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The full report including various areas within the New River Valley is now available online at NEST REALTY | 400 NORTH MAIN STREET | BLACKSBURG, VA | 800.325.NEST | NESTREALTY.COM


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19 The Priscilla Morris Team

4 Introduction

20 Bridge Kaldro Music

5 Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

20 Bonomo's

6 Brown Insurance

21 Ewing Companies

7 Al's on First / Jackson Park Inn

22 NRV Intellectual Property Law, PC

8 Giles County

23 Shelor Motor Mile

10 Macado’s

24 New River Dermatology

12 Mountain 2 Island

25 New River Aesthetics

13 Collision Plus

26 Anderson Audiology

14 The Draper Mercantile

27 Snyder & Associates General Contractor

15 Grace A Child

28 Pearis Mercantile

16 Richard L. Anthony, DDS

29 Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.

16 Virginia Vein Institute

30 Pulaski County

17 Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates

31 Celco Community Credit Union

18 Shelter Alternatives

32 Pulaski Yankees

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k



Business Overview


The New River Valley has an amazing cadre of businesses which promote the strength of the local economy and contribute to growth, innovation and job opportunities. Each business profiled in this 2017 Business Yearbook is proud of its people, products and services and wants you to know them better. Every municipality values its commercial establishments and walks alongside them to provide assistance with regulations and issues that govern businesses. Residents who patronize the businesses in these pages are essentially placing their money into the local economy where more than half of it is spent again at more local businesses. According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a commercial street in any town is a “reflection of community image, pride, prosperity and level of investment.� Protecting a community’s character and vitality by buying local is a civic responsibility of everyone. These business owners and managers and their employees are enthusiastic about living, working and playing in the New River Valley. Thank you for reading these pages and visiting these companies.

Joanne Anderson ManagingEditor 4

The entrepreneur in the New River Valley is older than the Declaration of Independence. Consider the tanner, banker, trapper, wainwright, innkeeper, tavern owner and cooper. Operating any business at any time in history has been and still is challenging, frustrating, rewarding, discouraging, demanding and stimulating with moments of exhilaration and days of despair. With commitment to a vision, the willingness to work hard and a great mid-Atlantic location like the New River Valley, success can be achieved and enjoyed. Quality of life ~ The New River Valley excels for its wide range of entertainment, arts and culture, education, natural beauty, recreation, low crime rates, global population, Appalachian heritage and technology infrastructure. Business sites ~ Industrial parks, rental space, commercial condos, land, office complexes, home-based and cottage industries and warehouses are available throughout the region in different sizes, locations and configurations. N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

Transportation ~ Receiving supplies and materials, as well as moving finished products is paramount to success. Here we have four lane access east-west and north-south, along with three airports within an hour.. Workforce ~ The labor pool includes every kind of employee, and loyalty and integrity are hallmarks of NRV employees. Climate ~ Four seasons with mild summers and winters make this among the best of places to live, work and play. Sustainability ~ Efforts to be environmentally-sensitive and create harmony between businesses, people, land and animals are avidly embraced throughout the New River Valley. Community Spirit ~ The New River Valley comes together in joy and sorrow with a generous spirit unrivaled for its benevolence and charitable hearts and souls.


For more than six decades, the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce has embraced and responded to its mission of "advancing the economic, industrial, agricultural, professional, cultural and civic welfare of Pulaski County." It has always been keenly tuned into the needs, goals, challenges and aspirations of business people and takes seriously developing programs that inspire a positive impact on small, medium and large business and agriculture. With an impressive more than 300 members, this chamber strives to develop a workforce and business climate where everyone thrives and the entire county experiences economic stability and community vitality. With a special focus on workforce development, the Chamber has initiated events like the "Youth Excel Program" which paired more than two dozen students with businesses in their field of interest for a day of shadowing and learning. Participants in the "Young Entrepreneurs Academy", a national program, students compete for real start-up money, and the finalist goes to Rochester,

N.Y., for the Saunders Scholar Semi-Finals. The Pulaski Cooperative Extension office partnered with the Chamber for "8th Grade Reality Day." More than 40 volunteers assisted students with real life challenges like the costs of housing, transportation and child care, as well as meeting community leaders to learn about local government. Other programs that produce amazing results include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Strategy development for promotions and ad campaigns Social media presence Workforce development Legislative liaison Tourism campaigns Manufacturing Day Young Entrepreneurs Academy Corporate Round Table Visitor Center Pulaski on Main Youth Excel Program ~ and much more.

4440 Cleburne Blvd. Dublin 2017



N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k


This Chamber of Commerce remains dedicated to raising the quality of life through its grass roots, needs-based philosophy. To that end, the chamber focuses on business development in myriad ways like nurturing mentor opportunities, promoting business in press releases, providing volunteer opportunities, sponsoring the Virginia Labor and Employment Law Seminar each year, offering one-on-one social media instruction for member businesses, holding an Annual Small Business Expo for the last 12 years and ongoing and all kinds of "small selfie promotions" and community events. More than three dozen micro businesses have been launched at THE MARKETPLACE, with more to come, and the Chamber is continuously advancing the state's largest industry, agriculture. The weather changes, along with the stock market, business climate and economy, but the commitment of the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce stands unwavering to its membership and the communities it serves. 5


A 90-year Legacy of Insurance in Blacksburg

It has been 90 years since Leonard L. Brown started his insurance business in downtown Blacksburg. He sold life insurance initially for the Equitable of Iowa. Over the years, Equitable has changed names, but after nine decades, the agency he founded still bears his name. The business process back then entailed completing an application with limited medical questions. Very seldom was a physical exam required. Applications and payment were mailed to company and, after reasonable time for delivery and processing, the company returned a policy to Mr. Brown which he hand delivered to the customer. The process was simple. In 1927, the business expanded from life sales into other types of coverage where protection for homes, autos and businesses was offered. Mr. Brown continued making house calls and would rely on referrals, word-of-mouth and advertising in local newspapers. Sales calls often took place in the evenings. Paper, handwritten or typed applications were generated to begin the process. The personal

Lucille Brown (left) and Leonard Brown (far right) meet with representatives from North American Insurance Co.Â

contact did not go away, but in the 1940s, the agency started to issue the policies on Royal and Underwood typewriters. Policies were rated, and changes were processed in the downtown Blacksburg office. This process continued until the 1970s when the first computer system, Gemini, came on board. Today, desks feature computers with two or three monitors and technology enables the agency to conduct business quickly with attention to information security and speed. Instead of just Homeowners, Auto, Business and Life coverage, we offer Cyber Liability & Data Breach, bonds of all types, Patent and Intellectual 6

Melanie Eads, Nancy Via, Christy Brown and Tommy Via

Tommy Via, Melanie Eads (seated), Nancy Via, and Christy Brown

Property coverage, International coverage, Benefits and many types of coverage that were not traditionally available. Life sales may now require blood samples and ECGs as well as extensive medical underwriting.  Data has certainly changed the underwriting landscape. Now, the agency represents many insurance carriers but remembers that the entire company started with just one company partnership. While business technologies implemented over the years have increased the speed and the amount of information needed to conduct business, Brown Insurance is still about family and personal contact. Five families have cooperated in running the business, and this approach has gotten the agency to its 90th anniversary. Personal connections, face-to-face commerce and a family-feel are still key ingredients in the perpetuation and success of the agency. The ownership team consists of one second-generation owner, Tommy Via, two third-generation owners, Christy Brown and Nancy Via, and Melanie Eads, who has already introduced her son to the business as well. Here’s to the next 90 years!

(540) 552-5331 | 100 Hubbard Ste. A | Blacksburg, VA 24060

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k




l’s On First has been operating on the main floor of the Jackson Park Inn in Pulaski, Virginia for the last two years. Since its inception in 2014, this unique Southern restaurant has quickly become a gathering point for foodies, business events, and musical entertainment on the outdoor patio.

o, how does Al’s On First stay busy amidst the new growth in Pulaski? Restaurant owner Al Shelor elaborates on what has contributed to their success. “People always need a place to eat and drink. Whether they are meeting with friends and family, grabbing something quick, or winding down from a long work week – we want to be that special place where people go. On top of this, our service and choices in food will always come first. We want our guests to want to return.”


f you haven’t tried Al’s On First yet, you’re missing out on a unique and tasteful experience. You’ll be surprised by the décor and even more delighted to see the buzz that’s growing in Downtown Pulaski!


oday, folks of all ages enter the Jackson Park Inn and have an immediate respect for history that has been preserved, and for the addition that the community has gained. It’s rare that something so rich in history can be preserved, repurposed, and fit into the modern world – the Jackson Park Inn has accomplished just that.


lthough two years can feel like a lifetime in the restaurant business, the freshness of Al’s in Downtown Pulaski has yet to fade. A consistent approach to offering new menu options and recent upgrades to the outdoor patio (Think: Fire pits) has continued to breathe life into this historic hotel restaurant. But Al’s isn’t the only thing that’s thriving in Pulaski. An increase in activity has been taking place in downtown; new shops are opening, people are strolling on the sidewalks, and fun community events are being planned yearround.



hen you have to stay away from home, wouldn’t you rather check in to a hotel that is rich in character and offers a sample of local history? That’s what owners David Hagan and Larry Shelor of Shelor Motor Mile had in mind when retrofitting the Jackson Park Inn in Downtown, Pulaski. This 32-room boutique hotel (previously a 1920s food distribution warehouse) offers more than just a night’s stay – it has all of the comforts of home.


he Jackson Park Inn looks like a vintage brick building on the outside, but the inside is beaming with natural light, creative décor, and the original bones that have held the building together since the 1920s. There’s a unique aspect to every room in this


beautifully designed hotel. From the beautiful window views, to the exposed wooden beams and brick walls, every inch has a character that makes staying away from home much simpler.

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

Jackson Park Inn Conference Room & Suites

68 First Street NW Pulaski, Virginia 24301 540-509-5164


Giles County

The same, rugged, pioneer spirit that settled Giles County in the 18th century thrives in the hearts and dreams of workers, independent business owners, corporate executives and entrepreneurs who choose to lay roots in Virginia’s Mountain PlaygroundTM. Natural beauty in the valleys, forests, rivers and mountaintops draws people to Giles. This same landscape is what keeps locals here all their lives or draws them back; motivating them to find work, pursue careers and start or relocate a business. Residents embrace and enjoy a high quality lifestyle where simplicity meets technology, and both flourish throughout the small towns and countryside. Virginia is among the top 10 states for lowest sales and local taxes, and property and business taxes are modest. With four distinct, though mild, seasons, utility expenses and cost-ofliving are among the most reasonable in the country. Giles County officials welcome and encourage all businesses from the momand-pop and solopreneur to the high tech 8

~ where simplicity meets technology and both flourish

corporation and Fortune 500 presence, like General Electric, Celanese and NanoSonic, Inc. The county embraces preservation and sensible environmental stewardship along with entrepreneurial ventures and companies in myriad industries. Developing business parks and creating harmony among development and commercial enterprises has been front and center of Giles County’s innovative approach. Wheatland Eco Park is a stellar example of implementing technology and growth in the most sustainable fashion. Current industrial and office uses will be blended with residential and mixed-use facilities, expanded walking trails and strategically-planned construction for the least footprint as possible as the park expands. Other business clusters are home to manufacturing, medical, healthcare and consulting services. Giles is especially supportive of cottage industries and home-based businesses, as well as commercial enterprises, and here are some of what is found in this county: N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

• consulting • photography, writing • media and film services • food and restaurant • jewelry design • vodka products marketing • fine furniture • wholesale and retail • handmade banjos • nanotechnology and high tech • mining • antiques • farming • real estate • healthcare • banking and insurance • manufacturing • outfitters • hospitality • and more The outdoor recreation industry supports more than 6 million jobs and generates some $645 billion in annual 2017

revenue nationally with a generous slice of that in Giles County. The New River flows 37 miles through the county with depths from a few inches to 100 feet and fish of many species. Rafting, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, camping, paddleboarding and the popularity of water activities have prompted the New River Water TrailTM and associated initiatives to capitalize on the beauty and recreation opportunities. Outfitting businesses specialize in guided tours, tube and boat rentals, fishing expeditions, ziplining and forest ropes and bridges, whitewater rafting, cabin rentals and several water-related enterprises. Giles is Virginia’s Mountain PlaygroundTM. Small businesses prosper in little towns and hamlets as well as outlying regions, and many of their products and services may be found around the globe. Buckeye Banjos are played in the hands of well-known musicians, and collectors crave handcrafted Kentucky long rifles and unique silver bullet jewelry made in Giles. The hospitality industry is well-represented in lodging and restaurants including an upscale B&B, historical mountain resort and motels that attract Appalachian Trail thru-hikers half the year. Farming businesses include fresh produce, organic flowers, fish, pork, chicken and beef products. Many of the Giles County restaurants take pride in serving locavore and using locally-sourced produce in season, changing menus to capitalize on the freshest ingredients. Farmer’s markets offer farm-to2017

table produce, and Monticello Tea & Spice Company delivers to restaurants all over the region. Giles County’s largest employer, Celanese, opened its manufacturing plant on Christmas Day in 1939 and continues to be the county’s largest employer, with generations of families holding career-long jobs. It provides employment to more than 1,000 people and has recently invested $150 million dollars locally. General Electric and Appalachian Power have a presence and work force in Giles County connected to power and mining. The Improved Structure Firefighting Glove was developed through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in partnership with Giles County’s NanoSonic and Shelby Specialty Gloves. This glove is a combination of traditional materials and NanoSonic’s HybridShield® insulated materials which are water-repellent as well as heat- and punctureresistant. The workforce here is grounded in commitment, integrity and loyalty, and companies find all levels of skills and creativity among the populace. As employees give their all in the workplace, neighbors as well keep an eye out for one another and embrace the rich heritage that resides in a foundation of goodness and benevolence. Healthcare and local resources are abundant for all. U.S. 460 slices through Giles County and links to I-77 to the west and I-81 to the N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

east in less than 30 minutes. Three airports less than an hour away provide commercial services that transport people, merchandise and product components. Three major utilities provide high speed broadband to most of the county, and four business parks have stable occupants with room for growth. Manufacturing has long been at the heart of the Giles County economy and continues to play a major role in the economic landscape. in here Giles County is one of those places that beckons you to stay and make your home with us. Recreation is as abundant as jobs and business opportunities in the region. The superb combination of natural resources and beauty, Appalachian heritage, business friendly municipalities and genuine people creates an environment for success.

Whatever your dream – bring it to Giles County Virginia’s Mountain PlaygroundTM ~ Business Parks ~ Wheatland Eco Park Dogwood Farms Mountain View Industrial Park Cascade Commercial Park 9

For some, it’s the atmosphere and memorabilia ~ Marilyn Monroe, Superman, old movie posters, full size carousel horses, ‘56 Chevy convertible, autographed guitars, a 2-story tall tyrannosaurus rex, framed cereal boxes and movie stars, pop culture memorabilia and a strong local presence in Virginia Tech, Radford University and NRV photos and things. For others, it’s the four annual promotional events like green beer for St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas celebration, Halloween spooky specials or some exotic summer theme. Each seasonal occasion has its own custom-designed Macados pint glass and tee shirt -- different ones every year. Macado’s has the appeal for all ages. This is a college hangout, a family fun restaurant, a senior walk down memory lane or a teen’s introduction to Clark Gable 10

or King Kong. The booths make perfect little business deal kind of cubicles. For everyone, it is, as their own ad says: Good Brew and Great Food. Couple that with excellent service, convenient locations, long hours and simply a fun place to be, and Macado’s shines on all fronts. Macado’s has become somewhat of an institution in the region since Richard Macher, a New Jersey native, opened the first one in Roanoke in 1978. His idea was fairly straightforward: To bring northernstyle deli sandwiches to Southwest Virginia. Mission accomplished ~ and so much more ~ with 18 locations in four states, three of them right here in the New River Valley. The deli sandwiches Macher created for Macado’s number in the dozens and sport interesting names of American West lore and famed names like: N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

l Dr. Watson l The Lone Ranger l Julius Caesar l Bonnie and Clyde l Sherlock Holmes l Babe Ruth l Mona Lisa l Tonto l Rin Tin Tin l ... and more. The restaurants were in business well over 30 years before a hamburger found its way on the menu in the Gourmet Burger section, which includes the Wild Bill Burger and Blues Brothers Burger. Salads, appetizers, quesadillas, gourmet dogs, wraps, Reubens and tacos are offered daily. Chicken mac & cheese, lasagna supreme, chicken parmesan and chicken broccoli Alfredo round out the short Entrees list and 2017

if for some strange reason, you do not find your favorite combo, then the Build Your Own is for you. Choose your foundation (bread), theme (meats), bells and whistles and top it off to your satisfaction. Cookies deserve their own paragraph. You may not even find them on the menu, but Macado’s is one of the few restaurants that understands the value of a cookie. Not only that, but they go above and beyond, serving them slightly warmed for that unparalleled fresh-from-the-oven texture with a dollop of whipped cream.

l Chocolate chip l Oatmeal l Macadamia nut 2017

In an industry where employee turnover ranks highest in the nation, Macado’s attributes its success in great part to its people. Many have been working at one of the restaurants for 20 years or more, and now there are many second-generation employees. Since

Macado’s attributes its success in great part to its people. Many have been working at one of the restaurants for

20 years or more

1978, many of the original locations have moved, new locations have been built and menus have changed, while a significant staff component has remained constant. N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

Another measure of success is that moving of locations, renovating, changing menu items and staying contemporary for mass appeal. Change in business must balance with tried-and-true, and Macado’s manages to achieve staying the same where it matters and ramping up whatever is needed to keep up with the times. 922 University City Blvd. Blacksburg 19 W. Main Street Christiansburg 510 E. Main Street Radford 11

If there's a mantra for a successful entrepreneur it might go something like: "Do what you know and what you love, and you'll never really work." Michael Valach took to stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) like a fish to water seven years ago. After more than three decades in the ski and resort industries, he decided to convert his new-found passion into his somewhat newly-found (est. 2015) business: Mountain 2 Island - paddleboards, watersport adventures and boat rentals. Based on the waterfront at Claytor Lake, Mountain 2 Island specializes in SUP instruction plus: • rentals • gear and accessories • guided adventures • SUP lifestyle clothing in retail shop • SUP sales • birthday parties and special events • clinics

• • • • •

Mountain 2 Island is a full service watersports-based adventure company which offers other water transport options, including "Boats 2 You" delivery and pick-up service at waterfront Claytor Lake properties and vacation rentals and pubic boat landings. • kayaks • canoes • SUPs • three 24-foot Manitou pontoon boats (seats 10) • 22-foot "Black Pearl" luxury pontoon boat (seats 8) • two eco-friendly Duffy electric boats (18 feet and 21 feet) 12

SUP with your pup SUP under the full moon sunset SUP Wednesday nights social paddle paddleboard yoga.

540.230.2023 N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

Classes are fun and informative with an excellent teaching success rate. Mountain 2 Island can create your custom, outdoor, watersports experience for you, your family, co-workers, friends, employees, even your dog. After all, Jack Dog is the president and chief operating dog. From a private SUP or kayak lesson and guided tour to a corporate lunch on board a Duffy or pontoon boat to a birthday "Learn to Paddleboard" outing, a romantic sunset cruise, team building activity or wedding proposal, Mountain 2 Island can personally organize a very special, memorable, watersports adventure for you. If you want to see what's going on at Claytor Lake State Park Marina right now, click on Claytor Lake Webcam on Mountain 2 Island's website. Be patient, it moves and the water glistens, and you'll want to get out there as soon as you can for your own wonderful watersports adventure.

Claytor Lake State Park Marina 2017

Quality collision repair is a highly skilled trade that involves a comprehensive balancing act of sheet metal work, color theory and paint expertise, mechanical depth in suspension, alignment, steering,

manufacturer’s specifications for assembly and performance and a host of vehicle details to restore a car to look and drive like before. Collision Plus staff maintains working relationships locally with towing and car rental companies and nationally with insurance firms and suppliers to the industry. “Companies like 3M and Chief have used our facility as a testing ground for new products, relying on real world experts to provide feedback that drives innovation,” states Kenny Jennelle. The high level of customer service and excellence in body repair has earned Collision Plus the Gold Class status with I-Car, bestowed on around 10% of body repair shops in the country, and the designation of being a ProFirst Collision Repair Facility by American Honda Motor Company. These are treasured honors, along with the hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers throughout Southwest Virginia. Whether you had a tiny altercation with a grocery cart, a big-time collision crunch, took a flying pebble in your

Collision Plus Inc. 330 Ferguson Drive Blacksburg, VA 24060 Phone: 540-953-3910

Collision Plus 2 300 Industrial Drive Christiansburg, VA 24073 Phone: 540-382-8745

From a “pop” shop to a “mom and pop” then a full-fledged family business, Collision Plus has expanded across more than 25 years to meet the automotive body repair needs of the NRV community. Kenny Jennelle started the business solo in 1991 providing high quality body repairs at fair prices. His reputation quickly spread, and in less than a decade, there were more than a dozen employees. His wife, Beverley, was the first to join him, followed by son Kin after eight years serving our country in the U.S. Army. Son Jason and a like-family team now work at:  Collision Plus  Collision Plus 2  Collision Plus Auto Glass  Collision Plus Powder Coating Plus division


N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

windshield or want to spiff up a boring car body, Collision Plus is prepared with all the skills and expertise for:  body repair, doors, fenders, hoods and everything else  restoration, paint, refinishing  pin striping, add a little pizzazz  frame and straightening (to manufacturer specs)  alignment, wheels, suspension, steering  door adjustments, hinge pins  buffing, polishing  glass, windshields, windows  coordinating towing and rental needs  ~ and more. Collision Plus is committed to cutting edge technology, superior skills and training and excellence in customer service. It’s an independent American business that works hard to serve the New River Valley and beyond.

Getting you back on the road again! Collision Plus Auto Glass 300 Industrial Drive Christiansburg, VA 24073 Phone: 540-382-8745 13

The Draper Mercantile As a historic site and long-standing local tradition, the Draper Mercantile has been at the heart of the community for over 125 years. Like many Virginia institutions, the history of the Draper Mercantile must be patched together through non-traditional sources, like stories or anecdotes, a yellowed newspaper clipping, someone’s memory. With that said, the best existing research has tagged three disparate years of construction: 1812, 1865, and 1885. While her origins may be elusive, her role was not. The Mercantile provided material goods and services for Pulaski County and surrounding communities for over 100 years. A receipt found in a desk by the current owners summarizes an eclectic purchase: sugar, burial clothes, salmon, lemons, and a coffin. After many years and many owners, in 2008, the Gardners stepped forward, and with three years of intense renovation work, Bill and Debbie Gardner reopened the Draper Mercantile. The “Merc” as it is affectionately called today has returned to its role as an important place for the community. The most important and enduring function has been that of a gathering place. This old building has always found a way to bring people together. Now that tradition continues in new ways…ways that speak to the needs of our community today. The Draper Mercantile is a place where people can gather around good food in a warm and inviting atmosphere, a place where friends meet for a slice of pie and a game of bridge. It’s a place to go out and dance to live music or watch a local artist at work. You can a bike from the Junction and ride the scenic 57-mile long New River Trail or grab your friends and spend the afternoon browsing unique gifts and unusual finds in our Village Shoppes. Let Draper Mercantile catering services elevate your next event with exquisite food, beautiful presentation and personalized service.The Merc creates positive ways of coming together through simple experiences that enrich everyday life – whether that’s through food, art, music or the outdoors.

There’s something about the energy here at the Draper Mercantile that evokes a sense of belonging, it has a way of speaking to what inspires us. After all, everyone who walks through those big blue doors becomes part of a story that’s over 125 years in the making. (540) 994 -5659 14

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k



N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k


Richard L. Anthony, DDS 540-552-8870

200 Professional Park Dr. Suite 7 | Blacksburg The importance of good oral health and regular dental visits cannot be overemphasized, and some studies point to the mouth as a reflection of entire body health. The Academy of General Dentistry, for example, reports a correlation between gum disease and health issues such as stroke and heart disease. When choosing a dentist, one might be convinced quickly by what patients say about Dr. Richard L. Anthony: w thorough, professional, knowledgeable w extremely personable w the most modern equipment w pleasant and friendly


w w w w w w w

you feel valued as a patient. very friendly and professional hygienist was very gentle great staff and skilled dentist always quick and easy everyone is super nice more comfortable than we’ve been in any doctor’s office.

These direct quotes point to a warmly professional, top-notch dental practice which indeed values each patient. In addition to his education, Dr. Anthony received extensive training in all dental specialties in the U.S. Navy before his dental career was launched

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

in the Pacific aboard the USS Frank Cable ~ a sub tender. Dr. Anthony brought his wealth of experience and continuing education beyond the requirements to his Blacksburg practice. This dentist marvels in the latest technology so he can provide the most current options to every patient. He has a CAD/CAM system for same day crowns and restorations, digital x-ray equipment, 27-inch overhead monitors and the Casey system, a computerized patient education system. If you are not certain of dental-related words like occlusal, periapical, pontic, pulpotomy, xerostomia, interproximal, flipper and diastema, just pop on his website for definitions and stay informed. In addition to the normal range of services like cleaning, fillings, crowns, root canals, inlays or overlays, implants and bridges, Dr. Anthony performs cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile with teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain veneers and sealants. A beautiful smile raises self-esteem and enhances self-confidence. As his website says, “a new beautiful smile is just a phone call away ~ call for a smile consultation!”


Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates

Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates, which started in 1953 as a government audit and consulting practice, has expanded over the years to include comprehensive audit, accounting and tax services in six offices across Virginia. Like the New River Valley location, each one is staffed by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable Certified Public Accountants in the industry. Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates (RFC) enjoys a superior reputation in government and non-profit auditing. Twothirds of the counties, dozens of municipalities and hundreds of non-profit organizations in Virginia are among its clients. In addition, for more than four decades, the firm has also provided comprehensive tax preparation and planning for individuals and a broad range of businesses. From the mom-andpop, sole proprietorship and entrepreneur to multi-million dollar revenue corporations and partnerships, RFC is experienced and competent in all facets of tax intricacies. For simple or complex tax preparation, estate planning, trust consultation and financial management, the experts at RFC serve in


the highest realm of integrity and passion for every segment of financial expertise.     

Audit and Advisory Services Tax Preparation and Planning Management and Consulting Bookkeeping and Payroll Technology Consulting

Business owners have more important things to do than keep their own books. As such, business owners need to focus on what they do best and leave the financial reports and tax forms to the experts for bookkeeping, payroll, monthly or quarterly reports, depreciation and specialty tax payments like FUTA which can be managed easily and expertly by RFC. The management team of the company’s Blacksburg office boasts a combined experience level of 65 years. Corbin Stone, CPA, MBA, who serves as the Blacksburg office’s managing partner, has more than two decades of experience in managing local government, non-profit and corporate audits, preparing comprehensive financial

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

reports and auditing financial statements for commercial and governmental entities. He provides local government clients with financial forecasting, impact studies related to annexation and boundary adjustment, cost allocation plans, personnel pay rate studies, and conversion to new accounting software systems. Gordon Jones, CPA and partner, is also intricately involved with audits throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and manages the tax practice of the Blacksburg office, which prepares individual, corporate, and partnership federal and state returns. The Firm’s New River Valley office is supported by four other CPAs, and eight other accountants/support staff The management team and staff at RFC, pride themselves on their customer service, remaining on call for their clients yearround and providing value added services for all segments of its clientele. 540-552-7322 108 Southpark Drive Blacksburg, VA 24060 17

Continuing a Legacy of Experience & Craftsmanship for Our Community Since their origination in 1988, Shelter Alternatives’ award-winning design-build team has created hundreds of creative custom homes, additions, and remodels in the New River Valley. From the first site visit to move-in ready and beyond, their skilled team of office and field workers focuses on delivering the right solutions for your lifestyle and budget.

providing unique styling, or something else, we respect the privilege of working in their home and strive to make the process as smooth as possible.”

This home in Craig County gives up nothing in style and livability to achieve its net zero status.

Continuing to thrive in 2016, Shelter Alternatives earned their 9th annual Design Excellence Award from the New River Valley Homebuilders Association. This year’s award, voted on by local building peers, was especially meaningful to the staff as was given in recognition of their renovated office in downtown Blacksburg. The 1920’s farmhouse remodel showcases many of the creative elements embodied by Shelter Alternatives’ projects: practical use of space, unique natural elements and sustainable choices. With a vast and varied catalog of custom homes, additions and remodels, owner Ed Tuchler values knowing his community and listening to his clients, “from longtime residents coming back for a repeat project to newcomers from afar, we hear the priorities of our clients - whether it is addressing sustainability, adapting to universal design,


To Create a More Sustainable Building Last year, Shelter Alternatives built two homes certified as net-zero energy. Building to net zero means creating a home that produces as much energy as it uses. Throughout our design and construction work, we partnered with an energy engineer to identify improvements that made the most impact, while addressing the clients’ budget and style. Our team also built the three most energy efficient homes in Virginia in 2016 certified by Viridiant, an EarthCraft House affiliate. Be sure to include a conversation with Shelter Alternatives as you consider your next home building or home improvement project. 540.951.0358 540.443.9966 701 Progress Street • Blacksburg

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

Improved Air Quality & Comfort While Using Less Energy Building on their years of experience, Shelter Alternatives developed an affiliate company, Energy Check, to address improvements to an existing homes’ health, safety, comfort, and efficiency. Energy Check’s certified home energy auditors have the expertise and diagnostic equipment to evaluate both new and existing homes, helping homeowners plan and implement improvements. This approach focuses on how issues such as indoor air quality, energy loss and comfort levels are often intertwined. By understanding the root of the problem, Energy Check can provide cost-effective solutions. As explained by Building Analyst Chris Nicholson, “We know that treating the obvious symptom without knowing the true cause can potentially make the problem worse or create new problems. Our process assures we can deliver the desired results.”

Energy Check

health • comfort • safety • energy efficiency




The Priscilla Morris Team is a proven winner, consistently earning top accolades, and it has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a Top Real Estate team for Long & Foster, Inc. Providing excellent client service is a top priority. The team is specially trained and ready to assist with real estate ~ whether it is residential, commercial, land or investment properties. Why should you entrust your real estate needs to The Priscilla Morris Team? Each member has a passion for the industry and is committed to helping you fulfill your dreams of buying or selling property. Priscilla Morris is a native of the area and guarantees personalized service in a real and meaningful way. She is effective in negotiations, accurate with the information she supplies and familiar with the resources to assist in any situation. She learned at an early age that honesty, integrity and service lead to success. Priscilla is trained to realistically resolve challenges before they become problems. She believes that selling or buying a home can be a win-win situation for everyone. She is experienced selling land, residential, new 2017

construction, investment and commercial properties. Pam Powell began her real estate career as a personal assistant to Priscilla, following years in the banking industry. Her in-depth comprehension of banking, along with her real estate experience, provides a wealth of knowledge to better serve every client. Pam’s attention to detail and meticulous organizational skills contribute to accuracy in every transaction. Since becoming a full-time RealtorŽ and teaming with Priscilla, she has embraced being part of a consistent, awardwinning, full-service, real estate team ~ locally, regionally and nationally. Nicole Shepherd Price is a native of the New River Valley who graduated from Virginia Tech and has worked all over the region for the past decade. She recently joined the team because of her desire to help serve the people of the New River Valley and her interest in buying and selling of real estate. Chad Tickle understands the importance of community involvement and feels strongly about the continued growth and prosperity of the New N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

River Valley. In addition to his real estate career, Chad has served in law enforcement for the past eight years. He understands the financial involvement of purchasing real estate and protecting investments. Chad brings knowledge of heating requirements for a home and what it takes to maintain, upgrade or install these systems, along with the investment dollars of different HVAC options. The Priscilla Morris Team has a combined 52 years of real estate knowledge and experience and guarantees personalized service in a real, professional, meaningful way. Each professional on the team has a stellar reputation for following up on promises and going the extra mile to get the job done. The Priscilla Morris Team enables your dreams, earns your trust and exceeds your expectations. 540-320-3586 Long & Foster REALTORS

3601 Holiday Lane ~ Blacksburg, VA 24060


2890 N. Franklin Street, Christiansburg For people who have a passion for music, Bridge Kaldro Music is the answer. From school band instruments to classical strings, they have it all. For 12 years, Bridge Kaldro Music has been the go to place for the music minded in the NRV. Located at 2890 N. Franklin Street, Christiansburg, Bridge Kaldro Music is the music heartbeat for the area. They carry a great selection of instruments, sheet music, accessories, equipment and more. Bridge Kaldro Music also offers instrumental and vocal lessons, repairs for band instruments, fretted instruments and

540-381-8383 electronics and band instrument rentals. Shortterm rentals of PA systems, keyboards and such are also available for your special occasion. Bridge Kaldro Music carries brand names such as Martin, Jupiter Band Inst. Fender and more. Strings, woodwinds, drums, horns and keyboards are all in stock. If you want to rock a guitar in a band or play a violin in a classical orchestra, what you need is all under one roof. You can browse in the friendly showroom and try out instruments at your leisure, and when you need them, helpful, welltrained staff are there for any questions. Bridge

Kaldro Music is an all inclusive, full line music store. There is no need to look any further for your musical needs. Music is the language shared by young and old all over the world. The Bridge Kaldro Music family wants to make sure that they can supply you with products and services to help you meet your musical goals. They offer a variety of lessons for the singer and up and coming musician. Scheduling lessons is very easy. One call or visit to the store and you can be on your way.

Bonomo’s Plaza

For four decades Bonomo’s Plaza has offered an impressive variety of businesses ranging from clothiers and hair salons to coffee shops and restaurants. This quaint destination provides a friendly shopping and dining experience with easy access and plenty of free parking. Over time, many changes have occurred in Blacksburg, the college town home to Virginia Tech, while Bonomo’s Plaza has continued to provide shoppers 20

with quality services and merchandise. A trip to Bonomo’s Plaza is a special outing so plan to make a day of it. At the plaza visitors will find Bonomo’s Woman’s Clothiers, Gaucho’s Brazilian - of Grille, Kobe Japanese Express, The Best Blacksburg Pizzeria, Starbuck’s, Subway, Pam’s Hair Salon and Top Nails. The latest new shop, Best Wishes Flowers & Gifts, under new owners, is an exciting addition to the complex. N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

At Bonomo’s Plaza a visitor can enjoy a one – stop shopping and dining experience without ever having to worry about feeding a parking meter.

Bonomo’s Plaza

860 & 880 University City Blvd., Blacksburg, VA 24060


From custom cabinets to bathroom remodels, finishing basements and crafting custom decks, Ewing Companies does it all and does it well. Founded in 1995 by Paul Ewing, the company based in Blacksburg began as a modest home remodel business and has evolved to be regarded as a local leader in high-quality and well-designed home remodel and custom cabinet projects. People come to Ewing Companies when they have a vision for their homes but need further inspiration and guidance 2017

to make their dreams a reality. Their business embodies hard work, dedication to family, and pride in a job well done. The Ewing Companies offerings include: o Cabinets o Countertops o Kitchen Remodels o Bathroom Remodels o Decks, Sunrooms, and Patios o Basements and “Man Caves� o Additions and Renovations

With a full-time designer on staff, The Ewing Companies is able to transform each space to meet the needs of each client in both function and with a beautiful design. The Ewing Companies is committed to using only the very best in materials, designs, and craftsmanship to accomplish home remodel and cabinet projects for a variety of clients in Blacksburg, the New River Valley and beyond. 540.951.0544 1701 S. Main Street, Blacksburg

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k



New River Valley Intellectual Property Law protects intellectual property (IP). Intellectual Property is an important asset for a company, an asset that contributes to market share, the bottom line and the overall value of a business. It is often a strong consideration for buying or selling a business and can be a key factor in deals like mergers and acquisitions. It is imperative to protect IP rights as part of a company’s overall plan in achieving business goals and objectives. Properly protected IP rights can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace and enhance a brand. IP rights can be obtained to protect functional aspects of devices, systems and processes (e.g., utility patent), aesthetic features of a product (e.g., design patent or trademark), works of authorship (e.g., books, art and software), and sensitive/confidential parts of products and services (e.g., trade secrets). These are often features that distinguish a company’s products and services from those of others and can include innovations that propel a company to a leadership 22

position in the marketplace. Protecting the underlying intellectual property of these products and services can provide a solid foundation for sustaining that competitive advantage. New River Valley Intellectual Property Law provides comprehensive advice targeted specifically for each client. Attorneys and patent agents of the firm are licensed to practice with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and have relevant industry-related and legal experience. New River Valley Intellectual Property Law is experienced in ~  Preparing, filing and obtaining domestic and foreign patents and trademarks  Managing complex patent portfolios  Developing comprehensive claim strategies  Conducting patentability and infringement searches  Identifying approaches for effective dispute resolution N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

 Providing legal advice for sending and responding to Cease & Desist letters  Handling licensing negotiations and agreements  Performing due diligence investigations New River Valley Intellectual Property Law clients enjoy ready access to experienced legal talent. Attorneys and patent agents of the firm have been involved in hundreds of IP cases and have represented a diverse range of clients from individual inventors, to start-ups, to tech transfer departments of universities, to established companies. This unique team can assist with protecting innovations, minimizing risks associated with commercializing those innovations, and setting and maximizing achievable IP-related business goals and objectives. 540-605-8070

1750 Kraft Drive, Suite 2200 | Blacksburg 2017


helor Motor Mile, the premier New and Used Vehicle Dealership that serves Southwest Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee, understands that the key to customer retention stems from exceptional service.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE IS OUR MISSION. How do you earn and maintain a 98% Customer Satisfaction rating? With the promise to deliver superior service, provide a dedicated and trained staff, and honor the commitment to an extraordinary customer buying experience. Our growth – from a 1974 single-point Chevrolet Dealership – into a 70 acre campus with 10 New Car Franchises and a Used Car Superstore, was attributed by keeping this promise. From start to finish, Shelor Motor Mile has earned a reputation for extraordinary customer service and integrity. It begins with the STAR Program: S – Straightforward Pricing | Less Back & Forth, Offer to Purchase Trade even if no Purchase Made T – Total Integrity | Shelor Certified Vehicles, 90-day warranty, 48-hour Exchange Policy

We value each customer that visits the Motor Mile. Although the property may be intimidating in size, our staff certainly provides the down-home service that you expect. Each representative has completed the STAR training, factory training and has extensive knowledge of the vehicles that we offer. WE DON’T STOP AFTER THE SALE.


fter the final handshake and all of the paperwork has been signed – we can continue to service your vehicle at the Shelor Service Centers. Whether you need an appointment for a warranty concern, need a repair, or if you’re in need of quick services, we’re ready to serve. Enjoy our comfortable waiting area with complimentary Wi-Fi and beverages while your vehicle is serviced.


Through the GTF partnership program, Shelor gives away two vehicles each school year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Schools sell chances to win a car for $1, and keep 100% of the proceeds. Schools use the funds to help support field trips, sports equipment and uniforms, technology, and much more. Find out more about Growing the Future on our website:

For us, it’s not about the sale of a vehicle; it’s the gratification of knowing that our customers are cared-for and happy with their decision.

A – Award Winning Dealership | Trained & Certified Staff, 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating R – Real Value | $500 Additional Trade-In Value Guarantee, Lifetime VA State Inspection with Purchase, Loaner Car for Warranty Repairs (New Car Purchase)

to invest back into our local schools – through scholarships, donations, teacher incentives, partnership programs, marketing assistance, and the extremely popular GTF Talent Show.



e wouldn’t be the organization that we are today without the support of our loyal customers. With this in mind, we started the Growing the Future (GTF) program in 2008

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

Stop by Shelor Motor Mile in Christiansburg or visit us online at Enjoy a variety of New and Pre-Owned vehicles with outstanding customer service.


Featuring: Mohs Micrographic Surgery

More than 5 million new cases of skin cancer will be identified and treated this year alone, which represents more new cases than the combined total of breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. It strikes one in five Americans, and close to 90 percent of all non-melanoma skin cancer can be directly associated with ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. In its Group 1 of cancer-causing agents, the World Health Organization includes plutonium, cigarettes, UV tanning devices and solar UV radiation. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration reclassified UV tanning beds from low risk to moderate risk devices three years ago. Since the pesky little cancer cells can develop without notice anywhere on the human body, it’s imperative to have a full body skin examination by a professional dermatologist at least once a year. Basal cell carcinoma is the most popular skin cancer, followed by squamous cell carcinoma, then melanoma. Someone dies about every hour from melanoma.

“Sun damage clings to us throughout our lives, and its impact is cumulative across the decades,” states Dr. Daniel Hurd, who founded New River Dermatology in 2000. “The facts, however, are not all dismal. It is one of the most curable kinds of cancer when caught and treated early.” With all the latest and most sophisticated equipment and a highly-skilled and trained medical staff, New River Dermatology sees patients in its Blacksburg, Radford and Wytheville offices year-round. Among the sophisticated procedures and surgery approaches Dr. Hurd employs is Moh’s micrographic surgery. This intricate procedure involves a comprehensive approach of highly skilled surgery, pathology, diagnostic acumen and dermatology, along with appropriate surgical and laboratory facilities and specially- trained support staff. According to the American Society for Mohs Surgery, the procedure has been recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest reported cure rate for skin cancer. ‘Tis the season not only for UV

protection, but also a variety of annoying conditions like poison ivy, poison oak and other skin rashes prompted by rubbing elbows or other body parts with the wrong kind of vegetation. New River Dermatology also diagnoses and treats different stages of acne outbreaks, rosacea, boils, eczema, along with analyzing moles and warts and other skin ailments. The firm hosts medical students and interns who wish to eventually be dermatologists. As a teaching practice with all the latest in knowledge, skills and equipment, this is where New River Valley patients consistently find: “Experience You Can Trust.”


2617 Sheffield Drive ~ Blacksburg Carilion NRV Medical Center 2900 Lamb Circle ~ Christiansburg 710 West Ridge Road, Suite E ~ Wytheville


N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k


Dr. Daniel Hurd

Comprehensively caring for your skin directly impacts your self-confidence, overall sense of well-being and level of optimism. The power of rejuvenation holds the key to feeling fabulous and stepping out with style and grace. New River Aesthetics is fully staffed with licensed and experienced physicians, nurses, aestheticians and assistants who can contribute to the kind of radiance that emanates from younger-looking, polished skin tones and refined body shape. Each treatment is customized following an extensive evaluation of your skin and body type, as well as personal goals and lifestyle.  body shaping  chemical peels  dermabrasion  aesthetic facial sculpting  Botox cosmetic  acne treatments  facials  hair removal  waxing  ~ & more. 2017

The entire professionally-trained staff embraces a results-oriented approach. They respect confidentiality and integrity, and the warm, professional environment has been designed for comfort, privacy and relaxation. The cutting edge slimming procedure known as CoolSculpting® eliminates stubborn fat pads like muffin tops or extra belly fat without surgery. The slogan is “fear no mirror,” and the treatment offers clients a new way to slim down and look and feel great from any angle without going under the knife or enduring time away from work. It is FDA-cleared, safe and effective. Advances in non-surgical, slimming and anti-aging therapies can deliver excellent results for skin which exhibits the signs of time and sun exposure. Transforming your facial image and skin presentation with professional treatments and routine beauty care can positively influence your ~

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

 confidence  success  happiness  competence  emotional balance  inner peace  spirit of thankfulness  whimsical side  power in dealing with challenges Despite the best efforts, people do judge a book by its cover and people by their appearance, and first impressions can set the stage for everything that follows. New River Aesthetics offers state-of-the-art equipment, treatments and procedures to assist you in stepping out with glowing confidence and a renewed passion for life. 540-953-2210

2617 Sheffield Drive | Blacksburg 25


In 1973, Janice Anderson was faced with a daunting task of helping her daughter utilize her very limited hearing. Nearly 45 years later, that endeavor has resulted in Anderson’s helping to enhance the hearing of countless others, as she now owns four Anderson Audiology Hearing Aid Sales and Service offices throughout Southwest Virginia. Though proud of her company’s growth, the Snowville native admitted it wasn’t always in her plans. She had planned on being a stay at home Mom. In 1972, Anderson’s daughter, Karla, was born in Germany. During the long flight home, many people on the plane became ill. Once home, Karla ran a really high fever, which Anderson now believes caused her daughter’s hearing loss at the age of three months. With frequent sickness during Karla’s first year of life, questions about her hearing were not addressed until the age of 12 months. The evaluation diagnosed her with profound hearing loss. Anderson immediately sought to increase her own knowledge of hearing loss and hearing aids. Starting with a mail-order correspondent’s course, eventually she took a sign language course through New River Community College. She began to explore technology to help Karla, though her earliest experience with hearing aids wasn’t very pleasant. “The first person to fit my daughter did not give any confidence,” Anderson said. “I remember going out to the car and crying and thinking there’s got to be a better way to do this.” Anderson did find a better way when she met Luther Repass, who founded what was formerly Hearing Aid Sales and Service in Dublin in 1963. Repass fit Karla with binaural hearing aids that allowed her to hear some basic drum sounds. More importantly, Mr. Repass provided Anderson with a unique way of paying for the purchase – working alongside him in the hearing aid business. The decision to accept Repass’ offer changed the course of Anderson’s life, eventually leading to her taking over the company in 1990, re-branding it Anderson Audiology in 1996 after obtaining her Masters in Audiology, and later her doctorate from the University of Arizona in 2004. In 2002, Dr. Anderson’s son, Darrell Anderson came on board as a Hearing Aid Specialist and an office was opened in Galax to join the satellite Dublin 540-674-4889

Wytheville 276-228-0866

Darrell Anderson 276-228-0866 Wytheville office

Janice Anderson 540-674-4889 Dublin Office

Marie Church 540-381-6967 Christiansburg office

Tina Proffit 276-236-0778 Galax office

office opened in Wytheville in 1999. In 2008, Dr. Tina Proffit was brought on board to work in the Galax office and Darrell opened the Wytheville office full time. In 2011, Marie Church was brought on board as an audiologist for the new Christiansburg office. In 2016 Jennifer Chrisley came on board in the Dublin office and is finishing her studies to become a Hearing Aid Specialist. With our supporting staff, Kecia Furrow, Lisa Koger, Heather Cunningham and Dawn Owens, coordinating our patient care and keeping the offices running smoothly, we all work to give everyone that comes in the door the best Anderson Audiology Experience. The Anderson Audiology Experience is evident in each of the office’s welcoming atmosphere, compassionate care and professional expertise of each of Anderson Audiology’s employees. Each office is equipped with the most modern equipment including video otoscopes allowing the patient to observe the condition of the ear canal and eardrum as well as Verifit equipment allowing hearing aid fittings to be as precise as possible. Patient care with Old Fashion Service with the most modern technology has been the motto for Anderson Audiology since the beginning. Christiansburg 540-381-6967

Galax 276-236-0778 26

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k


VT Merryman Center Renovations

Alexander Black House & Cultural Center

Snyder & Associates has been a leader in the Virginia building industry since 1985. Georgia Anne SnyderFalkinham created the firm with a focus on renovation, and the early years included the restoration of the 500 block of South Main Street in Blacksburg. Son, Mike Snyder joined the company in 1995 after graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Residential Property Management, and the firm has continued to grow across three decades. He and many other employees have been with the company more than 20 years, and that kind of longevity promotes a stability that appeals to a wide variety of clients. A leading General Contractor in the New River Valley, Snyder & Associates specializes in commercial and industrial projects. It has participated in high profile building and renovations including: 2017

Blue Ridge Cancer Care Center

Warm Hearth Village World War II Memorial

Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham & Michael Snyder

Hotel Roanoke Outdoor Pool Hardscape

t Blacksburg Health & Fitness t t t t t t t t t t t t t

at The Weight Club VT Merryman Center Renovations VT Marching Virginians Practice Facility VT Vet Med Renovation Alexander Black House & Cultural Center New River Criminal Justice building Blue Ridge Cancer Care Center Burruss Hall Renovations Newman Community Center Rainbow Riders Child Care E.S.S. Technologies Cassell Coliseum Renovations Lofts at the Lyric and many more.

Snyder & Associates was selected as “Builder of the Year” by the New River Valley Homebuilders Association in 2014 for the historical renovation of the Alexander Black House & Cultural N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

Center. In 2015, Gilbane named Snyder & Associates “Subcontractor of the Year” for excellent performance on various jobs at Virginia Tech. The company’s slogan is: “Our Future is Today’s Quality,” and the company prides itself on completing projects on time and within budget. Every employee strives for excellence in each building and renovation project, and their distinguished reputation is a testament to the entire team’s dedication to Snyder & Associates and to every client for every project, large or small. 540-552-3377

500 S. Main St. ~ Blacksburg, VA 24060 27

Pearis Mercantile | 540-921-2260 | 200 N. Main St. ~ Pearisburg 28

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k



In the late 1970s a small group of Blacksburg merchants made a plan to sponsor an annual summer fair. Their efforts did not take long to root, and eventually the celebration they founded grew to be the Steppin’ Out Street Festival that we know and love today. Buoyed by the success of Steppin’ Out and encouraged by town citizens, the merchants created a formal organization to represent and advance the town’s Central Business District. In 1988, the Downtown Merchants of Blacksburg (DMOB), was formed. Since then, the group has evolved into an organization of more than 150 retailers, service providers, non-profit groups and individuals who are all dedicated to helping promote and enhance the downtown commercial district. In 2010, the name changed to Downtown Blacksburg, Inc., but the mission remains the same. DBI is a non-profit (501c6) association of merchants, property owners, and 2017

downtown advocates whose mission is to sustain a dynamic, vital, and diverse community through marketing, events, economic development, and leadership. Downtown Blacksburg is the home of primarily locally owned and operated small businesses- eclectic dining, beautiful boutique shopping, Blacksburg Farmers Market and the historical Lyric Theatre- the heart of the downtown. In its commitment to keep our downtown actively engaged, DBI hosts multiple annual family-friendly events throughout the year that help support and celebrate our downtown community. All proceeds are reinvested into the community where we work and play. DBI has provided funding for downtown park benches, brick pavers, street lamps, the Famers Market, the Lyric Theatre, the Alexander Black House & Cultural Center and more.

N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k

• • • • •

Summer Solstice Festival June, Third Saturday Art at the Market July, Third Saturday Steppin’ Out August, First Friday and Saturday Halloween Happenings October 31st Winter Lights & TubaChristmas December, First Fridays in conjunction with Town of Blacksburg Holiday Parade

Downtown Blacksburg- it’s not on your way….it’s where you’re going! Downtown Blacksburg, Inc 540.951.0454 149 College Ave, Blacksburg



540-951-3566 115 N. Main St. Downtown Blacksburg When you see a crystal or gemstone, it is embedded in something, and that host in the natural world is a matrix. Twenty-nine years ago, when Lana Juarez [with two others] founded Matrix Gallery Fine Crafts, the name was selected for its meaning as an object which protects and hosts something else. In this case, it is fine American crafts selected for beauty, function, high quality and innovation. Juarez considered many places across the U.S. for Matrix Gallery and settled in Blacksburg after getting her bachelor’s

degree in art from Virginia Tech for loving the mountains and the New River Valley. Now the sole owner, she continues bringing the spirit and beauty of American arts and crafts to visitors and residents who find the shop in the same place all these years. Handcrafted jewelry, intriguing pottery, handsome leatherwork, wood crafts, stained glass and one-of-akind functional, fun pieces add a touch of class to any home or office. The bridal registry is a wonderful way to accent your

new married adventure with decorative, creative works by highly-skilled artisans. Fine craftsmanship reflects a component of America’s heritage that cannot be duplicated anywhere but in the hands of gifted craftspeople who train, study and devote part or all of their lives to sustaining handmade traditions. The small but mighty gallery’s longevity is a testament to its appreciation, selection, affordability and upscale quality of fine crafts made in the USA.









Pulaski County is...



143 3rd Street NW Pulaski VA 24301 (540) 980-7710

IS M PR O 30

Administration Building

prepared for you! N R V B u s i n e s s Ye a r b o o k


Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.