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Welcome to the NRV

It’s exciting to publish this again after a 4-year hiatus and bring you an interesting combination of places to see and things to do. We are committed here, and with our sister publication, New River Valley Magazine, to showcasing the beautiful landscapes, people, history, recreation and creative culture which makes the region a wonderful spot to live or visit.

The charming counties of Giles, Floyd, Montgomery and Pulaski, along with the City of Radford, comprise the New River Valley, named so obviously for the New River. It’s really a very old river, and the land around it lies around 2,000 feet above sea level dipping into hollows (locally pronounced hollers) and valleys with creeks throughout the region. The highest point near Mountain Lake in Giles County is 3,875 feet above sea level. Our climate is technically on the cusp of mountain temperate and humid continental. In simple speak, there are four seasons with a very comfortable year-round climate and an average annual temperature of 51 degrees with relatively few extremes in temperature or weather. It’s the kind of place you’ll want sweaters, a down vest and good boots, gloves and mittens, as well as a selection of open-toe footwear, shorts and tank tops, a variety of hats and a few things to layer in between.

Appalachian and pioneer heritage is immersed in music, art, lifestyle, agriculture, small towns,

farmer’s markets and back roads. World renown universities, colleges and high tech companies impact the world from here, while the world comes to our doorstep with a global population representing more than 50 countries. Residents enjoy a high quality of life, excellent job and entrepreneurial opportunities, wonderful schools, state-of-the-art healthcare and abundant recreation and fresh air.

Whether this is your first day in the New River Valley, or you’ve been blessed to have lived here all your life, it’s possible you will discover something you did not know, find a new place to see and an interesting activity to try. If you found this in your hotel or B&B room, please leave it for the next guest and look around town for your own copy or ask at the front desk.

Of course, the advertisers herein believe their ad dollars are worth being here, so please drop in and let them know you saw the ad and here you are to try whatever it is they are offering. If you don’t live here, yet, think about it. It’s a wonderful slice of life with a small town atmosphere, youthful energy and world-class dining, sports and entertainment.

Cheers, Phillip Vaught, Publisher

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 Appalachian Trail, 50 miles through Giles County, Angel's Rest Overlook most popular day hike

 Aquatic Center, Blacksburg, 6 lap lanes in 25-yard pool, hot tub, saunas, skate park

 Aquatic Center, Christiansburg, 3 pools including Olympic size pool, warm water therapy pool, skate park

 Arcade games in many places

 Blue Ridge Axe Throwing, downtown Blacksburg

 Blue Ridge Parkway, Floyd County, one of America’s most scenic drives

 Bisset Park, Radford, alongside the New River, abundant bird life

 Bowling, Blacksburg and Christiansburg

 Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve, Floyd, significant natural ecosystems, rare plants and animals, steep one mile hike

 Caboose Park, Blacksburg, hand in hand playground, picnicking

 Calfee Park, Pulaski, home field of the Appalachian League’s Pulaski River Turtles

 Cascade Falls, Pembroke, incredibly popular 2-mile woodland hike to 66-foot waterfalls

 Claytor Lake State Park, Pulaski County, 21-mile long lake, boat rentals, stand up paddleboarding, kayaks, swimming, fishing, picnicking, camping

 Climber's Gym, Christiansburg, rock walls and indoor challenges

 Covered Bridges, Giles County, Route 700 [parking] and Route 601/Clover Hollow Road [private property, can see and photograph from the road]

 Cox's Driving Range, Blacksburg, miniature golf, batting cages, driving ranges

From adrenaline-pumping thrills like whitewater rafting, rock climbing or whizzing along a zip line in the treetops to taking a calm kayak or canoe ride on Little River or the New River, walking trails in town parks, paddleboarding on Claytor Lake or taking in nature shooting photos anywhere, the New River Valley really does have that something-for-everyone kind of recreation list of fun. Here are the basics, and one can easily find specifics like hours, fees and directions on the Internet and County or City of Radford websites.

 Dismal Falls, Giles County, not so dismal when you are there, very pretty, hiking, horse camping, people camping

 Escape Rooms, Blacksburg, Radford, Mountain Lake Lodge, test your deductive reasoning skills to plot your escape

 Falls Ridge Preserve, Elliston, short loop, 60-foot waterfall, wildflowers spring and summer

 Floyd Country Store, Floyd, Friday night jamboree, Appalachian old-timey, toe-stompin' music and dancing

 Gatewood Park & Reservoir, Pulaski County, 400 acres, hidden gem, newly marked and maintained trail system, 4 miles or more, great campground plus island camping by boat with permit

 Glen Alton, Giles County, 304 acres, pristine, rural, scenic, trails, picnicking, bird watching, photography

 Golden Hills Disc Golf Course, Christiansburg, professional grade 37-hole disc golf course

 Hahn Horticulture Garden and Duck Ponds, Virginia Tech campus, pretty gardens year round, hundreds of plant species

 Heritage Park, Blacksburg, 189 acres on edge of town, walking trails, bird watching, play space

of Radford . . . . . . . . . . .
County . . . . . . . . . . . . .
County . . . .
County . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
Pulaski County

 Huckleberry Trail, Blacksburg-Christiansburg link, paved, 8+ miles

 IMAX, theatres, bowling and more, First & Main, Blacksburg

 Kairos, Giles County, 1,500 acres, ATV and dirt bike trails, yurt lodging, BYOV/bring your own vehicle

 Lily's Playground, New River Valley Mall, indoor play space

 Mabry Mill, Milepost 176.2, historic mill, one of most photographed sites on the Blue Ridge Parkway

 Mary Draper Ingles Trail, Glen Lyn, along the New River, 7 miles, links with West Virginia trail system

 McCoy Falls, Blacksburg, hot spot for tubing on the New River

 Mill Creek Nature Park, Narrows, 140-acre nature park, waterfalls, hiking and biking trails, stream fishing

 Little River, Riner/Floyd, kayak and canoe rentals

 Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke, 2,600 acres, hiking, mountain biking, sky slide, zipline, "Dirty Dancing" movie film site

 Motor Mile Speedway, Fairlawn, car racing, derbies and thrilling events

 New River Junction, Draper, next to New River Trail, bicycle rentals and outfitters, sports shop

 New River Trail, Pulaski County, 58 miles, rails-totrails, pastoral scenes

 New River Valley Fairgrounds, Dublin, flea markets, horse shows, county fair, special events

 New River Valley Mall, one-half mile indoor perimeter walk, shopping, too. Rebranded as Uptown Christiansburg.

 New River Water Trail, Giles County, 37 miles of New River water activities

 NRV Super Bowl, Christiansburg, bowling, arcade games, bumper cars, laser tag

 Outfitters, fly fishing, rafting, tubing, camping, standup paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, cabin rentals, etc.

 Pandapas Pond Recreation Area, Blacksburg, 8-acre pond, kids fishing, boardwalk across part of the pond, picnic tables, creeks, butterfly and heirloom garden, pond life, nature photo ops, walking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding permitted, BYOH/bring your own horse, Jefferson National Forest trails

 Randolph Park, Pulaski, 87 acres, water park, frisbee, volleyball, horseshoes, picnicking

 River Sculpture Walking Trail, Pearisburg, one mile walk, 5 permanent sculptures

15 So much to see & do in... in Virginia’s Mountain Playground® |

 Rocky Knob Recreation Area, Floyd County, Blue Ridge Parkway, visitor's center, picnicking, camping, trails

 Skateboard parks, Blacksburg and Christiansburg near aquatic centers

 Stiles Falls, Shawsville, 3.2-mile out-and-back trail, moderately challenging

 Uptown Christiansburg (formerly New River Valley Mall)

 Wildwood Farms General Store, Willis, live music Saturdays, monthly cruise-ins

 Wildwood Park, Radford, 50-acre wooded valley, bikeway and walking trails, eclectic nature ecosystems.

 Winterfrost Farm, Radford, horseback trail rides.

 Wonder Universe, a children's hands-on museum, Uptown Christiansburg (formerly New River Valley Mall)

 Zip lines, Buffalo Mountain Ziplines (Floyd County), Treetop Adventures at Mountain Lake Lodge (Giles County)


I think cinema, movies and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians. - Francis Ford Coppola

Going to the movies is still wonderful and one of the most perfect vacation diversions. Movie houses have comfy seats, cup holders, state-of-the-art digital productions and always plenty of popcorn!

 B&B Theatres, multiple screens and IMAX, First & Main, Blacksburg

 Lyric Theatre, Blacksburg, renovated 1930s movie house, special performances, first-run movies

 Pulaski Theater, Pulaski, colorful history since 1911, reopened in 2009, music and films

 Regal New River Valley Stadium 14 Movie Theatre, Christiansburg next to NRV Mall,

 Scarette’s Plaza Cinema, Fairlawn, affordable family entertainment, newest movies

 Star-Lite Drive-in, Christiansburg, a classic for summer nights

 The Radford Theatre, downtown Radford, open every day, movies



Legends abound on the discovery of coffee, and the average coffee drinker probably doesn’t care where it originally came from, but cares deeply that it is available. Brewing is a bit of an art, but roasting is where the real efforts lie that release aroma and flavor from inside green coffee beans. During a rapid heating process, a chemical reaction causes moisture to be released before the beans are just as quickly cooled. Expert roasters, like the ones at Mill Mt. Coffee & Tea in Blacksburg which opened in 1991, have years of experience in volume, temperature management and timing to yield perfectly roasted coffee beans in four basic levels: light, medium, medium-dark and dark.

The first coffee trader was a Boston lady named Dorothy Jones who secured a license to sell coffee in 1670. Both the American Revolution and French Revolution were plotted in coffee houses. The coffee filter was invented in Germany in 1908, and “cowboy coffee” is so named because those boys used their dirty socks for filters, filling them with coffee beans then dipping a sock in boiling water. Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world, behind oil. Red Rooster Coffee roasters in Floyd deliver “coffee with a conscience” as they take

seriously having a positive impact around the world in the place of origin as well as locally. One of the most important things to a visitor in the New River Valley may be a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, and rest assured, there are many wonderful cafes with locally roasted coffee.


Tea is reputed to have been discovered by Chinese Emperor Shen Nong when a leaf found its way into water he was boiling in his garden. Once consumption became popular, the government levied a tax, and it was named the national drink of China. Taxation has always been a controversial issue, and the early American colonists dumped 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbor in 1773 in protest of taxation [on tea among other things] without representation. Tea bags are a U.S. invention [1908] along with iced tea four years earlier at the St. Louis World’s Fair. It was a hot day. Tea wasn’t selling well, so Englishman Richard Blechynden poured it over ice with instant success.

Originally used only as medicine, tea sales today top $12 billion in the U.S. Green tea is reportedly the most healthy of teas, but black tea is the most popular. “Brewing fine tea and positivity” is the mantra at Tea & Jam on the north end of Blacksburg. They take their tea seriously, buying primarily from independent growers and family farms. Like owner Jack Howard, once you discover the flavor in properly brewed, loose leaf tea and its health benefits, you might never immerse another tea bag. If you are a tea drinker, there are plenty of places all around the


Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things. Chaim Potok, author, rabbi Pearis Mercantile Pearis-Mercantile 540-921-2260 200 N. Main St. ~ Pearisburg Pearis-Mercantile 540-921-2260 200 N. Main St. ~ Pearisburg Something for OccaEvery sion!


Shopping is a national pastime, social outing and overall good-for-you activity. It doesn’t matter if you are

away from home or a local resident with a little change in your pocket and time on your hands. There’s always new merchandise to discover, new people, new streets, new shop clerks, new stuff, new stores. Interesting things are found all over the New River Valley in shops you never knew were here and other ones you love to visit again and again.

Floyd County – All the shops in the one-traffic-light town of Floyd are intriguing. Many sport glass front windows, funky signs and clever names. From locally-made fine crafts and country products to antiques, vintage stuff and unusual gift items, there’s no shortage of shelves and display cases. Clothing includes country duds, sophisticated city slicker lines and everything in between. Floyd is worth the drive for a whole day or even longer.

Giles County -- The towns of Pearisburg, Pembroke, Rich Creek and Narrows are wonderful enclaves to explore for hiking gear and supplies, jewelry, fabric, flea market finds, candles, gifts


and Amish crafted home furnishings. It has been reported that some of the best produce, country crafts, jams and jellies, cheese, comfort foods and homemade foodie fare are found at the gas stations in Giles.

Montgomery County -- Shopkeepers are sprinkled throughout the county. The New River Valley Mall has been rebranded Uptown Christiansburg, and many strip malls are home to major retailers and indie businesses.

Blacksburg – The original 16 blocks include historical buildings and churches. Tucked into many of them are cute shops, cafes, sports bars and useful places like the U.S. Post Office, banks with ATMs, hair stylists and a popular farmer’s market. Fringe Benefit and Matrix Gallery measure their downtown presence in more than three decades, while newer shops offer gifts, eclectic merchandise, fine clothing and home and personal accessories. Art galleries and sidewalk dining.

Christiansburg – The brick sidewalks and church steeples evoke a community spirit embedded in its long history as a settlement on the Great Road to the western frontier. The downtown and Cambria antique shops draw shoppers from all over the East Coast. Dozens of dealers offer fine and country furniture, home decor, books, dishes, saddles sometimes, a little bit of everything. The farmers market is open Thursdays in season on Hickok Street, and downtown is host to truck rodeos, street fairs and festivals.

Pulaski County -- The Marketplace at the historic train station bustles all summer on Tuesdays with fresh produce and crafts. The Fine Arts Center of the New River Valley has found its home in downtown Pulaski for decades with local and regional arts and crafts. You might not want to miss The Shabby Rabbit, an Alice in Wonderland inspired thrift and gift shop or Draper Mercantile aka Thee Draper Village with its extensive gift shop, restaurant and tea room.

Radford City The first stop here can be Glencoe Mansion, which offers a charming historical tour and houses the Radford Visitor’s Center and a gift shop with local arts, crafts and books. Downtown is a fun mix of college energy, flea market finds, clothing, jewelry and more, like Lamour’s Boutique. For more than 35 years, the hippie culture has thrived in this unique shop. If the tie-dyed look doesn’t work for you, check out Garrett’s & Meg’s for a more sophisticated look.



Here’s a part list of places, some off-the-beatenpath, all on the do-not-miss-this-store roster for locals, visitors and the often-returning parents of local college students.

w Annie Kay’s Main Street Market, Blacksburg -- Health foods, fresh produce

w Bonomo’s, Bonomo’s Plaza, Blacksburg fine women’s clothier, nice accessories, some shoes, jewelry

w Crab Creek Country Store -- primitives and country home decor, wood and gas stoves

w Crow’s Nest Greenhouses, Prices Fork -- plants, flowers, herbs, garden decor, seasonal stuff

w Draper Mercantile, Draper -- garden shop, Christmas shop, gift, jewelry, home decor and kitchen shop, tea, restaurant

w Eats Natural Foods, Blacksburg -- bulk everything, vitamins, gifts, fresh produce

w Gourmet Pantry, Blacksburg

w Harvest Moon Food Store, Floyd -- fresh meats, produce, fair trade coffee, bulk foods

w Historic Smithfield Museum Store, Blacksburg –wonderful gift shop with excellent merchandise, oldfashioned games and toys, china, local artisan crafts and books, jewelry

w Imaginations Toy & Furniture, Blacksburg -- toys and nice learning games and things, inside Annie Kay’s

w Ms. Audre’s Fabric-n-Fellowship, Pearisburg - fabric galore, quilting supplies, stained glass quilt squares

w New River Sports - fishing, boating, firearms, ammo

w Old New River Books - Cambria

w Pearis Mercantile, Pearisburg -- candles, gifts, garden accessories, hiking supplies

w Schoolhouse Fabrics, Floyd - two floors and lots of former schoolrooms of fabric and sewing staples

w Stafford Artglass – glassblower and glass artist extraordinaire on site, gift shop with stunning handcrafted glass objects and seasonal glass items

w Walker Valley Market, Pearisburg -- oh, a few miles out of town, Amish furniture, cheese, meats, gifts

w Western Store, Christiansburg -- all things horse, western and English wear, saddles, 100s of belts, boots, bridles

w Wildwood Farms General Store, Willis -- daylily farm, general store, kitchen, live music sometimes


Arts & Culture

Art in all its forms provides a positive impact on visitors, residents and local communities throughout the New River Valley. The presence of major universities and job and business opportunities brings global cultures to the region and expands our vision of the world. Appalachian heritage has forged the region’s character, creating a sense of place and promoting kinship among the population. Blending international cultures and expression through art broadens our identity in the context of past, present and future.

It’s easy to find something year-round that embraces artistic expression in small venues or on stage or at the $100 million Moss Arts Center in Blacksburg. This sophisticated venue plays host to Appalachian musicians and The Crooked Road’s Mountains of Music Homecoming with banjos, guitars and dulcimers as well as famed international performers.

Beloved American artist Pat Buckley Moss resides in the New River Valley and often makes personal appearances at her P. Buckley Moss Gallery on Main Street in Blacksburg. Many artists open their galleries to the public, and the Floyd County Artisan Trail boasts more than 40 open studios across a long weekend in June. Virginia Tech, Radford University and New River Community College promote an interesting collage of performing arts.

One of the best souvenirs a traveler or local resident can acquire is a local art piece or unique handcrafted item.

• Art Pannonia, Blacksburg

• Bell Gallery & Garden, Floyd

• Fine Arts Center of the New River Valley, Pulaski

• Floyd Center for the Arts, Floyd

• Gunpowder Springs Artisan Shop, Eggleston

• Miller off Main Galleries, Blacksburg

• The Artful Lawyer, a Fine Gallery, Blacksburg


Museums chronicle history, preserve artifacts, tools and buildings and serve as stewards of the past.

• Alexander Black House & Cultural Center, Blacksburg

• Andrew Johnston House & Museum, Pearisburg

• Blue Ridge Music Center, Floyd

• Coal Miner’s Heritage Park, McCoy outside Blacksburg

• Floyd County Historical Society Museum, Floyd

• Glencoe Mansion Museum & Gallery, Radford

• June Bug Center, Floyd

• Montgomery Museum or Art & History, Christiansburg

• Old Church Gallery, Floyd

• Raymond F. Ratcliffe Memorial Transportation Museum, Pulaski

• Smithfield Plantation, Blacksburg

• St. Luke’s and Odd Fellows Hall, Blacksburg

• Wilderness Road Regional Museum, Newbern


Spa & Wellness

The Fountain of Youth, a magical water source reputed to reverse aging and cure sickness, remains as elusive in the 21st century as when Juan Ponce de Leon searched for it in 1513. Youth is a state of mind, not a time of life, and it embraces all the enthusiasm for adventure as much as pure relaxation sprinkled with stress relief maneuvers, like massage, and pampering from your hair and face out to hands and fingernails and down to feet and toes.

Personal indulgence directly impacts self-esteem, levels of optimism and a not-so-elusive enhanced sense of well-being. The power of rejuvenation holds the key to feeling fabulous, putting a spring in your step and restoring a whimsical, fun-loving spirit. The New River Valley is endowed with an abundance of massage options, state-of-the-art manicures and pedicures, hair treatments from trims to curls, color and cuts, facials and much more. Whether you are on vacation or a business trip, attending a conference, visiting colleges or college students and family members, consider carving out time for some beneficial personal luxury.

Walking has been one of the very best exercises since the dawn of time, but can be another activity that gets easily crowded out of daily life. Copious walking opportunities in the NRV all include smog-free, southwest Virginia, fresh air. Swimming is another healthy exercise that does not require a lot of gear or expense, and the aquatic centers in Blacksburg and Christiansburg have open swim times and saunas. Workout venues include the Weight Club, CrossFit 460, Blacksburg Fitness and Pilates Studio, Anytime Fitness, YMCA of Pulaski County, Dublin Fitness Center, Floyd Fitness, Giles County Wellness Center and more.

You might be dressing up for a classy Moss Arts Center symphony or international performance, dressing down for a day on the New River or Claytor Lake or simply slipping into the bestest, softest blue jeans you packed to meet a friend or colleague for coffee. Treat yourself to a swim, a walk, a workout, a spa treatment, and step out with glowing confidence and a renewed passion for life.



Wedding bells ring across the New River Valley year round for locals and many others who choose to begin their wedded bliss in our region for its natural beauty. Chapels, churches, barns, pumpkin fields, mountain tops, wineries and country valleys draw couples to say “I do, I will, I think I can”.

Some marry in a kayak or on horseback. Others go for a river bank, woodland setting or enchanting rustic venue. Everything one requires for a perfect wedding can be found here, beginning with a wedding planner and ending in the honeymoon suite. From lavish, glamour and the glitz of roses and crystal chandeliers to shabby chic, vintage and country themes with cowboy boots and mason jars, weddings are beautiful - and affordable - in the New River Valley.

w wedding planners

w caterers for all tastes

w professional photographers

w pastors and officiants

w fresh flower providers

w printers for invitations

w wedding cake and cupcake bakers

w a wedding gown shop with dresses for bridesmaids, moms and grandmoms

w musicians and DJs

w overnight lodging

w tuxedo rentals

w jewelers

w beauty salons

w reception venues

w and everything else.



You do not have to be a Hokie or a Highlander or even a resident to get caught up in the excitement of college or high school sports in the New River Valley. Tailgating for Virginia Tech ACC football games starts early -- about the time the sun comes up for some. Traffic can be bumper to bumper getting to the Dedmon Center for Big South Conference NCAA basketball at Radford University. Those games may get a lot of press, but over at RU, many of the 9,400 students participate in baseball, golf, soccer, tennis, cross country, equine competitions, ice hockey, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, volleyball, track and field and more.

Virginia Tech students number 32,300 and lots of them engage in soccer, rugby, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, water polo, fencing, equestrian events, field hockey, cricket, baseball and much more. Student athletes often get a leg up in the real world for having acquired team and leadership skills and time management experience. High schools, private schools and elementary schools across the NRV are also proud of their sports teams, teaching young ‘uns the

value of team playing, a healthy competitive spirit and that winning is a kick and losing is a bummer. Good lessons to learn at an early age.

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Craft Beer

Small batch craft beer has found a place in the New River Valley with energetic entrepreneurs rising to the challenge of brewing fun varieties of beer and ale. The small side of these micro-breweries assures attention to every detail and well-earned pride in every bottle, frosty mug or tall glass. Eastern Divide Brewing in Blacksburg, the new kid on the block so to speak, likes its employees to be that kind of “someone who believes that their next great adventure is just a beer away.”

Visitors have some choices in the New River Valley with names like Traveler’s Pale Ale (The River Company and Brewery), Thunder Snow Stout (Rising Silo), Maroon Effect Ale (Bull & Bones), Flight of the Kiwis (Right Mind), Elvis on Velvet (Sinkland Farms) and Copperhead (Buffalo Mountain). Folk lore attributes “wet your whistle” to British pub owners having whistles baked into ceramic mugs, from which you only needed to whistle for a refill. More likely is the fact that it’s very hard to whistle from a dry mouth, so a drink can remedy that. Whistling aside, artisan beer appeals to our adventurous desire to taste and experience new brews, stouts, ales, lagers and all.


Whiskey’s too tough. Champagne costs too much. Vodka puts my mouth in gear. I hope this refrain will help me explain. As a matter of fact, I like beer. - Country singer-songwriter

• Buffalo Mountain Brewery & McDaniels Tavern, Floyd

• Bull & Bones Brewhaus, Blacksburg

• Iron Tree Brewing, Christiansburg

• Rising Silo, Blacksburg

• The River Company and Brewery, Pulaski County

• Eastern Divide Brewing Company, Blacksburg

• Long Way Brewing, Radford

• Right Mind Brewing, Blacksburg

Off Mall Brewing, Blacksburg

• Moon Hollow, Prices Fork


once touted “Moonshine Capital of the World” is just a whisker over the Floyd County line. Legend has it, however, that Floyd was a much larger producer, back in the day. Old timers from these parts tell stories of hills so covered in moonshiner’s fires that they resembled fireflies rising out of the meadows on a summer night.

It is on the Floyd side that Five Mile Mountain Distillery set up shop – legally, in 2014. It’s the first distillery in Floyd since Prohibition, and they’re using the same ol’ recipes in copper stills on open flames. Tasting room, porch chairs and gift shop.

 Five Mile Mountain Distillery, Floyd

 JH Bard, Fairlawn



Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.

[254-184 B.C.]

Jazz is like wine. When it is new, it is only for the experts, but when it gets older, everybody wants it.

Grapes grow well in southwest Virginia for its good soil and cool climate and enterprising wine makers and vintners are stepping out every year to create small batch, award-winning wines. Beliveau Estate Winery, a destination boutique winery in the lush countryside near Blacksburg, also offers luxury lodging, a long-running annual lavender festival, wedding venue, tasting bar and many special events. Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Chateau Morrisette revels in more than 40 years of having “a hobby that soon got out of hand.” The premier winery boasts a world-class restaurant, some of the finest wines produced in the East, elite wine tastings, music festivals, a large gift shop with a large tasting bar. Giles County on the western boundary of the NRV is home to Giles Mountain Vineyard & Winery and JBR Winery.

Iron Heart Winery, near the southern tip of the region, was founded on a 1782 land grant parcel that housed an Iron Complex some 100 years ago. “The name attempts to capture portions of the property’s bountiful history and admirable traits of an amazing man in its past,” states the father-son owners, who work side by side daily and also offer home stays, corporate retreats and an event


w Chateau Morrisette, Floyd

w Beliveau Estate Winery, Blacksburg

w JBR Vineyards and Winery, Pearisburg

w The New River Vineyard & Winery, Fairlawn

w Iron Heart Winery, Hiwassee

w Villa Appalaccia, Floyd

w Spinning Jenny, Dublin

venue. Other wineries are sprinkled around the New River Valley with every county represented. The City of Radford modified an ordinance which now permits a craft brewery downtown.
~ Plautus, Roman playwright
~ Steve Lacy, musician and songwriter



620 North 620 N. Main St. 540-951-1022

Abby’s Restaurant & Bar 1001 N. Main St. 540-953-0100

Avellinos Italian 1440 S. Main St. 540-953-4040

[The] Beast of Blacksburg Pizza 860 University City Blvd. 540-953-1975

Benny Marzano’s Pizza 110 Draper Road 540-649-2896

[The] Black Hen and Bar Blue 126 Jackson St. 540-951-3000

Blacksburg Tavern 1301 S. Main St. 540-552-8876

Blacksburg Wine Lab 223 Gilbert St. 540-605-7291

Bollo’s Cafe & Bakery 206 Draper Road 540-953-1669

Bottom of the Stairs 217A College Ave. 540-953-0320

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar 460 Turner St. 540-552-9464

Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill 1470 S. Main St. 540-953-2855

Cabo Fish Taco 117 S. Main St. 540-552-0950

Champs Café & Sports Bar 111 N. Main St. 540-552-2233

[The] Beat Bangkok 104 Jackson St. 540-951-8424

Carol Lee Donuts 1414 N. Main St. 540-552-6706

Cellar Restaurant 302 N. Main St. 540-953-0651

Centro Taco Bar 201 N. Main St. #B 540-739-3376

Chinese Kitchen 1409 N. Main St. 540-552-7110

Chipotle Mexican Grill 312 N. Main St. 540-552-3860

Coffeeholics 211 Draper Road 540-605-7744

[The] Coop 235 N. Main St. 540-605-7924

[The] Corner at Clay Street 401 Clay St. SW 540-552-4030

Domino’s Pizza 905 N. Main St. 540-953-4600

Double Dragon 1305 S. Main St. 540-552-6651

D.P Dough 215 N. Main St. 540-951-9663


El Rodeo 623 N. Main St. 1540 S. Main St. 540-552-7807

El Mariachi 3703 S. Main St. 540-951-7300

Firehouse Pizza 860 University City Blvd 540-953-1975

Gaucho Brazilian Grille 880 University City Blvd. 540-922-2854

Gillie’s 153 College Ave. 540-961-2703

Green’s Grill & Sushi Bar 109 College Ave. 540-961-2020

Halwa Bakery & Cafe 700 N. Main St. 540-739-3982

Happy Wok 141 College Ave. 540-552-3048

Himalayan Curry Cafe 781 University City Blvd. 540-552-7770

Hokie House 322 N. Main St. 540-552-0280

Hunan King 801 University City Blvd. 540-951-0654

Idego Coffee 119 N. Main St. 540-998-9356

India Garden 210 Prices Fork 540-951-5100

Insomnia Cookies 620 N. Main St. 407-512-9237

Joe’s Diner 221 N. Main St. 540-961-4194

Kobe Japanese Express 860 University City Blvd. 540-552-7030

Lefty’s Main Street Grille 1410 S. Main St. 540-552-7000

Macado’s 922 University City Blvd. 540-953-2700

[The] Maroon Door 418 N. Main St. 540-605-7418

McClain’s at First & Main 1614 S. Main St. 540-242-5246

Mekong Cafe 1405 S. Main St. 540-953-2838

Mellow Mushroom 207 S. Main St. 540-605-7074

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea 700 N. Main St. 540-552-7442

Moe’s Southwest Grill 239 N. Main St. 540-552-6220

Next Door Bake Shop 460 Turner St. 540-951-2253

Ocean Samurai 1560 S. Main St. 540-951-0068

Orzo Lucie Monroe’s Mediterranean Cafe 301 S. Main St. 540-315-9378

Our Daily Bread Bakery & Bistro 1329 S. Main St. 540-953-2815

P K’s Bar & Grill 432 N. Main St. 540-552-3278

Panera Bread 715 University City Blvd. 540-951-8650

Papa John’s Pizza 824 N. Main St. 540-953-3333

Preston’s Inn at Virginia Tech Prices Fork Road 540-231-0120

Rivermill 212 Draper Road 540-951-2483

Roma Pizza 1407 N. Main St. 540-552-3800

Sam’s Hot Dogs 620 N. Main St. 540-443-9235

Sharkey’s 220 N. Main St. 540-552-2030

Souvlaki 201 College Ave. 540-951-0555

Spicity 210 Prices Fork Road 540-739-3628

Square 5 Public House 112 N. Main St. 540-552-9044

Sushi Factory 801 University City Blvd. 540-951-2380

Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt 801 University City Blvd. 540-251-3080

Top of the Stairs 217 College Ave. 540-953-2837

Waffle House 610 N. Main St. 540-951-5370

Wikiteria Cafe 1715 Pratt Drive 540-443-9221

Zaxby’s 204 Turner St. 540-552-0070

Zeppoli’s Italian 810 University City Blvd. 540-953-2000

Zoë’s Kitchen 1500 S. Main St. 540-605-7750




Aly’s Family Italian 3204 Riner Road 540-381-7800

Blue Ridge Fudge Lady 4 W. Main St., #110 866-953-5378

Brew da Bean 135 Scattergood Dr. NW 540-553-5469

Buffalo and More 4041 Riner Road 540-381-9764

Casa del Rio 1635 N. Franklin St 540-251-3373

Chick-Fil-A 2200 N. Franklin St. 540-394-4488

Chicken Salad Chick 2575 Market St. NE 540-269-5408

China Garden 1572 N. Franklin St. 540-381-4061

Chipped Mug 407 Roanoke St, 540-818-7071

Cold Stone Creamery 2445 N. Franklin St. 540-250-4024

Country Kitchen 1080 Radford Road 540-382-5536

Cracker Barrel 30 Hampton Blvd. 540-382-2750

Dairy Queen 950 Franklin St. 540-382-9195

Domino’s Pizza 426 Peppers Ferry Road 540-382-1516

Dude’s Drive-in 1505 Roanoke St. 540-382-7901

Due South BBQ 1465 Roanoke St. 540-381-2922

El Bronco Mexican 6 Radford St. 540-381-0674

El Grand Rodeo 200 Laurel St. 540-394-4005

[The] Farmhouse 460 Cambria St. 540-382-4253

Fatback Soul Shack 2440 Roanoke St. 540-251-3182

First Watch 2730 Market St NE 540-299-0880

Five Guys 95 Conston Ave. 540-381-6411

Gardner’s Frozen Treats & The Grill 419 Roanoke St. 540-382-6450

Gran Rodeo Mexican 200 Laurel St. 540-394-4005

Great Roads on Main 100 W. Main St 540-394-7203

Hunan House 2100 Roanoke St. 540-382-8999

Kabuki Japanese Steak House 120 Arbor Drive 540-381-3600

Little Caesars Pizza 1576 N. Franklin St. 540-382-3733

Little River Grill 2395 Tyler Road 540-639-3399

Macado’s 19 W. Main St. 540-381-8872



Milano Italian 50 Merrimac Road 540-951-2590

Mission BBQ 2585 Market St. NE 540-492-5445

New River Valley Pizza 426 Peppers Ferry Road 540-382-0808

O’Charley’s 150 Laurel St. 540-382-5651

Olive Garden 2590 N. Franklin St. 540-381-3240

Outback Steakhouse 295 Peppers Ferry Road 540-382-9596

Panera Bread 2610 N. Franklin St. 540-382-0970

Papa John’s Pizza 7 S. Franklin St. 540-381-3000

Pizza Inn 190 N. Franklin St. 540-382-4989

Poppy’s 317 Depot St.

Red Lobster 75 Peppers Ferry Road 540-381-3760

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 105 Peppers Ferry Road 540-381-4973

Route 8 Donuts 1225 W. Main St. 540-315-3688

Ruby Tuesday 2380 Roanoke St. 540-382-9474

Sakura Steak House 105 Laurel St. 540-381-1188

Sam’s Hot Dog Stand 1715 N. Franklin St. 540-382-8099

Sandro’s 2775 Market St NE 540-585-1212

Sonic Drive-in 355 N. Franklin St. 540-381-0007

[The] Summit Restaurant 95 College St. 540-382-7218

Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt 119 Spradlin Farm Drive 540-251-3080

Taqueria El Paso 510 Peppers Ferry Road 540-892-3411

Texas Roadhouse 100 Bradley Drive 540-381-2900

Uptown Christiansburg (formerly New River Valley Mall)

Ben & Jerry’s, Cinnabon New River Coffee 3-D-Dogs Dips Desserts 782 New River Road

Waffle House 90 Oak Tree Blvd NW 540-382-2080

Blue Ridge Diner 113 E. Main St. 540-745-2147

Bootleg BBQ 412 S. Locust St. 540-285-0691

Buffalo Mountain Brewing Company and McDaniels Tavern 332 Webbs Mill Road North 540-745-2491

Cocoa Mia 109. E. Main St. 540-695-0224

DJ’s Drive-In 701 E. Main St. 540-745-3663

Dogtown Roadhouse 302 S. Locust St. 540-745-6836

El Charro Grill Mexican 302 S. Locust St. 540-745-5303

Floyd Country Store Café 206 S. Locust St. 540-745-4563

Lush Lounge 317 E. Main St. 540-745-5874

Mabry Mill Restaurant 266 Mabry Mill Road, Meadows of Dan MP 176 Blue Ridge Parkway 276-952-2947

Mickey G’s Bistro 113 Parkview Road 540-745-2208

Parkway Grille 227 N. Locust St. 540-745-4770

Soup Shop 7360 Floyd Hwy N Copper Hill 727-902-0453

Tuggles Gap Roadside Inn 3351 Parkway Lane South 540-745-3402

Wildwood Farms General Store

George’s Kitchen 2380 Floyd Hwy. South 540-745-5155

Floyd County


Pulaski County

Al’s on First 68 1st Street 540-509-5133

Basil Pizza 248 E. Main St. Dublin 540-674-2476

Big Belly Pizza 1048 Memorial Drive Pulaski 540-980-5292

Giles County

Anna’s Restaurant 100 Monroe St., Narrows 540-726-3545

[The] Bad Apple

363 Doe Creek Farm Road, Pembroke 540-626-2232

Bluegrass BBQ 609 Snidow St., Pembroke 540-626-2271

Cascade Cafe 201 Cascade Drive, Pembroke 540-626-4567

Dairy Queen 503 N. Main St., Pearisburg 540-726-3133

Friends & Family Restaurant 100 Woodland Drive, Pearisburg 540-921-4717

Harvest Mountain Lake Lodge 115 Hotel Circle, Pembroke 540-626-7121

La Barranca Mexican Grill 418 N. Main St., Pearisburg 540-921-2323

Lucky Star Chinese 316 N. Main St., Pearisburg 540-921-2808

[The] Palisades 68 Village St., Eggleston 540-626-2828

Papa’s Pizzeria & Subs 111 Tazewell St., Pearisburg 540-921-1333

Pizza Hut 806 Wenonah Ave., Pearisburg 540-921-1000

Pizza Plus 507 N. Main St., Pearisburg 158 Old Virginia Ave., Rich Creek 540-921-3100

Queen’s Pizza & Subs 144 Kinter Way, Pearisburg 300 Old Virginia Ave., Rich Creek 540-921-4321

Scoops Arcade 610 Snidow St., Pembroke 540-626-5959

Silver + Salt 100 S. Main St., Pearisburg 540-626-5512

Sugar + Flour 129 S. Main St., Pearisburg

Riviera Mexican 5870 Virginia Ave., Pembroke 540-626-5441

Tidal Wave Seafood 124 McArthur Lane, Narrows 540-358-2132

Chang Hua Chinese 1040 Memorial Drive Pulaski 540-980-6363

Compadres Mexican 1106 E. Main St. Pulaski 540-994-5557

Dairy Queen 5149 State Park Road Dublin 540-674-8015

[The] Dawg House 1060 E. Main St. Pulaski 540-980-2275

Draper Mercantile + Draper Blooms Tea Garden

+Village Coffee Shoppe & Restaurant

3054 Greenbrier Road

Draper, I-81, exit 92 540-994-5659

El Ranchero 5239 Alexander Road Dublin 540-674-8639

FATZ Café 4586 Alexander Farm Road Dublin 540-674-8046

Ginza Asian Fusion 1075 E. Main StPulaski 540-980-1055

Hank’s Drive-In 7431 Lee Hwy. Fairlawn 540-731-1579

Happy Cinco De Mayo 4426 Cleburne Blvd Dublin 540-418-0510

Max on Main 28 W. Main St. 540-440-8285

Omelet Shoppe 5150 State Park Road Dublin 540-674-8473

Patty’s Kitchen 793 Broad St. Dublin 540-674-4952

Preston’s at The River 8400 River Course Drive Fairlawn 540-633-2667

River Company / Brewery 6633 Viscoe Road Fairlawn 540-633-3940

Sal’s Jr. Pizzeria 7401 Peppers Ferry Blvd. Fairlawn 540-639-2600

Sonic Drive-in 647 E. Main St. Pulaski 540-980-7039

Tom’s Drive-in 620 S. Washington Ave. Pulaski 540-980-1752




Applebee’s 33 W. Main St. 540-639-9631

Brick House Pizza 311 W. Main St. 540-639-5793

B T’s 218 Tyler Ave. 540-639-1282

Benny Nicola’s 1018 Clement St. 540-838-2088

Domino’s Pizza 1700 E. Main St. 540-639-6144

El Charro Mexican Grill 713 W. Main St. 540-633-0051

Fu Lin 7440 Lee Hwy. 540-633-0322

Golden Bowl 1802 E. Main St. 540-639-1106

Highlander Pizza 700 E. Main St. 540-731-4444

King Buffet 7387 Peppers Ferry Blvd. 540-633-5065

Latino’s Taste 1126 W. Main St. 540-633-5633

Lin House 1200 Tyler Ave. 540-633-6128

Little Caesars Pizza 7414 Lee Hwy. 540-633-1111

Macado’s 510 E. Main St. 540-731-4879

Moe’s Southwest Grill 314 Tyler Ave. 540-443-6510

Nagoya Sushi 1144 E. Main St. 540-633-6008

Oriental Crown Buffet 306 E. Main St. 540-731-0366

Papa John’s Pizza 1200 Tyler Ave. 540-633-2222

Pazar 703 W. Main St. 540-838-2414

Radford Coffee Company 333 W. Main St. 540-838-2399

Riley’s Main Street Lounge 1043 E. Main St. 540-731-1796

River Company / Brewery 6633 Viscoe Road 540-633-3940

Rocas 7523 Lee Hwy. 540-730-4111

Sal’s Italian 709 W. Main St. 540-639-9669

Sal’s Jr. Pizzeria & Italian 7401 Peppers Ferry Blvd. 540-639-2600

Screamer’s Sports Grill 1003 E. Main St. 540-731-0700

Sharkey’s Wing & Rib Joint 1202 E. Main St. 540-267-3434

Sonic Drive-in 113 W. Main St. 540-639-2800

Thai This Express 1401 Tyler Ave. 540-838-2329

Troy’s Steak Subs & Pizza 7339 Peppers Ferry Road 540-731-4611




Beliveau Estate B&B and Winery, 5415 Gallion Ridge Road, 540-961-2102

Clay Corner Inn 401 Clay St. SW, 540-552-4030

Comfort Inn 3705 S. Main St 540-951-1500

Courtyard by Marriott 105 Southpark Drive, 540-552-5222

Days Inn 3503 Holiday Lane, 540-951-1330

Hilton Garden Inn 900 Plantation Road, 540-552-5005

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 1020 Plantation Road, 540-552-5636

Home2Suites by Hilton 1321 Rugby Lane, 855-618-4702

Hyatt Place 650 University City Blvd., 540-277-9050

Inn at Virginia Tech 901 Prices Fork Road, 540-231-8000

Main & Henry Extended Stay 1307 N. Main St., 540-553-1000

Main Street Inn 205 S. Main St., 540-552-6246

Red Carpet Inn 1615 S. Main St., 540-552-4011

Residence Inn 850 Prices Fork Road, 540-750-4400


Affordable Corporate Suites 1045 Peppers Ferry Road NW, 540-264-3034

Budget Inn 304 W. Main St., 540-382-6625

Comfort Inn & Suites 2331 Tyler Road, 540-639-3333

Days Inn 2635 Roanoke St., 540-382-0261

Econo Lodge 2430 Roanoke St., 540-382-6161

Fairfield Inn & Suites 2659 Roanoke St., 540-381-9596

Hampton Inn 380 Arbor Drive, 540-381-5874

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 2725 Roanoke St., 540-382-6500

Holiday Inn 99 Bradley Drive, 540-381-8100

Homewood Suites 2657 Roanoke St., 540-381-1394

Knights Inn 100 Bristol Drive, 540-381-0150

Oaks Victorian Inn 311 E. Main St., 540-381-1500

Quality Inn 50 Hampton Blvd., 540-382-2055

Super 8-East 2780 Roanoke St., 540-382-7421

Super 8-West 55 Laurel St., 540-382-5813

SureStay Hotel by Best Western, 135 Ponderosa Drive, 540-381-0500

Wingate by Wyndham, 70 Hampton Blvd. NE, 540-299-1432

Floyd County

Ambrosia Farm B&B 271 Cox Store Road, Floyd, 540-745-6363


Bella La Vita Inn B&B 582 New Haven Road, Floyd, 540-745-2541

Bent Mountain B&B 9039 Mountain View Drive, Copper Hill, 540-651-2500

Hotel Floyd

300 Rick Lewis Way, 540-745-6080

Little River B&B

446 Little River Road, Floyd 540-745-4598

Oak Haven Lodge 323 Webbs Mill Rd., Floyd 540-745-5716

Pine Tavern Lodge 585 Floyd Hwy., Floyd, 540-745-4428

Primland, 2000 Busted Rock Road, Meadows of Dan, 866-960-7746

Stoney Meadow Inn B&B, 208 Radford Road SE, Floyd, 540-745-6480

Tuggles Gap Roadside Inn, Blue Ridge Parkway, Milepost 165.2, Floyd, 540-745-3402

Woodberry Inn, 182 Woodberry Road, Meadows of Dan, 540-593-2567


Quality Inn 1501 Tyler Ave., 540-639-3000

Dogwood Lodge 7073 Lee Hwy., Radford, 540-639-9338

Econo Lodge Inn and Suites 1501 Tyler Ave., 540-838-2115

Nesselrod on the New B&B 7535 Lee Hwy., 540-731-4970

La Quinta 1450 Tyler Ave., 540-633-6800

Super 8 1600 Tyler Ave., 540-731-9355

Tru by Hilton 2300 Tyler Road, 540-744-1400

Giles County

Budget Inn 141 Virginia Ave., Rich Creek, 540-726-2362

Holiday Lodge 401 N. Main St., Pearisburg, 540-921-1551

Inn at Riverbend 125 River Ridge Drive, Pearisburg, 540-921-5211

Kairos Resort Shumate Falls Road, Glen Lyn, 540-235-2777

MacArthur Inn 117 MacArthur Lane, Narrows 540-726-7510

Mountain Lake Lodge 115 Hotel Circle, Pembroke, 540-626-7121

Mr. Hunter’s Cottage Eggleston Springs, 540-626-2828

Plaza Motel

415 N. Main St., Pearisburg, 540-921-2591

Pulaski County

Budget Inn 509 E. Main St., Pulaski 540-980-3771

Claytor Lake Inn 5080 State Park Road, Dublin, 540-674-4176

Quality Inn 4424 Cleburne Blvd., Dublin, 540-674-1100

NRV Suites & Extended Stay Motel 117 Dominion Drive, Dublin, 540-674-0780

Hampton Inn 4420 Cleburne Blvd., Dublin, 540-674-5700

Holiday Inn Express 4428 Cleburne Blvd., Dublin, 540-674-1600

Homestead Inn, Claytor Lake 2652 Brown Road, Draper, 540-980-6777

Jackson Park Inn 68 1st St. NW, Pulaski, 540-509-5164

Knights Inn and Suites 4600 Cleburne Blvd, Dublin, 540-674-1951

Lakewood Getaways, Claytor Lake vacation rentals, 540-320-3058

New River Retreat Claytor Lake and New River vacation rentals, 800-708-6778

Rockwood Manor B&B 5189 Rockwood Road, Dublin, 540-674-1328

Sleep Inn & Suites 5094 State Park Road, Dublin, 540-674-4099

Super 8 4600 Cleburne Blvd., Dublin, 540-674-1951

Travel Inn 246 Cleburne Blvd., Dublin, 540-674-4611


Festivals & Events

Festivals, fairs, street parties and block bashes are catalysts for community connections whether you are lucky enough to live here or fortunate enough to have a stopover in the New River Valley. NRV folks embrace creative ways to embrace and celebrate all kinds of things, like:

 Wine

 Chocolate

 Micro brew

 Tomatoes

 Lavender

 Holidays

 Arts and crafts

 Food

 Heritage

 Music

 Summer solstice

 Battles [re-enactments]

 Water and mud

 International cultures

 And practically everything else.

The New River Valley is hopping year-round with fairs, festivals, symphonies, internationallyacclaimed performances, football frenzy in the fall, Appalachian music, basketball madness come spring, leaf peeping and pumpkin pickin’ all autumn, heritage celebrations, rotating art exhibits and a winter wonderland that attracts the outdoorsy folks to hike the Cascades and enjoy nature’s quiet beauty in parks and forests.


Fork & Cork

Premier wine and food festival


International Street Fair

Vendors and food from around the world

Downtown Blacksburg

Flea Market

Pulaski County Lions Club

Big, fun, bargains, food vendors

NRV Fairgrounds, Dublin

Henry Reed Memorial Fiddler’s Convention

Old time, toe tappin’ fiddling and music

Newport Rec Center, Route 42, Newport

Claytor Lake Celebration of Summer Festival

Live music, car show, food vendors, fireworks, Claytor Lake State Park

Mountains of Music


Live Appalachian music on the lawn Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke

Pearisburg Festival in the Park

Vendors, car show, food, live entertainment, gospel music Pearisburg Community Center.

Summer Solstice Fest Music, midway, dog parade, beer garden, kid fun S. Main St., Blacksburg

Dirty Dancing Weekends

Dance lessons, dance parties and more

Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke

Lavender Festival

Music, wine, food and all things


Beliveau Estate Winery, Blacksburg

Independence Day Celebrations

Throughout the New River Valley

Breakfast and Art at The Market

Lots of local art for sale, meet artists

Blacksburg Farmers Market

New River Valley Fair

Rides, animals, horse show, bull riding, music

NRV Fairgrounds, Dublin


Celebration of music, artisans, multiple stages

Festival Park, Check

Steppin’ Out

150+ crafters, sidewalk sales, food, music

Downtown Blacksburg

Historic Smithfield Plantation

Special events all year


Newport Agricultural Fair

Oldest VA agricultural fair, horse show, home skills

Newport Fairgrounds, Newport

Saturday in the Park Classic Car Show

Lucky (Rubber) Duck Race

Bisset Park, Radford

East Mont Tomato Festival

Celebrating the humble tomato Meadowbrook Center, Shawsville

Muddy ACCE Race

5K obstacle mud course fundraiser for scholarships

New River Water Trail, Giles County

Wilderness Trail Festival

Heritage, history, artisans, food trucks

Downtown Christiansburg

St. Albans Sanatorium

Haunted House

Spooky, scary, screams and more Radford

Chocolate Festival

Rotary Club of Blacksburg

Downtown Blacksburg

Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin fields, pony rides, vendors, food, family fun

Sinkland Farms, Christiansburg

Blacksburg Brew Do

More than 100 crafts beers, food, demos, music, competition


Highlanders Festival

Scottish and Scots-Irish excitement

Bisset Park, Radford

NRV Holiday Expo

Christmas crafts, food and more

NRV Fairgrounds, Dublin


Farmers Markets

Radford Farmer’s Market

Saturdays, May - October

1100 block East Main, Radford.

Pulaski Farmers Market

Tuesdays, May - September

Historic Train Station

Pearisburg Farmers Market

Saturdays, May – October

Community Center, Wenonah Ave., Pearisburg

Narrows Farmers Market

Thursdays, May – October

Monroe Street, Narrows

Christiansburg Farmers Market

Thursdays, May - October


Blacksburg Farmers Market

Saturdays and Wednesdays, year round, hours vary seasonally

Corner Draper and Roanoke, Blacksburg

49 P E R F O R M . D A R E . T H E P L A C E T O . . . P L A Y . E A T . L A U G H . E X P L O R E . D R E A M . C E L E B R A T E .

Advertisers Index

Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine. - Actress

Age appears to be best in four things ~ old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read. - Philosopher and statesman

The New River Valley continues to grow in part because of its appeal to older folks. The climate, recreation, restaurants, shopping, cafes, small-town atmosphere, churches, arts, culture, and education combine for a high quality of life. Many retired people seek out this location in the mid-Atlantic region with stellar healthcare, aquatic centers, hiking and walking trails, parks, rivers, national forests, entertainment and an attractive cost of living.

Elder couples and singles come to be near family, and others return because of fond memories of college days at Virginia Tech or Radford University. It’s easy to make friends and become immersed in the vibrant community spirit which embraces sports, music, history, recreation and a strong and intriguing international presence.

We have a wonderful change of seasons with a vibrant spring, warm summer, brilliant autumn and short mild winter [compared to Buffalo, Bozeman and Bismarck]. Housing is here for the gentleman farmer, front porch rocker, condo dweller and anyone needing assistance at some point in life. Aging gracefully is attainable, along with all the benefits of small town life.


First & Main Giles County


Historic Smithfield Inn at Virginia Tech

Iron Tree Brewing Company








See & Do NEW RIVER VALLEY 50 Retirement
Allure Spa - Salt Spa Back to Nature Bonomo’s Plaza
Fish Taco
Downtown Blacksburg
Johnsen State Farm
& Foster Lyric
Arts Center
Macado’s Moss
River Art & Fiber
Door Bake Shop
Buckley Moss Gallery
Oaks Victorian Inn
Draper Village Town of Christiansburg Walnut Grove Farm Rental 27 21 17 17 8 35 51 15 27 35 23 33 31 17 41 3 2 17 43 21 19 52 29 35 6 43 5 23 33 4 49 21

Adventure awaits.

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