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Explore and challenge your capabilities A great place to work

Growing our global business By 2023 Novo Nordisk will reach 60,000 employees ANJA LLADO Operator, Quality Control Denmark

Welcome to a life-changing career

A life-changing career is more than just a job. It inspires you, it challenges you, and it involves you.

A life-changing career is more than just a job. It inspires you, it challenges you, and it involves you. At Novo Nordisk, we want to make a difference. We owe it to the people with life-threatening diseases to whom we offer our products and our care programmes. Being a part of Novo Nordisk allows our employees to embark on a life-changing career and offers the opportunity to help improve the quality of life of millions of people around the world. It is also a chance to take responsibility for your own future and embark on a career that will change your life. Novo Nordisk combines an attractive workplace with the chance to work alongside inspiring and brilliant colleagues, as well as ongoing opportunities to improve your skills and capabilities. This can lead you to a career anywhere in the Novo Nordisk worldwide organisation.


We set high standards for everything we do and never compromise on business ethics and quality. We call it the Novo Nordisk Way. In recent years Novo Nordisk has grown to employ more than 40,000 people in 75 countries. We have also become widely recognised as a global leader in diabetes care and a great place to work. In this magazine you will meet many different people at Novo Nordisk. I hope their stories will inspire you to become part of the Novo Nordisk world •

LARS REBIEN SØRENSEN Chief Executive Officer


Contents the world of novo nordisk

The world of Novo Nordisk


Gain a glimpse of our world through some amazing facts.

The world leader in diabetes care


Novo Nordisk is the world’s leading pharmaceutical company within diabetes products and care.


Inspiring and dedicated talents 6 - Senior Research Scientist Jari Pajander - General Manager Noha Shawky - Media Relations Manager Lars Pallisgaard

A great place to work


- Explore and challenge your skills and capabilities - Involved learning - Healthy living


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Sisterly help


Hoping for a cure


The Novo Nordisk Way


- Helping patients to improve their lives - Celebrating 10 years of Triple Bottom Line

Living our values


Making a difference to patients


- Volunteer work in China - Replanting the rainforest


Quietly brilliant people


- 25 years with a passion for people - Start your Novo Nordisk career as a student


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The world leader in diabetes care Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. We are the only company that provides a complete portfolio of insulin analogue treatments and insulin delivery systems that respond to each stage of the diabetes life cycle. In addition, Novo Nordisk has a leading position in haemostasis management, growth hormone therapy, and hormone therapy for women.

Headquartered in


We employ more than

40,000 people

We have employees in

Our products are sold in some





MITHILDA HAG FARIN Bangladesh Mathilda is a type 1 diabetes patient

JESSE CRUMPLER USA Jesse is a type 2 diabetes patient



Haemophilia – affecting males Approximately one in

5,000 males

are born with haemophilia An estimated

400,000 males

have haemophilia A or B


Only have a confirmed diagnosis and access to adequate care

PATTARAKON POOLCHAI Thailand Pattarakon is a haemophilia A patient

The rule of halves of diabetes Diabetes is one of the world’s most serious health challenges. Today only around 6% of the nearly 400 million people who have diabetes live their lives free of any related complications. This is because:

Of the estimated


million people with diabetes

Only around


of the people with diabetes are diagnosed Of these, only


receive care

Of whom, only


achieve their treatment targets

And only


of these achieve good outcomes


Inspiring and dedicated talents Novo Nordisk is a growing organisation with a diverse workforce and offices in 75 countries around the world. There is a variety of ways to become a part of Novo Nordisk: through a student or an internship position, our graduate programme, contacts network, registering with a recruitment consultant or by applying for a vacant position. We are always on the lookout for dedicated, engaged and ambitious people for every part of our business. In return we offer continuous learning and development opportunities. Sourcing & Procurement



Medical Affairs

External Relations and CSR Communication & Public Affairs Safety & Pharmacovigilance Drug Development Lab Technician Medical Doctor

A world of opportunities



Regulatory Affairs

Legal Craftsman & Facility Logistics


Clinical Trial Management

Medical Device Development


Finance & Auditing

Biostatistics & Data Management

HR Marketing & Market Access




Environment, Health & Safety


Scientist Scientist

I find my job both highly challenging and highly rewarding JARI PAJANDER Senior research scientist Diabetes Research Unit Denmark

Jari Pajander is a senior research scientist working with drug formulation and tablet design. People like Jari are in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry and hard to find. In fact, he didn’t even apply for his position. Instead Jari was headhunted by Novo Nordisk and invited to an informal meeting to learn more about his skills and introduce him to a vacancy within the Diabetes Research Unit. “I enjoyed meeting the team at Novo Nordisk and it was great to be able to talk about the aspects of my work which really interest me. After our meeting they made sure that I was kept in the loop about the

next steps which made the whole process much more pleasant,” Jari recalls. Jari now works with a team of specialists researching future possibilities for replacing injections with oral tablets. “We are pioneers in this field. It requires a lot of research and I find my job both highly challenging and highly rewarding. We work persistently to achieve new breakthroughs and it’s rather like gathering pieces for a giant jigsaw puzzle. With this job I’m able to combine both aspects of my education, which is quite unique. I can work on analysis and be hands-on in the laboratory” •

the opportunities that Novo Nordisk offers – including the diversity and equal opportunities,” Noha says. “Novo Nordisk has a flat management structure and the company offers a passionate, engaging and friendly working environment. Novo Nordisk listens to its employees and our values are consistent across the global organisation. You can go to any affiliate and know that you share the same goals and ambitions for the company,” Noha says. “Being part of this culture has changed my perspective on life. When we say that Novo Nordisk is among the best workplaces in the world, it’s really true” •

Management “Working for Novo Nordisk for 12 years has been a truly life-changing career for me.” Born in Egypt, Noha Shawky, general manager (GM) of Novo Nordisk Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei has worked in several countries and continuously developed her career since she joined Novo Nordisk in 2002. She started out based in Jordan as a business development manager for four neighbouring Middle Eastern countries and then became GM for Jordan before moving to Tunisia to take over as GM. At the beginning of 2014 she assumed the GM position in Malaysia. “My career is a clear demonstration of

Novo Nordisk offers diversity and equal opportunities NOHA SHAWKY General manager Malaysia

Communication & Public Affairs

Cities Changing Diabetes is a truly pioneering project LARS PALLISGAARD Media relations manager Denmark

“I decided to work for Novo Nordisk because the company is internationally recognised, has an excellent reputation and because of its many recognitions as a great


place to work,” says media relations manager Lars Pallisgaard. Lars applied for a position as a student assistant in the communications department when he started his studies at Copenhagen Business School in 2006. “The job gave me the chance to work on various assignments within different areas. The job also gave me a lot of practical experience which was very useful when I was studying,” Lars says. He spent some time in Canada as an exchange student before later working in the Taiwanese affiliate. Since 2012, he has worked fulltime with communications, where he came across a project called Cities Changing Diabetes. “People in cities have two to five times

increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and by 2030 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. This represents a massive challenge for the healthcare systems so the Cities Changing Diabetes initiative aims to understand the urban diabetes challenges, share the solutions with other cities and take action to fight diabetes,” Lars tells us. He spent five months in Mexico City, the first of many cities to join the initiative, to prepare for the global launch in collaboration with the local municipality and other partners. “Cities Changing Diabetes is a truly pioneering project where I get the opportunity to make a difference, work globally and with very different cultures. This makes me proud of working for Novo Nordisk” •


A Great Place to Work For a number of years Novo Nordisk has been recognised as a great place to work. In most recent years Novo Nordisk has been named one of the top employers in several countries including Brazil, Denmark, USA, Australia, India, Mexico, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Canada and the Netherlands by numerous external surveys.

Science Top Employers Each year, the prestigious international magazine Science conducts a highly respected survey to identify the top employers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. In the 2014 Science Careers Top Employers Survey, Novo Nordisk was hailed as the second best employer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fortune Best Company to Work For Every year Fortune magazine partners with the Great Place to Work Institute – a global research and consulting firm – to conduct an extensive survey among employees in companies from a wide range of industry sectors. In the 2014 survey Novo Nordisk has been ranked 72 out of some 250 companies.

Explore and challenge your capabilities

We offer opportunities for our people to realise their potential. The way we focus and follow up on this process is quite unique. As a Novo Nordisk employee, we want you to make the most of your talent. We believe in professional as well as personal development, and for this reason we offer development opportunities to our employees with the possibility to influence their career journey. Employees are encouraged to have a plan for individual development, in order to improve their skills continually, and to build a portfolio of career successes. This development plan is created and agreed through ongoing dialogue between employee and manager.


JULIA BREJNER GRAND HR consultant Denmark

“Depending on individual ambitions, qualifications and aspirations, we recommend our employees to focus their individual development within one of the following areas,” says HR consultant Julia Brejner Grand. – Improve your skills in your current position. – Develop the scope of your position through new tasks or more responsibility. – Prepare for a possible new position. “To support individual development, employees are offered a wide range of internal opportunities,” Julia explains. “Exploration of someone’s skills could be through mentoring, temporary assignments in other departments, participation in activities outside their job area or going on extended business trips” •


Involved learning CHRISTINE OH Manager USA

For me, mentors have meant a lot. It has been fantastic having someone who inspires and motivates me. Christine joined the American division of Novo Nordisk in 2009 and has experienced first-hand the difference mentors can make. She has worked in field management and quality management, and is now a manager of the site management group, working with inhouse clinical research associates. “I have been fortunate in the number of development opportunities available to me, and I look forward to passing these on in my new manager role,” she says. Christine believes in continuous development and the need for motivation. She passes on this piece of advice: “You manage your own development, and you drive your own career” •


70% 20% 10%







Healthy living A life-changing career also means taking good care of yourself. At Novo Nordisk every employee, no matter where they are in the world, has access to the following in order to help them to lead a healthier life:

– Health checks – every other year you can have your blood sugar, cholesterol and fitness level checked. And you can receive advice from a health professional to help you change your lifestyle.

– Food and beverages served at Novo Nordisk sites must support good health, and a diabetes-friendly selection must be available and promoted. – Novo Nordisk is a non-smoking company. If you do smoke, we offer you optional help to quit smoking. – Physical activities – some offices are equipped with workout facilities, while others have discount agreements with local fitness studios or for other activities.

For Senior Business Analyst Henrik Behrndt the health check worked. He recently turned 50 and came to realise the health problems that his weight could cause. “The health check revealed that my cholesterol level was too high and my blood sugar level was at the high end of the normal range. With support from Novo Health I decided to start a new lifestyle regime by cutting down on calories and cycling to and from work every day. After


HENRIK BEHRNDT Senior business analyst Denmark

I don’t fear the consequences of getting older anymore. two-and-a-half years I have lost around one third of my bodyweight, my body mass index (BMI) has been reduced drastically, my levels are close to normal and my quality of life has improved. I don’t fear the consequences of getting older anymore, I can walk the stairs faster and I get a lot of recognition from my colleagues and my family,” Henrik shares •


Sisterly help Working with diabetes to help her sister

It’s fantastic to work in a company where managers and employees inspire one another. IDA SOFIE BROLUND Communications partner Denmark

It’s a dream come true to work for Novo Nordisk. To Communications Partner Ida Sofie Brolund this statement is indeed heartfelt. Ida’s sister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three and during their childhood Ida associated Novo Nordisk with the medication that helped save her sister’s life every day. “I always wanted to help my sister in the best way possible. By living with someone who has diabetes you realise that what they want most of all is to be in control of their lives. Sometimes it is frustrating to offer your help and not know what you can do to make things better,” Ida confides. She has noticed how her sister’s medication has improved and helped her live an almost normal life, juggling a husband, children, career and sports.

Vast need for information “Good products are one part of living with diabetes. Planning your meals and activities is just as important, and discipline is essential to avoid the serious health complications that diabetes can cause. Unfortunately, many people believe that diabetes is self-inflicted so the need for information and improved education is vast,” Ida comments.


Ida has worked in communication in the pharmaceutical industry since completing her studies, and she did not hesitate when she saw an opportunity to apply for a job as communications partner in Product Supply at the Novo Nordisk site in Kalundborg, Denmark – the world’s largest insulin production site. Here diabetes active pharmaceutical ingredients are produced and afterwards sent on to be distributed globally. Ida claims that the job offered something she had not previously experienced in her career: “I was very happy when I received the invitation to the first interview because I felt it would be an opportunity to get close to the actual production, where the magic happens and the products start their journey towards helping patients.”

A part of my family “It’s fantastic to work in a company where managers and employees inspire one another,” Ida says. She is in charge of communication, projects and branding, and is involved with internal change, leadership and employee communications, as well as external communications with regards to sponsorship, events and branding. “Novo Nordisk has always been a part of my family’s life and my sister was very happy when I told her I got the job. Now I can make a difference by helping my sister and many other people with diabetes by spreading the message about Novo Nordisk and our work in diabetes care. I still feel really proud when I hear that Novo Nordisk helps more than 24 million people with diabetes around the world, especially knowing that my sister is one of them” •


Hoping for a cure Caring for children with bleedings When Fendi Valdez was just six months old, his mother was shocked to notice some large haematomas under his skin. She took him to a doctor for a diagnosis and hopefully a cure. At that time in the 1960s in the Dominican Republic doctors knew little about haemophilia and it took several months to diagnose Fendi correctly. In addition to this, medication to treat haematomas and bleedings was hard to come by. Often the treatment was just applying ice and asking Fendi to stay calm. “As a child, other children didn’t want to play with me and I didn’t like to play with them because I easily got haematomas and bleedings. This caused a lot of trouble for me and the other children, and my family had to pay a lot of medication expenses,” Fendi recalls. The disease led to joint complications and he had difficulties moving around. In 1996 Fendi finally met with doctors from a newly formed organisation for haemophilia patients, and it was not until then that he really understood his condition. As he learned more about the disease, he felt that he wanted to become a volunteer for the organisation.

“I always felt like I was the only one living with haemophilia. When I met other patients I was able to share my experiences with them and this made me want to support the organisation. I wanted to help prevent other patients with haemophilia from experiencing what I went through as a child.”

Project ambassador A few years ago, Fendi had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) when it decided to support a programme in the Dominican Republic for improving diagnosis and care. Today Fendi has taken over the lead of a regional NNHF project that aims to train and educate people with haemophilia to become leaders and ambassadors for haemophilia patients in Central America, the Caribbean and Venezuela. “In some schools children with haemophilia are still not accepted and when I visit schools I have to explain that haemophilia is not contagious. I hope to help children and their families to

understand haemophilia patients better and treat them as they would treat any other children.” Fendi is married with two children and works as an analyst at a commercial electricity carrier in the Dominican Republic. “My colleagues are aware of my disease and treat me like any other person. But factor products are still hard to get hold of in the Dominican Republic and this makes me anxious when I go to work. If I get a bleeding I will have to go home without being able to fulfil my obligations at work. It is my dream that patients with haemophilia will be able to have a better future with the help of NNHF projects” •

I always felt like I was the only one living with haemophilia. FENDI VALDEZ Haemophilia ambassador The Dominican Republic



The Novo Nordisk Way Every day we are faced with difficult choices, and it is important that we always keep in mind what is best for our patients, our employees and our shareholders in the long run. This philosophy is expressed in the Novo Nordisk Way which offers guidance to all employees at Novo Nordisk. It is a promise we make both to each other and to our stakeholders outside the company. This has been our practice since the company was founded in the 1920s.

Eight statements form The Novo Nordisk Way and describe who we are, where we want to go and how we work. ·  Our ambition is to strengthen our leadership in diabetes. · Our key contribution is to discover and develop innovative biological medicines and make them accessible to patients throughout the world. · We aspire to change possibilities in haemophilia and other serious chronic conditions where we can make a difference. · Growing our business and delivering competitive financial results is what allows us to help patients

live better lives, offer an attractive return to our shareholders and contribute to our communities. · We never compromise on quality and business ethics. · Our business philosophy is one of balancing financial, social and environmental considerations – we call it ‘The Triple Bottom Line’. · We are open and honest, ambitious and accountable, and treat everyone with respect. · We offer opportunities for our people to realise their potential.

Helping patients to live better lives

SANGEETA DEVI testing a woman’s blood sugar outside a small rural home in Bihar


Rural India faces an acute shortage of healthcare professionals. In an innovative initiative, Novo Nordisk teamed up with community partners to bring diabetes services closer to people in remote areas while supporting health-activists’ microbusinesses. One of the community partners is Sangeeta Devi. She is an Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) in Sampatchak, a town of 112,000 people in the East Indian state of Bihar. ASHA is a pillar of the National Rural Health Mission’s strategy for improving the proximity and affordability of

basic healthcare services in rural India. In Sampatchak, Novo Nordisk has teamed up with a group of ASHAs to train them in basic diabetes knowledge and provide them with starter kits with glucometers and strips. The ASHAs then charge small fees when testing the blood sugar of people in their community, thereby supplementing their income while improving health in remote areas. The initiative has proved so successful that an agreement has now been made with Bihar state health society to train 300 more ASHAs in diabetes care •


Celebrating 10 years of Triple Bottom Line 10 years ago, Novo Nordisk’s shareholders voted to amend the company’s Articles of Association (the company’s bylaws) to include financial, social and environmental responsibility as part of Novo Nordisk’s objectives. This is our Triple Bottom Line (TBL). In 2014 Novo Nordisk celebrated this important milestone by asking its employees to nominate colleagues for their work with TBL. This is an extract from our colleague nominations.

Diabetes care in Vietnam A short time after Jay was appointed general manager in Vietnam in 2012, Novo Nordisk Vietnam signed an agreement with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health in the presence of the Danish Prime Minister and the Minister of Health of Vietnam. The agreement committed Novo Nordisk Vietnam to partnering with the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and leading hospitals across the country to roll out the Vietnam

Diabetes Care Program addressing key diabetes challenges in the country. Oneand-a-half years after Jay started, the affiliate became the leading diabetes care company in Vietnam – a position the company has maintained. Jay’s approach to running the Vietnamese operations is impressive. He addresses the social responsibility of a diabetes care company in a country where the increasing burden of diabetes and its impact on economic growth is significant. At the same time he has ensured that as the business grows, it embodies the TBL principle •


Tough job in Iran and Iraq


Ghobad has proven his strong TBL mind-set again and again in very difficult situations. In his previous job while he was a general manager in Iran and Iraq, Ghobad built very successful affiliates from the ground, benefiting patients while also creating jobs in areas of conflict. He has also been

involved in a project in Iraq which will pave the way for a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Novo Nordisk. The highly dedicated employees he has hired will secure the sustainability of Novo Nordisk’s operations and benefit the patients in these countries for many years to come •

GHOBAD SHAHBAZI Project director Business Area Gulf India and Egypt/International Operations

Learn more about The Triple Bottom Line – our way of doing business sustainability-approach/the-triple-bottom-line


Living our values The Novo Nordisk Essentials are 10 statements describing what the Novo Nordisk Way looks like in practice. 1 We create value by having a patient centred business approach. 2 We set ambitious goals and strive for excellence. 3 We are accountable for our financial, environmental and social performance. 4 We provide innovation to the benefit of our stakeholders. 5 We build and maintain good relations with our key stakeholders.

6 We treat everyone with respect. 7 We focus on personal performance and development. 8 We have a healthy and engaging working environment. 9 We optimise the way we work and strive for simplicity. 10 We never compromise on quality and business ethics.

My favourite essential is...


Because patient safety is the most important issue for us. We work to develop new molecules and new treatments to improve the life quality of patients without compromising business ethics, principles and quality.

7 ANNELIES VAN DONGEN Regional field sales manager Holland

Because Novo Nordisk offers its employees courses and training to keep developing and improving. This makes it possible to set specific and ambitious goals leading to a higher level of performance.

GABRIEL ZAIDEN ZARA FAGUNDES Medical manager, Haemophilia Brazil


NAZEN PINAR SUBASI Clinical research associate Turkey

Because we have the best products, the best devices and we always ensure that our business decisions are based both on the patients’ needs, and how we can work together as a company to improve as many of these patients lives as possible.


Because a good relationship should be built on respect, accountability and simplicity, and create value by sharing common goals: innovation, excellence and ethics. This must be followed to the letter when it comes to pursuing our main focus: changing patients’ lives.


LARISSA WELLS Senior diabetes care specialist United Kingdom



Because Novo Nordisk differentiates itself with its positive atmosphere and puts respect at the centre of its own culture. In a healthy working environment where mutual respect is in place, unity, happiness, motivation, freedom from prejudice, protection of rights, and development occurs spontaneously.

Because the respectful environment at Novo Nordisk boosts my morale, increases my cohesiveness with the team, teaches me to value others and their views, and also helps me to have a positive attitude towards my work.


TANVEE DANGI Business analyst Corporate Expense Management Global Finance India


PINAR UYSAL Commercial affairs specialist Turkey

Because we help patients by offering them the best possible products. This means continuous innovation so that they receive the most up-to-date treatment. Ultimately I want them to enjoy life, despite their disease, because I know as a salesperson and as a patient how important that is.


Because listening to our patients is our guiding star. This is the core of our sustainability strategy and it is important that we can prove this to our stakeholders.


Because the environment always makes a difference; the attention to detail, the friendliness that you will experience from your very first day. All of that contributes to my continual development. KATSUMI CHIBA Block director Sales Division Japan

EVA SMITH-HENGST Rayon manager diabetes care Holland

GABRIELA PALE Clinical trials coordinator Mexico

7 MARCO MUNAFĂ’ Regulatory affairs & safety specialist Italy


Because when you work in clinical studies, you understand that patients need innovative treatments that allow them a better quality of life. This cannot be achieved without following strict quality standards and ethical business policies that allow us to focus our efforts to scientifically prove the efficacy of the drugs studied.


Because the coaching and support I have received from both direct managers and mentors throughout the organisation has made my career at Novo Nordisk extremely rewarding, and my commitment is to continue to promote and foster the organisation’s dedication to personal performance and development.

MICHAEL SNELGROVE Associate Director Diabetes Sales Canada


Making a difference to patients Every 10 seconds two people are diagnosed with diabetes, and more than 24 million patients rely on our products every day. We make a difference by putting patients first and working together to prevent, treat and eventually find ways to cure diabetes.

Volunteer work in China Back in her university days, Lili Wang, project manager in Novo Nordisk China had planned a career in engineering. But in 2003 Lili read about an organisation for HIV/AIDS patients and it made a deep impression on her. She was shocked to learn that many Chinese patients had contracted the HIV virus by selling their blood to illegal dealers. And she was appalled at the lack of information about HIV/AIDS. Lili responded by launching a series of volunteer initiatives at her university and over the years, her efforts snowballed into a host of nationwide initiatives. In 2006 she was named a UNICEF Youth Ambassador in recognition of her efforts, and two years later she established the NGO Youth Core Group for HIV/AIDS Prevention (YCGAP). Gradually her volunteer activities shifted her career interest to the healthcare sector, and in 2011 she joined the Public Affairs department of Novo Nordisk China. In her professional life, Lili still uses and builds upon the skills she gained as a volunteer leader, networker and educator, and she continues to contribute through the YCGAP and other volunteer activities •

LILI WANG Project manager China


LiliI met this young person at a rural HIV/AIDS workshop where children of participants were guided through games about the fight between the virus and the body.


Replanting the rainforest Almost 1,000 rainforest trees were planted and planting bags for another 2,600 trees were prepared. This was the result of around 100 employees at Novo Nordisk Central Latin America, Caribbean & Venezuela Team (CLAT) who each dedicated one hour to the project. The activity was part of Novo Nordisk’s TakeAction programme that encourages employees to act on Novo Nordisk’s Triple Bottom Line approach in their work life. The programme offers employees the opportunity to engage in volunteer activities that are making a difference for either social, environmental or health objectives. “This activity represented community support, it focused on the environment and provided a great teamwork opportunity. In this activity we were able to communicate another aspect of our Triple Bottom Line, and we were all really engaged and enjoyed the activity. We wanted to give something to the community and to the world,” says Jehovana Torres, People & Organisation coordinator, Novo Nordisk CLAT.

Learn all about our volunteering programme TakeAction



Quietly brilliant people From 2014 to 2023 Novo Nordisk expects to hire around 20,000 new employees to continue the company’s growth and maintain Novo Nordisk’s position as the world’s leading supplier of insulin and diabetes care. By 2023, Novo Nordisk will employ over 60,000 people – 50% more than in 2014. “We are looking for new employees for every part of the company, and applicants must meet our criteria for skills as well as personal competencies,” says Sebastian Page, who is responsible for Novo Nordisk’s recruitment process. He adds: “The keywords are passion, engagement, ambition, innovation and ethics. You must be among the best in your field, but at the same time somewhat modest about it. In short we are looking for people who are quietly brilliant.”

“Novo Nordisk believes in treating candidates with interest and respect. This reflects our culture, regardless of the country in which we are operating,” says Sebastian Page •

From application to hired To ensure objective evaluations, every candidate will be assessed according to the same standards and tools. Candidates who are invited to interviews are also screened for business ethics by asking a standardized set of questions.

By 2023 Novo Nordisk will reach


employees – 50% more than in 2014 Looking for a life-changing career? Join us on

25 years with a passion for people “HR is my passion” says senior advisor Ove Munch Ovesen. For 25 years, Ove has helped graduates, employees and managers in Novo Nordisk to improve their career potential. “I find it very rewarding to support other people in finding the path that is right for them


SEBASTIAN PAGE Manager Recruitment operations Denmark

because we all have an obligation to live meaningful lives,” he says. Ove joined Novo Nordisk in 1990 right after the merger of the two parent companies, Novo and Nordisk Gentofte. “One of my responsibilities was to support the merger of the two organisations in the affiliates around the world. This was a challenge as both companies were tough competitors within diabetes care,” Ove recalls. Later he became HR partner to senior management and for almost 10 years he has been a mentor for graduates in Novo Nordisk. He can look back at a company that has grown from 7,000 employees to more than 40,000 employees around the world. “My career has been influenced by the constant changes in the organisation, but my managers have always given me the opportunity to do what I’m best at. They have understood how to make good use of my competencies. This has made my life at Novo Nordisk very rewarding” •


Start your Novo Nordisk career as a student Novo Nordisk offers several opportunities for students and graduates to become familiar with the company and start a life-changing career. Business Process Graduate Shafak Samsheer did just that. He lived in Sri Lanka until he was 18, then went to the US on a scholarship for his bachelor degree before moving to Denmark to study for an M.Sc. in Business Administration and Information Systems.

“When I was studying I took part in a Novo Nordisk student competition called Innovation in Action. That same year, my grandfather died from diabetes. At that time, my family found it hard to believe and understand how diabetes takes people’s lives, so I had a special interest in the competition,” Shafak says. At Innovation in Action, students from different universities compete in groups to find the best solution to real-life challenges. In 2012, the challenge was to find ways to create awareness of diabetes and the treatment of patients in Indonesia, one of the world’s largest populations of Muslims.

An eye-opener

I like Novo Nordisk’s passion to fight diabetes. SHAFAK SAMSHEER Graduate Denmark

“Islamic law stresses the importance of the concept of Halal, which means objects or actions that are permitted. As a Muslim, I understand the significance of this and so my group suggested branding insulin products that met the strict rules with a Halal symbol,” Shafak says. His group won the competition and was invited to Novo Nordisk to present their solution. “Innovation in Action was an eye-opener to me and changed my whole perspective on Novo Nordisk and diabetes. I realised the challenges that result from lack of knowledge among patients and doctors about diabetes care and proper treatment,” Shafak adds. After his graduation, Shafak applied for and was offered a position through the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme. “Now I understand that Novo Nordisk is one of the best companies to work for. I like Novo Nordisk’s passion to fight diabetes” • To learn more about our Innovation in Action case competition and our Graduate Programme, go to

My managers have always given me the opportunity to do what I’m best at. OVE MUNCH OVESEN Senior advisor, Global Talent and Organisational Development Denmark



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