having a great impact on the quality of his life. After a full analysis we created an anti-inflammatory diet. We made sure his diet was nutrient dense and especially targeted potent dietary antioxidants including dark berries. We actively reduced refined carbohydrates and sugars as these all push the body towards inflammation. Additionally these foods are essentially ‘empty calories’ in that while they provide energy, they do not provide the

vitamins and minerals needed to make energy. We then started an intensive 3 months of supplements where we added high doses of Omega 3 fish oil, a broad spectrum multi vitamin/ mineral/antioxidant. To this we added a complex formula designed to restore his energy processes. He had been taking cholesterol medications for some time and these are known to cause muscle pain and low energy mostly because they prevent the liver from making sufficient ubiquinone, also known as co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This complex included CoQ10, a B vitamin complex then a combination of anti-inflammatory agents including turmeric extract, resveratrol and OPC. He started to notice a change within a few months. The muscle pain has almost completely gone, his joints less painful and he has had a return of his energy. A real bonus has been a reduction in tinnitus and improvements in a cataract. There was no magic in what we did. This was just a combination of personal commitment on his part and for mine making sure his nutrient intake allowed his damaged body systems to heal resulting in a substantial improvement in his health. Give the body what it needs and the results can be quite surprising. Give me a call if you need more information.

John Arts is the founder of Abundant Health Ltd and nutritional medicine practitioner. If you have questions or would like a free nutritional plan contact John on 0800 423559 or email You can join his weekly email newsletter at or visit

CANTERBURY Au to Dis ma ntl ers

We buy all cars, Dead or Alive

pstown 491 St Asaph St Philli C H R CHRISTCHU 8 phone 03 381 221

Abundant Health


Super Antioxidant... Multi Mineral... Multi Vitamin

How can Cell-X help you?

• Support antioxidant defences to help fight the free radicals that cause health decline. • Cell-X has 11 powerful antioxidants, a full multivitamin (A, B complex, C, D and E) plus all 50+ minerals needed for healthy cell function. • Supports good blood vessel and heart function for healthy circulation. • Supports good eye health. • Helps natural energy & vitality.

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“Try Cell-X for 3 months and see what you have been missing!” John Arts, Founder, Abundant Health Ltd. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

0800 423 559


April 2013

SAFE - Bait is enclosed and contained safely away from pets, children, working dogs, livestock and non target wildlife. ECONOMIC - Grate systems stops bait being carried away for storage, no wastage. Bait is eaten inside the Bait Station. FILL AND FORGET Requires minimal attention. USE ANYWHERE Sheds, homes, chicken coops, forest, gardens, factories, town or country.


For more information or where to purchase contact Pacific Plastics Ltd, Christchurch 0800 665 337 or Designed and Manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand To advertise in the Canterbury Farming please call 03 347 2314 or email

Place your indent order now


Contact us now for the best machinery and make sure you have the best silage ever. ‘New’ 2 year warranty.* *Conditions apply — Innovators in agriculture

JJ Christchurch

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Growing food for a hungry world

by John Barnes

I attended an international conference recently where we were presented with the facts that by the year 2050 we would need to provide up to 100% more food to just stay at the same level of where we are now.

nitrogen fertilisation in 1955 ‘all residue carbon had disappeared and yields have been about 20% lower than the previous 50 years’. While nitrogen is important for crop production its strategic use and monitoring is vital.

We live in a privileged generation. In the history of mankind we are the generation who have seen more change and have had more opportunities than any other.

No one is saying we shouldn’t use all fertilisers, it really is how we use them.

We can all debate how much more food we may need but the facts remain, we need to increase production. Other facts should be considered at the same time and in the case of the conference some of these were considered. Land use — what we have is what we have got, and it has to be used more effectively. Fertiliser use has to be more effective. The stark reality is we must use less and get better production because what we have on this planet is what we have. All this puts us all into an interesting position — the current model which most of the world is working with is not sustainable.

The challenge for all in the primary sector is how to grow more using less. I came back to New Zealand thinking there is many ways our company is already doing some of this and perhaps that’s why they invited me. There is a 100-year-old university study on USA soils — this is America’s oldest experimental field trial which demonstrates that since using synthetic

It is important to measure the soil carbon and make sure this is increasing. We can ask for this test to be included into your soil testing programme. Hills Laboratories have soil carbon tests available and for that matter soil nitrogen tests which is important so that strategic nitrogen can be used for optimum growth. This is not a time for party politics, rather if we achieve what we need to achieve to feed the world we must work together for the sake of everyone.

April 2013

As they say — ‘Every picture can save a 1000 words’ As a departure from my usual column on current affairs I will attempt to try to bring readers up to date on projects that are gaining traction on the clean green radar of a future renewable energy source. In this case energy from unwanted woody biomass. Over the past few years, during my sortees into various forestry matters, I had been confronted by mostly urban based citizenry as to what an unsightly mess is left over in forests after logging operations. True, It does not look pretty. Trying to explain that most major forest owners operate under the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certification scheme (committed to replanting after harvest on a rotational basis) does not appear to sink in. After all it takes a good three or four years before cutover areas start to green up with new plantings. But it is the piles of residue wood on landings and skidsites that remain messy. Can’t something be done about cleaning up the mess? Cutover areas are generally windrowed before replanting giving a slightly neater appearance. Skidsites are littered with residue varying from branchwood, stemwood, offcuts and reject logs sometimes pushed into heaps or thrown over the side of landings. The short answer is that a considerable amount of effort has been going into conversion of residue into various forms of energy, mostly heat energy from processed wood chips to fuel furnaces. But it is not that simple. Having worked on the logistics of how to go about this for the past five years I have found it a pretty complex subject requiring ongoing research with only grudging help (read funding) from local and central government. It all gets down to costs. The first question is, was there a buck in it for the forest owner? Case studies

carried out by Scion Forestry Research have estimated royalty payments to forest owners of up $20 per tonne, competitive with firewood and (more recently) pulp grade log. Next to be calculated are recovery, processing, handling and transport costs. More recent demand for wood chip has been positive, particularly where it can be proven competitive with other energy providers such as electricity, diesel oil and LPG. Cost for lignite coal is proving hard to beat cost-wise, but new regulations in many townships regarding the particulate count and unhealthy smoke emissions is favouring wood chip and pellets as a cleaner burning fuel. Modern chip boilers using filtration systems remain well under the ppm emission regulations. Down our neckof-the-woods, the University of Otago and Polytech have installed or converted boilers for chip fuel in most of their major buildings. In many cases this has halved the costs of alternative energy sources, such as oil and LPG. The Otago Polytech has changed its coal burners for two new binder boilers at a cost of about $1m giving a total 1.3 megawatt capacity to heat all its five buildings. Costs have dropped from $150,000 per year to $135,000. Of course having the 15,000 hectares of forests owned by the Dunedin City Council’s City Forest Ltd as a handy resource, provides the incentive for conversions. Calculations

of the larger ones are one-man operations feeding material with a grapple into a hopper or escalator ranging in stem size from 30cm to 1mt fed directly into a chipliner which trundles off to the user. Phil Mauger Contracting’s 650hp Doppstad is capable of chipping up whole trees processing around 150m3/ ph. Problems in Christchurch owing to the polluted inversion layer from coal and diesel burning emissions lends itself to the introduction of cleaner processed chip and pellet fuels.

“Potential clean sustainable energy source from harvest residue surrounding an open logging skidsite in a forestry block near Hamner. In need of further research and innovation. Possibly a bit of number 8 wire technology.”

on costs issued by the DCC’s energy section has come up with the figures that compare LPG, at 13 cents per kwh, with wood chip at five cents p/kwh. Effectively this means costs of installing a chip fed boiler could be paid off within three or four years. Compare this with electricity at 22c p/kwh and diesel oil’s higher fluctuating costs. The University’s property services division estimates the 11 buildings so far converted to chip fuel has cut heating costs by nearly a half. With the longer term potential for this energy source an innovative Arundel

Chippers of various makes and sizes are now available, ranging in capabilities of producing from 25 to 125 cubic metres of chip per hour. Some

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Up in Rotorua, middle of this month (April), a conference will have taken place entitled ‘Revenue from Residue’ involving foresters from both here and overseas. But it is unlikely this will have excited the mainstream media. Freephone 0508 333 654

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innovative methods to make it viable. Roughly 15 tonnes of residue stemwood per hectare are left over on skidsites after an average harvest of 450500 tonnes of acceptable commercial grades are sent away. But this varies with the harvest method, from cable hauler, ground-based logging to feller buncher systems, where much of the logmaking has been mechanised.

Quality that has stood Quality the testthat of time. has stood the test o

agricultural contractor is in the process of setting up a chipping and drying operation, a diversion from supplying hogged chip for dairy bedding to the more even chip size suitable for boilers. To get maximum value, chip fuel for boilers needs to be dried to between 15-25 percentage moisture content to give better calorific value (around 12-14cv of delivered heat, equivalent to lignite). This all gets down to technicalities better understood by chemical engineers.


Stemwood (log form) are the preferred source for processing into chip. Also, offcuts and slovens. Branchwood has possibilities but requires more



April 2013

Native Landscaping Plants Start your 2013 planting NOW! • Specialists in eco-sourced native plants • Prices from approx $2 per plant +GST based on quantity • We can contract grow to spec whether you need 100 or 10,000 plants • Species list to suit your requirements

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Growing local species Wai-Ora Nursery, in Harewood, specialises in propagating and selling an extensive range of native trees, shrubs and grasses grown from seeds sourced sustainably from throughout Canterbury. Soren O’Neil, Nursery Manager, says concentrating on growing and selling local species means all the trees, shrubs and grasses are ideally suited to Canterbury’s climate and soil conditions. This maximises their chances of initial survival and growth. Native species can be hardier than exotics and have greater disease resistance. Planting them also creates more bio-diversity, creating sanctuaries for beneficial insects and other wildlife she says. Farmers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of natives on farms

and the impetus to plant them is being further stimulated by initiatives such as the Clean Streams Accord. Wai-Ora Nursery recognises many landowners may not be experts in this field, so their staff is able to provide expert advice and a planting plan for any property. This process starts with an on-farm visit where the site or sites are assessed in terms of soils, aspect and slope. This ensures the best possible range of species is selected for any site to be planted out. They can also oversee planting and organise a maintenance programme if required.


Irrigation Issues Dr Tony Daveron

‘stress band’ — the shaded area. So with about 30mm of readily available water in the root zone and water use declining toward 1mm/day — well I will leave you to do the maths.

sufficient daylight hours and sun angle to drive soil temperatures back up into the mid-high teens. We are on the slippery slope of declining soil temperature with insufficient sunshine/ daylight hours and incoming solar radiation (because of sun angle) to raise and maintain higher soil temperatures. For irrigating farmers the recent rainfalls, while not necessarily ‘drought breakers’, have provided the icing on the cake so to speak. As the soil moisture plot shows, the rainfall on April 16 and 17 has been just that — the ‘icing on the cake’. It raised the soil moisture to above the Full Point and is a long way from any need to irrigate again. At his time of the year/season we can operate to the lower limit of the

Sun Angle — the angle at midday is now about 35° compared with 80°a t about 1pm back in December; and

Wet — well wetter than it has been since New Year with 15-30mm in the last couple of weeks

This is not some sort of conspiracy theory, it is just what happens. We don’t control it nor should we think we can manipulate growth by, for example irrigating because the sun might be shining or we get a little puffy Nor’ Wester. I mentioned soil temperature and the ‘road bump’ a couple of weeks ago.

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There is no rocket science about what I have written. Just think, does drinking more cold water on cold days make us feel warmer and in a better mood (setting aside you are not exercising at the time). Just think a little about the plants — they are really not that different. At this time of the year if they are not growing like you would like, chucking a whole pile of water at them won’t make them grow.


The sharp change in weather has put paid to irrigation and ended the 2012–13 season. The golden summer has ended and we won’t see those favourable growing conditions for another five months.

The soil temperature plot shows just what I mean. Think back to Thursday, April 11, through Sunday April 14 — remember snow on the alps, a frost or nearly so in many places and downright cold. The soil temperatures took a real hit and dipped below 10°C. Despite a couple of pretty nice days on April 15 and 16, there simply is not


… for water when and where you want it!

Done and dusted? For most, in fact all bar one irrigator I have seen of late, the 2012–13 irrigation season has come to an end. There is no requirement to irrigate again until we head into September or October. There are all those ‘broken record’ reasons I always remind readers of: • Short days — with sunrise around 7.15am and sunset around 5.45pm. We have less than 11 hours daylight, not enough for plants to do too much; • Colder — daytime highs are low(er) 9–12°C latterly and down to 5–6°C overnight; • Soil temperatures — fell sharply a couple of weeks ago and will not reach the ‘dizzy’ heights to have plants growing at optimum rates;

April 2013

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April 2013

The ‘Know to make it Flow’ Andrew Curtis, Irrigation New Zealand CEO

The great irrigation challenge Heard about the ‘Great Irrigation Challenge’? On May 23 and 24? IrrigationNZ, with the help of stream sponsor, Environment Canterbury, will host sixteen practical half-day workshops relevant to the irrigation sector at Ashburton Racecourse. We’re challenging anyone associated with irrigation to be part of

this inaugural event. Our goal is to inspire, educate and upskill the farmers and businesses that support water-use on farm. We’re targeting irrigators and aspiring irrigators, directors and managers of irrigation schemes, and the designers, installers and consultancies that provide technical advice and infrastructure for irrigation.

WE Supply and carT WaTE Wa aTEr for houSEhold and STock. also we specialize in General cartage Bulk grain cartage Stock cartage container cartage for all your cartage needs contact the friendly team at 2 Wood St phone 0800 836852 Temuka phone 03 6159500 7920 fax 03 6159501 Email

Irrigation is a critical part of farm performance. Increasing regulatory pressure and a highly politicised environment mean farmers and those supplying irrigation now need to have a consistently high skill-set and knowledge just to remain in the game. The ‘Great Irrigation Challenge’ focusses on areas where the industry needs strengthening with workshops addressing specific needs. Here’s a taste of what you can expect. For existing and aspiring irrigators, a range of practical, interactive workshops are on offer from ‘Irrigation Essentials’ to ‘Calibrating an irrigation system’ and ‘Specifying an irrigation System’. IrrigationNZ’s Project Manager, Paul Reese, will present ‘Preparing an Operation and Maintenance Manual’ and how it fits into a farm plan. This workshop will cover the components of an operations and maintenance manual and provide templates for participants to start drawing up their own. “Basically it’s about putting a document together that covers all the points you need to know about operating an irrigation

Irrigation New Zealand Project Manager Paul Reese

system from identifying hazards on a property to how you store and maintain your system. The idea is to come up with a comprehensive resource so that anyone working on the farm can pick up the document and run with it.” Paul says farm owners and irrigation managers are the intended audience, but anyone with an interest in operations manuals may benefit. A second workshop Paul will facilitate is ‘Telemetry and Data Management’. New water metering requirements generate large amounts of useful data. Easily accessible technology enables irrigation managers to monitor a range of variables on farm. “We’ll look at what farmers can do with all this information. It’s not just about compliance for regional authorities. We can also use this

data for scheduling improved productivity.”


The opportunities telemetry creates and how data can be managed will be explored. Participants can bring their own scenarios for discussion. Irrigation NZ’s Technical Manager, Brett Marais,’ will run two workshops aimed at irrigation designers and installers. “What is an Irrigation Design Report’ will take participants through the Irrigation Design Checklist currently used in the national accreditation programme. “It will give you an idea of the layout your report needs and examples of templates for irrigation design inputs and outputs,” says Brett. Aimed at irrigation designers, the workshop will assist those working towards their own qualification or

companies entering accreditation programme.

The ‘Preparing as Built Plans’ workshop will look at the benefits of having a plan detailing a system’s pipes and components. The process of interpreting design plans and matching them up with what’s underground will be reviewed and participants will take part in an interactive exercise using scale rulers. Aimed at irrigation installers, the workshop will be very hands-on and practical. External consultants will offer a range of other workshops including ‘Managing Staff and Irrigation Scheme Health and Safety Planning’,’ Selecting Pumps’, ‘Pipelines’, ‘Irrigation Scheme Optimisation’ and ‘Media and Communication Strategies’. More information is contained on the IrrigationNZ website www.irrigationnz. We look forward to seeing you there!



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w w w. a q u a l i n c . c o m


April 2013


Forecast — Canterbury

Like February before it, March experienced a succession of slow moving anticyclones lying across or near Canterbury for much of the month. Often these anticyclones were centred over the south of the South Island, bringing light easterly quarter airflow onto the region. There were few periods of westerly or northwesterly airflow. There was only one significant rain event during the month. Rainfall was below normal in March, with totals across the plains 35–50% of normal, and few rain days. Across the hill country and nearer the main divide totals were 30% or less. Sunshine hours were near normal in most parts, but up to 15% below normal around Banks Peninsula and near the coast. The first half of the month was sunnier than the second half. Temperatures were under the normal, with day time maximums +1.0 to +2.0deg above the long term normal, and night time minimums near normal, owing to a number of cold nights. Overall mean temperatures were around +1.0deg warmer than usual, but up to +2.0deg in the hill country. Winds were noticeably lighter than usual, with north-easterly directions dominating across the plains. So far in April, the anticyclones have weakened,






Near normal

Near normal

Cloudier than normal

Light easterly airflow


A little wetter than normal

A little colder than normal

Cloudier than normal

Light easterly airflow


Wetter than normal

A little colder than normal

Cloudier than normal

Low pressure systems affecting the country


Near normal

Near normal, cold nights

Near normal

More anticyclones

with more low pressure systems affecting New Zealand in a significant change from the patterns of February and March. In the tropical Pacific conditions remain mixed and overall in a neutral state. There is no clear trend towards either El Nino or La Nina, and although the Southern Oscillation Index has trended up and down during the month, no other indicators show a clear trend. There looks to be good reason to expect on-going neutral conditions in the tropical Pacific for at least the next few months, and probably through the winter into spring. Sea surface temperatures off the Canterbury coast remain near normal, while temperatures are becoming warmer than normal in the Tasman Sea. This may be a key driver in weather patterns over the next two to three months. Computer models show

no clear trend expected towards either El Nino or La Nina in the next six months, although trends may start to emerge in June, the time when ENSO events are most likely to begin to develop. Our expectations for the next few months are to see substantially reduced westerly airflow over the South Island, with anticyclones still tracking across the South Island regularly, but also the on-going development of low pressure systems in the Tasman Sea. The interactions between these low pressure systems and the anticyclones will likely bring frequent (but not continual) periods of easterly airflow over Canterbury. For this reason

we confidently expect the winter season to be cloudier than usual. While some frosty periods are likely with the anticyclones, we generally expect fewer frosts than usual. Rainfall is likely to be at least normal in May and June, with indications that July could see the Tasman Sea low pressure systems becoming more dominant, and likely bringing above normal rainfall. July could be a stormy month with significant snowfalls. Overall we expect day time temperatures to be colder than normal due to reduced sunshine, but night time temperatures milder than usual. These are likely to balance out only a little colder than the long-term average.

Providing WatEr SuPPLy SoLutionS to thE CantErbury rEgion for ovEr 25 yEarS

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April 2013

Forestry Market Report Allan Laurie MNZIF Laurie Forestry Ltd

The one hit wonder Darren and Phil from Amuri helicopters have shown that through a better application technique they can dramatically improve the results of a registered wilding pine formulation. So much so that it looks like not only the amount of herbicide can be reduced but only one application is needed to completely control wilding pine. The application technique these boys have developed using the AS350 FX2 Squirrel helicopter works by adopting a unique nozzle configuration as well as employing the rotor wash to improve coverage. By using this method the boys can successfully control the invasion of wilding pines in farmland without effecting pasture. As the enclosed photo depicts, wilding pines are controlled within farm land without effecting pasture or native shrubs and since there is no soil contamination there is no threat of contaminates leaching into the waterways. We’ll continue to monitor their continual improvement in this field and keep you all posted. As without doubt procrastination in this field of wilding pine control is only going to make matters worse. Joke time: Two old folk happened to meet at a local pub one night which turned out to be an on-going arrangement. After a couple of months

The fortunes of the forestry continue to improve with further small lifts in export prices this month. Wharf gate prices in New Zealand now reflect some good returns to forest owners and for the moment at least it looks like business as usual.

they got on so well they decided to get married. Being quite set in their ways they first decided to sit down and work out the finer points such as, which house they would live in, which car they would keep, and so on. When it finally came to what sleeping arrangements they would prefer, single beds or double, things got a bit tricky as the old girl was a bit hesitant. But with a bit of reassuring from the old guy she finally relented and opted for the double bed. Then it got around to the age old question of sex. With a twinkle in his eye he asked his future bride — “Are you still keen on sex?” But with a stern face she barked out, “infrequently.” This time with a puzzled look on his face he asked. “Is that one word or two?”

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Wastewood grinding Your site or ours Wood Chip Supplies Dairy Conversion Cleanup

I have just returned from another week in the market in China, visiting sawmills, plywood plants and ports. This trip has revealed a market in a reasonable state of flux with log prices holding but wholesale and retail prices for lumber exiting factories (called saw mills in NZ) continuing to hold at previous levels. This ultimately means factory owners are suffering — some badly and foreclosures continue to be spoken of with regularity. This current situation is just starting to see pricing pressures coming in to lumber retail segments which means local traders are starting to gain some ground. However of some concern is to find consumption at low to moderate levels compared to the same time last year. The concerns are therefore, that any attempt to lift lumber retail prices is not supported by strong sales in the construction sector. Over-riding this domestic situation in China, is the lack of supply of logs from other countries with volumes not arriving from the Pacific North West (PNW) as previously predicted. Whilst NZ and Australia have been pumping the volumes in,

other supply countries have not. For the moment there is a degree of comfort in a 3million cubic metre inventory with background nervousness about medium long term supply. Hence we are continuing to see CFR prices (US$ cost per cubic metre landed in China) firm and NZ suppliers particularly, forcing the hand of the market. My review of this situation suggests a level of caution. Indeed we face a potential crash and burn situation if NZ suppliers continue to force prices up. As prices reach a critical level, others can be expected to enter the market with PNW suppliers, for example, chasing the best price point options. This could lead to a significant lift in supply as PNW can divert large volumes very quickly. It is therefore time to be cautious in this large but still reasonable fragile market. NZ is totally dependent on the construction industry in China with the vast majority of Radiata pine logs sold, milled for lumber or plywood to hold up concrete. This reliance on one key market segment is a concern long term. NZ will need to invest heavily in

this market if we desire a level of long term sustainability and strong pricing points. In this regard we simply have few options but, frankly speaking, we have been singularly inattentive to this key requirement in the past. Meanwhile, NZ side, volumes and pricing hold steady. Many saw mill owners are nervous about supply and pricing going forward. Although I am yet to see any movement in price in Canterbury, there are some gains being experienced in domestic log grades in other regions. For the balance of 2013 I see some continuing price point pressure in the domestic segment. On the up side some of the larger suppliers in to Christchurch are starting to move lumber prices upward albeit no-where near levels that would cause excitement. For the moment it is a move in the right direction. Demand will need to increase significantly if continuing price lifts are to be promulgated to a level that would see gains at the forest gate. Forestry is certainly enjoying a sustained level of improved prices with anticipated supply demand statistics globally, appear to support continuing strength. Outside of storms, tempests, conflagrations and generally being at war over resources it looks like those of us who decided to invest in this wonderful industry 30+ years ago look well vindicated. Thus it is time for many more to now follow suit and it has never been more timely to remember the only way forward for climate, country and the planet, is to get out there and plant more trees!

All you need to know


(and some things you don’t)



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April 2013

Helping people achieve their dream

Linked to key ports

Dr Sarah Wakeman is one of only a handful of New Zealand specialists trained in fertility and is passionate about helping people achieve their dream of starting a family.

A 700 metre rail link opened recently and is expected to carry 200,000 metric tonnes of milk powder in its first year of operation.

“This new rail link connects Fonterra’s Darfield’s distribution centre to New Zealand’s busiest rail line through to Lyttleton Ports of Christchurch. From there it’s on to China, South East Asia and the Middle East,” says Fonterra Director, John Monaghan. In partnership with KiwiRail, the link connects Fonterra to New Zealand’s key ports where products are exported to over 100 markets around the world.


Development and general manager, Sanderson.

Sarah completed her medical degree at the University of Otago, then trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and subsequently subspecialised in fertility.Over the past decade Sarah has worked in the area of fertility in New Zealand and Australia. Starting a family is not always easy — at least 20% of people will experience some degree of difficulty in trying to conceive.The average age of New Zealand women having their first babies has increased dramatically over the past 10-20 years. As a result many women are starting to try for a baby when their chance

Design Andy

Among the guests arriving on the first train was Minister for the Environment and Selwyn MP, Amy Adams, who officially declared the rail link open.

per month is already low. Sarah recommends seeking assistance from a GP or fertility specialist after 12 months of trying to conceive for women under 38 years of age, and after six months for women over 38 years. Couples should seek advice sooner if there is any history of gynaecological problems in the woman or testicular injury or surgery in the man.

Sarah is based in the Fertility Associates’ Christchurch clinic and welcomes patients with or without referral. Sarah says “the sooner you talk to us, the better your chances of success.”

Sarah Wakeman Consultant – FRANZCOG, CREI

Fertility questions? Take the first step...

With Sarah’s background in fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics she understands the challenges and is highly skilled in advising people on the right pathway for them offering lifestyle advice, diagnosis, treatment and support.

FREE fertility information evening for anyone experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant or would like to learn more about their fertility A IN &




The train is expected to carry the freight of around 90 trucks per day at the height of production when Darfield’s second milk drier comes online later this year.


Come along and listen to a Fertility Associates doctor and our team. They’ll cover fertility issues, lifestyle factors, basic tests, treatment options, support and funding. You will have an opportunity to ask questions too. We’ll provide a warm welcome and light refreshments.



It will free up the roads for motorists as well as being a greener mode of transport saving around 17,000 truck journeys per year.

Tuesday 14th May 6pm-8pm Helen Kitson Centre - Rangi Ruru Girls School, 59 Hewitts Road, Merivale, Christchurch

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April 2013

Something for Everyone Accommodation for up to 24 — double, twin & bunk rooms Extensive dining & cooking facilities Skiing, tramping, mountain biking, jet boating, bird watching, fishing & 4WD Perfect for gatherings of families & friends enquiries to:

Nestled on the shores of Lake Ohau beneath the Southern Alps, your high country retreat awaits

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Heavy duty super circle.

High density feeder.

This heavy duty super circle feeder comes in two halves and bolts together in 3 places down each side for extra strength and support. 20 feed spaces. 2135mm (7’0”) diameter x 1450mm high with 670mm deep welded base.

This heavy duty tucker box is an open bottom feeder ideal for large Heston bales, has two corner clamps for extra support so it cannot flex out of shape. It is bolted on all four corners in three separate places. 24 feed spaces. 3050mm long x 1520 wide x 1450mm high.




Heavy duty tombstone feeder.

Sheep or yearling calf feeder.



This heavy duty tombstone feeder is perfect for feeding out to bulls or horned cattle. It comes in 3 sections and bolts together for extra strength. 12 feed spaces. 2285mm (7’6’’) diameter x 1150mm high with 670mm deep welded base (made in 3 sections).

This round bale sheep feeder can also be used as a calf feeder. Ideal for hay and baleage it can be moved without leaving feed behind! 1630mm (5’4”) long x 1525mm wide x 1000mm high. Supplied flat pack for ease of storage and delivery. Weight limit of 450kg.

Feed bin on skids.

Steel Trough with drainage holes drilled in each corner. Pre-galvanised sheet metal trough with feed barrier surround and full length skids for ease of movement. One side panel drops down for loading. Another feeder ideal for winter strip grazing. 1370mm wide x 1360mm high x 3050mm (10’0’’) long with 22 feed spaces. $1,550+GST

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Sheep circle feeder. 1800mm (5’11”) diameter - 26 feed spaces. 905mm high with a 290mm deep welded sheet metal base and coupling bar fixing.


April 2013

HINDSITE Canterbury Branch NZ Deer Farmers Assn Sponsored By Mountain River Processors Ltd

Septic arthritis in deer Each year in various regions around the country we experience an animal health problem with weaners commonly referred to as septic arthritis. Some years appear worse than others. There appears to be no pattern or commonality to where or in what region this occurs except that climatic conditions such as very humid moist conditions during weaning may be a key factor. The following paper was produced with veterinary input back in 2000 and reproduced here for farmer’s information.

The Cause Following injury, bacteria can enter the damaged tissue. The bacteria frequently implicated are ‘Fusobacterium spp” These are similar to those causing footrot in sheep (however, footrot as it occurs in sheep has not been seen in deer). Other bacteria involved in the complex issue of foot abscesses are Actinomyces pyogenes and Streptococuss species. Once the bacteria enter the tissue they increase in number and can go into the bloodstream (bacteramamia) from where the heart and lungs can be affected (pleurisy, epicarditis, and pneumonia) unless treatment

is rigorous and commenced early, deer may die. In some cases amputation of an infected toe may cure the problem. However, some deer will die in spite of treatment.

The symptoms Limping, swollen feet and legs, abscesses breaking out up the leg. It is very painful as deer become very tucked up in the flank, pinched in the nostrils and lose weight. The thing to keep in mind is that affected deer may be exposed to the problem at first yarding, become slightly lame 5 –7 days later (which may be difficult to observe when yarded) but more obvious when seen in the paddocks. What may have appeared to have been some bruising at that time could well turn out to be a major weaner herd lameness problem and the course of events has been possibly 10 to 20 days duration.

Amputation of a toe may be considered by your veterinarian to be curative

Predisposing factors Foot injury more commonly occurs in unsettled deer and one example of this is where they run the fence lines. Obviously this may also occur in weaners when separated from the hinds, ie when stressed. Also to be considered is the type of surface that these deer are weaned onto. It could be that the surface is bare and hard like concrete and the soft feet can be worn down very quickly with the excessive movement of the animals. It could also be other types of material that have sharp edges like some crushed stones etc that will damage the feet.

Draft off the affected deer and treat with antibiotics

One case history was recorded where a farmer oversowed a paddock of wheat stubble with grass and when ready the deer were weaned onto this paddock. The sharp stubble was enough to damage the feet to the extent that bacteria were able to enter and cause infection.

Serious cases (where toes are sloughed off or pneumonia has developed) may need to be destroyed on humane grounds

In their own right the deer’s immune system can often cope with this singular issue. However there are other factors that are perceived to

The Treatment

Roaring mad about Johne’s disease in your deer?


are especially susceptible as they are under social stress at weaning by separation from the hinds and if management factors such as drenching for parasites, vaccinating, eg Yersiniosis, and good feed supply are not addressed then the problem escalates.

accentuate this condition to the point that the immune system will not cope: There are other factors that can cause stress, such as transport, standing for long periods on concrete, especially where there is time for dung and urine to moisten and hence soften the foot tissue so that bacteria can enter. Even the process of ear tagging, weighing, copper bulleting etc may take quite some time and involve a longer time in the yards than is ideal or being weaned straight off the farm and onto another property. Another factor is the weather, with the different seasons experienced in different regions each year, the damper than usual ground and or the more humid conditions seem to have an effect. These bacterial problems appear to be occurring in apparently healthy deer.

In summary

If the weaning process is shortened from the recommended 10-day time frame before being sold through sale yards, it is conceivable that the mild lameness which is easily overlooked could be exacerbated. Factors such as yarding, trucking, drafting at sale yards, and even standing at sale yards can trigger this process.

This emphasises how critical the weaning period is and how it is essential that weaning is done properly. Weaners

In turn this could lead to a purchaser bringing a major animal health problem onto the property.

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Contact the Johne’s Consultant Network and JML on 0800 456 453 for a tailor-made Risk Management Plan to suit your deer unit.

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April 2013

Effluent/Waste Management

Heavy duty as standard Johnson Gluyas Tractors are proud to be the importer for the Redrock Machinery range. Redrock has been a major exporter of high quality agricultural and construction machinery into the Irish, UK and European markets. Our focus is mainly the vacuum tanker range as the high quality build and design are desired to

meet our customers’ high expectations.

standard on all single and tandem axles.

Each tanker comes with excellent standard features such as Full Road LED Lights, hydraulic brakes and handbrakes, anti-enclosure rings for durability and strength, and sprung drawbar as

The filling system comprises quick-attach suction hose, three fill points, two with quick attach and a wash hose valve, three removable sight glasses for filling, and hydraulic change over on

TANKERS Vacuum T V Tankers 1100 - 3000 Gallons

the vacuum pump is also a standard feature. Redrock offers a large range of Jurop pump options from 8,000 litres to 13,000 litres. Pumps are standard PTO-driven with wide angle PTO shafts, and an option for hydraulically driven is also available.

1300 Gallon, single axle,(6,000 L) 8,000 litre pump, Sprung drawbar, hydraulic brakes, Mud Guards in stock now

arriving soon:

In our next shipment we

1600G (7000L), 1800 G (8000L) 6" Self Fill, 20' hose, mud guards, 2050G (11,300L) 6" Self Fill, with 7.5m AgQuip Trailing Shoe system

have our first AgQuip 7.5m have is the Agquip Dribble trailing shoe system, fitted Bar which uses innovative distribution boots to ensure Dribble Bar System to a 2050G recessed singleavailable that slurry goes directly axle tanker. onto the surface, reducing The Agquip Trailing Shoe waste and greatly reducing delivers a controlled volume contamination of the grass of slurry straight to the root leafs. of your silage crop without We look forward to our waste or environmental next shipment of tankers contamination. and working with them in Another



the field.

Trailing Shoe system available

JOHNSON GLUYAS TRACTORS 2009 LTD 252 Hilton Highway, Washdyke, Timaru Ph (03)688-1133


Unit for hire with owner operator

High Volume Pumping Unit

We will design and construct your effluent pond from start to finish and: • Save you time and money • Give you environmental protection • Reduce the risk of effluent non-compliance • Be more effective in utilisation of nutrients and water Liner options include Clay, GCL and HDPE

Pond Buster Stirrer for Hire

Pond Treatment

Enquire about our IMPACT Effluent pond activator Live bacteria imported from the USA showing incredible results

new SerViCe in YoUr area now!

For a free no-obligation quote call

Kerry Bartlett (Jacko) on 0275 746 803 • Dairy Conversions • Water Storage Ponds • Stock Races • Siteworks • Underpasses • Track Maintenance • Driveways / Landscaping • Forestry • Tree Removal • Border Dyking • Bulk Earthworks • Screening

we have recently purchased a new hi-Spec MUCK SpreaDer from ireland hi-Spec is recognised as the most efficient MUCK SpreaDer on the market. we can spread anything: • Straw from calf-rearing sheds • Stone trap effluent

p 0800 773 2002 m 0275 746 803 e

• feed pads • weeping walls • Scrapings from dairy lanes

• piggeries • pond effluent • Compost

29 Maze Road 12RD, Pleasant Point 7982 P 03 614 8994 | M 027 464 6763 | F 03 614 7547 E

April 2013


Effluent/Waste Management

A work of ingenuity Joskin have made a name for themselves producing top quality slurry tankers and spreaders, equally at home with the demanding conditions of New Zealand farms as they are with those in their native Europe. With a 45-year history, this company can rightly claim to be the world’s biggest manufacturer of effluent transport and spreading machinery, and they’ve kept the top spot through constant innovation and development. Take for example the latest work of ingenuity from Joskin — the Modulo 2. This robust 11,000 litre slurry tanker is big enough to tackle the big jobs, but it packs another advantage as well — the addition of a 5.16 metre injector system. With new regulations about when farmers can apply effluent to fertilise pasture, and the volume which may be sprayed, injection is looking like a better prospect, and this machine makes application easy, with controls accessed entirely from the tractor cab. The mating together of Joskin’s solodisc injector system and their 11,000 litre tanker isn’t just a case of bolt-and-forget, either. Because dairy effluent is full of



tough fibres, the key to the success of the combined unit is a powerful macerator, which literally chews up and spits out any clogs, keeping the injectors from backing up. Unlike your household blender, this multi-bladed chopper reacts to tough blockages by automatically reversing and switching directions until the clog is obliterated. To meet Kiwi transport regulations the injector unit folds down to three metres in width, but when it’s in use

it covers a generous track, with the weight of the tanker bearing down onto the discs to ensure maximum soil penetration. Better still, the discs are self sharpening, and Joskin have even designed a system to close off all 24 injectors as soon as they leave the ground. The result makes short work of what used to be a smelly, messy job — from up front, the farmer could almost forget what ‘raw materials’ he’s working with!

Slurry Tankers Turn effluent into profit & keep your water ways clean!


bio YCLE


BIOCYCLE SOUTH LTD Phone 0800 246 292 or 03 359 4443 One of the only Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems designed to exceed all standards email:

Spreading Options EXACT SCATTER - Simple operation - Low cost option



Injection benefits - Less smell, no spray drift - 100% value from your effluent – less loss of nitrogen - Quick stock rotation - Overall is proven to give the best results!


SOLODISC DISC INJECTOR - Zero nitrogen loss - Minimal pasture contamination - Faster stock rotation PENDITWIST DRIBBLE BAR - Available up to 30m wide - Low pasture contamination - Low nitrogen loss CUR RAG HS ROA

10 Curraghs Road, Rolleston, Christchurch 7678 PO Box 16069, Hornby, Christchurch 8441 Email:


Phone 03 349 4450 Fax 03 347 3580




Toll Free 0508 450 450 SO
















April 2013

“Efficient, low emission slurry management” Thoughtful design and superior build quality put the Hi-Spec range of Vacuum Tankers in a class of their own. All the tankers from 750 gallons (3409 ltrs) to 4500 gallons (20,430 litres). At Hi-Spec we give the option to build tanker’s to your requirements. We have a wide range of options including: Auto-fill, Trailing Shoe, Dribble Bar, Galvanising & Tandem or Tri Steering axles


Hi-Spec Bomech Trailing Shoe The Hi-Spec/Bomech trailing shoe has 34 outlets and a working width of 7.5m with a 22cm row width. It has an overall transport width of 2.55m which meets road legal requirements. Spreading time when compared to a splash plate is very similar but the spread is more accurate and consistent across the complete working width. Slurry odour is minimized with no drift and grazing of grass can resume quicker than when slurry is spread with a splash plate system, hence grazing periods are extended. With the trailing shoe system, slurry can be applied at later stages of grass growth, compared to a splash plate system which has to be applied at an early stage. There is no increase in power required when compared to an equal size splash plate tanker and maintenance required is minimal.

Auto-filling Vacuum Tankers The Hi-Spec range of Vacuum Tankers come standard with hydraulic brakes, lights, 6” filler and discharge points, 3” (76mm) sight glasses, a blanked off side fill point, 15ft (4.57metres) of 6” suction hose and a 2½” (63mm) washdown adaptor. All tankers including and above 1,350 gallons (6138 ltrs) also have as standard a 6” quick attach suction hose fitting. On all tankers from the 2,000 gallon (9,092 ltrs) models fitted with big wheels (23.1-26’s / 28.1-26’s) a sprung drawbar is fitted as standard. This is designed reduce wear to both the tanker and tractor, it does this by eliminating any shock loads being transferred from the tanker drawbar to the tractor pickup hitch. The complete range of Vacuum Tankers can also be fitted with an automatic filling system.

Power Farming Timaru • Ph Ross 03 687 4127 or 027 281 0042 Power Farming Ashburton • Ph Simon 03 307 7153 or 027 512 7205 Power Farming West Coast • Ph Colin 03 768 4370 or 029 200 1202 HI SPEC NZ • Ph Denis 027 497 7299 BU ILT AS T HE NAME S UGGEST S w w w.

April 2013


Effluent/Waste Management Gets the job done Effluent ponds are a vital part of dairy farming — but they’re no use when they’re overflowing.

disposal regulations — a vital component as dairying comes under increasing environmental scrutiny. “The effluent sucked out of farmers’ ponds is spread onto whichever paddocks they want sprayed with liquid fertiliser,” Mr Ladbrook said.

For the larger ponds in the district, containing one to two million litres, SJ Allen will take in five or six trucks and complete the task in one weekend, he said. Dairy farms that will be affected by the up-coming ‘gypsy day’ should call the

SJ Allen freephone number 0800 155 669 to tee up a visit. The pond needs to be emptied ready for the incoming staff, and to ensure no mishaps with overfilling if and when the rains come. SJ Allen offers a sevendays-a-week, 24 hour service.

Cut your Dairy Effluent Disposal costs and pump breakdowns through regular maintenance weeping walls • holding ponds • wedges • saucers

To keep yours in top working order, call SJ Allen Ltd. The business that has been emptying ponds for 20 years has a huge fleet of trucks available and can usually have the job done in a matter of days. The Timaru-based company has 14 staff in South Canterbury and another seven at its Christchurch branch.

Between them they cover the area from just south of Kaikoura down to Palmerston, running 15 effluent trucks. Manager, Darren Ladbrook, said the company takes care of all effluent matters, including providing pond stirrers, which with just a few hours of operation in the pond will have broken up the crust and bought the solids from the bottom of the

We have a fleet of trucks designed for this purpose. Stirrers also available.

pond up to become a slurry, which can then be spread evenly onto paddocks. “We’re very flexible with what we can do,” he said, from effluent ponds, underpasses, saucers, wedges, and stone traps, being just some of the many services that can be provided to the dairy industry.

Family owned and operated Robson Environmental Services Ltd Phone (03) 349 8871

Staff are also fully upto-date with changing

“Let us take your WASTE away”

Waste Oil Recovery Containers by Sebco

Specialists in Farm Waste Turning Waste into Liquid Fertiliser

Fully bunded Keeps oil free from contamination Lockable vented lid Signage attached Level indicator optional Stainless steel components Specialised high UV grade resin

Bulk Liquids Removal & Disposal • CCTV Inspection of Drains High Pressure Water Blasting • Pipe Cleaning & Unblocking Septic & Holding Tank Cleaning • Farm Waste Spreading Grease Trap & Sump Cleaning • Effluent Stirrer Available Hydro Excavation • Farm Effluent Ponds & Sump

We service Mid & South Canterbury, North Otago & Lakes Districts 100% Locally owned & operated

Call Free 0800 155 669 Email:

Also manufacturers of Diesel Stations, SCR Stations for Adblue and Transportable Tanks

Smart Fuel Storage

Visit our website for a full list of products and features

0800 473 226 | Proudly made in Ashburton, New Zealand


April 2013

Conversation with old soldiers

by Lorne Kuehn

With the occurrence of Anzac Day this month, I thought that I would diverge from farming-related topics to that of the old boys who defended British colonies in times past. As a military scientist in Canada, I had ample opportunity to talk to many old soldiers and veterans who were employed as guards in the various establishments in which I worked, from the early sixties onward. The oldest of these had actually served in the Boer war, being underage at the time, but had seen some active fighting in South Africa. It was entrancing to talk to an eighty-year-old person who had sailed to that faraway country from England as a young infantryman just for the adventure, and to get away from home. What impressed me most was the concern and care given to the horses in these very mobile conflicts. The old veteran would get quite teary at the thought of a favourite steed being shot out from under him and having to kill it on the battlefield to end its suffering. Even after its death, the horse provided

refuge to the weeping rider sheltering behind its body.

The death toll in so doing was horrendous.

Most other establishment guards were World War I veterans with a good sprinkling of World War II veterans and even some Korean War veterans.

I was working in Victoria, British Columbia, at a naval laboratory and chanced to meet an old veteran at a bus stop shelter on a rainy day. He told me that he had gone over the top 14 times in 1914 and that all his companions of his regiment had been killed or wounded. He was the only one to walk away from this experience and was eventually transferred out from the battle. He still remembered the cries and groans of those left on the battlefield who could not be rescued until much later. As a 20-year-old, this made a tremendous impression on me.

The World War I veterans had the hardest time. The management of military forces in European battlefields caused an immense waste and disregard for the lives of the common soldier. Most harrowing was their accounts of having to go ‘over the top’, to leave their secure deep trenches and rush out over no-mans-land to the trenches of German soldiers, only several hundred metres away.

Another old veteran had

spent some weeks serving a command centre in deep underground caverns that were resistant to the incessant shelling and bombing. These were dark and dirty and often insufficiently supplied with food and water. More than once he and others had to drink their own urine in the dark while battles raged above them. On coming to the surface in lulls in the fighting there was a constant risk of death from snipers. His own colonel had just entered a surface trench and taken off his helmet when he was struck dead by a bullet that just grazed his skull. The World War II veterans seemed to be a quieter lot in that their war was more mobile but also fraught with danger from fighter aircraft passing overhead. The fighting in battle was more disengaged with the shooting focussed on targets at some distance, not just in an immediate trench. One poignant account concerned a wounded young Canadian soldier dying beside the road, being comforted by his mates. In his death throes he said that he could see his dead mother reaching out to him from just beyond them. He died with his name on her lips, reaching out for her.

Another remarkable account came from a Korean War veteran who was in the Canadian Pioneer Corps mopping up in the aftermath of a battle in which the Canadians had been overrun by Chinese and then fought back to reclaim the ground. The job of the Pioneers was to collect and bury all the bodies all the while searching for booby traps on the bodies, which would surely kill them. In one trench there was a dead Chinese soldier, dead from a single wound. When the Pioneer went to move it, a voice said ‘Don’t step on me’. It turned out that there was a Canadian lad underneath, with nine wounds. He had lain quietly the whole night,

as long as he heard Chinese voices, and only spoke up once he recognised English. He survived the war. The saddest account was from a veteran lying terribly disfigured in an English hospital. A visitor came through the ward asking for him on behalf of his concerned mother. He chose to remain silent, so that she would never see him as he was. He would rather that his mother remembered him as of old, not as he became. He never made contact with his family. Most of these old boys are dead now. I thought that their stories should not die just yet but could be aired just once again on this Anzac Day.

Contour Drill Air Seeder with C - D Series


Best Seller!

Our C-D Series is a specialist direct drill ideal for working on tough undulating country. Your choice of working widths from 3m to 6m, 5” or 6” row spacings and multiple bin options! Physical: 32 Robinson Street, Ashburton Postal: PO Box 71, Ashburton 7740 Ph: 03 308 4094 Email: Fax: 03 308 4093 Web: CRAIG ALLEN: 021 861 440

April 2013


But wait… there’s more Not Just Dairy Lanes

Annoying television advertising campaigns that demand one purchase to get another free, have roused the ire of Golden Bay Dolomite, South Island sales manager, Trevor Pierce. “Buy one and get six other items you don’t really need, for nothing? As frustrating as these adverts are, it would be nice from a farmer’s point of view to collect multiple benefits from just one cash outlay.” Then, Trevor adds: “But wait. You can. By far some of the largest outlays from your farm’s income is from fertiliser, stock health costs, and obtaining ideal pH to obtain high performing pasture — to list just a few. “To rectify any of the above, you start with the core of the soil structure. The four main factors determining soil health and performance are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, and their correct levels. Starting with calcium.” He said the typical correct level is 68% base saturation. ‘I should have heaps as I apply calcium every one to two years without fail,’ I hear you say. “Look again at your soil test and take this next fact into account. Applying just calcium pulls down

magnesium. This is the same for high magnesium soil levels. You would then apply additional calcium to pull the magnesium back to the correct level. It’s a matter of balance. “Now cast your eye over your magnesium base saturation percentage. The typical correct level for magnesium is 12%. Most New Zealand soils are deficient in magnesium. So look again at your magnesium base saturation percentage and now allow for your last one or two applications of calcium over the last 24–36 months and you will see low magnesium levels will indeed drop even further down. “Time for the cheque book to reappear to supplement magnesium? Not so. Balancing the correct levels of calcium and magnesium is the key here and to do this is simple and very cost effective. By applying just one product, dolomite, or dolomitic lime, with a naturally





KWIKSHIFT CONTRATORS LTD 03 318 4132 consistent make-up of 59% calcium carbonate and 39% magnesium carbonate you can typically achieve the desired levels. This can be done with an application of 400– 750kg per hectare depending on where your current levels sit. This application begins lifting pH in six weeks.”

Sample picture only

NEW STOCK AVAILABLE 6m x 3m 12m x 3m 15m x 5m 16m x 4m 16.5m x 7m

“By simply calculating all the above benefits in real dollar terms you will easily see the money saved by balancing the main players in your soil.”























































12’s that time 9of year9 again to be 9 9 9 9 10 10 Golden 10 10 10 ordering Bay 10Dolomite ready 11 11 11 11 11 for your11 Autumn application. 13 is a proven 13 13 13 13 It fact that13 applying 14 14 14 14 14 14 Dolomite not only achieves a 15 15 15 15 15 15 RAPID pH INCREASE, it also has a 16 16 16 16 16 16 multitude of additional benefi 17 17 17 17 proven 17 17 ts 18 18 18 18 18 to reduce farm18 outgoings/improve your 19 19 19 19 19 19 farm profi tablity. 20 20 20 20 20 20


$75 $150 $550 $550 $750

Special: Buy five 6m x 3m tarps and get one free

Contact Mike to order yours now Ph 021 644 903




These brilliantly priced tarpaulins have been pre-used as advertising banners and are available in a number of sizes

“Remember dolomite’s ratios increase phosphate efficiency because magnesium in dolomite acts as a carrier for phosphate. It improves animal health through daily grazing of pasture from the corrected and balanced soil.



Super Cheap Waterproof Vinyl Tarps

He explains that magnesium lifts pH 1.68 times more than calcium.







• Dairy Lane capping – time proven screened rotten rock • Driveways & yards • Roading metals – crushed – all grades • Free Quotes














3 3 3 3 3 3  Significant reduction in animal metabolic 4 4 4 4 4 4 disorders, particularly during the spring season. 5 5 5 5 5 5  Improved mating performance. 6 6 6 6 6 6  Building my farms ideal physical soil structure by 7 7 7 7 7 7 correcting calcium / magnesium base saturation 8 8 8 8 8 8 percentages. 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 10  Increased nutrient storage and availability. 11 11 11 11 11 11  Stronger, more vigorous clover and plant growth. 12 12 12 12 12 12  Reduced reliance on nitrogen inputs. 13 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 or eliminate 14  Reduce the14need for14pasture 14dusting 15 15 15 15 15 15 of MgO. 16 16 16 16 16 16  Consistently lower fertiliser input prices.

























21 21 21 21 21 For a no cost look21at your 21 farms Calcium / Magnesium 22 22 22 22 22 22 Base22Saturation percentages and soil health




























23 24 25 26






24 24 Pearce24(South Island 24 Sales Manager) 24 Contact Trevor 25

25 9934 25 027 230



26 26 26 26 26 -

25 26

NZ’s Finest Magnesium Fertiliser 26 26 26 26 26



April 2013

Finding some water in a drought Mazda CX5 v Mitsubishi Outlander. For the last few years the new car market has been

steadily moving away from the traditional sedans and wagons to medium and large SUV’s and small to medium hatches and double cab Utes.


4x4 FOR WINTER 2003 Mercedes Benz Atego 1528AK/33 280hp, 12 speed manual transmission, 4WD full lock up drive line, trailer brakes, tidy truck for spreading or feed out work.

$49,000 + GST

Outlander is Mitsubishi’s “hero” model and for several years been the top selling petrol SUV. Last year the new Mazda CX5 took over the mantle, relegating the Mitsi in run out mode, before this new Outlander in December. Both have 2 litre 2WD versions offering for the first time 2.2 litre diesel models as well as a 2 litre petrol for the CX5 and a 2.4 litre petrol in the Outlander. The Mitsubishi will also offer a Hybrid petrol electric later this year. All are 5 star ANCAP, both ranges run 6 speeds CVT auto’s {Sky Active in Mazda} {6 speed auto in Outlander diesel}. Both also match each other in retail pricing. Biggest difference is the Outlander’s7 usable and accessible seats across the 4WD range.

Mazda CX5 I drove the top model diesel Limited with 5 leather pews and the commanding view you get from an SUV. Immediately obvious in this $55,990 vehicle is the high

Kim Harris Mobile 027 545 7973

0800 379 899

spec level and stunningly responsive diesel engine. With 129kW’s and a massive 420Nm’s it brings up 100km in 8.9 seconds. Claimed fuel

n real world “Isituations the CX5 is a joy on the road.

use is 5.8l/100km though we averaged a smidgeon better at 5.6. My right foot is usually weighed down with steel capped work boots so expect to improve on that if you drive mostly in the country and use the wonderful seamless torque sparingly.

The spec level is staggering including 19inch alloys keyless entry Blind Spot Monitoring BSP {the area just behind the driver’s seat on the right of the vehicle.} The Bi-xenon headlights are seriously bright on narrow dusty metal roads. The 5.8 inch Tom Tom Sat Nav, with Bluetooth and mp3 USB occupy the entertainment centre screen. 8 way power adjustment and lumbar for the driver with heating for both front seats, powered opening sunroof. Parking sensors front and rear and a reverse camera are standard as is push button start with start stop fuel saving. Also useful is the tyre pressure monitoring allowing instant view of pressures from the driver’s seat.

Mazda has promoted widely its “Sky active” technology on which they spent much of the launch explaining. In a nutshell it encompasses weight saving friction reduction and fuel saving measures to ensure maximum efficiency. On the Road. The quiet effortless turbo diesel is capable of towing 2,000kg yet handles more like a sports saloon. Blurring the line between SUV and sedan the performance and ride are exceptional and with the ease of access and generous space for 5 adults. We did just that for a trip from Christchurch to Geraldine and then on to Tekapo, where we picnicked one Sunday, with chairs, table, chilly bins and ‘soft drink’!




Suzuki Fieldays™ has arrived again, bringing some much-needed relief with it! Take the pressure off with the exceptional quality and low prices of the best value farm vehicles in New Zealand.











KingQuad 500 4X4 AUTO


• Liquid cooled fuel injected 4-stroke • CVT transmission with Hi/Lo Ratio and reverse • Push button 2WD/4WD select with diff-lock option


• Independent front and rear suspension • Fully sealed oil-bathed multi-plate disc rear brake • 24 Month/15,000km warranty









6,995 $1,955

KingQuad 400



The Suzuki Fieldays Forecast offer is valid until 30 June 2013 or while stocks last. Prices are recommended retail, excluding GST. Savings shown includes GST. Offers not available in conjunction with any other promotions.

Avon City Suzuki Epsom Road, Sockburn, Christchurch • 03 341 3490 • Give Geoff a call on 0274 372 790

• Handlebar-mounted carrier • 125cc 2-stroke • 6-speed


Sealed rear brakes Twin shock rigid rear axle Comfortable T-shaped seat 24 Month/15,000km warranty



• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • Comfortable seat


KingQuad 400 MANUAL


3,195 $220

$1,500 • • • •

• 5-speed • Comfortable seat • Handlebar-mounted carrier • Large mudflaps



• Electronic Fuel-injection • 4 stroke, 4 valve engine • Hi-Lo ratio, selectable 2WD/4WD • Torque-sensing limited slip front differential

• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • 200cc electric start 4-stroke

• • • • • • •

Fuel-injected 4 stroke, 4 valve engine Semi-auto 5-speed or CVT transmission Hi-Lo ratio, with reverse Sealed rear brakes Smaller turning circle than most 4x4s Twin shock rigid rear axle 24 Month/15,000km warranty

FARM WHEELS My wife drove the twisty section back to Geraldine with me in the middle at the back. I arrived comfortable and rested for the drive home. In real world situations the CX5 is a joy on the road. Off the road. The front overhang and only 150mm ground clearance means some care needs to be taken and ultimately the reasons it’s so good on road hamper it off. That said the AWD felt solid and easily coped with long wet grass and muddy tracks. Mazda has already won accolades and awards for this vehicle and the technology. Prices start at $39,690 for the 2WD GLX with the more up market GSX asking $41,390. AWD models start at GSX $43,390 and Limited spec tested $52,990. Diesels add $3,600 and $3,000. I look forward to driving the just released 2.5 litre petrol model.

Mitsubishi Outlander The glorious sounding high performance V6 is no longer replaced with an economical diesel, which should always have been part of the range. Now that partner Peugeot have dropped their diesel only 407 clone it has given Mitsubishi the opportunity to include an FROM

10,999 ,


oilier in the line up. However I drove the top spec VRX petrol, a 2.4 litre 4 cylinder 126kW 224Nm which has been up rated from the outgoing range and is slightly more economical at a creditable 7.5l/100km. As with the Mazda we bettered it at 7.2l which is readily achieved. The most obvious differences are to the nose which loses the great Lancer look moving to a bland

in the “UpVX’front the pews

are generous, leather, heated and electrically controlled for the driver.

corporate image. The other end also gets a makeover with a slightly more bulbous look behind the rear wheels and the tailgate which is now one piece and powered on the VRX. It’s a pity to lose the picnic table twin doors effect at the back, though there’ll be no more dented lower gate, which could strike the tow bar.

The interior within the same footprint is noticeably larger and more useable particularly in the cargo/cabin area of the two rear pews. Lifting the 2nd row seat base and tipping the backrest forward liberates 1.7m of usable completely flat space with the 3rd row folded. With them up the 2nd row both slides forward and the seat back tilts forward making it easy to access the 6/7 seats. While foot space is tight there is good head and hip room on the admittedly thin based seats. Best leave them to your under 40kg mates. The sliding split 60/40 2nd row had no such challenges with accom for three in comfort or two in style. Up front in the VX’ the pews are generous, leather, heated and electrically controlled for the driver. The VRX sports Adaptive Cruise Control, ACC, now filtering down to mainstream models. In effect it constantly monitors the distance between you and the vehicle ahead. If it detects it slowing or stopping or some other hazard in front it will apply the brakes lightly or to full emergency stop to protect you and the vehicle. It works, though it takes some getting used to. Expect to see

April 2013

this feature appearing on most new vehicles. Seven airbags ABS EBD ESP Hill Start TC and reversing camera are standard across the range as is a centre console display with Sat Nav for the VRX. Bluetooth mp3 and USB are available across all models as is cruise control and computer. Eco settings for the engine that retard your over indulgent accelerator use, really work, despite spoiling the go dept. somewhat. On the road the Outlander with multi link stabilised rear suspenders and the well respected McPherson strut coil springs and stabilisers at the front hold the Mitsi flat on corners yet still allow satisfactory off road articulation. The ride is compliant and quiet on seal. Metal roads are noisier yet easy to drive with AWD stepping in to increase adhesion when needed. Off the road. Outlander retains most of it abilities though losing the 4WD lock dial does limit where it would happily scramble. That said the Mitsi SUV will go further than most will ever need, especially if fitted with more aggressive tyres than the standard road oriented

225/55/18’s. The petrol’s 215mm ground clearance is similar to many heavy SUV’s. Strangely the diesel model only gets 190mm clearance. Braked towing is rated at 1,600kg petrol and 1,800 in the diesel. The new Outlander builds on its previous success starting at $39,990 for the 2 litre 2WD LS and AWD LS

$43,990 XLS $47,990 the VRX tested $54,990. The Diesel comes in at VR $49,990 and VRX $56,990. What will be interesting is the mid year release of the Hybrid. Both these cars will contest the highly competitive mid size SUV market and are likely to fight it out for top sales honours.







TRX420 4W 4WD

Rideaway ideaway while stocks last

YYear Anniversary


TRX420FM $10,999+GST TRX420FPM $12,599+GST

Rangiora Motorcycles 10 Albert St Ph 03 313 4593 Kevin a/h 027 4361 974

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The All-New KUGA, available now. Boasting an array of the latest in-car technologies, combined with the exceptional performance of the fuel-efficient EcoBoost or Diesel engine, the All-New Kuga is undeniably best in class. From Ford SYNC communication and entertainment system to an Intelligent All Wheel Drive system, the All-New Kuga is worth waiting for. Contact your local Ford Dealer today or visit for more information.

Avon City Ford

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Working with NZ farmers for 40 years


Go Further



April 2013

This king is still reigning after 30 years

by Andy Bryenton

Suzuki have proven to be a fairly conservative company over the years when it comes to their ATVs — the kind of people who value ‘bulletproof’ engineering over gadgets and fads, and who rarely mess with a good thing. It’s SUZUKI’S…


MASSIVE LOWS ACROSS NEW ZEALAND Suzuki Fieldays™ has arrived again, bringing some much-needed relief with it! Take the pressure off with the exceptional quality and low prices of the best value farm vehicles in New Zealand DR200SE







• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • 200cc electric start 4-stroke • 5-speed • Comfortable seat • Handlebar-mounted carrier • Large mudflaps











• Quality made in Japan • Dual side-stands • Comfortable seat • Handlebar-mounted carrier • 125cc 2-stroke • 6-speed




KingQuad 500 4X4 AUTO

• Liquid cooled fuel injected 4-stroke • CVT transmission with Hi/Lo Ratio and reverse • Push button 2WD/4WD select with diff-lock option • Independent front and rear suspension • Fully sealed oil-bathed multi-plate disc rear brake • 24 Month/15,000km warranty

The Suzuki Fieldays Forecast offer is valid until 30 June 2013 or while stocks last. Prices are recommended retail, excluding GST. Savings shown includes GST. Offers not available in conjunction with any other promotions.


North Canterbury Suzuki Dealer Markham Street, Amberley • Phone 03 314 0132 James Carr • Phone 027 706 4856



WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE VEHICLES Cars, vans, 4WD’s, trucks, tractors, farm machinery. Pickup anywhere in the South Island. FREEPHONE

0800 248 639


It’s a continuum with some very sharp points indeed. Take a look at what was available in the quad bike market in 1983 and you can see why Suzuki became so popular so fast, with 125cc and 185cc models dominating. Now take a peek at this year’s King Quad 500, and you’ll find the same thinking behind it. It’s a sure-footed, mid-sized workhorse designed to do as much as possible around the farm, and all at an affordable price.

It’s one which really shows what the 493cc ATV is for, because this power steering system is designed to help farmers handle a long day in the saddle without unnecessary stress and fatigue.

The main addition to the King Quad’s ‘toolbox’ at the modern end of the scale is the option of power steering.

Ample power from that fuel injected mill plays its part, and the CVT gearbox




This philosophy fits well with the mindset of the Kiwi farmer, and it’s displayed perfectly by the gradual but steady evolutionary upswing of the Suzuki ATV family.

We have all the tractor mounted machinery to deal with it for you!

does too, but the luxury of full electric power steering is one which you have to experience over a hard day’s work to truly appreciate. Then again, it can get even the most casual rider out of some tight corners too! Suzuki may not make sweeping changes to their machines each year, or give in to excesses of design. But piece by piece they have engineered a tough, no-nonsense ATV with the 2013 King Quad 500 — one which takes the hard knocks and strain so you, the rider, don’t have to.

To advertise 1,550 in the ANOTHER POWER CUT? NO PROBLEM! Canterbury Farming Rotary slashers, topper $ and finish mowers from


Connect directly to the household switchboard — auto starts when electricity is interrupted and stops when it is resumed.




• 6.5kw — diesel engine powered • Remote controlled starting • 11 hours continuous run time • Single or three phase • Electric start • 12 and 230 volt

Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery Ltd Tel. 03-347-4956 • Mob. 0274 770 070 Email. Web.


Please call

03 347 2314 or email

Top Quality Vehicles at Sensible Prices Finance Available

Come and see us for all your mechanical repairs, batteries, servicing and tyres.

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April 2013


Wool Perspective From Rob Cochrane GM, Procurement, PGG Wrightson Wool

Currency movements take effect for poor preparation, well prepared fleece lines, as well as oddment types of even colour and length, drew better competition from exporters. Second-shear types began to flow through the auction catalogues during April with good interest in longer types as well as ‘softer’ wools (eg approximately 35 micron and finer). The ever decreasing supply of Crossbred lambs’ wool drew healthy bidding from a wide range of buyers and, dependent on micron and vm content, generally prices remained quite solid. Halfbred and Corriedale wool types were few and far between during the past month, although those which were offered, and were of a good type, drew avid interest once again. Lambs’ wool lines of similar breeding gained specific attention from a number of astute buyers who seemed prepared to pay

for quality lines in the ‘right’ micron range. As referred in many issues of this fine publication, there is no escape from poor wool handling and preparation within the wool shed confines. Whatever occurs in the shed will be reflected in the sample drawn from the bales, particularly if you sell your wool through an auction broker who is subject to regulations governing machine grab and core sampling, and weighing techniques. You can rest assured that the wool will be stringently sampled and weighed, and that the bale contents is reflected in the grabsample displayed for appraisal by all exporters, along with a range of parameters measured by an independent wool testing laboratory from the core-sample. The standard of preparation will be reflected in the grab sample and buyers will ‘value’ the wool accordingly.

Because sheep farming is under threat in many geographical areas which have the ability to support alternative farming systems, I encourage wool growers to look seriously at the opportunity to maximise their wool returns. For some that may simply be reducing costs, but for most I believe it should be about maximising the effort to ensure the wool is offered for sale as best as practically possible (ie prepared correctly in the wool shed) and maximum market exposure (ie auction). If growers are keen to lock-in returns for a portion of their future wool clip at current prices, PGG Wrightson does have forward contracts available which specify quantity, test measurement, and length requirements. That’s my view.

WOOL BUYERS Providing direct wool links from farm to user with a low cost marketing pipeline

TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS, ON FARM - IN YOUR SHED: Rakaia River North - Don Kars 0274 500 769 Rakaia River South - Gavin Crump 0274 316 555 Email: Website:

Multi-Scan Services Ltd

Crossbred fleece was mainly of average to poor style during late March and early April with several lines discounted owing to poor inshed preparation. A number of lines displayed mixed length and tensile strength owing to cotted points being left amongst otherwise freegrown wools, and a few lines were discounted simply due to yellow skirtings not being removed adequately from good coloured fleece wools. In contrast to discounts

For all your sheep pregnancy requirements

20 years’ experience

Phone Brent 021 220 0850

MORE RETURNS FOR YOUR WOOL WITH ELDERS As an Elders Primary Wool client you can expect great service from a nationwide team of wool experts who will support you with the advice and expertise to deliver improved returns for your sheep business.

Minimise Risk. Maximise Return. Contact a PGG Wrightson Wool representative today: Doug McKay

Peter McCusker Rob Lynskey

Chris Munro

Ph: 027 432 6910

Ph: 027 432 4926

Ph: 027 436 2603

Freephone 0800 946 000

Ph: 027 591 8454

Helping grow the country

• Specialist advice for merino, mid-micron or cross-bred wool • Elders is the world’s largest broker of greasy wool • No marketing levies Talk to your local Elders Primary Wool Representative about maximising the returns on your wool clip.

CANTERBURY Mark Greenlaw Roger Fuller Tim Black Grant Andrew

027 227 8898 027 683 6993 027 600 5067 027 481 6219


After a stable period of wool pricing, taking into account normal supply and demand fluctuations, wool prices dipped at the Christchurch auction on April 11, as the Kiwi dollar began its ascent gaining favour as a higher earning currency on the international front. Whilst many comments from currency forecasters can be taken with a grain of salt, the expectation that the Kiwi could reach new highs against the Greenback seemed likely when on wool sale day our dollar thrust through the $US0.86 mark. A week later at the North Island brokers’ Napier wool auction, the Kiwi was hovering back down around $US0.845 perhaps allaying some fears but still not at an acceptable level for exporters. As the expected slowing in wool supplies became evident during mid-April, auction catalogues began to shrink in size also, however the market did not react in a particularly positive manner and prices eased slightly for the majority of types on offer.



April 2013

me anymore on how I am but ask how the laminitis is doing!

Hoof Print With Fred Hoekstra

Busy season for hoof trimmers We are getting closer to the end of the 2013 season. It has turned out to be a more challenging season for most of the country, but the milk price is looking better for next year. We, as hoof trimmers have been very busy this season. Some farmers report that they have had less lame cows this year and others are saying the opposite. It is interesting though how many people keep on blaming the tracks and stones on yards for their lame cows. Others are beginning to see things more in perspective, now realising that laminitis is the cause of lameness and that physical stress aggravates the problem. It seems that the articles I have been writing are helping with that as well, as some of my friends don’t ask

At last: A Travelling Effluent Irrigator… PATENT No. 578084 Covered by:

That: r Meets even the toughest New Zealand

Hoof trimming is not meant to solve the lameness issue, it is only a way to assist farmers minimise the effects of laminitis. Imagine a trailer that has two really old tyres on it. They are weathered by the sun and could burst at any time. Now you put a load on the trailer but you put that entire load on one side. The tyre on that side bears a greater load than the other tyre and is therefore more likely to burst. If you spread the load evenly over the trailer you would get a lot more distance out of the old tyres. They may still burst but it is less likely. Trimming cow’s feet properly has the same effect as spreading the load on your trailer. Making both claws carry 50% of the weight will be much better

especially when a cow is affected by laminitis. The reality is that nearly every cow in NZ has laminitis to some degree. I don’t think that we can ever totally overcome that and we probably don’t have to. I believe that laminitis belongs to a (domestic) cow like fleas belong to a dog. It is not a problem as long as it is being kept under control. Preventative hoof trimming is a very effective way to minimise the effects of laminitis. Autumn is a good

time of the year to go through the herd and pick the cows that have long and uneven claws and get them trimmed before the winter, this way the cow starts the new season on well shaped claws and that is particularly helpful at calving time. Even better is, if you go through your herd two or three times during the season and keep picking the worst cows you will find you get less lame cows, and that’s got to be good for animal welfare and your pocket!


r Has a Rain Rate of 5mm or less across

Effluent Enviro Standards

Laminitis is the inflammation of the laminy which is basically an unhealthy live tissue inside the claw. This is mainly caused by diet but can also be triggered by mastitis, calving or some other stresses. So if laminitis is the underlying problem how can preventative hoof trimming help? With trimming you can’t make a hoof healthier so you can’t solve laminitis with hoof trimming. That is correct. No matter how well the hooves are shaped if you don’t feed the cow properly you can still end up with a major problem.

total wetted width, not just the centre area. (please see in the independently proved graph)

r Has the Most Even Rain Cover over

wetted width in New Zealand by far

The new irrigator is still backed up by our very tough and well proven drive system, no blockage mast, booms and nozzles.

Applied Depth – Depth 5 4 No 0–5 32 Overlap mm 01

just 5 mm applied depth!

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

     •••••   •  •  •   •• •• •  • • • •   ••   ••• ••  •   •  • •  • 







Distance (m)







03 323 7797

Take your Effluent Pond from crusty to aerobic to this …

from this …

Your pond will stay clean, crust free, sludge free and look outstanding for good!



using one of these:

This pond took only 12 weeks to go from crusty and stagnant to aerobic and biologically active.

The EPS Stirrers come in a All the bearings are above the water line and are number of different Hp sizes and all of them fitted with auto greasers that grease for 12 months unattended. are very low kW/Hr, starting at .75kW. Call us now to find a distributor and installer in your area

0800 PLUCKS 0









7 Main South Road, Rakaia 7710 Mid Canterbury

Ploughing • Subsoiling • Discing Stubble Incorporation • Power Harrowing • Cultivation Direct Drilling • Roller Drilling • Conventional Drilling Drilling with Fertiliser • Mowing • Pivot Tracks

Contact David Buckley 027 659 6596 • 03 317 9522 •


April 2013 per hectare, down from 18.4 tonne last year.

Soil Matters — with Peter Burton

Why nutrient inputs demand a rethink There are a number of certainties we all live by and right now the two that spring to mind are — future weather patterns cannot accurately be predicted, and dry spells are eventually followed by significant rain. A philosophy that we adopted years ago and is the basis of all sound long-term wealth building programmes is that buying quality results in a much better long term outcome than buying the cheapest.


the philosophy of the conventional fertiliser providers that the only criterion for nutrient purchase is cost per kilogram of nutrient starting to unravel? Can we be certain that the response by soils to the cheapest fertiliser products is the same as that to higher quality nutrient inputs?

Although we have been told that AgResearch, after the removal of DCDs, still has seven tools in its toolbox capable of solving the nitrate nitrogen leaching problem, urea is still being recommended, with what appears scant regard for the steady increase in nitrate nitrogen levels in waterways in districts where dairying is strong.

The Berryman property uses a DoloZest/CalciZest based nutrient programme, that also includes phosphorus, potassium, and sulphur, but little nitrogen fertiliser, and this season none at all, as moisture not nitrogen has been the limiting factor for the last six months. available resulted in lower farm production and a loss of farmers’ livelihoods. The dismissal of anything other than lowest cost water soluble nutrient products followed by increasingly large dollops of nitrogen as ‘organic’ resulting in half as much growth is demeaning to both those peddling the message and farmers at large. Farmers




bunch of people and though they might not wish to publicly admit it they are environmentalists at heart. It’s perhaps the advice they have received from those they trust that has resulted in confusion, misunderstanding, and poor buying decisions.

Based on GoldenBay Dolomite G

i r ow

ng Smar

With Nitrate N levels being a good indicator of the levels of other nutrients being leached the on-going requirement for other major growth nutrients also steadily decreases. This autumn’s nutrient input contains calcium, magnesium, live fungi and bacteria along with boron to also ensure maximum energy in every mouthful of feed during winter. For more information, please call Peter on 0800 843 809.

& CalciZest


ce 2010

With 9,400kg/ha of nitrogen in the top 30cm of the soil and around 200kgN/ ha plant available at any one time there is no requirement for fertiliser N, either now or at any time in the near future.


0800 843 809

Functional Fertiliser Sin

levels in groundwater from the property are less than 5.65ppm, the level rated ‘good’ by the Ministry for the Environment.

or 07 362 7288 or go to


Eco-Logic Soil Improvement Ltd

Ground Supplies Try us for your compost/mulch requirements We deliver to all areas, or available ex yard

silage tyres to give away phone 021 890 652


The Berryman property at Otakiri near Edgecumbe will have grown in the twelve months to the end of April, close to 14 tonne of dry matter

This advice would be a little more understandable if the only options currently

free delivery within canterbury area

Now in the ninth year of the programme the requirement for fertiliser N has steadily reduced and the Nitrate N


When money is scarce the cheapest might look like a great option however those that have paid more for higher quality inevitably receive a better result, even when they have bought less.

Could recent revelations about the levels of cadmium in our soils as a result of years of applying phosphorus with high cadmium content, and the removal of DCD’s from the market place, be just the start of the conventional system starting to crumble?

The district average last season was 14.8 tonne so this season provides us with a better understanding of the frustration by farmers in the district, even when weather is favourable. Independent analyses from the last two seasons showed the Berryman property to be growing 30% more feed than district average.


• Composts • Bark/Wood chip • Ground cover mulch • Soil • Spreader avail for large areas

Concrete Water/Feed Troughs • Precast Panels • Silage Pits • Water Tanks / Effluent Tanks • Concrete Bunkers • Pump / Agri-Chemical / Killing Sheds For any quotes or enquiries contact us on 03 308 4816 or call into the yard at 205 Wilkins Rd, Tinwald Ashburton. email:

• Underpasses • Box Culverts • Dairy Lanes

Canterbury Greenwaste Processor Ltd P O Box 5321 Christchurch

Phone: 03 352 2909 email:



Specialists in Riparian Margins • Waste Water Treatment • Wetlands • Storm Water • Subdivisions • Plant supply and Instillation

We really are working hard at … planting for a greener NZ Contact us TODAY for your free quotation…

Ashburton Contracting Limited

P 03 308 4039 A South Street, Ashburton W

ring Morgan:

027 203 3587 or 03 313 1232 after hours, or

alternatively, online at



April 2013

Recycling is all wrapped up! Dairy awards drives progress in industry Those neat, plasticwrapped bales you’ll often see dotted among the fields of Canterbury are a boon to farmers — easy to move, easy to store, and of course a great source of feed for hungry livestock. But disposing of the wrapper itself has been a problem here, with only a fraction of the 25,000 tonnes used nationally being recycled — up until now. Forward-thinking local company, McCarthy Contracting, is tackling the problem head on, with an innovative recycling programme targeting balewrap. They have the backing of some industry heavyweights, too — teaming up with balewrap importers, Agpac, and gaining the endorsement of Plastics New Zealand. McCarthy Contracting owners, brothers Robert and Grant McCarthy, say they were moved to action by the impact unrecycled balewap can have on the environment, and the poor image it presents to overseas visitors to our nation. “We live on a road where 10,000 vehicles pass each week many of them carrying visitors to Akaroa,” says Robert, “and I didn’t like the idea of tourists seeing old bale wrap lying about paddocks or on fences.’’

The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards is succeeding in its goal of recognising excellence among farmers as they progress in the dairy industry.

Robert’s brother-in-law, David James of DAJ Contracting added his expertise, and with a little engineering and a lot of Kiwi ingenuity he was able to build a balewrap recycling machine, now sited at McCarthy’s depot near Tai Tapu. The machine processes the used balewrap ready for the next stage of its voyage — through to recycling company Mastagard, who chip the compressed wrap into pellets. These pellets can be used to form any kind of plastic materials, completing the cycle. “Recycling balewrap is much less of a hassle for farmers when someone else deals with the disposal problem,” says Robert, adding that by taking charge of the issue themselves, farmers avoid the risk of punitive governmental oversight — and possible fines, red tape and fees. This initiative aims to turn an unsightly by-product into a useful recycled resource, potentially saving the country millions of dollars annually if implemented on a national scale.

IRRIGATION & DOMESTIC WATER WELLS • Latest Well Drilling Equipment • Licensed owner operator • Locally owned & operated

Three of the 11 finalists in the 2013 New Zealand Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year competition are past entrants and regional winners in the New Zealand Farm Manager of the Year contest. National convenor Chris Keeping says it is an exciting development in the awards programme, which has run in its current format since 2006 when the sharemilker/equity farmer, farm manager and New Zealand Dairy Trainee of the Year competitions were brought together. “We always envisaged the awards would be used as a mechanism for people to advance their dairy farming career by participating in each stage of the awards programme — from trainee to farm manager and then sharemilker/equity farmer,” Mrs Keeping says. “We thought entering the awards would help them gain in recognition and reputation to take the next step in their dairying career and make them sought after by employers and business partners.” West Coast/Top of the South finalists Peter and Helen McLaren won the region’s farm manager title in 2008. In 2010 Bay of Plenty finalists Russell

and Nadine Meade won the region’s farm manager title and competed against Southland’s Don Moore for national honours. “While none of them were successful at the national level, the experience will be valuable as they prepare for this year’s finals,” she says. The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards are supported by national sponsors Westpac, DairyNZ, Ecolab, Federated Farmers, Fonterra, Honda Motorcycles NZ, LIC, Meridian Energy, Ravensdown and RD1, along with industry partner AgITO. The 11 finalists in the sharemilker/equity farmer contest also include eight couples, two brothers farming in partnership and two males. It is the second time four of the finalists have competed in the awards, the third time for two finalists and it is the seventh time entering for one. Four finalists are first time entrants. “They’re also a pretty young

group — with just one finalist aged over 40 years old and six aged 30 or less.” Mrs Keeping says five are traditional 50% sharemilkers, three hold lower order sharemilking positions, and three are equity managers or equity partners. The herd sizes range from 220 cows to 1,350 cows. “Add to the mix a range of tertiary and trade qualifications and industry experience, and it’s going to be a really interesting challenge for the judges to pick the winner,” she says. The 2013 New Zealand Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year, New Zealand Farm Manager of the Year and New Zealand Dairy Trainee of the Year winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Wellington on May 24. Visit the website: www. for more information on the finalists.

Now is the time to do W ell Maintenance

GENEratOrs fOr HirE sErvicE


Introducing the Teatwand 400

The closest possible thing to a manual teat sprayer without the labour unit.

400 BarBer Well Drilling

The Teatwand 400 has 400mm reach on a flexible arm (100mm further than the original Teatwand) allowing the nozzle to position closer to the front teats and in so gaining ideal spray coverage on all four teats. The Teatwand 400 is placed at the exit bridge and uses it’s own movement along with the movement of the platform to produce an ideal spray pattern.

34 High Street, Geraldine PHONE (03) 693 1403 Wayne 027 22134 1467 High St, Geraldine Nigel 0274 822 315Ph: 03 693 1403 Email:




Moves under the udder

Consistent coverage of all four teats

Self cleaning nozzle

No blockage worries

Sprays from close to the udder

Very economical spray

One spray nozzle and solenoid

Few operating parts

Stationed on platform at exit bridge

Better coverage because cow is stationary


For further information call 0800 888 212 or visit to check out our SpreadEagle leg spreader. OnFarm_Solutions_46978.indd 1

15/09/11 8:12 AM


April 2013


Cow barns supporting the environment and economy The Cow Barn Design & Building Specialists with 16,000 cows comfortably housed

• Turn-key packages for complete shed with full fit out • Hot dip galvanised structural steel certified to ANZS 1554 standard • 33.5m or 36m shed widths available • Stall widths from 1100mm to 1300mm • Full concrete placement • Full range of bedding options • Winton Automatic Effluent scrapers • Cow Brushes

CALL TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE! With Garanteed price & delivery date

experience in the building of cow barns throughout the South Island and by direct importing of key

materials, maintain the highest quality and most cost-competitive pricing resulting in satisfied clients.

Ph (03) 236 6077 or 027 662 1954

Use Waikari Lime Rubble for your cows dairy lane •Reduce the number of lame cows •Reduce amount of manure in dairy shed •Reduce travel time to & from dairy shed HARBOURS NO BACTERIA SO CAN HELP IMPROVE HOOF CONDITION Waikari Lime Rubble is lighter and goes further than competing lane rock products





retain top level staff in the dairy industry. • Profitability — All dairy inputs including feed, staff and fertiliser must be kept at a minimum to maintain sustained long-term profitability. These four key factors have manifested into the growing demand for wintering sheds for cows. It is recognised that herds wintered inside consume much less feed and stay in better condition. Being able to extend the milking periods at either end of the season without pasture and soil damage or effluent run off results in more Kgs in the vat. Many clients of Advanced Cowbarns Ltd report overall returns on their shed investments of up to 22%. Advanced Cowbarns Ltd have 11 years’


By helping support the environment and the dairy industry economy Advanced Cowbarns Ltd are seeing an increase in the number of cow barns being built in the coming years. With the dairy industry operating on slim margins the key to long term viability hinges around four key factors. • Sustainability — The dairy operation must be sustainable within the environment over the longer term. • Animal welfare — Animal welfare is paramount to maintaining high production as well as access to international markets. • Work environment — The work environment must be clean and pleasant to attract and

Talk to the builders with over 10 years of proven experience in the business of comfortable and affordable cow housing


Murray Taylor 03 314 7254 or 0274 323 250

Fresh Feed to your Farm Stockfeed made fresh onsite or delivered premixed.

Mobile units specialising in Dairy and Calf meal. Large roller mill and hammer mill available. Additives can be supplied and mixed or blended with molasses if required. We fill your silos or supply in bulk. *see website for more details*

FEEDMI Ltd Dave Campion. Ph 03 308 8665 | 027 608 6455

Farm Machinery Centre

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April 2013

Control without chemicals — chickweed by Dr Tim Jenkins

Chickweed (Stellaria media) is a winter annual. All annual weeds reproduce by seed each year and winter annuals are named so because their seed predominantly germinate in the autumn through to late winter. Most other annual weeds tend to germinate more in the spring or early summer so it’s this time of year that the weed spectrum decidedly shifts towards more and more chickweed. Once chickweed seedlings get established they rapidly expand across the soil with multiple branching stems. This provides an effective cover for the soil actually protecting bare soil from winter elements. The downside to this natural cover crop is that flowering starts not long after establishment and is followed by plentiful seed production. Depending on the timing of future crops of

pasture sowing, this can lead to some serious weed issues at this time of year. This can be particularly serious for winter cereals and is also a problem in pasture (if the levels are high) both from competition with the pasture species and from posing a risk of scours for livestock if they eat too much of the saponin rich weeds (though the plant is otherwise non-toxic). The



name is related to the star shaped flowers each with five petals (each petal is so deeply lobed that the

appearance is more like 10 petals per flower). Each flower can yield around eight small seeds which

BASED CLEANER New Zealand’s most Versatile Cleaner One product is all you need for ALL your cleaning chores around the house and farm.

pop from capsules to infest the surrounding soil and can be transferred by farm machinery. On a garden scale chickweed may be partly tolerated for cover crop purposes or even for forming part of a winter salad mix or use for various herbal remedies including skin treatment and one of the latest fads in weight management (it’s considered that it has an effect against some of the fat digesting enzymes). Garden control is reasonably easy by hoe although is helped by getting in early before the weed spreads into a large matted bio-mass of interwoven spreading branches. Mulching over the autumn and winter will protect the soil from the winter rain as well as the chickweed but bear in mind that covered soil will not provide the same protection from frost as bare soil does so perhaps look to retain some bare soil around frost sensitive plants. As far as an indication of soil quality, chickweed is often associated with well drained soils of high fertility which sounds positive — chickweed can simply be, however, a symptom of bare soil including overgrazed pasture at this particular time of year. Avoid overgrazing autumn and winter pastures so that pasture cover helps protect

the soil as well as reduce the chance of the seasonal influx of chickweed and other winter opportunists like daisy. To manage this weed well, a prime strategy is to avoid seed set. This is easier said than done when winter soil conditions might not be conducive to cultivation. So choice of paddocks to establish crops at this time should if possible purposefully avoid soils known to have a high burden of chickweed. False seed beds can be effective; prepare the soil as if for sowing then allow a flush of chickweed and other winter annuals, and then shallow cultivate or thermal weed the small seedlings just prior to crop sowing. If seedlings get too established, the weed can produce roots at the nodes making it harder to control and increasing competition with crops. When large plants are dislodged, roots can also sprout from the branches so weeds should be removed completely (in intensive situations) or may require repeat cultivation (for larger scale). As with all surface cultivation for weed management, results are best (and soil structure better maintained) when the soil is not too wet. On sunny days death of dislodged weeds is better assured.

We have a NEW product. Citrus Hand Job. No solvents, so not harsh on your skin yet will REMOVE all grease, grime, dirt, printing ink with ease!


0800 4 CITRUS (0800 424 878)

STONE CRUSHING Our Heavy Duty Machinery is Perfect for Roading and the Development of Stoney Farm Land • Stone paddocks upto 300mm in diameter down to 25mm • Laneways and Driveways • Raw River Bed Gravel (unscreeened) • Coarse Lime Rock • Recycled material – concrete, brick etc.


RESURFACE DAIRY LANES Contact Graeme & Kay Murphy Ph (03) 693 9406 • Mobile (027) 451 8553

April 2013


Rob Cope-Williams gets ...

The Drought; The Banker sweat So we’ve had a long hot summer just like we used to have. Cooking outdoors and getting home, pulling on a pair of shorts and relaxing. Yup, great, but as the media have now twigged, there’s also a drought, and the North Islanders are screaming. Canterbury farmers farm for a drought. By that I mean if you haven’t spent millions on irrigation, you make sure that you can sell off stock when it gets dry, and if you are rowing crops you budget for the lowest possible returns. Anything above that is a bonus. So what is it that doesn’t meet the eye?

Well with North Island dairy farmers selling off stock, which means that their incomes are dropping faster than a rock in a swimming pool. Reports are that most farmers up there have already dropped to only fifty percent of the milk production, and that they will be at zero by the end of next month. So no income, but their labour costs are the same, feed costs rocket because there’s no grass, and

they still have to pay the mortgage. Suddenly the banks are sweating blood and are faced with people not being able to service their monthly payments. With that scenario equity suddenly becomes debt and the rot sets in. More stock is sold which means they need to be replaced next year, on a seller’s market, so they sell their cows for a minimum and buy the replacements for double that. Again the banks sweat. Those providing off-farm winter feed are facing a total no growth in many cases so that suddenly suggests that there’s no feed for hungry cows, and that law suits loom about broken contracts. Now there are Lawyers’ fees on top of everything else.

Again the Banks sweat. The exporting companies now face their own problems. They have contracts with overseas companies, who have bought a certain amount of produce, but the local suppliers are short because the cows are being dried off, that means more Bankers sweating.

Water Ballast Rollers Spiral Welded Pipe Grain Augers

And to top it all off, the dollar remains in the mid 80 cent bracket so returns for those producing, processing and exporting are all being screwed to the floor.

Range of standard sizes available or made to your required size.

So there’s yet another reason for the poor Bankers to sweat.

16 Robinson Street Ashburton 7700 Phone/Fax 03 308 9623 Dave Stockdill

We can expect to see Danny Carter posters being replaced with Bankers using huge amounts of deodorants.


Environmentally conscious diesel or EcoBoostTM engines are powerful, yet fuel efficient. Comes with an array of purposeful technologies, in-car interactivity that keeps you connected and in control. It’s the AWD that’s in tune with NZ.






Call Team Hutchinson Ford today for a test drive. Entrances off Tuam Street & St Asaph Street | CHCH | 379 3440 |

Winner of the Ford Presidents Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

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April 2013


Welcoming our ‘extended family’ A boy’s education for life For over one hundred years boys have enjoyed a remarkable education here in the heart of beautiful South Canterbury.

At Medbury School they certainly know what it takes to keep the boys involved and happy, and how to unlock their full potential. The school provides an environment where boys can thrive, guided by sensible boundaries, clearly defined expectations, and exceptional peer support. Boarding at Medbury School provides an entry into an exciting and welcoming ‘extended family’. Located in the heart of Fendalton in Christchurch, Medbury offers your son a host of diverse and stimulating activities and excellent facilities to ensure that he will never have a dull moment. Headmaster Peter Kay believes that boarding at Medbury is not just about achieving academically, but holistically. This also encompasses building strong friendships and he takes quiet pride in the way the 35 boys are like ‘brothers’. The boarding house provides a welcoming ‘home away from home’ and our dedicated team, ensures that every boy receives the attention and support he needs to flourish. A ‘big brother’ system provides boys new to the boarding house with friendly guidance and advice. Many boarders return home for the weekend after Saturday sport,


The sign over the gate claims that Waihi is ‘A Boy’s Education for Life’, and it is indeed the big picture that we look at when designing an experience that will help the Waihi boy to grow and develop. The experiences, values and challenges presented to him at this stage are fundamental in helping to shape and determine his views, attitudes, dispositions and ultimate success for his future years.

though those who ‘stay in’ are well catered for with a diverse and engaging weekend programme.

In a world where traditional values are being constantly challenged and eroded, we believe that an education rooted in a solid Christian values system is as relevant now as it ever has been. The week starts with chapel setting the tone

In addition to developing good work ethics and providing a broad and balanced education in a stimulating and caring environment, Medbury is also leading the way with 1:1 laptop classes. All boys in Years 5–7 have their own laptops; in 2014 this will extend to Year 8. Peter Kay believes their challenge is to provide an education that cherishes tradition, but prepares the boys for the 21st Century.

Whilst achievement in the classroom is crucial, the education the boys receive is broad, balanced and we seek to find exactly what presses the buttons of every boy, allowing them to discover their talents and fulfil their potential. We introduce boys to a wide range of opportunities. In particular, there is a strong emphasis on sports, music, drama, and technology. The rule is that every boy tries everything be it swimming, learning French, singing or giving a speech!

For more information please contact Tanya Moore (Headmaster’s PA) on 03 351 6169, email office@medbury. or visit

We understand how boys, think and learn. They are presented with opportunities and challenges that seek to inspire and motivate them. We believe in allowing boys to be boys and our unique rural environment

gives them many opportunities to play and learn together. Boarding is at the heart of Waihi life. Our boys all live and work together harmoniously. We believe that boarding helps boys develop self-management skills, independence, increase in confidence and above all to learn the value and importance of being members of a community. A visit to Waihi will reveal the school’s happy, purposeful atmosphere. You can explore our wonderful school setting, and discover just how Waihi is really making a difference for yet another generation.


Boarding Open Day 18 May 10am — 3pm

The day includes tours of the Boarding Houses and College facilities with presentations by key staff: Headmaster, Director of Boarding and Curriculum Manager. • Boarding at Nelson College offers a quality education with high academic outcomes: 2012 academic results for Nelson College Boarders: — 88.89% achieved Level 1 — 84.75% achieved Level 2 — 83.82% achieved Level 3 — 63.48% achieved UE • NCEA & Cambridge Qualifications • Trades Courses To request a copy of the Boarding Prospectus or to register your interest to attend the open day, please contact the Boarding Secretary at Email: or telephone: 03 548 3099.

OPEN DAY OPEN DAY Sunday 19thSunday May – 1.30pm 19th May – 1.30pm

Boarding & Day Boarding School& Day School for Boys Yearsfor 4-8Boys Years 4-8 Waihiis isa small, a small, family Independent School School with spacious Waihi family Waihi oriented, is aoriented, small, Independent family oriented, School Independent with ruraland grounds with uprural to date grounds facilities and up tonorth date facilities ruralspacious grounds upspacious toanddate facilities situated of Winchester on situated north of Winchester north on State of Winchester Highway 1 on in State Highway 1 in State Highway 1situated in South Canterbury. South Canterbury. South Canterbury. Christian values, small class sizes, extensive pastoral care by peers

Christian values, small class sizes, values, extensive small pastoral class sizes, extensive pastoral and staff ensure Christian every Waihi boy responds to the challenge of care by peers and staff care ensure by peers everyand Waihi staffboy ensure responds every Waihi boy responds personal development. to the challenge of personal to the challenge development. of personal development.

Contactus us more information. Contact for for more Contact information. us for more information.

T: 03E:687 E: T: 03 687 8014 T: 038014 687 8014 E:

State Highway 1, Highway Winchester, State Highway South 1,Canterbury Winchester, South Canterbury State 1, Winchester, South Canterbury

UNLOCKING YOUR SON’S POTENTIAL You are invited to attend the

MEDBURY SCHOOL OPEN DAY Monday 13 May 9.00am - 12.15pm The Headmaster will speak at 10.00am and 11.30am

Academic, Boarding & Music Scholarships available for 2014 For more information contact Tanya Moore (Headmaster’s PA) on 03 351 6169 109 Clyde Road, Christchurch | | Canterbury Farming Medbury Open Day May 2013.indd 1

4/4/13 12:14 PM


Flight training

If learning to fly a helicopter is your life-long dream or if you are just curious and would like to learn the process and how to go about it, then the friendly team at Garden City Helicopters can help.

Since 1985 Garden City helicopters has been a leader in helicopter operations in the South Island with an emphasis on quality, professionalism and safety. They have highly qualified and experienced instructors — most are rescue pilots as the company operates the Westpac Rescue helicopter. “We have trained hundreds of successful people over the years,” said marketing manager, Alison Fleming, “our students get jobs. We have an excellent training environment close to the airport in

Christchurch and can offer type ratings for R22, R44 and AS350 helicopters,” said Alison. “We are the only helicopter operator in the South Island that can offer you training in alpine conditions.” A Trial Flight is a good way to start. It costs just $260 and you will learn the basics on ascending, hovering and descending from a qualified instructor with dual controls in the helicopter. You can then decide from there the best way to go about becoming fully qualified.

April 2013


Small school — big heart Garin is a new school (just 12 years old) but already they have plenty they are very proud of!

Top of the list is the student body. They have won many top academic awards over the last few years. The school has national reps in cycling, triathlon, basketball and athletics. They have been first and second in the national finals of Rock Quest and will be serious contenders this year. Students have twice won the national ‘Play it Strange’ song writing (modern music is a real strength of the college). Several students have won Shakespeare scholarships, and last year the Garin team won the regional Stage Challenge. Garin College is a safe school — small enough for everyone to know each other, and with an excellent pastoral system based on vertical forms students of all ages work and play together.

As a Catholic school students work hard to live traditional Christian values like honesty, hospitality, social justice, outreach to people who need help, love and care. Read the school website to see how they remove bullying and keep students safe. Find out why they keep their junior classes to just 22 students, and why no-one slips through the cracks in a school of 450, or hostels of 26. (Garin College Hostel pass-rates for NCEA are normally 100%. Interested? Garin is a Catholic school, but has places for 67 students who are not Catholic. Contact Head Teacher, John Boyce, and Hostel Manager, Robert Booth, to find out more email

Garin College for your Child’s Future Garin College is a co-educational Catholic College with boarding facilities for boys and girls based in Richmond, Nelson. We have a number of places for non-Catholic students.

Train with one of New Zealand’s most experienced aviation operators from bases in Christchurch, Greymouth and Nelson.

Our boarders achieve well above the national average at all levels of NCEA We are now taking enrolments for 2014 and beyond, be quick to secure your place as positions are limited. ENROL NOW To find our more go to

Enquire today

Ph 0800 359 424

or visit our website at

Garden City


Garin College 35 Champion Road, Richmond, Nelson P: +64 3 543 9488 F: +64 3 543 9489 Small School, Big Heart



April 2013

Strong supportive environment An international curriculum It is important to prepare your daughter not just for this year’s test, but for all of life’s tests, especially in a global world.

Boarders in Clarice Johnstone House at Nelson College for Girls experience a strong and supportive family atmosphere and are nurtured to become well rounded, confident, self-reliant young women. Leadership opportunities are available through a variety of activities and a big sister/ little sister scheme is in place so the seniors look after the junior girls. The school hosts a diverse group of students, including international students from countries such as Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Korea and Germany. In 2011 the new Clarice Johnstone Levels was opened as an independent living facility for Year 13 students. The Levels provides these young women with single study bedrooms and shared lounge, laundry and kitchen facilities, giving them more independence to help with the transition into the next phase of their lives. Our Year

13 students are encouraged into leadership roles to promote the family atmosphere of the boarding community amongst all 150 boarders. Nelson College for Girls provides students with strong academic opportunities and we are proud of our record of academic excellence. Programmes for students with special abilities are also provided to meet the individual needs of all students. Students are all encouraged to be involved in the many sporting and cultural aspects of school life. Our House competitions are an important aspect of the College and boarders have access to local clubs. Enrolments are now being accepted for 2014. For more information contact Pauline Auchinvole on 03 548 3104 Ext 856, email: or visit our website:

There’s no way to get “board” at the hostel! With lots of friends and fun times the hostel is a warm and secure, family environment which will make you feel right at home while studying at Nelson College for Girls.

We are waiting for Open Day to show you our School

Open Day

Sunday 19 May 2013 2.00pm to 4.00pm Principal’s address 2.15pm in the Auditorium Wrights Ave, Timaru, New Zealand

Ph 03 688 6074


Selwyn House School is one of the growing number of schools around the world offering an international curriculum. This gives parents the option to choose an alternative kind of education for their daughters — an education for the real world of global communication, international opportunity and cultural diversity. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, we offer a curriculum that stirs the imagination, develops students’ critical thinking and inquiry skills, and fosters a balance between academic and other activities. At Selwyn House you’ll also find extraordinary teachers who are experts in the subjects they teach, who love children, and who are passionate about teaching.

We know that the 21st century requires independent thinkers, responsible citizens, creative problem solvers and confident decision makers. With a secure base in these skills, our students should be able to move on to other school environments and the wider world with confidence and optimism. The classes are capped at Selwyn House, as small classes mean that teachers are able to develop a full understanding of how each girl learns — what interests and motivates each girl individually. Selwyn House, also offers boarding to girls in Years 5 to 8, focusses on a small family environment, catering for the unique demands of each boarder. It is a new, purpose-built boarding house that is especially designed for girls in this age range.


St Margaret’s College boarders are living their dreams

April 2013

Tailored to your needs Fire and Safety Training Ltd has been providing compliance training to suit specific industry needs since 1998. We also provide a range of specialist services to support industry. Purpose built practical training facilities and offices are located in Timaru and Napier with a further facility in Auckland. We travel anywhere in New Zealand to deliver courses on-site. Our courses are all NZQA approved and can be tailored to your specific needs.

The St Margaret’s College Boarding Community is now truly ‘Living the Dream 2013’ while further developing their Boarders’ Programme. Director of Boarding, Sue Newton says, “we are offering a greater range of skills based activities that are age appropriate to support and develop independence.” Throughout the year each year group will be offered a skills based and a personal development activity as well as co-educational socialisation opportunities. Links with other boarding hostels such as Year 9 and 10 dinner swaps with Christ’s

College and Year 7 and 8 Ice skating with Waihi school are planned. Skills based activities include cycle safety, and barista training is offered for Year 12 girls. Activities for personal development focus on positive relationship skills and leadership skills. “Weekends are great fun,” says Year 8 boarding student, Mia Thomson. Some of the activities in the weekend programme include movies, rugby games, shopping trips, and creative crafts.

only girls’ school in the South Island to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma to its senior students. The school is holding an open day on Monday May 13, 10.30am–1.30pm. All visitors are welcome. For more information please view


are lively — our trainers engage course participants with a blend of the required theory and hands-on realistic practical experience. Feedback from all the courses we deliver is positive. Typical comments include: ‘very well explained’; ‘fun and informative’; and ‘eye-opening to things I didn’t realise or think about’. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this sector ensures all our courses are based on current industry best practice.

We have general safety courses including fire safety awareness and fire extinguisher training. Specialist courses include rescue team training, specialist height training, breathing apparatus, confined spaces and gas detection, dangerous goods licence endorsement, handling hazardous substances and driving emergency vehicles on and off road.

Fire and Safety Training also provide services in a number of areas to align with the safety and driving courses. They include specialist safety equipment hire and sales and fire extinguisher services. We provide breathing apparatus and gas detector testing and calibration, cylinder filling, and air purity testing. We also provide commercial diving services.

Our trainers are all from industry backgrounds, several with extensive emergency service experience. Courses



St Margaret’s College is a Year 1–13 independent school for girls and the

Winchester Rural School Sowing the seeds, nurturing the growth, reaping the harvest.

nity will Our Winch-wise commu ILIENCE, RES g win AIM HIGH, by sho ENESS and ITIV UIS INQ CE, EN ND INDEPE s) ent tud 6 s — 1 RESPECT. (Year

Principal Andrena Norrish 14 Rise Road, Winchester

Phone 03 615 9436

Professional Training Specialists Fire and Safety Training Ltd Fire and Safety Training Ltd was established in 1998. We provide industrial and compliance training throughout New Zealand. Our courses are professionally designed and delivered to suit individual client needs. Our courses include: Rescue team training Fire warden training 4WD Training Specialist height training Confined spaces and gas detection DG License endorsement Breathing apparatus Chemical Handling Driving emergency vehicles Fire Extinguisher training Haz ID and Permit to Work on and off road All training is NZQA registered or personally tailored as required. Training can be provided on site or at one of our purpose built training facilities in Timaru, Napier or Auckland. We are proud of our hands on practical training with qualified experienced trainers. We also provide servicing of industrial equipment, including: Height equipment Breathing Apparatus testing Fixed anchor systems Fire extinguishers Gas detection Consultancy services


Freephone 0800 800 108

Email: Postal: PO Box 2076, Timaru

We love it!

Boarding at St Margaret's College rocks! We have great facilities and amazing programmes designed to suit each age group in our Year 7 - 13 boarding family. We know you will love it too.


Monday 13 May, 10.30am - 1.30pm The Principal's address will be at 11.45am. For boarding enquiries please contact Tina Cartwright on 03 353 2563 or email

JUNIOR, MIDDLE & SENIOR SCHOOL 12 Winchester St | Merivale | Christchurch 8014 |




April 2013

Women spearheading interest in alternative agriculture Behind every successful man there is a woman rolling her eyes and farming is no different. Women are driving real change in farm practice. An open secret is women already run two-thirds of farming businesses — they manage the books and organise the workers. With some extra information they quickly see the potential to improve the farm environment, labour, health and profit. Agribusiness tutor, John King from the Organic Training College at Lincoln University, introduces valuable insights into land, livestock, livelihoods and lifestyle with the Certificate of Sustainable Farm Management which

Exceptional character At 134 years old, Timaru Girls’ High School is one of the oldest secondary schools in the country, and remains in tune with the core values instilled within its founding.

North Otago WIF group Under the Kakanuis visiting local farmer Maurice Hellewell at Ikawai.

will be offered in June 2013. The course covers farm budgeting, grazing, soil health, livestock, crops, property mapping, decision making, and other agricultural topics depending on the interests of the group.


FARM MANAGEMENT Starts with… • More Profit • Less Labour • Healthy Land

The purpose of the course is to improve observation skills in the paddock and link outcomes to the choices farming families make. It builds confidence to try new things. The course challenges tradition, common sense, and best practice. All ideas discussed are backed by scientific research, farmer observation, and sound financial principles. Any Women In Farming or other rural women’s group interested in a one-day overview of the course content can contact Organic Training College on 03 325 3684.

We have a proud history of educating and empowering young women.

Our motto Scientia Potestas Est, ‘knowledge is power’ is as true when the first school building was erected in 1880 as it is today. We have a proud history of educating and

To learn more… Contact Biological Husbandry Unit, based at Lincoln University. Register now for part-time courses Starting June 20th and 21st .nz

'Making Pathways to the Stars'

Now enrolling children from New Entrants to Year 6 Contact the school for further information and an enrolment pack...

0800 835 367 03 325 3684

Phone: 03 302 8500 Email: Website:

empowering young women, building the knowledge and self-esteem necessary to help them realise their ambitions. The school possesses excellent facilities, with an emphasis on modernity seemingly at odds with the beautiful buildings and park-like surroundings. Classrooms are fitted with up-to-date technology, and computer terminals dotted around the school ensure that students can find a place to work and study at any time. Our modern and well-resourced facilities are combined with a skilled and enthusiastic staff, which means that students enjoy every opportunity to excel academically, athletically and culturally. Due to its strong history and values, Timaru Girls’ High School has an exceptional culture, with students interacting, making friends and competing within house groups at all year levels. Students are encouraged to discover more

about themselves by joining in with the many co-curricular opportunities available. We also possess strong ties to several other schools in the Timaru region. The boarding house provides a safe and rewarding environment, fostering good habits in not only becoming self-motivated and responsible learners, but also in terms of respect for themselves and others. Students have many chances to enjoy themselves as well, relaxing and having fun with new friends. Girls also get a private, well-appointed room to themselves. We welcome you to come and visit Timaru Girls’ High School, educating South Canterbury’s young women since 1880. Please visit our website www.ti maru gi rls.sch ool. nz for our latest newsletter and for our 2012 Education Review Office report.

Development of personal excellence, creativity and individual achievement... Learning styles designed specifically for girls, an extensive curriculum, and a warm, engaging environment to grow in.




To learn more about us, visit Cain Street, Timaru | 03 688 1122 |


Big on achievement


Courier your



The 2013 Sumdog National NZ Mathematics winners from St Patrick’s School.

If you are looking for a full (Years 1–8) Attention: primary school in the Waimate district and you want one that achieves success and has Company: a friendly, welcoming environment where the children Fax: and staff are happily engaged in learning, then that sounds just like our school. Date: St Patrick’s is a small rural school with small classes, big on achievement and a bigDate heart that proudly boasts regional of ad insertion: and national titles in the arts, writing, and mathematics. We believe that children should be encouraged to be the best that they can be in all areas and we provide relevant learning pathways and use the student’s own strengths to help them grow academically, spiritually, culturally, socially and emotionally.

We are a Catholic School and preference is given to Catholic students, but we do have a limited number of non-preference places available. Our students collectively won:




2013 Sumdog National NZ Mathematics Champions 2012 ASB National Financial Literacy Poster Winner 2012 Ka Toi Junior (Year 1–8) Performing Arts Champions 2012, 2011, 2010 Ka Toi Junior (Year 1–8) Visual Arts Champion 2012 Ka Toi Writing winners Call on in and have a look at what we do here. You won’t be disappointed.

Opihi College is a rural Year 7–13 high school with about 300 students who come mainly from Temuka but also from surrounding areas including Milford-Clandeboye, Winchester, Pleasant Point and Timaru. The college has high expectations of all its students and this is reflected in the 2012 NCEA results where Opihi College had the highest results for Level 3 in the South Canterbury region.

ad proof

Many of our students talk about a friendly learning environment. A new The school is proud of its community and enrolment to the school at Year 11, when students who are involved in many activities comparing his past school, stated that the — including sport, outdoor education — big difference was that ‘the teachers care Phone: 03 687 9228 • Fax: 03 688 1753 camps, tramping, mountain biking, skiing about the students’. and coast-to-coast. 12-14 George Street • Timaru • POa Box Being small179 school does mean more Cultural: Superb school productions and Email: opportunities for students, greater attention an active and successful Kapa Haka group and assistance within small classes, which who hold their own in regional competitions result in good relationships with teachers and who have been called on to perform at and good academic results. official functions. The list goes on and on. Our staff are committed to professional At the heart of the college is a set of learning for themselves and the Board core values which are summarised in the of Trustees work hard to provide a word ‘CARE’: modern learning environment for students Community — Acceptance — to flourish. Respect — Excellence ERO as well as visitors often comment These values were determined after on how friendly and supportive Opihi consultation with students, parents and College is. staff, and these values are at the forefront of everything the college does. Come see for yourself!

w e n W w E e n N i n a N n I i G A a G G ! ! S s L L l I ! l K s i S l k l s i sk SPECIALISING IN:in: Specialising

School Address: 3 Gall St, Fairlie, South Canterbury


Ph: 03 685 8659 Fax: 03 685 8649 Mission Statement

At St Joseph’s School students demonstrate Gospel values in a caring Catholic Community. Everyone is challenged to engage in learning, act with integrity, use initiative and achieve excellence.

“Learning for Life” At Temuka Primary School we – Learn together in a fun way, in a well resourced, attractive school – Have a supportive staff and community which brings out the best in our students

We offer…


Tracks, Osh ForkliftWheels Certificate Tracks, Wheels & Rollers & Rollers Endorsements Endorsements

For enrolments and enquiries contact: Angela Marshall Principal – Corrine Swann Administrator –


More opportunities for students



April 2013

• A rich balanced curriculum • A values-based learning programme • Extensive sporting opportunities • Visual and performing arts opportunities • School bus and van transport

9 Hayhurst Street, Temuka Phone: 03 615 7178 Mobile: 027 322 2935 Email: Web:

FORKLIFT TRAINING phone Rob 0212 777 615


Sm all Cl asse s,

Big H ea rt,

Big A chie ve m e nts

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Please tick appropriate box: 6 Cameron Street Waimate PROOF CORRECT PLEASE MAKE CORRECTIONS Call on in and have a look at Principal: Darcy Kemp Please continue with processing and supply me with my final proof what we do here. Email: Phone: 03 689 8584 Fax: 03this 689proof 8784 means you accept responsibility in whole for this advert You won’tOF be PROOFING disappointed. TERMS - Please read carefully. Accepting to go to print and should it contain any errors or omissions this will be as a result of incorrect proofing.

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Tuesday, May 21 1:00 – 3:00 pm & 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Opihi College Richard Pearse Drive Temuka p: 03.615.7442 Enrolment forms available on the day and on our website.



April 2013

Everyone knows each other Proud to provide a unique experience Fairlie school is situated in one of the most picturesque locations in New Zealand — the small town of Fairlie is the gateway to the Mackenzie country, and the backdrop of hills and mountains makes this a very special place to learn and grow. The staff and students of this progressive school take pride in their home, and celebrate the unique learning environment it provides.

St Josephs Temuka is a full primary Catholic integrated school catering for Yearr 1–8 students. The school is centrally located in Temuka township with students coming by bus from surrounding areas. Students learn to become actively Catholic, effective communicators, diverse thinkers and self-directed learners in an integrated curriculum through which flows the teachings of Jesus. Special features of our school include our size,

at one hundred students — big enough for variety and competition but small enough so everyone knows each other. Literacy and numeracy are the key learning areas, alongside religious education, with opportunities for each child to have their ‘day in the sun’ through a wide range of academic, sporting, cultural and hands-on learning opportunities. Our special programmes include: in-school music specialist teaching of a range of instruments; iPads

in all classrooms; a handson technology shed for all classes; Discovery learning programme; St Josephs’ citizenship challenge; a sports co-ordinator; interhouse sports; school-wide science fairs, and bi-annual arts and music festivals. We have experienced a thirty percent growth in our roll over the last two years owing to our positive and exciting learning culture. We invite you to come and visit our school in action to see for yourself.

“We want our students to be the best Mackenzie kids they can be,” says the school’s official correspondence, and the dedicated board of trustees and faculty put in the effort to make this a world class

school. That means offering the chance for students to challenge their abilities in events on a local, provincial and even national level, across a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities. Whether in the arena of sports — like swimming, cross country, or athletics — or in academic disciplines such as public speaking, writing and more, Fairlie School encourages kids to participate in events inside and outside of the curriculum to grow their skills and confidence. Staff consider it vital to engage not just their pupils but the parents of their students too, which is why

they provide regular positive feedback to both kids and adults, forming a bond between home and school. With great pride in their rural environment, and resources at the leading edge of 21st century technology, Fairlie School seeks to be an example of a ‘real Kiwi school’ promoting great values for tomorrow’s leaders.

Something special

St Joseph’s is a Catholic integrated full primary school catering for year 0–8.

ST JOSEPH’S SCHOOL TEMUKA Catholic Integrated school catering for students Y1–8 We are situated in Pleasant Point, a lovely rural town in South Canterbury, approximately 15km inland from Timaru.

Inspiring students to be Active Catholics Effective communicators Diverse thinkers Self Directed learners Principal, Mrs Bernie Leonard is available anytime to show you the many features of the school and discuss your child’s learning needs. Phone: 03 6158206 Email:


“To create a secure and positive learning environment, which will encourage and give children the opportunity to strive towards their potential.”

academically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

St Joseph’s prides itself on providing a high quality teaching and learning environment that encourages students to be the best that they can be.

We are a Catholic school with strong values and a warm friendly family atmosphere. People often comment that there is something special about St Joseph’s and the way the students conduct themselves.

Our school has high expectations for learning and behaviour and we provide our students with a wide and well-rounded education that helps them to develop

Our community provides students with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of team and individual sports throughout summer and winter.

ICT developments ensure teachers and students are up with the latest technology developments. We have a large number of iPads, laptops and desktop computers for students to use to enhance their learning. Our proactive Board of Trustees ensures that our school is very well resourced and a safe and attractive learning environment We welcome enquiries about our school.

St JoSeph’S pleaSant point • Quality teaching and learning environment catering for year 0 to 8. • High expectations for learning and behaviour. • Strong values are evident in every aspect of school life.

Year 1—Year 6

21 School Road Fairlie Ph: 03 685 8504 Fax: 03 685 8991 EMAIL:

Principal, Collette Sandilands 29 Afghan St, Pleasant Point, South Canterbury Phone 03 614 7202 •

April 2013


When the Rain Comes

Laying the ground work for Christchurch rebuild Fledgling Christchurch plumbing and drainage company Alligator Drainage has experienced huge growth in its two years in business and has now expanded into civil works as the post-earthquake rebuild continues in Canterbury. Alligator Drainage was established just after the earthquakes by drain layer and business man Graham Lilley, with business partners Chance Matahe, also his fiancé, and Trevor Lilley, his father. The Lilley’s are a Christchurch family with Trevor operating local towing company SOS Towing for the past 40 years. Graham spent some years away from Christchurch running other businesses, and he established and built up a drainage company in Wellington before deciding to come home to help with the rebuild. Alligator Drainage started out providing a full range of residential and commercial plumbing and drainage services, from drain unblocking using high tech CCTV equipment through to drain laying, plumbing, and gas fitting. This year Alligator Drainage has expanded its services and brought some new equipment on board to allow it to complete civil plumbing and drainage projects. Three new hydroexcavation trucks have been purchased to enable Alligator Drainage to comply with SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) safety measures which don’t allow diggers to operate within 5m of underground services. Hydro-excavation is a non-destructive method of

making a hole with vacuum and high pressure water. Lilley says the trucks are in such constant demand Alligator Drainage is now having a fourth truck built.

A couple of new 25 ton tip trucks were also purchased, and Alligator Drainage is now full swing into civil plumbing and drainage works in Christchurch. Alligator Drainage is CERA, SCIRT, and Christchurch City Council accredited for all pipe sizes.

The company has also brought in some trenchless technology from America in the form of Hammerhead pipe bursting equipment, which provides an effective and efficient method of replacing existing sewer and water lines. The machine drags the new pipe through the old one, smashing it as it goes, and eliminates about 85% of the excavation work required by traditional methods.

for and being awarded multimillion dollar contracts. Out in the field the Alligator Drainage teams are managed by Jimbo, a third generation certified drain layer with a background in civil drainage, drainage supervisor Daryl McLaren who has about 30 years’ experience in everything civil and residential. “We can put him anywhere and he can run a team,” Lilley says.

Lilley says Alligator Drainage’s staff were chosen for their high level of knowledge and experience.

Graeme Webb has about 28 years’ experience as a plumber and certified drain layer, and he runs the plumbing side of the business, while Mark Blackburn is the liquid waste and hydro excavation manager.

Lilley has the role of operations manager, while Matehe is office manager. Project manager Darryl Collins now has a larger scale of business to take care of with the company now applying

Lilley says Alligator Drainage also owes its continued success to its drainage labourers, whose hard work and dedication have helped the company get where it is today.

Your local drain unblocking specialists

On call 24/7 0800 242 867 TIMARU » CHCH » MACKENZIE » OAMARU

Providing bulk and general freight service twice daily through Canterbury to the MacKenzie Country and North Otago.

Curtain Siders, Flat Decks, Bulk Tippers, Container Lifter. We offer reasonable rates and extensive service. If you have a drainage problem, we’ll be there right away. We offer free no obligation quotes for all drain repairs. Call us for more information.

• • • • • • • • •

Drain blockages and services Plumbing services and repairs Maintenance & emergency New connections Disconnections CCTV inspections Advice and equipment 24 hour call-out option Liquid Waste Disposal

18L Bower Ave, New Brighton, Christchurch


MacKenzie Supply Services will cart all your bulk or general freight requirements. Carting up to 24 tonne, 15m long and as the only freight company to offer same day transport services from Christchurch through South Canterbury and the MacKenzie Country and Oamaru we pride ourselves on the ability to respond quickly to your needs.

For pickups, deliveries and enquiries do not hesitate to contact our team!

1 Thomas Street, Temuka, South

Ph 03 615 6282 or 0800 10 50 10

The Original Spouting Specialists

TION ATTENarmers Dairy F


Safety Grooving NOW AVAILABLE PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR VALUABLE STOCK FROM SLIPPERY CONCRETE  Makes your concrete surfaces safer for people, animals and machines  Happier cows with more stable footing  Reduces slips and injuries  Better flow through cowshed, faster milking Contact:  Grooving service available nights Alan Hayward and in between milkings 0274 328 442  Improves water run-off  Cracked & pitted concrete repairs A/H 03 688 2568  Professional, reliable service  Nationwide service

“Whether it’s a homestead or a farm shed CONTINUOUS has the solution for you.” • 21 years experience installing throughout Canterbury and Westland. • 6 spouting profiles to suit your requirements. • Installation crews servicing your local area. • Strong brackets and robust snow protection to handle the rural climate.

For a FREE no obligation quote phone CONTINUOUS TODAY on 0800 50 1993

0800 50 1993


April 2013

When the Rain Comes

Experienced help for greener gardens After growing the business from the ground up over the last five years, Dale Smith Garden Services is bringing a fresh approach to landscaping and garden maintenance with a brand new name — Smithscapes.

Domestic Water Wells

Dale Smith, with his staff, Nathan and Tracey, create and maintain gardens MidCanterbury-wide. They mow lawns, trim bushes, spray weeds and restore existing gardens to their former glory. A regular maintenance cycle can be established to help you stay on top of large gardens or keep properties looking good all year round. Smithscapes can provide lots of options for

new houses to suit every budget. An architectural designed plan can be provided for major jobs,

• Free Site Consultation • Professional Job at a Competitive Price • Prompt and Efficient Team • Workmanship Guaranteed • Over 18 Years Experience • NZ Drillers Federation Member Ph GLEN DALY (Owner Operator)

027 663 9961 Daly Water Wells After hours 03 329 5625


but a basic planting plan can also be drawn up. They have an extensive range of plants and trees available to them that they can pass onto their clients at below nursery prices. Working regularly with other tradesmen means they can organise to complete projects, including concreting and building work. As well as continuing to provide these services, Smithscapes will be expanding into farm beautification. Planting around dairy sheds,

entrances and lane-ways improves the image of the farm as well as providing environmental benefits. The whole project can be completed by Smithscapes, from spraying and preparing the area, through to planting and mulching. Follow up spraying, weeding and regular maintenance of workers’ houses can also be arranged. Call Smithscapes today for all your gardening needs.

Y a d o t l l a C for all Your gardening needs • general garden maintenance • farm plantings • plans • lawns lay/maintain • spraying

we have been thrilled grounds three years ago and and den gar our er aft g kin loo gets for us. He is Dale began job and the excellent results he the s che roa app he y wa nt cie design. He and his team with the effi care and he has a good eye for ir the and nts pla the ut abo knowledgable t supervision. er and they all work well withou dscaping and development work work hard whatever the weath lan en d , Dale has recently undertak s for the plantings and source In addition to our farm garden ive nat ted a range of ges sug He ds. y yar ntl cie and effi d s she thi at our new dairy and he completed hard landscaping was required and planted the plants. Some uired. d with his and within the timeframe req ours and they have been please ghb nei and nds frie to le Da d iness grow and we We have recommende been a pleasure to see his bus has It rt. effo and ll ski of el reliability and his lev best for the future. wish him and his team all the


Julie and David Methven

PH: 03 308 5076 MOBILE: 027 420 3815 email:

April 2013


When the Rain Comes Modular system for better wastewater treatment “Now the folks at Waterflow have gone one step further, developing a unique ‘grey water’ system to save their customers money, and save water as well.” Kiwi company, Waterflow, have built quite a reputation for themselves across the country with their innovative approach to ‘black water’ treatment — an environmentally friendly approach which replaces old-fashioned septic systems with an allnatural, modular system. Using the combined power of ‘good’ bacteria and nature’s own ability to break down waste matter, Waterflow’s Natural Flow units have proven a great asset for those living off the reticulated grid, with an odourless, easy to maintain solution now in reach of any household. Now the folks at Waterflow have gone one step further, developing a unique ‘grey water’ system to save their customers money, and save water as well. It’s the perfect fix for those who have older, ailing septic tanks, as many household cleaners, soaps and bleaches are detrimental to the bacteria which make these older systems work. By separating out the grey water — outflow from washers, sinks and

bathrooms — the Natural Flow system can take the strain off your septic system. Water from these sources can be treated in an eco-friendly fashion, and re-used to keep your garden growing even in the driest of conditions. The best news is that both the black water and grey water systems developed by Waterflow are modular — they work in perfect harmony together, and can be installed stage by stage as your budget allows. Many

customers have begun with a grey water system and upgraded to the full Natural Flow advantage after seeing the awesome results! Waste water — and water usage in general — are big issues in rural New Zealand, and an environmentally conscious approach is the way of the future. To save on your water bills, and eliminate the mess and hassle of outmoded septic systems, it makes sense to take a look at these two cuttingedge, Kiwi-designed systems soon.


NZ’s Leaders in Eco Sustainable

Sewage Systems

Supply and inStall or Supply only

Now bring you the latest in WATER SAVING technology

Powerfree | Odourless | Robust | Cost Effective | Reliable All insurance work – snow damage included

• Is your Septic Tank failing? • Would you love to save water?

Free quotes • 10YR guarantee on all our workmanship

Call Danie 021 875 462 03 980 2865 / 03 344 5744

Our new Grey Water Recovery System is the solution! Add years of life to your septic system and save water!

KA SE E D MU E (1984) LTD T Sealy Street, Temuka Ph/Fa x: (03) 615 7913

Garden Irrigation


For all your seed, dressing, drying & mixing requirements Free Mixing Ryegrasses, Brassicas, Clovers, Cocksfoot, Timothy, Chichory


Stockfood Manufacturers

Greig Bailey 0274 499 062




FREEPHONE 0800 615 7913


For more information


• Rolled Barley with molasses • Dairy Meals • Feed Grain eg Barley Wheat Peas


• Calf Meals/Nuts High-Low Protein • All Purpose Meal eg. Hen, Pig, Goat • Sheep Nuts


by Waterow NZ Ltd

April 2013


AGROTRON TTV630 (224HP) • Deutz DCR Technology • Stepless transmission • Air cab suspension



URY B R E T N A C N I Call for a Demo Today

Deutz engines are built to be the best, by the best.

AGROTRON M620 (166HP) • • • • • •




Deutz 6 cylinder DCR. 24x24 Trans 4 speed PS, 40Kph ECO Hyd 120L c/w 4 spool valves Hydrauic 6200kg lift capacity Front axle suspension Cab suspension


1.95% 12 months • 2.95% 24 months • 3.95% 36 months • 4.95% 46 months*



Seasonal or yearly payment options available.* *Based on 40% deposit. Normal lending criteria and conditions apply.

CHRISTCHURCH Power Farming Canterbury 03 349 5975 Rod Lewis 027 706 4147

ASHBURTON Power Farming Ashburton 03 307 7153 Simon Jackson 027 512 7205

TIMARU Power Farming Timaru 03 687 4127 Ross Dawbin 027 281 0042

Canterbury Farming, April 2013  

28,500 copies distributed monthly – to every rural mailbox in Canterbury and the West Coast

Canterbury Farming, April 2013  

28,500 copies distributed monthly – to every rural mailbox in Canterbury and the West Coast