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December 2011

By:Noah Hofmann


Blizzards Wouldn’t it be awful to be caught outside in 10 degree weather, while their is just piles and piles of snow on top of you and there is nothing you can do? It is. I was stuck in a blizzard in december 2011, The schools were out for 4 days. For some kids this blizzard was a great time with all the snow and no school, but for some it was awful with no place to stay or no place with any warmth.




Blizzards can hold up to a -40 degree wind chill which makes it 40 degrees less than what the temperature actually is. In 2011 i was in a blizzard. My town got 13 inches of snow and the lowest the wind chill got was -15 which at the time made it -5 degrees, i think that is pretty freaking cold if you ask me. On the bright side though i didn’t have to go to school for 4 days and it was like a vacation for us. We didn’t have to worry about any school work or any teachers which was fantastic.