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through a day that it was that cold. then we talk about the hottest day that was over and we were talking just about everything. indiana that has ever had it then i brought up that we got was 116 that is insanely hot. no snow at all last year and it was just amazing facts that then he told me in 1934 the i never knew it was great of degrees was -34. It thought a state. I learned alot that was lying then it hit me when day and i owe it to that great man but now i wish he was i googled he wasn’t lying. here so i could tell him what i late that night i called him Friday my grandfather

learning about today. i dedicate this paper to about this day when it was Delmer Foreman AKA that cold i was just out stander with information and grandpa rest in peace couldn't wait till i could live back and asked him more